Mark was aware that there was a lot of tension in the kitchen the day after Christmas. He hoped that Heather didn’t notice it.

Mark was glad that Heather was home from college for Christmas vacation, but he wished that his only daughter got along better with Nancy, his wife of five years. Too many hens for one rooster, Mark jokingly told his friends. He thought that the main issue was that Nancy, aged 29, was closer to Heather’s age of 19 than to Mark’s age of 50. Heather had been disturbed by her father’s decision to marry his secretary so soon after he divorced her mother, and Heather had long suspected that Nancy had broken up the marriage. Heather was 16 when her dad married Nancy, and she was constantly embarrassed by the way they couldn’t keep their hands off one another in public. It was worse at home. Her dad was always patting Nancy’s ass when he walked past her in the kitchen, and then he’d lean in and whisper something Heather couldn’t hear, and Nancy would giggle. Although they weren’t exactly close, Heather was used to Nancy, and so Heather couldn’t help notice that there wasn’t the same interplay between her stepmom and her dad now that they’d been married a while. Her dad didn’t have his hands all over Nancy, and Nancy seemed crabby with him a lot.

Nancy resented having Mark’s kid home from school. All his attention was drawn away from Nancy. People had warned her that it was foolish to marry Mark. He was obviously having some kind of midlife crisis, and offering up herself as his trophy wife was not going to make him happy for long. Sure enough, things had cooled down considerably after three years together. Mark still enjoyed sex with her, when she’d let him near her, but otherwise he mostly ignored her. For his part, Mark was feeling the strain of his decision to pursue Nancy. Sure, he brought home a lot of money, but he also gave a bundle to his ex-wife in alimony and then poured a lot more into putting his spoiled brat daughter through college. And now Nancy apparently didn’t like having sex with Mark with his daughter there in the house. Now that Nancy’s initial passion for Mark was lessened by the realities of living with a middle aged man, she was embarrassed by the memory of how they’d screwed like rabbits when they were first together. Nancy realized that she’d grown accustomed to the privacy that they had now that Heather was out of the house. Heather’s room was at the other end of the house, but if she went up or down the stairs for any reason, she would go past their bedroom. Nancy didn’t want Heather to hear them going at it.

Mark just wished that things were like they used to be. Nancy had not let him touch her for almost a week and he was feeling mighty horny. What he wouldn’t give to have Heather out of the house for a few hours and to have Nancy in a good mood, bending over the back of the sofa while he fucked her fast and hard. He had a vivid image of his cock impaling Nancy, doggy-style, and it made his meat twitch with anticipation. Mark suddenly felt his ears turning red with shame as he realized that he was actually watching Heather from across the kitchen. She was bending forward, looking in the oven where a pie was baking. He realized that he’d been evaluating her shapely ass, imagining sex with her, rather than Nancy, just as if he was looking at a stranger instead of his daughter.

Heather was not a skinny girl, like Nancy. She was pear-shaped, like her mother, with ample hips and generous breasts. Like many redheads, her skin was pale white and freckled. She wasn’t a beauty queen, but her face was pretty. Now that she was a woman, she strongly reminded Mark of her mother, and how much he missed fucking a woman who wasn’t skin and bones. And now that Heather had been away at college, she’d started to dress differently. Before, she’d dressed in baggy layers of clothes that de-emphasized her body. Now, she wore short dresses with brightly colored tights, and blouses that showed a hint of her ample cleavage. He orange tights had drawn Mark’s eye when she bent over to check the oven, and he’d followed them up the back of her meaty thighs to the point where they disappeared under her blue skirt. If she bent forward just a little more, Mark was thinking, he could see what color panties were hugging that fine ass. That’s when he realized where he was, and that he was getting aroused by his own daughter’s legs and ass.

It must be because it had been too long since he and Nancy had sex, Mark assured himself. He had no interest in his daughter. He wasn’t some pervert! Nancy had better put out when they went to bed tonight, and take care of the load that was building up inside him, taking control of him and making him act so foolishly.

Thankfully, Mark thought, Heather was going out to a movie with some girlfriends after supper. It would let her get away from Nancy for a while, and that might give his wife some time to cool off emotionally. And that would give him his chance to initiate intimacy and to relieve the tension he now realized he was experiencing! Of course, Mark didn’t know that Heather was really going bar-hopping with her recently acquired fake I.D. But what daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him, Heather thought as she waited to escape Nancy’s constant surveillance.

Much to Mark’s surprise, things went from bad to worse once Heather’s friends arrived and picked her up. Heather was barely out the door when Nancy started to rant. “You have to take charge of that girl, Mark,” she hissed. “Look at how she’s dressing. You sent her off to another state where she doesn’t have family to watch her, and now she’s turning into a slut. You better talk to her about how she’s starting to look and act. You don’t want to wake up and find out that she’s knocked up and you’re supporting her kid.” Mark didn’t know why that sounded so bad, but he didn’t get a chance to answer. “Don’t you imagine,” Nancy continued, “that I’m ready to have people call me ‘grandma’ at my age!”

“So what if they do?” asked Mark. “It doesn’t change how good you look. And everyone knows she’s not your daughter. You’re way too sexy to have kids.”

With that parting praise, Mark went into the den to watch some TV. There was no point in continuing to discuss it, since it would only rile up Nancy.

About ten o’clock, Mark was thinking that it was time to go find Nancy and plant some kisses on the back of her neck, to see how she’d respond to physical overtures. Nancy came into the den. “I’m taking a sleeping pill and going to bed,” she said. “I need some rest.” Mark knew what she was really saying. No sex for Mark. She was punishing him. But having endured one marriage that ended up in nothing but fighting, he knew better than to pick a fight he couldn’t win. “Okay, sweetheart,” he said, as if nothing was wrong. “You get some sleep.”

* * * * *

Mark lay in bed, listening for Heather’s return from her night out with friends. He guessed they had gone somewhere after the movie, since the alarm clock on the nightstand showed it was now past midnight. Nancy was dead to the world beside him. But he was tired, and he must have dozed off, because when he looked at the clock again, it was nearly 2:30. He was aware that what had awakened him was a pleasing tingling of his penis. The tingling turned out to be the pleasant sensation of a hand in his boxer shorts, gently stroking his rod, which was quickly gaining an erection. Surprised that Nancy was waking him in the middle of the night for sex, he let out a sigh of pleasure. The hand paused at his sigh. At the same moment, he realized that it couldn’t be Nancy. If she took one of her sleeping pills, he knew there was no way she was awake. Who the hell?

“My poor Daddy,” came a quiet whisper, “Let me help you.”

Heather’s hand wrapped around her father’s stiffening cock with her thumb positioned on the shaft just below the corona. Her thumb rubbed gently as she whispered, “Daddy, don’t be freaked out. I’ve seen how you’ve been staring at me. I can tell you’re horny and Nancy isn’t putting out.” Heather’s thumb rode up over the corona, over the glans, and to the opening at the tip. Encountering a small leakage of precum, her thumb smeared it down the shaft and began to rub the lubricant into the shaft below the mushroom head of it. Mark couldn’t believe how good it felt, or what he was hearing. But coming to his senses, he reached down and grabbed Heather’s wrist. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?”

“It’s okay, Daddy,” she whispered in a breathy, young voice. “I saw Nancy’s pill case in the bathroom and I guessed she took something to get to sleep. She won’t know.”

“That’s not it,” whispered Mark. “You can’t touch me this way. I’m your father.”

“It’s okay, Daddy,” purred Heather, rubbing her thumb on his shaft despite the pressure on her wrist. “I know enough about men to know that you’ve been thinking about me.” Although he did not remove his hand, she felt the pressure on her wrist ease. “Haven’t you, daddy?” The pressure remained minimal. She knew that with a few more words, she’d have him. “Pretend it’s not me but Nancy. Or doesn’t she like to play with you like this?” Heather squeezed her father’s sizable rod with her whole hand, then slid her thumb to the top again, smearing more of the oozing pre-ejaculate over the head and onto the shaft. She felt his hand relax yet further on her wrist. “Oooh, you’re starting to throb. Do you really want me to stop now? Isn’t my big big daddy straining to shoot his load?”

“Stop. You’ll make a mess in the bed,” Mark pleaded half-heartedly. But he was obviously excited. He was reaching the point where he didn’t care whose wet hot hole was going to accommodate him. He just knew he needed to fuck something, and Heather seemed the only willing woman in the vicinity.

“No, daddy,” said Heather. “Don’t be silly. There won’t be any mess.” With that, Mark felt the covers lift beside him and he was aware of motion. A second later, he felt Heather’s mouth on the head of his throbbing cock. Her lips just surrounded the mushroom head as her thumb continued to stroke the shaft. Heather encircled the glans with her mouth and then dipped her head slightly, letting the edge of the cock-head slide over her lips. She began to suck gently, tonguing the tip of the delicious cock in her young but experienced mouth. She felt pre-ejaculate oozing from the aroused rod of flesh, and felt the shaft throbbing beneath her small nimble fingers. She bobbed her head, each time popping the corona against her lips as her father entered her mouth. Heather sensed that his legs and back were becoming rigid, and he was gently thrusting his erection upward into her mouth in a rhythm that matched her own motion downward onto it. As their rhythms locked together, the bobbing lips and thrusting cock began to speed up slightly. An ongoing drizzle of saliva and pre-ejaculate provided Heather’s thumb with lubricant to rub onto the shaft below the head. Without warning, she felt the first spasm of her father’s cock in her hand and she felt a blast of thick, salty liquid filling the back of her mouth. She resisted the impulse to gulp it, knowing that more would arrive before she’d be ready for it. Better to let the waves of it fill her mouth before she swallowed any of it. Heather felt her father’s cock thrusting deeper into her mouth. But she had her hand at the ready, and tightened her grip on him as she pulled her head back a few inches, making it all but impossible for him to push his meat into her throat as he seemed to wish.

After three hard spasms and accompanying blasts of semen into Heather’s mouth, her father’s contractions were less violent and there was less semen with each one. Following a pause and then one more jerk, Heather felt her father’s body relaxing. She pulled her head off his rod, tilted her head back, and swallowed the thick and slightly bitter mass of thin jelly in two gulps. Then she returned her lips to the glans, gently ran her tongue over it, then moved her mouth down the shaft, tonguing and cleaning it. Mark had never had a woman clean him with her tongue and he was amazed at how good it felt. Then, his sexual frenzy subsiding as his cock softened, he remembered again that it was Heather’s mouth that was giving him new experiences.

“How was that, Daddy?” Heather whispered beside his ear. “Better than Nancy gives you? See you at breakfast, daddy.” She kissed his forehead and he felt her withdraw her body before he could think of what to say. Then he heard her walk softly to the bedroom door, though it, and down the long hallway to her own room. In the silence, Mark was suddenly aware of Nancy’s breathing. Slow and steady. Just like always when she was dead asleep. Mark knew that could have had group sex in the bed next to her after she took a sleeping pill, and she’d sleep through it. But what had just happened was so wrong that he felt she must be aware of it somehow. But, no, her breathing was slow and steady. Mark wondered what had possessed his daughter. The experience had been wonderful, and he had to admit to himself that this morning wasn’t the first time he’d stared at her voluptuous body, fantasizing about sex with a girl of 19. But what would have gotten Heather to initiate sex with him? He lay awake for half the night wondering.

At the other end of the house, Heather brushed her teeth and congratulated herself on having carried out her plan so bravely. She’d taken the first step in getting even with her bitch stepmom. She’d shown her dad that he didn’t need Nancy to fulfill his fantasies. She’d seen her dad staring at her ample breasts on more than one occasion in the last week and she’d started to tease him by wearing tight blouses that exposed her pale cleavage. Once, she saw him reach into his pants and adjust his crotch after he’d been staring across the table at her chest for two full minutes while Nancy was blabbing some nonsense at him. At first, she had no thoughts of doing anything but annoying Nancy. She’d only gotten the idea of using actual sex to get back at Nancy when she was snooping around the house one afternoon when Nancy and her dad were out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. Heather had gone into the bathroom of the master bedroom suite looking for shampoo and she ended up looking at everything, including their medicines. She had discovered prescription sleeping pills with Nancy’s name on them, and had seen that the prescription was strong enough to knock out a horse. And she’d found her dad’s Viagra prescription. There were more than double the number of pills in the little plastic bottle than the prescription was for, which told her that her dad and Nancy weren’t having sex very often. Paying more attention to the pair of them after that, Heather saw that Nancy pulled away every time that her dad initiated physical contact. Things had certainly changed from the days when Nancy seemed to be taunting Heather by flaunting her physical relationship with him! She guessed that Nancy and her dad hadn’t had sex since she’d arrived home for the holidays. Her poor dad had to be as horny as dog that smelled a bitch in heat. But how to get him to move beyond just staring at her?

The idea to suck him to orgasm had come to her at the bar. She was on her third margarita and the conversation with her friends Sue and Emily had turned to their recent experiences with college boys. Emily was a drink or two ahead of Sue and Heather and was expounding on the stupidity of college boys. “Once they know that a good date will end with their little hot dogs in your mouth, they’ll do anything to make you happy for an evening. College boys all think with their dicks.”

“It’s not the guys at college,” Heather responded. “All men think with their dicks. Just look at all our dads. They’ve all left our moms for trashy trophy wives.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Emily. “The fastest way to money for any of us is to be trophy wives! Find some middle-aged guy with money and a fat wife and make a move on him. Once you get his cock into your mouth, he’ll put up all his money to get it somewhere else in you. I bet that’s how Nancy got your dad, Heather.”

That’s when Heather realized that getting her dad’s cock into her mouth might be all she needed. When she got home, she had tiptoed into the master bedroom, into the master bath. She had pushed the door closed. Using her cell phone as a small flashlight, she had seen that Nancy’s sleeping pills were on the sink. That meant they were being used. Her dad’s Viagra was at the back of the medicine cabinet, just as it was when she’d discovered it several days earlier. He was probably ready to pop a load of cum at any opportunity. And unless he couldn’t get hard at all without his little pills, a good blowjob would have him up fast enough to let him shoot a load into her waiting mouth. She’d take him by surprise, and he’d think with his cock instead of his conscience. After that, he was hardly in a position to refuse her, and she’d have a few days to figure out her next move.

When she had finished scoping out the meds in the bathroom, Heather went back into their bedroom and over to their bed. She listened. From the sounds of their breathing, they were both sound asleep. Kneeling by her father’s side of the bed, Heather slid her right arm under the covers and to his crotch. When her fingers found his boxer shorts and then slipped under the waistband, her experiences with one or two college boys in dorm rooms during the past two months paid off. She knew how to stroke a man in a way that gave maximum pleasure, and she felt her father’s cock start to swell almost right away. Her one surprise was that, as she whispered her encouragements to him while stroking him, his erection seemed to keep growing and growing. The few guys she’d handled were nowhere near so big. It wasn’t that her dad’s cock was long, but it was unusually fat. Heather was surprised that she couldn’t get her fingers completely around the shaft. When it came time to suck it, she found that it filled her mouth in a way she’d never before experienced. It was already thrilling enough to get dad to do something so perverted, but it was also thrilling to feel such a mouthful of meat, dripping with sweet and salty precum. Heather had expected the sex to be gross and that she’d feel “dirty” after it. What she realized, brushing her teeth, was that her pussy was wet. Wetter than when she’d administered blowjobs to Jeff and Tom at the university. She was definitely turned on.

* * * * *

At breakfast the next morning, Mark tried to contain his nervousness as he waited for Heather to come downstairs. Nancy was going shopping at the after-Christmas sales and would be out of the house most of the day, and Mark hoped she’d be gone before Heather appeared. No such luck.

Heather came into the kitchen in a big fluffy robe. Underneath was a long, heavy nightgown. She wore fuzzy pink slippers on her feet. Not the outfit of a temptress. Once he saw that nothing looked out of the ordinary with his daughter, Mark avoided looking at her.

“What’s the plan for today?” asked Heather, sounding very innocent.

“I’m off to shop and then have lunch with some of the girls,” said Nancy. “In fact, I was just leaving. Try to keep your father out of trouble.” Nancy went to the coat rack by the back door and started to pull on her coat. Inwardly, Heather smirked. That wasn’t exactly her plan for the morning. She walked over to the table where her father was pretending to be occupied with the sports section of the newspaper. “Good morning, daddy!” she said cheerfully. With Nancy’s attention elsewhere, Heather put her hand down on the table beside her father’s coffee cup. His eyes were drawn to the motion, and he felt his heart leap and freeze when he saw that his daughter had deposited one of his Viagra pills on the table. “What should we do today, daddy?” Heather asked, maintaining her show of innocence.

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