It had all happened so easily for Orla. It was only a week ago that she had met the guy who promised he would get her into porn and now here she was. In his studio. Ready for her first shoot. She sat on the sofa as he asked her some questions. Next to him was a camera man, a sound guy and another guy holding a clipboard. Their equipment pointed at Orla.

“So, are you all set for your big day?” he asks.

“Yeah! Ever since you rang to confirm two days ago, I’ve been really excited.”

“So are you ready to do some fucking?”

“I can’t wait to do some fucking!”

“So tell me, what kind of sex do you like?”

“I like big cocks. I like cum. I like getting fucked and cummed on by big cocks! I like wearing stockings….” At this Orla hitches one side of her skirt up to reveal her stocking tops.

“Okay, that sounds great! Well why don’t we get started? Can you get onto all fours and show us that pussy?”

Orla climbs onto her knees on the couch and hitches her skirt up properly this time, over her ass. Wearing no underwear, she bends over and shows off her pussy as the camera zooms in.

“That’s a nice little pussy! A nice little ass too. With a nice little ass hole. Have you ever been fucked in there before?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course. I love anal!”

“Really? You think you might want some of that today?”

“Sure! I love to get fucked in all my holes by a big, hard dick!”

Orla notices the guy who was holding the clipboard has moved round to the back of the couch and into shot. He unzips his pants and waves his big, thick, semi-erect black cock in front of her face.

“This one big enough for you?” he asks rhetorically.

“Oh, wow!” she exclaims as she grips hold of it and looks up at his face. “This should do just fine,” she says, jerking it a little before taking it in her mouth. She sucks him until he is fully erect. His dick is as big as anything she’s seen before. She sucks enthusiastically on it, trying to take it as deeply as possible. He takes off his shirt to reveal a perfectly toned abdomen as she is blowing him. As she comes up to catch her breath, he moves round behind her, slips off his pants, then grabs her by the hips and pulls her down onto his stiff dick.

Orla groans with pleasure as he enters her pussy. Slowly, he begins to push deeper and deeper into her with his big, black cock. Orla notices that the camera moves round to capture her facial expressions as she pants from the power of each of his thrusts. She looks straight into the camera and licks her lips as it moves back round behind her to capture more of the action.

Her co-star grabs either side of Orla’s ass and continues to fuck her as he pulls her ass cheeks apart, opening her ass hole slightly. He pushes one of this thumbs inside and probes it as pounds his cock into her pussy. He slides his dick out of Orla and places it between her ass cheeks, removing his thumb.

He rubs the long shaft of his dick, wet from Orla’s pussy, over her ass hole. “You ready for your tight little white ass to get nailed by this big, black dick?”

“Oh, yes. Fuck me in the ass.”

“Here it comes, baby.”

He pushes the tip of his dick against her and Orla’s ass hole gives way, accepting it into her. He moves it slowly in and out, progressing further inside her each time. Once he gets about two inches in, he climbs up on the couch and leans over Orla, giving the camera man the best possible view of his huge cock as it moves in and out of her ass. He thrusts deeper and faster until he works up to a consistent rhythm. Banging her ass deep and hard. Orla reaches between her legs to touch herself and comes as she rubs he clit, with her ass full of his massive cock.

As she is regaining her composure, she hears the door to the studio opening. Two more black men walk into the room. They are both already naked. Their huge dicks are swinging low and heavy against their legs as they walk in.

“Hey guys, ready to join the party?”

The camera moves to capture these new guys as they both walk over in front of Orla. “Yeah, it looks like there’s a party going on. Mind if we join your party, girl?” Orla grabs both of their dicks and fondles them as he guy behind her continues to plow her ass. The camera watches as the two new guys’ dicks begin to swell and rise up. Orla begins to suck on each of them in turn. Cupping their large balls in her hands.

“You got her all warmed up for us back there, bro?”

“Ahhhh, yeah. I think she’s about ready for you,” he says as he slowly pushes himself down, all the way into Orla’s ass. She gasps with pleasure as he slowly, steadily withdraws and climbs back down off the couch. The two new guys move round behind her and the camera follows them. She looks back to see one climb up into the position just vacated by the first guy. He puts himself into her ass as the other guy walks up behind them and puts himself into her pussy. Orla groans in ecstasy as she is double penetrated by these two huge black guys.

The camera moves round for a close up on Orla’s face. As she opens her mouth to let out a large moan, the first guy stifles it. He has moved back around and is now thrusting his dick into Orla’s mouth.

“Oh, yeah baby. Are you a swallower? You won’t go anywhere in this business without swallowing my sperm.” He grunts and growls as he squirts a huge load of sperm into her mouth. He keeps fucking her mouth as he keeps coming. Her mouth full, Orla slides her lips off the guy’s huge black cock and swallows everything, before sticking her tongue out at the camera to show that it’s all gone.

The camera pans up to the guy’s face as he says “Oh-ho-ho! This one’s a good girl. She’s going to go far! Me, I’m just going to get the rest of the guys.”

The two guys at the back of Orla continue to fuck both of her holes relentlessly, as the camera follows the first guy out of the door. To Orla’s shock, as he leaves a swarm of black guys file in. There are eighteen in all, although at this stage Orla’s not counting. Each of them is naked and as well endowed as the guy who just fucked Orla’s ass and came in her mouth, then walked out of the door.

The camera moves back to get a view of Orla’s ass as she is pounded by the two guys. The even newer gang of guys stand in front of Orla in a loose semi circle, making themselves erect with their hands as they enjoy Orla’s performance. Each man hungrily anticipating taking his turn with her.

One of the eighteen breaks away and sits next to Orla on the couch. The two guys double penetrating her withdraw and Orla turns round to mount the guy sat next to her in reverse cowgirl. She slips her ass hole nimbly down onto his stiff cock. The guys who were fucking her lift her top off, exposing her full breasts as she bounces up and down on the stiff prick beneath her. They both stand themselves up on the couch and Orla blows them in turn.

Another of the guys comes around to the front of the couch and pushes his dick into her pussy. The guy in Orla’s mouth cums without warning. Again, she swallows it all down, before taking the next guy in her mouth. She fellates him expertly and before long he grabs hold of his cock, points it at Orla’s tits and unleashes his load of sperm over them.

The dick in Orla’s pussy is withdrawn and pushed up against her anus. She is shocked as she has never done double anal before. The furthest she has managed to stretch her ass is by getting the tips of all the fingers of one hand in there. Now these two well hung guys are both trying to fit themselves in at the same time.

Orla feels the second cock squeezing into her ass. The two of them slide in and out or Orla as the camera man kneels in front of her to get the best possible shot of her beautiful, unused pussy as her ass hole is filled by these two big black cocks. Orla leans back and hoists her legs up as far as she can so the camera can record as much of the action as possible.

This opens her up even more and the two guys penetrate even deeper. Becoming dizzy with pleasure, Orla feels herself coming as she is stretched to her limits. Just as she spasms into orgasm, both guys cum into her ass simultaneously. Their cocks convulse through their orgasms, shared with hers, as they fill her ass hole with their sperm.

Shaking with pleasure, Orla rolls over and onto her knees. The sperm dribbles out of her gaping ass hole and down her cheeks, pussy and legs. Another guy approaches her and offers his dick to her mouth. She blows him as two more guys come round behind her. One climbs up onto the couch and enters her ass doggy style, the other stands behind her and fucks her pussy.

Orla comes again as she is fucked airtight by these three guys. The guy in her ass withdraws and moves over and round to the side of her so she can suck his dick. With this, the guy in her pussy climbs up onto the couch and switches to fucking her ass. The guy who was being fellated moves round to fuck her pussy.

This pattern continues as the camera switches between watching Orla sucking and fucking. The guy in her ass withdraws, but this time doesn’t move round. The guy in her pussy still switches to fucking her ass, then pulls out after a few seconds. The guy on top of her pushes his dick all the way back into her ass, then withdraws. The guy behind her quickly inserts himself just as deeply and withdraws.

They keep taking turns with her open ass hole, one balls deep stroke each, over and over again until the guy behind her lays claim to Orla’s ass and pounds it hard and fast. The guy on top of her pushes himself in too and Orla’s ass hole opens further to accept another double anal fucking.

After a good few minutes, the three guys all withdraw and tell Orla to lay down on the rug. The two guys who were fucking her ass kneel either side of her face and squirt jets of spunk over her mouth and each of her cheeks. As Orla feels the warm cum landing on her face, the other guy grabs positions himself between her legs and fucks her pussy with urgent, fast, hard thrusts until he cums deep inside her.

As these guys filter away, the remaining thirteen guys circle around Orla and the camera crew as she lies on the floor, with sperm all over her face and tits. Her mouth, ass and pussy all made gooey with the spunk of several black men.

The fucking starts again as another of the guys hooks his arms under Orla’s knees and hitches up her hips. He pushes his dick into her ass and fucks her. After some hard and frantic fucking, he cums inside her ass and his place is immediately taken by another guy who enters her pussy. He fucks her powerfully, before pushing Orla’s legs up to her shoulders so he can access her ass hole. He fucks her ass more slowly, but very deeply before pulling out, moving around her and cumming into her mouth. Orla gargles with the cum before swallowing as the camera closes in for a close up.

Orla turns over onto her hands and knees, but, exhausted from all of her exertions, she can only rest her face and shoulders on the rug as she keeps her knees directly under her ass, propping it up for camera, and all the guys, to get a good view of.

Another guy moves behind her and fucks her ass. Orla rubs her clitoris as her ass is taken and she comes again. The guy in her ass comes and another takes her place. Once he has finished he is replaced by another, then another. Each of them dumping their spunk in her gaping ass hole.

This time two guys come up behind her and Orla is double penetrated again. The two guys both come inside her pussy and ass. At the same time, Orla comes again. The two guys withdraw and two more guys fill her holes again. Orla comes yet again as they fuck her ass and pussy simultaneously. Both thrusting fast and hard. Finally they come inside Orla too.

Orla is almost prone on the floor, as the camera zooms in on her gaping ass. It is dripping spunk down onto her pussy, where it joins more oozing sperm before running down her inner thighs.

There are three guys left standing. One of them motions for Orla to push herself up onto all fours. She does so and takes the guy’s cock into her mouth as the remaining two double penetrate her from behind.

After a few minutes, they all move round, from mouth to pussy, pussy to ass and ass to mouth. After a few more and another orgasm for Orla, they all switch round again. Once each of them has fucked Orla in all of her holes, they all withdraw and Orla gets up onto her knees.

She opens her mouth and extends her tongue. The guys take turns to cum onto her face and tongue. When they are all finished, Orla blows a kiss to the camera and the director calls “CUT!”.

He approaches Orla with a towel to wipe herself down with. “That was amazing! You’re a natural! We’re going to title this DVD “Amateur Orla’s Anal Orgy. Your performance was amazing. I can’t wait to book you again. You do want to do another scene with us, don’t you?”

He hands her the towel.

Mrs. Jackson stood in her bathroom as she glanced over at the clock. She frantically tried to get ready for her yoga class. The hot wife assumed that it would be at least an hour before her husband came home as Fred had left early in the morning to pick up Phil Dorman from the Missouri State Correctional Center. As Phil had demanded, she had testified at his parole hearing and talked her husband into allowing him to move in with them temporarily. It seemed the board was very interested in her testimony as they were intrigued that a beauty queen would speak on behalf of a felon.

It nauseated her to think he would be living in her home but Phil releasing any videos of her would ruin her career and most likely her family. But while the sexy mother laid in bed at night she couldn’t stop thinking about his monstrous cock.

Fred felt this was another example of his wife’s forgiveness and generosity that so many in the media have spoken about during her interviews about Mrs. America. He knew the subtle headlines about her testifying at Phil’s hearing would be great for her career and what would hopefully be a lucrative ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show. He couldn’t wait to see her on the television and couldn’t wait to see her dancing closer with some of the male stars on the show. He had brought Joel’s name up a few times to which his wife quickly became upset and figured his fantasy of watching her with another man again would have to stay hidden in his heart.

Mrs. Jackson had rearranged furniture in the house to allow Phil to sleep in the basement bedroom which would have his bathroom and living area. She hoped it would be far enough away from the upstairs that he wouldn’t bother her or her family until he moved out.

The hot wife glanced over at the clock as wanted to be at the fitness center before they arrived home. Katie pulled up her tight yoga pants over her perfect ass and slipped on her sports bra. She sat down on the corner of the bed and put on her ankle socks and tennis shoes. Getting up, she walked briskly back into the bathroom when she heard the front door open. Her heart dropped.

She could hear Phil’s deep voice talking with her husband but couldn’t make out what they were saying. She froze in fear. “Katie?” Fred’s voice echoed down the hallway.

“In here,” the hot wife’s voice strained.

Fred popped in around the corner, “Good! You’re still here! I got Phil settled in the basement.”

Katie’s face reddened, “That didn’t take long. I figured you wouldn’t be home for another hour.”

“I know,” Fred explained, “they had his paperwork ready and the warden signed him out on the spot. The warden couldn’t stop talking about you! Apparently he’s quite a fan!” He leaned up against the door frame and admired his sexy hard bodied wife. He knew he was lucky to be married to such a sensual woman and loved the way other men looked at her with lust as the warden did, “He wanted to make sure that I told you that he hoped you do well in the Dancing with the Stars show.”

“That was nice,” as she touched up her lipstick, “Was..,” Katie was worried to finish her sentence, “Was the ride home okay?”

“No problem. Phil’s very appreciative of our kindness. He couldn’t stop thanking us. Apparently the prison was quite the hell hole for him,” Fred glanced down at his watch, “Shit! I gotta run.” He leaned in and kissed his wife on the cheek and hurried downstairs.

As if time stood still Katie heard the front door open and close. The sexy married woman breathed deeply as she knew she was now alone in her house with her obese old neighbor. She cringed as she tried to get ready as fast as she could.

From the entry way she could hear the old man wheezing and limping as he pulled himself up the steps, “I’ll be right down Phil!” the hot wife hollered towards the hallway. But the wheezing kept getting closer until the fat man stood in her bathroom doorway.

“Freckles, how nice to see you” Phil growled, grinning from ear to ear as he admired the way her tight fitting pants showcased the hot mother’s toned legs and sexy ass.

Mrs. Jackson drew a deep breath as she took in the sight of her old neighbor, the man whom she had sent to prison in order to free herself from his sexual blackmail.

His ill-fitting suit did nothing to hide his huge beer gut and he emanated the stench of cold sweat and tobacco. His face was red and bloated with just a few unkempt hairs on his otherwise bald head. He looked hideous as ever yet the longer she stared into his eyes, the more she felt her sweet pussy tingle with lust.

Trying to show as much confidence as she could muster, Katie took a step towards the old man and poked her perfectly manicured nail into his flabby chest, “Let’s get one thing straight! You are not allowed upstairs much less in my bedroom!”

As if he didn’t hear a word she said, “I need to pee.” Phil coughed as he shuffled past the dumbfounded wife, who stood at least three inches taller than him and made his way to the toilet. The beauty queen watched open mouthed as he lifted up the seat and reached for his zipper.

As his pudgy hand slid inside his pants, Katie shot a quick glance at the door. She knew that if she made a dash, there was no way the limping old man would ever be able to stop her. For some reason though, her body remained frozen to the spot.

The hot wife cringed as she heard a sigh of relief followed by splashing noises as her disgusting old neighbor relieved himself in her bathroom. Not knowing how to react, she turned to the counter, applied some more make-up to her beautiful face while studying herself in the mirror in an attempt to appear nonchalant.

While doing so, her gaze wandered sideways as she took in the reflection of the obese man hunched over the toilet, steadying himself with one hand against the wall. After a minute or so, the splashing came to an end and the toilet was flushed.

“You’ve got a bathroom downstairs, Phil” Katie sighed as she applied some more lipstick to her sensuous mouth, “Next time you…” Her voice trailed off as she saw the fat man turn towards her and caught sight of his huge cock hanging out through his open fly. It was the first time in nearly two years that the hot wife was face to face with her old neighbor’s mammoth prick, that beautiful piece of flesh that had haunted her dreams since the day she first laid her eyes on it.

Mrs. Jackson turned around in shock as she eyed the monstrous schlong. She didn’t mean to stare but was unable to look away. Not even erect, it was still so incredibly long and fat, rippled with thick veins. Katie felt chills running up her spine as she remembered just what that gorgeous shaft could do to her. She involuntarily backed up, feeling her sexy clad ass cheeks bump against the counter.

Phil stood and stared at the sexy woman in her tight clothing, his huge cock dangling in front of him. He felt blood rush to his groin as he pulled off his suit jacket and tossed it to the edge of the bathtub.

Katie took a step towards him, trying hard to look him in the eyes, “Get the fuck out of..”

Before she could finish her sentence Phil grabbed her slim waist and turned her around. He bent her over her bathroom counter, cosmetics crashed to the floor as Phil’s flabby arm knocked everything to the ground. He grabbed the back of her head and pressed her freckled face against the mirror, smearing her makeup against the glass. The old man grabbed the woman’s flailing arm and forced it up the small of her back.

“Let. Me. Go!” squealed Mrs. Jackson.

“After what you did?” Phil gritted through his teeth, “Not a fucking chance! It’s payback time, you slut!”

Struggling frantically, Katie tried to loosen the grip Phil had on her forearm. She was helpless, so vulnerable with her ass jutting out as he bent her over the bathroom counter, her face pressed against the mirror.

“I didn’t do anything!” she sobbed as she flung her elbow back against the fat man’s chest. Phil didn’t even budge as he reached up and grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her head back towards him while he yanked her arm further up her back.

“I know what you did!” he snapped as he let go of her arm and reached around and roughly squeezed her perfect round breast over her grey sports bra, “You come over and fuck me and my friends like a slut and that’s how you repay me?”

She didn’t say a word until the sexy wife’s eyes and her tormentor’s met in the mirror, “Let go of me Phil!” His mouth grimaced as he pulled her hair harder as her head flung back, “Arrrgghhhhhh!” Mrs. Jackson continued to try and escape the clutch of the old man. She even felt like screaming for help but knew nobody could hear her.

The hot wife finally stood still as she was exhausted from struggling with her neighbor as he released her grip on her hair. Phil took his other hand off her breast after he paused to pinch her nipple which took Mrs. Jackson’s surprise as it was already engorged. He ran his fingers along her torso until his hand was firmly planted on her perfect ass that looked so luscious in her tight pants.

Phil looked down at her long legs, her ankle socks with white tennis shoes. He rubbed her hard butt as he pressed his swollen, naked cock against her backside. Katie could feel the girth of his huge dick through her tight pants as it nestled up between her ass cheeks. “You missed my cock didn’t you Freckles?” as he slowly humped her from behind, “Bert wasn’t enough for you was he?” His cock grew quickly as he pressed it against her.

“Stop it! Let me go!” The hot wife’s pussy and asshole clamped tightly closed. Her body quivered from her head to her feet. She was completely at his mercy as she craned her neck back towards him, “Please! Please let me go!”

“Arghhhhhh!” she shrieked as Phil pulled her arm further up her back as he refused her request.

He pressed his body up against hers so she was impaled tightly against the counter. Phil grinned wolfishly as he ran his hand against her small mouth and traced the outline of her lips, “You have such a hot mouth! Remember when you sucked my cock before you put me away? You couldn’t get enough of it!”

The married woman’s mind flashed back to Phil depositing his seed into her wet mouth as she swallowed his tasty load. Her pussy automatically dripped with excitement.

“Open your mouth,” Phil whispered into her ear.

Hesitantly Katie did as she was told as the old man’s pudgy finger disappeared past her lips. Phil slowly moved his finger in and out as he scraped it against her teeth as though he was fucking her mouth, “You are such a good cock sucker Freckles. You can’t get enough of it!”

Phil’s heart thumped loudly. His breaths were labored. His grin disappeared. Lust had built up inside him. He saw that the hot wife’s eyes were wide open as his finger rubbed against the inside of her cheek and around her tongue. He pulled it out slowly as he rubbed his wet finger against her lips.

The hot wife couldn’t move with the weight of Phil behind her. He held her arm against her back tightly, “Please let me go, Mr. Dorman,” she softly spoke. She remembered once how he demanded her respect and perhaps if she showed it again he would stop.

He didn’t move nor did he release her arm. Instead he pressed himself against her tight body. Her neck was so pretty and graceful, so fine and delicate but he wanted to wring it for what she had done to him. The fat man had waited the past year and a half to get the proud, haughty bitch in this position and now she was going to do everything he wanted. He had become enraged with jealousy when she won the Mrs. America crown. Her sexy freckled face graced the cover of tabloids that spoke about what a great mother and wife she was but he knew differently. The old man knew deep inside she was a slut for his cock.

Katie shivered as his fat lips touched the back of her neck. Chills rushed through her body. His lips kissed and sucked up and down the side of her neck. His hand forced itself under her body until it found her tits and squeezed them roughly. His cock was stiff and throbbing as he hunched against her. He enjoyed her smooth, warm flesh and felt her tits.

“Now,” his voice rose, “Why did you have to turn me in? I lost everything because of you!” Wide eyed, Katie looked back at him and swallowed hard. Her tits throbbed from his squeezing and tugging of his hands.

The hot wife cleared her voice and smirked, “I don’t know what you are talking about!”

A blinding white flash caught her off guard as she felt the sting of his hand across her face. Katie looked back at him as she held her cheek. It burned. It throbbed. Her mouth hung open.

“Freckles,” growled Phil, “Why did you turn me in?” The married woman looked at him in shock.

Another slap across her face brought her back to reality, “Why did you turn me in?” the old man grumbled.

“I,” still in shock, “I didn’t.”

“I don’t believe you!” as he grabbed her arms and spun her around so they faced one another. His face moved closer to hers, “You are going to be my slut and repay everything you did to me!”

“Wh-what?” she yelped as Phil’s hand rose and gripped her neck.

“Tell me you’re my slut!” His fat lips moved within inches of Katie’s freckled face.

Fear began to overcome the hot wife, “Sto…stop it!”

In a moment, Phil had removed his hand from her neck and spun her around until he had her pressed up against the counter. She felt his cock pressed against her tight ass as she struggled but the weight of Phil was too much.

The fat man moved his hands to her pants and yanked them down to thigh level exposing her perfect buttocks. Her ass looked perfectly framed with her black thong. The obese neighbor opened his hand and slapped her ass cheek that echoed throughout the house, “Owwwww!” yelped the hot wife.

“Tell me why you did it!” as he slapped her ass again leaving a red handprint.

Katie’s ass stung as she looked back at him and panted, “I didn’t!”

“Fucking liar!” he yelled as a series of slaps echoed through the room as Phil continued to forcefully spank the married beauty queen’s sexy behind. Tears welled up in Katie’s eyes from the pain and humiliation she was being subjected to.

After a minute or so the old man stopped and admired his handiwork. The hot wife’s cheeks looked red and swollen. He wrapped his fingers around the string of her thong and pulled it upward. Katie’s body rose as her face grimaced in pain as the fabric dug into her pussy lips. Suddenly it snapped as he grabbed the waist band and pulled it until it broke. The thong broke loose from her body and he tossed it into the corner of the bathroom.

Mrs. Jackson looked over at her torn underwear as it was in tatters in the corner. The married woman felt like she was hyperventilating. She panted, not knowing what would come next. She tried to fight the feelings that were quickly erupting inside of her.

Phil reached for her ass cheeks as he released the sexy wife and backed away. Katie remained against the counter as she watched the reflection in the mirror of Phil lowering himself behind her. Butterflies exploded inside of her as she closed her eyes and tried to fight her body.

She felt him grab the waistband of her pants and lower them until they were down to her calves. Hungrily Phil spread her ass. The sexy married mother’s asshole quivered.

“Oh, Freckles,” the old man moaned admiringly, “You have a sweet asshole! I have done nothing but thought of getting inside it again.”

His cock twitched as he moved his thumbs closer to her shit hole. Keeping her ass cheeks spread wide with his fingers, he put his thumbs on the sides of her hole. He applied pressure as he spread her wide. But Katie was so tense that her asshole resisted his efforts.

“Relax!” Phil demanded, as he slapped her ass hard with his pudgy hand.

“Ouch!” the hot wife hollered as her ass cheeks recoiled.

“Relax! You know you want this!” The old man’s voice boomed in the small bathroom, “I know what you like!”

Mrs. Jackson closed her eyes as she fought her desires that were blossoming in her body as her asshole instinctively relaxed for her disgusting neighbor.

Phil spread her ass again as he placed his thumbs next to her shithole. His heart lurched. Her brown eye gaped open. He pushed harder, making her shitter stretch a little more. It turned him on to see it spread wide open. It turned him on more to know that her body was his to do with as he pleased.

Putting his nose into the crack of her tight ass, he inhaled. The heady, erotic smell filled his nostrils. Keeping her shithole open, he sniffed several times. He put his nose right on the rim, then slowly snaked his tongue out.

“Phil,” she whimpered, “Stop it!”

The old man laughed sarcastically, “I remember a time when you couldn’t get enough of this! What? Are you scared you may enjoy it more than with your husband?”

Katie felt the wet softness of his tongue swirl around her backdoor. She had often begged Fred to lick her there and although he tried, it never felt as good as with the disgusting fat man that knelt behind her.

The hot mother quickly remembered how it wasn’t that long ago that she would not put her mouth on any part of her husband’s body except his lips. And she would not allow his lips on her body, either. To touch or even to look at her asshole was strictly forbidden. But then one morning, she felt her neighbor’s expert tongue exploring her backside and she had fought to forget what he had done and how he made her feel. Reality came smashing back to her as she felt Phil’s tongue as it swirled in and out of her open asshole.

Phil swirled his tongue deep into the wife’s sweet shithole. The taste was so good it was making his head swim. His cock was raging hard and his balls were tingling with the need to be released.

Mrs. Jackson moaned, squirming with shame. Phil’s mouth felt hot and slippery. His tongue was slick and wet as it licked her asshole inside out. She could feel her sphincter stretch open for Phil Dorman’s tongue. He pushed his face hard between her cheeks and sucked. His hand slid to her pussy. She couldn’t help but moan as his hands began teasing her cunt lips.

Sometimes his fingers slid over her moist pussy slit. At other times, they brushed over her cunt and the landing strip above it, softly stroking her pubic hair. Now and again, his fingers would teasingly brush her inner thighs on both sides before caressing her pussy lips again.

“Phil… please… stop this! Please, stop it!” she sobbed. Katie’s protests only made him suck harder.

Mrs. Jackson was relieved to feel his mouth leave her shithole but was startled when Phil grabbed her around the waist and spun her around. Her eyes immediately went to his crotch as she stared at his magnificent cock, now fully engorged as it stuck out menacingly through his open fly “You want to suck my cock don’t you? You are my little Mrs. America slut!”

He grabbed her waist as he walked backwards to the edge of the bathtub, as he sat down on it. Katie could only shuffle her feet with her yoga pants tangled around her calves.

As the hot wife watched him her eyes grew wider as the old man unbuttoned and dropped his trousers, pulling them over his dirty shoes and socks together with his underwear and tossing them in the corner. Phil unbuttoned his stained shirt and threw it on the pile, leaving his obese, hairy body naked. He spread his fat legs and positioned himself with his cock right between his flabby thighs. His balls hung down, resting on the edge of the tub. The married woman eyes were drawn to them as they were swollen and huge. Her mouth instinctively began to water. The memories of her sucking his cock and having him squirt in her mouth made her stomach flutter with excitement.

“Okay, Freckles. Put your mouth on my prick!” he ordered.

“Phil, please!” as she took a half step towards the door but the growing feelings inside made her want to move forward.

The old man had no desire to debate as he raised his body from the tub and slapped Katie’s face with an open hand. In one motion he pulled her face down and rubbed his hard prick along her smooth freckled cheeks. The heat of his meat burned into her face.

She felt his swollen cock slide over her chin and over her lips. The smell drifted into her nostrils as she breathed harder. The silky, velvety feel of his hot lusty skin burned into her lips.

Phil moaned, “Lick it! Put your hot fucking mouth on it!”

His hot, hard, rubbery cockhead felt incredible against her soft pink lips. She kissed his head and brushed it lightly with her tongue. Her tongue was thrilled to taste the texture of his prick skin again.

She stood in front of the fat man, bent over at the waist, her tight pants rolled down between her legs and her naked ass sticking out. His hand was firmly planted on the back of her head, making it impossible for her to leave. Even if it had been her choice she wasn’t sure her body even wanted to leave.

“Open your mouth, Freckles!” Phil ordered as he rubbed his cock across her perfect features.

His prick head bounced across her face. The hardness and smell of his cock took her breath away as Katie imagined the thick jets of foaming cum his piss slit could produce. She felt a bit of precum at the opening as her lips parted.

Swiftly, her fat neighbor fitted his cockhead between her soft lips.

“Ohhhh, fuck yes, slut!” he moaned loudly, “Suck my cock!” as his pudgy fingers tangled in her hair.

She felt his cock scorch the sensitive insides of her mouth. The wonderful flavor of precum teased her taste buds as it stuck to her tongue. The sexy wife had forgotten how his cum tasted as she flicked her tongue back and forth. Softly, she began nursing on his cock, trying to draw out more of his precum. Her old neighbor pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She opened wider. Katie felt degraded and vulgar as Phil’s hot, hard cock knob slid into her mouth. Her tongue swirled more vigorously.

“Mmmmnnnnhhhh,” she moaned in delight as her body continued to betray her. She felt her cunt becoming wetter by the second as she felt a drop trickle down her thigh. Her mouth began sucking his cock knob more hungrily.

“Ohhhhh!! My little slut! Do you love sucking my cock?” Phil crowed, enjoying the sight of the hot mother’s naked ass in the mirror, her fine toned legs slightly parted as she vigorously sucked him off.

Mrs. Jackson closed her eyes, sliding her lips farther down his shaft. His cock felt thick, hard, hot and rubbery. Her lips gripped tighter and her tongue slithered around and around. The wetness of her mouth made her lips slide easily up and down. Slowly, as Phil’s hands guided her head, she sucked in more and more of his cock. When about half was being pulled with her lips and tongue, she couldn’t fit any more cock in her mouth. Softly she sucked, her head turning from side to side.

Phil stared into the mirror at the wife’s ass. He released the back of her head and bending over the hot wife’s back, reached towards her cheeks and spread them lewdly in front of the mirror. His fingers danced around her still wet backside. He spread them harshly until her ass gaped open.

“Mmmmm… mmmnnn! Mmmm!” Katie moaned uncontrollably, slurping and sucking as she felt him spreading her ass wide.

“That’s it, Freckles,” urged Phil, “Suck it! Suck my prick, you whore! Oh, I’ll make you pay!” His cock was swollen monstrously. His fat face gleamed with excitement as he manipulated the married woman’s backside. He spread it wide and then allowed her tight ass to close.

Her hands resting on his fat, hairy thighs, Katie slid her lips up his shaft as she locked them underneath his head and sucked gently. She gripped his meaty cock with her lips and then bathed his meathead with her tongue. The velvety feel of his hot, slick precum excited her as it burned into her tongue. She swirled her tongue around his piss hole.

“Fuck yeah Freckles,” Phil breathed heavily, “I missed that mouth of yours!”

Sensuously, she slid her tongue up and down the length of his piss slit and was rewarded with the flavor of his cum. The married woman pointed her tongue and gently stabbed her tongue in. Thoroughly wiping out his piss hole and swirling her tongue back toward the crown of his cockhead.

“Ohhh, damn, baby!” croaked Phil as he guided her head with his hands. “Fuck yeah! You missed my cock didn’t you?”

Her mind didn’t want to answer the question but her body gave its reply as she slid her lips back down his shaft. Slowly she opened her mouth as her tongue swabbed the underside as his prick pulsed between her lips.

“Ohhhhh,” Phil cried in delight. “Get it fucking wet!”

Katie’s heart thumped loudly as she slurped and sucked at Phil’s huge prick. Strands of saliva hung from her mouth and chin, dripping on to the floor. Her cunt burned with excitement.

“Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” the woman whimpered as desire welled up deep inside her.

Suddenly Phil stood up. The sexy wife straightened at the waist as she looked at him with a wet mouth. Her ass tingled from him pulling her cheeks widely, “Get on the floor,” he ordered in a deep voice.

Without even a hesitation, the wife dropped to her knees on the bathroom rug in front of his beautiful cock that hovered in midair in front of her face. Her yoga pants were bunched by her socks and tennis shoes. Her sports bra was above her left breast as it shook in the air. The sexy woman’s arms were down at her sides as though she was waiting for him to tell her what to do next.

Slowly he hobbled around behind her. She turned her head to follow him when she felt his pudgy hand in the upper part of her back, “Bend down,” the old man demanded as he pushed her slightly forward. The hot wife bent over at the waist with her knees firmly planted on the rug. She turned her head as it nestled into the plush tan rug on the floor. Her elbows were by her rib cage and her hands were splayed out next to her face. The sexy wife’s wedding ring glistened from the lights next to her face. Her stomach turned with excitement as she felt her naked ass sticking straight out into the air.

“You slut” Phil snarled, eyeing the hot wife’s gorgeous, round cheeks “you begged me to fuck your ass the last time we were up in here, remember? Well guess what, you’re gonna get what you wished for.”

Katie shivered as she felt so vulnerable in this position. Her thoughts traveled back to that fateful afternoon when Phil had accompanied her home after she had sucked him off at his house. The two of them had showered together and the hot mother bit her bottom lip as she remembered the depraved lust that had befallen her when she had indeed begged for him to take her there. Her body convulsed and chills ran down her spine as she felt her neighbor’s hot, heavy mushroom head nuzzling her asshole. It was already slick and wet. He slowly pushed as he spread the wife’s ass. His head pressed against her backdoor as he pushed harder as Katie’s asshole opened and slowly his cock pushed into her little hole.

“Uuhhh! Uuhhh! Owwwwwww,” Katie cried as her asshole stretched over his knob as she tried to move forward but in the position she was in she found nowhere to go. Her fingers dug into the carpet. The monstrous cock felt bigger than ever before.

“Shut up, slut!” he roared. He pulled back as he felt the pressure on her shithole. Mrs. Jackson groaned with relief as her backdoor pulsed as Phil’s prick head burned into her.

Phil stared hard between her spread ass cheeks, “Damn you are tight! Doesn’t your husband fuck you there enough?” Her sphincter had relaxed since he had pulled his cock back. Her hole was brown on the rim, then turned lighter inside. It looked so inviting to the old man. The disgusting neighbor leaned forward and spit directly into her crack. “Ohhhh, fuck! Freckles! You got a tight ass!” he puffed as he used the tip of his cockhead to spread his saliva around the hole.

“Please Phil if you’re going do this,” the wife choked, “can you at least use some lubrication?”

He looked down at the shuddering woman and grimaced, “Don’t you get it? I’m in charge!” He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her up until she was back on her knees. He pulled her head towards his crotch and pushed his cock towards her mouth.

Katie tried to quickly protest that the cockhead had just been in her ass but her mouth opened instinctively. Her mouth was so wet that instantly Phil’s cock was coated with her wet saliva.

The fat man looked at her pretty face as her lips were stretched widely apart. He slowly thrust into her mouth until she pulled off and coughed as she gagged from his length.

“Spit on it!” as he grabbed his cock and held it underneath her small mouth. The wife looked up at him pleadingly but there was no mercy to be found in his eyes. Slowly, she trickled her saliva out of her mouth and onto his steel rod.

“All right slut,” he barked as he pushed her forward. Katie fell at her waist and again her freckled face was firmly planted on the rug. Her ass jutted up in the air. Phil got behind the wife’s small backside as he aimed his spit covered shaft at Katie’s throbbing hole and slowly increased the pressure until the head sank into her ass. He groaned at the warm, velvety feel of her rectum.

Katie knew from experience that her ass could take Phil’s huge prick but her face grimaced with pain and her body was tense. Her sphincter split widely to receive Phil’s thick cock. Pain shot from her stretched asshole until it opened wide enough to take his cock. Then the sensation moved deep inside her as the obese man continued his assault.

“Ohhh damn! I missed your ass!” moaned Phil as he grabbed her hips and pulled her back towards him making the sexy woman take more of his thick cock into her tight small ass.

Katie hardly heard him as she moaned deeply, “Oh, oh… oh, God… oh, God… it’s big! It hurts!”

“You need to get my cock wetter,” as he slowly pulled his cock from her ass leaving it open as it had not yet restricted. He grinned down at her gaping hole and hocked a loogie directly into her bowels. The hot wife winced at the depravity of her fat neighbor.

Her eyes were tightly shut as she felt him grab her hair and pull her up. His cock pressed against her thin lips. It was the same cock that had just been in her ass. Katie swallowed hard as she caught a whiff of the slick member pointing at her pretty face.

“Phil!” she objected but as her mouth opened he pressed it across her tongue and past her lips. Phil humped her face as the wife’s wet mouth took his cock deeper and deeper.

“Get it wet baby! Get it all wet!” as he furiously fucked her wet mouth. He pulled out with a pop as he quickly pushed her down on the floor and moved back behind her.

Again, his fat fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he pulled them apart, his beady eyes fixed on the beauty queen’s distended sphincter as he moved his bloated face closer to her poop chute.

“You stuck up bitch,” Phil growled, “All those years you looked down on me! Acting as if your shit doesn’t stink.” He recalled the many times he spent lusting for his beautiful freckled neighbor as she flaunted her luscious, sexy clad body in her driveway while bringing her kids to school or leaving for her job.

The obese man pursed his bloated lips as a long strand of drool escaped from his mouth, dangling in the air for a few seconds before flying directly into Katie’s widely gaping asshole.

A low moan escaped the hot wife’s lips as she felt Phil’s saliva trickling down her bowels.

Katie braced herself as she felt her disgusting neighbor spit into her ass again. His thick prick opened her asshole as it sank deep inside. He slowly worked his cock in and out while Katie panted as she relaxed her ass in order to allow him to fill her more.

Phil fucked her a little harder and a little faster. He felt her tight ass spread for him as his cock did its work.

Mrs. Jackson’s shithole was hot and tight as it grabbed at his cock. “Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned quietly. The hot wife fought the feelings inside of her mind, “I shouldn’t enjoy this! I shouldn’t enjoy this!” she told herself over and over.

“You missed my cock, didn’t you?” Phil huffed as he slowly filled his married neighbor’s ass with his steel rod. The hot wife gave no reply,

“Admit it,” he shouted as he thrust harder.

Again Katie gave no reply as she bit her bottom lip. Slowly he pulled his pulsating prick out so the tip rested against the gaping hole.

Breathing heavily, Katie turned her head when she felt his hand grasp her hair and pulled her up to her knees. Phil moved his cock back to her mouth.

“Please don..” Before the hot wife could finish Phil thrusted his cock, still dripping with her ass juice, back into her mouth. He slowly fucked her face as he watched gleefully as the hot wife licked the fat, mushroom head,

“Taste your own ass slut!” Phil groaned as he basked in the wife’s oral talents.

Katie could hardly believe what she was doing and, worse still, how turned on she was by what the old man was making her do. She pulled off his cock, looking up at him and was disgusted by her reactions as she licked and sucked his cock that had just been lodged in her own shit hole. Phil grinned as he forced his cock into her throat and pulled out.

“You like that, don’t you? Sucking on my filthy cock? You filthy raging whore!” A string of saliva hung between his cock and the hot wife’s mouth as Katie looked up at him. A loud smack echoed through the room as the old man slapped the beautiful mother hard across her freckled face again, her spit flying onto the bathroom floor. Tears welled up in her eyes as Katie’s left hand went up to her burning cheek. Never before had she been treated this way.

Phil pushed her down on the floor again, climbing over and reinserting his saliva coated cock back into her tight ass,

“Ooohhh, yeahhh!!! Such a sweet ass!” Phil roared.

Katie felt his cock pull back as it eased out until the head was just inside the rim. The married mother felt every nerve sparking as she felt the blood rushing around the head of her neighbor’s hard prick. Slowly she felt it being thrust back up her ass.

The hot wife’s fingers dug into the bathroom rug as she felt the most wonderful cock she had ever seen being pushed up her tight sphincter, “Arghhhhh!” Katie cried out but even she couldn’t tell if it was in pain or ecstasy.

Phil moved one hand to her shoulders as he pressed her freckled face firmly to the bathroom rug. The fat man pushed his mammoth prick in and out of the former beauty queen’s tight ass. His fat belly running up the back of the hot wife.

The front door being opened and slammed shut echoed throughout the house. Phil froze as his cock was firmly planted in the sexy wife’s asshole. Katie’s eyes widened and she expected the old man to jump up but instead he just held his cock deep inside of her ass. She was scared to move as she heard footsteps on the floor below them.

She suddenly tried to move but Phil pressed his hand down on her shoulders pinning her to the floor with his throbbing cock deep in her asshole.

The hot wife’s heart jumped as she heard footsteps coming up the steps as her husband’s voice yelled, “Katie? I forgot my briefcase! Do you know where I put it?”

Phil’s cock didn’t move as she looked back towards him with the side of her face buried in the rug. A devilish grin erupted across his fat mouth. She had begged her husband to allow Phil to move into their house. She had done nothing but give positive testimony on his behalf. She knew what Fred would think if he came around the corner and saw them.

The hot wife cleared her voice, “It’s hanging on the kitchen chair,” she yelled towards the door, hoping her husband wouldn’t come any closer towards their bedroom.

“Thanks honey!” Fred shouted as he retreated down the steps.

Phil slowly pushed his cock deeper into Katie’s ass as footsteps were heard in the kitchen. He thrust forward some more. Katie’s face grimaced as Phil continued to push until his cock sank balls deep into her tight asshole. The hot wife’s lips opened to scream but nothing came out. Her painted lips were a perfect oval as her eyes darted back to Phil who stared at her with a smirk on his fat face.

“Found it! I’ll call you later!” Fred yelled up the steps, “I love you!”

Mrs. Jackson looked back at Phil as her voice crackled, “I love you too!” The front door echoed as it opened and slammed shut.

Phil lunged until his balls nestled against her cunt lips, “What a good wife you are Freckles!” His cock pulled back and drove into her ass, not stopping until it was balls deep. He pounded against her as he dug his cock into her ass. His balls swung underneath her and slapped her wet pussy lips occasionally.

“Uuuhhh… ohh… ohhhh!” she whimpered as felt his thick burning cock in her asshole. “Mmmmpphhh,” Mrs. Jackson groaned as her asshole widened and throbbed deep inside.

Phil leaned forward as he rested most of his obese belly on her back. His pudgy hand wandered down to her exposed left breast, pinching the erect nipple. He changed paces and changed the depth of his cock as he sank it between her spread ass cheeks.

A long low moan shot escaped the hot wife’s lips as Phil hunched over her, his stiff prick buried to the root. Katie couldn’t remember ever feeling so full, her asshole crammed with the old man’s meat. The deep throbbing inside made pleasure shoot through Katie’s mind, still tinged with a slight bit of pain. After just a moment’s rest, Phil’s ass plugging cock drew back.

“Reach back and spread your ass,” the old man ordered.

Slowly, Katie’s shoulders and face rolled into the rug as her hands moved back to each cheek and spread them. Her face burned into the rug as she felt the thrusts of her neighbor intensify.

Slowly, Phil drew his cock back about halfway. Then he reversed direction and plowed into her. A series of farting noises echoed through the bathroom and Katie closed her eyes in shame as felt the girth of Phil’s mammoth cock forcing the air out of her bowels. Her body bucked forward with every thrust as she held her ass wide for her revolting neighbor.

“Oh, Freckles your asshole is so tight!” the disgusting man moaned.

The hot wife tried to fight the feelings and vibrations coming from her asshole as her neighbor ass fucked her. She was filled and refilled with his lovely cock. Each time he pulled back, it felt like her ass was emptying. The incredible sensation made her whimper.

Again and again, her asshole was pulled and pushed in. Their combined saliva made his cock slide easily as he began fucking her harder. Her shithole felt so full. She arched her ass higher, opening it fully to take his every deep thrust. Her face and shoulders burned from the rug but her hands stayed firmly planted on her cheeks and she spread them for him. Her body in ultimate betrayal suddenly forced her to whimper, “Fuck me!”

The hot wife had always been proud of her perfect shaped ass and knew the attention it brought her wherever she went. Her husband had told her time and time again how much it turned him on. She had learned to enjoy anal sex after Fred had persuaded her to try it years ago but this was something different. Never before had her luscious behind been so utterly manhandled, pounded so ruthlessly, “Fuck me!” but this time is was louder.

Phil bent forward and grabbed the hot wife’s lovely brown hair with his right hand, yanking her head back. His other hand wrapped around her stomach as he pulled her torso up towards him. Katie’s hands continued to hold her ass open as the giant fuck rod was lodged motionless up to the hilt inside her warm poop hole. She could feel the hairs on her neighbor’s sweaty chest as his beer gut pressed into her back.

Jackie was at home, alone. She was taking a long, hot, deep bath. Feeling relaxed, she reached between her legs to touch herself. Rubbing at her pussy, she eased a finger inside herself and dreamt of how she longed for a huge black cock to enter her there. However it wasn’t just there. Jackie reached behind herself to finger her ass hole too. Groaning as she imagined two monstrous dicks pushing themselves into each of her holes simultaneously. She worked a second finger into her ass, then a third as she simulated the feeling of having her ass stretched open by a thick, black cock.

As Jackie floated away into an orgasmic fantasy of sensation, there was a forceful, urgent knock on the door that brought her back to reality with a thump. She jumped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself. Dripping wet and still covered in bath water, she answered the door.

There stood Leroy. He was tall, broad, black and had a long, thick cock which was as straight and hard as a baseball bat when aroused. Jackie had fucked him many times before and he knew every inch of her body. Less familiar to Jackie were the four guys standing behind him.

“Hey, Jackie. Can we come in?”

“Well, it’s a little unexpected, but…”

“Great.” says Leroy as they all stream in past her.





They all filter into the house. One of the guys pipes up with “You sure she wasn’t expecting us, Leroy?” as he looks Jackie, just in her bath towel, up and down.

“Not on my account, bro. Looks like we came just at the right time, though.” observes Leroy as the guys form a circle around her.

“Hmmm. So what are you guys here for?” asked Jackie, putting one hand on her hip and the other to her face, as she bites suggestively on her index finger.

“I think you know.” says one of the other guys as he pats her on the butt. As Jackie turns to face him, a hand from behind her pulls off the bath towel. Jackie flushes, standing there completely naked in the middle of these five guys. Who are now starting to grab at her tits and ass as they unbutton their pants.

Jackie slowly lowers herself to her knees and looks up at Leroy as he waves his semi erect dick in her face. She puts her hands on his hips and takes the tip of his cock into her mouth. She tries to deepthroat as much of it as possible while it is still slightly soft, as she knows she would never manage it all with him hard.

She works her tongue along the base of his dick until its tip was almost touching his balls. Seeing Jackie deepthroat him like this really turns Leroy on and suddenly the blood rushes to his cock, which tenses and hardens with a jerk. This activates Jackie’s gag reflex and she immediately withdraws.

“You like that, don’t you? You dirty bastard.” says Jackie as she grabs his dick, wet with saliva, in both hands and starts to jerk it.

“Maybe some of my bros might want it too.”

Jackie shuffles around on her knees to see a bunch of huge, black dicks poking at her face. Jackie gasps. Leroy isn’t even the biggest of them. One of them isn’t so long, but is about as thick as her forearm. Another is skinnier, but about as long as her forearm.

The guys grab the base of their dicks and all slap them onto Jackie’s face. She closes her eyes and giggles as she gropes around with her hands. She manages to take hold of a couple of these monster cocks. One in each hand. Another stifles her giggles as it is pushed into her open mouth.

Jackie sucks and jerks each of the guys as they remove the remainder of their clothes. Displaying their firm, muscular bodies. She lies down on the floor, over a pile of discarded clothes, and motions to Leroy as she spreads her legs. He positions himself over her and eases the tip of his dick into Jackie’s already sopping wet pussy.

Leroy enters her with slow strokes. Each one slightly deeper than the last. He builds up the pace until he is pounding Jackie with the full length of his big, rock hard dick. The other guys crowd around Jackie’s face and she switches back and forth between them; licking and sucking their big, black cocks as she gets fucked hard by Leroy.

Leroy fucks faster and faster until he suddenly withdraws. The next dick enters her pussy. It is not as thick, but very long and instantly goes deeper than Jackie has ever felt before. As she acclimatises to the shock, Leroy moves round and leans over her, stuffing his dick in her mouth. Leroy fucks Jackie’s mouth until he floods it with cum. He pulls out and sits down on the floor as his huge cock starts to droop over.

Jackie licks her cummy lips, then swallows it all down, looking over at Leroy. “Mmmmm. You’d better not think you’re finished, you fucking pervert. I’ve got more work for you today.”

“Oh, yeah? You think you’ll still be ready for more when my boys have finished with you?”

“Oh yeah I will! You like it when I suck it?”

“Damn, baby!”

“You like to fuck my tight, white pussy?”

“You know I do, girl!”

“You like it when I swallow?”

“Hehe! Yeah! I hope you like it too, because you’re gonna be doing a whole lot of swallowing today!”

“Mmmm, yeah, I do. Today though, I want every load of cum on my face. I want you all to cover me in it.”

“Fuck yeah, Jackie. You got it. You know what else I like to do?”

The guy in Jackie’s pussy withdraws and moves round to put his dick in Jackie’s mouth. His place is taken by the guy with the real thick cock. Jackie gasps at how this big dick stretches her out.

“I like to fuck that sexy white ass of yours. I think I’m going to do it too. You think you could handle three guys inside you at once?”

“Oh, fuck! Oh, yeah I want you all to fuck my ass. I want you all to fuck me at once. But I want you to be the first in my ass, Leroy. So fucking hurry up and get back in the game.”

The thick cocked guy moves from Jackie’s pussy to her mouth. She can barely fit her lips around it as the next guy slides inside her pussy. He fucks her hard for a while, then withdraws.

Jackie gets up on to her knees and sucks the four guys off in turn as they crowd round her. Leroy is still sitting with his half limp cock in his hand, watching proceedings with amusement.

The only guy who hasn’t fucked Jackie yet is also the biggest. He takes Jackie’s hand and stands her up. He grabs her ass and lifts her up. She jumps into his arms and wraps her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist, then eases herself onto his massive member.

Jackie bucks up and down on his dick. She feels as filled as she ever has before and comes to a crashing orgasm. Just then she feels something hard pressing against her ass. She turns her head to to see Leroy has readied himself again.

“You prepared for this? Because it’s going to happen right now.”

“Ooooh, yes. I want you both inside me. Fuck my white ass with your big black cock!”

Leroy eases the tip of his dick inside her ass hole. It isn’t the first time he’s fucked Jackie’s ass, but it’s the first time he’s ever been inside it while she’s got a full pussy. He gets into position and neither him nor Julius (the massively hung guy fucking her pussy) need to move as Jackie eagerly bounces herself down onto both dicks.

Leroy whispers in her ear “You like that? You like our big black dicks inside you?”

Jackie is almost too insensible with pleasure to answer. Just repeating “Ummm. Uh-hum.” in between gasps and pants to answer his questions.

“You like my big dick in your ass? You want us all to fuck your ass? We’re all gonna fuck your ass baby. You’re gonna get fucked by us all. Right up your ass. When we’re done with you, we’re gonna cum all over your face. Is that what you like? You show my bro some loving here.”

With that he moves his dick out of her ass where it is replaced by another. Each of the guys fuck Jackie’s ass this way. After Leroy goes Wesley, then Devin. Anton is the last to enter Jackie’s ass. He’s the guy with the thickest dick of the whole gang. Jackie feels like she is going to split in two as she is double penetrated by these two beasts.

Anton grabs her underneath her knees and lifts her off Julius. “Come have a look at this well fucked pussy!” he says as he fucks her ass with her still in mid air. All bar Anton are standing in front of Jackie, stroking their huge dicks and watching Jackie’s ass being used. Enjoying the sight of her body as her tits bounce up and down and her pussy gapes at them.

“Never mind that pussy, it’s time I got me some of that ass!” announces Julius.

Jackie climbs down and slips her ass off Anton’s huge girth. She turns round, bends over and says “Well come and get it then. This little white ass is waiting for your big black cock.”

Julius needed no second invitation and put himself straight into Jackie’s ass. Anton moves her head down for her to suck his dick.

Julius felt much better to Jackie’s ass as his cock was broad and strong, but not as monstrously thick as Anton’s. Which felt to her like having two cocks up there at once. My though, Julius was going deep. Deep and hard, right in and almost right out.

Just as Jackie was wondering how much more of Julius she could stand, he pulls out and moves round the front to her. She sucks greedily on his dick as Leroy moves up behind her. “Shit! Look how this tight little ass hole is now! Not so tight!” He grabs Jackie’s ass cheeks apart and admires the gaping opening before him. Satisfied that their work is going well, he puts his cock back up Jackie’s ass and ploughs away.

Feeling so well fucked, Jackie builds to a huge anal orgasm and drops to her knees, quivering. she turns round to face Leroy and licks his long, rock hard dick from balls to tip, before deepthroating him further than she had thought possible.

Leroy sits down again and invites her on to him. She sits her pussy down on his dick as Devin pushes himself into her mouth and Wesley enters her ass.

“See, I knew you’d be able to handle three guys at once.”

Jackie grids away to another orgasm and Wesley pulls out of her ass and moves round for Jackie to suck his long, skinny dick. Julius slides into Jackie’s ass and fucks her long and deep as she tries to deepthroat as much of Wesley’s long dick as she can.

Each of the four guys gets to fuck Jackie’s ass again. Once they have their turn, they move round to get their dick sucked clean. Jackie comes again and again as she grinds and smashes her hips between Leroy’s cock in her pussy and whoever happens to be in her ass at the time.

When the four guys have all had their turn, Leroy pulls and holds Jackie tight to him, then rolls her over onto her back. He pulls out of her pussy, lifts her legs up high and jams himself into her ass. He fucks her hard and fast, then pulls out and looms over her to unload all his sperm onto Jackie’s pretty face. When only a last stubborn drop is clinging to the tip of his dick, he puts it into Jackie’s mouth for a final clean up.

Meanwhile Wesley has moved in to take his place and is fucking Jackie’s ass with abandon. He too withdraws, moves forward and splashes four strings of cum onto Jackie’s face. From chin to hair. Devin takes his final turn on Jackie’s ass before dumping his sloppy load over her mouth and chin.

Anton moves in and bangs Jackie’s ass hard as the accumulated hot spunk drips down Jackie’s face in thick sticky gobs. Anton adds his cum all over her lips and nose.

Finally Julius moves in and fucks Jackie’s ass deeply with his rock hard dick. His thrusts are so powerful and Jackie so turned on, that she can’t help but submit to another anal orgasm. Just as she comes, Julius withdraws sharply and gives Jackie’s face the final load of spunk her efforts have so richly deserved.

Utterly fucked, cummed on and used to her limits, Jackie lies there trembling.

“Thanks for the ride. Maybe we should do this again sometime?” enquires Leroy.

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