I watched her picking potatoes out of a box: my potatoes. She was picking them for me. When she had finished with the potatoes, there were tomatoes, oranges, apples, passion fruit, whatever, anything, it didn’t matter, because she could pick them for me and while she did that I could watch her.

I don’t have a vegetable fetish. She could have been picking out woollen mitts and I would still have felt the most desperate aching in my cunt. The only thing that mattered was that she had to face away as she did the picking, because that let my wicked sight rest on her pretty little butt.

Now here’s the irony. She didn’t even have such a great ass. Don’t get me wrong, she was a slim, pretty, sexy nineteen-year old (well I figured about nineteen, anyway) and she had a slim sexy ass. But in general I prefer them a little more pert, a little less boyish. But I didn’t care, because my heart and cunt ached for her in that randomly directed way that has left quite a number of unsuspecting women reeling from an unexpected Samantha onslaught.

She had long straight dark hair (you’ll have realized by now I didn’t know her name – well how could I, all she’d ever done was pick me potatoes and things) which she normally had tied back – something to do with working with food I figured. Quite a fine face, a little pointed perhaps but good cheekbones, dark eyes, but somewhere somehow I detected a dark wicked intelligence that made me want to do terrible things to her. As she often wasn’t in the shop – imagine my disappointment when an entirely unnecessary vegetable purchasing expedition resulted in a no-show – I figured maybe it was a vacation job when she was out at college. Call me an intellectual snob but I guess I prefer to pervert college girls.

But I didn’t know her name and our relationship currently consisted solely of potato-based transactions. In my imagination, of course, things were very different, and after each time I saw her I would frig myself desperately, my mind’s eye always reverting to one simple image. She was facing away from me, in her jeans and “regulation” navy sweat top, and I was kneeling behind, watching and waiting for the jeans to come down and my anonymous young lover to offer me her behind.

Ha. Like it’s that easy to seduce someone in a shop. I tried to figure out all sorts of ruses but none of them came close to being practical. Complain about a bad potato? How cranky would that make me? I mean I was doing lots of eye contact and so was she but she just seemed to be an eye-contact kind of person. Not a slut, just confident, or maybe a touch naïve. And I wondered what she thought of the skinny thirty-something American with an apparently insatiable appetite for fruit and veg.

So, she’d finished picking the potatoes, and the tomatoes, and I knew my cupboard was already swamped with farm produce, so I called a halt there. Four pounds forty. How cheap was the fuel for my lust. Could I really make conversation over vegetables? No. My nerve failed, it felt ridiculous, and so I carried my pointless prize out to my car. I was fiddling with it in the trunk, frustration almost bringing me to tears, when it came to me. It was lame it was sad but it was maybe worth a shot.

She was still standing there – a relief, they seemed to swap staff every five minutes or so – and I rushed over. She smiled to see me again. Nothing flirtatious, just a mild recognition I was back.

“I forgot something,” I gasped a little breathlessly. “Do you have any zucchini?”

She raised her eyebrows. I liked that – it was a new expression.

“Zucchini?” Her face showed quizzical, amused, incomprehension. Don’t you just love the English language?

“Sure, zucchini. It’s for a pizza recipe.”

“I’m sure it is, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Oh my how that cheeky confidence turned me on. “But I’m guessing this is one of those English English versus American English sort of things. If you make me guess I’d say you want an aubergine, but really I have no idea.” She was wide of the mark – she meant eggplant – and I could have put us both out of our misery by saying “courgette” – the kind of useful thing you pick up after over five years in the UK – but that wasn’t the point. After all this time, after all that frustration, we were almost flirting.

I won’t bore you with the details – there’s been too much food already. But it took us maybe five minutes to get to the right answer, with a surprising amount of innuendo involved. (Well you think about the shape of a zucchini/courgette).

“Wonderful,” I said. “Thank-you. Who’d have thought I’d learn something like that today?” Was that it? Was this going to be a good solid base for our next chat? Should I run away to try again another day? Jeez my confidence was bad. “Listen,” I went on, my heart pounding, “as you’ve just found out I’m fairly new around here. Do you know any good traditional English pubs? I’d just love to try one out.”

It was an innocent enough question, in the circumstances. “The White Horse is very good. Wood beams, fires, that sort of thing.”

“That’s great, thanks. Now I hope you don’t mind me asking, but would you join me for a drink there?”

She blushed bright red. She hadn’t seen that one coming. “Well…”

“I know – it’s cheeky of me to ask.”

“Well, okay, a drink.” She didn’t look sure about it. But then something occurred to her. “But maybe not the White Horse.” No, of course not. What would any of her friends things of her out for a drink with a strange American woman. “How about the Farmers? That’s in all the guide books – probably more the place you’re looking for.” And somewhere her friends never went.


She looked great as she walked into the pub. Not great as in dolled up, because that would have indicated a readiness to accept she was on a date, and that was clearly not her intention at all. But a simple white t-shirt and jeans still showed off her leanness and her youth. Yum yum.

She began by announcing she could only stay for one drink, had to be somewhere else in an hour. That was cool. I like to work to a deadline.

Do you want to know one of the true secrets of successful dating? Listen. You may want to talk about yourself, discuss your career, bemoan the state of the world, but I promise you, nothing works much better than careful, appropriate, attentive, listening.

I don’t mean play dumb. You have to engage, but make sure your attention is focused on your date and what she’s saying. It’s flattering and it feels lovely and no-one is going to walk away quickly from someone who seems genuinely interested in them.

So she was Sadie and she was at college reading geography and she liked to ride but it doesn’t really matter, does it? Because an hour went and she was still there and she didn’t even bother to pretend to call her pretend friends. I was thrilled. I know I do it well but every time you never know and by now I wanted Sadie so badly.

And as the evening wore on and we drank and she began to reconsider whether maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to be on a date with me after all. I could feel the way her mood eased from nervous tension to tentative flirtation. I could imagine her thinking “What would it be like to go with this woman? We could just kiss – I’ve often wondered what it would be like to do that with another woman. Any maybe more – surely it must be different from guys, and I bet she’d know how to do things to me better than some of the boys around here. Maybe, it’s cool to flirt, anyway.”

Then the lovely English drinking laws required us to leave, we were both a little drunk, and it was a lovely clear night, the stars blinking away from a million years ago. As we walked along the sidewalk we kept kind of bumping into each other, but I just let it happen, didn’t take advantage, I wasn’t in the mood for predatory.

“Wow,” Sadie said, looking up at the stars, “it’s such a beautiful night.”

“It has been beautiful, thank-you,” I said, deliberately misinterpreting her. In the darkness I had no idea if she was blushing, but I think it was a given.

“No…I. Listen, Samantha…” She was trying to find difficult words through the alcohol. “It’s been a really great evening…”

“I sense a ‘but’.”

“Yes.” But the ‘but’ still wouldn’t come, so I helped out.

“You think I’m coming on to you.”

“Yes.” She sounded so relieved I’d articulated it for her.

“I am. You’re gorgeous and exciting, Sadie. I think you’ve realized now why I’ve had such a passion for vegetables these last few months.” She laughed, and some of the tension was broken. “And I’ve rather got the feeling, just a little, that maybe you’re attracted to me.”

“I’m not a lesbian, Samantha.”

“I’m not saying you are. But right now you’re wondering what it would be like to kiss me, to feel my body tight against you. And I think maybe you think it would feel good.” We were walking across a field now, with just the moonlight to guide us.

“That doesn’t mean I’m ready to do it, Sam.” I wondered if she was looking for a little bit more work from me, a little more seduction.

I rested my hand lightly on the small of Sadie’s back. It stayed there. “I bet you’ve wondered what it would be like to have another woman loving you Sadie. ‘Would it feel different from the way boys do?’” I was gently stroking her back now, and still no resistance. “I bet you’ve fantasized about another woman’s face down there, haven’t you?”

In the moonlight Sadie nodded.

“Fantasized and stroked yourself and got wet, like you are now.” My fingers were tracing the top of Sadie’s jeans, hinting at real intimacy, then teasing up her back towards the strap of her bra and a different kind of exposure. “You’ve made yourself come, Sadie, dreaming of another woman licking your pussy.” I rubbed my hand over her bra strap, relishing her acceptance of its presence there. “I’ve dreamed of licking your pussy, Sadie, I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve touched my pussy and wished I was licking your pussy. You’ve made my pussy so wet, Sadie, like it is now. Is your pussy wet now?” I slid my hand down to Sadie’s ass, lightly brushing her cheek.


And so we kissed.

I could taste the wine on her lips, and smell the faint dab of perfume she had put on before she came out, no doubt repeating to herself “this is not a date and as this is not a date too much perfume would definitely send out the wrong signals” and now I could smell her perfume as I kissed her. She was, I guess, a typical late teen kisser, a little mechanical but as she relaxed into it a bit (I’m guessing she was in part terrified) she calmed down and started to savour the sensation of our tongues colliding and entwining.

I hadn’t expected us to fuck in the fields, but there was no-one for miles and the passion was so strong there was no way I was going to break off. I slid my hands under her t-shirt, under her bra, slipping her stiff nipples between my fingers and gently squeezing her breasts. And as always I talked.

“I’m going to lick your pussy, Sadie. You’re going to lie on your back and I’m going to pull down your jeans and your panties and I’m going to press my tongue against your wet pussy and your clit and I’m going to make you come, just like you fantasized about. You want that? You want me to lick your pussy?”

I guess she was figuring not only did I like to talk but I liked replies too. “Lick me.”

She began to struggle with the button of her jeans, so desperate was she to undress for me. I tried to help, my own excitement making me fumble too. And then her jeans were sliding over her butt and down, together with her panties, and she lay back on the grass. She looked so gorgeous and vulnerable, half-naked in the moonlight, her long slim legs pale in the silver light and the thick dark triangle of her pubic bush.

“You’re my moon goddess,” I said, quite spontaneously and in awe that I was offered this beautiful cunt. I knelt, a humble devotee.

The air seemed thick with the musk of Sadie’s honey. She was right, she was soaking. I kissed her left thigh, her right thigh, wanting her to feel every second of wondrous anticipation as she waited to feel the touch of another woman on her sex for the first time. I brushed my lips through the verdant forest of her thatch. Her hips were rocking now, her cunt seeking out the satisfaction of my tongue, greedy girl.

I moved down, and paused at her entrance, the fleshy cavern grey and pink in the strange light. Then I tasted her and she juddered at this first contact. I knew it could not be long before she came, but I wanted her to understand that yes, it was true, only another woman could really satisfy her. My fingers teased and tickled her ass cheeks and her breasts, as my tongue traced delicate patterns all around her cunt. She was breathing quite heavily and quite openly, honey flooding from her sex. Sometimes my contact was just lips, sometimes just tongue, sometimes both.

I pulled back briefly to say one final thing. “Come for me, Sadie, come with my tongue on your cunt.” I knew that in her state adding the aural sense to the experience of her first proper cunt-licking would be enough, and the obscenity of the word would be quite delicious, and sure enough as I touched her clit again with the tip of my tongue she bucked and screamed as her climax raged through her. It felt like riding an earthquake.

Eventually she stopped, and I crept up to be face to face with her. Half naked in the moonlight she looked shattered and magnificent. I kissed her gently on the lips. “Let’s continue this back at my cottage.”


I guess I’m lucky. Sadie half-naked in the grass made me catch my breath, and Sadie lying completely naked on my bed was a whole new treat, almost a whole new lover. Slim and pale, I took in her pink erect nipples and her delicious chocolate triangle of cunt hair. She looked a little self-conscious at the hunger in my eyes, but she never took her eyes off me as I stripped for her.

“Ready for me?” I asked. The walk from the field had been sweet torture as my cunt hummed its need for satisfaction. There was no time for Sadie to have any qualms about licking cunt – I wanted my come.

I knelt on the bed and then moved to straddle Sadie’s face, her face below me. She focused on my cunt. She looked so serious, possibly taking her time to make the transition to pussy-licker. I knew my lips were puffy and swollen and my clit poking out of its hood, an obscene sight maybe but one I hoped Sadie would want to return to again and again.

She poked her tongue out, towards my pussy, almost like a naughty gesture, and I cupped my hands under her head to guide her in to my sex. She looked really nervous now but her eyes never left my cunt and her tongue stayed out, ready to taste another woman.

It was exquisite, the first contact, the feel of Sadie’s tongue on my pussy lips and the look on her face as she adjusted to this new taste sensation. I guess she liked it because although her tongue remained in a fixed position she gradually drew it along my labia. Gently I drew her up to my clit, the only place that really needed attention right now, and I could see the curiosity on her face as she examined another woman intimately for the first time. Gradually her tongue loosened as she adjusted to the idea of licking pussy and as she maybe began to develop what I could dream might be a true taste for pussy, my pussy.

Seeing Sadie’s expression change from almost-reluctance to something close to enthusiasm was all the stimulation I needed, and as I began to shudder some of my tenderness left me and she found her mouth mashed tight against my cunt. She kept licking, revelling in the sensation of bringing me off so intimately. When I collapsed beside her she was grinning like the cat that got the cream, which I guess it really had.


Although we fucked hard all night, I decided to keep my deeper, darker desires hidden. Sometimes it’s more exciting to build up to something. You don’t always have to rush into the main course.

Of course I was able to enjoy Sadie’s ass to my considerable satisfaction anyway. We were quickly 69ing, and although I was on top I scooted Sadie’s knees back a bit so I could see my lover’s asshole for the first time. (She probably assumed I was getting better access for her hungry little cunt).Oh be steady my heart. Exposing Sadie’s pretty little bumhole, her skin so white, turning brown around her anus. The hole itself seemed so small, so tight, I felt sure she had never been penetrated there. So I licked Sadie’s cunt but all my spare senses were focused on her pretty virgin asshole.

I know that in the past I have tended to rush in, ignoring cunt completely and only ever thinking about ass. Why different now? Well to start with things don’t always go exactly how I want them, and nice though it is to concentrate solely, completely, and immediately on my lovers’ asses, I’d have to admit that sometimes that simply isn’t going to happen. Or, put it another way, whatever I may get in immediate results is squandered by the fact they never return my calls again.

And second, sometimes it’s nice not to rush straight in, to look at a pretty little bottom and think to myself “sometime soon I’m going to have you, going to get my tongue right against your naughty little tightness and lick and lick.” And so it was with Sadie. She can have had no real idea that so much of my appreciation was devoted to her asshole, and that just made my enjoyment that much more voyeuristic. I could examine Sadie’s ass quite closely and she didn’t have a clue.

That was fine for a short while, of course, but I don’t have that much patience. If the truth be told so much close but ultimately not intimate contact with Sadie’s ass was putting me in a spin, and there were times when I nearly dove straight in. And that’s not how I like to do it at all.

Daniel ascended the stairs apprehensively, his teeth chattering ever so slightly with each step upwards. What would he say as she answered the door? What if she didn’t like the way he appeared in the flesh? What if her apartment smelled horrible? The young man stopped with a flash of sudden anger, inwardly chastising himself for the nervousness he was experiencing.

*I’ve been with plenty of girls before, why the fuck am I so nervous about this?*

But Julia wasn’t just a girl; she was a woman. A beautiful buxom woman in her early-thirties, according to her profile anyway. It was the first time Daniel had organised to meet up with a partner for a casual encounter from the online sex forum he had begun to visit in the past month.

It was true, Daniel had been with plenty of girls in his twenty-three years, but he could tell already this encounter was going to be unlike any of his others. The girls he had been with had often been unsure of themselves, their figures, what they liked done to them in bed and what they liked to do in return.

Daniel craved a woman with confidence, and tonight he would find her.

*Alright. So I’m nervous. Deal with it you bastard; she’s not going to be attracted to a shaking adolescent, she’s going to want a man tonight.*

Daniel closed his eyes for a moment, exhaled the remaining air from his lungs, and then took a deep and steady breath. Upon opening his eyes, he steeled himself. His teeth and fingers stopped their treasonous trembling He raised a knuckle to her door and rapped three times in quick succession.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Dan- *ahem* Daniel.”

The door swung inwards to reveal the object of his encounter, the lovely Julia. And how lovely she was! She wore a Summery cotton skirt that ended above the knee and a plain white tank top, through which Daniel couldn’t help but notice her pointed nipples straining against the fabric. He smiled inwardly, feeling a little more confident; it wasn’t cold today.

She cocked her head to one side and cracked a smile as she sized him up, her shoulder-length auburn hair moving silkily from side to side as she did so. Dan had always thought the most attractive thing a girl could do was smile, and Julia was testimony to the fact. He was struck by the sense that she definitely had an air of confident maturity that he hadn’t experienced before, and it served to make this already beautiful woman even more attractive.

“Well Daniel are you going to just stand there all day gawking at me, or do you want to come in for a drink?” She laughed.

“Of course, of course!” He said with a blush.

As he followed Julia to the kitchen he studied her figure from behind. She was shorter than he was, but not by a great deal. Her hips swayed seductively as she walked, and he could see each of her full, round cheeks rise and fall beneath the light cotton skirt with every step. Already his erection pressed against his jeans.

*Jesus. Look at that arse!*

“You know I wouldn’t normally go for a younger guy, but I think I could use a bit of unbridled enthusiasm.” She said without looking back.

“Well I read your profile Julia, and where our interests align I don’t think there’s going to be any shortage of enthusiasm on my part.”

She looked over her shoulder and caught him admiring her backside, and a wicked smile played upon her lips.

“Is white wine alright? I think I’ve got some left over in the fridge.” Julia said as she bent over to open the low-set refrigerator ahead of her. The cotton skirt rode up and Dan could see a glimpse of the white underwear she wore beneath, stretching tightly across the two breathtaking globes of her backside. She wiggled her bottom a bit and made a “hum hmm mm” noise as she shuffled some items around in the fridge. Dan was mesmerised.

*The time for hesitation is through mate. You know why you’re here, she knows why you’re here, and if you can’t figure out the message she’s sending right now then you don’t deserve this goddess in front of you.*

He stepped forward and dropped nimbly to his knees behind her, placing a hand lightly on each of her perfectly smooth cheeks beneath the cotton skirt. He slid his hands over the curve of her bottom and up to her lower back, and them brought them back down to give a gentle squeeze.

Julia closed her eyes and exhaled in ecstasy, her breath visible in the cold depths of fridge. Goosebumps formed on her thighs and she let out an audible moan, egging the young man on without the use of words. They had already begun to speak a far more primal language to each other.

Removing her head from the fridge and looking over her shoulder, she made eye contact with the young man. There was a twinkle of mischief in his eyes that sent a shiver down her spine, and she responded in kind by raising onto her tip-toes and sticking her bottom out further towards his eagerly awaiting face.

Daniel took the hint and pressed his nose firmly against her underwear, drawing it together and into the crease of her bottom with a satisfying slide. His nose pushed the bunched up material against her anus, while with his tongue he began to draw long slow lines across the underwear covering her vagina. He recognised the unmistakable taste of her arousal, and could smell the musky scent of her anus puckering against the pressure that his nose applied. He was in heaven.

Julia wasn’t far off either. The sight of this young man with his face buried in the folds of her arse and loving every moment of it made her feel sexier than she had in years. That this guy – a relative stranger – was so eager to stick his nose and tongue into her most private of parts with such lust, gave Julia a perverse sense of control. As she started to gyrate against his face, she wondered just how far she could make him go.

“Do you like my arse Daniel? Do you think it’s sexy?” She said between heavy breaths.

“*Mmph* … Julia” He gasped “You taste and smell so amazing, I could stay here and eat you all day”

She smiled with glee and drew her hands back to press against his shoulders, pushing his nose and tongue away from her bottom for a moment, but not by much.

“Go into the lounge and lie on the ground love, I have a surprise for you” Said Julia with a laugh. She looked down at him and wiggled her glorious backside once more before flipping the skirt back over her cheeks and turning around to wait for him to leave the kitchen.

Daniel delayed has best he could, as it was hard to take his gaze away from the beautiful sight in front of him, but then gathered his wits somewhat and stood up to move into the next room. He felt a little bit dizzy as he made his way into the lounge, but lay on his back on the hardwood floor as he had been directed to. His rigid penis was pressing painfully against his denim jeans as he lay there in waiting, but all he could think about was getting his face back into the crease of Julia’s arse. Right now every thing else was secondary.

In the next room, Julia removed a package from the kitchen drawer that she had bought earlier in the day in preparation for Daniel’s visit. His profile on the sex forum that they both frequented had indicated his interest in ass worship, analingus, facesitting and oral sex, so Julia figured clearly this was a guy who loved arse and had a serious oral fixation. One of her girlfriends whom she chatted with had suggested pushing a boundary or two with him, and so Julia had come up with a plan to see if they could coax the eager young man into new heights of sexual deviancy.

From his place on the floor Daniel could hear a light crinkling of plastic from the next room, before what sounded like an audible squeak and giggle from Julia. Moment’s later she appeared at the door and sauntered over to the young man with a cheeky smile. She squeezed her breasts together, and then ran her hands down between her thighs and under the folds of her skirt. With a divine wiggle, she pulled her white underwear down and dropped it to the floor.

Daniel caught his breath as she stepped either side of his head and began to lower herself down, her glistening pussy parting itself on his nose and the beautiful rosebud of her anus hovering just above his tongue. She held herself in that squatting position for a few seconds, rocking the folds of her pussy against the bridge of his nose before bringing her arse down to meet his waiting mouth.

Daniel began to lap at her anus with all the enthusiasm of a young child with an icecream cone. He flicked the folds of her arsehole with vigour as she pressed her pussy against his face in ecstasy. Through muffled grunts and gasping breaths he voiced his pleasure at being used to service her most intimate regions, and Julia responded in kind with wave after wave of shuddering orgasms. Juices ran down his cheeks and trickled into his nostrils as she rocked back and forth across his now slick face, before collapsing forward in ecstatic exhaustion on her hands and knees.

Daniel tried to strain his neck up to continue lapping at the goddess above him, but Julia climbed to her feet and looked down at him with a renewed twinkle in her eyes. Her chest heaved in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“You were amazing Danny. Ready for your surprise now?”

Daniel nodded, dumbfounded, as Julia stepped either side of his head once more, only this time facing the other direction such that Daniel was viewing her glorious arse from the back. She squatted down and placed her anus over his mouth again, except this time pressed down with more pressure than before and leaned back to pin his arms to the floor with her own.

Daniel began to lap happily at her arsehole again before he felt something different from before. The rosebud of her anus began to pucker and open against his tongue.

*Holy shit, is she really going to do what I think she’s about to?*

He panicked for a split second, but Julia had positioned herself such that there was nowhere for him to go. Seemingly unphased, she continued to push the contents of her bowl into her apparent victim below.

Daniel felt the her sphincter widen, and a slimy brown object was pushed into his open mouth. He cringed in anticipation of the taste that was to come, and was forced to bite down and try to swallow lest he choke. But the horrid taste never arrived.

*Wait… is that… do I taste… chocolate?*

He deliriously began to chew and swallow the half-melted milk chocolate as it passed into his mouth from Julia’s anus, and he bucked uncontrollably as the sheer perversion of the act brought him to one of the strongest climaxes of his life.

Julia rolled sideways off him, laughing in earnest as he sat up and tried to catch his breath and finish chewing. Melted chocolate was smeared over his cheeks, and Julia drew forward, wiping some from his lips with her index finger and licking it off with an gleeful slurp.

“I’ve got the rest of the bag in the kitchen if you liked that and want some more?” She said devilishly.

Daniel needed no further encouragement, and he staggered to his feet to retrieve the rest of the bag.

It was after ten the next day and I had already missed my seminar at the hotel, when I woke naked in the bed of my new lover, in his upscale Manhattan apartment. As I emerged from the bedroom, I was greeted by Spencer’s butler Charles, who gave me a knowing glance before taking me out to the balcony for breakfast. I was more than a bit embarrassed, as I was sure that Charles must have heard us last night, but when I sat down to eat, Spencer assured me that it was no big deal, which relaxed me quite a bit.

After eating, Spencer and I went back into the house, and Charles excused himself, saying that he had to go out to do some errands. Once we were alone, Spencer asked me if I enjoyed myself last night, and I smiled shyly, nodding my head. “So did I,” said Spencer, “I’m getting hard just thinking about it now,” he said, opening his robe to show me his swelling cock. Reaching out, Spencer took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock, and not wanting to disappoint, I began to caress it until it was at full attention. With nowhere to go, and more than a little aroused, I slowly got to my knees in front of him, and told him to sit back and relax.

Taking him into my mouth, I started sucking gently on Spencer’s cock, teasing the head before taking him all the way down my throat. Lost in the moment, I began sucking Spencer’s cock like a whore, alternating between sucking on the head, and taking him deep into my throat. Staring deep into his eyes, I continued to suck Spencer hard, my excitement growing each time I engulfed his manhood, and after about ten minutes Spencer let out a loud groan and exploded his hot cum all over my face. Still on my knees, I took my lover’s cock back in my mouth, and was in the process of licking Spencer’s cock clean when I looked up, and to my utter horror, realized that we were not alone.

I’m not sure how long Charles had been standing there watching us, but I had never felt more embarrassed and ashamed in my life. There I was, on my knees with another man’s cock in my mouth, and his cum all over my face, and I couldn’t move a muscle. Spencer immediately noticed my change in attitude, and when he saw Charles, he had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Turning to me, Spencer assured me that there was nothing to be worried about. Looking back at Charles, Spencer motioned for him to leave, and as soon as he was gone, I excused myself and went to the bathroom to clean up.

I had just finished showering, and was toweling off when Spencer knocked on the bathroom door, and let himself in. As I toweled off, Spencer again assured me that there was nothing to worry about, and told me that he had a surprise waiting for me in the bedroom. Still quite embarrassed, I asked him if he had talked to Charles, and he told me that he had.

“How long was he standing there?” I asked, with my head in my hands.

“He saw the whole thing, and he said it got him really hot…So what do you think? Ever tried a threesome?”

Now I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Spencer wanted to share me with his black butler, and to my own disbelief, I found myself getting aroused at the thought of taking on two cocks at the same time. Also, Charles was black, and I saw this as the perfect chance for me to experience two of my most intense fantasies at once. Standing in my towel I began to think of what it would be like to service a long, thick, black cock, and be used by two men at one time, and as my imagination ran wild, I could feel my own cock starting to swell. “Should I call Charles to deal with that?” Spencer asked, pointing at my rising cock, and after careful consideration, I decided I had nothing to lose, and nodded towards the phone.

After a short discussion, Spencer and I decided that we would call Charles to the room without telling him, and Spencer would take care of the rest. As I waited nervously, Spencer called Charles and asked him to bring us some water, and almost before I could get naked and into bed, there was a soft knock on the door. Opening door, Spencer ushered Charles in, and closed the door behind him. Once Charles was in the room, Spencer told me out of bed and letting my submissive side take complete control of me, I got out of bed, and kneeled before the two of them, ready to submit to their every desire.

Once I was in position, Spencer told Charles that I had volunteered to be their sex toy for the afternoon, and moving in front of Charles, I reached up and started unbuckling his pants, slowly pulling them down around his ankles. Teasing him, I slowly began fondling his balls and kissing his awakening cock through his underwear, and when the first traces of precum began to seep through Charles underwear, I gently peeled his underwear down around his ankles, releasing his throbbing black cock. Charles’s cock was about 7 inches long, uncut and very dark. After licking the pre-cum from the slit, I took him into my mouth, savoring my first taste of black cock, until I could feel the head at the entrance to my throat.

Caressing his balls in my left hand, I continued to service Charles’s cock, stroking it while working my mouth up and down the length of the shaft. As I serviced Charles, Spencer slowly undressed, watching us intently, and when he was naked, he moved in front of me and started slapping my cheek with his hard cock. Taking Spencer into my hand, I began to stroke his cock back to life while I continued to work on Charles, and when he was hard I began to alternate between the two of them. Kneeling between Spencer and Charles, I took hold of their cocks, and began to work both of their cock heads into my mouth. Grabbing onto the back of my head, Spencer and Charles probed my mouth with their cocks, gently thrusting deeper and deeper into my mouth. Completely lost in the realization of what I was doing, I shed any remaining inhibitions I had still been hanging onto, and enjoyed the sounds of pleasure that were coming from my two lovers.

As I continued to orally service Spencer and Charles, sucking on one of their cocks while stroking the other with my hand, Spencer moved into position behind me, and told me to stand up. Bending me over so that I could continue to service Charles, Spencer spread my ass cheeks with his hands, and started to work his tongue into my tight hole. After Spencer had licked my ass with his warm tongue for a few minutes, he told Charles that I was ready to be taken.

Laying down on the couch, Charles motioned for me to mount him, and straddling him, I took hold of his firm black cock and positioned the head at the opening to my hole. Well lubed up from Spencer’s tongue, I began to gently slide Charles’s cock along my ass crack, working the head of it inside of me, and once he had penetrated me, I lowered myself onto his cock until I was impaled completely. Once Charles was nestled snugly inside my tight backdoor, I began to ride him, slowly increasing in speed as I started to enjoy the feeling of Charles’s hard cock sliding in and out of my ass. Judging from the looks on his face, Charles was enjoying every second, and pulling me down to him, he began kissing me as I continued to impale myself on his cock.

After watching Charles and I intently, Spencer decided to get in the action, and joined us on the couch, presenting me with his cock. Teasing Spencer’s cock, I continued riding up and down on Charles’s stiff rod, and as he got more and more excited, I could feel his soft hands gently caressing my ass. As I rode him, Charles began to thrust into me with more urgency, fucking me harder, which made me really hot, and I began sucking on Spencer harder and harder, trying to coax the cum out of his throbbing manhood. While I continued to service Spencer, I could feel Charles’s cock begin to swell as he ploughed deeper and deeper into me, and not wanting him to cum too soon, I dismounted, and got on all fours on the floor. Positioning himself behind me, Charles took hold of my hips and entered me, thrusting his cock into me to the hilt.

As Charles continued his assault on my ass, Spencer kneeled in front of me, and I took him back into my mouth. Never before had I been so horny, and as Charles continued to fuck me from behind, I could feel an orgasm start to build deep within my bowels. Opening my throat to Spencer’s meat, I let him slide deep into my throat, and reaching below my body, I grabbed hold of my cock and began to stroke myself frantically. As I stroked my cock with my left hand, Charles grabbed hold of my right hand, and began fucking me intensely, pulling me roughly onto his cock with every thrust, and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Moaning and groaning like I was about to die, I closed my eyes and arched my back, and before I knew it, the room started to spin, and I screamed out in ecstasy, as wave after wave of pleasure ravaged my body. As I riled in the depths of my mindblowing orgasm, Spencer told Charles to cum in my ass, and grabbing hold of my hips, Charles pushed my head down to the floor, and started fucking me with all his remaining strength. With each stroke he took into my tender hole, I could feel Charles’ cock get bigger and bigger, until he lost control and came with a loud moan, shooting his thick seed deep inside my well fucked ass.

As soon as Charles had cum, Spencer told him to switch places, and entered me from behind in one powerful thrust. At this point, I was completely exhausted, and recognizing this, Spencer started teasing me with his cock, pulling it out several times only to plunge it back in to the hilt. Each time he withdrew from my ass, I could feel my hole gaping wide open for him to fill with his cock, and after teasing me for several minutes, Spencer told me to lick Charles’ cock clean. Desperate to be ravaged by Spencer’s cock again, I took Charles’ softening manhood back into my mouth. As I sucked and licked Charles’s cock clean, Spencer sat down on the couch, and motioned me to mount him.

Squatting above Spencer facing outwards, I could feel Charles’s thick cum oozing out of my wet hole. Coating his cock with Charles’s cum, I grabbed hold of Spencer’s cock, and guided it effortlessly into my ass, relishing the feeling of his manhood resting snugly in my tight hole. When I began to ride him, Spencer lay back, and pulled me back on top of him. Using his hands to spread my legs apart, Spencer thrust deep into me, and gently began stroking my cock back to life. Once I was hard, Charles moved between my legs, and began licking my balls, teasing them as Spencer continued to pump me from behind. Working his cock deeper and deeper into me, Spencer continued to ream me and Charles took my cock into his mouth, and began sucking hard on the head. Stroking his hand along the length of my shaft, Charles lovingly took me all the way into his mouth, stopping only to tease the head with his tongue.

As Charles continued to suck me off, I began working my ass in circles, riding Spencer, impaling myself on his cock. Charles must have had a lot of cocksucking experience, because it was by far the most amazing head I had ever had in my life, and within minutes, I was moaning in pleasure. Sensing that I was about to cum, Charles began to massage my balls with his hand, driving me over the edge. Screaming out, I grabbed hold of Charles’s head, thrusting my cock deep into his throat one last time before I shot a huge load of cum into his mouth.

After milking every last drop from my withering cock, Charles kissed his way up my body and kissed me deeply on the mouth, filling my mouth with my own cum before swirling it around my mouth with his tongue. Swallowing every drop, I was overwhelmed by the taste of my own seed and the decadence of what I had just done, and as my body contracted from yet another unbelievable orgasm, Spencer withdrew, flipped me onto my back and prepared to enter me once again.

Moving between my legs Spencer shoved his cock roughly into my gaping, spasming hole. Pinning my legs back behind my head, Spencer drove his cock into me mercilessly, splitting me in two with each thrust. Exhausted, I closed my eyes in ecstasy, letting myself enjoy every minute of our passion, and after pounding my ass hard for at least ten minutes, Spencer withdrew his cock from my ass with a loud pop. Lying on my back, I writhed in pleasure as Spencer squatted above me, and pumped the contents of his loaded balls into my mouth and all over my face. Lying on my back, I used my fingers to scoop Spencer’s hot seed into my mouth, and when I had swallowed every drop of his cum, I took him back into my mouth and licked his cock clean.

She came out of nowhere, it seemed, this cute girl named Rachel who began chatting me up at the campus bar one night. I’d never seen her around before and we were well into spring semester, but she was a godsend. I was feeling very lonely — my steady girlfriend was back home screwing some guy she had met and couldn’t put down. Maybe I was also feeling a little revenge-minded, too, but I’m not a babe magnet. Too shy, too average looking, who knows? I couldn’t just pick someone up and it was very unlikely that any woman would just come on to me. But, then again, I guess this is what they mean by “getting lucky.”

Anyway, I was at the bar with my friends on a Saturday night, pitchers of beer flowing and the jukebox blasting when Rachel sat down next to me. I liked her freckles and her long, straight chestnut hair with bangs that hung down just above her heavy-lidded eyes. She was wearing a white peasant blouse, black sneakers and blue jeans that hugged her ample hips and cute, full ass. I have a thing for women with wide hips and a nice rear, so I have to admit I found her attractive. And nice once she started talking.

I’m usually awkward chatting up women I don’t know, but she made it easy even though we had to shout in each other’s ears over the din. We had a long, winding, often fractured conversation about our majors, professors, music, whatever, I guess she was attracted to me because she stuck around as the hour stretched toward one a.m.

I was soon oblivious to my friends and it became clear as the bar began to empty that this might be a rare night when I hit it off with a woman and good things happened. Rachel and I ended up walking back to campus alone together and we were both pretty drunk. As we laughed about something silly, our hands found each other and when we reached the point where I would head to my dorm and she to hers, I worked up the courage to ask, “Would you like to come to my room?” She just smiled and started to walk with me.

Once back in my room, we sat on my bed and smoked and talked some more. There was a definite sexual tension in the air, but not being accustomed to this kind of thing, I was afraid to make the first move for fear of bursting a bubble of hopeful desire that would surely prove to be mere fantasy.

Inevitably, our conversation lapsed into an awkward silence and that was when our eyes met, we leaned toward each other and we kissed.

Her tongue was eagerly exploring my mouth as we lay down together and my hands began to roam her body, moving under her shirt and coursing over the warm smooth skin of her back. We kissed for quite awhile and when I nuzzled her neck, she ground her pelvis into me. My cock was hard and her hand quickly found the bulge in my jeans. My heart was pounding with anticipation and disbelief. This was the first time I’d ever had sex with a woman I barely knew and I wanted so much to make it good for her.

Sitting up, Rachel pulled her shirt over head, revealing a sweet, sexy pair of ample breasts with huge, round pink nipples — the biggest I had ever seen. I pulled her down to me and kissed them, swirling my tongue and hardening each one before sucking gently. She sighed with contentment and as my hands roamed down to her hips, she again sat up, but this time she climbed off the bed and unfastened her jeans. I watched admiringly as she pulled them down and stepped out of them, standing nude before me except for her pink socks. My god, her milky white skin, ample hips, thighs and closely-cropped patch of red pubic hair were so erotic. I loved the look of disheveled, drunken lust on her face.

I took her hand and pulled her down to me. I get so turned on being fully clothed while my lover is naked, allowing me to explore her body while she focuses only on her pleasure. As we kissed, our tongues almost dueled in our excitement, and she was soon on top of me. She was a very take-charge lover, and this too made me intensely horny.

My hands coarsed her body, caressing her glorious, soft firm ass — each cheek so plump. firm and sexy. She got hotter by the moment as she pressed her pussy against the bulge in my jeans. Pushing my shirt up, she kissed her way from my lips to my neck to my bare chest and stomach.

Pulling my shirt all the way off, I lay back, my cock aching. She was unfastening my jeans, I lifted my hips to help her slide them and my underwear down, my erection popping free. It’s such a turn-on the first time a lover sees my cock, and she gave me a sweet thrill by taking it in her hand and saying, “Mmmm nice.”

Tucking her hair behind her ear, her head descended toward my throbbing sex. The sensation of her mouth on my excited penis was intensely pleasurable and I stroked her hair as she sucked me. Her soft moans brought me to the edge of coming and it was all I could do to stay in control as she stroked my erection and licked the head and shaft with obvious enjoyment.

Again, her mouth covered my hard penis. My hand coursed down her back to her luscious ass. I wanted so much to taste her cunt, kiss her ass and lick her anus. My desire was driving me crazy.

When she had me about to come, I sat up and pulled her toward me. “My turn,” I said, and she lay back on the bed as we changed places. I loved the way her big, soft breasts looked as she lay there, and I licked her nipples hard again before beginning my journey down her soft belly to that amazing expanse of hips and thighs. Even her pussy mound was wide and full, the hair on it straight, almost wiry. I tried to take my time getting there, but I was so aroused I was about to lose it. Her pussy was open and wet and my first lick brought me a delicious tang.

Licking into her, I began to give her slow, sensuous head — my tongue and lips drifting to her inner thighs, her hips, her pubic hair and back to her clit, then into her vagina. Again and again, savoring her, wanting to make this last as long as I could. Her moans had the same effect on my cock as her mouth, I wanted to come. She was holding my head and pulling it into her cunt, lifting her ass off the bed as I licked. Sensing she was about to peak, I stopped. To my surprise, she turned over onto her stomach saying, “Lick my ass. It makes me so hot…”

Her big, creamy, sexy nude rear was in front of my face and I was practically shaking with lustful desire. I kissed each cheek, running my tongue along them and caressing them before gently separating them and pausing to savor the scent in her warm, slightly moist cleft. Her asshole, pink and puckered, smelled incredibly good — a sexy musk of anus, perspiration and a faint hint of bathroom activity. She’d probably gone sometime that day and hadn’t showered since, but that scent only made what I was about today irresistably forbidden.

Licking her anus, the taste — slightly bitter, a little salty –made my cock ache and she moaned her delight as I let my tongue linger and swirl before working my way inside her savory butthole.

The soft, warmth of her glorious, plump white ass against my face, her sighs, her scent and the taste, the kinky thrill of working my tongue deep into her bitter anus and exploring the softness inside made me want to stay there forever.

I ate out Rachel’s ass until her anus was partly open, slick with my saliva and she was coming, her asshole suddenly clenching my tongue, her hips bucking. And once her wave of pleasure subsided, she rolled over, sat up and gently urged my to lie back.

Resting her head on my stomach, she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking. Not sure if should hold off in order to fuck her, I let go when she said, “You can come in my mouth, I like the taste of come.”

My orgasm was intense, my penis spurting thick gobs of hot white semen into her mouth, which was wrapped around my cockhead and shaft. Stroking and gently squeezing, she milked the come out of me, swallowing and licking and swallowing again, until I was spent, but still hard.

Settling in next to me, she kissed me, and her lips tasted of my come. We lay there nude for quite a while, smoking again, and talking. When the conversation drifted to sex, she looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve made it with girls, too. I like it.” She had to know that thought would plant the seeds of my renewal, and my cock began to swell.

Hard again before we drifted off to sleep, I entered her slick, hot snatch and we fucked slow and long, finally finishing in another frenzied orgasmic burst as dawn began to creep in the window.

“Next time, you can fuck my ass,” she said as she turned onto her side and pulled her pillow tight, giving her sexy rear a little wiggle against me. I gazed at it for a while as she slept, wondering still who she was, but extremely grateful to have her there. We had a nice friendship ahead of us.

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