(This story takes place during the movie Iron Man 2 and contains the characters Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts and Maria Hill)


A lone personal assistant walked hurriedly through the entrance hall at Stark Industries, her heels clacking in the silent space. The massive corporation was empty this late into the night and the throng of visitors and staff that normally clogged the reception area were now long gone.

The young redhead climbed the central open stairway, ascending quickly. Once she had reached the highest level she turned left, continuing along a dimly lit corridor. Every office was dark, each door closed. Moving brusquely the girl headed for the large, impressive double doors at the end of the way.

As she drew closer to her target the woman self-consciously checked her appearance, tugging nervously at the hem of her short charcoal skirt. The young woman’s appearance gave of a professional, yet non-threatening impression. Every item of clothing was tight and soft, emphasizing her voluptuous curves and pert assets. Anyone who laid eyes on her could have guessed the girl’s occupation simply by viewing her outfit. But the redhead was in actuality capable of far more than delivering coffee and typing memos.

Arriving at the double doors, she pressed an ear to the expensive wood, listening intently. Unable to detect anything, she pulled a pin from her hair, allowing red strands to swing loose down her neck. This was when her façade faded, albeit momentarily. In less than 10 seconds she had the lock picked and slipped inside.

Natalie Rushman quickly scanned the room for her boss, or any potential booby traps, before pulling the door closed. In a heartbeat she was across the space and behind the large desk, bringing the computer atop its surface whirring to life. Pulling a USB from the dummy folder beneath her arm she soon began hacking into Stark Industries more classified files.

At this point it would have apparent to any observer Miss Rushman had no right to be there, her nerves obvious. The girl was in fact a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, an expert in covert operations, a spy. Her mission from the very beginning of her internship at Stark Industries had been to gain access to the corporation’s weapons research program, data that was only available to the most senior members of staff. Hence her current position as the assistant to the CEO of the company, giving her all the access she needed.

Natalie placed the file she had been carrying on the desk, opening it to find her mobile phone inside, which was in sync with the hacking tool. Glancing at it she cursed silently, the download was only at 6%. If she were caught breaking into the Stark computer system her whole cover story would unravel, her mission here a failure. It was important that she remained close to Tony Stark, to monitor his work and assess his potential for another, even more important assignment. Personally, Natalie would have chosen a shootout over this mission. How could she keep up her persona in this compromising situation? Desperately, the undercover agent thought back to her covert operations training.

(2 months earlier, aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier)

Natasha Romanoff stepped into the dark training room, adjusting to the dim light within the space before allowing the large metal door to close behind her. She felt at home here in the state of the art gym; here, where she honed her martial arts skills aboard the massive floating air base. Over time she had even come to find that the constant muted drone of four giant propellers oddly comforting.

Tonight however, she had come to the room under different circumstances. A shadowy superior had ordered her to report to the training space for ‘additional instruction with potential for promotion,’ via her secure communication channel. Natasha had not required additional incentives and as always, arrived early. Although she had fulfilled every demand of the message, now that she was here the order felt strange.

The young redhead had been reminded to report to the training space shortly after her return to the helicarrier. Natasha was exhausted after another dangerous mission, but was a professional and hid all signs of her discomfort and in-spite of this had done as instructed.

Whilst waiting the agent mentally checked her equipment itinerary. The tight, form-fitting garment was dark navy and segmented with black protective padding. This combined with a flexible PVC blend in the joints ensured the suit never rustled, allowing her to achieve silent movement. The one-piece uniform fitted her like a glove.

Around her waist Natasha wore a utility belt, an item she practically never left home without. The leather strap was as always overburdened with equipment and hung loose around her hip. On her feet she wore knee high combat boots. Sadly a gun had been out of the question. Natasha bit her lip, thumbing her belt as she stared into a corner of the room. The redhead felt light, almost naked, without that cold steel pressing against her hip.

The young agent sighed with frustration and used a hand to swipe wavy red hair from in front of her eyes behind her ear. After a successful mission Natasha had a ritual, involving loud music, a hot shower and where possible a shooting range. Anyone who knew her would not have disturbed that process. Disgruntled, the young agent leant against a vaulting horse, her patience for the chain of command unusually short.

Minutes later a metal door leading into the room clanked open and bright light from the corridor poured in. The young agent quickly composed herself upon seeing her superior. Agent Maria Hill stood in the doorway.


“Miss Rushman! What are you doing in here!?”

The young assistant froze, a spy caught red handed. The brand new CEO of Stark Industries, Miss Pepper Potts, had unexpectedly stepped into her office to find the girl there, standing awkwardly beside the woman’s desk. Luckily she had been able to dim the screen and stand upright before her ‘boss’ had entered. But now what? Her instinct was to takedown the threat, but she knew that course of action would be counterproductive. So then what where the options? Her training kicked in:

“As your executive assistant I have access to all areas of your working life. I was just… putting this file on your in-tray.”

Miss Potts eyed Natalie warily, but the young agent could tell the older woman would accept her excuse. Her strawberry blonde hair, despite being tied back, was unkempt and from the way she stood Natalie guessed the CEO had been on her feet all day, attending meetings, calling shareholders and researching investment opportunities. People this overworked tended to except what they wanted to hear.

“Ohh, of course, sorry I’m not used to having an assistant and I didn’t expect anyone else to still be on duty. Shouldn’t you have left hours ago?”

Natalie gave Miss Potts her sweetest smile, still attempting to disarm her superior: “Actually Miss Potts, it is my job to make sure your as comfortable as possible, whilst doing whatever it takes to ensure your working to the best of your ability. So I cannot leave until you do.”

Pepper’s heart softened, touched by the meaningless sentiment. Even if Natalie served her on hand and knee, she could not have helped the young CEO, after all the redhead didn’t make the million dollar decisions around here. But she appreciated the thought nonetheless.

The strawberry blonde gazed at the redhead, who looked so much better than Pepper felt. Miss Rushman’s appearance was, as always, perfect. The girl wore an impossibly tight, charcoal coloured skirt that was way too short, just reaching her mid thigh and designer heels that further emphasized a delicious round behind and her long porcelain legs. A short sleeved, peach scoop neck top complimented the skirt whilst emphasizing her next best assets.

The flustered CEO subconsciously experienced a twang of annoyance. Here was this girl, getting by on her looks, whilst Pepper had worked tirelessly to reach the top. The woman decided she had seen enough eye-candy for one evening.

“Well I’m fine at the moment Miss Rushman, there is really no need for you to stay here all night. I’m just going to send a message from my computer and be on my way.”

Natalie blanched, eyes widening. The upload had only begun 2 minutes ago whilst it required at least 15. For the first time since the big change over Natalie wished Tony Stark were still in charge. His working hours were lackluster to say the least. She could have strolled in and done this at midday with him on the job. The redhead needed to stall.

It didn’t take a keen observer or a spy to notice where the CEO’s eyes had chosen to linger and within a few seconds of awkwardness Natalie came to the only viable response. Sensually, she stepped around the desk, exaggerating the wiggle of her hips to hypnotize and distract her stressed boss. It had been a long day for Pepper and Natalie suspected all she wanted was to get home and take a long, hot bath, to finally get some release.

“Mam” Natasha said, somewhat surprised by the presence of her superior agent, who’s appearance within the room caused the redhead to straighten up a little.

“I was unaware you would be meeting me here personally”, she added before pausing: “This is somewhat unorthodox, isn’t it?”

Agent Hill just smiled back coolly; very aware that the girl had not saluted as was appropriate under the circumstances. She was second in command aboard the Helicarrier after all. Maria expected more respect from her crew. However, she gave no hint of her annoyance, electing instead to simply step around the redhead and further into the room. The door closed and locked automatically behind her, separating the two women from the rest of the ship.

“You are sort of right agent, Agent Romanoff” the brunette replied, meeting the redhead’s curious green eyes with her crystal blues: “This is in a sense a test, as I intend to evaluate whether you have the potential for more…” The woman paused, calculating, before continuing: ” in-depth undercover work.”

Natasha blinked. A test of what? Did her record in Russia not speak for itself? Why should she have to prove anything to this woman that she had not already demonstrated for Nick Fury? The Redhead felt a twinge of annoyance that she pushed down into her belly: “I thought what you know of my past as a mercenary would be proof enough of my skills?”

The brunette’s smile twitched as she tensed her jaw, whilst she continued to move around the girl. Natasha made sure to continue to stand at attention in-spite of her superior’s pacing. The moment the woman had entered the room the redhead had registered every detail of her ‘oponent’:

Whilst Natasha’s clothing was designed for stealth, Agent Hill was an officer aboard the hellicarrier and as a result was dressed in a blue uniform that highlighted her status. The garment was also protective and tight, showing off the woman’s ample curves whilst presumably more comfortable than her own suit. Subconsciously Natasha registered the impressive bust and sumptuous round behind of her superior in the clothing.

Maria’s glossy hair was tied back in a bun, although her long fringe was free, hanging swept across her forehead. In her hand she carried a duffel bag whilst under her arm the agent carried a file stamped with S.H.I.E.L.D’s logo. Natasha’s codename, ‘Black Widow’, was also printed there. Most importantly to the paranoid soldier however, was the presence of a firearm in the other woman’s holster.

“This engagement is off the record,” Agent Hill began, “although you should know I have no intention of torturing you, at least not in the conventional sense. Nor do I intend to drug you. This… test is actually going to cover more deep cover techniques, as we intend to put you on a long term covert mission.”

Maria’s words had the intended effect on Natasha. The young agent was now nervous and her body language, although subtle, reflected this. She rolled backwards slightly on the balls of her feet as Maria moved nearer still. The older agent smirked; this redhead’s emotions were far too obvious. They would have to iron that out of her.

Maria knew Agent Romanoff would never back down from a challenge. What the redhead did not realize was that this one had been designed specifically to break her in.

“So you need my consent? To make this all legitimate?” Natasha said, her tone still somewhat aggressive. “Just tell me where to sign, I can take anything you throw at me.”

Maria turned away from the redhead, her brow furrowing as she inhaled deeply. The hotheaded agent had become increasingly difficult ever since she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Unlike herself this girl’s motivation had nothing to do with patriotism. Natasha had defected to join the intelligence agency, naturally creating a rift between her and other S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Romanoff had something to prove, an agenda which if left unchecked could eventually cause the failure of an operation. This Agent Hill would not allow.

“So you do consent?” Maria asked, still facing away from her subject: “Do you accept that during this test you must not disobey my instructions, no matter what I require?”

Natasha nodded, grimacing determinedly. A camera caught everything.

“Well then listen closely, this part is important. The code word is ‘APPLES’. If I can get you to state that word during the exam I will stop. But of course you will automatically fail as a result. Do you understand?”

Again, the young redhead nodded, tight lipped but nonetheless confident. She had never broken under torture, how could she fail a simple lesson?

Agent Hill dropped the duffel bag she had been holding onto the gym’s training mat, opening the file in her hands, as again she began circling the helpless redhead:

“The record itself suggests high competency, an excellent mission success rate, both for S.H.I.E.L.D and other, less reputable agencies. Ultimately you have never failed an engagement.”

Natasha smiled, proud of her record, but quickly reverted to a straighter face when Agent Hill abruptly continued: “But what you need to understand, Agent Romanoff, Your not a soldier anymore, you’re a spy. If we needed to have someone killed we’d hire an assassin.”

As Maria continued to circle her prey she observed the agent closely. The girl’s body was well toned and yet still undoubtedly feminine, even if the redhead’s demeanor suggested the girl was coiled and ready to strike her superior at the slightest hint of violence. Whilst the brunette relished the chance to fight the younger agent, she had no intention of setting the woman off.

Natasha watched Agent Hill cautiously as she passed, observing those striking blue eyes roaming over her own body. She felt like she was being hunted:

“So if S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t want me for my combat skills, why am I here?”

This time Maria smiled, glad to hear Natasha was smarter than she was arrogant. On her next pass behind Agent Romanoff the brunette honed in on her target.

Pepper was on edge. Natalie had moved out from behind her desk and had then sauntered, casually, right into the strawberry blonde’s personal space, the redhead’s eyes never leaving her face. Pepper could not help but suspect the assistant was emitting a decidedly over-friendly vibe, that made the CEO nervous.

“Miss Potts, you look stressed. Everyday this week you have worked over time. It is my job to help you relax, to help you loosen up after all that. Let me help you get some release.”

Her assistant’s voice had taken on a breathy quality and she had gotten dangerously close to the strawberry blonde. The redhead’s big, forest, green eyes looked up at Pepper from her position mere centimetres away.

The CEO coughed: “And how exactly do you intend to help me let go of my strain?”

Natalie just smiled knowingly, perplexing the older women. Leading her by the hand, the redhead drew the CEO across the room. Spun around by the waist, Pepper found herself sitting on the rim of her own desk, their positions now reversed. Then just as quickly, the girl went to Tony’s old drinks cabinet and prepared her a scotch whilst the dumbstruck CEO watched. Pepper couldn’t help but stare as her assistant bent low to retrieve a glass.

Pepper closed her eyes, sighing deeply. It was nice to be waited on hand and foot. When she opened them again however the strawberry blonde blanched. Some how the girl was once again directly in front of her, so close now she filled the CEO’s vision. She felt a cold glass being squeezed between her fingers.

“Natalie… there is really no need, as I said I was literally just going to finish up on my compu…ter.”

Natalie, pressing her index finger to the strawberry blonde’s lips, cut Pepper off. The redhead could not allow the women to finish that chain of thought. Distraction through seduction was her only option and so she pressed forward, even closer to her boss. Gently, Natalie pried Pepper’s knees apart, straining the woman’s skirt as she sensually slipped between them. When their bodies were flush Natalie leant in, whispering in the CEO’s ear.

“Your frustrated, believe me I know. And you need this… So just relax, let your inhibitions go… Leave the rest to me.”

Pepper gulped, eyes wide, as her assistant slowly dropped to her knees before her. The redhead then reached for her left leg, hands soothingly slipping down the back of her bare, tense thigh. Reaching the ankle, Natasha’s skilled fingers began deftly unclasping the high heel before pulling the shoe free.

And then she began. Pepper groaned, amazed, as her new assistant began kneading her sore foot, massaging her aching limb perfectly. After a day spent tromping between various departments, each more weaponised then the last, this act was pure bliss.

Soon the hands rose up her thigh once more, washing away the woman’s pain. Soon Pepper was leaning back on her hands, eyes closed, as the young girl worked her magic. It was only when she began purring like a cat that, once again, she began feeling self-conscious. To drown this notion she downed the scotch in her hands, allowing her head to swim with pleasurable sensations. After all she deserved this, didn’t she?

Natalie was pleased to see her massage was having its intended effect, watching as the CEO slumped lower and lower, her inhibitions disappearing. Even when she reached the back of Miss Potts’ knee the woman didn’t freak out, actually skooching her bottom forward on the desk to allow the assistant access to her upper thighs.

Pepper was too lost in the pleasurable sensations coursing through her muscles to realize how intimate things had become. Soon the decorated agent’s hands were slipping beneath the expensive fabric of her boss’ skirt.


Natasha flinched as she felt a hand glide smoothly over her tightly wound behind, just before the offending fingers gave her cheek a deliberate squeeze.

The redhead blanched, visibly shocked by the inappropriate development. Instinctively she swiped the invasive hand away with her own arm and dropped into a combat stance, ready for anything.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!” Natasha yelled.

Maria just smirked; she had predicted this reaction. The agent replied coolly:

“We don’t need a soldier Agent Romanoff. S.H.I.E.L.D needs a woman who can manipulate her way into certain circles; who will use whatever assets there are available to her to get the job done. I’m sure you must be aware that nature has granted you… some very impressive assets.”

Natasha’s jaw dropped and her defensive stance loosened momentarily:

“S.H.I.E.L.D hired me because of my body!? What are you saying!!?”

Maria continued to survey the indignant girl, again not surprised by her reaction. Natasha was clearly naturally dominant, her fighting style made that obvious. Submitting to another person would be unacceptable to her. Here however, she only had two choices, accept her superior’s demands, or leave S.H.I.E.L.D. The brunette knew the girl’s ambition would not allow her to do that.

So Maria felt free to step towards the girl once more and place her hand on the redhead’s cheek, cupping the girl’s face and running a thumb along a pouty lip. Natasha’s head was reeling, shocked by these recent developments.

“You have many useful attributes Agent Romanoff. All I intend is to mold you physically into a softer, more delicate woman, to conceal your true nature. I may have to use some rather unorthodox techniques. However as a result, on your next assignment you will be ready to look and act the part. We will doll you up and send you in. That is espionage.”

“What did you have in mind?” Natasha asked, the usual confidence now lacking from her voice.

“Nothing strenuous, maybe just losing some of that muscle weight whilst gaining a few pounds to soften your overall appearance. And of course you will have to grow out your hair, wear different make up and clothes. This will all help to build up your cover identity.”

Maria stepped even further into Natasha’s personal space and it took all of the redhead’s will power not to retreat backwards. Under any other circumstances, Romanoff could have killed her in seconds for this intrusion.

“And if I refuse?” Natalie muttered, aware there was literally nothing she could do at this point. By defecting to the agency she had burnt all of her bridges with Russia. The redhead and her superior were both aware she knew nothing of the real world beyond this life. The world they worked so hard to protect.

So Maria felt free to move her face in slowly, tentatively, until they were so close they were practically nose-to-nose, staring into each eyes.

“When the job demands it you must be prepared to give everything, even your body. Do you understand? You will still obey my instructions without question and to the best of your ability, yes?”

Maria watched Agent Romanoff considered her options; aware they were limited to nothing. Instead of replying the girl chose to grit her teeth, sure that if she responded now she would say something to regret. So again she just nodded.


Pepper shook her head to clear her mind. Slowly she had realized the situation within her office was becoming grossly inappropriate. At first she had been enjoying what she felt was an innocent massage, the redhead under her command tenderizing her sore thighs. It was only when the girls hands reached the rim of her panties, her fingers now lightly tickling her inner thighs, that the CEO finally woke up.

“AHHHhh.. Miss Rushman? I think that’s more than enough.”

Pepper sat back up, straightening out her suit jacket and strappy tank top before reaching down her skirt, attempting to pull her assistant’s soft hands free of her nether regions. The strawberry blonde frowned as the fingers refused to budge, instead choosing to continue gently teasing her through the thin material of her panties.

Pepper met Natalie’s eyes and watched, transfixed as the redhead rose once again from her kneeling position between the CEO’s legs. Still uncomfortably close, she watched the girl nervously bite her lip. Pepper frowned, where exactly was this going?

Quickly she found out, as Natalie finally closed the space between herself and Pepper, pressing her mouth to the strawberry blonde’s. The kiss itself was slow at first, Pepper fighting her involuntarily enjoyment, gasping for air in the heated embrace. However, after a few seconds of frantic wriggling she realized her PA had no intention of letting her off that easily and soon she found herself responding.

It was unlike any kiss she had ever experienced, soft yet somehow firm and insistent. All she could do was close her eyes and become engaged, as her own fingers instinctively wound into that luxurious red hair. It had just been so long. Taking care of Tony, running a business. No one ever took care of her like this. She wanted this! So she did what felt right, arching her back and pressing against her co-worker. Pepper moaned as she fell back onto her elbows, reclining gradually as she was lost in the moment.

After a minute or so the redhead had no choice but to pull out of the kiss for air leaving the young CEO stunned. The S.H.I.E.L.D agent analyzed the results of her attack.

Miss Potts was clearly taken aback, surprised both with herself and her assistant, left panting by the heated embrace. Clearly she had forgotten all about what she had come into the office for, just as the girl intended.

Pepper was at a lost. This was both her assistant and a woman! What was she doing? But the girl was proving hard to turn away. She blamed herself, lust taking over reason. At this point a lamp would have been an attractive proposition to her. But she couldn’t let this continue, could she?

“N-Natalie, that was… amazing, but there really is no need. I don’t require you to, too… ohhh”

Again the CEO lost her train of thought as her assistant leant forward once more, first nipping at her ear lobe and then moving down, bending over the strawberry blonde as she kissed her jaw.

Natalie knew she could not let up; could never give the woman below her the chance to form a coherent thought. All of this had been covered in her subversion training, though of course nothing as explicit as these current circumstances. But this would mean changing up her act fast too keep the CEO submissive, which would require a lot from the young agent.

The redhead took in the woman below her. Miss Potts was gorgeous, her body slim but curved in all the right places, whilst her Prada suit and low cut lime green top were contoured to her figure. The tight matching black skirt emphasized her amazing hips and legs, even now, sprawled out on the edge of her own desk. Perhaps this engagement would be worth it after all.

Pepper sighed with relief when Natalie finally pulled away; glad she wasn’t expected to break this up. All she could do was gape in amazement however, when Natalie began peeling of her top to reveal more of her creamy skin.

First the strawberry blonde could see far more of the girl’s torso, which was amazingly taught and toned. Then from beneath the shirt came Natalie’s succulent round globes, encased in a half-cup lacy blue bra, decorate with white trim. They bounced into view as the top was pulled over her head and flung aside. Pepper gulped, aroused by the enticing display. Was this girl actually turning her on? How far was she going to let this go??

Pepper felt helpless as her assistant move back into an uncomfortably close position, pinning the CEO to the point she was effectively mounting her. The strawberry blonde dragged her eyes away from those delicious pouty lips, only to become distracted by the perfect boobs now resting so close to her face. Desperately she made eye contact once again:

“Natalie! What are you doing?”

“I just thought I’d help you relax,” the redhead said, smiling innocently.

“b-butt you’re my assistant!” Pepper spluttered indignantly.

“That is correct. And my contract clearly states I am to do whatever is necessary to assist the CEO, to use whatever assets I have available. So effectively, this body is all yours…”

As if to emphasize this point, Natalie took the CEO’s hands and lifted them to her boobs, squeezing the woman’s palms against her succulent chest.

The redhead observed the mystified face, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. The woman beneath her was shocked, but undeniably aroused. She purred as she felt those fingers tighten on her chest.

Ohhh… I really should not be doing this,” Pepper stuttered, as she weighed the firm globes in her hands:

“That’s one hell of a good contract.”


Maria slipped her arms around Natasha’s back, slowly sliding her palms downwards. As they descended, neither agent broke eye contact, lost in a battle of wills. Eventually Maria was groping Natasha’s exquisite behind, palming the firm buns in a very unprofessional manner. The redhead winced when her superior pulled her cheeks sharply apart, allowing her long fingers to skim along the fabric now tightly wedged into her ass crack. Just as quickly Maria mashed the globes tightly back together.

The brunette agent then raised her left leg between her female operative’s, using her hands to pull the redhead’s crotch firmly against it. Natasha gasped as her pussy was pressed into Agent Hill’s tensed thigh.

Maria studied the agent’s face carefully. Wide eyes, dilated pupils, a creased forehead. All signs of sudden, inexplicable pleasure, the beginnings of arousal. The girl’s mouth hung wide-open, shock shaping those pouty pink lips.

Agent Hill dived forward, capturing the open mouth in a powerful kiss.”Unngh” was all Natasha could get out as her mouth was invaded by another woman’s tongue, slipping to the back of her throat. She wanted to resist, she really did, but knew her position was hopeless, that violence would be punished tenfold. So instead she pushed back against the invading tongue, hoping to gain control.

Both girls were shocked by the pleasure they derived from the kiss, which despite being hard, was also soft, wet and inviting. Natasha tangled her tongue with Maria’s desperately, leaping at a chance to assert her dominance, one she could not afford to pass up. So bit hard the brunette’s lower lip and pushed her own tongue into Agent Hill’s mouth, licking lips and teeth with earnest.

This meant however that Natasha was distracted and barely registered what the brunette was doing with the rest of her body.

Maria used the purchase her hand’s had on Natasha’s butt too grind the girl’s pussy up and down on her own outstretched thigh. Over and over the hapless agent was forced to ride the limb pressed tightly between her own legs. Even when Natasha attempted to relieve the pressure by rising onto her toes the brunette simply responded by raising her own knee higher. The tight, thin fabric of their suits did nothing to protect her pussy from this onslaught, if anything creating more friction. And the stimulus soon started producing results.

For several minutes the girl’s were wrapped up in one another, Natasha still being pulled back and forth, forcing enraptured moans from the helpless girl.

Both women frantically worked against each other, each trying to assert control. Eventually however, Maria was forced to push Natasha away, who for once was caught off guard. The relentless leg humping she had been put through had left the agent shaky and weak legged, causing her to fall to her knees, gasping for air, onto the room’s training mat. Both agents were now desperately aroused.

Quickly recovering her breath, Maria wiped her sore wet mouth, noting a trace of blood from her lip on the back of her hand. The redhead was still fighting her:

“So I can safely ascertain from what just happened that you are attracted to other women, Agent Romanoff?”

“Off course not,” Natasha panted, embarrassed as she attempted to compose herself: ” You gave me an order!”

“Your sure about that? Because I’m sure you’ve gotten pretty hot down there…”

The redhead looked away and Maria was pleased to see the usually confident agent blush.

As she spoke Maria slowly lowered the zip on the front of her uniform, finally releasing her now hard breasts, which sprung free as the garment split open. Beneath the suit Maria wore a tight grey tank top. Peeling the skintight uniform free of her upper body, she let the garment drop around the belt on her waist. Silently, the agent thanked god she was able to cool down. It felt so good to be free of the tight confines of the suit, even if not entirely.

Maria looked down to gauge her prey’s reaction. Romanoff still looked shell-shocked, but her eyes were nevertheless locked on her breasts. That was a good sign.

Maria grinned and moved forward, so that she was standing over the inferior agent. Considering her next move, she thumbed the holster on the utility belt still around her waist. Agent Hill allowed her hand to drop to the handle of her gun, glad to feel its reassuring weight at her side. Even though the weapon had no purpose here, it reminded the agent who was in charge. The redhead’s gaze followed the hand’s descent, wary of the gun, yet still scanning the luscious curves that were a little too close before her.

Deciding on her course of action, Maria dropped to her knees before the girl, so once again they were at each other’s eye level. Then she squeezed her hand under her own belt and down into the tight crotch of her suit.

The brunette’s eyes flickered as she slipped her her fingers through short hair, just before they reached their destination. Maria bit her lip as her she delved into her own wetness, attempting to retain her composure as she pleasured herself in front of an amazed Natasha. Luckily for Agent Hill, the women’s earlier make out session had left her incredibly aroused and ready to go, and in seconds her own hand was drenched in cream. Collecting as much fluid as possible, Maria withdrew her hand, somewhat reluctantly.

Advancing forward, the agent raised her hand to Natasha’s lips. The redhead recoiled, turning her head away despite having nowhere to go. Agent Hill grabbed the girl’s head and with minimal resistance, soon had her index digit in the pretty mouth before her, sliding the finger deep into the girl’s throat, up to the knuckle.

Natasha coughed struggling to breath, a sweet taste filling her reluctant mouth. She stared into her superior’s eyes, dazed but still defiant.

“Come on agent Romanoff, take your medicine. Prove to me your willing to fully give yourself to S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Maria smiled and raised her other hand to the girl’s throat, enjoying straining the uppity young agent. Though stroking the girl’s neck almost lovingly, Natasha knew the action’s true intention. The technique was often used when forcing patients to swallow their pills. The young agent had no choice, reflexively gulping repeatedly.


Pepper stared up at the glorious body before her. She had never even considered having sex with a woman before and yet here she was. Natalie had created a hunger within the CEO, a need that she desperately wanted to quench. So she decided to test her assistant’s willingness, to see how far she would go, whilst at the same time coming to term with her own limits:

I want you… I want you to take off you skirt for me,” Pepper demanded.

The strawberry blonde watched, transfixed, as the tight charcoal skirt was swiftly disposed of, the redhead lowering the zip on the side quickly before wiggling the garment free. Allowing it to slide down to her ankles, she bent at the waist to disentangle the skirt from her stunning black heels. The girl then picked up the garment and threw it aside, presumably to emphasize her eagerness.

Pepper could only gape at the glorious image of perfection before her.

Natalie wore a matching pale blue pair of knickers that complimented her skin tone and contrasted with her brilliant red hair. Pepper gazed into the girl’s eyes one more time, which smoldered back at her.

So when her assistant then asked her to stand Pepper did as she was told and the redhead helped her remove the Prada jacket, placing it carefully over the back of the nearest chair.

Natalie sensually descended onto her knees once more in front of her engrossed employer, soft hands moving back up under the woman’s skirt, crumpling it up her hips.

“You cannot be serious?” Pepper said, incredulously: “Surely we’re not paying you to do this?”

“I am in your service Miss Potts.” Natalie said, stroking the CEO’s inner thigh and gazing up at her boss once more: “And who says you’ll be the only one of us enjoying herself?”

Pepper whimpered as the delicate hands reached further under her skirt, teasing her as they pealed down her underwear. She felt the garment drop between her ankles, before lowering herself onto the rim of the desk.

Pepper was frozen, eyes locked with the girl between her legs. Unable to comprehend what she was doing any longer, she slumped back against the desk, falling onto her elbows and staring up at the ceiling.

Natalie braced herself, puckering her lips and then dived in, head first.


Maria made sure her hand was thoroughly cleaned by the agent, watching the girl intently as she sucked each of her digits. Finally pulling her thumb free with a satisfying pop, Maria let go off Agent Romanoff studying her expression once more. Now the girl’s eyes were moist, amazed by what she had been doing.

A pang of guilt hit the senior agent by surprise. This was obviously getting to the young redhead. Maria rationalized that this was good for the girl, she wanted to be in S.H.I.E.L.D and this was the price: letting go of selfish vanity for a more important cause. No agent should believe they are indestructible. And this was pushing Agent Romanoff well out of her comfort zone.

“Don’t worry,” the brunette said, kindness unintentionally entering her voice, “your doing so well!”

Natasha ignored her superior’s condescension. She was more afraid of the knock on effects this act of submission was having on her psyche. There was so much wrong with what she had just done and yet she had never been so turned on! The brunette was playing with her body, treating her like property! How could she like that??

Natasha had known working in the agency would mess with her own values. But she had always been fully in control, even in combat deep behind enemy lines. Right now though she felt entirely helpless.

“Well done Agent Romanoff. Now here comes the hard part…”

Natasha’s heart sank. How much more humiliation could she take? This was worse than torture, she knew how to handle pain and come out on top. But not pleasure!

Maria pointed between her knees: “Come to me.”

Natasha shuffled forward slowly, her head now bowed, avoiding her superior’s eyes. Maria beamed, this was progress.

Maria pulled the young agent against her, sizing the girl up with her eyes. One hand wrapped around the young agent’s hip, holding her close. The other slid slowly along the crease between Natasha’s legs, before tightening around the clad apex. The girl winced, still incredibly hot and wet. Her uniform hid nothing.

Maria pressed her hand into the covered slit, applying greater pressure. All Natasha could do was tense and shudder in her superior’s arms.

The redhead was scared by her own reaction. All of her discipline, her training, it all meant nothing when dealing with this pleasure. She was actually vulnerable, exposed. The façade she had maintained for so long was finally cracking. All as Agent Hill intended.

“Let’s take this suit off shall we?” Maria asked, her pretense almost affable.

Natasha knew she could not disobey, that any reluctance on her part would be viewed as a dereliction of duty by Agent Hill. And she could not leave S.H.I.E.L.D.

So the redhead followed the instruction quickly, unbuckling the utility belt loose around her hip and allowing it to drop onto the mat. Then she reached between her own breast and began lowering the zipper smoothly, down her front.

Maria watched appreciatively as Agent Romanoff opened up her suit, eying the zipper as it reached its destination, just above the girl’s crotch. Natasha then worked the skintight garment of her shoulders and down her toned arms.

Finally those glorious breasts bounced into display, as the uniform of the agent’s suit pooled around her hips, exposing the creamy skin of her midriff to Agent Hill’s appreciative gaze.

The brunette leant into the redhead, their body’s becoming flush. Hard, luscious round globes met pert, tight pillows and their hot, wet crotches brushed against each other. Maria’s lips teased the girl’s ear:

“I require you to do just one more thing to prove your loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D, Agent Romanoff,”

Natasha suppressed a growl. This was cruel, the pheromones running through her body driving the redhead practically feral. “You must let go of your inhibition and submit to me.”

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