It had been 4 months since our girl Lauren had her sexual rendezvous with Batman. And oh what a glorious 4 months it was for her. Gotham was still buzzing about her in depth 90-minute interview with the dark knight.

She had shot ratings to a record setting high. She was even being considered for the head broadcast journalist job. Yes, she was a serious contender for Summer Gleason’s job and she couldn’t have been happier.

Her boss was so pleased with her that he rewarded her with the interview he originally gave to Summer. He gave her the interview with the wealthy billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. She was giddier than a school girl on Pizza Fridays. She loved knowing that it was not only a chance to get close to Bruce Wayne, but it was a chance to stick it to the glory-hogging bitch known as Summer.

But Lauren was about to find out that Bruce Wayne and Batman were one in the same. For weeks Lauren worked diligently to find out all she could about the man, she learned about his parents tragic unsolved murder, his hobbies, his company Wayne Industries, his many charities and yes she even learned about his scorned ex-girlfriends.

“Sheesh! What a life he lives.” she thought. Although she had learned all this info about him, it wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to get into his head and pick at his psyche. There was only one way to do that, she was gonna have pursue him further.

“I know what I’ll do! I’ll date him! I mean he can’t be all that bad. Yeah that’s what I’ll do! As crazy as it sounds. How else am I going to get into this man’s mind?” she said to herself. She had a plan and knew how she was gonna execute it. Since Bruce is an avid runner like she is that’s how she’ll nab him. This was just crazy and outrageous enough to work.

So the next day she put her plan in action. There she was at Gotham Park one early Friday morning, on his favorite running path, when she spots him warming up.

“Good Lord! Those legs! And that ass! He’s fucking beautiful!” she said under her breath as she watched him warm up. So at that point she decides to dive right in and approach him.

“Hi!” she says ever so sweetly to him.

He stands up, turns around and is immediately hard. “Its her! What is she doing here?!” he thought.

“Hey! How are ya?” He responds while trying to catch his breath.

“I’m sorry if I’m intruding on you this early in the morning, but I couldn’t help but notice you over so I decided to introduce myself. I’m–” he then cuts her off.

“I know who you are. You’re Lauren Jenkins. You did that interview with Batman.” he answered.

She smiled at him making him harder than he already was. “You got it big guy. Bruce Wayne right?” she asked while pretending to be dumb.

He smiled and damn near made her knees weak “Yes that’s me. What brings you to the park this early? I’ve never seen you here before.” he replied.

“Oh yeah well I usually go running along the beach, but its a tad too cold for that this morning. So I decided to try the park today.” she said to him.

“Ahh I see. I could use a running partner so would you care to join me Ms. Jenkins?” he asked.

“Sure!” she enthusiastically replied.

He smiled as they took off on their now combined run. He did the best he could to hide the hard on in the pants as he watched her run. Her body is as beautiful now as it was that night he fucked her. He watched her tits and ass bounce up and down as they ran, it turned him on to see her run. It did it for him so much, that it took every ounce of physical restraint he had in him not to grab her, drag her into the woods and ravage her body.

“Soon I’ll finish what I started with you my Goddess.” he thought to himself.

Much like her he was doing his own investigating. He was investigating her. Every part of him yearned for her. It was as if she had hypnotized him and put him in a trance that night.

She was all he could think about, he especially thought of her during those long business meetings with shareholders, and when he laid down at night. He jacked off remembering how tight she was, how much he enjoyed tasting her pussy and ass, how exquisite her moans and screams were, and not to mention how good her lips felt around his dick. And here she was, running right beside him.

They ended their run by returning to the spot where they met.

“Whew! That was great! Thank you Mr. Wayne! I needed that.” she told him.

“You’re very welcome Ms. Jenkins. It was fun running with you. I’d love to stay and chat more with you miss but I have other business to attend to. So, may I have the pleasure of walking you to your car?” he answered.

“I’d be honored if you’d walk me to my car.” she replied.

Upon reaching her car they exchanged numbers and made a date for the following week to go running again and have breakfast together. She watched him get into his Rolls Royce driven by Alfred and off he went. She grinned from ear to ear.

“Yes! My plan worked! Pretty soon you Lauren Jenkins will get the real inside scoop on Bruce Wayne.” she thought to herself.

She had no idea on how right she was.

As the days went on, all she could think about was Bruce Wayne and how he looked familiar to someone she had seen before, but she couldn’t place who he looked like. They met up every weekend to go running and have breakfast. One day after getting home from a run with him she racked her brain as to who he looked like, as she drew herself a bath.

“I’ve seen him before. Where have I seen him?!” she asked as she undressed herself then proceeded to slowly enter the hot water.

She sat there thinking about him and his sexy body and that tiger tattoo. That’s when it hit her. That’s when she realized where she’d seen him. Batman had the same tattoo on his arm.

“It couldn’t be! Bruce Wayne and Batman having the exact same tattoo isn’t just a coincidence……..Oh My God! Bruce Wayne is Batman!” she said to herself. She quickly washed up and ran out of the bathroom thinking it just couldn’t happen.

“No way! Its just not possible! I interviewed and fucked Batman! He can not under any and all circumstances be Bruce Wayne!” she exclaimed.

She didn’t want to believe it. Yet something in her brain told her to somewhat believe that he was.

“Well this calls for even more investigating into you Bruce Wayne!” she said aloud. That’s when her phone rang, it was Bruce calling.

“Shit!” she hissed as she answered and dropped the phone.

“Hello?!”,she asked hoping he was still there.

“Hi Lauren its Bruce. How are you?” he replied.

“I’m doing fine Mr. Wayne. I’m just a little surprised you called.” she told him.

“Please call me Bruce. I just called to tell you how much I enjoyed our run this morning, and well I’ve been thinking about you ever since. So I wanted to know if you were free tomorrow night.” he said to her.

“Yes I’m free tomorrow night why?” she asked.

“Would you like to have dinner here at my place tomorrow? My butler is an outstanding chef. I could even have him come get you if you like” he asked her.

“Hmmm sure. What time tomorrow?” she replied.

“How’s about 7:30 tomorrow?” she heard him ask.

“That’ll work for me.” she replied.

“Good. I’ll see you tomorrow at 7:30.” he confirmed with her before hanging up.

This was great. This was her big chance to prove whether or not Bruce Wayne was indeed Batman. The next day couldn’t come fast enough for her. She spent the most of the day getting herself beautiful for him. She got her hair and nails done, and bought a sexy strapless black Gucci cocktail dress for her evening with the billionaire playboy. Oh honey she was gonna show up and out tonight!

7:00 rolled around and she was all ready. She ran down her complete outfit in her head, while taking the elevator down to the lobby.

“Sexy Gucci cocktail dress? Check. Nice black “Big Booty Judy” style shoes to compliment said cocktail dress? Check. Great make-up? Check. Great purse and jewelry to tie the outfit together? Check. Drop dead gorgeous lingerie under my dress? Double check! I am so ready for tonight! Look out Bruce Wayne because I am coming for you!” she enthusiastically thought to herself.

At 7:15 she walked outside and there was Alfred waiting on her.

“Good evening Ms. Jenkins. I trust you are well. Ready to leave Madam?”, he asked while holding the car door open for her. She nodded with approval and off they went.

“This is frickin’ awesome! I’m riding in a Rolls Royce! Me! In a Rolls Royce!”, she excitedly thought to herself.

They soon arrived at their destination of Wayne Manor. She was floored by how absolutely stunning Wayne Manor was. The place was huge! Walls upon walls of priceless artwork and other artifacts. And there he was all decked out in his Giorgio Armani. This man was pure eye candy.

“Meow! Let the games begin.”, she thought to herself as she smiled at him.

“Welcome to my humble home Lauren.” he said as he offered her his arm.

“Thank you Mr. Wayne er, I mean Bruce. I appreciate your hospitality. This mansion of yours is astonishingly beautiful.” she replied to him.

“Thank you very much Ms. Jenkins. Allow me to show you around while Alfred starts dinner.” he said to her.

“Why I be delighted to be shown around.” she responded.

They toured the giant estate he owned all by his lonesome. It boasted its own vineyard, 6 pools, saunas, gazebos, and hot tubs, 4 guest houses, 2 tennis and basketball courts, a very unique flower garden along with a fruit and vegetable garden. And that’s just the outside. Inside the mansion had 24 bedrooms including 4 two-story master suites, 28 bathrooms, a kitchen and pantry that would make Wolfgang Puck jealous, a two-story library, a garage full of a plethora of new and antique cars, a music room, a wine cellar, an entertain and movie room the size of her entire apartment, a gorgeous terrace of his kitchen and lastly an atrium that rivals the lobby of a Ritz-Carlton.

“Geez! How do you manage to not get lost in this place? Dear God! I am beat! Ya know? I think we’re gonna have to cut the rest of this tour short. ” she said.

He chuckled then replied “An intercom system and a map is how I don’t get lost. And sure we’ll continue this later. And besides, judging by that captivating smell I do believe dinner is ready”.

Dinner was scrumptious! Alfred sure did know how to cook. She just loved his food.

“Hmmm I might have to kidnap you Alfred. That meal was just amazing!” she said complimenting his skills in the kitchen.

“Thank you madam. I’ve had years of experience. Shall I serve dessert Master Bruce?” he asked. Bruce nodded giving him permission to serve them. Dessert was just as, if not better than dinner. They finished dessert then headed to the terrace overlooking the largest of his 6 pools.

“Thank you for this wonderful evening Lauren.” he told her.

“No Bruce thank you. I’ve the had time of my life with you tonight. This place of yours is outstanding.” she replied to him.

“I hope I’m not being to forward with you and I’d understand if you didn’t want to, but would you like to stay the night?” he asked her.

“I’d love to.” she replied which made him smile.

“Score! After weeks of chasing this man, I’ll finally find out if he’s actually Batman” she thought to herself as he led her to his bedroom. His room was humongous. It was setup like a loft, with the sleeping quarters of the room on the top part of the loft overlooking the rest of the room. He led her up to his custom made California King Size Bed.

“Damn this man knows how to live. I was wrong to think his life was so boring.” she thought.

She was mouth watering to him. He wanted to ravage her but he restrained himself. He decided to take his time with her just like before.

“So not a bad setup for a bachelor huh?” he asked her.

“Ummm ya think? This room is frickin’ sweet!” she replied.

“Thank you Lauren. It is nice but its missing something.” he said to her.

She was confused, she couldn’t imagine what he meant by that.

“Missing something? What do you mean its missing something?” she asked.

“Its missing you.” he replied. Her eyes lit up when he said that to her.

“Oh really? Well how do we rectify that Mr. Wayne?” she answered seductively.

“I have an idea Ms. Jenkins that I think you’ll just adore.” he told her before grabbed her and planted her with a big fat wet kiss.

“Bruce……..” she moaned softly. Hearing her moan like that drove him insane. He wanted her naked so badly, but he also wanted to see what else she had on. She pushed him onto the bed. His hunger for her was becoming more primal and uncontrollable by the minute.

“Take the dress off!” he hissed. There she stood in front of him. This sexy Ebony Goddess of a woman. He had been with and had his dick in some of the prettiest girls Gotham had to offer. But not a one of them compared to her. She stepped back then unzipped the back of her dress, let it fall to the floor and reveal her lingerie. She had on a matching black lace strapless bra and a g-string underneath her dress. She then slowly and seductively walked towards him.

That shot his dick straight up.”Stop! I want to see you model what you have on. So stay right there whilst I find my camera.” he told her.

He quickly got up and went to get his camera.

“You’ve done it now chick! He’s so into you babe!” she thought to herself. He returned with his camera and damn near dropped it upon reaching her. It was like within the 5 seconds it took for him to get his camera, she had somehow gotten sexier.

“Dammit woman! Must you be so fucking drop dead gorgeous?!” he thought to himself as he adjusted his pants and she slightly giggled while he did.

“On the bed! Now!” he commanded in which she happily obliged him. Dear God she was hot! Pose after pose she just seemed to get sexier and his hunger for her grew more and more.

“Damn you woman! Why must you tease me?!” He asked her.

She giggled and replied “Would you like me to take them off? Would that be better for you?”

“Oh God yes! Take it all off!” he replied. She saw it in his eyes that he wanted her in every way possible, but she had a theory she needed to prove, so he was gonna have to wait.

“No. Not before you lose that suit if I have to be naked so do you!” she told him. Even with an annoyed look on his face he obliged her. That’s when she saw his tattoo. That was it. She couldn’t believe that she can now confirm Bruce and Batman are the same man.

“I knew it! You are Batman! Oh My God! I knew it! That tattoo! I knew I recognized it! Its the same tattoo that Batman had the night I fucked him– Holy shit! I’m alone with Batman again!” she exclaimed.

He was pale as a ghost.

“How in God’s name did she know who he really was? How did she recognize my tattoo? For so many years I have gone to great lengths to keep my identity concealed from the world, so how did she do it? How dammit how?!” he thought to himself.

“I have no idea on what you’re talking about.” he replied trying to play it off.

She just rolled her eyes and replied “I’m a reporter Bruce. When in my line of work you don’t forget the details. And besides how in the hell could I ever forget having the best sex in my life?”

He couldn’t believe it. He just could not believe it. After years of keeping his alter ego secret from the world, she had figured out who he was from a one night stand. He knew he couldn’t keep it from her so he admitted to her accusation.

“So now that you know who I am you’re gonna tell the world aren’t you?” he asked her.

She looked at him like he was crazy. “And ruin the sexy, captivating and dark mystique of Batman? I think not! Besides I gotta give the citizens of Gotham something other than the Boogie Man to believe in at night. You’re secret shall remain just that a secret. My lips are sealed.” she replied.

He let out a sigh of relief. But how could he really be sure she wasn’t lying to him.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” he asked her.

“Well if you’re not so sure you can trust me, there’s always the option as to where you could bribe me.” she suggested.

“You’ve got to be joking. Alright fine. What is it you want?” he asked.

That’s when she grabbed his balls and said “What do I want? I want round 2! That’s what I want!”, she seductively said to him with a devilish smile.

He devilishly smiled back at her and replied “Deal!”.

That’s when the fun began.

He grabbed and pulled her close to kiss her soft lips again. She let a soft moan as their lips met again. She loved how forceful he was with her.

“Bruce……..take me!” she begged. He wanted to oblige her, but he had other plans for her that night though.

“No. Tonight I’ve got special plans for you. I’ve got plans to torture you just like you’ve done me for the last few weeks. For weeks I wanted to fuck you senseless but I decided to be a gentleman about it. But not tonight my dear. Tonight I bring you ecstasy beyond you’re wildest dreams.” he told her.

Her eyes lit up for the second time that night. Before she had a chance to respond he reached over to his night stand, grabbed his handcuffs, and handcuffed her to his headboard. With an evil look in his eyes he told her

“Tonight this beautiful body becomes all mine! My Ebony Goddess tonight I finish you off.”

She was turned on beyond belief. She wanted him to have her body the way he wanted.

“I’ll be right back” he told her. Her anticipation and wetness were building she didn’t know how much longer she could wait for him. He soon returned with a glass of ice and a vibrator.

With that same evil look in his eyes he tells her “Let the fun begin My Goddess”.

He took an ice cube out of the glass and starting at her foot he dragged it up her right leg with his tongue following the path of the ice cube, it caused her to slightly jump off the bed. He reached her hungry pussy and he knew what she wanted him to do. But he denied her the pleasure. Instead he continued up her body reaching her breasts. He dragged the melting ice cube across her nipples and sucked on them as he did. She was going insane. The sensation was about to turn her into a human waterfall. He the dragged the ice cube down the left side of her body causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

“Yes my Goddess. I hear you and I know what you want but tonight I do what I want to you.” he told her. He continued dragging ice cubes and his tongue along her body for several minutes. She was damn near about to lose her mind.

“Bruce! Please! I need you to fuck me! My body is aching for you! Take me please!” she begged him. Hearing her beg left him solid as a rock. But he had a plan for her that night and he was gonna stick to it. No matter how much it killed him.

He found himself at the end of her body. He was enamored with her pretty feet and toes. With his right hand stroking on his throbbing dick, he took his left and brought her right foot to his mouth. He then began to suckle and kiss on her foot and toes, he did the same to her left foot. She was losing control of herself and he knew it.

He could hear it in her breathing and see it in her face. She so close to screaming, and that’s what he wanted but just not yet. He soon stopped, grabbed the vibrator and then went straight for her hidden treasure. He turned on the vibrator upon reaching her aching and hungry pussy and dived right in. She screamed to the heavens as he drove his tongue deep inside her and put the vibrator to her clit.

She wrapped her legs around his head so he wouldn’t stop eating her out. Not that he wanted to mind you. He was in heaven eating her out. At that point he wanted her ass on his tongue. So he pushed her legs back and attacked her ass with the same force he did her pussy.

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