Married in the thirties, with a bubbly kid and a boring workaholic husband is perhaps the story that most contemporary women can relate to.

Born to affluent parents meant, I never had to struggle for anything. It also meant I could never experience real happiness. Whatever I required, I had to just ask and I would have it.

In such environment, life breezes by. Before you know it, you complete college, close friends fade away, join the corporate world, work your butt off to a managerial role, get married to your prince charming and realize the prince doesn’t have the time for you, bear a child that requires you all the time.

And somewhere through this, you sacrifice. Sacrifice your little joys, your simple wants, yourself.

At such a juncture in my life, came the train journey that promised to change my life, forever. The cyclonic storm forced my flight to be cancelled, and I had to book myself on the first train available, as I couldn’t have afforded to miss the board review, where I had to present a new product from my team.

Having lost touch with the railways, I stumbled onto the busy platform with my suitcase in one hand and the laptop dangling from my left shoulder. The stretch of people that started in front of me seemed endless. I panicked.

For a second, I lost my mind. I had no consciousness of where I was and why I was there. I let the suitcase go from my grip and it fell down on the hard tile with a thud. I blinked and then regrouped myself.

I dragged myself to a bench and closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. This is just a sixteen hour train journey that will fly by. I convinced myself that everything is going to be alright and stood up.

I went to the boarding display and identified my train. I went to the platform and was glad to see the beautiful blue train sitting alongside it.

Childhood memories flashed by with me holding my dad’s hand and singing to my favourite song, that I often forced my dad to sing along.

I smiled at the thought, just as I reached my coach. I got into the first class compartment and slowly found my place. Things have changed since I last took the train.

The bay was more spacious back then but the cushions and the interiors have definitely improved. It was a four seater with a couple of bottle holders, a huge tinted window, power sockets for laptops, rich textured curtains, a magazine holder and a surprisingly plush table.

I locked my luggage in the little cabinet under my seat and relaxed into my seat. The white cotton trousers I wore along with my striped formal shirt made me feel light and I was smiling, almost enjoying the unexpected luxury of train travel against the congested seats I usually get on my flights.

The ticket collector came by, checked my ticket and looked blankly at my opposite seat. I glanced at the seat wondering if he was able to see somebody I couldn’t. Having noticed my bewilderment, he explained he was expecting another passenger to join at my station.

I shrugged my shoulders. He gave a calming smile, bowed to me and left the cabin. That never happened before on the flights. I picked up a magazine from the stand just as the train started to pull away from the platform.

Out of nowhere, a woman, maybe a good five years younger to me, burst into my cabin, panting. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was completely out of breath as she sat down.

She was about 170cm tall I guessed, some two inches taller to me, broad shouldered with an awesomely beautiful face with sharp features. Oh those lips! Angelina Jolie would’ve suffered from serious inferiority complex looking at them. Pouted and full of life, they looked like sweet candy.

She was not slim, but had it right in all the right places I felt. She was wearing a girly top with front buttons with a flowery print all over. Her hair was thick and short, yet beautiful, like that of Princess Diana, although this one’s all black.

She wore denim jeans that fit to her legs beautifully, accentuating her wide hips. Before you start getting ideas and let your imagination run wild, I wasn’t into women. But she was definitely the kind for whom I could change my preferences perhaps.

I poured water into a glass, readily available on the table, and offered her. She grabbed it and drained it down her throat in three big gulps. She closed her eyes and rested her head back on the backrest of the seat.

She slowly regained colour in her face and opened her eyes. She smiled and I melted. That was the most amazing smile that ever hit me. I smiled back and said, ‘Hi. Rhea here.’

I offered her my hand, which she shook as she said, ‘Margaret. Friends call me Mag.’ Husky was an understatement to describe her voice.

I looked on expecting her to explain her wild entry. She laughed looking at the expression on my face and said, ‘Well, I lost my bag in the station. Just had enough time to lodge a complaint at the police cell before I could jump into the train, just as it was leaving. Luckily I still have my wallet and my ticket in my pocket.’

She took it out and yelped, ‘Eek. They are wet from all the running I did. I’m so sorry Rhea. I’m sweating like a pig. I wish I had my bag.’

I gave her a comforting smile, put my hand on hers and said, ‘Don’t be embarrassed honey, shit happens. Just relax for a while.’

She smiled back and laid her head back on the headrest. Sweat continued to trickle from her face in spite of the air conditioning. Man, this girl does sweat a lot.

She opened her eyes and said, ‘Mind if I get a little comfortable with my dress? I can’t stand it.’ Without waiting for my consent, she opened the buttons on her top and gave me a shock. She wasn’t wearing a bra. And she was definitely not built to go without one.

She was lucky her top was thick else with her sweat, her nipples would’ve been clearly visible through it. She had a sexy cleavage even though she was not wearing a bra. Her top parted in between to show her lovely moulds with either side just stopping at her nipples.

Sweat droplets glistened on her fair skin on her breasts. I was never attracted to women. Not even tried it at college, where everyone experiments. Wasn’t in the least interested even to look at my friends while we showered together. I was so hetero. And here I was, gawking at a complete stranger on a train. So much for a dull marriage.

Through the next ten minute or so, I learnt she’s an architect. She was going home to her parents. She used to be an athlete at school but career took priority and the good things faded. She still liked to dance and pub occasionally. Gee, this girl talks a lot.

Fifteen minutes of air conditioning and her getting ‘comfortable’ with her dress didn’t seem to improve things for her. She was still sweating and even her thick top was getting wet. And I was strangely getting aroused at the sight.

I could feel my nipples standing up. I hoped it was because of the air conditioning. But I knew it wasn’t the reason.

I hesitantly ventured, ‘Mag, you are still sweating. I guess you need to get out of that jeans. You can take my night pants if you don’t mind.’

She gave that magic smile again. ‘Thanks Rhea. That will be great.’

I took my suitcase out, opened it and handed her the night pants. I expected her to go to the restroom to change. Instead, she just stood up, turned away from me and unzipped her jeans.

She pulled the jeans off her hips and struggled to get it off her full thighs. Her black panties slipped a little showing the top of her ass crack. It was the most erotic sight. I kept looking at it not caring if she would notice.

She finally managed to get her jeans away and got into my night pants. She pulled the night pants up her thighs with difficulty. I realized then how slim I was compared to her. I wished I was built like her. Oh those thighs.

Finally she managed to get the pants till her hips but it was impossible to get the pants over them. She turned around, smiled sheepishly and said, ‘Guess they are a little tight for me. I’ll try without the panties. You mind?’

My night pants over a stranger’s private parts without underwear. And all that sweat. Mind screamed ‘Yes I mind!’. I somehow said, ‘No Mag, go ahead! I’m ok.’

She took the pants away and put them on the berth. She then pulled off her panties as if she was taking off a glove or a hat, crumpled them and put them inside the pocket of her jeans.

No wonder my pants didn’t fit her. Her ass was magestic. All curvy and so fleshy. I suddenly wanted my hands on them. And more. I was losing it. If she was smaller than me, perhaps I would’ve entertained thoughts of even raping her.

And that ass crack. Splitting her cheeks perfectly, the line looked like a painter’s dream. The dream burst as she pulled my pants over her hips and she sat down. ‘Rhea, I can’t thank you enough for this. I feel like in heaven now. I shouldn’t have come in jeans in the first place.’

‘No problem Mag. You got great hips by the way,’ I managed. ‘Ha. Thanks Rhea. I do get that compliment often from men. But to get it from a woman as beautiful as you is an honour.’ She patted her left buttock and said, ‘Am sure they are happy too.’

I smiled back at her. She picked up a magazine and began to read. I looked into my magazine as well but my mind was filled with images of her ass. Those awesome curvy cheeks.

I looked up and that face looked so lovely with the hair on her forehead falling over her eyes. I let my glance fall lower and was delighted to a part of her left nipple poking out of her shirt. Thank you God!

I ogled at it for a minute that seemed like a second and then said, ‘Mag, your shirt opened a bit wide.’ She looked up at me and then at her shirt and quickly covered the nipple. ‘Sorry Rhea. It was almost as if I was seducing you. Am happy there aren’t any men around. I would’ve been raped by now. So much for my bag getting lost,’ said Margaret.

‘Yeah I know. I would definitely have raped you by now if I was a man.’ I said that? Oh my, she is going to run away now.

‘You are funny’, she laughed. Just that the train screeched to a halt. I looked out and we were in the middle of nowhere. We looked at each other and wondered what happened. We sat for a while and when forty minutes passed with the train not moving an inch, I got up and went out of the cabin.

I found the ticket collector in the adjoining coach and when I reached him, he was already explaining the situation to curious passengers around him. ‘There is a national power grid failure. The North West region of the country is blacked out. It could take three hours perhaps for the power to resume. The backup power will last about an hour maybe in the train. We are twenty miles from the nearest town. You can walk the distance or stay with the train. You can apply for a refund at your destination station.’

The crowd erupted in agony at the ticket collector who tried pacifying them, but I understood the situation. Nothing much he could do. Definitely he can’t produce electricity.

I walked back to my cabin and explained the situation to Margaret. ‘Oh damn! What a wretched journey. First my bag and now power failure,’ Margaret put her head in her hands and closed her eyes blurting a few usually censored abuses.

‘What shall we do?’ I asked.

‘You tell me. What will you do?’ she asked back.

‘I surely can’t walk twenty miles. I guess I’ll just wait.’

‘I feel the same.’

So we waited. We waited hoping the power will return. Slowly the hour passed. And then first the air conditioning went away. And slowly the lights flickered off. The cabin was dark but for the little light coming from the window.

I saw the dim form of Margaret stand up and lock the cabin door in the dusk light. She returned to her seat opposite me and said, ‘I really don’t want to be raped.’ We laughed together.

With the air-conditioning gone, I began to sweat as well. Knowing that she won’t mind I announced, ‘I’m getting out of my dress. Can’t get the pair spoiled.’ I stood up and took off my shirt and then wriggled out of my trousers. By now the cabin was pitch dark.

I had a satanic thought and felt an adrenalin rush. I unhooked my bra and put it on the seat along with my dress. And then I stepped out of my panties and they joined the heap. I sat back on my seat with folded legs. I was naked with a stranger and she has no clue about it.

I put my head back and closed my eyes.

‘Rhea?’ said Margaret. I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of her voice. ‘Yes Mag?’

‘I’m a little scared of darkness. It is OK I sit beside you?’

Shit! What if she touched me and realized I was naked? I didn’t have the time to put back my clothes and then reply to her. I had to confess, ‘Mag, actually, I’m not wearing any clothes.’

‘I’m aware. You didn’t take any out of your suitcase. I don’t mind that.’

‘You don’t understand Mag. I’m not wearing any clothes at all. Not even my underwear.’

She exclaimed, ‘Wow Rhea! What made you do that?’

‘I don’t know Mag, just felt like doing that in this hot cabin. And since the lights were out, I didn’t think I needed to inform you. I apologize. I thought I would stay this way for sometime and then wear them back.’

She giggled, ‘That’s actually interesting. I’ll get out of my dress too. Don’t want to spoil your night pants with my sweat either.’

I heard her clothes ruffle and then she sat down next to me on my seat. The thought that she was as naked as I was excited me beyond imagination. I was burning hot and I was sure my pussy was drenched. My armpits were soaked from the sweat and my whole body felt like I was in a steam bath.

I imagined what she would be like in this state.

‘Mag?’ I called out slowly.

‘Yes Rhea?’ came her voice very close to my ear in a husky whisper. It was too close to my ear.

‘Just checking where you are,’ I responded.

‘Do you want to check me more?’ asked her while her finger touched my shoulder. Then her finger traced down my sweat hand along my bicep, elbow onto my wrist and held my fingers in hers.

‘I don’t know Mag. I never did this.’

‘Don’t worry, you won’t regret it. Did you like watching my sweaty body?’

I gripped her fingers hard.

‘Did you like watching my ass?’ she added as she took my hand and kissed it with those lovely lips. They felt like wet cotton.

‘Did you dream of licking me?’

‘No. No I didn’t,’ I managed to say.

‘Do you want to?’

I didn’t say no. I just looked on into darkness with lust filled eyes. Yes I wanted her. I wanted to lick her, eat her and devour her. I wanted this woman so bad.

I felt her soft big breast on my shoulder. And then that poking nipple. She put her hand over my shoulders and turned my head towards her. Her sweaty, surprisingly hairy armpit was on my shoulder. I could feel her wetness.

Her breath was hot as I felt it on my face and she said, ‘Rhea! Can I take you?’

I again didn’t say no. I couldn’t resist her.

Her lips found my cheek, licked a little with her tongue as they traced a path to my lips. She parted my lips with her tongue and I lost all inhibitions with that touch.

I opened my mouth and sucked her tongue into my mouth. She yelped at the unexpected aggression and winced. I held her head with my hands and said, ‘Yes Mag, I want you. I want your boobs. Your lips. Your ass. Your pussy. I want you all.’

I talked with my lips playing with her lips. She held me closer and her saliva poured into my mouth. I loved the taste of it and sucked on her even more.

My hands moved onto her back and I the sweat was amazing. It made her back slippery and lovely to touch. I fell on her as I pinned her to the seat and our breasts met. Our nipples poked at each other.

I quickly grasped one in my hand and pressed it. I held it in my hand and brought my lips to it. I flickered my tongue on it and chewed it. She put her head back and enjoyed the sensation of my hot tongue on her sweaty breast.

When I’m done with her breasts I moved lower and licked her belly button. She yelped and said, ‘Damn you Rhea. I didn’t expect this animal in you.’

‘I replied as I sat on the floor and put her thighs on my shoulders, ‘You haven’t seen half of it yet’. I leapt into her bush like a tiger and started to lick the hair. They were moist already in her sweat and I could smell the aroma of her pussy.

I shifted to her thighs on either side and licked and bit into them. I’m sure I gave her hickies that would last a week. I licked the crevices where her legs ended.

She pushed my head towards her pussy and said, ‘Bitch. Lick me. Don’t kill me with your teasing.’

I giggled as I put my hands under her legs and held her wet ass cheeks. I pressed them hard as I kissed her pussy lips with my lips. She was oozing big time. I kissed her hard.

Then I held one of her outer lips between my teeth and pulled at it. She was panting now. The aroma got muskier and then my teeth were welcomed with lovely juice that spurted out of her. I licked it all and dove in.

My tongue ventured in and out of her as my finger played with her clit. I moved my tongue slowly in circles my lips grazed on her outer lips. I dug deep inside as far as I could go and it was a waterfall I was wading through.

With my other hand I caressed her ass and traced her ass line with the side of my hand.

‘Inside. Inside.’ She panted.

I obliged and put my hand inside her ass while I devoured on her pussy lips.

‘Touch it Bitch. Touch it. Touch it please.’

My little finger hovered around her asshole for a little while before touching it. It tried to suck me in. I didn’t know it was possible.

I allowed her and she grinded my ass on my finger till my finger got in. With my tongue deep in her pussy and my finger playing with her ass, she erupted with a scream.

She drenched my face with her squirt and I had to close my eyes so that it didn’t go in. She continued to wriggle her ass as I sucked on her pussy and three minutes into it she held my face in her hands and brought it to her lips.

She hungrily licked her squirt on my face and she was actually crying from the joy. I held her close to me and she managed, ‘This is the best oral I ever had. Thank you Rhea. Thank you so much.’

‘What’s with Rhea? I thought my name was Bitch.’

She giggled as she hugged me close and said, ‘I hope the power doesn’t come back for another hour. I got work to do.’

Alice sprawled out on the couch and pulled her long, dark brown curly hair out of the pony tail that it had been in all day. She shook it out and ran her fingers through it to allow it to flow freely over her shoulders. Alice’s long legs rest over her boyfriend, Erik. He ran his hands up her thighs, over her stomach and around her huge, soft breasts.

“Alice, you have such great tits!” He exclaimed.

“No stop!” She blushed, pushing her chest out slightly.

“C’mon. You’re what, an F now? Pretty fucking big.” His gentle careess turned into a squeeze.

Alice moaned lightly under his grasp and bit her lip. He moved in towards her and stared into her eyes. It was easy to tell she wanted it. The way she looked at him, the way she pushed her chest out. Her legs moved restlessly too, and he could tell that she was purposely trying to push her thigh up against his cock.

Moving in even closer, Erik pushed his lips up against Alicia’s and started to rotate from a loose and a tight grip on her breast. They were so soft, and he could barely contain from holding and squeezing them.

“Oh Erik!” She cooed, her hand now brushing over his crotch. He was getting hard, and she could feel the heat coming off from his jeans.

Erik ran his fingers up the base of Alice’s neck and into her hair. He tightened his grip around a handful and pulled Alice’s head to the side. Erik trailed his lips up and down her neck until she started to breath deeper, her chest heaving in and out. With a small chuckle, he quickly sunk his teeth down onto her neck.

Alice inhaled sharply and squeeled under the bite. She loved it when Erik got rough with her, and he liked to give it to her just as much.

Erik pulled on her hair even more, forcing Alice to expose her neck. Once again his teeth clamped down against her skin. Shivers ran up her spine and she let out a soft moan. “Oh Erik, take me!”

Not another word needed to be said. Erik quickly pushed Alice off of him and flipped her onto her back. His kisses came down on her neck, harder and more urgent then before. He moved between her neck and full lips while starting to undress her. His hands worked up under her shirt and pulled it off.

A wave of ecstacy ran over Alice when Erik took off her bra. The feeling of her chest being exposed in the cold air of her basement always got to her. He teased her nipples with his tongue, and the perked up under his touch. Erik once again grabbed Alice’s hair and pulled back on it. He kissed and bit her neck while pinching on her small, cute nipples. Everytime that he pressed his fingertips closer together, Alice would squirm and squeal.

Erik’s hands moved down to her pant line, and he quickly pushed them down her thighs. Alice rubbed her legs back and forth to finish getting them off while Erik slipped a finger under her lacey thong. He ran his finger over her already moist slit and started to make small circle patterns over it in a fast pace.

Alice moaned in a low, sultry tone that Erik only ever got to hear when she was at her horniest. Her back arched and her breaths started to get shorter and more shallow. After every rotation of his finger, Alice jolted and her large perky breasts bounced up to. It drove Erik nuts when they moved like that, and he began to suck on them harder. Alice reached over Erik’s shoulder and tugged on his shirt. She wanted him to feel his skin against hers.

Erik paused to quickly toss off his shirt and pants. He pulled his now fully hard cock out of the top of his boxers and tugged on it. Alice pushed off his boxers with her feet and raised her hips towards him. “Please Erik, I want it now.” She moaned.

Erik grinned and continued to play with her clit. His other hand pumped his cock and he eagerly slid a finger inside of her. Alice kept raised and lowered her lips and started to moan more for Erik.

Erik moved over to where Alice’s head was and pulled her up by the hair. He pushed her head right in front of his cock and pressed his head against her lips. Alice opened her mouth and started to lick up and down along the shaft. She moistened her lips and sucked on the head of Erik’s long and impressive shaft. Erik’s breathing got a bit heavier. He forced Alice to start taking more of his cock into her mouth and deep throat it.

Alice pushed away and choked slightly. “Erik, not so hard, you’re too big!”

This didn’t stop Erik though and he pushed her mouth back around his cock, thrusting forward. Alice sputtered and tears formed in her eyes. All she could think about was getting Erik inside of her.

When Erik was satisfied with his blowjob, he pulled Alice by her hips and flipped her around onto her hands and knees. Alice dug her face into a pillow, her cheeks flush with a bright shade of pink. A thin layer of sweat covered her skin and Erik started to rub his head against her clit, teasing her. He brought his hand down hard on her ass and she squeeled in enjoyment. Again and again he smacked her firm, round ass until there it was bright red. Everytime he slapped her, Alice jerked forward and moaned.

Erik placed his hands on both of Alice’s hips and squeezed hard. He pressed his dick so that just the head was inside of her, and she pushed back to get it in more. Quickly he pulled out and smacked her hard on the ass again. “I get to decide when.” He told her. He smacked her ass again, this time causing Alice to whimper.

He continued to just stick his head inside and out of her slowly for a few minutes, and occasionally ran it over her clit. Alice could hardly bare the wait. She was ready and wanted him now, but in bed Erik was in charge.

Without any warning, Erik thrust deep inside of her. Alice screamed in surprise and clenched the pillow. Erik went slow at first, but it didn’t take him long to hit full speed. Small beads of sweat rolled down his face. He wasn’t only moving into Alive, he was using her hips to pull her onto him as well.

“More, more!” Alice gasped. “Now, now! I’m cumming!” She bit into the pillow to surpress her moans and screaming. Erik went harder then ever and Alice orgasmed. He slowed down to give her a second to catch her breath. Alive breathed heavily, small whimpers and moans in between.

Erik slid back inside of Alice slowy and pulled her up by her hair. He moved her hair out of the way of her slender neck and kissed it. She used one of her hands to run her fingers through his thick black hair and grip onto it.

Erik’s kissing soon turned to gentle and tough biting, and he used his hands to pinch and pull on her nipples.

“Ah, aah, no Erik! Too much!” She cried. Her nipples were getting sore.

“Quiet, bitch!” He commanded, slapping her left breast. He pinched the right nipple harder.

Alice squirmed under his touch and stuck her ass out against Erik. “No, ow don’t!”

Without another word, Erik forced Alice back down onto the pillow. He pulled her ass up into the air more and forced her legs wider. “No you’re going to be punished.” He told her.

Erik placed his dick just above her asshole and started to rub against it. Alice tried to clench tighter but Erik pulled her cheeks apart and pushed harder.

Alice and Erik had never actually done anal before. He’d rub up against her hole, but never had he been able to actually get in. Erik just used it to taunt Alice when she tried to defy him.

Today was different though. Erik spt onto her and rubbed in in with the tip of his dick. After a few moments of deciding if he was going to go further, Erik pushed his head into her.

Alice screamed, and it felt like there was a tearing feeling coming from behind her. He made small thrusting motions and every time Alice shrieked.

“Are you going to behave now?’ Erik asked.

Small tears formed in corners of Alice’s eyes. “Yes, yes I will, I promise.”

Erik pulled out from her rear and rest his dick on her clit. “Beg me to fuck you.”

“Erik please, please I need you now.”

Erik pushed his dick head back into her pussy.

“Erik, please, I want your cum!”

Like earlier, Erik just pushed himself into Alice. For the next hour, he slammed into her, making her orgasm numerous times. His stamina was incredible and Alice wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to take it. Before Erik, she had been a virgin and Alice had never seen herself in the bent over position she was in now, taking it hard from behind. Erik’s long cock slid in and out of Alice easily. She was so tight, but just as wet to match it.

Erik pulled out of Alice and strated to jerk quickly. “Flip over now.” He demanded.

Alice did what he had told her and spun around onto her back. Her legs quivered and shook. Erik never failed to satisfy her, and always managed to exceed in turning her legs to jello.

With a few grunts, Erik released his seed all over Alice’s pussy, and covered her in his sperm. Alice gasped, and tilted her hips forward slightly. It was so warm, and she could feel exactly where it was dripping and covering. Erik moved off of the couch and stood right near Alice’s head. She lapped up the cum dripping off of his head.

With a much more gentle touch, Erik helped Alice get up so she could use the bathroom to wash herself off. When she was done, Erik was waiting in their bedroom with a glass of water. They laid next to each other and in no time, Alice had fallen asleep. Erik ran his fingers through and pet her soft curls, kissing her lightly before he too fell asleep.

Note: If you’ll read my profile, you’ll see that my wife is about which I mainly write. She is the female in this story and this is one of her confessed desires, but not one she wants to actually happen, because after all, it is rape.

The Cost of Convenience

The door opened and the ringing of the bell started and ended before clerk could look up to see who was coming inside from the cold. Jack was 20 years old and he just couldn’t figure out exactly what he was going to do next. Never a bad kid, but never real ambitious either. He walked by the line in the door that said he was 6’1″ at the Gas Mart. Inside he came, rubbing his hands as he was looked around and scanned the store. Mary was behind the counter and busy with three customers demanding her attention at two registers. Whomever thought up the idea of having two registers and one cashier was a special sort of stupid, but she managed to do the gas and lottery on one and the rest on the other.

Sarah was down one of the isles trying to wrestle some soap from the packaging, because when you’re shopping at the Gas Mart, the trade off from going into town and the threat of having to go “under the bridge,” you might just find yourself stocking the shelves, or at least taking things out of their cases. How in the world do you expect to sell stuff, if it is in the case? She grabs her soap and a box of cereal, and then because of the cereal, a gallon of milk. You can never *just* come for what you need, you’ve always got to get some things you want.

Sarah was wearing a simple dress she wore around the house and for quick trips. It was easy to throw on, but easy on the eyes, too. It was a floral print and it came down half way down her thigh with a bit of a snug on her waist with six buttons down the front, and without even noticing it, three buttons were undone. Her hair looked soaking wet. Fresh out of the shower which lasted all of three minutes, she quickly found out she was out of soap, but only *after* washing her hair.

It was 50 degrees outside, but she knew she only had from the door of the house to the door of the car and then to the door of the store, so she risked it. The dress was absolutely a spring and summer dress, but it was her go-to for around the house, even in the coldest of January. Her hair in a knot with chop sticks holding it all together, she was not made up at all, but she was still remarkable. At 25 years old, her husband was in Silicon Valley for a conference, and she was home alone, but not for the first time. He was gone as much as he was home, but not more than she could bear.

As she stood up, Jack was at the end of her isle. He had the intention of walking by to get to the fresh biscuits, but she caught the corner of his eye and he froze. They made eye contact, but nothing abnormal for being 10 feet apart and him standing in her path to the register. He nodded and she said, “Hi”as he stepped to the side.

He was speechless.

Jack looked more like a Matt Damon when we was 20, Sarah thought to herself. She noticed him and thought he was handsome, but never really thought much more about it. By the time she was checked out at the register, it was pouring down rain *and,* as mentioned before, 50 degrees. She turned around at the register and just looked depressed with her challenge in mind as she balked. This is beginning to not be quite as simple as she thought it would be to just waltz out the door and run to the store. Oh, hell no, it has to rain and rain like cats and dogs.

“I can help, if you like, ma’am.” Jack offered.

“Well, there’s really no reason for both of us to get soaked.” She whimpered.

“I can take this army field jacket and spread it out big enough for a pup tent! You and I will both be dry as right now?” He sort of insisted, yet giving her an “out.” Jack could be a gentleman, when he wanted to be a gentleman.

“Which car are you driving, ma’am?”

“The Yukon right there at the door.” She said, with a smile.

She knew what he was doing. She wasn’t naive. Sarah didn’t openly flirt. She knew her looks were a tuff thing to deal with for a man, as Jack wasn’t the first one to come along with his mouth agape. That being said, Sarah did like a little attention.

As he took his coat off, using his arms for tent poles, the 6’1″ man stood tall above her 5’7″ frame and almost enveloped her in the shadow of the military issued jacket. She literally wouldn’t get anything more than her ankles wet in that mess.

“Ma’am? The door?” He nodded to her to open the door with her free hand.

“Oh,yeah. Here we go.”

They just walked the 30 feet or so to the car, even thought the rain was intense. The coat worked like a charm and as she opened up the door of the Yukon, Jeff took the jacket and literally tented the car door opening in a way where a tent was exactly what they had over that small space, with the water rushing off to the left, to the front side of the open door. She took a second to lean over the seat, putting the bags in the passenger seat. As she leaned over, like most women, she had no idea she was arching her back and expressing the simple tailor work on her dress. It hugged her hips and as she reached forward, it let go of her hips as if they had been held for an instant. Her dress hem, now to the bottom of her firm arched ass exposed her ass for about an inch as it came down and gloriously met her leg,

Jack was exactly all over it with his upper legs, gently touching, but touching he was indeed. It was then that he noticed that she wasn’t even wearing a bra, while recollecting how he thought that they were incredible in the store; they were just a little bigger than his hands. If she wasn’t wearing a bra, the dress hem was absolutely as high as it could be, exposing what he figured was a bear ass.

That’s all any man needed.

It was just the way it worked out. Nothing intentional by either. He was just trying to keep her dry and also trying to keep his back dry. She turned around and not realizing how close he was, found herself within an inch of his nose, instinctively put her hand on his firm chest, sort of out of reaction to having a person unexpectedly that close. So close her hand was pressed back between her tits.

“What’s your name?”

“Jack. What’s yours, ma’am.”

“It sure isn’t ‘Ma’am,’ how about calling me Sarah?” she said with a grin.

“I’ll do that. You have a nice day ma’…” he found her index finger on his lips while she spoke,

“No, no! It’s Sarah” she said sort of low and intently with a wile smile.

“Ok, Sarah. Have a nice day” he ended their conversation smiling like a boy of 15 who just got his first kiss.

“Jack Allen Banks!” Mary said with a “have you lost your mind” mixed with a “it looks like the boy is smitten” tone in her voice.

Mary was Jack’s aunt. She knew the boy.

“Jack, she’s married. Her father-in-law comes in here every morning to get coffee.”

“Well, she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.” he said with a grin.

“Jack, honey…dear, she was buying soap. I imagine that with wet hair, she jumped out of the shower to get some soap here and takes her ring off to shower.”

“Well, you’re right about that; she smelled like a fresh rose, even if she was dirty.”


Sarah was just getting her clothes back off and the shower was warming back up. It was then it come to her exactly how close of a call that situation with Jack actually came to, showing off more than she had figured when she left the same spot in such a hurry 40 minutes earlier.

“Wow, Sarah. No undees and no bra. That was close.”

She remembered the feel of his jeans gently touching the back of her legs. He was an impressive young man. Five years her junior. She usually was only attracted to older men. Her own husband was 33; it just seemed more natural. Older guys were just more mature, usually having already obtained something out of life and working on a direction. She liked that.

But, Jack was, if nothing more, adorable.

By now, in the shower she soaps up, realizing that the cold of the outside and the house competing for the heat of the shower had raised her tits to full attention. She decided to help them out. Massaging them, she gently pinched her nipples with one hand, while getting her soaked clit a little more soaked. The shower was big enough for two and a little more. She found herself quickly bringing the pressure to a head by putting her leg up on the built in seat while soaping up her firm ass, playing with her bum hole, just playing around with it’s simplicity. Not a hair to be found, she waxed regularly and was incredibly conscientious about the appearance of her privates, even though only one person deals with it.

But, for once, she wasn’t thinking about her husband. She was thinking about Jack.

As her heart rate increased, her breathing was heavy, and she couldn’t figure out what she was getting the most pleasure from, the pussy or the ass. She took the shower head down and sat down, adjusted the settings and went to work! It was incredible.

“The only thing better would be putting something in it..” she slipped out loud to the damp air, “…either one.”


As she stepped out. She dried her hair, the long dark brown locks coming down just past her shoulders. She put her hair up in her towel once she was happy with it, as she spent time drying off. Treating her body like the goddess that it truly was and knowing it.

She felt different. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she didn’t feel secure at that moment. It was one of those “women’s intuition” moments. She put on her bath robe and then sat down at her makeup table to dry her hair better. It was 9:00 a.m., but it felt earlier. As her hair dried, it was as if she simply knew someone was staring at her. She simply turned around and saw nothing.

Her hair dry, she turned the hairdryer off and saw him to her right standing near the tub.

Standing up and screaming her lungs out, she recognized Jack immediately, but the shear fear and terror of someone, anyone, even if only her husband, being that close without her knowledge absolutely terrified her.

At the same time, Jack rushed forward and covered 25 feet in what seemed two steps, while covering her mouth in one hand and flipping her around with the other, holding her as tightly as he could.

Both of them breathing with incredible strides, Jack waited to say anything until they both could calm down their adrenaline rushes. It took a couple minutes. The longest minutes in Sarah’s life and probably the longest in Jack’s young life, as well. He could smell the lotion, the shampoo, and something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on, but it was stirring him ever the more.





“Shutup! Listen to me.” He could feel her heart as if it were going to bust through her chest!

“I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not here to do that.”

She started to calm down. She was aghast. She was perplexed. Why the hell was he there?

“Okay. This is the way this is going to start. I’m going to slowly take my hand off your mouth and you’re not going to scream. Right? I mean, you know where you’re at and you know as good as I do, their houses are too far and they’re all at work. You’re not going to scream are you?”

The thoughts were swirling in her head. She knew he had her in a position which she had absolutely no hope of escape. Rape? Money? What could it be that he was wanting?

As his hand slipped from her mouth, she gasped, “Jack, what the hell do you want?”

He didn’t answer for about ten seconds and then in her ear he whispered…



Mana slipped off the ledge into the churning water of the cave, her tail firmly attached. She greeted her sister Quinara with a head bump and swam around her making a high keening noise that conveyed happiness to be back in the water.

Quinara motioned towards the land man who was treading water, his limbs moving in panic. Quinara smiled in anticipation and Mana nodded.

Mana broke the surface of the water as her sister reached the man’s legs, feeling her way up them.

“Jesus!” she heard him yell. He was the sandy haired man, the worried one who came looking for his friend. She looked around the cave for Danny, the dark soldier. He was standing on the ledge, fear pulsing off him with a sweet tang.

“Get away from us,” Danny said. Mana admired his nakedness and the long organ between his legs that had used her so well.

“You don’t mean that,” she said, using the full power of her yellow-green eyes on him. Her breasts bounced above the waves under her silky coral hair. “Come in and play with us.”

She glanced back to where Quinara’s dark head was below the water, stripping the man’s pants off. She used her hands to grip his erect penis with the little suction cups on her fingers. He moaned. She began kissing and sucking his balls and licking around and around the tip of his cock.

“Your friend is playing,” Mana said. “We won’t hurt you.” It was a blatant lie.

Danny clenched his fists, his cock starting to swell of its own accord. He watched Mana’s breasts peek out of the water and Quinara’s dark head as she sucked on Sam’s cock below the surface.

“Viens ici… Come, please,” Mana said, her voice a little unsteady. Her languages were slipping up again. She wanted this one badly.

Mana began to pump her tail in circles and she wriggled her upper body, unconsciously performing a mating ritual. She stopped in shock. She could not allow herself to mate in bond until her 100th tidespan. She definitely couldn’t bond with a land man without risking death from her people or his.

She wanted to take this one home with her and keep him in the depths of the ocean. Instead, she and her sisters would lavish him with his heart’s desires before he gifted them with his life.

“I..” Danny was wavering, his desire for her warring with his need to get him and Sam to safety.

Mana hummed a mersong in their high-pitched language, blending the call of the sparkling water, the sun reflecting off the glistening sea, and seagulls drifting on the wind. It was a song for sailors to come exploring and it had lured much stronger men than this soldier. Sam’s moans punctuated the air as Quinara worked on him.

Danny shuddered and took three steps towards the water until his toes were on the edge. Mana’s nipples sharpened to points and her sex tingled in anticipation of making him hers.

To her shock, the man clenched his fists and stopped.

“No.” he gasped, “Stay away from me, you… ” His eyes were glazed with a mix of desire and horror. He couldn’t bring himself to say what she was.

“Mer?” She reached out to touch his naked toes, singing in her language about what she would do to him if she had him in her bed. She sucked on the tip of his big toe then licked the space between his toes.

Impatient, Mana used her tail to jump above the water, grab Danny’s knees and pull him in. The water muffled his yell.

Deep below, she could see him struggling to swim up and tutted in annoyance that humans panicked when it would serve them to conserve their energy and air. She reached out to him. He gripped her arms, his eyes falling to her naked chest then widening as they dropped to her tail.

Mana cupped his strong jaw and sang to him of waters so deep the pressure felt like a massage as you moved, of places with no light where you used your ears and mouth to taste the water.

When she bent to kiss his pursed lips, she opened them and breathed air into his mouth. Her tongue tangled in his. She wove an air spell, something that Merpeople had very little power over, but it would last the night.

He smiled in wonder as he took a deep gulp of water and it formed into air in his lunges. He laughed. He looked wonderful with a smile. He was too serious above ground, she could tell.

She felt a momentary pang that he was to be their sacrifice for her younger sister’s Eventail where they would dance under mother moon and he would make love to a virgin. Then they would kill him, the blood of the earth mingling with the blood of the sea.

“Come,” she whispered. She had faith he would follow her as they swam to the surface.

Quinara and the golden man were not in the water any longer. When she and Danny broke the surface, they saw that Quinara’s tail was off and she was bent over a rock on the ledge of the cave. The man’s face was deep in her pussy from behind, and he was alternating licking her tight asshole and deep into her pink slit. His hands spread her buttocks wide as she knelt on shaky legs. Her heavy breasts were pressed hard against the rock. She held the edges and closed her eyes in rapture.

“Si! Oh yes! Please!” she was screaming and switching from land talk to Mer, gasping in high keening sounds that meant pain and pleasure found only on the earth. The man was so engrossed in his lover that he didn’t notice Mana and Danny, but Danny’s cock had sprung up upon watching her sister and his hands, seemingly of their own accord, felt Mana’s tits, squeezing them and brushing across her nipple.

Mana whispered in his ear as she felt for his hard length, stroking it.

“You like watching your friend fuck my sister,” she said, hoping she used the word fuck correctly like she had heard it from him. “You can have her and me both if you come with us.” Danny gasped as Mana lowered herself, kissing along his body and taking his hard cock in her mouth.

On the rock, the land man had licked Quinara’s asshole one last time, stabbing his tongue deep in the crevice between her cheeks. He leaned back to position his cock at her tight asshole and began to push his way inside. Quinara gasped in surprise and swore as he violated her tight, untried hole, pushing forward as he held her hips steady.

“Come on baby, that’s right, open for me” he said, groaning as his head popped through her opening. He waited, inching forward slowly. He was very large and Quinara whimpered then moaned as he reached around her to tickle the sweet sensitive spot at the tip of her pussy.

He groaned as he pushed further in her ass, spreading her cheeks wide, and spanking one with a sharp crack.

“Yes, oh yesss.”

Quinara was moaning, whimpering and shuddering. He began to move a little faster and harder, eyes closed in ecstasy as he forced her tight asshole wide open with his thick length. He pushed his whole cock into her ass and lifted her torso so he could play with her large, fleshy tits. He began pumping harder, grinding, feeling her tits bounce with one hand as he made her cum with the other.

Quinara screamed as he lost all control and rammed her hard, pulling fully out of her ass and then back in. She came with a sob, loving the pain and the sharp warmth of his hand on her clit. He pumped a few more heavy thrusts, then yelled out, convulsing as he poured his cum into her ass, claiming it as his.

He fell on top of her on the hard floor, his cock still jerking in her spread hole, his head buried in her black hair. He turned his head towards the ocean where Danny’s face was screwed up in ecstasy as Mana worked his turgid cock in her mouth under the water. She sucked and pulled and he gripped her head, her hair spilling upwards under his hand. He groaned and pushed deep in her throat as he came.

Mana smiled in satisfaction as she swallowed his salty semen down her throat. He’d follow them anywhere they wanted now. He was hers.

For some reason, the three of us didn’t get together for a couple of days after that “incident” in in the bathroom. It wasn’t that we were avoiding each other, by any means. In fact, my relationship with my sisters seemed to be better than ever. Marie had usually ignored me mostly, and Bree and I weren’t the type to be chatting with each other very much. But now, Bree was constantly around me, hanging out in my room or in the living room, and she seemed to want to talk endlessly with me about anything.

Marie seemed to perk up as well around me. We weren’t just eyeing each others’ bodies either, it was a warm and friendly type of demeanor. It was like the three of us were really good friends now. And we owed it all to something as silly as masturbating together.

Bree’s leg healed up nicely, but she didn’t go running with Marie for a few days. The day after she hurt herself, Marie didn’t do her usual morning run because she had to do some errands with Mom. Bree had gone off to the lake with her friends, and of course Dad was at work, so I had the house to myself. I ended up sitting on my bed with my laptop, surfing porn and jerking off a nice big load into my stomach. I thought about Bree and Marie the entire time, though.

That night, no one came into my room and I didn’t venture theirs either. It was kind of strange but it felt like there was this lull to our excitement of watching each other masturbate. I fell asleep before I could make sense of it. The next morning I slept in, and to my pleasant surprise I was awoken by Bree pouncing on top of me.

“Hey!” I said, pushing her off of me playfully.

“Wake up, lazy,” Bree said, a very chipper tone to her voice this morning. “Everyone else is gone.”

For some reason that clued me in to what she could possibly be wanting from me. Sure enough, when I finally rolled over and saw her, she was completely naked. That got my morning wood sprouting quite nicely. She just sat on the end of my bed, absolutely no shame or embarrassment at being naked with me.

“Where’s Marie?” I asked, blatantly staring at her tits.

She shook them for my benefit and smiled. “She had to go do something for Mom cuz she was running late to work. She’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

I yawned and stretched, making my erection stand prominently underneath the covers. Bree pulled them aside, and when my penis came into view she licked her lips.

“You wanna go a round just the two of us?” I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

She nodded. “Yeah, I am really fucking horny.”

This was old hat by now, so it was totally no big deal to be reaching for my cock to stroke it while Bree spread her legs and starting rubbing her pussy. Our legs were touching, which was even more exciting for me. I really liked this view because I could see everything about her. I could see that she was already very wet, and I could even see her cute little butthole every once in a while as she starting humping into her hand.

“What did you think about Marie touching her ass?” I asked, referring to our previous session in the basement.

Bree was huffing already, but spoke as if this was a casual thing to be talking and masturbating with her brother.

“It was pretty hot,” she admitted, and then looked up at me instead of at my dick for a moment. “You want me to touch my ass for you?”

I could only nod, and my strokes got faster after hearing her say that. I watched as she opened her thighs even wider and gently separated her butt cheeks with each hand, first letting me see both her holes clearly. Then she licked her fingertip and touched it softly against her anal opening. She groaned quietly, and I wasn’t sure if she was putting on a show for me or she was actually enjoying it.

“You like that?” she cooed, her voice raspy and sensual. “You want to cum on my little butthole?”

Oh my god, she was being so slutty I was going to lose it already. “Oh yeah!”

She scooted closer, raising her legs over mine and resting her calves on my hips. She positioned her cunt only inches from my cock, and if I really tried I could have probably touched the tip against her clit. But I wasn’t sure she was ready for that. She was only trying to make it so I could aim and explode across her sexy body.

“Just keep stroking,” she said, her eyes glued to my dick. “When you’re ready, let it go all over me.”

I stroked even faster, eager to watch my cum paint her cunt and her belly. But she had invited my to cum on her asshole, and in this position that seemed almost impossible.

“Can I…cum on your…I mean, your butthole…I can’t…” I wasn’t sure how to word it.

She nodded. “You’re right, we want your cum on my ass, right? Ok, well see if you can get the tip right up against my hole when you cum.”

That nearly sent me over the edge, but I held off by sheer desire to actually touch my cock against her sweet little asshole.

“So…I’m cumming…in your ass or on it?” I asked, genuinely confused in this state of arousal.

Bree’s face lit up, and she got that devilish smile. “Ooh, you wanna cum in there? I’ll let you. You can put the tip inside and let it squirt up in my ass. Oh god, that would be so hot!”

I spat on my fingers and rubbed it on the tip of my cock. I got it nice and wet, knowing I wouldn’t need to stroke it very much longer before I blew. I leaned forward just a bit, and Bree lifted her ass off the bed just enough to get my pillow under her hips. She pulled her legs back and spread her ass for me nice and wide. It was obscene the way she was displaying herself for me, her own brother. And her tight little sphincter looked so delicious, I couldn’t wait to do what she was asking of me.

“Do it, Kevin,” she begged, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

“I don’t even think I need to jerk off,” I admitted. “I’ll probably cum as soon as I get it in there.”

She was excited by that thought, I could tell. She started playing with her clit again, and it only made the obscene display even more arousing. I aimed my cock down at her tight little hole, which would be stretching impossibly to fit my thick cock in mere seconds. I gently touched the tip against her hole, and she purred.

“This is so naughty,” Bree said, raggedly. “Don’t tell Marie we did this. It’ll be our secret.”

I smiled. That would actually be kind of fun. And maybe Marie and I would have our own secrets that Bree didn’t know about.

I pushed softly, and her anus fought me for a moment. It didn’t want to let my invading meat enter her tight passage. I was just going to put the tip in, it wasn’t like I was going to actually fuck her ass or anything. I got more saliva on my dick, and my precum was also helping lube her up. This time when I pushed, her ass gave a little and I slipped in about an inch.

I just stared down at my cock head almost completely disappearing into my little sister’s ass. Bree was going wild on her clit, making her ass clench. She pushed me right back out of her ass, but I was quick to get back inside. I slipped in about two inches this time. She groaned.

“Is that ok?” I asked, concerned that maybe I had hurt her.

She nodded. “Yeah, keep going. It feels really sexy. Oh god, Kevin, I think I like it in the butt…”

That did it, and I couldn’t help but weakly thrust my hips forward as I came hard in Bree’s butt. I slid in another inch and was not quite halfway inside of her when I exploded. I felt the sharp bursts of semen squirt into her butt, and I was lost in the pleasure of her tight ring clenching onto me as I came. I moaned as I emptied myself into Bree, and soon she joined me in climax. She cried out and her hand was a blur on her clit. We shared a wonderful orgasm together, for the first time actually joining our bodies. It felt so good, I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep from repeating this in the near future.

I was still inside of her when it was over, and we were both panting. Bree was absently playing with herself still, and I really didn’t want to leave her tight warm ass. We looked at each other finally, and I could tell Bree was still aroused.

“You want to…?” she asked.

I just nodded, knowing exactly what she was asking.

I pushed my cock further into her, and felt her ass split apart around me. Her hole was nice and slimy now, painted with my copious load of sperm. She gasped as I stretched her tiny little hole with my thick shaft. When I was all the way in finally, I just stayed there and tensed my dick as hard as I could. It felt really good to be inside of her, and it was the first ass I had ever fucked. Bree moaned and continued masturbating.

“It’s really nice,” she said with her eyes closed. “I think I can cum again.”

“Do it,” I said. “Want me to hold it here, or fuck you?”

She glanced at me only long enough to say, “Fuck me.” Then she closed her eyes again and focused on her pussy.

I moved in and out of her slowly, gently even. Her ass was so tight I was afraid it might hurt her. I pulled my dick out of her ass just long enough to take in the sight of her abused little butthole leaking some of my cum, and then I pressed back into her. It felt so good, so right, to be fucking her, I almost forgot that this was my own sister and what we were doing was totally wrong.

She came, as promised, and a trickle of clear fluid seeped down from her cunt to my cock. She squirted! That really spurred me on, and I started fucking her harder. She looked up at me with a look of pure pleasure, a helpless and hungry look that told me she would take anything I could give her. I thrust into her ass like an animal whose only instinct was to fuck and claim what was mine.

I loved watching my dick disappear into her hole, and the way her pussy was clenching every time I slid back into her bowels. The forbidden nature of this act, aside from the incest, was really getting to me. I had cum only minutes earlier, but I was ready to go again.

“Inside?” I asked, barely able to get the words out through my pleasure.

She was huffing right along with me. “Yeah,” she managed to say.

Finally, with an intense growl and a sharp thrust into her butt, I came hard again. My dick was so sensitive that it almost hurt when torrents of cum escaped my penis and filled her insides for the second time. I kept thrusting into her, pounding her ass and making it submit to me. Bree was whimpering now, maybe a bit from pain but ultimately she was simply submitting her body to me, letting me do whatever I wanted and getting off on the results.

When I finished firing off into her, I fell backward and slipped out of her ass. When I glanced down at her, still holding her legs spread apart in that position, her asshole was gaping wonderfully. My cum hadn’t escaped her yet, she was holding it all inside of her like that.

“Oh, Kevin,” she breathed. “I can’t believe we did that.”

Shit, was she regretting it?

“It was really nice,” I said, and prepared to try to calm her and assure her everything would be ok between us.

“That was way better than masturbating,” Bree said before I could. “Will you keep doing that to me?”

I could only smile and nod.


That night, since I was very satisfied already from the anal extravaganza that Bree and I had enjoyed, I didn’t bother to try to sneak into her room to play. I figured I would give her a break, and truthfully I wasn’t sure I could perform.

But there was a soft tap on my door after everyone had gone to bed. The door opened and closed quickly, and I could only see the outline of a person approaching in the dark. When it got closer, I could barely make out Marie in her camisole and pajama pants.

“Marie?” I sat up in bed, squinting until my eyes adjusted.

“Hey,” she said, and tiptoed right up to my bed. “Are you sleeping?”

“Obviously not,” I answered. I was naked under the covers, but I wasn’t exactly worried about her seeing me like this. “What’s up?”

“Well…” She came and sat on the end of my bed, and I had a flashback of Bree sitting right there this morning. “It’s just been a few days is all, and…”

I couldn’t help but smile to myself, and to my surprise I started to get an erection.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied. “You haven’t gotten off by yourself?”

She shook her head. “I’ve been…saving it up, kinda.”


She shrugged. “I dunno, I don’t really enjoy it by myself as much as with you and Bree.”

I didn’t bother to ask why she didn’t go to Bree first. I knew she liked cock better than pussy, after all. I pulled aside the covers to expose myself to her, and she smiled when my dick came into view.

“I already played with her earlier today,” I said, holding back the details. “So I’m kinda spent, but I can try to keep up.”

Marie pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. She stood up on my bed and pulled her pants down, and when they got past her knees she started to get wobbly on the mattress and fell forward. She landed right on me, her hands bracing her against my chest but her stomach landing right on my boner. It didn’t hurt, but the sudden connection was a bit awkward.

“Sorry,” she said, fumbling to get off of me so she could finish undressing.

“Admit it, you enjoyed that,” I joked.

She seemed to wink at me, or at least that’s what it looked like in the dark. “Maybe.”

“Hey, remember how you said you liked it in the butt?” I asked boldly. I honestly wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but it seemed logical to try to proceed that way with her like I had with Bree.

“Yeah, so?”

“Do you wanna do some butt stuff with me?”

There was a short silence as she considered what I might be asking of her. Maybe she wondered if I meant for her to touch herself, or rather for us to touch each other. By the slim chance that she would actually agree to the latter, I didn’t say anything else.

“What did you have in mind?” she finally asked.

“I dunno. But if it’s something you like, we should do it.”

“Kevin…” She raised up onto her knees, and I could make out her small tits quite clearly. “You know we can’t…have sex, right?”

I shrugged. “Hey, that wasn’t what I was suggesting.”

“I mean,” she corrected herself, “we can’t do anything that involves you cumming inside of me. Inside my pussy, that is.”

I tried to hide my excitement as her words revealed to me that she may be up for something more than just touching ourselves. But I played it cool.

“I don’t intend to do that,” I assured her. “But…Bree and I…we’ve kinda taken it a bit farther already.”

I hadn’t meant to share that much with Marie, but it seemed like it would be in my favor to get a bit of a rivalry going between my two sisters. I knew Marie was competitive like that, always trying to best her little sister in anything they both tried.

Marie leaned forward a bit, and I felt her inner thighs on the top of my leg. She practically hovered over me, getting closer in some sort of sensual gesture like she was having a hard time keeping herself from pouncing on me. That had to be a good sign.

“What did you two do, exactly?” she asked, and her voice was already raspy.

I grabbed my dick and started stroking. “She let me put the tip in her ass and I came there. Twice, actually.”

Suddenly I felt Marie’s fingers on the hand that was stroking my cock. She moved them further down and pushed my own fingers out of the way so she could grab my erection and gently touch it. I groaned as I felt her feminine grasp on my penis.

“You two are fucking perverse,” she said, in a sexual whisper that dripped with desire. “I can’t let you two get away with that, without getting a piece myself.”

My dick lurched in her hand. “You really want me to put it in your ass too?”

Her face was right in front of mine, and she was jerking my cock right up against her cunt. I could feel the tip brush against her slick bare vagina as she pulled on it.

She whispered in my ear, “I love getting fucked in the ass.”

I could not have wanted her any more than I did at that moment. I thought she was going to kiss me, the way her cheek dragged along mine as she moved back to a sitting position. To my surprise, Marie crouched down and lowered her face to my crotch. I was in heaven as I felt the warmth of her breath and the lovely wetness of her mouth on my penis. Her tongue snaked out and licked at it first before she sucked the shaft down into her throat. In only a few movements, she had buried me in her face. Her nose touched my stomach just below my belly button.

I groaned heavily, and for the next few minutes I was amazed at how good a person could feel. It wasn’t just the pleasure of her mouth and tongue working against my cock, licking and sucking at it and coating it with saliva. It was the reality that this was my older sister doing this to me, and wanting to do it more than any girl has ever wanted to before.

“Do you like that I’m sucking your cock,” she said, “after it’s been in Bree’s ass?”

My god, I hadn’t even thought of that! She was right, she was sucking the same penis that had invaded Bree’s naughty little anus and filled it to the brim with hot cum. I grunted as she throated me again, and I felt her fingers graze under my balls to stroke me there in that wonderful place.

“Now you want me ass, right?” she asked, though she didn’t need to.

She sat up and hovered herself over me, not letting me move even an inch. She positioned her hips over mine, and aimed my dick straight up. I watched, and felt, as Marie sank her ass onto my cock, letting it slide up into her tight butthole and go deep into her bowels. She moaned as she did this, rubbing her pussy as well but focusing on getting me inside of her ass.

“Oh, Marie…” I couldn’t even say anything as she did this, it felt so good. I was now fucking the second ass I had ever fucked, and in the same day that I had my first.

After I was deep inside of her, and I could feel her body resting on mine, Marie started to masturbate. She rubbed her clit softly at first, gently grinding her hips on me and letting her ass undulate on my cock. She sped up her movements until she was panting and rubbing her cunt hard, pawing at it hungrily. This was the best sex I had ever had, and fortunately I wasn’t about to cum too soon. I could thoroughly enjoy it for as long as I could endure.

She cried out as she climaxed on me, and her ass clenching on me as her pussy convulsed made me almost lose it. Just like Bree, to my delight, Marie squirted a small stream of clear liquid onto my stomach. God, that was so sexy, feeling the warmth of it spread across my belly. My bed would be a mess, but I couldn’t care less right now.

“God, Kevin!” she exclaimed. “I can’t stop cumming!”

I grabbed her hips and held her down onto me. She mashed her ass onto my cock, as if she was trying to stuff more and more of it inside herself. I felt like I was reaching up into her gut with my cock. The inside of her ass was rubbing me so wonderfully, just slightly different than a pussy would. It reminded me how naughty and forbidden this was, and how good it was going to feel to let my cum paint her insides. I remembered how Bree’s ass had looked after I plowed it, all stretched out and gaping. Seeing my cum run out of her abused little hole was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and picturing Marie’s ass doing the same finally sent me over the edge.

I threw my head back and let out a loud groan as I spewed up into Marie’s butt. She smiled as she felt my tense up and lurch inside of her, and I came with enough force that she probably felt it squirting around in her bowels. She clenched her ass as hard as she could around my dick, and just held onto me as I enjoyed her body.

I collapsed back onto my bed, and Marie stayed on top of me. She wasn’t going to let my dick escape her tight ass. She gently stroked my chest as I caught my breath. I pawed at her tits in return. It felt like we had crossed a barrier that even Bree and I hadn’t crossed yet.

I have an obsession for everything anal and think about it often. I only write for the sake that maybe someone else will enjoy it or be inspired by it, nothing more. I have a strong desire to share my dirty thoughts with those willing to enjoy them.

This story serves as a myriad introduction to what I think about, if you like it, there’s a theme, and variation, but if you don’t like it, no worries.


Foundation to an ass obsessed girl is releasing control of all things anal. An anal slut should crave something in her ass all of the time, a constant presence, at a minimum tenderness. A good girl will wear a plug up her ass 90% of the time. My first experience with 24/7 plugging was a disaster, it was nasty and unpleasant, he wasn’t the right man to introduce me. The next lover that was interested also introduced me to enemas. To be plugged often, there must not be shit. Pull a nasty plug out and you won’t want to put it back in.

But then I fell in love with the ritual, the pain, embarrassment, this aroused me. I craved bigger and bigger enemas and more frequent. Now I desire a gallon three times a day. I am disappointed anytime I shit without it being induced by my daddy. If absolutely nothing else it should be induced by a laxative, preferably natural.

I want this man to control my every anal move, and therefore my bowels, therefore my diet. I do not want to eat without his approval. I see no excuse to overweight sub missives. Inside every fat girl is a skinny girl that just needs a few months of diet and daily enemas. My daddy punishes me if I gain weight or fail to lose. He punishes me for infractions of rules set. I can’t just lose weight and receive his approval, I have to care for myself as well. Every week he weighs me and measures me. Now I have no idea what makes me tick, I respond to it and acknowledge it, but he likes to see me in pain, he enjoys seeing me suffer. It turns me on, so I play along and encourage him to think of more twisted things.

He enjoys filling me up with a gallon of warm water, plugging me. He rubs my nipples as it fills me and my pussy pours. By the time I’m full he’s ready to fuck me on all fours. He likes to wrap his hand around my belly and feel me cramp, he holds my face against the floor and fucks me as hard as it takes to make me clench in pain. I like something in my mouth, either his thumb or the plug I’ll be wearing afterwards. I love my ass but I have three horny holes.

I want my ass filled all the time, it calms me, focuses me, puts everything into perspective. At the end of the day I’m going to be on my knees full of water, I’ll sleep in my warm bed with my ass stretched, and my clit will be swollen. I adore my snake bite kit; I put a cup right on my clit every day. I plan to get some sort of string set up to tie my nipples tight often, but I haven’t found the right thing yet.

He doesn’t make me do anything, we know that, I hear all the time, master made me do this, or that or I was forced, no I wasn’t. I wanted it, it turns me on and I want him to experience it with me. By myself I don’t push myself, I can say I would, but I don’t. Ill clean myself 3 or 4 times a week, and Ill crave discipline. I’ll think all of the rules I want to be given, so when a special someone has the same quirks, I give myself whorishly to him.

I text him every time I eat, if he decides I am out of line I’m sent home to give myself an evening of enemas. Sometimes I’m given treats if I progress, but if I have something without blessing I will spend 4 hours in the bathroom. He knows I can’t immediately start, but when I get home I’m to eat 10 prunes and put a glycerin suppository in my ass. I have 15 minutes to prepare myself before I must use the bathroom, I will cramp terribly and go. Once there I must continue the process. Once there I take all of my clothes off and put a cup on my clit. I push all the air out of it so it’s very tight on it and hurts.

The first 2 quarts are never bad, I get excited, I put the bag high so it rushes into me quickly. The second bag it hard, I cramp, I get dizzy, and I know it’s because I want to be fucked so bad. To be fucked in three days and wear my plug as he wants, I must follow through today. I don’t lie to him, if he tells me I deserve three enemas tonight, I do them. If I don’t I won’t be in the head space he expects me to be in, and our next play won’t be as good.

Today I am hoping he will have me eat lots of prunes, I couldn’t have an enema yesterday due to dehydration. He wasn’t mad, normal people drink too much sometimes, but today I have to spend extra time. I must do 2 enemas tonight, and I can’t wait. I hope he straps me until my ass changes colors, he’ll get half mast when I undress, he’ll be hard when my ass is red, but he won’t want to fuck me right until Im bruised, approaching purple and crying. I’ll push my ass up for more, I won’t struggle, I’ll ask for more no matter what. I always tell myself, when I don’t want any more I must think I want more and I want it harder, and the more I think it, I must also say it. In my worst moment he will still have my slutty ass wanting more, until he is ready to move on. He knows when I drive to work in the morning I want a solid sore ass on my seat, I want to know I was spanked good. I want a big plug, glass, so big it spreads my cheeks when I set, I don’t like plastic plugs, I like the low profile of glass, and I like that you can see in them and see how open I am.

I look forward to the examination, he rewards me, but I so look forward to my stats, how did I do. I did my best, but how did I do, and he’s a sadist. I always need an assfucking and he wont get hard until he hears crying. This is my ass obsession, it’s the daily erotic relationship I have with my ass.

It was three days since Cheryl Cole had her arse tattoo completed when she received a call from her tattooist asking her to see him immediately. Worried she got in her car and set off imagining the worst, the ink was going to react or something to that effect, she was aware her arse felt sore almost like it was bruised all over.

The tattoo parlour she used was nothing special, a discreet little place run by a short balding middle aged man perhaps slightly overweight called Dave who also did the tattoos. She used it as the paparazzi wouldn’t be looking for celebs in a place usually used by middle class men going through a mid-life crisis. She got there and Dave invited her in with a cheerful smile that confused her given the circumstances of her visit seemed quite inappropriate “come in my dear please take a seat.”

“Let’s not waste time Dave you said this was urgent so give me the news, is everything safe?” Cheryl asked him her thick Geordie accent

“Oh yes everything went perfectly, this wasn’t my first time you know.”

“Then why was I called in?” she said worry turned to anger at having her time wasted.

“Yes to business. I have something to show you that you may prefer did not make its way to the press.” Smirking he handed Cheryl an ipad and watched as her pretty face turned into a picture of anguish. What she saw was a file of pictures called Cheryl’s arse and when she finally summoned up the courage to click on it there were at least twenty different photos both before and after the tattoo of her arse in all kinds of positions. One with her cheeks spread revealing a perfect view of her puckered little asshole and another with the words I am a slut written over her ass in whipped cream but by far the worse was one where she had been flipped over showing the world possibly the most fantasized about pussy in Britain if not the world. She realized with Horror that while she was knocked out (she had specifically requested to be unconscious during the procedure to avoid any pain) Dave had utilized the opportunity to snap as many humiliating pictures as possible.

“You utter bastard!” she yelled more angry than she has ever been before “what the fuck Dave I trusted you and this how you repay me, I could fucking kill you.”

“I would show a bit more respect if I was you, your career is completely in my hands as I’m sure you realize. Just clarify I have various backups, full body shots so no one can claim fake and those you can see are just a sample. You were out for quite a while little lady.” he said with a satisfied smirk that made Cheryl hate him even more.

“FUCK YOU!” she screamed burning with rage.

“Now I have two options and it’s completely up to you which one I pick. I can sell these pictures to the lads mags for so much money I never have to lift a finger again or you pay me so much money I never have to lift a finger and let me inject that arse of yours a few more times if you catch my meaning.” he said with a wink.

Cheryl fell silent for a good 10 minutes after he said this with her head in her hands softly sobbing unable to believe she had been so foolish, what did she expect to happen leaving her semi naked unconscious body alone with one man? No she thought this isn’t my fault I trusted him as a professional how could I predict he would be such a perv, he always seemed so nice. Eventually she looked him in the eye and pleading said

“I will give you £3 million and a hand-job if you delete all the images right now in front of me.”

“Sorry Cheryl but I’m afraid after admiring that arse of yours all this time I can settle for no less.”

Dejected she realized she had to agree. She could leave and report him but by then the pictures would be out and she would be a laughing stock, besides she couldn’t bear the idea of Knowing every time she walked down the street almost every straight man she saw would have jacked off to those accursed photos.

“god damn you Dave.” she almost whispered her voice lost in the sound of sobbing “if you are to fuck my arse you are only getting £1 million.” she added fully aware this compromise gained her little but she still couldn’t just accept without putting up a token resistance.

“That’s my girl.” bleated Dave gleefully “you know I’m not a complete monster.”

“That’s not how I see it.” she retorted

“Think about it, I could easily have fucked you while you were unconscious and then sold the photos to the press but I didn’t I gave you the choice.”

“So I am supposed to be grateful you didn’t rape me but blackmailed me instead? Fuck you.”

“I intend to, enough delaying go stand in the corner there by the chair were I first saw that marvelous arse and strip.” he commanded. Unsteadily she walked over to the corner and began to strip. First to go were her leopard print designer heels and cute little sock, Dave wasn’t much of a foot man but even he could appreciate the cute little things at the end of Cheryl’s famously flawless legs. The legs were soon exposed as she removed her simple black leggings leaving her arse covered only by a pink frilly thong that did little hide Dave’s prize from him. When she went to remove them Dave barked an order.

“NO leave them for last. I want to see something new, namely your famous tits.” so she removed her jacket and shirt but faltered before removing the Bra unwilling to let this pervert join the select group of men to have seen every inch of her flesh. “Bit shy?” he asked and she gave him a look that could kill. “Take it off or I will.” he said rubbing his cock as he said it. Hating herself more every second she undid the clasp of her bra letting him see her perfect 34c tits. He couldn’t believe his luck. The pictures from magazines of her in a low cut top or bra had always got him excited but seeing them in person made him so hard he thought he would rip his jeans. They were perfect in size neither too big nor too small with little to no sag and capped with adorable little pointy pink nipples that have often been photographed pocking through her clothes. “Now bend over the chair and get ready, this is when the fun begins.”

He slowly walked over to Cheryl and when he got up close delivered five strong slaps to Cheryl’s still thong covered arse. She screamed so loudly he was worried someone would call the police as her arse was still sensitive to the touch after the tattoo. “oh my poor darling.” he cooed with mock sincerity “lets rub it better.” he then proceeded to rub her ass for a couple of minutes before removing her thong slowly. To his great surprise and delight he found the thong to be wet from her juices. “You little slut, I bet you couldn’t wait for a chance to get some attention off a guy like me could you?”

“What! I don’t want this you sicmmmphh!” she was silenced suddenly as with almost super natural speed Dave took her panties and gagged her with them forcing her to taste herself whilst he shoved himself balls-deep into her eager pussy. “Oh god!” she moaned through her gag in obvious pleasure

“I knew you wanted it slut.” he said laughing as she pushed her hips back against the invading member. For her part Cheryl was in a state of shock not just because of the sudden violation but she could feel that Dave had a cock bigger than any man she had ever been with length of at least 8 inches and a width the size of her wrist, and she had just agreed to have it in her arse! Slowly he withdrew leaving her feeling empty. “I must say that is quite a piece of art if I do say so myself.” he said admiring the tattoo “but it the rose bud concealed within I am more interested in.” he joked whilst prying open her cheeks. He lined himself up with her puckered pink arsehole when Cheryl shouted

“Use lube you dick head or it will never go in!” she received a volley of quick spanks for her troubles that reduced her once again to tears. He did however disappear in search of something to use as lube. He returned shortly after with the whipped cream that he had written on her with previously.

“This should be fun.” he said whilst spraying the cream all along her crack. He then proceed to eat the cream out of her arse whilst reaching forward and fondling her breasts, tweaking and playing with her nipples causing her to moan involuntarily. When all the cream was gone and she was wet with saliva Dave sprayed some cream on his cock and got cock to face with the Geordie beauty. “You know what to do if you want lube.” he whispered in her ear whilst pushing his penis against her lips. Without a word Cheryl went crazy licking all-round the cock bobbing up and creating as much suction as humanly possible to make him cum in the hope of avoiding her upcoming anal torture. A minute in he pulled her off him by her hair proceeded to cum all over her face and hair then rubbed his own jizz in her hair saying “it took a lot of planning to get you here, but I’d say your worth it.” before slapping her in the face with his cock “if you think that saved your arse you’re wrong, just means I can go longer before I cum.”

“Please Dave you are too big I won’t cope, it will rip me in half, it was painful just with your tongue before.” she pleaded as he lined his saliva covered cock up with her saliva covered hole.

“Cheryl why would I care if it hurts you as long as it’s good for me?” he asked brutally forcing his first inch through her vice like ring making her cry fresh tears and bite down on the chair to avoid screaming again “but I will give you something to take your mind off things.” he said inserting three fingers in her sensitive pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb causing her to squirm uncomfortably against the unwanted pleasure he was making her feel. This wasn’t right, Cheryl had always been a tough lover to satisfy that was one of the reasons Ashley played away, he couldn’t make his wife cum even with a big black cock. So why on earth was she feeling such mind blowing ecstasy at Dave’s fingering? was it his skill? did she find the situation arousing? whatever the case it seemed likely this would be the first time a man succeeded in making her cum since the late 90′s. “When were you last fucked back here? You are tight as nun.”

“Only….done once…by Ashley.” she gasped between shrieks of alternating pain from her arse and pleasure from her pussy. “He said it seemed to hurt me so stopped.”

“How sweet.” mocked Dave whilst forcing his cock three quarters in resulting in a shriek from Cheryl loud enough to shake the heavens. It wasn’t a scream of pain however, but pleasure. The deep penetration combined with Dave’s skillful fingering had pushed her over the edge causing an explosive orgasm. Now Dave focused purely on his own pleasure removing his fingers from her pussy and, after licking her juices off his hand, with each hand powerfully grabbed her hips and proceeded to pound her arse mercilessly. Due to Cheryl having made him cum once already he was able to keep this up for 10 minutes before shooting his seed up her warm velvety passage. He withdrew slowly and then admired the large gaping hole he had left in the place of her once tight rectum.

“Well Mrs Cole that was a very productive session.” he said in a soft voice pocketing her bra and thong. “You may collect your things and leave” he said deleting the pictures off the Ipad. “Oh by the way I had no backups, you could have avoided all this deleting these when you arrived he said with a grin like the Cheshire cat.

“Fuck you Dave.” she said wearily whilst getting dressed. “If I never see you again it will be too soon.” Dave couldn’t help but laugh at the awkward way she walked when she left and the white stain forming by her arse on her leggings as his cum oozed out of her abused hole.

“I expect my pay soon, 3 million no less.” he said and she just turned and gave him the finger before leaving without saying a word.

Cheryl left her self-esteem in tatters as well as her arsehole. The whole drive home she was cursing herself for getting herself in that situation and then going along with that sick pervs deal. She wasn’t sure her hole would ever recover and the emotional scares she knew never would but worse than all that was the fact she had cum. She had cum harder than she had cum in years with a near stranger’s mammoth cock in her arse and fingers in her pussy. At that moment she was the happiest she had been for so long. She made herself sick, what was wrong with her? why did it take a near rape scenario to make her cum when kind tender lovers had failed?

She had barely been home for 10 seconds when she got an E-mail from Dave. Not knowing what to expect she opened it to find a 40 minute video of her degrading ordeal taken from various hidden cameras around the room. Dave’s face was blurred and unrecognizable but there was no mistake as to who the dirty slut having her ring stretched by his massive member was. The text with it simply read “Mrs Cole. I have you scheduled for 15 injections a month for the foreseeable future. You don’t want to miss them. Yours truly Dave.”

Author’s note: This is a work of fantasy and as a result doesn’t conform to the limitations of reality (safe sex, physics of anal sex, etc). That’s why it’s erotic fiction rather than a user manual.

Feedback and voting is always very much appreciated. Thanks!

It had started like any other night at work.

But now here he was, in the backseat of a stretch limo, sodomizing Kim Kardashian as she screamed her approval.

“That’s it, baby! That’s it! Make me your fucking whore!

Calvin could hardly believe it. It just wasn’t possible. But as he leant forward to squeeze her infamously huge tits – all the while fucking her notoriously phat ass – he looked back over the night, thinking of how he’d come to be here.

The evening started with a call from Cal’s boss telling him that the special guest DJ had called in sick for that night’s set.

“You’d really be saving my ass if you could fill in for him.” The boss said.

Of course Cal agreed. The pay on a Saturday night was over double what he got spinning discs during the week and the fact the boss asked him to fill in showed him that the owners had confidence in what he could do.

He showed up at the club at 10 and his set kicked off at 11. His booth was small and dark, but comfortable, and its position high above the dance floor allowed him full view of the crowd. He watched proudly as they reacted with excitement and joy whenever he dropped the next beat on them.

Living in LA and working at a nightclub, Cal had grown immune to being starstruck. He’d seen too many tween idols doing blow in the toilets and too many pint-size leading men picking fights to buy into the whole celebrity culture thing anymore.

A beautiful woman, however, is still a beautiful woman, and whenever a model or an actress or the latest ‘it’ girl came into party, Cal had to admit he’d sit up and take notice…not that they noticed him in return, sequestered as he was in the shadows of his booth.

Out of all the party girls, the rising stars, the celubtantes – or celubutards, depending on your opinion – there was one that stood above all the others.

Kim Kardashian.

And she was downstairs now, on the floor, dancing to Cal’s beat.

Cal knew her well. How could anyone not in this modern culture? She was famous for the exact same reason Paris Hilton was. The generous answer was ‘for nothing’. The less generous answer would be for being a rich girl who got caught fucking on camera.

She had parlayed an entire career from that indiscretion, using the opportunity in such a canny fashion that it highlighted the difference between her and her former BFF Paris. Kim was shrewd. ‘Stupid like a fox’, the saying went.

It didn’t hurt that she looked the way she did. While Paris had a droopy eye and a strange nose and a blank look plastered all over her face, Kim had the kind of porn star dimensions that would drive any man wild, and just the smallest glint in her eye that she knew how to use them.

Not that any of this could be construed as admiration on Cal’s part. If anything, he was dubious about her and all that she represented. If asked point-blank, he might only reluctantly admit a passing attraction to her, despite her obvious superficiality.

Looking down at her, however, as she moved beneath the lights and shook that much-lauded booty of hers, he knew such denials were pointless. In the flesh, she was twice as gorgeous, and his entire body stirred at the very thought of her.

And then, as if she could sense his attention, she glanced up at his booth. Her eyes connected with his. She smiled a knowing smile.

Cal’s heart suddenly felt like a lightbulb at the moment of blowing out. It surged and burst. He looked away, strangely embarrassed, only to look back at her a second later. She was still staring up at him. Her eyes were teasing, her smile strangely intimate.

Another girl, presumably a friend of hers, tapped her on her shoulder, and just like that the connection was broken as Kim looked away. Cal let out a breath.

He focused on his decks and brushed the moment aside. With all the mirrored glass surrounding the booth, he wouldn’t be surprised if she was offering a flirtatious smile to her own reflection. He laughed to himself. Yeah, that seemed right. That was exactly what was going on.

An hour passed by. He’d lost sight of Kim completely and, if anything, he was relieved to be free of the distraction. With her tight, low-cut dress she was far too hypnotic a sight. If he wanted to prove himself to his boss tonight, he needed as few diversions as possible.

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door.

Cal turned around. His lightbulb heart burst a second time.

Kim was standing in the doorway of the booth in her revealing purple cocktail dress, her fuck-me pumps adding to her already impressive height. She was staring at him with the same teasing smile she’d offered him before.

“Uh…hi.” Cal said.

“Hi,” she replied. She didn’t wait for Cal to invite her in. Instead, she slinked into the booth and closed the door behind her. “I hope you don’t mind that I came up.”

“No, no…not at all. It’s cool. How can I help you?” Cal said. He absentmindedly hit the play button on the next track. That should give him enough time to have whatever conversation Kim had in mind.

“Do you take requests?” She asked, a question almost all DJs reacted to with utter annoyance.

“Sorry, no. Not that kind of club.” Cal said. Kim stepped forward, edging towards him, bringing that body of hers closer and closer to him.

She giggled.

“It’s not a music request.” She said. She drew so close to him that their lips were almost touching, then sidestepped him to stand next to him behind the decks.

“Then, uh…what kind of request is it?” Cal asked.

“It’s my birthday tomorrow. Actually…” she said, raising her wrist to look at her watch. The few seconds it took her to focus her eyes told Cal she’d been drinking. “…it’s after midnight…I’m officially a birthday girl.”

She looked up at Cal and grinned. “Help me celebrate?”

“Well, that depends. What did you have in mind?” If his heart had burst before, the lightbulb had flashed back into life now and was burning very bright and very hot.

“Usually it’d involve popping a bottle of champagne. But I feel like popping something else tonight…” She said, her Californian lilt ending in a drunken slur.

With the ruffling of silk she slid in between Cal and the console. Her body was now pressed firmly against his. Her constrained breasts pushed against his chest, the warmth of her crotch pressed against the hardness of his. She smelt like perfume and cocktails.

“Tell me something.” She said. Cal had to consciously ease the pounding of his heart to answer,

“Yeah?” He asked. For a moment, it seemed like she wasn’t going to say anything else. Instead, she moaned lightly as she ran her hands up and down his torso and played at his belt.

Finally, she spoke.

“Tell me…can you perform under pressure?”

Her fingers latched onto his fly, unzipping them, allowing her to dip her hand into his jeans and feel the already fully erect member that pulsed within.

“Oh, God…” Cal whispered in an urgent hush.

“That doesn’t answer my question.” Kim said with a mocking grin. She squeezed him through his boxers as if to entice him into responding.

“Uh, yeah, yeah…I can handle a bit of pressure…” He said, which prompted him to hit play on the second track he had lined up. The crowd on the floor below didn’t pause as their dancing matched the beat of the new song.

“That’s what I like to hear.” Kim said, pulling her hand free of his fly long enough to yank off his belt. She tugged his pants down and wrestled with his underwear, pulling his big, rubbery dick out to the sound of her moaning approval.

“Oh, yesss…” Kim murmured, running her hand up and down Cal’s shaft to asses the full length of him. “This is exactly what I wanted.”

She wrapped her hand around his dick, just below the ridge of the helmet, and squeezed tightly. Cal groaned, his hips jerking of their own accord.

“Just act like I’m not even here.” She said, offering him one last look at her twinkling eyes and mischievous smile before she dropped to her knees in front of him.

Stars pulsed in front of Cal’s eyes…or was that just the lights of the club? It was hard to tell. All he could think of was the incredible feeling of Kim Kardashian’s mouth as she parted her lips and sucked him down.

He stared out at the crowd below. From where they were standing they wouldn’t be able to see the raven-haired celebrity who was currently taking every inch of his cock and greedily wrapping her tongue around it. That thought alone sent another thrill racing through him.

“Jeeeeesus.” Cal sighed as Kim’s head bobbed on his shaft, her lips smacking and her cheeks slurping as she gave him the best blowjob he’d ever had.

She looked up at him, her chocolate brown eyes sparkling in the dark. She slipped his dick from her mouth, her fingers playing with the now slippery shaft.

“Don’t miss the beat, Mr DJ.” She said with a giggle, prompting Cal to grab his headphones. He had just enough time to line up another track, mixing the beat in with the song that was finishing.

Kim laughed at the slip. Obviously she loved how much of a distraction she’d proven to be.

“Very good!” She said, pumping his shaft with both hands as she slurped on the swollen head.

The excitement in Cal was building. It had been a while since he’d last been with a woman, let alone one was scorchingly hot – and sexually talented – as Kim. He tried focusing on the decks in front of him to keep from getting too excited too quickly.

Kim was tickling his balls and, feeling how tight they were, popped his shaft from her mouth to tease him.

“You gonna cum, Cal?” She asked. Like a playful cat, she rubbed her face against his hard, glistening cock, the engorged head running along her cheeks, over her nose, the underside of the shaft pressing against the entire left-side of her face. All the while, she cupped and squeezed his balls.

“N-no…” Cal said weakly, twisting knobs and pressing dials, desperately trying to ignore just how badly he wanted her, how much he hungered for his release.

“No?” Kim repeated with mock astonishment. “Are you saying I’m not a good cocksucker, Cal?”

“Not at all…” Cal breathed, hitting the play button on another song. He was starting to worry that she might have come to her senses and leave him blue-balled and embarrassed.

“So I’m a good cocksucker then?” Kim asked. She rubbed his cock against the other side of her face now, his balls pressing against her chin. She rolled her head back to flicker her tongue against the hole on his tight, purple helmet.

Very good.” Cal said, hoping that playing along and cajoling her would get her to finish what she started.

“The best?” She asked, now taunting him by skirting the tip of her tongue along the underside of his straining cockhead.

“The best!” He repeated desperately.

“That’s right…” She moaned. “I’m the best fucking cocksucker you’ve ever met. And you’re going to cum for me, aren’t you?” She reached a hand up and squeezed his shaft hard, almost painfully. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes!” Cal replied without hesitation.

“Then let’s make you cum, hmm?” She said with a big grin, before slipping his shining shaft between her lips once again. She knelt in front of him, simply holding him there in her mouth, smiling around his cock.

Cal jabbed at a few buttons in front of him, keeping the beat going, adding some samples. He could feel Kim’s hot mouth below the deck, sitting idly, content to do nothing more than envelope him.

He glanced down, curious as to why she wasn’t moving. Kim’s eyes smouldered back at him in a come-hither glance, his attention the cue she’d been waiting for to start corkscrewing her head, twisting her mouth around his member in an overwhelming tornado of sucking and licking.

Ssssllllrrpppp pppluuhhhpp ssqwlk Kim’s mouth popped and squelched as her hair whipped left and right, her mouth a whirlwind on Cal’s throbbing cock.

“Shhit!” Cal cursed, his ass clenching and his legs threatening to give out beneath him as Kim’s mouth twisted free of his shaft, allowing her to start tongue-lashing the underside of the twitching head.

Kim encircled both her hands around Cal’s cock and started jerking him off hard and fast, lathering his balls with her tongue.

“Give me your beautiful white load!” She hissed, his pubes tickling her nose. “I want to taste it! I want it on my tongue and slipping down my throat!”

Cal felt like the head of his shaft had never been so hard, never strained so tight. All his body was focused on this one moment, this one need. He knew. He knew he was at his limit.

Heat. Bubbling heat. It welled up from within him, streamed from his balls to explode in fat, milky fireworks from the tip of his cock.

“Fuuuuu—rrrgh! Fuuhh! Fuck!” He cried, his pelvis stabbing forward as he blasted hot and heavy into Kim Kardashian’s waiting mouth, her throat glugging as she swallowed Every. Last. Drop.

“Mmmmmm!” She moaned approvingly, her eyelashes fluttering as she looked up at him, her cheeks hollowed around his thumping dick. “Uuuummmnnnh!”

She opened her mouth to show the sheeny wad she’d collected on her wide tongue, the last splash of Cal’s jizz hitting her on her perfectly made-up lips and her eager tastebuds.

In her enthusiasm, she spilled a few drops of Cal’s load, letting it drip into the alluring chasm of her cleavage. She giggled at the warm, tricking feel of it before closing her full mouth and swallowing deeply.

“So tasty!” She enthused, before raising an eyebrow. “But you might want to pay a bit more attention.”

Cal was confused for a moment, overcome as he was by Kim’s mouth and the joy of his release. Finally, it managed to penetrate his orgasmic fog that the beat playing in the background was slowly fading, leaving the crowd below with nothing to dance to.

Cal scrambled, hitting ‘play’ just as the club full of people started expressing confusion as to what had happened to the music.

Kim grinned, Cal’s drizzling cock plopped on her cheek.

“I thought you said you could perform under pressure.” She said, placing a lingering kiss on his shaft’s burning head before she pulled his pants up, tucking him away again.

“You got your load, didn’t you?” Cal said with a cocky grin.

Kim laughed, offering him her hand to pull her up.

“I can still feel it warming my throat.” She whispered into his ear. Cal shuddered as she sucked the lobe before pulling away.

“Goodnight, Mr DJ,” she said, strolling over to the door. “Thanks for the champagne.”

“H-happy birthday!” Cal called after, unsure of what else to say.

She offered him a saucy wink, opening the door and slipping out of the booth, leaving Cal to wonder how the hell that had just happened. He was by no means unattractive, but he also wasn’t the kind of guy who got sucked off by random celebrities in public places.

With his entire body still tingling, Cal returned his attention to the dancefloor. He kept an eye out for Kim but didn’t see her again. Eventually he assumed she’d left the club.

Damn. I should have asked for her phone number.’ He thought to himself, his entire attitude to Kim Kardashian now dramatically altered.

By 3am Cal was wrapping up his set, the majority of the crowd having moved onto their various after-hours clubs. After he’d finished for the night, he tidied up, slung his bag over his shoulder and left out the backdoor, too tired to hang with the staff.

He usually took the backdoor to avoid the drunks that sometimes lingered outside the entrance. It was normally deserted except for a few of the employees’ cars. Tonight, however, was the first time he’d walked out to find a limo sitting there, waiting.

The window of the backseat whirred down and Kim Kardashian’s beautiful face materialised from the darkness within.

“Mr DJ!” She called with a smile, waving her hand to invite him over. “Want a lift?”

As Cal approached the limo, the door swung open. He looked left and right, checking to see if maybe there were some reality TV cameras or paparazzi hanging around or something, before he slid inside. The door slammed closed behind him.

He’d never been inside a limo before. There were two seats facing each other, both plush leather. Kim sat smiling warmly at him in the corner.

“Thanks,” he said. “For the lift. And, uh…you know…for before, too. That was the best—”

Kim put her index finger, gesturing for silence. She leaned forward, raising her voice to address the chauffer who sat quietly in the front of the car.

“Drive.” She told him before hitting the switch that rolled the privacy screen up. The car rumbled to life and pulled out of the alley, the lights of the streetlamps bouncing off its reflected windows.

“I don’t think I introduced myself properly before,” she said, returning her attention to Cal. “Kim Kardashian. And you are?”

She offered him her hand, which he took. He placed a gentle kiss on the back of it, the very picture of courtly decorum.

“Calvin,” he said. “Call me Cal.”

“Pleased to meet you, Calvin-call-me-Cal,” Kim said with a bemused giggle, before turning her attention to the limo’s mini-bar. “Would you like something to drink? Champagne, perhaps?”

She offered the last with a meaningful smile. Cal chuckled in return.

“Sounds good to me.”

Kim poured two glasses of champagne.

“Cheers.” She said, and they clinked their glasses together. As Cal sipped, he kept sight of Kim out of the corner of his eye. He wondered what exactly she had in mind.

“You know, Cal,” she said after swallowing a small mouthful of champagne. “You really do have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever sucked.”

Cal almost choked on his drink. He managed to avoid doing a spit-take only by gulping the champagne down. Kim grinned,

“It’s true. So big and thick and tasty. But fair’s fair, you know…”

“W-what do you mean?” Cal asked, his pulse racing for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

“I’ve seen yours,” Kim said, parting her legs. “Now it’s time for you to see mine.”

As you’d expect of a celubtante – and as Cal had hoped for – she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Her pubic hair was dark, of course, but fine. Wispy. It was obvious that she took meticulous care of it, shaped as it was in a perfect triangle pointing to her already wet pussy, the lips pink and moist.

Cal could feel a groan escaping from within his chest. Kim’s teeth flashed in a smile of dirty delight.

“Mine’s not like yours,” she said, her smile shifting into a mock pout. “It’s not big. It’s small and tight and very, very wet.”

She slipped a hand down, parting her pussylips open with her middle and forefingers. The beads of moisture sparkled as Kim ran her teasing fingers up and down her folds, skimming her clit and causing her thighs to tense.

“My tits, however,” she said, her free hand reaching up to squeeze and fondle her left breast. “…Now they are big. Don’t you agree?”

Cal nodded dumbly.

“Very big,” he replied. “Though it’s hard to say without getting a proper look.”

Kim laughed.

“True!” She said, her thumb hooking into the strap of her dress, playing with it. “Would you like to see them?”

“Very, very much.” Cal said. He sat staring at Kim without blinking or looking away. He wanted to record every second in his memory.

Her dazzling white smile shone at him again as she pulled the straps of her dress down, baring inch after inch of sloping breast flesh.

Eventually, so much was exposed that Cal guessed that she must have already removed her bra while she’d been waiting for him, if she’d even been wearing one to begin with…

Please excuse the traffic noise in this audio… I didn’t plan on posting when I recorded it… But you have been so kind, accepting, understanding, & tolerant of my incessant navel gazing, I thought you (& I) deserved a little fun fantasy….So ….here it is…

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (12 min/mp3)

* * * * *

I had a plan. It was a good one too, something we had discussed but I had been wary to try before we talked it out. But not tonight, tonight I was so ready for this. No fear, I thought as I set out my tools for the night: douche, lingerie set for him, dildo, paddle, nipple clamps, and pinwheel. When he comes in I hand him a towel and the douche and send him for a shower.

“Squeaky clean.” I tell him. Once he’s gone I slip into my tight corset style suspender belt and seamed black stockings. I slick my hair back into a tight bun and stain my lips with red lipstick then slide on my tall black boots and eye myself in the mirror. Damn, I look good. I think. I hear the shower turn off and I ready myself on the bed.

As he walks in I can see a visible bulge under the towel, he is definitely ready for me, I think smiling. I can feel my own slippery, wetness running down my thighs and I let my fingers play over my perky nipples. He stands in front of me holding the douche, his rock hard cock tenting the towel; he has a sheepish smile over his lips.

“Did you enjoy that my love?” I ask. He nods as I hold out my hand for the douche, he hands it to me and I grab the towel.

He stands naked before me, breathing a bit hard, his cock throbbing in anticipation. “Mistress…” he moans and starts toward me. I dodge out of his grasp.

“Not yet, pet.” I smile at him and reach into the drawer to reveal a set of black polka dot stockings, a black suspender belt, a flimsy pair of knickers and a pair of black heels with red ribbon. “I told you I had a surprise for you…it’s time for my little slut to dress the part.”

His eyes widen and his cock grows even harder, his hand moves to grab it but I grab the paddle and swat it away. “Hands. Off.” I tell him, I lay the garments on the bed and stroke his face…”baby, you’re gonna look so pretty all dresses up for me. Are you excited?”

“Yes, mistress.” he moans reaching up to touch my face. “Please, mistress…will you help me get dressed?”

“Of course, baby.” I have him sit on the bed and slide the stockings…he moans and his breathing grows more ragged. “How do they feel, baby?”

“Oh fuck me…” he breathes, “…so so good, mistress.” I kiss up his thighs and he reaches out a tentative hand to stroke my cheek.

“Hands off, baby.” I tell him, “otherwise you’ll be punished.” I stand him up and snap the suspender belt around his slim waist and clip on the stockings. His hands slide down the suspender belt and stockings, savouring the sensation. I help him pull the flimsy fabric of the knickers over his throbbing cock and tuck him into a bulge that reaches around his hip. I can feel myself getting more and more wet, my juices starting to run down my thighs. I take a bit on my fingers and hold the dampness in front of his lips…his tongue pokes out to taste but I stick my finger in my own mouth instead and he pouts. “Don’t pout baby, behave and mistress will give you a treat.”

I notice that his hardness has gone down a bit with the chill in the room so I use the opportunity to pick up a small box, “what…what is in the box, Mistress?” He asks, tentatively. I smile coyly and open it.

“Oh just something to make sure that my little slut won’t be so naughty while he’s pleasuring his Mistress.” I see his eyes widen as I withdraw a shiny silver cock cage. I work it over his cock and cinch it closed with a padlock. “Now…I suggest you behave because it will hurt if you try to get too much of a hard on.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I stand him up and have him slide his feet into the heels and lead him to the mirror. “One final touch,” I clasp a thin collar around his neck, the word ‘slut’ emblazoned on the front, “for my dirty little slut so you don’t forget your place.” I smooth my hands down his chest and belly around to cup his hardness with one hand and his tight ass in the other. “How do you think you look baby?”

“So good, mistress…do…do you think I look pretty?” he moans as I gently probe my fingers between his ass cheeks.

“Yes, baby…you look so beautiful and sexy. Just like my little sissy boy.” he reaches behind to try to touch me. I dance out of his way and shake my head. “You were doing so well baby. But you’ve been naughty…and naughty sluts get punished.”

“I’m sorry, mistress…it’s just so hard not to touch…” he hangs his head.

“No excuse…you know the rules, but first…mistress needs a little relief. My pussy is very, very wet. Lie on the bed.” I bark, I slide my knickers off and straddle his face. “Eat it, slut.” I bring my dripping pussy to his face and he moans. “Now! Lick Mistress’s pussy like a good little slut and I will fuck you with my huge cock if you do a good job. If not…you don’t get to cum tonight. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress…thank you Mistress.” he breathes and buries his face into my soaking pussy.

“Fuck….” I breathe. “That’s it baby; you are such a good slut for mistress.” I reach down to stroke his hair as he continues to eat my cunt like a starving man. I can feel my pussy tingling as I begin to cum over and over all over his face. “Yes, baby…drink my cum, make mistress feel so good!” when I am finally satiated I climb off him, I lean down and give him a deep kiss, tasting my own juices.

“Did I please you, Mistress? Did your slave sissy boy slut please his Mistress?” he smiles up at me, his cock straining in its cage. I stroke his face,

“You did wonderfully, pet…but you still need to be punished for touching without permission….stand up.”

“Yes, Mistress…” he stands as I sit with the paddle in one hand.

“Lie across my lap. Little sluts who are naughty get punished and you just can’t seem to keep your hands to yourself can you?” He shakes his head obediently and lies down on all fours across my lap, his ass in the air and his cock in its cage pressing down between my thighs. I run my hand over his tight bum and he shivers.

“I am so sorry, Mistress…I deserve to be punished. I promise, I will behave.”

“I know you will baby…but I still have to punish you…otherwise you won’t learn your lesson.” I say as I move my hand over his ass before giving it one firm smack with my paddle. He twitches and moans, I can feel his excitement building, practically tasting how bad he wants it. “You’ve been naughty, baby…what are you?” I ask him as I continue to stroke his ass with the paddle before bringing it down, making his ass redder and redder.

“I’m a dirty little slut, Mistress…I deserve to be punished for touching without your permission.” He moans as I smack him again with the paddle.

“Whose ass?” I ask, caressing his red bum. “Who gets to fuck this tight little hole?”

“You do, Mistress…it’s all yours.” He pants, as I resume my spanking. “I’m all yours, your dirty little slut.”

“That’s a good sissy boy,” I murmur as I lay the paddle down and run my hands over his red, hot ass. “You know I had to punish you for being naughty, otherwise you would have never learned your lesson. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress…I am a little slut and I needed to be punished after I misbehaved.”

“Yes, my little slut…I am sure you are.” I pick up the pinwheel from my table and run it over his back, ass and thighs. His whole body tenses and shivers before breaking out into goose bumps. “Do you like that?” I ask him, running it down between his cheeks and he twitches and moans in response.

“Stand up.” I order as I walk to my array of toys and trade the pinwheel for the large flesh coloured dildo that’s nearly as big as him hard. It has been something he’s always wanted since I always comment on how big he is. He wants to feel as stretched as I feel with him inside of me. I grab a bottle of lube and sit back down on the bed.

“Are you going to use my ass, Mistress?” he asked tentatively, his hand touching the cage surrounding his cock, it must be painful, being forced to stay soft when he should have a raging hard-on.

“Lie back down, pet.” I tell him, a wicked smile crossing my lips. “Of course I am going to use you. That sweet little hole is mine. But the cage stays on for now, I know it must hurt keeping you trapped like that but it is necessary for you to learn your place.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He lies back down across my lap, his ass poking up in the air. “Please use me, use your little slut. Please!” I pat his ass softly and tug down the flimsy knickers before spreading his cheeks to reveal his tight rosebud.

“Oh, baby…you look so nice and clean for me.” I squirt a bit of lube on to him and touch just the tip of my finger to his tight hole. He gasps as I apply just the slightest pressure and pushes his ass against me trying to get my finger into him. “I know what you want, pet but you need to be patient.” He moans in response and I continue to trace my finger around his opening drawing more gasps and moans before I thrust two fingers deep inside him making him grunt in pleasure. “Does my sissy boy slut like that?” I ask him.

“Fuck yesssss….” He hisses, pressing his ass into my fingers. “More! Please, Mistress, more.” I lube up the dildo and slowly press the head of it against his sweet ass. He moans loudly and his hands tighten on my legs. “Yesssss….fuck me!” He begs as I work the head of the large dildo into him stopping for a moment with just the head in and twist it a bit before thrusting it deep inside making him nearly scream with pleasure.

“That’s my little slut,” I murmur as I begin to pick up the pace, fucking him harder and harder. “Do you like your Mistress using your tight, little ass? I bet your cock is straining to get out of the confines of its little cage and to grow so very, very hard.”

“Yes, Mistress…it feels so so good! Please fuck your little slut, use my ass!” He moaned, barely coherent through his grunts and moans. “Can you please take off the cage, my cock is trying to get hard and it hurts. I swear I’ll be good and not touch myself or cum without your permission. I swear!”

“Stand up, slut.” I tell him, shoving the dildo in as far as it will go and leaving it there. He stands obediently and I retrieve the key and remove the cage. The second it’s off his cock springs to attention and he moans in relief. “Better?” I ask him and he nods, I can see him squeezing his ass to tease more sensations from the dildo still deep inside him. I steal the nipple clamps off the table next to me and clamp them tightly to his nipples, I give them a tug and he moans. I pull him back towards me using the chain linking the clamps and watch his cock throb.

As he stands before me I use one finger to slowly stroke up and down his throbbing shaft and gently twist the dildo that is still shoved deep in his ass. It’s barely been a minute without the cage but already his cock is dripping precum and his breathing is growing heavy.

“How much more can you take, pet?” I ask him, my nails tracing over the head of his cock, “before you are begging me to let you squirt so hard?” I twist the dildo in his ass and he gasps and thrusts into my hand.

“I don’t know but please fuck me more, Mistress.” He asks, laying down in my lap with his rock hard cock resting between my thighs and pokes his ass up in the air. “Please use me as your fuck toy. I want to be your little slut.”

Without warning I pull out the dildo and shove it back into his tight little hole and he gasps and I can feel his cock throbbing. I pound his ass as he moans and thrust his ass back to meet my thrusts.

“Mistress, please…may I play with myself for you and cum for you? I know how much it pleases you to watch your little slut shoot his cum all over for you…please? I am so hard it hurts.” His hands grip my legs and I can see the precum dripping from his rock hard cock. I consider this as I shove the huge dildo in an out of his now gapping ass.

“Go on and make yourself cum, my sweet little slut. I want to see you squirt.” I pound his ass harder as his hand flies to his cock and he starts pumping it up and down like a mad man, moaning and thrusting his hips into his palm before shoving his ass back up to meet my thrusts over and over again. His hand is a blur on his cock and he is moaning so loud I begin to wonder if the neighbours can hear and begin to debate the benefits of a ball gag in future.

“Can I cum for you, Mistress?” He moans, barely coherent in his plea. “Oh please let me cum for you, I am so so close.” I stroke his hair and continue pounding his ass as I tell him yes. “Oh fuck me!” He moans, his hips thrusting forward one final time as he gives in to what seems to be an earth shaking climax. Spurt after spurt of milky cum squirts from his massive cock onto my books and he moans before collapsing onto the bed next to me.

“You did such a good job, pet.” I kiss his forehead and stroke back his hair. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes…so so much. Thank you, Mistress,” he replies, exhausted his cock beginning to soften.

“You are such a good little slut.” I smile at him and stick my boot, slick with his cum, up on the bed. “But you forgot to clean my boots.”

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