back alley

She walked into the dark pub feeling totally exposed. The men all turned to leer at her, feasting on her body with their eyes. The women cast a scornful glance toward the door, muttering a few names under their breath. She knew exactly what they were all thinking: she looked like a shameless whore.

He had told her exactly what to wear that night: a red corset that pushed her full tits up, her shortest black skirt, a pair of lacy red panties, fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt, and her highest black heels. As she walked to the bar, she couldn’t help swaying her hips dramatically, drawing the attention of all the male eyes to her round ass and to the flashes of bare skin that her skirt occasionally revealed. She stood at the bar, waiting, just as he had told her to do. It suddenly occurred to her that that everyone in the bar thought she was a prostitute, willing to lay back and open her legs for anyone who could pay a little money.

She didn’t know which feeling would triumph, the deep embarrassment or the incredible heat rising from within her. She felt like such a slut, putting herself on display for almost anyone to see, so much of her flesh in the open. But she did it for him, and she savored the delicious naughtiness of it. He alone could make her feel this filthy, this sexy, this whorish. She watched the door for his arrival, waiting for the next act.

She stood there for ten or fifteen minutes, sipping at a drink that one of the horny single men had purchased for her, casting flirty playful glances at anyone who caught her gaze. Her eyes continually returned to the entrance. Just as she began to worry and as the slightest sliver of doubt crept into her mind, the door opened and he walked in. He saw her at the bar and smiled subtly, then crossed swiftly to a dark booth in the corner.

He raised his eyes to her and gave her a curt nod. She blushed as she recognized the signal. Her skin felt on fire, and her breaths quickened as she thought back to his words over the phone earlier that day.

“When I nod to you, you’ll take off your panties like the dirty slut that you are. Order my drink, then place the cunt-soaked fabric on the bar as a tip. And make sure everyone sees you do it, dirty Romanian whore.”

She forced herself to take a deep breath and felt the throbbing heat building between her legs. She exhaled as she bent at the waist, reached under her short skirt, hooked her fingers around her panties, and slowly pulled them down to her ankles. Dozens of heads craned to get a better glimpse of her ass and of the flushed pink flesh peeking out from between her legs. Those who were close to the bar could make out the glistening of excitement that coated her puffy cunt lips. She stepped out of her panties then stood up and extended her closed fist dramatically over the bar. She ordered his drink then opened her hand, letting the red cloth fall free onto the polished wood, a distinct damp spot on the crotch where her excitement had flowed into her panties.

She gave the bartender a wink and took the glass in her hand, carrying it across the room to the corner booth where he sat. She set the glass down before him and waited. He took a sip, then looked up to her and indicated with his hand a spot on the seat next to him.

“Sit down, whore.”

She smiled and sat obediently.

“Does it turn you on to act like the filthy slut that you are?”

“Yes, it does, sir.”

“I bet you can feel your bare cunt leaking down onto your skirt and onto the seat, can’t you?”

“Yes, sir. I can feel the skin of my thighs and of my ass getting slippery with my juices. This is what you do to me, sir.”

“I know. You can’t help yourself around me, can you? You become a desperate little fuckbitch.”

“Yes, sir.”

He smiles at her knowingly and leans in to brush his lips against her ear, whispering to her.

“And you’ve only begun, my horny slut. You’re going to show much more to these people before it’s over. You’re going to show them what a good, obedient whore you are.”

“Anything for you, sir.”

“I know. And I’m going to make you prove what a whore you are.”

She moaned in anticipation and licked her lips slowly.

He went on whispering. “Now, turn in your seat and face the room, slut.”

She obeyed without question and turned toward all those people, their eyes piercing into her. Some of them stared openly, others concealed their interest with forced conversation, but they all watched her. But the only presence she cared about was his, behind her.

She let out a gasp as she felt his hands exploring over her corset, massaging her covered tits. He pinched her nipples through the material, and her breath caught in her throat for a moment before coming out in a long, heavy groan of excitement. He kept working her flesh slowly, building the burning passion that she felt in her belly, the ache that she felt in her cunt.

“Do you want them to see your tits, whore?” he asked in a whisper.

She whimpered as he teased her, her breaths coming out in gasps, but she couldn’t quite get the answer out.

“I asked you a question, filthy slut. Do you want all these people to see your full tits? Do you want them to see how hard your nipples are? How excited you are?”

She breathed deeply before answering in a ragged whisper.

“Yes, sir. Please show them what a horny bitch I am for you, sir.”

Without hesitation, he pulled her corset down, popping her tits loose and grasping them in his palms, lifting them and pressing them together to show them off to the onlookers in the bar. He felt her hard nipples pressing into his hands as she began to shift uncomfortably in the chair, the heat and throbbing between her legs growing intolerable.

“Open your legs for them, too, little bitch. Open them wide and show them how your cunt flows every time you’re around me. Show them how desperately you need to be used and fucked.”

She leaned her head back onto his chest and closed her eyes as she opened her thighs wide, the material of her skirt riding up her legs and leaving nothing to the imagination. Now everyone in the bar could see her, sitting facing the room, her top pulled down, her legs open, her tits and her cunt fully visible for all to see.

He looked around the room and saw that all conversations had stopped. No one pretended any longer. Everyone looked at the filthy little bitch who was putting on a show of her horniness. He reached his hands down to her thighs and dragged his nails along her skin, upward toward the source of her heat. She shuddered as he grew closer, his fingers dragging through the slippery juices that coat her upper thighs. His fingertips ran lightly over her sensitive folds, and she bucked so hard against him that he thought for a moment that she must have cum.

He pulled his fingers away and lifts them to her mouth, letting her lick her excitement off his hand.

“That’s right. Clean it up, little whore. I think it’s time for you to get the treatment you deserve … I’m going to get up and walk out of the bar. You will stand and follow me. Do not straighten out your clothing; do not do anything to conceal your sluttishness.”

She let out a desperate whine, like the bitch in heat she resembled in that moment, but she managed to answer, “Yes, sir.”


He rises and strides slowly out of the pub. She follows, almost clinging to him in her desperation, eager to do anything to be used by him and to earn the release she needs. He walks out to the alley behind the bar, then stops and grabs her wrists and pushes her roughly toward the wall, pressing her hands up against the cool brick.

“Stick your ass out, dirty little slut.” She complies, arching her back and presenting the curve of her ass. He lifts her skirt the rest of the way, so that she stands almost wholly exposed. Her bare tits hang down from her body, her ass is out in the open air. Only the fabric bunched around her waist and her fishnet stockings cover any of her skin.

“You will only get what you beg for, whore. Do you understand? I am not giving you anything unless you ask clearly.”

“Yes, … sir. I … understand.” Her legs are shaking slightly, not from fear but from the desperate heat burning inside her cunt.

He stands behind her, hovering close without touching her. A handful of the bar’s clients trickle out of the door and are joined by some passersby drawn to the small crowd. She stands with her hands pressed into the wall, her head hanging down slightly as she tries to get enough control over her excitement to speak. Finally, she manages to spit out:

“Please, sir … Won’t you spank me? Won’t you punish me for being such a dirty fucking slut?”

He smiles at her words.

“Is that what you are? I’m not sure all of these people heard you. Perhaps you should say it a little louder for everyone.”

She moans, then raises her voice and almost yells it: “I’M A DIRTY FUCKING SLUT AND I NEED YOU TO SPANK ME, SIR.”

He grins and caresses the skin of her ass cheek softly for a moment, then gives her a hard smack directly on her warm flesh. He watches the skin ripple from the blow, then gives her another, and another before letting her catch her breath. He can see her skin turning red, growing brighter with each smack.

“Do you deserve more, bitch?”

“Yes… Yes, I deserve more spanking. I’m a very, very, very dirty girl.”

He gives her a few more spanks, alternating from cheek to cheek, the loud smacks echoing against the cold walls of the alley as the spectators watch her receive the treatment she needs. The spankings only increase the flow of cream from her cunt, running down the inside of her thigh and down onto her black stockings. It becomes harder and harder for her to speak clearly. After one particularly loud and hard spank, she gathers her breath.

“Please, sir, I need your cock.”

He stops his smacks immediately and looks over her bent body.

“What was that you said? You need something?”

She breathes deeply, trying to maintain control. “Yes, sir. Your cock. I need it. I need you to use me like your bitch again. I need you to use me like your fuckflesh.”

“Hmmm. I don’t know. I think before I do that, you will have to tell all of these people exactly what you are. You will have to look at them and tell them that you are my whore. Tell them what I can do to you.”

Her eyes roll back for a moment as another wave of excitement runs through her body, then she slowly turns to the onlookers.

“I am …” she begins in a low voice.

“Louder, slut.”

She begins again in a strong, clear voice directed to the small crowd: “I am his desperate gutter whore. I am his bitch in heat. I am his filthy obedient slut. I want nothing more than for him to use me however he wants, to make me into his fucktoy, to treat me like his cumrag. Every one of my holes belongs to him.”

She pauses for a second, then addresses herself to him.

“Please, sir, give me your cock… I want you to fill my cunt with your filthy load… Please fuck me like your little toy.”

She breathes heavily after each sentence, searching for the focus to continue. As she waits, she hears the unzipping of his pants and tries to look back to see the cock she craves.

“Look ahead and continue with your mantras, dirty whore.”

She lets out a frustrated moan and goes on after a pause. “Sir, I am your desperate whore… please use my mouth… please fuck my cunt… please rape my asshole… My body is nothing but fuckflesh for your pleasure.”

He stands behind her, his cock standing at attention, sticking out through the zipper opening.

“This is what I’m going to do to you,” he says. “I’m going to fuck you like this, without even undressing, because you’re nothing but my whore tonight. You’ll feel my cock using your filthy fuckholes. You’ll beg for me to fuck you harder. And you’ll cum all over my shaft, if you’re lucky.”

Without any further words, he thrusts his thick cock straight into her open cunt, pushing his length all the way into her, sliding easily into her sloppy wetness. She lets out a half-moan, half-scream as he buries himself inside of her, almost losing her balance from the long-delayed pleasure. Just as she regains her composure, she feels his cock beginning to rock back and forth inside of her, pistoning all the way into her and nearly all the way back out before plunging back in deep. Every stroke ends with a loud, wet smack, as his balls swing forward and meet her sloppy pussy lips, colliding with her clit. He drives into her roughly and hard, forcing her closer and closer to the orgasm she’s been craving all night.

Her moans begin to change as she approaches her peak, and she struggles to do as she’s been taught.

“Please, sir … ” she gasps. “Please … may … I … cum?”

“No,” he answers immediately and pulls his cock from her cunt.

She almost screams at the sudden emptiness, desperate to feel him filling her once again.


“You’ll cum when I tell you it’s time, little whore.”

She shakes her head, not so much in defiance as in astonishment, and her chest heaves as she struggles once more to come down from the excitement she was feeling.

He leans over her body, pressing his chest to her back, letting her feel his heat. He grabs her hips and his cock lodges itself between the cheeks of her ass as he whispers.

“What are you?”

She bites down on her lip before answering.

“I’m a whore, sir.”



“Good. And where are you?”

“I’m in an alley behind a bar, sir.”

“That’s right. And what kind of whore gets fucked in an alley like this?”

“A back alley whore, sir. A filthy gutter slut.”

He grins and pushes his stiff cock a little harder against her ass.

“And what hole do back alley whores and filthy gutter sluts get fucked in?”

She lets out a desperate gasp as she thinks of what is about to happen to her.

“In their … assholes, sir.”

“Very good. So are you going to be my anal whore?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell me what you are.”

“I’m your anal whore.”

“Tell them, and louder.”

She turns to face the small crowd, some of whom are touching each other or themselves, turned on by the filthiness of the wanton slut.


“That’s my nasty slut. Now beg me to fuck your ass.”


“Again,” he says in a whisper directly into her ear.


Right then, she feels his cock head pressing at her tight backdoor, forcing its way into her slowly, stretching her flesh wide around his thick shaft as inch after inch pushes into her. He assfucks her slowly, looking down at the way her cheeks hug his cock, her puckered hole swallowing his dick as it strokes in, clinging to it as it strokes out. Her sounds grow lower, more animal, more desperate. She’s approaching an orgasm again, but this one is different – filthy, visceral. It draws nearer and nearer as he rapes her tiny asshole in public, in a dirty back alley. She pleads with him.

“Please, sir … Keep … fucking … my ass. May I cum?”

He doesn’t answer at first, silent as he listens to her gasping, her whimpering, her moaning. He keeps his rhythm steady, in and out of her asshole as it begins to clench and hold him tighter. Her voice grows more desperate as she doubts whether she can hold it back.


She yells it out, her whole world hoping for the permission only he can give. He grins and drives his cock into her a little harder, taking her even more roughly, gripping her hair in one hand and smacking her ass with the other as he pounds her from behind, forcing her hands into the outside wall of the pub.

“Yes, filthy slut. Cum for me.”

She immediately draws in a deep breath and her whole body seems to freeze for a moment. Time almost seems to stop as she stands right at the edge of her orgasm. One more thrust into her ass, and she lets out a long scream, her whole body shaking, her legs quivering as he continues to rape her almost helpless form. She shudders uncontrollably and holds her balance by digging her fingers into the bricks of the wall. He doesn’t stop fucking into her, and her body keeps releasing new waves of pleasure, diminishing slowly. Finally, she regains her voice.

“Please, sir, I need to swallow your cum. Make me your good little cumbucket.”

“Very well,” he answers. “Get on your knees.”

She maneuvers her weak body around and kneels down in the dirt of the alley. She holds her hands at her side and tilts her head back, opening her mouth as he strokes his cock slowly above her face. He looks down into her upturned eyes.

“What did you say you wanted to be?”

“Your cumbucket, sir.”

“Louder, slutty bitch. You don’t have any pride anymore. All these people have seen what a whore you are.” He waves his arm toward the crowd, whose hands are busy groping at one another.


He nods as he strokes along the full length of his shaft harder. “Much better, slut. That’s what you’re going to be – my cumbucket.”

His balls tighten to his body as he nears his orgasm, and his breathing grows more labored.

“I’m going to cum, little whore. What are you?!?”


His shaft throbs hard as the first waves of his orgasm hit him, launching a thick strand of hot cum across her face.

“What … are … you?” he asks between grunts.


Lines of cum keep splashing across her lips, cheeks, and nose until he is totally spent.

“What are you?” he asks again, this time in a whisper.

“Your cumbucket,” she answers softly as she uses her fingers to funnel his cum down into her mouth, holding it for him for a second before swallowing it all with a satisfied grin.

“That’s right. That’s exactly what you are.”

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