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Christina Perri’s song “A Thousand Years” is what I used for the wedding song . I would like to thank blackprincess0524 for suggesting it to me.

Chapter 32

The Wedding — Part 2

James found Dr. Heart and Dr. Banyon and asked them to accompany him. Luckily they hadn’t taken their seats. Dr. Banyon left James and found Marcus and went to get all the things he needed before they went across the street.

Dr. Heart helped the President up and sat him down on the bench near the bed. Dr. Heart checked out the President’s ear. Dr. Banyon arrived with Marcus. Marcus managed to take the glass with the bug still trying to fly and slide it over the floor. He had brought a vial and scooped the bug into the vial. “How are you feeling Mr. President?” Dr. Banyon asked.

The President thought for a moment as Dr. Banyon wiped his ear, “My headaches gone and I don’t feel dizzy anymore.” He blinked a few times. “I can see better but it isn’t perfect yet.”

Dr. Heart said, “It might take some time. Are you ready to proceed or do you want to rest? We can delay until you are ready.”

“I’m ready.” Grant snapped, “I can’t wait to see my bride.” Michael smiled and slapped him on the back. The President got up and Michael handed him a glass of water. He drank it down in one swig and then he was all set. Michael helped Grant on with his jacket, made sure his tie was straight and they left.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court along with The Episcopal Rev. William Tully from St. Bart’s Church in New York, along with The President’s Minister, The Reverend Keith Mansfield and Pastor Cornelius Wheeler head of the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church were all there to officiate at the wedding.

A very loud cheer went up from the crowd as the President exited the house. Grant shook hands, the Secret Service and Michael watching as he managed to maneuver himself across the street to the White House. “Congratulations, Mr. President.” People said, “Best of luck.” Grant shook hands, kissed a few ladies then continued towards his wedding.

From where Kate was she heard the crowd and knew that her groom was on his way. She was shaking and Barbara took her hands. “He’s on his way. Are you ready soon to be First Lady of the Land?”

Kate smiled broadly, “I’m ready Sis, as ready as I’m ever going to be.”

Colin Cowie kissed her cheek, “My dear, you look fantastic. I can’t wait until you and the President see the reception area. I hope you are happy with the way we made everything. Enjoy your day.”

The President walked down the aisle towards the Chief Justice shaking hands with a few people. Everyone got into position. Michael was by his side under the arch that had been built for this purpose. Eric, Patrick and the Vice-President were standing next to them.

The United States Marine Band also known as the President’s band played Hail to the Chief. An orchestra consisting of mostly military men played the music that accompanied the ceremony. They started with the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel. The Bridal party was ready.

A beautiful white runner with their initials entwined was laid down. It was time.

Bruno Mars stood up to the microphone and began to sing “Marry Me” as Thomas Adams started dancing down the aisle with the pillow carrying the wedding bands. His tiny face looking serious as he did his dance. He was followed by his sister Beth walking with Barbara’s daughter, Lizabeth who carried baskets made with roses, inside were pink and white rose petals which they dropped delicately onto the runner and started their dance. Next came Patrick, Jr. walking with Danielle who looked lovely in her short pink junior bridesmaid dress with her lovely bouquet of white roses. He twirled Danielle down the aisle.

Barbara looking very sexy in her dress danced down with her bouquet of pink roses. The crowd was applauding and laughing. Michael danced up the aisle to Mandy, bowed and danced back down with her followed by Eric dancing with Audrey, Patrick with Gabriella, but the funniest person with the Vice-President and Alicia who did the tango down the aisle. The crowd roared.

The music changed and everyone got serious. Everyone stood up as they got ready for the bride to make her arrival.

Kate stood alone as Christina Perri went to the microphone and began to sing A Thousand Years with only a piano accompaniment . Kate held her gorgeous bouquet of white and pink flowers in front of her and walked confidently towards Grant. Her veil covering her face. As Christina Perri got to the line, “I have died everyday waiting for you.” Kate met up with her mother, Sheila who was wearing a silver dress with a pink belt. Her mother took Kate’s arm in hers.

Sheila walked her down a ways with her daughter and passed her to her father, Robert, and walked behind her as Patrick came and took her to her seat. Kate took her father’s arm and he led her a little bit more, where Grant walked towards them. Robert put her hand in Grant and lifted her veil. Robert kissed her cheek and together Kate and Grant walked the rest of the way as Christina Perri finished the song with “And all along I believed I would find you, time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

Tears were running down Sheila’s face and she laughed as she saw that Eric was crying to. The President walked his bride to stand under the canopy in front of The Chief Justice of the United States and the other Ministers.

Chief Justice Rodney Wilson spoke first, “Family, Friends and distinguished guests, it is my pleasure to be here today. It is a beautiful day. The Sun has shone over Washington DC today because our President has chosen the woman he wants to spend his life with. Reverend William Tully will share thoughts about the bride.

Reverend Tully smiled at Katherine. He had christened her and watched her grow from child to a very smart women and now to a blushing bride. His heart swelled with pride. “I have known Katherine Elizabeth Morgan since she was one week old. I held her in my arms and baptized her. I watched her grow in Sunday School and I have loved this young woman. She is smart and kind. Katherine Elizabeth Morgan has a brilliant mind and I know she will make a great First lady. But before that she will be a wonderful wife to The President and before too long a dedicated mother like her mother. I bless this union and I bless her.”

The other Ministers had similar things to say about the President and now it was time for the ceremony.

Cornelius Wheeler said, “Who gives this woman to marry this man?”

Robert and Sheila stood and together said, “We do.” They sat back down.

Psalms were read, a poem and a very funny story by Chief Justice Wilson, then it was time for the vows. “Grant and Kate have written their own vows to say to each other. Grant.”

Grant stared into Kate’s eyes, “I, Grant Lincoln Adams take you Katherine Elizabeth Morgan to be my wedded wife. I promise to love you always, I promise to treat you with the utmost respect, I promise to always be by your side and share with you my ups and downs, my sickness and health, my love and my sorrow. I will be your partner, your constant friend, your husband and your love forever.

I vow to honor and respect you for all that you are and will become, taking pride in who we are both separately and together. I will work to keep your bond of honesty, respect and trust and grow with you as our marriage grows and changes.

I vow to make this big house our home until we leave to create our own sanctuary. I vow to protect you with my life and to always put you and the children first in my heart and my life.

You are the love of my life, you are the one I want to spend the rest of my existence with you and if God in his infinite mercy wills it, I will die in your arms. I love you, I adore you and I am so lucky to have found you and will spend all the days of my life loving you.

Kate had tears in her eyes and took a deep breath before saying, “I, Katherine Elizabeth Morgan take you Grant Lincoln Adams to my wedded husband. I promise to love you always, I promise to treat you with the utmost respect, I promise to always be by your side and share with you my ups and downs, my sickness and health, my love and my sorrow. I will be your partner, your constant friend, your wife and your love forever.

I vow to honor and respect you for all that you are and will become, taking pride in who we are both separately and together. I will work to keep your bond of honesty, respect and trust and grow with you as our marriage grows and changes.

I vow to make this White house our home until we leave to create our own sanctuary. I vow to protect you with my life and to always put you and the children first in my heart and my life.

You are the love of my life, you are the one I want to spend the rest of my existence with. if God in his infinite mercy wills it, I will die in your arms. I love you, I adore you and I am so lucky to have found you and will spend all the days of my life loving you.

Reverend Mansfield asked, “May I have the rings, please?” Michael handed him the platinum bands and they were blessed then the Reverend said, “Please repeat after me: I give you this ring, as a daily reminder of my love for you, as an unbroken circle of trust and honesty between us.”

They repeated after him as Grant put the ring on Kate’s finger and she put Grant’s band on his.

A table was brought out with a jar and different colors of sand, Thomas, Beth and Danielle came up next to Grant. Kate poured the white sand in, Thomas poured green sand, Beth pink sand, Danielle, grey sand and Grant, black sand. The sand was stirred and The Chief Justice said “This family is a mixture of different colors, different views, but they are one mixed together, let this sand be a reminder that you are family.”

Finally Chief Justice Wilson said, “By the power of your love and commitment, and the power vested in all of us, we now pronounce you husband and wife! You may now salute your bride!

Grant took Kate’s face and kissed her first hesitantly, then with more passion. Kate wrapped her arms around him. The crowd roared their approval and clapped loudly.

Natalie Cole sang This Will Be as Grant and Kate walked back down the aisle to the applause of all those in attendance. First pictures, then party time.

In Saudi Arabia, The Sheik watched the wedding. His face was a mask of hatred and anger. He wanted Kate and he wanted her now. If that horrible Senator had not screwed things up, then Kate would be with him, not going to bed with that adulterer Grant. Even though the Sheik had four wives, he had never cheated on them.

The Senator had thought that he was going to turn Kate into his slave, but that was not his intention, he had planned to make her his fifth wife and she would bear his children. He was disgusted by the knowledge that tonight the President of the United States would be taking her to his bed.

He called Kalif. “Sire, how may I serve you?” Kalif asked.

“How long is this going to take, getting her here?” He asked brusquely. “A few months. We have to make sure of the sister’s schedule. We have to wait until they return from their honeymoon.” Kalif answered calmly.

“Where are they going?” The Sheik asked. “I don’t know Sire. It’s a well kept secret, so we are just going to have to wait.” Kalif answered. The Sheik hung up without another word and yelled to his servant. “Bring third wife here so she may suck my dick.” He ordered and the servant went to do his bidding.

Of those 500 guest, 230 were invited to the reception. Those who were not invited were mostly people who needed to return home.

The reception was being held on the South Lawn. Under several white beautiful canopied tents. Everyone attending the reception was going to the East Room which is the largest room in the White House where a cacophony of food was served. There was a carving station, a seafood station, a pasta station and anything you could ever want and this wasn’t even the five course sit down dinner.

Grant and Kate walked over to the entrance to the East Room for the receiving line along with the rest of the bridal party so they could meet every one of their guests who were then being led into cocktail hour. Those staying for the reception would bring their special invitation and go into the canopied tents on the South Lawn.

After the last guest was inside and pictures of the wedding party were taken, Grant took Kate up to the residence for a moment. He wanted just a minute to spend with her, “My lovely wife, I am so happy.” The President kissed her passionately. “I wanted to tell you that you look so sensational. You are the most beautiful bride who ever walked the earth.” Grant picked her up and twirled Kate around. She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him, “Mr. President, please put me down. We have to get back.

“In a minute” Grant said and kissed her again. “I’d love to fuck you right now, but our first sex as man and wife will be aboard air force one when we leave for our honeymoon.” Colin Cowie interrupted them and snuck them into the tented room. Kate’s mouth fell open and the President was speechless. The room was all done in white, pink and gold with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There were photos of Kate and Grant taken at different times all over the room. The menu was printed in gold and the linens were white and pink. There was a grooms cake with the Presidential Seal; it was a deep chocolate cake; the President’s favorite. The Wedding cake was in the shape of The White House with figurines of the children and Kate and Grant and pink roses decorating the cake. Grant and Kate thanked Colin.

“Where are we going?” Kate asked, “Not telling, it’s a surprise.” Grant said and took Kate’s hand. The President had made a promise and he was now going to keep it. Taking Kate’s hands with the Secret Service, Mandy and James with them, they walked out into the street to the screams and cheers of the waiting crowd. A photo was taken that would make all the newspapers of Kate in her wedding dress in the President’s arms. Her face laughing was beautiful as was his expression. He kissed her in front of the crowd and they cheered.

No one paid any attention to the four men watching all of this. Kalif took several photos of Kate in her wedding dress. He sent them to the Sheik who had them all blown up and put into his secret room with other photos of Kate. One taken by the Senator of her naked body tied to the table. Sheik Rahimina traced his thick finger across the photo. He took out his penis and masturbated while thinking of Kate sucking his dick.

The Secret Service breathed a collective sigh of relief as President Adams and his new bride walked back across the street to the White House. It was now party time and the bridal party entered the reception room to the strains of “I’ve Got A Feeling” sung by the Black Eyed Peas.

The Military honor guard with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps represented held their swords raised. They crossed swords as the President came near. “Permission to enter the reception” Grant said to the Sergeant. “Permission to our Commander-In-Chief granted after a kiss.” Kate laughed and kissed the Sergeant on his cheek to his surprise and the delight of their friends who cheered. Then Grant took Kate in his arms and kissed her passionately dipping her almost to the floor. The swords were raised and they walked through. When they got to the last man he said, “Semper Fi” which means always faithful shortened from the Marine Motto Semper Fidelis because the President had been a Marine. As Kate walked past, she was swatted on the behind with the sword. The Marine’s saluted the President who saluted back and marched out.

Stevie Wonder came forward and sang “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” for the couple. Their first dance was a mixture of the song “A Thousand Years” and “The Man That You Love” sung by Christina Perri and Il Divo.

The five course meal was superb as was the entertainment. Besides Stevie Wonder and The Black-eyed Peas and Il Divo, there was Miss Patti LaBelle, Maroon 5 and Jennifer Hudson.

After the entertainment was done, the guests were led outside where Fireworks lit up the sky over the Potomac River and the military band played. After the Fireworks, it was time to say goodbye. Kate went to change into her wedding outfit, a beautiful white suit designed of course by Isabella Giovanni. She had a private visit with her wedding party and gave them all gifts to thank them for being in the wedding.

Isabella and Vivian took charge of the dress which was going on a tour with other First Lady Wedding Dresses.

Kate kissed and hugged her parents who were softly weeping. She and Barbara cried for a little while together. “You know I love you baby sister. You are the most gorgeous bride ever.” Barb said as she hugged her sister and kissed her cheeks.

Kate hugged her nieces and nephew and the President’s children who were now her step-children. Her bouquet was going to the tomb of the unknown soldier, but she was going to throw another smaller one into the crowd of single women. Mandy and James had also changed. They were going with them as security.

Grant asked her if she were ready and together they walked outside to a shower of rose petals thrown at them. Kate threw her bouquet and it was caught by a startled Audrey who smiled and waved. Kate and the President got into the presidential helicopter and were whisked away to Andrew’s Air Force Base.

Grant held Kate’s hand as they rode to the base. When they arrived, the base was filled with military personnel. There were banners saying, “Congratulations Mr. President and First Lady”, “Kate and Grant Adams forever” and someone had painted on Air Force One “Just Married.”

Before the crowd the President and Kate waved. Pieces of wedding cake were handed out to the military personnel. Kate and Grant walked up the steps to Air Force One. At the top of the steps they both turned and waved to the crowd.

Aboard the plane, cheers and applause went up. Mandy and James were already aboard. After takeoff and soon as he could, The President picked Kate up into his arms and carried her to the Presidential bedroom aboard the plane. He deposited her on the bed and shut the door. It was one in the morning.

Grant held her in his arms for a very long moment, his lips on hers and Kate’s arms wrapped around his neck. “Mr. President.” Kate said in her best Marilyn Monroe Impersonation. “Mrs. President.” He said and kissed her nose. He unbuttoned the jacket of her suit. She was wearing a white scoop neck tank top which she had purposely left off the bra. Her beautiful light coffee colored skins with their darker nipples showed through and Grant whistled. “Damn baby did you do this on purpose to give your President a hard on as soon as he unbuttoned you?”

Kate grinned mischievously, “Yes, darlin’ I did and what’cha gonna do about it.”

He grabbed the top and pulled, ripping the fabric from her body. Kate looked with mock horror as Grant pinched her nipples and took the ripped top from her. Kate grabbed the back of his head and thrust her tongue into his mouth as he mauled her breasts.

She unloosened his bow tie and Grant took it from her and threw it on a chair. “I have something sexy to wear for you.”

“You are already sexy and don’t need to wear anything, but a smile.” He said. Kate kissed his nose and went into the bathroom. Audrey had already hung up the negligee behind the door. Kate changed and came out.

There was a discreet knock on the door. The President opened it and smiled. Kate hid in the bathroom until the person had left. When she came out, there was champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and a box from Harry Winston’s.

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