Batgirl: Ravishing Revenge

The city of Gotham plunged into darkness for several tedious weeks. A victim to the clutches of the devious criminal the Joker. A city that never sleeps has had too many night without sleep as the underbelly terrorizes the honest citizens of Gotham. A petite librarian Barbara Gordon like many other citizens had too many tireless nights. But Barbara Gordon is not just any citizen!

The quiet Barbara a social outcast, sexually depraved by her alter ego the confident crime fighter Batgirl. The two conflicting personas wrapped into one voluptuous body could make for a volatile combination. The imminent reaction about to explode as the tired heroine reaches the brink of madness. That is before she single handedly captured the arch-villain, the Joker. Her mind still twisted by exhaustion Batgirl slipped and made a grave mistake. She brings her prisoner to an abandoned warehouse by the river side.

A single light illuminates the motionless body laying across the floor. The neon green hair and velvet purple suit make it no mistake that the Joker is now in her clutches. Wrists cuffed together and ankles shackled the criminal laid hogtied by titanium chains. Uncomfortably he laid on the cold, concrete floor of the empty facility. Relentlessly the chains chimed as the Joker struggled against the tight bondage.

“You diabolical fiend,” Batgirl’s voice sang from the darkness, “Did you think you reign of terror would last forever?”

“Hoo hoo ha ha ha,” laughed the Joker, “It was fun while it lasted!”

Her spiked heels echoed throughout the empty building. Slowly she came into view from the blanket of darkness that surrounded the helpless criminal. The seductive heels stopped beside both sides of his face. Her tight toned legs arched over his head. The Joker’s eyes gazed at the spiked high heel inches from his cheek. Gliding past Batgirl’s purple ankle high boots till he stared intensely at her muscular gams. Desperately he wanted to molest her beautiful long legs. His eyes moved up to her inner thighs, as he longed to plant his face deep between her thighs. The Joker struggled to keep his eyes from popping out of their sockets. His tongue darted across his lips as Batgirl’s screaming kitty came into view. His stupid grin grew as he studied the shimmering purple latex costume that molded to her body like a second layer of skin. The mounds between her legs blatantly protruded through the stretching fabric

“A dirty mind is not very becoming,” scolded Batgirl.

The Joker laughed, “I would rather be cumming in you!”

His eyes do what his hands are incapable. Batgirl’s latex covered thighs squeaked as she knelt over top the incapacitated Joker. Her round glimmering ass hovered before his bewildered dark pupils, that darted uncontrollably in disbelief of the sight. The tip of his long, crooked nose was gently pressed against her swollen loins. Her yellow glove covered finger tips dig into his thighs. Concealing the elongated nose with her well toned butt, she sits of the Joker’s face. Violently his body jolted as he struggled to breathe.

“Lick it clown,” Sternly demanded Batgirl as her mind finally melted from the exhausting weeks of hunting the Joker.

She arched her tight round ass into the air. the Joker hesitated as his thick, stubby tongue prepared to massage her aching pussy lips. His mouth watered in anticipation of the redheaded heroine’s crotch being planted firmly on his demented face. She thrust her hips in front of his face.

“Please lick it,” desperately moaned the heroine.

Without further hesitation the Joker threw his face between the luscious thighs. His tongue flared wildly over the latex mounds. Self control slowly set in as the Joker’s crazy tongue eased into the fold between her eager lips. The smooth fabric massaged the tip of his pacing tongue. Gyrating her hips to each moist caress the rhythm intensified as Batgirl’s breathing grew deep. the deafening panting stirred beneath the Joker’s pants.

Batgirl’s glossy yellow finger traced the purple velvet fabric that covered his zipper. She firmly cupped his balls as her latex ass smothered the breath out of the Joker. Stirring her cheeks while his pointy nose poked at her anus. Encircling the tip of the nose aroused the crazed heroine as she continued to sodomize herself. The tips of Batgirl’s fingers released his genitals as they drifted up his crotch, before pinching the zipper. With ease she undid his pants.

The Joker’s cock flopped out hardened by deviate acts of passion instilled by his captor. Batgirl leaned in ever so slightly. Her fiery red hair tickled his shaft while her warm breath blanketed his mushroom head. Suddenly Joker threw his waist into the air in a desperate attempt to dunk his cock in the heroine’s wet mouth. Just as quick Batgirl sternly slapped the bobbling dick. Her cool smooth leather glove squeezed firmly grabbing the veiny shaft. She crushed it tightly as her crimson lips smirked.

“You were a bad boy,” scolded Batgirl, “Now you have to learn… For every action there is a reaction!”

She yanked at the swollen member causing an excruciating pop. The Joker tried to roll over in pain, but her grip was too tight. Batgirl continued to tug at his tender cock as if it were a rubber toy meant for such abuse. Rapidly she increased the firm hold on the sore dick while jerking it, stretching it beyond its means. Batgirl’s emerald eyes widened as she watched Joker’s testicles rise and swell in preparation.

“Ooh hoo hoo,” laughed Joker as he reached the high point of his arousal.

Instantly she released her hold and stood up. Her fuck me boots again stood parallel along his face.

“Ha ha ha,” laughed Joker, “Too much for you my dear?”

“No,” barked Batgirl, “You don’t get the pleasure!” Her eye brow lifted seductively as she moaned, “Not yet.”

The Joker’s knees locked together as he rolled to his side. Batgirl threw her hands on her hips. Strongly gazing down at her prisoner, piercing him with her lustful green eyes.

“Ahhh,” teased Batgirl, “Not laughing now are you? Especially with that major case of blue balls!”

The acute toe of her boot turned to the Joker’s face. His cherry red lips rested at the edge. The wide yellow eyes stared with excitement at the shiny purple foot.

“Kiss it,” ordered Batgirl.

He puckered his red lips and smacked the toe of her boot. The cherry lips then slapped against the heroine’s ankle. Eagerly he mooshed his lips above the spike at the corner of her heel. The onslaught of gentle kisses worked the Joker’s lips up to the back of her fit leg. Joker stretched his neck out so the tip of his pink tongue could glide over her calf. Sinking his lips on her hard calf he gave one final kiss. A thin string of saliva kept Batgirl’s leg and his wet lips connected.

“Not only are you a deviate mind,” Batgirl declared, “But your also a freak.”

Her finger rested on the bottom of her bright red lip as if pondering some grand scheme. Gingerly she ran the finger down the center of her chest over top the bat emblem, through the curves of her abs, past the navel, to the saliva drenched crotch. Spreading her fingers out, she ran the glove clad nails down her inner thigh down to the arch beneath her boot. The expanding latex around her ass creaked as she puckered her lips in a seductive, surprised pose. She unzipped the side of her boot.

A smooth, curvy, bare foot drifted out. Gently the balls of her moist foot rested atop his white forehead. the heat radiated across the Joker’s face while the aroma of her sweaty foot danced in his nostrils. Quickly his tongue circled the bottom of her soft, exposed heel.

“That’s a good boy,” praised Batgirl.

His tongue explored her silky arch as Batgirl’s foot slowly drifted downward, her big toe drawling a straight trail of moist sweat down his nose.

“Shhhh,” hushed Batgirl as her toe covered his bright candy colored lips. She whispered, “Suck it!”

Without a second thought she shoved her toe between his lips. Joker’s tongue was forced to the back of his mouth before it slithered forward glazing the bottom of Batgirl’s toe. Joker’s mouth quickly filled with the sharp salty taste of flesh. Salivating his tongue frantically ran along her toe as she pushed it deeper. His yellow eyes looked up at the towering Batgirl.

“Suck it,” cried Batgirl as she licked her finger. “Suck it now,” she moaned as she slid her finger into her glistening lips, deep throating her own finger.

Joker’s head jerked as he maneuvered her toe around n his mouth. He suckled the salty, plump toe like an infant to a nipple. Drool dribbled from the corner of his mouth as he lost control of his glands. With a pop Batgirl yanked her toe from his mouth. Delicately her foot rested on the cold concrete floor. Joker turned and wildly whipped his tongue across her tiny virgin toes. Batgirl’s pearly smile glowed with delight.

“What a good boy, she jubilantly remarked, “You deserve a reward!”

“Actually you deserve the rewards,” shrieked a voice from behind, “For taking such good care of Mr. J for me!”

“Harley Quinn,” cried Batgirl as her heart raced and her ample breasts heaved.

Before she could react a rope tightly wrapped around Batgirl’s slender throat. Her eyes watered as they opened as wide as her mouth. She gasped for breath as her hands instinctively grasped at the strangling rope. Everything fades to black while Batgirl’s limbs go from heavy to limp.

Batgirl’s heavy eye lids jolt open! Her muscles ached as she soon realized she was snuggly bound. Her green eyes struggled to focus as she found her body draped over a wooden work horse. The heroines wrists and ankles tied to the legs. Tingling from lack of circulation her finger and toes shook from the discomfort.

The bubbly Harley Quinn clapped, “Yeah, Mr. J our guest is awake.”

Batgirl shivered in fear. Goosebumps covered her pale flesh as she felt the cool kiss of the air across her bare ass. A small hand firmly grabbed Batgirl’s shoulder, while a slender finger delicately danced along the slit in her pussy. The tender touch of the finger glided toward the helpless heroine’s rear end. With no warning Batgirl’s rectum stung with the jabbing of the thin finger. A whimper slipped from the trembling lips of Batgirl. A cold, lonely tear drifted down her warm cheek. Joyfully Harley’s heels galloped in front of Batgirl as the deranged villain sniffed her tainted finger.

“Pee you,” yelled Harley as she pinched her nose, “Your shit does stink.”

Disgraced Batgirl’s eyes strayed toward the floor. The drifting view was distracted by the horrendous sight of a huge, obscenely large strap on. Harley laughed at Batgirl’s petrified face.

She leaned forward and whispered in the damsel’s ear, “Don’t worry love… I won’t fill your pussy with all this manhood.”

“Thank you,” whispered the submissive Batgirl.

Harley playfully switched ears, “I’m going to rip you a new asshole!”

Violently Batgirl struggled with the hopeless bonds. Joker strolled in while Batgirl made a desperate attempt to escape. His pale, white body moved into view. The naked albino like body sickened the helpless heroine as he grew near. Harley Quinn ran back behind the bare ass of Batgirl. she sunk her nails deep into the latex covered back of Batgirl. Wrapping her hand around the heroines bright yellow cape, Harley tugged the silky fabric snapping Batgirl’s face up to the Joker. Her free hand then groped a firm round breast of the immobilized cape crusader. Digging her nails into the skin like latex, Harley molested and mauled the mound of firm flesh.

“Wish I could sink my teeth into one of these apples, teased Harley as she squeezed Batgirls round breast.

A devilish smile spread across the Joker’s face, “Don’t mind if I do!”

Lashing his tongue against her protruding nipple that pressed and pushed against the tight, shimmering, purple costume. Locking his cherry lips on the tiny lump the Joker’s barrage of suckling sounded like a rocking chair as the costume squealed for relief. Licking the excess spit the Joker’s crazed eyes locked onto the watery, green eyes of the humiliated Batgirl. the horse like smile reflected in the tears in her eyes. Then like a shark he snapped his stained teeth down on her erect nipple. Batgirl cried out as the pain shot through her perky tit. Viciously he gnawed and shook his head tearing at her delicious nipple. Frightened and aroused the heroine could only endure the forced pleasure dispensed upon her relenting body.

“Hurts worse then blue balls I bet,” joked the Harley.

“Looks like the shoe… or should I say boot is on the other foot now,” taunted the Joker as his insane laughter flood the heroine’s ears. “Now be a good lil bat and perhaps I will grant you a reprieve from Harley’s form of reward,” exclaimed the Joker.

The head of Joker’s cock pressed against her insatiable moist lips. Batgirl’s soft lips parted allowing her course pink tongue to slap against the bottom of his shaft. He eased his short stubby dick into her warm, wet, welcoming mouth. A tangy taste covered her tongue as her teeth lightly scraped along his dick. Her mind wondered why his dick tasty so odd, yet so tasty.

“Do I taste good,” taunted Harley, “Ya see I had to relieve Mr. J of his blue balls. He went balls deep in me!”

Undiscouraged by the source of the mouth watering taste Batgirl sucked even harder on his erect pulsating cock. The feminine taste delighted the heroine and she craved more. Batgirl’s head bobbed as saliva and precum lubed her small mouth.

Harley’s voice piped up, “Perhaps I should taste you!?!”

Batgirl’s hips jolted. Shocked by the warm, wet tickle of a tongue across the dried lips of her pussy. Harley could not wait her tongue dove right into the warm, wet pussy. Her tongue flickered like a fish out of water. the vibrating ripples drove Batgirl’s pussy into a frenzy of desire. An odd long moan burst through Batgirl’s cock filled mouth.

“Her shit may stink,” taunted Harley as her lips glistened with Batgirl’s juices, “But her twat is to die for!”

Harley inserted her vigorously vibrating tongue back into the sweet tasting Batgirl. Batgirl’s lips quivered against the Joker’s pulsating shaft. Harley couldn’t stop eating out the drench pussy. The heroine’s knees wobbled as they rattled against the splintered horse legs. Harley pushed back to taunt and tease the obliviously aroused damsel. Bursting up, Batgirl’s thighs twitched and thrust uncontrollably as her twat sprayed sticky love juice across the unsuspecting Harley Quinn’s face. The climax dripped from the furious Harley’s chin as her mouth opened in shock. She plopped on her soft round ass, stunned by the explosion. Batgirl could be heard giggling as she choked down the Joker’s cock.

“You bitch,” screamed the pissed off Harley.

Joker removed his pecker from the Batgirl’s numb jaw. Lightly he stroked and jiggled his strained cock in his adversary’s face. A large stained grin sprawled across his face.

“Ha ha ha ha,” laughed the Joker, “An eye for an eye!”

Like a volcano, hot globs of cum burst from his cock. The eruption sent warm streams of cum smack into Batgirl’s smooth face. Endless streams spewed from his shaking cock causing a waterfall of sperm to run down her mask and chin. Enraged, insulted, and humiliated Batgirl’s chest heaved like two balloons being inflated. Her breast bounced as her frustration built, unable to find the appropriate response.

Spiting out cum Batgirl cried, “Are you fucking kidding me!?!”

Harley grabbed Batgirl’s red pony tail, yanking it back toward her. The roots tore at the scalp sending shockwaves of pain throughout her skull.

“Member me bitch,” yelled Harley.

With a loud crack Harley’s free hand smacked against the pale buttocks of Batgirl. Batgirl’s cheeks were instantly brushed apart. Her rectum burned as she tried to pucker her ass together. As the grotesque strap on penetrated her beautiful ass an intense sting paralyzed her sculpted legs.

The horse rocked and crackled as Harley Quinn’s rigorous ass pounding ripped the incapacitated heroine’s body. Her perfectly toned body worthless against the infinite pumping of her ass. Batgirl unable to take the stretching and tearing of her anal cavity, slowly passed out. Her immobilized body swayed with the rickety old horse as it snapped from the abuse. Splinters littered the air as the horse broke off into multiple pieces. Batgirl’s body plummeted to the hard floor with a splat. Spread eagle her limbs remained motionless.

Harley Quinn and the Joker laughed their way into the darkness. Batgirl rendered useless was left broken on the cold, damp floor. Her body heavy and in excruciating pain she chooses not to open her eyes. Disgusted by the sticky bodily fluids, but too weak to do anything. Batgirl laid on the concrete defeated!

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