Last night I met a guy in a bar. I m a straight male, okay, so ive been slightly curious in my teens, but im straight! One night me and this guy got chatting in a bar after work and he was definitely hitting on me. But the worst part of all this was that I was totally loving it.

I couldn’t resist his charm, his rugged yet perfect look. His defined jaw and gorgeous cheekbones, he was the kind of man you’d see in a designer perfume advert. I was actually getting aroused by him. As the bar shut he asked me what I was planning for the rest of the night, I knew exactly what he was trying to do. I told him that I was just gonna go back to my place, but I didn’t want to go alone, and that I had some more beers in the fridge. The look I gave him indicated to him that he was allowed to come back with me. We got in a taxi, I couldn’t believe what I was doing, it was so wrong, but felt so right! As soon as we got into my flat, the topic of conversation moved straight onto sex. I told him I was straight and that I’d never been with a guy, well as in had sex, id kissed a mate, and sucked him off when we were 16 but that’s a different story! He was telling me that he’d never been with a girl, and that he loves just loves fucking men. Normally I would feel uncomfortable about a gay man talking to me like this, but I was getting more and more turned on.

I noticed he had finished his beer, I got up to get him a new one, little did I realise that I had a hard on, and an obvious one at that! He was like woah, what do we have here then? I was so embarrassed, I wanted to fool around and try something new with this guy, but I was so shy about it. Rather than making it awkward, he just smiled and said, I have that effect on some straight men, thankfully! I was so horny for him, I wanted to tell him!

A few beers later and the conversation became slightly more interesting. So why were you so hard back then? He asked me. I was stuck, I didn’t know what to say, so the alcohol did it for me, because I want to try some new things. The look on his face was amazing, he looked like Christmas had come early! And I think it was about to come early for me too! He slowly unbuttoned his jeans, looking at me the whole time, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The biggest dick I had ever seen flopped out of his pants, not even hard and it was easily 8 inches! He began to stroke it, slowly, I was so hard I had to get my dick out and begin to stoke along with him. Before we knew it we were both naked, sat next to each other slowly strumming our hard dicks.

I suddenly felt his hand grab my dick and softly begin to pump it, up and down the shaft, it felt amazing! He knew just how to touch me, caressing my balls and strking my dick in such a seductive way! I felt a delicate lick across the throbbing head of my dick as he began to lower his mouth over my dick! Straight away he swallowed my whole shaft right to the base, it was incredible! It was like he knew just how I liked my blowjobs! After a good 20 minutes, he looked up at me ad went, your turn. He stood up, I couldn’t believe it, I was greeted with a monster staring right at me, easily 12 inches and as thick as a deodorant can! I struggled to fit the tiniest bit in my mouth, but it tasted so good! But all I could think about was that thing in my tight ass! I wanted it so bad! After sucking on his humongous balls for a bit I looked up at him with the most pleading look, begging him to take my anal virginity. He looked at me, smiling, of course!

He got me on all fours and began to lube up my sweet tight man pussy with his tongue. He slowly inserted a finger in my hole, it felt so good. After being finger fucked for a while he turned to me, you’re ready, he said. He had my sit on top of his thick and meaty man pole, allowing me to slowly slide down, it hurt so much but was so good at the same time. Eventually, I managed to achieve the whole 12 inches from tip to base! I was in a state of pure ecstasy! I let him fuck me so hard, making my whole body quiver with excitement! After being pounded for what felt like a life time of bliss, I shot the biggest load all over my stomach! Soon after he announced he was going to cum, he pulled out of my stretched ass and sprayed his thick man juice all over my face and mouth! I tried to taste almost every drop that I could! He stood up, licked some of his seed from my face and then walked off to get some more beer… I was left covered in cum, bewildered as to what had just happened. I will never be forgetting that day for as long as I live!

Joe: “That day we went cruising for a bit. We had a general idea of where to go, but let the road lead us. It was a nice summer day, we had dinner, and drove on in the slowly fading light. Until we came at a small town, with a small roadside bar and motel. It looked a bit shabby but good enough to make that our hunting ground for the night.

Jake parked the car near the motel, we walked to the reception and got ourselves a room for the night. I love those places, just pay cash, no questions asked. The rooms are not that clean usually, in a way that makes it even more down to earth.”

Jake: “Exactly, those motels are just perfect. When I parked the car Joe and Brian went to rent the room, leaving Steven and me to grab our bags. Not that we have much, we don’t need much, mostly some toiletries. Including a good supply of quality condoms of course. We were there with a mission of course.”

Joe: “Sure we were. So we didn’t linger, after checking out the place we went to the bar straight away. Jake, our top hunter, went first, the rest of us following a few minutes later. We didn’t want to be seen as being together, that would spoil the fun.

The bar had quite some customers. By no means full, yet nicely filled. That would definitely bring plenty of opportunities. It are of course also places where chicks will go to be hunted.”

Jake: “Sure, don’t get that wrong. It takes two to tango. Without chicks allowing themselves to be picked up there is no such thing as a one night stand. And I happen to be quite good at picking them out and getting them interested, if I may say so.”

Joe: “He’s good. Smooth talker, good looks, he’s got what it takes. That’s why we take him.”

Jake: “I’m not that good, just lucky. Anyway back to that night, that was a good one. I walked in the bar, and had a good look around. It was lively, many chicks walking there but most seemed to be attached. It was not very promising at the beginning. So I walked to the bar and got myself a beer, sat down and took it in for a while. Looking for someone to put up a chat with.

After maybe ten minutes I saw the door opening, and a girl came in. Now did she turn some heads, she looked stunning. Asian looks, definitely. Round face, almond shaped eyes, long raven black hair loosely tied together at her back. She was petite, short and slim body. Dressed somewhat conservative as in not showing much skin, but what she did show was enough to get the imaginatino going. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and tight jeans, showing off all her curves nicely.”

Joe: “Oh yeah she looked hot. I didn’t see her at first, but Steven who was facing the door alerted me. She had that whole air about her, a bit of arrogance maybe, strong self confidence, beautiful. I knew that Jake would at least try to hit on her, and would be really happy if he was successful.

We watched her walk to the bar, enjoying the sway of her ass. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked to the bar and sat down right next to Jake. She was making it easy on him, and then I knew we were in for a hot night.”

Jake: “Yes that was great. So hot a chick, and just giving me the opportunity to address her immediately. She beat me to that even.

“Do you mind if I sit down here?” she asked.

“Of course not. Please do sit down.”

“Oh thank you, I was afraid I was interrupting anything.”

“No you don’t, the seat is free. Can I get you a drink?” I offered.

She accepted and asked for some cocktail. I’m not an expert on cocktails, so can’t remember what it was.

She introduced herself as Kim, and we chatted a bit. A local girl, living and working in the nearby town. I bought her a few more drinks, and we had a good laugh. She was good to talk to. She was obviously on the hunt, too, as when I mentioned that I was just passing through she actually seemed to get even more interested in me. During our chat she touched me a few times, lightly.

After a while I noticed that in a darker corner there was a corner bench available, and I invited her to move there to sit more comfortable. She readily agreed, we picked up our drinks and walked there. Then I realised how small she really was, well over a head shorter than me, she couldn’t have been half my weight.

She let me sit down first, and then moved in herself, sitting down on my lap. I was put off for a second, I didn’t expect her to move that brazenly.”

Joe: “We saw that happen, we were rather surprised. You should still explain how you managed that.”

Jake: “I didn’t do anything, it was all her initiative. I was her prey, quite interesting as usually it’s the other way around.

She had a great excuse, “You’re so tall, and now I don’t have to strain my neck looking up all the time.”

She really knows what she wants. I felt my dick harden in my pants, but it was hard to move around with her on my lap so it was rather constrained and not too comfortable. After moving a bit it got better. I saw her pretty face close by, she was really beautiful. Sitting on my lap I got an excuse to put my hand around her tiny waist, feeling the curvature of her ass in those tight jeans.

We talked a bit, but I couldn’t control myself too much longer and simply pulled her face closer to mine and kissed her. She immediately answered my kiss, grabbed my head and kissed back hard. We kissed for a few minutes, she’s a good kisser, and then broke the kiss, both panting lightly. I could see the lust in her black eyes.

“I’ve got a room in the motel next door,” I said.

“Let’s go then,” she answered. She got off my lap, and got up.

Joe: “From our corner Steven, Brian and I watched them. We toasted already to Jake’s success when he got her on his lap, but we were a bit taken by surprise by how fast it went.

We saw them get up and leave the bar together. That was for us the signal to finish up our drinks, play a final round of cards, and some ten minutes later to get up as well and see how the action was shaping up. Of course the three of us had been checking out that chick big time, and we were really interested to see more of her.”

Jake: “After getting up we quickly walked out the door and to the motel. I led her too my room, and opened the door, leaving it unlocked when I closed it again. I switched on the lights, and she immediately hugged me, her arms around my neck.

“What you waiting for?” she said, looking up to me. “Aren’t you lusting after this body?”

“Oh yes I am,” I answered. I ran my hands over her face, her shoulders, down to her waist. “You look beautiful.”

I bent down to kiss her again, and in the meantime flipped my fingers under her shirt and started to pull it off. She started to unbutton my shirt, only stopping to allow me to pull her shirt over her head and to toss it aside. I saw her wearing a nice lace bra under it, the colour contrasting nicely with her olive skin.

As she started to undo my belt, I started to open her pants, and pull them down. She was wearing matching panties. She pulled down my pants, taking my underwear with it in the process, leaving me fully naked and her in her underwear. She looked so hot. My hard and wanting cock pointing forward.

She gently pushed me back to the bed, making me lie down on my back, my hard cock pointing up. She looked at me, looked at my cock, and looked happy with what she saw. She grabbed it in her tiny hands, she could barely grab around it. She was so small. She masturbated me a bit, and then tried to take me in her mouth. So hot, such a big dick in such a small mouth, it was unbelievable. She couldn’t suck me really, I was just too big.

“You’re well prepared,” she smiled when I passed her a condom.. She put it on me, then quickly removed her panties and straddled me. She sat down slowly. She was hot, she was wet, she was really really tight. She screamed when she took me in, thrusting her chest forward. I had barely touched her and she was so wet already, this girl was really incredibly horny.

She slowly took me in deeper, she was so tight. I put my hands on her waist, guiding her. When she had me almost all the way in I pushed her down hard, pushing all the way down her pussy. She screamed loud when I did that, I saw her slightly distorted face, as if it hurt her. I held her down for a bit before I slowly started to move her up and down. She was so tiny, so light weight, I felt like I could do anything to her. And that pussy felt just great.”

Joe: “You were really moving fast that time.”

Jake: “I wasn’t, she was!”

Joe: “Still, it was going very fast. After you left we finished our drinks and slowly followed. Outside the room we could hear her screams and moans. We slowly opened the door a little bit, to peek in, and saw her sitting on Jake with her back to the door. Just perfect. She was still wearing her bra even, apparently couldn’t wait getting her hot cunt filled.”

Jake: “I could see the door opening, and started to move her up and down my shaft. She screamed loud, eyes closed, she looked like she was enjoying it now. She started to take over the movement and was bobbing up and down slowly, and then I moved my hands up to unhook her bra and let it slip off her shoulders, revealing her tiny but cute tits. With big, light brown nipples. They were gorgeous.”

Joe: “Sure, she looked gorgeous all around.”

Jake: “I saw you guys watching the show. That’s always a kicker, as I know that she doesn’t know she’s being watched, or what’s in store for her. “

Joe: laughs, “She’d find out soon enough, anyway.”

Jake: “Oh yes, she would.

This girl was really a good fuck. I moved down my hands to her waist, helping her fucking me. She started to scream louder, and was fucking harder. She was obviously closing in to her orgasm, and so was I. I did all I could to hold back but with such a tight cunt there’s not much a guy can do.

The door slowly opened more, and I saw Steven walk in, followed by Joe and Brian. The closed and locked the door, then quietly walked behind the orgasmic girl, then Steven grabbed her tits from behind. Suddenly her eyes were wide open and she stiffened. Her pussy clenched around my dick, and she stopped moving. Expecting this I grabbed her waist, and starting fucking her hard. So tight, it took me mere seconds to start shooting my load.

“What the fuck?” she screamed. “Get off of me!”

Still pinned down firmly on my dick I said, “You’re so hot, no way a single dick can satisfy you so I brought my friends.”

Joe: “This is always the best moment. When they realise they’re going to get more than they bargained for. And this chick looked really hot, I watched Steven grab her from behind while she was sitting on Jake. The reaction on her face was just so good.”

Jake: “Oh yeah, the surprise, the horror, the anger. For a moment it seemed like she’d slap me. Luckily Steven grabbed her around her arms so she couldn’t do much.”

Joe: “Brian and I didn’t lose any time and got undressed in seconds. Both looking forward to this moment we were pretty hard already. It seemed Jake had cum by then, so he was spent for the time being, and she was all ours. She was so small and light, it was really easy to pull her of Jake’s dick and put her down on her back on the bed. I grabbed a condom, put it on, and immediately started fucking her. I was horny too, not going to deny that, and was not going to wait when there’s such a hot wet cunt to be fucked.”

Jake: “And you say I was moving fast!”

Joe: “Well you did put up quite a show for us. Hard to hold back, I just had to have my dick inside of her. I saw Brian grabbing her hair, and stucking his dick in her face, fucking her mouth. It was wonderful. This bitch was really hot, I could tell, as quite soon she started to cooperate. No idea whether she actually liked it, or that it was just admitting defeat and making the best of it, who cares when it’s a good fuck.”

Jake: laughs, “Their problem.”

Joe: “Exactly.

Then Steven came to me and told me he also wanted some of the action. I pulled out and left her to him. He pulled her up with one hand, put her on her knees, and started pounding her doggy style. The bitch was moaning loudly now Brian’s member was out of her mouth. A few minutes later and Steven was replaced by Brian. She didn’t fight back or anything, she was rather cooperative even.

I let Brian have her for a while, then I lay down on the bed, and pulled her on top of me, impaling her tight pussy.

Brian may have left her pussy, but not the action. While I held her tiny body down on top of me he squirted some lube on her ass and then started to take her down her back door. She started to protest for real, now. “

Jake: “After cumming myself I sat aside and watched my friends have her way with that hot little girl. In the beginning she indeed protested a bit but that was soon over, she was just such a horny bitch, obviously couldn’t get enough of it.

I saw Joe having her on top of him, holding her down, and just knew what was going to happen. Brian always loves ass fucking. And it’s not often that he gets such a tight little ass to fuck, so that’s what he was going to do. Having Joe inside of her at the same time only added to their pleasure. She stood no chance of doing anything about it. I saw her wiggle and scream and trying to push her way out of it. And then Brian simply started to slowly slide his dick in her rectum. Her eyes wide open, face distorted, she looked like she actually was in pain now.”

Joe: “She only got tighter when Brian entered her ass. Clamping down on me, I could feel him entering. Wonderful.”

Jake: “Soon enough Brian and Joe started to fuck her together, trying to find a rhythm. Brian added some more lube in the process, she was apparently really tight back there, then he started to slide in and out easier. I could tell both guys were enjoying themselves very much, they were moving faster and faster, it couldn’t last much longer.”

Joe: “Indeed we didn’t last long. Man this chick was tight. What a body, a really good fuck. Feeling Brian in her back door only made it better. I could tell she hurt a lot, well that’s the price to pay for being such a hot slut. Brain and I were just enjoying her, seriously.

I was the first to shoot my load, Brian didn’t last much longer. It was really good, I came so hard, one of the best orgasms ever. I love such a tight pussy, and the sight of that lightly tinted slim and perfectly shaped body, it was just like in heaven.

Shortly after we came Brian pulled out, after which I pushed her off of me. She was now lying on her back in between us, all three of us panting from the hard work. She looked relieved now we were out, but apparently forgot about Steven. She got only a few seconds rest before she was pulled down to the edge of the bed and Steven entered her. He fucked her really hard and fast, so fast I was expecting the smell of burning rubber.”

Jake: “No burning rubber, she was too wet for that I’m sure. She screamed so loud when Steven entered her, it was incredible. Her body thrashing around, seemingly reaching another orgasm on his pounding.

Looking at her lithe body moving like that I couldn’t help but getting hard again. I slowly started to stroke my dick, wanting to stay hard, looking for a second round with this hot creature. She was just made for sex. Sex, and nothing but. Beautiful and horny. I was stroking a bit faster, knowing I had cum already so wouldn’t cum too fast. Some more stimulation felt good. The show was just wonderful.

By the time I noticed Steven was reaching his climax I reached over for a fresh condom and as soon as he pulled out, I went for my encore. The look on her face as I entered her was so good. A combination of anger and lust, anger that I tricked her into being subjected to a gang bang, combined with the pure lust only a true sex animal can have. I wondered what she would say to me if I were to meet her again a week later. Would she come back for more?”

Joe: “Actually not sure what to bet for but I think she would.”

Jake: “I’d have no problems for another night with that one, trust me. It’s just usually not going to happen. So always have to make the most of it when you have them in your hands.

So not caring much about what she thought about me I continued to pound her pussy. She screamed more, clinching her pussy around me, apparently having another orgasm. She looked like she was fighting it with all her might, not wanting to cum, not wanting to be wet, not wanting to be the sex animals she was. Maybe she was enjoying it, I don’t care, I was enjoying her and my friends enjoyed her and that was all that I cared about.

My second orgasm followed soon. Her pussy just felt so good, I couldn’t control myself long and just shot my load in her. I slowly pulled out, she just remained lying on the bed. I noticed my friends had got dressed already, and started to collect my own clothes and got dressed, too.

While dressing, I said, “Kim, you’re great. That was a great night, thank you very much. We’ll be on our way now. The room has been paid for already, you may stay here until tomorrow morning if you like. Thanks again, and goodbye.”

Leaving the room I heard her starting to sob a bit. Reality of what had happened to her obviously started to sink in. Oh well, that’s her problem, we had our fun.”

Joe: “We walked back to the car, high-fiving each other. This was definitely one of the best nights we ever had. We congratulated Jake on his excellent insight in women and his mastery of seduction. Jake countered that this night he was not so sure who seduced who, no matter what, this bitch was hot.

We got back in the car and drove off into the night, looking for another motel where we could check in and actually get some sleep.”

Jake: “And sleep it was indeed, that time. Good stuff.”

Joe: “Absolutely. Good stuff.”

I sit in a local bar on a Friday night, hoping to find my next sexual conquest.

I look around the bar, all I see are women I’ve been with before, women who now won’t talk to me. “It’s their loss!” I think to myself.

A few minutes later, the door opens, and, I finally see her, she’s almost perfect, she looks to be about 5’9, maybe 5’10, she’s filled out in all the right places, and, she has light brown hair, and, she’s wearing a blue satin blouse, and, a grey mini skirt, with grey heels. She has the most perfect ass, looks like she’s never been fucked in her ass. I move in closer to make my move.

“Hi, can I buy you a drink?”

“Wow, you’re quick! I just got here a minute ago, and, you’re already hitting on me? You must be horny, are you?”

“I am hitting on you, and, yes, I am horny.” I say, smiling.

“At least you’re honest. My name is Carol.” She says, extending her hand to shake mine.

“Carol? I’m Steve.” I say, reaching out to shake her hand.

“Steve? Tell me, do you usually pick up strange women in bars?”

“Yes, I enjoy picking up women in bars.”

“Wow, you’re very honest. To answer your question, yes, you can buy me a drink. You seem like a nice enough guy.”

I buy her a beer, and, we move to a table in the corner of the bar.

“So, Steve, tell me, are you ever going to stop staring at my breasts, and, look me in the eyes?”

“I am, but, tell me, what size are those titties?”

“My, ‘titties’, as you call them, are a b cup, does that satisfy your curiosity?”

“Yes, Carol, it does. Do you have any questions for me?”

“Well, since you wondered about my breasts, let me ask, what size are you?”

“Do you mean, what size is my cock, Carol?”

“Yes, what size is your, um…..cock?”

“I’m 10-inches when I’m rock hard.”

“Wow, you’re huge!” She says, blushing.

“Now, Carol, what do you have no under those clothes?”

“Wow! You’re really direct! Well, I’m wearing a grey bra, and, a grey pair of thong panties.”

“Carol, I’m going to be honest, I’d love to take you back to my apartment, and, I’d love to fuck you, and, fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!”

“And, are you going to make me suck your cock, Steve?”

“I am, Carol.”

“Oh my!” She says, blushing very red.

“Do you want to go back to my apartment, Carol?”


“Let’s go!”

She follows me in her car back to my apartment, we’re no sooner inside, and, I have her pinned against my door, kissing her, roughly squeezing her tits through her shirt.

“Want to see my titties, Steve?” She asks, opening her shirt, showing me her bra.

“Yeah, yeah, I do, Carol!”

She unhooks her bra, letting her tits bounce free.

“Don’t just stare at them, Steve, touch them.”

I reach out and start squeezing them, pinching her nipples, making her gasp in pleasure.

“Having my nipples pinched makes my pussy so wet.” She says, unzipping her skirt, letting me see the wet spot on her panties.

I kneel down in front of her, and, begin to kiss her on top of her panties, tracing the outline of her pussy lips through her panties.

“Oh my! You DO know what you’re doing, don’t you?” She says, giggling.

She slides her panties down, showing me her thin little patch of light brown pubic hair, just above her clit.

I spread her lips open and begin licking directly on her clit, making her squirm.

“You keep licking me like that, I’ll cum!” She moans out.

“That’s what I want, I want you to cum, cum for me, Carol, cum now!”

She screams out, and, has an explosive orgasm, soaking my face.

“Oh my God! I’ve never cum like that! Let me suck that cock, Steve, let me make you cum the way you made me cum!” She says, dropping to her knees in front of me, and, unzipping my pants.

She begins to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock, taking just the head into her mouth.

I grab the back of her head, and, make her take the rest of my cock in her mouth, making her gag.

“That’s it, gag on it!”

Once she adjusts to the size, I continue to hold the back of her head, and, begin fucking her face, slowly at first, then, faster, I can actually hear my balls slapping against her chin.

After a few minutes, I’m ready to explode.

“Ready to swallow my cum?” I say, as I grip her hair, and, firmly hold her head as I cum in her mouth, I cum so much some actually runs out of the corners of her mouth, I let go of her, finally letting her breathe.

“Oh, Steve, that was hot!” She says, letting her hand slide down to her pussy, and, teasing her clit.

I take her by her hand, and, lead her to my bedroom, and, shove her down onto my bed.

“What are you going to do to me, lover?” She asks, spreading her legs open for me.

“I want you to roll on to your stomach, and, place that pillow under your stomach, Carol.”

“Are you going to take my ass?” She asks, rolling on to her stomach.

“Yes!” I say, firmly grabbing her ass, and, spreading her ass cheeks open, and, gently running my tongue around the rim of her ass.

“Oh my God! That feels so…….GOOD!” She gasps out.

I get up behind her and, place the head of my cock at the rim of her ass.

“Push it in, lover!” She says.

I slowly push my cock into her ass, making her grunt a little.

“It hurts!” She gasps out.

I pull out just a little bit, then slam my cock, as hard as I can into her ass.

“OWWWW!!!” She yells out.

I reach up, and, grab a handful of her hair, pulling her head back, as I begin to fuck her tight little ass, deep, and, hard.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” I yell.

“Cum, cum in my ass, lover!” She yell, just as my cock jerks, shooting my load deep into her ass.

I slowly pull my cock from her ass, letting the pain linger as long as I can.

We both roll onto our backs, and, just gaze into each others eyes, until we both fall asleep.

I wake up the next morning, but, Carol is already gone, but, she did leave me a note on my pillow:


Thank you for last night! Thank you for the wonderful orgasms you gave me, and, thank you for giving me my first experience with anal sex.

I’m going to leave you my phone number…….

Call me.

And, the next time I’m in town, I’ll be sure to find you!

Until we meet again, lover!


I lay back down in my bed, and, dream of the beautiful stranger who just occupied my bed.

To be continued…..

This is based on a role play I did with my friend. I didn’t want to role play the sex in this much detail, but didn’t want to pussy out either. So here it is: an unabridged chapter of Jacob Smith’s sex life! Enjoy and leave comments! Also, Literotica didn’t transfer my tabs from the text to the preview for some reason, so I just double spaced my paragraphs.

-Krista O’Connors


The night silently wore on as the people huddled in their homes; waiting for daylight to return over Rome. They restlessly slept, as they had for as long as they could remember. It had been like this since the plague of blood had taken over the streets an unremembered generation ago. Every night, the dead would rise and roam the streets hunting for any one stupid enough to be caught out past sunset. Those stupid enough, or those crazy enough. And that’s where Jacob Smith comes in.

Jacob started his nocturnal escapades one day when he decided that he had enough of cowering. He did this by setting up a ballista in his living room and trying to go fishing for the undead… A few scrapes, near death experiences, new friends, and broken bones later… He found him self at the Rusty Pike Pub. The place had been closed for years, but with the help of a Vampire Nobleman and his human daughter, as well as Jacob’s undead “drinking buddy” Mary, he managed to strike up a deal with the bar tender to re-open.

The normally silent and terrified nights of Rome were now filled with defiant laughter and song. The human guests arrived before sunset and stayed safely inside until the sun rose again. The less living guests showed up periodically and bought the more expensive drinks that the bar tender had been sampling from his more inebriated guests (blood; little to their knowledge.) The dead kept quiet about their presence and the living kept believing they were winning some battle against the curse that filled their streets and plagued their nightmares.

But most importantly; business was booming on the re-opening night of the Rusty Pike, and Jacob Smith was eager to take a break from his dangerous misadventures and make the most of the pub he had helped to re-open. He walked though the pub enjoying the atmosphere and perused the crowd for a hot barmaid to tempt. He soon found a hot blond standing next to a table entertaining some of the male patrons. She wore a simple pink dress with no form and its age was very apparent. Despite this, it fell over her form like a glove suggesting a lean sleekness under the tender fabric. Her hair was a glistening blond, almost silver, against her pale skin. And her voice was a soft whisper, yet un-ignorably loud and clear.

“Well hello there pretty miss, looking for some company?” He asked with his rustic accent so uncommon to the city.

“I wouldn’t mind sharing a drink with you any time good sir!” Jacob staggered in surprise to find the face of his drinking friend Mary on the other side of the head he had been flirting with.

“Mary! I didn’t see you there!” Not that he didn’t like her, but Mary was a vampire, despite all they had been through, and the trust they shared; she was still a creature that survived on blood (that thing he needed to live) and had it’s sex organs died a long time ago. He knew any interest she showed would not be interest in the same things he wanted.

“How have You been keeping up? Well feed?” He asked awkwardly changing the subject. Mary took no mind and gestured towards the passed out patron on the table in front of her. She lifted the table clothe to reveal a small cut in the unconscious man’s arm that was draining into a wine bottle on the floor. “Clever girl…” Jacob commented fondly. Jacob could see that Mary was fitting in just like she had in life, and earning her keep as well. Her presence was keeping the patrons happy, and she was collecting enough blood to pay for any risk she posed.

Jacob decided not to interrupt this and politely left her to her quarry while returning to hunting for his. He found that most of the women here were more than occupied, he was going to have to find some way to stand out amongst the crowd and maneuver his way into a one on one.

He found his target sitting in between two men chatting up a storm. She was wearing a thick one piece dress with a green skirt that exaggerated her already boastful curves. The green continued up her sides where it clung to her shoulders, suspending the blouse that hung mercilessly low over her bust . It looked as if it could fall at any second only to flutter slightly when she moved her arms to get a drink; causing eyes and heads all across the bar to turn only to be teased.

This one was going to be tough considering neither of them were making any mistakes, and the woman seemed to be enjoying herself. To make her want to change the situation he would have to make a problem out of nothing. Patiently, he waited for his opportunity.

“Yeah! Ask Jerry here! He’ll tell yuh!” One of them proclaimed. It wasn’t much to go on, but Jacob had all he needed to work with.

“Jerry!” He exclaimed with a friendly handshake and back pat to the confused man sitting before him. “Haven’t seen you in for ever! How is that rash on your dirty bits doin’? Was pretty nasty last time I heard!” The man’s eyes went wide. He looked to his friend for support who only gave a confused shrug as if to ask “Who is this guy?” and “You have a rash on your dirty bits?”

“After all the pustules and sores I was surprised to see you out here walkin’! You aren’t trying to pick up this wee lass with that are yah?” Jacob mercilessly continued eying the young women whose face continued to fall into disgust.

“I-I um… Wha-” He tried to stammer.

“Here! Go get a drink! I’ll keep this pretty young maiden company!” He explained as he gave the bamboozled man a friendly lift out of his chair and lead him away before he knew what was going on. His friend followed in confusion and Jacob took his empty seat next to his prize.

“So what’s your name lass?” He asked.

“Teressa. And yours?” She replied.

“Ja-William. William Smith.” Jacob

suddenly remembered that the church was under the impression that they had killed him with that little trapped cross of theirs. He certainly didn’t want word spreading that he was still alive.

“William you say? And how do you know Jerry?” She asked.

“Jerry?! We go way back! I made some cups for him! And then an entire set of cutlery! Want a drink?” Jacob explained quickly as he awkwardly changed the subject.

“Don’t think I have much of a stomach for it after that talk of blisters and carbuncles. So you’re a Blacksmith?” She asked.

“Was a Blacksmith.” He explained as he ordered some whiskey. “I’m working in the pub until I can get enough money for new shop.”

“Wow, that’s some pretty hard liquor.” she commented as he downed a shot easily.

“Aye lass, It’s hard to find stuff like this now-a-days with the plague and all. I just finished my private stash with a drinking buddy of mine. Good thing I get a most of it free from Pete (the owner) for workin’ here.” He explained.

“I see, I’m feeling a little better now, do you think you could get me a little discount, for workin’ here?”

“Are you askin’ me to buy yah a drink lass?” He asked.

“I believe I am.” She replied putting her hand on his leg. He tried to feel carefully for a pulse or body heat, but couldn’t get anything through his pants. She seemed human enough, but he couldn’t be too careful in this pub.

“Aye lass, well then… Pete! How about a drink for the lass?! Think you can hook me up?!” He call to the bartender/owner at the end of the bar.

“I telling you! Employee discount is fifty percent! No less! That’s final! And it comes out of you r pay check!” Pete declared from under two trays with which he was trying to serve the throngs of patrons with. He exchanged money with two more patrons before sliding two more glasses of whiskey down the bar expertly in front of Jacob and Teressa.

“Half off, nice hook ups.” She commented gratefully before downing the drink expertly herself.

“It seems that your no stranger to hard liquor yourself.” He commented, relaxing. He had met (and dueled) a city guard earlier that had explained to him that most vampires could only take a ten percent dilution of blood (90% blood, 10% other… usually alcohol.) and the most he had seen was thirty percent. There was no way this woman was the undead; no Vampire could stomach a completely blood free cocktail.

“Yeah, I used to drink a lot, but I haven’t had a ‘drinking buddy’ in a long time.” She explained as she squeezed his leg to emphasize her reference to him as her “drinking buddy.”

“It’s nice to get back,” she continued. “It’s nice to just forget your life,”

“Your mistakes…” Jacob added fingering at his recently healed cuts.

“Your regrets. I don’t know why I ever left.” She continued as she sipped another drink.

“Well probly ’cause the place closed down… but that’s not the point.” Jacob mumbled. “Think you’ve had enough there? You might not be able to walk home if you keep it up like that.” Jacob asked facetiously.

“No wwwway!” She slurred. “I could walk home right now!” she proclaimed as she attempted to do so.

“Woah there lass! It’s still dark out! I don’t your gonna be able to get back to your place from here!” He explained as he retrained her from walking through the crowds to the door.

“Phooey! What about your place?” She asked as she fell back into his arms. He tried to keep her lifted as his hands drifted up her chest as she slipped through his grip.

“My place is uh…” He began thinking about the tattered shambles left of his shop and home after the last undead siege it received. “My place is further away…” He told her.

“Well then what will we do?” She whispered into his face with big drunken smile as his hands cupped her breast completely.

“I’ve got somthin,” He told her as he lifted her onto her feet and and lead her to the back of the bar. “Pete set me up with a room to stay in for now until I can get a place more nearby.” He explained as he helped her up the stairs.

They got to the the second (and final) floor and staggered into his room. She immediately plopped down on the bed and found it sufficiently bouncy as one of her shirt straps fell. Jacob sat down with her and put his arm around her back. They kissed intensely and she pulled him on top of her as she laid down on the bed. He could feel her tongue poking furtively; encouraging him to retaliate. Her hips pushed as her legs clung to his body. Her hand caressed the back of his neck when he suddenly felt something cold.

“Shit!” He thought. Had he made a mistake? Was her hand really that cold? Was he wrong about how much the undead could ingest? Had he accidentally seduced a Vampire? He immediately lurched up from the bed to find something even more terrifying on her hand: a wedding ring.

“Uuuhmmmm… no.” Jacob sputtered at a loss for words. “I don’t do that kind of thing…” He told her hesitantly. Jacob didn’t boast to be a nobleman of any sort, but this was a little too far for even him. Sure he didn’t mind taking what was given, but doing so would break a man’s heart… He just didn’t have it in him self to do that, even for a voluptuous, busty, half topless brunette.

“What’s wrong?” She giggled, causing her enormous chest to jiggle as she took down the other strap of her dress. “I don’t bite.” She snickered.

“It’s not that…” Jacob tried to tell her as she lifted up her dress. “The ring deary.” Jacob tried to stay firm, as his pants continued to do so as well. He was not going to hurt a man’s heart and soul, for this woman. “Although he couldn’t hurt any one if her husband never found out…” He thought to himself.

“Oh this old thing?” She said as she took it off.

“And he did let her come out to the bar alone, I mean, no offense him, but what did he think would happen?” He continued inner monologuing.

“I don’t need that!” She slurred as she tossed it across the room where it clattered on the floor.

“I mean seriously! What kind of asshole leaves a woman like this alone in a pub with these ruffians, there’s no telling what might happen to her! Their marriage couldn’t be that good any ways if she’s seeking other men!” He madly reasoned for the carnal prize in front of him.

“See? Problem solved.” She told him as she unbuttoned his shirt.

The fingers working at his belt buckle at

his pants returned him from his reverie and into the room.

“No.” He said without hesitation as he gently pushed her away. She gave him a sad look that bent his heart like forged metal, but he wasn’t going to just make assumptions about a relationship he wasn’t a part of.

“Oh phooey!” She conceded as she turned over and flopped onto the bed. Her entire body bounced as her skirt rode up on her great curvaceous hindquarters. That rump you could forge entire armories off of and still sleep on it! You could heat an entire furnace with looks alone and harden the softest metals! It could supply enough smithing puns to make anyone sick if Jacob didn’t suddenly and rashly decide to change his mind, unannounced to the woman on the bed in front of him about to be receiving the consequences of his sudden change of heart.

Jacob’s hand gripping her sides was the only warning Teresa got before the sexual fury of the frustrated man behind her unleashed itself upon the insides of the woman underneath him. She squealed in surprise as he forced his manhood into her perfectly sculpted crevice. He slipped in easily with a soft squish and she lifted herself to meet his raging thrusts.

“Well, had some second thoughts?” She managed to get out.

“Nope, but I am now.” He grunted.

“What made you change your mind?” She implored.

“That ass, Milady. Could make a man do many things!”

“That’s about what my husband said… It has that effect on… oof!” She tried to finish as Jacob quickened his pace. Teresa only managed to lay there flopped on the bed with her dress crumpled at her waist, and hold her legs up for Jacob’s persistent thrusting. He held her hips up and thrusted her onto him as he slammed forward into her. If he was going to go down this road, he was going to go down with a bang! He thought as he exploded into her overflowing vagina. He pushed and grunted as his seed warmed the hottest depths of the woman below him. Finally letting her collapse as she fell on the bed before him exhausted.

“Wow! You sure put on a good show! A little short, but I’m not complaining.”

“Who said I’m done lass?” He responded with eagerness.

She squealed in drunken surprise and dizziness as he flipped her over and dropped his pants the rest of the way. He plunged back into her ready crevice.

“What? But… You.. Just…” She tried to say in between thrusts, giving up as he lifted her hips into the air with his thrusting.

Jacob ground his teeth as he ignored the tenderness of his recently orgasmic penis as he felt the pain slowly slipping away. As he fell into a comfortable rhythm he slowed down and loosened his grip. He was in no hurry now, and she had gotten hers, so now he was just going to enjoy himself. If he was going to catch himself sleeping with married woman he might as well enjoy it for as long as he could. He flipped her over as her legs flopped over the bed’s edge and kept going. As he pushed he noticed the window looking out over the rooftops of Rome from the second floor of the Rusty Pike Pub.

“It’s a beautiful night…” He muttered to himself. He had never realized it before. In fact he could not remember the last time some one even mentioned stars. The plague of blood had let very few people see the night and and fewer still had any time to be looking at the sky. The living could only cower behind curtains fearing the darkness and every thing it stood for, loosing the beauty of the moon as it lit up the streets, or the stars as the flooded the sky. Maybe with the Rusty Pike back up and running, humanity could reclaim a small potion of the world that they had lost.

Perhaps someday things would change, but for now there were more pressing matters at hand. Like how he now had to actually focus on keeping himself from cumming. The adrenaline in his body told him of no pain but he knew that his legs had been taking on quite a task for a long time and he knew they wouldn’t last much longer.

“You ready for another Lass?” He asked preparing to unleash his load in between her jiggling thighs. He refrained a little harder when she didn’t answer. “Lass?” He inquired a little louder staring into her face.

He stopped rutting completely to closely examine the woman’s face through the darkness. As he held his face close to hers he felt a warm breath blast up against his. And heard a snore…

“Well fuck it!” He commented as he dropped her legs and withdrew his soaked penis. He had crossed a lot of lines the past week that he never thought he would, he may have befriended and saved a member of the undead, he may have just slept with a married woman, he may have even set up a ballista in his living room and gone outside at night but having his way with an unconscious woman was one line he was not willing to cross tonight. His privates were not happy about this decision though. He leaned back on his knees to view the condition of his throbbing member. He could immediately tell that whether or not the woman on the bed in front of him was up for it or not, he would need to deal with it. A small part of him wished that he hadn’t noticed that Teressa was sleeping for just a few more seconds so he could have finished, to be pulled away when he was so close like that had certainly put a damper on his otherwise successful night.

He was busy considering the option of just tugging himself off onto the woman’s chest when he felt two cold hands touch his shoulders and slide down his shirt.

“Awww, she broke.” Mary whispered in his ear. She always had a quiet voice. She was actually very shy when he first found her on her door step. After all they’d been through, she had gained more confidence, but the voice never changed. That didn’t seem to make a difference though with the ability of every vampire he’d meet to be able to be heard by exactly who they wanted to hear them no matter what the circumstances.

“Looks like you didn’t make it, you poor thing. How about you let me take care of this.” She suggested as she grabbed his receptive member.

“Ahhhh. No. Sorry lass…” Tried to tell her as he tore himself from her gentle hold and crawled onto the bed.

“Awww, you’re not just gonna leave it like that?” She implored as she crawled onto the bed with him.

“I can take care of it, I promise.” He faltered as he tripped over Teressa and landed flat on the bed. Before he could catch his breath Mary was upon him suspending her body above his with her arms that lingered dangerously close to his wrists. He knew that she could hold him down and take any thing she wanted. But she had been in the position to take from him many times without hurting him and he trusted her. And it was either this trust, or his throbbing erection that caused him to say: “Fuck it!” He said as he lifted his arms up to her face gently. He felt her pulse-less neck and ran his hands across her face to her breathless mouth. He wanted to believe he was safe. He wanted to only see the human parts of the cool body on top of him, but the fangs he ran his fingers over and the lack of hot air coming from her reminded him that no matter how hard he tried, she was dead, and he would be too if he wasn’t careful.

He prepared for the precarious copulation presented to him but held his hand on Mary’s forehead to prevent her from tearing his face off. She began to drop forward slowly, but instead of encountering resistance, he found her moving not towards his face and the arm blocking it, but his waist. He yanked his arm down to stop her right as she reached his desperate member and plastered her wet tongue to the tip of it.

Because a short story can be short, I’m currently experimenting with writing a variety of shorter stories that capture a tiny slice of life. This is one of them. Enjoy!

On a Thursday night the nightclub felt more like a bar than a party place. The DJ was more subdued. Only a few couples visited the dance floor to shake it up for their favorite songs or cling together in a pre-coitus mating ritual. Susan liked the half empty feeling of the club. This was better than the nights when it was crammed full of bodies too tightly to see who was who. She sat at a table by herself and sipped her third drink of the night as she watched him.

He stood at the bar and scanned the scant crowd. She studied him without him noticing. She watched the way his eyes moved like a predator. She saw how he measured his likelihood of success with every woman in the place. Some, he appeared to dismiss automatically. Others, his eyes followed as he considered the best approach. She knew he had seen her. She knew she had made it on his “maybe” list. She knew it bothered him the way she sat alone at a table and not the bar, as if she was daring a man to approach. Why kind of woman sits at a table in a nightclub by herself? A working girl? A girl waiting for a friend? A girl who doesn’t want to be bothered? In the reflection of a mirror, she caught him looking at her again. He approved, she was sure of it.

Susan finished her drink and carried the empty wine glass towards the bar. She stood two spaces down from him, close enough for him to see her, but far enough to keep some space. As the bartender took her glass to refill it, she nodded at him and gave him a small smile. “Is the wine here any good?” he asked her.

“It’s okay if you’re not picky,” she replied. They had to talk loud to be heard over the music.

“You look as if you know your wines.”

“Not really. I don’t like beer and mixed drinks fuck me up too fast,” she said. She saw the way he smiled at her use of language. He moved closer.

“Nothing wrong with getting a little fucked up,” he said with a big smile. His full lips revealed clean, white teeth. His eyes ran over her quickly before settling on her face.

“I don’t fuck little,” Susan replied. That made him laugh. She laughed with him. “Sorry,” she quickly added, as if the wine had gotten to her. “I meant I don’t need to get a little fucked up.”

“I think you said what you meant the first time,” he said. There wasn’t much space between them, but he managed to move closer. “Can I ask what brings you out on a Thursday night?”

“You first,” she said. She ran her eyes over his body. He was trim and well dressed.

“Just lonely,” he said.

“As in, hoping to get lucky lonely?”

“Maybe,” he said, giving her a cagey look. “If I met the right person.”

“Ah, and what if you met the wrong one?”

“What could be wrong?” he asked. He looked her over again. “It all looks pretty right to me.”

“Maybe I only want to find out what it’s like to be with a black guy.”

“Maybe I don’t care.”

“You don’t think that’s shallow?”

“Lady, if it gets me laid, maybe I don’t care how shallow you are.”

“Maybe you should buy me a shot,” Susan suggested. He did.

There was a moment of negotiation in the parking lot deciding between his or her place and one or two cars. He was closer. She said she would follow him. “You know this is crazy,” he said.

“Yeah,” Susan agreed. “You care?”

“Guess not,” he decided and led the way to his apartment. “I’m Travis,” he said as he opened the door.

“Not Leon or Jamal or TeJay?”

Travis laughed. “Sorry. Want to call me Mandingo?”

“Not really,” Susan said. She glanced around his apartment. It looked the same as any other man’s apartment. Nice furniture. Spartan. Heavy emphasis on the TV and sound system. She pressed herself against the tall, dark skinned man. He kissed her. She was disappointed when his full lips didn’t feel especially unique against hers. His kiss felt like a kiss. It wasn’t a bad kiss nor especially good. He pressed against her, grabbing her ass and kissing her deeper. If she closed her eyes, she would have never known he was black. She kept her eyes open.

“Want to go to the bedroom?” Travis asked. She shrugged. Bedroom, couch or floor; Susan didn’t care. She followed him to a clean bedroom with a queen sized bed, a soft comforter, a dresser with a mirror above it and a doorway leading to a bathroom. They kissed again and she tugged at his clothes. Travis got the message. “You don’t waste any time, do you?”

“Not when I know what I want,” she said. She pulled off his shirt and kissed his dark colored chest. He smelled and tasted the same as any man. She didn’t care. She liked seeing his chocolate skin and his dark chocolate colored nipples. She nibbled on his nipples. He moaned. She bit him lightly and he moaned louder. She went to work on his jeans. He stopped her and took care of it himself. She slipped out of her clothes.

Travis felt the same as any man had ever felt. His skin was a different color and not a different texture. Still, Susan did what she could to appreciate the difference in skin tones. She watched her white hand as she stroked his cock. Travis was big, not the biggest she had ever had and not the smallest either. He wasn’t of mythic size. She didn’t care. She never expected him to be endowed as large as a porn star. She licked and kissed his prick. Travis seemed to appreciate it.

“Have you been with a white woman before?” she asked.

“A couple times.”

“Do you like white women better than black women?”

“I like skinny women,” he said, cupping her bare, narrow ass in his hands. “Color don’t matter.”

His sloppy English sent a thrill through her. It was the first time he had sounded “black” to her.

“I eat pussy,” he said. She gave him a look. Why was that important? “I’m just saying. The myth is that black guys don’t eat pussy. I do.”

“Prove it,” Susan said. She rolled on her back and waited until Travis crawled between her legs. This was better. She ran her fingers through the tight kink of his closely cropped hair. She thrilled at seeing his dark face pressed against the relative whiteness of thighs. She moaned. His technique wasn’t bad. He found her clit and licked at it. She imagined his full lips surrounding her sex and came from the idea of what he was doing. “Fuck me,” she begged.

“With my big black dick?”

“Please,” she agreed, buying into her fantasy.

Travis positioned himself on top of her. He kissed her and his lips tasted like her pussy. After sucking on his full lips, she pulled away to look at him, to watch his dark skinned body rising and falling against hers. She felt the shiver of a secondary orgasm surge through her. She did was she could to give him a good ride. He didn’t last exceptionally long. He sounded like any other man when he came.

“Mm, thanks,” she mumbled when he fell against her, spent.

“Was it good?”

“I came,” she assured him.

“Do you want to spend the night?”

Her silence gave him the answer.

“Damn, really? Hang out and we can do it again if you want.”

“I’m good.”

“For real?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Fine, bitch. Whatever. Yo crazy, you know that?”

Susan smiled. His slang made her want to stay, but she didn’t. She used his bathroom and he followed pulled on his pants while she got dressed. “Thanks again,” she said. This was always the awkward part.

“Yeah, whatever.” Travis walked her to the door. “If you ever want another piece of dark chocolate, I’m down with that.”

“Actually, I’m feeling like Chinese is next on my menu,” she said and gave him one last kiss before leaving him behind. So little time and so many different men.

Sin was standing at the bar looking for a stool. She was very excited as her boyfriend Jur had called and told her he had a surprise. She was to put on sexy clothing and go to this bar where he would pick her up, with the surprise. The call had made Sin very horny already. She started by taking a shower to get prepared. The hot water running over her body was soothing, and yet, each drop that landed on her nipples made her tingle all over her body. She followed the path of the water drops with her hands. She cupped her gorgeous breasts and played with her now stiff nipples. Oh, she was wet and the evening hadn’t yet started.

With a sponge she lathered herself with care not missing one spot on her smooth skin. The tickling feeling of the sponge against her bare pussy was almost too much for her. Sin stepped out of the shower and dried herself while looking at her body in the mirror. She was proud of her body, with her big, round breasts and small dark nipples. Sin was tall, with long legs ending in a firm ass and a pussy she kept bare and smooth at all times.

Tonight she decided to wear her black stockings which she knew would turn Jur on. She put on a very short skirt and the tinniest string she could find. For good measure she topped it off with a bra that enhanced her cleavage and of course, a very revealing top.

She knew heads would be turning as she walked to the bar.

Soon Sin found a stool and she enjoyed all the eyes on her as she sat down, taking care that all the men present saw her skirt riding up even higher on her ass and saw her silk stockings.

Sipping her champagne she hoped Jur would arrive soon. She was so hot; the small string was already moist from her juicy pussy. Besides, she was a little nervous from sitting at the bar alone with all those men staring at her. But she had to admit that it also turned her on.

Finally Jur arrived. He looked so very handsome in a white shirt and jeans. He was very tall with broad shoulders and long legs ending in a very nice tight butt. He had dark brown hair and matching eyes. As he walked towards Sin he savoured her looks, watching her sit there in this sea of mostly men, beaming towards him. He loved the way she was dressed in this very sexy way, with a sorry excuse of a skirt showing of her endless legs and her tight ass.

As he looked at her he could see where the stockings ended and her smooth skin started, and imagined running his tongue on that skin, on a path towards her pussy and blissful passion. He was proud of the fact that every man in the room envied him. At Sin’s side he kissed her passionately and said, “Hi Love, you look gorgeous as ever. Every man in this room is ready to eat you I think!”

Sin laughed. “I know! I am glad you are here, I couldn’t wait any longer! I am very curious about the surprise.” Jur turned towards the door and nodded. At that moment Mike, Jur’s buddy, walked in. Jur was drop dead gorgeous, but Mike had a rugged handsome look to him. Also broad shouldered, both men towered over Sin. She was delighted. She knew Mike from a few parties and had mentioned to Jur that she would love a threesome with him.

Mike apparently knew this, as he was grinning at her. As he walked towards her he thought he must be the luckiest guy in the room if not the world. He was going to enjoy this beautiful woman with his friend! She was sitting there with a hungry look in her eyes. He couldn’t help staring at her legs that seemed to go on forever in that short skirt. He saw her black stockings and it turned him on. Her breasts were there for him to feast his eyes on and he could only imagine what she was wearing under that skirt.

As if she could read his mind she unfurled her legs and opened her knees just so that he got a glimpse of a small string. As quickly she showed it, it was gone as she crossed her legs again. Oh yes! He was going to enjoy tonight, planning on running his tongue all over that body of hers.

“Hi, naughty girl!” he said when getting to her. Sin smiled at him and said, “Hi handsome devil!”

“So, I hear from Jur that you might be interested in me,” he winked at her.

“I most certainly am! I heard you are a very interesting person!” she teased while looking at his crotch. They all laughed and while Sin continued on her champagne, the guys ordered their drinks. The sexual tension was huge but there was a certain fun in delaying the pleasure. Of course there was a lot of flirting going on.

After a drink or two Sin felt the hands of Jur and Mike taking turns up her skirt. She loved the feeling of a big man’s hand caressing her leg up her ass, fingers tantalizing against her butt-cheeks, sometimes audaciously skimming the lips of her pussy through her string. This playfulness made Sin even hotter, if possible. She noticed also the growing bulges in the men’s pants. She had to admit she was making it hard for them not to react. A brush of her breast against Mike’s arm made his eyes sparkle and a wandering hand against his crotch made his jeans so much tighter.

Jur was even easier. She only had to push her ass against him to make his cock swell in his pants. Both guys were seriously enjoying the looks of other men in the bar. Even though it was dark enough in the bar it was plain to see that something was going on between the three of them. Sin always fantasised about these situations. She loved the flirt, the playfulness, the game. She loved teasing men in this way, giving them a glimpse of her body and watching their imagination in their eyes as they saw her with these two gorgeous men. If they only knew that all their fantasies would probably come to live that night… but they would never know.

Jur and Mike were so turned on; it was definitely time to go somewhere else. “Shall we go back home to continue this conversation in a more private setting?” Jur read her mind. She and Mike nodded in agreement.

Walking home between these men was very exciting. Both were holding Sin tight, either around a shoulder with a hand casually over her breast, or around her back with a hand on her ass. As they climbed up the steps to Sin and Jur’s place, she felt two hands on her butt, creeping under her skirt. The sensation of these hands on her silk stockings and then on her bare ass was amazing.

She was so wet, she was afraid she was dripping on the floor. Mike could feel her pussy juices through her thong as he brushed his fingers against her already swollen lips and it made him even hornier!

Once in their apartment, Mike and Jur took turns in the shower while Sin prepared glasses and opened a champagne bottle. It was her favourite drink and it turned her on. She was thinking about what Jur had told her about Mike. As they both went to the same gym and often worked out together before going for drinks, they would usually hit the showers at the same time. Jur couldn’t help but notice that Mike had a very large cock.

Jur was very well endowed himself, but Mike’s was extremely long with his 9 inches at least. This of course had made Sin very curious and she could not wait to wrap her hands as well as her lips and tongue around Mike. It was such an exciting thought to have these two men at her disposal for a whole night!

Finally both men, with just a towel wrapped around their hips, came into the living room where Sin was impatiently waiting. She sighed of pleasure at the sight and gave both of them a glass of bubbles. They stood around the fire place with her in the middle. They caressed her back and ass while drinking their champagne.

She could not concentrate on anything except the thought of the two cocks for her to pleasure and who most certainly would pleasure her, over and over again. She did not notice that she was starring at the bulges under the towels. The men were laughing and making jokes about it. Sin looked up at Jur with demanding eyes, as she always did in a silent question of permission. Jur gave an almost imperceptible nod which was just what she needed.

Sin turned to Mike, sensuously moving her hips as she moved towards him, making sure he could see every curve of her body through her clothes. She wetted her lips and, as she stood on her toes, started kissing him while caressing the muscles in his arms and shoulders.

She made sure to press her beasts against his chest while she whispered in his ear, ‘Why don’t you undress me?”

Mike stroked his hands against the sides of her thighs up to her skirt, then moved his hands to her ass and lifted her up by her butt. Sin had a very sensitive ass and this movement made her so hot, her knees almost buckled from under her. The sensation of being held by a powerful man, caressing and holding her up by her ass was such a turn on.

Sin wrapped her legs around his hips while kissing him. Mike unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, displaying her full and perfect breast in a beautiful black laced bra. He had to stop kissing her lips and instead moved to kissing her neck and then lower; her breasts, along the line of her bra.

Jur, in the meanwhile, was very content by just watching. It always gave him a strange combination of feelings seeing Sin with somebody else; there was possessiveness and excitement.

Mike put Sin back on her feet and was removing her skirt. Once only in her bra, string and stockings, she dropped to her knees and unwrapped Mike’s towel from his hips. She felt like unpacking a gift on Christmas morning, all excited and impatient. She was rewarded for her curiousness as Mike was indeed very large, especially now that he was extremely turned on. He had loved how he could pick Sin up by her ass and could lick and suckle on her nipples. His cock was throbbing as she pushed her hips to him.

Now she was kneeling in front of him and he saw excitement in her eyes as she uncovered his cock, hard for her. She took him with both her hands and softly blew her warm breath on the tip. With her tongue she started at the base and agonisingly slowly, she moved her tongue towards the head, which was big and red. The whole shaft was pulsating and twitching under her touch. Softly she swirled her tongue around the head taking care not to touch the most sensitive spot just yet.

Then, with a flick of her tongue she finally touched that spot ever so softly and quickly. She could hear Mike’s breath intake and knew she was doing a good job. She started licking the top of the head feeling its movement of excitement. Slowly she wrapped her lips around just the tip of the head and even slower she moved her lips until she had the whole head in her mouth. He was so big; it made her already moist pussy even wetter. She was drenching her string. It was so hot to have that long dick at her disposal and being able to touch it and feel it and taste it.

Mike started moaning out of pleasure and out of frustration, so Sin picked up the pace and started licking and sucking the whole length of his cock. Deep throating a man was not her strongest side, but, oh, she did try and did her best with this big dick. She caressed his balls and while stroking the throbbing length she kissed and licked the balls as well.

Jur could no longer stand aside and do nothing, so he caressed Sin’s butt he so loved and started touching her pussy. He laughed at how wet the string was and removed the drenched item together with her bra.

“She is so wet from sucking you, it is incredible!” he told his buddy. Mike could barely think straight from the blowjob he was getting, but he laughed as well and turned Sin around, letting her pay some much needed attention to Jur’s cock. Sin did not mind of course, though she made a disappointed sound. She was very much enjoying sucking Mike’s cock, but she loved Jur’s and applied herself to his shaft with new energy. She lavished her tongue along the whole length of his dick. She then took his balls in her hand, and while squeezing ever so gently, moved her lips around his pulsating head.

In the meanwhile Mike played with her pussy, finding it indeed very wet, which he loved. He positioned Sin such as she could suck Jur’s cock and he, Mike, could pay attention to her pussy. Mike enjoyed eating pussy and took his time doing it. He kissed her inner thighs while softly brushing his fingers against her wet lips. He then kissed those lips while slowly rubbing his finger a bit harder between her lips and against her clit.

Sin’s eyes teared up from pure pleasure. This was so good, she felt so hot. She loved having her pussy being eaten, especially while she was sucking on a cock. As Mike started moving his finger, he put his whole mouth to her clot and sucked and licked the little devil. Sin moaned and squirmed under him. She was bucking her pelvis to get even closer to Mike. He licked her inner lips and sucked on them and tasted her juices. Oh, she was so hot and tasted so good! Her pussy fluids were really flowing and Mike lapped it all up. Sin was sobbing, begging for release while still sucking Jur, who was enjoying the view and the sensation of Sin licking and sucking in the same rhythm as Mike was moving on her.

Finally she came, drenching Mike’s face, unable to scream her release as he still had Jur’s cock deep in her mouth. Sin turned around and started kissing Mike, tasting herself on his lips. She loved those sloppy kisses and found them very erotic.

In the meanwhile Jur grabbed her ass that was now pointing tentatively at him and kissed those gorgeous cheeks. He pulled her towards him and started teasing her first with his head against her clit, then ramming the whole length into her in one, swift motion. Sin whimpered from delight against Mike’s lips. Jur could feel her shudder. While moving inside her, he splayed his fingers across her round butt and slowly moved them closer to her tight butthole. He massaged it and teased it, first around the rim and then, slowly, with the wet tip of a finger worked himself inside.

Sin sighed and stopped giving Mike a handjob to start sucking on that gorgeous length of his again.

While the head of Jur’s cock was as wide as the shaft, Mike had a real mushroom head, wider than the shaft. She loved the difference and played with wet fingers over Mike’s head while licking the length. She could put his head in her mouth and run both her hands from her lips to the hilt.

If this wasn’t enough to get her going again, the fingers she felt slipping in her tight hole behind her surely did the trick. She enjoyed having her butthole teased this way. Knowing this, Jur was still playing with her ass that way and as she was very horny and relaxed at the same time, he soon fitted in two fingers.

He knew he was not hurting her as she moved and pushed her ass towards him; so he moved his cock from her pussy and started teasing her little star with the head of his dick. When he felt she was ready, instead of pushing on, he stopped and said to Mike, “I think you should try her tight pussy. She will love it!”

Mike did not need to be told twice and lay Sin down on the couch so she was comfortable to adjust to his size. He had to use all his restraint to not jump and ravish her, she was so hot and horny and his cock was throbbing from wanting release. Sin watched as he approached her with that huge, massive dick and she wet her lips. She was ready for it, could not wait any longer to feel this giant inside her.

Mike slowly pushed his big mushroom head between her drenching lips and felt them parting as she opened her legs wider. He pushed further as she took deep breath to adjust to his length. He was so big and she loved it all. Jur was kissing and stroking her breasts in the meanwhile to keep her turned on and to tease her senses.

Once inside Mike stopped moving so she could get used to it. Soon she started squirming, wanting more action, so Mike slowly moved out off her, but not completely, and then moved slowly back in. He was very gentle as he was afraid to hurt her, but soon he found out she wanted more.

As each stroke came faster and faster, Sin was almost ready to come again. Mike picked her up and with a wink to Jur, started moving Sin up and down his cock while standing. Jur could now move to stand in front of Mike with Sin’s back against his chest. Sin felt safe between these two men and could not believe her luck. She had hoped at the beginning of the evening that this might happen; being able to enjoy two cocks at the same time in a sandwich position. Now she felt Jur grabbing her ass again and felt him touch her asshole.

It was still ready for him as he stood closer and pushed his cock inside her butt with Mike still in her pussy. Sin thought she would die from pleasure. A shudder passed through her and both men felt it, making them grin. As they moved her up and down in union, Mike was sucking her hard nipples and Jur was fingering her clit.

The movements went faster and Sin could not hold it any longer. She came, hard, sobbing and almost screaming. She felt SO good. Her pussy and ass tightened around both cocks. This intense pressure and her shudders brought both men to their undoing. They came hard as well, almost simultaneously, as Sin felt the pulsations of their cocks as they released their cream inside her…

Sin felt glorious and spent. Having these two studs at her disposal was pure bliss. The whole evening was already so much better than what she actually had hoped for. She was just a bit disappointed that she did not get any cum over her breasts and body or in her mouth. She knew this was a naughty thought, but as she lay there between these two gorgeous men on the couch, catching their breath, she was hoping the night was not yet over…

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