The interior of the stretch Lincoln was plush black leather. The air was frigid and it felt exhilarating after the humid midday heat. The car smelled faintly of foreign tobacco and ultra expensive perfume.

The sudden darkness made me nearly blind for a moment but there was no mistaking the contours of the woman who sat across from me.

“Hello, Jaime,” she said warmly in her softly Spanish accented English as her driver, a giant black-suited Spaniard, shut the car door behind me.

“Aunt Vivian,” I acknowledged from the rear-facing jump seat. “How did you find me?”

“In Kenwood?” she laughed, “It wasn’t difficult. What would you be doing in this part of town, I wonder?”

“I guess you’d know Chicago, wouldn’t you?”

“Why would you say that?” she asked defiantly.

I replied with a grin: “Your reputation precedes you.”

She smiled back at me and looked me over; I took the opportunity to do the same to her.

I felt the intense jealousy I’d always felt for my Uncle John tick up a notch. How could he have ever convinced a woman like Vivian to marry him?

She’d been a fashion model in Buenos Aires in her youth. Her father’s connections to organized crime had given her notoriety; her beauty had given her the tabloid headlines and the opportunity to get famous. Time had been extremely kind to her. Her celebrity may have faded but not her looks … and certainly not her notorious reputation.

“Good! Then I don’t have to be vulgar and threaten you now, do I?” she said with a sly grin.

Her hair was long, still raven black, twin braids tumbling down either side of her face to frame her almond eyes. Her lips were full and soft looking, no age lines to mar them. Even her full natural breasts defied nature and remained as perfect as any woman could hope for.

I took in the classy long brown legs stretching from beneath the hem of her short black slip dress, letting my eyes follow the curves of her thighs and calves until they reached her thin elegant ankles and the ankle-high boots she wore.

Unlike her daughter, Ginny, Aunt Vivian apparently liked jewelry. She wore large Andean style turquoise and Lapis earrings and a thin diamond drop necklace dripping with diamonds … money, money, money. She was dressed for an evening out … not business.

“How ’bout them Cubs? World Series for sure, huh?” I asked to fill the silence.

She smiled at me like she would an obnoxious child. I ignored her; I guess I was beginning to develop a tolerance for disdain, maybe even asking for it, it only seemed fitting considering the mess I was in.

“Drive North, Andreas,” Vivian said into an intercom mounted near the rear window.

I let my eyes resume wondering over her exotic features, a bounty of races blended into a glorious genetic soup, the mixture somehow creating the beauty she wore like a crown.

I drank it in, seeing her daughter Ginny in every nuance of her features. She had managed to pass on all of her best qualities to her daughter in abundance … despite my prick Uncle’s contributions.

We pulled out onto the interstate before she spoke again.

“How have you been?” she asked.


How did she think I’d be?

“Really?” she asked, her tone suspicious.

“How’s Ginny?” I asked about her daughter mainly to deflect her question.

“I’d have thought you’d ask about your sister first,” she responded.

“Touché!” I laughed.

The last time I’d seen my sister, I’d literally fucked her stupid, in the very chapel she was getting married in a few hours before she was to take her wedding vows. I hadn’t taken it easy on her body – or the dress. Vivian had been the one to put Tabby back together in time for the ceremony … to cover for our incestuous indiscretion.

“But, since you asked about my dear Genevieve,” Vivian continued, “I will tell you that she has … changed. She is nearly as much of a wreck as you are. Her scores are suffering terribly and she is unruly, though unlike you she’s managed to keep up appearances.”

I’d spent Tabby’s Honeymoon fucking Ginny in a suite Vivian had rented for her in Vegas for the wedding. I wasn’t sure if Vivian knew about that – but chances were that she did – and chances were that this surprise visit was a result of it.

“I got news for you; Ginny’s always been unruly.”

She lit a long brown cigarette and blew the sweet smoke at me. It definitely wasn’t entirely tobacco.

“It came to my attention that you are having troubles as well … me picó la curiosidad.”

I hadn’t found the will to go back to my classes after Tabby’s wedding and I’d passed the time steadily spending my dwindling college fund on strings of very cheap strippers and very expensive booze.

Vivian was ‘connected’ after all – it made sense that she’d have had me checked out.

“Don’t we all?”

She shifted in the seat and handed the ‘cigarette’ to me. The top of the dress was severely low and her bare breasts were plainly visible from different angles when she moved. I didn’t try to hide my leers as I puffed.

“As for Tabatha,” she took it back and puffed again before passing it back to me, “She’s doing well and fulfilling her marriage vows.”

She paused to gauge my reaction. I put on a poker face and waited for the punch line.

“I hear the guy she married is the largest shareholder in Tomler Oil. That was a good score for her.” I had to say it. The hurt had made me angry and seeing Vivian only brought the intensity of it all back into sharp focus.

“She’s going to have a little girl,” she smiled like a cat, “Did you know that?”

There it was.

“I didn’t think that old fucker would have any good sperm left.” I said sarcastically to cover the sudden intense pain that shot across my chest.

“Not likely,” she replied, watching me again. “but I’m sure that yours are healthy.”

“You don’t mean …?” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“I’m positive.”

Vivian was implying that I was the child’s father.

“Don’t worry … she’s fine.”

She put a hand on my knee to calm me, anticipating my question.

“Tests were done. She will be smart, beautiful, and happy. Not to mention that she will grow up to inherit considerable wealth … we should all be so lucky.”

“You can tell all that from tests these days, huh?”

Vivian grinned at my jest. At least she had a sense of humor.

My heart fluttered in an intoxicatingly strange mixture of joy, pride, and fear as the reality began to sink in. I’d never imagined I’d father a child with my own sister – although now that I considered it … neither of us had gone particularly far out of our way to prevent it either.

“She has already chosen a name for her … Vivian! Isn’t that sweet?”

“A phone call would have sufficed,” I said, feeling a tingling sensation creep up the back of my neck and a wave of chemical euphoria slide across the back of my eyes … definitely not just tobacco.

She blew the smoke at me again.

“You understand that my family has some interest in her well being?”

She meant her Father’s side of the family.

“And an interest in keeping me away from her. I got it, okay?” I tried to hand the cigarette back to her but she waved me away, “That’s why you put Ginny on to me.”

“You think I’m so wicked?” she asked, “Do you believe that I would I put my own daughter in such an awkward predicament?”

“You wouldn’t?”

“You are mistaken,” she looked out the dark tinted window, “As you pointed out … Ginny has never been under my control.”

I shrugged; I guess now I could believe that Ginny fucked me because she wanted to.

“Now the question I have to ask you is this: What do I need to do to help us get past all of this … nonsense between the three of you?”

“I’ll give you three guesses,” I taunted her; I never was able to pass up a chance to be an asshole.

She flipped her perfectly tended hair over her shoulder and absently let her legs fell open a bit, treating me to a view of some of the most sexy flesh in the Western Hemisphere.

“I need to know,” she insisted, “what I can expect from you.”

I didn’t have anything to lose so I went for broke.

“Spread your legs like that a little more and I’ll show you.”

She looked at me like she would a puppy that’d just pissed on the carpet.

“Not what I was hoping for,” she stated, “I thought we could be friends after I’ve brought you such wonderful news.”

“Ignorance is bliss.”

“True,” she shrugged and pointed at an ashtray in the handle of the door; “You’ve had enough of that … It has certain effects in high doses.”

I leaned over and stubbed out the smoke and looked up her dress in the process.

“And enough of that,” she laughed and crossed her legs demurely.

“Why are you toying with me?” I asked abruptly, paranoia creeping around the edges of the cottony comfort trying to smother my brain stem.

“What do you mean?” she asked coyly and twirled a braid through her fingers, her gaze a smoky sensual look so well practiced and so subtle that it almost looked innocent.

“It wasn’t necessary for you to travel half way around the world to tell me I’m the father of Tabby’s baby now, was it?”


“No, I think you want to know what I got that makes your girl so fucking crazy. Maybe you want to try a little bit of this action too?” I suggested.

I don’t know why, but I was determined to piss her off, throw her off whatever game she was trying to play with me.

“Maybe I should put you out of my car?” she replied.

“You won’t, though. Will you?” I laughed.

“I wouldn’t?” she challenged in return.

“Then you’d never get what you came for.”

“You are a child,” she said abruptly, “I gave you too much credit.”

“Seriously, why are you fucking with me, Vivian?” I asked again.

She reached for the com but I grabbed her wrist and twisted her face up to mine.

I don’t know why I was suddenly so angry. Maybe the drug, maybe the fury I felt at my Sister’s betrayal of our love, maybe the perverted lust for my slutty Cousin that consumed me and kept me awake at night?

I pulled her close and glared into her eyes.

“Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you too!”

“¡Basta ya!” she warned.

“Let’s get it over with so I can get back to the bar before Happy Hour, alright?”

She had different ideas.

She twisted her body away from my grip and pulled my arms straight in the process. Before I could think to react, she suddenly and gracefully wrapped her legs around my arms and head so tightly that I heard cracking noises in my skull.

“¡Perro!” she spat, before releasing me by kicking me back into my seat with one solid thrust of her sharp heel to my ribs.

My mind reeled and I felt a sudden need to throw up … I hoped it was the smoke and the beer I’d drank for breakfast and not new brain damage from her leg hold on my cranium.

I rubbed my chest and grinned at her to disguise the embarrassing fact that she’d just kicked the shit out of me.

She laughed a gentle practiced laugh at my discomfort.

“Let’s try again, shall we?” she asked in a tone that implied the request was an order.

“I’d rather not.”

We were back where we’d started.

“Look at me, Jaime.”

I didn’t see anything better to look at so I obliged her.

“I came here because … because we are family,” she said, placing a finger tip under her chin – another model’s pose, “and my daughter is upset.”

“Bullshit,” I replied, “You came here because you’re bored and you thought that waltzing into my life on a pretext and toying with me would be amusing … Ginny pulls the same shit, and now. I see where she gets it from.”

She leaned forward and put her elbows on her knees: “You are cruel!”

“I’m cruel?” I leaned forward too so that our faces were only a few inches apart, “Do you know the pain I feel every moment of every day knowing I can never have what I need?” I looked down, “You have everything, mansions, cars, and now you’ve even manage to take my sister from me!”

She reached out and tipped my chin up. Her deep brown eyes were quizzical, almost analytical.

“I know you put her up to marrying that old fucker!” I accused her.

“You are very dramatic,” she said, “like your Mother.”

“Fuck you!” I spat and tried to turn my head.

She jerked my head back to force me to look into her eyes again.

“Is this how you treated my daughter?”

I looked down at my hands in guilt.

“¡Hola!” Vivian gasped, “It’s true then,” she let my face go and sat back, “¿Cómo sucedió?”

What could I say? I was rebounding from my sister at the time.

“Is that so wrong?” I asked.

“¡Minga! You are related!”

“Not really … I mean a little, right? I hear cousins get married all the time.”

“You don’t know anything about her!” She looked out the window, “Neither of you really understand what complications you could have … created.”

I leaned back and feigned a relaxed pose – Vivian knew I’d knocked up my sister and now she was worried I’d knock up Ginny too.

“I don’t want to know anything about her I don’t already know … she’s too much to handle as it is.”

“You will … but for now, I am owed an answer to my question.”

“I told you,” I said sitting back up to run my fingertips up her thin soft calves, “Spread your legs and I’ll show you.”

She leaned forward and placed her hands over mine but she didn’t exactly resist my caresses. As a matter of fact, she shifted slightly on the bench seat so that her legs fell open again, the dress sliding between her long brown legs.

“You are persistent,” she observed. “Aren’t things complicated enough for you?”

I felt my adrenaline pump in my chest. Being this close to her was very intense and the drug only heightened the sensation.

“I like complicated,” I insisted.

Her breathing quickened noticeably and she leaned forward so that our cheeks touched.

“I don’t!” she stated emphatically.

“I don’t believe you.”

“I can fix a lot of things, Jaime, but I can’t fix everything,” she said softly into my ear, her cheek pressed into my brow, the cool stone of the giant earring a stark contrast to her warm soft skin against my own.

“I can’t fix what’s happened between you and the girls already – but I need to keep this from spinning any further out of control.”

“Who’s askin’ you to fix anything?”

Vivian pulled away abruptly and rubbed her forehead as if I was giving her a headache.

I tried to pursue her but she stopped me with a palm to my chest.

“¡Que Dios me ayuda!” Her face twisted in anger, “How can I convince you …!”

I took another chance and pulled her back to me by the shoulders so that I could kiss her luscious lips this time – my inhibitions a long lost memory.

She didn’t resist for a few blissful moments but eventually regained her composure enough to gently push me away again.

“Perhaps … we can compromise just a little,” she offered.

“Who’s being complicated now?” I asked amusedly.

She glanced away … I brushed the braids from her face and smiled impishly at her.

Her hair shimmered from the green glow of the com LED and I felt the chemical wave of euphoria spread from my eyes down my spine and into my chest. My mood shifted a bit and I shivered.

She studied my eyes – I could tell she could see how badly I was starting to tweak.

She took my hands in hers and guided them back to her silky smooth thighs.

“So soft,” I muttered.

She sighed in resignation and looked out the window again.

“Maybe you were right after all,” she suggested, absently running her bright red fingertips up my arm. “Maybe I came here because I really do want to … to get to know you better.”

“What is it with the women in my family?” I asked rhetorically.

Her eyes lit up in amusement.

“It hasn’t really been so terrible has it?”

I thought about it for a moment.

“Yes, it has.”

“Are you sure?” she purred, reaching between my legs and brazenly clutching my penis, placing her cheek to mine again. Her soft breasts pressing into my chest.

I wasn’t expecting her to pounce on me like that and I shuddered at the feel of her body against me.

“Not anymore,” I admitted.

“I see,” she chuckled, running her fingers along my shaft as if measuring it as it twitched behind the denim barrier of my jeans.

“That’s fortunate because I do need you, Jaime.”

“Ha! I knew it!”

She chuckled into my ear.

“Not quite what you imagine I meant but… I do need you to help me.”

“Go on,” I urged.

“In payment, I will help you to make your life more manageable again – for your sake,” she took my earlobe between her teeth and tugged, “And for the girls’ sake as well.”

“Sounds nice,” I muttered, as my reasoning evaporated and she gently kissed my neck behind my ear.

Her hair smelled like fresh rain.

“What do I have to do, then?”

She pulled away from me and grasped my hands tightly to stop me from caressing her magnificent legs.

“¡Muy Bien!” she laughed, “Now, you see? Isn’t it much more pleasant for you to play nicely with me?”

“Yes,” I admitted reluctantly. She’d managed to twist me around with a mere few soft touches and now I was at her mercy, literally starving for more.

She resumed gently caressing my bulge and I resumed running my hungry fingers up her thighs.

“You will work for me.”

“I don’t need money,” I informed her.

“I can promise you that you will get … whatever you may need.”

She looked into my eyes meaningfully and I knew that she meant it.

“Do we have a deal?”

“Deal,” I stated.

She reached back into a pouch mounted below the intercom and pulled a packet of papers from it. She tossed them onto my lap where they teetered on the point of my straining bulge for an awkward moment before I could react to catch them.

Vivian lit the smoke back up as I leafed through the packet.

My Passport; plane tickets; traveler’s checks; and a credit card.

“I took the liberty of picking up some things for you.”

“Where am I going?”

“Far away.”

“So, I’m being exiled,” I laughed.

“In a manner of speaking,” she said quietly.

“It won’t make a difference,” I told her, “Ginny’s gonna do what Ginny does.”

“Not with you,” she laughed softly in return and resumed kissing my neck, unzipping me and freeing my cock from my jeans.

“We’ll see about that,” I teased.

“I have another need now, Jaime,” she whispered, pushing me away sharply and sitting up to slide the slip dress over her head.

She was displayed before me, clad only in a shear black thong and the retro boots. I felt my cock jerk in animal anticipation and precum ooze out of the tip, my balls clenched and my adrenaline coursed through my veins.

“Do you want to know what it is?”

I was seeing Vivian as I’d always wanted to … prayed that I would one day. She looked the way thousands of young men had imagined her when they jacked off to her photo spreads in Spanish Language fashion magazines.

“I need you to get on your knees, Jaime.”

I dropped to the cab of the car between her knees like I was pulled down; already her willing supplicant.

“It would please me to know that you will respect me,” she placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face between her legs.

I rubbed my cheek along her inner thigh reveling in the warmth and silkiness of her dark skin. I inhaled the fragrance of her panties. A floral body wash subtly blended with the musky scent of her arousal.

“Do you want to please me?” she asked.

I gazed up at her from between her legs and nodded enthusiastically.

“Show me,” she ordered.

I kissed and nibbled my way from the light coffee cream of her inner thighs to her moist sheer black thong. It was dotted with embroidered pink roses in a heart shaped pattern over her fat luscious mound.

Her long sexy legs wrapped around my head again, squeezing the rough pattern into my lips. She thrust her hips at me and jammed her cunt into my face brutally while pulling me into her lap by leveraging her grip on my skull.

Chris’s mother wanted to invite her sister over the very next day. The weather was supposed to be bright and sunny again so Laura thought it best to bring Cynthia over under the pretense of enjoying the pool. Initially Chris had some reservations about this as he wasn’t confident he would be able to influence the minds of three people at once. The evening before his aunt visited he thought long and hard about it and he believed it would be fine so he gave his mother the go ahead and she made the phone call almost immediately. Chris listened in as his aunt readily agreed to come swim the next afternoon and said she would welcome the break from the day to day grind. There was more to the conversation with his aunt explaining how miserable she was and how her husband Rick was surely cheating on her with one of his secretaries. Laura listened but did not offer advice, merely support and the promise that the following day would be better.

That night Chris slept alone to the chagrin of his sister and mother but he wanted to focus. He made sure that both of his girls were very sleepy so that they would be well rested in the morning. Then he decided to meditate and ran through several scenarios on how the events of the next day might go. He also began to question himself: Am I abusing this? Am I becoming something I would hate? Why haven’t I used this for good at all yet? Late into the night, these thoughts heavy on his conscience, he finally drifted off to sleep.

The first thing he felt when he awoke the next morning was a soft mouth sucking on his hard member. He didn’t open his eyes right away he simply lay still and enjoyed the attention for the moment. The mouth on his cock grew more insistent and he felt fingers on his balls gently rolling and caressing his heavy sac, he was being sucked and stroked skillfully. Finally he opened his eyes to see his mother’s flaxen locks framing her face, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked her son and Master’s manhood.

“Mmmm good morning My slave mother,” he whispered to her and she replied by squeezing his balls once gently while increasing the suction in her mouth, her tongue slid along the sensitive vein on the underside of his shaft. It took Chris only a moment more before he came hard and growled his pleasure. The hot seed sprayed into the back of her throat and she wantonly sucked it all down until there was no cum left in his cock then she licked the tip clean and kissed the head.

“I love your cock my Master, its so wonderfully thick and hard,” she purred to her son. “I dreamt about it last night,” she blushed as she moved up over top of her son and spread her thighs above his hips, she guided his still hard phallus with her hand and slid her dripping cunt down the thick length then slowly rotated her hips and moaned. Her hands moved sensuously up her own belly to her large tits, she cupped and squeezed them then moaned even louder as she began to bounce up and down on her son and Master’s cock. Her pace quickened as her passion increased and Chris watched and marveled at the transformation of this woman from his lovely and chaste mother to this needy wanton fucktoy gyrating above him. Her fingers played across her breasts then came to rest upon her dusky nipples. She gripped the hard little nubs then pinched and twisted and moaned louder.

“Ride my cock. Take it nice and deep in your cunt mother, welcome it back where it belongs,” he whispered hotly to her and grabbed her ass firmly. He dug his fingers into her flesh which made her writhe in pleasure and she ground her clit down onto his hard abs and brought herself to an intense orgasm. Chris could feel her pussy tighten on his cock then it gushed wetness all over his balls while she shrieked in delight. Her fingers were pinching and twisting her own nipples, her head was thrown back in the throws of bliss, her chest was heaving as she came… It was a moment Chris would never forget and the best part of it; he hadn’t had to command it at all. It was all her own doing.

That afternoon came quickly. Chris and Tina were outside in their deck chairs again but this time Tina was simply naked. Chris was in his board shorts and their mother was wearing a skimpy black bikini with a thong bottom. It was one she had worn long ago when she was a single woman and now she wore it for her son and Master so that he might be proud of his sexy mother. The thin strip of material that disappeared between his mother’s luscious ass cheeks did more to reveal her treasures than conceal them and Chris found himself getting aroused again just at the sight of his mom’s charms. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the way her labia seemed to swallow the string.

Cynthia, his mother’s sister, arrived a little after one o’clock and she strolled out onto the pool deck much the way his mother had the day before. She did not notice Chris and Tina right away as they were off to the side but instead she kicked her flip-flops off and dipped a toe into the pool before she turned around to greet them all. Chris caught her eye right away and looked into her mind. He could see the surprise at how Tina was naked and the equal surprise at what Laura was wearing, then she remembered that Chris really couldn’t see. Still, the inappropriate dress of her niece was almost enough to send her running for her car but Chris calmed her mind and took that thought away. He suggested that it was perfectly natural for Tina to be naked in her own back yard and for Laura to be wearing a skimpy thong bikini. It was a very good thing in fact and, with Chris’s help, Cynthia decided it would be acceptable for her to be naked too.

“Do you mind if I strip out of my clothes Laura?” she asked her sister nonchalantly, as though she had done it a thousand times before.

“Not at all sis, go right ahead,” Laura waved a hand at her as she reclined on one of the deck chairs, her feet propped up on the chair itself, knees slightly bent, the black bikini bottoms disappearing into his mother’s mound. Revealing to all that she was smooth and bare below.

From behind the cover of his sunglasses Chris observed his aunt as she got naked in front of them. She had a similar build to his mother though her breasts were slightly larger. She was in amazing shape just like his mom, the benefits of yoga he was certain. Chris could see where his sister got her flaming red hair it was definitely a genetic trait from his mother’s side of the clan. His aunt’s top came off and he marvelled at those amazing tits. The areola were a coral shade and were larger than his mother’s but not by much, the nipples topping her pale peaks were delicate and small and he hungered to suck upon them. As his aunt stepped out of her shorts he could see the thin landing strip of red hair that led down to her pussy lips. Those lips were larger than his mother’s or Tina’s and they stuck out slightly but not in an unattractive way. It made his aunt look aroused all the time though and Chris had to try hard not to smile as his cock grew even harder in his board shorts. He decided he liked her pale skin and fiery mane and that it was fitting for her. He added another thought to his aunt’s mind and she settled in the same spot where his mother had lain down the day before so that he could view her treasures. She was in almost the exact same position and Chris had a completely unobstructed sight line of his aunt’s cunt and ass. He observed and admired and enjoyed.

“Mom why don’t you see if Aunt Cyn wants some sunblock rubbed on her so she won’t burn?” he suggested.

“Good idea sweetie,” his mother flashed him a wicked, knowing grin and rose gracefully from her chair to get the lotion. She grabbed it up from the plastic table nearby and alighted nimbly at the side of her sister. Cynthia looked up briefly, smiled, then laid her head back down as Laura poured some sunblock into her own hand then began to rub it into Cynthia’s shoulders.

Tina leaned over to watch and grinned at her brother then spread her legs and pointed to her pussy, she showed her Master how wet and horny she was. Chris could see the slickness of her sex and he slowly untied his board shorts then shimmied out of them. His smooth cock was throbbing and stiff already. It was full of blood and it was pulsing in time with his heartbeat. His sister could not take her eyes off of it as she began to stroke her bare little pussy lips. Chris reclined back in his deck chair, his eyes were travelling back and forth from his sister to his aunt and mother. His mother’s hands were moving down his aunt’s back, rubbing the sunblock in then his mother moved down further and started to cover his aunt’s bottom. Chris waited for his aunt to protest and as the thought started to bubble up he quieted it. He could already tell his mother was excited and there was a faint shimmer of glistening dew upon her parshly exposed labia. She slowly and methodically worked her way down her sister’s leg then back up, she repeated this on the other leg spending much of her time on her sister’s inner thighs. Each time the thought that this was inappropriate bubbled up in Cynthia’s mind Chris took it away and replaced it with a thought of relaxation and he slowly built up his aunt’s excitement. He then delved deeper into his aunt’s mind looking for signs of abuse or trauma but found none. With only a few suggestions he lead her mind gently to a point where his mother, his sister, or himself would be able to have sex with her.

Chris stood up and walked slowly over to where his mother was massaging his aunt’s ass and running her fingers down to stroke his aunt’s engorged labia. He could see how wet his aunt was.

“Part her ass cheeks mom, I want to see her asshole,” he commanded his mother and she obeyed. Laura gripped Cyn’s ass cheeks and spread them wide and Chris smiled, pleased. His aunt’s anus was smooth and barely crinkled but it was a duskier shade of the coral on her areola that he found arousing in dirty way. His aunt moaned and turned her head to see him standing over her, his swollen phallus jutting lewdly at her ass. “Does she like her ass fucked the same way you do?” he asked his mother.

“Yes Master, she loves her ass fucked just like mommy does,” his mom replied in a sultry tone, her eyes half glazed with lust already. She knew that her sister Cynthia liked it. They had traded confidences from a very young age and told each other about all their firsts. So Laura knew everything that Cyn liked and vice versa.

“Hold her ass cheeks apart while I fuck your sister’s asshole then,” he growled and mounted his aunt, the head of his cock pushed firmly to her anus as his aunt moaned and rolled her hips up towards the invading cock head. She whimpered a moment as the tip parted the tight muscle of her sphincter then settled inside. The lotion coating her anal rim allowed Chris to push his cock easily in and out of his aunt’s ass but he started off slow and easy. He knew to let his aunt adjust and to help her ass stretch he gave her more of his cock steadily until he pressed his balls firmly against her pale, slippery ass cheeks.

Yes, he thought, another woman to be my slave. She will be under my control just like my sister and my mother. My slave aunt, he liked the sound of that.

“Your asshole is nice and tight aunt Cyn,” he whispered down to her as his mother obediently kept Cynthia’s ass cheeks spread widely. His sister had come over and joined them, she stood beside the deck chair and rubbed her young cunt as she watched her brother and Master start to assfuck their aunt. Chris enjoyed the way his sister played with her pussy and loved watching her do it.

“Good girl sis, stroke that tight little cunt for your Master. I want to watch you play with your pussy while I make aunt Cyn into My newest slave,” he locked his eyes on his sister and she moaned as she obeyed her brother and Master. Once again he hadn’t to issue a mental command, she obeyed because she wanted to.

His aunt moaned softly, “It’s been so long since anyone used it ….”she groaned louder, “oh fuck it feels so good. Give me all that dick Chris,” she started to beg. She could not believe the words coming out of her mouth. It felt like she was a stranger in her own body and suddenly she had no control of it. Chris seized upon her mind and made it submit to his desires and whims. He made it alright for her to fuck her nephew and for her nephew to fuck his sister or his mother. As far as she was concerned her nephew could fuck any woman and that was as it should be. “Pump that tight asshole ,” she cooed to him, “pump it hard and deep.” She gasped and turned her head to watch her niece Tina play with herself. The sight of her sister’s daughter’s pussy so close enflamed Cynthia even more.

Chris needed no more encouragement and started to pound into his aunt’s anus. It gripped and pulled at the taut skin of his cockshaft in a way that made his balls churn and he knew he would not last long in his aunt’s ass. She must teach all My slaves this technique of hers.

“You’re mine now aunt Cyn. You’re my slave,” he hissed to her, “you will always be my incestuous fuck toy along with my mother and my sister. The three of you are part of my harem now and forever. You will never be jealous of each other or of any other woman I bring to the harem. You will always want for my happiness above all won’t you?” he growled and stabbed into her asshole over and over until she was howling her agreement and her obedience.

“Yes Master! I will be your slave! I will be your whore Master!” she cried in joy and pleasure and relief. She was so happy to feel so loved especially by her stud of a nephew and his huge cock. Out of reflex she clamped down on his cock as she came hard and this triggered his orgasm as well. He let out a loud yell of pleasure and emptied his balls into his aunt. His sister came hard at the same time, then and her knees gave out and she sat down hard on the deck chair next to his aunt. His mother leaned in and kissed his shoulder, his arm, anywhere she could reach.

“Oh my son and Master,” she purred,” you are so good to your slaves. I knew my sister would love your cock almost as much as I do.”

“I do,” his aunt Cyn agreed, “I love your strong young cock,” she panted, “especially in my asshole.” She ground her ass back up into him against to emphasize this point.

“We have talked aunt Cyn and we want you to come live here with us. You shouldn’t be away from us,” he told her as he slowly pulled his cock from her well used ass. His mother immediately leaned in and sucked the seed from her son’s shaft. Her tongue was soft and supple and his aunt watched mesmerized by the site of her sister sucking on her own son’s tool. It didn’t matter to Cynthia that her sister was sucking the cock of her own son or that Tina was watching and smiling. All that mattered was that Chris was happy and that his cock was well cared for by these three women. She knew that she would do whatever Chris wanted and she would always be his beloved harem girl.

“I would love that,” she found herself agreeing to her Master’s command. Her waste of a husband could just fuck off for all she cared. She could not stop staring at her nephew’s beautiful cock and the way her sister sucked it so lovingly. She wanted to do the very same thing and she couldn’t believe how good she suddenly felt. This was exactly where she belonged and she knew it. To her surprise her sister pushed her back down onto the deck chair and spread her ass cheeks back open then started to gently lick around her anus. She moaned in pleasure as Laura rimmed her and she enjoyed how her sister’s tongue felt as it invaded her asshole, looking for their Master’s cum. Cyn’s mind blanked and she got lost in the erotic incestuous pleasure of it all.

She awoke sometime later as the sun was setting. Her eyes felt heavy but she sat up and looked around. Her niece was asleep in the deck chair next to her and just as naked as she was. For a moment she had thought the afternoon had been a dream but it came rushing back to her and suffused her with a feeling of warmth and bliss. Immediately she moistened between her thighs. As she turned the other way she saw Chris sitting on her other side and her sister just beyond him. They were both relaxing and reading. The feeling of belonging overwhelmed her and she felt tears in her eyes. Out of need she moved beside her Master, she knelt down next to Chris and put her head in his lap to kiss the cock of her Master.

“Thank you,” she said with a soft sob as she kissed the beautiful shaft, “thank you for taking me in Master and welcoming me.”

Chris was surprised at the depth of emotion in his aunt’s voice but he put his hand down into the wavy curls of her long red hair and stroked it gently, soothingly. “Thank you for becoming Mine aunt Cyn. I will cherish you and keep you safe always. You will never be ignored with Me.” The sudden feeling of her love…her devotion, nearly overwhelmed Chris and he had a moment of clarity where he realized that he would cherish these women and keep them safe. They may be his slaves but he loved them and they loved him. ” I will be a good man Aunt Cyn. I will be good to you and Tina and mom and take care of you three. Whatever it takes.” His voice was thick with emotion and his eyes were intense as he made his vow to her.

She smiled and kept kissing his cock then worked her way down to his balls, her lips pressed against them first then her tongue and he opened his thighs so that she could worship obediently. His mother joined them and moved down by his other leg and joined her. Both of them were sucking, licking and kissing his cock and it grew swollen with need once again. As he watched the two sisters would make out with his cock between them then take turns sucking the head and the shaft until finally he gripped both of them by the hair and fired jet after jet of his cum on their faces.

“I mark you both as Mine. My property. My slaves that I love and adore,” he groaned as each of them moaned in turn. Almost as one they turned to each other and licked his cum from the other’s face. Everything is going exactly as I hoped. Now I just need keep this up through college and the rest of my life, he laughed at himself. Both of the slaves kneeling at his side looked up at him adoringly and he knew that he would always treasure them even as he knew he would add more to his harem over time. The trick would be keeping a balance. Chris was sure he could pull it off.

This is my first attempt at a non-brother/sister incest story, so honest opinon would be appreciated.

Many thanks to Mricemen1964 and Firefly Girl for their sense of reality and willingness to assist me in making this story happen, and for not being afraid to tell me when they thought I was full of it. Thanks, Guys, love you both…

If you liked it, please rate it, if not, let me know why, I promise I will always listen, even if I don’t always agree!


So here I am, hammering my cock into my kid sister, and my aunt loves every second of it. I kiss my sister hungrily as I pound into her, and my aunt kisses me back just as needily. Confused? I was, so let me clue you in, by beginning at the beginning.

I grew up in Bristol in the 1980′s, in Clifton, the elegant Regency-period town-within-the-town at the top of the Avon Gorge, in the west of England. I had only one sibling, a sister, Marlene, Lena for short, who was just under a year younger than me. We lived in a huge, echoing, icy-cold Georgian house near Clifton College and the famous Clifton suspension bridge, attended the local Catholic primary school, and maintained the usual older brother/annoying little sister relationship that one would expect from our normal background and family life.

Dad worked at Rolls-Royce, in the engine division at Filton, precision machining blades for jet turbines. Mum was a Head Nurse in the Renal Unit at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in the centre of Bristol, not too far from where we lived. When I left Primary School and moved into Secondary School, Lena was devastated. Every day of her entire school life, I’d taken her to school, sat with her in the dining hall for lunch, and then brought her home with me in the afternoon, and now she’d have to do that journey and spend the day alone, for a whole year. She was not happy, and the thing about Lena is, when she’s not happy, she gets democratic and makes sure everybody gets some, so there was a lot of ill-feeling and tantrums. The only bright spot (for her) was that my new school, over in Long Ashton, gave out 45 minutes before her school, so I had time to get home and go and collect her, and this became my routine.

I honestly never minded; Lena was a pretty little girl, tall for her age, with long, straight, bright chestnut hair cut in bangs, and piercing blue eyes, just like mum (and nothing like me, which should have given me pause for thought; I had dusty blonde hair, and green eyes; dad had light brown hair and blue eyes too, so I should have wondered where my green eyes came from; but I never did), and she would tell me of her day, hold my hand when we crossed the road, and basically enjoy as much of my time as I was able to give her.

It turned out to be quite a lot; dad’s workplace was way across the other side of town, and mum worked unpredictable and irregular shifts, so Lena and I would be home first most of the time, so we’d do whatever homework we had, and usually be finished by the time dad came in, around 6pm or so. Dad would start dinner, and collapse exhausted in a recliner while Lena and I would potter around, talk, watch TV while keeping an eye on whatever was cooking, and generally kill time until mum came home. Not an exciting life, but a normal one.

When Lena hit 11, she moved up into secondary school, and she of course elected to attend my school, no surprises there. As I was now one year ahead of her, (Year Seven) I was becoming allergic to her presence; I was starting to hit that age when girls become…interesting, and the last thing I needed when I was trying to look all windswept and interestingly cool to Year Seven girls was to have my Year Six sister hanging around me all the time. As I got older, it got worse, and I started telling her to leave me alone, to get lost, and I took to avoiding her as my embarrassment at having her hanging around me grew. Now, when I look back on how I was with her, I hate myself; she was my little sister, and for years I’d been the centre of her world, and now here I was, pushing her away, and not being too polite about it either.

I didn’t pick up on this, of course; all I knew was that I’d come home from school, alone, having ducked her somewhere, then hear her slam in and run up to her room and start crying, but it never occurred to me that it was me making her cry. And it never occurred to me to go and comfort her; that wasn’t my job anymore, I was a grown-up now. Yes, I know, don’t judge, you were a young teen boy yourself once.

I never noticed she was growing, either, I never noticed anything about her these days, self-absorbed little tick that I was, and Lena was becoming more and more attractive as she got older. When I was 16, one of my classmates told me he was going to ask Lena out. I was a little puzzled as to why he’d want to ask out a Year 10, when he was a Year 11, and he looked at me like I was stupid.

“Because Lena’s a real looker, that’s why! Any objections if I ask her out?”

I said something along the lines of “why are you telling me, I don’t care, just keep your hands to yourself!” and off he went to ask her out to the cinema that night. A couple of hours later, our paths crossed and I remembered that he was going to ask my sister out.

“So what did she say?” I asked him, more out of something to say than any real interest.

“She asked me what you said, so I told her you said you didn’t care, and she got mad at me, and started crying and stormed off like I just spat on her or something. Your sister’s a fruit loop, did you know that?” he said nastily, so I dragged him around a corner and smacked him around a little, just to remind him to watch what he said about my sister, but it was automatic outrage, done because it was expected of me, not because I felt he was impugning my sister – I truly thought I didn’t care what he said about her.

When I got home that afternoon, delayed because of cricket practice, Lena was already home, locked away in her room, so I left her to it, and got down to my homework. I heard mum come in, then dad, and soon I started smelling dinner being prepared. I was miles away in my history homework when a knock on my door brought me back to the present day.

“Come in!” I called and when no-one did I walked over and opened the door. Lena was standing there, her face tear stained and her eyes red, so I asked her what the problem was.

“Darryl, why do you hate me?” she asked me flatly, catching me off-balance, so I blustered a reply.

“Don’t be so daft, I don’t hate you, what a stupid question!”

She looked ready to cry again. “You do hate me, you won’t talk to me, you avoid me, you’re rude to me all the time, you’re always angry with me. Why are you so angry with me, Darryl? I never did anything to you, yet you won’t even let me talk to you! What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?”

Nothing at all. She’d done absolutely nothing.

I had no answer, other than the right one, which was I’d gotten so used to ignoring her in my quest to look cool, I didn’t know how else to treat her anymore. She only ever tried to be nice to me, and I treated her like she didn’t exist, or I took everything out on her, when it wasn’t her fault at all. Realising that only made me angry with myself, and she was standing there, the perfect target.

“Look, you half-wit, I don’t hate you, but I really have no time for you or your pathetic whining, I don’t care what you think, and I don’t care what you do, or who you do it with, just as long as you do it somewhere else, and leave me alone! Now piss off and stop annoying me; get some friends, get a life, and stay out of mine!”

I said it to hurt, and she looked liked I’d slapped her, the tears ran down her face, and I knew I’d finally gone too far, but it was too late, the words had been said, and I couldn’t recall them. All she’d wanted was some time with her big brother, for me to hug her and say “don’t be silly, of course I don’t hate you!” and sit down with her for five minutes, and I didn’t even have that for her. Oh I’d fucked-up royally; I knew it there and then.

Lena turned and ran into her room, sobbing, and I followed her as she slammed her door. I knocked and called out to her, telling her I was sorry, but it was already too late; in her mind I’d finally told her what I really thought of her, and now I’d lost her for good. She never came down for dinner, and mum went up to see what was wrong, coming back down to stare daggers at me. She and dad had a whispered conference in the kitchen, then dad called me into the lounge.

“Darryl, just what did you say to Lena? She’s upstairs having hysterics, what did you do?”

He dragged the whole thing out of me, in pieces. He and mum both knew I was uncomfortable with Lena hanging around me, and as I gave him the reasons for my outburst he looked less and less friendly.

“So she wanted to know why you turned from her big brother into the surly little prick you are now? I would guess it’s because you’ve turned into a surly little prick. She’s only 15, and she looked up to you and trusted you, and this is how you behave? In another age I’d take my belt to you, but now, you have to live with it. She looked up to you, but you had to go and tell her that you didn’t care what she did, or what happened to her! You couldn’t let her be your kid sister, just once in a while, even for a little while. Well, mister, you just proved how unworthy you are of the respect and trust she’s been trying to give you for years. Lena’s been trying for years to be part of your life, and you never let her in, not once, and now you’ve lost her. I hope you feel proud of what you’ve done; I hope it makes you feel big and manly! I’m ashamed of you; now just…just get out of my sight. And stay away from your mother; she’s trying to fix what you did, and she’s in no mood for your attitude and smart mouth! And you stay away from Lena, you hear me?”

I slunk up to my room. Everything he’d said was true, and now I’d have to face what I’d said and done to my only kid sister.

I didn’t sleep much that night; everything I’d said, and everything dad said, rolled around continuously in my mind. When I came down for breakfast in the morning, I didn’t wait for the others, for Lena, I’d been ordered to stay away from all of them, so I just grabbed a banana for breakfast and left; anyway, I couldn’t face anyone, not after last night.

I spent all day trying to spot Lena in school, but had no luck, and went home as late as I could, slinking into the house and up to my room. When mum called me for dinner, I made an excuse and went to bed early. As a consequence, I got up early, so again, I took a piece of fruit for breakfast and left before anyone else was around. Again, I spent the day trying to spot Lena, and again no luck, and when I got in, I went straight to my room and skipped dinner, again – I really had no appetite anymore, I had my guilt to chew on, that kept me busy as I reflected on how completely I’d managed to throw myself out of the family.

This became my routine now, leave the house early, early, see Lena in school and avoid her, go back as late as I could, do my homework and go to bed. I think the family got used to not having me at dinner; mum would knock and call me, but I never answered, so she probably assumed I was asleep, and sometimes Lena would knock too, calling out to me. Dad would come and knock for me too, I pointedly ignored all of them; I had nothing more to do with them, and I was rapidly losing contact with them. I’d find some dinner on a tray outside my room in the morning, and I’d step over it, or take it down and leave it on the counter, take some fruit and go to school. Weekends, I’d leave early in the morning, go to the cricket nets at Bower Ashton and work on my batting form; then stay there ’til it got too dark to see the ball, and I got too tired to swing that 2 ½ lb bat any more, and then go home, let myself in, go to bed, and sleep like a stone.

I hardly ever felt hungry, either, but I did get tired more easily, I slept like a stone most of the evening and all night, and I had a lot of really bad headaches. This went on for weeks; I was in no mood or suitable frame of mind to spend time with any of my family, and other than quick glimpses of Lena at school, I never saw or spoke to any of them.

The last weeks of school-term before the summer holidays, I managed to avoid all contact with my family. I usually came in late enough that they were already engrossed in the TV, so they never heard me come in. They’d stopped calling me for dinner, or leaving me any, I never answered or ate any of it, and I’d developed the habit of moving around so quietly in my room I’m not even sure they knew I was in there. All I knew was, I’d been told they didn’t want me near them anymore, and I certainly didn’t want to see any of them again. I had no more homework, my GCSE examinations were all over, and where I’d once planned on going into the 6th Form to study for my A-Level examinations, I thought that would be pointless now.

All I wanted to do was get out, find a job somewhere a long way away, and never come back; I had to, I wasn’t wanted or needed here anymore. I gradually convinced myself that I was no longer a part of this family. They didn’t need or want me, and I’d hurt everyone too much to go back to them. I stopped needing to eat, food just made me sick anyway, and a piece of fruit in the morning gave me all the energy I needed without making me feel sick or throw up. The one thought in my mind was that I had to get out. I had some savings; they’d do until find somewhere I could fit in. I

t would be true to say that at this point, what dad had said to me had taken over my mind and I wasn’t even remotely rational anymore; the idea that I wasn’t wanted, that I wasn’t part of them anymore had completely taken me over, and the only real thought in my head at any given moment was that I was supposed to leave, soon.

Dad had other ideas however.

I slipped into my room one night to find him sitting on my bed, and mum standing there, waiting for me; I flicked on the light and there they were. Mum came over to me, and tried to hug me, but I stepped back; suddenly I didn’t want anyone touching me, and especially not her; the last thing I remembered clearly about her was the expression on her face as she glared at me. She stepped in closer, and hugged me anyway, and it felt…wrong, unpleasant, and I twisted out of her grasp.

“Don’t do that again, don’t…touch me!” I asked her, not really seeing the shocked, hurt expression on her face, in her eyes; I was busy shuddering as my skin crawled from the contact.

“Darryl what have you done? You’re all bones! Oh my God, you’ve lost so much weight…!” There it was, more criticism, one more reason to leave.

“Baby, we haven’t seen or heard from you for weeks; you don’t talk to us, you don’t eat anything here, you don’t eat lunch in school, you don’t spend any time with us, we don’t know where you are, or what’s wrong! Sweetheart, we’re all so worried about you! Why are you doing this to yourself?”

I looked at her with almost complete disinterest in what she was saying.”

“I’m doing what you wanted, I’m leaving. I’ll try and find a job somewhere, find my own place, and stay away from all of you, that’s what you both wanted.”

Now dad had a question.

“Son, why do you think you need to leave?” and I knew the answer to that one right away.

“Because I screwed-up so big I can never fix it. Lena will never be my little sister again, and she’ll never need me again. So I should go; no-one wants me here, you told me that; I have no reason to be in this family, and no need to be here; maybe I can fit-in somewhere else.”

Pretty pathetic, huh?

Dad sagged, looking old and defeated. “Darryl, I’m so sorry, I never realised what we were doing to you. Your mum and I were mad at you, yes, but that was then, and we never wanted you out of our family, you’re our son! We want you here, we want you to go back to school in September, take your exams, and be what you want. Come and have dinner with us, we waited for you…”

I demurred. “I had some fruit earlier today, I’m fine!” but dad wouldn’t have it.

“Darryl, you’re starving to death, look at you, you have to eat something besides a piece of fruit now and then!”

Mum spoke up again.

“Baby, how much weight have you lost?” and I grinned at her.

“Couple of pounds, nothing I couldn’t afford to lose, besides, what’s it got to do with you?”

Mum was shaking her head.

“Baby, you’ve lost more than that; look in the mirror, that rugby shirt is supposed to be form-fitting; it’s hanging on you like a sack!”

I got mad then.

“If you people just came in here to criticise, you can leave, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to eat with you, and I feel just fine! Now could you please just go!”

The truth was, I didn’t want to sit around a table with them; I felt fine, but I’d become isolated and insular, and I felt that I now had no connection to these people anymore; I’d done something bad enough to permanently exclude me from their family, and they’d told me to go, so I had no way back in; or so I believed; remember, whatever was going on in my head now, it was mostly irrational, built around an angry outburst from my father, and my reasoning, if you could call it that, made perfect sense to me. Sometimes the mind selects and fixates on the strangest, most trivial reasons for going off the rails, and I’d derailed so completely I wasn’t even aware of my own altered perception of reality

Dad wasn’t letting go of it.

“I know Lena misses you desperately, she wants to see you; she’d tell us she saw you at school, but you always gave her the slip, and we never knew where you were. Your little sister spends her evenings crying for you, she’s worried sick about you, son. We’d check your room, and you weren’t there, your mother and I came to the school time and again, but we never found you, you’d always disappeared; you don’t talk to anyone anymore, you don’t tell anyone where you are, and your friends say you haven’t spoken to them in weeks. Your teachers asked us to help you, they’re just as concerned with what you’re doing to yourself, they know you need help, let us help you, please!”

I tried to get across to him what I was feeling.

“Dad, I don’t need any help, I’m fine, and if Lena wanted to see me, she’d be here. I feel fine, there’s nothing wrong with me, why can’t you understand, I can’t be here anymore? I have to leave, I want you to leave, and I definitely don’t want to see Lena again, not after last time! “

And then, behind me, came the voice I’d been dreading the most.

“But I want to see you, Darryl, please, please talk to me…”

I turned around slowly, and there was my little sister, crying. Great, I’d made her cry again.

“Go away Lena, I’m not supposed to talk to you! Didn’t you hear me? Just leave me alone!” I grated, angry that she was here, and angry with myself for setting all this in motion, because of her.

She came into my room and suddenly hugged me, and gasped.

“Darryl, why are you so thin, what happened to you? God, there’s nothing left of you!”

I tried to push her away, and I couldn’t; an 80lb girl and I couldn’t move her, I had no strength at all; I might as well have tried to push a bus uphill.

Then I realised something; the feel of her hugging me was…pleasant, like someone had flicked a switch in my brain. Suddenly I felt…something, a connection to her I thought I’d severed for good.

Automatically, my arms came up and held her, the feel of my sister against me warm, and loving, and concerned; my little sister still needed me, I hadn’t lost her yet!

Lena slid her hands over my back, and pulled back to look at me, shock, horror and overwhelming concern in her eyes.

“Oh God Darryl, what happend to you? Are you sick? You’ve lost so much weight I can feel every bone in your body! Look at you, you’re emaciated! What happened, Dar, why didn’t you ask me for help? I would have done anything for you, you should have known that!”

Two big tears rolled down her cheeks, and I cursed myself for hurting this sweet girl again, for trying to kill myself though neglect, because I thought I’d lost her. Right there I realised how much I needed her, and how much she meant to me; she was my little sister,and I loved her, and I would never hurt her again.

It took a while for me to truly believe my family wanted me back, had never in fact stopped wanting me, and I spent all that summer learning how to eat again. Mum had put me on a diet of simple food, steamed fish and mashed potatoes, a little fruit, sugary oatmeal, easily digested food; I was still too far gone for red meat or pork chops just yet.

I had daily counselling to help me resolve the eating and image issues I’d developed, and Lena was the one who helped me the most when the bouts of depression set in. Even today, after all these years, sometimes when I pass a mirror, I get a resurgence of those feelings, and I have to go and find Lena and she helps me until the depression and the urge to stop eating and punish myself passes.


My counsellors decided I had made enough progress by September that I could go back to school, as I had originally intended. I eventually completed my two years in 6th Form, passing my exams at age 18 with a sufficient number of A-passes to get me accepted at the University of London St George’s Medical School to do my MBBS medical training.

Lena was heartbroken that I would be gone for 5 years, plus another 2 years to do the General Medical Council Foundation so I could get my GMC License to Practice, but she knew it was what I wanted. She was 17 when I left, in another year she’d be at university herself, maybe she’d go into medicine too.

All Lena was focussing on, though, was the fact that I’d be gone for most of the year, with only the occasional visit home for the next 7 years.

Leaving home to start my training was the most painful thing I’ve ever done; mum, dad and Lena took me to London, to the student accommodation unit, to get my room ready and have a look around the hospital. Mum was definitely on the teary side, and even dad was a little gruff at times, but Lena made no bones about how she felt, and when it was time for them to leave, her expression was so forlorn I nearly climbed into the car and went back with them.

I’d never been anywhere without them, and even though I’d spent so long being such an obnoxious little cock when it came to Lena, in the last two years I’d made up a lot of lost time with her, and I missed my little sister desperately; she’d become my confidante, my partner in crime, and my best friend, and I didn’t know how I was going to function without seeing her every day.

The wrench and sense of loss when the car finally turned the corner and disappeared was almost physical in its intensity. I know I was growing up and moving on, and it was supposed to be the start of the next part of my life, but I felt so fucking bad about letting go of this part.

The next five years were hectic, to say the least. I spent as much time at home as I could, but to be honest, it wasn’t that much; Lena had gone to university, to Warwick, where she studied Law with a Sociology Honour for 4 years, followed by a post-graduate Diploma in International Economic Law, so I hardly saw her even when I was home, as we were usually out of sync; when I was free, she was knee-deep in lectures 150 miles away, and when she was free, I was on Night-Call or research or something. We only managed to maintain reasonable contact by phone, and that only occasionally.

At last, I qualified and obtained my GMC license, now all I had to do was find a job where they actually needed a newbie with surgical and clinical skills but no actual real-world experience. However, after seven years of running myself ragged, I decided that a job could wait; I wanted some time with my family. Lena was newly graduated as well, in the same boat as me, and looking for some family time.

When I eventually arrived home, I was disappointed that she wasn’t there, but mum assured me that she would be there that evening, she was just waiting for her landlord to come around and collect her keys, as she was moving back to Bristol to save money. I spent the day on tenterhooks; I’d not seen her in almost 2 years now, and I was anxious to see her again soon; I even poked my head inside her room, just to re-acquaint myself with the place where we’d spent many happy hours talking, swapping confidences, doing homework together or just being companionable.

Eventually, I ended up watching TV in the lounge, where I fell asleep waiting for her, and was awakened by someone dropping heavily into my lap. My eyes flew open, and there was Lena, large as life, and twice as pretty. She giggled, and hugged me, and I hugged her back, bursting with happiness now I had my best friend back.

“Hello, Angel Eyes!” I smiled, and she giggled as she hugged me.

I held her out at arm’s length to look at her, re-acquainting myself with her features. Her glossy chestnut hair was longer than ever, nearly all the way down her back now, and her blue eyes were, if anything, an even more intense blue than I remembered, almost violet in their intensity. And she was so beautiful; no, I take that back; my little sister was gorgeous! Her glorious eyes, deep and calm and pellucid, her fair skin lightly dusted with freckles across the bridge of her cute little nose, her lips a deep, coral pink. Naturally fresh-complexioned, and innocent of any make-up or lipstick, she was just absolutely stunning, a true English Rose.

She giggled and squirmed under my scrutiny, then jumped up and pulled me up to go and have a coffee with her in the kitchen with mum. I couldn’t help staring at her as she walked in front of me, her rear view equally captivating in the Royal Blue minidress she was wearing, and I found myself deeply envying the man who eventually captured her.

“So, Darryl, any young doctresses falling under the spell of your manly charms?” she asked, grinning, and I grinned back.

“Nope, bit of a dry spell, what with being on call 24/7 for weeks on end!” I retorted, “How about you? Any rich, corporate lawyer-types circling you?”

She dimpled “A couple, I like to keep my options open!”

As we stood and chatted, sipping our coffees, I couldn’t help but look her over. She really was the perfect package, her short, figure-hugging dress emphasising her long legs and small waist, and her elegant figure. Her long straight hair set-off her tall slender frame perfectly, and all I could think was how much she reminded me of a singer I’d seen on TV when I was a boy, Crystal Gayle, except Lena was much better looking! Her skin was pale, translucent, like fine eggshell porcelain, no marks or blemishes except that adorable spray of pale freckles across her nose, and her eyes were the deepest blue-violet I had ever seen; my little sister really was a stunner, no two ways about it! Why she wasn’t already married, or at least engaged, was a mystery to me.

Dad came in from work while we were chatting, and we gave him the lowdown on career prospects, preferred jobs, and what we intended to do next. I had applied for Orthopaedic Team internships and locum slots at several London and Home Counties hospitals, as well as signing up to several specialist medical recruiters. Lena was looking for a Civil Service position, hopefully with the Department For International Development (DFID) in Whitehall, in London, as well as various international agencies and public bodies, but it was summer, nothing much was popping in the job world for either of us, so it seemed like a good time to come home and get together for a while.

Dinner was wonderful, although dad seemed to be having some sort of coughing fits, periodically wheezing and coughing discreetly into a wadded handkerchief, and I resolved to pull him aside after dinner and have a listen to his chest. In the meantime, I settled down to enjoy the meal.

Mum had pulled out all the stops, it was the first family meal I’d had in over two years where we were all there, which made it all the better for me. Dad looked older since the last time I’d seen him, and I realised with a shock that he’d be retiring soon; he must be, what, 61? 62? Whatever his age, he’d seemed preoccupied during dinner, like he had something on his mind, and even mum seemed a little distracted, and this continued after the meal, when we were sitting around in the lounge, having a coffee and chatting. Eventually, dad seemed to come to a decision.

“Darryl, I…we need to talk to you, there’s something I need you to know, about you…and us.”

The way he said it immediately put me on alert.

“What’s up, dad, what about me and you?” I asked.

Dad looked at mum, and she nodded, so he looked back at me.

“Son, it’s about your mother…and your father.” Now I was confused. I looked at mum, but she was watching dad, and, strangely, Lena.

“But you’re my father, surely?” I asked him, still confused, and watched his head shake slowly.

“No Darryl, I’m not. Your father was Robert Fraser. His…partner was Elizabeth, my daughter, your mother. I’m your grandfather, Darryl.”

Lena clutched my arm so tightly I thought she’d stop the circulation, but it was barely registering.

I was floundering.

“And Lena, is she…? and dad shook his head.

“No, Lena’s my daughter; she’s Elizabeth’s half-sister…and your aunt.”

Lena started whimpering, her eyes fixed on my face as they filled up and spilled over. I put my arm around her, trying to get my balance here. Lena wasn’t my sister, I wasn’t their son, and my whole family life here had been a lie!

“Dad, why are you telling me, now of all times, I’m 25, and now I find out my whole family isn’t my family, I don’t have a little sister, my mother isn’t my mother, it’s some woman I never heard of, where is she, where’s she been my entire life? Where’s this father of mine, this Robert Fraser, why has he never showed up? “

“Daryl…” began mum, and I glanced at her.

“And you’re my grandmother, are you?” and she shook her head.

“No Darryl, Elizabeth is from a relationship your grandfather had when he was in his late teens. Elizabeth’s mother had left her with him and disappeared, so he brought her up alone. I married him just after you were born; Elizabeth was nearly 18 then, and your father, Robert, had been killed in the Falklands in 1982, a few months after Elizabeth found out she was pregnant; he was still only a boy himself, only 19. I met your grandfather soon after that, and we decided to get married. Elizabeth couldn’t handle bringing up a child alone at such a young age, so we took you to bring you up as our son. Lena came along 10 months later, and we brought you up as brother and sister.”

“But you didn’t adopt me, yes?” I asked her, and she shook her head.

“And you’re not my grandmother?” I asked her, and she shook her head again.

“So you’re not my birth-mother, you’re not my adoptive mother, you’re not my grandmother, so really, you’re nothing to me, no relation at all, yes?” and I saw the hurt in her eyes again.

“No, Darryl, I’m still your mum, that hasn’t changed…”

I interrupted her. “No you’re not. You never made a move to make me yours, you just kept me around, like an umbrella you found on a bus, then suddenly, completely out of the blue, you choose to tell me. Both of you lied to me my whole life, you take away my family, you take away my little sister, you tell me I’m not even who I thought I was, and you expect me to be, what, happy that the truth’s finally out? I was happy! I was happy not knowing, did that ever occur to you? How could you rip my family away from me and shred my life, and not expect me to feel anything? Why didn’t you just shoot me and stuff me in a fucking dumpster?”

Dad stirred at that, but said nothing, and mum just looked stricken. Lena never took her eyes off me, her whimpering getting louder, until, with a high-pitched keening, she began crying, holding on to my arm in a death-grip, rocking as she sobbed, holding me tight. Mum tried to comfort her, and she shook her off, pushing her away and scrabbling for a handkerchief. I gave her mine, which only seemed to make her cry more.

I stood up, absolutely sure of only one thing; I had to get out of there, away from this nightmare, from these people who’d lied to me every single day of my life.

As I went to get my jacket and holdall, mum came out and put her hand on my arm.

“Daryl, don’t go, please, we need to talk!”

I grimaced, trying not to cry. “We’re done talking, mum, or should I call you ‘Gran’?” and she flinched.

“Please Darryl, come back in, talk to him, he needs to talk to you some more, at least hear him out, won’t you?”

I shook my head.

“There’s nothing more to say; you just destroyed my life, you took away my family, you took away Lena, so I think you’ve said it all! Now I have to go, this conversation is over!”

“Please Darryl, he has his reasons for telling you, won’t you at least give him a chance to tell you what they are?”

I took her hand off my arm.

“I don’t care what his reasons are. You people play-acted around me my whole life; you aren’t my mother, he’s not my father, Lena’s not my sister, nothing here is mine; it didn’t stop you taking it all away, though, did it? You took it all away, and now you want to talk! No, you can’t fix this, mum, or Granny, or whoever the hell you are. The only person round here who didn’t lie to me is Lena, and you had no problem lying to her too; I loved being her big brother, she was my little sister, and you took that away from both of us!”

“I hate you for what you’ve done to me, and what you’ve done to Lena; she didn’t deserve this. Our whole life has been some kind of weird theatrical production; no-one in it is who they say they are, not even me; I’m 25 and I don’t even know who the fuck I am. That’s what you did to me, so are you satisfied now?”

I picked up my holdall and took out my keys, taking the front door key off my key-ring and tossing it to her.

“I won’t need this anymore, because I swear to God I will never set foot in this house again!” I told her, her expression stricken as I turned to leave.

Lena came hurtling out to hug onto me, holding me desperately, then grabbing her coat and bag as well.

“I’m coming with you; I’m not staying here another second!” she gritted.

“Lena, what are you doing?” asked mum, and Lena whirled to face her.

“He may not be your son, but he IS my brother, and I’m going with him. Can’t you even see what you’ve done? How dare the two of you pull his whole world apart! You took away his whole identity, and then you try and act like it was necessary. Did you ever stop to think that this is exactly what might happen? He was right; he was happier not knowing. If you ever really thought of him as your son, you’d never have done this! He’s right to hate you; I hate you for what you did! You didn’t have to tell us, can’t you see it was cruel and unnecessary?”

I opened the door and she walked through it, dumping her bag into the car boot along with mine, and climbed into the passenger seat. I pulled away from the kerb, and got as far as the end of the road before I had to stop, the tears were making my vision blurred. Lena held me while I cried for the past that was gone, and the family I’d lost, and the life that had all been a lie.

My mum was gone, my dad was gone, even my little sister was gone, taken away in a couple of sentences; but then, none of them had ever really existed, none of it had been true, nothing.

Eventually I calmed down enough to drive safely, and headed out of town, down through Clifton and through the centre of Bristol, heading for the M4 and London. All the way home, it drummed in my head. Mum and dad had been lying to me all my life, they’d been lying to Lena all her life, just told us a convenient lie and left it at that. They’d said no more about my real mother, who’d certainly never made an appearance in my entire life; was she dead, or had she never wanted me in the first place, and dumped me with…them because they were convenient and I was cramping her style?

My phone rang endlessly, one or other of…them (I couldn’t bring myself to call them mum and dad anymore; they weren’t, were they?) hanging on the line, hoping for me to pick up. I let it ring, until they switched to Lena’s phone. She just switched hers off and dumped it in the glove compartment along with mine.

We eventually got back to my place in Tooting Broadway, just around the corner from St George’s, about midnight, only stopping once at the Chieveley Services on the M4 for Lena to stretch her legs a little. I live in a 2 bedroom maisonette, the top floor of a medium-sized Edwardian house, what they used to call a gentleman’s residence back in the days of ‘la belle époque’, but the second bedroom was set-up as an office/storage/work-out space for me, so I gave Lena my room and made up a bed for myself on the couch in the living room.

We changed out of our day clothes into something more suitable for sleeping; Lena into a long Tee-shirt, and me in a University College London rowing shirt and shorts, and made some coffee while we discussed what to do next.

“We can’t go back, can we?” said Lena morosely, and I nodded agreement, although I’d been thinking about why she’d come with me in the first place.

“You didn’t have to come, Sis, they’re still your parents,” I observed, and she grimaced back at me, eyes filling again.

“Fuck ‘em! They should have been yours as well; they should have just kept quiet and just been your mum and dad and taken it to their graves, full stop, The End. You’re my brother, no matter what they said, and I’ll take my chances with you, thank you very much! Like I said, fuck ‘em!”

I had to grin; Lena never swears, she always said swearing is the last resort of the verbally constipated, and now here she was, cursing her own parents!

As if on cue, my ‘phone started ringing again; one glance told me it was…them, again, as if they hadn’t got the message by now. Lena grinned nastily.

“Turn it off, let them sweat. Mine’s off, and it’s staying off. Tomorrow I’m getting a new number, let them try and get hold of me. You destroy your family, this is the price you pay. Bastards!”

I looked closely at her. She really was furious, I’d never seen her so angry before and it was a revelation; Lena was the calm one in the family, totally unflappable, with the kind of nerveless self-control that would let her face a charging rhino with a slightly raised eyebrow, and here she was, simmering and steaming, her legendary self-control finally cracked wide open.

“Hungry?” I asked her, and she shook her head.

“I’m going to bed, Darryl. You know, you don’t have to give me your bed, I’m quite happy to bunk out here, or we can share the bed, it’s got to be more comfy that that horrible couch!”

She was making sense. I was emotionally and physically drained, and that bed was looking attractive. Still…

Lena cocked an eyebrow at me and grinned. “If you’re worried about climbing into bed with me, I assure you, you’re safe; I find you completely resistible!”

I had to grin, and nodded assent, if the day ever came when I couldn’t split a bed with my little sister, it would be a bad day indeed.

We climbed in and killed the lights, and lay there, slowly drifting away; at least I was, until I became aware of Lena trembling and quivering. I turned and put the bedside light back on, and she was crying, sobbing silently. I didn’t ask stupid, inane questions; I knew why she was crying, I was only a sob and a sniffle from joining her, so I put my arm around her, and pulled her close, letting her sob into my chest while I stroked her hair, but not saying anything; what was there to say?

Eventually her sobbing slowed, then stopped, and her breathing evened out and slowed, deepening as she fell asleep still clutching on to me. I lay awake for a long time, my emotions still roiling as I contemplated a life without parents, trying not to remember the life I had when I still had a family, trying not to feel sorry for myself, and not succeeding very well.

I woke early, my med student time-sense flipping me from sleep to full wakefulness with no intermediate state. I was confused for a moment; wasn’t I supposed to be at home? Then memory flooded back; there was no home; this was home now. Then came the realisation and recollection that Lena was here with me, and why, with her leg thrown over mine, and her arm flung across my chest.

I eased her arm back and her leg off me so I could slip out of bed and take a pee, then debated getting back into bed or getting dressed. I didn’t really want to get back into bed with my kid sister; it felt weird and pervy, so I quietly got a change of clothes and went to have a quick shower before getting some breakfast. When I came back, to wake Lena and ask her what she wanted to do about breakfast, she’d rolled onto her stomach, with her shirt pulled up around her waist, and I could see she was wearing a pink thong. I’d never thought of my sister in a remotely sexual way before, she was just Lena, and now, here was her very shapely rump practically naked to my view, just the string of the thong disappearing into the cleft between her softly rounded buttocks to say she wasn’t completely naked under her sleeping Tee.

Admittedly, in my time on the wards at St. George’s I’d seen more bare backsides than a man should see in a long lifetime, but there was something so sweetly innocent, and yet so furiously sexy about Lena’s practically bare, perfectly formed bottom thrust out at me in that way; innocent yet desirable. I shook myself.

‘Get a grip, she’s your sister!’ I told myself severely, and reached over to pull the sheet up over her, hiding that lovely bum from my view.

I had nothing to eat here; I’d expected to be away for a couple of weeks, or maybe longer, so I’d run the fridge dry, emptied the freezer, and switched them both off. Luckily, there was a golden arches at Amen Corner, just round the corner from the flat, so I went there and bought two sausage muffins and two orange juices for breakfast.

When I came back in, I heard Lena call my name, so I pushed the bedroom door open, and froze. Lena was on her back, her eyes closed and her t-shirt pushed right up under her chin, one hand squeezing and tugging her nipples and the other hand was down inside the front of her thong, working furiously as she rubbed herself. I was transfixed; she had lovely firm breasts, probably 34C or better, a nice handful in any case, topped with long pink nipples, stiff and delicious-looking, surmounting small rose-pink areolas.

“Yes, Darryl, ooh God, yes, like that!” she moaned, and I broke out of my frozen trance to hurriedly back out before she saw me. I walked back to the sitting room in a daze, with just one thought clanging around in my head; Lena was masturbating over me, oh my God! Now what did I do? I’d seen her, heard her, how was I supposed to act around her now? Christ, did she see me? Fuck, this could get awkward really quickly.

To say I was super-weirded out would be an understatement; and yet, the image of her slender figure, her erect nipples, and her hand working away between her thighs remained with me. Every detail of her beautiful face flushed with arousal, her smooth rounded thighs flexing and corded as she thrust her mons against her hand, and her gorgeous pink nipples, stiff and up thrust as she pulled and squeezed them was imprinted on my mind. I could feel myself getting hard as that scene replayed yet again in my mind’s eye.

Shaking myself to try and clear the images from my head, I pondered what to do next. I knew I wouldn’t confront her, even if I wanted to; a person’s fantasies are their own personal property, and if she wanted to rub-off over me, it didn’t really affect me; (or at least it hadn’t until I’d walked in on her and discovered her doing it). In the meantime breakfast was getting cold, and I had no burning desire to have anything like that kind of conversation with my kid sister (even if she wasn’t, a sharp jab of melancholy reminded me…).

Just then, a loud sobbing moan from the bedroom reminded me what Lena was doing in there, and she was probably finished now, so time to arrive…

Getting up, I silently opened and then slammed the front door, to alert her to the fact I was back, and called out to her.

“Lena, fast-food breakfast, come and get it while it’s edible!” I shouted, hoping no trace of what I’d seen was in my voice or tone to alert her I was uncomfortable or embarrassed about something.

She appeared at the doorway, smiling, still in her long t-shirt, to sit cross-legged on the couch and dig into her sausage muffin and juice.

“So Darryl, what’s the plan for today?” she inquired, and I looked blankly at her; I hadn’t thought about it, as I’d planned on a fairly stress-free few weeks with mum and da…them, so my calendar was empty. I plopped down on the other end of the couch and looked at her.

“Lena, I don’t know what to do next. I’ve got quite a bit of cash stored up, so that should tide me…us over for a good while yet, but I wasn’t planning on being disinherited so completely, so I don’t know. Baby steps, I suppose. Do some shopping. Look for jobs. Work out who I am and where I’m supposed to go now.”

Lena slid up next to me, and wrapped her arm around my waist as she laid her head on my shoulder.

“Darryl, you don’t need to work out who you are; you’re Doctor Daryl Morgan, graduate of the University of London, St. George’s Medical School, surgeon par excellence, that hasn’t changed, and you’re my big brother, and that hasn’t changed either. The only identity crisis we need to worry about is the one going on back in Bristol with those two idiots who seem to think they’re not your parents!”

I had to grin at that. Talking to Lena was always a lift for my spirits, her irreverence, wit, observational skills and ability to judge character were a delight to listen to when she was in full flow.

She leaned up and pecked me on the cheek.

“Right now we have more immediate matters to attend to; you have no food or supplies, so we need to go shopping soon; a muffin for breakfast may seem like the ideal way to start the day, but that’s just advertising propaganda; we need to get some real food, something to stick to the ribs, as well as toiletries, all the things they tell us we can’t live without! Thank you for letting me stay with you, I’ll go as soon as I can find a place of my own, I promise.”

I grinned at her. “Don’t be daft, Lena, I’d love you to stay as long as you want; a day, a week, a month, a year, forever, I don’t care; you’re my little sister and it’s still my job to look after you!”

She dimpled at that.

“And that’s why I love you so much, Darryl Morgan! Just wait ’til I get dressed, and I’ll make you a lunch you’d write home about.”

She dressed in an outfit guaranteed to stop traffic, a tiny black skirt of some stretchy material that just covered the cheeks of her bum, a low-cut, figure-hugging black top that outlined every curve and jiggle, and teetering heels that made her legs go on forever. If she hadn’t been my sister/aunt/whatever, I’d have a made a grab at her, and she seemed to know that was the effect she was having on me. Had she dressed like this just to tempt me and reel me in? An intriguing, uncomfortable, arousing thought.

We shopped at the local Sainsbury’s in Balham. I told Lena to have a ball, my treat, buy anything she wanted, and she took me at my word, loading the shopping trolley with any and everything that took her fancy. As we strolled around the supermarket, I pushed the shopping trolley, and she linked arms with me, walking close enough to bump hips with me, and occasionally flashing me that 1,000 kilowatt smile of hers.

She got a lot of looks, I have to admit, and I did feel more than a little ego-boosted to have such a beautiful girl hanging on my arm as though we were actually a real couple.

When we got back to the flat, I stashed the groceries while Lena started cooking, and in an hour we were sitting down to her speciality, a fabulous Cottage Pie with green beans and cabbage, good, old-fashioned comfort food. She’d changed into a t-shirt and a pair of track-suit bottoms to cook, and I couldn’t help noticing how they clung to her svelte legs and firm bum.

I didn’t have a dining room, only a small dinette table I sometimes used for studying, so we ate in front of the TV, one at each end of that atrocious couch so we could talk as we ate. Our conversation was mostly about her parents. I still couldn’t bring myself to resume calling them ‘mum & dad’; well, they weren’t, were they?

Lena tapped her fork thoughtfully against her bottom lip.

“You know, Darryl, much as I thought about it, and tried to put myself in their place, and tried to see it from their point of view, I couldn’t; they had no right to just cast you adrift like that. They should have told you when you were a small boy, or never. You had a right to know, and they had a duty to either tell you from the outset, or kept their mouths shut forever after, amen!”

I was kind of in agreement with her, but they were still her parents, and dumping them like that seemed a little drastic. I said as much to her, and she looked at me with that diamond-hard stare she’d given her mother last night as she walked out of her house.

“I said it once before, Darryl, do pay attention! They tried to take my big brother away from me; hell, they DID take him away; in their eyes he never existed, they just kept you because they didn’t know what else to do. They made my brother into a phantom with a couple of sentences, and they wonder why you reacted the way you did. Well, you may not be their son, but you are my brother, and you’re all the family I want or need around me, end of story!”

She put her plate down on the coffee table and slid next to me, slipping her arm around my waist as she rested her head on my shoulder.

“I want you to know one thing, sweetie; I will never, ever, desert you or hurt you like that, I swear. After last night, I know you need me, and God knows, I need you too, but I need you to know and believe that you still have family who love you, you have me. We’re family, the only family we have left, and we need to stick together. I’ll always be here for you, just like you were always there for me when I was growing up. OK?”

With that, she leant up and kissed me, a small, firm kiss on the corner of my mouth, gentle, loving and genuine, a sisterly kiss, but it burned as it chimed and resonated through me.

We avoided the subject for the rest of the day, talking instead about what we were going to do next, our ideal jobs and how to find them, and mutual friends from back home. I’d almost forgotten how much I needed Lena; almost losing her nine years before had scared me in a way I’d never thought possible, and she’d become very precious to me, both as my sister and as my very best friend.

It was Lena who taught me to dance, who vetted my girlfriends (not that there were that many; it was Lena I used as a yardstick for comparison, and not many at all came even close to measuring up to her), and who commiserated with me when one of my fleeting relationships went south, as they all inevitably did; I guess, when I look back now, subconsciously I was looking for the one girl who was everything Lena was without actually being Lena. I never found her.

Eventually, we ended-up side-by-side on that hideous couch, Lena with her legs curled under her and my arm around her, watching some soppy late-night movie.

Chick-flick movies were Lena’s one weakness, and I sat with her, mainly to hand her tissues as she sniffled, sobbed, and gasped along with the mush-headed heroine, who seemed to me to be going out of her way to fuck-up her relationship with her equally mush-headed love-interest. I decided early-on he should have been out instead looking for a slutty chick with fewer commitment issues, instead of hoping for some from this dimwit, so I shut off completely.

At last, the interminable epic was over, I was almost terminally bored, and there was a pile of crumpled tissues on the couch next to Lena, so a successful evening from her point of view. As the end credits rolled, Lena made no effort to move, and I thought that (God help me…please) there was yet another one of these horror stories coming on, but no…

Lena reached up and pulled my head down, kissed me on the cheek and whispered;

“Thank you for sitting-up with me, Dar, I know you hate these films. You can let go of my arse now…!”

I looked at her in mild incomprehension, then my eyes widened in shock as I realised I was holding her buttock firmly, not even realising I was doing it in my stunned state from watching that God-awful film…

I let her go like I’d been scalded, stuttering out apologies as my face burned, but she pecked me on the cheek again.

“It’s alright, Dar, I know you weren’t trying anything on with me, I could see how out of it you were. Besides,” she grinned cheekily, “it was quite nice, if you know what I mean!”

She scootched up even closer to me, took my hand and put it back on her bum.

“There, that feels better, I like it there, Dar, keep it there for a while, please!” she smiled, so I did, much as I wanted to snatch it away; I had no business holding my sister, aunt, whatever, so intimately, but she obviously felt differently. I tried slowly sliding it off her smooth flank, but she just clicked her tongue and put it right back, growling;

“I said liked it; now stop moving it away, Dar!”

We sat for a while, Lena obviously enjoying the feel of my hand on her taut buttock, and to be honest, so was I; I was at war with myself; part of me was repulsed at the thought I was effectively groping my kid sister’s backside, but another, darker, hornier part of me was thoroughly enjoying the smooth supple feel of her delightful rump under my hand. I began to make involuntary squeezing, massaging movements with my hand, and Lena sighed and moved even tighter against me, putting her arm around my waist and pressing her face into the crook of my neck.

When I realised what I was doing I stopped, Lena making a small discontented sound into my neck, but I really thought enough was enough; after what I’d seen that morning, this was perhaps a step too far. Instead I gently patted her bottom, a chaste, brotherly ‘tap, tap’.

“Come on you, it’s late, don’t you want to go to bed?” I said, realising how it sounded as the words left my mouth, but Lena didn’t bite, she just uncurled and slid upright, pulling me up with her.

“Come on then Darryl, you made me get up, so you have to get up too!”

I grinned and indicated the bathroom to her, she smiled prettily and slipped into the bedroom to change into her night wear while I checked the doors and windows and pulled down the window-shades. Just then, Lena came out of the bedroom, her toiletries and a bath towel over her arm.

“I’m having a nice long shower, if I come back and find you snoring and sprawled across the bed, I’ll kick you, got it?” she grinned at me, one eyebrow raised, and I had to grin as I nodded in agreement.

I changed and slid into bed, still slightly weirded-out by sharing a bed with my sister, but made sure I only took up the minimum space on the not overly large double-bed. I was just beginning to drop off when I heard Lena’s hairdryer humming in the sitting room. The rhythmic sound lulled me, and I fell fast asleep.

I woke with the scent of strawberries in my nostrils, Lena’s shampoo, but that wasn’t what woke me; years of sleeping with one ear open listening for my pager to go off had honed my hearing to a fine-tuned detection device, and what had awakened me had been a gasp from Lena, intruding into my confused dream of soft skin and damp heat, and pulling me back into wakefulness.

At the same time a feeling of moist warmth was enveloping the tip of my penis, which was at an aching pitch of throbbing hardness, solidly, painfully erect. A warm hand was wrapped around me, holding me as the sensation of hot moistness ebbed and flowed. Lena was holding me, and as I looked down at her, she looked back up at me, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she grinned at me.

“The sleeper awakens!” she whispered, as I struggled between the echoes of my dream, and the reality of now, which was that Lena was lying up against me, naked, her lovely, hard-nippled breasts pressed against me as she rubbed my cock against her moist hairless slit. My shorts were half way down my thighs, so presumably she’d slid them down when she pulled out my cock.

I lay there for a moment, enjoying the feel of her dampness against my sensitive head, the heat from her slit enticing and sexy, before I realised what we were doing and began to pull away from her.

“Uh-uh, Doctor-Boy, not finished yet!” gasped Lena, rubbing the head of my cock against her clitoris, the hard nub obvious against the tender flesh of my cock head. She began to gasp harder, her movements faster and more definite as she stroked her slit against my hardness, the lips dragging wetly along my length. Her hips pumped as she masturbated fiercely against me, until suddenly she went rigid, her eyes rolling back as a spurt of warmth coated my cock and balls. Lena shuddered and mewled as her orgasm pulsed through her, her shudders gradually dying away as she came down, to collapse into me.

I held her close, feeling her heart hammering even as I wondered how the hell I was going to get out of this without really offending her; however, the one question I wanted to avoid at all costs was the only one I could think of asking; ‘what made you decide to have a wank against me, Lena, now of all times?’

Eventually she slid her arms around my neck and looked up at me, no trace of guilt or embarrassment, just a happy grin as she pulled herself up and kissed me on the tip of my nose.

“That was nice, Darryl, I should have done that years ago!” she giggled, and then laughed at my expression.

“Oh Darryl, you should see your face; you look like someone just shoved an extra-large cucumber right up your arse!”

I looked at her, painfully aware that my erection was undimmed by her finishing herself off on it; if anything, it was even more engorged, and her pebble-hard nipples poking solidly into me were not helping matters any.

She reached down and started to slide my shorts off, and I resisted, until I realised that there was no point; I had a tremendous boner prodding her in the stomach, so modesty wasn’t my most pressing concern right now.

I tipped her head back to look into her eyes.

“Why, Lena, why now?

She grinned cheekily.

“If I’d asked, would you have said yes?”

I looked away.

“Probably not.”

She pulled my head back around to look at her.

“That’s why Darryl. I’ve wanted to do that, and more, for the longest time now, but you were gone for so long, and then all that business at home happened, and I had to choose between the olds and you; I chose you.”

I snorted.

“Lena, you left your parents because you wanted to rub-off against me? That’s just not rational, and I thought you were nothing but!”

She kissed me on the base of my throat.

“No Darryl, I didn’t choose you because I wanted a cheap thrill; I came with you because I’ve been in love with you since I was five years old; couldn’t you tell? All I ever wanted was to be near you, all I ever did was to please you! When we had that…that thing, when I was 15, and I thought I’d lost you, I was really afraid you were going to leave, sick as you were, just sneak away one day and never come back. I was terrified they’d find you dead in some squalid room somewhere, starved to death or with a needle in your arm, or something like that. I was so frightened I cried for days. I used to get up at night, every night, and check your room, just to make sure you were still there, that I hadn’t lost you, but you never knew, because I wanted you to be happy to be home with me again, with me, do you understand? I love you Darryl Morgan, and you’re not going anywhere without me!”

To say I was dumbfounded would be to put it lightly; Lena? My kid sister? (“but she’s not your kid sister, is she? She’s something else, entirely, isn’t she?” whispered a small voice inside me…)

I stroked her hair, conscious of the fact that my erection hadn’t abated in the slightest.

“So what is it you want from me, sis?” I asked her.

Lena slid her hand down and wrapped it around my straining cock shaft.

“I want this, with you attached, of course, Darryl,” she grinned, “I want to own you and be owned by you, I want you in the morning, at midday, and at dead of night, any way I can have you, and any way you want to have me. I’ve waited 20 years for you; you owe me for that, even if you were too dense to see the debt accumulating!”

I swallowed hard; it was hard to resist her when her hand was slowly sliding up and down my bone-hard cock; at the end of the day, she was a lovely girl, and I’d already thought it before; if she wasn’t my sister, I’d have made a serious pass at her, so the thought, if not the intent, was already there.

“Lena, you’re my sister…”

She brushed that away.

“That doesn’t matter, Dar; what my parents said and did yesterday threw you out of their family like you were never part of them; as far as I’m concerned, that makes you all mine; besides, if they’re to be believed, and I’m still having a debate about that, I’m not your sister, I’m your real mother’s half sister, my damned mother isn’t yours, my father isn’t yours, so we only have a vague connection at best. That doesn’t matter, though; I still want you, and I know you want me; this tells me so.”

She gave my hard cock a squeeze, making me groan. I thought I’d better come clean (no pun intended) about earlier that morning.

“Umm, Lena, there’s one other thing; this morning, when I came in with breakfast, I sort of saw you, you know, doing…I’m sorry, I heard you call my name…”

She giggled.

“Don’t worry, Dar, I saw you, it didn’t make any difference; matter of fact, it made it even better for me!”

I was stunned.

“You saw…?”

She grinned back.

“Of course I saw you; I was wanking, not comatose!”

I grinned, and she chose that moment to pull herself up to me and kiss me, a proper, full-contact, lips, tongue and serious-intent type of kiss, and it nearly blew my cork there and then; a light went on somewhere inside my head, and all I knew right then was that I wanted, no, I needed her to kiss me like that again, and again, and again.

She rolled me onto my back as she kissed me, her hair a sweet-smelling net over both our faces as my hands, released of all inhibition, slid down her back to hold and squeeze her lovely, firm, squeezable bum cheeks. I felt her grin against me as I gave in to her, finally letting go of all the past, and concentrated on groping and feeling-up the lovely girl I had here in bed with me.

Lena slid on top of me, her knees on either side of my torso as she straddled me. I continued holding her arse; it was so worth holding on to, believe me! My cock was lying along my stomach, and I could feel the tip just barely rubbing against her moist slit. Lena grinned at me and slid herself back slightly to allow me to just slip between her labia, then looked down at me.

“Go easy with me, Darryl, OK?” she asked as she slid further down me, and my eyes widened as I realised what she was saying.

“What, never, Lena, really?” I whispered, and she nodded.

“I only ever wanted this from you, and you were never there, and I wasn’t going to do this with just anyone! Now just shut up and fuck me, Darryl!”

I grinned as I arched my back, Lena pushing herself even further back, and then I was sliding into her, her lips opening to accommodate me as I sank fully into her. Lena’s eyes opened wide, her lips forming an ‘O’ as she felt the full 7 inches of my fat cock stretch her open, and she slumped down on me, gasping for breath.

“Wait Dar, please, let me get used to this. Slowly, please, slowly…ooohhh yes, like that Dar, yes, like that!” as I pumped slowly into her. She pushed herself upright, her hands flat on my chest as she slid herself up and down on me, feeling a cock inside her for the first time.

As I squeezed and kneaded her lovely bum, she leaned back and clutched her breasts, rubbing her nipples as she rolled her hips around me, her hips sliding back and forth like a champion bull-rider; she may have been doing this for the first time, but by God she was doing it right!

She began to speed up, her pussy squeezing and releasing me as she pumped and rolled on me, and her face flushed as she began to approach her climax. I pumped and thrust harder, making her breasts jiggle with every thrust, our combined motion finally pushing her over the edge.

Lena leaned back, a guttural moan escaping her as she climaxed, and she rested her hands on my thighs as her pussy clamped down tight on me, a gush of warmth flooding my cock and lower belly. She continued to spasm above me, her hands seeking out mine, and her fingers interlaced with mine as she spasmed again and again. She gasped out loud as each new wave of pleasure billowed through her, the spasms rippling in her pussy as it clenched and released me rhythmically. At last she slumped down onto me, her face and neck flushed, to lay her head against my chest.

“Wow, Dar, that was…incredible, thank you!” she grinned, her hands going around me to hold herself tight against me. “Did you…?”

I smiled down at her.

“No, I want to do this another way. Careful now!”

With that, I rolled over, taking her with me, to rear above her with my weight on my hands and knees. Lena smiled and spread her arms, relaxing her legs and arching her back, allowing me to slide my forearms under her and push her nipples up to where I could get to them with my lips. As I sucked and nibbled at the delectable pink little pillars, her pussy continued to gently squeeze and release me, and her sighs and moans became more pronounced. She began to move against me, gently raising her hips as I slowly slid in and out of her, both of us gradually speeding-up as our excitement mounted until I was pumping into her as fast and hard as I could. Her legs wrapped tight around me as she pushed herself against me, meeting me thrust for thrust as we pumped and humped against each other.

Lena suddenly pulled herself tight against me, her fingers digging painfully into my back and her teeth sinking in my shoulder almost hard enough to draw blood as she orgasmed, a whistling scream of release escaping from her, and this time the sensation of her pussy clamping tight around me was too much to bear.

I groaned out loud as I came in a spray of spunk, jet after jet of hot semen pumping into my sister/aunt, weeks of pent-up pressure hosing into her in long, endless, satisfying spurts; I can truthfully state I have never come so much in my entire life; it felt like I pumped a pint of sperm into her! The sensation was so overwhelming I continued to pump into her long after I had finished ejaculating, with my exertions finally leaving me drained and weak.

I rolled off before I collapsed on her, slumping down next to her as I tried to catch my breath. She rolled on her side to look at me sleepily, a big smile on her face.

“Is it always this good, Dar, or were you making a special effort?” she teased, and I turned to face her, letting her slide her arms around me as I held her to me.

“I’m always going to make a special effort for you, Lena. You said it earlier; all we have now is each other, we have to make it special for each other now.”

Lena smiled, but there were tears trembling on her lashes.

“I’ve got you now, that was all I wanted, Daryl, and I’ve never been happier; I just never thought I’d have to lose my parents to get you!”

I pulled her tight against me.

“Lena, you don’t have to lose them, you know; they’ll always love you, and they never threw you out or anything like that; you’ll always have a home to go back to.”

She pulled away and looked up at me.

“And if I do that, I lose you! No Dar, if that’s the price I’ll have to pay, it’s far too high, I won’t do it. I want to be with them, of course I do, but I need to be with you; does that make sense? I love them, yes, but I’ll never forgive them for lying to us all our lives, and for cutting you out of our family with a couple of sentences; that was just cruel, that whole, ‘by the way, I’m not your father and she’s not your mother, but we like to think of you as our son’ fucking bullshit! That was unforgiveable!”

I grinned; Christ, she really was mad over the way things had turned out, but I was still sad that she’d had to give up her family for me; sad, and humbled at the same time; she really did love me so much she was prepared to give up her mum and dad for me! As I thought about them my eyes started to fill. I’d tried to avoid thinking about them, but now the facts were staring me in the face; they used to be my mum and dad, too, until they’d taken that away from me forever, and I missed them desperately.

But things had changed irrevocably, and I could never change them back; I could never again have someone I could call ‘Dad’, never again have a Mum to ring on Christmas Day, all that was gone because they’d lied to me. Humpty Dumpty had well and truly fallen off the wall, now his life was in a million pieces, and there was no possible way to put it back together. The tears spilled out then, and Lena sat up with an exclamation, pulling me close as I cried against her. She knew exactly why I was crying, and hugged me close as she stroked my hair, just like mum had done when I was small; but she wasn’t my mum, was she…?

I just have been really tired and drained, because I woke up and bright, late morning sunshine was spilling into the room. Someone was spooned against me, and as I turned to see who it was, memory flooded back. Equal parts guilt, arousal, love and attraction chased through me as I remembered the sweaty interlude of the previous night with Lena, and the declaration she’d made to me. Sometime during my time asleep, the part of me deep down inside that made the real decisions had concluded that she was the one for me, our past relationship was just that, in the past, and now it was time to move forward. I loved her, and I wanted her, and I was going to keep her, no matter what; if she decided to leave me at some point, I would have to let her go, but I would fight to convince her to stay; everything worthwhile is worth fighting for.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled as she touched the tip of my nose with her forefinger.

“Good morning, sleepyhead, how’s my favourite nephew?”

She laughed at my grimace of distaste at the expression, knowing full well I didn’t want reminding of what our actual relationship was. I decided to pay her back in her own coin.

“I’m fine, Aunty! How’s my favourite Maiden Aunt?” I grinned maliciously, watching her expression, especially the dangerous way her eyes narrowed.

“Maiden Aunt, eh? She gritted, her hand diving under the covers and gripping hold of my most precious possession.

“Come, on Smart-Boy, say that again and see what your ‘Aunty’ does to your favourite piece of hardware!”

I held up my hands in surrender, noting how, whether in peril or not, my cock decided to flex and start firming-up. As I started planning another frontal assault on her, a sudden thought stuck.

“Darling, do you have protection? We just went at it last night like a pair of crazed mink, and I never even thought to check. Should we be concerned?”

Lena looked unconcerned, although she did smile at the endearment, the first time I’d used one on her.

“You are so sweet! And no, actually, I don’t, but it’s my safe time, so…”

I climbed out of bed and went into my office, rummaging around inside the bureau until I found what I was looking for. Then I went to the fridge and got a bottle of mineral water, bringing both back to the bed and handing them to her.

Lena looked at the foil-wrapped tablet in her hand.

“Dar, what’s this?”

“It’s Levonorgestrel, sweetheart, it’s a ‘morning-after’ pill, emergency hormonal contraception.” I told her.

“Back in my single days, I had the occasional female med-student of questionable morals up here for a night of uninhibited point-and-shoot rumpy-pumpy; having these on hand meant we never had to pay for a night of thrills with a lifetime of bills!”

Lena laughed and swallowed the tablet with a gulp of water, re-capped the bottle and put it on the night-stand, and grinned widely at me.

“So, you had women up here, eh? In this bed? Eewww, remind me to have it boiled, and maybe you as well, I don’t know where you’ve been!”

I slid back into bed with her, pulling her down to me to share a long, happy ‘Good Morning’ kiss. Lena happily cuddled up next to me, her hand snaking down to gently cup and squeeze my scrotum, grinning as my cock twitched and started to stiffen-up.

“So, Darryl what were you planning for this morning?” she grinned up at me, her eyes dancing as her hand worked my cock and balls, both of them responding to the stimulation. I pulled her closer, dipping my head down and drawing her nipple gently through my teeth, the sensation making her gasp sharply. I switched to the other nipple, just in the name of balance, you understand, and also to hear that sexy sharp intake of breath again.

I lifted back up and kissed her on her beautiful rosy lips, enjoying the feel, the warmth, the softness, and the joy of ownership; these were my lips now, for me alone, and I would never let anyone come between us now.

Lena seemed to be having the same thoughts, her hand coming away from me to cup the back of my head and draw me even closer as we kissed.

“I’ll never let you go, Darryl, you’re mine now!” she breathed as her lips searched and teased mine, both of us looking for new places we hadn’t kissed yet.

Her hand had been doing a sterling job on my precious package, but that kiss did it all, and my cock stretched out painfully, straining out to her even harder and more erect than last night, it that was possible.

Lena felt the rigid bar of flesh pressing into her, and slid her hand down to pump me again, making me groan softly at the sensation. She smiled at me mischievously and slid down the bed to kiss my shaft lightly, making me twitch in anticipation. She giggled softly at that, and did it again, feeling the answering twitch again at the feel of her warm lips against me. She looked up at me, her eyes dancing, and slowly licked the entire length of my cock in one long, slow lick, making me shudder at the sensation. She did it again, teasing me, although it felt like she was torturing me. She did it again, her eyes narrowed as she watched me writhe in an agony of anticipation, and then she slowly, oh! So slowly! slid her lips over the engorged glans, enveloping me in wet warmth.

I watched in a haze of arousal, twitching as I fought to control my impulse to just ram myself into her mouth and fuck her face; I wouldn’t do that; this was my sister!

Lena leaned-up over me, resting on her knees, her lovely heart-shaped bum in the air as her head bobbed slowly on me, her hot wet mouth engulfing my cock as she sucked me. As she sucked, she squeezed and pumped me, and the three things combined were working their magic; that tensing of the backs of my thighs and behind my scrotum told me I was getting close.

“Uh, Lena…!” I gasped, and she glanced at me, smiling around her mouthful of me, and sucked even harder, pushing me over the edge. As the head of my penis swelled, she sucked one last time, and that was it. I came in a rush of sperm, long spurts filling her mouth, and she gulped and swallowed each pulse of spunk as I ejaculated. My back arched and my stomach muscles tightened as I came, endlessly, it seemed, my eyes whiting-out with the intensity of my climax.

At last I stopped spurting, Lena licking and sucking the last remnants of sperm as it bubbled and oozed from my still-rigid cock, before swirling her tongue around the head, cleaning me off, and then sliding back up to hold me close.

“There, baby, a present all for you!” she grinned, and I had to smile back; I couldn’t speak, my heart was trip-hammering and I was still trying to catch my breath! Eventually things calmed down and I was able to speak again.

“Wow, Lena, where the hell did you learn that?” I grinned, and she looked at me with hooded eyes, a small, secret smile on her lips.

“Sunday School…!” she replied, and knowing Lena as well as I did, that was all the answer I was ever going to get…

Something else had been buzzing in my head, and with that reminder of school it suddenly popped into focus.

“Lena, you said you were a virgin, but I remember, Jason Lawrence told all his friends that you and he…you know…! I beat the ugly off him, then beat it back on again for telling that story around, but it wasn’t true, was it?”

Lena smiled up at me, one eyebrow cocked.

“No, it wasn’t true, you were my first, OK?”

I back-pedalled furiously.

“Look, sweetheart, I wasn’t doubting you, and it makes no difference to me, I wasn’t exactly pure as the driven snow myself, but I thought…and after just now, well, there’s a little…experience there, yes?”

She smiled archly at me.

“Darryl Morgan, if you’re asking about my sex-life before you, I was a true, blue, card-carrying virgin until you relieved me of that blessed state, but I wasn’t locked in a chastity belt, and I certainly didn’t spend my spare time playing scrabble and drinking cocoa with nuns! I’ve had a few…adventures, okay? I even met a few boys I thought could be the one, but none of them was convincing enough to turn me off you, so I never went all the way with any of them; I’d just about decided to take a crack at you this summer anyway.”

“If you rejected me, or told me you didn’t feel that way about me, well and good, I’d at least be able to move on and try and find someone I could have, who I’d want as much as I wanted you. Then all that stuff happened at home and I finally had you all to myself, for the first time ever. Think of the irony; it took my family throwing you away to let me finally catch you!”

I had to grin at that. Without conscious thought my hand slipped down her back to cup her wonderful behind, and I began to squeeze and massage a cheek as my hand caressed her satiny skin, enjoying the feel of her lovely, plush girl-flesh. My other hand slid lower, to slip between her legs and rub lightly between her lips, feeling the soft damp folds open under my fingers.

I slipped one finger inside her, making her gasp and grind against me, and we kissed as I continued to slip one finger in and out of her moist pussy, teasing her and making her gasp and wriggle against me. She began to push herself against my hand, sliding my finger deeper inside her with every thrust of her hips, and I obliged, rubbing her pussy faster and more firmly with my free hand.

As I rubbed and frigged her, I slid down the bed and between her parted legs, kissing slowly and softly up her inner thighs, and blowing gently on her puffy lips, making her writhe and hold my head still.

“Damn it, Darryl, don’t torture me, just do it!” she gritted, and I grinned at the note of pleading in her voice. I kissed her vulva, dragging my tongue lightly over the crease between her lips, feeling them swell and open as I lingered there. A rich, sweet, musky, earthy scent was rising from her, the scent of her arousal, powerful and alluring, flicking switches up and down my limbic system, pulling me in as I lapped and gently sucked her. Lena responded by moaning and squirming against me, pushing her mound back into my mouth as I pressed forward.

I reached under her and took a double handful of her firm backside, and lifted her hips so I could attack her mons better with my tongue. Lena responded by gently thrusting against me as my tongue delved deeper and deeper into her, licking and sucking at her succulent, syrup-drenched flesh. When I sucked her clitoris, she gasped and stiffened, her breathing becoming faster and more ragged, and her movements against me became more pronounced, more rhythmic, building to her climax.

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Chapter 33: Getting Rat-Arsed

The remaining days of that last week of April were wet and miserable with some of the worst thunder storms that the Southern Counties had experienced for several years. There was localised flooding all over England and we even had to close the garden centre early on Thursday as the car park was awash and we had only seen a handful of customers all afternoon.

Maggie and I spent all of Thursday morning in the office and studio, I needed to do some quotes and invoices for Emma to type up, then put some ideas together for Caroline’s roof garden and she was working on the landscaping designs for The Old Rectory Restaurant. In truth I spent a good part of the morning just watching her work; she had already drawn up the rough plans for the designs and pinned the photographs that she had taken of the site on the big cork board which covered virtually all of one wall and was doing a first artist’s impression sketch to get perspective on the end vision of the project.

It reminded me that I needed to call Becca Hill and arrange to take her up to London to see the roof garden job as Caroline had asked for another set of watercolours for that project as well; there was also another idea that was starting to form in my head which I needed Becca’s help with. There was no hurry as I was seeing her son Josh on Sunday, I decided to send a message back with him.

I had poured us both a cup of coffee and came though from the office to tell Maggie it was ready. We had a strict rule about not bringing hot drinks into the studio… fortunately I hadn’t been the one who had spilled coffee on the plan table, but it would have been only a matter of time before I did and so I was happy to comply with the rule.

“Coffee is ready when you are,” I told her. I was peering over her shoulder as her pencil stokes created a perfect, recognisable image of a bed of rose bushes. I had never had the slightest bit of talent for any of the creative arts and was always fascinated by the miracles that Maggie and Becca could work with their charcoals, pencils and watercolours.

Maggie was sitting on her tall revolving stool and was wearing a loose, faded blue denim shirt over stretch blue jeans, which were pulled very tight over her round buttocks as she leaned forward above her swivel topped drawing board. I was standing directly behind her with her honey-blonde pony tail bobbing tantalisingly in front of my eyes. I don’t know if it was that mesmerising soft tail of hair, or the perfume of her shampoo, the same one that Gwen used, or just because they were so very much alike but for a moment I forgot that it was Maggie and not Gwen before me.

I was running on auto-pilot and before I realised what I was doing I stepped up close and leaned my chin on her shoulder and slid my arms around her waist my hands slipping beneath the hem of her shirt and resting lightly on her bare waist, finger tips against her firm belly. It felt smooth and cool and it took a serious physical effort to stop myself from reaching up to cup her breasts. It was what I would have done if she HAD been Gwen and we were alone together.

I suddenly realised what I was doing but before I could withdraw she had put down her pencil and placed both of her hands over mine holding them against her, the fabric of her shirt sandwiched between. She didn’t seem to mind my hands being on her bare midriff and I wasn’t at all sure if her hands were covering mine to hold them in place or to stop them wandering to where they would not be welcomed.

“What have I done to warrant this sudden rush of affection from my nephew?” she chuckled, and turned her face slightly to give me a small peck on the cheek.

I really didn’t want to think about Maggie being my aunt, we almost never treated each other as aunt and nephew and she had recently become more tactile and affectionate than ever, but I was very close to breaking through a boundary and as much as it was one that I desperately wanted to tear down I shied away… the risk was just too great!

I slid my hands back out from under her shirt and thrust them into my pockets out of harms way. “No reason… just felt like giving you a hug,” I mumbled lamely, “Sorry.”

“I didn’t say that I didn’t like it…” she teased. Her flirting sent a small tingle of response rippling though my balls.

For about the millionth time the thought entered my mind that she MUST know how I felt about her. This was not the first time that I had nearly made a real pass at her and we spent time nearly every day together, probably adding up to more hours than most married couples had in the average week. Certainly it was more time alone than Gwen and I ever expected to get.

What really concerned me was that I had almost slipped up and called her Gwen…. Not even Mum…. Gwen! Sons do hug their mothers sometimes, but they call her Mum they don’t use her given name. Maggie was far too perceptive to miss that kind of mistake and it was hard enough already trying to hide our relationship from her as she was Gwen’s twin. The hardest thing about having an intimate relationship with your mother, an incestuous relationship, was the having to keep secrets, lie and hide away from those people that you both loved most, the other members of your family, knowing that the slightest error in judgement would hurt not just you but them as well. It was the heart-breaking, hateful price that Gwen and I had to pay for the joy that our special intimacy had brought us.

Maggie spun around on her stool and looped her arms around my neck. “Help me down and you can tell me all about your trip to London yesterday,” she said cheerfully. I lifted her off the high stool and we sat on the sofa in the office with our coffees and a plate of biscuits whilst I updated her on what I had discovered at Caroline’s flat and my initial thoughts about the project, the problems over access that we would need to get around and my early ideas for the type of garden that I wanted to create. I did not tell her about my thwarted intention of taking Georgia for lunch, or meeting with Kristen. I didn’t offer an explanation of why I stayed over in town, and she didn’t ask.

I spent the early part of the afternoon making telephone calls. I called Caroline’s office number but was informed that she was not expected back from New York until later in the week. Most of the other calls were to clients re-arranging appointments which needed to be postponed because of the bad weather, all were small jobs and there were no issues over the delays.

My final call was to Philippa Shelby, after a long wait whilst one of the stable hands went off to fetch her she eventually came onto the line and I asked her about the history of Shelby House and the gardens.

“I’m sorry, Jamie,” she said. “I really don’t have much of a clue about the history of either the house or garden before my grandfather’s time. You might get something out of the Salisbury Civic Society they took a bit of an interest some years ago and spent a week or so poking about the place.”

“OK, thanks Philippa, I will do that.”

“You are always welcome to come over and go through the old library, I keep it locked up now, and it’s a bit of a bloody mess, but if I do have anything of interest it will be there.”

“Thanks, that sounds a really great idea….I’ll come over soon.”

Her voice changed to a husky whisper, “Do you think I have anything of interest, Jamie? If I have it could take you all night to look for it……our little walk in the garden on Saturday was really just too short…..” she chuckled sensuously.

I was really glad that I was in the office alone. I guessed that Philippa was starting to get horny again and made a mental bookmark to go out soon and have a look through that library. We said our good-byes and I made a note to find out about the Salisbury Civic Society, they weren’t in the telephone directory or yellow pages and Maggie did not know anybody involved which was a bit unusual as she always knew most of what went on in the county.

By mid-afternoon the weather had turned so foul and business was so slow that we decided to close up early at 4pm and let everybody go home.

I had a couple of errands to run in Salisbury, I needed to drop off the rolls of photographs that I had taken in London for developing and wanted to slip into the library to find out about the local history groups and quiz my pet librarian about anything they might have in the reference archives about Shelby House.

I left the rolls of film at the photograph’s shop and started to make my way up High Street towards the Market Place and the library when something caught my eye in the window of a gift shop. It was a small soft toy, a grey fur fabric elephant with a big pink ribbon around its neck. I chatted up the young woman serving in the shop and she went into their storeroom and found me a small box, packed the toy in tissue paper, I slipped in one of my business cards with ‘See you again soon’ hastily scribbled on the back and then she parcelled it up and even found me a sticky label on which I wrote Kristen’s name and address. I thanked her for her kindness and walked back down High Street to the post office and got it posted. It was only a small thing but I thought that it would make Kristen happy.

The visit to the library was not as productive as I had planned, the librarian that I could usually persuade to do me little favours, a very nice single lady of about 35, called Anthea, was not on duty that afternoon. The officious young guy on the desk just handed me a couple of leaflets about local museums and the Salisbury Civic Society but the latter did have the group’s contact details.

The whole of Friday was taken up with interviewing candidates for the two new gardener posts that we wanted to fill. By the end of the day we had short listed one guy who fitted the bill for the senior gardener role and two more, a younger chap and a girl for the trainee slot.

Maggie telephoned Jasper Lee the new senior gardener when we finished the interviews about four-thirty and told him that the job was his and we were both glad when he accepted. Jasper was a slim athletic looking guy of 28 with a mop of blonde hair and a diploma in garden design backed by ten years work experience with Gloucester Council Parks department. He was recently separated from his wife and eager to move to a new city and agreed to give his notice in on Monday and would be able to start with us on or around the 5th of June which fitted our needs perfectly.

The two trainee candidates were both very good and Maggie and I were struggling to choose between them and so decided to think on it over the week-end and then make a final decision on Tuesday, after the bank holiday.

The all important weather began to clear over the week-end with prolonged sunny gaps between the showers and as Gwen had taken Emma out for a day’s driving practice in the car I decided to work and so Sunday morning I collected the Land Rover from the garden centre and drove over to Caroline’s house at Bishopsdown. I assumed that she would not be at home as I had telephoned her office again on Friday and had been told that she was still in the United States on business and not expected back for several more days.

As I had anticipated, the newly laid grass turf was pretty waterlogged and so I got the aerator-roller down from the Land Rover and spent a couple of hours carefully pricking the surface of the lawn to allow for better drainage and then sprinkled the grass with a selective fungicide mixture to prevent moss taking hold.

The heavy rain had left the flower beds quite damp but had nicely broken down the horse manure that I had forked in a few days ago, and as it was still dry I decided to make a start on getting the shrubs planted in. In fact, apart from one prolonged heavy shower which drove me into the shed with my flask and cigarettes for half an hour, the day stayed dry and by five o’clock I had all the planting finished.

By the time that I got home, had a shower and changed into jeans and a t-shirt, Gwen was getting ready to serve up an early dinner as we all had arrangements for the evening. Emma had fixed to go out with Janice and some other friends, I was meeting Josh at the Royal George Inn in Salisbury to celebrate his being accepted into Leeds University, and Gwen had been invited over to Maggie’s place for the night. It was a bank holiday, May Day, on Monday and we were only opening the garden centre from 12 ’til 4 so everybody could have a lay in the next morning if we had a late night.

Gwen was dropping Emma off at the riding stables and as it was still dry and had turned quite mild, and I knew that I was going to be drinking, I walked into town and got to the pub about eight o’clock. The bar was already heaving; mostly students from the college and some old school friends, some with their girl friends, and all were drinking fairly steadily even that early in the evening. I ordered a whisky at the bar and then pushed my way to the table occupied by Josh, his brother Tim and a couple of our closer friends from school, Simon Goldblum, Adam Black and a girl I had never seen before who was introduced as Adam’s girlfriend, Jane or Janey, I think.

Josh was pretty ecstatic at getting into university, like me he had dropped out of his A-Levels half way through but had chosen to go to college to study journalism and retake his essential exams.

“Fucking miracle…that’s what it is! Bloody good fishing rivers in Yorkshire too!” He kept crowing over and over. He was already three parts cut, and was energetically pumping the hands of anybody who came over to congratulate him, Simon and I were sitting either side of him and he must have shook our hands at least a dozen times.

I was really pleased for him, Josh, and I had been mates since junior school although we had drifted apart the last few years as our interests diverged. He only really had two interests in life his abiding love of fishing and his new romance with journalism. I was also glad that he had got himself sorted out for his mother’s sake, Becca had been worried that his wanting to be a journalist was just an adolescent fad but she would be pleased that he had netted a degree course in media studies at a decent university. My only reservation was that living on his own on campus he would probably get pissed every night, but then that was what all students did anyway.

By about ten-fifteen everybody was getting to be seriously drunk. I hadn’t had so much to drink since Old Year’s Night and I was certainly pissed enough that when somebody suggested the whole group went on to a house rave I agreed to go along, even though I am really not keen on parties or large gatherings. Several of us crowded up to the bar and eventually persuaded the landlord to make us some off-licence sales and we all left the pub armed with bottles of beer, wine or spirits.

The party was not far away, a house on Belle Vue Road, and the dozen or so of us trooped up to the front door laughing and singing drunkenly. To my surprise we were welcome, or at least our bottles were, and were soon all sprawled about the place or thrashing about on the area designated as a dance floor. I guessed that somebody’s parents were in for a severe shock when they came home, the house was already looking seriously trashed there were empty bottles and full ashtrays everywhere and pop music was hammering out from what was obviously the sitting room. I reckoned that the bash had been going for some time, nearly everybody was drunk and I suspected some were stoned, and the more randy couples were pairing off and petting or even shagging with hardly any thought to privacy or discretion. I was drunk but that type of rave was not really my scene.

The party crowd was mostly young people about my own age; there were several faces that I knew other than from Josh’s celebration group but also quite a few strangers. I never did find out whose house we were using. After a time and several more whiskeys I decided I needed some air and threaded my way through the crowd and out of the kitchen door into the rear garden. Even outside the sound of the music blaring out was deafening and I was surprised that the neighbours had not called the police by now. The rear garden was in complete darkness but I could just make out the pale forms of two or three couples who appeared to be shagging energetically on the large lawn probably totally drunk and unaware that they were visible from the house despite the darkness.

It was a sizable detached house with a very large drive-through garage built onto one side, there were no outside lights and nobody else around so I just lit a cigarette and leaned against the corner of the house close to the nearest garage door which was standing half open.

I could hear noises inside the garage, scuffling, muttered words and moans, and if I had not been as pissed as I was would have recognised them for what they were and simply discreetly moved away; but I was smashed and so decided to investigate. I leaned around the open garage door and peered in. The big up and over door at the far end was open and the garage was dimly lit by the street lighting beyond.

At first the only thing that my drunken senses registered was the shape of a large white saloon car parked facing towards me and then I made out two figures bent over the front of the bonnet. Pathetically slowly my eyes absorbed and transmitted what they were seeing to my befuddled brain, a man’s naked buttocks humping furiously at a half naked girl who was spread-eagled face down beneath him over the bonnet of the car; she had longish dark hair and long, naked legs which were twitching as the guy thrust at her. It wasn’t a particularly pretty sight and certainly not a turn-on; they hadn’t seen me and I was being very careful in my tortoise like efforts to turn away without disturbing their pleasures. I don’t think I am the voyeur type; I am not even keen on spectator sports… I would much rather be doing than watching.

I took a silent step backwards and was beginning to turn away when an alarm bell started to ring in my whisky soused brain. There was something wrong about the way that the guy was pinning the girl to the bonnet of the car by her shoulders; he was grunting in obvious satisfaction with his violent rutting but she was not moaning in pleasure as I had first thought, she was sobbing. Deep heart rending sobs. I turned back and for the first time saw that there was a dark liquid stain spreading down the white paintwork of the car from beneath them.

I took a step forward through the door. They still hadn’t seen me but I could recognise that dark stain, it was blood.

Now I could make out the girl’s gasping, sobbing words. “Stop it, Kevin….please stop it…. It hurts… I’ll let you fuck me if you do, just please stop it!”

I could now also see that what I had thought was doggy-style sex was not; his shaft was buried deep into her anus, he was buggering her and she did not appear to like it or want it.

They obviously knew each other, but I recognised neither of them and I guess the sensible thing to do should have been to turn and stagger away before they saw me. Instead I took another step forward and opened my stupid mouth.

“Hey, get off her you bastard!” I slurred aggressively.

The guy stayed where he was rammed hard inside of her anus but turned his head to look over his shoulder. I have got to say without prejudice that he was an ugly sod; he had several days’ worth of stubble covering his acne spotted face and long greasy light brown hair and looked to be about my height but a bit slimmer and less broad across the shoulders.

“Fuck off and find your own fucking doughnut!” He growled.

The girl must have suddenly realised that there was somebody else there. “Oh please, help me… make him stop…. make him stop!” She whimpered and started to struggle beneath him.

I guess that he realised that he was in a vulnerable position, jeans around his knees, and his dick deep in her arse, because he smacked her hard across the back of the head, bouncing her face off the car bonnet, and then jerked his hips hard, one final time and let out a loud grunt of satisfaction and then dribbled his cum across her buttock as he pulled out and side-stepped quickly around to the side of the car pulling up his trousers.

My mind finally started to clear and I took two steps towards him bringing my fists up; a wordless, angry growl rising in my throat. He spun on his heel and sprinted out of the front of the garage skidding to a halt in the gravel drive.

“I’ll be back fucker!” he sneered giving me the finger, “I’ll get you right and bleedin’ proper!”

“Come on then… let’s see you try it!” I challenged, but he was already running out onto the street and away.

I turned back to the girl. She had not moved and was still lying over the car bonnet; I could see that she was grasping the windscreen wipers tightly in her hands and that one of them was twisted out of shape in her fist. She was sobbing frantically and her shoulders were heaving to each wrenching sob, her face was turned to one side, facing me and I could see rivulets of tears running over her cheek and soaking her hair.

I really did not know what to do… I’m not sure that I would have known had I been fully sober. What I had initially thought was a t-shirt was actually a plain, light blue dress which had been bunched up around her waist, and a pair of black cotton panties was hanging from one ankle; there was no sign of any shoes, assuming she had some.

She was in a real mess. There was blood smearing her buttocks and the rear of her thighs and a thick black stream of it oozing down the bonnet of the car, far more blood than I would have thought probable.

I crouched down at the side of the car and extended my hand. I did not want to actually touch her; I remembered reading somewhere that women who had been sexually abused or raped often re-acted badly if another man put hands on them no matter how kindly meant.

“Can you stand up… do you want me to help you?” I asked her as gently and quietly as I could manage.

She didn’t move except to fix her eyes onto my face. “Has he gone? Kevin… has he gone?” she whispered hoarsely.

“Yes, he’s gone.” I told her, the experience was starting to sober me up a bit and my brain was beginning to function on a sensible level. “You need to get off of there… I need to get you some help…” I kept my hand outstretched but didn’t move.

She released her hold on the windscreen wipers and started to slide off of the car but when her bare feet hit the concrete her knees started to buckle and she grabbed out and clutched my hand for support then placed the other on the bonnet and steadied herself until her was leaning at the front of the vehicle.

I took a chance and reached across and tugged the hem of her dress down so that her arse and bloodied thighs were covered and a tiny scrap of modesty was restored to her.

I was still kneeling just holding her hand when suddenly a gigantic shadow fell over us from the back door of the garage. “Hello, hello…. What is going on here then?”

I breathed a sigh of relief, it was only Simon Goldblum; of all the guys at the party I was so glad that it was he who had found us. I had known Simon since grammar school 1st year, and we had both been in our house rugby team; he was still keen and now a star player for the Salisbury Rugby Football Club. Simon could never be mistaken for anything but a rugby player, he was about 6′ 2″ in his stocking feet and almost as broad as he was long, very handsome with short black curly hair, dark brown eyes and a winning smile that totally disarmed the girls and had them panting after him. As usual he was wearing the club rugby shirt of green and white stripes over his jeans. Despite his size he was probably one of the gentlest and kindest men that I knew, but a pure devil in a scrum and the former school boxing champion. He was now preparing to go to the University of St. Andrews to study medicine and in all likelihood would in time become a famous surgeon like both his parents.

“Bloody hell, Simon…. You had me scared shitless…” I gasped. He had also alarmed the girl who grasped my hand tightly, her nails digging into my fingers and was still crying softly.

“What IS going on, Jamie?” He asked quietly his eyes taking in the girl’s distress, the blood dripping from the car and the state of her clothing.

“She has been….. er, attacked,” I told him, I felt that giving any more detail about the incident would somehow be a breach of confidence even though I did not know this girl at all. “Can you ask one of the other girls to come out to us…. And I think that the police and an ambulance should be called…”

She spun away from the car almost falling and let out a sharp cry of pain, “NO! NO! Please don’t call the police or ambulance…. I’m OK… really I am… it was just something that got out of hand… ” She turned to me, “I will be alright if I can just rest for a bit. Will you stay with me… just you… nobody else?” She looked pointedly at Simon who took the hint.

“There are some plastic chairs outside…I’ll bring one in for you,” he said and went back out of the door.

“Thank you…” she murmured.

I stood up and took her elbow to support her, she was very shaky, still a bit weepy and obviously in pain, and then suddenly there was the crunch of gravel in the drive at the front of the garage as a car pulled in. The doors were flung open and three youths got out. The first I instantly recognised as the bum-fucking boyfriend, Kevin, another was very similar in appearance but maybe a year or two older, probably a brother and the third was a small thin lad who reminded me of a mangy weasel.

They moved towards the open garage front in a line. “I’m goin’ to kick your fuckin’ head in you poncy cock-sucker!” Kevin bawled as they advanced. None of them looked particularly tough, but that night I was still at least half pissed and I noticed something gleaming in Weasel’s right hand and guessed that he had some sort of knife. That made him the most dangerous and I certainly didn’t want him behind me, and so I thrust the girl back towards the rear of the garage and then moved around the car until I was facing Weasel with the reassuring bulk of the car guarding my left flank.

“I’m gonna stick you…” he mouthed, sounding like some cheap second rate hood in a movie, raising a short kitchen knife and holding it out in front of him. I wasn’t at all happy with the situation but it was certainly serving to sober me up fast. He had come to a halt, I was standing in almost total darkness; he obviously wanted me to come out to him and then I spotted a yard broom leaning against the garage wall only a few inches from my right hand. I stamped down on the brush head and wrenched the broom handle away, I now had a four foot length of pole which I thought trumped his four inch blade.

I didn’t wait for an invitation I just spun the broom handle and stormed forward out of the darkness. I remembered Dennis telling me about his army training and how when faced with a baton or club most opponents expected the wielder to maximise the power and swing the thing overhead, they seldom expected a lunge with the point. I thrust the inch thick rod forwards with all the strength of both shoulders, ramming it into Weasel’s chest and heard something snap. He let out a high pitched scream and sat down hard clutching his chest, the knife skidding under the car, and then, as I prodded at him again threateningly he scrambled backwards and started back towards their car bent almost double.

In my pre-occupation with Weasel I had drunkenly completely forgotten the other two Muppets. I remembered them fast when there was a metallic crash by my head and something large and soft and limp bounced off the roof of the white car and rolled onto the floor and started to crawl away…it was Kevin, I heard Simon’s terrifying lion-like roar behind me and guessed that he been giving Kevin flying lessons.

I was looking around for the older one before I realised that he was right beside me and felt him land a fist hard into my ribs, it hurt but it didn’t feel as though he had done any serious damage, I had taken far worse punches on the sports field. I must have dropped the broom handle after seeing off Weasel and so I swung out wildly forgetting everything that Dad had taught me about boxing but had the satisfaction of feeling my knuckles make contact with something that crunched and gave way before my fist. Then Simon was right beside me and Kevin the Arse-fucker’s brother was running like a rabbit back towards his car, blood streaming from his nose.

The door of the car banged and it reversed out of the drive in a spray of gravel and then screamed away to the sound of crashing gears and burning tyre rubber. Amazingly the whole scrap had only taken a few seconds although as I looked back and replayed each second in my mind it seemed like a bloody lifetime.

“Feh! What sort of a shlumi’el are you, Jamie…. You invite me to a dance and there are only three partners?” Simon chuckled from the other side of the car. “I don’t think they will be back for another round… but you should probably close the garage door.”

I pulled down the big steel up and over door which threw the garage into almost total darkness and then walked back towards the rear. The girl was now sitting uncomfortably in a green plastic garden chair by the closed rear door and Simon was standing in the opening the other side ready to leave.

“Just like old times… you and me brawling in the school playground, two kovesh against all comers, eh!” He laughed and reached around behind the door and produced an almost full bottle of cheap whisky which he thrust in my direction. “I brought this out with me… I think your need is greater than mine, I found a case inside.”

I stepped up to Simon and we exchanged a back slapping bear-hug. “Thanks Si,” I didn’t need to say more we knew each other too well. It had never even crossed my mind that he might think I was responsible for the girl’s distress and I don’t believe that he had thought it either. He walked back to the kitchen door and I waited for a minute before returning to the girl. The really amazing thing was that nobody at the party seemed to have noticed any of what had gone down in the garage, but the music was still very loud and everybody was as pissed as newts.

I went back to the girl and crouched down in front of her. She was not the sort of girl that I found particularly attractive; I thought her face was a bit plain and angular and her hair a mess but then she was flushed with crying and her eyes were red and swollen and she had a bruise starting on her cheek. I think she was about 5’4″ with small breasts and was very slim with almost no curves to her waist and hips but her legs were slim and shapely and I remembered her buttocks being small but well rounded.

“Do you want some of this?” I offered unscrewing the cap and holding forward the whisky bottle. She smiled weakly and nodded and took a serious swig and swallowed it down without coughing. “What is your name?” I asked, she said nothing, “I need to call you something…. I think you owe me a name if nothing else… don’t you?”

“Cherry,” she murmured, “Cheryl really but they call me Cherry. What’s yours?”

“Jamie.” I offered. “I really think that I should get you some help… you’ve been bleeding… you ought to get yourself examined…”

“NO! There’s really no need…..” She started to sob softly again and then suddenly the dam burst and words flowed from her as if she needed to purge her pain by telling the story “It wasn’t really rape you know…. Kevin is sort of my boyfriend, we dated before, and we did it… you know, had sex once before…. I suppose it was really my fault…”

I could not understand why this silly girl was defending a violent pig who had obviously been hurting her and had probably hurt her in the past. She didn’t seem to be very bright but I had no patience with creeps who beat up on girls.

“We came in here to be alone… Kevin tried to get into the car but it was locked… we were snogging and I was letting him touch my tits and then he wanted to have a screw…” She took a deep breath and tried to wipe her eyes with her hand. I fished into my pocket and came up with a clean hankerchief for her. “I told him that we couldn’t because it was my period… I have terrible periods, a lot of pain and I bleed constantly.” She blew her nose noisily and offered the hankerchief back to me, I indicated that she should keep it. She was starting to cry again. I patted her hand and nodded for her to continue with the story.

“He got really angry… started pushing me and saying horrible things… I really didn’t want to have sex… it’s painful at this time of the month.. and I told him I was afraid that I would get up the duff… you know… pregnant.” She managed a weak smile. “I told him that I would wank him off but he didn’t want that…. he just kept shouting at me that he wanted a fuck.” She was gabbling though her tears as though she needed to get the whole story out quickly. “Then he got all nice and said there was a way that I could make it good for him and no chance of getting stuffed up. He told me he would just put his cock between my bum cheeks …. That I should bend over the car….. I didn’t know he was going to….. going to…. ” She broke into another fit of gasping sobs.

“It’s OK you don’t need to….” I wasn’t sure if a really wanted to hear the rest, I had seen for myself what had obviously happened.

“He just rammed his cock into me…. ” she wailed. “I just couldn’t believe it….. it hurt so much….my arse felt like it was tearing, I begged him to stop but he wouldn’t, the bastard just kept shoving his prick in harder and harder, it felt so big and hard, I could feel myself stretched and bleeding inside and I was frightened…. I didn’t want to do it and it hurt, it felt like my arsehole was on fire!” She blew her nose again, hard. “And I was bleeding again from my period as well.. and he just wouldn’t stop…. and it hurt me!”

She was sobbing her heart out again and I knew that I was out of my depth. I took a couple of seriously large pulls from the bottle and lit a cigarette and offered it to her, she shook her head. “Look,” I said, “I’m going into the house to get one of the other girls to come and talk to you… maybe she will take you home if you won’t go to the hospital?”

I went back into the house and asked around until I found a couple of girls who knew Cherry and told them she had been knocked about by her boyfriend. They finally agreed to get a taxi to take her home if I paid and followed me out to the garage.

Cherry was gone. There was still the blood on the car bonnet, smears of more blood on the chair and I found a pair of sling back shoes beneath the car. The other girls did not seem to concerned.

“Fuck her..the stupid bitch!” One of them said to me. “If she is crazy enough to date that lunatic Kevin, she deserves what she gets…” So much for petticoat solidarity, I thought.

I wandered through the house, the party was starting to break up and most of our group were ready to leave. Nobody had seen anything of Cherry.

“She has probably gone off looking for that prick Kevin….” Simon commented as we all sat on the garden wall waiting for our taxi. Josh and I were really rat-arsed but Si was relatively sober. “If you went down to the hospital casualty department later you would probably find her, kicked half to death and fucked brainless by all three of those little toe-rags!”

I didn’t want to think about that possibility. There were a couple of inches of whisky left in the bottle and so I swigged down half and then passed it to Simon. Cherry was one of life’s born victims but she still didn’t deserve to be treated that way, nobody did.

I was the first to be dropped off by the taxi and stood in the road outside of our house drunkenly swaying and waving to Josh, Tim and Simon as they were driven away. It had been an evening of contrasts, the pub had been good fun it had been great to relax and just be an irresponsible teenager for a change; the incident with Cherry had put a bit of a dampener on the party, but hey-ho, what I really needed was another drink.

I let myself into the house and went straight through to the dining room and hooked a tumbler and a half full bottle of whisky out of the drinks cabinet and staggered up the stairs to my room. There was no point in trying to be silent, Gwen was staying at Maggie’s place, I remembered Emma had said she could be sleeping over at the stables, I was on my own in the house.

I took off my jeans and shoes, poured myself a large drink and sat in my leather club chair, in my boxers and t-shirt musing about the evening. Josh had been hilarious the way that he had become totally immersed in his joy about going to Uni; we had all laughed like drains when he had stood on a chair in the pub and pontificated about his father, Tim and himself being the greatest anglers in the world and didn’t even stop talking after he buggered over and lay on the pub floor, soaked in beer.

It had been really great seeing Simon again, we hadn’t met up much since I left school and in many ways, although I had known Josh longer and Simon had been a boarder at school, his parents both worked in Israel for long periods, of the two Si and I were probably the closer friends.

The incident with Cherry gave me some cause for inebriated reflection. Not just the violence both sexual and physical but the whole concept of anal sex. I had never had anal sex although I remembered Debbie hinting about it once, I knew guys who claimed that they had and I was never blind to the fact that bum-fucking happened between boys at boarding school, although far less than the urban myth suggested. I guess it was the male counterpart of girl-on-girl sex which I knew was quite common at girl’s schools.

I had also heard the claims that some girls not only did it, but also liked it although in truth I had never discussed it with any woman that I knew and my one experience of anal sex had been that same night and had convinced me that it was probably something that most girls would find painful and wish to avoid. I wanted any sexual acts that I shared with a woman to be mutually pleasurable and I would need a lot of convincing before I would risk inflicting the sort of pain that I had witnessed that night.

The couple of additional glasses of whisky that I had consumed had topped me off, I was totally rat-arsed again and desperately needed a pee. I levered myself out of the chair and staggered down the hall to the bathroom, falling through the door with a loud crash. Somehow I managed to take a leak without falling into the pan or pissing over the floor and was quite pleased with myself for that achievement until I looked in the large bathroom mirror. The reflection that stared back at me looked pasty faced and slack jawed and there was a large smear of blood on one cheek and a trail of blood droplets splattered aross the shoulder of my t-shirt.

Author’s note: With the exception of how freakin’ hot my real aunt “Daisy” is, this is a work of complete fiction. Of course, the names and locations have been changed on the off chance that any family member of mine may read this. Some chapters also contains some bisexual/gay elements. If that bothers you, dear reader, then merrily skip on to the next story. I won’t be offended, I promise.

Over the next few days, I pressed Daisy about setting something up with her and another woman, preferably Grandma. However, she told me that the deal was that I would try out Uncle James first, THEN we’d move on to the girl-girl thing. I was kind of nervous about that and was hoping she wouldn’t press me on it.

James called a few days later and invited us to his house for the weekend. He’d managed to get her a rare Saturday doctor’s appointment and suggested we come up Friday night, spend the night at his place, then head back to Grandma’s after Daisy’s appointment. We made sure Grandma was ok with being alone for the night, then made plans for the trip.

We left about 6 PM for the two and a half hour drive to James’ house. I drove Daisy’s car, which gave Daisy wicked ideas the whole trip. She took her shirt off (no bra underneath) early on in the trip, and kept teasing me with her tits. Then, when I couldn’t take any more, she pulled my dick out of my pants, put her head on my lap, and sucked my dick for about 30 miles. It was difficult to control the car, especially when I started cumming in her mouth…my leg involuntarily straightened out, pushing down on the accelerator, and we were doing about 110 mph before I caught myself.

After the blowjob, she put her shirt back on and leaned against me. If anyone saw us, we would look like a couple, her dozing against my side with my arm protectively around her. I think it was at that particular moment, I looked at her with more emotion than lust. Sure, I loved her as my aunt, but I was also starting to feel more like her boyfriend or husband than her nephew.

We pulled into James’ driveway right after him. He’d just gotten back from dropping Bernard, his boyfriend, off at the airport. We all got out of our cars at about the same time.

“Good timing,” he smiled at us.

“We aim to please,” Daisy said. I grabbed the one suitcase we were sharing out of the back seat, and followed James into the house.

James’ house was pretty nice, your normal run-of-the-mill suburban home. It was more functional than decorative; James might be gay, but he didn’t swish. The only difference between him and Joe Next Door was that he liked to put his dick in men instead of women. He liked NASCAR and football, and was evidently a huge Steelers fan.

James showed me which bedroom to drop the suitcase in, then we all sat down in the living room. After a few minutes of chit-chat, Daisy told James that she had talked to me and we’d agreed that I would try dick for once.

“Awwww, dammit, Daisy,” James said half-jokingly. “The seduction is half the fun. I was going to ply him with alcohol and make him want me to have my way with him.”

Daisy giggled. “I’m sorry, but it was too much of a turn-on to keep to myself.”

They both turned to me. “Well,” James smiled, “what do you think? Want to go through with this, or are you having second thoughts?”

I was nervous as hell. What if I liked it? What if I liked it more than pussy? However, my dick was getting hard in my pants. IT liked the thought of it, even I had reservations.

“Yeah,” I said nervously, “I’d like to try it.”

James unbuckled his pants, unzipped his fly, and pulled his cock out. I gulped, it was really the first adult cock I’d seen — I had only felt Dad’s, I didn’t actually see it. It was bigger than mine, and hardening in his hand.

“Why don’t you come over here and get acquainted?” Jim grinned. He stroked his cock in long slow motions.

I slowly got up and moved over in front of James, then sank to my knees. Daisy moved over next to me.

“Kiss it,” she said, breathing kind of hard. She was really getting turned on.

I puckered my lips, leaned forward and lightly kissed the tip. That wasn’t so bad.

“Lick it,” Daisy urged, leaning close enough that she could almost kiss James’ dick herself.

The tip of my tongue lightly brushed across his cockhead. It didn’t taste bad.

James gently put his hand around the back of my head, and pulled me closer. My lips formed an “O”, and his cock slowly slid between them. He urged my mouth further and further down his cock, until it hit the back of my throat and I gagged.

“Suck it,” James said, plainly. I started sucking, moving my mouth up and down his shaft slightly.

Daisy got impatient. She looked up at James and said, “May I? Just to show him?”

“If you must,” James said, giving her a resigned look.

Daisy pulled my mouth off of James’ cock and greedily slid it into her mouth. I watched her head move, the way she bobbed it up and down, pumping his cock with her mouth. I saw that she had her hand around the base of his cock so he couldn’t force it any further in. She worked his cock for a minute, then pulled off.

“See?” she asked me with a flip of her hair, her eyes shining brightly.

I nodded, then moved back in. I did a better job on James’ cock copying what Daisy did than I did fumbling around on my own. I think James agreed, his hand on the back of my head wasn’t directing me as forcefully as before.

I moved my hand down James’ shaft, taking more of his cock in with every motion. I felt a gag coming on, fought it, and won.

“Play with my balls, Jimmy”, James said, his breath coming a bit faster now.

My hand moved off his shaft and cupped his big balls, gently rolling them around in the palm of my hand. James was moving his hips now, pumping his cock into my mouth slightly, urging me to take it deeper. It became easier and easier to fight off gagging. I was starting to like it.

Daisy had moved behind me and must have taken her shirt off because I could feel her naked pixie tits pressed against my back. Her small hand snaked around me and found my hard dick, stroking it.

“Suck his dick,” she hissed, turned on, “suck the cum out of his balls.” I could just imagine the juices flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs.

James was shoving his cock in and out of my mouth by now, and all I could do was hang on for the ride. My hands were on his thighs so I was able to push him back a bit if he tried to go too deep down my throat. My dick was throbbing from Daisy’s hand and the excitement of sucking James.

A scant second before he came, James made grunting noises and between clenched teeth said, “Swallow my cum, bitch!” It boiled out of his balls and his throbbing cock pumped it into my mouth. I gagged, tried to pull my mouth off of him, but couldn’t because of the handful of hair that he held. His cum flowed out of my mouth, down my chin and neck, and down my chest.

Daisy stroked me faster and my cock started shooting cum in her hand. I shuddered with every gob of cum that flowed out of my dick and onto her hand.

James slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and grinned down at me. “You’ve got some talent for sucking cock, Jimmy. How about I kick Bernard out and you move in here?”

Daisy laughed from behind me and put her arms protectively around me. “Oh, no you don’t,” she said, “he’s taken. And, besides, if he wasn’t around to get Mom off, she might get mad at you.”

“True,” he said, ruefully. He handed me a towel, then got up. “Drinks, anyone?”

I raised my hand while wiping James cum from my face and chest. His cum didn’t taste bad, but it was thick and I needed something to help get the last of it out of my mouth.

Daisy moved around from behind me and gave me a deep, hard kiss. The excitement was shining in her eyes and she said, “Well?”

I grinned and said, “It was ok. I kinda liked it.”

She gave me a fierce hug as James walked back into the living room carrying three sodas. Handing two to Daisy and I, he reached down and helped me stand up, then gave me a deep, lingering kiss.

Daisy still had her pants on, and I saw a huge wet spot on the crotch as I watched her play with herself through her pants. James saw it, too, and shook a finger at her.

“You stay on the floor, young miss. I don’t want any pussy stains on my furniture…there is NO way I could possibly explain that to Bernard,” he warned.

The three of us sat on the floor, drinking the sodas while James recovered. After he did, he stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me upright.

“Let’s move to the bedroom for the ‘pièce de résistance’,” he said, grinning. “I’m dying to poke that cute little ass.” He reached down and grabbed a handful of my ass with his big meaty hands.

I helped Daisy up, and the two of us followed James to the bedroom. We all stripped, then Daisy jumped onto the head of the bed, laid back and spread her legs slightly.

James caught a glimpse of Daisy’s pussy.

“Blech…cover that thing, Daisy,” he said.

Daisy giggled and said, “I have just the perfect thing…come here, nephew.” She grabbed my hand, pulled me over to her, then shoved my head down into her crotch.

Oh, that beautiful, tasty, tantalizing pussy. I knew at that second that while I kinda liked James’ cock, I was definitely not gay. I wanted that pussy bad. My tongue reached out for it.

I was laying on the bed, my head thrust between Daisy’s legs. James maneuvered around behind me, and I could feel him opening my asscheeks and his finger rubbing on my asshole.

My dick was growing again as my tongue danced all over Daisy’s pussy and across her clit. She moaned louder.

I felt James’ lubricated finger push against my asshole, then slip inside. It felt good, and I spread my legs a bit to give him more access. He slowly slid his finger in and out of my ass, then a second finger joined it.

That was a bit uncomfortable. Two of James’ fingers was bigger than the three that Daisy had slid in there. The pressure in my ass diverted my attention away from licking Daisy, and she noticed..

“Hey!” she said, grinding her pussy onto my face. “Lick, boy, lick!”

My tongue went back to pleasing Daisy. Behind me, I felt James shift, then felt his thighs against mine as he moved in between my legs. I felt his cockhead nudge against my asshole, and tightened involuntarily.

“Relax,” James urged.

He slowly began pressing his cock against my asshole stronger. I tried to relax as his cockhead spread my asshole.

I had stopped licking Daisy’s pussy, and she was watching James slide his cock into me.

James got most of his cockhead inside me before the pain was too great. I made some kind of noise, and he froze. As my ass got used to his side, Daisy stroked my head and ran her fingers through my hair.

Slowly, pausing when I needed him to, he pushed his whole length inside me and held it there. My ass felt full to bursting, and it wasn’t all that comfortable.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a virgin ass?” James groaned. “Jesus, boy, you’re fucking TIGHT.”

I slowly started to relax more, and James began stroking his cock gently in and out of my ass. Daisy pulled my head back down against her pussy.

His cock in my ass was becoming less and less uncomfortable as I relaxed more. It started to feel good. In fact, it started to feel REAL good. My dick, which had softened some when James put his cock in my ass, was starting to grow again. It was pressed against the sheets, sliding a little bit from every one of James’ thrust.

Daisy couldn’t actually see James’ cock go into my ass, but she was watching raptly as James moved on top of me. Her juices were flowing heavily down my chin. It should have tipped me off that she was about to cum, but it didn’t.

I think the orgasm took her as much by surprise as it did me. Her pussy began spasming and she ground it against my face, her hands pulling me painfully closer by my hair. She rode it, making unintelligible noises while James continued to pump his cock deep into my ass.

She eventually relaxed, and James took over.

“Sorry, sis,” he said, grabbing my hips and rolling us over. He maneuvered me around onto my back, and pulled my legs up to his shoulders.

I was really getting into being fucked by James. His cock, previously painful, was now an instrument of please. Damn, it felt good sliding in and out of my asshole.

I surprised myself by saying, “Uh….uh……yeah……fuck me…” I would have loved to pump my ass up at him, making him fuck me harder and deeper, but with the way he was laying on me and my legs on his shoulders made it impossible.

James fucked harder and harder, his cock slamming in and out of my ass. I couldn’t help but moan, it felt so damn good. I loved having him on top of me, his cock poking my ass hard. My hard dick was slapping my belly with every one of his thrusts.

James gave a bark, and shoved him cock as deep into my ass as he could. I could sense, more than feel, his cock explode inside me, coating my insides with his cum. I almost came myself at that moment.

He shuddered a few times then slowly relaxed, collapsing on top of me. His weight made it difficult to breathe, and I made a gasping sound.

“Oh…sorry,” James said breathlessly, rolling off of me.

Daisy’s face appeared before mine. Her eyes shining, she asked, “Well?”

“It was awesome,” I smiled up at her.

Daisy giggled, then kissed down my face and chest. Wrapping her hand around my engorged dick, she quickly and expertly took me in her mouth. I lasted about four seconds before my dick pumped a huge load of cum between her beautiful lips.

Daisy swallowed all of my cum, not missing a drop, then gave my dickhead a kiss. James pushed me over onto my side, and Daisy snuggled up in front of me, pulling my arm around her. Three spoons, we laid there…my dick pressed up against the crack of Daisy’s ass, James’ cock pressed up against mine. Exhausted, I dozed off.

When I when I woke up the next morning, James and Daisy were gone. I stumbled out of bed, slid on my clothes, and wandered out to find them. I discovered I was alone in the house.

In the kitchen, I found a note from Daisy that read: “We went to the dr’s, be back soon. Coffee’s made. Love you!” My heart thumped wildly at the last two words.

They came back about an hour later, laughing and happy. Daisy ran up to me and gave me a kiss.

“Miss me?” she said, playfully.

“Every second you’re not here,” I replied, smiling.

James’ cleared his throat. “If you two are done being sappy, I have donuts. Dig in.” I hungrily attacked the box. Last night had taken a lot out of me.

Daisy called Grandma and told her that we were on our way back, then we threw our stuff in the car, waved goodbye to James, and headed back.

As we drove, Daisy asked me, “So, you think we’ll be doing this again sometime?”

I laughed and told her, “Yeah, I think so. Not any time soon, though. My ass is a bit tender this morning.”

She giggled and snuggled up to me for the trip home. I drove in silence, thinking about her. What if…..

“Daisy, did you mean what you wrote on the note?” I asked her.

“Huh?” she said, confused.

“The ‘love you’ part,” I said, nervously. I wasn’t sure I wanted to ask her this, but I needed to know.

“Of course,” she said, playfully. “Aunties always love their nephews.”

“But not ‘love you’ like a boyfriend?” I stammered.

She pulled away from me and gave me a hard look. “I can’t love you like a boyfriend,” she said, “You’re my nephew.”

I swallowed nervously. “I think I love you more as Daisy than as Aunt Daisy,” I said, the words feeling and sounding clumsy, but exactly how I felt.

She signed, then snuggled up against me again. “Yes, I love you more as Jimmy than my nephew, too,” she said quietly. “Dammit, I wanted to keep it as just fun and games. I didn’t want you to know how I felt.”

“Where do we go from here?” I asked.

Staring at the floorboard of the car, she replied, “I don’t know.”

The rest of the drive back to Grandma’s was in silence.

My name is Vinu. My father is British and my mother Indian. I have a younger sister, Camille. Since my father worked in the diplomatic corps, while I was growing up my family lived a number of places around the world. In the last six years I have settled down in India.

I guess you would have to say that our family was unusual, though not unique, in some respects. All female members of our family, on both sides, have enormous tits, the smallest being my sister’s D. Also, my father, my sister, and I are all what you would call “oversexed”. While I can’t say for sure for my father (though I believe it to be true), sex is the main motivation in my and my sister’s lives. (My mother is very different, with just a normal libido as far as I know.) Finally, my father, sister, and I are superb liars. We can tell you the tallest tale in the world, and get you to believe it. My father has proven this by passing a number of lie detector tests associated with his diplomatic position even though many of the answers he gave were “questionable”. My sister and I, despite our promiscuous ways, have convinced our mother, husbands, and other members of our family that we are paragons of chasteness and never have had sex before our marriages, or outside our marriages.

Both my sister and I have been married about 20 years; and we both have sons that are 18. My Australian native husband Brian has let himself get fat, and is not that attractive, but he has one redeeming quality – a big cock. My sister’s husband is half Kiwi, half Indian, and is in great shape, although to hear my sister tell it he doesn’t know how to fuck worth a damn. [I have always been certain she was just telling me this to try and keep me from fucking him since she knows how much I enjoy new meat.]

When I was 18 and 19, before I got married at 20, I loved to fuck different guys every week. I started out early with tit fucks. While they were great and certainly pleased my partners in view of my passion and my big, firm yet soft texture, breasts, once I got into pussy fucking and anal I didn’t do tit fucking anymore; unless I was having my period and my partner didn’t like anal.

There was one stretch of time, however, when I was 19, when we were on summer holiday in a remote location, with no decent local meat, when I decided I had to have my father. My sister and I had mercilessly teased him for a long time by walking around almost naked when our mother wasn’t home, and making suggestive comments and provocative movements (like bending over in front of him while he was sitting at breakfast when we only had a thong on, to ostensibly pick up something we had dropped). Without our father’s knowledge, Camille and I often played an evil game of who could get daddy hard fastest. I think the only reason our father didn’t try to fuck us was because he was deathly afraid of my mother, for reasons I don’t fully understand. On our summer holiday I used that fear to my advantage.

We had been on holiday about a week when I was so horny I couldn’t stand it anymore, and as I said the local meat was “rotten”. I had always admired my dad’s physique, and several times had peeked in on him while he was banging my mother – and he looked like he really satisfied her. Therefore I decided it was time to fuck him. So when my mother and Camille were out shopping – I begged off saying I didn’t feel well – and as I was home alone with daddy I went for it.

Dad was sitting on the couch of our rented bungalow reading. I had pinched a part of my ass cheek to make it really red, and was wearing only a thong and a skimpy loose top which showed almost half my tits, including the top part of the areola. I sauntered into the room and virtually pushed my ass in his face and said “Daddy, can you see a spider bite, or some other reason why my rear end is red? It itches.”

I could tell he was uncomfortable in looking at it, but he inspected it and told me it was probably just some temporary minor irritation. Of course his inspection of my ass and view of my tits had made him rock hard.

After his comments I turned around and blatantly stared at his crotch, pursed my lips, and said “Daddy, it looks like you have a major problem. There seems to be something causing your pants to swell. Let me have a look.” With that I knelt between his legs and put my hand on his crotch.

Dad got a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face, pushed my hand away, and mumbled something like “Nothing is wrong – you shouldn’t touch me there.”

I got a wicked smile on my face and I moved both hands back to his crotch and said “Daddy dear, your little girl is really, really horny and needs to be fucked. Since you’re the only candidate here, you need to do the honors.”

“I can’t do that” he mumbled “your mother would kill me!”

“Oh Daddy,” I replied, “the only way Mom is going to think you fucked me is if you don’t. Because if you don’t I’m going to tell her you did, and you know what a good liar I am. If you fuck me, no one will ever know. Plus I can tell from the hard on you get every time I get near you that you badly want it. So what is it going to be, I tell Mom you fucked me and you have no fun, or you get the joy of banging my sweet little pussy and sucking on my big tits and no one ever finds out?”

I hesitated only a few seconds, and didn’t wait for an answer. While he still had his wide-eyed scared look, I undid his zipper and pulled out his dick, and while staring him in the eye started sucking it like crazy. It took less than a minute for him to go from scared to ecstasy, grabbing my hair and moaning “oh yeah, that feels so gooooood, oh fuck yes…”

After I sucked him a while, I pulled him onto the floor, pulled off my thong and top, swung my pussy over his face, and put my mouth back on his raging hard on. He absolutely went nuts on my pussy, sucking and tonguing it like it was the last one he would ever see in his life, while simultaneously vigorously fingering me. He and I were both close to climax in less than two minutes, so I pulled my pussy off of his face, and went down reverse cowgirl on him. As I rode him up and down, he started bucking his hips in sync, more enthusiastically than any other guy I had fucked up to that point, and in short order he was groaning like an old wooden floor with an elephant walking on it. He grabbed an ass cheek with one hand, and stuck two fingers from the other hand in my anus. Shortly, he deposited a monster load in my sweet vagina just as I started a mammoth orgasm myself. As I continued to orgasm, he kept pumping me all the way through it, until I went completely limp and collapsed on him.

That day uncaged Daddy Dear’s lust for me, and we secretly fucked on a regular basis after that, including the day before he walked me down the aisle (wow was that fun – the doubly forbidden nature of it got me to cum more than ever before in my life).

While I was bored with my husband, I got plenty of raw meat outside of marriage, so I never went crazy with deprivation. But finding new meat all the time – I mostly wanted only one night stands – took a lot of effort. So I was really happy when a change in family circumstances came along.

My sister’s husband was between jobs, and was looking for work in the same part of India my family lived in. We had a very big house with 6 bedrooms on three different floors, so I invited them to live with us. My husband had no objection – I had the feeling he had a crush on my sister for years – nor did my son or nephew, so we became one big happy family. “Happy” being the operative word.

It wasn’t even a week after my sister’s family moved in that I maneuvered it so that my brother-in-law, Shree, was in the house alone; I pretended to go out. When he was in the bathroom I stood nude outside of it, and when he opened the door pretended like I was just walking by and was startled. I covered up my nipples with my arms, leaving my hairless prominent camel toe completely exposed. I blurted something out like “Oh dear, I didn’t know anyone else was home,” but didn’t attempt to move away.

I always thought Shree would like a piece of my ass, and his reaction confirmed that. He stood still, gap-jawed without speaking for a good 30 seconds, obviously staring at my twat. Then a sly smile crossed his face, and he said “Why haven’t you run away Vinu instead of just standing there?”

“If I ran away then you would see my ass. If you were a gentleman you would cover your eyes and walk away,” I lied. I continued “I don’t like the look on your face. It appears you want to take advantage of me while I’m here naked with no one else in the house.”

If he didn’t have an idea of what I wanted before, he sure did after that comment. With the sly smile apparently now permanently painted on his face he walked up, pulled my hands away from my nipples, pressed against me, and started kissing me. I put up only enough resistance to encourage him, and within 2-3 minutes he was sucking my tits while fingering my cunt. I softly protested “You’re not going to fuck me, are you?” much like a rabbit pleading with a fox “don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

That last comment really turned him on and he started running his hands all over me. He picked me up while keeping a finger in my cunt and carried me the short distance down the hall to his bed. I could tell passive resistance was really turning him on so I whimpered “Please don’t fuck me; I’m so vulnerable and helpless.”

He virtually ripped his clothes off and started attacking my pussy as vigorously as my father did my first time with him. I knew Camille was lying about him being a terrible fuck. Even though his dick was quite a bit smaller than my husband’s that was inconsequential because he really knew how to use that thing, and his lust was almost beyond my experience. Also, his body was lean and muscular, and felt so good to the touch. After bringing me to my first orgasm orally, he stabbed me with his cock, put my legs on his shoulders, and pounded my pussy with a fervor I had never experienced before. With great zeal he continued moving his hands over my breasts and hips, and occasionally licked or bit my calves, while rhythmically pummeling my cunt into submission.

Within two minutes of my pussy being stabbed I had an awesome orgasm which only briefly subsided until he rocketed his joy juice into me, triggering even greater ecstasy in my loins.

When I finally came down from my third climax at Shree’s hand (actually tongue and dick) he withdrew his tool from my now sopping cunt, and lay next to me while he continued to suck my nipples and rub his hands all over my body. I now knew for certain that I wanted regular fuck sessions with my dear brother-in-law and it was clear to me what pushed his buttons. So as he was zestily handling my body I whimpered “I can’t believe you had your way with me. You’re an animal. You know I will never tell anyone so you simply took advantage of my weakness with your strong arms and body.”

Wow, did I have him figured out! Those whimpered words perked up his eyes, ears, and dick. He wasn’t a one a done guy – at least he wasn’t going to be with me – I could tell. Once I felt his hard dick again poking me in the side I continued my manipulation with “Oh no, you’re getting hard again, and I haven’t done anything to encourage you. You’ve already worn out my poor pussy, please don’t fuck my ass, you animal.”

His eyes lit up even more. He smash mouthed me, grabbed my hips, and turned me over on my hands and knees. Wiping up the slurry of our cums literally flowing out of my pussy I could feel him slathering my ass hole with the slurry, and coating his dick as his dick head rested on my rosebud. I continued to get him excited by quietly begging “You can’t take the virginity of my ass,” “Oh please won’t you control your animal passion,” and “Aren’t you ashamed of dominating your poor sister-in-law?”

With a combination of gentleness and intensity that I had never experienced before he inserted his dick to the hilt in my expectant anus, moving gently at first, and then banging me like a bass drum. I wanted him to know that my words were intended to only be a turn-on when I started banging him back with all I had. It wasn’t long before we were both ready to cum again. I climaxed first – one of the best anal orgasms I’ve ever had – and shortly thereafter he was screaming like Tarzan swinging on a vine as he blasted me with another load of his thick cream.

When we both came back to full functionality and awareness, with his arms wrapped around me, I looked him straight in the eye and said as seriously as I could “Can you at least clean me up after using me as your plaything?” He smiled, got out of bed, picked me up, and carried me into the shower and got in with me. He washed all of my private parts with one hand, while the other either massaged my ass, stroked my tits, or was buried in my cunt. I washed his parts off too, but only when he insisted that I do – I knew that was the best way to keep him coming back for more.

When we got out of the shower he toweled me off. As he was doing that I humbly said “Can I please get dressed now?” After he said “Sure” with a smirk on his face, I coyly asked “Just because you gave me multiple orgasms you’re not going to think you can take advantage of me again, are you?” A big smile engulfed his visage as he retorted “I’ll fuck you whenever I get you alone so if you don’t want to get fucked you better make sure you’re never alone with me again.”

With my head down I shuffled out of the 2nd floor bathroom to go upstairs to my room, and once I got there a big smile and warm glow overtook me. I realized that now I can regularly get a great fuck without even having to leave my house.

I knew Shree wouldn’t tell Camille, and my husband was too stupid to figure out something was going on between Shree and I, but I wanted to distract Camille so she wouldn’t figure it out. Therefore I had several heart-to-heart talks with her saying things like I missed my husband’s big cock, and maybe I should encourage him to get some ass elsewhere as that might perk up his interest in sex in general, and thus with me. Poor Camille is such a sap, I know she sucked that up. I tried to get her and my husband alone together whenever I could. It would probably be a few months of my husband infrequently porking her before she realized that Shree was by far the better fuck.

While Shree and I were going hot and heavy, fucking 3-4 sessions a week (with multiple orgasms each session), my oversexed brain was thinking of adding a new partner. My nephew Raj was looking real good; he and my son Brian Junior are both really good looking boys. Raj has his father’s nice body, and his mother’s beautiful facial features, and is outgoing, tall, and endearing; Junior looks enough like him to be his brother. They always hang out together. I started wearing skimpy clothing around Raj – and therefore around Junior too – and took them for outings where I would direct sexual comments toward them. I know I piqued Raj’s interest – but Junior’s at the same time. Once when I was looking into a store window, in the reflection I saw Raj – and Junior – staring intently at my ass and thighs. Hmmm.

The day before his 19th birthday, I asked Raj to go shopping with me to pick out a present he would like. The outfit I wore when we left the house had a conservative look to it, but had top and bottom sections that were easily removed. We weren’t out of the house 5 minutes when I complained of the heat and took the easily removed sections off. What was left gave Raj a real good look at my tits and thighs, and when I bent over my ass, and when I sat with my legs apart my pussy.

When we sat down at a bench between stores I put my arm around Raj and drew him close to me so his side was smashing into my tits, and I swung one thigh over his. I looked him in the eye and said “Raj, what if for your birthday I would give you anything within my power to give you, what would you want from me?” When he diverted his eyes from mine and started stuttering and mumbling, I knew I had him. “No, I mean anything within my power, what would it be? Don’t be shy, if you don’t want me to I won’t tell anyone. What?”

I could tell he was really getting nervous, but my constant body contact with him was also causing his resistance to wane. Finally he said, without making eye contact, “Well don’t get mad at me Aunt Vinu, but what I would really like is to have sex with you.” I smiled, kissed his cheek, turned his face toward mine, and said “Raj, why would that make me mad at you? It flatters me. I would love to do that for you, and we will this weekend. But let me buy you something too so that no one suspects your real present will be my flesh.” I’ve never seen a bigger smile on Raj’s face; we walked arm-in-arm to a store to pick out something that might look like a real gift before we headed home.

Friday night was the time for Raj’s present – and I was so horny in anticipation, I begged Shree to fuck me during the day on Friday, which he was happy to do. I showered and douched afterward.

Raj’s bedroom was the only one on the first floor of the house. On Friday night, after everyone else was asleep, including my husband snoring like a freight train, as Raj and I had arranged I sneaked down to Raj’s room. My nipples were as hard as rocks and my panties were soaking wet in expectancy. As he was lying wide-eyed in bed, I turned a low light on. Then I slowly removed my nightgown, and slowly stepped out of my soaked panties. I walked over to him and told him to give me his hand. I brought his hand into contact with each of my erogenous zones, taking time to show him what effect touching or licking my clit, pussy lips, nipples, and rosebud had upon me.

I pulled back his sheet. His flag pole was sticking way out of his pajama bottoms. I gently removed his bottoms while licking the head of his cock. It was a really beautiful one, uniform color, distinct head, nice shaft, and a perfect size for my cunt. I massaged his testicles while licking his cock and he started to moan. I told him I was getting on top of him to suck his penis, and wanted him to touch the sensitive parts of my pussy with his fingers and tongue as I did that.

We got into a 69 position, and I was pleased that he was as spirited as his father in going after my pussy. What he lacked in experience he more than made up for in desire as he finger fucked me with alacrity while tonguing and sucking on my clit. He was so excited that he came in my mouth after I sucked him for only a few minutes, but I expected that, and told him that was OK. One of the benefits of youth was that I knew he would have no trouble depositing a load in my cunt in addition to my mouth.

I kept my lips and tongue in contact with his cock even after I swallowed all the ejaculate, as he continued his good work on my cunt. Once he got me to an orgasm, I sucked his dick vigorously, and he was rock hard again in a minute. Then I told him I wanted his first fuck – he had admitted to me he never fucked a woman before – to be doggy style. So I got on my hands and knees and guided his dick into my waiting cunt. He got the hang of it real quickly. He banged me good, and for each of his thrusts I applied a counter-thrust. We quickly developed a rhythm so smooth it was like we had been lovers for months. This time I came first, but he came shortly afterward, and it felt great when his cum was being blasted into my vagina.

Raj and I lay together kissing and fondling each other for another hour or so, before I told him I better be getting back to my room, since my husband usually wakes up once during the night to go to the bathroom, and I didn’t want him wondering where I was. I promised Raj – a promise I happily later fulfilled – that we would be lovers at least twice a week from now on (meaning I would be getting laid 5-6 days a week by him or his father).

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