As Mark’s rental rounded the corner to come into town he passed a familiar place and a smile flashed on his face. Of all the strip clubs he had enjoyed, the Pink Paradise was his favorite. It had nothing to do with the club, although they definitely served a killer rib eye steak. What they did have was one of his closest friends as their star dancer.

Mark made three calls after he checked in to his hotel room and took a shower. As he soaped himself, he reflected on the circumstances that brought him to this obscure, out of the way, mid west city. Phil Johnson had been Mark’s roommate in college and also became his best friend. After college, Phil returned home and married his high schools sweetheart Gloria. Their son David was born a couple of years later. David was a healthy, rambunctious boy that made friends with everyone. He was well liked by his teachers and fellow students alike.

David took sick when he was 15 and Mark learned he had Multiple Sclerosis. Phil and Gloria were devastated as was Mark. His three best friends were as well. David loved football and his three buddies were exceptional players. He couldn’t play but he loved to watch. His friends and their coach made room for him on the team bus when they traveled to play other teams. David was thrilled. As his illness worsened, his friends careers blossomed. These young men had all won football scholarships to great schools with excellent programs.

Late one night, Mark had received a call from Phil telling him that David’s condition had worsened and that it was doubtful he would last much longer. Phil then told him all about his three best friends and how absolutely wonderful these guys have been to David.

“Gloria and I have a huge favor to ask of you,” Phil said.

“Anything buddy, anything you need, you know I’ll be there for you.”

Phil went on, “They have been with David all their lives and they have treated him like a king. It seems they are each up for the draft this year and Gloria and I wondered if you’d represent them. I do chickenshit law but you are one of the top sports attorneys in the country Mark. David’s friends deserve the kind of representation only a guy like you can provide.”

“Say no more. If they will have me, then they are represented.”

Less than a week later, David passed away. Mark met his new athletes Jamal, Rashad and Chris at the funeral. What struck Mark was how alike they looked. Each man was over 6′ 2″. They had broad shoulders, slim hips and the brightest smiles you ever saw. Their personalities matched their appearance. They readily agreed to Mark’s representation. Mark told them how much he appreciated everything they had done for David and promised to do everything to make their football careers lucrative, to say the least.

They went high in the draft and Mark and his team were successful is negotiating excellent contracts with three separate NFL teams. Their stats increased each year and they became highly paid spokesmen in their own rights. They became wealthy beyond their wildest hopes. With the help of excellent tax attorneys and staying single, they were each able to retain their money and they invested it well.

Now don’t get it wrong. They were single and Mark learned that they were total horn dogs but they were discrete. Mark had returned to their home town because it was the off season and they were all home visiting their folks. This way, he could see all of them in one place. They had meetings and worked out all of the business arrangements they had to take care of. Mark told them he had something to do but asked them to meet him at the Pink Paradise at 9pm.

They left and headed out to dinner.

In a nice home on a secluded street not far from the hotel, Cherry stepped from the shower. She dried herself and admired her image in the triple mirror. Her flaming red hair was her trademark and she wore it well. Her eyes gleamed as she saw her perfect 34C’s in the mirror. Her nipples were, as usual, adorned with stylish jewelry. Today, she wore emerald studded nipple rings combined with dual studded belly button and clit bars. The ball on her tongue was, of course, surgical grade stainless steel. Two small tattoo’s adorned her body and her tramp stamp was elegant and refined, which was a reflection of her essence.

Her legs were her showpiece, long, slim and perfectly shaped. At 5′ 8″ and only 115lbs, she was a picture of perfection. Her legs led to the most amazing ass any man had ever laid his eyes on.

The secluded location of her home and the private pool allowed her to have an overall dark tan. The caramel color of her skin, the body jewelry and her natural attributes made her a walking wet dream. She was naked all the time unless she was working or shopping. She enjoyed the touch and the feel of her own body as well as that of other men and women.

Mark hit the shower and then picked up the phone. It was answered on the third ring.


“What time do you start work tonight?”

“Oh my God, are you in town?”

“Hello darling. Are you into a nice lobster dinner?”

“I sure am! What time?”

“An hour, our usual place.”

An hour later Mark pulled into the parking lot and saw a familiar face exiting her car. Cherry ran into his arms and she kissed him passionately. Cherry was wearing 4″ heels and Mark always found it strange to kiss a woman taller than his 5′ 11″ but in her case, he didn’t mind a bit.

They were seated and ordered drinks and entree’s. He held her hand as they got caught up on things they couldn’t or wouldn’t chat about online. She looked lovelier each time he saw her.

“I have a surprise for you tonight,” Mark quipped as he reached into his suit coat pocket and pulled out a flat jewelers box.

“What is this?”

“Open it and find out.”

Cherry opened it and stared in amazement. “Oh Mark, you shouldn’t have.” Cherry gazed back at the perfect triple stoned sapphire earrings, with matching sapphire nipple rings, double stoned sapphire belly button bar and double stoned sapphire clit bar. She leaned over and kissed him warmly. “Why are you so nice to me?”

“When I needed a friend, you appeared and you have never left. You have never asked me for anything and yet you, in your own quirky way, give me more than any other woman I know.”

“I’ll never figure you out Mark.”

“Don’t try, because it would only confuse you more. On the other side of this, I have a very special gift for you tonight. but you won’t know what it is until we get to the club.”

They finished dinner and Cherry and Mark left for the club. When they arrived, Mark saw that the guys were already there. He took Cherry over to them and introduced her to them. Rashad flashed her the brightest smile and offered her a seat.

“Oh I have to get ready for work but if it is alright, I will be back shortly.”

Mark attempted to sit but was dramatically dragged by the arm to the end of the bar.

“What the hell is this?”

“Those guys are three of my biggest clients. They are friends of mine. They were David’s best friends.”

“The boy who died?”

“Yes and I wanted you to meet them.”

“Meet them, the whole world knows who they are. Oh my God, why?”

“Because I know what you want, I know what you like and I know what you crave. Dammit, can’t a guy do a friend a favor?”

“You are so good to me!” Cherry exclaimed.

“Just remember hon, this is their home town and yes, everyone knows them, so be discrete and enjoy. I will expect a full report.”

She kissed Mark deeply and went to change.

Mark returned to the table and ordered a round of drinks.

Jamal laughed, “Mark, you always get the hottest women.”

“She’s my friend but she is not for me. I can’t give her what she wants. I am hoping that you three can.”

Chris looked at Mark quizzically and said, “That’s a load of crap Mark. You can give her anything you want.”

“Hey, is it my fault I was born white? I know this woman better than I have ever known any other, and I know that I can’t give her what she needs. Treat her well, treat her with respect, but take care of her completely please. Remember this guys, Cherry has to work for three years to make as much as any one of you make in an hour. Just stay away from the blow. Okay guys?”

“You got it boss.”

“I am going to go see Phil and Gloria. I’ll talk to you before I leave.”

“Give them our love and tell them that we will be over tomorrow to see them.”

“I will,” Mark stated.

As the lights dimmed, the music came up and the spotlights shone on a goddess wearing sparkling sapphires.

“Would you look at that!” Rashad exclaimed as Cherry danced on the stage. “How does Mark do it? This woman is awesome. Look at that body, damn, look at those legs!”

Chris laughed, “How does Mark do what? Find a drop dead gorgeous woman in our own home town that none of us even knew existed?”

“Precisely.” Jamal said.

“Well, we will just have to ask her.”

Cherry had removed her top and her spectacular breasts held the audience’s attention. The beat of the music was deep and driving, just the way she liked it. She moved with such grace and sensuality as she grabbed the dance pole onstage.

The beat increased and she went onto the pole with a look of lust on her face that was indescribable. She looked at her men and that look promised them the night of their lives. As she danced around the pole, she stroked it with both hands as she looked into each of their eyes. She licked her lips and went higher onto it. Cherry defied gravity as her slender body spun. She stroked her own body deliciously.

Somehow, as she came off the pole, she was naked other than for her heels. She inwardly smiled as she witnessed the look on those mens faces. Their dark, radiating skin, their bright white smiles and their hard athletic bodies had made her so wet in anticipation. It was normal for her to become aroused but not like this. She leaked onto her thighs and felt her own wetness that only inflamed her more. Flashing a broad, sensuous smile at the men, she left the stage and appeared at their table.

“Where is Mark?” she asked.

“He went to visit David’s parents. He told us to take very good care of you,” Rashad informed her.

“That does not surprise me in the least. I am so sorry about David. I know how much he meant to you guys. His loss affected everyone in this town. That is how I met Mark.”

“How so?” Chris asked.

“I had gotten off work and went to the coffee shop and I was sitting there and Mark was sitting across from me. I see a lot of men in my job but I had never seen such an attractive guy look so sad. I sat with him and just let him talk. He felt so sorry for David’s parents. I didn’t know about you guys and I doubt Mark did then as well. I just never saw a better man hurt so much.”

The guys bought another round of drinks and several other dancers came over to offer lap dances but the guys, politely informed them that they had their lady for the night. Each girl that came over was tipped nicely and eventually, no one else bothered. Cherry took them to the VIP lounge which, in this small town was empty but allowed a full view of the stage. She danced for them and they tipped her so well. These men were not only gorgeous, they were respectful and they were so nice to be with.

“Mark told us that you might like to party later. We’d really enjoy that if you’re interested,” Rashad told Cherry.

Cherry ran her hand along his leg and told him she would absolutely love that.

“What else did he tell you about me?”

“Well, as usual, he has a measure of understatement about him. He told us you were very pretty. He didn’t tell us you were as hot as you are. He also told us, and I don’t believe him on this, that he had never laid a hand on you. None of us believe that,” Chris stated.

“Well guys, believe it. He and I have become the closest of friends and we both love the same things. Porn. We are both addicted to porn but he has never even so much as had a private chat with me. We watch porn and talk and comment a lot and sometimes that can get heated but he has never made any kind of move on me.”

Jamal just looked at her in disbelief, “Are we talking about the same Mark? Our Mark is the guy with the most gorgeous women on his arm. I mean, you are just as likely to see him with a model or a starlet. Mark gets more sugar than the brothers do. What is up with that?”

“Are they tall, thin, hot and horny black women? That is what he loves,” Cherry asked.

“Say what? Who told you that?” Rashad asked.

“He did. He and I watch black on black porn every night. He knows I adore big black men with huge cocks and he loves tall, slender, tight, sexy black women with small butts and nice tits. That is what turns him on.”

“Oh really,” Jamal smirked as he looked at his buddies.

“Yo mamma, you really like big, black cock? Come over here and see if you can make this bigger!” Rashad exclaimed as he grabbed his thigh.

Cherry gave him an very evil grin and began the sexiest lap dance she could do and she was rewarded with a bulge in his trousers that almost made her faint.

“Fuck that girl, he ain’t big. We’re bigger!” Jamal burst out.

Cherry could not wait until this night at work was over.

The club closed and she had the guys follow her home. Cherry was so wet by the time she got there and let the guys into the house. Mark had given her a wonderful gift and she planned to make the most of it.

Cherry put on the stereo, poured the guys a drink and bumped up a couple of lines of blow for her. She was really feeling good as she walked into the living room. Jamal put his large arms around her and pulled her close. She looked up into his eyes as he bent to kiss her. She melted at his touch and she began to undo his shirt as he kissed her deeply. He loosened her top and it fell to the floor. Her spectacular breasts came back into view and he gently cupped her and toyed with her Sapphire ornaments. Jamal bent and kissed her breast and his broad pink tongue teased her relentlessly. As he was doing this, he undid her skirt. It too fell to the floor and she kicked it aside.

Her naked body pressed against his as she undid his belt and zipper. As his trousers fell from his fantastic body, Cherry fell to her knees. Jamal did not disappoint her as his gorgeous member presented itself for her attention. She wrapped her hand around it and it was so spectacularly thick and long. Cherry rubbed his entire length and cradled his balls as her tongue began to caress every ridge, vein and inch of his manhood. She was a truly in heat and she rolled her tongue over his large head. Her mouth fell over the top and she began to take him into her mouth. Her mouth was open so wide and her tongue pleased him deliciously. She wanted all of him. She knew she could do it. She wanted to feel his cock deep in her throat. She relaxed, took a deep breath and began to allow him access to her hot, hungry throat.

“Fuck man, look at that. Look at how she is swallowing all of his cock!” Rashad exclaimed.

Rashad and Chris watched breathlessly as Jamal hit the back of Cherry’s throat. She grabbed his tight butt and her eyes rolled up. She became totally relaxed and she sank him deeper into her throat.

Cherry felt the head enter her throat and she pushed harder. She felt as his cock entered her lips and it kept moving deeper. She held his balls and felt his cock slide deeper. Two more inches and he would be all the way inside. Jamal pushed deeper and his cock slid in completely. She held him in and regained a steady breathing pattern. Jamal began to pull out and push back in. He was very gentle and he let her set the pace. They watched as his massive cock fucked her face and she flowed a steady stream of cum down her legs with each thrust.

Jamal began to really fuck her face harder. She pulled his hips faster to let him know what she wanted. Rashad and Chris, naked themselves, watched as Cherry was loving the face fucking she was getting.

Rashad walked behind her and put his hand on her sopping wet twat. He adjusted her and ran his massive tool along her pink wet slit. He entered her and she forced Jamal as deep as she could into her face. Rashad stretched her tight pussy with every inch of his huge cock. She moaned and sucked. She fucked and shivered as he drove deeper and deeper into her insatiable pussy. He was massive and she was loving this. He tore into her and she began to fuck his cock with wild abandon. He did not disappoint her. His rock hard pole drove into her and she felt him bottom out on her cervix. She pushed him so deep into her. Her body wracked with the most erotic feelings as her face and her pussy were being mauled so deliciously. Cherry was in a constant state of climax. This much cock was more than she had ever hoped for and she knew she was just getting started. With every stroke, she came. She came on Rashad’s cock and Jamal’s cock made her cum again with every long thrust.

Cherry’s throat had worked it’s magic and Jamal arched his back and bellowed as he began to cum deep in her throat. Cherry felt the torrent of hot cum as it traveled down Jamal’s huge cock as it rested on her tongue. She grabbed his hips and felt his hot sperm as it shot into her stretched throat. She pulled him from her throat and sucked and licked his spectacular cock dry. Jamal pulled out.

Of all the guys, Chris was the largest and he was truly enormous. Cherry gasped as she saw him coming towards her pretty lips. She absolutely went wild as she worked on the head of this amazing appendage. She licked it and soaked it and took it into her molten hot mouth. Her jaw ached as this lovely licorice log sank deep into her mouth. Her throat stretched wider than it ever had before while Chris settled deep in her throat.

Cherry could not stop cumming. Her hips flailed on Rashad’s staff and her wanton, slutty throat devoured the luxurious log that was Chris. Jamal’s huge hands caressed her breasts and her sexy six pack stomach as her pussy and throat were stretched beyond belief. Cherry’s mind raced as her pussy pulsed. Her craving for huge black cocks was being satisfied deliciously.

Rashad grasp her hips and began to viciously slam into her. She clamped down and she rode him hard as he unloaded a torrent of his hot seed into her narrow hips. Cherry came on his cock again and again. Her hips flailed unmercifully on this erupting organ while Chris impaled her face. Delirious desire drove her body into a seemingly unending orgasm of sweet, strong convulsions. His balls emptied as her body soaked up every ounce into her.

Chris held her head and she knew he was close. She felt his black dick swell and she dove hard onto his rigid flagpole. Cherry truly was a cum slut, she knew it and she loved it. She loved everything that was cum. The log in her throat began to pump, and pump it did. She adored the hard black fire hose as it went off in her mouth. She drank it down and licked him clean. His massive pipe softened between her teeth and she looked into his eyes with a promise of more, so very much more.

Cherry collapsed on the sofa. Her eyes straining to focus. Her body trembled and she was totally drenched. She tried to speak but coherency was not to achieved, at least, not yet. Her eyes darted from one to another and she saw perfect specimens of the male form. Lovely bodies and massive delicious cocks. Cherry was in heaven. The guys smiled broad white grins and helped her sit up.

Jamal went and made drinks as she regained some semblance of composure.

“Damn girl, where did you learn to do that?” Rashad asked.

Her voice was hoarse, her jaw ached yet she smiled, “My darlings, for me, that just comes naturally.”

They all laughed.

Cherry walked to the kitchen and unsteadily, yet determinedly, bumped several large lines and returned to suggest they would all be much more comfortable in the bedroom. They fell on the bed and she kissed each lightly and playfully. A sea of large, strong hands caressed every inch of her nakedness and she reveled in it. Her hands stroked their exceptional, dark organs. She toyed with every ridge and vein and the weight of each mans cock shivers through her craving body. The drug was kicking in big time and her desire was unquenchable.

Chapter 1

A light cloud cover made the night very dark. The street light five houses away provided little assistance. Shadows everywhere made her wince at the sudden realization someone could be watching her without her knowledge. The auburn hair stood up on her arms and the back of her neck but she didn’t have a choice. She knew what she needed to do but once again she sat in the quiet car trying to think of any other way out. It was a daily and prevalent thought process but once again she came up empty. This was the only way and she knew it.

She was still beautiful at 36 years of age. Her children had for a while affected pretty negative changes to her physically but hard work and persistence had finally paid off. Her body was lean and toned except for the curvy silhouette she would never escape even at 118 pounds. Her green eyes flashed as she checked her make-up and for a split-second admired her own cleavage in the lighted rear view mirror.

With a final silent pep talk and a sigh she exited the car and walked across the street in shiny black four inch heels to a home she had never visited at 1:30 AM. With dread she knew before the night was over she would leave a small piece of herself there. It felt that way every time.

The small light by the door flashed on as she approached. She never knew for sure whether they were set off by motion detectors or by someone anxiously awaiting her arrival. They almost never answered the door right away and she could always sense being eyed through the tiny peepholes, voyeurs taking a last look before they finally revealed themselves to her. She never knew what to expect when the door opened.

Her only prior communication would have typically occurred either by email, text, or a furtive cell phone conversation. They would ask inane questions about her shoe size or how tall was she. Her womanly intuition was strong and she learned to rely on it to keep herself safe. Still she never knew what they would look like, short or tall, skinny or not, light or dark skinned unless there was a dialect that might possibly give something away in advance.

The door never opened. The light stayed on but there was no greeting from an appreciative male looking forward to her company. She waited and knocked at the door several times. She sent a text to the reason she was there in the middle of the night. Then she called. Anger welled up inside her when all she reached was voicemail. She stifled her anger long enough to leave a sweet message expressing concern that perhaps something came up and she hoped everything was ok.

By this time she was settled back in her car. Lights with motion detection usually go off after a few minutes. The light stayed on at the door and she felt with certainty there was someone inside. In that moment, strong feelings of being ignored and rejected, played with and discarded like a toy of no consequence washed over and consumed her. She didn’t like being gone at night from her family but to waste time like this was just ridiculous and it made her angry.

Her thoughts were yanked back abruptly to the moment as her cell phone rang loudly in the dark stillness. The ring represented another opportunity and maybe for tonight too so she answered it. On the other end she was asked if she was available to which she replied affirmatively. He provided an address and she promised to text him how long it would take to arrive there.

Just like any salesperson making endless customer calls she was off to the next late night visit. The previous non-encounter was history and she wondered what she would be walking into next. The risk was extremely high but the financial reward was undeniable. Twenty minutes seemed an eternity but she was finally there. This neighborhood was well lit, more upscale with long driveways, big three and four car garages attached to two story homes with lots of windows. She was often amazed at the sheer quantity of men that did this regularly, especially the affluent.

The door opened and she was greeted by an appreciative smile. “You are beautiful!” he gushed. “You are more beautiful than your photos. I can’t believe it”. She thanked him for his kind words and he invited her in offering her a drink. She asked for a bottle of water. She would not drink anything offered that was not sealed upon arrival. Making that mistake had happened only once before. She had a cocktail and wakened in the morning to a room full of strange men playing cards. They all grinned at her like they knew her well… too well. She didn’t know them and couldn’t remember a thing. The memory was ugly to her.

This gentleman asked her to follow him and they went into the office at the back of the large home on the first floor. The home was well furnished with quality oversized furniture arranged perfectly in each room she viewed. Beautiful artwork was on the walls, and nicely framed photographs were everywhere of what was surely his family and friends. He offered her a black leather office chair in front of a large well-built mahogany desk. He sat himself next to her in the matching chair, intending of course to be as close to her as possible.

For the first time since she arrived she was able to look at him closely as the light was a bit dim but much better than before. He was a nice looking man of perhaps his late fifties or early sixties with blue eyes and a full head of grey hair. In a second she realized it bothered her because she imagined this man was surely the kindly grandfather of an entire family and the devoted husband of someone special for many years. She would learn he was in fact the father of four grown and successful children as he began to share some information about himself with her.

She asked him whether he had done this before and he replied, “Once about 10 years ago. My wife was alive then and I never did it again out of guilt. She has been gone for 4 years now. I get lonely for the touch of a woman but I can’t imagine a real relationship with anyone else after 41 years with her. Not yet and maybe never”, he said. He asked about her. “Why are you here? You are so pretty and normal looking. Not what I expected at all”.

She declined to share much, indicating only that she and her family needed the money. She was a good mom, a single mom and would do anything for her children to provide for them. She thought about the huge responsibility of keeping a roof over their head, food on the table and the personal commitment to be there when they came home from school each day. She cooked dinners for them every evening and knew their friends and their friend’s mothers too. Those mothers would surely each cluck like hens if they knew what she did for income at night after her children were in bed she thought. As far as they knew her deceased husband had left a large estate from insurance to support them. Unfortunately that was not the case. She missed him so much, especially being held at night while she slept peacefully and never having to worry about money.

She snapped back to his gaze upon her. He knew she was deep in thought but he didn’t pry, instead asking her nicely to stand up and walk around the office. She moved and turned gracefully on the afore-mentioned heels and he admired aloud her shapely long legs and the way she carried herself. She asked him if he wanted to see more and he said “oh yes”. He was getting obviously excited at the sight of her this way. His anticipation was palpable and she felt it fill the room.

She indicated he would need to disrobe completely first. She knew the rules all too well. Law enforcement would certainly try to trap her but she knew they would not implicate their own guilt to make an arrest. It was unlikely this man was any danger to her in that respect but she had to laugh to herself at the site of him in his boxers and t-shirt thinking he might wear exactly that under a judge’s black robe.

When he had stripped completely naked and sat back down on his cool leather chair she unbuttoned her sheer blouse exposing herself slowly and then dropped it to the floor. He was thrilled with the swell of her breasts and asked to see more. She turned away from him, unzipped and lowered her black pencil skirt to reveal a matching set of very expensive black bra and panties each with some sheer lace exposing all but her most private places. He gasped and quickly asked her to come back and sit next to him and she complied. He placed a hand tentatively on her knee and she parted her legs slightly, leaning forward almost imperceptibly to him. He took the invitation and moved closer placing a hand on each of her thighs just above the knee. She touched his face first with one hand then with both and he leaned forward placing his arms around her, pulling her to him and placing his face on her full chest.

She could hear the excitement in his voice when he asked her to move to the bedroom upstairs. She followed his instructions from behind and wound slowly through the home half-dressed to a beautiful staircase. She could feel his eyes upon her so she rotated her hips slightly with each deliberate step. By the time they reached the bedroom he was in full glory and impatient to have her. She sat on the bed in front of him and removed what little clothing she had on but left the black heels in place. For some reason she knew he would like that.

He stood before her with hands resting lightly on her shoulders, while she quickly opened the wrapper and placed a condom on his member. He laughed and asked her where that came from. “I can hide one in each cup of my bra”, she laughed. It was a trick that worked every time. He was now not only excited but also relaxed enough to join her on the massive bed which he did. She held him and let him feel her naked body pressed to his. His hands softly roamed her most private parts and it was evident he was enjoying their encounter.

She rolled on top and intended to become one with him but the erection was suddenly gone. Maybe she had moved too quickly and startled him, she thought. He was clearly embarrassed and she felt badly for him. He tried to explain but she encouraged him to relax lowering her hair slowly into his lap and taking him softly into her mouth. She worked on him for a few minutes and there it was again. She triumphantly mounted him and it wasn’t long before he had released the pent up desire that had motivated this first of many calls to her.

When he was done she excused herself and asked to use the restroom. When she returned there were four crisp new $100 bills on the nightstand and he was gone. She remembered her clothing downstairs in the office so she put her panties and bra back on and headed down the stairs. She found him sitting behind his desk this time. He was wearing boxers, no shirt and a huge grin on his face. He watched her get dressed silently and when she was finished he asked her whether his donation was appropriate. She indicated yes and thanked him while he walked her to the door.

Back in her car she was relieved because he had been a nice man and treated her well. She had also made $400 in less than an hour which was her daily goal. She was done for the night and headed home to grab a little sleep and start this new day all over again.

Chapter 2

Less than five hours after returning home she was awakened gently by the sunrise peeking through the half-closed blinds. The bright light had climbed slowly and steadily from the floor where it first landed, up the side of the bed until it reached the pillow and then finally her eyes which pulled them open and away from her pleasant dream. She rubbed her eyes thinking this “night job” of hers was going to kill her but there was no turning over and rolling back to sleep.

The first part of her day consisted of getting the children awake, dressed, fed and off to school. She then made a loop through their bedrooms fixing sloppy bedcovers and pillows that were askew. No matter how tired she was there was no excuse for their home to be a mess. She gathered new loads of laundry transferring clothes from multiple hampers into neat piles of like colors and started the first load. Then a fresh pot of coffee with a portion divided into a single mug, some wheat toast with a dab of jam and the cantaloupe left from the day before for her.

This was one of the toughest parts of her day. The silent downtime between the initial morning routine and the rest of her day reminded her how much she hated to eat alone. Breakfast used to be her favorite time when her husband was still alive. He worked at home from the large office they had created in the den at the opposite end of their ranch style home. He had always scheduled his busy day around 30 minutes each morning to join her for coffee and whatever was breakfast on that particular day. They shared the responsibility of creating this first meal solely based upon which of them was able to get started at it first.

She sat quietly remembering his voice and the light in his eyes when he talked about his plans for the day. Missing him tore at her heart every day especially during the quite times when there was little distraction. She hurried her meal just to break away from the loneliness that made her feel so empty inside. Being a single parent did not provide her with much time to waste, she reminded herself.

Climbing back into the car she had parked so recently she left home to run some errands. First stop was to drop off the lunch her son had left behind at his school, the grocery store, back to the house to unload and organize her purchases and then off to the park. She finished the three mile run that she performed diligently three days per week and headed home for a quick shower and a scheduled nap. There was no way she could continue working four to six nights per week without it. She loved and dreaded it for the same reasons she had hurried her breakfast.

Her hair was still damp as she crawled back into bed setting the alarm again to ensure the children wouldn’t find her there upon returning from school. She thought about the laundry needing rotated but she forced herself to let it go until later as she rolled onto her side curling the pillow under her face. Closing her eyes did little to shut off her mind and she knew it was going to be difficult to relax. She spread out face down in spread-eagle fashion and tried to settle in once again but she knew it would be of no use. There was another pressing matter that needed attention.

It was an animal that reared its ugly head every day and it needed fed. This was another of those issues like the stillness and loneliness of breakfast she was forced to address each day again and again throughout the week. She missed lying in bed next to him. She missed feeling his weight move upon the same mattress and the steady shallow breathing that rhythmically helped her to fall asleep each night. But these weren’t things she was going to have to face right now. It was a much deeper need.

She had dried herself after the shower and though her hair was still damp there was another place in which there was a new dampness developing. It was accompanied by localized swelling requiring her prompt attention. Already lying naked face down with her legs splayed apart she reached for his pillow, the one next to hers and was now used for only one reason. She lifted her hips, folded the pillow in half to give it more substance and forced it under her hips to just the right place. With her bare ass in the air and her legs wide open she imagined she was being watched by a man that was not allowed to touch her. She was in control now and not a plaything to be manipulated, fondled or used by another.

He was forced in her mind to watch her being pleasured. This was her way of rewarding herself for giving it away each night to men she didn’t know for their money. This was her dirty secret nobody knew about, not even the men she was with every night. Her hips rotated as she bent and straightened each knee in a rhythmic fashion. Slowly and gently at first and then the speed increased a bit until her breathing was a little ragged and her beautiful ass swung around in endless circles as she ground herself into the pillow. This was only the beginning as she knew the desire would only mount from here.

There would be no blessed release from this urgent need without moving on to more extreme measures. As much as she wanted to deny it she knew what needed to be done. Slowing her pace but without missing a stroke she reached into her nightstand and removed four items.

The first was lubricated with a tube of KY which was the second item. It was a black rubber butt plug approximately 4 inches in length with a bulb on one end about 2 inches around and what looked like a slender stand on the other end. She placed the slick round portion of the plug at the entrance to her sweet ass and slowly pushed in a rhythmic fashion continuing to rotate her hips until it popped into place. It was a nasty thing she desired there but it made her feel so completely filled from behind. Anal sex was something she enjoyed with her husband but now she relished it privately and only for the male voyeur in her mind.

She groaned from her pleasure having heightened noticeably and reached quickly for the third item. This was a small vibrator she had purchased herself for just this purpose. She needed something in the front as well as the backside. The vibration was an added bonus she did not realize would feel so good until the first time she used it. No lube was required as she slid it deep inside leaving a small cord to hang out for retrieval later. Now her hands were free once again and she placed them both on the headboard and really started to work her ass and hips around. It made her feel so sexy to be filled in both holes with this faceless and silent man forced to watch her from behind.

As sexy as she knew she looked and the pleasure she was feeling, she knew it was going to get her almost there but there was one more item on the nightstand. This was the largest of them all and measured a very full ten inches long. It too was black in color. She had convinced herself she wanted these things in black because they would be the easiest to keep looking clean but with them both deep inside her later she would give voice to the real reason. It had a circular suction cup base and without skipping a beat she attached it to the headboard in front of her face, pointing it at her mouth and it proudly taunted her with its sheer dark size and presence.

She was now really worked up and the last semblance of self- control began to fade. She stuck out her long slender tongue and curled it around the tip of the large black organ in front of her. She licked underneath and then all the way around the tip with saliva beginning to drip from her chin. She enjoyed this thing that was so big. It barely fit in her mouth but she made it happen. Rubbing the pillow below furiously, she then worked the dildo in and out of her mouth with the hurried relish of a young girl feeding on her new love for the first time.

With her ass swinging around and her swollen clit rubbing the smooth pillow, the plug in her ass and the insistent vibration deep inside her she began to wail out loud with this huge mouthful. There was a mirror over her headboard and she looked back at the faceless black man watching her as she lost all semblance of control. She screamed her orgasm with this mouth full of cock and both holes filled like the slut she knew she was and really enjoyed every bit of this loud finale.

She quickly cleaned up her mess and laid back down still naked but much calmer and with the hint of a smile on her face. Her voyeur was gone as soon as she finished but she knew he would be back again. She couldn’t keep her eyes open and drifted off to a peaceful sleep hoping to chase after yet another pleasant dream.

“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”

After much coaxing, Mom agreed to my second condition and we walked back to the public toilets, remaining on the fence side of the beach. There was more tree and bush coverage there, if we needed it. That was part of the compromise because we were completely naked.

It was an exhilarating feeling walking naked on the beach along the beach. It was a moment I never wanted to forget – the moonlight, the waves, the sand, Mom’s curvy ass, swaying breasts…

We even crossed paths with a young, handsome couple. The female was on her knees giving her guy the ‘on the beach special’. Unfortunately, we startled her.

I squeezed Mom’s with great delight when she looked up at us as we walked by. His cock was deep in her mouth and her eyes were as big as saucers. Her guy didn’t even notice!

Even though we could see that there weren’t any cars in the small, public restroom parking lot, our adrenalin kicked in the closer we got. I could almost hear our hearts beating as we cautiously entered the ladies’ restroom, first.

Seeing no one, Mom and I relaxed and boldly inspected the room. It was the same size as the men’s restroom. The only difference was that it had four stalls instead of three. It had the same number of sinks and a small shower area.

As Mom watched, I checked the stalls out of curiosity. None of them had a gloryhole.

Since the men’s restroom was empty, too, I showed Mom the two gloryholes between the three stalls.

The gloryholes averaged about seven inches wide. They were about waist high, next to each toilet.

“Amazing,” Mom said. “You can sit here and suck and fuck all day…”

As soon as Mom said that, we heard a car drive up. I quickly guided Mom into the middle stall, motioned for her to sit.

Just as quickly, I squatted down, reached around toilet, and smiled when I felt my small, Vaseline container. It was my emergency stash.

Mom playfully shook her head when she saw it. I just smiled, somewhat sheepishly, and shrugged shoulders. It was too late for explanations now.

As I hoisted my limp cock up to Mom’s face, she looked at me questioningly. I pointed to my open mouth and then at the gloryhole.

Mom opened her mouth and I pushed my precum-wet cockhead into her mouth. Mom had quickly understood that if our visitor peeked through one of the gloryholes, he would instantly see my cock in her mouth and, if horny, would want some action, too.

We both trembled with excitement as we waited. We were completely naked and we had no idea who was going to come into the men’s restroom!

Finally, we heard the outside door open and then the sound of footsteps. After a brief paused, the footsteps continued all the way to the stall on our right.

Without hesitation, the stall door opened and closed. I did not hear it lock.

Most likely, the person entering the restroom saw my feet – pointing in the wrong direction. Curious perhaps and/or possibly horny, he wanted to see what was going on.

All was quiet, again, for a few seconds, until we heard the guy unzipping. Then silence, again. I assumed the guy was stroking his cock, getting it hard, before he pushed it through the gloryhole.

When I saw the large, semi-hard, white cock push through the gloryhole, I smiled broadly at Mom and flicked my eyebrows. It was real beauty to look at. It was at least one inch longer than mine and thicker and not even completely hard!

Wanting to see the whole package, I gently cupped his plump testicles and eased them through the hole, too. This dude had man-size balls! They looked as big as medium-sized chicken eggs as they rested against the partition. They were smooth, too. This guy was a player.

As Mom fondled his cock, I quickly dabbed some Vaseline onto my tongue and lips. Sometimes my tongue was little rough and the Vaseline not only smoothed out any roughness, it greatly enhanced mouth fucking.

When Mom offered me the great white, I dropped to my knees, lowered my mouth onto his cockhead, and began sucking it. It did not bother me that Mom was watching me give a guy a blow job or that she would soon discover how much I enjoyed it up my ass, too. Who wouldn’t want to suck this cock I thought.

To prove my point, I pulled my head back. Mom immediately took over and began sliding her mouth up and down the thick, gleaming, white shaft.

As I began to lube my ass, I continued to watch Mom greedily suck the big, white cock. Every minute or so, she would pause to mold her sexy, sucking lips onto his glorious, throbbing cockhead.

Unable to resist, I whispered, “You wanna fuck my ass?”

“Come over here!”

A massive guy was standing in front of me, when I opened his stall door. His large fist was wrapped round the still glistening, swollen cock that Mom had just been sucking.

“Turn around and spread your cheeks. Let me see your asshole.”

Without hesitation, I turned around, bent over, and shamelessly spread my hairless cheeks. With perverse intent, I winked my puckered asshole at him.

I waited calmly as the big man squatted down to inspect my pink, fuck hole. However, I jumped a little when I his finger began to circle my anus and even more when he pushed it into me.

After giving me a few innocuous twirls with his big forefinger, he observed, “You’re little ass is ready isn’t it? Who is in there with you?”

Moments later, our stall door opened, and Mom stepped around the corner. To say the big guy was surprised when he saw Mom in all her naked beauty was an understatement.

Knowing the big guy probably couldn’t talk, since his eyes were bugged out in shock, Mom coolly said, “I just wanna watch you fuck my man in the ass…with that big cock. I like that…watching that. Hope you don’t mind…”

Before the big guy cold respond, Mom walked into his stall, uncapped the Vaseline, and began greasing his receptive great white. It went from hard to rigid in seconds.

“I’ll suck your cock, again, after you fuck him. I’ll clean it…very…very…thoroughly…”

The big guy nodded appreciatively and then stepped behind me. I had already assumed a butt-fucking position over the toilet.

“Go slow,” Mom cautioned. “You’re…such a big boy!”

No doubt, the big guy had probably heard this plea innumerable times. He probably even expected it from the countless males and females, who paid homage to his great white, by offering him the kind of sexual pleasure that only can be derived from a tight rectum.

Even after only a slow, couple of inches of penetration, I felt like I had a baseball bat nestled in my ass! Thankfully, the big man was patient, and in no hurry to plunge his nine or ten inches into me all at once.

When I felt Mom’s finger’s applying more lube, I looked back at her to thank her, but she was so engrossed in watching my impalement, I decided to skip it. Regardless, the additional lube relaxed my sphincters.

“Ahhh. You’re opening up now! Keep opening that girlie, tight ass…that’s right…This how it would look Honey, if my big, white cock was in your sweet little ass. What you think? Ready to try it? My girlfriend can handle it…in her ass… You eat pussy? She’s sweet…she likes pretty woman, too…she’d go down on you…”

Although I heard the big guy talking to Mom, I was busy trying to fuck the big guy’s cock. However, the big man wasn’t ready to fuck me deep, yet. He had other plans.

A couple of minutes later, I was still partially bent over the toilet with the great white planted all the way up my poop chute, while Mom was standing on the toilet seat, in a crouch position. Her muscular thighs were squeezing my head as she was moaned and wantonly wiggled her hips. The big guy was fucking her bald pussy with his large forefinger.

Eventually, Mom came hard. She squirted a couple of times onto my back, before she managed to squeeze his finger out of her.

“Did you get that Ruth? That was some cum!”

As soon as the big guy heard the strange man’s voice, he swiftly pulled his cock out of me. Unfortunately, he left a huge vacuum in my ass.

My bowels took immediate advantage of my open ass and released a good amount of trapped air. Although my gaping asshole, thankfully and quickly closed, my face remained red quite a bit longer.

“Wouldn’t you like your own cock pretty lady? Oh! I am George and the lady capturing your glorious ecstasy is Ruth.”

All three of us turned to see a big, burly, black man in uniform standing behind us. Off to his side, a black woman had her cell phone pointed at us. Knowing they had caught us red handed, the duo smiled broadly at our startled faces.

“You like watching these two guys fuck? You like to watch your boyfriend takin’ it up the ass? You like BBC’s…huh?”

When Mom did not respond, the officer turned to the black woman. “Ruth, the young lady isn’t sure she likes BBC’s!”

As we turned to look at Ruth, the officer kept teasing Mom. “Listen, Hun. Mine is as big as that in case you’re worried. And…looking at you is making it big. Would you agree with my assessment, Ruth?”

“Sure would,” she responded.

“Okay. We all agree.”

Mom finally stepped down and spoke as the officer stood facing her. “Can’t we just leave? We weren’t doing…really hurting anything.”

“You know…I think you really want a nice hard, black cock…don’t you? What you think, Ruth?”

“I think so.”

As the big guy and I watched, the officer began squeezing and pulling Mom’s erect nipples. Mom remained silent, again, as the officer amused himself.

Moments later, while staring into Mom’s eyes, he gently put his hands on her shoulders, and pushed her to her knees. He then opened his pants and pulled them and his shorts down to his knees.

Despite his big gut hanging down, none of us had any trouble seeing his huge gonads or fat cock. It hung over and down his huge balls! His cock was very, very big!

Mom just stared at it. I could tell by the way she was looking at it that she was getting wet. She had a look of awe on her face. Actually, we all did.

When we heard a click, we turned to see Ruth. She was filming – everything!

I am sure Mom knew that refusing to suck the giant cock would only lead to trouble. Since none of us wanted that, she reluctantly reached out, grasped it, and lifted it up to her face.

As Ruth moved closer and closer with her camera, Mom turned into a porno actress. She raised her eyes to the officer’s and widened them, as she began licking his cockhead.

After a minute or so, Mom had licked her way down his shaft to his huge balls. However, when she tried to take one of his balls into her mouth – it wouldn’t fit!

The officer laughed, cupped his charcoal-grey scrotum, and laid his balls on Mom’s closed eyes. Upon making sure Ruth got a good close up, the officer motioned us to follow him the sinks.

“Be sure and get this Ruth. You’re gonna love this…”

The officer smiled and then bent down over the sink. He then looked back to watch us gather behind his big, fat ass, as he spread his floppy cheeks.

Although Mom frowned, she knew what was expected and obediently kneeled behind him. She paused, took a deep breath, and leaned forward.

With her tongue stuck out, Mom moved it up and down the crack of his ass several times.

However, I could see she was purposely skipping over his puckering asshole.

“Okay Hun. Lick my black asshole. Show our viewers how much you like my black ass. Naked boy…suck that man’s cock hard so he can finish fucking you. Get that too, Ruth.”

Mom gave me last look before she clutched the officer’s pumpkin-butt cheeks with her small hands for support and buried her beautiful, white face in his black ass. I turned away, dropped to my knees, and opened my mouth.

Both the officer and the big man moaned with pleasure and as Mom and I serviced them. They would have let us continue, probably for quite awhile, but Ruth had to keep things moving.

When she bent over and whispered something into the officer’s ear, he grunted in acknowledgement, turned around, and easily picked Mom up. He placed her butt on top of the sink and spread her legs.

The big guy also pulled me up and motioned for me to bend over the sink. Ruth must have signaled him behind my back because she then moved into a position that would allow her to record both the massive cocks entering our fuck holes.

The officer’s black cock looked even bigger when he plopped it against Mom’s tan belly. Apparently, he wanted her to do the honors because his gut stuck out, too far. He couldn’t see Mom’s pussy!

Mom put her hand around the huge cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and then guided the head of his cock up and down her slit. She wanted that big boy lubed as much as possible.

When Mom was ready, she slowly pulled giant cock into her. The big guy followed suit. He spit nastily on his cockhead and then slowly entered my anus.

Surprisingly, the initial penetration didn’t feel, too bad. I guess I had gotten used to the great white.

I looked over at Mom. The officer had lifted her legs in the air and I could clearly see his large cockhead slowly pushing into Mom’s pussy, splaying her labia, and exposing her erect clit. Soon, Mom’s pussy was stretched to the max around the black hog leg.

Mom groaned loudly as the officer continued to push his cock into her pussy, until he had bottomed out. Both the officer and Ruth smiled when Mom grimaced in pain.

“Feel that…dontcha? That’s your cervix… Your boyfriend’s cock never get that far? HA! HA! That’s right squeeze it! Work that pussy. Next time you get fucked…think about my finger…HA! HA!”

The two smiled, again, when big guy’s cock bottomed out in my ass. His balls were still a couple of inches away from my ass!

Moments later, Mom and I were being banged by two extremely large cocks. Mom’s beautiful breasts were bouncing violently from the force of the officer’s powerful thrusts and my ass cheeks were rippling from the steady plop, plop of the big man’s hips against my butt cheeks.

Despite telling Mom, “I’m gonna love fucking you,” the officer did not last long. He came long before he was ready.

“Damn your pussy is tight. Can you feel me…swelling up? I’m gonna cum… Don’t stop squeezin’ you little slut! Don’t stop! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

When the officer finally pulled out, he stepped back, but continued to hold Mom’s legs open. Ruth did not have to be told to record Mom’s gaping, sperm-oozing pussy.

With the big guy’s cock stuffed in my rectum, I positioned myself in front of Mom. I had been told her pussy need to be serviced.

Mom winked at me as I reached down and grabbed her smooth calves, and placed her legs over my shoulders. I then lowered my head between her legs, and pushed my mouth toward her slack pussy hole.

It took me several minutes to eat and suck all the cum out of Mom’s sopping pussy. I am sure the black officer did not get to breed beautiful white women every day and had certainly made up for it, by filling Mom’s pussy to the brim.

When I finished devouring Mom’s loaded pussy, my tongue immediately went north. I wanted treat Mom. I began whipping her erect clit mercilessly with my tongue.

As soon as I heard Mom groan, I snuck a quick peak. She had both of her breasts cupped in her hands and was pinching her nipples, with her fingers.

Encouraged, my tongue went into overdrive, until Mom hollered, “I’m cumming! Oh, god! God! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Don’t… Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

Mom’s orgasmic wails triggered the big guy’s orgasm. He had begun pulling all the way out and then pushing all the way back inside me, rather forcefully, until he hoarsely blurted out, “You want me to cum in his ass?”

“Most definitely. Right after you cum, little girlfriend and boyfriend here are going to suck our cocks clean.”

Obediently, the big guy pulled back once more and then thrust back up my aching rectum, harder and deeper. I yelped and felt my face turn white as his cockhead expanded in my intestines.

It did not take long before I felt thick, heavy streams of warm cum shooting into me. Soon, the warm sperm rapidly spread out in my guts.

After the big guy had dumped his own bucket of cum in me, Mom kneeled, peeled the big guy’s sperm-dripping cock out of my ass cheeks and put it into her mouth. I kneeled, too, and began sucking Mom’s pussy juices off the officer’s limp cock. Eventually, Mom and I even alternated cocks as we sucked them clean.

When Mom and I finished, we were about to stand up when the officer said, “Relax cutie, you’re still on ass detail. Suck the cum out of your boyfriend’s ass.”

After I had bent over, Mom placed her open mouth over my swollen anus. Her hot breath felt unbelievably sexy on my ass.

“Okay Hun, do it. Lick all around…suck up as much cum and ass gravy, as possible. My boy needs to be cleaned up. Oh! Pop his nuts, too. Make sure he gets off some good cum shots.”

Mom followed her depraved instructions with gusto. She reached around and began jerking me the way I liked to be jerked as she sucked the big guy’s cum out of my ravaged asshole. I came so fast it wasn’t funny.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh!” I shouted continuously as intense streams of semen arced out of my cum launcher. I was shooting out so hard that my cock felt like it was being shredded.

“Jeez! Did you see that Ruth? All that cum!”

When Ruth was satisfied that I was through, she finally put her cell into her pocket. The officer smiled at her and said, as if to reassure her, “We’ll watch the movie later…tonight. Don’t worry…I’ll take care of you. Let’s go get something to eat. You two! Where are your clothes?”

After listening to Mom and I try to explain, the officer simply said, “We have to go. Talk in the squad car. Bill – see ya later.”

Mom and I didn’t have time to be surprised that they knew the big guy. Our naked butts were quickly shuffled out the door and into the back seat of the squad car.

As the officer drove, he explained to us that he was going to get some food and, since his place was close by, drop us off so we would clean up. He added he would swing back by later. Even though his plan was pretty vague, Mom and I did not question him.

I had no idea where we were going, until we started to get near the airport. When we turned onto a frontage road, I knew where we were. This was the area of town, the tenderloin, was where most of the tattoo parlors, adult book stores, strip joints, etc., were located. I even nodded at Mom when we passed the adult theater I frequented.

Without warning the officer pulled into the parking lot of a seedy apartment complex. Aghast, Mom and I looked at each other.

“Okay. Here we are.”

The officer opened the door for Mom and me and then escorted us, still naked, to his apartment. Even though Mom and I had to walk by a couple of lowlifes, not one word came out of their mouths.

After we entered his dingy apartment, the officer gave us the grand tour of the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. He seemed quite proud of his pad.

Mom and I stayed in the grimy bathroom and showered. At least the water was hot.

After our shower, I sat down on the grotesque living room couch and Mom sat down on the bed with the two, naked, baby whales. I leaned over and instantly fell asleep.

Ladieswand gentlemen greetings and I am pleased to take part in writing sex stories what a way to get creative. This is my first story and please may ask that you be brutally honest, otherwise thank you and enjoy :)

John and Kesha finish off their last lesson for the day and head off to Kesha’s room to begin their assignment, they are working together on. They are both 22 years of age and are studying Metaphysics in Varsity. “So we have to just do research on the subconscious mind and how you use it to create the life you want and dream of right?” Kesha asks John with uncertainty.

John responds, “Yeah true that Kesha.” John is sitting on the chair and researching on the laptop set up on the desk while Kesha is also sitting on the desk next to the laptop facing John.

“And we have to scientifically explain the concept of Law Of Attraction?” Kesha asking another curious question.

John, “Yep.”

“oh ok.”

Kesha with a dirty grin gives John a kinky look, John notices and asks Kesha, “Uhhm Kesha why are you looking at me like that?”

“John I’m just curious, is it true what they say, that African American males have really biiiiigggg cocks?”

John laughs, “Yes Kesha it’s true and I heard y’all blonde girls love anal sex too much.”

“What!! No! Ok well yeah.”

John laughs, “I thought so.”

Kesha continues to say, “You know John I have always liked you, from the day I first set my eyes on you, I have a thing for guys like you, tall handsome, sweet and genuinely interesting to talk to.”

John puts a shy smile on his face, “Thank You Kesha, you know you are very beautiful yourself and your body is as delicious as your personality.”

Kesha blushes, “Thank you John.”

John is a tall black guy with an average skin tone, he is 6 foot 2 inches and is fairly built with a shaven head. Kesha is 5 foot 6 inches, long blonde hair tied to the back, boobs that stand out and buttocks that are curvy and that are perfect size. John stands up and goes and fetches the laptop charger on Kesha’s bed on his way back Kesha spots a bulge in his pants, John takes a seat and carries on the laptop, doing research for the project. Kesha in a slow and seductive voice, “John may you please stand up and come closer to me.”

John with a confused face questions that request, “Uhhhm, why?”


“Uhhm ok.” John stands up and takes two steps towards Kesha since she was sitting on the desk and right next to where he was working, John and Kesha stared each other in the eyes for a maximum of ten seconds and then Kesha slowly put her hands on John’s hips and pulled him a bit closer.

She began so talk in that seductive and horny deep voice again, “You know John, every now and then I put a dildo up my vagina and ass, my goodness it feels so good.” She moved her hands slowly down to John’s crotch area and gripped the bulge gently with her right hand. Kesha continues seducing John, “The thing is I fuck myself with that dildo! And when I put it up my ass I go fucking crazy John, and here in these pants of yours is a real cock that can go up my fucking ass babe and my vagina, John I want you to fuck my ass until I fart non-stop I want you to completely vandalize my vagina.” Kesha then pulled John’s crotch and he comes even closer to her and then they share a passionate kiss. John grabs Kesha by the hips firmly and then they start breathing heavily as they begin to kiss violently with pure lust.

John starts kissing Kesha on the neck as she unbuttons his shirt and undoes his belt; John on the other hand puts his hands up her top and undoes her bra. The two stop kissing for a while Kesha removes John’s shirt and John removes Kesha’s top, John’s pants also come off leaving him with just his black boxes and Kesha with a pair of blue bum shorts. They go back to kissing wildly with burning lust; John goes back to kissing and biting Kesha’s neck, “Oh John, Ohhhhh John!!! Yeah baby!!! Just like that baby!!!! Make me come!!!!!” Kesha moans out. John then proceeds to gently lick and suck on Kesha’s right nipple while Kesha slowly pulls down John’s boxes, John’s big monster pops up straight and faces Kesha directly, he is a good 9 inches. Kesha comments, “Oh my Goodness, John babe that is slightly bigger than my dildo, baby I want you to fuck the shit out of me!!” John and Kesha grip each other firmly and kiss violently once again while Kesha removes her panties, John lifts Kesha up off the table from the thighs and holds her close to him in the air, and Kesha as wet as she is slowly inserts his penis into her vagina.

The two breathe deeply as they move rhythmically, the rhythm speeds up and Kesha starts moaning, John places Kesha on her bed face up puts both her calves on his shoulders gets on top of her that way and jack hammers her.

Kesha screams out loud, “OH JOHN!! HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY FUCK!!!” After several minutes Kesha has her first orgasm. “John please cum in my ass baby, please anal creampie me now!” John did not say a word, he just got up, took lubricant out of the drawer as Kesha instructed, Kesha bent herself over the bed.

John put lubricant in her anus and on his cock. He steps forward and slowly inserts his cock into Kesha’s butthole; he takes Kesha’s arms with both of his hands, Kesha even bent over the bed still manages to bend her knees a bit so that John goes even deeper into her, John then Jack-hammers the hell out of Kesha’s butthole, Kesha experiences another orgasm John and Kesha are having a goodtime, there is a loud clapping because of the speed and force John was using, it was ecstasy for the both of them it was pure bliss. Kesha moaned, “AAAAA HOLY SHIT!!! John baby you driving me CRAZZZYYY!!! Fuck me harder!!” With that said John picks up the speed and drives Kesha into another orgasm.

John pulls out of Kesha and asks her to sit down on the bed, he has a strange request and fetish, he asks Kesha with a bit of shyness, “Babe please can you give me my first foot job.”

Kesha laughs, “Like really John, oh ok no problem, just relax, close your eyes and tilt your head baby.” Kesha lies down on the bed lengthwise and bends her legs so that her feet are in the same position with John’s cock.

John moves a little closer and Kesha puts her left toes on John’s balls and starts rubbing them gently, her right foot was placed on the head of his cock, with both feet Kesha applied a circular motion that aroused John, Kesha then removes her left foot from John’s balls and her right foot from the head of the cock and she bends them inwards facing up and placed each set of toes on either side of John’s cock and started masturbating him slowly and passionately, John is staring at the ceiling, eyes rolled to the back of the head as he mutters the words under his breath to himself, “Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah baby holy shit.” John then takes Kesha’s left foot and puts the first two toes in his mouth and starts sucking slowly and gently. Kesha moans silently while closing her eyes. John licks her foot from toe to heel and then back to toes again and continues sucking on the toes. Kesha had beautiful shiny dark blue polish on her toe nails that aroused John.

After sucking on her toes Kesha and John decide to resume the anal sex, John sits on the chair as Kesha gets the lubricant; she applies lubricant to John’s fully hard cock. And she puts some more lubricant in her anus as the previous load of lubricant had long dried. Kesha turns around and has her back to John. She whispers, “Just close your eyes and relax baby.” John does exactly that, Kesha takes John’s cock in her hand and slowly starts to sit on John’s lap, she positions his cock to be in line with her butthole, and she slowly sits on it, as John’s cock enters her butthole they both let out a soft moan.

John grabs her hips and pulls her down slowly until she is all the way in, ball deep. John then starts to fuck her up and down in rapid motion while holding her hips firmly. Both of them are moaning and grunting, Kesha every now and then gently squeezes John’s monster with her anal muscles, John increases the speed and now has Kesha screaming and begging for more, Kesha lets out a small fart because of the anal sex and this arouses John even more and he increases the speed.

Kesha lets out an even bigger fart and now John can no longer hold it anymore, he growls and grunts, “OH YEAH KESHA!! Oh yeah babe!! Damn GIRL MARRY ME BABY!!” With that said John sends a gang of squirts into Kesha’s butthole.

Kesha moans, “OHHHHH Goodness yeah baby that feels so good!! Cum in my fucking asshole yeah!!” John lets out some more squirts. Kesha moans, “Yes baby I love THE WAY THAT COCK IS CUMMING IN MY ASS!! OH SHIT!!”

John replies, “Yes Kesha tell me about it!” Shortly after, they both stop humping and Kesha is just sitting on John’s lap with his full length still inside her and decreasing slowly.

Kesha, “Fuck yeah John that was so much better than my dildo!”

John replies, “Oh yeah babe I had a good time to.” John and Kesha go and take a shower together; luckily Kesha has her own shower so she doesn’t have to share with other students. After the shower they get dressed and fall asleep on the bed together.

This story is a repost of the first story I posted on here, there are a few changes here and there; let me know which one you like more.

*Special thanks to Nudels for having an awesome name and editing this story for me.*

It was a warm spring night; I was finally taking the girl of my dreams out to eat. She’s beautiful, smart, fun, kind, outgoing– just all around perfect in my eyes, and her name is Andrea. I arrived to pick her up and she exits her house wearing a light blue blouse that wrapped nicely in all the right places like it was custom made for her body and a with a simple pair of jeans that seemed to be skin-fit as they hugged her curves wonderfully. I tried to conceal my fascination as she enters the car with her usual smile. We headed to our reservation at Southern Flames, a very fancy place. Once we arrive, and after struggling slightly to find a parking space, we take our seats and have a nice chat as we ate our meals. After we’ve had our fill, I paid and we left.

As we are pulling away, I hear her soft sweet voice call to me. “I had a really great time with you today Damon.”

“I had a lot of fun too,” I replied, “So now what do you want to do?”

“Hmm, I’m stuffed, so let’s ride around.”


After a brief pause for thought I decided to drive around Downtown, Andrea hadn’t been there before, so I decided to show her around. We left the car to explore a little bit. We watched the river as it glistened and flowed calmly past, saw the beautiful city lights at night, everything. But, in the midst of our journey, it began to pour down. What a way to mess up the perfect moment. We rushed back to the car, but only after we had gotten dreadfully drenched in the rain.

“Well, that was fun,” I laughed.

“I know right?” she chuckled. “Shit, I’m so wet, let’s head back.”

“Your place or mine?” I joked.

“Cute, but we can go back to mine. I gotta get out of these wet clothes.”


I began to drive her home, but my mood is a little different than before. I kind of caught a glimpse of her erect nipples through her soaked blouse, and all I could think about during the whole trip was sucking and licking them. If I could just have one opportunity without any awkwardness I think I could rest a happy man at this moment. That very thought alone sent lustful chills up my spine; I had to catch myself before I bit my lip. Then I heard Andrea’s voice talking to me.

“….ok?” she questioned, she seemed a bit concerned.

“Huh? I’m sorry?” I asked, trying to regain my composure.

“I asked if you were ok, you seem a little uneasy.”

“Me? Oh, I’m fine, just thinking…”


“Nothing much, just stuff. Nothing major.” I smiled, hoping to assure her I was fine.

“Mhm, so let’s talk about something to pass the time. You pick the topic.”

“Ok, umm” I thought hard, but the only thing that was on my mind at that very moment, no matter how hard I tried was… “Sex.”

That subject seemed to really grab her attention, “Ooh, now that’s an interesting topic. I’ll start.”


“Are you a virgin?”

I coughed at the randomness of the question, clearing my throat. “Pass.”

“Nuh uh, there’s no passing here mister!”

“I am…” I stated shyly.

“Aw ain’t that cute, I lost mine years ago.”

“Cool, was he worth it?”

“Nowhere near the word.”

“Aw, I’m sorry to hear that, ok, my turn.”

“Ask away.”

“Um, have you ever been seduced?”

“Not to where I’ve been teased, I do the teasing,” she bragged.

“Oh really? We have to see about that.”

“You think you can handle me?”

“You have no idea….” I whisper to myself as I stared up and down her body.

We finally arrive back at her house. She opened the door to let us in and heads upstairs.

“Nice place,” I complimented as I followed her to her room and looked around.

I reached her bedroom and she was walking out as I was walking in. I noticed a towel in her hand.

“Make yourself at home, Sir Seductive, I must take a shower,” she said softly.

“Yes mami,” I flirted playfully.

She flashed a smile and gestured for me to take a seat. I sit on the bed and watch her as she enters the bathroom, she closed the door, but only halfway. I hear her turn on the water and catch a glimpse of her taking off her top. Lust surged through my body instantly. I began to remember seeing her hard nipples under her wet blouse, and now that blouse was removed. My curiosity began to take over; I felt my body rise off the bed and head to the bathroom door. I reach the doorway, and I see her step into the shower. I saw everything she had on—nothing at all.

She began to sing a song, “I am yours, take me. I lose my breath, for you make me. Lust chills me all over, give me your warmth. I am a puppet, work my strings.”

I feel myself lean forward, my movements are not my own. I am not in control. What spell has this temptress put on me without even the slightest touch? My body entered the doorway, and I pull back the veil that blocks me from my goal. There she stood, I was in awe at what I saw, her body, gorgeous doesn’t do it justice, the shower water smoothly cascades down her caramel skin. The look in her eyes was mind controlling, and it was a look not with shock or surprise, but with hunger. Not to mention the mischievous smirk across her smooth pink lips.

“Took you long enough, I almost thought I had to come and get you myself. Welcome to the party Sir Seductive, I’m afraid clothes are not allowed,” she flirted.

“Well, I seem to be overdressed,” I countered wittingly, extending my hand gentleman-like to help her out of the shower.

“That is true…” she answered, taking my hand.

She stepped out of the shower, our lips connected and I melted. Her tongue danced upon mine, welcoming it to play. She moaned as I pulled her body close to mine. She took off my shirt as I unbuckled my pants. She slid them to my ankles and I finished the rest. She was entranced, it seemed something low had really got her attention; it was my soldier at attention.

“Mmm, it looks like you’re nice and ready for me,” she stated as she caressed it.

She dropped to her knees as she admired my thick meat. Then next thing I knew, she began to slip it between her watering lips. I pulled away and tried to stop her but she simply looked up at me and made me reenter as she massaged me with her mouth. I was in complete ecstasy, my head began to spin. My body went numb from immense pleasure.

She moaned as she increased her pace, as well as her depth. Rarely paused to hold me in the back of her throat, and then began once more. In mere minutes I felt my shaft preparing the launch, and that moment approaching faster and faster with every entry. I had no choice but to pull her long black hair to force her head back as I removed myself from her mouth.

She moans as she lunged forward, reaching for one more mouthful, “Aw Damon I was almost done, just a little and I would have tasted your cream filling. Give it back, please?” she pleaded as she licked the pre-cum exiting the tip.

At that moment, I kind of forgot that I was a shy virgin gentleman; I knew I had her, and I haven’t even seduced her yet. A devilish smirk crossed my face; it has always been sexy to me making a girl beg, it’s my guilty pleasure.

“No baby, maybe later,” I responded as I stood her up.

She pulled me into the shower with her and we kissed more, deeper, longer. I added tongue, just to make her melt in my hands as she massaged my shaft. I slid the tip of my tongue down a side of her neck, she shakes and groans softly. I worked my way up to where I started, curling my tongue, she moaned more and shivered.

I grazed my teeth on her neck softly, only to be rewarded with a retrained moan and a whisper, “Harder…” I did as commanded of me, and she screamed out as she gripped my shoulder. It sends chills through me, which made me crave more. I bit repeatedly, in multiple areas, her gasps and moans repeat continuously. I proceeded lower, leaving a trail with my tongue.

I cupped her round breast and closed my eyes as I placed my tongue on the nipple. A sharp gasp exited her as I flicked and curled it. I began to suckle, and her breaths turn to moans slowly rising in volume. I couldn’t help but moan at the reactions I receive, sucking and slurping loudly like a starving newborn. She continued to moan and ran her fingers through my hair, urging me not to stop as the shower pours on us both. So I don’t, I only pause to lick and switch nipples as I go.

She is finally able to catch herself enough to stop me, “Damn, you really have a way with that tongue of yours. Let’s go to the bedroom, I may not be able to stand much longer if you keep that up.”

“Lead the way, my puppet,” I commended in a devilish tone.

She bites her lip as she turns off the water. She stepped out of the shower and grabbed my handle, inviting me to follow. As we leave the bathroom with our bodies soaking wet, we proceed to the desired destination. But as we head there I couldn’t help but watch her plump ass swing back and forth.

“You can stop staring at it now,” she jests, half-looking back at me, “Or how about you smack it and show me how much you like it?”

“Then bend over.”

“As you wish…”

We entered her bedroom and she slowly leaned forward onto the foot of the bed and rocks her hips a little while looking at me. I grabbed her seat and smacked my hand across both cheeks, hard.

She moans, “Mmm, I like it rough. Smack it like that and I might end up calling you daddy.”

“Rough is what I do best, and I’d love to hear you call me daddy.” I grin and smack her ass harder.

“Oooh you’ve gotta earn that title baby.”

“Oh really? I think I can do that.”

I rest the head of my dick against her entrance; she bites her lip as she glances back at me, her eyes gleamed with anticipation. I give her ass one last smack and begin to enter her slowly from behind. She moaned at every inch as I went deeper and deeper. Once I am completely in, I start to thrust deep and slow, savoring every bit of her dripping paradise. She moans softly, but that’s not good enough for me, so I go faster and she raises her volume, much better.

She has a very sexy moan, the kind that could make any man melt instantly. I quickened my thrusts, I wanted more, and she softly grabs the sheets as her moans get louder and louder, it’s still not enough. So I began to pump like a crazed madman, going as hard as I could. She reacted as expected, she starts screaming my name at the top of her lungs, clenching the sheets as tight as possible, and swearing in whatever words she could muster. Our skin clapped together as she screamed, I thrust her frantically like a jackhammer. Her moans signal to me that she is on the peak of her climax and is reaching her release, I stopped abruptly and she collapsed in front of me, trying to catch her breath.

I chuckled, watching her lay there almost lifeless, wondering what I am going to do next. I grabbed her hips and rolled her onto her back. She landed with a soft moan. I grab her thighs and pry them open, exposing her thick kitten as it drips with anticipation. I drop to my knees and lick my teeth in hunger as she lies there like my helpless victim. Wanting more, but unable to take more. I gave her pussy one slow, long lick up the middle between her walls; she moans and shakes as I reach her clit. I make my way back down the same route I came and she shivers at it.

“Ooh shit, don’t do that, I don’t think I can take it,” she confessed in a stutter.

I curl my tongue on her clit rapidly and suck on it, “Good…” I reply.

I insert my tongue into her wonderland, and instantly moaned at her taste. It was pure ecstasy and my eyes rolled back, as did hers. I began to curl my tongue slowly as it entered her more and more; her body immediately began to rock and roll. I start to bob my head slightly, still moaning as I tasted more and more of her cream. I lick her as fast as possible; she grabbed my head and moaned my name repeatedly as I continued to make her my dessert. My tongue begins to dance inside her, moving everywhere at once, I hear her moans and swears reach the highest volume and felt her legs shake as I licked as deep as I could.

Before I knew it, she was saying what I was waiting to hear–”OOH SHIT DADDY I’M GONNA C–”

I keep going, and before she could finish her warning, I feel her temperature rise, her body seizure, and her nails dig into my skull, I loved every bit of it. Then it happens, a great rush of her sweet love juice shoots like a waterfall around my tongue and into my mouth. I moaned at the intense release, she holds a long screaming moan as she explodes and shoves my face deeper between her legs. I licked and slurped up every drop, why waste it? I make sure to get the drops leaking on my chin also.

After her grand climax, she falls flat on the bed and sighs out of satisfaction, “Oh my God daddy that was amazing. You work your tongue so good.”

I gave her glistening shaved cat one more long lick, “Mmm damn, you taste so delicious!”

“Why thank you,” she laughs, still slightly shaking.

“My pleasure, I could eat you forever,” I admitted.

“Um, I don’t think I could handle all of that daddy. You sure that you are a virgin? Your tongue speaks otherwise.”

I laughed at the compliment as I lay next to her.

She turns to me and begins to work my rock hard member in her hand, “Hmm, I still want to know how YOU taste daddy,” she reminded me as she slowly made her way down my body.

“You seem to have come back to earth mami,” I joked.

She chuckled as she slid me into her mouth, “Mhm…”

Her lips begin to wrap around me, and I’m in too much of a lusty haze to resist, I become completely submissive. She shows me her hazel eyes as she takes more and more of me slowly until she reached the limit, she moans as she begins to suck me. I moan right away, unable to speak, I fall to her mercy, and she knows it. She goes faster, my back arches, but the extreme pleasure disables me from moving.

She continues and moans, pausing to deep throat me occasionally as she did earlier then starts back from the top. She goes as fast and deep as she can which forces me to grab her head as my moan volume increases. I was at my peak, only thing left to do is cum, and that moment was rapidly approaching. I pull on her hair and moan her name repeatedly, louder with every breath.

My body falls completely numb as I burst hard inside her mouth. She moans at my release, I think she liked how I taste as much as I loved her taste. She sucks up and swallows every drop, but some seemed to slip past her as it drips down my shaft. She made sure to lick that up as well.

“Mmm, you taste better than I expected daddy,” she admits with a smile.

I faintly chuckle, “Why thank you.”

She crawls on top of me; we kiss one last time to taste ourselves. She lies down next to me; I turn to her and softly slide my fingertips across her bare skin. She closes her eyes and gasps softly, then, with the little resistance she had, knocks my hand away.

“Mm, don’t touch me like that, please?” she whines.

I chuckle and smirk, “As you wish…” I teased.


Chapter 1 – ENCOUNTER James gets infected

I’m James. I’m 21, black orphaned – at least I wished it was so. Mom was not able to really take care of herself, let alone me. She had been struggling with cancer. Although it wasn’t aggressive cancer, it non-the-less used the entire money dad’s life insurance left after he died. So there I was sleeping on our former neighbor’s couch. Mom was evicted and even though I knew where she lives now, I kind of found it hard to visit her. After all, I had my own struggles.

I had no real clothes other than the jeans & few t-shirts, one pair of shoes & three boxers. That’s about it. Mrs Jackson couldn’t help; after all she’s was struggling to care for her two young teen boys. Hey I was just happy she’d given me a place to sleep & to keep my clothes. Luckily for me, I knew a shelter where I got a daily meal.

Well, that was me until one weird freaky messed-up Wednesday a month ago. Hell, I can’t remember all the details because I was a bit high. Hey I had to find fun somewhere. But let me try and think back.

I was sitting crashed next to a dumpster in an alley trying to enjoy the high I was on. I guess I looked like a beggar because one guy walked up to me & gave me his cheese burger when he saw me- kind of nice of him, seeing I was starving. There I was covered under some cardboard boxes. Suddenly this guy white, wearing expensive spectacles & a white laboratory coat, crashed next to me asking if he could hide there. Feeling sympathetic I gave him some cardboard to cover himself. Soon after that a van drove passed and met up with two guys coming from the opposite direction. I heard them speaking about getting the top secret research or something. I was high so my hearing was not all that great.

This guy turned to me looking at me through those expensive spectacles and asked me three times “are you a good person?” I froze. Then he said something like “I want you to keep something for me, I’ll come get it later.” Before I could respond he pulled out a surgical needle, stabbed it into my neck and injected me.

I couldn’t decide whether to be angry as hell & kick his lily white ass or jump up and run like crazy. Luckily he didn’t let me decide. After he pulled the needle out, he jumped up & ran. He’d just rounded the corner when a van similar to the one looking for him earlier, came passed chasing him. Down the alley I just heard someone yell “We have him”. And that’s the last I remember. I must have passed out because when I woke I realized that I had to move my ass really fast. Mrs Jackson had a few rules and coming in before 8:30pm was one of the rules she applied the severest. As I jumped up I saw the needle and for some reason I grabbed it and put it in my pocket.

I ran to Mrs Jackson’s. I was late for sure. She was standing at the door as I neared it. The look on her face told me that that night I might be out on the street. As I neared her she started with her scolding. I walk up to her in a downcast and kiss-ass way. As she caught her breath, I reached out staring at her hands & touched them saying “please Mrs Jackson, please let me in…I’m really, really am sorry for being late and I promise never to be late again”. I looked up into her face. Her expression had changed. She had a caring look on her face and said “poor boy, please come in…How can I not let you sleep here?” I was shocked but delighted. I thought nothing of it. I was just happy – no ecstatic that my ass wasn’t kicked out. I entered and after a quick splash, got onto the couch and fell asleep.

Thursday passed uneventful. Friday morning I had the urge to go pass the ladies clothing store in the main avenue. Hey I’m not into ladies clothes, but Jesse – that’s what I overheard her name was – was a fine hot looking 19 year old white girl. She was slender but had a hot curved ass. I’ll admit that I was horny. I had peeved on Jesse before. I would stare at her and daydream till my dick was hard, then I’d find a quiet spot – I knew a few – to jerk off. I would have screwed a few girls – but the ones who would screw me didn’t fit my requirement. I might be down on my luck but I was still a guy with standards.

I walked towards the store & was staring at Jesse’s hot covered tits as I walk. I didn’t look where I was going and damn……I bumped over this lady entering the store. I looked her in the face and it was turning red with anger. She was about to open her mouth and probably blast me with swearing, but I grabbed her hand as I apologized and tried to help her up. I just kept on thinking please lady don’t freak out on me, be cool and chill. She opened her mouth and calmly said “Oh my how could I be so blind, thank you dear boy for helping me up”. I was so shocked that I even helped her with her boxes. We entered to shop and I carried the boxes in for her.

As I put it down on the counter, I saw one was open and I noticed it was ladies panties. Jesse greeted the lady calling her mom. “Hell lady” I thought I’d love to see you in these and a matching bra.” She introduced herself as Hilda and turned to me asking my name. After I replied she asked me to follow her. By now I was so damn confused that I just went with her. Hilda had the exact type of attitude for a racist lady that would chase a guy like me with a broom for simply walking pass this up-class store. She was a bitch and I don’t mean it in the hot sexy way. But that day she acted very differently.

Jesse was looking shocked at her mom’s actions, but didn’t interfere. We entered the back, went through a corridor & through a door into a well lit small room. “Sit down please” Hilda said. I sat down on a chair I pulled out under the table. Hilda sat on the couch, pulled off her shoes & stocking. Then she took off that expensive jacket & started to unbutton her shirt. It fell to the floor as she loosened her skirt which joined her shirt. There stood this hot sexy curvy woman in her white sexy undergarments. My mouth hung open as I stared at this amazing sight. Her tits perfectly round and only just staring to sag, her thighs sexy and her panty hiding what must be a hot pussy. I was instantly rock hard.

“Is this what u want to see?” she said as she gave me some kinky poses. She turned, bent forward almost pressing her ass in my face. She had a few more position changes and my dick was begging to be freed. I was almost begging in my thoughts “I want to see yr tits & pussy naked”. I had barely realized what I thought when she pulled her panty down, loosened her bra & showed me her amazing hot body. Her nipples were hard and seductive. Her pussy was puffy and I could smell a bit damp. I got lost in my erotic vision. “I want to jack off to you bitch, I want to cum watching you” I thought. She turned seductively to me and in a sexy tone said “Let me see your pole, I want to see you play with it”. She didn’t need to ask me a second time. I freed my 7inch cock as my pants fell to the floor in a flash. I started to stroke myself. My adrenaline & hormones had given my cock control. “I want to see you play with yourself” I said. I waited in fear and lust. Instantly Hilda fell on the couch, opened her legs as wide as possible and allowed ample light to let me see her two fingers assaulting her hairy trimmed pussy. I got up and wanted to fuck her in any hole.

The door flew open and almost hit me as I stood partly hidden by the open door. Jesse stepped in “Mom what the hell?” In fear & extreme shock I grabbed Jesse’s arm. She yanked it loose and looked at me holding my rock hard cock. “What the FUCK?” she yelled. “Oh shut the fuck up, all you white girls want to see this black cock” I said as I pushed my pelvis forward her. Then silence fell, broken only by the sound of Hilda still playing with her wet pussy. “Hilda I was about to fuck your mouth, but Jesse your mouth sure looks inviting.” I thought looking first at Hilda then Jesse. “Dear, why don’t you help James out” Hilda said to Jesse. Jesse dropped to her knees & grabbed my dick sliding it in her warm mouth.

There I was with my smelly black cock in the mouth of this amazingly hot teen that was sucking me for all she was worth. “Is the store locked dear, we don’t want any disturbance”. Jesse stopped briefly to answer her mom with a fast “yes” before returning to her sucking. For some reason I knew Jesse was a virgin. But I wanted a pussy to fuck. “Hilda I want to fuck your pussy” I though. As if she heard me, she pushed her ass to the couch’s edge. I pushed Jesse’s head away & jumped between Hilda’s legs pushing my dick into her. Jesse stood next to her mom watching my black cock enter & pump into her mom’s wet pussy. Then I asked Jesse to get undressed & sit next to Hilda on the headrest of the couch with her legs apart. For some reason Jesse did as I asked. I moved towards Jesse, my dick pumping Hilda’s pussy I planted my mouth on Jesse’s virgin pussy and ate her like I’ve dreamed of for so long.

It didn’t take long for Jesse to climax, letting her with pussy drip with juice. I licked and sucked her tight white pussy lips until she came a second time. I didn’t notice how close I was and I climaxed shooting my first load into this mature warm white pussy who by that time was moaning with delight. Three long loads of cum shot into Hilda. I pulled out my cock, pushed it into Hilda’s mouth and ordered her “clean it. Hilda didn’t wait but licked and sucked my cock. “Your mom’s pussy needs cleaning Jesse, use your mouth.” Jesse jump down, fell on her knees & licked & sucked her mom’s pussy sucking my juices like a thirsty dog finding water. I stared at this mom and daughter thinking “you two really liked my cock didn’t you – you secret sluts”. They smiled as I looked at them. After my dick was clean and limp, fear returned to me so I grabbed my pants putting it on as I ran out the store and to Mrs Jackson’s. This was one weird morning and I needed time to hide and think through all of this.

Chapter 2 – REVELATIONSJack start to understand what happened

I – Jack – walked into Mrs Jackson’s apartment finding it dark. That was unusual since there was always someone there. I turned on the light to a shocking scene. Mrs Jackson and her two sons were tied up. Two men in black suits were standing close to them. The one close enough to me. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. I noticed that they had gloves on so only their faces were uncovered.

“Your coming with us nigger” the one who pushed me said. “Fuck you” I replied. They jumped towards me but I reacted by kicking to one and hitting the second with my fist. The one I kicked charged again and I managed to pull his glove of just before he hit me with his fist. “STOP” I yelled. They both froze. “Who are you?” I asked in shock lying on my back on the floor.

“Dean” said the one who had pushed me.

“Albert” replied the one who hit me.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“To capture you” Dean replied.

“Why, what the hell do you want with me?”

“You have a highly secret mind control device that we need to retrieve.” Dean said.

I started to get up. “So why are you telling me this”

“We think that you are able to control anyone you touch” Dean seemed to be Albert’s senior since he did all the talking.

“I touched you…so you too will do anything I tell you to?”


“How big is your team coming to catch me?”

“Four, Albert, Janet, Sue and me”

“Who is in charge?”

“I am”.

“Where are the other two?’

“The girls are back-up, Sue close outside & Janet in the van.”

“Tell them to stay where they are and do nothing until you say so”

Dean obeyed.

“OK, now tell me what else you believe I can do”

Dean responded “Well sir, anything related to the mind”.

“Memories, thoughts, orders?”

“Yes sir”.

“Mmm, well from now on you report to me. Give me a phone.”

Dean ordered Albert who gave me a cell phone. “Sweet.” I walked over to Mrs Jackson and helped her and her two sons sit upright. Then I told them to fall asleep and forget everything that happened that evening.

“Albert, drop yr pants. Dean, you made me angry and now I’m going to punish you. Blow Albert and swallow his cum.” Dean obey and sucked Albert’s cock catching his cum in his mouth. “Don’t swallow; call Sue to come inside slowly and calmly.” Within seconds on his command a sexy skinny Asian girl entered as I stood behind the opening door. She was stunned at seeing Dean on his knees before Albert apparently with Albert’s cum in his mouth.

I grabbed her arm and said, take of yr clothes. She stripped and I stared at her small tits and ass and she shaved tight pussy. “Albert return to the monitoring van and send Janet in.” Janet entered finding Dean sitting on his knees with cum in his mouth and Sue with her open legs playing with her pussy. I slapped Janet from behind and quickly ordered her to strip. I found out that she really was a red head since her pubic red hair was well trimmed. I had the two girls blow me alternating between my cock and licking each other. Then I had them take 69 position as I fuck Sue first in her pussy until she screamed, then in her tight ass until she cried of pain.

I stuck my cock in Janet’s mouth and told her to clean me off. I moved to her pussy. After Sue suck my cock, I rubbed my head on Janet’s pussy. I entered her and found that she was still a virgin. I rammed into her as I took her virginity and fucked her as hard as I could. Before I blew my load, I ordered them on their knees and shot my cum in both their mouths. I told them to clean my cock with their mouths.

After we recovered, I told them to dress and not to do anything regarding me until I gave them permission. Before I dismissed them, I took all their money & sent them away telling them to concoct a reason why they didn’t apprehend me. This unfortunate turn of events was turning out be fun, dangerous and filled with unanswered questions.

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