Last week my boss called me to his office to tell me I had to go to Bangkok for 3 days on an official work assignment. Our company was organizing an exhibition for a client there. I was very excited at the prospect of having a few days to play in Bangkok, by all accounts an exciting place where all things sexual are possible and I decided it would be a perfect opportunity for me to have some exhibitionist fun and sex in a city where nobody would know me. I asked my boss if he could give me a week of vacation time after the exhibition was finished so that I could see the city. He granted my request. I was so excited that the next two days were a blur with my mind creating one fantasy after another about the adventures I could find and create in Bangkok.

Three colleagues would travel with me. The leader of our team was Edward, a senior executive about fifty who was charged with organizing the exhibition for our client. My other two companions, Joe and Tom, both mid twenties, had recently joined the company and this was their first assignment. The last few days before the trip were very busy preparing for the event and organizing things in Bangkok by telephone and fax. Edward left for Bangkok two days before the rest of us to finalize everything while the three of us traveled the day before the exhibition started.

Even before our departure I decided to really enjoy myself on this trip and to tease Joe and Tom as much as possible but thought that I would try to avoid having sex with them to protect my reputation at work. I planned to look for sexual adventures elsewhere and why not, surely there would be opportunities in a city as exciting as Bangkok, but I surely wanted to tease them a bit. I packed some dresses for the trip as well as for the exhibition. I took along decent but sexy clothes, normal office attire I’d need to attend the Exhibition, two skirts about 4 inches above the knee, a black slip on dress and a summer dress along with a few shirts. I decided that dresses and anything else more revealing required for fun in the evenings could be purchased in Bangkok. I also made the conscious decision not to pack panties and bras. I love being naked under my dresses and skirts even at work. It not only keeps me in a state of continual arousal but affords me the opportunity to display myself when I wish.

For the flight I put on a blue jeans skirt, black t-shirt and sandals. The skirt was short but you couldn’t call it a mini by my standards. The hem of the skirt finished about 4 inches above my knee. I met Joe and Tom at the airport and we checked in together. They were dressed in jeans and t-shirts. On the plane we were seated together with me in the centre. During the flight I thought about the fun I would have on this trip and with each thought my pussy would began to tingle and begin to get wet and excited.

I tried to think of other things but my mind would always wonder back to adventure and my body would begin the familiar reaction all over again. During the flight I couldn’t do much except get acquainted with Tom and Joe. I did let my legs rub up a bit against theirs and allow my legs to spread as wide as possible in the process but my skirt was too long to even attract their attention. I tried to think of ideas to flash my two companions but couldn’t create an accidental way to make it work so I had to be content with simply pressing my legs against theirs and moving a little to hold my pleasant thoughts. It was a long flight and soon all of us were sleeping.

We landed at Bangkok on Wednesday night. The exhibition was scheduled for Friday and Saturday with Thursday being kept for preparations. Edward was there to receive us at the airport and he took us to our hotel. When we reached the hotel I was a bit shocked by the location. Perhaps to save money the company had selected a modest hotel located in a seedy part of the city surrounded by pubs and nightclubs.

It was about 8 pm when we arrived at the hotel and I could see that there were some hookers on the street trying to lure the tourists. It seemed that lot of tourists also stayed in this part of the city maybe because the hotels were cheap or perhaps because of the hookers. I could see Tom and Joe staring at the hookers and other girls in the street. Edward said to me that he knew that this was a cheap place but this was the best he could do with the budget. I told him I would manage but at the same time I was really excited to be staying in such a place. I thought to myself that I could have a lot of fun in a place like this.

We checked into our hotel and as we were all tired from the long journey we went to our rooms to sleep. Upon entering my second floor room I found I faced the front of the hotel with a large window overlooking the street. On the opposite side there was another hotel. I drew the curtains aside and watched the scene on the street. I could see at least 10 girls dressed like hookers each waiting to be approached. I saw a man approach one of them and followed their movements until I saw them enter a hotel just down the street. I thought it would be dull sex for me going with that man. I liked being more open and available in public places to be seen by strangers, but the idea of standing there on the street like a hooker really turned me on and I thought that this was something I would like to try.

I moved away from the window and took my skirt and t-shirt off. I remembered I had not drawn the curtains again but then I thought, I am here for fun so if people look into my room and watch me, let them look. I took a quick shower and hit my bed. I don’t know if anyone saw me naked in the room that evening through the window but I think I fell asleep smiling.

The next day I was up early, I dressed in a black skirt, light blue shirt and 2 inch heels and as usual nothing underneath. I met my colleagues for breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then we took a taxi to the exhibition hall. I was already horny and desperately wanted to flash somebody, but the opportunity was not there. The whole day was spent in preparation for the event and sometimes I would think about the evening. At about seven in the evening when we had finished all the arrangements my colleagues decided to go around the city and asked me to join them. I told them I was tired and said that I was going back to the hotel. My colleagues left for an evening of sight seeing and I took a taxi back to the hotel. Sitting in the taxi I decided it was time for some fun, I had been horny the whole day and was frustrated at not being able to act to fulfill the need building inside me.

First I needed to change into something more appropriate for a night of fun, I simply had too many clothes on. When we were near the hotel I asked the taxi driver if there were some shops nearby where I could buy some clothes. He said that there were a few shops about a mile ahead of the hotel. I asked him to drop me there and wait for me to take me back to the hotel.

Soon I was in a shop looking for something sexy to wear. There was not much to chose from here and I could only find one black leather skirt about 10 inches in length that I liked. The skirt was tight on my body and was held at the waist by a hook. It was maybe a size too small for me. I tried it on and looking in the mirror found that it just covered my pussy and ass. I looked for a top and settled for a short, cropped t-shirt which barely covered my breasts. The bottom of the t-shirt did not touch my body, it simply hung away loose. I looked at myself in the dressing room mirror and found that if anyone was sitting below me while I was standing he would be able to see my tits clearly. I found too that if I raised my arms up beyond the level of my shoulders the shirt would rise up exposing my nipples and if I raised my hands above my head the shirt would rise up beyond my tits exposing them completely. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and thought that this was good enough for tonight. I changed back into my clothes, picked up the new outfit, walked to the cashier and paid for my purchase.

I took my taxi back to the hotel and changed into the new clothes in my room. It was about 8:30 pm now and I could not wait to go out and have fun. My pussy was already wet with the anticipation of what was to come. I decided not to take my handbag with me, I thought I will not need any money tonight. As I walked through the hotel I could feel all eyes on me and as I reached the front door I caught the eye of the front desk clerk who had checked us in the night before. I gave him a sexy smile and thought he too deserves a peek at my pussy before I leave Bangkok.

I walked along the street seeing the pubs and nightclubs along the way deciding which one to go into. I made my choice by the music I heard coming from one of the clubs. Just before I opened the door to the club a man stopped me and asked how much I would take for the night. I told him I was not a whore and stepped into the club. The fact that he had taken me for a hooker nearly made me cum right there and I thought, what the hell, I should just act out my hooker fantasy tonight and just see where it takes me. It was crowded and loud and as I entered it seemed as if everyone turned to stare at me. I stood just inside and surveyed the scene. It was larger than it seemed from outside. There was a long bar and probably twenty or more tables most filled with people sitting and drinking. There was a dance floor, it was packed with couples dancing. The girls inside were also skimpily dressed and this made me comfortable. As I watched the dancers I could see one guy had his hands inside the skirt of a girl he was dancing with while two other couples were kissing passionately on the floor. I walked to the bar and stepped up to sit on a barstool.

As I sat down my skirt pulled up from the back as my bare ass made contact with the cold bar stool. It surprised me and I smiled at the thought that there was nothing between my ass and that barstool. I looked around and found I had the attention of a table of three men having drinks near me. I could see that they were tourists like me. None of the three was bad looking so I checked them out as they were looking at me. I decided it was time for the fun to begin. I turned on my stool until I faced them directly. I opened my legs to give them a look at my naked shaved pussy. They smiled at me and quickly discussed something and then one of them came up to me and said that he and his two friends wanted my company for some time and what would I charge them. In a span of 15 minutes I was taken to be a whore twice but this time I played along and said that I would charge 100 dollars per hour. I did not know anything about the rates here but blurted out the first round figure that came to my mind. He said that it was too high and we finally settled at 75 dollars an hour. He then asked me to join them at their table. I walked with him to their table and thought well I am a whore now and my pussy was dripping.

The two other men were sitting on each side of the table on booth style seats and I slid in next to one of them. My escort from the bar instead of sitting across from us with the other guy slid in next to me sandwiching me between the two of them. I had not even settled into my seat when the two guys had their hands on my pussy. One of them exclaimed, “hey slut you are already dripping like a fountain”. The guy across the table from me extended his hands and started fondling my tits. I slid down a little and rested my head against the back of the booth opened my legs to just enjoy the hands playing with my pussy and I came within seconds, my leather skirt getting even wetter now. The guys continued to play with my pussy and I began to rub and squeeze the cock on each side of me through their jeans feeling them grow hard as I fondled them. I slipped off one shoe, raised my leg and found the cock across the table and began to rub it with my foot under the table.

My skirt had now ridden up to my waist and was like a belt and my pussy was bare for anybody to see who walked by. I felt wonderful, like being high and I suppose I was, high on sex. I had completely given in to my desires and it felt so good to feel them playing with my pussy and fondling my tits and pinching, pulling and squeezing my nipples. I did not care who saw me I just wanted it never to stop and I began another orgasm. I thought if all nights could only be like this, life would be so beautiful. I was moaning with pleasure now, I could not help myself and I knew I was loud. I opened my eyes and realized people at the nearby table were looking at me and they could clearly see what was happening but I didn’t care, I just wanted them to keep pushing their fingers inside me rubbing and touching me and making me cum again. The man across the table was pulling and twisting my nipples so hard it hurt and I loved it, my tits were clearly visible to all except for what was covered with his hands.

The guys then asked me to get up and dance with them. I could not move for several minutes trying to calm myself enough to do as they asked. Finally when I was able I stand up, I straightened my skirt and allowed myself to be led to the dance floor. I was still panting and out of control. My legs were a bit wobbly and I wasn’t sure I could dance. The three of them began to dance around me in a close little circle all touching my body. One of them pulled my shirt above my tits and I was now dancing with my tits out in the open and nipples hard. Other couples were watching but they too seemed to enjoy what they were seeing. One of the guys started to suck my tits while the other two had their hands rubbing all over my body and they had pushed my skirt up to my waist. Their fingers pushed into my pussy again and again and when they pushed their hands into my ass trying to insert fingers inside me I tried to relax enough to let them.

They could do what they wanted to me now, I was their personal slut at that moment. They all pushed their hard cocks against my hips and ass and rubbed them on me and I tried to feel them with my hands as we all danced. It felt so good to be on a dance floor almost naked with three guys doing anything and everything they could to me while the other dancers watched me and I began to cum again. I knew anyone could see my cum running down my naked thighs. I looked again around the room knowing everyone was watching me and noticed my two colleagues Tom and Joe entering the night club and they were staring at me. I was shocked but there was just no stopping now. I looked away pretending not to notice them and continued to dance with the three guys. I was so completely out of control and enjoying myself so much that I did not care if Tom and Joe were watching me now. But I was thinking about what might happen when I met them in the morning. This thought and the hands of the three guys playing with my pussy and tits on the dance floor made me cum again, this time moaning loudly with pleasure.

The music stopped but instead of them leading me back to our table they led me to the back of the club and we exited through a door into an alley behind the club. The guys then pushed me down on the street and had their dicks out of their pants. They ordered me to suck them. I was in such a state of ecstasy that I did not need to be ordered and took the closest cock into my mouth. I sucked him hard, my mouth moving fast up and down his dick licking, biting lightly so he could feel my teeth touching it, taking it out and licking and slurping along it length so the others could see, my hands squeezing and pulling at the base of his cock and cupping and squeezing his balls. The other two guys had their dicks rubbing my face and covering it with lines of pre-cum, pushing and rubbing trying to wait their turn to fuck my mouth. Soon the first guy stiffened and his cock began to jerk and I could feel he was about to cum, and then he was cumming in spurts inside my mouth. I swallowed it all down my throat enjoying the taste, I have always loved the taste of cum. When his spurts stopped I took his cock out of my mouth licked it from tip to it’s base rolling my tongue over it.

The second guy could wait not longer and simply turned my head forcefully and shoved his cock into my mouth and I began to suck. He was so excited that before I could get into a good pattern of licking and sucking he shoved his cock in as far as he could and shot his first burst of hot cum down my throat and I swallowed his cum too. I pulled him out of my mouth looked up at him smiled, kissed the head of his dick and licked the tip. The third guy was so excited now that as I took his dick in my hand and as I attempted to put it in my mouth, he started to cum and shot his load onto my face and down onto my thighs as I kneeled in front of him. I held his cock in my hands and milked him letting his cum land where it would, mostly on my face. Now I had cum dripping down my face. I slowly collected the last drops milked from him in my hand and then licked it clean. I then cleaned my face by rubbing my hand over it and whatever cum was there I licked it off my hands as they watched. Then one of the guys took out 75 dollars and gave it to me. I accepted the money and then they simply walked away into the street. I rearranged my skirt and covered tits and walked out of the alley and into the main street. I walked back to the hotel thinking about what Tom and Joe had seen of me today and wondering what they might say when I faced them tomorrow and most importantly what their reaction would be and how they would treat me.

When I got to my room I quickly undressed and took a shower. I loved what happened tonight, I tried to remember when I had been more satisfied than I was right now and could not think of one time. I needed to sleep but replayed it all over in my mind again and again. I got out of bed and walked to the window, I stood at the open window replayed the night once more as I masturbated until I came one more time wondering if anyone was watching me from the dark windows across the street. I didn’t know but I hoped someone was there watching. I returned to my bed. I wish I could do it all again tonight but finally I drifted off to sleep, this time I know I was smiling.

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