back rub

The characters in this story are Lisa, a 20 year old student living with her parents, and her dad, 52.

This is the sequel to my story, “Rub My Back, Daddy?”

The next day I was too shy to ask, and he didn’t offer, so I suffered through the day with the burn, which was hell. The day after that I couldn’t stand it. It hurt really bad; so bad I didn’t sleep much, so I asked him to rub aloe on me again.

He was in his spot on the couch, in his PJs, watching a movie this time. I was wearing my mom’s pajamas because all mine were flannel or cotton, and she had a set that was made of satin and it felt good on my skin. I asked him if he could rub aloe on me again when his movie was over. He said “Sure” and went back to watching his movie.

I had to wait a pretty long time, probably an hour. Since I didn’t know how long he’d be, I sat at my computer desk and read a book.

It was just enough of a distraction to keep me from getting aroused from the memory of what had happened two days before. There were many thoughts fighting for my attention right now, one was how horny I was when he played with my ass, another was how bad my back burned and wanted relief. The combination of shame mixed with the turn-on I got from it was bouncing back and forth in my head. I still had trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that my dad had fingered my ass while I played with myself, and neither one of us had said anything about it after. My daydreaming ended when he finally came in. I got the aloe from the desk and handed it to him.

“Thanks daddy.”

“No problem, baby. Still itchy?”

“Yeah, I hate it.”

“It’ll probably be better tomorrow. So will the burn.”

He was right; the next day it was way better and by the day after that I hardly noticed it, but today was awful.

I sat on the bed and unbuttoned the shirt and looked at him. He was watching me, and I gave him a look as if to say “Well?” and he said, “Oh, sorry,…” and chuckled and turned away.

I took off the shirt and the bottoms and laid face down on my bed, and pulled the sheet over my bottom half, up over my butt. I knew he’d be rubbing it on my legs too, but no hurry, and I felt funny just laying there totally naked in front of him. Both my arms were at my sides.

He pulled my chair over again, sat down, and squirted the first of the aloe on my back. We didn’t talk much this time. He just worked on my back, a section at a time. My shoulders, arms, spine, and he didn’t try to touch any side boob this time.

“Do you want me to do your legs too?”


He pulled the sheet up, not down, so I was still covered. He did my legs just as well as my back, in other words, no hint at trying to touch me anywhere other than what was needed. He moved the sheets a couple times to get closer up, but never too much.

“There, how is that?” I was disappointed that he got done so fast.

“I was kinda hoping for a nice back rub like I got last time.” I tried to sound pouty and disappointed.

“Okay, I can do that.” His voice sounded noncommittal, he didn’t sound eager or happy. He put more on my back and worked it in. The aloe felt cool every time he put more on. He worked my muscles a lot more now, and the massage was relaxing, and a little arousing too. I started thinking about what had happened two days before.

He had pretty much gone over every available inch of my body that he could see, and I thought he was about to quit, but then he asked, “Do you want it on your butt again?” and laughed nervously.


“Sure, if you don’t mind…”

“It’s up to you sweetheart.”

“I’d like you to…”

We both knew we were about to cross a line again. It was like we were too nervous to actually acknowledge what we were doing, so we used this charade as an excuse to do it.

He pulled the sheet off and put some aloe on my cheeks and started rubbing it in. He commented on the color difference between the burned and unburned skin again.

“It looks better now, you aren’t nearly so red.”

“It still hurts like hell though.”

“It’ll get better.”

He continued rubbing, not concentrating on my ass as much as including it in the overall massage. Each time the aloe would start to dry, he’d add more. I wondered if anything else would happen, or if this was it. I was trying to think of a way to make something more happen…and then I blurted out…

“You’re missing a spot…”

He laughed nervously. “Okay. I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to…”

“Yeah.” I said quietly, and closed my eyes.

He squirted some in my crack and started working it in. I felt his finger searching for my asshole again, and he found it. Same as before, we both got really quiet. I could hear him breathing.

This time I wasn’t touching myself, but I was getting turned on by him touching me there. He got just the tip of his finger in me, moving just the slightest bit. It felt so good. I relaxed my ass as much as I could to let him in more, but he just kept the tip of his finger there, teasing me. Maybe he was afraid to go further?

I peeked in the mirror, and same as before, I couldn’t tell because his body was blocking my view…but I think he was stroking himself with his other hand. One way to find out…

I closed my eyes again, and as slowly as I could, I slid my right arm off the bed, and onto the chair, and onto his leg. It was probably obvious as hell to him that I was reaching for him, but he didn’t say anything. He was still gently teasing my asshole. I was nervous as hell but I kept moving, further up his leg, into his lap, until I could feel his other hand. He was! He was slowly rubbing his cock! He had pulled it out of the opening in his pajama bottoms, it was obvious.

Eyes still closed, I worked my hand closer, until I felt his cock brushing against my hand. He was stroking very slowly, and I slid my fingers around the base of his shaft, and gently squeezed him. He kept stroking and pretty soon I moved my hand a little more, and rubbed him too, just enough to let him know I wanted to take over for him. He moved his hand away and I started stroking his cock. He had put aloe on it and it was nice and slippery.

I had plenty of experience with giving hand jobs, and I knew this awkward position wasn’t going to get us anywhere, but I didn’t want to speak and mess things up. We were both living in a bubble right then, and didn’t want to break it.

As I stroked him, I relaxed my ass more, and pushed up against his other hand. He took my signal and got the first joint in. He didn’t know, but I loved anal, and wondered what it’d be like if we went so far that he’d fuck me in my ass. Thinking so far ahead of what was happening now just made me wetter.

I wanted so bad to say something, but I was so afraid that if either one of us spoke, that bubble would pop and it’d all stop. I had to show him I wanted to keep going some way.

I let go of his cock, and he immediately reacted by pulling his finger out. I was afraid he’d think I wanted to stop, so I turned over and laid on my side and faced him. Now he could see my breasts. For a moment I thought about pulling the sheet back over my bottom half to cover myself, but I saw he was looking at my face, not my breasts, or anywhere else. As soon as we made eye contact though, he looked away.

“It’s okay.” I whispered. “Look at me.”

He looked at my face again. I tried so hard to read his expression but I couldn’t. He seemed like he was detached and watching this from another place. I reached for his arm and pulled him towards the bed, and he hesitated, but then I let go and patted the bed beside me. “Just sit here, it’s okay.”

Without a word, he got out of the chair and sat by me. I turned some more so I could prop my head up with one arm, close to his lap, and took his cock in my hand again. He acted like he was afraid to move, let alone touch me. I let go of him long enough to pull his hand back to my ass.

“You can keep doing that.”

He worked his finger back in, slowly, and began fingering my ass again.

With his other hand, he played with my hair and brushed it out of my face, and rubbed my neck and back. We didn’t look at each other or speak any more. I examined his cock for the first time up close. So many times I had “accidentally” seen it, but never this close. It wasn’t remarkable, but it was thicker than most cocks I had seen, and I wondered what it would feel like. I wanted so bad to give him head but I knew the aloe would taste like crap.

He had worked his finger far enough into me now that he was going in and out slowly, and I was really turned on. In my head, I was screaming things like “Just get this over with and fuck me, I can’t stand it!” but that would have definitely been a stupid move. This had to happen slow. I leaned closer to him and let the head of his cock brush against my lips and I felt him twitch. I kissed the head of his cock and saw a few drops of precum. As carefully as I could, I licked it off with the tip of my tongue. The aloe still got on my tongue and it was bitter and made my tongue tingle. Giving him head was definitely out.

When I licked the head of his cock, it must have really got him going, because his probing got faster and it made me gasp. I wanted so bad to turn over and beg him for his cock in place of that finger. He was going in with half the length of his finger now, and I was going to cum soon. I overcame my aversion to the taste of the aloe enough to lick the side of his shaft while I stroked him faster. I wanted him to come for me so bad. I imagined watching it spray out onto my face as I opened my mouth and tasted it.

He knew exactly when I was coming, because I tightened up my ass so hard he almost couldn’t move his finger any more. I laid my head down on his leg and kept stroking as best as I could, but the orgasm distracted me so much I had to let go of him for a moment. When it was over, he felt me relax my grip on his finger and he slid it out slowly and gently rubbed my ass. I still didn’t want to make eye contact so I took his cock in my hand again and watched it as I stroked him. I really wanted him to come for me now. I wanted him to enjoy this as much as I had.

I licked the sides of his cock more, and with each lick, the taste of the aloe was less, and I wanted so bad to suck his cock. I repositioned myself so that I was more above his lap, and he knew what I wanted to do, so he laid back on my bed.

I took him into my mouth slowly, with my eyes closed. Of all the times I’d given a guy head, this was the most exciting, most thrilling, the most arousing moment I’d ever had. In my mind, as I stroked and sucked, I kept saying “Oh god I’m sucking my dad’s cock this is awesome I can’t believe I’m giving my dad head I love this so much.” All the words ran together in one long sentence, just like that, and it’s all I thought about, all the way to when I felt him unload into my mouth.

When he did, he had both hands on my head, and was pulling me down onto him. I didn’t fight him, I enjoyed the force he used, and it turned me on that much more. He forced his cock all the way down my throat, and I tried so hard not to gag, but it was too much for me, and I choked on him. He immediately let me go and I lifted up to get a breath.

“Are you okay baby?” He spoke to me the way he would if I had tripped and scraped my knees.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” I laid my head back down in his lap and watched his cock relax and wither. It was shiny, and I held it and watched it bob with each heartbeat until it was small again.

“I’m sleepy.” I whispered. It was true. I had been up most of the night from the pain of the sunburn, but right now, I couldn’t feel it at all, and I felt exhausted.

“Go to sleep, baby.” He stroked my hair, and gently laid my head back on my pillow.

He got up and pulled the chair back to my desk, and put the aloe on my dresser.

While his back was turned, I pulled the sheet back over me again, feeling shy and wanting to cover myself.

He came back to my bedside and kissed my forehead. “Have happy dreams, sweetheart.”

“I will, daddy.”

He left me alone with my thoughts. As I fell asleep, I imagined what might lie ahead.

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