Chapter 3″The way I count it so far Alan is I have cum seven, possibly eight times. You are still hard as a rock, and batting zero. I do not believe you swallowed the key. I believe it is on the bed, or on the floor. I am satisfied, and am willing to go to sleep, until the key you say is inside you, comes out naturally. However, if you miraculously find the key in this room, and I get to be on top, I will fuck the shit out of you, before I go to sleep.”

“This is what happens to a man, when he says something nice to a woman. It starts out with blackmail and ends up as slavery. I think I will just lick my wounds now, and leave. Goodbye, Susan.”

“Goodbye Alan; do not let that thing in front of you, throw off your balance as you walk down the stairs. I would hate for you to fall down, and break it.”

“Very funny, Susan; remember, I know where the paddles are.”

“No you don’t; I moved them. I am no one’s fool.”

He did not believe her, so he went to her closet to look. They were not there. He turned, looked at her menacingly, and said, “Now you are going to get it.”

Susan replied, “It is about time we got to the main event. How long do you think you’ll be able to keep your ‘end’ up?”

“That is not what I am talking about, and you know it. I am going to tickle you, until you tell me where they are. Save yourself the embarrassment of shiting all over your bed, and tell me where they are.”

“After you fuck me blind, as you promised, I will tell you where they are. Until then, I hope you have a very good time, because I am not going to tell you anything.”

“Oh, Susan, you have no idea how I am going to enjoy torturing you.”

“Oh, Alan, you have no idea how my husband loved torturing me. I became very good at handling it; very much to his displeasure.”

Allen said, “So, my love, it is to be a test of wills. Shall we make a side bet on who will win?”

“Anything at all, Alan, just name your game, and I am in.” He did, and she laughed in his face, after she agreed to his terms. He did not believe what she wanted him to do if she won. He wasn’t worried, because there was no way he was going to lose.

He had until dawn to break her will, and tell him where the paddles were. She could not deceive him, during the intervening hours to get a break from his tormenting. He was not allowed to hurt or hit her. He could use anything at his disposal, but he could not penetrate her with anything, except his genitals.

For 5 hours, he tried every interrogation procedure he knew. None of them worked. He tried some of his own design: He put ice on her pussy for ten minutes. He followed that up by replacing it with a hot towel. Instead of writhing in agony, she exploded into multiple orgasms, which she thanked him for; profusely. Giving her pleasure was not exactly what he had in mind.

He used the old water torture method. He dripped water on her head; drip after drip, for hours, and she laughed at him. He had never met anyone like her, and he loved her for it.

He used her clothespins as nipple clamps, and she moaned in pleasure. When he placed one on her clit, she begged him to make it tighter. Everything he did to her seemed to bring her pleasure rather than pain. She was one hell of a woman.

As dawn broke, he stopped what he was doing, picked up the key from the floor, and released the handcuffs from behind the headboard.

He said, “You win, you can be on top.”

She replied, “Like hell, I am saving that one for a rainy day. You still owe me “The Big One.” If I have wiped you out, get some rest; but before you leave, I expect you to fuck me blind, just like you promised me.”

“Can I use the shaving cream again?”

“If you want to leave your tongue with me, permanently you can, Alan.”

“You know, Susan, except for my first 13 girlfriends, my three fiancés and my two wives, you are the most exciting woman I have ever met.”

He did not have time to react. Nothing is supposed to move faster than lightning. However, he believed Susan did. He had heard the saying, “HELL HATH NO FURY, LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED”; and as the sun was rising this morning, he was seeing it, and feeling it firsthand. What made matters worse was, he was laughing, while she was trying to kill him with her bare hands.

When he felt he had given her enough time to work offer rage, he grabbed her arms, kissed her, and asked her, “Are you ready to get fucked, yet?”

Susan was still enraged, and yelled back at him, “Go fuck yourself.”

He continued holding her, and replied, “We both know I could do that, however, I think we also know it is much more pleasurable and desirable for me to fuck you and for you to fuck me back. Do you want to stop playing now, or do you want me to leave?”

“You do not fight fair, Alan. All you do is tease me, titillate me, tempt me, and torment me. When you are finished having your fun with me, you pull your last trick out of the bag, and say you are going to leave. You know that is the last thing I would want you to do. You do not fight fair, at all.”

Susan began crying, ran into the bathroom, closed, and locked the door.

Alan knocked on the bathroom door and said, “There is only one idiot in this house, Susan, and it is not you. Would you please come out here and let me apologize, so I can take you shopping.”

“You are an idiot. I do not want to go shopping, I want to make love. Is that so hard for you to remember?”

“I thought it would give us a little time to talk, and have some breakfast in town. I have to do a lot of grocery shopping, while I am there, and I have to resupply the barn with apples. If I accomplished all that, I can spend the rest of the day here with you, until late tonight when I have to leave again.”

“I just bought a bushel of apples two days ago, what happened to them.”

“I made a lot of new friends in the barn!”

“Then you have one more chore to take care of before you leave tonight, and it is a real shitty one. Apples go in one end and come out the other a totally different color and consistency. You will love that task.”

“If you help me, it will take half the time.”

“No thanks, I think I will take a bubble bath instead.”

“I could be so tired; you may not get ‘The Big One.”

“Then I will get it the next time you come home.”

“I am still allowed to call this my home?”

“Only until you really piss me off, and you will know that when I start using the cattle prod on you.”

“Oh, I thought you use that as a sex toy.”

“It all depends if I have batteries in it, or if it is connected to the battery on the truck.”

“The point is well taken Susan.”

She opened the bathroom door, and pulled him in rather than going out to get him. She pushed him into the shower, and started the water.

He yelled, “Its cold!”

“No shit, it always starts out cold. Tell me when it warms up, and I will join you.”

A hand reached out of the shower, and pulled her in one second later. She yelled, “It is still cold, you ass.”

“Funny, it felt warmer to me.”

“I am going to have to get one of those satellite things hooked up to my television. This country’s sense of humor must have changed, or mine is out of date.”

He adjusted the temperature of the water, and covered his head for protection. He said to her, “You do know Jack Benny is dead, right?”

“What time do you have to leave tonight to be back where you have to be?”

“I will leave around 10 or 11 o’clock; why do you want to know?”

“I need to give you enough time to recover, after I disconnect the cables from the truck battery and pull the cattle prod out of your ass.”

“Ouch, that even sounds painful. I guess the Jack Benny joke did not sit well with you.”

“You see, even a blind squirrel can find an acorn every once in a while. Try another joke like that on me, Alan, and I will get my real nutcrackers out and try them on your nuts.”

“Ouch, that is two in two sentences. I am going to have to do something about that, very quickly.”

He pulled her out from under the stream of warm water, and kissed her. He bent down and threw her over his shoulder, which caused her to scream. He smacked her on her rump, and told her to be quiet, or else. He moved to the side of the bed, and threw her down across it. She quickly tried to move out of his way, but he cut her off. His mouth went straight to her nipples, and his hands massaged her breasts.

“I thought you wanted to go shopping?”

He replied, “I am measuring your cup size.”

“It is a ‘C’ you idiot.”

“I am trying to open these valves at the end, to see if I can blow them up to a D.”

“I refer you back to your previous statement, ‘There is only one idiot in this house’, and he is on top of me, trying to do the impossible.”

He looked straight in to her eyes and said, “I promised to fuck you blind. They say that is impossible, also. However, I am going to give it one heck of a good old college try.”

Susan replied, “I will give you as much help as I can. ‘ You may fire when ready, Mister Gridley’!”

Fire, he did, without any hesitation or warning. He had been lined up, nestled in her comfortable slit, waiting for this moment. When she gave her okay, he slid down, raised his hips, and with every ounce of force he could muster drove his entire manhood as deep as he could go into her body. He crashed into her cervix, forcing it to open slightly. The next blow hit equally as hard, and forced it open a little more. He continued his onslaught and all he heard from Susan were a series of grunts as they head of his dick pounded into her yielding flesh.

Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and her legs were wrapped high around his ass pulling him as deep as he wanted to go into her. She had promised to help him, and she was fulfilling that promise.

He was not being gentle, he was being overpowering. He wanted her to know how fiercely in love with her he was, and even though he came with a boatload of crap between his ears, what he felt for her was pure and simple. He fell in love with her the moment he saw her. He was a sucker for falling in love. He had gotten in trouble twice already, because of it. However, the woman he was laying with was going to be his third wife, if she would have him; warts, and all.

He continued his rampage into her body until he felt Susan shudder, seize up, scream, and cum all over his prick as he continued pile driving into her.

When her eyes refocused on his, she smiled and kissed him. She moaned as she felt him pounding against her, and said, “That was a nice one.”

Alan nodded his head, and continued his onslaught. He knew it would give way if he kept at it long enough. Susan kept grunting every time he banged on the door to the birthing chamber, but was unsure what, Alan was attempting to do.

Then, it happened; he burst through her cervix, and the head of his penis was now in her womb.

Susan’s eyes opened wide, because she knew she could never take all of Alan’s length inside of her. It was not physically possible for her to do it. Now, his pubic hairs were resting against her newly shaved vagina, and she was feeling something she had never experienced before in her life.

“What did you do to me?”

“I am visiting your womb, and as far as I know, I am the first person to ever have taken occupancy there. Am I hurting you?”

“No, it is just a very different feeling. I did not know that it could happen from the opposite direction.”

“Do not worry, because I have not hurt you or harmed your body. I would never do that to you. However, at this moment I am more interested in finishing the task at hand, which is giving you “The Big One!” So hang on, pay attention, and enjoy.”

“If this is to be The Big One, I certainly will enjoy it.”

Alan resumed, pumping into and out of Susan never completely leaving her womb. Every time the tip of his cock hit the entryway to her womb, she received a little pleasure impulse straight to her brain. The faster he went the more impulses stimulated the neurons, which sent signals back to her vagina, and caused her to leak her female fluids at a furious rate. Other receptors sent signals to her hips, legs, and arms, to perform movements that increased her pleasure, as well as his. Neurons sent messages to her speech center, and made her yell, “Harder Alan, fuck me harder,” which sent him into turbo drive with his hips.

Alan was closing in on the end of his physical and mental strength. At the last possible second, as he shot his semen deep into her womb, he bellowed, “I love you, Susan.”

Susan was just passing over her event horizon, as these words trickled into her ears. As her organs pulsed around the huge instrument that had given her such great pleasure, she smiled, close to eyes, and smiled, “That was ‘The Big One’.”

“Hey you, wake up, I have to go shopping. I have never gone shopping alone, before. Do you want some single lady to pick me up in a supermarket thinking I am a single male and available?”

“You are a single male, but if you are available, after what we just did together, just shoot me where I lay, because I do not know what love is.”

“Men and women, who are in love, still cheat. I would hate to cheat on you so soon, and I hate to shop alone. Are you coming or not?”

“I do not think God could get me to cum, again, today. I think those glands are empty.”

“Do you want me to prove that you are wrong?”

“Keep your body away from mine, or I will kill you.”

“Are you angry, or are you sore?”

“I think I will be walking funny for a few days; or a few weeks.”

“Susan that was my line, get up, get dressed, and come shopping with me. I let the horses out into the pasture, and did half of the stalls, while you were sleeping. I will do the other half, when we get back. I have to get the shopping done. I have to go back tonight.”

“Okay, I will get up, but if you touch me, I will shoot you.”

She rolled her legs off the side of the bed, pushed herself into a sitting position, and tried to sit erect. As she accomplished this task, she looked at him and said, “I am going to call Sergeant and have you arrested for elder abuse.”

“You mean the Sergeant?”

“Alan, his name is Sergeant. Sergeant Sherwood. ‘Sergeant’ Sergeant Sherwood of the Cottonwood police force. He is my cousin.”

“Oh, I understand. When he told me to call him Sergeant, he gave me his given name. How cool is that!”

“You said it before, Alan. There is only one idiot in this house.”

“Stand up, woman, before I stand you up.”

“Don’t you touch me; I am old and feeble.”

Susan pressed her hands against her knees, and pushed hard trying to get her body to move in an upward motion. Every segment of her spine snapped as she straightened herself up. She looked at Alan, with daggers in her eyes. “You did this to me.”

Alan asked, “Was it worth it?”

Susan smiled, “Every last ache and pain.”

Alan rushed over to her, lifted her by her ass, and kissed her passionately, as she screamed, and kicked at him.

“Are you feeling better now, my love?”

“I told you not to touch me, but yes, I do feel better.”

“Good, then this will help you move even faster.” He smacked her hard on her ass, which made her scream. He told her to take a shower and get her act together in 15 minutes, or she was going into town, the way she was at that time. He was not taking no for an answer.

20 minutes later, she walked out of the house with her hair still wet, her blouse half open, and her boots in her hand. She looked at him and said, “If you say one word, I am going to stick these boots where the sun-don’t shine.”

Knowing when to keep quiet is both an art and a science. Alan received in A in both courses that afternoon.

They took her truck to town; loaded up with all the supplies he needed for the week, and she needed for the ranch. He insisted on paying for the apples.

She did notice that he paid for his on a U.S. Government credit card. She did not know why, but it eased her mind knowing that he was ‘on the job’, while he was away from her.

They had dinner in town, and drove out to the ranch as twilight was approaching. Then unloaded her supplies into the barn first, and he backed his truck up to hers and moved his supplies into it, and secured them for his trip back into the valley.

As he headed back into the barn, Susan yelled “Where do you think you are going?”

“I have six more stalls to do before I leave tonight, and we have to get the horses in.”

“There goes my bath; I will do three of them, you do the other three. You better put a move on it; I am going to get laid one more time before you leave.”

“I thought you did not want me to touch you again?”

“I am a woman. I have the right to change my mind. Now move it, mister, before I get my cattle prod out.”

“Yes, ma’am; anything you say, ma’am.”

“I love a man that can take orders.”

40 minutes later, all the chores were completed, the horses were in their stalls, the apples were in their bellies, and the couple was in the shower cleaning the muck and grime of them.

Susan decided it was time for her to play cowgirl in bed, and she rode Alan like she a woman who would not see her man for a week. Her bull was up to the task, and he titillated her clit and breasts the entire time she pounded her slot up and down on his dick. She wanted it to last as long, if not longer than this afternoon’s lovemaking, but it had taken so much strength out of her, she was exhausted. When she came for the second time, she laid her body down on top of his and said thank you.

He kissed her ear and said, “Susan would you like one more for the road?”

“No, Alan let me dream about that one for when you come back to me next week.”

“Okay, it is only 9 o’clock; let me feed you, before I go.” He went downstairs and made two very rare steaks, two ears of corn and warmed up some of the bread, they had just bought at the stores. He called her down to dinner, and was amazed when she walked into the kitchen as naked as he had left her upstairs.

“What, you have seen everything I have before, why should I have to put clothes on at home now?”

“This is the first time I have seen your naked ‘Bagel’ walk into the room. It is beautiful, just like the woman it belongs to.”

“Would you call it a pussy, or a cunt, please? I will never get use to you calling it a Bagel.”

“If we are in public, I can always talk to you about eating your ‘Bagel’. I cannot talk to you about eating your pussy, or your cunt. It would not be polite in mixed company. Our food is getting cold, please sit down and eat; and if you are lucky, after dinner, and before I leave, I will have your ‘Bagel’ for dessert!”

“You surely do now the way to a girl’s heart; ‘Feed Her and Eat Her’.”

“It is my pleasure, ma’am, I assure you.”

By the time he was ready to leave, Susan had to struggle to get off the kitchen table. She was wet down to her thighs, and so weak she was not sure she could walk up to her bedroom.

Then Alan delivered the crushing blow. He knelt down on one knee and asked, “Susan, will you marry me? I have a lot of shit that comes with me, but I do love you and I will try to make it work for us.”

“I swore after my first husband, I would never marry again. I knew I could never trust a man, with my heart. I do trust you, Alan, and I will marry you. I do trust you with my heart. Do not let me down, please.”

“If there is one thing, in this life, that I can promise you, I will never cheat on you. I did not cheat on either of my wives’. I did not break my vows to them. I would never do that to a woman as wonderful and as kind as you. I will be back in one week, and I will buy you a ring.”

“Screw the ring; just come back to me in one piece.” They kissed passionately, and he walked out the door to his truck. He turned to her and said, “I am going to Prescott to pick up a package. I will see you next week.”

Susan realized what he was saying was for her own benefit. It was to have her remember what she was to say if anyone asked if she knew where he was going, when he left her. She loved him even more than she did moments ago.

Alan got onto 89A and headed towards Prescott constantly looking behind him for anyone who might be tailing him. Since there were no cars going in either direction, he reversed course and headed towards Sedona. He obeyed the speed limits not wanting to draw any attention to the truck. 12 miles Southwest of Sedona he turned the GPS on, and waited. The instructions blurted out within a few minutes. “Hard right-turn 1000 feet.” He knew the drill. He slowed the truck to a crawl and waited. “Right turn, now.” He made the turn went down the embankment, and listened to the instructions, as they rolled by. In his mind he chided himself for not having the brakes checked, as he went down the steep embankment, again in first gear. As he received the instructions to follow the trail, he stopped the truck, and attached the tarp to the back bumper to obscure the tire tracks. He also made a mental note to get new, high-intensity headlights for the truck. It was pitch black out here, and he needed all the help he could get. When he received the final instruction to back into the cave, he removed the tarp, not wanting to back over it. He backed in carefully and when he reached the final curve, and the truck could not be seen from the entrance, he turned it off, exited the truck, walked to the rear, and stopped.

“Stephano, it is me, Alpha. I am going to walk into the open with my hands in the air, so you can see me. Do not shoot me, or we are both going to die here.”

Stephano yelled, “Come ahead, Alpha, I have my AK 16 pointed right at you.”

“Stephano, you do not have an AK. You have an M16, with 10 extra clips of ammunition. Did you enjoy the MRE’s or would you prefer more fresh fruit for dinner.”

“Come ahead, Alpha, I just wanted to be sure it was you.”

“I do not blame you at all for wanting to be sure. How is your first night alone?”

“It is not something I would like to do on a long-term basis. I would like something to hide behind, just in case somebody came around the corner. I am like a sitting duck here. This trunk is of no value at all.”

“The trunk is made of Kevlar. It will stop anything up to a rifle shot. I know it does not look like much, but stay behind it, angled close to a wall, and you will be fine.”

“Now you decide to tell me that, Alpha? I would have felt a lot safer knowing that yesterday when you left.”

“I had a lot on my mind yesterday. It was my first time, leaving you. My instructions on guarding you are very specific. I am expendable, you are not. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“Quite honestly, I am not sure. If you die, and they leave, eventually I die.”

“No, Beta, Charlie, and Delta, expect to hear from me every week. If they do not, they will be here, in force. You will be safe, and I will be dead. There is little satisfaction in that for me. We will take some photographs of you this week. We will also do a motion picture. I hope you will agree to cooperate. I do not want to beat the shit out of you to make it look real. Afterwards, I would have to patch you up so you do not bleed to death. I hate doing double duty. If I do my job too well and I have to call Delta in to fix you up, they are going to ream my ass big time. I have to unload the food. Keep an eye on the front, just in case anyone followed me here. I do not think it is likely, because I would have seen their lights. Night vision goggles are very good, and you can always be surprised by visitors.

11. Let’s Make A Deal

Don Bruno said to Patricia, “I know he will not call me, so I am going to attempt to contact William Zabo using the Internet. I need you to try and find where he is using all your computer expertise. If what we have in this building is not enough to handle what you require to perform such a task, tell my people what you need and they will get it for you.”

“Don Bruno, I am at your service at any time to get your son back. My expertise is always yours. The problem is I would have to use satellites to do this. It is not possible to do it over landlines. Do you have access to satellite communications? If you do, it would be best if I could operate from that site to take advantage of the quickest response times.”

“I will make the arrangements for you, Patricia. Your trip there may be uncomfortable, because it is a secret location, and you will have to be blindfolded on your way there, and back.”

“For you Don Bruno, I would not mind if you put me to sleep, during the entire transfer. I want you to get your son back alive, and in one piece.”

Don Bruno smiled, “Patricia, do you have an ulterior motive?”

“Why, Don Bruno, what could you possibly mean? I only kissed him once.”

“I thought he kissed you, Patricia. I think you will be trying very hard to get him to kiss you the second time.”

“As long as you do not tell him, there is a possibility it may occur.”

“Patricia, I am an old man. I want grandsons from my son, while I am still able to play with them.”

“If there is one thing, this unfortunate happening may be having a positive benefit to your sons’ quest of my favors’, I know he is not fooling around on me.”

“Only a woman could think of something like that, at a time like this.”

“It is what makes us different than men, Don Bruno.”

The print shop had another problem with their computer, and Patricia had to go to see what was going on. If anyone was tailing her, it was something she did on an ongoing basis for a regular customer.

When she arrived, her handler was there, and she told him of the satellite access area. It was so secret; she was going to be blindfolded on the way there and on the way back. They trusted her, but she felt that they would still search her and her bag before they started the trip. She suggested something that was a little over the top, but made a lot of sense to a lot of people at the Bureau.

If they found a bug on her or on any of her equipment, they would kill her. She suggested they give her a long-lasting radioactive isotope that could be tracked by satellite, or by ground unit. It had to be long lasting, because she did not know when they would take her to this site.

When the director said, “No” to this plan, Patricia called him on his cell and said, “I do not work for the FBI. I am an independent contractor. You have pissed me off for the last time. Your computers are going off-line in two minutes, and you will not be able to find me for three days.” She hung up before Director Free could say a word.

The director knew when someone had him by the balls, and was yanking on them hard. He called her back, “Patricia, I am only thinking of your welfare.”

“Michael, I told you what my plans are. I am going to take this family down. They killed my mother. My father is in this country, and if they find him, they are going to try to kill him. I have Stephano safely tucked away in Arizona, thanks to you. Let me know if you need any help, and I will be there for you. If I need any help, I will be in touch with you. Michael, please stay out of my way.”

“Did your mother ever spank you, when you were growing up?”

“Why would she; I was the perfect child, and she was the perfect mother.”

“So the beast that you have turned into, was let loose when they killed your mother?”

“They killed my mother, my best friend, and 40 of my classmates; you are damned right they turned the beast loose, when they perpetrated those crimes.”

“Patricia, do not do anything illegal. I do not want to put you in jail.”

“I cannot promise that Michael. I have already used your name and your assets to get Stephano away from his father. I am using another asset of yours to protect him. I will not tell you where, to keep you, and the Bureau safe. If anything goes wrong, it will be on my head, not yours.”

“Patricia, I do not want you to talk to me about that again. The less I know, the less I can testify about what you are doing. Please be careful, I do not want you to get hurt.”

Don Bruno placed ads on all the Internet carriers for William to contact him, using his old signing codes for the banks, as his user ID and Password’s. The advertisement used the terms magnanimous gestures and hundreds of millions in rewards. The advertisement ran for days, and there was no response.

Sunday night at 6 PM, William Zabo signed in to his daughter’s Internet address to read his current instructions. This time there was a picture of Laura staring back at him with instructions to play the slide show. There were 41 pictures of mother and daughter playing and growing up at the ranch. He watched and saved all the pictures on his computer, and when he was finished, he was crying. He had missed so much, but he had given them such a wonderful life. Then, his message came from Patricia.

“Dear papa, I cried putting this together for you; I can only imagine the feelings coursing through your body now. Mom was the greatest mother any daughter could have wished for, and regardless of how many men approached her, and there were hundreds, she turned them all away, because she loved you so much. She was so beautiful, kind, and giving that no one had a bad word to say about her. Even my teachers, who were furious with me, because I could not stand being held back in my studies, could not bring themselves to yell at her. I have news for you now. Bruno Valentino is going to attempt to contact you on the Internet. Do not answer him for a week or so. He wants me to trace your whereabouts. I am the FBI’s mole. Do not panic, I am safe. The Don loves me, and believes that I am in love with Stephano. He thinks I will do anything possible to get him back. We will be tracking your whereabouts via satellite. Do not stay online for more than three minutes. Use an Internet café, or drive at least 100 miles away from your current location. I love you dad, be prepared to move at a moments’ notice. This site will remain on the air, starting next Sunday. Patricia.”

10 days after she was injected with the radioactive isotope, at the Montefiore Medical Center, in the Bronx, Patricia was called by Don Bruno. He told her to expect two women, within a half an hour. She was to bring only her computer and flash drives necessary for the operation. She would be searched, and told what to wear, and what to bring with her.

Patricia responded, “I will do anything you ask, Don Bruno.”

The men on the roof of the apartment building across the street watched her as she put the phone down to see what her reaction would be. They watched as she sat on the couch in the living room. They called Don Bruno and advised him of her reaction.

When there was a knock at her door, she answered it, and let the women in. She escorted them to her bedroom, where they asked her strip. They picked out everything she was to wear. They packed a suitcase for her, containing enough clothes for four days. They watched as she packed her toiletries herself. They went over her computer and software with a fine toothcomb, looking for anything that was out of place. When the women were satisfied their task was complete, they took Patricia out to the waiting car, and they began driving towards New Jersey.

Patricia said, “Ladies, Don Bruno said I was to be blindfolded, did you forget?”

“No, we did not forget. You will be blindfolded after you land.”

“I did not know I was going on a long trip. Would it be possible for me to get a sandwich and a drink? I did not eat breakfast this morning?”

“There will be plenty of food on the jet.”

“Thank you very much, I appreciate it.”

They arrived at Teterboro Airport 40 minutes later, and drove up to a gleaming large white jet. As she approached the stairs, a man checked her with a wand looking for any listening device. The two women laughed at him. One woman said, “We started with bare flesh, and searched every piece of clothing before she put it on. She has no bugs on her; I would stake my life on it.”

Don Bruno walked up behind Patricia and said, “I would have bet on that, also, without having searched her.”

Patricia turned, “Good morning, Don Bruno, are you joining me this morning?”

“It is not often I get a chance to get away. However, I have good news. Zabo contacted me early this morning and left a message that we could do a live conversation Thursday morning at 10 AM Eastern Time. I want to be there, and watch you track him down.”

Patricia acted very excited. “Sir, I will catch him, like a mouse in the trap.”

Don Bruno smiled, “I know you will, Patricia, I have the greatest faith in you.”

Patricia asked the Don if she could have something to eat because she was feeling a little queasy and had not eaten breakfast. She was actually feeling the effects of the radioactive isotope coursing through her body.

The Don ordered the attendant to get her anything she wanted and Patricia ate it ravenously.

“Patricia, are you feeling well?”

“I should be fine now that I have eaten. If it is all right with you, I would like to sleep now.”

The Don felt her head, which was a little moist, and ordered her a blanket and a pillow. He lowered her window shade, and told her to sleep. He would wake her at their destination.

Nine hours later, she awoke in a hotel room, with one of the women she had met in New York sitting at a table, watching over her.

“You gave us quite a scare, Patricia. How are you feeling?”

“Hungry, disoriented, and comfortable; was I running a temperature?”

“How does 103° sound to you?”

“It sounds like I have a bug.”

“That is what the doctor thinks, also. He has you on an antibiotic and wants you on vitamins, because you are too thin.”

“I am not too thin. Everyone wants me to put more meat on my bones. I like being skinny.”

Don Bruno said, as he walked into the room, “If I have to force-feed you, you will put some weight on young woman.”

“As you wish, my Lord.”

Don Bruno laughed at her answer. “If you have your sense of humor back, I guess you are feeling better.”

“I did not come to wherever we are to lie on my fat ass. I came down here to help find Stephano’s tormentor. I do not care if I have a temperature of 106°, I will be at my computer, when that sonofabitch is online.”

“Patricia, you are on complete bed rest, until tomorrow night. Anything that you need, Cynthia, or Janet will get it for you. If you get out of bed for any reason other than to go to the bathroom, they have my permission to throw you back in it, and tie you up.”

“Thank you, Don Bruno, at least now I know where Stephano gets his ideas from.”

“You know the saying, Patricia; like father like son. I do not know if we use the same knots, however.”

“You are very funny, Don Bruno, hysterical as a matter of fact.”

“I try my best, Patricia, now go to sleep. Your dinner will be here in a few hours.”

“Am I allowed to order for myself?”

“No, you are not. I would imagine you would order Greek yogurt and a salad. You will be getting a steak, baked potato with sour cream and butter. Broccoli with hollandaise sauce and ‘Bananas Foster’ for dessert.”

“How many days, am I given to eat all that food?”

“Young woman, I know you have been living from hand to mouth for a very long time. Now it is time for you to learn to eat properly. Your body is telling you, it needs more energy.”

“Don Bruno, after I get Stephano back, I am going to stay away from you; otherwise I am going to weigh 300 pounds.”

“I would be satisfied with 130 pounds, Patricia. 110 pounds is too thin.”

“Okay, I will work on it. No promises, but I will work on it.”

As he left the room, she thought to herself that getting sick was a wonderful happening. He is becoming more involved with my health and well-being than he was before. I am becoming a daughter to him, and he is protecting me like one. I could use this status very effectively.

She turned to the woman who was watching her and said, “I have been very impolite, I have never asked your name. I guess you are either Cynthia or Janet from what the Don said.”

“Yes, I am Janet. Patricia, do not take this the wrong way, but I am not here to be your friend. I am here to make sure you follow all the rules. If you break any of them. I have to come down on you very hard and very fast.”

“Janet, how am I supposed to know if I am breaking the rule, if I have not been told what the rules are?”

“You were supposed to get a copy of the rules, while you were on the airplane. Unfortunately you became ill and everyone forgot. I will call and get you a copy of the rules brought up to the room.”

“Thank you, Janet, my only purpose in being here is to get Stephano back with Don Bruno, as soon as possible. As soon as I have accomplished that task, you can put me back on the airplane, send me home, and never tell me where I am, or have been. It is not my place to know or to care about.”

“You have a very good attitude, Patricia. If you keep it that way, everything will work out just fine.”

“I am going to sleep, am I supposed to take any medicine, before I do?”

“No, you will take it after you finish eating.”

“I will see you in a few hours, Janet.”

Patricia was unaware that every word and every movement, she made, in that room was being recorded and videotaped. Nothing was being left to chance.

Don Bruno said to the other men who were listening in to the conversation, “I told you that she is only interested in getting my son back. You have checked her equipment yourself. You have checked her clothing. She has no listening, or transmitting devices on her. You are going to watch everything she does, while she works with our satellite equipment. If I could convince her to work for us, she would wind up being the highest paid computer expert we have.”

“She does seem to be what you say she is. We will see how good she is, when Zabo contacts us tomorrow.”

She woke up the following morning, still running a high fever, and the Don was still worried about her. Patricia said, “Don Bruno, get me some ice. Get me a lot of ice, and put it in the bathtub. I will not miss being at the computer tonight. I will get Stephano back for you, regardless of the cost to my body.”

The Don argued with her, because they still had many hours for the medication to work. She would take no argument from him. He was not used to dealing with a woman, who was so opinionated and someone who would not yield to his demands. He threw his hands in the air, and ordered six large bags of ice.

Patricia got into the tub and filled it halfway with lukewarm water. She asked that only Janet, Cynthia, and the Doctor be present to keep her company, while she was in the ice bath, so she might preserve some of her modesty. She began to shiver under the freezing temperatures the ice brought the water temperature down to, as the Doctor traced her core body temperature. The men watching from the other room shivered as she did, not believing what this woman was willing to do for Don Bruno and his son’s safety. Even they were now convinced that she was the real thing. When her core temperature reached 90°, the Doctor looked into the camera, shook his head, “No more.” He had Janet and Cynthia pull her out of the bathtub. They removed her wet clothing and wrapped her in warm towels. They took her to her bed, covered her as she shivered trying to regain her normal temperature. The Doctor ordered both women to strip and get in bed with her.

Both women remove their clothing, without blinking an eye. They climbed into bed on both sides of Patricia bathing her with their warmth. It took more than 15 minutes for Patricia’s color to start returning to her body, as the Doctor kept taking her temperature, pulse, and cardiac readings. As her body started to return to normal, he turned to the cameras, nodded his head, and returned to his patient. He believed the crisis was over.

Patricia continued sleeping after her temperature stabilized at 97°. The Doctor told Janet and Cynthia, they could redress and resume their normal duties.

When she regained consciousness, the first words out of her mouth were, “What time is it?”

The Doctor replied, “It is only 4 o’clock. Soup will be here shortly, and I want you to drink it slowly. I do not want your temperature spike. If it does. You will miss the first message.”

“Over your dead body, doctor. I do not care if they have to carry me to that computer. I will catch that bastard if it is the last thing I do.”

Don Bruno entered the room and said “Patricia, you will listen to the doctor. There will be more than this one message.”

“Don Bruno, you do not understand. The first message is the most important message. It is more informal, and he will stay online longer than necessary trying to taunt you about what he is going to do to Stephano. The longer I have him online, the closer I can zero in on his location. This is a chance in a lifetime. He will screw up only this once. After this, it will all be business. He will make it short and painful for you. I have to catch him now.”

“You are certainly a Galina. You would argue with the wall, until the wall fell down.”

“It is very funny you should say it that way, Don Bruno. I heard someone saying the same thing about the Valentino family.”

“Be nice to your host, Patricia.”

“Yes, Don Bruno, I am just trying to help.”

“Doctor, make sure she is ready to go by a 5:15 PM. Cynthia make the arrangements for her transfer. She will be coming in my car.”

“As you wish, Don Valentino.”

At 5 o’clock, the doctor took her temperature, and had it had risen 101°. “Shit, your temperature is on the way up again. You are not going.”

“Get me small-bags of ice. Tie them to my wrists underarms, and ankles. That will keep me cool enough to work on the computer.

The Doctor nodded his head and both Cynthia, and Janet sprang into action.

Moments later, they ran into the room, with bags of ice; and what used to be a sheet, cut into strips. They tied the bags around her wrists and ankles as she told him to do, and miraculously, a wheelchair was brought into the room. She had forgotten. She would not be able walk in the condition she was in. She was taken down to the lobby of the hotel, and she saw its name.

When she got into the car she said to Don Bruno, “They forgot to cover my head. I know we are in Miami.”

“It is all right, Patricia. My friends have been watching you, since we got here. Everything you have said and done, has led them to believe what I told them about you is true. You are here only to return my son to my arms.”

“I would still feel more comfortable, Don Bruno, if I did not know the location of your site. It would protect you from any doubt your friends might have that I may leak this information to anyone else. They may think I am not a risk at this moment, but in the future this may come back to haunt you, and I do not want you to think it would come from me. Our families have been at odds with each other for many generations, and I do not want that to happen again.”

“Patricia, your family would have been very proud of you.” They covered her head for the remainder of the trip to the facility.

An FBI van was half-mile west of the entourage carrying the Don’s to their secret satellite location, and a Blackhawk helicopter was at 6500 feet, monitoring them. They did not need to see them. They could see the radioactive signature inside Patricia’s body as clear as day. She could be inside a concrete bunker and they would see it. They were not going to do anything today, except watch. However, the information gained from this exercise was going to be priceless. Every transmission sent and received at this location would now be monitored by government computers and satellites. Warrants would be obtained to use this information in courts all over the world. If you could not control the mob and its activities, you could take away its money and its access to it. The director of the FBI was in direct contact with the Blackhawk and a team of agents was ready to go in and try to get Patricia out at the first sign of trouble.

The doctor kept taking her temperature as 6 o’clock approached. Patricia yelled at him to get out of her way and to get the ice away from the computers because the water could short-circuit them. She was so furious with him; she picked up a bag of ice and threw it at him herself. Janet handed her a towel to wipe her hands as she sat down at the control panel. She lit up her computer, and plugged it in to the massive machines that controlled the satellites. Now came the waiting and that is what they did. 6 o’clock came and went, and no message came from William Zabo.

They were getting ready to leave at 7:15 PM, when the screen opened up with a message: Bruno, did I keep you waiting. I was watching one of my men beat Stephano unconscious. I was having such a wonderful time; I forgot to look at my watch. I am truly sorry I missed the 6 o’clock hour.

While Don Bruno was formulating his answer, Patricia was actively seeking the site of her father’s transmission. She knew she could not fake it, because too many eyes were on her. Some were experts on satellite tracking, and any false moves she made would be easily picked up. Her hands moved like magic over the keyboard, as the satellites moved. She looked at Don Bruno and said, “Answer him.”

“William, I cannot undo the past. It was my vanity that caused these unfortunate incidents. I want my son back, and I am willing to pay any price, including my life, if that is what will satisfy your needs. I will pay any amount of money. I will go to any place you desire. I will come alone. I will guarantee your safety for the rest of your life. Please give me this opportunity. Bruno

Bruno, as you said you cannot undo the past, and I hold the key to your future. Stephano has done me no harm. He has even acknowledged he has told you it was business, not personal. You were the one that made it personal. Money means nothing to me. I have more of it than I can spend in 10 lifetimes. I want Laura, and my daughter back. If you can do that for me, I will send your son back in one piece.

Patricia gave Don Bruno, a signal to keep him online as she continued the process of tracking him. Just as she had told her father, he ended the conversation under three minutes.

Patricia continued her computations for several moments afterwards, picked her head up, looked at Don Bruno, smiled, and said, “We got him.”

Don Bruno hugged her tight and said, “Where is he?”

“Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. If he had stayed online for another moment, I could have given you the street address, and the apartment number, but he signed off a moment too soon.”

The Don looked around the room for confirmation from the other members of the staff, who were in the room watching her. They agreed with her assessment.

The Don said, “Patricia, I told my son that you were worth your weight in gold. You mean more to me than any precious metal.”

Patricia grinned at the Don and fainted on to the floor. The Doctor rushed to her side, felt her pulse, and said, “We have got to get this girl back to the hotel, she is burning up.”

Don Bruno said, “If anything happens to her, your life expectancy is zero.”

The doctor replied, “I understand. In that case, I want to take her to The University of Miami/Jackson Medical Center to run some tests. I suggest you be in another car, while we speed to the hospital.”

“Do whatever you have to do, but do not lose her.”

The Tahoe skidded onto Tamiami Trail and headed back towards the city of Miami. It picked up speed and was soon at 95 miles an hour cutting in and out of traffic.

They had not driven 15 miles when a Florida State Trooper pulled up behind them with his lights flashing. The driver stuck his hand out the window waving the trooper to come up beside him. The trooper did not, and came up on his loudspeaker for the driver to pull over. The driver stopped jumped out of the car and yelled, “Jackson Medical Center, now!”

The trooper nodded jumped back in his car, and led the way, with the Tahoe on its heels.

The Black Hawk watched the car following the police car towards the city and called to find out what was going on.

Highway Patrol told them someone was ill and being rushed to the hospital.

Director Free was worried on the off chance it was Patricia he had to have his own team there to take care of her. FBI headquarters was just moments from the hospital and after his phone call agents jumped into action. Three of their medical specialists were called into service, including one that specialized in nuclear medicine. Nurses with FBI and other government secret clearances were called in to work.

The police car roared into the emergency area, followed by the Tahoe who was directed into a space reserved for ambulances. When they pulled Patricia out of the car and put her on the gurney, the agent standing at the door called in a code that was sent to the Director’s office.

Her doctor walked into to the ER. He was on staff at the hospital and everyone there knew and greeted him. The ER physicians read his notes and consulted with him about the happenings of the last 24 hours. A myriad of tests were ordered, but instead of Patricia becoming another guinea pig in the ER, she was rushed up to a private suite, which is normally reserved for dignitaries. She would be watched over by private nurses day and night. These were supplied by the FBI.

As soon as her doctor left for the day, the real work began. The FBI doctors, nurses, and technicians rushed her to the laboratories for blood work. Every test, including a Bone Density test was taken to see if the Isotope had invaded the marrow of her bones. Mri and Cat scans were taken within moments of each other. The isotope was running amok in her system and it had to be neutralized as quickly as possible before it did permanent harm.

After the tests were analyzed an agreement was reached. They had to put Patricia through the Positron Emission Tomography Scan and have her body bombarded with gamma rays. The isotopes half-life had to be diminished as far as possible before they did permanent damage to her vital organs, especially her ovaries. They prepared the PET SCAN machines, and readied Patricia for the event. They put her in a light gown, and placed earphones on with soft music playing. The final part was to place her into an induced coma. They did not want her to wake up, while she was in the claustrophobic cylinder.

The next afternoon, when she woke up, she was looking into the angry eyes of Director Michael Free.


“Why, what did I do this time,” she asked, innocently?

“That isotope idea of yours nearly killed you. You were too thin and then you refused to eat properly. When the isotope had nothing to attack on your body, it went after your organs. If that doctor had not gotten you here, in time, there would have been a curious mix of people at your funeral. How was I going to explain what you did to your father? How was I supposed to explain that to me? I do not put trained agents into positions you put yourself in.”

“Did you get the information you needed?”

“Do not play with me, Patricia, you know, we did. With what you gave us yesterday, we will be able to track everything they do with their money, their goods, and even their intentions for years to come. The only thing we have to be careful of, is not to become too good at what we are doing. We have to make sure they do not know we are tracking their satellite communications. However, now that we know which satellites they are using, the frequencies, and the hosts who are giving them their satellite time, we can put a large dent into their operations.”

“I do not care about their operations; I want their leaders in jail. I want Bruno Valentino in jail forever. I would love to see a needle placed into his arm for the murder of my mother, but I know that will never happen. I really do not know if I will ever be satisfied with my lot in life, until I talk to my father. I miss my mother every moment. She was my rock; she was my stability. One word from her mouth and I was good. If I had a problem, I could talk to her. When she said, “So, what was your problem again,” we would both crack-up laughing, because I could not remember why I called her, and what my problem was. She did not deserve to die, and the last words she spoke were to get me out of danger. ‘Swordfish,’ that word rings in my ear as I go to sleep every night. The last sounds I heard out my mother’s mouth sent my world upside down. Instead of being at MIT studying for my doctorate, I am in the real world studying how to kill a mob boss, and his empire. If that is not a change of life story, I do not know what is.”

“Whatever I have to do to get you back to a normal, productive life, Patricia, I will move heaven and earth to do it. You deserve it, and so do your mother and 41 other people who died that day.”

The director’s phone rang. He listened for a moment and then hung up. He said, “Your doctor is on his way up. I have to disappear, but agents will be watching you all the time. Keep me advised of what you are doing, please. I do not need a heart attack, and I already have two daughters that are trying to cause me one.”

“I would like to meet them one day. I could show them how it is done.”

“Believe me, Patricia, they already know, and they are working hard to accomplish that task. The oldest brought a boy home with a ring through his nose. The agent standing at the front door laughed at my expression. I did not blame him, because it must have been something else.”

“You had better go Michael. There are many doctors, but only one Director of the FBI.”

Minutes later, her doctor walked in and said, “Good afternoon, Patricia, you are looking better today.”

“I am feeling better today, Doctor. I do not know what medicine you ordered, but it seems to have done the trick.”

“Yes, your blood work looks good. Your fever is down, and if it stays this way, you will be going home tomorrow.”

“Do you have any idea what I had and how it hit me so suddenly?”

“Viruses are like that; they come, they hit you hard, and they leave. Sometimes if they are really bad they could stick around for a long time. Your body chemistry apparently is very good. I would like you to gain some weight, and to stay on my vitamin regimen.”

“Why is everyone so conscious of my weight? I have always been very athletic, and very thin.”

“You are no longer a teenager, you are young woman, and you are entering a phase of your life where you are going to be extremely active. You are going to be requiring at least 1600 calories a day to maintain the lifestyle you currently have. The Don tells me that you travel all over the city and the boroughs of New York to fix computers and do your computer programming. I would also bet that you are up to all hours of the night, making up new programs for computers. Between lack of sleep and low weight, your body is trying to get your attention. Feed me, or I will get even with you. Your body won this last round handily. If I were you, I would listen to it.”

“She will doctor, I guarantee it.”

“Oh no, my father is here. I am going to be force-fed like I was as a child.”

“Patricia, be nice, or I will have to take you over my knee.”

“Stephano said the same thing, only he had a smile on his face when he said it.”

“Who said I am not smiling?”

“The doctor is standing in the way Don Bruno. I could not see your face.”

“How are you feeling today, Patricia.”

“The doctor says I am well enough to go home.”

“Tomorrow Patricia, you will be well enough to go home tomorrow. Don Bruno, I would warn your son to stay away from this woman. She has a way of twisting every word that comes out of a man’s mouth.”

“You have noticed that also, Thomas. I have been subjected to her ferocious tongue. However, there are certain qualities about her that make her uniquely qualified to use the language, as she wishes every now and again.”

Patricia sat up in bed with a gleam in her eye, but a worry behind them, as she said, “You found him?”

“You are the eager one, aren’t you?”

“I want to fulfill my duty to you Don Bruno. I want to reunite you with your son as quickly as possible.”

“You have done more than your share, Patricia. We sent people to Scottsdale from Las Vegas last evening. They asked for a man fitting William’s description all morning. We have already found three people who recognized his picture. They also gave a description of his car.”

Patricia said, “Let me guess, the same make, model and color as he had, in Italy.”

The Don looked at her and asked “How would you know that, Patricia?”

“He is going to be predictable Don Bruno. While you left him alone he fell into habits. While a man is working he is on a very keen edge. He has his skills so finely tuned. He never does the same things twice in the same month, no less the same week. When you left Mister Zabo alone, he became sedentary. Once he became sedentary, that edge left him, and now he is predictable. The more you talk to him online, the closer I can get to him. Soon, I will have you living in the house next door to him. If you want, I can have him invite you over for dinner.”

“Patricia, I do not know what made my people invite you to my son’s welcome home party, but I will be forever in their debt for doing it.”

“I just wish I could return those shoes. They were expensive, and they kill my feet every time I put them on.”

“I will buy you 1000 pairs of shoes, custom-made for your feet. Just get me close to William Zabo.”

“Will 120 pounds do?”

“125 pounds and not 1 ounce less.”

“I thank you, Don Bruno, and so does my backside.”

“What backside, you do not have one.”

The next day, as they were driving back to his home in New York, a phone was ringing in the car. Everyone checked to see if it was theirs, except Patricia. The phone continued to ring and eventually everyone started looking at her.

She said, “Why are you all looking at me, they did not let me bring my cell phone.”

Both Janet and Cynthia nodded their heads in agreement, but the phone continued to ring. Patricia opened her bag and there was a cell phone in it. She picked it up and said, “Hello?”

The muffled voice on the other end said, “Let me talk to Bruno.”

Patricia looked at the Don and said, “It is a man, and he wants to talk to you.”

“Who is this?”

“Is that a nice way to talk to the man who has your son, Bruno?”

“You have some pair of balls, William.”

“I thought you looked quite nice in your red jacket this morning, Bruno. However, you did look a little tired. Did you sleep well during the night? Are you worried about Stephano? Are you worried about his health, and how badly he was beaten yesterday? You will receive an email address where you will see for yourself how well, or unwell we are treating him. I know you think I am in Scottsdale, Arizona. Yes, I was there, but airplanes fly both ways. You get in your private airplane, I get in my private airplane, and we fly all over the world. Your computer expert is very fast; I must congratulate him. I almost stayed online too long. If you had people in town, they could have gotten to me, before I had time to leave. How tragic that would have been for Stephano. I will call you again tonight on this telephone. If you try to open the back of it, it will short out and erase its memory. Go online to the email address I send you, look at your son, and wait for my call. Goodbye, Bruno.”

Bruno was irate. “That sonofabitch was close enough to see the color of my jacket and no one saw him.”

Patricia said, “Who packed my bags? Was the phone in my bag before the clothes went in, or afterwards?”

Cynthia said, “I packed your clothes, and there was no cell phone in it, when I closed it up.”

“Don Bruno, can you get access to the hospitals security tapes? If you can, we can see how he disguised himself to get by all the security that was around me, and how he put the phone in my bag.”

The Don looked at his people, and said, “Why do I have to get suggestions like these from a 22-year-old girl, when I have you people, who are supposed to give me these ideas? Angelo, get it done.”

“I am already on the phone, sir.”

Patricia nudged the Don with her elbow. She leaned over to him and said, “I do not want to get your people in trouble, they are very faithful to you. Do not yell at them.”

“Patricia, if I do not yell at them, the will not believe it is me.”

When they arrived at his home, there was a police car stationed in front of it. Angelo went to find out what was going on. He talked amiably, with the police officer for a few minutes, before returning to speak with the Don.

“Don Bruno,” he said, “it seems that Zabo has sent a letter to the District Attorney advising him that your son has been kidnapped, and being held, out of state, for ransom. He would like to speak to you, at your convenience, about this matter.”

“Tell the police officer to thank the District Attorney for his concern. Stephano is on vacation, in Switzerland, after a grueling academic career and is out of touch for at least another three weeks, while climbing in the Alps. The letter must be a hoax.”

After the message was delivered, the police officer left the scene, and Don Bruno entered his home. Patricia was delivered to her home shortly thereafter. She went over her equipment, looking for any sign of tampering or devices that could indicate her equipment was being piggybacked to another source. She ran her alternate debugging program and found two hidden programs that did not belong to her. She smiled because they were so infantile. She left them in her computer so the culprits would think she had not noticed them. However, she would only give them the information she wanted them to have.

As she was making dinner, something disturbed her. The people at the satellite center were very smart. They were too smart to have put in such a primitive program. It had to be a ploy. She had been set up to find those two programs, so she would not look deeper to find the real ones. It was something that she would do herself. She went back to her computer and did it again. When she found them, she said, “Very cute guys, really cute, now I am going to get even with you for playing with my computer.”

She picked up her landline and while she was pushing the buttons she said, “I have to go to the print shop tomorrow.” She heard ‘Click Click’ before the telephone started to ring, and her foster mother picked up the phone.

“Hi, mom, how are you…” They had a short family conversation that seemed innocuous enough, if anyone was listening in.

The next day when she arrived at the print shop. She went into the basement and hooked up to its computer with her ‘Garden of Eden’ flash drive. She tuned in the frequency for the satellite center outside Miami, and once she received the tone, she sent the message.

30 seconds later everything electronic in that center died and unnatural death. Computer experts, technicians, electricians, and anyone who was anyone in that facility was looking for a reason for that failure. They could not afford to be off-line. Every moment meant millions of dollars in lost transactions. They could no longer track the movements of shipments of goods. They had lost everything, and they did not know why. They were in the dark, and they had to explain to someone why the billion-dollar investment could not produce what was promised. All this happened because they played with the wrong woman’s $6000 laptop computer. Apparently, you did not fuck around with Mother Nature, or Patricia Parent Garrett.

Hysterical phone calls came from the very top. “Patricia, what are you doing,” Michael Free demanded to know. “We have lost contact with their satellite facility.”

“Why do you always blame me when something goes wrong?”

“When something like this happens, Patricia, it has your fingerprints all over it.”

“They hid a bug in my computer. They thought they were being very cute about it too. I just sent them a message, to keep their fingers out of my pie.”

“It works both ways. If they cannot track the movements of their goods, neither can we. Turn them back on Patricia.”

“Are you always going to ruin my fun, Michael? I worked a very long time developing this program. I worked even longer on the program to reverse it. I think I am going to charge you, my hourly fee for this service.”

“How many hours could you possibly charge me to turn them off, and reverse the process.”

“Let me see, three hours a day, over six years at $800 an hour comes to $3,504,000 for this service.”

“You are going to charge me more than $3 million every time you do this?”

“3.5 million dollars, Michael, I do not want you to shortchange me.”

“You are going to bankrupt the Bureau.”

“If you had said Please, I would have done it for free. You have made me very angry with you, Michael.”

“I swear your mother should have spanked you.”

“I have the feeling you want to spank me.”

“You have no idea how many times that thought has come past my mind, and it has no sexual connotation involved. I just want to beat some sense into you. You are putting yourself in constant danger, and you have no idea how to defend yourself.”

“Thank you for your concern, Michael, but I have to do it my way. I believe my dad is in New York. If you could keep some people around me surreptitiously, that would be fine. However, I do not want to see them. If I notice them, Bruno’s people will also. I know they are watching me. There are two women that are always around me. I stay close to Bruno, to keep him comfortable with me. I do everything he asks, quickly, professionally, and correctly. He has never found fault in anything I have done. One day, the Justice Department will have to call him in. They will have to ask him about his involvement with the murders of Laura Parent, Patricia Parent, Sandra Francis, and the 40 students at the University of Massachusetts. They will have sworn statements from Laura Parent, Patricia Parent, and William Zabo stating the facts of his involvement with a crime family, his father’s assassination by the other members of the commission. The U.S. Attorney will have conversations recorded within the last few months, at the request of Mister Zabo, and with the approval of the Federal Courts, between Bruno and William. You have to have all of this set up now, Michael. I will be talking to my dad every night. We will be playing chess, while they will be playing checkers.”

“All right Patricia, I will talk to the Attorney General and get the ball moving. It will not take him more than two days to get everything set up in New York. Keep your father on the move. He is not to stay at the same place for more than one day. Give him my cell number. If he needs help, have him call me, and he will have it. And dammit, turn their satellites back on so we can follow their movements.”

“Michael, you must calm down. It sounds like your daughters are getting close to giving you that heart attack.”

“Patricia, since I met you I have decided my daughters are angels.”

“Their satellites just came back on Michael, and you did not say please. That will be $3.5 million within the next 30 days, or there will be a 2.5% interest charge every month thereafter.”

“I told you my daughters were angels.”

“The money will go to charity in your name, Michael.”

“You are going to kill me, Patricia.”

12. Language and The Arts

Jemma returned home to her apartment after six grueling hours of language training, wanting only to climb out of her clothes and submerge her body into a hot tub. She was in her fifth week of training, and her throat hurt from the constant repetition of vowels, consonants, and combinations thereof. Her back hurt because she had to stand while doing these exercises. This she did not understand. As a flight attendant, all she did was stand for hours on end, while the aircraft was in the air. It should be no different, while speaking into a microphone. The worst part of her day was listening to herself on each playback. She had never heard herself speak before. Now she was embarrassed by her own voice. She threw her bag down, turned into the hallway leading to her bedroom, and started unbuttoning her blouse. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. Had she seen someone sitting in her living room? No, it was not possible. The alarm was still activated when she got home, and she had turned it off when she entered. However, something still gnawed at her. She turned around and walked back towards the living room. She peeked around the edge to see if anyone was there.

Sitting by the fireplace was a man reading a newspaper. Her eyes opened wide as she recognized his hair. She screamed, “Edward, is it really you?”

He raised his head and looked at her with a big smile on his face. “Jemma, do you always give strange men the key to your apartment; and the code to your security alarm?”

She screamed again, as she crushed him in her arms “Edward, you do not know how happy I am to see you. How are you? How was your trip? How long can you stay here with me? Talk to me, dammit, say something.”

“Jemma, are you quite finished now?”

“Yes, Edward, I was very excited to see you sitting here in our apartment.”

He did not answer her, he put his lips to hers and brought the sparkle back in to her eyes.

“Edward, you nasty man, I just came.”

“Absence does make the heart grow fonder!”

“Can you imagine what would have happened if I had not seen you for the three months you said it might be?”

He smiled at his lovely lady, and said, “If it ever is that long, Jemma, I will make sure the first time I kiss you, we are in the bathtub.”

She buried her head in his shoulder as she giggled at his statement.

“Edward, may I ask you for something?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Can we take a shower, and make love for the rest of the day?”

“It was exactly what I had planned Jemma. So tomorrow you may ask me for anything else you want. I also have a gift for you. Would you like it now, or afterwards?”

“You are enough of a gift for me. Your other gift can wait until tomorrow.”

“Towels are laid out on your bed. Champagne is in the refrigerator, and the telephone is disconnected. Shall we take our shower, now?”

Jemma nodded her head, and began undressing where she stood. She had lost a little weight, since he had seen her a few weeks ago. He would talk to her about it later. She was not to be upset, while they were apart. She was minutes from Washington, D.C., all its cultural events, and fine restaurants. She was to make use of them. He wants to her to expand our knowledge base, both educationally and culturally. She would never be able to match his or Laura’s capability, and he would never compare them to the other. However, while she was here he wanted her to use this opportunity to explore her new universe.

She climbed into the shower first, and turned on the water. He climbed in after her and quickly pinned her against the wall.

“Oh, Edward,” she cried lustfully as he attacked her breasts with his teeth and tongue. His left hand pulled her hair back exposing her neck to him, and his right hand went to her pussy and invaded it. If they were under the stream of water coming from the showerhead, it would be easy to understand why so much fluid was flowing from her body. However, they were not, and Jemma was in heat. He knelt down in front of her, suctioned his mouth against her pussy, and drank from her ‘Well of Life.’ His tongue tortured her clit, as his fingers probed her ass.

Jemma cried out, “Yes, Edward, fuck my ass. Make me come again. I want to come just like the last time.”

Edward replied, “Jemma, I was lucky last time, this time it may hurt.”

“Try, my love, try it for me. I will tell you if it is too much for me to bear.”

Jemma had a variety of lotions and liquid soaps in the shower, and he was going to use them to their best advantage.

“Turn around Jemma, grab the wall, and spread your legs. I will try to bring you to heaven, again.”

“I was already in heaven, when I saw you sitting in the living room. Everything else is a bonus. Do it to me Edward; pleasure me with your hands. My body is yours to do with as you please. I love you with all my heart.”

Edward moved the shower spray to hit Jemma on her shoulders and back. He moved lotions onto the floor, to help ease his fingers entry into her ass. His left hand moved to her cunt. He inserted two fingers into her vaginal canal and searched for the rough spot on the top of her lining. His thumb was on her clit and playing with it softly.

Jemma cried out, “Harder, please, you know I like it harder.”

“Jemma, have I ever let you down, have I ever left you hanging on the edge, and not helped you over the precipice to your orgasm.”

“No Edward, you have always taken care of me wonderfully.”

“I am going to take you on a trip up a very tall mountain. A slow and painful climb, where each breath requires deep concentration, and when you finally reach the top, my love, you will see a supernova no woman has ever seen before.”

“Take me there Edward, I trust you with my body and my soul.”

He continued playing softly with her clit, as his fingers slid slowly against her G spot. Her hips began to move in a slow lustful dance with them.

Water was cascading down her back, and he wet his right hand with it. He lubricated it with soap, and went after her ass hole with one finger at a time pushing the soap inside, and twisting the finger around to leave as much of the compound inside as possible.

Jemma did not react to these first intrusions. She reacted when he put his thumb into her ass. She danced her ass around it.

He soaped three fingers, and brought them to her entrance. He removed his fingers from her pussy and held on to her belly as he pushed the three ever so slowly into her rectum.

This got Jemma’s attention. Edward asked her, “Would you like me to reduce it to two fingers for a little while, until you become more comfortable?”

She replied, “Yes please Edward, I seem to be a little tight today.”

“I will not go any further than you want me to Jemma. I am going to go to one finger, and lubricate your inside more. Relax while I do this.”

True to his word, he used one finger to drive more lubricant up her rectum; and deeper into her chute. He coated his fingers with moisturizer and told Jemma, that he was going to put two fingers into her.

He held her by her belly again, but this time his pinky was on her button, massaging it, and attempting to distract her. He put three lubricated fingers close together and pushed them into her ass, quickly.

She did not react, like she had the last time. Her hips were moving and her head was up, instead of down.

“How are you, Jemma, how do you feel?”

“This is great Edward keep going. I will be able to take another finger in a moment.”

“I am going to put more lotion on you. I want you to bend down further, stick your ass out towards me, and spread your legs as wide as you can. I will not allow you to fall.”

“I know Edward, I trust you.” She felt more lotion being poured onto her asshole and prepared for him to put another finger in her.

“Play with your pussy. I want you to cum as I put my next finger in you; just like we did the last time.”

Jemma placed her head against the shower wall for balance. She moved her right hand to her pussy, played its lips, tunnel, and clit. She was pummeling her vagina with her fingers, while Edward was pummeling her ass, with his. In her brain, it felt like stroke and counter stroke. She was pushing in, as he was pulling out. She wanted to change it to hammer blows. She hesitated, and pounded in as Edward did. Two piston strokes were hitting the core of her body at the same second. Sparks flew to her brain as she came.

Edward yelled, “Good girl, wonderful girl, you are dream come true, Jemma, a wonderful dream.”

She was still coming off her high and Edward’s words kept her floating, between heaven and earth for that much longer.

Edward folded his pinky finger into the palm of his hand, and pushed it into Jemma’s ass without any problem. He poured more lubricant into his palm and closed his thumb into it. He poured more lubricant over his thumb and wrist until they were saturated. His left hand moved to her pussy, and he shoved three fingers inside her pussy swiftly. Jemma’s head reared back, as Edwards hands pounded into her. Her hand had been evicted from her cunt. She moved it to her clit, and played with it forcefully. She could see the mountaintop. Edward told her that each breath would require extreme concentration and as she looked at the precipice, she concentrated with every fiber of her being. Nothing else mattered, except getting to the highest point of that mountain. It was inches away; seconds away. She reached out her hand and…

Edward sensed that Jemma was about to reach the top. She was standing on her toes. The muscles in her legs were taught, her right hand was moving over her clit, like a blur. Her head was back as far as it could go. Her mouth was open her breathing had stopped. She was ready to scream. He pushed his hand forward quickly, and it happened. Her asshole opened up, accepted his hand up to his wrist into her colon, and closed tightly around it.

Jemma screamed at the top of her lungs, fluids poured from her body as her mind looked over the top of the mountain. She saw this Star flash into Plasma bright enough to light her entire universe. She was in awe of this Stars magnificence, however, she was totally and blissfully unaware that it was she who was magnificent.

Edward was in a conundrum. The water was getting cold. This was not a five-star hotel, where it would run hot for hours upon end. He had planned to leave his wrist and hand inside her ass so Jemma could see that it truly fit there. This would have to wait for another time and another place. He poured more lubricant around her rectum, and removed his hand slowly from her. He watched as the muscles closed to its normal size within seconds. That never ceased to amaze him. It never ceased to amaze him that a woman could give birth to a child the size of a watermelon through an opening the size of a lemon. God was certainly great in his design of the human body.

He cleaned his hands, washed Jemma’s backside and turned off the water. Every time he went to pick up his beauty, he reminded himself to start exercising again. She did not have an ounce of fat on her. However, she was nearly 6 feet tall, and 130 pounds. He was only 60 pounds heavier than she was, and truth be told, his muscles were a little out of shape. He did not want to have an accident carrying her to bed every time they played this game in the shower. When this thing with Bruno was over, and he had to decide where they were going to live; wherever that was, there would be a gym set up in their home.

Jemma’s eyes popped open, and she said, “Oh God, you are at it again.”

“Correct me if I am wrong, Jemma, but wasn’t it you that said ‘Can we take a shower, and make love for the rest of the day?’ There was no mention of taking a nap, or a break in that sentence was there?”

“Edward, not only am I going to have to learn to speak properly, I am going to have to learn how to use the language properly.”

“Now that you have reminded me about your speech, let me congratulate you. You have made quite an improvement in five weeks. You sound marvelous; I am quite impressed.”

“Really Edward, do you think so. My instructor yells at me, every time I open my mouth. He tells me I will never learn to speak properly. He said President Kennedy never spoke properly. He said Robert Kennedy was worse.”

“Jemma that is the essence of their job. They will harass you, and berate you every time you go to class. It is to make you work harder on your lessons. The harder you work, the more you learn. I still have my Italian accent, even though I went through the same school you are going through. If I had gone for another six or eight weeks, I may have been able to speak English, without the accent. Now, if you will excuse me, I was having a conversation with another part of your body.”

His mouth descended onto her pussy like a dredging machine. His tongue lapped at her inner core searching for anything and everything hiding in its depths. It found the rough patch on the top lining and mercilessly attacked it, causing Jemma’s hips to reach for the ceiling. She was trying to get away from his probe, because of the intense sensations, it sent to her brain. Her entire body shuddered as she began to cum.

Edward lapped up her offering, but it was not enough to satisfy him. He attacked the same area again, but this time, as she approached another orgasm, he shoved two fingers up her rectum. She screamed as she began to cum, and flooded his mouth with her secretions. Exhausted, she laid down on the bed, begging for rest.

“Edward, 10 minutes, just 10 minutes, and I will try to make it up to you. Where in God’s name do you get your energy?”

“You must remember darling, I have not had a lover in almost 20 years. I have saved up all this passion just for you. Have you started on your birth control pills?”

“Yes, Edward, I went to the doctor as soon as I arrived in Arlington. One more week, and I will be safe.”

“I guess that means I will have to bring you to me; I will come to you; or we will meet in a neutral place. I cannot wait to cum and your wonderful pussy.”

“I know you are Catholic Edward, however I am not. I am Greek Orthodox and there is no restriction on my having an abortion. If you would like to have sex with me now, and I do get pregnant, I would have no problem not keeping the child.”

“I would never do that to you or to me. It would put a pall over our relationship forever. I can wait and I hope you can.”

“I am yours alone Edward. Little visits like this bring sunshine into my life.”

“You have lost weight since I last saw you. That will stop immediately. You must make friends locally. Go to the colleges and meet graduate students, visit museums, and meet the visitors. Go to lunch at fine restaurants, and eat dinner at elegant dining facilities. You will not be dismayed, during my absence. You are to live a full and happy life. I will not have it any other way. Laura was the name of the woman I loved for 20 years, until she passed away recently. For all the years we were separated, she lived a full life. According to my daughter, she had hundreds of suitors, and never accepted any of them to her bed. She loved me as I loved her. We both lived happily, although we lived apart. You must do the same, especially because our separations will be shorter than Laura’s and me.”

“May I ask some questions about you, and Laura?”

“I may not answer them all if they are too personal or too hurtful for me to say. However, I will answer as many as I can.”

“Instead of my asking questions, will you tell me what you can about her?”

Edward nodded his head, and began: “Laura was entering her senior year at a university in New York. When we met she was working as a server, at a restaurant to make money for tuition and other expenses. I fell in love with her instantly. I kept going back to that same restaurant, because a friend owned it. It took a while for her to understand that I wanted more than her friendship. She finally accepted a request to go to a movie with me. It was followed by dancing, dinner, and one evening I took her to see a play. Afterwards I took her to my hotel. She was so beautiful that when I told her I wanted her, but I was married, she had to remind me I was wearing a wedding band. Then she shocked me by telling me she was a virgin. 22 years old, as beautiful as the year is long and a virgin. I asked her how she had avoided having a man in her life. It is a very long story. I will tell you that she was so naïve, when it came to sex, I had to teach her everything from A to Z. She was an amazing student, a wonderful consort, and amazing mother to our daughter. When I had to leave to return to Italy, there were no tears, because we had both been aware that it would come one day. We did not even meet to say goodbye to one another. She was safe going one way with our daughter. I had to go another way, back to my family, in Italy. As the years passed, my wife died, then Laura died and I was alone, in Italy. I returned to the states and quite by chance, I met a wonderful woman by the name of Jemma. A new chapter in my life has opened before me. We will see where this new beginning takes us.”

“Oh Edward, that was a sad, but wonderful story. I do not know whether to be grateful for what you had with those women, or to wonder if I can live up to your expectations of the women who have come before me.”

“Jemma, I will never compare you to the women who have come before you. I promised myself I would not do it when I first saw you. Your soul is completely different from my wife’s or Laura’s. Wherever we go from this time and place, it is a whole new chapter written on a blank page.”

Laura climbed over his body, and kissed him. “I want our pages to be written in love and understanding. I will never knowingly hurt you. I will never break our bonds of trust. I am yours alone Edward. Now lie back, because it is my turn to bring you pleasure. Did you bring my panties with you?”

“I have had the panties sealed in a clear acrylic cylinder with your signature facing outward. They will never decay. I will pass them down from generation to generation, mother to daughter, daughter to granddaughter, to remind them of how our love began.”

“Edward, it is only you who could make me blush so easily.” She pushed the big head down onto a pillow and sucked the somewhat smaller head into her mouth. She was in no rush, and her head rose up and down slowly as she worshiped the object of her desire. This instrument had changed her whole outlook on life. Actually, it had given her a whole new lease on life. The man that was attached to it loved her, and treated her with the greatest respect. She loved him with all her heart. She could not pinpoint why, except for the way he expressed himself when it came to the way he cared for the women in his life. Each woman he loved he had cherished with his whole being. Now she was his and he was hers. Both of them were in a committed relationship to one another. She would not break the trust he placed in her, regardless of any obstacles placed in her path. It was more than the money he had given her for the three months she lived in Arlington. She found out what the apartment cost per month. She was astounded when she read that the language school cost $25,000 per month to attend. He had not rented her any car; he had rented her a Mercedes. She was almost afraid to drive it. However, most of all, he pays her a visit after five weeks, when she was prepared to wait 12 weeks to see him. What a wonderful man she loved. He noticed she lost weight over the short period of time they had been apart. They had only been together for one full day, and he saw that she had lost weight. How observant and caring he was for her well-being. She would care for him, as closely and as lovingly as he cared for her.

At this moment she was attending to his steel like instrument that had been in every opening of her body. A little more than five weeks ago, no man’s phallus would be where Edwards’ was at this moment. He had taken a girl from a small town outside of Boston, with a narrow-minded view of sex, and turned her into a woman who enjoyed being with a man totally and completely. She loved the feeling of his glans entering her throat. She no longer worried about suffocating as it expanded to ejaculate his semen. She thought the semen would taste vile, but it was wonderful. When Edward would cum for the first time, she knew it would be a massive amount of fluid. She would not swallow it immediately. She would hold it in her mouth and savor it for a few moments. After moving it around her taste buds, she would swallow the love potion completely, without losing a drop of it.

Her reverie was broken as Edwards hips started to rise and fall against her mouth. She allowed him to fuck her face, as he was ready to ejaculate into her willing mouth. She held her head still, as his hips move faster and faster, until he screamed, her name, “Jemma!” The blasts of the heated liquid spurted against her uvula. Four elongated blasts of life giving semen poured into the wrong orifice and would not fertilize an egg today.

Jemma continue nursing her stallions prick in an attempt to keep it strong and long. However, Edward had other plans for the rest of the afternoon and early evening. He tapped Jemma on her head; and when she looked up at him, he said, “Come here.”

Jemma climbed up upon his body and said, “You are not going to spoil my day, by telling me you have to leave now, are you?”

“No, I am not going to do that to you. However, we must get dressed now. We have a party to attend, and I have a meeting to attend during that party. A very nice young man will attend to you, while I am at that meeting. The meeting will take me no longer than one hour, and I will be back at your side. Do not worry about me, while I am gone. You will have a good time, while you are with this young man. You are not allowed to let him to steal your affections from me.”

“Edward, I do not have anything to wear to a party.”

“Jemma, did I tell you I had a present for you?”

“Where is it, let me see if it fits.”

“Let me see, where would a gown be?”

“A gown takes months to prepare and to fit properly.”

“Jemma, do you trust me?”

“I trust you with everything that I am Edward.”

“Take my hand, Jemma, and let’s go into the second bedroom and get you dressed for the evening.”

Edward opened the door to the second bedroom for her. Laid out on the bed was all new intimate wear from Milan.

“Edward, they are beautiful.”

Edward kissed her on the neck and said, “Yes, and so are you. Let me help you to dress.”

He knelt down before her, and slipped a panty leg under one foot and then the other. He started lifting them up her legs as they reached up above her knees; he raised his head, kissed her pussy, and allowed her to finish pulling them up to her hips.

As he raised each thigh high stocking up her legs, his fingers magically made their way to her pussy and caressed it lovingly, igniting the fires within.

The 5 inch spiked heels brought her glorious height to more than 6’4″. Most people at this event would have to look up to her.

He reached for her bra. He placed it behind her and brought the left side forward. He sucked the nipple into his mouth; and nipped it with his teeth. He brought the right side forward, sucked the nipple, and bit that nipple, also. He covered both globes of her breasts in their low sloping lace cups and snapped the front closing bra shut. As he picked up his eyes and looked into Jemma’s eyes, he knew his ministrations had done what he wanted them to accomplish. Jemma was in heat.

She said to him, “You cannot do that to me, Edward. If you leave me hanging like this, I will never make it through the evening.”

Edward looked her in the eye, and asked, “Who said I was going to make you wait all evening?”

She replied, “You said we were going to a party.”

“Yes, we are.”

She looked at him curiously, as he turned and opened the closet door. He took out an exquisite floor length sequined black strapless gown. It had a slit up the center of the back to about mid-thigh, so she could walk and dance naturally, even though she knew that her breasts would be the star attraction.

“Edward, it is magnificent. I hope it fits.”

“Jemma, it will fit you perfectly.”

She stepped into it and Edward zipped up the side of the gown. Jemma realized it fit her like a glove.

“Edward, how could you possibly know my size and my height, exactly? The dress hangs perfectly. There is not one-half inch between the floor and the bottom of the fabric. You are amazing.”

“No, Jemma, I am not amazing. Do you remember what I told you before we left Phoenix? I said I would have people watching you to make sure you did not break your promise to me. They have been all around you. Some of them have made passes at you, and you have rebuffed them all. They are also around you to protect you from predators. It is very easy to find out someone’s size using a mathematical equation, if you have two known reference points. I did know two reference points, and you are wearing a perfect gown.”

“Edward, I prefer it my way. I think you are amazing.” She walked over to him and kissed him passionately. “I am going to step out of this wonderful dress, put my makeup on, and do my hair. Do we have time for a quickie?”

“Yes, we do, my love, but that would ruin my plans for this evening. I want to see you cum in front of 250 very snobby people, without the benefit of panties in your mouth.”

“Edward that would be so embarrassing, I would not know where to run and hide afterwards.”

“Then do not do either of those things, my dear. Stand by me and smile, as if nothing had happened.”

“Edward, when I accepted your proposal I knew my life would become better and more interesting. It definitely has become better. It is the interesting part of the equation that I have yet to come to grips with.”

Edward laughed at her, as she turned bright red, and handed him the dress. She stuck her tongue out at him, turned, and went in to the main bathroom to take care of her hair and makeup. They had two hours before the party was to begin. He would start pushing Jemma to be ready in about 90 minutes.”

He was already showered and shaved. He removed his mohair tuxedo from the closet and inspected it for any imperfection. His white linen shirt is perfectly crisp, his shoes are unscuffed, and every shirt stud and cufflink is perfect. He checked the engraved invitation Patricia had sent him, to a UPS box in Phoenix, along with instructions on what to do and who to see at this party. To say he was curious about this meeting; would be the understatement of the millennium.

When Jemma came out of her bathroom, there was a wet spot in front of her panties. When Edward looked at her, she said, “Thanks to you and all your erotic encouragement. My pussy brushed against the cabinet, I had an orgasm. It shook me to my very core, and I had no one to share it with. I am surprised you did not hear me, yelled over the hairdryer.”

Edward smiled at her and motioned for her to come near him. Jemma said, “No sir, I can see it in your devilish eyes. You want to heat meet up again, so I go to the party looking like a woman on fire.”

“Would that be such a bad thing Jemma? You accidentally touched yourself, and you went off like a rocket. If one of the dignitaries at tonight’s boring affair touches your hand in just the right way, he or she would have the thrill of their lifetime remembering they were able to get the most beautiful woman in the room orgasm simply by touching her.”

“The only person in this world, I want to do that to me is you, Edward. I do not want anyone else to hold that power over me.”

“Thank you, Jemma that was a wonderful thing for you to tell me. Put your hands on the end of the bed. I am going to give you one more orgasm before we leave. This will come from a different source, a more painful source; however, I believe you will come to enjoy it.”

Jemma heard the word painful but did not worry about him hurting her. She placed her hands on the bed and watched as he moved behind her. He lowered her panties to her knees and pulled her body away from the bed. Her ass was now vulnerable.

He said, “I am going to spank you. I am not going to stop until you cum. You are going to come just as hard as I have spanked you. The pain will become pleasurable. You are to remain silent and not cry out. Do you want me to place something in your mouth to help you, or will you be able to handle it by yourself?”

Jemma replied, “Let me do it by myself, Edward. I will concentrate on the pleasure I am supposed to receive, as well, as my love for you.”

Edward knelt down behind her, and licked her cunt several times, which caused her to moan. He stood up, moved to the side of her body, grabbed her waist, and struck her behind with his right hand.

Jemma’s head reared back in pain, and he heard a moan leave her throat. He struck her again and picked up the pace going from one ass cheek to the other. The moaning stopped, and her head was down between her arms as he reached 20 strikes on her bottom. Her cheeks were bright red, and moving to trying to avoid the blows. Her pussy was leaking fluids, however her pussy’s lips were not engorged enough to show that she was ready for her orgasm. He changed his aiming point, and struck her directly on top of her cunt, where her clit was still hiding. Her head reared back and there was a muffled cry emanating from the center of her throat. Her head was facing the ceiling and sweat was forming on her back. He struck her cunt again, and her lips were now fully inflamed. Her clit was fully exposed, and her fluids were flowing like a young, vibrant river. He knew she was waiting for the next slap on her cunt, so he made her wait.

He slapped the cheeks of her ass, four more times, and as her head returned to between her arms. When his hand descended directly on her exposed clitoris, the dam burst open. She flooded the floor. Her fluids washed down her legs and caught in the pocket of her panties. Her head was pointed towards the ceiling, and her jaw was locked tight. When her muscles finally relaxed, she leaned forward, and rested her body on the bed.

He reached around her, unclasped her bra, and threw it beside her. He removed her soaked panties from her legs, and threw them in the corner of the room. He helped her up, kissed her passionately, and helped her into the shower.

Jemma screamed, “My hair, do not wet my hair. We will never get to this party on time.”

“I do not know about you, young woman, but I just had the most wonderful experience I have had in a long, long time.”

“Edward, you are not the one that is going to have to try to sit down.”

“Jemma, I am not the one that had the massive orgasm, either.”

Jemma looked him in the eye, smiled, and said, “I guess it does equal out, doesn’t it?”

“You can tell me after we get home this evening, and I fuck you in the ass.”

“Oh God, you certainly know how to test a girl’s limits.”

“Yes, I do. Isn’t it fun finding out where they are?”

“Can I reserve comment on that, until after this evening’s event?”

“Take your shower; you will be going to tonight’s party with no panties, you nasty girl.”

“It was not my fault. Some evil genius put them in the right place to catch every ounce of cum that exited my vagina.”

“Now how would a man know how to figure out that equation?”

“I believe he told me on the airplane, to learn how to use ‘COMPUTERS.’ ‘If you learn how to use computers, the world is yours’.”

“Excellent Jemma, you have made me very proud of you. Take your shower before you get spanked, again.”

Jemma needed no further incentive to get into the shower.

When she exited the shower, Edward was standing there with a large fluffy bath towel, waiting for her to walk into it. She did, and he wrapped her in it and in the love he had for her. He dried every inch of her, especially the area between her coccyx and her clit. As he was doing this Jemma cried out, “Please, Edward, do not do this to me again. I will wet the entire dress.”

He replied, “Darling, it is black, no one will notice.”

“There must be a way I can get even with you.”

“Did you think this was a one-way street Jemma? This is not like the old man on the airplane and his wife. Read everything you want about bondage and sadomasochism. Find something that you would like to do to me. When we are together, and you want to play, I will be more than happy to accommodate you. I love you as much as you love me. I will do as much for you as you have done for me, and even more. Learn and we will try it, okay?”

“Really Edward, we would do that together?”

“There would be no hesitation on my part, Jemma.”

Jemma had the largest evil smile on her face that he had ever seen. He kissed her, because he made her so happy.

She asked, “What was that for?”

“I could not let you walk into a party looking like the devil herself. The grin you had on your face was pure mischief. Everyone at the event would want to know what you were thinking and why. I could not let you tell them.”

“I would never tell them about our private lives.”

“If you tried to lie to these people, every one of them would know it, and pursue a line of questioning that would get the truth out of you. They are all lawyers and members of law enforcement. They will know the difference between the truth and a falsehood in the blink of an eye.”

“I am going to an event with law enforcement people, with no panties on, and I am within seconds of cuming. You are a very nasty man.”

“I had you take off your panties, and had my way with you at 35,000 feet. You should have known I was a very nasty man, at that time.”

“Yes, you did all those nasty things to me. However, I was not in love with you then.”

“We must get you partially dressed and go to the party; otherwise we will be more than fashionably late.”

He began with her stockings and like the last time, as they reached the top of her luscious thighs, his hands continued up and cupped her bare, swollen vagina.

Jemma moaned, both in pain and in passion. “Edward, I am going to cum right here.”

“No, you are not; you are going to hold it in, until we get to the party.”

“Damn you, Edward, leave my pussy alone.”

He put on the other stocking and his hand continued up her thigh and cupped her pussy again. “This pussy belongs to me. It is on your body and you promised this body to me, alone. Isn’t that correct, Jemma. This body belongs to me?”

“Yes, Edward, my body belongs to you.”

“Wonderful Jemma, control your passions and think of me only. No one else in the world matters, but me. Everyone else makes you cold and passionless. Only I excite you, isn’t that correct Jemma.”

“Yes, only you excite me Edward; my body and my mind, they belong only to you. They are married to you.”

“Excellent Jemma; let me finish dressing you. Spread your legs, please.”

Jemma did as she was told; she felt Edward insert two round objects into her vagina. Her eyes crossed as she felt her muscles close in on the metal objects.

“Jemma, these are called “Ben Wa Balls.” They are designed to help a woman, increase the flexibility and strength of her vaginal muscles. You are to keep these in your vagina all night and not allow them to fall out. It will be very embarrassing if they do. Normally, a woman would have panties on to catch them. However, as you know, you are panties less. Pay attention to your body, and enjoy the party.”

“Edward, can I kill you, after tonight’s party?”

“You may, if you wish, only if you do not have one of the best orgasms of your life, when we get home.”

“You are an evil genius. A very evil genius; and you know it.”

“Yes, Jemma, I do know it, and I have found the most wonderful woman to ply my trade, and make us both deliriously happy.”

The limousine dropped them off at the Robert F. Kennedy Justice Department Building. His invitation was scrutinized, Jemma’s bag went through the scanner, and both of them went through the metal detectors. They followed the crowd into the large meeting room that had been turned into a ballroom for this event. A band was playing, hors d’oeuvres, liquor, and other beverages were being served, and security agents were all over the area. They knew no one in the room, but Edward had no problem mingling as people asked what he did to keep himself busy. When he told them he was not a lawyer, it was like a breath of fresh air had blown into the room. Finally, someone could talk about something else, beside politics and the latest trial spread across the front pages of the news. He talked about Condé Nast Traveler as if he owned the magazine and they loved every word that came out of his mouth. They also loved the statuesque beauty that stood beside, and towered over him.

Jemma towered over 90% of the men and women in the room. She felt very confident standing beside Edward. Her only problem was the two metal balls she was holding inside her body, using only the muscles of her vagina. They were constantly pressing down on her bladder making her feel like she had to pee every moment.

Edward enjoyed the look in her eye. When she saw him look at her, she gave him that devilish grin he tried to wipe off her face with a passionate kiss. It did not work this time, because he could not kiss her as he did at home. She loved that word, “home.” It was ‘their home,’ and now both of them were in residence. She could not have been happier.

Edward elbowed her in her ribs and whispered, “What are you smiling about?”

She leaned over to his ear and replied, “When you take these balls out of my vagina, I may tell you.”

As time passed by Edward looked at his watch, and led Jemma to one of the side doors. He said a code word to the agent standing there, and stepped to the side, with her. Minutes later, two young men came into the room, and introduced themselves.

Edward introduced Jemma to them, and one of the men asked her if she would like to dance.

Jemma replied, “As long as it is a slow dance, I would love to. (She looked at Edward, and continued) However, my new shoes are killing the ‘BALLS’ of my feet and a fast dance would be out of the question.”

He kissed her on her cheek, whispered, ‘very cute missy’, and said, “Do not let him steal your affections from me, I will be back soon.”

The other man led him through the security door and down the corridor to an adjoining room. He was not apprehensive; however, he could not wait to see who was inside. He had done his homework; and knew the faces of all the big players in the federal government involved with law enforcement. As he entered the room he knew his daughter’s messages had been on target.

He greeted each person by name: “Hello Director Free; General Atwater, General Dawkins, and if my memory serves me correctly, you are Chief Judge Saundra Day.”

“Very good Mister Zabo, your mind is as sharp as your daughter said it is.”

“I had hoped she would have been here with you, today.”

Michael Free responded, “It would have been much too dangerous for her to leave New York. She is being watched very closely by the Valentino family. I will be honest with you, Mister Zabo, she takes too many chances for my liking, but she is as strong willed a young woman as I have ever come up against. She will not take no for an answer and every time I say no to her, she shuts down our computers.”

William’s eyes opened wide and said, “She does what?”

“Mister Zabo, she is smarter than anyone in the computer arena. We have PhD’s working on our computers, who swear her programs cannot do what they do. She puts her program in to our computer, hits enter, and all our computers, plus our backups at Fort Meade shut down within 30 seconds. You should be very proud of her. I want to kill her. Actually, I want to spank her to put some sense in that hard head of hers. I do not want her to get hurt.”

“I knew she was smart. I did not realize how smart she was. I was out of their lives for 20 years, to keep her and her mother safe from Bruno Valentino, and his goons. I missed all of her school years. I did not even know how she was able to find me, in Italy. I thought I had buried every trace of me. She must be amazing.”

“Mister Zabo, it took her 25 minutes to find you, when she had the use of our main frame.”

“That is not possible. All my accounts are numbered. My home address is in someone else’s name. My car was in someone else’s name. Nothing belongs to me directly. How in God’s name did she find me?”

“One day you will have to ask her directly, because I have no idea. She does things on a computer that baffle our best people. The chief of our computer security almost quit the Bureau, because of her. She made him feel inadequate, after he sat with her for an hour. He has two PhD’s in computer technology, and your daughter only has Masters Degrees in computer security. I had to beg him not to leave the Bureau. I had to beg your daughter not to patent “The Garden of Eden,” and “The 10th Circle of Hell.”

There was laughing around the room, while William did not know what was going on.

“I am sorry Mister Zabo; you do not know what either of those programs is. Let me explain both of them: “The Garden of Eden” can shut down any computer on which we tested it. Basically, it is a Venus flytrap. It looks wonderful, but once you are in it, you are dead. “The 10th Level of Hell” reverses the process, and turns the computers on. The first day I met your daughter she wanted permission to use it on the Chinese government. I know I use this term a lot because of my daughters, but your daughter nearly gave me a heart attack that day. Your daughters’ program could have shut down every military and financial computer in China, if we allowed her to use it. If it were traced to the United States, especially the United States government, the repercussions would have been massive. I got out of it gracefully, by telling her we did not do that stuff at the FBI. I told her it was the Treasury Departments’ job. Her answer to me was ‘I will go there tomorrow, and introduce myself. They will let me do it from there.’ Your daughter has a set of balls her Mister Zabo and they are made of titanium.”

“Can you protect her?”

“We are as close to her as she will let us be. If she sees us, she will call us off, and I will not take that chance.”

“I understand. I will have some people of my own move in closer to her.”

“Please let us know who they are, and what they look like. We would not want them to get caught in the middle of any crossfire.”

“Shall we get to the meat of this meeting? My daughter said it was very important for us to flesh out some very important strategies to put the heads of the five families in jail.”

Judge Day asked the next question. “Your daughter stated that you have in your possession signed statements, from Laura Garrett Parent, and yourself stating the facts that happened nearly 20 years ago, which caused you to flee to Italy, and your common-law wife, Laura, to flee to Glen Falls, New York. Is that correct?”

“Yes judge, they are signed, notarized and sent to a friend of mine, in the Swiss Government. It was sent through the U.S. Postal Service by Certified Mail, return receipt. These envelopes are still unopened and are in my possession.”

“Very good Mister Zabo, I want you to give them to the General Dawkins for safekeeping. He will need those letters, when we those men are brought to trial in Federal Court in the Southern District of New York.”

“Judge, with no disrespect intended, I have had those letters, in my possession, for nearly 20 years. I will not relinquish them, until the time, those men are in jail. Vital evidence has been known to disappear, when it is in police custody.”

“What would happen to those letters, if something would happen to you, Mister Zabo?”

“My friend, in the Switzerland, has instructions to bring them to New York, personally. He would find a reputable attorney, retain him for a large amount of money, and make sure the letters are aired through every medium: Print, Computer, and television. It may no longer be admissible in a court of law, but it would send a very loud message to the public, and the head of the five families. It will give the authorities, many avenues to look for bodies, money laundering operations, and fraudulent schemes that the mob perpetrates daily.”

General Dawkins asked if the information was that good, and current.

William replied that it may not be current, but there was no statute of limitation on murder. He was sure these people were using the same four banks in Miami to launder money, as they did 20 years ago, because the ownership had not changed. Prostitution, gambling, and the underage sex trade are more lucrative today, than it was 20 years ago. They would be able to follow the money trail back to the leadership very easily.

“Mister Zabo, did you know your daughter was able to lead us to the satellite center, these people use to transfer money, and follow their goods worldwide.”

William was enraged. He looked at Michael Free and said, “You let my daughter do that?”

“William, you have never tried to argue with your daughter. I told her ‘No’. She told me to fuck off. She threatened to turn off our computers for three days, if I did not get out of her way. I wanted to strangle her. If I could have arrested her, I would have; but I did not have anything to arrest her on. She has done nothing illegal. Then she really pissed me off. She goes to a hospital and gets herself injected with a long-acting radioactive isotope that nearly kills her. We were able to track her all the way to their hidden facility, in the middle of the Everglades, without having a vehicle anyplace near them, because of her. The radioactive signature could be seen for miles. We saw it through the concrete bunker the satellite communication center was hidden in, and covered by brush. It would never have happened, without your daughter’s help. I still wanted to kill her. When she finished what she had to do there, she became so ill; they had to rush her to the hospital. I had a team of physicians, waiting for her. As soon as their doctor left, our doctors took over and found she was suffering from the beginning stages of radioactive poisoning. They flooded her with gamma rays and other medications to reduce the half-life of the isotope to keep her alive. I flew down from Washington to have the opportunity to yell at her before she died. Fortunately she did not, and I got to yell at her anyhow. Yelling does not work on your daughter. Logic does not work on her either. When she sets her mind on doing something, she is going to do it, or she is going to die trying. She nearly died this time.”

William laughed.

Michael became infuriated because of it. “What the hell are you laughing yet?”

“You have just met her mother.”

“Patricia said her mother was the perfect mother.”

“Patricia must have been the perfect child, because they were two of a kind.”

“Oh shit, I did not think of it that way.”

Attorney General Atwater came up with idea. He said, “Why not send the letters here to my attention. Mark them personal and pictures enclosed. Put an innocuous picture on both sides of the manila envelope, and when I get them. I will put them in my personal safe. Only I and my assistant have the combination to that safe. Nothing and no one can get to it except us. I will not tell my assistant, what is in that envelope.”

William liked that idea. It removed the worry of not being able to put those men on trial and using this evidence to convict them. He looked at the Attorney General and said, “I agree, I will send a coded email through friends, and get the letters on their way here. Give me all the information I need to get them to you directly.”

The remainder of the meeting was pro forma. He told horror stories of things he had seen, and heard directly from the mouths of the people at the top of the mobs food chain. His evidence was not hearsay, because he was in the room when the Dons’ said it. The Attorney General and the assistant attorney general for the Southern District of New York were absolutely in awe of William Zabo’s memory. His mind was just like a computer. His recall was instantaneous. His daughter’s attitude may be like her mothers’, but her father was responsible for her incredible brainpower; or so they thought.

The meeting was over in an hour and 30 minutes, and when he walked through the door, back into the party, Jemma was standing by the wall, sweating.

“Where were you, I am dying. If I do not get these things out of me soon, I am going to flood this room.”

“Shall we dance, my dear?”

“Would you like to die on the dance floor, my dear?”

“I think I will take you home, darling. You seem to be a little on edge.”

“On edge my ass. I went over the edge, an hour ago, when that young man put his hand on my ass.”

“Did you ask him to remove it?”

“No, I ordered him to remove it, or I would break his arm.”

“You poor dear, you are definitely on edge.”

“If you say that one more time, your arm is going to be up your ass.”

“Very good, Jemma, I told you, you could learn bondage and sadomasochism. We can play anytime you want.”

As they walked out to the limousine, she said, “I am going to kill you, cut your prick off, and stuff it with concrete to keep it stiff at all times. I will be able to pleasure myself, while thinking of your beautiful face, and not having to hear your tantalizing voice teasing me all the time.”

“You would not have anyone to shove his hand up your ass, and make you cum like a raging river.”

“I could try a 2 L bottle of soda.”

“Ouch! That would hurt you more than my hand. How about trying a 1 L bottle of soda.”

“Get in the damn car and take me home.”

“Ladies always get in first.”

“If you touch my ass, so help me God, I am going to put my spiked heels through your eyes.”

He did not touch her ass. As she stepped into the limo, the slit in the back of the dress exposed her thighs, and his hand went right to it.

There was a loud scream, followed by two metallic clunks. She wet her gown from her thighs to the hem. She lifted her head, from the floor of the limousine; she had fire in her eyes. She did not look at him, but said, “You fucking bastard, I am going to kill you for doing that to me.”

He closed the door behind him and told the driver that he could proceed.

When she finally gathered enough strength, she rolled over and saw Edward, smiling down at her.

“I did not touch your ass.”

“I hate the English language. You take advantage of it at every turn.”

“Jemma, I am a native Italian. Your native language is English. You should use that language better than I do.”

“Do not go to sleep tonight, Edward. I want you to think about Lorena Bobbitt and knives.”

“Come up here and sit on my lap. I will make you feel better.”

As she climbed up off the floor, and the two silver balls rolled out from under her dress. She scrambled to get them, and put them in her purse, before the driver could see them.

He whispered into her ear, “You almost made it.”

“If you had not touched my thigh, I would have made it.”

“Actually, I was aiming a little higher. Just imagine what would have happened if my fingers would have touched your clit!”

“I do not have to imagine, Edward. They would have shot out of me with great force, and hit your testicles, rendering you impotent for least a day, and possibly longer. I would have had to nurse you back to health, using ice to keep you comfortable. Ice shrinks your pride and joy to zero. I might not have been able to raise it from the dead; you poor, poor man.”

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