Ch. 07 – Preparation

With the betrayal of Esther and Mara, the planned assault on the Black Citadel would have absolutely no positive outcome for Lexington and his Fallen Army. The following Battle of Shantei, though a victory, thinned the already small number of men Lexington had at his disposal.

Following the victory, Lexington and his lieutenants, Aggram and Daniel, decided it return to Shahemein and fortify their position within the giant walls of the great city. Prior to the attempted assault on the Black Citadel, Lexington had Ishmael, the late second-in-command, organize an arrangement with Cresus, the military advisor to Gaous, the Chiefman of the First Quarter of Shahemein who also owned the Shahemein Military.

Lexington hoped that Ishmael’s contact with Cresus would at least give Cresus and Gaous the foresight to mobilize the military. He knew that the Shahemein military was spread through out the great city, outskirts, and a few neighboring cities.

Shahemein was the only city in the continent of Shatelos that was fortified and had an established military. Kahemein, the Oceanside city to the south east of Shahemein and Aloantei, the small trade city north east of Shahemein were somewhat fortified and had only militia to protect them.

With all this in mind, Lexington knew that Shahemein was the one place that they needed to defend in order to prevent Shadohinus from taking over the rest of Shatelos.

A week had passed since the Battle of Shantei. Shadohinus had left no inclination as to when or how he would attack, but Lexington knew his only chance was to wait though he would slow Shadohinus down if he could. And with that, Lexington had his army destroy the Luildel River Bridge. Although he knew that Shadowmen had no experience with rivers and oceans prior to the arrival on earth, it was simply a matter of time before Shadohinus found a way to cross the Luildel River.

The remaining 2,500 soldiers of the Fallen Army had created a basecamp just outside Shahemein opposite the side of Shamein, the slums situated on the east sides of the great city. The Fallen were quick to fortify their position outside Shahemein as a precaution. Daniel had arranged sentries throughout the great grasslands that lied between Shahemein and the Luildel River.

After his Fallen were situated, Lexington made sure to stop by and Enama and the rest of his family before heading to Gaous and Cresus.

As he walked along the avenues of Shahemein, he had only just realized how much he missed the city. He missed the organization of the flow of traffic and how efficient everything seemed to run. The large braziers were soon to be lit with the coming nightfall.

Lexington had come up to the tavern where he had remembered seeing two men fucking Mara. It was the first time he had seen her since they arrived in Shahemein. There was a part of him that missed her. She provided the strength he required to get them to Shahemein in the first place, but he regretted every moment of it once he was reunited with Enama. He couldn’t help but feel responsible for her betrayal. He shook the notion off. It was her choice to join Shadohinus, but what could the Lord of Avariceal offer a human whore, he wondered.

As he approached the Grand Rotundus, the largest building in Shahemein, he still found the size of the great building breath-taking. What was even more amazing was the fact that Gaous, the Chiefman of the First Quarter of Shahemein, owned the entire top floor of the Grand Rotundus. He began up the flight of stairs and gave polite smiles to the few people that walked down passed him or were awaiting on the several balconies the lined the floors that preceded the very top floor of Gaous’ home.

Once again he approached the ornate two door entryway of Gaous’s home. One of the doors was quick to open and Gaous’ grandson, Galius, stepped out to greet Lexington.

“Good evening, Lexington. It’s been a while,” Galius spoke first.

Lexington smiled and grasped the arm that Galius had stuck out in greeting. He then replied, “Good evening. How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine, despite our current situation. Grandfather has me training with Abulati, the Master of Arms.”

Lexington patted Galius on the shoulder. The touch was enough for Lexington to notice the growth in Galius’ musculature. Galius would make a fine soldier and eventually a great leader.

“That’s great news,” Lexington replied.

Galius turned to let Lexington in. “I believe you’ll be wanting to speak with my grandfather?”

Lexington nodded.

“He’s… occupied at the moment. I’ll notify him that you’re here.”

“Many thanks.”

Galius motioned for Lexington to sit on one of the couches that lined the hallway that led to other rooms and eventually the main bedroom of Gaous. The hallway was long and decorated with bedazzled and colorful rugs. Large mirrors with golden and silver frames hung on each side of each entryway to other corridors of the long hallway. Lexington felt as he could never grow tired of the beauty of this simple, yet luxuriously place.

It was only a matter of moments before the door to Gaous’s bedroom had opened. From the bedroom stepped a young man and two young women. As they made their way toward the exit and passed Lexington, he was quick to notice their features. All three were probably eighteen or twenty years old. The boy was thin, but healthy. He wore only white linen that wrapped around his waist and crotch. The rest of his thin body was exposed. The two young women were also thin, but their dark skin was exquisitely smooth. They also wore nothing but a white linen. The white linen skirt was tied at the top of their narrow waists and draped over their thighs. Both their small breasts were exposed showing large, almost black areolas. Their black hair was cut short, just above their shoulders. It was cut the same way the young man’s hair was.

As they finally passed Lexington and were at the entryway, a servant stepped from a corridor beside the entryway and opened the door for them. Lexington noticed that the skirt that the two young women wore clearly exposed one side of their buttocks due to the way it was tied. He was surprised to find just how luscious each of their buttocks looked. He wondered if the women were sisters. The young man couldn’t have been related to them, his skin was much too pale plus he looked nothing like them. Both the young women seemed to have the exact body shape, but Lexington didn’t get as good a look at their faces.

Lexington’s thought was halted once he heard Gaous call out to him.

“My dear friend! Come in, please, come in,” he called out with his increasingly frail voice.

Lexington quickly stood from the lavishly decorated bench and made his way towards Gaous. The old man had a brightly polished wooden cane in one hand and appeared to be leaning heavily on it.

He wasn’t using a cane the last time he saw him, Lexington thought.

“Gaous, sir, how are you today?”

“Exhausted,” the old man replied as hobbled onto another lavishly decorated bench just beside his bedroom chamber door. Gaous patted the space next to him, motioning Lexington to take a seat. “Where is your friend, Ishmael?”

Lexington’s expression quickly faded to a solemn glance. Gaous quickly recognized it.

“Forgive me, I did not know.”

“No apology necessary,” Lexington said while shaking his head slowly. “He fought valiantly. I came to discuss what he spoke to you and Cresus about.”

Gaous turned his gaze from Lexington to his balcony window. It was already nighttime and the flames of the torches swayed with the incoming breeze.

“That Ishmael, mighty fine young man,” Gaous said.

The remark was enough to make Lexington chuckle. “He wasn’t as young as you think.”

Gaous returned the chuckle and replied, “Oh, I know. You Celestials and what not. Ishmael had an excellent mind for war.”

“As Celestials, it was all we have ever known. To fight and to serve.”

“Such an honorable concept,” Gaous said. Gaous seemed to slowly trail off as if he had left the room and entered into his mind alone.

Lexington paused for a moment before asking, “Gaous?”

The old man’s eyes fluttered seeming to shake off a notion. “Forgive me, dear boy, I am exhausted. As I was saying, Ishmael – an excellent military mind. He asked of Cresus to mobilize the Shahemein Military as soon as possible. He warned us of an impending attack.”

He wanted Shahemein to be ready in case we failed, Lexington thought. Lexington was so sure of his plan. He felt comforted knowing that Ishmael had thought preemptively. The comfort faded just as quickly as it had come when he realized he would no longer have Ishmael counsel.

“Cresus departed on that same day with his Captains to collect the military,” Gaous continued.

“How long will it take to assemble the military?”

“It shouldn’t be more than a week to round the entire band together. Although most of the military men reside in Shahemein, a good portion lives in Aloantei while a small number are in Kahemein. Each of the five Captains were dispatched to collect the outlying forces.”

Lexington nodded. Although he so desperately wanted to avoid involving humans in actual warfare, he had no other choice. He was quickly reminded of Mara. How could Shadohinus even begin to influence her?

“Gaous, thank you for your time. But I have one last thing to ask.”

Gaous gave a nod with a curious look.

“Mara, one of the survivors of Shantei, betrayed us at the Black Citadel. She somehow warned Shadohinus of our plan to distract him. It may be possible that there is an agent of Avariceal within the walls of Shahemein.”

Gaous’ curious expression faded into worry. “Is it possible for such a thing to take place? And even so, how would any of us know? We have never seen a ‘shadow man.’”

Lexington nodded. Gaous was right. There was no way an agent of Avariceal could hide within the walls of Shahemein. Even during his absence, he made sure that Shahemein was in an alarmed state of security. Shadowmen didn’t have the ability to disguise themselves, nor did Shadohinus have the ability to do so for them. Not to his knowledge at least. It all seemed improbable. How did Shadohinus ever contact Mara in the first place?

Lexington’s thought was once against interrupted by Gaous when the old man patted his arm. “My good friend, I’ll be sure to discuss this with the rest of the Council members at our next meeting. All we can do now is get some rest.”

Lexington nodded once again. He bowed his head in thanks as he stood and made his way out of Gaous’ bedchamber and to the exit.

“Greetings, stranger,” said one of three whores who were standing outside a whorehouse of the First Quarter.

Lexington had seen her before, but never cared to learn her name or any other whore for that matter. The sign on the whorehouse read “Atasha’s Brothel.” He had never heard of an Atasha either.

“Why don’t you spend a moment with us?” asked the other, seductively.

As Lexington passed the whorehouse, he unintentionally slowed down while keeping his glance at them. He wanted to be polite yet passive, but he knew his smile suggested otherwise.

“You know want to,” said the third whore.

“I’m sorry, ladies, I can not,” Lexington said as sternly as he could.

The three whores giggled. Lexington hadn’t realized that he had stopped walking until the three surrounded him with the first whore to speak just in front of him. The other two were stood to his side as they ran their hands up and down his exposed muscular arms.

Lexington felt himself tense.

“Now, now, soldier, we’re on your side,” the first whore said.

“What is your name?” Lexington asked.

“You can call me what ever you’d like.”

“I would like to call you by your name.”

“Tanicia,” she replied.

The way her name rolled off the tip of her tongue made Lexington hesitate. At this point, Tanicia was within mere inches of Lexington’s face. She was almost as tall as he was. Her legs were very long and appeared firm. She wore sleeveless blouse that was tied in a knot at her midback. The blouse was tied so tightly that it clearly showed the firm shape of her full, perky breasts. The skirt she wore was held to her waist by a leather belt that was also tied in a knot at the front of her waist. The skirt was a dark color that Lexington couldn’t make out in the dim light, but he did notice a slit that ran mid way up the skirt and exposed one of Tanicia’s legs.

Lexington felt himself lost in her bright, seemingly glowing hazel eyes. Her eyes were shaped like almonds and her eyebrows were a darker shade of brown than her long chestnut colored hair that ran down to her buttocks. It was bound loosely in several thick bands. Her tanned and luscious skin looked flawless.

“Well?” Tanicia asked.

Lexington felt himself draw back to reality after being lost thought. “Excuse me?”

“You’ve been drooling over my body long enough for me to charge you, but if you decide to spend an hour or so I’ll neglect the initial charge.”

Her thick, pink lips were mesmerizing. The way they formed as she spoke made Lexington want to take her then and there. He felt his penis surge with blood. He finally took a step back and shook his head. He summoned what will power he had and said, “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

Tanicia and her two companions had already turned to make their way back to Atasha’s Brothel before Lexington was able to finish his response. He felt relieved. As he let out one great sigh, he peered at Tanicia’s round ass as it shifted with everyone of her steps. The light from the nearby braziers and the torches that were mounted on the wall of the brothel highlighted every single curve of that luscious ass of hers. It was then, Lexington realized, he had to have her.

He quickly walked towards Tanicia. The three whores still had their backs to him. He reached out, grasped her by the shoulder and turned her quickly. Lexington didn’t expect the expression Tanicia had – it was one of satisfaction.

“I knew it would only be…” Tanicia was interrupted by a deep and almost violent kiss Lexington gave her as he force his lips onto hers.

He wrapped his arms around her, almost in desperation. He pressed himself against her as he pressed her against the wall of the brothel. He paid no attention to the other two whores. Though they were beautiful, Tanicia was all Lexington wanted.

Finally, she pressed Lexington’s face away from hers for enough time to say, “How about we take this inside?” She smiled seductively.

Lexington slowly shook his head and whispered, “No.”

The way Tanicia pursed her lips with her confused expression fueled the growing fire in Lexington. He forcefully grasped her by arm and led her toward the alleyway formed between Atasha’s Brothel and the mercantile center. The alleyway was narrow and was lined with crates stacked high on each other.

Lexington found a gap in the line of crates and pulled Tanicia into the gap and pressed her back against the wall. He pressed his hips into hers as he kissed her passionately. With his fully erect cock jutting out, he ground his shaft against Tanicia’s crotch.

She moaned in response while he began to kiss and suck at her neck. The taste of her skin was surprisingly sweet. He bit down on shoulder as he began to pull her blouse down off her breasts. Her breasts, being as perky as they were, bounced up as they were freed from her blouse. They were the firmest and fullest breasts Lexington had ever seen or touched. He bent down enough to suck on one of Tanicia’s nipples as he grasped the same breast he was sucking on. He used his free hand to slide between Tanicia’s hands and began to rub her clitoris.

Tanicia placed her hand on the hand Lexington was using to finger her as if to tell him she never wanted his hand to go anywhere else while she used her other to grasp a handful of Lexington’s hair while he continued to lovingly suck on her nipples. Lexington ran his tongue over her nipples and swirled it around her areola. He would gentle bite on her nipple with the front of his teeth.

Once he felt that Tanicia’s vaginal juices began to run freely, he inserted a finger into her vagina using his thumb to tease her clit. In and out went his finger and with each motion, Tanicia moaned loudly. She reached for his belt, undid it, and pulled free his cock from his garment. She then pushed him away from her, fell to her knees, and engulfed Lexington engorged cock. She slathered the mushroom head and shaft thick with saliva. She began to slobber on it using her hand to work his shaft while her other fondled his balls. Once she was satisfied with her work, she quickly jumped to her feet, turned towards the wall, and used her hands to prop herself against it.

“Have your way with me,” Tanicia demanded.

Lexington smiled. He placed his hands on her firm hips as he pressed the head of his penis against her vaginal lips.

“DO IT!” Tanicia yelled.

Lexington pushed the full length of his penis into Tanicia making her gasp. He pulled out slowly, then pushed back in with the same speed. He began to repeat the process of fucking her slowly. Each entry made Tanicia gasp quietly. Lexington loved how wet Tanicia felt. Though it was easy to slide in, Tanicia’s pussy was tight as Lexington had ever experienced.

A few moments later, Lexington began to give to her. The slapping sound of his hip to her ass returned small echoes within the small space they occupied.

“Yes, YES!” Tanicia yelled.

Lexington responded with grunts as he began to mercilessly pound in Tanicia’s tight pussy. He could feel her large ass jiggle against his hands with every pound of his hips toward hers. The velvet smoothness and slickness of her vaginal cavity was incredible. Lexington felt himself building up to orgasm, but he didn’t want it to end.

He slowed his pace while he tried to catch his breath.

“What’s the matter?” Tanicia asked.

“You feel so damn good,” Lexington replied.

With that, it was as if Tanicia knew what Lexington needed. She eased herself away from his soaked, hard cock and turned. She pulled Lexington close by his neck and pressed her lips against his while she positioned her back to the wall. She used her hand to stroke Lexington’s shaft slowly. She wanted to keep him hard, but she didn’t want him to finish.

Her grasp was firm with her pumping slow but constant. Her hands were surprisingly soft and strong. She kissed him lovingly. Tanicia made him feel as if he were the only man for her.

That fire, once again, built in Lexington and he could no longer be out of Tanicia. He crouched down a bit, enough to hook his arms under both her legs and propped her up against the wall.

“If you could assist me,” Lexington said playfully.

Tanicia smiled in reply as she reached down under her leg and grasped the head of his penis. She then aimed his cock onto her still soaked vaginal lips. Lexington pressed in as he pressed his lips against hers. As their tongues slid and wrapped themselves within their mouths, Lexington continued his pounding into Tanicia. In and out, faster and faster, Lexington quickly felt himself build to orgasm, but he didn’t care.

He wanted to shoot his load into Tanicia. He needed to. She made him feel happy. Powerful. Safe.

“Spend yourself in me,” Tanicia whispered into his ear.

With that, Lexington could hold on no longer. He grunted loudly as he dug his cock into Tanicia as deep as he could and shot his load spurt after spurt.

Lexington let Tanicia down onto the floor gently. Once her feet made contact, Lexington’s now softening penis slid out of her still wet pussy.

Tanicia pulled her blouse up over her sweaty stomach and breasts. She then turned her back towards Lexington and asked, “could you please?” referring to the knot that needed to be done at her back.

Lexington quickly did the knot and fixed his garment while redoing his belt as well.

She smiled as she placed a kiss on his bottom lip.

“I’ll see you around, soldier.”

Tanicia turned and made her way out of the alleyway. Though the light was dim, there was still enough for Lexington to make out the curves of her ass as they shifted with every step she took. As she turned the corner of Atasha’s Brothel, she gave one quick smirking glance at Lexington and then she was gone.

Since the meeting with Gaous, another week had passed marking the second of two full weeks since the Battle of Shantei. Though everyone, especially Lexington, was surprised that Shadohinus had yet to attack, all couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. What was initially apprehension during the first week, the second week brought a sense of a lack of inevitability. This sense of comfort worried Daniel and Aggram and they were quick to inform Lexington of their thoughts.

Lexington had called a meeting with his lieutenants, Daniel and Aggram, and Gaous, the Chiefman of the First Quarter of Shahemein and Cresus, Gaous’ Military Advisor. The five decided to meet at the top floor of the Compendial where the Council meetings where held.

“With the human army amassed to completion, we should be storming the Black Citadel and not waiting for them,” Aggram declared as he pounded his fist on the large stone table that held a map of Shatelos and its cities.

“As I’ve said before and I will say again, humans do not have the capability to fight against agents of Avariceal. They would be torn to shreds. But, we can use man’s ingenuity to make up for any differences in power,” Lexington said assuredly.

Cresus nodded, raised a hand, and said, “We will take your word for it, Lexington. Gaous and I have agreed that will not send the Shahemein Military into open battle with these Shadowmen. We will remain behind our high walls and unleash our own hell while the Shadowmen crash against our fortifications.”

“Because of diminished forces, a mixture of human and Fallen combatants is our only choice,” Daniel said.

Lexington nodded as he sunk into his chair, deep in thought.

“I will take my group and we will stand outside the walls of Shahemein. The fortifications that we created will be enough to slow the Shadowmen down and force them into a bottleneck. My men and I will take care of the rest,” Aggram stated confidently.

“I will lead the fastest along with Sera to thin their flanks,” Daniel added.

“I will have Brutus run the defensive, what are your thoughts, Lexington?” Cresus asked.

“It’s not enough,” Lexington said plainly. “Our forces are just too small. Even with the ballistas and archers, it would only slow them down. Shadohinus has legions. Legions. Not an army. Though Shadowmen are little competition to us, they’re easily worth 4 or 5 men.”

The other four remained silent. The truth in Lexington’s words pained them, but suddenly, Lexington rose from his chair.

“Sir?” Daniel called out as Lexington turned to leave the room.

“I have an idea,” Lexington quickly replied and with that, he turned and left.

As Lexington exited the Compendial, Daniel came chasing after him.

“I’m going with you,” Daniel said.

Lexington nodded.

“So what is this plan?”

“The summoning portal in Shantei.”

“What about it?”

“If they can summon, we can summon.”

“But they have rituals, dark energies, things we do not have.”

“It’s only an idea. I don’t know for certain if it will work,” Lexington replied while quickening his pace to a steady jog.

“Who are we going to summon?”

“No one. We are going through.”

“Into Avariceal?!” Daniel asked as he stopped, though Lexington continued to jog on.

“Yes!” Lexington yelled out in reply as he went from jogging to dashing.

Lexington arrived at his home where Enama and his child, Alexa, were staying. Daniel came a few moments after him and Lexington motioned him to wait there. He slowly opened the door. It was noon and Lexington knew that Enama had just put the baby to sleep. Lexington made his way up the stairway when Enama had just circled the corner to go down.

“My love?” Enama asked. “That was a fast meeting.”

Lexington moved to greet her as he wrapped his arms around her waist, staying a couple of steps below her so that their heights matched.

“I have a plan,” he said proudly.

“Tell me.”

“It’s a little complicated, but I’m going back to Cielos.”


“Through Avariceal.”

Enama motioned to speak, but she struggled to find the words.

Lexington gave her an assuring kiss and said, “If this works, we will have nothing left to fear.”

The sun was beginning to set as Lexington stepped out from his home. Daniel was sitting on the steps just outside the door.

“What happened?” Daniel asked.

“I just had to say my goodbye, for now.”

“Where to next?”

“I’m going back to Shantei.”

“Good, then I’m coming with – …”

Lexington interrupted him and said, “No, this is what I need you to do. Go to Aggram and Cresus and tell them to proceed as planned. You will do as you planned as well. We still do not yet know when Shadohinus will attack, which is all the more reason I need to hurry.”

Daniel nodded. “You sure you don’t want any one to come with you?”

Lexington shook his head slowly, “I believe it best to have as many Fallen as we can have here.”

Daniel nodded once again. Lexington patted his shoulder and said, “See it done.”

And with that, Daniel was off.

Lexington donned a dark brown cloak and changed his garment to a similar dark color. He would travel all night and as fast as he could. He realized he had never actually ran as fast as he wanted to. Once he was out of Shahemein, he tightened the knot that held his cloak closed and his belt. He took in one deep breath and began to jog towards Shantei. A few moments later, he increased his speed to running. And then to dashing. He knew he was already running faster than any man could. He began to push himself.

The world around him began to blur as he had never before seen and he realized he could go even faster. He heaved in one gasp of air and pushed on, the world becoming a mix of undefined streaks of colors.

As the night went on, what would have taken two weeks to cross the grasslands only took a couple of hours and before he knew it he was already the Luildel River. He stopped at the very edge of the river bank gazing at the ruins of what was the Luildel River Bridge. He was exhausted, heaving in and out air as he tried to catch his breath. He had never pushed himself before, but for the first time in a long time, he felt a soreness in his legs.

He plumped himself up against the slope in the sand and continued to catch his breath. He wondered what the time was, but the sky was still as dark as he had ever seen it. He wondered if his plan would work. It almost seem farfetched, but he had no other choice.

Once he regained some of his composure, he used his Far Sight to see beyond the Luildel River and into the ruins of Shantei. It was just as they left it, empty and war-torn. The ritual marble tables that the Shadowmen left remained. Again, doubt began to cloud his mind. He felt as lost as he did when he first awoke in the Badlands all those years ago. He shook off the thought.

I must try, he told himself.

He slowly rose his feet, the soreness in his legs was diminishing. Lexington planned to go searching for the same boat they used to cross the Luildel River to escape Shantei. Then he wondered if he could just simple swim across the width of the river. He gazed over the river, but without light he couldn’t see the other side and even if he could, it would be a thin sliver of land.

He arched his back and spread his arms out wide, attempting to stretch. He wondered if swimming across would be faster than looking for the boat and then using it. But he remembered what he told Daniel. He knew that time was something the simply didn’t have. Lexington untied the cloak and garment from him till he was completely naked. He knew the heavy clothes would only slow him down.

He slowly walked into the Luildel River. The water was cold enough to bother any man, but Lexington wasn’t any man. The temperature wasn’t extreme enough to other him. He walked deeper into the river until he could no longer stand and began to swim. He felt the strong current. Though he wasn’t sure how far off he was drifting, the effort required to swim across the direction of the current was surprising. He wanted to see if he could push himself again, but thought against it.

When Lexington finally reached the other side, he wasn’t as tired as he thought he would be. He gazed at the sky as he turned to lie on his back. The sky was still dark and there was no sign of the sun rising soon. He then stood to his feet and brushed off what sand his could from his naked body and began to head to Shantei.

With his energy renewed, he began to dash his way towards Shantei. It took him a matter of minutes to arrive at the remnants of the wall that once surrounded this humble village. Still, there was no sign of sunrise. Lexington then walked towards one of the marble tables and sat himself on it.

He needed to think. How could he now collect the energy required to open the summoning portal? He lied back down on the marble table. He felt the almost metallic cold of the table on the skin of his back, but it didn’t bother him. He felt warm and he was. He knew he was warmed by his own power.

Lexington let his mind wander. He found himself recalling the night he first witnessed what the Shadowmen were doing with the ruins of his beloved village. He remembered the number of Shadowmen and women fucking in all imaginable positions and engaging in every imaginable sexual act.

Then something clicked in his mind. Sex. It was all that drove Shadohinus’ decisions. But it wasn’t only pleasure that sex brought, Lexington realized. It was power. The sexual acts of the Shadowmen produced enough power to open a rift between the most unbreachable of realms, this Earthen realm.

But who could he have sex with? Enama is only a human and the idea would not be appealing to the Fallen female soldiers.

Esther, Lexington thought. He would need Esther, but how? And why? Why would she help him?

Again, something clicked. Lexington smiled as he set his sight on the Black Citadel.

It was already morning when Lexington could see the Black Citadel. He had put together enough clothes from what was left in Shantei to cover himself, the he felt he looked like he just walked out of the slums of Shahemein. He also noticed the blight that was on the ground. It felt mushy, almost like walking on mud, but it didn’t spread like mud.

With the gate now completely viewable, he noticed that they were wide open. He could make out a small group standing at the opening. He knew it was Shadohinus. He hoped it would be him as well. He purposefully walked on the blight. He remembered the blight acted as extension of Shadohinus.

Once he was close enough, Lexington heard Shadohinus call out, “Welcome, Seraph of Cielos!” followed by laughter.

Lexington could see that Shadohinus was smiling. Shadohinus stepped to meet Lexington as he was followed by two large Valkyrie who were apparently his guard. The others were a few more Shadowmen, the largest Lexington had ever seen, and Mara and Esther.

The way Mara looked took particular notice, but before he had to time to notice the differences, Shadohinus spoke again.

“So, you’ve come to join me and the rest of your Fallen brethren.”

Lexington kept himself stern and answered, “Yes.”


“There’s nothing left this human race has to offer. I’ve seen what you’ve done and seen what you can do. I believe I can even lend a hand to your new kingdom.”

Shadohinus chuckled. The Lord of Avariceal was twice the size of Lexington and noticeably so as he stepped within a foot of the Fallen Leader.

“You know I could crush you without any effort, little Seraph,” Shadohinus said.

“Kill me or believe me, but I am done wasting my time for the humans.”

Shadohinus chuckled again. “How do you propose to aid me in the building of my kingdom?”

“I can help you cross the Luildel River.”

Shadohinus almost began to speak, but Lexington interrupted by saying, “Don’t waste our time by denying that you can’t. It’s been more than two weeks since Demetriux fell and yet you’ve done nothing about it. I know how we can cross the river and I know the weaknesses of Shahemein. Once that city falls, Shatelos is yours.”

Shadohinus smiled again. “Tell me.”

“Phobus, my lord,” Lexington said.

Shadohinus paused. “What about it?”

What Lexington knew of Phobus was only through reports when he was a Celestial in Cielos. Phobus was a monolithic creature from Immobul, the barren realm between Cielos and Avariceal. Though the Celestials had never encountered Phobus, it was the agents of Avariceal that had encountered the legendary creature. Lexington had heard that Phobus was the largest being to ever exist and no one else knew anything other than that.

“If I can summon Phobus, no one in this realm could stop you.”

Shadohinus let out a laugh. “The humans are but insects and the remaining Fallen force stand no chance against my legions.”

“Assuming you crossed the Luildel River.”

Shadohinus expression turned sour. Lexington was right and he knew it.

“How do you propose to summon Phobus, let alone find him?”

“I know you know where he is in Immobul, but I will summon him through Avariceal.”

“What you’re saying requires a great amount of power. Not even I could conjure the amount of energy required to open a summoning portal that big. Especially a portal that would traverse three realms. You’re speaking of the impossible.”

Lexington smiled. “You… you may not be able to summon the power. But me? With our combined power, it would be possible.”

“You engaging in sexual rituals with a Shadowmen or Valkyrie would still not be enough.”


Shadohinus paused once again, he peered over his shoulder and looked Esther. She was smiling. Shadohinus began to nod.

“Get on with it, then. Your true intentions shall be revealed.”

Lexington smiled, “I don’t require your trust to enjoy the spoils of our victory.”

And with that, Esther stepped to Lexington’s side as the two headed back towards the ruins of Shantei.

The two walked in silence until the Black Citadel was no longer in sight. Finally, Esther spoke up.

“What are your plans, truly?”

“I am doing what I said,” Lexington replied without looking at her.

“You think this plan of yours will work?”

“When it does, I’ll make sure you’re my prize among other things once I hand the world to Shadohinus.”

Esther remained quiet for the remainder of their walk.

They didn’t make it to Shantei until near dusk. Lexington had Esther follow him to the center most marble table. Once they were right next to the table, Lexington turned, picked up Esther by her hips and placed her on the table in front of him.

Esther began to speak, but Lexington placed a finger on lips and shook his head slowly.

Lexington ran that same finger down her chin, to her neck, to her chest and down in between her breasts that were held in a modified breastplate two buckles that ran sideways across her chest. The rest of the breastplate ran to her waist, exposing just a bit of her muscular belly. He undid the buckles on her armor and pulled the armor off her exposing her full tits. He had to admit, she was very lovely.

She gazed into his eyes as he looked into hers while he began to undo the rest of her armor. Piece by piece, he unstrapped and set them aside till Esther was completely naked. He motioned her to lie on her back and she did so. He then brought her legs up, pulled her towards the edge of the table, and spread her legs.

Her pussy looked tight and well-kept. He bent over and spread her vaginal lips open and slid his tongue up over her vagina up to her clit. He began to lap at her vagina until she was wet enough for him to stick to fingers into her vaginal cavity. He began to finger her while he sucked and manipulated her clitoris with his tongue and lips.

Esther gave off quiet moans while she began to play with her breasts and tug at her nipples. Lexington continued to finger Esther and suck on her clit as her vaginal juices began to run freely down between her ass cheeks or down his hand. He used his other finger and began to probe at her asshole. Her sphincter was very tight and refused to give way to the tip of his finger, but he continued to press on it.

Finally, Esther’s ass hole opened up and Lexington quickly fill her ass with the rest of his finger while he continued to suck and tease her clit and finger her pussy. Shortly after, Esther was drenched in both holes.

Lexington then stood up, stripped himself of the clothes he was wearing and began to stroke his cock to full erection. Esther could not have looked more enticing with her perfect body displayed for all to see. The sight was almost breath-taking. She continued to play with her breast while using her other hand to rub her clit. Lexington could see the light reflecting off her wet vaginal lips and the run off between her ass crack.

Now that he was completely hard, he positioned the head of his penis at her pussy and pushed in until his pubic hair met hers. Esther let out another quiet gasp. Lexington placed his hands on the table and leaned over her to gain a leveraging position. Once in place, he began to shove his cock forcefully in and out of Esther’s drenching vagina. Slap, slap, slap went the sound as it echoed off every time Lexington’s hips met Esther’s ass.

Esther’s moaning began to get louder and louder matching Lexington’s growing ferocity. Lexington soon stood tall and moved Esther’s legs together against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and began to pound even harder into her. Esther’s moans turned into screams drowning out the slapping sound of their sweat soaked skin.

This whole time, Lexington had his sight fixated on Esther’s bouncing tits, but it wasn’t until recently he realized that the marble tables surrounding them had began to glow that familiar purple.

It’s working, he thought to himself.

Lexington slowed himself down before completely stopping with his dick completely inside Esther’s pussy. He then slowly slid his cock out and let her legs spread open. He then lifted Esther’s hips a little to gain better view of her asshole which was covered in her vaginal juices. He pushed the head of his cock against Esther’s still tight ass hole and then pushed in.

Esther let out a yelp, but Lexington ignored her and shoved the length of his cock deep into ass. Esther’s eyes open wide and she screamed. Lexington covered her mouth with his hand as he pulled out and shoved back in. Esther grabbed at his wrist, but she couldn’t move him. He was much stronger.

Lexington began to piston his dick vigorously in and out of Esther’s tight ass. The grip her ass muscles had on his shaft was mesmerizing. He felt himself quickly building to orgasm, but he ignored that as well. Once he felt that Esther was done with her protesting, he removed his hand at her mouth and gripped her at the sides of her waist and began to pound away as forcefully as he could. Her ass was so tight. She was amazing.

Esther continued to scream in pleasure as she grasped Lexington’s wrists and held on. Slap, slap, slap continued the sound of Lexington’s hips as they met Esther’s big round ass cheeks.

At this point, Lexington could hold his load no longer. He continued to thrust into Esther’s ass as he let out a grunt shooting spurt after spurt deep into Esther’s rectum. As he tried to catch his breath, he peeked around and noticed the entire village had been surrounded by a purple haze. He could see over where the portal had initially formed for Demetriux was slowly taking shape, but wasn’t completely formed.

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