ass worship

It had been a while since my night with Pamela. Work got the better of both of us and we had exchanged only a few, non-committal text messages. I figured maybe Pam regarded our night together after the badminton tournament to be a one-off. I would have been OK with that. It would long remain fresh in my mind.

Sheila had been out of town for a while too. I hadn’t seen her at the club for a month. The last time I had hooked up with Sheila was a fine time though. We had engaged in gentle anal sex on the side of a mountain, overlooking a picturesque valley, lush with trees and a sparkling river twisting its way along the valley floor. I can still remember in great detail the feeling of her tight hole around my member, the sight of her bum cheeks, parted as she pushed her hips and bottom up whilst kneeling in front of me.

After I had unloaded in Sheila’s wonderful ass, I had lain on the floor as she had instructed, and with her crouching over me, I tongued her button. She lost her balance as her legs gave way to an intense climax, and for a glorious moment I was completely smothered by her wet womanhood. What was meant to be a nice afternoon walk with Sheila, had turned into another afternoon worshipping her bottom, which after 30 minutes of good hard walking had had a wonderfully funky scent and a very slippery crack.

That was only the second time Sheila and I had engaged in anything other than surreptitious groping or a hasty sniff and lick of her superb ass. I never mentioned the fact that I knew of her and Pam. Not that Pam had sworn me to secrecy.

It was 4.30, and I had just fixed the last of a bunch of laptops that had come in looking worse for the wear and running way too slow. Now, they at least looked like serviceable machines and were all cc’ed, defragged and fresh to go. I looked over to the first machine I had worked on and smiled wryly. It belonged to my line manager, Sally; not to be confused with my girlfriend. In her position, as head of department, one would have thought that she would use the internet and email resources responsibly. I chuckled again. I counted twenty references to porn sites on her laptop, mostly gay porn, and she had cleaned her history that morning, half an hour before she gave it to me to ‘fix’. Her emails to someone called ‘Dave’ made very hot reading too. She obviously liked to experiment, and ‘Dave’ seemed to be a most obliging fellow.

As I carefully stacked the laptops on the trolley by the door to my office cum workshop, the shrill tones of my mobile yelped at me from my jacket pocket. I reminded myself to change that damn ringtone. I retrieved it and looked at the display; it flashed the name Sheila in time to the ringtone. I quickly thumbed the answer button.

“Hi!” I said with a little too much relief in my voice; I had started to worry that Sheila had forgotten me. “How are you? Nice to hear from you! Where’ve you been all my life?!”

“Hello you! Nice to hear your voice too!” Though Sheila’s voice was tinny and distant, I could still make out relief in her voice. “I’m really sorry I haven’t called or messaged. I’ve been busy doing some translation jobs, living from hotel to hotel, you know! I gotta earn money! I’ve been working with some French bigwigs. Something to do with the government. Absolute pillocks if you ask me!” She laughed.

“Wow. Listen to you! Sounds good though.” I had forgotten Sheila was fluent in French. “So where are you now? Back home or what?”

“I’m actually on the train. About an hour away from home, I reckon.” I could just about make out faint clanks and the squeal of breaks, along with an announcement over a tannoy. “Have you been round at all? Sally ok?”

“Yep. Been round a few times.” A familiar pang of guilt swept over me. The last time I had been round to their house, Sally and I had had fantastic sex. Nothing dirty, just pure love-making, which for me was heightened by a trip beforehand to the toilet for some knicker sniffing. “She’s fine.”

I could never quite get my head around how Sheila was ok with our situation whilst I was her daughter’s partner. Sheila and Sally had a close relationship, and Sheila was a pretty over-protective mother. How did she rationalize all that we were doing? How did I do it?

“Good show.” Sheila said. “Anyway, look. A friend of mine has organized an evening of entertainment for us. I think it’ll be pretty good!”

“Ok. For us? Who’s this friend then?” My mind went into fantasy overdrive. Could it be who I was hoping it would be?

“Pamela. I think you know her, hmmmmm?!” Sheila giggled over the phone, though she had lowered her voice a little; conspiratorially or maybe she was within ear shot of other train passengers.

For some reason my face turned bright red. I hunched over my desk and lowered my voice.

“You mean she’s told you?!”

“Yes, of course she has!” she giggled again. “You’re an arse addict, my man!”

“Awww! I’ve been desperate to say something to you about it for ages, but didn’t dare!”

Sheila giggled louder. “Well, there we go! It’s all out in the open now, eh!” In a lower voice, “Let’s keep it between ourselves though!”

“Sure. Yeah, I mean of course.” Instinctively, I turned to check my office door was still closed. “So, what’s this evening she’s planned? I was beginning to think Pam maybe wanted to forget about what we did. I was beginning to think you were thinking the same about our, ummmm, thing!”

“Oh no no no, far from it. Look, I’ve got to change trains. Can you be at Pam’s house by 6.30?” I could hear a hustle in the background. She must have been rushing across a platform somewhere.

“Yeah, sure.” My heart was beating fast as I contemplated an evening with two women who loved having their asses loved. But then a mild panic came over me. “Shit! I don’t even know where she lives!”

“I’ll text you the address! Calm down!” Sheila chuckled. I could hear muffled announcements echoing in the background. “Got to go sweetheart. See you 6.30!”

“Ok, great! Great! See you later.” I held my phone to my ear until I heard the click. I didn’t put the phone back in my jacket pocket. I gripped it tightly, got up from my chair and paced up and down my room, the laptops and a boring day at work forgotten.

Five long minutes went by as I paced and paced waiting for Shelia’s text. An annoying melody and a flashing blue LED on my mobile signaled a text message. I thumbed it open and there was Pam’s address. I almost jumped for joy.

I returned all the laptops and left work in record time, with a spring in my step, a bulge in my trousers, and quizzical looks from my colleagues as I whistled a tune to the images of Pam and Sheila’s bottoms flashing through my mind.

I quick walked along the pavement and wondered why on earth I had never found out Pam’s address, especially as it was only 15 minutes’ walk away from my flat. How long had I known her, I asked myself! It was 6.15 and I was only a few minutes away. I contemplated slowing down; I figured it would appear a little too eager if I turned up too early. No, I thought, and kept the pace.

I rounded a corner, and checked the street name. This was it. Number 63 was Pam’s house. I walked a few more paces and saw the number 63 on the door of a very nice detached house, with large bay windows and a small but very well maintained, colourful front garden. The wooden blinds were down and closed in the windows. Teaching obviously pays well, I thought.

I crunched up the short gravel path to the door. There was no doorbell as far as I could see, so I raised my hand to knock. The mind can play tricks when one is horny as heck, and just before I knocked, I wondered whether this was all a big joke, or whether I had imagined it all! I shook my head, chuckling to myself, and knocked lightly. My heart was beating fast and I had to clear my throat as I waited for what seemed an age. Eventually, I heard movement behind the door. The yale was unlocked and twisted, and the door opened, revealing Pamela wearing an oriental style wrap-cum-robe.

“Hi!” Pam beamed at me. She reached out and squeezed my arm, moved aside and slightly behind the door to let me in. “Nice to see you again!”

“Hi again! Sorry I’m a bit early.”

“That’s fine, don’t worry.” said Pam as she hugged me tight. She closed the door behind her as I took in the sight of her robe wrapped loosely around her. It was very short, and barely came down below crotch level. Pam noticed my gaze and smiled demurely. “You like!” she giggled, tilting her head to one side and fluttering her eye-lashes.

“I do. Very much!” I recalled Pam peeing in the bushes whilst I watched her from behind. I recalled the colour of her beautiful asshole, her smell, her taste. I recalled how it felt having my face wedged in her sweaty crevice. My cock was rock hard at the thought.

I sat on the sofa and looked around her front room, tastefully decorated a pale yellow. Dotted around the walls were hangings, prints and paintings all in an oriental style that matched her loosely-tied robe. On the mantelpiece, underneath a large mirror, were two ornate glass jars which were full of potpourri, filling the room with a subtle perfume.

Pam came to kneel down in front of me, leaning against the coffee table in the middle of the room. I had flashes of her dark bush as the robe rustled while she walked. As she knelt down, the robe parted, leaving her lush dark bush just in view, sprouting up in the crook of her thighs and trim belly.

“So! How have you been?” She asked cheerfully. “Haven’t seen you since, ummm, last time!” Her face reddened a little as she smiled self-consciously.

“Hmmmmm!”. My vivid recollections of Pam’s arse and pussy, especially her scent, once again flooded my mind. I was hoping to be able to love her bottom again, preferably tonight. Preferably now. “I’ve been fine, thanks. Thought you’d forgotten about me!”

“No!” Pam gave an apologetic shrug and shake of her head. “How could I ever forget! It was superb. Naughty, but superb!” She paused, recalling our adventure in the bushes. “Hmmm! No, I’ve been so busy. They sent me on a course. After all these years I’ve been teaching they send me on a course run by people young enough to be, I don’t know….too young anyway. What can they teach someone who’s had way more teaching experience than all of them put together?” She gave a wry laugh. “Anyway, I didn’t have time to text anyone. Not even Sheila!” There was a pregnant pause as she looked me in the eye, waiting for a response.

“Oh well.” I said, avoiding the unspoken question. I sat up on the edge of the sofa. “You’re back now. That’s good!”

“Mhmm.” She looked a little embarrassed, and fell silent for a moment, but kept her eyes on mine. “So, you’re not bothered about me and Sheila having a little fun?”

“No. No, not at all!” It had been in my thoughts ever since I had found out, and had been the mainstay subject of my fantasies. “I’m a modern guy, y’know!”

Pam laughed, a look of relief on her face. She visibly relaxed. I wasn’t sure why she would think it would have bothered me. If only she knew how much pleasure that fantasy had given me.

“Well,” she said with an almost imperceptible shrug of her shoulders. “We’re not a serious ‘item’ I suppose. We’re just enjoying some, you know,” she raised her eyebrows suggestively.

“I wish I knew every detail!”

“I bet you do!” Pam said, slapping my knee playfully. “Sheila should be here any minute. I hope so because we’ve got to get going!” Pam looked at the clock on the mantelpiece.

“So, where are we going then?” I asked, excitedly drumming my palms on my knees. I had been trying to guess what Pam had planned for us, and desperately hoped it was something that would involve my face being in very close proximity to Pam and Sheila’s nether regions.

“All in good time!” Pam playfully wagged her finger at me. She got up, momentarily exposing her luscious pussy, which seemed to be already blossoming like a moist pink rose through her glossy bush. “Listen, I’ve not freshened up or anything….” She hesitated.

“Ok,” I said, slowly. Another vivid flash back to our time in the bushes, the wonderful aroma and taste of her slippery bum hole, shot into my mind. “Well, that’s ok. Umm, fine by me!”

“Ok. Fine by me too! Umm…..Do you want to check it first?” she gestured at her barely covered bottom. “Might be too smelly….”

For a moment I hesitated as my heart missed a beat. “Yeah sure! You want me to sniff it?” Even after what we had done together, albeit just the once, I needed to be sure!

“If you could. If it’s ok and not too much for you, I’ll just get dressed and ummmmm…. won’t freshen up.” Pam shrugged, trying her best to be casual, but I could tell her heart was beating as hard as mine. “I think Sheila will like it, if you like it!”

“Ok! Fine!” My dick was trying to jump out of my trousers.

As she turned around, lifted her robe and bent over, she explained that my exploits with her and Sheila had led to them experimenting with bottom related pleasures. It seemed they both had a real liking for it. I put my hands on her warm buttocks and stared at her arse whilst she recalled a ‘nice looking’ woman on the course she had been on. Pam had spent quite a bit of her time staring at her arse, apparently then accepting that ‘she must have a major ass fetish’.

“So,” she said “I guess I’ve got a thing about bums too!”

“Well, that makes two of us!” I said. We fell silent then, and I took that as my cue to check Pam’s bum.

Moving my face close, I squeezed Pam’s bum cheeks, pushing them together and running my nose up and down the long slit of her cleft. I took long sniffs, but with her perfect bum cleft squeezed closed, there was only a muted scent. Then, I moved my hands apart to part her soft, white globes and when I set eyes on her shiny brown hole, surrounded by a diffuse ring of soft hairs, I could have cried. After our adventures in the bushes and back at the hotel, I thought that I would never again set eyes on Pam’s most intimate of places. But now, here it was again, inches from my nose.

I pushed my nose between her buttocks, up hard against her asshole, and as she let out a quick, soft moan, I took several long sniffs. The warmth of her cleft made my dick throb within the confines of my boxer shorts.

Once again, her smell was perfect, though not as strong as the last time I had sampled her dirty, musky scent. To be fair, she had been at work all day, and then played a few sweaty games of badminton. I recalled my hands shaking, and being so hesitant whilst we were hidden in those bushes; a combination of being pleasantly shocked at the sudden intimacy, and of not being sure whether Pam would like what I wanted to do, especially sniffing her ass. This time, there was no hesitation from either of us.

“How does it smell?” she asked.

“Fantastic!” I really wanted to keep my nose wedged between her warm cheeks, but much to my chagrin, there was a knock at the front door.

“Oo, that’ll be Sheila, I hope.” Pam straightened up. Her robe fell back in to place, barely covering her bottom. As she walked to the front door, I watched her buttocks move beneath the thin material of her robe. I squeezed my manhood through my jeans, already wanting desperately to cum as Pam’s smell lingered on my nose and cheeks. Pam opened the door, keeping herself out of view from prying eyes outside. It was indeed Sheila.

After some excited pleasantries, Sheila walked in and let her hand bag drop to the floor, next to a neat row of shoes underneath a small coat rack. She was wearing a dark blue skirt and jacket with a cream blouse, unbuttoned a little further than she would have at work, I guessed. She hugged Pam after the door was closed, and was about to kiss her until she noticed me sitting on the sofa. She gave me an embarrassed grin before they drew apart self-consciously.

“Don’t mind me!” I held my hands up and smirked. I wondered whether I would cum on the spot seeing Pam and Sheila kissing.

They smiled at each other, shrugged shoulders and kissed. Luckily I didn’t cum, but even though it was a short kiss, it was all I could do to stop myself unzipping and masturbating.

They nattered away, catching up on things. As I watched, I realised that they made a very nice couple. The thought of watching them make love made my cock painfully hard, especially now I knew they engaged in ass loving. A frown played over my brow; what if they didn’t want me to watch? After all, they were initially embarrassed about kissing in front of me. I quickly put that thought out of my mind.

Sheila breezed across to the sofa and gave me a warm hug. I recognised the subtle perfume she was wearing, the scent similar to that of all her hand and face creams, shampoos and the like. My subconscious had long associated that scent with the lovely sight of Sheila’s naked bottom.

“How are you? It’s been too long!” she said with feigned, comic drama. Pam came to sit on the coffee table, not bothering to keep her knees together. Sheila turned her attention back to Pam, while I stared longingly at Pam’s bare crotch. “So what have you got planned for this evening?”

“Well!” Pam paused dramatically. “Tonight, my darlings, we are going to a dance! That is all I am saying!”

The split second of silence and puzzled glances that followed was almost comical.

“Oh. Ok.” Sheila looked bemused.

“That’s all I’m saying!” Pam said, holding her hands up in mock defiance.

I looked between the two of them. Sheila seemed to recognise that Pam had something up her sleeve. She obviously knew Pam better than I did. Pam got up and gave us both a wink and a mischievous smile.

“I’m going to get dressed. Something loose, I think! Sheila, honey, you can stay as you are, except….” Pam looked her up and down. “Except, lose the tights and knickers. Let’s go commando!” She chuckled at Sheila’s mild surprise, and started to leave. She stopped. “Oh and one more thing honey. I’m not freshening up. According to our man, here,” she looked at me, eyes glinting wickedly, “my bum smells good! You better let him sniff yours to check if you need to wash! I have a feeling it’ll be fine as is!”

With that, she waltzed out of the room and dashed upstairs, leaving Sheila and I looking at each other in silence.

“A dance?!” I said, and chuckled, shaking my head.

“Mmmm. Commando it is! Will you sniff and check? I’ve been sat on a hot train all afternoon, mind! Let me get my tights and pants off.”

I nodded, mute as I watched Sheila. She pulled her skirt up high and slowly peeled off her dark tights. She stepped out of them and lifted her skirt again to slip off her panties. I realised that I would never get bored of seeing Sheila’s naked bottom. She came up next to me, brushing her hand on my shoulder, and knelt on the edge of the sofa, arching her back and pushing her bum in the air.

“Give it a sniff then sweetheart!” She wiggled her bottom from side to side.

I slid off the edge of the sofa on to my knees directly behind Sheila. Her skirt was still covering her bum, but her pussy peeped out just under the hem, her full and luscious lips a deep pink slot within her soft bush. I swiftly lifted it and was welcomed by the now familiar sight of Sheila’s ass, cheeks parted to show off her brown hole, puckered and pouting at the very centre.

I palmed her cheeks further apart with my hands, watching with fascination as her poop hole stretched, showing pink at its centre. Her buttocks were hot and soft to the touch, a slight curved indentation on her skin marking out her panty line. With my thumbs I parted the outer lips of her pussy to reveal her moist pink inner lips. Her juices were already starting to flow and her clitoris was pushing through its little hood, a soft pink button waiting to be pressed in to action.

I moved close to her butt and buried my face between her cheeks, my nose against her hot, slick bum hole, and sniffed long and deep. Her aroma was indeed very strong and instantly my nose was covered in her scent. I sniffed more, moving down towards her pussy, moistening labia brushing my lips, then nose. Her pussy smelled good too, a heady mix of all the liquids that a pussy can ooze. I moved back up to her asshole. I licked at it, lapping like a dog. Sheila’s taste was as good as ever, a dirty and musky bite on my tongue. Sheila let out a long soft sigh as I circled my tongue over her stretched poop hole, paying special attention the pouting pink pucker at the centre.

“I’ll never get bored of this.” she said, echoing my thoughts exactly.

“Mmmm.” I licked harder, feeling her puckered asshole slip and slide underneath my tongue. I sniffed more, never wanting to stop. This was the muskiest Sheila had ever been.

Instinctively, I pulled away as Pamela descended the stairs, her footsteps quick and soft. Sheila remained where she was as Pam popped her head around the lounge door.

“All ok then?” she asked, a lustful grin on her face.

“Absolutely fine!” I said. I was aware of a combination of Pam and Sheila’s aromas on my nose, and wondered if things could ever get better than this.

Pam sidled into the room and looked at Sheila, still ass in the air on the sofa. Pam kneeled down next to me. She was now wearing a loose dark skirt and white top, along with a subdued perfume. Pam put her hands on Sheila’s bottom, and slowly moved her head closer to Sheila’s ass whilst looking at me, wide eyed and grinning. She turned her head at the last moment, and eventually had her nose wedged between Sheila’s buttocks. She sniffed. I could have cum there and then.

“Wow. Nice!” Pam said, her voice muffled between Sheila’s buttocks. She pulled away and planted a long loving kiss on Sheila’s butthole, making her giggle like a naughty school girl.

“Now see what you’ve started!” Pam laughed, poking me in the side. She gave me a quick peck on the lips.

Pam playfully smacked Sheila’s buttock and promptly got up, paced over to the coat rack and donned a light jacket. “Come on! We need to get going!”

Sheila got up from the sofa, straightened herself out and gave me a sly wink. “I’m hoping there’ll be more of that at some point!” she said quietly, keeping her eyes on Pam, who was busy rummaging around in the pockets of her jacket for her keys.

“Me too!” I whispered.

“Better get this dance thing out of the way first!” she said, rolling her eyes. “I never knew Pam liked dance!”

We filed out, waiting next to Pam’s little red car as she locked her front door.

“Right!” Pam said. “Let’s go!”

It turned out the dance show was taking place at the Grand Theatre in town, a large art deco style building that used to be a cinema. Pam new the theatre well as she was a member of the am-dram society; something else I never knew about Pam. She seemed to be driving with a purpose, several times playing the amber gambler at traffic lights.

“What time does this show start, sweetheart?” asked Sheila. She was sat in the passenger seat, in front with Pam. I was a gentleman, volunteering to sit in the back. That way, neither of them could see me massaging my aching cock. Not that they would have minded.

“Seven thirty.” answered Pam, thankfully keeping her eyes on the road as she floored the accelerator along the road towards town. “It’s an amateur dance company. I know someone who dances there.”

“Ah, right.” Sheila said, clearly still wondering why Pam would take us to a dance. “It’s just that you’re driving like a formula one driver! There’s no rush, you know!”

“Well, we need to get there early to….ummm….get our seats, you know….” Pam said. She checked the rear-view mirror before taking a bend a little too quickly.

Now I was getting suspicious. “Right.” I said, raising my voice slightly over the road noise as Pam gunned the car out of the bend. I leant forward between the front seats. “You’re not going to make us dance, are you?!”

Sheila laughed nervously and looked across at Pam. There was a long pause before Pam laughed out loud, momentarily veering a little too close to the curb.

“Blimey, no! What kind of person do you think I am?” Pam giggled to herself, shaking her head. “Just wait and see. We are definitely going to be watching and not dancing, ok! Now, no more questions!”

Sheila and I exchanged a glance and relaxed, though it was hard to relax completely whilst sat in a car that was traveling way above the speed limits.

These seats must be first come, first served, I figured.

We arrived at the theatre 45 minutes before doors. As we walked towards the theatre’s brighly lit entrance, all glass and shiny chrome, I stared at Pam and Sheila walking ahead of me. Watching their bottoms moving freely underneath their skirts, free from the constraints of any knickers or tights, was hypnotic. I wondered why Pam insisted on going commando. The sheer thrill of it? I certainly found it thrilling.

Pam was walking at a fair old pace and as we drew near to the ornate entrance, Sheila dropped back to walk along side me.

“Blimey, she’s eager!” she said, slightly out of breath. “Oh, where’s she going now?”

I looked up to see Pam standing in front of a smaller door to the side of the main entrance. Above this door was a weather-beaten sign, lit by two dim lamps mounted on ornate iron brackets.

“Artist’s entrance. Why are we going in this way? Is the main door locked?” I asked, as we came alongside Pam.

“No,” Pam replied. “But we need to get in early! And I know a short-cut. Come on!”

Pam ushered us through the artist’s entrance, locking the door behind us with a key which was one of a huge bunch.

“Perks of being a member here!” she said, jangling the bunch of keys.

We stepped in to a rather shabby looking corridor lit by two dim lights on a low ceiling. As we walked along the long corridor I noticed old conduits snaking along the walls at head height, all perfectly level and straight. At regular intervals, the conduit would tee off, up into the ceiling and beyond. There was a faint smell of stage smoke and the muffled sounds of loud, rhythmic music. Images of scantily clad dancers gyrating to an incessant rhythm flooded my mind. I figured the evening may well be not so bad.

We stopped at the end of the corridor just before another door on the right. The sound of the brash and rhythmic-heavy music was now much louder.

“We’re near the stage now!” Pam called, excitement rising in her voice. “But we need to go up here!”

She pointed to a ladder that climbed up to a door half way up the wall, the corridor ceiling now two, maybe three stories high.

Sheila and I looked at each other and then at Pam.

“Dont look so worried!” Pam reassured. “Come on, let’s climb up. Not scared of heights are you? I’ll go first, I need to unlock that door.”

As she started to climb up, both Sheila and I instinctively looked up to watch Pam climb the ladder. The light was too dim for either of us to see far enough up Pam’s skirt.

“Mmm!” Sheila breathed, nudging me and winking. “Now that’s a nice sight. Can’t help but think it would’ve been easier to go through the front, though!”

“Yeah….I’m really confused now! Why commando? Not that I’m complaining!”

Sheila giggled, shrugged and started to climb up. Pam was out of sight. I wondered where the heck we were going as I began the climb. I playfully squeezed Sheila’s bottom on the way up with an outstretched hand. She yelped and giggled, swatting my hand away.

Eventually we were up and through the bizarre half-way-up-a-wall door. It was too dark to see beyond Pam and Sheila as they waited for me to cross the threshold. Pam shut the door quietly and locked it, and suddenly we were plunged in near total darkness. Pam ushered us slowly forward, before flicking a switch on the wall. A light a few feet above us lazily fizzed into life, and lit another corridor that stretched before us, away from the stage. Pam led the way, walking briskly, whilst the music from the stage died down behind us. Then, Pam stopped outside a door on the left.

“Right!” she said, gleefully. “Here we are! Ringside seats!” She turned serious, lowering her voice. “We do have to be quiet, though. Ok? Promise?”

Sheila and I nodded. I was still confused. Surely for any ‘show’, one needs to be quiet.

Pam quietly unlocked the door, taking care not to jangle the bunch of keys. She ushered us through into complete darkness. She locked the door behind us and gently coaxed us forward. I found the walls either side of me, and walked forward slowly, feeling my way along. The walls were covered by what felt like large, heavy velvet drapes.

As we shuffled our way forward, I noticed a dim light ahead of us. In this new found light I saw that we were walking along a semi-circular walkway. On both sides the walls were indeed covered by huge thick black drapes, soft and velvety to the touch. As we continued I realised the dim light was emanating from the left side, through a gap in the drapes. Pam stopped us.

“Here we are then!” she whispered. “I put some big cushions down here,” she pointed to three large dark blobs on the floor, barely visible in the dim, ghostly light, “It’ll be nice and comfy for us, whilst we….ummm…..”

She pointed to where the light was coming from. Two of the large drapes weren’t quite closed, and behind the drapes were what looked like mobile notice boards, stacked one on the other, two high. Between these was a gap of a few inches, through which the light was coming. Pam encouraged myself and Sheila to look through the gap. We knelt down and peeked through.

I could see a medium sized and brightly lit open space, and realised that the whole space was circular in shape, the ‘walls’ of which were mobile notice boards, connected together in a large circle, thus forming a cordoned off circular room within a room. The only gap in the circle was off to the right. The entrance to this space, I presumed. Around the edge of the makeshift room were grey plastic chairs and in the centre were several large holdalls and a rack for coats. Sheila turned around and moved close to Pam who had knelt down on one of the cushions.

“What’s this then?” whispered Sheila. “Is this where the dance is going on? Shouldn’t we be out there, sitting on the chairs?” She paused. “Oh, I get it. We won’t have to pay for tickets? Is that it? You skinflint!”

Pam giggled, and put her finger to her lips. “Keep watching!” she whispered, and moved herself and her cushion forwards so that she could look through the gap with us.

Sheila and I kept watching. Then, just as I thought nothing was going to happen, I heard a door open, somewhere off to the right. I sat back quickly and panicked.

“Shit! Should we be here?” I whispered.

“It’s fine!” Pam whispered faintly. “Keep watching!” She moved back a little whilst Sheila and I looked through the gap.

I could hear lots of excited talking and footsteps up an unseen staircase. Then, I saw first one, then two, then a large group of women filing in to the space. They chattered away, throwing various sports bags and holdalls on to the chairs around the edge of the room. One of the women threw her bag on to a chair that was only a matter of feet away from where the three of us were, hidden behind the notice boards.

I felt Pam’s hand on the bottom, moving forward until she was massaging my balls through my trousers. She leant forward between Sheila and I so that her head was close to both of ours.

“See!” she whispered, her breath hot on my ear. “Ringside seats. This is the changing area for all the women dancing tonight. Cool, eh!”

“Wow!” whispered Sheila. “Wow!”

“Wow!” I echoed quietly. Finally, it all dawned on me. An evening of voyeuristic delight. “But, we’re not going to get caught, are we? What if someone comes up that ladder and through that door? Have we got some sort of escape route?” I recalled how I had felt when Sheila had caught me with her dirty panties.

“Aha!” She held up the bunch of keys she had used to unlock the doors. “This is the only set for up here!” Pam was whispering so quietly that Sheila and I struggled to hear her over the chattering from beyond the drapes and notice-board perimeter. “I was responsible for getting this changing room sorted. So, I have the keys! And, we have a good angle of view from here!”

There were large smiles on Sheila’s and Pam’s faces, their teeth and eyes sparkling in the dim light. I realised then that this was going to be a very fine night.

“Three way kiss!” whispered Sheila. She gently pulled me and Pam in close, and the three of us kissed in a triangle.

We broke from our three way kiss as we heard another female voice in the changing space beyond the drapes and make-shift barriers. This was an authoritative voice, one that didn’t stand any messing.

“Right ladies!” she barked. “Time to get a move on. Get changed for the first number, and start limbering up. After that, those of you involved in the Chicago number, come and see me. Chop chop!” A harsh clap of hands.

Next to me I heard Pam giggling under her breath.

“That’ll be Miss Sharon, the dance teacher!” she whispered. “None of the dancers can be younger than, ooo, 22, but she still talks to them like she’s in school!!”

I heard Sheila giggle quietly as we all settled on the cushions whilst watching the ‘show’. I stared through the gap into the changing area. My cock was starting to ache from its prolonged tumescence.

Inside, all the women were getting changed out of their outdoor clothes. Those in comfy slacks were the first to bare their semi-naked bottoms, all of them wearing G-strings or thongs. As they bent down to retrieve various costumes from their bags, I spied some very hairy pussies, bushes so thick that the crotch of their skimpy G-strings was over-run with tight, curly pubic hair, some dark and some lighter in colour.

“Wow. This is a fantastic idea.” I whispered to Pam. I turned to look at her and realised, with an extra pump of blood to my aching cock, that she had pulled her skirt up, holding it tight around her waist as she rubbed her pussy with her other hand.

Pam nodded her agreement, a big smile on her face as she concentrated on the sights beyond our spy-den. I leant back to look across at Sheila, and she too was masturbating, skirt pulled up around her waist. Now I realised why Pam was so set on going commando. In the dim light I could see their buttocks, an almost luminous creamy white, gently undulating as they ground their pussies against flicking fingers.

Pam broke away from the sights and sounds through the gap, and whispered in my ear. “You can take your trousers off and play. It’s fine, we won’t get caught.”

“Ok.” I whispered back. My heart was beating fast, and I needed to do something about my near painful erection. I moved close to Pam’s ear. “Can I play down here too?” I touched her bottom, stroking my middle finger down her cleft towards her bum hole.

“Yeah, ‘course!” she whispered back, pecking me on the cheek.

I took my shoes, trousers and boxers off. I took another look across at Pam and Sheila kneeling on the soft, plush cushions, both slowly and quietly masturbating. I wondered whether they had done anything like this before. Certainly, Sheila took to this situation very quickly. I decided to look through the gap for a little longer, and then spend as much time loving their smelly bums. As I knelt, I slowly rubbed my manhood.

A noise close to my left and on the other side of the barriers made me twist a little, dipping my head to get a better angle of view through the gap in the notice boards. The girl who had thrown her bag on the chair nearest to me was getting changed. With a jolt, I saw a completely naked bottom, side on. Her skin colour was a dark olive and she was close enough for me to make out goose bumps on her very well-toned buttocks.

“It’s bloody cold in here!” she shouted.

I just about heard a mild retort from Miss Sharon. For a split second, our olive skinned girl turned her back on us and quickly bent down before slipping on skin tight cycling shorts. In that split second I was able to see a well-trimmed pussy and a dark bum cleft. I pumped my cock a little harder, wishing that this toned beauty had spent a little longer bent over. I felt Pam lean against me.

“We should’ve brought a camera, eh!” she whispered.

I smiled and slowed my hand down, not wanting to spend myself too quickly. Back in the changing room all the dancers were ready, all wearing tight cycle shorts. Our olive beauty walked over to the gaggling group of dancers away to our right. Gradually, they left the room and I could make out the music stepping up in volume.

With nothing to see for the time being, I pulled away from our spy slot and turned to look at Pam and Sheila. I nearly shouted out with joy when I realised that they were engaged in an amorous kiss, tongues searching and hands squeezing soft buttocks. I moved round behind them to lay on my side with my face close to Sheila’s butt. I kissed and licked her buttock as my nose circled around her ass cleft. I heard Sheila moan as I pressed my nose against her hot and sticky butt hole, sniffing her strong scent. I moved my kisses to her puckered anus finding it immediately despite not being able to see in the dim light. Her dirty smell once again covered my mouth and her bitter taste assaulted my willing tongue.

I felt a firm hand on my hip as Pam pushed against me, rolling me onto my back. She quietly straddled me and guided my throbbing member to her sopping wet pussy whilst she parted her labia with her fingers. I felt my penis slip in to her easily as she let her full weight bear down on me, impaling herself fully on my cock. She began a slow, sexy grind with her hips and I sighed contentedly as I felt the tip of my cock rub against the soft neck of her cervix. I placed a hand on her thigh, feeling the muscles tensing and relaxing as she moved.

Pam let go of her skirt that she had kept tight around her waist, and I felt the soft material fall around her and on to my stomach. She unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off whilst her hips moved silently. She reached across to pull a bra strap off her shoulder, doing the same with the other, and then pulling the cups down and away from her breasts. The dim light from our spy slot cast a diffuse band across her breasts, turning them into lambent globes with stark brown nipples poking forward.

She slowly let herself tilt backwards, reaching back to prop herself with her hands on my ankles. She moved her hips faster, up and down, angling my cock towards the ridged and firm flesh near her g-spot. My sensitized glans was almost overwhelmed as she moved her hips faster and faster.

Sheila twisted around to watch us, openly rubbing her crotch. She got up quickly and slipped out of her skirt, letting it fall to the floor close to my head, a faint scent of fabric conditioner wafting over me. She stood over me, positioning her crotch immediately above my face, and then slowly crouched down, knees apart, until her pussy was over my mouth. I pointed my tongue up, not quite reaching her sticky folds. I reached up between her legs and gently tugged her blouse. She lowered herself further until I was able to penetrate her pussy with my tongue.

I lapped at her tangy pussy as she gyrated her hips back and forth, her clitoris hard and erect, and her labia soft, slippery and swollen. In the silence, I could hear Pam and Sheila kissing, and the rhythmic sound of skin rubbing on skin as Pam continued her hip-shake.

Sheila moved forward a little until her asshole was directly above my pointed tongue. I circled it around her dirty anus feeling her soft anal hairs brushing my tongue. She gyrated faster as she started to play with her pussy, her fingers flicking against my chin. The combination of the scent of Sheila’s ass and Pam grinding my cock was intoxicating. I met Pam’s downward movements with short thrusts from my hips, grinding my glans against her sweet-spot.

Sheila let her weight bear down on me. As she bore down on me, I felt my tongue push through her anal opening as she let out a soft moan, muffled by Pam’s mouth; my tongue had never been so deep inside her ass. She started to shake up and down on my tongue until she came, juices covering my chin whilst her tensed asshole popped my tongue out of her ass.

Sheila remained still for a few seconds while Pam and I kept moving against each other. Sheila twisted around and off my face, leaning down to kiss me.

“Wow. That was nice!” she whispered. “Was that ok? Your tongue must be aching now!”

“You know full well how much I love your ass!” I breathed.

Pam slowed her grind down until she stopped. In the dimness I could see her cocking her head to one side.

“The music’s stopped. There’s some applause.” She whispered. She got off me, leaving my hard cock, slick with her juices, to flop back on to my stomach. “We’ll carry on in a bit.” She leant forward, giving me a peck on the lips.

Almost as one, the three of us were back at the gap in the notice boards, this time with me in the middle. We rubbed ourselves, and waited for the sound of the unseen door opening and the dancers coming back to get changed.

The changing room was suddenly full of noise; nattering dancers congratulating each other on a great show opener, a few jokes about great looking asses in tight shorts; I couldn’t have agreed more. The cycle shorts came off quickly, giving the three of us some very nice views of thonged and well-toned bottoms. There was so much movement, so many of the dancers bending down to retrieve items of clothing from their bags, some stretching or sitting down on their chairs, others rushing around for apparently no reason; I didn’t know where to look. I would catch quick glimpses of hirsute pussy, naked buttocks, firm breasts and lots of well-toned legs. But our olive skinned beauty was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s our Miss Sharon?” Sheila whispered in my ear. She glanced down at my hand working my prick, still slick with Pam’s juices, and nuzzled herself close. She put a hand against my ass, moving it up and down my crack, whilst with the other she reached under at the front to massage my balls.

“Everything ok?” Pam whispered across to Sheila and me.

We both nodded and winked at Pam. As Sheila massaged my ass and balls, I reached across and behind Pam, and lightly rubbed her bum hole with a finger. The delicate skin of her anus was warm and slippery to the touch.

The noise in the changing room gradually reduced as the dancers, now clothed in leotards and high heels, filed out and down the stairs. The noise from front of house briefly found its way through the open door at the bottom of the stairs, cutting off sharply as it closed.

I was ready to turn my attention back to Pam’s ass, when we heard footsteps up the unseen stairs to the changing area. There were voices too.

“That was a fantastic solo, Amarah.” Miss Sharon’s voice, sounding rather more seductive.

“Thanks!” Our olive skinned beauty, I realised, as they walked in. She had a certain lilt to her voice which I couldn’t quite place.

Amarah, I thought. Sexy name. And a sexy girl too, I realised, now that I could see her properly. She had beautiful, delicate features and looked of Asian origin. Her figure was slim and her hair was long, loosely waved and a deep dark brown, almost black. She seemed to float rather than walk.

They were now in the center of the changing room, facing each other. Then, suddenly, they kissed, directly in our line of sight. It was no ordinary peck on the lips, rather, a desperate kiss, full of lust and want. My hand moved quicker around my member as Sheila began rubbing both her pussy and my ass with more vigor. Pam was speedily grinding her pussy against her fingers. I kept my hand still on Pam’s ass, and as she thrust her hips back and forth, my middle finger slipped against her slick asshole, up to the top of ass crack, and back again.

“We’ve got about six minutes alone, Amarah.” Miss Sharon’s breathing was ragged with lust.

Amarah rushed towards her seat, and towards the three of us peeking through the gap. Instinctively, we dipped down as she came near. I heard Amarah rummage around in her bag before rushing back to Miss Sharon. Pam, Sheila and I carefully raised ourselves back up to our spy gap, eager to see how this surprise turn of events would unfold. There was a scrape on the floor as Miss Sharon pulled two chairs together.

To our collective and pleasant surprise, Amarah was now replete with a large green strap-on dildo, held to her with thick black elastic and flopping about lazily against her thighs. Pam and Sheila both let out soft groans of approval as Miss Sharon turned her back on Amarah, knelt one knee on each chair and quickly pulled her jogging pants down far enough to expose a nice round bottom.

Our view of this sexy scene was just about from the side, Miss Sharon facing towards us a little. Amarah’s face was a picture of concentration laced with lust as she guided the dildo into Miss Sharon. I couldn’t tell where Amarah had inserted her green toy, but it looked wonderful from where we were, though I must admit to feeling a slight pang of envy on seeing the size of the dildo.

Pam had stopped grinding against her fingers. I quickly glanced down to the side of me to see Pam’s hand moving quickly and silently against her pussy. As I turned back to the impromptu ‘show’ in the changing room, I pressed a finger against Pam’s bum hole, pushing slowly until the end of my finger popped her muscle. Her anus pulsed, squeezing tight around my finger as I probed deep inside her gorgeous, slippery ass.

Meanwhile, Amarah was pumping the entire length of her green toy in and out of Miss Sharon, with a speed and deftness that must have been borne out of experience. All of her movement came from her hips; a tremendously sexy sight.

“Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s good!” moaned Miss Sharon.

For a while, they said nothing. Amarah concentrated on thrusting her dildo in and out of Miss Sharon. All was silent except for their ragged breathing and the chairs that Miss Sharon knelt on squeaking in sympathy to Amarah’s powerful thrusts. Amarah’s hips and Miss Sharon’s bottom beat out a sexy, regular rhythm of their own in the empty changing room.

“I love you, Sharon!” gasped Amarah. The fucking she was giving Sharon was taking it out of her. Amarahs stomach muscles stood out firm on her exposed midriff as her small, but perfectly formed breasts heaved under her tight top.

“I love you too, babe! And I think I’m cumming! Fuck, aaahhhhh!!!” With a strange keening moan, rising in pitch, Sharon shuddered uncontrollably as she came, her back arching spasmodically until her orgasm subsided.

Amarah pulled her large green toy from Sharon and knelt down immediately, jamming her mouth to Sharon’s nether regions. Sharon moaned as her younger, more attractive dildo wielding lover used her mouth.

“I love it when you do that.” Sharon moaned. “No one else has ever done that to my arse!”

At that moment, Pam came hard. I turned to look at her as she closed her eyes shut and pursed her lips tight as she stifled her own moan. Her bum hole closed even tighter around my finger, and then relaxed. I slowly pulled it out from the warmth of her bottom.

Sheila leant in to me. “Shit!” she whispered, grinning at me, wide-eyed. “That was an unexpected bonus, eh!”

I nodded in agreement. “Wasn’t expecting that!” I whispered back. “Pam obviously enjoyed it!”

I turned my attention back to the changing room. Amarah had got back to her feet and was wiping the green dildo with some tissue. Sharon got off the chair, stood up groggily and gave Amarah a loving mellow kiss.

“Your turn next! A few more dances.” Sharon said.

Amarah raised her eyebrows suggestively at Sharon, and smiled wickedly. “I want it harder than last time, yes?!”

“You got it!” affirmed Sharon. She patted Amarah playfully on the bum as the olive-skinned beauty walked towards us to her chair, the green dildo flopping about lazily, a semi-erect green phallus.

The three of us dipped down out of sight again, and waited for Amarah and Sharon to leave. We heard a few twangs of elastic as Amarah removed her artificial dick, followed by the sounds of rummaging in her bag. The door at the bottom of the unseen stairs closed. There was silence, but I could feel Amarah’s presence, just the other side of the barriers.

Then, on the edge of my hearing, I made out a regular wet rhythmic sound. I looked at Pam and Sheila, who were just as curious. Slowly we moved ourselves up to our spy gap. We could see Amarah’s right shoulder, her long lustrous hair hiding her face from us. The muscles in her shoulder and the top of her right arm were moving, and moving in time to the soft squelching noises. A soft moan from Amarah confirmed what us three spies were thinking. She was rubbing herself, horny after seeing to Miss Sharon, but without her own release. Now, she had sated her needs. With a stifled moan, she came, just as the door at the bottom of the stairs opened, and the front of house noises came wafting up the staircase. Amarah moved quickly, straightening herself out before the gaggle of dancers reached the top of the stairs.

“How did it go?!” Amarah asked, now recovered and getting changed.

“Fine!” a cheerful voice called back.

Then, Pam, Sheila and I were bombarded with the sight of many bare bottoms and breasts as the dancers went through yet another change of clothes, and out for the next dance.

Now, there was silence, and the three of us took a moment to recover. Sheila and I congratulated Pam on what was turning out to be a fantastic night out.

“Did you know that those two were doing stuff together?” Sheila asked Pam. We were now sitting cross-legged in a tight circle on our plush cushions, hands on each other’s knees and thighs, slowly massaging. We felt safe enough to speak above whispering, now that we were sure the changing room was empty.

“Well, I had an inkling.” Pam was still recovering from what must have been a sumptuous orgasm. “They’re both part of the am-dram society, and I reckon most of us there think there’s something going on between them. I didn’t think we’d get a show like though!”

“Blimey, no!” I said. I was acutely aware that I was still achingly rigid. “Not sure I can hold off much longer!”

“You still haven’t come yet!” Sheila chuckled, incredulous. “Come as many times as you can, sweetheart!”

Sheila gave me a knowing wink and moved close to Pam, embracing her and giving her a quick kiss on her cheek. She then turned around and knelt on all fours in front of Pam, offering her shapely arse. Despite her post-orgasmic stupor, Pam wasted no time. She got herself into position behind Sheila and lowered her face to Sheila’s ass. She sniffed and licked as Sheila let out a long and contented sigh. I moved closer and put my hands on Sheila’s warm buttocks, parting them to give Pam better access. In the anechoic silence inside our spy den, the sounds of Pam’s tongue exploring Shelia’s crevice were stark. My fantasy of finally seeing these two women love each other’s asses was happening right in front of me.

I moved around the back of Pam, and massaged her buttocks, soft and warm, and covered with a light sheen of perspiration. She answered my touch by pushing her bum higher in the air. In the dim light I could just make out her parted ass cheeks, her crevice a dark and hot valley waiting to be explored. I slowly ran my finger down from the top of her ass crack down to her anus, feeling her slickness. I leant forward and pushed my nose against her dirty hole, breathing in her heavy scent, letting the heat and dampness of her smooth crevice cover my face. I used my tongue, pushing it against her asshole, partly pushing through its pursed tightness. My cock was hurting, I needed some release, and I yearned to feel Pam’s hot bottom hole squeezing my cock.

The door at the bottom of the stairs up to the changing room opened, the tell-tale sound from front of house wafting up towards us. The dancers were back and the noise levels up. Sheila and Pam lifted themselves up, shuffled onto their cushions and kneeled down in front of the spy gap.

I was at the stage where I didn’t care for spying. I wanted to love Pam’s beautiful backside. I put a hand on Pam and Sheila’s hips and gently coaxed them to move up close to each other. I kneeled directly behind Pam and leant forward to whisper in her ear.

“Is it ok if I put something up here?” I rubbed her anus with a finger. She looked back at me, winked and nodded, moving her knees backwards and pushing her bum up towards me.

I palmed her cheeks apart and quickly sniffed, loving her scent. I lavishly licked her smelly hole until it was wet and slippery with my saliva, slipped a finger up, moving it in and out as her brown ring relaxed around my finger. She pushed herself back against my gentle thrusts until my finger was deep inside her ass, the walls of her rectum soft and warm.

I straightened up and holding my cock firmly, felt around her crevice for her asshole. Target acquired, I pressed the end of my cock against the pucker of her poop hole, gradually increasing the pressure until I felt her ring surrender and give way, popping open as my glans pushed it’s way in. I held myself for a moment, reveling in the feeling of her anus squeezing my cock head. She reached around with one hand to pull a cheek further to one side.

The noise levels in the changing room were still high and Miss Sharon’s voice was easily noticeable above the din. Sheila was masturbating again, her arm a blur as she rubbed her pussy hard. As I slowly pushed further up Pam’s ass, I slipped a finger deep into Sheila’s slippery bum hole, keeping it buried deep and waggling it around. I got up to a slow speed inside Pam’s ass, my other hand grasping a fleshy buttock. They were both busy spying on the noisy dancers in their changing room, so I took my time, deciding to properly appreciate the sight immediately before me. Two fantastic bottoms, creamy and heart shaped, one swallowing my cock, the other taking my finger. Both Pam and Sheila’s heavy scents were wafting up to my nose, a heady mix of dirty sexy aromas. A perfect evening.

The wonderful smells drove me on, and realising that the dancers were still being very noisy, I threw caution to the wind and moved quicker in Pam’s ass, the sound of my hips slapping up against her, and the odd poot from her ass as I pumped in and out, drowned out by the background noise.

As I came close to orgasm, I pushed my finger in and out of Sheila’s ass, as Pam bucked against me. I couldn’t last any longer, and with one last thrust, I came. It was quick and very intense, and Pam dipped down from her spy gap, resting her head on her arms whilst she worked her rectal muscles, tensing and then pushing as if trying to eject me from her ass. I shuddered and jerked from the effect this had on my sensitized glans. Sheila came again, this time not able to stop herself from letting out a groan. But all these sounds were drowned out by Miss Sharon barking out her orders.

With one last squeeze from Pam, my softening cock plopped out from her ass. I sat back on my haunches and moved down to Pam’s ass, pulling her ass cheeks wide apart and kissing her ravaged asshole. She tensed for a moment, and then let out a series of little farts. More and more came out of her sexy and smelly ass, and as I put a finger up against her anus, I realised that with every little poot, a little jism bubbled out of her sexy ass.

Sheila was now laying on her back, her shoulders and head resting on her cushion. She was breathing hard, a wide grin just visible on her face. Pam and I recovered enough to move our own cushions either side of Sheila’s, and lay down beside her. We all tittered breathlessly as we tried to bring our breathing under control.

There was a announcement over the tannoy. Drinks were available in the bar and the show would commence again in half an hour. The noise in the changing room was now quieter as if mimicking our post-cum ultra-mellow stupor. Some of the dancers left. Some remained, chattering amongst themselves.

As Pam and I caressed Sheila’s boobs and soaking pussy, kissing her gently on the lips and cheeks, we were dimly aware of Amarah’s voice. Someone was joking with her about the last dance before the interval.

“I thought you were young and fit!” someone said. “You looked pooped before we’d even started the dance!”

We heard Amarah laugh and making an excuse. We knew exactly why she looked pooped. Sheila turned on to her side to whisper something to Pam, and then they kissed tenderly as their hands caressed and squeezed. As their legs entwined and slid against each other, their limbs became writhing serpents in the dim light of our hiding place.

I moved down quietly until my face was close to Sheila’s bum. To my eye, it was far shapelier than any of the dancers’. So was Pam’s. I propped my head up with one hand, whilst squeezing Sheila’s left buttock with the other. I ran my nose up and down her bum crack, slowly pulling her left cheek upwards. When her cheeks were parted I put my face to her ass, moving my nose up and down her parted cleft. Her scent was still strong, and the soft walls of her cleft were slick with perspiration. She pushed her bum towards me, reaching around with a hand to pull her cheek further as I tongued at her anus. She tasted fantastic, now a salty tang in addition to her dirty taste.

She was still kissing Pam, a little too noisily, I thought. But there was enough background noise from the changing room to drown out their amorous French kissing.

Whilst I had my nose and tongue jammed against Sheila’s cleft, time must have flown by. The tannoy sounded again. Five minutes until the second half of the show. There was an increase in noise from the changing room as the dancers started to muster themselves. The rest of the ladies returned to get changed for the next number, and suddenly it was bedlam once again.

Pam, Sheila and I quietly maneuvered ourselves and our cushions back into place, and again we were spoilt for choice. I chose to watch a particularly fulsome bottom as its owner went through some stretches. She was on the opposite side, but with her back to me, and her thong was stretched to the max, especially when she touched her toes. She too was incredibly hirsute, front and back. As she touched her toes, the hair between her ass cheeks seemed to sprout out. It struck me as fascinating that these women were so comfortable with the semi- or total-nudity of their peers getting changed next to them.

All of the dancers filed out and down the stairs, chattering to each other as Miss Sharon shouted encouragement. I had almost forgotten about her and Amarah potentially giving us another show.

When the room was silent the three of us relaxed back on our cushions. Sheila rested a hand on my thigh, leaned across me and whispered to Pam.

“This is a wonderful night you’ve organised!”

“Thanks!” Pam beamed. “I wasn’t sure whether you would find it a bit weird, you know. Prying. I take it we’re all voyeurs then!”

Sheila and I nodded enthusiastically in agreement. I moved back and off my cushion. I pulled the cushion from between Pam and Sheila, and beckoned to both of them.

“You know, I really want to see you two,” I struggled to find the words, gesturing aimlessly. “Ummm.”

“Getting it on!” Pam finished for me. I nodded. My cock had sprung to attention again.

They moved their cushions together and moved close, kissing like lovers, wrapping their arms around each other. The lack of light in our little hiding place made it all so incredibly erotic. I grasped my semi-erect dick and started to pump it slowly, whilst Sheila and Pam found each other’s pussies.

They broke away from their amorous kissing and with gentle coaxing from Sheila, Pam turned around, kneeling down and arching her back. Sheila hunched down behind Pam and started kneading her buttocks whilst Pam slowly pushed her ass back and forth. Sheila lowered her face until her nose was inches away from Pam’s dirty sweet ass.

As she sniffed and licked Pam’s asshole, my hand moved faster on my cock, the telltale noises of my oscillating foreskin seeming loud in the silence of our hidey hole. I heard light rhythmic squelching as Sheila tongued Pam’s ass, rocking back and forth.

I moved behind Sheila and spread her ass cheeks. I sniffed at her slippery brown hole, and pushed my tongue against it, very pleasantly surprised when it easily penetrated her. All I had to do was keep my head still. When Sheila rocked herself back to bring her tongue out of Pam’s ass, she pushed herself against me, and my tongue snaked passed her loosened entrance. Her dirty taste clung to my tongue and as she pushed back against me it seemed like her hot and slippery crevice was trying to swallow me whole. I wished I could have videoed the whole thing. Pam and myself, keeping still, whilst between us, Sheila rocked back and forth.

I straightened up and placed my cock against Shelia’s pussy, feeling her swollen labia slip against my glans. I moved forward more until with her backwards movement, she thrust herself on to me. The walls of her pussy slipped passed my cock head, and back again until I was almost out. Sheila sped up her rocking motion and I pushed in time to heighten our pleasure as my member thankfully became erect once again.

I peered over Sheila’s shoulder and could see Pam had one hand working her pussy. Shelia’s pussy began to poot as my cock pistoned in and out of her. I felt my balls tighten and my glans burning as my orgasm drew close. I hoped that there was going to be a series of orgasms, and wondered who would come first. Just then, we heard the door to the changing room open and the noise of the dancers clattering up the stairs.

The three of us stopped our tonguing and thrusting and pulled ourselves upright. We had been so close to cumming. We hugged each other and kissed whilst trying to slow our breathing.

“Dammit, I was so close!” Pam whispered between quiet gasps for air.

“We should have carried on!” whispered Sheila. “I was about to cum. I could tell you were!” She looked at me and goosed my bottom.

“Oh well.” I said. My cock was burning, apparently not at all happy with the sudden interuptus.

We all turned around to our spy hole, not bothering with the cushions. Coitus Interuptus was usually annoying and a might uncomfortable, but at least this time there were things to look at, I reasoned. I squeezed my glans hard to curb the burn.

“Right ladies, this is the finale!” barked Miss Sharon in the changing room. “Two nice long pieces, and then the biggy at the end! Come on, chins up and out there! Go get ‘em!”

The dancers, revving each other up, filed out and down the stairs. The music front of house seemed to be just that bit louder.

As we watched, unseen, it dawned on us that not everybody had vacated the changing room. There, in middle and directly in our line of view, stood Amarah and Miss Sharon. As the door at the bottom of the stairs closed, and the changing room was once again quiet, our olive skinned beauty and Miss Sharon pounced on each other. They kissed fervently as Miss Sharon ran one hand through her lover’s lustrous hair, pulling Amarah’s lips to hers. Amarah groped her older lover’s buttocks as they started to thrust against each other.

They broke away from their kiss, and Amarah came running to her bag on the chair near us. We were too sluggish to dip down out of sight, but Amarah didn’t notice the six eyes, wide with lust and excitement, spying on her and Miss Sharon. They came together again to wildly kiss whilst Amarah fitted the elastic around Miss Sharon’s waist and under her crotch, the large green dildo waving around blindly, as if it was desperate to burrow into Amarah.

Amarah turned around to kneel on the two side by side chairs Miss Sharon had placed earlier. She deftly pulled her leggings down, and wiggled her ass provocatively. Miss Sharon didn’t need any encouragement. She knelt down and buried her face in Amarah, noisily kissing, sucking and licking. Amarah let out a groan.

“Come on! We haven’t got long. I want you to fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard!”

“‘S ok!” Miss Sharon said, her voice muffled by muff. “We’ve got time…..two long dances……I planned the show that way……to give us time…….ah fuck your ass smells good!”

Sheila, Pam and I immediately looked at each other, grinning. “Another ass sniffer, eh!” Pam whispered.

“Ooo, tell me how my ass smells, Miss.” moaned Amarah. We heard Miss Sharon take a noisy and deep sniff.

“Just fantastic!” moaned Miss Sharon. “Just of your ass. Fantastic, fucking fantastic!”

We three spies started to play with ourselves. This was so hot. Again, we had a perfect side-on view. I felt Pam and Sheila groping my ass as they played with their pussies. Pam slowly pushed a finger up me as I started to rub myself harder, my cock still reeling from the earlier interuptus.

Miss Sharon had now got up and with her hands on Amarah’s ass, was taking a nice long look at her lover’s crevice. She reached in to a pocket of her loose sports trousers and took out a small shiny mobile phone. She slid it open and began fiddling, her thumb moving quickly across buttons and screen. Amarah was getting impatient.

“Come on……!” she pleaded. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“Sorry babe, wait a sec!” Miss Sharon thumbed her phone whilst Amarah impatiently twerked her shapely ass.

Miss Sharon held her phone up a foot away from Amarah’s ass. After a few seconds we heard a faux camera tick with a brief flash of light.

“Wow!” Miss Sharon said, looking triumphantly at the screen of her phone. “That’s wicked! Wicked picture!”

I sensed Pam had come again. I looked across at her to see her head bowed and her hips jerking as her hand slowed down on her pussy. She let her finger slip out of my ass and looked at me, almost apologetically.

“Couldn’t hold off any longer!” she whispered breathlessly. “I would love to see that picture on her phone!”

I kissed her and squeezed her buttock, briefly pressing a finger against her greasy bung hole. I turned back to the action on the other side.

Amarah was now pleading loudly to Miss Sharon. “Come on, please please please! Fuck my pussy hard ’til I cum!”

Miss Sharon guided the big green dildo into Amarah”s pussy. With a loud and long groan Amarah started to rock back and forth as Miss Sharon slowly picked up speed with her thrusts. She grasped Amarah’s buttock with one hand and started to thrust harder and faster, whilst with the other hand she held her mobile phone at head height, pointing down towards the action.

“I’m filming it!” She gasped as she thrust awkwardly into Amarah. “We can watch it later whilst we’re at home…….naked……and fucking. Tell me when you’re coming.”

Amarah was in ecstasy as her pussy was ravaged, and could only manage a soft wailing noise in answer. She rubbed and squeezed her breasts, moaning encouragement to her dance teacher. As Miss Sharon pistoned the dildo faster and faster, it looked like a bright green strobe, flashing in and out of view.

The strain of thrusting her hips against Amarah was taking its toll on Miss Sharon. Her face was red and glistening with perspiration. Her thrusts were becoming ragged and irregular, and she was noisily gasping for air. But, she managed to keep her mobile phone steady whilst filming.

Amarah started to mumble incoherently as she reached back to pull her cheeks apart. This was met with an appreciative moan from Miss Sharon as she lowered her mobile phone nearer her lover’s ass. A loud shriek from Amarah signaled her impending orgasm.

“Keep…..moving…….keep….moving!” She cried. “Ahhh, yeeeesss!”

Amarah hunched herself up and let out an animalistic groan as she came, her climax wracking through her slim body. Miss Sharon looked almost thankful as she stopped her thrusting, but she held herself close to Amarah as if attached, her buttocks squeezed together as she kept the dildo inside her young lover’s pussy. Gradually, Amarah’s breathing calmed.

Miss Sharon thumbed her mobile, and placed it back in her pocket. She stepped back, pulling out the green dildo, and dropped to her knees. She buried her face in Amarah’s pussy, groaning approval as she shook her head side to side with her tongue lodged inside her young lover.

Eventually, Amarah straightened up and got up unsteadily from the chairs. “Fuck! That was good!” She said, appearing almost drunk after her intense orgasm. She slowly pulled up her leggings to her thighs, appearing to be in a dream whilst Miss Sharon mopped her pussy with some tissue.

“You better get out there!” Miss Sharon said. “We can watch our video later!”

Amarah tried to stretch, up and then down to touch her toes. She wobbled.

“You’ll be fine!” Miss Sharon purred. She bent down and retrieved a bottle of water from a bag, and as Amarah drank she gently dabbed her olive skinned brow. “Now. Go get ‘em!”

Amarah let out a soft giggle, kissed Miss Sharon and slowly descended the stairs and out to back stage. Miss Sharon took a deep breath, mopped her own brow and cheeks, checked herself over and started to leave. She stopped and laughed.

“Now that would have been funny!” She chortled to herself. She had been about to leave with the large green dildo still strapped to her. She stepped out of the harness and took hold of the dildo. She licked the end of it, giving it a little sniff, and walked over to Amarah’s bag.

We dipped down out of sight, and after Miss Sharon had stowed the toy away, we heard her slowly take the stairs, down and out of the changing room.

“Bloody hell!!!” Sheila exclaimed, perhaps a little loud. Pam giggled. All I could do was rub my throbbing dick, desperate to cum again, but wanting to hold off. I looked at Pam and then my cock, red and swollen in my fist.

Pam read my mind, turned her back on me and assumed a sexy doggy position. Sheila shuffled around in front of Pam and placed her ass in front of her, getting down on her elbows. Pam buried her face between Sheila’s ass cheeks and proceeded to lick and sniff her bum hole, murmuring softly as she enjoyed Sheila’s heady aroma.

To complete what I thought would be a fantastic sight to any onlookers, I lowered my head and placed my face between Pam’s hot and sweaty bum cheeks. Her scent was as strong as ever and the heat between her cheeks seemed to amplify the aroma, transferring itself to my cheeks as I pushed against her, pushing my tongue passed her slick entrance.

I needed release. I straightened up and moved closer to Pam’s ass, desperately wanting to push my dick up her dirty ass again and fill her hot insides with my semen. For a moment, I rubbed my swollen glans against her brown hole, up and down, enjoying the sensation of her ridged, cloying pucker rubbing my sensitive end. Pam stopped her licking and looked at me over her shoulder.

“Not yet…..” She said quietly. “We’ll do it again later, I promise. Just do it to me the normal way, for now. My bum hole’s feeling a bit sensitive.”

I felt a little bad. I heard Sheila chuckle mischievously. I lightly patted Pam’s bottom.

“That’s fine.” I said softly.

I guided my cock to Pam’s pussy as she resumed worshipping Sheila’s ass. I slipped in so easily, her swollen pussy lips quickly swallowing my length. I got up to speed, grasping Pam’s hips and moving mine against her. Her soaking pussy was squelching and pooting as I thrust in and out of her, whilst she grabbed Sheila’s ass to try and push her tongue as far up as possible. Sheila moaned appreciatively.

The fulsome scent of Pam’s bottom was sweet to my nose, and as I moved against her harder and faster, I felt my balls tighten and my glans swelling to near bursting point. A few more quick thrusts against Pam and I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm as my thigh muscles tensed and my upper body stiffened. For a split second it seemed like my genitals were on fire. My balls and tube began pulsing as I felt my semen shooting down the length of my cock, but just before my explosion I withdrew completely from Pam’s spongy pussy and sprayed my thick juice all over her ass, aiming as best I could at her bum hole as my fist squeezed my pulsing dick. My body jerked and I couldn’t help letting out a long groan as my explosion subsided.

I was dimly aware of Sheila and Pam sniggering, gesticulating at me to keep quiet. Sheila shuffled on her knees until she was kneeling next to me.

“Feeling better?” She giggled, squeezing my bottom with one hand whilst idly rubbing her pussy with the other.

All I could manage was an apologetic nod. Pam reached around to touch her nether regions, stroking a finger along the cleft of her parted bum cheeks.

“Blimey!” She exclaimed quietly. “That’s a whole load of ooze!”

Sheila stopped groping my bottom and put her hand on Pam’s bottom cleft. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

“Mmm. That is a lot!”

Sheila started to rub her hand up and down Pam’s ass crack until she was massaging my semen all over Pam’s bottom, covering her cheeks and pussy. Pam playfully wiggled her bottom in a slow twerk.

Whilst Sheila and Pam enjoyed the semen rub, the loud music permeating from the stage came to a halt and we could just hear rapturous applause from the audience for what must have been the last item of the show. The noise of the gaggle of dancers ascending the stairs to the changing room filled our ears, and Pam and Sheila resumed their kneeling positions, heads held still in front of the spy gap.

Sensing that our evening as a threesome was coming to an end, I chose not to look through at the dancers getting changed, but to spend a bit more time with Sheila’s and Pam’s dirty, sexy asses. I was impressed by their libidos as I watched them both, once again rubbing their soaking wet pussies, the telltale sounds of fingers on wet lips loud even with the gaggling dancers in their changing room.

Sheila was kneeling in a position that would give me good access to her ass, I thought. She was kneeling, playing with her pussy with her ass poking out in front of me. I lay on my side and positioned myself with my face side on and directly in front of her hot ass cleft. I moved closer until my nose was within the tropic valley of her parted cheeks. I was content to just sniff, inhaling the perfect scent of her bottom crack. I pulled at her left cheek, stretching her cleft and allowing my nose to touch against her hole. It was warm and wet, and she playfully tensed and relaxed the muscles of her ring as she felt my nose brushing against it. I stuck my tongue out and lightly circled it around the center of her asshole. I held it still as she tensed and relaxed and I could feel the tip of my tongue being squeezed by her poop hole as she tensed.

Suddenly, and without warning, a gust of air whistled out of her bum hole against my tongue. In my mellow post orgasmic state, I didn’t recoil. She quickly turned around.

“Sorry!” she whispered. “I’m really sorry. It just sort of popped out!”

“It’s fine,” I squeezed her knee. “Do it again!”

“Really!” Sheila looked at me, a mixture of surprise and wonder on her dimly lit face. “Ok! I’ll try to keep them quiet!”

She turned around and pushed her bottom out towards my face. She resumed her pussy play, her hand and fingers moving quicker this time. She arched her back and reached back with a free hand to pull at a bum cheek. I tickled her stretched asshole with my tongue, pleasantly amazed to find that I was becoming erect again. She tensed and relaxed in a steady rhythm as my tongue rested against her pulsing asshole. Then, she relaxed and kept still while I pressed my tongue harder against her bum hole. A soft gush of air pooted out of her ass against my tongue, her asshole pulsing as she tried to keep it as quiet as possible. My dick was fully erect again and as Sheila let out another burst of air from her sweet bottom, I started to awkwardly pump my dick with my left hand.

Sheila let out a series of short poots that blew against my tongue as I moved it around the soft skin of her anus. There was only a faint smell but it was enough to drive me over the edge.As Sheila kept releasing short poots, I came again, though this time the volume of semen was considerably less.

Sheila tried to squeeze out another poot from her sexy ass, pushing her ring in and out as she tried. I continued my tonguing as her fingers flicked over her clit faster and faster. As she tensed ready for yet another cum, her asshole clamped shut, becoming an impenetrable ring of muscle. She came and bucked her hips, taking her ass away from my face and tongue.

As she slowly came down from her orgasmic high, I lightly licked the top of her ass crack and stroked the small of her back. She relaxed, and as she let herself slump forward, exposing her bum hole again, I put my nose close and sniffed.

Eventually, she turned around slowly and quietly, kissing me on my cheek.

“That was a new one!” she whispered. “Did they smell?”

“Only a bit.” I reassured her. “It’s your smell, and I like it! Besides which I’m too mellow to care!”

We giggled quietly in the dim light, turning our attention to Pam who was obviously close to cumming herself. She seemed oblivious to anything other than the changing room beyond and her pussy, which she was now rubbing hard, her arm a blur. Sheila and I watched as Pam’s whole body started to shake, her breathing deep and ragged. With a final jerk of her hips, she came, letting out an audible moan before finally slumping backwards on to a cushion.

Sheila moved silently over to Pam, leaning over her and kissing her whilst she put a hand over Pam’s crotch.

“That’s what I call a wet woo-woo!” Sheila breathed in between kisses. Pam murmured and giggled, pulling one leg up and to one side to give Sheila easier access.

I peered through the spy hole to see a room full of dancers, dressed and ready to leave. Miss Sharon was congratulating them on a splendid night, a comment I had to agree with. The performers started to leave in dribs and drabs, goodbyes and hugs exchanged, until the room was empty. Bar one person. Amarah.

She stood a few feet away from the exit of the changing room. She waited until it was silent. She then looked about the changing room, along its makeshift perimeter of notice boards, seemingly searching for something.

“Did you enjoy that, Pam?” she called softly.

I whirled away from the spy hole with a look of confusion mixed with horror. Sheila was as still as a statue, looking at Pam. Pam held a finger to her lips, looking between me and Sheila, smiling peevishly as she reclined on the cushions.

“Very nice! Very nice indeed!” Pam called back, making myself and Sheila jump out of our skins. Sheila and I dared not breathe as we looked quizzically at Pam, who was getting up to kneel on her cushion.

“Glad you enjoyed!” called Amarah, who must have been looking towards us now she knew where we were. “More again then? At some point?”

“Oh yes! Yes please!” answered Pam. She poked fingers through the spy hole and waved at Amarah.

Amarah giggled and blew a noisy kiss before dancing down the stairs. Sheila and I immediately looked at Pam, an uncertain smile on our faces.

“Explain!” laughed Sheila, whispering again. We heard the door at the bottom of the unseen stairs shutting, and then there was silence.

“Did she know we were here too?” I asked glancing at Sheila.

“Well…..” began Pam, looking and sounding a little awkward. “How about we get home, back to my place? I promise you, I will tell you everything!”

To me, you are the sexiest woman alive. As I look upon you standing in your Basque and stockings I strain against my underwear. I adore your face, your eyes alive with sensuality and your soft full lips. I adore your hands as they caress my body, sending shivers of ecstasy through me. I adore your legs, your toes painted and your feet encased in heels, decorating your sexy calves and oh so smooth thighs, leading up towards sexual bliss. Your full breasts are made to be played with; sucked licked and fondled, tongue flicking around the sensitive tips, strong hands kneading porcelain flesh. Your pussy – shaved, neat, impossibly tight and deliciously sweet.

Your ass, I could discuss for weeks at a time, touch for months and worship with my mouth for millennia. It is so soft and round like a ripe peach. I love feeling it in my hands, feeling its smooth contours as I stroke its curves with my cock. I love the roundness of your ass-cheeks. I touch myself as I contemplate cupping you, one side at a time as our tongues entwine. I squeeze your ass, appreciating its voluptuous beauty and hiss into your ear that you are the sexiest woman alive. I drop to my knees so that I am level with your glorious pussy and slowly turn you around. Now my prize is before me and I am overcome with lust. I slowly kiss and lick my way around your ass, alternating from cheek to cheek as I titillate your little pussy with my fingers, toying with your clitoris, working my fingers in teasing, light circles towards and away from your sex. I drag my tongue over your ass from top to bottom and back, delighting in the shape of you. I can feel your excitement blossom on my finger as I embolden my exploration of your delicious pussy, opening your lips and gently tracing my finger along their insides. I cover your pussy with my hand and savour the heat emanating from inside. You feel hot to the touch, a metaphor for the passion contained within. My index finger, glistening with nectar from your sex is poised between your lips. I gently glide in between your labia and into your pussy. As you draw in a breath sharply I can simply stand it no longer and softly kiss your asshole. A light touching of my lips to your perfect asshole becomes a slow, luxurious kiss, coating you in my saliva as I lick around and inside you and your perfect ass. My cock throbs as the privilege of my reward occurs to me. I am eating your ass – your perfect ass.

You snigger at my perversion, while my stimulation you persuades you to put up with my pathetic behaviour, making muffled sounds of pleasure as the cheeks of your backside envelop my face. My finger is now sliding in and out of your pussy in a slow, regular rhythm, never quite going into you at the same angle twice, and varying in depth as if making some map of your inner form. I can hear your breath becoming heavier; feel your body respond to me with heightening pleasure.

“What a freak you are you are” you say, stepping away from my face and out of my grasp. You decide to indulge me a little and walk slowly over to the bed, away from me. From my knees, I gaze transfixed by your ass, swaying hypnotically, dancing seductively with your hips as you move with authority, your natural femininity accentuating the movement. You look over your shoulder and quietly tell me to get naked and get on the bed.

I hurry to obey; thinking of the treat in my mind’s eye. I lie on my back and my cock wiggles back and forward as it sticks up into the air. You tell me to close my eyes and as my eyelids come together heightening my awareness of my other senses. I hear the sound of a drawer being opened and items being retrieved. The next thing I know, each of my wrists in connected by a handcuff to opposite corners of the top of the bed. I grin at the kinky predicament I find myself in.

This annoys you and you tell me “I wouldn’t be so happy if I were you, you have no idea what I have in store for you!” You place a blindfold fashioned from items from your underwear drawer over my eyes and give my nipple a hard twist. I wince with pain and buck my hips upwards. You take my balls in your hand and close your fist firmly around them, warning me that you will give them a proper squeeze if I don’t stop thrashing about like a wimp. I decide I had better keep still and nod quickly, the earlier grin on my face now a distant memory. Unbeknown to me, you break out in a sexy, satisfied smile as you release my balls from your fist. Despite my unease at how vulnerable I feel, my dick remains rock hard, betraying my excitement.

There is silence for a moment, and you say “I am going to get a glass of wine. Try not to play with your cock too much while I am gone, oh wait — you can’t. Back soon.

You seem gone for a very long time, I hear your heels clicking on the kitchen floor as you fetch your wine, and you seem to be taking your time, going into the day room, then back to the kitchen, strolling around perhaps. I then hear you opening the door to the lounge and entering. My cock twitches as I know full well the busy road outside our lounge window with its currently open blinds. I imagine some guy walking past and glancing in to see you in all your splendour. Your voluptuous body poured into your Basque and legs stocking covered.

I imagine you turning to face him, your eyes meeting, but instead of covering yourself and fleeing the room, there is a moment of realisation – a moment when you realise you want him to touch you. I can see you now, opening the front door and taking him into the lounge without so much as a word said between you, sitting him down and dropping to your knees to please him with your mouth. Sliding your full lips up and down his shaft and looking him in the eye as you coat his cock in your saliva. You make appreciative sighs and coos of satisfaction as you savour his tool as you would a desert at an expensive restaurant. He takes you again and again over the couch, stretching your pussy with his rough fucking of you, your nails clawing at the material of the sofa as he pounds relentlessly in and out of you. You invite him to do you in the ass and he obliges, curling his fist around your hair and using it to hold your body in place as he slides his cock in and out of your beautiful ass, fucking you hard as you moan like a whore for his cum.

You do not even bother to close the blinds. You are getting shagged senseless by a man you have just met and never even spoken to, in full view of the busy street outside. Whether it is the thought of being watched or the thought of me listening in on the action, or simply due to the skill of your mystery lover, you climax loudly and with great intensity. And all the while I lie restrained and blindfolded upstairs, my ears the only source of information on the particulars of your consensual ravishment.

I am snapped out of my trance by the sound of your shoes on the stairs once more. You enter the room slowly and set something down. I feel the bed shift as you mount it and you kiss me on the lips, the rich taste of wine emanating from you. Your tongue tastes of warm red wine. I suck it, savouring the taste. You ask me if I want a drink and I nod. A second later your mouth is on mine again, wetter this time. As our mouths connect, you force your tongue inside my mouth, releasing a trickle of delicious wine into my mouth. I swallow and give breathless thanks.

“I must remember to close the blinds in the lounge next time,” you giggle “I wouldn’t want to cause a car crash now by distracting some driver, would I?”

You are arranging things in the room I think. I hear you moving about, your heels making a surprising amount of noise, even on the carpeted floor.

“Seeing as your birthday is coming up soon I am going to give you a bit of a treat,” you say slowly and evenly. “I hope you enjoy your gift, I’m sure you’ll agree it has been wrapped beautifully.” I nod eagerly in memory of your unbelievably sexy underwear, which to my torment remains lost to my sight.

I hear the sound of water, and feel you mount the bed, kneeling with your legs astride mine. I can feel your naked ass on me and it feels divine. My cock is suddenly very warm – it feels like you are washing it with a very warm cloth. It feels heavenly. The soft material of the cloth is softly traced over my balls and up my shaft to the head. You squeeze the cloth as you reach the tip and hot water cascades down the length of my cock. I let out a low groan of pleasure as you continue to coat me in warmth. You hang the cloth over my dick and say something about a tent that I don’t quite catch.

“I’m afraid that as lovely as you found that, it was only the preparation for what comes next,” you purr.

The cloth is removed and the cooler air in the room rushes over my cock. Before I can react, you grasp my cock at the base with one warm hand and with the other, place an ice cube right on the tip of my penis.

I buck and try to move but the combination of the handcuffs and your body pressing down on my legs hold me still. You work one hand rapidly up and down my shaft, roughly masturbating my cock while the other pitilessly pushes the ice cube down, compressing my cockhead. The mix of pleasure and discomfort is exquisite, with your warm hand exciting my shaft while the cold ice torments my sensitive and previously warm cock tip.

As the seconds pass the ice all becomes too much and I begin to lose hardness, shrinking in your hand until you stop wanking me. You make an irritated sound and remark that I am ungrateful and pathetic, saying that all I have to do is lie there and remain hard while you give me my present. If I was not tied up, horny as hell and humiliated by your callous, icy touch, I could have seen the futility of the situation – the impossibility of remaining hard given the onslaught of ice administered to my cock, I would have realised that you knew what you were doing — taking control of me, toying with me. But in my predicament, I instead offer my insistent and repeated apologies to you, asking for another chance.

After much pleading, you seem to calm down and say

“OK, it is your birthday; I suppose I can forgive you that minor indiscretion. Maybe you can properly make it up to me later. I’m sure I can think of something”

I breathe a sigh of relief that not only am I out of the doghouse but it seems like our sexy game will continue.

“Hmm, what next,” you playfully ask yourself….”

“Oh! I know. How about I play with my pussy for you? I bet you would like that?”

I begin to say that I would love that as the thought of it turns me on immeasurably but you carry on talking.

“I can use my big vibrator if you like? I know how you fantasise about me using it on myself. The only thing is that you are not exactly inspiring me at the moment. The sight of a flaccid man tied to a bed doesn’t fill me with lust and a longing to finger-fuck and toy myself to oblivion.”

I begin to panic at the thought of my evaporating fantasy when I hear the unmistakeable sounds of fucking. Some woman is moaning, crying “Deeper, deeper, harder, your big black cock is so much better than my husband’s” and a male voice is grunting in a deep American drawl.

I quickly realise that you are watching some porn on your computer and this is confirmed as I hear the first of many of your whimpers of pleasure as I presume you begin to explore your body.

“That’s better now – much more stimulating material for a horny girl,” you say “Let me fill you in on what is happening in the movie.”

I ask if you can remove my blindfold but you flatly refuse saying that you have no intention to have me gawping at you and ruining your fun. My cock is already hard again as you describe the action to me.

“He has her bent over a couch and has his cock buried in her pussy. I can’t believe that she can take him all in, he is massive. She is a cute little slut, tits like missiles and a tiny little ass but she can fuck. You would like her Baby she has the sexiest high heels on and that is all that she is wearing. To be honest though, when you have that much black dick in you, clothes are not really necessary.”

You continue to describe the action, all the while getting more aroused yourself. He dominates her, forcing his cock into her tight pussy and keeping her in ecstasy as he drills her continuously, not giving her the time to rest between orgasms, which it is plain, there are several of.

As you toy with yourself, you describe the minutiae of detail you can see from the prettiness of the girls feet and toenails, pushed up behind the back of her head by the athletic fucking she is receiving to a vivid description of the man screwing her senseless, from his muscled torso to the size and apparent fullness of his balls to the length and girth of his rock-hard tool. It is obvious that you find him attractive and the size of his genitals seems to have a mesmerising effect on you.

I hear the unmistakeable hum of a vibrator and you give a short gasp as you touch the silicone cock to your clit and savour the intense stimulation. You explore your inner and outer labia, varying the path around your pussy to mimic the action on screen. The porn-whore on-screen is now being eaten out by her black lover, his long tongue flicking rapidly at her clit one minute and the next sucking the folds of her pussy into his mouth. He extends his tongue into a long point and slowly slips up inside her. She goes crazy, throwing her head back and shuddering as his serpentine tongue explores the inner contours of her pussy.

You copy the action, sliding the vibrator into yourself and working it in circles inside so the vibrating tip stimulates all around the inside of your sex, in between moans of pleasure, you tease me mercilessly.

“I really need fucked baby. With you all tied up, I need to think of an alternative. Maybe I could give the man on the computer a call. I bet if I tried I could find him. Do you think he would be able to take care of me? “

I shout that I am dying to fuck you and plead to be untied and implore you to come over to me and ride on my dick. Whether or not you hear me, you continue with your teasing.

“I wish I was in the place of that porn whore, getting fucked every day by cock after cock. What a lucky girl she is. He has stopped licking her now baby and is going to fuck her again. He is much bigger than you are and probably a much better lover too. By the size of his balls he will fill her up to the brim when he shoots his cum in her.”

As the fucking resumes on the screen you pound the vibrator in and out of yourself in time with the on screen action, all the while continuing to describe the way her pussy stretches around his cock as he thrusts in and out of her in long strokes from almost fully out to fully inside her, invading her with such speed that his balls slap off her ass.

You come with an intensity that fills me with powerful conflicting emotions. The feelings of humiliation at my wife fantasising about being another man’s plaything – his fuck slut and the extreme arousal of hearing you explain all this in graphic detail while I am tied up and blindfolded, unable to see you fuck yourself to orgasm.

Your climax subsides and I sense your face close to mine, you are panting heavily after your energetic session with your vibrator. You kiss me on the lips and your hand drops to my cock. You lightly encircle the sensitive head and rub my pre-cum into the tip. As you do this, you whisper in my ear – your composure already regained.

“My vibrator is dripping wet and I’m afraid it can’t go back in its bed like that. Open your mouth and lick it clean. You should be grateful to it, it does a better job than you do!”

I reluctantly oblige, licking the cock-like object clean until I can no longer taste you on it. You quickly shove the vibrator in my mouth, laughing as you do so. I choke as the vibrator hits the back of my throat but manage to spit it back out onto the bed having cleansed all your delicious cum from its surface.

You hold my cock in your hand and spit on the head causing me to moan as I feel your saliva dribble down the side of my dick.

“I am going to make you cum sweetie” you state in a matter of fact tone. “But I am going to dictate exactly how and when it happens, you see I have the power to give pleasure to you in quantities that will make you worship me forever like a puppy would its master (you start to masturbate me on the head of my cock). I can make you cum so hard you will pass out, but I also have the ability to stop this pleasure on a whim and make you beg for mercy with my cruelty” (you slap the head of my penis abruptly causing me to cry out in pain)

“You see what I want form you is to have a discussion about our relationship and what I mean by that is I am going to tell you what is going to happen and you are going to say yes my angel, anything for you. I imagine that with this set-up here today in this room, you will listen to me with the attentiveness and responsiveness I deserve and that you can otherwise lack. Do you understand?”

At this you bend my cock back on itself so it is almost touching the bed sheets. I strain against the restraints but unable to move and in pain, pant my agreement to your condition. You reward me by taking my cock into your mouth for a series of slow, luxurious sucks, cooing in appreciation of how good I taste. On each down-stroke you scrape my cockhead off the inside of your cheek on the way to the back of your throat and as you finish each upstroke you rapidly flick the tip of my penis with your tongue causing me to shudder.

As you reach the head of my penis for the final time you suck extremely hard so that when your mouth leaves my dick an audible pop is produced. With this sound still hanging in the air, you begin to speak.

“So, baby, there are basically 3 conditions that you are going to agree to tonight. The changes these conditions bring about will be permanent improvements to our lives that I know you will come to appreciate. By the way, all this is all being videoed so if you try to back out, then don’t be surprised if the part with you sucking on the vibrator finds its way into the mailbox of everyone you know.”

This makes me feel uneasy but at the same time very aroused at how sexy and dominant you are behaving. I mutter a quiet “OK”.

“Condition number one is that from now on you will be doing the lion’s share of the chores round here. I will still be involved but purely in the role of an inspector. It will take you some time to get up to standard but with effort you should be able to manage it.”

With the earlier warning about video evidence still ringing in my ears I quickly agree to the condition. You respond with a curt “Good”. Then I hear you reaching into the bedside cabinet for something.

“I bought us some baby oil this afternoon. It is apparently very good for giving naughty massages. I saw this video where a girl covers her guy’s dick in this stuff. It is so slippery.” You state. “She keeps him on the brink of cumming for the whole video then leaves him unsatisfied. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Please don’t do that to me” I beg.

After a moment, you start pouring the oil over my cock and murmur ever so softly “We’ll see…” As you massage the oil into me, I gasp at the sensation. You hold my dick stationary at the very base and use your flat palm to rapidly rub my cockhead talking as you do so. “This is a good one apparently. You won’t get enough sensation to come but you won’t get soft either. Apparently it is a favourite of women known as Masturbatrixes. Do you know what they are? A Masturbatrix is a dominant woman who specialises in masturbation-related tease and sexual torture. Fascinating, I think. ”

I don’t know what to make of your statement but your knowledge of the technique is correct. Your rapid palming gives just enough pleasure to maintain my erection, which both frustrates me because I want to come desperately but excites me due to the degree of control you possess over my body. As you continue the teasing and pleasuring, you apply more and more of the baby oil to me, soaking my cock. I can feel it running down my stomach and between my legs. I let out a groaning sigh and once more become aware of the porn sounds in the background. I can’t say for certain if the sounds have been playing all along but your teasing, extremely sexy behaviour made me oblivious to it or if they were absent for a time and you have just put on another movie.

It was impossible for James to focus on his work on Monday as the events of the day were little more than a prelude to his 6:00 PM appointment with Julia. The attending excitement and anticipation that accompanied regular visits with Julia were practically overwhelming for him to even comprehend. James thought about the time he had spent with Julia in recent days and realized that virtually every moment was highly charged. Was it even possible to just sit and have a conversation with this woman without experiencing erotic thoughts and feelings? He thought not.

James arrived at Julia’s home at about the same time that she did. As he was walking to the doorway from behind he heard, “Hey James!”

Turning around he spotted Julia cruising up the walkway on her Advance 1 bicycle that was now coming to a stop right before him. Sitting atop her high end road bike she was dressed in an all white tennis outfit, not unlike you might see in women’s tennis competition, with her hair in a short pony tail that exited out the back of her pink unlabeled tennis cap. With a small back pack containing her tennis racket and equipment she hopped off her bike and approached James.

Julia’s face was aglow with joy and happiness and combined with her fit and well toned body this natural looking woman was simply the most beautiful and sacred thing in the world, James thought. She advanced and wrapped her arms around him and gave him more than a perfunctory hug as her body folded into his and her arms squeezed him into the center of her body. Having never seen Julia, as an athlete, it added one more dimension to the rather large catalog of images that James had been mentally collecting ever since he first met her. Looking at her very lightly tanned glistening skin, her hair somewhat astray from her recent exertions, and the flushed skin tone was all very arousing to him. A goddess in every respect, he thought.

“James, I’m sorry that I’m running a bit late, I hope you haven’t been waiting long. Have you?”

“Actually, perfect timing, Julia. I just arrived.”

“Excellent. Let’s go inside then, shall we?”

When James offered to carry her tennis bag it occurred to him that it was rather a ridiculous offer as it didn’t weigh much and why would a well conditioned athlete like Julia need assistance with something that she could probably carry with one finger? He felt a little foolish after the words left his mouth but that feeling quickly dissipated when Julia placed the bag in her hand and said, “Thank you, James, you are such a dear.” She gave him a genuine smile that left him with butterflies.

James followed Julia into her study, the same study that only last Friday was the scene of his deviant behavior. He felt himself flush at the thought at what transpired during the “interview”. They both took the same seats as last week with Julia behind her desk and James sitting in front of it.

As Julia removed her cap, he was again reminded of her striking beauty. With her hair pulled straight back Julia commanded a presence that was somewhat between well conditioned athlete and authoritarian figure. James found the combination to be very erotic. He gazed upon her face waiting to find out what would happen next.

“Do you play tennis, James?”

“Not for quite awhile. I played a little in college but mostly I was a racquetball player.”

“Well, you should have seen us today. My partner and I had the pleasure of giving a sound lesson to a couple of attorney’s who thought that two women were going to be a pushover. And, my partner,” James could tell Julia had a new thought, “is quite the formidable lady. “Hmmm, can you guess who my partner was today?”

James had no idea and said, “You’ll have to tell me.”

“Here is a hint, she’s a little older than you, you look up to her, and,” at this point Julia couldn’t suppress a little laugh, “and she used to take you down in arm wrestling when you were little.”

“Sara? You are partners with my sister, Sara?” Of course James was aware of their acquaintance as it was Sara who referred James to Julia a number of months back. At that time Julia was his therapist. Somehow he didn’t realize that the two were this close and it gave him a bit of a weird feeling. He couldn’t help but wonder if information regarding their personal exploits was even remotely shared with Sara. This was never a fear in the confidentiality of the appointment setting but with this current arrangement those laws and guidelines were not in place.

“We are! I love playing with your sister. What a woman! We find that we….complement each other’s game quite effectively. I know a couple of male attorney’s who found out today what a formidable pair we can be.”

“Oh, well, cool, it sounds like you kicked ass.” After a short pause, “Um, Julia, I don’t know how to ask, but, does Sara know that I’m, well, ……working for you?” At this point James realized he was holding his breath.

“Let me think a sec……I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, no, I’m sure I’ve not mentioned that we have a working arrangement.” Julia paused to gauge James reaction. He was practically squirming out of the chair. “Well, now, I did mention to her that I had seen you recently. Yes, I’m quite sure of that.” Julia, pausing for effect, added, “Are you concerned, James?”

“Geez, Julia, I’d be concerned if anyone knew…well, you know….if they knew about some of the things we’ve done together. But, please, my sister? I’d be mortified if she knew!”

“Which things are you worried about, James?” While Julia’s face feigned innocence James knew better. She added, “I could make sure I didn’t mention those things to her….if it would make you feel better, that is. Of course, you’d have to tell me which things embarrass you so that I wouldn’t slip up.” Julia had a coquettish smile on her face.

James was dying in his seat. While trying to get comfortable with the parameters of his personal relationship with Julia she was now starting to push his buttons in yet another arena. Julia rose from behind the desk and sauntered to the front. Playfully she said, “Does my baby want to keep his kinky fetishes from the rest of the world? Is he worried that he might get into trouble with his older sister? Is that it, Jamiekins?”

Before James could respond Julia redirected the conversation away from his sister as she began applying pressure in another direction and said, “I don’t think you have anything to worry about, for now. But, speaking of fetishes, James, do you think if we put our heads together right now we might be able to come up with a brand new one? Something more abstract than before?”

In an instant James reeling mind glimpsed images of dildo’s, feet, heels, underarms, shoes, i.e. everything he and Julia had done so far. Yet, instinctively he felt there was more, much more and with each new addition it seemingly added a new level of arousal.

With James unable to respond Julia pressed on, “What about a post goddess workout fetish, James?” Julia tried to sound serious but even she couldn’t contain a slight smirk. “Wouldn’t it be kinky and perverted if a man got excited as he got to know a woman and her scents; if he got excited when he became intimate with her when she was, say, not very clean? You know, if somehow it turned him on. Turned him on in a way that went beyond the normal level of excitement. Just because, well, just because she was in this different and unusual state. Think about it Jamie, do you think it’s even possible?” Julia then placed herself on the edge of the desk with her perfect ass halfway perched on it and then very slightly, almost imperceptibly, separated her legs so that James had an even better view of her goddess body.

James waited. If he was paying attention he would have noticed he had just swallowed hard and that his heart was pounding just a little faster.

Julia, becoming more clinical for a moment, “It’s an intriguing question, isn’t it? And, it’s one of many I hope to study in the privacy of my home. Sexual fetishes. Just use your imagination and think about the possibilities, James.” A slight pause, then, “Which makes sense that you do because it is actually part of the requirements of your position. Becoming more firm now Julia said, “You see James, I’m going to taunt, probe, and exploit all the erotic crevices of your mind so that I can observe your reactions and subsequent behavior and see what the result of pushing each button does with your libido.” Letting up for just an instant, “It’s, of course, all optional for you, James. I would never force you to do anything that you were not comfortable doing.”

If James looked relieved he wasn’t showing it. Julia continued but now a bit less clinical, “At least, to the extent that you can resist those initiations, that is. But, I don’t think you want to resist, do you? Because that’s the thing about a fetish it’s practically impossible to deny. Our minds just won’t let go. Even if we walk away from it, do they really go away? Or, are they buried deep within us waiting for the opportunity to come alive, and grow. Sometimes to surprising proportions.”

Julia put her foot on the front of James chair between her legs and said, “What do you think, James, of this very present opportunity? Does it excite you or leave you cold? It’s okay with me either way because I want you to do what only you want to do. This is not for me today; it’s only about what you want. What you need, maybe.” Julia continued to look down on the completely overwhelmed James and added, “If you want to explore this new fetish, James, you can begin by removing this shoe. Yes, this one that I’ve put right in your lap.” Julia was just beginning to radiate her own excitement in spite of the pseudo psychological jargon and her attempts to remain neutral to the outcome. “And, of course, if you are not interested we can stop right now. This one is your call, my sweet man.”

James looked at Julia’s face for guidance but found none. Just a single raised eyebrow that reaffirmed that it was his decision. The effect of Julia calling James her “sweet man” was not with out effect and served as a very powerful incentive for James to proceed.

He looked down at the shoe. An ordinary, practically new athletic shoe that contained a white sock. And, a white sock that contained a woman’s foot. Julia’s foot. To say no would be to deny him the opportunity to be close to his queen. To say no might mean he would have to wait for who knows how long before the next opportunity for intimacy. To say no didn’t seem to be an option to what he was certain was becoming his next, new, kinky fetish. Julia new by his body language exactly when he made his decision. Inwardly, she smiled with the self satisfaction of a woman who knows how to get what she wants. Yes, she was quite pleased with herself, as usual.

James carefully, using both hands, untied the shoelace, loosened it, and removed the shoe, then the sock. He put it on the floor. Without saying a word Julia removed her foot only to place the other shoe in front of James. He repeated his actions.

“James, remove your clothes, please. All of them.” Having James exposed was almost always part of the ritual she would put in place whenever she would “test” him in the future. This is where words were no longer important because his state of excitement would always be best measured with the state of his penis.

When he was naked he sat back down in the chair. “Now, help me out of my dress.”

Julia instructed James where he needed it and soon she was naked except for her panties. As she sat on the edge of her desk James was completely intoxicated with the look of his goddess. Her firm and fit body, still slightly glistening with a very thin shear coating of sweat, yet looking very feminine and strong.

“Come close to me, James. Don’t touch with your hands. Until I tell you, you are not to use your hands. I want your nose, your lips, and your tongue. All of which are very precious to me.” Very softly she said, “Understand, sweet baby?”

Mmmmm moaned James.

“I want a yes or no answer, James.”

“Yes, Julia, I understand.”

“Good boy, very good boy.”

“Now, bring your face to my neck. Don’t touch it yet, just breathe me.” James could feel the warmth from her body and he could smell the curious mixture of her faded bathing soap and her natural body secretions. To his surprise it was not an unpleasant aroma. Actually, it was decidedly feminine while very potent in its intensity.

“That’s it baby, breath very deeply. Do you like smelling your workout goddess, James?”

James exhaled deeply and moaned, “I love breathing your fragrance, Julia. You smell…..divine.”

“Explore any area above my waist that you desire. But, no hands. Let yourself go James, my body is yours to savor exactly the way you want to. Mmmmm…..I love the touch of your lips, James, you so know how to touch a woman in a way that makes her feel desired and very special Not every man knows how to do this you know?” James continued to explore her neck area, up to her ear. He even slipped his tongue inside of Julia’s ear and ever so slowly wiggled it all around. At this point his goddess emitted a very pleasurable sigh that was followed by a laugh not unlike when someone is feeling a bit ticklish. For James part he was in another world and feeling confident of his ability to please Julia and the challenge of turning her on was possibly his biggest motivator. Yes, he wanted to enjoy the effects of his lovemaking with her but his biggest turn on came from heightening her arousal level to its highest possible state.

James confined his lovemaking to Julia’s neck and shoulder area for some time before pausing at her underarm area. Here he was conflicted. This would be one of the areas of Julia’s body that certainly would be very “ripe” and he wasn’t sure if kissing this part of her would be gross. Part of him thought it just a tad too funky to kiss her there. He decided to pass his nose over this area just to test it out. While he wasn’t working too far ahead he knew that kissing Julia’s breasts were going to be an unbelievable experience and it was something that he wanted to delay just so he would have it to look forward to. As his nose passed over her underarm area Julia shifted her elbow up to allow James more access. James caught a musky scent that instead of repulsing him seemed to trigger an excitement. He also correctly determined that Julia would want him to explore this area as it fit with the fetish that Julia was exploring with him. Without further thought James gently kissed Julia under her arm. He stopped to breathe her fully and then proceeded to give her the tiniest of kisses around the whole area. Julia moaned as if it turned her on. At this point James blew caution to the wind and slowly licked her from top to bottom. Julia seemed to like that, too. James, undeterred by it, moved across her neck area slowly kissing the top of her chest and on to the other arm. In a similar way he provided this side with the same administrations as the first. Julia had her eyes closed and was clearly enjoying every morsel of attention that he was giving her. James took a quick look at himself and saw that he was huge down below. He hadn’t realized exactly when it happened but he was now fully erected.

“James, you’re making your goddess very happy. Don’t stop for a second.”

James, still not using has hands, inched back from her and gazed at her magnificent breasts and wondered how any woman could possibly be so utterly beautiful. He was always attracted to smaller size breasts and Julia’s seemed to be just perfect for her sculpted body. He administered little lip kisses all around her breast area saving his tongue for later. He could tell that Julia wanted him to move a bit faster but, here, he was getting a little thrill out of making her wait for his tongue. It was his way of insuring that he would heighten it for her. Finally, he gently encircled her fully erect nipple in his mouth and let it just hover for a few seconds. He teased the nipple two or three times with the tip of his tongue pulling it back soon afterward. Julia’s body was alive and clearly craving something more when James securely planted his mouth on the nipple and while forcing his tongue firmly against it slowly and deeply began sucking on it. Julia gasped with pleasure.

James continued on with his attention to Julia’s breasts ever so mindful how erotic this scenario was playing out. He was grateful that Julia had not requested foot worship as even with his strong penchant for Julia’s feet he couldn’t really imagine doing this with her in this current post workout state. He made a mental note for this kindness that Julia appeared to bestow upon him. James could probably have stayed where he was for a much longer time but he was interrupted when Julia broke free from her highly aroused state to say, “Beautiful, James, absolutely beautiful. I love when you kiss me like that.” As she gently nudged his head away from her breasts she said, “For the final part, James, I want you to remove my panties and hold them in your hands. Good, now bring them up to your face but don’t cover your eyes. That’s it. Good boy, breathe slow and deep. How do they smell, baby? How do my sweaty panties smell on your face?”

“Oh, god, Julia. They are practically like….heaven.

“Lucky boy.”

“Um, Julia, how bout if I lay down flat and you sit down over me. I’d like, to…so I can give you some oral pleasure?”

“Oral pleasure, James? Whatever do you have in mind?” Julia continued the tease. “Are you talking about oral pleasure for my pussy, James, or do you have something more decadent in mind? Hmmm?”

Julia, ignoring James request for him to lie down and her for her to straddle him spoke softly and said, “On your knees, James.” As he knelt down in front of her at the front of her desk she put her feet on the ground and bent at the waist looking the other way over the desk, her ass was now facing outwards towards James face. She swayed her ass back and forth shifting weight from leg to leg. James was always amazed at the perfection of Julia’s ass and as he contemplated her question he couldn’t help but feel the yield to its power. While initially he had intended to service his queen’s pussy he was now interpreting her body language as a suggestion that she might prefer to have her ass worshiped instead. If nothing else he was always about making her happy in spite of the fact that the Julia post-workout state might not be the best time to explore her ass with his mouth.

“You haven’t answered me James. Which part of me do you want to pleasure?” Julia was now staring intently into James eyes and he stared back at her. The moment seemed to drag forever.

James held eye contact and inched up closer to Julia’s ass. For the second time in two days, with a voice so audibly low Julia could scarcely hear it, he produced a soft but clear bark. Julia’s face was suddenly wiped of any sneer or smirk as her expression changed instantly as James so took her by surprise. His simple acquiescence expressed in the manner of the day before ritual evoked a sentiment in her that seemed to take her by surprise. James could not be positive but he thought he detected in Julia’s eyes the slightest of misting. Julia, for her part, did not miss the significance of the moment. Up to now James, her boy toy in many ways, was now not just responding to direction rather he was creatively improvising in ways that reached her very insides making it less a controlled scenario to more of an exchange.

“Oh, my sweet, sweet, James,” she uttered. She took the opportunity to turn around so that she was facing him and while placing both hands on the cheeks of his face game him a soft and tender kiss right on his forehead. Now, James was sure that her eyes were watery. She slowly removed her hands but not before slowly dragging them across his cheeks perhaps to extend the touch just a fraction of a second longer and reversed positions sticking her ass back near James face while laying her torso over the top of the desk.

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