The call came whilst Holly was in the bath. Jumping out, she ran, still naked, dripping water all over the floor, to pick up the phone and see who would be calling so late at night.

“Hello?” she queried her mystery caller.

“Hello there, is that Ms. Thornley?”


“It’s Mr. Pointer,” the caller revealed.

Mr. Pointer. Her lawyer. Or rather, Simon’s lawyer. The man who held one million pounds in a special bank account, hers to take and spend as she wished, but only if she completed a series of five mystery tasks set by Simon — one with each of her ex-boyfriends.

“Sorry to call so late, but it’s been a long day in the office. Are you available tomorrow?”

Tomorrow was Sunday. Holly had been hoping to have a nice relaxing day doing nothing.

“Well… yes,” she said, tentatively.

“OK, well, I’ve arranged your second task. Remember James Black?”

Of course she did. James had been her previous boyfriend before Ryan — she had cheated on James with Ryan. It had been rather awkward — James was a chef, and he worked in the kitchens at the canteen for the office where Holly worked. She still worked there and would still see James occasionally. He had ignored her since he found out about the affair.

Mr. Pointer gave her James’ address, and asked her to be at his house for 9am sharp in the morning.

Holly bade Mr. Pointer goodbye and then returned to her bath, wondering what she would have to do for James. This, she realised, could make things between James and her even more awkward than before.


The next morning she was at James’ home, a relatively modest house not far from hers. She knocked on the door, and James answered. His usual scowl upon seeing her was not in evidence today — instead she received her first smile from him since he had caught her cheating.

He led her into the kitchen, asking her if she wanted a drink. Before she could answer, her eyes caught the pictures that had been stuck all around the kitchen. They were photos of her in various states of undress — chest thrust forward, legs wide open, showering. She knew that he must have been sent them by Matt, but wondered how.

“But… but… you don’t know Matt?!” she stuttered.

“Matt asked your lawyer for my details and forwarded the photos on by E-mail,” James explained.

Holly was horrified. She wondered who else had seen the photos. All her other ex-boyfriends, almost certainly. But who else?

“That one is my particular favourite,” James said, pointing to one of her mid-orgasm in Matt’s hot tub.

Holly wanted to rip down all of the photos, but knew it was pointless. James had already seen them, and quite possibly would be seeing her body for himself very soon.

“So it looks like you enjoyed your last task?” James asked, smiling.

“Well…” Holly said, not wanting to admit it, but knowing that the evidence was set out explicitly in front of her.

The moment was interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Pointer at the door.

He too was shown into the kitchen, and took a good look round at the photos.

“Ah, so I see Matt sent you the photos then?” he asked.

“Yes, thanks for passing my details on to him,” James said.

James noticed the envelope that Mr. Pointer was carrying and, curiosity getting the better of him, asked to have a look.

Mr. Pointer passed over the envelope. James opened it, read, then passed the contents over to Mr. Pointer. Mr. Pointer also read, then folded the paper and put it in his pocket.

Holly looked at him. Was she not going to get to know what was in store for her?

“The instructions say that we should not show them to you,” explained James. “Simon wants the task to be a surprise.”

Holly protested to Mr. Pointer that this was not fair; she had to be told what Simon had said. Mr. Pointer waived away her protests. He had read the instructions, he told her, and he wouldn’t allow James to ask her to do anything that was not within them. He was, after all, an impartial observer — he had been appointed by Simon to carry out exactly this task.


The first element of the task, James explained, was that he was to give her a cookery lesson. This was obviously Simon’s sense of humour, she thought. Though she thought herself a reasonable cook, Simon had never agreed, and had refused to eat any food she prepared, saying that he would rather not be a victim of food poisoning.

There was to be a slight twist to this cookery lesson, however. Holly was to be naked throughout it. Upon imparting this piece of information, James looked at her expectantly, clearly expecting her to start undressing.

It was not nearly as bad as undressing for Matt, she told herself. For a start, unlike Matt, James had seen Holly naked plenty of times. Unlike with Matt, Holly had been sexual attracted to James and they had slept together throughout their relationship. It was embarrassing knowing that Mr. Pointer would see her naked, but then, after the previous task, it would not be the first time he had seen her undressed either.

She pulled her top off quickly, folding it, placing it down on the unit, then relieved herself of her jeans. She reached behind her back and unclasped the bra. She paused for a couple of seconds to pluck up the courage then let this fall from her body too. Finally she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and lowered these, leaving her once more completely naked in front of an ex-boyfriend. Placing this final item of clothing on the pile, she stood facing James, hands by her side, letting him see her body.

“If nothing else, you have a fantastic body,” James said, appraising it appreciatively. “It’s just a shame you don’t have the personality to match.”

Holly could only scowl at James, knowing it was best not to anger him by getting into an argument.

James began his cookery lesson, deliberately treating Holly as if she knew absolutely nothing about cookery. He made her get all the ingredients out of various cupboards, and made sure to appreciate her body from all angles as she reached up high or bent down to access the cupboards.

He set about teaching her to make a basic cake. Of course, she thought, this isn’t really about the cookery lesson. He knows that I have more cookery ability than this! He was just taking the opportunity to make fun of her, knowing that, unlike normal, she would be unable to retaliate.

After the cake was made, James had Holly begin to melt some chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water. As the chocolate started to melt, he dipped his finger in, then rubbed some of the warm melted chocolate onto Holly’s left nipple.

She jumped back in surprise. It wasn’t so much the temperature of the chocolate, which was warm but not excessively hot. It was the feeling of being touched by James. Up until now, like Matt, James had looked but he hadn’t touched. But now he had broken through that invisible barrier.

She looked from the smear of chocolate on her nipple to Mr. Pointer, who seemed entirely unconcerned by this violation.

“But… he can’t…” she stammered.

“It’s in the rules,” Mr. Pointer explained. “Simon said that James could do it. Of course, you can stop at any point and forfeit the money, but if you want to get the money, you have to let him do it.”

At this point she felt James’ fingers make contact with her other nipple, smearing more of the melted chocolate on to her. She hated the fact that she had to let him do this, but she knew what was at stake. A million pounds, she thought. One million pounds. That’s what this was all about.

Now James returned for more chocolate, dipping three of his fingers into the bowl. He returned to when Holly was standing then slowly, deliberately, enjoying every second, ran the fingers down her left breast, making three brown lines, the middle one culminating at her already covered nipple.

It was strange being touched by James now. Once upon a time she would have loved having his hands on her body, especially on her breasts, but now it was different. Whatever affection had existed between them when they had been together was gone now, replaced by animosity.

A fourth dip in the bowl and now James was marking her right breast, this time drawing a large “J” on it, marking her with his initial.

Holly wondered how much longer this was going to continue for, but it was clear that James now had something else in mind. He gestured to the already completed bottom half of the cake, covered in thick cream, which was to form the filling.

“In cookery, presentation is very important,” he said, delivering the line in the manner of continuing his cookery lesson.

“The cream looks very nice on the cake, but I can’t help but feel it would look even better on your chest,” he continued. Then he took a more commanding tone.

“I want you to bend over and rub your breasts against the cake,” he instructed. “I want them covered in cream.”

The thought of doing this did not appeal to her, but she decided to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. She walked over to the cake, bent herself forwards and rubbed her chest against the cake. The sensation of rubbing her breasts against the cake felt strange, though not entirely unpleasant. She rubbed then back and forth against the cake. Once most of the cream had been transferred from the cake to her breasts, she stood and turned to face the two men.

“Very nice,” said James. “I think the cream does look better on your breasts than on the cake.”

A deliberate pause.

“The final test,” he said, smiling. “I wonder how it tastes.”

He walked towards her, then bent forward and started to lick the cream from her breasts. She felt the warm wet touch of his tongue, leaving a trail of saliva to replace the cream. He did a thorough job, licking each breast all over, clearly taking great delight in doing so. The chocolate proved a little more of a challenge than the cream to remove, as it had now set, and it took some enthusiastic licking to remove it, especially around her nipples.

As he licked, Holly noticed James unzipping the fly on his trousers, and he pulled out his erect penis. He started to rub his hand up and down his shaft, clearly taking much pleasure in delivering his “cookery lesson”.

The attention her breasts was receiving did not feel entirely unpleasant, particularly the extra-special attention for the nipples. In fact, in a different scenario, with a different man, it could have been most enjoyable foreplay.

With his chocolate and cream feast finished, James retreated, though he left his erect penis on display, a sign to her of how much he was enjoying himself.

“In fact,” he said, “why don’t you have a taste for yourself?”

He walked over to the cake, wiped some of the remaining cream onto his hand, then rubbed it onto his penis.

Holly looked over at Mr. Pointer, shocked. Surely Simon’s instructions didn’t allow James to make her do this? Mr. Pointer just nodded.

It wouldn’t be the first cock she had licked, she told herself. It wouldn’t even be the first time that she had licked James’. Giving oral had never been one of her favourite things to do, but she had done it as a special treat for him on occasions. It had always been at her prerogative however, her initiation, a way of getting what she wanted, keeping control in the relationship.

This time it was different. This time it was at his request, and a million pounds rested on whether she complied or not. A million pounds, resting on a blow job, she thought. Surely this was the first time in history that had ever happened.

She knelt down in front of him, took a deep breath, then started to lick the cream from his penis. She did it as quickly and efficiently as she could, running her tongue along his erect shaft, determined to give him as little pleasure as possible from the task. Quickly she finished and looked up at him.

“Oh, come on, Holly, you can do better than that,” James said. “I remember.”

He added some more of the cream to his penis, smearing it all over, then, presenting it once more to Holly, and instructing, “suck it off this time.”

Holly took a deep breath, reminded herself once more of the money at stake, then, leaning forwards, she wrapped her lips around his penis, slowly pushing her mouth down over his cock, letting him enter her for the first time since they had split. She let his shaft enter her mouth slowly, teasing him a little, letting the cream dissolve into her mouth. The cream tasted good and encouraged her to let him further in.

“Further!” he moaned.

She pushed her mouth down further, taking as much as she could. He was fully erect now, and the cream round the still exposed part of his shaft remained out of reach. Linking her thumb and forefinger tightly round the very base of his penis she pulled the skin up towards her lips where she could relieve it of the last of its edible covering. James let out an appreciative groan.

Holly was beginning to understand the rules of this task. James could make various requests of her, but all of them had to be related to food — him eating food off her body, her eating food off his body. With the cream gone, she had no obligation to keep him in her mouth a moment longer. He knew this, and she was going to use it to her advantage.

Slowly she let his penis slide out of her mouth, drawing her enclosed thumb and finger up the shaft and she went. As her mouth finally came free of him, she closed her hand, holding him tight.

She looked up at him, and, in the most seductive voice she could manage, asked “would you like me to finish what I started?”

James looked down at his erect penis, her hand still holding it tightly, and nodded mutely.

Holly started to very slowly draw her hand up, then even more slowly down, the erect cock. When her hand reached the bottom, she leant down and ran her tongue around the now completely exposed head. Another appreciative sound from James.

“Tell me,” she said, looking back up at James, her hand now resuming a gentle up and down motion. “What else will I have to do today?”

No response. Her hand froze half-way through its journey.

James understood the deal.

“I’m going to have a dinner party,” he said. Her hand resumed its motion, rewarding him and encouraging him to continue.

“And you are going to serve the food.”

It didn’t sound so bad, Holly thought. Yes, she was sure that it would involve more nudity, in front of strangers probably, but it couldn’t be worse than having to give oral to an ex-boyfriend.

She removed her hand from his penis. Immediately his facial expression changed from one of pleasure to one of anger. She was having fun. She loved being in control. She loved the fact that she had reversed the situation — it was supposed to be him in control, ordering her to do things, but now he was hers.

“Tell me,” she started again. “The rules don’t force me to give you a hand job or a blow job, do they? You can only ask me to lick or suck food off your body?”

James looked like he was going to refuse to answer, so she started to gently stroke his penis.

“Yes,” he admitted. “There is a list of things I can ask you to do, but they are all food related. I can’t just ask for a blow job or hand job.”

She knew that he was nearly ready to cum, and gave him a few more thrusts with her hand, each thrust eliciting an appreciative sound from James. She gave him a long French kiss on the head of his penis. Finally, when she knew she was on the verge of pushing him over the edge, she let go, and stood up.

James, who by now had his head tipped back and his eyes closed took a few seconds to realise what had happened. He looked at her accusingly, and was about to order her to finish the job, but then realised that he couldn’t. Holly just smiled at him. They both knew that she had at least won a little battle — he had let her take control of the situation, when it was supposed to be him in control.

“OK, Holly, that’s all for now,” he finally said, when he had recovered enough to think about something other than the orgasm she had denied him. “You can go home now, but I want you back here for 6pm, to serve food at my party.”

*** At the appointed time Holly returned to James’ house. She knocked on the door and he immediately answered. It was clear that he had been waiting for her. He showed her once again into the kitchen, and to Holly’s dismay the photos that Matt had taken were still on display. She guessed that he had no intention of taking them down before the guests arrived.

James gave Holly her uniform for the evening. She was relieved at least that he was not expecting her to perform her task in the nude. He did not offer her the option to go anywhere private to change, so she once again undressed in front of him and then put the uniform on.

The “uniform” was a French maid’s outfit, very like the one she had owned, which Rachel had worn when she had slept with Ryan. After that had happened she had never thought that she would be in such an outfit again, as it brought back unpleasant memories. However, she did not want James to see how uncomfortable she was and did her best to hide it.

The top pushed her breasts together and up, presenting her cleavage to anyone who wished to view it. The skirt was, of course, very short, and he made it clear that nothing was to be worn under it.

He told her that the guests would be arriving shortly and that her first task would be to greet them at the door.

Soon there was a knock at the door. James picked up one of his pre-prepared glasses of wine and approached Holly. She expected him to hand it to her, but he had other plans. He went straight for her cleavage, using one hand to hold her breasts apart, and the other to insert the glass between them. He then let go, allowing the breasts, pressed together by the top she was wearing, to hold the glass in place. Admiring his handiwork, he instructed Holly to greet the first guest.

Holly opened the door cautiously. She vaguely recognised the man as another chef in the canteen at work. Great, she thought. Now she would never be able to go in the canteen again after both James and he had witnessed her humiliation this evening.

The guest immediately noticed the glass held in place by her chest.

“Is that for me?” he asked.

“Yes,” Holly said, wondering if she was supposed to hand it to him.

The answer came immediately. Her guest, who had still not even stepped through the door, reached out, took a firm hold of her left breast with his left hand, and pulled it aside to free the glass. As he took hold of the glass with his other hand, he let his left hand slip down to encompass more of her breast, taking the opportunity to get a good feel.

This was even worse than having James touch her breast, Holly thought. At least she knew him. But here now was an almost complete stranger, with his hand down her top, and there was nothing she could do. She just stared ahead, out of the door, across the street, trying not to focus on what was happening. But to her horror, this proved an even worse option. Her eye caught some movement behind a window across the street, and she saw that a man, probably in his forties, was staring out of the window, across the street, straight at her. Now she was going to have an audience for her task.

The first guest had now successfully retrieved his glass of wine, and moved on into the house, where he was greeted by James. Holly went to follow him, but was interrupted by another knock on the door. She went to answer, then was stopped by the first guest, returning down the hall, carrying a fresh glass of wine.

“You’ll need this,” he said, smiling, and took great pleasure in placing the glass into position. Confidence clearly increased from his first encounter, he made little attempt now to disguise the fact that he was feeling her breasts as he put the glass into place.

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