“Dear Jeanette,

Hi, it’s Kristy. I wanted you to know that this is my first week of living on campus. I’m so excited to be at college now! I know you aren’t going to make it out here and I’m sorry, but you still got into community college and that’s cool. I’ll be home next week for the weekend and we’ll still hang out. This place is insane! I realize I’m so sheltered from the real world. Everywhere I turn, there’s sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, food, sports, parties, BOYS…. Everything I didn’t know about growing up in that stupid little town of ours. In fact, Rachel, my roomie, was showing me Craigslist that people post for jobs for free. I was thinking about getting a nanny position, maybe, make some money while I’m here.

I hope you’re doing well. I’ll talk to you! Lay-tah!”

“Hi, Kristy!

Sounds like you’re having fun. Be careful of those craigslist ads, I’ve heard of bad things happening. There was that girl that got killed in Boston last year! But I know you’re not (a) a hooker and you are (b) really smart. Oh, and no offense, but look out for that freshman 15!”


Hey, sorry I didn’t answer you for a few days. I’m getting settled in and figuring out the way around town. This city’s HUGE! No joke. And I’ll be careful about craigslist, though it really intrigues me. All this sex and money is available. One guy is offering women a hundred bucks to watch him jack off. You don’t touch him or anything. I never did any of that in my life because I haven’t had a boyfriend yet, but I hope to change that. I’m going to try and eat healthy and go to the gym and lose some of this weight by the time classes start (A WEEK! OH NOES!!!). Like I said, I’ll be careful.


TO: Poster

From: KMarcellus


I saw your ad on craigslist and I was a little bit interested. You said you’d pay 100 dollars and all I have to do is watch? That seems easy. Where are we going to meet and when do you want to do this? You asked for a description, so a little about me:

I’m 5’4, dark-haired, and pudgy. Well, fat. I’m overweight. I have glasses and I think I’m pretty, except for my big stomach. Let me know what’s going on.


To: KMarcellus

From: Kevin.Golbius

Howdy, Kristy!

Let me just say I’m really glad you responded. I’m not a perv or a freak and we can even meet in a public place, nice and safe. I just have a huge fetish of showing off and I’m really into CFNM, if you want to look it up on I’m 35, in great shape, and I like to smile a lot. You sound like a very nice person and that’s more important to me then anything else. Let’s say we meet up at the corner of Birch and 5th on the bench in front of the police station around 3:30 this afternoon. That should be fairly safe. If you think I’m okay and you want the cash, we’ll walk to my house and do this in the backyard. You can be by the fence door so you can leave at any time. It’s safe and it’ll be okay. I’ll even pay upfront.



From: Kristy

Hey, lady,

I just want you to know I’m going to try this out and meet this guy in twenty minutes. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow at noon, send a search team. But I’m seriously going. I’ll be safe. I’m smart and I’m loud, even if I can’t run more then 100 feet.

Wish me luck!

Jinny1991A : Oh, thank god you’re okay!

KrisMrcls01 : Yeah, I’m fine.

Jinny1991A : And….?

KrisMrcls01 : I’m hold five twenty dollar bills right now.

Jinny1991A : OMG! You did it? You didn’t do it. Really?

KrisMrcls01 : Yep.

Jinny1991A : What happened?

KrisMrcls01 : Well, we met over by the police station and talked for a while. He’s a nice guy, has a dog, is divorced, and likes baseball.

Jinny1991A : Sounds like your average day-to-day serial killer.

KrisMrcls01No, he wasn’t weird. Didn’t even mention what we were doing. I had to bring it up.

Jinny1991A : What’d you say?

KrisMrcls01 : There was a pause in the discussion and I told him I checked out the CFNM thing to do some research. He got a big kick out of it. He laughed.

Jinny1991A : And?

KrisMrcls01 : He has very nice teeth.

Jinny1991A : Nice teeth don’t mean he won’t kill you.

KrisMrcls01No, but we talked a bit and we walked over to his house. It was like two minutes from the cops and I knew I was within screaming distance. The mall was right around the corner.

Jinny1991A : Okay….

KrisMrcls01Anyway, he has a big privacy fence and we walked in it. His yard was small and he had a flower garden in the back.

Jinny1991A : Probably to bury dead bodies.

KrisMrcls01Hush. No, he was fine. He takes off his shirt and I’m thinking this is easy money. He was in shape. He had abs and everything.

Jinny1991A : Okay…. Wait, was he right next to you?

KrisMrcls01No, he was at least 10 feet away. No where near me.

Jinny1991A : Good.

KrisMrcls01Stop interrupting!

Jinny1991A : Sorry, hehe :D

KrisMrcls01Shoosh, you!

Jinny1991A : Fine, keep talking.

KrisMrcls01So, he pulls off his jeans and he’s got these muscly legs that are like cables. The guy was in super shape!

Jinny1991A : “Muscly”??????

KrisMrcls01If you had seen them, you’d know it was a real world. Don’t even argue. And now he’s in these boxer briefs. He asks if I wanted to pull them off him.

Jinny1991A : You said no, of course

KrisMrcls01: Of course

Jinny1991A : Wait, have you seen a man naked before?

KrisMrcls01: Yes, I had human growth, we’ve seen the slides. And in movies.

Jinny1991A : No, real life.

KrisMrcls01: Not exactly, no.

Jinny1991A : Okay, just curious.

KrisMrcls01: So, he turns around, faces away, and slides his shorts off. He steps out of them and I’m OMG, this guy is completely naked outside, in his yard, in front of me.

Jinny1991A : Did he turn around?

KrisMrcls01: Yep

Jinny1991A : Did he look good

KrisMrcls01: YEEEEEEEP

Jinny1991A : Describe!

KrisMrcls01: He had a dick that looked big, had big balls, his hair wasn’t shaved away but it was like a crewcut, way down. I stared a bit. Okay, a lot.


Jinny1991A : Then what?

KrisMrcls01: Well, he asked me if I liked it. I told him “Yeah. A lot.” He turned around, 180′d for me, and showed me his ass. He said it was ‘smackable.’ It wasn’t creepy, either. I laughed and he did. He turned back around and was stroking his balls.

Jinny1991A : You sound like you’re an old veteran now. “Stroking his balls.”

KrisMrcls01: It’s easy to get used to with this guy. So he starts to actually rub his dick and it gets big.

Jinny1991A : How big?

KrisMrcls01: Big

Jinny1991A : Like a foot long?

KrisMrcls01: I didn’t have a measuring stick on me, but it was big. And my eyes are stuck on it. Well, they were all over the place. The guy had nice arms, nice hands, nice abs, great shoulders and pecs and legs and stuff. Perfect male.

Jinny1991A : Moustache?

KrisMrcls01: I didn’t look that high.

Jinny1991A : WHAT?!?!?

KrisMrcls01: Kidding, no, he was cute. And then, he stops.

Jinny1991A : Why?

KrisMrcls01: He asked me if I could do something for him.

Jinny1991A : What?

KrisMrcls01: Show him my boobs.

Jinny1991A : HA! That’s the one thing you have. You’re overweight, honey, but you got great tits. Every boy wants to see them, or touch them. You said no, right?

KrisMrcls01: Ummm….

Jinny1991A : WHAT?!?!?!

KrisMrcls01: I said, “Ummm”

Jinny1991A : You showed him your tits? I can’t believe it.

KrisMrcls01: Well, he was showing me everything. At first I said no, I was self-conscious of my stomach. The guy said that’s okay and never mind, but suddenly I just yanked my shirt up and pulled my bra up too. The guy’s smile lit up like a sun. He nodded his approval and smiled, and he told me I looked fantastic.

Jinny1991A : Anyone’s going to say that.

KrisMrcls01: This guy meant it. He was really genuine about the whole thing. He wouldn’t have minded if I didn’t show my tits.

Jinny1991A : So, you go from wallflower churchmouse to a girl flashing a naked guy who’s beating off in his own backyard.

KrisMrcls01: Yes.

Jinny1991A : Wow

KrisMrcls01: I’m showing him my tits and I even bounce up and down a little, making them jiggle for him. The guy looked like Christmas all over again.

Jinny1991A : You’re such a dirty girl.

KrisMrcls01: Yeah, and he steps forward and I didn’t mind it. He was still stroking his dick and his eyes were on my tits and he looks up and smiles at me. AT ME!

Jinny1991A : That never happens, huh?

KrisMrcls01: Guys look at my chest, never my face. They don’t smile at me the way that guy did.

Jinny1991A : Wow, okay.

KrisMrcls01: So, he puts his hands out in front of him, like he’s going to push me, and stops for a second, smiling. I take the hint and I step into his hands

Jinny1991A : YOU LET HIM GROPE YOU???????

KrisMrcls01: It wasn’t groping. He kinda caressed me. I’ve been groped and that’s just a squeeze. This was different and really nice. It felt good. He had strong hands and he just kind of played with my boobs. I thought it wasn’t fair that his dick wasn’t getting attention so I reached down and held him.

Jinny1991A : WHAT????

KrisMrcls01: I liked it.

Jinny1991A : WHAT???!!!!????

KrisMrcls01: His dick was hard, but the skin was warm and soft and smooth. I was kind of nervous because I’ve never given a handjob before and I just kinda tugged at him. He looked at me, grinning, and said, “Don’t squeeze too much, just be really light.” So, I loosened up and started stroking him. I enjoyed myself and he seemed really happy.

Jinny1991A : So, wait, you’re jerking off a naked stranger who’s got your tits in his hands and you liked it?

KrisMrcls01: Yeah. He seemed like a nice guy. He took my other hand and put it on his balls. I rubbed them with my fingertips, the way he did earlier. His knees buckled a little, it was kinda cute.

Jinny1991A : Oh my god, I can’t believe this is you. Is this really Kristy? Is this an imposter?

KrisMrcls01: Nope, good old-fashioned, Plain-Jane me. Did I mention I was really turned on and horny.

Jinny1991A : TMI!!! TMI!!!

KrisMrcls01: Well, you wanted to hear. I’m all aroused and I wore that skirt I have.

Jinny1991A : The red one?

KrisMrcls01: Yeah.

Jinny1991A : That’s a nice skirt. Can I borrow it? It’d look good on me.

KrisMrcls01: Okay.

Jinny1991A : Thanks.

KrisMrcls01: Yeah, so I’m wearing it, and I decide, what the hell, I’m turned on and he’s getting jerked off, so I put my hand in my panties and touch myself and I’m soaking wet.


KrisMrcls01: Hey, it seemed like the right thing to do. But he sees me doing this and he reaches under my skirt and takes my panties and pulls them down my thighs. I just kind of… let him, I guess.

Jinny1991A : Wow.

KrisMrcls01: It really was ‘wow.’ His hands are suddenly playing between my legs and it felt sooooo good. He leaned forward and kissed me, too.

Jinny1991A : You got kissed? Have you been kissed before.

KrisMrcls01: Not really. Not like this. Not with tongue. At first it seemed kind of gross but he tasted nice, like peppermint, and I went with it. I’m pretty sure I sucked at it but he seemed to enjoy himself. And then it happened!!

Jinny1991A : What happened?!?!?

KrisMrcls01: I was up against his air conditioner by his house and somehow I got turned around, facing away from him and my skirt was up on the small of my back.

Jinny1991A : HOLY SHIT! Did you scream? You ran, right, with panties around your ankles and his 100 bucks.

KrisMrcls01: He hadn’t paid me yet.

Jinny1991A : Wait…. What? How’d you get his money?

KrisMrcls01: I’ll get to that. His hands are in me, which felt wonderful compared to my own. And then I felt his dick on my butt.

Jinny1991A : He was about to fuck you?

KrisMrcls01: I didn’t think so at first, but I was really wet, and he just kind of slid in.

Jinny1991A : HOOOOOOOOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KrisMrcls01: Yeah, we started having sex.

Jinny1991A : I don’t even know what to say!!!! You’re a virgin aren’t you?

KrisMrcls01: Well, I was.

Jinny1991A : And you lost it to this guy?????? Did it hurt? I remember my first time and it hurt a lot.

KrisMrcls01: No, it pinched a bit, but there wasn’t any pain.

Jinny1991A : Blood?

KrisMrcls01: No, that happened when I was riding a bike a long time ago. The guy didn’t know.

Jinny1991A : So, he just fucked you?

KrisMrcls01: Well, he went in a little and had a hard time, so he started talking nicely, just talking to me to calm me down. I felt more relaxed, kinda spread my feet a little wider, and he went in the rest of the way. It was amazing. I was filled up and it really felt great. I could feel him pulsing inside me and everything.

Jinny1991A : Go on!

KrisMrcls01: Then, he pulled almost all the way out and slid back in again. It was easier. I was wetter and all that. He started to pump nice and slow, kind of loosening me up. That sounds so slutty.

Jinny1991A : You’re a slut, you know that? You’re fucking a guy for 100 bucks. S-L-U-T, girl.

KrisMrcls01: Oh, come on. No difference between that and making a guy buy you dinner.

Jinny1991A : So, come on, finish the story.

KrisMrcls01: Okay, so he leans forward a little and starts playing with my clit. THAT got me going. I got worked up and excited. But it may have been too hot for him. He said something like he was close and I told to go ahead. He reached forward, grabbed my tit and started cumming really loudly.

Jinny1991A : He wore a condom right?


Jinny1991A : RIGHT?

KrisMrcls01: No.

Jinny1991A : Goddam that was stupid.

KrisMrcls01: I know. He seemed healthy and really with it and I’m on birth control so I’m not pregnant. I’ll just get checked out at UHS later.

Jinny1991A : You could have AIDS.

KrisMrcls01: It occurred to me, yes, and it was a mistake, but still.

Jinny1991A : So, you let him cum in you. He used you like a damned hooker. He dumped a load in your pussy and he walked away.

KrisMrcls01: No, see, it wasn’t like that.

Jinny1991A : Why not?

KrisMrcls01: Well, I’m glad it was him. He was such a gentleman and very good-looking. I’ll remember it the rest of my life.

Jinny1991A : And how did it end? Did he just say, “Okay, thanks, here’s the money?”

KrisMrcls01: Well, first he caught his breath, then he said it was incredible and I was beautiful. I felt like he wasn’t buttering me up or anything, since we were done.

Jinny1991A : He was just trying to make you feel better about yourself.

KrisMrcls01: I don’t think so. He asked me out.

Jinny1991A : WHAT!!!!!!?????

KrisMrcls01: Yep, we’re going to go to the park tomorrow and sit and talk. Maybe we’ll get food after. He said he didn’t want to do the dinner thing because it was obvious and cheesy.

Jinny1991A : Holy cow, that’s crazy!

KrisMrcls01: I know. I like this guy. I’ll tell you how our date went.

Jinny1991A : Date nothing, you’re going to fuck him again aren’t you?

KrisMrcls01: He’s a good guy and I felt appreciated by him.

Jinny1991A : Well, wear a condom until you make sure he’s clean or whatever. Even then, wear a condom.

KrisMrcls01: We’ll see.

Jinny1991A : WHORE!!!

KrisMrcls01: I know how you meant that. Anyway, I have to go to class. See ya.

Jinny1991A : Okay, be safe. Bye.

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