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Pandora Jenkins didn’t come back to school until Thursday of that week. I came everyday — both to school and during. Every time I saw someone looking at their cell phone, I quivered in lust; I knew that they were looking at the photos of me. I wasn’t nude in them, but I might as well have been. My Batgirl costume was highly transparent in the flash of Joey Jackson’s camera, much like the dresses of starlets under that of the paparazzi.

There were two saving graces. First, nobody knew who I was. Second, it was what I’d fantasized about. Not this exact situation. I mean, everyone in the school seeing photos of my nearly naked body — only a mask protecting my identity — even the Principal, that wasn’t quite my plan. But it was fine by me.

Joey Jackson, on the Tuesday I’d returned, was called to the principal’s office, but nothing happened beyond that. Rumor had it, at least those I’d overheard in my eavesdropping, that he’d denied everything and, without any real proof existing, was sent back to class. I’d fallen back into baggy unobtrusive clothes and savored the sensations of shame, embarrassment, and at times pride that occurred every time I saw someone looking at my images. I even saw teachers at the school looking a few times.

One thing I’d chanced, early Wednesday morning, was to slip a note into Joey’s and Pandora’s lockers. In Pandora’s I said “Pandora, don’t be embarrassed. I didn’t leave because of you or your kiss, but because I was about to lose control with you. You were amazing and I hope someday that we have the chance to do it again. Love Batgirl.” In Joey’s, the note simply said, “You bad, bad boy. XOXO Batgirl.”

Pandora, by Friday, was walking tall, laughing about her experience, and making new friends because of her celebrity. Joey — I was watching — got quite hot, bothered, and hard when he read the note. I was in invisible mode, reading a book down the hall, and he never even noticed me as he looked around for a sexy Batgirl. Even from down the hall, I could see the bulge in his pants, and this was confirmed when two girls walking by pointed and started gigging.


I was nervous for a few weeks that someone would figure out that I was Batgirl. I was feeling, perhaps not exactly the same, but somewhat like a superhero trying to preserve their secret identity. I wasn’t ready for people to know my secret.

Late November was wet and rainy. I went out shopping a few times without a coat just to see people’s reactions to my wet shirts. I wore as many as 3 shirts on one trip, changing twice during the day. I would run to and from my car in the rain, letting people see me run past, the fabric of my shirts clinging to my body. I didn’t go farther than that, though; I was still overwhelmed.

As December began, I realized that my revealing photos were no longer making a daily appearance in my life. I’d gotten away with IT, and gotten away with wonderful memories to boot!

I’d picked up, during my shopping trips, some more clothing, this kept secret from my family. Mostly it was underwear or bathing suits. I’d try different outfits on at night in my room. I even put on my batgirl costume a few times. My experiences always ended with my coming quietly in my room.

My secret was safe when I went to school that Monday.

At 10:37 AM, I heard a girl’s voice behind me, “Hi Batgirl.”

I spun around, likely looking horrified, “What?”

“Shh….I don’t want to tell anyone, and if you freak out, people will hear you.” She was short, maybe five feet tall, and busty. Her short black hair framed an attractive face with large plump lips.

“I’m not Batgirl. Why would you think that?” I was rambling.

“Shutup already…really, let’s move over here.” She led me away from everyone in the cafeteria, the place most students congregated when it was raining out. I was in her power, and I knew it.

“Why do you think I’m that Batgirl?”

“I don’t think I know. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone, I promise!”

I paused at her plaintive look.

“Really,” she sounded honest, “I’m new in town and moved in to a house a few streets over from you. I was looking at the moon with my telescope and, well, sometimes I look in windows, and I saw you.”

“Saw me?” I was beginning to panic. I never though to close my blinds, but as our house is quite tall, I never worried about been seen by people outside. I mean. OK…that was something I should have thought of, all things considered. But now my secret was out. Out. What was going to happen? And yes, I was getting wet.

“You watched me?”

“Um. Not just you. All sorts of people. But you were one of the most frequent. I mean you…”


“You spent entire nights trying on different underwear and bathing suits and mostly naked. None of you other neighbors did that. At least not as much.”


“And I saw you try on that Batgirl costume. Several times. And while I’m new in town and at this school, I still saw the photos that were going around.”

“You did?” I looked down, more embarrassed than I’d ever been.

“It’s OK. Honest. I liked seeing them. I think you were very brave. I could never do something like that.”

“I didn’t know it would happen that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just wanted to feel sexy. Um…”

“That’s what most of the women are saying, ‘She probably didn’t realize it was see-though…’ Though, many of them are also saying that even then, the outfit was pretty um, tight.”

“It was, but…” I hesitated, not knowing why I was talking at all, “…I just wanted to be seen for a change.” Her brow furrowed as she considered that. “I mean that, I’m a nobody here at school. You’re the first person who’s actually spoken to me in a week here. I’m invisible.” “I wondered about that. I admit I’ve been watching for a few days, wondering if I dare say anything to you. I’m not exactly Ms. Popular myself. I don’t know anyone either, really. I was kinda hoping you might want to hang out? Maybe we can talk more after school at my place?”

I stood there floored. I was actually being invited to someone’s home in a social capacity.

She was staring at me.



The afternoon raced by as I pondered what was going on? Was she going to blackmail me? What she going to tell everyone? Was she going to ravage me? But the one that stuck with me — the hope was, “Was she going to be my friend?”

At 2:57pm, we met in front of the school. “I was afraid you weren’t going to show up or were going to turn me in for being a peeping Tom.”

This disarmed me, for I’d been dreading something harsh. This sounded like she was nervous too. “I decided to trust you.”

“Well, let’s go. Umm…I just realized, I don’t even know your name.”

I laughed starting to feel at ease, “Oh my gosh, I don’t know yours either! I’m Susan.”

“Susan — it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance,” her hand reached toward me as she performed a slight bow, “I’m Kristi.”

And with that we started wandering toward her house, asking progressively more confident questions as we learned about each other. Krist had moved here with her Mother and two older brothers in October after her parents split-up. She missed her father, but was going to visit him over Christmas break.

Neither of us brought up the reason for our meeting. I think we were both waiting for some privacy at her place to do so. As we walked I realized that I really, truly, might actually be making a friend.

When we arrived at her place, nobody was home. She gave me a tour through a nice place. It was a large house I’d seen from my window, but it wasn’t close enough for me to see detail within the windows from my place. There were four bedrooms on the fourth floor. We peeked in her mother’s tidy room, her brother’s messy room, and her other brother’s tidy room.

Kristi’s room made me smile. It was just like she was in appearance. Oh — I’ve not described Kristi to you yet. Well, Kristi is 5 feet exactly she told me, though she admitted in a whisper that she was only 4 feet 11 ¾ inches tall. I’d say she’s trim, but her breasts are much larger than mine, I’d guess a D at least. Kristi had deep black hair and was dressed in black. Her walls were painted black, her furniture black Ikea constructions; Kristi had bright fun jewelry on her fingers, and her backpack was covered in humorous and ironic pins; every flat surface was covered with stickers and lacquered-over writings. It was fascinating.

And she had a telescope.

She closed her door and we just stood there in silence.

“You can look.”

I walked over and looked through and there was my window. Through the window you could see my stand-up mirror in the corner of my room. At least my bed wasn’t there, or she’d have likely seen me masturbating too. I flushed at the thought. So she’d seen me from the thighs up naked and preening. I felt wet.

“I’m so sorry, but you just looked so sexy and, come on, admit it, you’d look too if you saw something like that.”

I continued to blush.

“See…you’re blushing. You know it’s true.”

I nodded to confirm for her.

“Are you…?”

“GAY? No…well, not really. But sorta. I mean, I’ve kissed some girls and stuff, and had fun. I like boys though, in fact, my Mom’s agreed to let my boyfriend visit and even stay in my room the week before Christmas break. He’s done university a week before us, so he can come out.”

“Wow. My folks would never let a guy sleep in my room with me. Though, they’d never believe it if I brought one home either.”

“We’ve been going out for 3 years now, so my mom’s reconciled to things. My dad doesn’t know though. He’s a bit more old-fashioned, but he’s getting better. I miss my guy though.”

“I’ll bet.”

There was silence again. “Are you mad?”


“That I was peeping on you?”

I thought about it for a moment and told her, “Honestly, not really. I mean, I’ve been trying to dress and be sexier to get noticed and looked at — that’s why the Batgirl costume — and I’m just relieved you’re not telling everyone it was me.”

There was a knock at her door and it swung open. “Hey! Kristi! Oh! Hi!”

“Brian, stop shouting please and when you knock, you’re supposed to WAIT TO BE INVITED IN.”

“Yeah, anyway, we’re home and Mom wants to know what you feel like for dinner. Hawaiian or Supreme? And who’s your friend?”

“Brian, this is Susan. Susan — Brian, my messy brother. Dean, his twin, is probably in his room reading. He’s pretty quiet.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said as I tried not to blush. I mean, speaking to a boy that was actually cute.

“You too Susan. I hope I see more of you.”

“So do I.” I said it without thinking and think I heard Kristi let out a giggle.

“OK Brian. Tell Mom I suggest we get Hawaiian, but don’t really care and get out of here.”

I looked out the window and stood too, “It’s getting dark and I really should head home.”

Brian left the room and Kristi stood up beside me. “I’m really glad I met you. I really enjoyed the afternoon with you.”

“So did I.”

Kristi walked me downstairs, introducing me to her mother Beverly. At the door she gave me a hug and I hugged her back tightly.

“And it’s kinda hot to know you enjoyed looking at me like that,” was my whisper before I walked home in the night.


When I got home I didn’t turn on my lights in my bedroom as I closed my door. I walked over to my window and looked out toward Kristi’s house. It was there in the distance, and I could, indeed see windows lit and people moving past them now and then. The curtains on the bottom floor were all closed, but on the top they were open. Alas, my vision wasn’t good enough to really see more tan vague shapes.

At that point I remembered the old binoculars hanging garage. I think they’d been my grandfathers from his time in the Coast Guard. They were big and surprisingly heavy and said on them, 12×60. I’m not sure what that meant, but when I held them up to my face it was as though Kristi’s house was just across one street instead of a couple blocks away. I realized that one of her brothers was reading on his bed. He was visible from the waste up as he reclined, a large book on his lap.

I put the binoculars down suddenly. I realized that the idea of looking at someone else WAS exciting, especially a cute guy like Brian or…Dean. It must be Dean, because he was reading and, if my memory was correct, his was the clean room beside Kristi’s.

At that moment Kristi walked into her room and stood at the window. Somehow they’d drifted back up to my face during my thinking about Dean.

I reached over and turned on my bedside lamp. I watched as Kristi moved back behind her telescope and looked toward me. I waved, and she waved back. And then she lifted up her black t-shirt and flashed her black bra and smooth stomach at me. I laughed and realized I had made a friend.

And then I was called down for diner.


Dinner took forever, and when I returned upstairs and again glanced outside Kristi’s light was off, but Dean, her bother, had left his light on. Nobody was in his room, though, that I could see, even with binoculars. I finally lay on my bed and did my homework, thinking about Kristi, her brothers, and the fact that I had a new friend. Actually, that I had A friend. My first real friend. I hoped.

A bit later I turned off my lights, and waited for a few minutes. I then crept to the window and looked out with the binoculars. Kristi’s lights were on again, but I didn’t see her. Just her telescope and her bed in the background, also from about half-way up. It was setup the same way as her brother’s room, it would seem.

He was laying in his bed reading again, and I watched him for a while. He wasn’t doing much other than reading, but it was enough to get me wet. I watched as he flipped pages in his book.

At one point he looked up, said something, and then his brother walked in and sat on the window ledge, his back to me. I felt a bit odd watching these strangers, well, the back of a stranger and the lower head of another one. After his brother left the room, Brian got up and vanished from my sight for a moment. I saw a few bodies moving behind the downstairs curtains and then lights started to go off.

At that moment, Kristi came into her room and I saw her look toward my house. My lights were off, so she couldn’t see me, and didn’t even try her telescope. I realized that it was close to 10pm now, and that I should probably start getting ready for bed. Perhaps the fact that Kristi might watch me, now, in front of my mirror had something to do with what I did next.

I was nervous as I walked over and turned on the lights to my room. I made sure my door was closed as I walked back in front of the window, trying to act casual. I pulled off my sweater as I walked back across the window, letting whoever might be watching know that I was getting undressed. I went back in front of the mirror and started to undo my shirt. It was a flannel deal, nothing too sexy. Under it, though, I was wearing a sheer thin bra from American Apparel. I turned a bit and walked back and forth in front of my window, pretending to organize things around my room.

I walked out of the window’s frame with a rapidly beating heart. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I tried to think about how to look normal as I got undressed and decided to take off my pants out-of view before walking back in front of the window, this time wearing only my matching bra and panties. They wrapped around my hips and covered most of my ass cheeks, but were just as sheer as the bra; the shadow of my ass cleft was definitely obvious through the thin fabric.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself, turning to look at my ass in the mirror while showing the front of my body to the window. After a minute or two, I realized that I was ready to come, and decided that I wasn’t ready to share that show yet. I moved out of the window, turned off my lights and lay on my bed, prior to doing what I had to. My fingers buried themselves and seconds later I had come. My panties were soaked, as were my thighs. I dried off with a towel, and discarded everything in my laundry hamper.

Returning to the window, crouched down, I looked out with my binoculars. Lights were off in Kristi’s room; I wasn’t sure if that’s because Kristi was watching for me, or if she was asleep. I was about to give up when Brian walked back into the picture in a bathrobe and with a towel in hand, drying his hair. He then walked over to and climbed in his bed. What kept my attention was the fact that he dropped his bathrobe before getting there. He was naked. I didn’t see his family jewels, but did enjoy focusing on his ass and back. He was taller than I was, perhaps 6 feet, and looked like he swam a lot. His back was broad and his hips narrow. He reaOched over and turned out the lights.

The dreams I had that night were very nice.

*** Over the next little while, Kristi and I got to know each other better. We spent evenings talking on the phone — enough so that my folks treated me to a cell phone with one of those “call any 5 numbers as much as you like” deals. Kristi’s was the only number in there, besides my home’s phone. I watched some, and caught Kristi watching me some. I didn’t try on the Batgirl costume anymore, and didn’t model quite so much, but I did now and then. We didn’t talk much about that side of our relationship, at least for the first week I knew her.

“Um, I’ve got a favor to ask you,” she whispered on the phone one night.

“Of course, anything.”

“Well, don’t say that yet. I mean, I know you flash me now and then, but I’m wondering…”

“Yes…” was my timid answer.

“Well, my boyfriend Rob is coming out Saturday night.”

“I know, and you must be so excited. I won’t be bothered by you spending a lot of time with him. I understand.”

“That’s not it, exactly.” She looked down, obviously afraid to make her request.

“It’s OK Kristi. You can ask. I promise I won’t get mad. The worst that can happen is I can say ‘No.’ “

“Well, I mean, would it be all right if I let him peek at you through my telescope? He used to like looking through it back home.” Again she stopped.

“At me?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, you know I like to watch you.” She blushed here, her pale skin turning bright pink.

“Um…” I was embarrassed here, knowing that she knew and accepted that I liked the idea of being watched. “I don’t know, honestly, if I could do that. I mean, it’s one thing if you know I like to be watched a bit. It’s another for other people to know. I mean, I don’t want anyone to know I like it. I’m too embarrassed and don’t want to get known as a slut or show-off.”

“Oh, that makes sense. But what if he didn’t know you knew. What if I told him I’d not told you that I could see you? I mean, I’ve mentioned your name, but now why or how we met. He wants to meet my ‘new best friend’ anyway. But showing him a bit of you in underwear, or whatever, would really rev him up. And me a bit.”

“I don’t know.” I did know, though, I was getting wet just thinking about it.

“Um. Could you arrange for me to see him naked,” I rushed on, “without him knowing of course!”

She smiled here, “Yes. I could do that. God. Does it bug you that the idea of showing him off turns me on? I don’t think, though that I want you to see us having sex or anything. I don’t think I could show myself off that much.”

I smiled in return. She and I really did have a bond here — and I was trusting her with a lot.


I spent the next two nights, when not talking to Kristi, fantasizing about how I could show off without it being obvious I was showing off. I finally came up with an idea and shared it with Kristi. She loved it, and I agreed to go through with it, though I claimed the right to back-out, or not be very revealing. “I’m not sure if I could knowingly show off too much knowing that someone I knew — well, would meet — would see me.”

“I can promise you he won’t ever say a thing about it. Hell, I’ll be threatening him with death etc., if he tells anyone.”

Saturday came around and I watched eagerly, that night for lights to come on in Kristi’s room. I knew he was taking the 5pm ferry and that Kristi was picking him up at 6:45pm; they were then going out to dinner before coming home.

At around 9:15pm the lights in her room came on. I waited and watched as a cute guy with curly hair lift a suitcase up onto her bed and unzip it. Kristi came up behind him, her arms encircling his body as she pressed her breasts against his back. They were still clothed as he turned around and they began to make out. They were kissing gently at first before it started to get a bit more passionate. She pulled off his shirt and pointed at the suitcase on her bed. He broke free and moved it toward the chair I knew was near her window. She walked over and started lifting out clothes and holding them up to him. She held up a blue shirt and turned back to the window. I could see her looking right at me through my binoculars and knew it was time. I quickly put the down and turned on my lights. I picked up my phone and dialed her cell.

“Hey Kristi, how are ya?”

“Good, thanks. I’ve got you on speaker phone. Rob is here and he’s just unpacking. What are you doing?”

“Hi Rob!”

“Hi Susan – I look forward to meeting you.”

“So, Kristi, my sister gave me a bunch of her old clothes and stuff, and I’m just trying it on.”

“Cool, is there some nice stuff in there?”

I laughed quietly at our loosely scripted play. “You’re busy with Rob, I’ll let you go.”

“No, really, I can talk for, say, 15 minutes.” This was our code to let me know that she wanted me to turn off my lights and look back at her with my binoculars. That’s when she’d pull him away from the telescope if he was still watching me.

“No, seriously, go re-connect with Rob!” I hung up.

I moved to the foot of my bed and picked up a sweater that I’d picked out. I walked over to my mirror and held it up against my chest, arching my back and promoting my assets as it were in the mirror. I twisted trying to show my front and then I shook my head, perhaps in an exaggerated fashion. I dropped the sweater and pulled mine up over my head, revealing a tight white tank top. I picked up the sweater – it was a nice forest green – and pulled it on, appreciating how nicely it fit. I was beginning to enjoy my own figure. And I hoped Rob was too. I didn’t look, but turned back and, walked off-stage, as it were, beyond the view of the window.

I pulled off the sweater and walked back to the mirror in my tank top and started taking off my baggy cargo pants. I was wearing french-cuts in white that hugged my hips well. I stood there for a minute and turned to admire my ass in the mirror. I then walked back to my bed and returned with a skirt and stepped into it, doing up the straps and checking out the look. I spun around a bit, and nodded my approval.

I then reached up and pulled off my white tank-top, revealing the Calvin Klein bra underneath. I picked up, from my bed, a long white dress shirt that went just past my hips, barely covering my ass. I walked back in front of the mirror, buttoning it up as I twisted and turned. After a minute I pulled off the skirt and exchanged it for some brightly patterned nylon leggings. I pulled up the shirt in back and looked at my ass in the mirror. I ran my fingers along the leggings and tried to express my frustration at my underwear-line, which, really, wasn’t bad, and not something anyone would see through anything over the leggings.

I pulled them off, sticking my ass toward the window as I did so.

I then pulled off my panties, turning to the side so that the curve of my ass was all Rob would see, not the crack. Well, maybe. I may have twisted it a bit more toward the lens than I’d originally planned. I then slid up the stockings, and pulled my shirt up past my belly button.

I twisted and turned, pretty much as I had the first time I tried them on a few weeks before. I loved how they felt and how running my fingers all over felt.

I then pulled them off completely and looked at the clock by my bed. It had been almost exactly 15 minutes. I then undid the buttons on the shirt and pulled it off, dropping it to the ground just as I walked out of the window’s view.

A few seconds later my lights were off and I was back, binoculars in hand, at my window.

I watched as Rob and Kristi kissed standing by the telescope. A few moments after I started watching, Kristi pushed him away, though and held a finger up to his lips. He reached out toward her, but she grabbed his wrists and put his hands down by his waste.

Just like she’d predicted, he didn’t even consider closing the curtains or turning off the lights. She began to unbutton his shirt and proceeded to slide it back off his shoulders. He was an average 19 year old, I guess. He wasn’t built like some 28 year old teenager on t.v. today, nor was he pudgy. He just was, well, a guy. He managed to distract Kristi with some kisses and gropes. she restrained him again, and got him to hold off.

I think it was the fact that she was undoing his belt buckle. She soon had his jeans pulled out of my view, and I loved that he was wearing bright red boxers. He was turned at right angles to the window, and I giggled seeing distinct tent in the front.

There was something infinitely more appealing and sexier about seeing him now, and Kristi’s brother’s ass a while back, than looking at naked beefcakes on the internet. It was just more real.

My laugh turned into a choke as I saw Kristi turn toward the window and, I’m sure, stick her tongue out at me. And then she pulled down his boxers and I saw my first real, practically live cock. I’d no idea if it was, really, big or small, because within seconds of it popping into view, Kristi had stood back up, and wrapped a hand around it and was leading him toward the bed. He lay back on the bed, and I was treated to a longer look as it stuck straight up before flopping back onto his belly. And a second later Kristi had turned off the lights.


The next morning I slept in. It would seem I’d been up all night doing to myself what I suspect Rob was doing to Kristi.

I didn’t see her before school on Monday, but did during our morning break.

“Well, did he enjoy the view?”

“Did you?”

We both started laughing.

“He didn’t move from that position for the entire time you were there. And he was hard as steel, as I suspect you saw, when I got to him. Sorry about turning out the lights, but I’m a bit more private than you are.”

“Private with your body, but not with your boyfriends though!”

Again, we collapsed in giggles, taking a few seconds to recover. “I guess I do enjoy showing him off. It’s the visual part of me. I like to see.”

“I get that now. I’d never realized how exciting it was to watch or see something. I mean, I’d read about it and I get the other side, but I didn’t expect to feel that way myself. I was up all night.”

“So were we!” She grabbed my arm as we started laughing again, and, I think, attracting more attention than either of us had in ages.

“So will I be seeing much of you over the next few days?”

“Probably a little, but not much in person.” She stuck out her tongue just as the bell rang.

And she was right. We saw each other at school during breaks, but outside of school she was with Rob. And I saw them, and am sure he and she saw me, for Kristi made sure to parade him around in various states of undress in front of her lit window. And I made sure to walk around in my underwear and towels, flashing the odd bit of nude nipple or ass in a daring way. But there’s only so much “in front of a mirror” activity you can do before it looks fake. At least that was my thought. And he was there to see Kristi.

On the Wednesday of that week, Kristi called after school, “What are you up to?”

“I was going to go for a swim, actually,” I admitted. Kristi had worked out of me, the story of my visits to the pool. I was blushing lustfully as it came up again, feeling the excitement that had been building reach a new peak. I’d been thinking about my swim all day.

“Awesome, Rob and I’ll meet you there.”

She hung up before I could argue.

Fuck. I’d had things planned out. My old liner-less bathing suit was ready to go. I was wondering if I’d see a familiar face, or – more importantly – if some faces would see bits of me.

I spent the next few hours, including through dinner, trying to figure out what to do. What to wear. I mean, I’d been looking forward to this.

When I left I had a light-blue t-shirt with me to wear over-top of my bathing suit. I felt ripped off, a bit, having had my plans stolen from me.

I’d survive, and, hell, I’d be able to see Rob in a bathing suit, and, really, face-to-face for the first time. I was looking forward to that. If he was as nice as Kristi said, I’d enjoy making a new acquaintance.

I arrived at the pool right as the adult swim opened, and I walked out into the pool in my bathing suit and t-shirt. I didn’t attract too much attention, that I saw, and I decided to wait for them in the hot-tub.

It didn’t take long before I saw Kristi, in a red one-piece, and Rob, in blue shorts, walk toward me waving. I waved back as they joined me in the hot-tub.

“It’s really nice to finally meet you Susan. You’ve really helped Kristi feel happier here.”

“You too Rob. Kristi’s told me a lot about you, and she’s been so excited about your visit.”

We chatted for a while, the three of us, getting to know one another. Kristi got warm faster than Rob or I, “OK, it’s time for me to hit the cooler water. Do you two want to play some volleyball?”

The evening proceeded well, though Kristi did query me when we were alone, “What’s with the t-shirt. I mean, I do like the way your nipples show through it, but it’s covering up your sexy suit.”

“I just couldn’t wear it in front of people I know. I was too nervous, especially in front of Rob.”

“Ha. No worries Susan, we’ll get there.” Her tongue came out again with attitude as she splashed me and swam away.

A couple hours later it was time for us to leave, and Kristi and went to the change room together.

It was odd. It was the first time, in person, either of us had seen the other nude; despite peeping on each other from afar, and talking about it off and on, we’d not undressed in front of each other before. It was surprisingly comfortable and surprisingly sexy at the same time, and we both knew it as we watched each other undress. We also watched each other watching.

I peeled off my t-shirt and loved the look on Kristi’s face as she stared at me. Her eyes were almost bugging out of her head. I knew that in the light of the change room, the colour of my nipples would start to become visible through the stretched black fabric. And their outline would be in hi-def as the fabric clung like a second skin. My pussy, right now was enveloped by the fabric tightly, and my crack was evident.

“I understand why you were nervous about wearing the suit in front of Rob and I. But Fuck. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I was looking at her as she pulled off her suit. Her large breasts were still perky and rode high on her small frame. She was fairly pale, and her skin smooth as cream. She had a beauty mark on her right hip. And she wasn’t shaved. She had a dark black batch covering her pussy. I was thinking, right now, “You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” I may have even whispered it.

I peeled off my suit as well, and we walked back to the showers to rinse off.

“What would you do if someone stole all your clothes right now while you’re in the shower?”

“Oh my God.” I’d fantasized about something like that happening. “I don’t know. I mean, it’s not likely to happen.”

“But what if it did. Tonight?”

“Oh God. Then I guess I’d have to borrow a towel from you, and then drive home. I don’t know what I’d do there. I guess try to sneak in.”

“Hmmm…you couldn’t drive, though, without keys. I’ve got an idea.”

I wasn’t sure if I liked where this was going; fortunately Kristi couldn’t see how wet the fantasy made me under the shower.

“What if all that was left was your t-shirt? And we told Rob that I had a spare key at my place. That way we could go home, you could borrow some clothes from me and I’d give you your ‘spare key’. My bag’s big, and your clothes won’t take up much space. I’ll just put them in there.”

“I don’t know, I mean, Rob would see me in the t-shirt.”

“Rob’s been seeing you in your t-shirt all-night, it covers more of you than that bathing suit did. Come on. We could meet you out at the side. Then you could take the side exit and not walk through the lobby. We’d just be a minute to get our car and come get you.”

“But he’ll just suggest I wear a towel, either yours or his.”

“I’ll tell you that I stood on mine when I was getting dressed.” We looked around, and indeed, the floor was a bit gross. “And I’m sure he’ll take the hint from me. He’s a horn dog guy after-all.”

“But…” I didn’t have any other excuses. I knew that I was going to take her challenge. I knew that she was enjoying being the puppet-master in my exposure, just like she’d enjoyed showing off Rob during the previous few days.

“Just stay here.” And she was out of the shower, grabbing her towel off a hook, and out of sight.

I waited another minute while I showered off. I then went back to where the cubby I’d stored my stuff, only to find nothing but my wet t-shirt hanging there. Kristi was nowhere to be seen.

I pulled on the cold and now-clammy t-shirt, finding it clung to me much like the suit did. It was thin, and my nipples were clearly defined, as were a darker shadow where they lay. The material was light, after-all. It did, thankfully, come down just past my ass, that is if I didn’t reach for anything , sit, or bend over. I hesitated, but realized that I was past the point of no return now. I either had to go out to the lobby or out to the pool area to get assistance. At the pool, I’d walk past people lower than me – in a pool or hot-tub that is – so the lobby was safer. I was glad that the dripping water from the t-shirt camouflaged the dripping moisture from me.

I pushed open the locker room door and peeked around. Kristi was talking to Rob about 40 feet away. Right in the middle of the lobby. Right at that moment, I knew I’d be having to get even with her.

I took a step. The ones that came after were easier, because as people’s eyes found me, I wanted to escape faster.

“Kristi, someone took my towel and suit and clothes and everything. All that was left behind was my t-shirt.”

“Oh my gosh, you must be freezing. You should use my tow…wait. I was standing on it when I dried myself, you don’t want that near you. Rob can she use yours?”

“Um.” Rob looked at Kristi, wondering if he was really supposed to pretend or not. “I stood on mine either, I don’t think you’ll want it.”

“Well, can we get out of here? Can you take me home?”

“I’ve got your spare key at my house. Let’s go there and you can borrow clothes. We can come back and then you can drive home.”

“I think you should report it.” Rob’s suggestion wasn’t one I was expecting.

“No. I couldn’t bear the thought of standing around like this anymore.”

Rob was staring at me, pretty blatantly, just like the other people in the lobby.

“Let’s go then, our car is this way.” Kristi took the initiative, but instead of walking out the side door, she walked out the front, past everyone else in the lobby. Damn her. She knew I was liking it. And I knew she was too.

We walked outside, across the parking lot to Kristi’s car. People’s eyes followed us, but we kept moving.

It was cold out, and had started to rain a bit, further causing the t-shirt to cling to my increasingly hard nipples. We made it though, and as I shivered in wait, Kristi opened the driver’s door, and unlocked the passenger door. “Do you want the front seat or the back?”

I answered Kristi, “It doesn’t matter, just let me in!” Rob laughed and said, “After you,” while he gestured gallantly with his hand.

I reached forward to push the passenger seat forward and froze, realizing my ass was sticking out from under the shirt. Well, too late for that. I pushed it forward and stepped into the car, further pushing the bottom of my shirt up my body as my thighs came apart. I don’t know if Rob saw anything else, but I am sure my ass was fully visible to him as I unglamorously climbed into the car.

Rob didn’t say anything, but when I looked at Kristi, she wiggled her eyebrows and looked down. I’d been spread fully apart in front of her, under the interior light. I shuffled over to be out of her line of sight and sat behind the driver’s seat.

Rob bushed the seat back as I sat there, pulling my seatbelt on. It pressed between my breasts, holding the shirt more tightly around my tits. And sitting, the shirt pulled way up, the vinyl of the seat cold on my bare ass. And if Rob decided to look back, my hands were the only thing preventing him from seeing how clean shaven I was.

The heat finally kicked in a few blocks away, and we all gave over to chatting. It was easier, in the dark of the night and alone in the back seat, to almost forget what I wasn’t wearing.

When we got to Kristi’s house, she parked on the street and ran in. Rob turned to talk to me and did his loveable best to maintain eye-contact. I mean, I was in a fabric-cling-wrap and more naked, I suspected, than most women in his life. “Um. Thanks for the swim. Um. Sorry about your stuff.”

“That’s OK. It wasn’t your fault. I’m just sorry you had to see me like this.” I knew I was blushing furiously in the back seat.

“I didn’t mind, I mean, um. It’s ok.”

We didn’t say anything else during the awkward minutes it took for Kristi to return.

Let’s go.

She drove off without giving me the bag in her hand, and I didn’t think to ask. I was so close to orgasm that I didn’t dare move.

When we got to the pool, Kristi pulled around by my car, and parked under the big light in the parking lot. “I grabbed my gym bag from school, as it was easiest. I’ll get the stuff back from you tomorrow. And here are your keys.”

I took the bag, thankfully and zipped it open, discovering a pair of bike shorts and a dark blue t-shirt. I checked that Rob was looking forward, and quickly pulled my wet shirt off, and the dry shirt on. It was loose enough, though it only came down to my belly-button. I then tried to wiggle into the shorts, but if you’ve ever tried to put on too-small shorts in the back seat of a small car, you know it’s tough. I noticed Rob trying hard to look and not to look at the same time. I finally contorted enough to get them on, and, thankfully, found that Kristi had put my own runners in her bag. They fit. She’d planned this during her time inside the house.

“Thank you, I’ll see you tomorrow at school, ok. Have a great night Rob. It was nice to meet you.”

“It was nice to see you, I mean, um, meet you finally too.”

“See ya Susan,” said Kristi with a laugh in her voice.

I managed to drive home and sneak in without incident.

That night there was no need for binoculars or prancing around in front of the mirror. I’d been seen, well, my ass at least, had been seen naked by the first live man ever. I was in fantasy heaven. And my fingers were tired when I finally fell asleep.


School let out the next day, and Kristi invited me to join she and Rob, that night, for a little party. “My mother’s out of town and she said we could use the hot tub and that you could sleep over if you wanted. Do you want?”

I’d not even had the opportunity to give her grief about the trick she’d played on me the night before.

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