Awakening from her slumber; Ilyana’s eyes surveyed the one who dropped her into the bath: a giantess with remarkably red hair who grinned at the Zamoran’s surprised expression.

Before she managed an utterance, the redhead seized her ankles and dragged her loins out of the water. Kneeling, the mysterious ruffian inspected her soaking pubic hair with eyes that obviously lusted for her pudenda. Ilyana attempted to address this ginger haired ogress, but once again, only unintelligible sounds escaped her lips as a bar of soap started lathering her soiled mons veneris. The aforementioned object then roughly parted their way between the folds of her vulva; followed by fingers that unceremoniously jammed themselves into her vagina.

Manipulated in such a barbaric fashion, Ilyana considered the she-devil’s origins as she fingered the bride to orgasm. The woman’s gargantuan frame suggested somewhere north like Vanaheim. On the other hand, for one of the demoness’s digits dug into her anus around the time she last climaxed, her tanned skin pointed south to Cimmeria. Confused by these contradictory thoughts and the fist that surprisingly fit her passage, she yelled:

- Who are you?

Leaving her hand sheathed in Ilyana’s vagina, but not stirring her womb through further movements, the stranger answered:

- I am Sybil… a Cimmerian!

Quickly, before the abusive barbarian possessed some notion to proceed, she asked:

- What are you doing here?

Seemingly annoyed by her second query, Sibyl retorted:

- To clean you… as your husband commanded me to do!

She suddenly massaged her sex to paroxysm — rendering Ilyana incomprehensible as she moaned in satisfaction. Forcing herself to recover her wits, she inquired:

- Do you need to make me cum too?

Responding in a most perverse manner, Sibyl aligned her mound to plunge her considerable clitoris into the Zamoran’s vagina. The tribade stroked her opening — making the bride beg for more of her phallic nub before gratifying Ilyana with a reply to her forgotten question:

- Yes… I am to teach you many things before your husband returns….

Sibyl employed her engorged clitoris like a penis, penetrating Ilyana’s pussy and collecting the juices pooling within her sheathe. Shining with the Zamoran’s cum, the pearl then rubbed against Ilyana’s glans. Ejaculate from both vaginas ran down the legs of the barbarian. Her hands, which held the Zamoran in place by the ankles, tightened their grip on Ilyana’s limbs as her feet lost purchase.

With hips extended forward — the Cimmerian thrust her cunt into Ilyana as Sibyl pitched into the tub and on top of the surprised bride. The savage’s great weight pressed down on Ilyana and she nearly drowned in the vessel as she struggled to surface her nose above the steamy bathwater. When she emerged at the other end of the bathtub, the barbarian pursued her lips until their mouths met in a forceful kiss.

Her brutish osculations continued as her hands found the soap lodged underneath Ilyana’s rump. Bringing the bar out of the water, Sibyl raised the Zamoran’s left arm and scrubbed her underarm, letting the hairs of her armpit lather before washing the foam away with water. Then, pressing her face into the bride’s axilla, Sibyl smelled the cavity for unwanted odors and licked her tongue to confirm the underarm’s state of cleanliness. Once satisfied, she brought her nose once again into the down covering Ilyana’s armpit, to enjoy the scent of her saliva mixed with aroma of the soap and pronounced:

- That part is now clean….

The giantess next performed a similar ritual of ablution on Ilyana’s other axilla, but perceptibly taking more time to bury her countenance in the down covering her underarm. As Sibyl lingered around the Zamoran’s right armpit — perhaps in admiration of a particular odor trapped within the locks of her black axillary hair — Ilyana asked:

- Since you like smelling me… perhaps you can tell me how old you are?

Of a mind to condescend her for this one occasion, Sibyl reluctantly stopped kissing her underarm to answer (albeit truculently):

- Nineteen… which makes me one year older than you….

Her mood broken by the Zamoran’s incessant inquiries, Sibyl applied the bar of soap on Ilyana’s bosom. She soaped the younger girl’s breasts and labored to scour away the dried semen left on the Zamoran’s breasts. When she accomplished this duty, she then brought her own breast to the Zamoran bride’s face and said to Ilyana:

- I heard that have not eaten since yesterday…. Nurse from me if you are hungry…. You may repay me when you give birth to your first child….

Too famished to refuse Sibyl’s gesture, Ilyana suckled the barbarian right breast. The Zamoran gulped down Sibyl’s breastmilk like one denied food for a week instead of the single day since she last took in nourishment. Circling her arms around the Cimmerian’s massive torso, Ilyana pressed her lips against Sibyl’s large nipple, opening her mouth to take in more of the Cimmerian’s milk.

While the Zamoran inhaled the maternal scent of her new lover, Sibyl transported her bar of soap to unnecessarily brush the younger woman’s already cleansed vulva. Unfortunately for the savage tribade, her ignorance of Ilyana’s bad habit – of biting whenever she orgasmed while breastfeeding – resulted in agony when her frotting hand induced a paroxysm of the bride’s womb. She fought to suppress a scream and unceremoniously brought her palm down several times on Ilyana’s derriere.

When Ilyana released the Cimmerian from her bite, Sibyl smothered Ilyana’s countenance with a kiss before burying the Zamoran underneath her vulva. Her head pinned between the lip of the tub and the red headed giantess’s groin, Ilyana knew to comply when she heard Sibyl exclaim:

- Lick my cunt clean, bitch!

Trapped next to the Cimmerian’s powerful limbs, her ears felt the ticklish softness of the hairs on Sibyl’s inner thighs while her face brushed up against the older woman’s coarse pubic hair. Luckily, her tongue found the entrance to the barbarian’s passage, which Ilyana licked in order to coax open and perhaps stimulate through cunnilingus. Indeed, she felt the clitoris emerging from Sibyl’s hood. Chancing that the savage might like to have her nub nursed by the Zamoran, Ilyana put her lips on the ogress’s pearl and sucked Sibyl’s hardening glans.

Squeezing Ilyana’s head hard as she came; Sibyl orgasmed and drowned her partner in her fluids as her ejaculate poured down on Ilyana’s face. She heard the Zamoran coughing as her juices went into Ilyana’s nose. Fondling her breasts, Sibyl allowed a paroxysm to course through her muscular body before rising to liberate Ilyana from her suffocating loins. As she admired the other girl’s countenance, drenched in her Cimmerian spend, she asked:

- Have you something to say, bitch?

Not wanting more chastisement for the day, Ilyana intuitively replied:

- Thank you for bathing me, Sibyl….

Still unsatisfied with her answer, she added:

- And?

Hoping to mollify the red headed barbarian, Ilyana also said:

- And for feeding me with your breastmilk….

Pleased with the Zamoran’s latter compliment, Sibyl kissed Ilyana and then helped her out of the bathtub. After drying Ilyana’s petite figure with a towel, she hefted the heavy brass vessel onto her left shoulder and departed in the nude to dispose of the bathwater. However, as if remembering a piece of intelligence she needed to convey, she stuck her head back into the pavilion in order to say:

- You may rest, but must remain naked…. I will return soon to finish your preparations for the evening!

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