Ned and Mrs. Jones walked through the newest Total Woman Academy facility. The post-graduate facility would be used for returning graduates and training of undergraduate staff. It included the same fixtures, furnishings and accoutrements of the senior facility except for the guest residence which was unnecessary.

The common rooms included enlarged dining, exercise, yoga and massage areas. Each suite included garden tub and opened onto the pool and sundeck. The rooms were soundproofed to help isolate them from the each other and the rest of the building.

The committee report urged that offsite soirees for senior students with pledge contributors be discontinued. Public displays outside safety and security of the guarded facility were too risky. Pledge contributors had new options: individual or small group rendezvous with volunteer seniors at the post-graduate facility, small group gatherings with other pledge contributors and graduates, attendance at Academy sponsored events like the senior banquet.

The post-graduate banquet event would be held at this facility with the past year’s seniors returning for the event. They would explore whether the pledge contributors who had not offered them a card would be interested in reconsidering.

Limousines arrived and disgorged pledge contributors in tuxedos. Recent graduates had arrived earlier and occupied their individual suites. Wearing masquerade costumes to conceal their identities, they greeted the masked and tuxedoed pledge contributor guests in the large ballroom. They wore the same type of waist placard medallion with career major and cumulated poise score. Their neck medallion number corresponded with their suite number. The graduates circulated the room in conversation and, when interested, gave a pledge contributor a one of their three tokens with their number. Following dinner and dancing, the graduates retired to their suites to await enticed guests.

Lexie waited in her suite wearing her revealing cat suit costume. She hoped one of her choices would join her there. A chime sounded when one of her tokens was inserted in the room door lock. Lexie granted her visitor electronic entry. A masked and tuxedoed gentleman entered. The door would reject another token until Lexie reset it. Lexie thought her visitor looked familiar but all the pledge contributors were unrecognizable wearing masks and tuxedos.

The gentleman stood silently and, with palms downward, motioned her to her hand and knees. Lexie crawled to him like a cat, rubbed against his legs and purred. He touched her head, put his fingers under her chin and guided her upwards. In her heels, she easily stood face to face with his mask. He reached out and removed her mask. It would impede her next step. She reached to do the same for him but he stopped her. His fingers loosed the tabs on her minimal cat suit and it fell away to expose her beautiful body. Leaving the mask alone, Lexie worked carefully to remove the gentleman’s tux. The job was lessened when she discovered he wore no briefs. Standing in his shirt, he motioned her downward again. She was faced with his cock. She had accumulated much training and experience applicable to this situation and knew what to do. She swallowed the prick and sucked it deep. The gentleman popped so quickly it surprised her.

She led him to the bed, lay down and the gentleman mounted her without preliminaries. His recent spend did not slow him down. The bed bounced to their rhythm and the gentleman took longer and she came with him this time. They retired to the bathroom and Lexie used warm towels to clean him. At that point, the mask slipped and, to her amazement, she recognized the gentleman as her company department vice president. He smiled. “I convinced one of your choices to trade. I have dreamed of fucking you ever since you were hired. Company policy prevented me from acting on my desires. You have fulfilled my every hope. Next week, you be offered a lateral promotion out of my department and, if you want, we can continue our relationship openly.”

Her soon-to-be ex-manager turned to leave but Lexie tackled him from behind and practically dragged him to bed. He had her answer and spent the night in orgasmic bliss. The door lock wasn’t reset until noon the next day when they finally stopped from hunger and dehydration.

The following week, Lexie was summoned to the company president’s office. Her department vice-president had approved a transfer for Lexie to a lateral position in a different department. The company president reviewed her file and said “I am inclined to reject this transfer. It is not in the best interests of the company to have you working at that level. The current department head will not like you coming in to his department from elsewhere. And that is the problem. Your current success outshines his and I think you should be rewarded with more than a lateral transfer. I am more inclined to promote you to head of that department. Do you think you can achieve better results with what is now a poorly motivated team?” Lexie accepted the challenge.

When she was settled into her new corner office, she called her former department head and arranged a rendezvous for that evening to celebrate. She was now free to develop a relationship with him. Both Lexie and he were apparently being groomed for executive level management and Lexie intended to get there under her own credentials. All is fair in love and war. Let the games begin.

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