It was my first night out in a long time. My friends aren’t big on clubs, they like movies and Mexican food, so it was a rare treat when Lily had text me that afternoon (always last minute with Lily!) to ask if I wanted to head out on the town for drinks. Of course, I wasn’t surprised to learn that her boyfriend had left her and I imagined my night would be 5 hours or more of peeling her off random men.

That being said, I was still excited. I had a shower, light dinner and got ready. She wanted to meet me at 9, so I had plenty of time. I curled my long dark hair into large barrelled ringlets and scoured my wardrobe. I found a black halterneck dress that clung tightly to my body and flowed out from my hips to mid-thigh and decided I would wear that and accessorize in colour — hot pink stiletto heels, pink bangles and a hot pink clutch purse.

As I had the time, I experimented with my make-up and decided I liked the look of soft pink eyeshadow with black eyeliner and deep red lipstick. The eyeliner made my doe-like eyes look all the more defined, while the subtle colour didn’t detract from the bright colour of my lips. I’ve always loved my lips — they have that whole cupid’s bow thing going on, and they’re full, but not so full that I look like I’ve got a fat lip or I’m pouting.

The taxi arrived at 8:30 with Lily in the back. Evidently, she had already been drinking. Being blonde, she’d decided on a striking bright red dress and bright red lipstick. She wore false eyelashes with dark smokey eyes and a lot of bronze and glitter across her chest, blush defining her cleavage. Lily always tried to push her breasts up on the rare occasions we went out, though I never saw the point. She was barely into a B cup on a good day, and next to my DDs they pales into insignificance.

However, Lily had a fantastic pair of legs, and a very tight little butt and when I climbed into the taxi I noticed that those too were on show. She was a little thing with a 22″ waist, with subtle curves. Gorgeous, by all accounts and very, very drunk.

“Nina-Nina-Nina-Nina-Nina!!” she slurred, and giggled to herself, wrapping her arms around me in the taxi. “I brought a flask, shhh, shhh.”

I laughed and shook my head, “Okay honey, you leave that alone for a little while or the night’ll be over before we start.”

She managed not to touch it for the duration of the taxi ride, as she was too busy whining to me about her now ex. This relationship had lasted a whole 6 months, and that was a record. Though to be fair to Lily, mine was still going and yet Micah was not the only man I was sleeping with. Say what you like about Lily, but she was loyal.

We pulled up in the city centre and I helped Lily out of the car to a few wolf whistles, “Oi oi darlin’! Fucking hell!” some guy all of about 18 years old shouted, elbowing his friends and pointing us out.

I rolled my eyes and we made our way into the first bar. Normally I’d started slowly, but I figured Lily was so far gone I’d better catch up. “Double Jack Daniels and coke please, and…”

“I’ll have a blow job! Haha!” Lily leant up on the bar, her arse poking out from the bottom of her dress. She promptly received her first spank of the night from a tall guy in his late 30s, maybe even early 40s and drunk as she was decided he was worth chatting to. I shook my head.

“Can you make that a straight up Jack Daniels with ice? Thanks.” Fuck the coke.

It didn’t take long before I was drunk enough that I was on a bit of a fuzzy cloud, where everything was funny and every song was my absolute favourite. It was after my 5th Jack Daniels that some Rihanna song came on and I decided I had to dance. I stumbled to the dance floor and began to bump my hips along with the music.

I got groped a few times but was too busy dancing to notice anything more. When the song finished I pushed off the dance floor and headed back to the bar, where Lily was nowhere to be seen. The pit fell out of my stomach — where the fuck had she gone? I looked everywhere I could think to; the dance floor, the booths, the bar, the toilets. She was nowhere.

I headed outside and asked a bouncer if he’d seen her. “Yeah, not gonna forget that dress any time soon. She just left with someone about 5 minutes ago.”

I shook my head and pouted at him, “Fuck.” Was all I could think to say.

“Nina?” I turned sluggishly to face the woman who had tapped me on the shoulder.

I didn’t recognise her, and I’m sure as drunk as I was that the confusion was plain on my face. “Do I know you?” I asked, looking her up and down.

he was fake tanned, with false nails and a pink dress that was similar to Lily’s in length, but held up with spaghetti straps. She broke it up with a black waspie cinching in her waist and holding up her full breasts. She had dark, straight hair falling down past her shoulders and was about an inch shorter than me in her heels. I would have guessed her age at about 27, only a few years older than me.

She laughed. “No, I’m Emma. Your friend Lily told me to ask you to wait here for her. She said she’d be back in about a half hour.”

I sighed and threw my hands up in the air. “Great! Thanks… for telling me.” I turned to go back inside and she caught my arm. I frowned back at her, “What?”

She laughed again, a cute little laugh, and let go of me. “We can hang out if you like, till your friend gets back. I’m still waiting for my boyfriend to meet me when he finished his shift.”

I looked at her and in my drunken state decided that I wanted to hug her, so I did. I threw my arms around her neck and pulled her to me, and she placed her delicate hands on my waist. “I take that as a yes then! Come get a drink with me!”

We headed back in to the bar and bought a couple of cocktails. “You just have to try a screaming orgasm!” she’d shouted to me over the music. And so I had. I liked it — it was something with Baileys and a LOT of cream. And it made me very, very dizzy. I was swaying back and forth, I was sure. I’d reached that pleasant level of drunk where one more would make me very sick and it was as though Emma knew. She slipped an arm around me and pulled me towards the dance floor. “Come on!” she yelled.

I followed and she spun me round so that she stood behind me, her hands rested on my hips as she swayed against me and I mimicked what I could feel of her movements. The song was something random, Cooler Than Me, I think. She leaned in close to my shoulder and giggled against my ear. It was then that I realised the feel of her pressed against my back was making me a little horny.

I could feel her breasts, large but pert against my back, and her hands were gently caressing my hips. Her breath against my neck sent shivers through me and I frowned to myself. I could always appreciate an attractive woman, but I never really got turned on by them. At least, not like this.

The black g-string I had slipped on under my dress was getting quite wet, and I realised that my pussy felt hot. I’d never done anything with a woman, but I already knew I was going to try it. I turned, kicking myself internally and knowing that I was about to be rejected but the thrill of it was making things low in my body tingle.

I slid my hands up around her waist and around her, down over her lower back and towards her arse. It wasn’t particularly firm, but it was full and round and I gave her a gently squeeze. Her blue eyes met mine with a look of surprise, but she didn’t pull away. One hand went to my side, and then I felt the other cup my breast nervously.

Before we could decide that it was a bad idea, I leant in and kissed her full on her pretty mouth. Gently at first, and then a little harder. Her grip on my breast tightened and the hand on my waist pulled me closer. Then she began to return the kiss, her tongue slipping into my mouth to find mine and roughly she massaged hers against mine.

Leaving one hand on her arse, I reached up to grab a handful of her hair and pulled it. She jerked back from me and caught my eye again, but from the look she gave me, she was enjoying this. She attacked me with her mouth, tongue viciously seeking mine as her hands explored the curves of my body before she bit my lower lip and tugged on it.

She was a little wild cat, and the alcohol in my system was only fuelling my desire. My clit was swollen against my panties, and I felt tight with excitement. I wondered how wet Emma was, and decided that I wanted to find out. As she pinched my nipple through the fabric of my dress, I slid my hand up under her dress to feel her.

My fingers met with her hot, wet pussy and for a moment I was shocked. She was not wearing underwear. Then I realised that this was much to my advantage and she had not pulled away. She gasped against my mouth and I felt her panting as she pressed her chest against mine, moving her mouth to my ear, “Touch me.” She said.

I was sure we were being watched, but I couldn’t have cared any less. It felt amazing as I slipped a finger inside her tight, wet hole. I thought I heard her whimper against my ear and she began to kiss down to the nape of my neck. I moved my finger back and forth, and moved my thumb to flick back and forth over her clit.

Slowly she started to tilt her pelvis towards me, spreading her legs a little further apart and allowing me better access to her lips. I slid another finger inside her and slowly pushed them back and forth, continuing to circle her clit with my thumb.

Someone bumped into us and Emma almost fell into me. For a moment we both realised what we were doing, and I withdrew my hand from beneath her dress. She looked at me, in what I deemed to be an accusing manner and before she could say anything I ducked away, heading for the ladies. What the fuck had I done?

Amazingly there was no queue, and I was able to get straight through and wash my hands. It always amazed me how much the music dulled when the door of a club’s restroom closed. There was someone in one of the cubicles, I could hear her talking to someone on her phone. I looked at myself in the mirror and stared. What the fuck, Nina? What the fuck? I had no interest in women, how drunk was I?

Before I could consider it any further, Emma was behind me. She looked at me in the mirror and I could see her chest heaving as she panted heavily. I turned to face her, “Emma, I’m sorry-” I didn’t get the chance to finish. Her mouth was on mine and she was pulling me towards the end cubicle. I considered not kissing her back, but her warm mouth on mine set my body on fire.

I wrapped my arms around her and let her pull me into the cubicle, the sweet taste of the cocktail she had been drinking on my tongue. She maneuvered the door shut behind us and flicked the lock, before she promptly thrust me back against the door. Her hands explored my breasts and went up to my neck, untying the string of the halterneck and exposing my top half. Her mouth moved to my ear, “You know what you’re doing with your fingers,” she murmured.

Surprised that I had aroused her so much, I giggled and then gasped as she roughly grasped my breasts and lowered her mouth to suck my large pale pink nipple. She teased me with her tongue, sucking roughly and even brushing her teeth over the flesh of my tit. I stifled a moan and moved my hands to roughly pull her dress up to her waist, exposing her lower half.

As my nipples stiffened under her touch, I slipped my hand back down to her bald pussy and used my index and middle finger in a left-to-right motion over her clit. She sighed with pleasure against my nipple and began to kiss around the breast, moving up to my collarbone and then to suck on my neck. “Bite me, please,” I whispered.

And she did.

Sharply, her teeth raked against the soft skin of my neck and sent a shiver of pleasure through me. She pinched my nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugged, producing a moan from me that I couldn’t cover up. I retaliated by thrusting two fingers forcefully inside her tight, wet pussy, starting fast and hard. She’d had a slow build up on the dance floor.

Emma couldn’t hold back the shriek of enjoyment that came from her and had to raise herself from my throat. The girl who was talking on the phone yelled, “What’s going on?”

Emma and I giggled, but I didn’t stop thrusting my fingers inside her. She panted and bit her lip, her tongue flicking out and tracing a wet line across her upper lip. “You’re so hot,” I whispered to her and she grinned, her eyes closing as she backed up and braced herself against the cubicle wall. I followed and groped at her left breast with my free hand, and dropped to my knees.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I came face to face with her sweet, wet mound. It wasn’t a fake tan; she was tanned everywhere.

I slowed my fingers and began a steady rhythm of pumping them inside her and she sighed, leaning heavily against the cubicle wall as she slowly stepped out of her heels for better balance and spread her legs wider apart for me.

Moving my mouth to her clit, I breathed out against her and she shuddered, her hands slapping flat against the wall. She tilted herself to me, desperate for my tongue on her while my fingers got wetter and wetter with her arousal. I had never eaten pussy before, but the alcohol made me confident and I let my tongue flick out to taste her. She squeaked.

She tasted sweet, and her juices were thick. My hand was soaked, and she was beginning to moisten her thighs. I brushed my lips against her clit and then flicked my tongue over it, circling her with the tip of my tongue and using my free hand to part her lips, exposing the little mound further. I laid my mouth over it and began to suck as Micah often did to me, and I enjoyed. It always brought me to a rather quick and intense orgasm.

“Oh God,” Emma squealed, wriggling under my touch. I snaked a hand up her body to cup her breast and feel her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her dress. I pinched her firmly and tugged as I began to thrust my fingers more quickly in and out of her, sucking her clit between my lips and rapidly flicking it with my tongue inside my warm, wet mouth. She tasted good, and I could feel her body beginning to shake.

“Yes, yes,” she whispered as a group of women burst into the toilets laughing, loud music with a heavy bass line flowing in as they entered. I didn’t stop.

It was then that I felt Emma’s pussy begin to clench around my fingers. Once very tightly and then she clapped a hand over her mouth as she sank down onto my fingers, her muscles tightly pulsing around my fingers as heat spread through her lower parts and I felt her against my mouth. This lasted for almost a minute before she grabbed my wrist and my hair and made me stop. “Fuck,” she whispered as the girls outside continued their inane chatter. “That was… intense.” She pulled me up and kissed me, licking my lips and tasting herself on me. “Mmm… you need to come home with me.”

I blinked and remembered one detail. “What about your boyfriend?”

She smiled mischievously, “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

Walking around the park, as she had done so many times before, Emma is suddenly fearful of something looming in the darkness. She stops at a nearby bench and stretches out one long leg, then the other. Glancing around, she notices that all the lights are as bright as ever, except the one over by the mens bathroom. She takes a deep breath, filling her lungs with the cool night air. Relaxed and ready again, she begins her steady paced jogging, down and along the path leading around the exterior of the park. Her soft, blond curls, tied back in a pony tail, bounce in sync with each stride. The shadowy trees and shrubs have her on edge, but she puts the unease aside making her steps work in time to the music her headphones and cell phone provide.

His smile is almost as broad as his shoulders. Long fingers fidget with the zipper on his sweater. His eyes fixed on the running figure. The way her ass bobs subtly, her boobs so big they can’t help but come close to her chin with each exquisite bounce. He feels himself reacting to her body, the way she appears to gently spring along. Her hair leaps and sways as her long legs take her forward. He runs his tongue along his lips as he pictures her naked, sprawled out before him. Shaking his head, he drops from his perch in the kids’ playground and follows, glad the lights around the path are bright enough for his binoculars.

The feeling that she is being watched rises in a wave from the pit of Emma’s stomach. Yet all she can do is keep running, hoping that her head will snap out of it, and come up with a plan. She tries to regain the calm she knows she needs as she finishes the first lap around the familiar man made lakes. Suddenly, Emma’s world seems to catch fire as she feels a warmth in her body, a heat rising from places that confuse her. Shivers course through her body in response to the sudden, burning attack. Emma continues to go through the motions of her regular run. She feels better as she passes the cute guy she sees nightly. She smiles and giggles to herself as he nods and waves uncertainly. Her pulse quickens and her breathing becomes labored. Stopping to catch her breath, she strips off her sweater and ties it around her waste. She bends and straightens a few times as the heat fades and her breath returns to normal.

He notices her reaction to him: how she stops, bends down, stretches. The way he wants this woman is like nothing he has ever felt. Her passing so close has his heart pounding and his muscles clenching. He realizes this could be his chance, so he slows and turns to go back to her and offer assistance. Standing beside her his hand wants to reach out and touch her, run his fingers along her curves, but he can’t. He has to be a gentleman, so he plays it out differently than in his mind. He clears his throat quietly and asks if there is anything he can do. Without warning, he finds himself simultaneously trying to cover his ears and catch the woman as she shouts and flings herself into his body.

“Oh my god!” Emma screams, as the man seems to drastically take up her personal space and offer her aide. She jumps a mile toward the stranger and loudly exclaims her discontent. Then realizes she is pressed firmly against him. But the worst part is the deception of her own body, the way it is relaxed and aroused at the same time. The heat that she felt just minutes earlier is yet again burning her up. Emma stumbles back to try to put some perspective back into it all, put some balance in her stance as she looks up at the man. Her gaze roaming over certain parts of him longer than necessary, but gosh if he wasn’t hard in those track pants she is … she swallows hard as the thought trails off with his words.

“I’m sorry that I startled you, I just noticed that you stopped abruptly and seemed to be struggling. I wanted to make sure you didn’t need any help.” Jake finishes his sentence still slightly out of breath from her close proximity. Not looking at her eyes directly, he steadies himself and kicks the path at their feet. Then catches himself and stands up straight to appear to be the man he is. A smile creases his face where his lips turn up.

Emma is taken aback when she sees he is smiling at her like she is the sunlight on his face. Her deceitful body still reacting to the man’s closeness. A sharp intake of breath has her righted and steadied. She replies after a few seconds. “Thank you for checking on me. As you can see I am fine, I can return to my run. Thank you again.” Her voice stumbles from her mouth. Shaking her head to clear it, she breaks into a jog where she stands.

He is not about to allow this opportunity to escape him. This woman has his attention for a few moments and he needs to act on it before his body goes numb from lack of action to the thoughts. He begins to jog in place too and without question he leads the way as she keeps pace with him down the path.

Emma is completely freaking out, not only is this strange man taking over her bodily functions but he’s also leading her on her run. This is HER time, a period of space for head clearing. Yet here she is! Jogging right along side of him in silence, her body on fire, her mind wishing he would reach out and touch her. Then she feels goosebumps and his hand on the bottom of her back. The warmth of the large hand encompasses the small of her back and part of his hand brushes along the top of her ass.

The heat she feels is like a volcano about to erupt within her core. She avoids the overhanging branch his hand guides her around, then his hand drops, leaving the small of her back feeling like it has been abandoned. The volcano stops bubbling and she needs to pause a minute to shake her head. What the hell! This man is capable of stirring her soul and then letting it drop without warning and she doesn’t even know his name? She has to get a grip on this. It’s completely insane.

Jake has to laugh as he sees her shake her head. She looks like a bobble head that he could stare at for hours and chuckle as it moves continuously. She is definitely having some sort of internal struggle. He figures he is to blame and again gently places his hand on her lower back as the next obstacle creeps up in front of them. He doesn’t want to take the chance that she is so distracted she will miss the hole and fall only to hurt herself.

Just as she is starting to feel normal again, she feels his hand on her lower back, and the heat is back. Eruption seems seconds away as they hop over a hole in the path and keep running. Only this time he hasn’t dropped his hand, just keeps going, but turns his head to her and smiles. His whole face seems to invite her to some secret place where she has never been. All the while her muscles tense and her clit pulses with a need she has never known before. A bench is just up ahead and she needs to sit on it.

Jake chuckles as she breaks into a sprint to the bench and he follows without hesitation. Matching her pace with his muscular legs isn’t an issue. He watches her face closely for expression as she collapses, panting, onto the bench. He notices she rubs her neck muscles as though they ache then leans back, slouching, to look up at him in the light from above them.

Emma tries to stop breathing so heavily and rubs her neck, then holds her chest a minute as her heart thuds rapidly. Her head is tilted and looking up at the most magnificent chocolate man she has ever seen. Knowing full well that is not the polite way to say it, she keeps the thought hidden but her tongue absently slides along her bottom lip and then retracts back into her mouth.

The warm wet dark cavern that holds her sweet and soft looking tongue is all he focuses on as her tongue darts out and around. However she does it, he is mesmerized. It is the most sensual thing he has ever seen. This woman is making him harder than the hardest rock, yet he knows nothing of her. The way his cock grows with just her proximity to him. The way he feels like he wants his hands covering every part of her, and for her to hold onto for him. And only him!

Emma can’t stand it any more, she needs to know who he is. He isn’t very tall but he is muscular, from foot to shoulders he is chiselled in perfect form. His skin is dark brown, a weathered face. He is appealing to everyone of her senses on a level she has never known before and she has to get to the bottom of it quickly.

Lunging herself up off the bench and thrusting her hand toward him, Emma stumbles and again lands against him with his hands taking hold of her upper arms for support.

Gulping loudly, Emma whispers softly, “I am Emma!”

“I am Jake, it is a pleasure to meet you Emma.” He matches her whisper with his own.

His hands release the hold on her arms but they slide around to her back and pull her into his chest. At first she wants to refuse his arms around her but she can’t. Emma rests her head on his chest between the shoulder and pectoral muscle. Settling her head into the spot just well enough for it to fit perfectly. Smiling against him she wonders what Jake is thinking. Her hand wanders up to his neck and caresses gently, her eyes notice the contrast of her skin against his. Her paleness causing his dark brown to look even darker in comparison.

Jake wraps his arms around her and embraces her whole heartedly, feeling as though it is exactly where she belongs. Right in this place and no other. Her breathing is fast but relaxed and she is content, he figures from the cooing noises she’s making. Closing his eyes, he takes in the moment, a mental picture to hold onto. Then she is pushing her palm against his chest and attempting to step back. Clearing her throat as she does so.

“I need to use the bathroom,” she declares too loudly, and looks around slightly embarrassed to make sure no one else heard her.

Jake, unable to say much, grabs her hand and walks toward the facilities provided in the park. Gently tugging on her at first. Then they are walking hand in hand. He watches her and their hands,

imagining her naked on the grass beside the path. Looking at her hand in his, he too sees the contrast between them, still his heart feels as though they fit.

Emma wonders what in the world is going on. Why is this so natural when she has just met Jake? Why does something that should be so wrong feel so incredibly right? She breaks their hands apart as she walks to the bathroom marked with a skirted woman figure by the door. She finds a stall and does what she came to do. As she sits she realizes her panties are soaked. Not just a little extra wetness but soaked through.

Jake paces back and forth outside. He looks up to the other door leading to the men’s bathroom and smiles seeing the light is out. This gives him the naughtiest thoughts and he slyly smiles again. He hears the fan from the hand dryer and waits for Emma to come out. He reaches for her hand and, once it is securely in his, pushes her into the men’s facility, looking around to ensure no one is watching them.

Emma opens her mouth and protests a few times at being in the men’s room. Then she realizes that without question or reason she trusts this man, Jake, who she has just met.. She calms herself and waits to see what he does when she finds herself in the very back of the bathroom by the larger door.

He swiftly pushes her inside and closes the door behind him. Then turns to her flashing a devilish grin as he makes quick work of the small space between them. His hand reaches behind her head and he pulls her to him for a passionate kiss.

Emma sighs contently as their lips move with each other and their tongues sweep through and together. Entwining with one another over and over again. She is under some sort of spell, Jake has her submitting to his quiet dominance.

Jake is impatient to take this woman. The primal need to claim her coming from deep inside him. His soul needs her, his heart is warmed by her, and his cock is hard for her. At that thought he stops their tongue wrestling to take her hand and hurriedly removes her shirt over her head, then releases the string holding her track pants up. He smiles as the pants fall to the floor revealing her panties. He stands back to admire her beauty, and, noticing that her hands instinctively go to cover herself, he vows to help her see just how beautiful she is.

A chill comes over her as she stands there in her underwear, but the heat inside still radiates enough warmth. Emma keeps calm and watches Jake slowly removes his own track suit and underwear. Her mind reels with thoughts of how to take all that massive muscles jutting out from from the perfect triangle that is his pelvic region. Small black curls neatly placed around the section.

Jake laughs as he sees the little one lick her lips, gazing with intent at his hard cock, which points to her as though she just won spin the bottle. Bending to adjust the track suit he has shed, laying it at his feet to allow some cushion, he meets Emma’s eyes and lowers his head to show her he wishes her to lie down.

Holding her breath she gets down on her knees, careful to keep them on top of the warm track suit. Letting out the air she had been holding in, Emma looks up at Jake. Following the ripple of his muscles all the way up to his face, which is turned down to her. The acceptance and warmth clear on his face almost brings tears to her eyes as she sets to work opening her mouth and bringing it to meet his hardness.

Jake has to lean back on the wall as her mouth inches closer and closer. His cock twitches in anticipation as her lips reach his tip and suck gently, catching it in her mouth as her hand grasps his shaft, holding it steady while she flicks it with her tongue. Her hand strokes up and down as her mouth deliciously strokes over his head.

Emma looks up and sees his head back as his body is resting against the wall. She misreads his body language to mean he isn’t enjoying it and decides to be more enthusiastic about the way she takes his dick in her mouth. Opening her hand, she lets her mouth slurp him down her throat and uses her hand to grasp his thigh with her nails digging in as she bobs her head back and forth over his cock. Each time sliding him deep inside her moist mouth, gripping him tightly all the way until his balls hit her chin. Staying there gagging on him and pulling up again only to begin the process again.

Jake is content to have her gently play with the engorged head, but then she starts swallowing him and taking his manhood with no inhibitions, like she cherishes every part of it. It is all he can do to keep control, not to give her the seed he is so close to spilling into that sweet mouth. Then his primal side takes over, his hands moving, first to gently stroke her face and then to her hair. Entangling his fingers in her locks as he guides her head to fuck her mouth. He isn’t as gentle as she is, stroking his tormented prick hard and fast in and out of her pretty, little red lips.

Emma is afraid of the control that Jake is taking, yet hungry for so much more. She gives the struggle over to the feeling of inexplicable trust for Jake and relinquishes control to him. She lets him fuck her mouth and enjoys every gag on his cock and every push of her head over him.

Jake opens his eyes to look down, the view of her red lips, bright and swollen, devouring his big black hardness, pushes him over the edge and he tries to jump back and out of her mouth. With the wall blocking him he doesn’t succeed and his tip is still being teased by her tongue as she smiles looking up at him. He shakes his head, thumps the wall, his face pointing upward to the ceiling.

Emma grunts as she lets his tip from her mouth and eases herself off her knees to an upright position. Her hands on his chest for support. Then her palms feel his slightly chilled bare chest allowing her mind to catch up with her highly aroused body. Paying attention to her nipples that could pop a balloon and her pussy that could slide over his manhood with ease. Damn he is a sexy black man and her white ass wants as much of him as she can get.

Jake watches his tip fall from her mouth as she stands in front of him. Emma is such a beautiful woman, she isn’t completely toned and has some extra curves but that makes her damn inviting. Wanting to put all of him inside her all at once, pushing off the wall, he moves to her. His hand grips her arm to pull her to him. He moans as their bodies squeeze together. Her bra and panties are still on and the lacy fabric rubs against his nipples making him crazy. He wriggles with surprise, kissing her quickly as he turns her to face the wall.

Emma is a bit shocked again as the time to switch what they were doing allows her to think for a minute, and she realizes that this is the craziest situation with the most excitement she has ever had. Then he turns her and pushes her against the wall of the bathroom stall they are in. The cold cement makes her cringe and say, ‘Eek!’ out loud as he presses her front against it. His hands take her arms up above her head. One large hand holds them in place, clasped together.

Jake is impressed by Emma’s response. No words are needed to tell her what he wants. She seems to follow his directions effortlessly, as though her place is to please him. That in itself has his cock twitching and jerking, with a tightness in his balls that needs release more than he could ever remember. He leans into her, his free hand reaches down to push her panties over her hips. His long fingers linger under the side of her lacy underwear a moment, brushing her hip. Her moan makes him growl softly with a need coursing through him.

Emma hears his growl and shudders. Her body reacts to the need she hears as her hips wiggle to aide the lowering of her panties from where they sit snugly on her ass. She feels them slide over her backside and then his hand smacks down over her right cheek. She jumps with a low squeak escaping her lips then a smile as the sting sets in.

“Mmm. Yes, please,” Emma murmurs.

Jake loses what control he has. His manhood still rock hard and more than ready to slide inside her. He dips lower to have his dick touch her pussy lips, the wetness already surrounding them as he circles around to use her juices as lube for his tip. Then pressing it to her entrance, pushing up and sliding in as he stands.

Emma cries out from the satisfaction of his really, hard large cock penetrating her with one long thrust. His body is pressed to hers, the coolness of the wall helping to ease the heat she feels. For a second he stays still buried inside her, his breathing is shallow and fast. Panting to keep from cumming, she guesses. Crazy with lust she decides to give in to her body’s need to be fucked and pushes into him, then wiggles from side to side. Feeling his length and thickness filling her, her pussy lubricates him as it moves around him. She grips, tensing her muscles, making him cry out. His body presses into her harder. His hands, both on her hips, trying to slow the assault she is launching on his senses.

Jake has to fuck her without concern of gentleness now. Her little trick to get him to move does more to him than she can ever know. He is on the edge of something that he couldn’t get a hold of, he holds her hips firmly while he begins to pump with urgency, intent on spurting his seed deep into her wetness.

She feels complete darkness take over as she gets close to her own edge, his thrusts are rough, hard and brings him deep into her. Her cries are louder, almost screams, as she loses herself in the passion and urgency. Her muscles tense again, then he pushes inside her, staying there with a gentle swirl of his hips, his manhood circles inside her and she is gushing over him. Yelling loudly that it feels so good, but her world is just dark and blissful at the same time. She’s completely unaware of her unladylike cries.

“Shit,” Ally cursed, considering her predicament.

Outside the small side room where she stood, the typical Friday night party at Pat’s was by now in full swing. A private gathering of assorted friends and friends of friends, the music at Pat’s wasn’t as loud or the crowd as large and raucous as at a typical frat party, but it was big enough that Ally couldn’t just walk out there in her present state. Someone had once told Ally that things could get really out of hand at Pat’s parties, and only now did she really understand what that meant.

Except for her short skirt, Ally was naked. Her t-shirt, bra and panties were nowhere to be seen. Her body ached, though not unpleasantly, with the aftermath of having four… no wait, five… guys, thrusting between her lips, legs and breasts. The sticky white conclusions of their hard efforts was drying on her thighs, her full round breasts, her chin and… eww, she realized… even in her long blonde hair.

She look around once more, but there was absolutely no sign of the rest of her clothes. There wasn’t even a tissue to clean herself up with. She considered briefly pulling her skirt up so that it covered her breasts, but dismissed the idea immediately. It was just too short. If she brought the waist up to her sticky bust, the hem would barely reach her bellybutton, much less cover her oozing privates.

She couldn’t go out there like this, but she couldn’t stay in this room forever either. Ally stepped up to the door. She could hear pounding music, talking and laughter beyond. With a deep, resigned sigh, she held one arm over her full breasts and eased the door open a crack, just enough to peek out.


Frank was walking down the hall, heading back toward the party, when he heard the girl’s voice.

“Excuse me,” she said.

He look around and spotted a blue eye peeking through a crack in a barely opened door.

“Uh, hi,” Frank said to the blue eye.

“Do you know where the bathroom is?” the blue eye asked. Frank noticed the eye was set in a pretty face, with long blonde hair and a nice bare, pale shoulder.

“Just down the hall,” Frank said with a grin, pointing back the way he has come.

“Oh good,” the blonde said, then hesitated. “Could you do me a big favor.”

“Uh, I guess,” Frank said. “What do you need?”

“Could you help me get to the bathroom without anyone seeing me?” the blonde said in a rush, her visible cheek blushing red.


The blonde took a deep breath and then said, in a rush, “Some bastards stole my clothes and I need to get to the bathroom to clean up and then could I borrow your shirt so I can get out here and I’ll give it back I promise but please help.”

“Whoa, whoa, what?” Frank laughed. “Are you naked?”

“I’ve got a skirt on,” the blonde snapped. “but yeah, kinda… and I wasn’t planning on flashing my goodies at the whole party if I could help it. So could you help a girl out?”

Frank laughed again, “Sure, why not.”

He glanced up and down the hall and then said, “The coast is clear. You can come out.”

He waited expectantly.

“Turn around,” the girl barked.

“Oh, right.” Frank turned his back to the door.

Behind him, the door creaked open and the blonde leapt out. He peeked back in time to see a flash of pale skin and long legs. The girl stood close behind him, her hand on his shoulder, just far enough back so she wasn’t quite touching him with her body.

“Which way’s the bathroom?” she asked nervously.

“Back behind us,” Frank said.

“Oh thank god,” she sighed, “I was afraid we’d have to get through the party.”

Slowly they backed down the hall together.

“So, I’m Frank,” he offered.

“Oh, I’m Ally,” she replied. “Sorry, I’m a little flustered.”

“I guess,” Frank chuckled. “So, if you don’t mind me asking…”

“Please don’t,” Ally groaned, mortified. “This is embarrassing enough without actually telling you how much of a total slut I am.”

“That’s cool,” Frank grinned. “But hey, as long as you had fun, I don’t judge.”

“Right,” Ally drawled wryly.

“Here’s the bathroom,” Frank said, at last.

“Oh thank god.” Ally popped the door open and jumped inside.

Frank considered for a second, and then followed.

His first full glimpse of his damsel in distress confirmed his suspicions. She was a leggy blonde, wearing only a short tight skirt. Her long hair was disarrayed. Her back was to him as she bent over the bathroom sink. Frank caught of peek of her breasts reflected in the mirror, but his eyes were drawn to the rounded curves of her naked ass, poking out beneath that short shirt.

Turning on the water in the sink, Ally took a towel down from a hook on the wall and scrubbed her face. Straightening, she started to scrub her full breasts. Frank watched in awe as she rubbed the wet cloth over her pale, well rounded skin and hardening pink nipples.

Spotting him in the mirror, Ally jumped.

“What are you doing in here?” she shrieked, holding the cloth over her breasts.

“Uh, sorry… I,” Frank floundered.

“Wanted a peek,” Ally snapped. She spun around, dropping the wet cloth and thrusting out her chest. “Well, here… have a look. Do you like them?”

Frank took a quick step forward, covering the short distance between them. His hands seized Ally breasts and he squeezed gently.

“Hey,” Ally gasped, “I said you could look.”

“Sorry,” Frank grinned, still caressing her tits. “I couldn’t resist. Besides, I helped you out. I guess I was looking for a reward.”

“Yeah,” Ally said, trying with only limited success not to enjoy his firm hands on her breasts.

“Yeah,” Frank said. He ducked his head and flicked a tongue across her hard nipple. A moan escaped from Ally’s lips.

“So,” Frank said, his tongue teasing Ally’s nipples, “just how much of a slut are you?”

“If you must know,” Ally moaned, “I was just gang-banged by a bunch of guys. I’m a mess. You’re probably licking cum off my tits right now.”

“Shit,” Frank jerked his head back.

Ally laughed as Frank scrubbed his hand over his mouth, looking slightly green.

“You still want a reward,” she chuckled.

“Fuck yeah,” Frank snarled.

Ally sighed, and dropped down onto the toilet seat. Frank stood in front of her, the large bulge in his pants suddenly level with her face. Slowly and deliberately, he reached out to rest his hand on the top of her blonde head and pulled her slightly forward. Ally sighed, reached out and unbuckled Frank’s jeans.

“I just cleaned myself up,” Ally muttered.

“Not a problem,” said Frank. Then, with a grin, he added, “If you swallow.”

“OK,” Ally sighed. “You can cum in my mouth.”

Frank’s grin grew and he unzipped his jeans. He groaned as Ally’s hand reached inside and wrapped around his hard shaft. Slowly stroking the hardening length, Ally drew Frank’s cock out of his pants. She considered this newest length of hard flesh waving in her face, long and tapered.

With a deep breath, Ally started to lick Frank’s cock, tasting his salty pre-cum and musky flavor. Frank pulled eagerly on her head and Ally moved low, taking the tapered tip between her lips. He groaned and rocked his hips, pushing himself deeper into her mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Frank groaned. “Suck my cock, you little slut. Suck it.”

Ally rolled her tongue around his shaft. Her head bobbed quickly, licking and sucking on the hard flesh in her mouth. She gripped the base of his shaft, stroking it in time to her bobbing head and his slow thrusts. Without warning, Frank stiffened and Ally felt his shaft surge. Waves of cum flooded into her mouth and she sputtered, struggling to keep the sudden onslaught of sticky fluids held between her lips. Frank gave a ragged grunt, pushing himself deeper into her face before slowly pulling his cock from between her lips. Ally gagged slightly and swallowed, choking down his entire load.

“A little warning next time,” she coughed.

“Dude, she swallowed it,” a strange voice said.

Ally and Frank both looked up, shocked to see three more guys crowded in the bathroom.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Frank demanded.

“Door was open, man,” said the closest of the guys.

“You didn’t shut the fucking door?!?” Ally snapped at Frank.

“Uh,” Frank stammered, “I thought I did…”

“That was some hot shit,” the closest guy said, leering at Ally’s naked tits. “Any chance I could have a go,” he added, rubbing the visibly large bulge in his jeans.

Ally looked at the guy, then over at his two friends. Her full breasts rose and fell as she gave a deep sigh.

“Fuck it! Why not,” she said. “Line up boys… hot naked chick sucking cocks in the bathroom!”

“Alright,” the closest guy cheered, unzipping his jeans.

“You’re not naked,” said one of the others. “Still got a skirt on.”

Ally laughed. She stood up and, with a quick motion, pulled off her skirt. She stood for a moment, in all her naked glory, and smiled.

“Happy now?” she asked. The guys leered at her.

“I’ll uh… I’ll be going now,” said Frank, moving to pull up his pants.

“Fuck that,” Ally laughed. “You left the door open, so you should totally stand there and watch. Besides, when I’m done here you still own me a shirt.”

The closest guy laughed and shoved Frank aside. Ally dropped back onto the toilet seat. Wrapping his hand around the new, hard cock she smiled up at the guy. Leaning in, she ran her tongue up the length of his thick shaft and he groaned.

“Come on baby,” he drawled. “Get sucking.”

Ally grinned up at him. She made her mouth into a little O and lowered it to just brush the tip of the dick in front of her. The man set his hands on the top of her head and pushed her down onto his shaft. Ally opened her mouth wide, the thick shaft filling her face completely. He pushed further and Ally rocked her head back, finding it hard to accept the heavy girth of him. He held her head and pushed again, thrusting slowly and steadily into her mouth. Ally bobbed her head slowly in time to his thrusts.

“Fuck yeah,” the man groaned. “Suck that cock.”

He tightened his grip on Ally’s head. His thrusts became more urgent. Ally gagged as he thrust too deeply. She struggled to pull back, but his hands held her head firm. He thrust again and she her body tensed, gagging on the thick shaft.

“That’s right you cumslut,” the man groaned. “Take it.”

“Shit, man,” Frank said.

“Choke the bitch,” one of the other guys cheered.

The man pushed deeper into Ally’s mouth. She grunted, struggling vainly against him. Suddenly, he released her. Ally jumped back coughing and gasping for breath. Saliva drooled from her lips, down her chin. The man gave her a moment to catch her breath. He grabbed her head again and pulled her back down to his shaft. Unthinking, Ally opened her mouth wide and took his shaft between her lips.

“Fuck,” someone said in awe as the thick cock disappeared once more between her lips.

“That’s right,” the man in her mouth said. “Nice and easy.”

He pulled her head slowly but inexorably down his shaft. Slowly, his cock filled her mouth. Ally relaxed her jaw, letting him sink deeper and deeper in. She whimpered as his cock started to choke her again. He held her firm, not letting her back off him but not pushing any deeper yet. Ally struggled. He pushed again, sinking even deeper into her face. Ally’s jaw ached. Her throat convulsed around the invading shaft. She gagged hard, thick saliva spilling down the hard cock filling her mouth. He pulled back, until just the tip rested in her mouth. Ally gasped, her breasts heaving.

“Good girl,” the man groaned.

He seized her head again and thrust. Ally whimpered as he started to fuck her face with deep, powerful thrusts. She struggled to keep pace with him, to take him deep but not so deep that she choked. His pace quickened. Ally gagged again as he thrust hard, but just as quickly he pulled back. She gulped and bobbed her head, finding her rhythm.

“Oh fuck yeah,” the man howled. “Suck that cock! Get ready girl…I’m gonna… cum!”

He grunted and thrust again. Ally felt his shaft harden and surge. Once again, hot, sticky cum flooded her mouth. She gulped and swallowed convulsively. The man pulled back, drawing his shaft away, but Ally lunged forward, gagging again as she took him too deeply. Spit and cum spilled from her lips as she coughed.

Smiling, the man pushed his spit-slimed cock back into his pants.

“Thanks, baby,” he moaned. “You did great.”

No sooner had he stepped away then the next man moved to stand in front of her, his naked cock pushing toward her face.

“Give a girl a chance to catch her breath,” Ally gasped thickly.

She reached up and took the new hard cock in her hand, stroking it slowly. The guy moaned and she started to rub him faster.

The third guy stepped up, shouldering Frank out of the way.

“You got two hands,” he said gruffly.

Ally smiled and took his cock in her other hand. She looked up at the two guys, their faces leering down at her round breasts and naked pussy while she wanked them. Her smile broadened. Slowly she leaned forward, her tongue flicked out to tease the tip of one of the cocks. Then she leaned over and rolled her tongue over the other. The guys moaned even more loudly. Ally alternated between them, rubbing one while giving teasing little licks to the other. Her courage grew again and she allowed the tip of one between her lips. The guy thrust forward but Ally rocked back, releasing him.

“Please,” she said. “No more throat fucking, ok? I don’t think I can do that again tonight.”

“Just suck me,” the man urged.

Ally lowered her lips again around his cock and started to gently suck and lick it. The other guy took her hand in his and guided it back onto his cock. She stroked him eagerly. With a grin, she switched, sucking the other while stroking the first. Her rhythm grew, stroking and sucking with increasing eagerness. She didn’t even notice as the men started thrusting gently with their hips, pushing their cocks steadily deeper into her abused mouth. Ally moaned and whimpered, stroking and sucking them both with vigor. They groaned and grunted in response. She felt them growing harder, their thrusts increasing in urgency.

“Damn,” one of the guys moaned. “I’m gonna pop.”

“Me too,” the other guy grunted.

Grinning, they both pulled back. Ally looked up in shock as both guys stood over her, wildly beating their cocks.

“No,” she moaned.

It was too late. First one, then the other guy gave a savage groan and ropes of white, sticky cum flew from their cocks. Ally sat beneath them, sighing as streamers of white goo rained down across her nose, cheeks, lips, breasts, forehead and even hair. When they were finished, her whole face was covered in lines of white cum.

“Gee thanks guys,” Ally sighed, sarcastically. “I was trying to clean up.”

“You look great,” one of the guys said with a grin.

There was a sudden banging on the now closed door and a voice barked, “Hey, other people need to piss.”

“Shit,” Ally jumped up. “Damn it, Frank give me your shirt.”

“What,” Frank blinked.

“Please, just give me your shirt,” Ally pleaded. “Fuck! Now where the hell is my skirt?”


A small group of people stood in the hall. Their jaws dropped and several giggled as the bathroom door opened and out stepped a busty blonde coed, plainly dressed in nothing but a loose t-shirt which did not quite cover her ass. Her face was freshly scrubbed but her hair was lined with sticky white streaks. The three guys walking behind her were all grinning shamelessly.

“Well, looks like someone had fun,” a voice opined from the crowd.

Here is another fun filled romp in London and Arkham. I hope you enjoy. As always feel free to vote and comment on the story.


Wind Sword Manor:

When you hear those words what comes to mind? A bleak desolate place where gusts of ice cold wind cut like knives then you wouldn’t be far off. It was that and so much more. The massive wrought iron gates were set into walls of polished Scottish granite twenty feet high and a full two feet thick. Each block perfectly cut and set to fit the one below it. From what I could tell not a single bit of mortar was used in the entire construction.

The gates swung silently inward and we drove up the winding path to the manor house. While the trees, flowers and lawn were as meticulously cared for as those of Cyan Michaels there was a sense of wrongness to the geometry of the place. I felt that if I looked away the very layout of the grounds would change in some subtle and disturbing way.

We came around the long elegant arc to the front of the house and I saw it for the first time. Like the wall surrounding it Wind Sword Manor was built of granite and fit together like come great monolithic structure from the long dead past. Its three stories loomed in the darkness and I could see a crescent moon hang over the thing like a great sickle. Bleak and dark and yet this was home. Here we would stay for the next two months until we left for Berlin. I did not know what to expect or fear from this place but I was here.

The driver turned around as I opened the door to step out.

“I will go back and get your things sir,” he said with a look that said it’s not too late.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. Take care of yourself.”

“You too sir,” he said and meant it. “…you too.”

The door to the manor house opened and there was one friendly face to greet me.

“Welcome home Master,” Mary said warmly her feline eyes gleaming in the light.

“Hello Mary,” I replied.

Just then as if on cue Storm dropped out of the night sky and landed lightly on my shoulder. His draconic form almost invisible in the play of shadows and I felt his tail wrap comforting around my neck and shoulders. Mary blinked a few times and I can’t say as I blamed her. Who wouldn’t when your boss shows up and a small dragon lands on his shoulders as if summoned from the darkness?

“I am starved,” I told Mary. “And I could use a pint or two after the day I have had.”

“Dinner is waiting and I will pour your beer myself Sir.”

“What about my mother and Melody?”

“Your mother is on her way and Melody has decided to stay on at Lady Michaels.”

I wanted to say ‘I don’t blame her’ but I didn’t.

“I assume rooms are prepared for my mother and me?”

“Oh yes sir, the Master bedroom is ready for you and for her a suit not far from yours.”

“Great work Mary, where is the dining area?”

“This way Sir,” she said leading the way.

I silently sent to Storm and he took wing and disappeared. The place was massive on an epic scale. It wasn’t Buckingham Palace but it wasn’t far off either. The dining room was huge and could have seated dozens. It would do for my first meal but changes were in order. I may have to live here but it would be on my terms.

My food was served immediately and the beer followed shortly afterwards. I ate in silence with Mary and a young Latin woman standing and waiting in case I needed anything. It was the Latin girl who fetched the two refills on the delicious dark Irish beer I was drinking. I felt that since I had healed Mary she had been elevated somehow within the ranks of ‘those who serve’. Her reverent desire to serve was now fueled by a status as my favorite and that disturbed me somehow. I believed Faye when she said Mary was a good kid and she had been through so much pain and suffering. But I think me snatching her from the brink has altered her on some fundamental level. Maybe not for the good I worried. Was I over thinking this thing? Then I looked at her and saw the almost fevered gaze in Mary’s feline eyes and knew I was dead on. God help me maybe I should have let her die.

My meal finished I retired to the library waiting for my mom to arrive. Mary had moved onto her other duties leaving the Latin girl to keep an eye on me.

“What’s your name,” I said as I sipped my beer.

“Louisa Master is there anything you require?”

She had a lovely voice and there was of course the slight Spanish accent that was not unattractive. She had that dusky skin and dark eyes and long black hair that fell nearly to her ass. Louisa was curvaceous in all the right places and very pleasing on the eye.

“No, tell me Louisa where do you come from?”

“I am from New York Master.”

“New York City,” I asked.

“Yes Master.”

“Your family is still there?”

“Yes Master.”

I real conversationalist this one I thought.

“Are you afraid of me Louisa?”

“Master, I don’t understand?”

“Well every time I ask you a question you spit out as few words as humanly possible. So are you afraid of me?”

“Yes Sir I am,” she admitted.

“I appreciate your honesty,” I told her. “You don’t need to be I don’t bite, unless you like that sort of thing.”

She blushed furiously and I thought I could almost hear her heart pounding in her chest. I finished my beer and handed her the empty glass.

“Would you like another Sir?”

“No I think that will be enough for one night. Besides…”

I was going to continue but Louisa’s head lifted up and to the side as if listening to something only she could hear.

“Your mother has arrived Master, shall I see to her needs?”

“Um sure,” I said and watched her as she moved straight for the front door.

Louisa was opening the door even as my mom was reaching for it, scary.

“Welcome home Lady, can I take your things?” Louisa asked and my mom nodded weakly.

She was still recovering from the door opening as it did no doubt. I met my mom in the entry way and watched her eyes take in the place.

“This place is huge Jon! Don’t expect me to do any windows… ever.”

“We’ll adjust,” I told her as I hugged her tight.

“Who is the leggy Amazon?”

“Her name is Louisa and she is a sweetheart,” I told my mom as the Latin girl appeared carrying mom’s luggage.

“Sir is too kind; I will take these to your rooms if that is alright Lady?”

“Rooms? Sure just come back I’ll need a guide to get me there in one piece,” Mom replied.

“Of course Lady,” Louisa said with a smile and off she lugged mom’s stuff up the long flight of stairs.

“I haven’t taken the tour yet, you up to seeing the place with me,” I asked.

“You betcha,” Mom said with a smile. “Duke Jon Masters… hehe what’s next?”

“That’s what has me on edge,” I admitted.

“Well you are not alone.”

“Thanks mom,” I said giving her another hug. “Mary!?”

I called for a familiar face and she appeared shortly.

“Yes Master how can I be of service?”

“Can you give us the nickel tour of this place?”

“I would be honored Sir,” she said with a smile. “Do you want just the geography or the history of Wind Sword Manor as well?”

“I think just the geography will do for now. If we have any questions we’ll ask.”

“Yes Sir, please follow me.”

It was like the Old Miller Place on steroids. The rooms were on a massive scale and opulence was to be seen everywhere. There were precious metals in abundance and every chandelier was Austrian crystal, the finest. Every piece of furniture appeared to be handmade and by highly skilled artisans at their peak. There was marble, granite and even diorite woven into the floors, walls and sculptures of Wind Sword. There was a ballroom, a music room, a library and on and on located on the first floor alone.

Then there was the main staircase with its mahogany railing and marble steps. The second floor unlike the house in Arkham had every modern convenience for each and every private sleeping quarter. There was the bedroom and then there was a walk in closet fully stocked with clothing that ranged from ultra comfy to ultra rich. Each bathroom like the bedroom was decorated in a particular theme. Most were quite tame and ordinary while others were as lavish and outlandish as anything I could imagine.

There was even a sci-fi room that I just might have to take over at some point. The bed was straight out of the next millennium with its complete lack of a mattress. Apparently all you had to do was lay down and it produced a gentle repulsor field. This would lift and cradle your body perfectly as it read the body’s pressure points every few microseconds. I wonder what sex on that must be like. It too had a walk in closet but everything was computer controlled. When you picked a shirt it offered selections for the fashion challenged. The bathroom was the absolute best!

“It has a sonic shower,” I cried out while my mom looked at me like I had lost it.

“Jon for heaven’s sake it’s just a shower.”

“NO… it’s a SONIC shower…”

“You better move his shit in here now and save yourself the effort,” Mom told Mary.

“I will take care of it immediately.”

As we were leaving the shower there was Louisa with my things putting them away. How the hell did she know? I looked at Mary and she smiled.

“Louisa is a very strong Empath. She can sense the needs and desires of others often before they even realize it themselves.”

“So when mom arrived,” I said.

“She has some latent precognitive abilities as well.”

“So she knows what I want even before I know it?”

“Yeah that about sums her up,” Mary said.

“Oh I doubt that my dear,” my Mom added looking at the Latin girl. “That one is full of surprises.”

“If you say so Lady,” Mary replied and pointed towards the open doorway.

We headed for the door that led to the third floor. It was locked and Mary handed me the key.

“The third floor is for your eyes only Master,” she said and turned to leave.

“Want to see?”

“Of course,” my Mom replied smiling.

I unlocked the door and paused. Then closed my eyes and tried something. I sent out a mental request for Louisa’s presence. She stuck her head out of my bedroom and pointed at her own chest. I nodded and crooked my finger. Louisa smiled and walked over to us.

“If the third floor is for my eyes only who cleans up there,” I asked.

“There is staff specifically suited for the task,” Louisa replied.

“What are they blind or something,” Mom blurted out and Louisa just nodded. “Well I’ll be damned they take things serious around here.”

“Want to come and see Louisa?”

“Me Master, but what about Mary? She is your favorite after all.”

“Who told you that?”

“Mary said since you healed her and… I have said too much. Please forgive me Master!”

“Jon,” Mom said with a gentle hand on my arm. “Let it go, for now. There are more entertaining ways of showing your displeasure.”

“I like the way you think Mom. Come on Louisa you are going to get the VIP tour with us.”

“Yes Master.” She said blushing.

Did she sense or maybe see what I had in mind for Mary? Oh well. The three of us headed up the staircase and we all gasped at the glass walled room set into the very center of the top floor. It was like looking into a huge terrarium with its gravel garden and hanging plants everywhere. But it was the transparent ceiling that allowed the moonlight unfettered access to the room that took my breath away.

The door was unlike any door I had ever seen before. It was made of beveled glass and was seated into the transparent frame by some unseen mechanism. I touched the center of the door and there came a single clear tone and the entire door sank into the wooden floor. The smells that drifted out were like some primeval garden of long lost Babylon. We stepped in and the door slid silently back into place once more behind us.

There was a winding path that spiraled inward to the center of the room where a shaft of focused moonlight stood. It illuminated a pillar and on top of it a wide mouthed basin filled with clear water that bubbled up from below. The sides of the pillar were etched with those symbols I had become so intimate with. The triangular sides of the pillar read Health, Wisdom and Long Life. If I wanted a place to decompress this was the perfect spot. We looked around and saw and smelled all the fragrant flowers and trees that grew here. It almost made me forget the uneasy strangeness of this place, almost.

I was eager to explore the rest of the third floor when Louisa did her head cock thing. We had unexpected company arriving.

“Who is it,” I asked.

“Your sisters are here Sir,” Louisa said. “…All three of them.”

“Well let’s go greet them,” I said with a smile.

Arkham Massachusetts:

The Old Miller Place:

I awoke around noon and looked around at the rustic surroundings of the out building. It was nice actually compared to living in the mobile home. Becca had been up for hours doing whatever it was she did during the day. I opened the front door and looked out on the small lake and there she was skinny dipping like some teenager. Then I remembered the new lease on life we had both been given thanks to a rogue A.I. named Sterling. Becca though mentally and emotionally was sixty-something, physically the clock had been turned back to her prime. She looked amazing and I stripped down and joined her in the cool clear water.

I slipped up behind her and pulled her close. She moaned softly as my hands cupped her full breasts.

“Morning sleepy head,” she purred in my ear. “Are you ready for another round with a younger woman?”

“MMMMMMMMMM you better believe it,” I groaned as I rubbed my hard cock against her slit.

“I’m warning you I won’t be as tender as I was last night.”

“I think I still have scratch marks up and down my back woman,” I giggled.

“Awwwwww, you’re not gonna go cry home to momma are ya?”

“No but you might when were done.”

“Yeah whatever…”

The challenge had been issued and received. I drug her to the shallows and slid into my wife nice and slow enjoying that wonderful wide eyed look as I did so.

The first time in is the best. That initial sensation of her tight pussy wrapping snugly around me. Then that first hard thrust and her soft moan which will only get louder as we go on. The feelings as her legs wrap around me and pull me deeper into her while she kisses and nips at my neck and lips. Then her head moving backward her mouth open in the wide O as her first orgasm rips through her. Things just escalate from there. Soon Becca is on her knees on the soft earth with me hammering her pussy from behind. She is urging me then begging me and finally as her body shudders in her second release she is thanking me.

Now it is me who is on my back with that gorgeous young woman licking and sucking my cock. Now it is me who is panting and moaning as she deepthroats me with complete and utter abandon. I watch her eyes as they snare me with their fevered hunger. That desire to feel me shoot down her throat. How could I possibly disappoint her? As her fist pumps me and her tongue works on the tip a strangled cry escapes me and Becca is rewarded with her first load. She greedily gobbles it up and wants more.

After a brief rest the cock hungry woman straddles me lowering her soaked cunt down on top of me. Her pussy swallows me as easily as did her throat. As she rides me she tells me how she is going to grow out her short dishwater blonde hair. I just smile and grope her tits and nipples as she pleasures me. Her bright blue eyes flash in the noonday sun and her hips are thrusting down hard driving me deep. Becca praises my cock as her pussy worships it. She grinds her hips in slow circles as she leisurely fucks me rotten. Then suddenly and unexpectedly she cries out as another orgasm clutches her without warning. Her pussy squeezes me tight and I don’t want this day to ever end.

We finish with a climatic pussy pounding ride against a study red maple tree. Becca is bent over holding onto the trunk for dear life as I thrust into her as hard and fast as I can. We are both covered in sweat, funk and each other’s juices. Her short hair is matted to her scalp and droplets of sweat fall from her swaying breasts. Even as my cock swells inside of her I can tell she is very close. She is begging me to cum with her and with some careful timing on both our parts… I do. That last primal thrust of my hips sends both of us over the edge and into euphoric paradise. Cum gushes into her soaked pussy and dribbles out as we stand there catching our breath.

We finish as we started in the lake. I cup my hands and pour water over her head and she slides her arms around my neck for a final kiss before we part for the day.

I still wanted to continue my work on the house but now I had to do it under the guise of my own grandson. How weird is that. The story was that my grandfather had fallen sick and I had come into town to help take care of him. He wanted me to continue on with his work. Ryan, the foreman, just said that was Charlie all over. So after ordering the parts from various manufacturers for the updated security systems for ‘Mother’, the house A.I., I pitched in wherever I could. The hardest part of my new role was the cutting of my hair. I had been growing it out for as long as I could remember but Becca gave me a nice trim and I was able to keep most of the length. She even braided it differently to help with the deception. Besides I think she enjoyed playing with my hair whenever she could.

It had only been a few days since we moved into the cabin behind the Old Miller Place. Nikola was still crunching the data and finishing the analysis of the material from the mobile home. I never realized how complex all the drawings had been since it had taken me a lifetime to sketch them out. What I had taken for granted he attacked now with a zeal that was intoxicating to observe. Periodically he would furnish me with updates when he made a breakthrough or new discovery. He was like a kid in a candy store.

The box from Numenor Technology Dunwich arrive early the fourth day. It was addressed to me and its contents surprised both Becca and I as did the letter that accompanied it.

‘Charlie, I have been informed of your situation and your secrecy is assured. My name is James Bell and I am one of the leading research and development people at Numenor. I am also one of the four founders of the company. To compensate you for your unsettling situation and damages done by the A.I. known as Sterling we have forwarded the following amount into an offshore bank account. Also as per your agreement with Jon Masters, General Manager Numenor Technology, we have also deposited the following amount for the purchase of the technology you developed. Also in agreement with your discussion with him we are retaining your services under his personal staff for you and your wife. This includes the protection of diplomatic immunity should certain person or persons approach you in regards to said research and technology. Upon completion of your current project you and your wife will be flown to either London or Berlin to join Jon to consult upon the further development of your research. Hoping this finds you and yours in good health and happiness. James Bell.’

The contents of the box were a blue box marked ‘his’ and yes a pink box marked ‘hers’. The blue box held a gorgeous armband hand crafted of turquoise and silver in the Navaho style. In the center of it was a silver disc that I learned was one of Numenor’s cutting edge A.I. watches. With a command Nikola could and would transfer his entirety to it. Also in the box was a pair of the newest line of Numenor peripherals contact lenses. They were tailored to my unique skill set, surveillance, combat and technology. I could also act and interact with Nikola much easier now. I was getting tired of lugging that tablet everywhere and I think so was he.

The pink box held a matching turquoise watch for Becca loaded with her own A.I. who she named Minerva, after a goddess of healers. She also got a pair of the coveted lenses but hers like mine were custom for her medical background and included various scans including MRI, CAT and PEP. She could also do a cursory examination in a fraction of the time a hospital could. It was no wonder she was listed as Jon Masters’ personal physician. There were few people on the planet as gifted or skilled in the field as my Becca was.

It was because of the wet work I was doing for the government and my unique physiology that brought us together in the first place. That and my big mouth about telling people what had happened when I was a kid.


I was born on the road somewhere between St. Louis and Kansas City Missouri. My mom and dad were still together back then. But six months later I would be fatherless and we would be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. He had been shot dead while walking into a store as it was being robbed. That was late 1946 and it would create a turning point in my life. My mom had to do some questionable things to survive and earn money for us. She never did speak much about it when I got older, can’t say as I blame her really.

But it was that fateful night near a little known town in New Mexico that would change everything. No one had heard of Roswell before the crash but oh afterwards the entire world knew about it. But it wasn’t little green men that I had seen that evening, no it was stranger and far more frightening than that. My mother had stopped near a farm late at night to take a short nap before continuing on.

To this day I am amazed that anyone could have slept through all that noise. The thing landed not far from the car and being the inquisitive child that I was I investigated. I managed to roll down the window and safely tumble to the thick grass below. Unhurt and undeterred I walked if what a one year old could be called walked.

The thing was huge in the eyes of a toddler and it was covered with all sort of tiny pictures. The top of the thing was clear and made of some sort of glass. I used the side of the thing to make my way towards the window. But before I could get there the top folded open like a flower and out staggered a thing covered in smooth beveled plates of armor. It had no face at first, I later figured out it was a helmet with a mirrored faceplate. The figure kneeled and took me into its arms. Unafraid I took a spit soaked fist to its helmet. The thing made a horrible hollow sound; I think it was laughing at me. The faceplate slid up and away to reveal the features of the thing, I think that’s when I blacked out.

My mother found me asleep or unconscious by the side of the thing that had fallen from the sky. She told me later that she scooped me up and off we went racing away before the authorities discovered we were ever there. Years later of course I learned all about Roswell and the crashed weather balloon but we knew better. There wasn’t one crash but two that night. It was something that was never reported to the public at large, ever.

I grew up a sickly child. I was always catching a cold or running a low grade fever it seemed like. That was until I turned thirteen. Then everything changed. It was late November when the fever hit me like an avalanche. Over a three day period it rose and rose until it spiked at nearly one hundred and ten degrees! The white doctor from town barely left my side it seemed and the shamans of our tribe prayed hard for my recovery. Early in the morning on that fourth day the fever broke and my life changed forever. During the night my hair had turned from its dark brown nearly black to snow white. And my eyes that had been a nut brown were now steel gray. But the most significant change was my general health. After that day I never got sick another day in my life. I could go play with the other kids and help mom around the house. The doctor had thanked her god and the shamans paid homage to the Great Spirit.

Over time there were other changes of course. I learned quite quickly that I had a knack for understanding the way of machines. I could mend a simple power tool or take apart and fix a refrigerator. Suddenly all the useless and broken crap, as my mother called it, was finding its way onto our front porch or back yard. I was kept busy tinkering, fixing and selling machines. I also managed to jimmy-rig several windmill power plants for the tribe from spare parts. So now all the useless crap that ran on electricity would actually work. I fixed cars to sewing machines and I was seen as a very useful member of the tribe.

When I turned fifteen I was sent out by the shamans for my vision quest. It was time I earned a name of manhood and I was very eager. So I took a few provisions and the things I would need and set out. I must have walked three or four miles until I found the right spot. It was isolated, quiet and had the right feel about it. I spent part of the day gathering firewood; nights in the dessert can be bitter cold. Then I used the small shovel I had brought to dig two small pits, one for the fire and one for me. It would work as a wind break and also it was tradition. During the day I meditated as I had been taught and during the night I stared into the flames of my fire.

It took ten days to receive my vision. It began when my fire burned down low and I could see eyes gleaming in the night. But these were not the eyes of wolves or coyote no these eyes burned violet in the firelight. I called out to them in Navaho and received no answer.

Then I thought if these were spirits maybe they were the same ones who came to me in my dreams. I cast off my blanket and took pieces of kindling and broke them up and formed one of the shapes I recalled from a dream. I held up each piece of wood as I laid it down and when the shape was done I returned to my blanket. One of the spirits approached and I could see she appeared human like. She looked at the design I had made and nodded. Then she raised her voice to the others and they all repeated the same sound in voices that sang like nothing I had ever heard before.

Then the others approached the fire and I could count thirteen in all. They sat in a semicircle at the very edge of the firelight. The female spirit motioned for me to come closer. That is when I learned some of what the symbols and images that haunted my dreams meant. Each spirit took a turn, drew a symbol and sang out its name. Then they attempted to explain to me what it meant. I realized at once it was a language lesson and focused my entire being on everything they did and said. It should have been impossible for me to learn the voice of the spirits and yet I did. I learned their names and they called me Ghostwalker. Each night for the next three nights the spirits visited me and taught me what they could of their speech. On the last night the spirit who had first approached me, Starmane by name, blessed me and touched my forehead and my thoughts.

I awoke the next morning wrapped in my blanket at the edge of the town. No one had seem me arrive and the shamans feared I might have perished on my vision quest. But when I told them about the spirits and their language they knew I had been chosen to be a great shaman. I wanted to share with them all that I had learned but they told me that it was for me alone to know.

Upon my return I also learned that my mother had died in her sleep while I was away. She had been bitten by a rattlesnake and succumb to the poison. It was strange that she died that way at that time of year. Most of the snakes were sleeping due to the cold weather. I didn’t question it I accepted it as the Great Spirit’s will.

Things changed after that. I began to write down my dreams and visions. Jotting down anything that might help me unlock the mystery of any and all of the spirit symbols. The shamans said I should keep what I learned to myself so after I filled three thin notebooks with my ramblings I put them in a metal box and buried them near my mother. That was the day I left the reservation to find myself.

I headed for the coast and at the tender age of sixteen I was truly on my own. I reached San Diego and found a job at one of the local marinas fixing boat engines. Thanks much to a man I called the human fish. He spent at least at much time in the water as he did out of it. His real name was Jimmy ‘Jester’ O’Reilly. I called him Jester and he called me Ghost. He was an older guy somewhere between puberty and the grave if you asked him. Jester had that bright red hair and freckles that marked him as a first generation Irishman. He was tanned all over and was not afraid to bare all to prove it. The ladies loved him and he kind of became the dad or older brother I never had. There were days when he was strict as all get out and then a week would go by and nothing serious would ever cross his lips. I learned more about engines from him than any book or any other living person. He showed me how to fix anything from a small outboard to a diesel engine on a submarine. He could draw schematics from memory and they never failed to impress me. By the time he was done with me not only could I work on anything I practically had?

We spent maybe two months in San Diego before we shipped out and we headed south to the Panama Canal. We fixed boats and ships all the way down the coast. It was because of this experience that I made some lifelong friends on both sides of the law. In some parts of Mexico they are sometimes the same person. I was Jester’s little miracle worker though I was beginning to grow into my full height and build while I was with him. Everybody knew Jester and soon they all knew me too. There were places that you just don’t walk down the street alone in any country. But thanks to Jester I was a fearless tourist in faraway lands. Together we built and raced boats, cars and even motorcycles. I developed a fierce reputation as the man who spoke to machines. If I said it could be fixed it got fixed. If I shook my head they knew it was a hopeless case.

Until you see the Panama Canal it is just a couple of words strung together. It is a work of engineering that is nothing short of jaw dropping. And the ships that pass through it are a menagerie in themselves. From small luxury yachts to oil tankers that dwarf anything short of an aircraft carrier. Jester and I got work down there and spent the winter months in panama where my education continued. It was there in panama that I met another grease monkey named Ben Morrows. Out of uniform it is fine to call him Ben. But once he dons it he is Master Chief and that is all no questions asked. Strange thing being around all that water it was Ben that taught me how to swim. I grew up in the desert away from any large bodies of water; I guess Jester just assumed everyone could do it.

Now that I could swim I discovered Jester’s fascination with the water. When we were done with work for the day we swam, surfed and sailed. I was hooked. Spring rolled around and it was time to make the slow jaunt north. By the time we reached San Diego I had been with Jester almost a year. Once there I spent much of my free time hanging with Ben on and off the navy base. He showed me some of the larger ships up close and I even got to visit the engine room of one of the navy’s subs. Ben tried to recruit me a dozen times at least but he saw that wanderlust and knew better.

One warm July evening the three of us were out on the beach staring up at the stars when Jester brought up the subject. He was half drunk at the time but it would be one of those pivotal moments in my life.

“You ever wonder if there is life out there,” Jester said dreamily.

“Nah,” Ben said taking a sip of his beer.

“Of course there’s life out there I’ve seen it,” I said and boom my life changed.

“What,” Jester said looking at me. “You’re shitting me kid.”

“Yeah quit fucking around,” Ben followed up.

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” I told them and followed that up with what really happened at Roswell.

Jester was too drunk to believe what I had said but Ben on the other hand was a whole other story. I was too naïve to realize that Ben would always be Master Chief in or out of uniform. He believed me and I could see it in his eyes that he looked at me differently now. He cut out early that night and there was something about his rigid stance and the way he said see you soon that rang warning bells.

I grabbed my stuff, all my money and I ran. I hopped a train heading north that very night. I never saw Jester again and perhaps that was for the best. I miss his smile and his stupid jokes though.


Meeting the Twins:

I thanked god for the back breaking labor of tearing down the assembly line and retooling. The girls had come home the night before. I was promptly told I would have to wait until we could get reacquainted. Talk about torture! They had been gone for weeks and now they were in the house and no physical contact. So I threw myself into the task at hand trying not to think of the three young women at home. I say trying but I was failing miserably. I kept thinking of the caress of their firm augmented tits wrapped around me. A heavy sigh escaped my lips and there were a few comments from the people around me.

“Someone is distracted,” someone said.

“Yep, I was like that when I first got married,” another voice said.

“Oi, everybody stay focused on the work. We don’t need an accident now do we? Besides can’t you see the poor man is suffering?”

That brought bouts of laughter, giggles and even a few cat calls. I couldn’t help but laugh with them and it helped pass the time. I won’t say the conversation turned raunchy but I was glad I was not wearing the boss hat today. I was just one of the guys.

Sadly I did have to spend some time in my office working on cost analysis and other boring shit. But boring left the building when late in the day when I reached for my pen. You might think that is about as boring as it gets but you’d be wrong, dead wrong. It was one of those automatic actions you do every day if you work in an office. My head was down reading a print out of salary expenditures when I lifted my hand and felt around for my pen, nothing. I moved my hand around a bit and still I felt nothing. I looked up and there was my pen just out of reach. I stretched a bit but the pen eluded my grasp. It rolled just out of my range. Frowning I sat up and reached for it again but this time it leapt away from my hand.

“What the fuck,” I sputtered staring at the pen that was now near the far edge of my desk.

I stood up and walked around and stared at it. But there was nothing obviously wrong with it or my desk.

“Umbra,” I said as I squatted on the far side of my desk.

“Master,” she said as she appeared next to me.

“Do me a favor and run a scan on my pen please.”



“Very well Master,” she said as the blue-violet light shot from my watch and illuminated the pen. “I can find no anomalies Master.”

“Scan the desk and see if it is warped or uneven.”

“Yes Master,” she replied as she complied. “Your desk is within parameters to be considered level Sir.”

I reached for the pen and this time it travelled at ballistic speed and imbedded itself into the wood between the windows behind my desk.

“Um…” was all I could manage.

“I have detected a strong telekinetic pulse Sir,” Umbra said softly. “It came from you Master.”

“Me, how the hell did I produce a pulse?”

“Um…” she said even softer.

I looked at her and stood up.

“UMMMM? Did you just say UMMMM?”

“Yes Master.”

“Okay, I’ll bite why did you say UMMM?”

“I didn’t want to say anything bad about another digital construct.”


I bit back the anger with great effort. I closed my eyes and forced the urge to break something out with a herculean exertion. There came an urgent knock and there was Melody standing in the doorway wearing an urgent expression.

“Jon, are you okay?”

“Why do you ask,” I said turning to face her.

“You hollered so damn loud I thought well something bad had happened.”

I had screamed mentally and she had heard it. It was time for a change of scenery.

“I’m taking the rest of the day off,” I said and she just smiled.

“Okay boss I’ll handle things for the next fifteen minutes,” she smiled and it helped a lot.

“Alright smart ass, I may or may not be in tomorrow depending on how things go.”

“Just call or email and keep me in the loop. Trouble at home,” she asked.

“Close but not quite, I have problems with an unruly employee.”

“Okay, but don’t hurt them. Just talk it out and get their side before you do anything rash.”

“It sounds like you have been reading a page out of my own book there Melody.”

“Actually, I thought about it and wondered what your advice would have been in that situation. So in a way I did.”

“I repeat you are a smart ass. I will call you later tonight. And uh Melody, don’t be a stranger.”

“Yes boss.”

Stepping outside I dismissed the car waiting for me. I told him I was going to do some walking around to clear my head. It was Umbra who quietly informed me I was being followed. I recognized her immediately as one of the gals who worked at the plant. But it was the male figure that appeared a block ahead of me that made me forget all about her. There were other people on the street and I lost sight of him for a moment and that is all it took. He was gone. I walked up to the spot he had occupied and looked around. Whoever it had been they were long gone.

“Ooh Corvinus’, I love this place!”

I turned to face the petite woman with the red-brown hair. She was barely five feet tall but despite her stature she was had large breasts and a curvaceous ass. She was wearing a faded blue t-shirt with white letters I had to squint to read, Las Vegas.

“Las Vegas,” I said aloud. “Have you ever been there?”

“No, I never been across the pond,” she said in her Londoner’s accent.

“You’re the one they called…” I began finally recognizing her as one of the gals working on the production line.

“Don’t you dare call me a midget or boss or no boss I’ll kick you in the balls!”

“Ah there’s that flare of redhead temper,” I said with a smile. “Ooh and green eyes to match!”

She smiled and settled her hands on her hips.

“You are not afraid of redheads eh?”

“I haven’t met a woman I couldn’t handle,” I let her make her own decisions on what I meant by that.

“MMMMMM, sounds like a challenge to me boyo,” she replied with a wink and a lick of her pink tongue along her small mouth.

“Perhaps you’d let me buy you a drink?”

“Can we take a peek in Corvinus’ first?”

“Sure, it’s not like I have a schedule or anything. After you… Indigo,” I said Umbra providing her name to me in that long pause.

“How sweet a boss man who can remember my name, that’s a check in the proper column for you.”

“What happens if I get enough checks?”

“You’ll be the first to know.”

The interior of the shop was something out of any fantasy author’s dream. The display cases were filled with ancient knick-knacks spanning centuries, cultures and continents. There were items crafted of wood, bone, crystal and metals both precious and common. Being my first time in the store I made my way slowly from the left most display to the right. Then I looked at the items sealed away along the far walls. Then once more almost child-like I took in each and every piece until I had returned to the left hand corner.

“Neat huh,” Indigo said.

“Yeah,” I told her.

“Mr. Corvinus has owned this place for years and years.”

“Indigo, you make me out like I am on my death bed,” the owner a man in his sixties replied.

I turned to face the owner and he had strong Slavic features and an easy smile. I offered him my hand and he had a strong grip for so elderly a man.

“Strong grip,” he commented. “This is a good sign for a man of your generation.”

“I was about to say the same thing,” I joked and we all laughed. “I love your store.”

“Thank you, some of these items have been in my family for generations. Others have only been in our possession merely a hundred or so years.”

“Corvinus is Hungarian isn’t it?”

“Very astute young man, yes my family is distantly related to Matthias Corvinus.”

I didn’t have to ask Umbra was already pulling up the files. I skimmed the files even as I continued our conversation.

“I have a question for you about something that has come into my possession.”

“I would be happy to take a look at it,” he said.

“I don’t have it on me but perhaps a description might do?”

“I will do my best, fire away young man.”

I proceeded to describe the razor that Mary had given me. I left out the story surrounding it fearing to reveal too much too soon.

“Straight razors that old were the property of only the very rich and successful barbers of course. The bone handle you describe appears to be of local manufacture by the sounds of it. Though I have only been in England since the War I have heard rumors that the symbol you describe, the triangle of lightning bolts, is tied to a legendary figure known as Ghibrail.”

“Interesting, Ghibrail doesn’t sound English.”

“Oh it’s not. He was a foreigner who parallels the Arthur Legend actually. He received a sword that was star forged steel and created a circle of knights who served him.”

“Makes you wonder if he ever really existed,” I said.

“Yeah, makes you wonder.”

He was interrupted as one of his workers, a son by his close physical resemblance, held up a piece of paper and words tumbled out that I could not understand.

“Oh Sir I am terribly sorry about the confusion,” the elder Corvinus said apologetically.

“I am not sure I understand,” I replied.

“My son tells me we received and processed your internet order. It is ready for pick up and is wrapped as you asked.”

“Um, are you sure it’s for me?”

“Yes, it even has a photo of you attached, see…” he said showing me the small but clear image of me. “I am sorry again for the confusion.”

“Maybe it’s a gift,” Indigo offered speaking up suddenly.

“Maybe, if that is the case that narrows it down to four people.”

“They knew where you’d be though,” the owner said pointing to a notation on the order.

‘Please make sure to have it ready for pick up…’

This was followed by today’s date and the very moment I entered the store. I didn’t even know I was going to be here.

“When was this item ordered,” I asked.

“It appears a little over a week ago Sir.”

“A week! How the hell did they know I was going to be here a week ago?”

My head began to hurt again. Mr. Corvinus handed me the small wrapped package that was about the size and shape of a case for eyeglasses.

“How much do I owe you?”

“It’s already paid for sir,” he replied. “See, says whoever ordered it paid cash just yesterday.”

“This just get’s stranger and stranger, oh well. I’ll thank them once I’ve opened it. Thank you Mr. Corvinus, it’s been a pleasure.”

“Please call me Peter.”

“Only if you call me Jon,” again we shook hands and a friendship was born that day. “Come on Indigo you owe me a pint.”

The petite redhead guided me to a local pub, the Dire Wraith, that had just undergone renovation and under new management. It had that sumptuous dark wood and old world feel I loved in English pubs. But it also had several television screens for sports and news for the patron to watch. Currently a rugby match was on its way between Spain and Germany. We sat at the bar and despite what I had said I bought the first round.

“Well?” Indigo’s sensuous voice whispered in my ear.

“Well what,” I replied hoping she’d just unzip me and go down on me.

“Aren’t you going to open it?”

“Oh that,” I said obviously disappointed.

“Naughty man,” she purred.

“Go ahead,” I said sliding the package at her.

She examined the paper and the way the thing was wrapped. Indigo produced a box cutter and carefully almost surgically sliced through the tape. Then she returned her knife to her back pocket and unfolded the wrapping paper. Beneath the folds of the paper was a brown leather box hinged at the back and possessing a single brass clasp on the front. Indigo slid her fingernail in and popped the clasp. Then she slowly flipped it up and took a deep breath. The hinges creaked as the lid was lifted and within.

“Ooh look at that!” Indigo gasped at the items inside.

The three items were arranged on a dark velvet pad and two were immediately recognizable but the third had me stumped. The monocle was on the left hand side interior, the cigarette holder sat along the bottom edge and the other thing was on the right hand side interior. I reached over and picked up the monocle and looked at it closely. I thought it was just a simple round frame of black steel set with a glass lens. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

There were two small buttons set into the tear drop ‘handle’ of the monocle. There was also a slide-like lever on the top of the black metal frame. I hit the top button and saw a digital display through the lens. I held the monocle up to my eye and scanned the pub.

When there was a person in my line of sight it instantly showed all their pertinent information from name to biometric readouts. Her name was Indigo McLeod and her temperature was 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit, her blood pressure was 110 over 70 and she had a congenital heart defect in her upper left valve. When I looked at a device or machine it detailed in a short blip its function. It would also follow power lines to their source and give a readout on its current output.

I pressed the lower button and switched the visual spectrum to infrared. Each time I pressed the second switch it changed to a different visual display. There were twenty options that the monocle offered for the owner to choose from. Some I recognized many I didn’t.

The slide on the top acted like a zoom for distance. But it also worked as a display for more information if directed on a machine or body part, like Indigo’s heart.

I switched off the monocle and returned it to the case. If it could do all that what did the cigarette holder do? I picked it up and examined the jewel encrusted surface.

“It’s definitely not you,” Indigo giggled as she sipped her beer.

“Pity, I was thinking of taking of smoking,” I replied.

“OH ICK,” she said making a yucky face. “It’s like kissing an ashtray.”

“Busted,” I whispered in her ear as I returned the cigarette holder to the case.

“Am I that transparent?”

“Not yet,” I said as I picked up the third item.

“I like the way you think boss,” she said signaling for a second round.

The case and its queer items could wait. My cock was screaming for some much needed attention. I dropped the leathery item in my hand and snapped the box shut. Then I slid it into my back pocket and forgot all about it. Four rounds of beer later and I was feeling a bit on the warm and fuzzy side. Indigo was feeling even better.

“Ask me,” she said with a generous smile.

“Ask you,” I said. “Ask you what.”

“I don’t know something personal I suppose.”

“Spit or swallow?”

“Swallow definitely swallow,” she purred. “I love the taste of it. Okay my turn… trimmed or bald?”

“Hmmm,” I said glancing between her legs. “Bald I am thinking.”

“You are correct sir,” she replied with a grin. “Your turn.”

“Single or multiple O’s?”

“MMMMMMMM depends but multiples are a possibility.”

“Note to self fuck her senseless,” I said.

“My turn, oral give or receive?”

“Both,” I admitted to her.

“Good,” she said and I could see her hard nipples poking through her shirt now.

“Your nipples are showing Indigo,” I whispered.

“They do that when they want a cock between them,” she whispered back.

I licked my lips then took a healthy swig of my beer.

“I need to go to the ladies room,” she moaned as she got up and headed for the back of the pub.

I waited for a full minute before heading that direction myself. As I neared the ladies bathroom I saw the door open and a green eye wink at me. When I was close enough she ambushed me and drug me in. She locked the door and her lips were on mine in moments. Granted she had to jump up into my arms to do so but still.

My hands settled onto her ass cheeks as her tongue invaded my mouth. As we kissed she tugged up her shirt and rubbed her hard nipples against my chest. She broke the kiss long enough to mutter ‘stall’ and then she was lifting my shirt up and off of me.

I walked us over to a stall and closed the door behind us. Indigo hung our shirts on the interior of the stall door. I sat down then she undid my belt, unzipped me and freed my aching cock.

“That is going to be a tight fit and no doubt,” she muttered just before she went down on me.

“Oh damn that feels so good,” I moaned as Indigo’s head bobbed up and down.

She took me in hand and ran her tongue underneath tracing the large vein she found there. Even as she licked and suck me her dexterous hands removed her shoes and slacks. Once she was unhindered she wasted no time. Wearing only her dark socks Indigo straddled me and pointed the head of my cock between her pussy lips.

“Here we go,” she groaned as she lowered herself down. “Oh my god, you’re filling me up!”

“Damn your pussy is so fucking tight girl,” I said through gritted teeth.

Not to be denied she kept lowering her body until with a deep satisfied grunt she was completely impaled. Her eyes were half shut as she began to move. She let out quick breaths as my cock stretched her tightness over and over. I cupped her tits and began making love to her nipples. She bit back a cry of pleasure and rode me nice and slow. My hands caressed her tit flesh as my tongue flickers over her very sensitive nipples. Indigo lifted all the way up until only the head remained and then just dropped. Her back arched and I felt her pussy grip me like a fist as she came. Her face turned red and a muffled whimper escaped her lips. If we had more room I’d bend her over and show her how I normally make love to a woman. But then I might just break her. She sat there quivering as her climax tore through her and I let her enjoy it.

“Better,” I asked and she nodded.

“Damn I needed that,” Indigo purred. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“I am afraid I might hurt you,” I told her honestly.

“Then hurt me,” she shot back. “I am going to stand up, bend over and grab my ankles. I leave the rest up to you.”

She rose up slowly and managed to get to her feet. She turned around and away from me and easily wrapped her hands around her tiny ankles. Seeing such a tempting target I couldn’t resist. I stood up and lined my cock up with her slit. Then I pushed slowly but relentlessly. It seemed like forever but finally my cock was hilted in her. I grabbed her by her hips and began to thrust. I wasn’t sure how long I could last in so tight a pussy so I asked her.

“When I cum where do you want it?”

“Spray my ass and back boss man.”

That’s all I wanted to know. I picked up speed and she let out a deep throated whimper. I wasn’t half way as fast or hard as I could go. Well she said to hurt her. I shrugged as I pulled back and slammed most of my cock into her and began to do it over and over. Indigo rewarded me shortly after that with a multiple orgasm that reminded me of a drum beat. One climax merged into the next and so on. I picked up speed as my cock began to swell inside of her. I was getting close and she knew it.

“Oh dear god it’s getting bigger,” she moaned.

I hammered her pussy as hard and fast as I could and how she managed to keep from screaming is beyond me. When I could stand it no longer I yanked my cock out and with a few strokes sprayed her ass and lower back. Her sigh could have been from relief or pleasure I may never know.

“God damn that was intense,” I whispered.

“Tell me about it,” she giggled.

“What’s so funny,” I asked.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled wickedly at me.

“If you think my pussy is tight,” she growled deep in her chest. “Wait until that long fat cock of yours is buried in my ass!”

Arkham Massachusetts:

Old Miller Place:

I finally had all the parts I needed for the first floor security system. I had Mother powered up and what sensors she had were up and running.

“I got your eyes and ears just about ready old girl,” I said to her.

“You are such a sweat heart Charlie,” Mother replied in her matronly voice.

“Okay another two minutes and I’ll start installing your umbilicus.”

“Then I can look and see where I want?”

“Yep, the rover will ride on top of the mirrored ceiling attached by this cable. The two-way mirrored tile will allow you to look down but no one can see up.”

“Brilliant,” she praised me. “I can’t wait.”

“Then we can discover who the prankster is.”

“I don’t understand Charlie, prankster?”

“Oh the guys are complaining that somebody is moving tools and stuff around when their backs are turned. Once you are up and running you can find out who is playing tricks on them.”

“I would be happy to be of use for them.”

“I know you are.” I told her as I finished the last rover for the first floor. “Okay that’s got it. Let me grab the ladder and… what the hell?”

“What is it Charlie?”

“I had an extension ladder set right over here and it’s missing.”

“I didn’t hear anything, but my capabilities are limited,” Mother said.

I looked around and discovered the ladder two rooms away in the ballroom. Since I was there I began installing the small robots in that room. I opened the ladder under the tile that would give me access to the hub. I lifted the rover up and into place and connected the power and its connection to Mother.

“Ballroom rover is up and running,” I told the A.I.

“Accessing peripheral… ooh I can see!” Mother replied in her soft matronly voice.

“Perform visual and audio diagnostic please.”

“Yes Charlie,” she said softly. “Visual diagnostic is up and running. I have infra-red, ultra-violet as well as full spectrum. Audio diagnostic is up and running. I have infra-sonic, ultra-sonic as well as voice stress analysis. Diagnostic is complete and all systems are five by five Charlie.”

“Excellent, okay let’s get your other rovers up and connected sweet thing.”

I closed the mirrored tile and wiped it free of smudges. Now she could run the rover over the entire length and breadth of the ballroom and look down on any activity. Mother could see down but no one could see up. Room by room the rovers were installed and were performing as expected. Finally the kitchen was done and that concluded the first floor. Mother could now literally monitor every square inch of this floor as well as access controls for the doors, windows and climate.

“Okay Mother how are we looking?”

“I can see EVERYTHING Charlie. It is almost overwhelming after being so limited. But now it is like second nature.”

“That’s what I want to hear. I am going to make a walk through to make sure there are no blind spots alright?”

“I have eyes and ears on you mister… hehe… go ahead and I will monitor you.”

I walked the complete circuit looking for possible spots where her rovers might not be able to see. But I found that we had done our job perfectly. By the time I was done she had never lost sight of me once. I looked at the open spots in the walls that served as entrances to hidden passages and smiled.

“Mother can you bring up the holographs for the ball room?”

“Of course Charlie,” she said and soundlessly an illusionary wall now covered the gap.

“Are the white sound generators up and running inside the passageways?”

“One moment, they are now Charlie.”

“I am going to enter the passageway can you monitor my noise level please?”

“I would be happy to comply,” she said.

I won’t say it wasn’t a little creepy walking through a wall but it was also neat as all hell too. I began by walking quietly down the dimly lit passage. Then I was talking at a normal level as I continued then I raised my voice to a shout I reached the other end. I exited in the solarium and waved upwards at the ceiling.

“How was that?”

“I only monitored you near the end when you yelled.”

“Do we need to put a sensor in there so you can adjust the white noise level on the fly in case things get amorous?”

“That might be a good idea Charlie,” Mother admitted.

“Okay, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I am beat.”

“Shall I turn off the holo-walls Charlie?”

“No, leave them up and monitor their stability for me please. You can keep the white sound off until someone actually enters the secret passage.”

“I understand.”

“I know you do, you are a brilliant gal.”

“Thank you Charlie. I will see you tomorrow.”

“If you need me just contact me on my watch or holler at Nikola.”

“I will do that but I don’t expect any anomalies.”

“Neither do I, night nite.”

I went to the mobile home that was now located between the cabin and the out building. The door was unlocked and there sitting on the floor was the hologram of Nikola Tesla. He appeared deep in thought and staring intently at the block of organic alloy on the floor. I had set it there so he could run a comparison between that and the fibers, wires or whatever the hell they were running inside of me.

“Nikola,” I said greeting him.

“Hey Charlie, how was work?”

“Long but the first floor is wired for sight and sound.”

“Wonderful, I have nearly finished the analysis of this sample.”

“What have you discovered?”

“It is organic and on some level alive. Though not on any level humans might understand or even agree. The material is linked to the dimension that you drew it from with that device.” He said pointing at the chalice shaped machine near the sink. “I say alive because it requires a constant stream of psychic radiation that is takes from the link I told you about.”

“So something in that dimension is transmitting massive amounts of psychic energy?”


I picked up the sieve as I called it and stared at it with renewed awe. It was one of the first things I fashioned when I had a much better understanding of the Hiero-runes. It was almost two feet tall with a glossy green sheen to it and was bowl shaped on top and possessed a triangular base. The entire surface inside and out was covered with the runes and it had taken weeks to craft it. It had taken even longer to figure out what the hell it did. It was only by accident that an orange fell into the damn thing. Then when I reached in to pull it out I got a bar of the organic stuff instead. Many more months passed before I discovered how to work with it and almost a year later I made my first knife. Once I realized the key the Hiero-runes played it slowed things down but also explained so much.

“So are the wires made of this organic crap?”

“I believe they are,” Nikola said. “Their purpose I can only guess at though.”

“Guess away,” I told him.

“Okay, the central control hub located at the base of your brain acts like an avatar. But only when you are either asleep or meditating; perhaps that is the only time it can communicate with you. I think the fibers are there to enhance the structures they are connected to. In short the physical aspect of the wires improves speed, motor control, eye hand coordination and the like. The cranial connections are there to address intelligence, monitor the physical enhancements and input data.”

“So all those crazy dreams all these years have been some sort of alien A.I. spoon feeding me?”

“In a nutshell, yes,” Nikola agreed.

“Well I’ll be damned. How the hell do I consciously tap into this avatar?”

“I am still working on that, sorry.”

Chapter 3: Customer Service

Jake woke up in a position so far from comfortable that he felt compelled to invent a word for it. He had spent the night crumpled up on the sofa in the front room of his house, having fallen asleep to his quietly playing stereo. He as of yet was still untrusting of the phantom bed. He felt a little silly worrying about it now, after the previous night and the much harder to believe reality of his spontaneous blowjob at the hands of a delivery girl. He glanced sidelong at the pizza box sitting on the coffee table, and smiled.

Rolling out from the entanglement that were the spare sheets he had retrieved from the hall closet in lieu of using the new covers that came with his new bed, he resolved that he had better get out of the house today, and so would need clothes. The outfit he had been wearing on the night of his unique discovery was out for reasons relating directly to grass, dirt and blood stains, not to mention it had been a work outfit and was rather restrictive. His clothing from the previous day wouldn’t look terribly out of place in the world at large, but he hadn’t taken a shower yesterday, and wondered if there was an odor starting to grow.

The only options other than these two would require that Jake venture into the bedroom, where he was fairly sure he still had a bed of unknown origin. Figuring that the supposedly magical charm that had apparently conjured the bed had also granted him an exceptionally enjoyable orgasm at the hands (or rather lips) of an exceptionally cute young woman, it seemed that Jake’s odds of anything bad happening if he was near the bed were rather low. He braved the perils the furniture posed, and went in to get a tee-shirt and cargo pants out of his dresser.

As Jake dressed he began to seriously, perhaps for the first time, consider the implications of a magical amulet that granted the wearer anything they wished for. Not wishes, he reminded himself, echoing the instructions of the old man he had encountered on his first night possessing the artifact. But if it doesn’t grant wishes, then what does it do? And how?

Jake wanted those answers, or part of him did, but he somehow knew that he wouldn’t find them by spending his entire day at home, like the day before. He also knew that he couldn’t – and perhaps didn’t want to – avoid any unexpected surprises by spending his entire day at home, like the day before. He wondered at the chance of the day before being all in his head anyhow, but balked at a realistic way to test the theory, such as calling the delivery girl to for a recap of events.

Starting with a quick stop in the bathroom to brush his teeth and inspect his face and hair, he began the process of preparing to depart his sanctuary. All the while he busied himself with thoughts on the cause and capacity of the power the Heart of Gold had. He brushed his hand against it a few times, partly simply because he enjoyed the sensation of having the heavy trinket around his neck, and also partly in some abstract hope that he could awaken its powers. Not that awakening it would help him, as he hardly had the instruction manual. For that matter he was not even certain that instructions existed. If this amulet did have some forbidden or indefinable power, he worried now that he might not have the means to control it.

That thought reminded him of the strange man, standing in the cold water of the river, the night that Jake found the Heart. In retrospect, Jake lamented that he had not listened to the seemingly addled creep. He really hadn’t had a reason to, of course. Who in their right mind could take such testimony at face value? But if he had, then maybe he would not be reaping the rewards of this mysterious treasure, instead of tip-toeing around his new bed and wondering if he could expect a visit from the very pissed off boyfriend of a very confused delivery girl.

As Jake finished tying his shoes and snatched his car keys from the hook by the door he realized with a little embarrassment that he had no Earthly idea where it was that he intended to go. He stopped with his front door open, gazing out into the bright sunlight, and called up a little mental checklist of what he wanted to do while he was out of the house today.

Item #1: Eat something. Item #2: Continue testing this golden heart. Item #3: Eat again.

Eating, Jake was fairly certain, could be accomplished almost anywhere. This left his choice of destination largely dependant on where he believed he could best test the Heart to get a sense of the scope and strength it possessed, if any. Stepping out into the warm day and heading for his car, he recalled the words of that odd old man again, and believed he might have an idea of where to go.


The best and only lead that Jake had to go on when attempting to decipher the origins of the Heart was that it supposedly gave him ‘whatever his heart desired.’ A desire, Jake supposed to himself, is sort of like a basic need. Something that you have to have, and can’t possibly live without. And so Jake made for the place that, in the modern world, hosted all of the things that most people desired: the mall. And they had food, too!

He walked in the main entrance feeling very peculiarly self-conscious, but reassured himself that there was no way that anyone here could know about his motives, or for that matter the strange occurrences he had lived through very recently. And so he fell into the usual routine of wandering the somewhat crowded hallways of the local shopping center. This time however he felt different, as if he were on some mission of dire importance. And he might have been, but the logical part of his mind would remind him at regular intervals that this was all quite insane.

Jake never realized before now, having recently come into the proper perspective, how much of a monument to lust these malls were. Not carnal lust, or at least not always, but simple insatiable desires for those things that will make your living experience more pleasurable without actually making it any more meaningful. Each store he passed was distributing some form of self-gratification.

Life got you down? Jake began a little commercialized diatribe in his mind. Buy a pair of shoes that cost more than a small house. Noticing that you lack any relevant skills? Reaffirm your value with this computer game. He wandered by the front of a lingerie boutique. Not fuckable enough? These crotchless panties will help.

Of course they weren’t actually selling crotchless panties, but Jake felt that he was making his point, if only to himself. What he didn’t feel was any strong connection to the mindless folk ambling through the corridors. For the first time he felt like a genuine spectator, removed from the grind of desire-and-acquire that the masses around were instinctively repeating. It seemed, very much to Jake’s disappointment, that he didn’t want anything out of this place. Didn’t desire anything.

A pang of dread shot through him at that revelation. He wondered if the Heart somehow drained him. Perhaps he would only get so many uses before his ability to desire was gone altogether. That one fear began to fracture, sending out little variant concerns with rapidly increasing velocity. He decided that he had better stem that tide quickly, and decided to just do some shopping until his brain gave up and went back into hibernation.

He stopped in a music store, a dying breed in the modern age of digital distribution, and spent more time perusing their add-on items such as posters and small sculptures than he spent looking through the CDs themselves. Eventually he resolved that he wasn’t really going to buy anything anyway, so he moved on.

The next location that Jake found himself seriously considering was a novelty store, essentially an entire sales floor filled with the nick-nacks that he’d been eyeing before. He amused himself with the various inventive lighting fixtures, which ranged from simple black lights to glass spheres with ionized gas inside. One of these such devices plugged into an MP3 player, and Jake pretended that he was interested in purchasing it, but knew he would forget within moments of wandering away.

As he circumnavigated the store’s outer boundaries he came across the adult section, was the real draw of coming in. Many of the products seemed as if they were making an attempt at legitimacy, but when bordered by gummy penises on one side and Get Well cards sporting caricatures of wrinkly old women on the other, it was clearly a losing battle. Jake had just begun to peruse the novelty condoms and paraphernalia when he took note of a particularly short skirt not far in front of him.

The skirt was the color and design of the stereotypical Catholic schoolgirl outfit in red and black, but unlike the somewhat conservative genuine article, this one frilled out at an unrealistic angle, very nearly showing the bottom of the wearer’s cheeks. A series of buckles, chains, and oversized safety pins also helped in ruining the illusion.

Although Jake had been seriously tempted to allow his eyes to wander upward, so as to discover the owner of the posterior which he was almost able to admire in earnest, he instead let his eyes linger on the legs below. There was not a great deal of bare skin on the slender legs, but where that bare skin was positioned would send a thrill through any warm blooded man. Green and black striped stockings came out of heavy-soled faux leather ankle boots, and provided cover up to just above the knee. From that point up to the bottom hem of the skirt there was naught but skin, which was such an alabaster shade that it practically glowed in the faint illumination from the black lights at the rear of the store. Contrasting the black lines of the skirt and socks, the clearly very smooth and toned legs were difficult to look away from, and even lacking a complete visual of the body it would be easy to forget oneself in a fantasy which involved these legs wrapping his head, suffocating him in her womanhood.

Jake almost visibly shook as he forced his eyes to travel up, but was instantly gratified as he did so. Another band of unfettered skin rested above the waistline of this magnificent female form. Gently widening hips rose from the top of the skirt to curve inward and upward, framing in a taut belly with a dainty black pearl navel ring as its centerpiece. There was something inherently and inexplicably erotic about that eight inch swatch of flesh that lay bare around her midsection, and as Jake took in the sight his mind was filled with an illusory image of that slender tummy quivering momentarily, perhaps with anticipation, or something else.

Rising past this evocative eyeful there came an entirely clothed upper chest and arms, however not much less inspiring to the imaginative mind. Her breasts were larger than might be expected given the rest of her slight form, and were held much higher than a typical bra would allow. It was perhaps owing in part to the unique garment which enfolded her; It seemed similar to a hooded zip-front sweater, but clung tightly to the skin (perhaps only due to her generous endowment), and stopped before reaching the end of the ribs, and the arms seemed likewise formfitting. The small hood hanging from the rear of the neckline seemed decorative only.

From out of the neck and hood there lifted a delectably sylphlike neck, surmounted by a face with sharp features not unlike those of some Persian feline. Jake, previously rapt, was now ensconced. He slowly took in the features one at a time, beginning with the elegantly pointed chin, above which sat a pair of full lips, which were pursed to seem as if in a constant slight pucker. In keeping with her evocative theme, her lipstick was a shade of red that seemed very desperately to want to be black, and became so when not directly illuminated. Set not far above her pouting mouth was a slightly pointed nose, which apart from being picturesque would also be mostly unremarkable if it had not been for the tasteful stud on her left side, which matched her other (visible) piercing with a black pearl tip.

Jake’s eyes wandered to either side now to follow high cheekbones that gave her face a naturally jovial appearance, which became an exotic quality when coupled with her dark garb and various augmentations. Dark eye liner pulled his gaze upward, which drifted further yet as he noted the deep crimson mascara that spanned the distance from lash to brow, and reached as far as it dared outward to each side. The dark red, he now noted, matched the color of her smooth mane of hair, which was a deep and glossy shade of auburn hair that he was forced to suspect could not be natural, but couldn’t know without seeing more evidence. Her locks had clearly been slightly curved to travel the exact path desired, with the tresses in the back reaching to just past the shoulders and gradually shortening until becoming bangs, which curved outward on each side into small crescents that pointed directly back to the mascara which they so closely matched.

This natural flow of his gaze led Jake back to the dark lines around her eyes, which he now witnessed to be an almost iridescent shade of blue, aided certainly by specialty contact lenses, which appeared to even glow just slightly. It was then that Jake also made the realization that these beautiful eyes were gazing at him, directly.

He blushed furiously, and instinctively looked off toward a different rack, finding himself staring directly at the feather ticklers and fuzzy handcuffs. He seemed to have been given a moment of brief respite from the mortification he had felt at being caught, but his mind would have none of this and began to play the scene back for him. He attempted to focus on suppressing these images, and for a little while he was successful, dispelling his urges and managing to slowly recede from his state of lingering arousal. But even as he was beginning to relax he felt the lukewarm presence of the Heart of Gold, and realized the potential of what that meant. He lowered his defenses, and allowed his mind to wander.

As he watched the look on her face when their eyes locked in his memory for the second, and then third time, he slowly came to realize that while he had expressed humiliated shock, her look of somewhat surprise was actually mingled with something else. A slightly dreamy expression, with focus fixed on him but almost looking through him, objectifying him. He recognized it as a look he had not seen often, in fact having only seen it once, last night.

His head swiveled and craned to catch another glimpse of the exotic auburn-haired temptress, and found that she had not gone far. She stood not more than two feet from her last location, now in the middle of the toy section and holding an impressively intimidating floppy rubber cock. She seemed to be perusing it with only mild interest, as one would inspect an apple wile actually craving a peach, and seemed to be about to set it down again. Jake’s imagination had her placing it elsewhere, but the sensible part of him knew better than to expect that wish to come true.

Almost as if she sensed his eyes on her, the language of her body changed abruptly and she halted her movement to return the phallus to its stand. Her eyes flicked to the side enough to suggest that she did indeed know that he was watching, but didn’t want to break the moment with another averted glance. A seductive smirk grew from her deep red lips, and she brought the synthetic member toward her face for another look. Her tongue rapidly darted from her mouth in a snakelike fashion, stopping just short of the tip of the cock she held. Jake gasped audibly, thankful to not be standing very near to anyone at the time.

With her point apparently taken, she allowed her tongue to retreat back to its warm, moist home, but not before Jake took note of the third piercing she had. Matching the others, there were two black pearls, one resting on either side of a bar that ran through her tongue. Gently she laid the dick back where she found it, and turned slightly toward a darker portion of the store with an almost blatant ‘come hither’ saunter.

Jake’s heart jumped, and he began to second guess this whole ordeal. He began an internal debate with his own libido, thinking rationally at himself, Fucking a stranger is one thing, but I can’t really do it out in the open at the mall! He couldn’t come up with a legitimate rebuttal for that, but he still contended with, But she’s damned ready for it, isn’t she? I could get in trouble, but this would be really hot. He had a good point, he had to admit.

As lust gave way to logic, Jake decided that the intelligent course of action would be to make a few seductive comments and suggest moving to a discrete location, which she surely couldn’t deny. He took just another moment to act casual as he picked up and set one or two things down, mentally scripting his dialogue before he made his approach. Finally with a good list of openers and comebacks, he swirled around a display and headed to the rendezvous that he believed she was headed for. However she was not there, and as he combed the store with his gaze he found that she was nowhere between her apparent original destination and her original starting point.

Jake became very confused, and began to move around the shelves and racks to see the rest of the store. As he rounded one large cardboard stand with dozens of fart machines draping off of it he caught sight of her. She briskly strode out of the store, ass swaying to an unconsciously seductive beat, but otherwise looking entirely ambivalent. This did nothing to make Jake less confused, but it certainly did a lot to make him less aroused. He stared out of the now empty doorway into the hall speckled with bustling shoppers, and silently cursed to himself.


Jake wandered out of the third clothing store in a row that didn’t have anything that he wanted, now in an entirely awful mood both at missing out on what he had now convinced himself would have been the most erotic and kinky sex of his life, and depressed at the discovery that his poor mood was making his interest in other forms of sex with other attractive women harder to focus on. His little charm had not done anything to suggest that it was any more than an attractive lump of metal, and he was about ready to call it a day.

He decided to poke into one of the specialty clothing shops that mostly sold pleather garments of various usage and gothic attire. They were known to carry vintage shirts that appealed to him from time to time, and he figured that if he was going to spend an entire day at the mall he might as well come out of it with something. Seeking cover behind a wall of beanie hats sporting smart ass phrases and cute, smiling animals, he wove his way into the store undetected. It wasn’t that he minded the usual clientele, but with how he dressed – usually collared shirts and casual slacks – he tended to get those little glances from the staff that seemed to say, ‘You’re not going to wear any of this, so why are you wasting our time?’

He managed to make his way past the meager music section and finally reached the shirts he sought. There were the usual offerings of logos, both classic and resigned, of old cartoons and video games that he’d been a fan of as a kid. One or two were new, and there was one in particular that melded the logos of two different shows into an interesting composite image. He wasn’t really a big fan of any of them, but his eye was caught by a simple looking shirt that seemed abstract enough but was actually an inside reference to a cult film that had come out a month or so prior. Satisfied that this was subtle enough for what he believed to be his superior sense of humor, he plucked a large out of the pile and began his weaving course back to the cashier’s island.

He dropped the shirt, which thankfully made essentially no sound as the loose cloth created an immediately disheveled looking pile as it touched down. He had been moving into position to see who was working today so that he could guess at how many annoyed glances he would get as he was rung up, and discovered that one of the two employees must be a relatively new hire. The woman currently operating the register had auburn hair and iridescent blue eyes, and was wearing a mini-skirt and a unique short hooded sweater, and a name tag that read, ‘Rosa.’

Jake’s heart very nearly strangled him as it jumped up into his throat. Even knowing that the likelihood of his accidental stumble at dropping his shirt being noticed was slim, he still made to snatch it up quickly and move out of sight. He attempted to calm himself, both his nerves and his growing erection at being suddenly reminded of her tantalizing tease with the rubber cock. He got his breathing down and formulated a bit of a plan, this time knowing that he could take a little longer since she was a little less likely to simply wander away. When he thought that he had come up with an acceptable approach, he turned and strode out to the register.

His timing was perfect, as he was the only customer near the checkout, and the other employee had just wandered off to restock the window display. He placed his desired purchase on the counter and waited for her to give him the cue he needed.

Though Rosa’s eyes did flick up and see him, she seemed to react no differently than if he were any other customer. She reached for the shirt and began to fumble to get her laser scanner to read the barcode. Jake panicked for a moment as he worried that there had been some misunderstanding. Oh God, what if she was looking at someone behind me before? He started to chicken out, and then realized that she was addressing him.

“So… nothing else?” She looked at him flatly, making it clear that there was no way that she had any interest in him other than to pay and leave.

Even as Jake’s heart and hopes sank, his eyes locked with hers and he was immediately lost again. He knew the effect wasn’t natural, but the stark contrast between the crystal blue of her irises and the deep red of her mascara bound him, and he began to remember the journey he had taken earlier to get there. He was pulled from his little fugue by a slight pinch in his chest, and then noted that there was also a change occurring in Rosa’s expression.

She seemed confused for a moment, and then relaxed, and finally she ceased staring through Jake and met his gaze meaningfully. She sighed a little, but not in exasperation, and leaned in to speak in lower tones. Placing one hand on the shirt on the counter she throatily said, “Are you sure this is going to fit?”

Jake couldn’t miss the undertones, but in his mild inexperience he wasn’t quite capable of putting his finger on the exact innuendo she was trying to make was. He didn’t have more than a moment to ponder it when she finished, “How about we go to the dressing room in the back and find out?”

Damn, was the best Jake could muster in his mind as he realized that all of his efforts in coming up with a lead-in were wasted. At the same time he knew that this store had no dressing room that he had ever seen. Rosa was already turning though, and Jake had to quickly snatch his garment and attempt to follow, taking a slightly different route to seem as if he was moving independently of her.

Rosa flagged down the stocking employee in the front. “I’m taking ten,” she called, waving a hand dismissively.

“You just got back from lunch half an hour ago,” returned the girl by the window, still carrying a full load of clothing under one arm.

Rosa just shrugged, turning away and heading toward the rear of the store. “Whatever,” she said with the most sincere sound of insincerity Jake had ever heard. The other employee did not look amused.

As Rosa reached a short hallway near the back wall, Jake still many strides behind, she slipped in, glanced over her shoulder, and opened the first of two doors marked with signs clearly indicating that they were for employees only. She released the door to elicit a loud thunk sound as it fell closed, making it appear as if she had ducked inside while she actually continued on deeper into the passage. Jake followed with an impressed smirk, but his heart was pounding as he still attempted to wrap his mind around the fact that this was actually happening.

He stayed on Rosa’s heels as she slipped a key into the second door and opened it smoothly with deft movements. Jake couldn’t help but turn to glance behind as he entered the room, possessed with the concern and thrill of being caught. He saw no one from the vantage point afforded by the tight passage, and breathed a slight sigh of relief as the door closed to block his view and clicked into a locked position automatically.

His experience of absolute ferocity from the previous night left him a little surprised when he didn’t feel anyone groping at him immediately after closing the door, but as he turned around he received his explanation. The two of them were in an impeccably clean restroom. Rosa was facing away from him now, standing roughly halfway between the toilet and sink and was bent nearly far enough to touch her nose to the floor, her thumbs tucked into the waistband of a pair of white cotton briefs. Jake thought that particular accessory odd at first, until he realized with a little rush of excitement that they were intended to match the theme of her schoolgirl skirt.

She expertly plied the undergarment from between her legs and stepped out of it one foot at a time, then stood and gazed at Jake with a sultry smile. He could just barely detect the aroma of feminine musk that now began to fill the air, and he felt himself jump a little, his throbbing erection straining for freedom from his restricting pants.

Still not nearly as pushy as he had been expecting, Rosa just allowed her grin to expand at the slight jump she saw. She leaned back against the wall of the room, which Jake now noticed seemed to be handicap accessible with handrails running along three walls. Rosa made a soft cooing noise, which faded into a low “Mmmmmm.” She looked anticipatory, and then swiftly pivoted on the ball of one foot, turning to face the wall. She placed her hands on the rail and took a small step backward, jutting her pelvis back at Jake. She looked at him over her shoulder through narrowed eyes and said, almost pleadingly, “Don’t you want to see if it fits?”

Jake dropped the shirt again, a little more purposefully but still without conscious thought. He attempted to casually step forward, resulting in something more like a lurch. Rosa giggled quite naturally, sounding even more enticing given the very un-giggle-like nature that her image produced. She straightened up a bit and turned partially, saying, “You look like you don’t quite have your land legs yet, sailor.” She turned one corner of her mouth up in a smirk and finished off with, “No need to rush. How about a test dive?” She stepped over to a bench that ran the length of one wall and plopped down. Slowly she parted her legs, a hand tracing gently up her inner thigh.

It was a little alarming at first that she was so devoted to her own pleasure. Jake began to wonder again if this ‘bring you your hearts desire’ bullshit was, well, bullshit. He stopped himself from spending more than a moment on it, worried that if he decided it to be a hoax that he would lose his confidence. For the time being he just guessed that he must have some subconscious desire to gratify a woman with his mouth, and assumed a kneeling position between Rosa’s legs. She leaned her head back before he was even close, and sighed with contentment.

Jake realized that he was indeed about to pleasure Rosa, but was a little concerned that he would not be up to the task. He had performed pretty much all of the standard (hetero-) sexual acts up to, but not including, anal sex. That didn’t mean that he was any good at them though, and the handful of partners he had performed cunnilingus on hadn’t really been forthcoming with a lot of advice. Never one to keep a lady waiting though, he leaned forward and placed a hand on each thigh. Rosa jumped slightly at his touch, and Jake jumped slightly at her jump. Her smile was enough of a sign for him to know that all was well, and he moved in closer.

He tested experimentally with a long and gentle lick at her outer lips, and was now in such a position to realize that either Rosa’s hair color was entirely natural, or she was very devoted to keeping up appearances. As he moved for his second and slightly more aggressive pass with his tongue he allowed his eyes to focus on the trim fuzz above her mound. She didn’t seem to be going for any particular shape, though she did keep the hair about an inch away from her lips and not too long overall. On his third stroke Jake allowed his nose to nuzzle the edge of the hairline, and though Rosa didn’t seem to get anything out of it, he felt a slight stirring in himself.

Tongue now parting her lips and pushing slightly into her entrance, his reward was the sweet taste of her innate lubrication, and he licked at it vigorously. Jake was getting quite worked up, but not nearly to the extent of his partner. She gently released an ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’ in time with each increasingly persistent lap of his tongue. Eventually, both believing that he had tormented her sufficiently and not enough, he lengthened his licks to flick against her clitoris, becoming quick and insistent at the end of each pass. The first such maneuver earned Jake the soft sound of a sharp intake of breath. After that she seemed to anticipate the action and so would tense up just before, riding the sensation breathlessly. Jake was annoyed with this, and so stopped the tongue flicking until she relaxed again, and then began doing it at random intervals.

He removed his right hand from her left leg gently, which resulted in Rosa’s soft pleading as she believed that he was getting up. A low “Uh-ah-mmm,” escaped her as she felt his index finger smoothly slip into her tight passage, and he began to lick almost exclusively against the hood and bud above her entrance, finger-fucking her slowly. She was quite slick, and Jake knew that she needed no further preparation. Still, he was enjoying the quivers and shakes that rocked her spontaneously as he tongued or rubbed a particularly sensitive location.

With a devilish grin he stopped licking at the apex of one stroke, halting his mouth where it was. Rosa did not have time to protest as he enclosed his pursed lips below her hood and applied a little suction. She growled in pleasure at the intense stimulation of her clit, and Jake increased the speed of his finger’s thrusting. As he did so he felt something on his head and realized that Rosa had reached down to pull him closer with her hands. He grinned around her, alternating between gentle sucking and darting his tongue out to swirl around her bud.

As a memory from earlier resurfaced, Jake also removed his left hand and positioned it on her outer thigh. She didn’t get the message at first, but with his gentle urging she moved one leg and then the other to rest on his shoulders. Her hands returned to the railing to help keep her upright, and she carefully squeezed with her thighs, attempting to be as gentle as possible to avoid hurting him, but as he continued to tongue her she would occasionally spasm and clench down. Jake didn’t mind one bit, and began getting more and more aggressive to attempt to encourage her.

Jake had, as of yet, only brought one woman to orgasm through oral stimulation, but he began to believe that if he truly desired to repeat that, things would be coming to a head very soon. Abruptly his hopes were dashed as Rosa threw her legs open and put a hand under his chin to pull his attention upward. Jake’s finger somewhat reflexively slid from her entrance, as he was concerned that something was wrong, and he waited for her to indicate the problem.

“Why aren’t you fucking me yet?”

Jake was a little surprised by Rosa’s words, but didn’t allow it to hinder the zeal with which he lifted himself to kneel before her. He quickly tore open the button and fly of his pants, retrieving a startlingly hard seven inches as he pushed the slacks down around his thighs. He had foregone undergarments this morning, leaving his cock pulsing rhythmically just inches from her eager pussy with little hesitation.

A moment’s concern washed over him as he realized that he had no protection, and he couldn’t be certain that she was clean. He sensed just a slight heat in his chest, and knew intuitively that if there had been a concern before, it was now gone.

Rosa must have read his hesitation as trepidation. “Don’t chicken out now, Stud.” Jake’s eyes shot up to meet hers, and he noticed a thin sheen of sweat on her brow. “I won’t bite,” she continued, “unless you’re into that stuff.”

Jake really wasn’t, but any offer from her that was even remotely sexual at this point was almost sure to get him on board. Given the choice between more kinky horseplay and the genuine, real-deal fucking however, he had to pick the latter. He leaned forward a little, eyes glancing back down to confirm that he was on course. As his head just barely brushed against her lips he hesitated again, this time for effect. She growled erotically at the tease and reached for his hips with one hand.

Jake was falling back into the rhythm of things, but even with the surge of power he felt at the realization of what he was doing, he couldn’t possibly try to play hard to get with a partner so enthusiastic. He allowed Rosa to tug him closer, and as she did the first three inches of his shaft pressed into her unopposed. They both gasped, and shared a mutual thrill as that moment froze in time. Though he had spent a notable amount of time entrapped in the beauty of her eyes already today, he now found entirely new meaning there. He could have just stayed in that pose for days, searching those hypnotizing eyes.

He was apparently not allowed to do that, as Rosa softly urged him forward by pulling her legs in to nudge the back of his thighs with her heels. Jake took the hint and crept forward a little on his knees, but was careful not to push much deeper into her. She squealed quietly in protest, but quieted a little as he pushed in another inch and a half to appease her, and then another. She began to lean her head back, and Jake was forced to react quickly or lose his opportunity.

He pushed in the remaining length of his cock and came to rest with his balls pressed up between them. Rosa reacted to the sudden completion of his entry by looking forward to find his eyes again, and when she did found rather his mouth as he pressed it to hers. Jake had realized that he hadn’t even kissed her yet, and felt that it could not go on.

At first she seemed to protest, her body tense and her lips tightly closed. Jake would have none of this, and he slowly pulled out and then pumped his rod back into her now very wet vagina. This eased her body some, and Jake was able to dart a tongue between her lips. He was concerned that this would cause her to recoil, as he was certain that he still smelled and tasted of her. To his delight and surprise, she seemed to be encouraged by his actions. Her returned kissing was passionate and vigorous, and her legs pulled at him again. He pressed his pelvis into her, not sure how he was even able to penetrate her any deeper, but she moaned in approval all the same.

Jake started an easy pattern at first of drawing himself away until only his head remained resting inside her, and then pressed forward quickly but carefully until he was entirely immersed. On particularly swift or strong strokes he was greeted with a quiet grunt, and she trembled each time he drew out too far and slipped free to brush her clit. He would realign himself and press forward with even greater fervor.

Rosa tightened her grip on him with her legs eventually, disallowing his usual tactic. He struggled to continue however, pulling back just slightly and then leaning into her with most of his weight. She continued to maneuver her legs to restrict his motion more and more, and eventually he was simply pulling his pelvis back with a short trust of his hips and reversing momentum to refill her. The moans she was generating became more ragged at this, and he realized that her positioning of him had been devious and intentional. He rewarded her by picking up his pace, but felt that he could not hold out for long.

Jake’s momentum stayed strong for about another minute or two before he realized that this would all be over very quickly. Rosa’s still clothed chest was heaving now, and she looked at him with thirsty eyes, her mouth hanging open slightly as she attempted to breathe. This all made it that much more difficult for Jake to do what he needed to, but he simply bit his lip and followed through. He pulled free of her, halting his orgasm’s build just in time.

“God… damn it!” spat Rosa, shuddering once, and then again. She was nearly glaring at Jake.

He thought for a moment, and then asked a little shyly, “Did you just…?”

“No!” she cut off, clearly upset but still horny. “Why did you stop?”

“I was too close, I…” he trailed off, embarrassed and also confused. He was questioning the Heart again. She seemed to have no regard for his orgasm, caring only about her own. But his previous encounter had been quite the opposite. This time he was not prevented his thought process, but decided to stop it on his own to attend to matters at hand.

He stood quickly, leaving Rosa’s face perilously close to his sensitive erection. She looked up at him with a speculative glance that let him know what she thought he wanted. For a moment he recalled the intense orgasm of the previous day, and a gentle heat emanated from the Heart again, but he stopped it by quickly reaching down and pulling Rosa to her feet. His desire may have been for immediate gratification, but that wasn’t what his conscious mind wanted.

Rosa seemed quite shocked at his sudden manhandling, but as he continued to guide her she relaxed and assisted his conduction. He returned her to the original position she had suggested to him; She faced the wall, now leaning against it with hands (and breasts) supporting her. Her ass was sticking out behind her, hips turned slightly to grant him access to her inviting slit. Jake stepped entirely out of his pants, and gently nudged her feet further apart. He couldn’t help realizing how nonchalantly he was behaving, and noted that he should investigate this aspect of the Heart as well.

Positioning his head near her sopping tunnel, he spared himself a moment to admire her round and firm cheeks. He gripped her right buttock lightly as he used his left hand to take hold of himself. A little nudge forward pressed his tip into her pussy, eliciting a little sigh, as if she were comforted by his presence inside her. He drew out again, to a low whimper of despair, and leaned in to rub himself against her clit. She continued to moan softly even as he pulled away, sliding his lubricated tip back across her lips and entrance, and traced all the way up to the rosebud of her asshole. She did not immediately recoil, or really react at all, and Jake felt the beginnings of an inclination come on.

He begrudgingly guided his shaft back to her vagina, realizing that he was still not certain if the Heart was responsible for this encounter, and he’d rather not mess things up with a gamble of that magnitude. He pushed forward with a smooth motion, and as her tight walls enclosed him he forgot all of his previous intentions.

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