Author’s Note: This story is a bit different than some of my others, hopefully not having any long-winded plot and each chapter only written in a day. It is merely a short (for me at least) spank story. Some may like it, some may not. It is a hot wife type story and a cuckold, so if you do not enjoy such things, move on… The Prologue is pretty much the same, so if you have read the previous submissions of this story, you can safely move to the main chapter section.

Grim Fairy Tales


My wife is extremely beautiful and sexy. I know every story here starts off that way, but imagine Ashley Benson with a 35C-23-32 athletic figure—and not afraid to show it off. When she was in college, Jessica was a wild child, the word ‘promiscuous’ not even coming close to how she describes herself, but I did not know her then. I never pried into her past, merely happy a girl as gorgeous as her could fall for a guy like me. I knew she had slept with other men, she had even hinted the numbers being more than I could possibly guess, but again, although my curiosity was piqued, I decided to let the past be the past, happy she ended up with somebody like myself.

It is not that I was not a good catch. Professionally I am currently in my mid-forties and the youngest senior partner at a prestigious law firm dealing in corporate law, making almost seven figures. Our practice primarily specializes in mergers and acquisitions—our lawyers and legal representatives being the intermediaries to verify both sides are treated equitably.

Due to the time involved in such actions, I have spent more than my share of time at the office, travelling, and in general, having to leave my wife alone. Work has obviously impacted our sex life, although my wife has never complained. She always states she is happy with the attention she receives; little did I know it was not necessarily attention I was giving her, but that she received from others. I state this not to condone her actions, but to admit I may have had a role in what has happened through the years.

Job well-in-hand, I am an average looking guy, though not necessarily in the best of shape—being stocky with a minor beer belly and slightly premature grey hair—but I am not ugly either. I could get a more svelte figure by spending my spare time working out like some of the other partners; however, as I spend enough time at the job, I do not need to neglect my gorgeous wife any more than she already has been.

I had originally gotten into the firm through a couple of buddies I knew from law school. At the time of my application and interviewing process, I did not know they had gone to undergraduate school with Jess, so had no knowledge of them knowing her. As I learned over the years, several of the partners had gone to the same college and had crossed paths with her, and I now know that had played a big part in me being hired, but I get ahead of myself.

I met most of my buddies during law school at Columbia, and it was during that time I met Jessica and we fell in love. As I look back, even had I realized several of my friends had gone to the same school as her, Northwestern was a large university and I could not imagine the chances of them meeting. Having gone to the local Community College where I did not know many people, It was unlikely for them to have been acquainted at a university the size of Northwestern, so I had no awareness of anybody knowing my wife—socially or physically.

That they did know her shows what a small world it is, as our practice in New York is a far cry from Illinois, the firm employing lawyers from all over the world.

But I digress. In brief terms, I have found out my wife is a slut, that I am a cuckold. She is not a slut in the sense of ‘hangs out in bars and picks up men’ or even the homebody who fucks the neighbor or delivery man. She has not had a steady affair with anybody. In fact, my wife remains faithful for years between her transgressions, but like a recurring alcoholic, goes on binges once in a rare moon where she completely lets down her hair—or panties as the case may be.

Jessica has always had a large libido and very open with her sexuality. I mentioned how she was quite the deviant in undergraduate school, but again, never pried into her past. I knew she had gotten around a bit, but had never thought it would interfere with our marriage.

The stories I am about to relate I have learned over several years. In some cases I found out purely by accident, in others, I was told directly. My wife is not aware of my knowledge of what happened, and as you’ll see, I am a bit in turmoil as to what to do. In some ways I am excited at other men finding her so irresistible and sexy, while in other ways I feel betrayed. Some men would have kicked her out long ago, but I am still in love with her, and she is in love with me. I have come to grips with the knowledge that for her it is purely a physical thing, and once it happens, she does not stray for a considerable time. Judge me how you will, I hope you see my view as I relate these happenings.

This second incident I discovered occurred around the same time as the first. As you will see, it was not similar to the first incident, so I was uncertain what to do about learning of it, eventually shrugging it off as being irrelevant. I had been married to Jessica for several years and had just been promoted to a junior partner in the firm…


Chapter 02 — Cinderella and her Three Step-Sisters

Jessica came home Memorial Day evening from her visit with her girlfriends at a bachelorette party. Over the weekend I had cleaned out our garage of stuff gathered recently from moving and renovating our house, as well as completing a few other ‘honey do’ items Jess had given me on a list before she left.

I had also discovered a DVD with a video of my beautiful young wife having sex with all seven Junior Partners of my law firm.

How does one handle finding out his wife is a slut; has cheated on you; that you are a cuckold? The tape had occurred many many years ago at a time I was up for a promotion to Junior Partner at our law firm; at the time of finding I was already a Junior Partner for many years. At the time of writing these memoires I am a Senior Partner.

The incident when I found it had happened well over fifteen years ago, but for me, it was just yesterday.

Some men would have kicked her out. Some would have accosted her with the evidence, asking for a reason, an excuse—a simple ‘Why?’

Me? As my wife came through the door in a short skirt and tank top, I took her hand and led her up to the bedroom where we had made love and fucked non-stop for several hours. I came five times with her having waves upon waves of multiple orgasms. I made love to her, I fucked her, and I relished every moment we were together.

As we lay in bed together, sweat covering our bodies and soaking the sheets—alone with other fluids—and both of us panting trying to catch our breaths, my wife looked over to me.

“Wow, what was THAT about?” she asked with a grin.

I looked at her, the woman of my life, with full knowledge of her infidelity those many years ago, and simply said, “I missed you.”

Jess laughed as she stretched her body, her breasts taut as she arched her back. I leaned over and took a nipple into my mouth, her groan of pleasure filling the bedroom as I teased her more.

After a few minutes she pushed me away. “Wait a minute, is this some ruse to butter me up before you tell me you didn’t do anything on the list?” she asked looking at me.

I smiled, answering, “Actually, I finished over half of the list,” I said proudly.

Jess looked at me quizzically. “Even the garage?” she asked with obvious doubt.

I smiled, “Especially the garage,” I exclaimed.

Jess smiled and leaned into me, giving me a deep, longing kiss as I felt my body respond, wondering if I could manage number six.

Over the long weekend I had many feelings. At first there was the usual sadness, anger, and betrayal; as well as humiliation, dishonesty, and so forth. But later on, I began to think about the twenty years we had spent together. I knew she had not been unfaithful the entire time or even any length of time. As far as I had proof, it had only happened once. There was a possibility it may have recurred, but I knew deep in my heart it was not an ongoing affair.

Jess’ infidelity was not due to loving somebody else, but instead, it was for her love for me. As I contemplated what I should do that weekend when she got home, I had to admit our marriage has always been a good one. We rarely fought, and throughout the years, spent most nights together. There had never been any indication of our marriage having rough times.

I realized that I loved my wife, and based upon her actions—at least recently and not counting the video—Jessica loved me. She had slept with the partners of the firm for my advancement.

I had to look at things in a ‘glass is half full’ attitude, because anything less and I would be short-changing all the years and moments we had together.

So our lives went on, and in fact, if tonight was any indication, our sex life was even better because of what happened.

Tuesday morning I went to work. I did not know how to handle being around some of the men I knew who had slept with Jess.

Our company was also in the midst of merging with another firm—and yes, we all saw the humor in a law firm that handled mergers merging with another firm that handled mergers. As such, there were going to be six Senior Partners. That meant most of us Junior Partners had more on our minds assuming there would not be any elevation to Senior Partner for several years. There was still a chance of advancement though, as although the merger shared the same corporate name, profits, and whatnot, the two planned to remain fairly autonomous, the other firm being on the west coast managed by their original three Senior Partners.

With things at work heavy on my mind, my plan with my co-workers was similar to how I was treating Jessica, to move on and attempt the ‘nothing happened’ attitude. That being said, when lunchtime came and I was sitting at our usual table in the cafeteria with Jason, Greg, and a few of the other Junior Partners, I did not partake any conversation, remaining quiet as they all laughed and kidded normally.

The current topic of discussion was what everybody did this past weekend. Apparently two of them—both single—had gone out of town, hitting every strip club between here and Pittsburg. They were currently discussing each girl they saw dance or—in the case of four of the girls—received blowjobs or hand jobs.

“I’m telling you, this was the hottest stripper I had ever seen,” Thomas Donovan, a new Junior Partner to the firm was saying. “And holy Christ did she give the most amazing hand job,” he said.

Tom may have been single, but he was now engaged, his wedding planned in a couple more months. He knew this trip was going to be one of his last in his single-man’s life.

Mostly ignoring them, I continued to eat, not interested as they each discussed the hottest stripper they each had ever seen over the years.

Because his voice was the loudest, I heard Jason state, “I bet she wasn’t half as good or hot as that stripper we all knew at Northwestern.”

The table got suddenly quiet, unusual enough that I looked up, seeing several of the guys looking at me.

I wondered what the hell they were looking at me for when it dawned on my he had stated ‘as Northwestern,’ a slight suspicion coming to me wondering if they he was talking about Jess.

“Shit, she had a body to kill for and could suck the paint off the wall,” he said, resuming the conversation to break the silence.

“I don’t know,” Tom was saying, “this girl was the best I had ever been with,” he laughed. “Except Julie of course,” he finished, mentioning his fiancée’s name.

“I seriously doubt that,” Greg Johnson spoke up. “Hell, I remember this one fraternity party where we hired her and she did the whole house!” he laughed as I again noticed him and Jason glancing at me.

Where they talking about Jessica I wondered? They were seemingly having an inside joke at my expense, but I was uncertain.

I knew Jess had been a wild and willing girl during her undergraduate school, but had never pried into her past. I was content with letting the past stay in the past, not caring if she had been the school slut—which the guys may be hinting at—or the most innocent girl around.

Yet hearing them talk after seeing the video of my wife becoming a complete whore for them, I began to wonder. Jessica had never said anything about stripping during school, although again, I did not inquire. I knew of several girls even at my own school who had danced to pay their way through school, but stripping did not necessarily indicate a slut. The few girls I knew had actually been quite religious, yet still stripped for tuition.

The conversation moved on to a few other guys telling about their weekend when I once again noted silence.

Looking up, I saw everybody’s face turned to me as I asked, “What?”

Paul Fleming laughed, repeating himself, “I said, what did you do this weekend?”

“Ah, he probably spent the entire time in the sack with that beautiful wife of his,” Jason laughed.

I shook my head, again trying to push out the thought that this man who I had called best friend had also been ‘in the sack’ with my beautiful wife as I answered, “Actually, Jess had to go out of town to visit some girlfriends, so I stayed home and fixed up the house,” I told them.

Greg made a whipping noise as his hand jerked forward and back in the imitation of a whip, saying, “Damn, if we knew you were bacheloring it for the weekend we would have planned to go out one night!” he said.

“Bah,” Jason said in response. “Jim is so devoted to that wife of his he would have stayed home anyways. Let me guess,” he asked looking at me, “she gave you a List?” he said with intent.

I smiled sheepishly as they all laughed.

The rest of the day, as well as the next several weeks, went on as usual. I never doubted Jess’ love for me, and I slowly began to accept being around men who had slept with my wife. It was obviously difficult to keep out of my mind, but it had been almost fifteen years ago; there was nothing to be done about it. What happened had happened, and we all had to live with it.

Several weeks later I was home early while Jess was at an aerobics class. I had been watching the news while reviewing some papers on an up-and-coming merger between two oil companies in Saudi Arabia, when I was startled at the sudden ringing of the doorbell.

Answering the door, there was a young delivery man holding a small package.

“I have a package for a Mrs. Jessica Thomas?” the man asked me, reading the label.

“I’ll take it,” I told him, “I’m her husband.”

The man pulled back from my extended hand saying, “I’m sorry sir, the package is addressed to Mrs. Thomas and only her authorized signature, she has to sign for it,” he told me.

I looked at the man slightly exasperated as I said, “Look, I’m her husband, so I can sign for the package,” I repeated.

“Husband or not sir, it is not our policy to allow alternate signatures when specifically stated,” he told me as if reciting a manual; which was probably true, looking like he was new to his position.

I smiled at the man, “Let me guess, you’re new?” I asked to his affirmative nod. “Well, I am a lawyer, and a husband can sign any document for their spouse and vice versa. In fact, it is a breach of jurisprudence to deny such a request,” I bullshitted to him.

The idea of Jess getting a package was not unusual; however, requesting only her signature was something that piqued my curiosity. By default, any acceptable adult signature would typically be sufficient; that the sender specifically requested only Jessica’s signature caused my curiosity to get the best of me.

“I don’t know,” the young kid—for that was what he really was—said.

“I’ll tell you what,” I told him good naturedly. “You can give me the package and simply move on. If anybody asks, it got lost and nobody is the wiser, but I’m sure you do not want to go to court over this,” I told him, raising my right eyebrow.

I had no basis for my comments or threats, but the guy was starting to piss me off, and the idea of my wife getting a package specifically for her was again, unusual.

Visibly contemplating his life as a delivery person, the kid reluctantly handed me the package, turning around to go back to his truck as I closed the door.

The package was from Mary Johnson, Jess’ girlfriend. The same girlfriend she had visited a few weeks ago for a bachelorette party and whose wedding we had attended the following week after Memorial Day. Jess had been the maid-of-honor, so I assumed the package was a bridesmaid’s gift, which explained why it had been sent to my wife.

Not thinking any more about it, I set it on the bureau we usually put our mail upon and resumed what I had been doing in the living room; however, my mind began returning to the delivery guy’s comments and how the package was only supposed to go to Jess.

Glancing back at the package on the foyer table, I noted it was a small thin cardboard box similar to the type you got when ordering movies. With the recent discovery of the other video, my curiosity won out as I stood up and walked over to the table.

It is funny how one event can change how you act on everything else the rest of your life. Had my wife not asked me to clean the garage and go through her own stuff, I would not have found the video of Jess and my co-workers having sex. If I had not found that this weekend, I would have left the package sitting on the table and given it to Jess without ever wondering what it was; however, that was no longer the case.

Immediately thoughts of what may have happened at the bachelorette party filled my mind. My wife had slept with my co-workers years ago for my promotion, what had she done with her girlfriends–girls who had known her in college?

I suddenly recalled the comments made over one lunch about the stripper at Northwestern who had slept around. The inference had obviously been focused on me, and although I had been trying to get the DVD I had found—now locked within my personal safe—out of my mind; however, there were still moments like this where doubt filled my mind.

Picking up the box, I saw it was simply sealed with a gummy adhesive, so gently pried open the lid. Inside was a DVD case and letter, which I pulled out and read, seeing it written by Mary:

Heya Bestest Girlfriend!

I wanted to thank you again for coming out and visiting for the party, as well as you and Jim coming to the wedding! I hope my marriage stands up to yours and I remain in love with Tim as much as you love Jim!

I’ve sent the video we took at the party. I did not know if you wanted Jim to see it, so made sure only you would be able to receive it—do with it what you will, none of the girls mind, but be sure to let us know so we never say anything we’re not supposed to!

Regardless, I had fun, as I know did the other girls.

Don’t be a stranger and call soon…I have lots of naughty girl stuff to tell you about the honeymoon…and my husband’s newfound interest in all things anal! ;) ;) ;)

Hugs and kisses forever,


I almost put the contents back and reseal the package for Jess, but again, my curiosity was aroused. Looking at the clock, I calculated Jess not being due home for a couple hours—she usually stopped at the grocery store on the way home.

I had plenty of time to watch the tape.

I felt guilty—almost like I was cheating on her or something—as I took the box and DVD into my study, locking the door just in case Jess came home early.

My heart racing, I put the DVD into the computer, waiting as my DVD software fired up and started the video.

I was met by the view of one of my wife’s other college friends—Susan Rutherford—moving away from the camera as several girls laughed in the background.

“There, now we can record this for posterity!” Susan laughed with the other girls.

I saw four women sitting around a sectional in somebody’s living room, presumably Mary’s house. Jessica was sitting between Susan and Mary, while one of her other friends, Jennifer Millstead, sat on the other side of the sectional closest to Susan.

All the girls were dressed to the nines in short club dresses and make-up—and they had obviously been drinking. Listening to their conversation I discovered the recording was starting after they had come home from clubbing. They were currently talking about the various men they had danced with.

Jessica looked magnificent. She had her hair pulled back in a pony-tail draped over her left shoulder, was wearing a bright red dress and silver high heels. The dress had a huge V-shaped cut in front extending well past her chest almost to her navel. The opening showed off her firm breasts perfectly, the knowledgeable husband within me realizing she probably had to tape the material to her breasts to avoid exposing herself as she turned or danced. The dress had ties at her hips scrunching the hemline up, barely extending past her hips.

As she got up to refill a glass of champagne, I saw Jess’ dress was backless as well, the large expanse of smooth tanned skin arousing me. The stiletto heels she was wearing made her legs seem to go on for miles, and I felt my cock stirring seeing my wife looking so good.

I may be biased, but of the four girls, Jess definitely looked the best. Her other friends were attractive, but they were not in the same league as my wife—both in looks and figure.

I focused back on the conversation hearing Mary say playfully, “And Jesus Jess, did you have to dress as such a cock-magnet tonight?”

All four of them laughed as Jess reached up and squeezed her tits together, causing the exposed curved mounds to spill out of the large opened cut saying, “Hey, if you got it, flaunt it,” she said, shimmying her torso.

“Yeah, but damn it, two of us are still single,” Susan replied. “You have a man, so you can get your fill anytime you want,” she joked. “You know, some of us still have to WORK to get a man interested in them,” she said.

Jess laughed. “Well, maybe I was looking for some strange,” she said whimsically as all the girls laughed.

Had my wife strayed again, I wondered? The girls seemed to be joking around, but after learning what I had, it was impossible not to contemplate the possibility.

Jennifer spoke up then. “Watching you dance with a group of men around you like flies on honey while we were sitting at the table wasn’t much fun,” she said with a pout.

My wife apologized, “I’m sorry, I kind of got entrapped by them,” she grinned. “They were from George Washington University and surrounded me like a pack of wolves,” she laughed. “Hell, three of them gave me their numbers if you want them,” she said, pulling out a couple napkins from her purse and tossing them on the couch as all of them laughed.

“Now girls,” Mary said, taking a matronly tone, “you know the whole purpose of inviting Jess along was to BE that dick magnet. It was your job to peel them off her and seduce them with your charms,” she scolded playfully.

“Shit, like that would do any good,” Jennifer laughed, “if Jess is in the room giving out freebies, our odds go down exponentially,” she said good-naturedly.

My wife laughed, slightly blushing. “Hey, can I help it they wanted to check out the merchandise?” she laughed as I felt my heart sink, wondering if my previous thoughts were wrong.

Then she said the words I had been unconsciously praying for; hoping with all my heart but afraid to ask over the last couple weeks.

“Besides, it would take more than the interest in a random fling for me to do something that would jeopardize my marriage. I love Jim way too much to let some random college brats have their way with me without good reason,” she told them.

My heart was elated; I wanted to jump around the office in joy at her statement. She said exactly what I had been hoping but afraid to rationalize, that she did still love me. I barely registered the “without good reason” part of her statement as the girls continued talking.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me nothing happened on that dance floor,” Susan said laughing. “They were all over you!”

“Well…” Jess said sheepishly as the girls shrieked—my ears almost splitting from the high-pitched sound coming from the speakers.

The three other girls began talking all at once so I barely made out what they were saying, the comments “Do tell!” and “What happened?” coming out the loudest.

My wife shifted in her seat, her skirt sliding higher up her upper thighs and causing me to focus upon her legs as she said with some embarrassment, “Well, you know that lace thong you told me I shouldn’t wear to a club unless I expected something more?” she asked as the girls once again shrieked.

Jess stood up and slowly raised her dress, revealing her completely and perfectly shaved crotch—no evidence of thong in sight.

“Oh my God!” Mary exclaimed. “Did you fuck one of them?” she asked.

“Hell no,” my wife said to my immediate relief. “I was dancing with the five of them…”

My mind suddenly echoed ‘five?’ as I listened t her continuing.

“…and the blond cute one moved behind me, wrapping his arms around waist. As we danced, he ground his hips into my ass—as well as what promises to be a very large cock for you,” she said to Jennifer, picking up one of the napkins and tossing it to her as all the girls began laughing.

I noted that Jennifer did put the napkin in her purse.

“Anyways,” my sexy wife continued, “my mind was a bit preoccupied with a hot guy burrowing into my ass that I barely noticed the dark haired one—I think his name was Ricky?” she asked to nobody. “Well, he moved in front of me and slowly pulled up my skirt to my hips.”

“No way!” the other girls shouted at once.

Jess laughed. “Yes way,” she replied. “So the other guys were around us, creating a human shield so nobody around us noticed,” she said.

“Not that you would have cared,” Mary laughed, interrupting my wife who glared at her.

“If you don’t mind?” she said jokingly. “Well, next thing I know I’m dancing with the blond guy’s arms around me, grinding his jeans and noticeably hard dick against my bare ass. With my skirt pulled to my waist, the dark haired guy put his hands on my hips, sliding his palms against my bare skin. It was hot as hell, and that’s when I realized he had hooked his thumbs into the strap of my thong, slowly pulling it down. Fuck, with two guys sandwiching me on the dance floor I didn’t even notice until they were halfway down my legs,” she laughed as the other girls squealed.

I felt my cock getting hard as my wife—a woman I had been married happily to for almost twenty years—nonchalantly talked about a stranger taking off her panties in public!

“What did you do?” I heard Susan ask, echoing my own thoughts.

“Well, when they got down to my ankles,” my wife said with a big smile, “I stepped out of them,” she giggled.

“You slut!” Jennifer and Mary said at the same time.

“Well duh,” my wife said to them, “like that’s not earth-shattering news?” she said.

I could only stare in shock as I listened to these girls talking, my wife describing her lewd behavior.

“So, don’t keep us in suspense, what happened? You said you didn’t fuck them, but don’t tell me Jess Nelson was surrounded by five hot guys with her dress hiked up and no panties and walked away,” Mary laughed.

“Well…” Jess again said as the girls all shrieked again, Susan throwing a pillow at her.

Ii could only stare at the screen as my wife confessed, “As I said, I wasn’t going to let anything happen, I love Jim too much. After I stepped out of the panties I was going to just pull down my dress and walk away, she said, as the other girls voiced their disbelief. Holding up her two index fingers, she said, “Scout’s honor, but suddenly the blond guy behind me—I think his name was Jim,” she said absently, “reached up and grabbed my tits.”

The other girls once again squealed. It was an ear-shattering noise, but if I turned down the volume too much, I couldn’t hear them talk as my wife continued.

“It felt great,” my wife confessed,” so I leaned back into him as he squeezed my tits, completely forgetting my panty-less situation,” she said as the other girls scoffed loudly. “It’s true, it was so unexpected I was enjoying him feeling my tits that I forgot about the other one—that is until he reached between my legs and slipped a finger inside me,” me she grinned sheepishly.

“Oh. My. God.” Susan said, you let him finger-fuck you?”

“Not really,” my wife admitted.

Did I detect a note of regret?

Jess said, “He slid his finger along my slit and slipped inside me because, well, I WAS turned on by all those guys,” she grinned. “I have to admit, at first I couldn’t stop myself as I started moving my hips—and it felt great. Being fingered by one guy while another was squeezing my boobs,” she said somewhat reminiscently before saying, “but then reason came to me and I moved way, pulling down my dress and that’s when I came back to you guys at the table,” she said.

“And that’s when they all gave you their numbers,” Susan said grumpily.

Jess laughed. “Hey, I told them I was married and would not call them. I even told them if they gave me their numbers I would give them to my bestest girls,” she laughed. “I know Jennifer had the hots for that Jim guy, but you have three more numbers to choose from, or take them all!” she said playfully.

I sat there in shock thinking about what had happened to my wife as I saw Susan look over the numbers, handing one to Jennifer before putting the other two in her purse. My mind was numb; my wife had just confessed to letting two guys feel her up in a dance club. Granted it was not as severe as what I had seen on the recording over the weekend, but it still made me wonder if our marriage was as secure as I believed it to be.

The girls chatted a bit more when Marry asked, “So, as the only successfully married woman here,” she stated, as I knew she was on her second marriage and Susan was divorced, “what advice do you have for a horny woman who is used to a steady supply of strange?” she asked.

Jessica laughed, but quickly sobered up as she saw Mary’s serious face. “In all honesty?” she asked to Mary’s nod. “Love,” she said. “Find a man you can love with all your heart and all your soul. I have that in Jim, and I would never jeopardize it without good reason,” she told the girls

This time I did note the tail end of her comment, ‘without good reason.’ She had given in to the Junior Partners’ gangbang for my promotion. Did the ends justify the means? Was she only doing it for my behalf? My mind wondered the circumstances—knowing things were not always what they seemed—as the other girls “Oohed” and “Ahhed” to Jess’ statement.

“It’s true. I could have taken all those guys to a room tonight,” my wife said. “And before I was married, would have,” she winked at them as they laughed, “but again, I’m not looking for something that has no meaning any longer. Jim keeps me happy,” she said.

“Of course he keeps you happy,” Mary said. “That new Mercedes in the driveway is proof of that,” she laughed.

I saw Jessica’s face turn serious. “It’s not about the money. Money provides the comfort, and I’m willing to work towards that and help Jim out, but even without it, I would still love him. It just…is,” she said shrugging her shoulders, my eyes dropping to the shake of her breasts.

A warm feeling developed in my chest. This was the validation I had needed. I was still upset and torn about her being so promiscuous, but it made me believe what I had seen on the earlier video was not something recurring.

“See, true love does exist,” Mary said, “even for a girl who fucked an entire fraternity,” she laughed.

I saw Jess blush as Jennifer, who only knew Jess after college, shouted out, “What!?”

Susan laughed, “I had almost forgotten about that,” she said, looking first to my wife who shrugged, then to Jennifer. Apparently the designated speaker, Susan asked, “You know Jess and Mary both stripped to earn their tuition, right?”

I remembered Jason’s words over one lunch about a stripper they had met at Northwestern. At the time I wondered if they were hinting at it being Jessica. This was a slight confirmation they had been hinting about Jessica.

Jennifer nodded as Susan continued. “Well, a bunch of these frat guys saw Jess dancing one night and recognized her from one of their classes, so they asked if she did private parties. They had some big secretive frat thing going on—what was it? Their anniversary or something?” she asked my wife.

Jess smiled and said matter-of-factly, “It was their commemoration night, where they were swearing in their new pledges,” she answered. Then, as almost an afterthought, she said with a grin, “I fucked them too,” as the other girls laughed.

“That’s right,” Susan said, still chuckling as she continued. “Anywho, they offered Jess and ungodly sum of money to dance at their ceremony. What was it?” she asked my wife.

“Two hundred an hour,” Jess said with a slight shrug.

“Yeah, that’s right, but back then that was a lot! Then they asked for ‘extras’ and she upped the cost to five hundred,” Susan said to Jess’ grin.

“Wow,” Jennifer said, how much did you make?” she asked.

My wife smirked as Mary answered, “She spent the whole night there,” she laughed. “Hell, I had to pick her up in the morning because she was so sore she couldn’t walk back to the dorm!” she laughed. “We counted the money in our room before she passed out in exhaustion. The cost for the night, which included tips, came to a sum total of $8,245,” she smiled at Jess.

“Holy fuck, you made eight grand?” Jennifer said to Susan’s nod.

“And got laid doing it,” Susan said.

“I didn’t have to strip at the club for the rest of that year,” Jess said proudly.

I could only look at the screen in shock. My wife had fucked a fraternity of frat guys? I knew she had been wild in undergrad, she had even hinted as much, but I had never imagined such things happening. In my small Community College the girls who stripped only went topless, none of them did private shows, or ‘extras,’ using the term the girls had used.

“So what happened, do tell!” Jennifer said.

“Fuck telling,” Mary said, “the whole thing was filmed,” she laughed. “What the hell did you do with that tape?” she asked my wife.

Jess shrugged, “I think it’s in a box with all my other NU stuff,” she said.

“Jesus Christ Jess, you keep it around your husband? What if he finds it?” Susan asked.

My wife shrugged again, her tits bouncing with the motion as she said, “I trust Jim, implicitly. He doesn’t snoop around my things and I don’t snoop around his. It’s about trust, and I love and trust him. Besides, I’ve tried to mention my past before and he doesn’t want to hear it. To him, the past should remain in the past, and we both abide by that,” she said.

My heart again felt warm at her words; however, I will confess as much as I never wanted to know about my wife’s past, my mind was moving a thousand miles a second trying to remember where her Northwestern college stuff was stored! Maybe in the attic?

“I both don’t want to and want to see that,” Jennifer admitted as the other girls giggled.

“It’s quite impressive,” Mary nodded, “and would probably make a mint on the market,” she said laughing. “One of the guy sat the house was apparently a closet videophile so actually did a good job with the recording,” she told the other girl.

“Oh my God, you’ve seen it?” Jennifer asked.

“We’re BFF’s,” Jess said as if that explained everything, giving Mary a hug.

Turning to look at Jennifer Jess said, “If I find it, I’ll send it to you. I’m not ashamed of what happened, and if Jim ever asked, I’d tell him, but again, he’s had no interest in my past, and I accept it,” she told Jennifer, getting another hug from Mary.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Susan stood up, “OK, enough bullshitting, it’s time for the real fun to begin!” she announced, going to answer the door.

My first thought was a male stripper had arrived, but as the video showed, several men and a woman entered, the men wheeling hand carts with boxes on them.

“What the hell is this?” Mary asked laughing.

Jess spoke up, “Well, you said no strippers. In fact, your exact words were ‘If I have a naked man in front of me, I’m going to fuck him, and I don’t want to do that to Tim,’ am I right?” Jess asked.

Mary nodded, still looking at the boxes.

“Well, if we couldn’t have a man here,” Jess said, “we figured we would get the next best replacement,” she laughed.

“You ordered five cases of vibrators?” Mary asked jokingly.

The woman came over and gave Jess a thick notebook and had her sign several papers before she left, her only comment being, “Enjoy, girls!”

Mary once again asked what was in the boxes and Jess opened up the notebook. “For tonight’s enjoyment, we have booked our own do-it-yourself Adult Toys Party!” she announced.

The other girls squealed as Mary asked, “Such things exist?”

I myself had never heard of such a thing, but Jess and Susan seemed to know all about it.

“Of course they do,” Susan said. “It’s just like a Tupperware party, only with dildos,” she laughed.

“The only caveats given to us were that anything opened or used we have to purchase, but if we purchase at least five hundred dollars’ worth of merchandise we get a fifty-percent discount on the party,” Jess said. “Hell, I think we’ll all spend at least that much each,” she laughed with all the other girls.

Looking at the notebook in her hands, Jess began reading. “Welcome to the Secret Surprise Party package. To make this party special for all your friends, we recommend following the guide in order, displaying the items as they are listed. It is often fun for volunteers in your party to serve as a models for various lingerie and accoutrements; however, please be advised any items damaged or opened from sealed containers are charged to your account and purchased,” she said.

“Fuck that,” Mary stated with aplomb, “we’re opening everything,” she announced. “Hell, one of my bridesmaids’ husbands makes almost a mil a year,” she said as Jess stuck her tongue out. “Well, it’s true!” Mary said in response. “Besides, how much does everything cost?” she asked.

“I told you!” Susan told Jess excitedly.

“What are you going on about?” Mary asked as Susan shook her head at Jess like winning a bet.

“I told Jess you would want to try everything. It was an option when we ordered, but out girl jess didn’t think you would be that interested,” she laughed.

Marry held her hands to her heart, saying, I am crushed that you don’t know me,” she sniffed mockingly at Jess. “So what’s it all cost now?” she asked.

Jess laughed, “Well, Susan was rather persistent,” she said at the other woman’s laugh.

“And I had the deciding vote!” Jennifer stated.

“So we bought the whole package,” Jess finished to Mary’s squeal of delight.

“So who’s our model?” Mary asked.

Susan and Jennifer both shouted, “Jess!” and my wife laughed.

“Fuck that,” my wife said to them. “Since we bought everything, it’s only fair we split it up. There are twenty lingerie samples, so we each get five,” she said.

The other girls once again squealed in agreement.

I could not take my eyes from the screen as I watched each of them take a pile of cellophane wrapped packages. The played a quick game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide the order, and then, taking turns, each went into the bathroom to change, while one of the others read the description of the item.

Mary, the bride-to-be, was first, stepping out of the bathroom in black, one-piece teddy. Although Jess was undisputedly the most beautiful woman in the room, seeing Mary clad in sheer lingerie was not something to miss as I watched her pose for the other girls to their laughter.

“The Stretch Laced Noire Teddy is perfect for those ‘naughty nites’ with you and your lover,” Jess read from the catalog as Mary posed for the girls. “Featuring a convenient crotch opening, it will tease and tantalize your lover without the need to take it off,” she said.

“Ooh, show us that convenient crotch opening,” Susan shouted while the other girls laughed.

I could only stare in fascination as Mary sat on the couch, slowly spreading her legs. Moving her hand down, her fingers pried open the crotch of the teddy and exposed her slit!

The other girls shrieked in enjoyment as Jess got up with a package.

I could barely contain my excitement as I reached down and released my hardened cock from my trousers, slowly stroking it as Jess—the maid of honor—came out of the bathroom wearing a red with white laced trim bustier, red thong, and white sheer stockings. She had kept on her silver high heels and looked stunning.

“Our Red Stretch Chemise and Thong ensemble is perfect for those ‘woman in red’ evenings to bring out the devil with you and your partner,” Susan was reading with amusement. “Featuring a red with white lace trimmed satin jacquard chemise with padded, underwire cups and laced up front detail, along with matching red G-string and stockings, this combination is sure to get the response you desire,” she was saying.

I couldn’t believe how sexy my wife looked, her breasts pushed up and bulging over the top of the outfit. As she turned, I saw her perfectly shaped ass, the red thong lost between her ass cheeks as she modeled for the other girls.

“Jesus Christ you are so fucking hot in that Jess!” Jennifer said clapping.

“Yeah, if Jim doesn’t end up ravishing you in that I will,” Susan laughed.

For the next forty-five minutes or so, I watched as the girls, one-by-one, gave a lingerie show I would never forget. Although I loved my wife, seeing the other women dressed so provocatively—sometimes baring their breasts or asses—was not something to be missed.

My favorite outfit was Jess’ last, my mouth hanging open as she walked out of the bathroom in a half bra—her breasts hanging bare above the dark red half cups—and a matching deep magenta lace panty, along with the red thigh-high stockings and silver high heels she had worn with the first outfit. As she moved, a sparkle of metal flashed in the light and I noticed she had a chain connected to the red choker around her throat which dropped down between her cleavage to her waist, where the chain branched off to a “Y” and connected to matching wrist cuffs!

I stared excitedly, stroking my cock, as Jennifer read the description to Jen’s ensemble.

“The Red Cup Bra and Panty set consists of a red shelf bra with padded under wiring to lift your chest to the most flattering of views. The heart cut-out panty provides maximum view and availability to your lover. Combined with the matching halter with wrist restraints, this ensemble is sure to please all,” Jennifer described.

I could only stare as Jess turned around, showing her bare ass revealed by a heart-shaped cut-out, a thin strip of material between her ass cheeks meeting the rest of the panty as it encircled her lower cheeks and extended between her legs. Her ass cheeks looked magnificent framed by the red laced opening and I felt my cock almost ready to explode as I watched her model for her girlfriends.

Jess was about to go back into the bathroom when Mary said, “Oh no, we have to wear whatever the last item is,” she said.

Jess shrugged, her breasts bobbing freely from the demi-bra as she grinned. “Fine, but don’t blame me if you girls can’t keep your eyes off me,” she said laughing as she sat down.

I continued to stare at my wife’s bare breasts while the other girls put on their final outfits. Mary ended up with a bright pink lace chemise and thong set with garters. The bottom of the outfit consisted of a tutu-like skirt with attached garter straps connecting her matching pink stockings. She was definitely enticing to the eyes, but still not as provocative as Jess’ outfit.

Susan came out in a blue satin baby-doll lingerie set opened beneath her breasts exposing her bare stomach and an ‘open-crotched thong.’ Although seductive, seeing my wife’s firm bare breasts while still considering to be wearing lingerie outdid Susan’s outfit. Finally, Jennifer’s outfit consisted of a sheer deep purple bra, panty, and garter set. Although the outfit was extremely sexy, it was too ‘normal’ compared the other girls’ attire, even though her panty was a sexy thong. Jennifer’s skin was too light for such a deep color; however, seeing her half-naked was nothing to complain about as I watched the girls sit around each other in their revealing lingerie!

Jessica was without a doubt the hottest amongst them, and I thought to myself there was not a man I knew who would not want to fuck her in what she was wearing. I immediately sobered as the image of Jess naked in the hotel room with my co-workers fucking her in every way came into my mind.

Trying to get the image out of my head, I focused back on the video.

“Next section,” Jennifer was saying as she read from the catalog, “is Ointments, Lubricants, and Oils,” she laughed as Jess got up and in her half-bra and thong, brought a box over to the coffee table, her breasts swaying in front of the girls while Jennifer continued reading.

“Although it is fun to smell, taste, and feel the following products with your fingers, applying them on somebody else or with your partner is recommended to ensure the mixture of body oils and odors make the proper combination when applied,” she said.

“Why does this suddenly remind me of our Spring Break?” Susan laughed along with Mary and Jess.

“You mean the day we smeared sun tanning oil all over each other and got so preoccupied we never left the room?” Jess asked as her and Mary burst out laughing.

“OK, me and Mary and you and Jennifer can team up,” Jess said, scooting next to Mary, her breasts jiggling as she bounced on the couch.

Mary pulled out a bright red heart-shaped bottle as Jennifer announced, “The Hot Passion Raspberry massaging oil provides a slick surface for all involved, as well as the aroma and taste of fresh raspberries. Providing a warming sensation to the receiver, the giver is rewarded with the effervescent explosion of raspberries in their mouth,” she giggled with the other girls.

I watched Mary get up with the bottle and move around the sectional to get behind Jess. My wife smiled and leaned forward, pulling her pony-tail to the side to bare her shoulders. Mary smiled and poured a liberal portion of the oil into her hands and rubbed them together before lowering her hands towards Jess.

I licked my lips in anticipation of watching another woman rub my wife’s shoulders when my eyes widened in surprise as Mary reached around Jess and placed a hand over each of her bare breasts!

Jess sighed and leaned back, giving me an unobstructed view of Mary’s hands massaging my wife’s tits.

Jess sighed again as Mary slowly rubbed the oil into my wife’s breasts, her skin sparkling in the light as the oil was smeared across her teats.

“No fair,” I heard my wife moan as Mary chuckled, continuing to knead my wife’s flesh.

“How’s it feel?” Susan asked.

Jess started to answer when Susan laughed and interrupted her, “The oil I mean bitch, not Mary touching you, we both know how great that is,” she exclaimed.

I remembered the comment about Spring Break, wondering once again what had gone on between the girls. My wife had never expressed an interest in women, but watching these four lovely ladies dressed in skimpy lingerie sitting around while one of them massaged my wife’s chest was giving my heart palpitations.

Jess moaned before finally answering her girlfriend. “God, it’s heating my tits up like I’m standing in front of a fire. I can really feel the hotness on my nipples,” she said, suddenly gasping as Marry pinched both her nipples simultaneously with her thumbs and forefingers.

“Time for the taste test!” Jennifer said as the other girls laughed.

I though Mary would simply lick her fingers, but to my wonder she moved back around to sit next to Jess, while Susan sat on the other side. Both girls looked first at her, and then at each other as Susan counted, “One, two, three!”

Immediately both girls bent down, each taking one of Jess’ nipples into their mouths!

My wife groaned, her head falling back against the back of the sofa as her two girlfriends licked and sucked her nipples and breasts.

“Wow, it’s like an effervescent explosion of raspberries in my mouth,” Susan mocked as Mary laughed, her face still sucking on my wife’s breast.

“Don’t lick it all off, I want a taste!” Jennifer laughed.

Mary pulled away and I watched in amazement as Susan began rubbing both of Jess’ breasts, smearing the oil more. “Wow, it even heats up your palms, I can’t wait to try this on my tits,” she said before moving away.

Jennifer sat in her place and with any hesitation bent over my wife, taking her breast in her mouth as Jess let out a yelp, crying out, “Oh God, watch it, that heat makes my nipples too sensitive to bite,” she laughed.

Then I watched in awe as my wife took her other breast in her hand and lifted it up, bending down and licking her own nipple, her tongue stroking across the pebbled flesh.

“Wow, that actually tastes good,” my wife said after a few licks. Jennifer leaned back licking her lips, nodding in agreement. “I need to take a bottle of that home for me and Jim,” my wife said, then adding, “I bet it would feel great on his cock,” she giggled as I felt my dick get even harder.

They repeated the same scenario with two more oils, Jennifer taking off her bra and going bare-chested while Susan massaged her breasts, then Jess and Mary took turns suckling her. Mary and Susan merely pulled the tops of their lingerie to the side, giving the other girls access to their breasts as they licked and sucked—all in the name of ‘testing’ the products.

I could not believe my eyes, my cock hardening each time the girls fondled each other. There was more to it than just trying out the products, as I watched each girl fondle another repeatedly, doing more than what ‘testing the product’ demanded.

Although watching each girl get their breasts suck and licked, nothing was hotter than having watched them do it to Jess the first time. As a close second, it was also intensely erotic to watch my wife suck on each of the other girls’ breasts, the images stirring my arousal more and more.

The next item Jess grabbed she announced as ‘Hathor Aphrodisia Lickeurs Lube’ as Susan read the description.

“This all-natural lube includes botanical emollients believed to be aphrodisiacs,” she recited as all the girls ‘Oohed.’ “Super for people with sensitivities, it is chemical-free, containing no colors, fragrances, glycerin or parabens. Not sticky or stringy, this thick gel formula works well for both vaginal and anal play,” she said, accompanied by another group set of ‘Ooh’s.’ “Available in Coconut Orange, Chocolate Strawberry and Hazelnut Caramel,” she read.

Looking at Jess, she asked, “Which do you got?”

Jess smiled, saying, “Chocolate Strawberry,” as she got down on her knees and crawled towards Mary.

Shock and excitement overwhelmed me as I watched Mary spread her legs, letting Jess crawl between them.

Jess kneeled up and slowly unhooked Mary’s garter straps before reaching around Mary’s waist and slowly began pulling her thong off. Mary lifted her hips without a word, letting my wife strip her as Jess backed up to pull Mary’s panties off her feet before once again spreading Mary’s legs and moving between them.

The other girls watched in almost eager anticipation—Jennifer even licking her lips—as my wife slowly re-attached the garters to Mary’s stockings.

Once finished, Jess took the bottle of lube and slowly twirled the bottle around her index and middle fingers, coating all sides.

Then, as I and the other two girls watched, my wife lowered her hand between Mary’s legs, slowly inserting her two fingers into her friend!

Mary let out a moan, her head falling back as my wife began to finger-fuck her best friend.

Amazed, I was speechless as I watched my wife slowly move her fingers in and out of Mary’s pussy. I stared vividly at the screen as Mary reached up and squeezed her breasts, while Jess continued to slide her fingers in and out of Mary’s slit.

“How is it?” Jess asked as Mary looked down at her.

“The lube or you?” she asked smiling. Before my wife could answer Mary said, “It is so slick, I didn’t even need to be wet and you could have slide into me easily. God, it feels great,” she gasped. “But you still haven’t tasted it yet,” she said with a smile.

To my astonishment Jess pulled her hand away, and hooking both her arms beneath Mary’s thighs, leaned forward.

I knew the second Jess’ tongue touched Mary’s slit as the other woman screamed out in pleasure. “Fuck, yeah, right there hon!” she yelled out to my wife.

Mary’s body began shaking and she let out another yell, screaming out, “Fuck! Yes!” as she reached down and pulled my wife’s face further into her crotch. I suddenly realized she was having an orgasm as my wife continued to obviously stimulate her friend with her mouth.

The fact that my own wife was giving oral sex to her girlfriend, actually getting her off, was not lost upon my body, as suddenly my cock erupted, thick jets of cum hitting the desk, spreading over my hand, and saturating my trousers.

Jess continued to suck and lick Mary’s pussy for several minutes as the other woman gasped and shuddered the entire time. Finally she slowly pushed Jess’ head away, saying, “No more right now, I need a rest,” she apologized.

I stared as Jess smiled, her lips glistening from Mary’s juices as she knelt back up and leaned forward, giving a deep French kiss to her girlfriend!

Mary and Jess’ muffled moans filled the room as their mouths met, the two woman making out as I realized they were both tasting Mary’s juices, the taste of the lube, and each other’s mouth. I could only gaze wide-eyed at the screen as my wife and another woman made out—after my wife had given her oral sex!

Finally they broke their kiss as Mary said, “Wow, that does taste good,” she laughed as Jess gave her a final kiss and sat down next to her.

“OK, me next!” Susan said excitedly as she looked at Jennifer with a grin.

I watched as the scene between my wife and Mary was repeated, Susan going down on Jennifer. Although Jennifer obviously enjoyed the oral stimulation, she did not orgasm, and I felt a brief swell of pride knowing my wife gave good head, even to another woman.

Watching Susan eat Jennifer out and then make out was not nearly as exciting as watching my own wife perform, and I was soon on the edge of my seat as Mary reached into the box and picked up a bottle, knowing it was Jess’ turn to be the receiver.

As Mary showed off the bottle Jennifer read, “Sliquid flavored lubes start with their pure water-based formula, adding subtle flavoring and a hint of Aspartame to sweeten. Created to ‘enhance, not disguise,’ these lubes use plant cellulose as a thickening agent, lasting longer than most other glycerin-free lubes. Perfect for use with all sex toys and condoms, safe for all types of play. Available in Blue Raspberry, Green Apple Tart, or Cherry Vanilla,” she read.

Mary announced she had the Cherry Vanilla as she looked down at Jess, who smiled back eagerly. A slow smile spread across Mary’s face as she told my wife, “Since you are in chains, I think you need to be more submissive,” she smiled, ordering my wife to get on her hands and knees.

Without a word my wife slid off the count, getting into position with her back and ass to the camera.

Mary reached around Jess’ waist and slowly pulled off her panties. I stared in excitement as the string sprang away from her ass crack, soon followed by the sharp snap of it leaping away from her slit. Mary continued lowering my wife’s panties past her thighs, then directed her to raise first one leg, then the other, as she seductively slipped the undergarment off my wife’s high-heeled feet.

My wife was now on her hands and knees, her bottom bare before her three friends and the camera. Mary moved away and I stared at my wife’s perfect backside, her ass tight and high as her mons bulged from between her legs, her shaven slit glistening at the camera.

Susan was about to say something when I saw Mary put her finger to her mouth. I noticed she was holding a silver metallic vibrator, kneeling down to my wife’s rear end without a word. Mary pointed to the catalog and I saw Susan smile as she thumbed through the pages, finally finding the one she wanted.

I continued to watch as Mary applied the lubricant to the vibrator. Then, before my wife was even aware of what was happening, she slid the vibrator between the folds of her slit as Susan started reading.

“Add a bit of sparkle to your sexy time with the Marilyn Vibrator. A timeless beauty with a classic smoothie shape, the multi-speed—now with a randomizing vibrate setting—in combination with Marilyn’s smooth shaft and tapered tip offer excellent internal and external stimulation. The metallic finish and ‘gem’ embedded base adds an element of elegance to this vintage vibrator design, while the waterproof construction makes this pleasure treasure a versatile vibe in any venue. Sleek and powerful, this little jewel has what it takes to be your next best friend.”

“Oh fuck!” my wife yelled out in pleasure as Susan read the description of the vibrator and Mary began sliding it in and out of her pussy.

Mary then flicked the setting and my wife cried out again as her best friend slowly moved the vibrator in and out between the folds of Jessica’s vulva. Immediately my wife’s hips began moving back and forth, her own body responding to the insertion of the vibrator.

Even from the camera’s distance I could hear the soft buzzing sound of the vibrator as Mary pleasured my wife with the vibrator.

Jess began moaning as the other girls watched intently, their eyes eager as Mary fucked my wife with the device. Jess’ head sank down and I could tell her mouth was open, breathing rapidly as the device moved in and out of her, the random changes of buzzing alternating from high, to medium, to low pitch.

After a couple of minutes, Jess’ entire body began moving back and forth, faster and faster, impaling the device in and out of her. Mary responded in kind, moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy to match Jess’ pace.

Suddenly my wife’s body shuddered, cumming from her friend’s actions as she screamed out. Mary moved her hand away, leaving the vibrator lodged within Jess’ pussy as she came, the gemmed end bouncing up and down as my wife’s vaginal contractions moved it erratically.

Suddenly the camera zoomed in, one of the girls obviously taking control, and focused upon Jess’ pussy with the gemmed vibrator pulsing insider her. I started fascinated as a slow thick strand of fluid seeped out of Jess, coating the vibrator and slowly extending to the ground, my wife’s passionate juices leaking out of her.

I absently licked my lips as I watched Jess’ body shake, multiple small orgasms overcoming her as the camera zoomed out again.

I saw Susan slam the book shut, announcing, “Ok girls, I think we can try these all out ourselves and get a feel for them,” she said as Mary and Jennifer laughed.

Jess was still recovering from the effects of her orgasm when Mary pushed her side, guiding my wife to turn and lay on her back, the silver vibrator still within her pussy and buzzing at random speeds.

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