back door

I’m Mike — 6’2″ — 170 pounds — 18 year old last summer. Light brown hair, blue eyes, moustache. I’m a fitness instructor, so I have to look and act the part. Once a loner, now a sex magnet, it seems! Lost half my little willie when I was 6 and had a donor organ grafted in place of mine last year. It’s complete with a micro-computer in a sack to resemble a testicle and there are multiple electrodes from it to various parts of my genitals. Hence a bionic cock — complete with remote control!

Mum is adorable. Angela — Angie usually or Angel, as my dad calls her. She’s 37 this year. ‘Come-to-bed’ eyes, 36D tits with nipples to die for, lovely hips, curvy bum and long slim legs. Had me at 19 but my sister was born when mum was only 16.

Dad — very much the same build as me — same hair, eyes and moustache too. Very fit through healthy living and eating. GSOH as the adverts say. He’s a Sales Director and away from home too much.

Sis — Sharon — very edible!! Busty like mum but slimmer. Blue eyes like dad and me. 5’6″ with never-ending legs. Three years older than me. Graphic designer by trade. Own home and car — very good catch for someone one day.

Part 7

Dad was home for the weekend — and he was actually going to take Monday off too, to make the break worth having. He’s far too busy usually, but lured by the nice weather and the fact that his managers were producing great sales figures almost without his help, the idea of a long weekend had easily dragged him away from work.

Mum was over the moon but dad wasn’t home just to see us — more importantly to him (it seemed) were his flagons of wine that were bubbling away in the garage. But after dad had spent some time in the garage with his wines, Friday evening was a very relaxed affair as we all sat down after dinner for a genial chat time — and to share some of the soon-to-be-bottled wine. It was young and a bit raw but was quite palatable and distinctly alcoholic! So what — it made the conversation lighter…..until the subject of my penis came up!

“So how’s my lad getting on?” he asked me, fairly early into the evening chatter.

“Fine dad,” I said, noncommittally, “job’s good, yeah, I’m fine, well it’s all good.”

“That didn’t tell me much!” said dad, “come on — you’ve got to bring me up to date about your ‘operation’ and the computer. Does everything work ok now?”

“Yeah, it all works well,” I said, feeling somewhat embarrassed to be discussing personal things with my dad.

“Well actually, your mum’s been updating me on the phone and from what she says, you’re getting to be quite the stud!” dad said, to my horror.

I looked at mum but she was taking a sip of wine and her face was innocently concentrating on her glass.

“What’s she said?” I asked, wondering just how much she’s told him.

Dad put down his own glass. “I’ve heard that your computer can now help you with your sex life. I’ve heard that it can make your penis erect and can increase its size. And I’ve heard that you’ve got a sexy computer expert who’s helping you get the best from your penis and your computer.”

“Y-y-y-yeeee….sss, I have. And it does help and it all works well…..” I said feebly, still at a total loss for words.

“Tell you what,” said dad, “Let’s get off the subject and you can come and help me for a bit. I didn’t finish racking up some of the wines in the garage — so come and help me and we can chat while we work. Won’t be too long, ladies.”

And with that he stood and draping his arm over my shoulder, he almost frog-marched me out of the room.

I was shuddering with fear but somehow hoping that mum had already broken the ice and that I wasn’t about to be lynched — but dad’s arm wasn’t gripping me, it was more or less resting across my shoulders…..perhaps things wouldn’t be too bad.

When we arrived at his wine workstation it was very apparent that everything had already been done and dusted, so to speak. All the bottles were racked — all that was left were several rows of his fermentation jars, all happily bubbling away.

“Right Mikey,” said dad — and right away I knew things were cool…. “Sounds as if the operation was a total success and that you’ve been learning to use your computer to help things along. And from what your mother’s told me, what you’ve got in your pants is firstly quite normal and then secondly, when you use your computer, it’s very special. So how about showing me?”

“W-w-w-w-whhhaaaatttt! Dad — you’re not serious!”

“Why not let me see it?” said dad, with a grin, “by the sounds of it, I’m the only person in the family who hasn’t seen it!”

‘Oh my God!’ I thought, ‘so he knows who I’ve been screwing. Or does he?’

“Daaaad!” I groaned, “You’re making me embarrassed.”

“Ok, sorry — can I have a look at your remote control that seems to be so useful then?”

“Oh — ok — yeah — here it is,” and I took from my pocket my credit card sized remote control and handed it to him.

“Hey, that’s neat! So what do the buttons do, then?”

“They, sort of……help things along…..” I said vaguely.

“Ok — so if I press this one (and he pushed the SU button — ‘sensitivity up’ button), what happens?”

“No dad — please don’t start pressing buttons — you don’t know what you’re doing!” I cried in alarm but he’d already done so.

What happened was that a warming tingle coursed through my body, finally centering itself on the base of my cock, making it throb. And immediately I could feel an erection coming on…..!

Now, with me just wearing shorts and a t-shirt, nothing could be hidden and there it was; my burgeoning erection was thrusting forth, creating quite a substantial bulge in my shorts.

“Hmmmmm,” said dad, “interesting…..! What’s the next one down do?” and he pressed the ‘more sperm’ button.

“Nothing…..” he said.

“That one makes more sperm,” I said, “since they took away one of my testicles and replaced it with the computer, they can stimulate the one remaining ball to make more sperm to make up for the missing one.

“Oh yes — I remember them telling me that,” said dad. “Ok — what’s the next one — oh there’s a pair MH and MG — eeny meeny miney mo — this one” — and he pressed the MG one.

“NO dad — don’t do that!” I cried as I realised which one he’d pressed.

Again, there was no visible reaction — but inside me I was suddenly feeling decidedly interested in whatever my dad had in his pants. And I felt myself squirming and somehow, almost without any intent from my mind, my pelvis twisted around to almost offer my erection to my dad! It was already working its way down the leg of my shorts and my squirming was making it ever more visible.

Dad however, seemed to be oblivious of the effect. “Doesn’t work either,” he said of the last button, “what about the D-pad then, I wonder…..” and he pressed it upwards.

My penis, once just a healthy 7 inch erection throbbed once more and began to grow, pushing its way down my leg as about 2 inches were added to the length.

And now dad took notice!

“Hey Mikey — the end of your cock is sticking out below your shorts — did you know that?”

“Not surprising after all the buttons you’ve been pressing! Do you like it?” I said smoothly, in my now-gay mood.

I was almost crooning at him as I purred and postured…..and suddenly I realised that dad had an erection too! I’d missed it because his t-shirt was outside his own shorts and had covered the evidence, but some slight movement had revealed it to me.

“Looks really good, Mikey…..come on….let’s see it now, then.”

With my computerised gay mood I was more than willing to let him see my flesh and I soon dropped my shorts and underpants to reveal my computer-enhanced 9 inch penis to his gaze.

“Wow Mikey — that’s some cock,” said dad, “mind if I feel it?”

He moved right up beside me and I watched as his hand reached out and grasped my shaft.

“Ooooooh yeah,” I said, not having expected this turn of events, “Oh that’s nice!”

Dad’s hand caressed my cock, feeling up and down the shaft and then across the knob, collecting the small bead of precum and smoothing it around the crown. Soon his actions induced more lubrication which dad spread up and down my cock.

“Is that good, Mikey?” he asked, “Would you like to feel mine too?”

“Yeah dad, get him out for me,” I groaned and dad too quickly dropped his own shorts and pants — and there beside me was the penis I’d heard so much about from mum.

“Rub him for me,” said dad, and I willingly did so. His cock was gorgeously hot and stiff — excellently stiff for an old boy of almost 40, I reckoned!

Side by side we wanked each other for a while, just letting the feelings grow towards the inevitable ending.

“Can I suck you?” asked dad and I nodded my head in agreement and surprise.

Dad knelt down and still holding my erection, he opened his mouth wide and took me deep inside — he almost deep-throated me in one go!

“Ooooooh yeah dad, that feels lovely,” I moaned as he started to suck and apply pressure on my penis. He started to move his head up and down my shaft, all the while sliding his tongue around my knob. I just stood there, leaning back against the workbench as my dad worked on my cock, almost bringing me to a quivering state of eruption.

Then he stopped and stood up.

“Don’t want you to come off yet,” he said as he replaced his hand on my cock and slowly continued to wank me.

I was about to tell dad to move his hand a bit quicker when he interrupted my thoughts…..

“Your mum was telling me about your hospital wizard, Paul,” he said, “and I’ll be honest and tell you that she pretty well told me everything you’ve told her, word for word about Paul… it sounds as if you like to be fucked — yeah?”

“Mmmmmm” I murmured, “well, he and I sort of got it on and I did like it — yeah.”

“Fancy me fucking you then?” said dad.

Part of me thought ‘oh fuck!’ but my gay mood body thought otherwise!

“Ohhhhh yes dad, come on then, please! I’d love it!”

Dad moved us around and gently bent me over the workbench.

“Stay there while I find something to lubricate things….” he said and a few moments later, “ah — got some Vaseline — just the job” and I felt his slippery fingers at my hole.

Soon he’d lubed me up and had what felt like two finger up inside me, rubbing in and out.

“Is that ok, Mikey?” he said, “ok if I fuck you now?”

“Yeah dad — I’m ready — come on inside me.”

Bent over, I felt dad’s hand leave me then his hands were pulling my cheeks apart and then there was a probing feeling as something fairly blunt tried to push inside me. Dad’s cock was about to invade my privacy — and all I could do was to push outwards to ease his entry…..

“You’re tight” he said as the head of his cock entered my arsehole, “oh yeah — that’s good — that’s a nice tight cunt hole you’ve got there!”

He pushed again and I felt his penis glide smoothly and steadily into me until I felt his curly pubes rubbing against my buttocks. Thank heavens that Paul — and mum’s dildo, had opened me up — because taking dad’s cock inside was almost painless.

“Oh dad — you’re all the way in,” I said, “that was nice — now fuck me!”

And he did! Dad seemed to move into a different mode, now his cock was settled inside me. He gripped my hips and having pulled almost all the way out, he suddenly thrust hard and deep right back inside me — an action he kept repeating for a while. It was enough to bring us both quite a lot nearer to orgasm as dad kept on banging my arsehole — slamming his cock deep inside me!

“Oh fuck dad,” I said, “if you keep that up I’ll come!”

“Come on then and I’ll be with you,” he said, reaching round to grasp my erection.

And his actions inside my bowels echoed his actions on my cock as we both raced to our orgasms.

“Yeah dad, that’s making me come — I can feel it coming!”

“I won’t be long either; can’t hold it back,” said dad, still banging away, “I haven’t come for almost a week so you’re going to be well filled up!”

“Oooooh yes please!” I said between groans, “fill me up! I’m nearly there — it’s coming — it’s coming! Yeah — I’m gonna come!”

“I’m coming too — right now” said dad, grunting — “Uuuuuh — here it comes! Aaaaaagh!”

And I felt his rocketing blasts of cum flooding my intestines — slamming up deep into my rectum — filling me with his cum!

“Yeahhhhhh dad — that’s great — that’s made me come too!” I cried as my cock lurched and spat its first projectile at the floor. Which was quickly followed by a second and a third and a fourth eruption that eventually declined to a dribble…..

“Oh fuck!” we both said!

Dad slowly pulled his cock from my arse — and I could immediately feel some of his sperm dribbling down my thighs.

“I’ll find a cloth,” said dad as he searched around; his own cock still semi stiff and dripping with his last few drops of semen.

I stood upright and felt my violated arsehole twitch and spasm as it returned to its normal mode.

And speaking of ‘normal’, I picked up the remote and pressed the ‘default’ button…..and watched my cock seemingly shrivel in size…..back to normal. And I also felt much more ‘normal’ inside too — but I still felt that I’d thoroughly enjoyed our fuck.

Dad came back with a hand towel.

“Use that,” he said, as I wiped up the overflowing sperm.

“That was a good fuck, thanks Mikey,” said dad as he used the other end of the towel to wipe himself. “Don’t often get a chance to fuck a nice arse, but you were good, really good. And I needed that.”

I turned to dad. “Mum said you were bi, dad, and I’m so pleased, ‘cos that makes us pretty even. Even without the computer I still feel a bit like that — and with an extra push on the button, I’m really into gay sex, so please don’t leave me out while you’re at home.”

“Don’t worry Mikey — I’ll screw the arse off Angie (my mum) but whenever she’s had enough, I’ll know where to come for a bit more. But I’m only home for a few days this time, so don’t expect miracles.”

“No problem dad, and thanks for that fuck! That was the last thing I expected — but it was bloody good!” I said, “Hadn’t we better be getting back now?”

“Oh Christ, yes,” said dad, “But this has been great — we’ve broken a few barriers that’ll make things a lot easier all round. Thank you Mikey.”

So saying, he looked around, made sure everything was in order and then we headed back to the lounge to continue our chatting.

As we left, dad had a last few words to add…..

“Guess you’ve got over your shyness now!” he said, smiling broadly, “so if we talk about sex, it’ll be ok?”

“Sure thing dad — now I know how you feel, I’ll talk about anything!” I laughed.

Not, as it turned out, that I needed to worry…….

I suppose we’d only been gone for less than half an hour, so the ladies hadn’t seemed to have missed us — the only difference was that they’d both changed into their night attire! Wow! If I hadn’t just come, seeing their scantily clad bodies would have made me erect in seconds! They both looked fantastic, even though nothing was really on show. But the hint was there — they both wore short nighties with short bed jackets, so their excellently toned legs were on show. Then, because neither of them had tied up their jackets, there were flashes of abdominal flesh and glimpses of glorious breast tissue, not to mention the occasional display of thinly covered buttocks.

Both women looked as tempting as each other and from what charms were visible, it would have to be a toss up to choose between them.

Dad — deprived of loving sexual contact for about a week, must have thought he was dreaming……I just didn’t know where to look first. This was far better than a dream!

I looked over at dad and yes, he was busy trying to take it all in; he was busy adjusting his seemingly well aroused cock and he was also trying not to make it look to obvious. He caught me looking at him and smiled back. Then he pursed his lips as if to blow a wolf-whistle — and I don’t blame him!

After we’d got over our shock, dad went and sat in his big wide easy chair while I chose to sit on the settee — where I was soon joined by mum. And if her attire wasn’t alluring enough, her perfume — and probably even her pheromones — left me in no doubt about which way my sexual preferences were right then. The visual and hormonal attractions soon reached my penis, which immediately stuck his head up to try to see…..

Sharon got the ball rolling by swaying across the room and sitting on dad’s lap in his easy chair. She twisted her body towards him and put her arms round his neck, thereby rubbing her ample charms against his chest.

“Daaaaad” she said, dragging the word out and making it sound oh so sexy, “Daaaaad, please could I have my room decorated, pretty please! It won’t cost too much but I really, really want it to look the way I want it. Please daddy — may I?”

And I could see her twisting her body side to side slightly, to rub her breasts against him. Dad lifted his arms and put them around her but he was obviously finding it hard not to grasp any interesting flesh — not that Sharon worried!

“Do you think I could, dad?” she crooned, “I’d be ever so grateful!”

‘I bet you would be!’ I thought, ‘little tease!’

Sharon was now moving her hips as well, obviously rubbing herself against dad’s penis — a move which naturally had its effects.

Both mum and I were sitting on the settee, not ten feet away and we both saw Sharon’s eyebrows lift as if in sudden surprise — and then a happy smile creased her face. Her hips moved around a bit faster…

She turned to face mum…..

“Mum, dad’s got an erection! I mean, I’m his daughter — he’s not supposed to get excited by me. Is that ok?”

Her mum laughed uproariously! “What on earth did you expect from him?” she said. “A week away from home and now you’re coming onto him like a tart! A dead man would be getting a hard on!”

“Yeah — but what do I do now?” said Sharon in mock alarm…..

“You’d better make it better,” said mum, “up to you where you start.”

Sharon turned to face her dad again, making sure that her bottom was rubbing against his erection and that her breasts were once again hard up against his chest.

She leaned closer to him. “If you let me have my room decorated, I’ll kiss you,” she said.

“Huh!” said dad, finding his voice at last, “I can kiss you any time!”

“Not like this!” said Sharon as she pulled dad to her and their lips met. For a little while, all that came from them were small hums and then even they died out as their lips became glued together and their mouths opened.

“Phew!” said dad as they came up for air, “yeah, but that’s just a kiss. Not worth all that much — so what else would you do for me if I paid for your room?”

“This,” said Sharon as she opened her jacket and pulled a few ties.

“Oooooh yeah — they’re gorgeous!” said dad, ogling her now exposed breasts.

Sharon shook them at him and dad put his hands up to touch them.

“Ah ha — no touching!” she chuckled, “are they good enough for you?”

“I’d have to touch them — and suck on them too,” said dad, “then I promise to pay for your decorating!”

“Deal” said Sharon triumphantly, “all yours!”

Mum and I watched as Sharon seduced her father and as we sat there, her hand landed on my lap. And, needless to say, my cock had found the action to be quite stimulating and was at least most of the way erect. Mum ran her hand up and down my length and then grasped my cock through my shorts and squeezed it rhythmically. It immediately grew in length and became rock hard — much to mum’s obvious approval.

In turn I brought my arm across and pushed my hand up under her nightie until I found her breast and her lovely rubbery nipple, which I gently squeezed. Mum moaned softly and continued to manoeuvre her hand on my cock.

For a while I continued to caress, rub, squeeze and pinch her nipple and breast, before I dropped my hand to her lap. Her legs slid apart and my hand just fell between them and across her already hot and sticky pussy.

Meanwhile, things were hotting up elsewhere!

Sharon and dad had long since stopped kissing and dad had edged forward until he was only just sitting on the chair and Sharon was now astride him. Dad’s hands were out of sight up the front of her untied nightie and Sharon was leaning backwards, thrusting her breasts at him in her pleasure.

Both of them were sighing and moaning quietly and Sharon’s hips were moving about on her dad’s lap — where her hands were busy too.

Mum and I watched silently as their love-making intensified…..

Soon Sharon moved her hips back and we heard the sound of dad’s zip being lowered as she explored further — then we could see her hands busily delving into his pants — and hauling out his penis!

“Nice cock,” we heard Sharon say softly……

Dad drew a deep breath. “Ohhhh Sharon, you shouldn’t be doing that — that’s naughty!” he said, “But unless anyone’s complaining, keep going!”

I certainly wasn’t complaining and judging by the heat coming from mum’s pussy, she was very much in favour of more action. I started to stroke her pussy over her panties, pushing my finger between her lips as I did so. Mum moaned and worked her hand on my cock more energetically.

“Get him out!” I said, taking my hand from her pussy and lifting my hips to allow my shorts to be slid down.

Mum obliged by helping me to push my shorts over my hips and down my legs until I was able to kick them off…. Her hand promptly returned to my now prominent cock where she pulled back my foreskin to expose the knob topped with a small bead of precum. Her thumb reached up and smeared it around — then pushed my foreskin all the way back up — and dragged it back down. Another slightly larger teardrop of liquid appeared which made her repeat her actions.

“Move round a bit,” she asked and I swivelled towards her on the settee. Having done so she leaned down and took my knob into her mouth where she squeezed it with her lips before popping it out of her mouth. She licked it and sucked it back in where she continued to titivate my cock with her tongue, making it jump and quiver.

While she was doing this, at least I had the presence of mind to reach to her breasts which I now massaged and caressed, tweaking her nipples and making them stand hard and proud.

Eventually she lifted from my cock.

“Get my knickers off!” she said to me and she in turn lifted her hips to allow me to slide them off her bum and down her legs. She twirled them around on one foot before flipping them away — an action that dad couldn’t help but see.

“Feel me!” said mum, “I’m soaking wet already!”

And she was — absolutely dripping and steaming hot too. Gently I moved my fingers around her clit before gently thrusting two of them into her cunt.

She groaned and pushed her pelvis up at my hand. I pulled my fingers out and returned to her clit, making mum start to shake and moan.

“Angie darling,” dad said, “you shouldn’t encourage the boy — you’ll corrupt him.” He laughed — and then groaned as Sharon sucked his cock deep into her mouth.

She’d knelt on the floor and was now between his widespread legs, enjoying the instrument that not all that long ago, I’d had up inside me!

“Too late!” said mum to dad, “we corrupted him ages ago — all he needs now is more practice!”

Then she looked at me. “Where’s your remote control?” she asked.

“In my shorts pocket” I replied and mum leaned down and retrieved the shorts and after a bit of fumbling around she found it and sat up again.

“I want you to fuck me, but I want to sit on your lap. To make sure he reaches right up inside me, I want a bit of extra length on him, so what do I press?” she said.

“Up on the D-pad”

“Oh yes — forgot!” she said, pressing and holding the D-pad up.

‘Wow’ I thought, ‘mum’s going to get the works — she held the D-pad button down!’

As before I felt those lovely tingles that worked their way around my body until they seemed to collect at the base of my cock, which then started to twitch and throb all on its own. And then the feelings seemed to climb up my cock, stretching him as they did so, until his full extension had been reached. And now he stood up tall and rigid and mum gasped with admiration.

“Oh yes — that’s better! That’s such a good looking cock — I’ll love having that up in me. Come on then — I don’t need any foreplay — I’m quite turned on and wet enough!”

Across from us, dad was watching intently as mum lifted up, moved over until she was above me and gently started to sit down again.

I held my cock to line it up with her cunt and between us we were pretty close — just a small adjustment and he slid in, in one go, right up inside her! Briefly her lips and my flesh adhered before her lubrications covered everything and allowed my smooth penetration.

She sank completely down on my cock until she was just sitting on my lap. With her legs apart, dad, and Sharon who now looked round at us, could see the shaft of my cock between her split-apart slippery lips. And dad obviously approved, judging from the big grin on his face.

“That looks so fucking hot!” he said, “can’t wait to see you come!”

Mum sighed with pleasure and spread her legs wider for him, causing herself to sink even further down on me.

“Ooooooo Mikey — that’s gone a long way up!” she said and indeed I could feel that I’d met the end of her cunt and was now pressing against her cervix.

“Leave it there for a bit and let me do the work,” she groaned as her hips began to rotate and her cunt muscles started to clench and grip my cock. At the same time, they were also caressing it with waves of muscular contractions that seemed to sweep from one end to the other….from the base of my cock right to the tip!

“Ooooh, wonderful, mum!” I moaned, finding myself involuntarily jerking from time to time as her cunt squeezed particularly sensitive parts of my anatomy. “Oooooh yeahhhhh — keep doing that!”

More’s the pity, but mum couldn’t keep it up for all that long because her actions were bringing herself to an orgasm. Her internal squirming was stimulating herself as much as it was affecting me and soon she started to bounce up and down on me as well.

“Mikey, oh Mikey, I’m going to come on you — I’m gonna come! I know it, it’s so exciting — I’m gonna cum right where your dad can see me fucking you! Oh no, no, no — I can’t stop — it’s coming — it’s here — I can’t stop! Oooooh, Dave darling, watch me come!” and she was now thrashing around on top of me — only my hands round her waist and my cock inside her were keeping her in place!

Her internal muscles were practically tearing my cock apart with their violence. She was squeezing me so hard it hurt but the intense ripples of stimulation counteracted the pain and I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm approaching.

But before my orgasm blew through, mum collapsed on top of me, her whole body just twitching from time to time while inside, her cunt which was now awash, was simply soothing my cock with gentle waves of pressure.

Across in his chair, dad was no longer sitting in it. Instead, Sharon was there, leaning back panting, with her legs apart, her knickers missing and her cunt all wet and bare, as dad knelt between her legs and finished off licking her to a shuddering climax. Damn — we’d missed all their foreplay as we concentrated on our own love-making but now their action moved up a step.

For the first time, father and daughter were about to become one — dad had now knelt upright and we could see that he was taking aim with his cock……

I then realised that their chair had been turned somewhat sideways — the cheeky pair — they wanted us to be able to see what they were doing more clearly!

We watched as dad rubbed his erection around in Sharon’s juices to lubricate his knob and then he slowly pushed forward and we heard Sharon draw in a deep breath as he penetrated her very willing cunt for the first time.

“Oh darling daughter — I’m in you!” said dad, breathing heavily. “That’s so nice — I’ve dreamed of this moment for ages!”

“And me, daddy,” said Sharon as she pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts, “take me, fuck me, please!”

And dad started to do just that, slowly and gently moving in and out of her happy hole and we could even hear the healthy squelchy noises as their dew-drenched sex organs met and parted, met and parted.

It was too much to expect for mum to just sit there for long without joining in! While her eyes were glued to the scene, her hips had become animated again and her cunt had once more begun to stimulate itself and my cock. This time however, I intended to be more active — this time it was my turn to come! I placed my hands on mum’s hips and, grasping her firmly, I was able to help her to bob up and down on my cock, also lifting her enough for me to be able to thrust my hips and cock up towards her descending cunt.

We started slamming together, grunts of approval coming from both of us as we worked together to achieve our climaxes. It was hard work, holding mum up and thrusting upwards too but I was determined to put on a good show for dad — I wanted to show him that I was giving his wife a good ride and I suppose I was also trying to show off my own prowess. I was equally determined to make sure that mum had another first class orgasm and so, once we’d got into rhythm, I was able to take one hand off her hip and place it over her cunt, where I began to rub and stimulate her clit.

Mum squealed with delight as my fingers provided new and additional sources of pleasure and the actions inside her cunt intensified as her muscles began to work overtime on me!

Thank heavens that mum could seemingly come off easily because I now knew that it wouldn’t be all that long before I came.

With what little breath I had left, I told mum that I was getting near.

“Oh darling boy — oh yessss — come when you’re ready! I’ll be with you — I’m so close again!” mum said, as she continued to hump herself up and down on my erection.

Beneath her I was soaked with her slippery sexual secretions — when our bodies came together there was an audible ‘splat’ and the occasional small spray of our fluids (well, mum’s mainly). The scent of aroused genitals was almost overpowering — mum’s heady womanly scent of her vaginal secretions and probably the muskiness of my own overheated flesh. It was a shame that there was no-one around to take a thermal image of us — the heat — and scent — radiating from us was flowing off us in waves.

All of which was turning me into some kind of sex maniac — my whole body had become a penis — I could feel every bit of myself being involved in loving my mum as she rose and fell above me and I knew that when I came, it would be the biggest and the best orgasm I’d ever had……so far!

And in that connection, I reached for the remote, which mum had left on the small table near the settee. I picked it up and pressed the ‘more sperm’ button twice — ‘that’s better,’ I thought, ‘what else?’ I dithered for a moment — probably distracted by mum’s assault on my sex organ — then added a right press on the D-pad to make my cock somewhat thicker.

‘Ok — let’s go!’ I mused, ‘sorry — let’s finish, I mean!’

And still with mum riding me, I renewed my own assault on her too, thrusting my now somewhat enlarged cock deep inside her hot, slushy, grasping, frantic cunt.

Not far away, Sharon was now lying on her back on the floor while her dad slammed his cock in and out of her tight young cunt. Every now and then, one or other of them would cry out or grunt or groan as their love-making rose to the next level. I watched them for while as I fucked mum……

Dad was certainly energetic, I’ll give him that and he seemed to be varying his pace — hammering into her for a while then falling back to a gently thrusting pace — then back to high speed. And occasionally they just seemed to lay there, locked closely together from groin to lips. And after one of those locked together periods, when although they might be seemingly almost frozen, internally and out of sight, much must have been happening — because Sharon suddenly went rigid and arched her back.

“Oooooh dad! Yesssssss! Aaaaah, I’ve just come — you made me come and I wasn’t ready! Oooooh — oh — oh — oooooh!” she cried out, “that wasn’t fair!”

“Didn’t mean to, darling,” said dad, grunting somewhat as he renewed his attack on her cunt with his pile-driving cock, “More to come though, I hope!”

“Oooooh yes, I’ll come again — I’m coming all the time now — keep going — I’m still coming — I’m still coming!”

And she was up and running on her own rollercoaster of an orgasmic ride — up on the peak of one orgasm and then, before she could ‘fall off it’ the next one arrived…..she was a ‘come’ machine!

Speaking of that, she now showed off her party piece as, in a moment when dad raised himself off her, she sent out a spray of girlie cum that hit his abdomen and splashed out all around them!

“Oh — I’ve just cum!” she cried, “you’ve made me cum — oh dad!”

She was panting but managed to call out, “Come on dad — finish me off! Come inside me — fill me up with your sperm, please! I need your cum in me! Quick dad — while I’m still coming….”

Her hips were now lifting hard against his driving cock and they were both rushing towards their climaxes, so I upped the pressure on mum’s cunt to bring her off.

And that wasn’t going to take all that long, I could tell. Mum was now panting hard and her body was glistening with sweat. She was starting to tighten up again all over as she neared her peak.

“Mikey, love, please don’t stop now, keep going just like that and I’ll come for you. It’s getting close — real close — really close! Oh yeah — here it comes! Here it comes!” and she started to really buck up and down on me — short lifts but quick ones and I placed my hand back on top of her clit for some extra stimulation. And the moment that I rubbed her clit for the first time, she was off!

“Oh yessssss, Mikey — look Dave — I’m coming — your son’s making me come! Oh god! Oh yeah! Oh — oh — ooooooh yeah! Your son’s got his cock up inside me and he’s made me come! Ooooooooh — oooooooh!”

All her additional squeezing, thrusting and quivering had the same effect on me and suddenly I felt my orgasm arrive.

“I’m with you mum — come on, we’re coming together!” I panted, “Here it comes! I’m gonna fill up!”

“Yes darling — fill me!” she cried “fuckin’ fill me with your cum!”

“You got it, mum — uuuuuugh, yeahhhhh — oh, oh ohhhhh!” And as I started to fill her up, dad and Sharon hit the mark too.

“Uuuugh Sharon — I’m there! Uuuuuugh — here it comes!” grunted dad as he prepared to unload his incestuous sperm inside his daughter, “Yeahhhhh! Ooooohhh — ooooohhh — uuuuuugh!!”

“I can feel you!” cried Sharon through her spasms and orgasms, “Fill me, daddy — fill me!”

Her eyes opened wide….”Ohhhhh I felt that one!” she moaned, “You’re making me come again! Ooooh, I keep coming and coming! Don’t stop — oh, it’s wonderful!”"

I caught Sharon’s eye in the middle of all this, and she managed to give me a huge smile — she’d finally got what she’d hankered after for years!

We all just declined into post-orgasmic conditions at various rates. Dad was the first to move to find something with which to clean up, revealing his still half-hard cock to be covered in a nice mixture of his spunk and Sharon’s juices.

“Come here,” asked mum and dad moved the few steps to us. Mum reached up and grasping his cock, she pulled it to her mouth where she sucked it in deeply. Dad groaned as she cleaned him up and soon popped her mouth off his now bright and shiny cock.

“Mmmmm!” said mum, swivelling around on me. She kissed me, sticking her tongue into my mouth and transferring her saliva as well as dad’s and Sharon’s left-overs to me — a lovely fragrant, pungent, heady mixture that made my still embedded cock jerk back into another erection!

“Oh no you don’t” said mum as she lifted off me. There was a kind of wet unsticking noise as we parted — my lap was almost awash with our fluids and my erect cock glistened with mum’s sticky lubrication.

Across the room, Sharon still lay there, panting lightly and still with her legs parted….and she too was soaked — virtually from her knees to her tits! Her girlie cum, together with all the other fluids that she and dad had produced so copiously had been spread all over her as dad’s body had slammed down on her.

“Are you getting a towel?” she asked dad, as he stood, somewhat gobsmacked at the sights around him.

“Oh yes, sorry!” he said as he headed for the bathroom, I guess. Soon he returned with several towels and wash cloths and they were shared around us. Then he went and opened several windows.

“Christ almighty — this place stinks!” he said, chuckling.

And now that he mentioned it, he was right — the air was full of a wonderfully evocative mixture of the smells of cum, hot cocks, even hotter cunts and hard-working bodies. Bottled, it would set off an orgy — anywhere! My mind imagined a hostess spraying it around a party…..and within moments all the participants would be writhing and stripping and fucking! I took a last deep breath to try to remember the scents — fantastic!

“Definitely bed time,” said mum, “although we’re all going to have showers beforehand.”

“Oh mum” groaned Sharon, “I love to be able to smell dad on me — I’d love to go to sleep like this!”

“Shower, or else!” commanded mum, “You’ll get more chances to smell like that, no doubt.”

With just the one family shower, we agreed to shower in pairs, so mum and dad went first, leaving Sharon and I to wait. She came into my room, still naked apart from the towel she was using to wipe herself down with. She looked so sexy — she was glowing — with health and with the excitement of just having had her dream fuck.

“Phew!” she said, “That developed quickly, as they say! I thought that if I tried to chat up dad while he was in the mood then at least I’d get my bedroom decorated, but to get fucked as well was a real bonus!”

“What did you expect?” I said, “Anyone would have fucked you, the way you came on at dad! God — you looked so sexy!”

“Did I?” she simpered at me, eyeing my still mainly erect cock, “did I turn you on too?”

“Did you — hah — ‘course you fuckin’ did! Just as well I had mum to fuck!” I said, running my own eyes up and down her lovely figure.

Sharon wasn’t helping me at all. She’d stood up and was now drying herself — well, I actually reckon she was masturbating with the towel — with her legs apart and her cunt pushed forward…..just feet away from me.

My errant cock rose again and began to twitch.

“Time for a quickie?” asked Sharon.

I laughed at her. “What do you think! Get on the bed!”

“Ooooh yes!” said my sister, as she dropped the towel and leapt gracefully onto the bed. She lay on her back.

“Just come up here and fuck me, please,” she asked, “I’m still all wet and horny so don’t bother with licking me — just come and fuck me.”

I climbed onto the bed too (not as gracefully, I’m sure) and positioned myself between her legs.

I leaned forward and kissed her and suddenly she became animated — her hips thrust up at me, her tits rubbed against my chest and her tongue swirled and licked me and fought duels with my tongue. She started her humming noises — this was what she was so good at…..good clean fucking!

“OK — I’m ready,” she said, “I was ready before but now I need you. Come on, put him in.”

Just as I was about to do so, she stopped me.

“Where’s your remote?” she asked.

‘Oh god — what was she wanting now? She’s not going to do something horrible, is she?!’ I thought as I pointed it out, laying on the bedside table.

She picked it up and pondered before pressing here and there. And as I held myself, poised above her, I was able to watch my cock stretch out until it almost reached her hot cunt — then it started to thicken — and I also felt my single testicle tingle.

“You’ve pressed up and right on the D-pad and pushed for some more sperm, haven’t you?” I asked and Sharon nodded.

“Spot on!” she said, “NOW you can fuck me!”

And once she’d returned the remote, but left it well within her reach, she helped me, by reaching down and pulling her lips apart. From my vantage point, poised above her, I couldn’t see much detail, except that even her outer lips were clearly freshly wetted… her cunt must already be absolutely awash!

And it was! I lowered my horny cock to her equally horny hole and it just slid inside her with an absolute minimum of discomfort. Oh, it was a tight fit now I was extra thick but I slid in as smoothly as a piston in a highly tuned engine — and I sank down and down until our pubic mounds met.

“Oooooooo!” sighed Sharon, “that’s gorgeous! That feels sooooo good! So full! Just leave him there and kiss me.”

Obediently I did as I was told, finding that our loving kissing awoke her cunt. As our lips caressed each other and sloshed saliva around and as our tongues intertwined, so her inner cunt became alive, smoothing, sucking, squeezing, pushing and pulling at my cock, so much so that I couldn’t help but respond.

I tried to respond in kind, making my cock jerk and jump inside her but it wasn’t enough for me — I needed to be able to thrust so I could come. And nature seemed to take over, just making me move in and out almost uncontrollably; almost without my knowledge… hips were just lifting and pushing, raising and thrusting, gently, smoothly and persistently.

All of which was slowly raising our loving tempo. Sharon was first to respond I think, because her own hips began to raise upwards towards my body and she started to moan and make groaning noises almost under her breath. My rate of thrusting increased slowly and now I was becoming more aware of our love-making — I was starting to take a more active part too. No longer was my lower brain in control — now I was starting to think for myself!

I upped the tempo again and now our pelvic mounds were slapping together. Sharon was starting to produce more lubrication and other sexy juices and they were running over her thighs as we pounded together. If Sharon’s bed had have had a headboard, this is when it would have been thumping against the wall — we were going for it now!

Then I felt Sharon move a bit and I saw her arm snake out to reach the remote…..and almost immediately I felt that unique quivering sensation that started from deep inside me — that began everywhere but gradually became focussed on the base of my cock.

For a little while I just had to cease my thrusting as the weird sensations moved and stirred within me.

Then suddenly the feelings grew to a crescendo and leapt from the core of my penis up into my shaft — and then wow, I knew that the ‘vibration’ button had been pressed and that my cock was now a fully live animated vibrator that was, as it happened, deep in my sister’s cunt!

As the effects became felt by us both, Sharon looked at me with an open mouth as if to say something — but nothing came out!

Then she started to howl — literally!

“Woooooow! Wowwwww! Whhhheeee! That’s fuckin’ fantastic! Oh my god, that’s gonna make me come so quickly! Oh — it’s coming now — already….oh keep pumping me!”

Eager to please her and to show off my prowess I renewed my efforts, slamming my cock into her hot quivering wet cunt and it took but a few minutes before we were both coming!

“Mikey, Mikey — don’t stop, don’t stop — I’m there! I’m coming! Oooooh — I’m cumming too!” she said as a fountain sprayed over my cock and abdomen.

“Oh my god — oh help….I can’t stop” she cried again, as my vibrating cock stirred her cunt into a frenzy, “I keep coming and cumming!”

As she spoke, another spray of her cum juice enveloped her cunt and dripped all over the bed

Needless to say, all her exciting activities had pushed me well over the limit and with a long drawn out groan; I started to unload my enhanced load of spunk. This time it was Sharon’s eyes that opened wide as my first burst of cum blasted against the walls of her cunt — which immediately reacted by starting to milk my cock of it’s juices.

“Oh sis, you feel so good,” I sighed as I continued to pump more and more sperm inside her.

“Oooooh yeah, oooooh yeah, oh yessssss!” I continued until my cock was completely empty.

I was panting like mad and felt almost exhausted, but I had just enough energy to reach the remote and press the ‘default’ button — and the vibrations stopped, thank heavens! I also felt my cock slowly shrinking in size somewhat — but he’d played his part and he could now relax…..

Although my cock may have been empty, Sharon’s cunt on the other hand was not just full, it was well and truly overfilled — not just with my cock but with my enhanced load. My spunk was squeezing and squirting out from her hole around my cock, bathing my balls and most of her abdomen. Warm and wet and very pungent — our bodies glowed and practically steamed….and definitely were now in need of a shower!

I pulled out and a stream of our combined fuck juices dribbled from her well used cunt. Then I leaned down and kissed her lovingly and we hugged each other happily.

“Thank you lover — you make a fucking wonderful sister!” I said.

“Thank you too brother — that was just soooo good” she replied.

And from the doorway came two voices….

“Thank you both — that was a super display!” said mum.

“Made me all horny again,” said dad as he stood there stropping his erection.

He put his arm round his wife.

“Coming to bed?” he asked, draping his hand down to play with her breast.

“Definitely!” said mum, “Up for anything now!”

Sharon and I looked at each other and laughed. We fell together again, but this time just so we could cling to each other to control our laughing.

We got up from the bed, which now more resembled a swamp than a bed. “Hmmmm — needs more than just changing!” said Sharon, “needs a good airing too.”

“Leave it tonight and come and sleep with me,” I said — and to our parents, “Is that ok?”

“Doubt you’ll have enough strength to do much anyway!” said mum, “so you might as well.”

“Settled then. Right — come on sis — time for our shower — I’ll wash you if you’ll wash me.”

“Deal,” she said, “and goodnight to you two voyeurs!”

Now, believe it or not, that was that for the night. Sharon came and slept with me and it was wonderful to have her warm body near mine all night. Oh yes, I wanted to fuck her again, but then a cock responds to a female body — especially a naked one — in an instant. Sharon, on the other hand was a bit sore and felt worn out for now.

“There’s always tomorrow!” she said as she kissed me and although I tried to cling to her and encourage her, she pushed me away.

“We’ve soaked one bed already,” she said, “if we get this bed wet, then where do we sleep?”

‘Fair enough,’ I though, and I eventually agreed with her. Tomorrow would soon come and we’d all feel replenished after a good night’s sleep.

The unusual feeling of having someone sleeping next to me woke me early the next morning. I shook my head to get my bearings and eventually got my eyes focussed and my brain connected. Ah, there was the cause of my early awakening — my lovely sister Sharon — flat out on her back with the duvet partially thrown back to expose her upper body.

And for a while I just sat there at the side of the bed, admiring her breasts — simply sublime at this time of the morning! On her back, they were somewhat flattened but their fullness kept them looking just wonderful. Her small nipples were crushed now, relaxed little things but full of appeal. For the fun of it I leaned over and gently blew on one of them…..and watched as it grew and rose up into prominence. I was so, so tempted to lean down and suck it, but it was early and knowing Sharon to be an owl rather than a lark, I left her to sleep on peacefully. Instead I got up, had a quick wash and wandered down to the kitchen. In truth, a cup of coffee was actually more appealing to me than a fuck at this hour!

I did myself a cup of instant coffee as I couldn’t be bothered to find the filters and ground coffee, etc, etc, and sat on a comfy stool at the breakfast bar. Slowly I sipped the coffee and gradually woke up.

As I did so, I ruminated over the evening before. First dad, then mum and then Sharon!

‘Fuckin’ hell,’ I thought to myself, ‘this family’s gone sex mad!’

I tried to think back to decide which was the best bit but my mind kept confusing things. There had been so much great sex that my mind seemingly hadn’t had time to sort out all the action! So I shut my eyes and tried to rerun things in my brain.

‘Oh yes — dad fucked me first of all…..then mum fucked me while Sharon fucked dad (or did I fuck mum and dad fuck Sharon) and then Sharon and I fucked! Fuckin’ hell.’

‘So which did I enjoy most?’ I mused.

‘Well, it was different with dad and he made me so horny so that was probably the best bit — but then Sharon was super later on,’ I thought, as I absentmindedly rubbed my cock through my shorts.

Naturally my cock started to wake from his own slumbers as I touched him and gently I continued to run my hand up and down my now erecting penis as I mused.

‘Dad was good when he was up inside me,’ I thought, ‘made me come so easily.’

My cock had now risen up and was ready for action, although the only action so far was my hand rubbing slowly and gently up and down his length. As I remembered the great sex we’d had, I started to squeeze my cock and rub him harder.

He’d extended down the leg of my shorts and now I pulled the material up until I had some three or four inches of hot penis to play with. I ran my hand over my knob — already exposed as my foreskin had peeled back when he became erect — and enjoyed the sensual feelings, completely forgetting where I was!

But I was suddenly brought back to reality as someone quietly said, “That looks good!”

Wah! I almost fell off my stool in shock!

“Hey, take it easy,” the voice said and there was my dad, clad in shorts only, as I was and with a big silly grin on his face!

“Shit” I said, “you scared the fuck out of me!”

“Hope not!” said dad; still smiling, “are you still hard?”

I checked.

“Yep!” I said, “nothing worries him!”

“Let’s see?” he asked as he moved beside me.

He reached out and pulled the material of my shorts up further, exposing more of my still hard cock.

“Looks really good Mikey — that’s a lovely cock they gave you” he said as he started to stroke his hand over my shaft. I groaned as the sensations coursed through me and my cock gave an involuntary jerk as dad rubbed my knob. I leaned back as far as I could to push my cock out to him and as I did so I spotted dad’s own erection straining at his shorts. I raised my hand and, hesitating a bit, I planted it gently on the ridge that his cock was making.

“Oooooh yessss, Mikey, have a feel,” said dad, briefly stopping rubbing my cock as he pulled down his zip, “Get him out for me.”

I fished inside his shorts and soon encountered his hot stiff shaft and with a bit of pulling and shoving, I managed to bring forth most of his cock.

“What do you want me to do, dad?” I asked as I held his erection in my hand.

“Whatever comes!” he said, “just play with it for now.”

In the meanwhile, dad had also undone my zip and manoeuvred my cock out into the open and now the pair of us were gently wanking each other with no great urgency. We were just pleasuring each other and enjoying the feeling of having someone else’s cock in our hand.

“Come and suck me,” said dad and in moments I fell to my knees before him and sank his cock deep into my mouth in one go!

“Ooooh fuuuuck!” said dad, “Ooooh Mikey — that’s good. Oooh yeah — just keep doing that.”

And so I did just that, sucked his cock while swirling my tongue around his knob while dad groaned and panted above me.

I had no idea if I was doing it properly until dad put his hands on my head and began to push my mouth back and forward more quickly.

“I’ll be coming soon,” he said, “You’re making me come so quickly!”

“Yeah dad,” I said, briefly lifting my mouth from his erection, “Come for me — in my mouth.”

It seemed ages since I’d had a mouthful of cum and I was now eager for more. I resumed my attack on his cock and was rewarded by dad’s words.

“Ooooh Mikey — ooooh yesssss! Ooooh yes! Uuuugh! Uuuugh! Here it comes!”

And it did — gushing from his penis and splashing in quick bursts deep into my mouth.

I loved it! Squirt after squirt it came until I knew that I’d have to swallow. And I did so — feeling the warm viscous spunk sticking to the sides of my throat and the inside of my mouth as it slid down into my stomach.

There was a little more to come but only enough just to savour on my tongue — but it was enough.

“Fuck me!” said dad, “I didn’t expect that for breakfast!”

“Not sure if I need breakfast now!” I quipped, “Got a full tummy now!”

Dad was still panting as I stood up beside him. He stuffed his nice clean cock away back into his shorts again — leaving me with a still hard erection — and I was still horny for some more action….

“Dad,” I asked, dropping my shorts and leaning over the worktop, “please can you fuck me like you did last night?”

“You’re joking!” he said, looking down at his shorts, “I’m fresh out of fucks for now. I can’t get it up again that quickly, sorry.”

“Oh dad,” I moaned, fisting my cock, “I need you to fuck me so that I can come too. When you fucked me last night it made me come so quickly…..”

And then, for the second time this morning, I was shocked almost out of my skin.

“Well, if he can’t do it, can I help?”

And there was mum — standing there in her negligee and shortie house coat — waving in front of her the double-ended dildo!

“Shiiiit mum!” I started, “don’t creep up on people!”

“And a good morning to you too! Only trying to help!” she said with a big laugh, “you need to be fucked — will this help?”

“Get it up him!” said dad, joining in, “here, I’ll hold him!”

And he did — he put his hand on my back and held me down over the worktop as mum came up behind me. I felt her pressing against my arsehole and almost immediately, what felt like two fingers slid easily into me. I nearly jumped!

“Relax,” she said, “I’ve lubed my fingers; I got some KY jelly — makes everything really slippery!”

It was a bit embarrassing being there next to dad, having my arsehole lubed up by his wife but soon the feelings overcame any worries, especially as I felt mum introduce her dildo to my hole.

Gradually she applied more and more pressure, until suddenly something seemed to give way and the dildo sank into my anus.

“Uuuuuugh!” I groaned, “Not so hard!”

“Sorry! Hey — you’ve got about eight inches up you!” said mum, sounding surprised, “how much can you take?”

And I felt her pushing, twisting and turning the dildo deeper and deeper inside me — until I had to tell her to stop. She did so and then slowly she pulled the thing out from inside me.

I groaned, “Oh mum — I’m empty now!”

“Won’t be a mo,” she said, then to dad she added, “Phew — that was about 10 inches….”

“What!” I cried, “10 inches up me?”

“Yep” said mum, “do you want it back there?”

“Oh yes please mum, but not too deep — I just need to be able to come,” I said as I felt her reintroduce the dildo into my hole.

Soon she was thrusting it in and out, in and out but my erection remained rigidly hard and unmoving, despite all my wanking efforts.

“Oh fuck, mum, stop. Dunno what’s wrong but I just can’t come,” I said and mum slowly slid the instrument from my well stretched hole.

We all looked at each other for inspiration.

“How about if you fuck me?” said dad.

“Not sure dad.” I said pondering, “When you fucked me I’d pressed the ‘gay’ button, so I was extra receptive to you. But now I’m ‘normal’ perhaps I need to fuck a woman to come.”

“How about my arse?” said mum — and immediately I felt my cock jump and stiffen with excitement!

“Wow, mum! Really? Is that ok?” I asked and dad nodded and mum smiled, so we all moved round a bit. Now it was mum who was bent over the worktop as I moved into place behind her.

“Duh! Take my panties off first then” said mum over her shoulder.

“Oh, yeah!” I said and I reached under her shortie nightie and found the sides of her panties. Gently I moved them over her hips and then down her lovely legs until I was able to get her to lift each foot in turn to remove them completely.

As I sank to my knees to remove her panties, mum’s adorable bum now faced me and to say that it was an erotic sight would be an understatement. No way was my mum fat or even plump. Her hips were perhaps wider than a younger girl’s might be but precious little cellulite was present in her thighs. Above her thighs, the two half-moons of her buttocks were smooth and tight with as good as no sag to them. They were split apart naturally — there was no need to heft them apart — and they were revealing her most private orifice — her darker-brown arsehole. I so nearly moved in to kiss her arsehole, but I wasn’t sure what dad might have said, although in retrospect, he’d probably have encouraged me if he’d known what I wanted to do!

Smooth and hairless, her rear hole positively beckoned me — and mum helped too.

She wriggled her arse around seductively and I felt my cock jump again with excitement.

Dad produced the tube of KY and gave it to me and using a goodly dollop, I spread it over my cock and around her hole. Then, gently, using one finger, I probed into her hole. I felt the rings of muscle gripping my finger as I entered her — and then relax as she became used to the feeling.

I withdrew and added some more KY and now pushed two fingers inside. No problem now — she’d loosened up already….

I looked at dad who was standing there slowly wanking his new erection.

“Have you been up there?” I asked, somewhat cheekily!

“Did actually!” he chuckled, “last night after we’d watched you two. I just had to unload some cum again and that’s where I came.”

No wonder she was ready for me so quickly and easily!

I lined up my erection and brought the tip closer to mum until I was just about touching her hole.

“Is it ok,” I asked her, not having ever fucked a woman’s arse before…..

“Yes darling — come on in!” she said, blowing me a kiss.

‘Wow — so this was it! A woman’s arsehole….oh yeah, here I come!’ I thought to myself.

I leaned forward, holding my penis on target and as I did so, my cock just smoothly embedded itself inside her. I pushed forward until our bodies met and now I knew that I had every last inch of my 7 and a half inches inside my mother!

“Uuuuuufff!” grunted mum as my stiff cock locked into place.

I held it there, enjoying the unique feeling of being inside my mother’s arse.

“Oh mum” I said, “you’re so tight. You’re so hot in there. Oooooh, I could fuck your arse for ever.”

“Well, get on with it,” said mum impatiently, “I’m diddling my clit like mad and all you’re doing is talking — so come on and fuck my arse — now, before I come before you!”

With an invitation like that, who could say no, so I began to move my penis in and out of her. It was totally different to fucking her cunt and yet just as enjoyable somehow. It seemed tighter and perhaps deeper and certainly enjoyable, as I rode my mum to my orgasm. I raised the tempo and soon I was banging my cock into her arsehole, accompanied by moans and cries of pleasure, lust and happiness from my mum. All I could do was to pant….!

It didn’t take all that long for those lovely pre-orgasmic twitches and tingles began to make themselves felt. I knew it wouldn’t be all that long before I unloaded my sperm up inside my mother’s arse as I kept pounding away at her.

“Won’t be long now!” I said as I continued to hammer her arse with my cock.

“Good darling,” said mum, “gonna be there soon too. Keep coming, keep fucking me!”

“Oh shit,” I said, “You’re making me come! It’s here — in you — I’m coming! Filling you! Yeaaaaah — filling you with my cum!”

“Good one” said mum, “I’m with you.”

And she was — her work on her clit had brought her to orgasm just as I filled her bowels with my sperm — sperm that would never find an egg in her……

And as she peaked, so did I….

“Oooooh mum — I’m filling you! I’m fucking you! I’m cumming up your arse. Wow — oh fuck — yeahhhh — oh fuck, oh my god.”

And everything I could muster seemed to blast eagerly into my mother’s arse — deep into her rectum…..

Then slowly I had to stop pumping and eventually I had nothing left except a somewhat deflated cock that kind of slithered from her hole. A little show of my whitish spunk dribbled from her.

Dad could hardly have been unmoved by the action before him and, despite his suggestion that he couldn’t come again, he was very busy wanking himself off. And as mum and I ended our lovely fuck, so dad moved close to our united bodies and unloaded his sperm in cascades over mum’s rear and my pubes.

“Jesus H” said dad, “Oh phew — didn’t think I’d be able to come again so soon,” he panted, “that was so hot!”

Mum and I stood up and parted before turning to face each other. We hugged and kissed to thank each other for a memorable start to the day while dad handed us a towel to clean up.

“Gosh! Didn’t expect that, at this time of the morning!” said mum, still holding me, “But who’s complaining!”

“Oh mum,” I said, giving her another kiss, “I didn’t expect that either but I’m so pleased we’ve done it. I didn’t know if I could fuck a woman’s arse because my computer and my cock don’t really know about doing that, but now that we’ve done it, I hope I can come back again.”

“That was as good a fuck as I’ve ever had up there and you did it all without your computer to help….so lord knows how good it would be with some help,” she said “So you’ll be very welcome to use my arsehole again — so long as you don’t forget my pussy! And next time we can use some of your ‘special effects!”

“Hey folks — I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had any breakfast yet,” said dad, as he pulled his shorts on.

“Nor me,” said mum and I agreed, although my breakfast usually consisted of just a couple of cups of coffee.

So we all began to gather assorted breakfast items around us and soon spoons were rattling and hot coffee was being slurped while we all reflected on the morning’s wake-up action.

Dad had sucked me until I came in his mouth — mum had fucked me with a dildo and I’d fucked mum in the arse. Two firsts and a second!

Soon we’d all finished and a united team helped tidy up, wash up and put everything away. We were all friends together and it felt great!

“Right,” said dad, putting his arm round mum, “we’ve got to go out for a while. I’ve promised to get my Angel a new outfit for her birthday party, if she ever round to having it and I’ve booked lunch out too and no doubt your mum will want to do some window shopping as well….so I reckon we’ll be out until 4ish”

“Some peace for you!” said mum, “Just so long as you mow the lawn please, oh, and gather your laundry up. I’ve put ours by the machine and Sharon can load it and turn it on. It’s on the regular wash setting — that’ll do. And peg it all out too please.”

“Hmmmmph!” I grunted, “so much for peace!”

“Won’t take you long,” said dad, “Not much grass to cut off, it’s been so dry and the clothes will dry quickly too if you get them out soonish. Give Sharon a kick — get her moving.”

“Slave driver!” I said under my breath — but dad heard me and clipped me gently round the back of my head! Then he tousled my hair to show that he wasn’t angry.

“Come on then,” said mum, “let’s get dressed and ready.”

And they trouped off to the bedroom, leaving me to mull over my chores.

Soon they were back, dolled-up for a day out.

“Right — we’re off, aren’t we darling,” said mum. “Don’t leave Sharon in bed too long — things to do!”

And with a rattle of car keys they departed.

‘Ok Sharon,’ I thought, ‘time to move!’

I walked down to her bedroom to wake her up and I was just about to open her door (we seldom knocked — we were pretty laid back about privacy) when I seemed to hear a buzzing noise. I stopped to locate the sound and soon realised that it was coming from her room…..Sharon was obviously awake and playing with her silver vibrator!

Quietly, I opened the door just a few inches until I could see inside — and there she was, spread out on the bed, with one hand squeezing a breast and the other pushing the silver bullet up inside her hot little pussy!

‘Oh fuck me!’ I though as I realised that my cock had almost instantly become erect in my shorts, ‘not more sex!’

And although I sort of felt drained by the early morning activity, I was also totally turned on as I watched her bringing herself off.

As she lay there, totally nude and with her eyes closed, she was building to her climax — perhaps her first — perhaps just another one….. Her pelvis was doing a horizontal Elvis impression as she thrust her quivering pussy at her vibrator-holding hand.

The vibrator wasn’t deep inside her; it was being used to rub over her clit, with occasional forays into her leaking hole.

The hand on her breast was twisting her nipple and she was moaning and groaning as she stimulated herself.

Knowing full well that if she found me standing there then I’d be called into action, I undid and dropped my shorts and pants — thus releasing my erection. I took it in my hand and pulled my foreskin back, exposing the shiny pink crown. Slowly I moved my grasping hand up and down my shaft as I watched my sister reach her pinnacle.

“Oooooh! Ooooooh!” she groaned, still unaware of my presence, “ooooh fuuuuck — its coming! This is what I wanted — it’s a biggie — I’m gonna come and cum…..and its coming now….!”

She continued to work the vibrator over her clit and into her hole, getting faster and faster.

“Ooooh fuuuuck — I can’t get there! Where’s Mikey’s cock when I want him?” she called out…..still not knowing I was there.

She thrust the vibrator deep into her cunt and I could hear the buzz as it stimulated her inside.

“Oooooh, nice, but I need more…”

I wondered what to do — should I just move in and fuck her or what….but she solved my problem!

Her eyes opened for once and immediately locked onto me. I saw them flicker up and down my naked body.

“Mikey, what the fuck are you doing in my room!” she asked, then, “Forget that — come here and use that cock of yours! I need you in me now!”

‘Not more sex, please?’ I thought, but my penis had other ideas and throbbed with excitement.

I walked across the room and stood beside her bed. Sharon reached out and placing her hand around my hip, she pulled me closer until I was almost leaning over the bed.

She changed her grip and now took hold of my cock, pulling it to her lips.

Still saying nothing, she dragged me closer still until she’d got almost all of my erection inside her mouth. She started humming — and I knew then that this was exactly what she wanted and needed and that she was totally happy…..and so was I, for that matter!

For a while she suckled on my penis, licking and sucking it happily until she let go and slumped back onto the bed; spreadeagled for me.

“Come here, Mikey — fuck me!” she said simply.

Who was I to turn down the offer of a good fuck, so I climbed onto the bed and climbed on top of her. Slowly I let my body meet hers and gradually we melded together, our thighs, hips and genitals met, then my chest met her tits and then finally, our lips met….and there we stayed — locked together. And for what seemed like ages, we just kissed and slowly and gently rubbed our bodies together, until at last, my cock seemed to find her slippery wet, hot and horny slit.

I moved my hips back and forward, making my cock slide up and down between her lips, coating it in her sexual secretions as I did so. And every so often I could feel the tip of my cock catch at the entrance of her vagina….but I was happy to tease her for now. Because, as my cock slid past her hole, so it then smoothed over her clit, causing her to groan and writhe under me.

Her juices, from her earlier actions and from mine, were spreading everywhere — things were getting quite swampy down there….

Sharon now decided to change things a bit and she pulled a pillow from under her head and passed it to me.

“Put this under my bum,” she said and, helping her to lift her pelvis with my arm underneath her, I did so. She settled back and so did I.

But now my cock slid in the copious juices she’s discharged, past her pussy and down the crack beyond her cunt. With my arm still under her, I lifted her hips up a bit more and her arsehole became the target spot. Her secretions had already dribbled down to include her hole, so I wondered if I might be able to have a go there.

With a juice-covered cock and an equally lubricated arsehole, I thought I might be in luck….and this was very soon confirmed by Sharon. As I slithered the tip of my cock around her arsehole, Sharon groaned quietly and tilted her hips up to meet me. It was pretty obvious that she was willing to accept me inside her arse!

“Can I put him in there?” I asked, as I continued to rub my cock around the outer rim of her hole.

“Oh Mikey, you should know me by now!” she said, “When I want something I don’t fuck around — I just ask for it — and I’ve just been trying to give my arse to you. So come on — fuck my arse — get your lovely cock up inside my arsehole and fill me! NOW!”

Waaaah! ‘Yes boss!’ I thought.

“Ok Sharon — here I come then.”

“Be gentle this time — let me get used to him….” she said, “You’re bigger than my vibrator.”

And slowly I lowered myself and, holding my shaft, I aimed it accurately at her hole, where, once bedded in, I pushed…..

“Oooooh”! said Sharon, “take it easy, gently, gently….”

I pushed a little bit harder and felt the crown of my knob sink into her. Then all at once I felt her sphincter muscles begin to accept the alien object….and soon I was able to slide past the ring that guarded her hole and my cock gently sank and sank inside her.

“Oh yeah,” I gasped as my entire erection embedded itself in her, “Oh Sharon, that’s so good.”

“Ummmmm!” Sharon sort of sighed or groaned, “Oh that’s lovely — it hurts but its lovely! Do it slowly for now — see how we get on,” she said as I began to move in and out.

“Am I your first?” I asked, as I sank my cock deep inside her for once.

“Aaaaagh! Careful! First cock, yes,” she said, starting to pant, “I’ve used my vibrator there but you’re my first real cock.”

‘This is getting surreal,’ I thought, ‘everyone wants sex — everywhere!’

My ever-eager penis jerked as if he was nodding his head in approval and I got back to gently fucking my sister’s tight arse.

And for a while I did just that — gently moving in and out — doing no more than getting her used to the feelings, but after a while I began to feel her hips lifting to allow me to penetrate even deeper into her arsehole.

Soon the action increased and I started to thrust into her harder — and she in turn began to push back at me — she was obviously starting to enjoy our anal sex completely.

“Play with me…. Play with my clit,” she pleaded and in moments I was doing just that, causing her to not just push her hips at me but to begin to quiver inside — squeezing my cock in her arse — attempting to bring me off as I fucked her arse.

And it wasn’t all that long before we were both reaching our climax….

Sharon seemed to break first as the combination of my cock ramming up her arse and my fingers working hard on her clit pushed her over the top.

“Fuuuuuck!” she said, almost screaming, “Fuuuuck — you’re making me cum — I’m cumming.”

And indeed she did — her girlie cum squirted out and splashed all up her body, washing her from her cunt to her tits…..

“Oooh yeah! Ohhhh yeah! Oh wow! Uuuuuugh! Yeah, yeah, yeah — I’m coming!” she cried loudly, loving every moment of our fuck.

And in moments I was coming too — all the action had squeezed, massaged and pummelled my cock until he had no option but to unload.

“Oh yeeeeah Sharon — I’m coming too — right up inside you! Right up your arsehole! Ohhhhh — yeah — oooooh yeah — ohhhhh, ohhhhh, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

I felt every last squirt of spunk as it travelled up my cock and out of the tip, into her rectum. And I saw Sharon’s eyes open wide — she too must have felt my cum bursting into her.

Slowly she came down from her orgasmic high and returned to earth.

“Oh Jesus Christ — that was, wow!” she said, as I gently and slowly pulled my penis from her arsehole. A little dribble of whitish cum ran down between the cheeks of her bum.

I was still panting too hard to make a coherent reply but, having disconnected, I was finally able to speak.

“Oh Sharon,” I started, “That was just sooooo good. Thank you so much, my darling sister!”

Sharon too was still recovering somewhat but she was able to add her own comments….

“Oh Mikey — you’re the best,” she said, “I didn’t let you take my virginity but instead you’ve had my anal virginity! And I love you! You were so gentle and understanding and I enjoyed every moment of it.”

“Only the best for my sister,” I said, as I slowly disengaged and knelt up on the bed.

“Hmmmm — if I’d have known you’d be so good to me I’d have let you in there earlier!” she said, with a mischievous grin — wiping herself with a hand towel she’d obviously acquired to mop herself with.

“Just a thought….” she said, “No computer?”

“All my own work!” I replied as Sharon collapsed back down.

“Oh hell — you’re getting pretty good and if ever I get hold of your controller again I’ll be completely fucked,” she said, still panting and breathing heavily.

“Don’t need it now,” I said, “Everything seems to work well enough.”

“Ah — but when we want a bit extra — that’s when your computer will come in handy,” she replied.

“True,” I said, then I spoke without thinking….”Who’s gonna be next?”

“You randy sod!” she said, “For fuck’s sake, give yourself a break! You’ll totally screw yourself.”

And she was right — even my bionic cock needed to unwind, to refresh, to recover.

But it didn’t take long for him to recover!

However — things needed to be done and as I watched Sharon got up and then, after she’d had a quick shower, returned and dressed herself — just shorts and a t-shirt like me. What a lovely woman! Such a lithe body; such sexy thighs; such smooth and vibrant tits and such erotic lips! I almost drooled as I ogled her lovely body….and I felt my cock begin to react.

‘No’ I told him, ‘work first — then fun!’

And so Sharon and I headed to the kitchen where she had her usual breakfast of fruit juice and where I perved at her lovely body. I just wanted to fuck her all the time — she was just made to be fucked….especially by her teenage brother!

Oh well, later perhaps!

But in the meanwhile chores had to be done and soon I was out in the sun chasing the mower around the lawn while Sharon was busy in the laundry room. And time flew and the lawn got mown and the washing was put out and soon we were relaxing on the two loungers, in the nice warm sun.

And for quite a while, all was quiet and peaceful…..

Soon we organised some rather late lunch and Sharon had a couple of glasses of dad’s potent brew — and we gently dozed off in the sun.

Or at least I did. Sharon, on the other hand was apparently just like mum — a few drinks (especially of dad’s stuff) soon made her tipsy…..and randy!

I was awakened from my slumbers by some sound which I very soon located. It was Sharon, laying back on the lounger with her bikini bottom removed and diddling herself with her vibrator. She was moaning and groaning; tossing and turning as she neared an orgasm. Once again I had no idea if it was her first or umpteenth but she was just getting there as I awoke.

“Oh yeah — oh fuck — oh god,” she cried quietly, “Ooooooh — it’s coming! Nearly! Nearly! Oh yes — that’s it! I’m comingggggg!”

I could actually hear the slight buzz of the vibrator as she stimulated her clit and I watched as a small fountain of her girlie cum squirted almost vertically in the air — to splash back down where her pubes used to be.

And seeing that, I just couldn’t stay where I was! My cock had risen to attention as soon as he realised that sex was in the air again and I was all fired up to use him.

I stood up and turned towards Sharon, dropping my shorts as I did.

My eager, throbbing, jerking erection stood out, all ready to help her enjoy herself even more!

Sharon had her eyes closed as I stood there until I spoke.

“Can I help?” I asked, “Fancy some of this?” I took hold of and waved my cock around, peeling back my foreskin to show off my nice shiny knob.

Sharon started as I spoke and her eyes flashed open.

“Mikey — oh yeah — come and join me, lover!

She stripped off her bikini top and I pulled my t-shirt off too and moments later our two naked bodies collided gently again. She felt warm and comfy — well, hot and sexy really, as I laid some of my weight on her. We kissed, gently at first and then more ardently, mashing our lips together, play-fighting with our tongues and sliding our lips over each other. Our arms wound round each other and we rolled side by side….there was just about enough room on the big garden lounger.

Needless to say, my cock had by now already found his home and was busy nosing his way into her slippery wet hole — aided and abetted by Sharon’s hips and her leg which was now wrapped over my thigh.

Slowly, as we continued to kiss, my cock slid further and further inside her and finally he was completely embedded — and we were now about as close together as two people could get.

“Oooooh Mikey, I love that feeling!” Sharon said, “That gentle feeling of being filled by your warm flesh. It’s so erotic, so sexy, so loving. Just move slowly please, just a little bit in and out for now.”

But there’s no way that a cock and a cunt can only move slowly together — they both react to being together by doing more rubbing, to increase the action and so increase the stimulation further. And that’s what happened to us — slowly but surely our movements became more energetic and soon we were banging our sex organs together and Sharon was bouncing from orgasm to orgasm.

“Mikey — Mikey — Mikey,” she cried in an ascending shrill, “I’m coming again! I’m coming again! Ooooooh, yeah, yeah, yeah…..!”

And her body was thrashing around so much that I wondered if she might knock me off the lounger!

“Oh god — that was a good one….and they’re still coming,” she groaned, “oooooh fuck — fuck — ooooh fuck….oooooh!”

Another orgasm shuddered through her and I could feel her cunt really grasping at my cock — she didn’t just have ‘fingers’ in there, she had an entire hand, or so it seemed! Her internal muscles were gripping me, stripping me, milking me and making me release my built-up sperm — she was wanking me with her cunt!

Finally I couldn’t hold it any longer and, giving her a brief warning, I upped my efforts — really thumping my cock into her fabulously exciting cunt.

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