ass to mouth

This is the third and final instalment of this story. Please read “Sister Sandy’s Laptop Chapters 01 and 02 before reading this.


“Get here ASAP! Need you!!”

I read the text from my older sister Sandy. I was intrigued by the commanding tone. This wasn’t her asking she was telling me to go and see her! After our two previous incestuous encounters and especially the last time it was pretty clear that Sandy had a bit of a kinky side to her that she wanted to explore. I decided to tease her a little.

“What for? Laptop fucked again?” I replied. A moment or two passed.

“Just do as you are told little brother” she replied.

“What if I don’t?” I teased further.

“Yeah like you won’t! Pls cum soon ;) ” she texted back. I smiled. I wanted to fuck Sandy again as much as she wanted me. So I made my excuses to my wife Liz once more and made my way to Sandy’s flat the next evening.

When I arrived outside her flat she was standing waiting for me at her door as before. This time she was wearing a black, loose fitting, silk dressing gown that stopped short just above her knees. Her feet were bare and the gown was low around her bosom revealing her beautiful, freckled mature cleavage which seemed much larger and prominent than it had before. Her hair was immaculate as ever and she smiled at me from under that long wave of blonde hair that hung over the left side of her face as always. She looked stunning.

“Hi!” I said smiling back at her.

She didn’t answer but just stood aside to let me in and then closed the door and locked it. She turned and looked at me a second and then stood in front of me so close that her breasts were touching my body ever so slightly. She looked up into my eyes and I looked into hers as she pulled her hair from her face. We held each other’s gaze for a few seconds before she quietly said;


I couldn’t resist her closeness and quickly kissed her full on the lips. She responded just as keenly and slipped her tongue between my lips which I sucked in gently. I reached around to embrace her but she caught my arms and pulled away gently breaking the kiss.

“Tim take a shower and then come to my bedroom.” She said looking away from me and then walked past me into her room. I stood there a moment aching to follow her as my cock was already swollen. But I did what she asked and entered her bathroom to take a quick shower. I turned on the water and stripped off my clothes. My now semi erect penis was oozing precum from the delicious excitement of what was to come. I duly showered myself down quickly taking extra time to clean my genital area and between my buttocks to ensure I was clean and fresh everywhere that mattered. When done I turned off the shower and dried myself down quickly. I took another dry, white towel that was hanging on the rail and wrapped it around my waist and then left the bathroom for Sandy’s bedroom. Sandy was sitting on her bed waiting still in her silk gown. She smiled at as I came in and then stood up and came towards me.

“Tim…um….look I want to do something. Or rather behave in a certain way with you but I’m not sure you would like it.”

“I said I’d do whatever you want sis. I’m up for anything kinky you know that so don’t feel weird or anything. Just let yourself go. Be what you want to be and do what you want to do. I’m here for you for anything you want OK?” I said smiling and put a hand on Sandy’s shoulder.

Sandy smiled back and stepped closer and put her hands on my bare chest. “Just understand that I’ve never really done this sort of thing..”

“Hey me neither!” I said clasping her upper arms. “Well…you know..not um….me and Liz have done some weird stuff you know but……crud I don’t even know what you’ve got in mind Sandy. But it’s fine. Really. Just be what you want to be!”

Sandy looked into my eyes and smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. She took two steps back from me and slowly pulled her gown down over her shoulders and let it drop. I gawped as I took in the sight of her. She was wearing a black leather lace up underbust corset that lifted her tits up making the bulging cleavage I’d noticed when I arrived and a pair of black lace panties that were very transparent. Her bush clearly showed beneath it. She stood there a minute with her hands on her ample hips accentuated by her tightly laced corset. I stared at her a minute then took a step towards her.

“Stay still!” she said sternly. “Don’t fucking move!”

I stood there as motionless as I could. My heart was beginning to really thump and parts of me were beginning to quiver with expectations.

“First we get rid of this!” Sandy said as she reached out and yanked the towel from around my waist revealing my now erect cock. She stood closer to me and her right hand reached out and touched my chest. I started to raise my hands to her but she grabbed them tightly and pushed them away making my stumble a little to one side.

“I said don’t fucking move!!” she said even more sternly than before. I dropped my hands but started to turn to towards her but she grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so I was facing away from her.

“Stay!!” she commanded and then giggled quietly.

I felt her hand softly caress my left buttock and then a finger trace up and down the line of my crack. She ran her finger up and down between my buttocks several times before running her fingers gently all the way up my spine and then around my neck and up to my ear which she suddenly grabbed and pulled firmly. I almost cried out but her left hand reached up and covered my mouth and I felt her soft hair against the left side of my face.

“Now are you going to be a good little brother and do what you are told for your big sister? She half whispered in my ear.

I nodded. I was partly highly aroused, partly amused and partly wondering just how far Sandy was going with this.

“Well you better you little shit!” she spat and shoved me forward onto the bed. I turned as I tumbled onto the bed and looked up at her. She was standing there with a hand over her mouth trying not to giggle.

“Sorry Tim. This is hard to take seriously!”

“It’s OK!” I said. “Please I like it. Honest!”

“You sure?” she said stepping up close to the bed.

“Yeah, yeah definitely. Really…just go for it. Call me names.. anything it’ll be fun!” I said leaning back onto the bed. My cock was standing to attention proudly.

Sandy re-asserted herself and put her hands back on her hips. She cleared her throat and managed to look serious as she said “OK you little prick get over on all fours and show me your arse!”

I did as I was told and got up onto all fours. I felt the bed give as Sandy knelt on it behind me and then felt her hands run slowly up the back of my thighs before gently caressing my buttocks.

“Now then!” Sandy said huskily. “Don’t move!”

“OK!” I replied almost breathless with expectations.

“What? That won’t do!” she said and smacked me quite hard across my bum cheeks. “You must say ‘Yes Mistress!’…got that?”

“Yes Mistress!..Yes Mistress” I replied obediently.

“Good boy!” she retorted. “Now then you will be still.”

“Yes Mistress!”

I felt her hands on my arse cheeks again but this time she gripped both buttocks firmly and I felt her spread them. I few seconds passed then I felt a cool air blowing on my anus. Sandy was blowing on my hole. I tried to look between my legs but my cock and balls blocked the view. I couldn’t help a gasp as I suddenly felt the warm, wetness of her tongue gliding upwards over my anus and then down again. She then started circling her tongue around my ring which made me lift my head and gasp louder.

“Fucking hell Sandy!” I couldn’t help but say.

“SMACK!” A shot of pain shot from my right thigh as she smacked her hand across it hard. “What did I fucking tell you? You fucking bastard what did I TELL YOU?” she almost shouted.

“Yes Mistress..Yes Mistress..I’m sorry Mistress!” I blurted out and buried my grinning face against into the bed.

“Don’t move or else!” she said and I felt her move off the bed. I heard her fumbling with something from her bedside and then felt the bed give again as she returned.

“Don’t move!” she said once again.

“Yes Mistress..” I mumbled from the bed. I then felt something very wet and cold being smeared on my hole with her fingers. I sucked in breath as she then pushed a wet, slippery finger fully up me in one single action. She wiggled it and gently pumped me a few times before removing her finger.

“OK. Now you stay still!” she said firmly and I then heard a soft buzzing noise before something hard and vibrating suddenly pushed against my anus.

“Yes that’s right little brother I’m going to shove my vibrator up your arse. And I’m going to fuck you good and proper with it.”

“Yes Mis…tress….uuhh.” I replied as she pushed the vibrator firmly against my hole. I was no stranger to this sort of thing as my wife Liz often used a prostate massager on me. So I knew to relax and just let it happen. Sandy giggled slightly as the vibrator slowly started to make it’s way into me. She wiggled it a little and pulled it out slightly before pushing it in again and this time my sphincter relaxed I felt the cool, smooth vibe slide into me. The feeling of the vibrations buzzing my hole was exquisite but the fact that this was my big sister doing this to me made it something very special. Sandy worked the vibe in and out of me gently for a bit. I moaned quietly with each inward thrust my sister gave me.

“OK little brother lie on your back!” Sandy commanded and pulled the vibe out of me. I did as I was asked and was relieved to be off my knees and able to see my sister. She knelt there smiling at me with her purple vibrator still buzzing away. She held it up in front of her face. “Just think. This has been up my cunt many times and even up my arse. Now it’s been up yours!” she grinned. I grinned back and then watched fascinated as she stroked the vibrator against her cheek. There were still traces of lube on it but it otherwise looked clean despite where it had just been. But then to my amazement Sandy opened her mouth and then licked nearly the whole length of the vibrator. “Mmmm…” she moaned and then while still looking at me with a smile she opened her mouth again this time engulfed it around the vibrator. She pursed her lips around it then gently pumped it in and out of her mouth before pulling it out then licking it’s length once more.

“Tell your Mistress what she is!” Sandy said as she took my cock in her hand now and started masturbating me.

“Umm….uh…She’s wonderful!” I responded but that received a smack on my thigh and a sharp squeezing grip on my cock.

“No you prick! What am I? I just licked this thing that’s been up your arse for fuck’s sake so what does that make me?”

“A dirty slut!” I replied taking a bit of a gamble.

“Better.” She said and started slowly masturbating me again. “Is that all? Tell me what I am you little pervert. Tell me what I am!”

Before I answered she put the vibrator to my anus again and pushed it into me. It slid in much more easily this time and I moaned as it did so. She started fucking my hole with the vibrator quite vigorously. “Tell me!”

I gulped before saying almost groaning…”You’re..a ..dirty..fucking..bitch..dirty ..slut…dirty ..fucking ..slag”

“Yes that’s right! What else am I?” she responded fucking my hole even faster and harder now.

“Fucking ..cock sucking.. .ass licking…cum whore!” I cried as she fucked my hole furiously now while yanking hard on my cock at the same time.

“You’d better believe it brother!” she gasped in response then suddenly stopped what she was doing and got off the bed. I lay their breathing heavily. The vibrator still stuck up me and buzzing away delightfully. I watched Sandy as she took off her corset revealing her large sagging breasts. She slipped off her panties and then climbed back on the bed.

“Fuck Tim I’m fucking soaking. Fuck me now as hard as you fucking can!” she begged and lay flat on the bed beside me. I sat up and the vibrator slipped from my hole. She grabbed it and spread her legs wide. “Fuck me you dirty bastard!” she commanded loudly.

I lay on top of her and guided my hard, dripping cock to her open, glistening gash. It slid in effortlessly with a single thrust with such a beautiful feeling for both of us that we both gasped at the same time. I was desperate to cum now and started fucking her hard.

“Yes..yes…fuck….harder…faster…!” she gasped in time with my quickening thrusts.

I fucked her as hard and fast while trying to last as long as I could. Sandy was moaning and panting along with me and then suddenly she lifted the vibrator in her left hand up to her mouth and sucked it in. She held it in her mouth and opened her eyes wide at me. I knew what she wanted and shifting my weight onto my left arm and took hold of the end of the vibrator buzzing in her mouth and started thrusting it in and out of her while still managing to fuck her at the same time.

“This what you want big sister?” I said sensing it was my turn to get dominant with her. “You want your mouth fucked by a vibrator that’s just been up your brother’s arse and cunt fucked with his cock?” I said feeling carefree now as I became closer to orgasm.

Sandy moaned and opened her mouth wide. Lapping her tongue around the vibrator. I pulled it out from her mouth and smeared it all over her face before sliding it back into her mouth which welcomed it with pursing lips. I let go of it and focused on fucking her now which I did as hard and fast as I physically could. Sandy grabbed my back and dug her fingers hard into me. I felt my orgasm coming and arched my back against her grip which only hurt more but that only seemed to intensify the incredible orgasm that swept up through me.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” I cried out as my cock exploded with cum deep inside her. I rammed myself as hard as I possible could into her with each ejaculation it felt as if I was almost hosing her inside. I collapsed on top of her sweating, panting and exhausted as my orgasm subsided. Sandy spat out the vibrator that was still buzzing in her mouth and gently pushed me to one side making my still hard cock slide out of her. I rolled onto my back but Sandy sat up and then gently leant over me to hold my cock and then take it into her mouth. She lovingly caressed it with her lips and tongue. Gently sucking it clean of my cum and her juices while her beautiful blonde hair caressed my right thigh. She sat up again and then lay back beside me and started fingering herself furiously.

“Christ I need to cum so bad!” she moaned. “Get the vibe Tim and stick it up my bum!” I was exhausted but did as I was told. I lifted the vibe off the bed where it lay still buzzing away and knelt up beside Sandy who was now giving her soaking cunt and real workout with her middle and index fingers of her right hand. She was breathing heavily through her teeth as I poked the vibe into the dark cleft under her furiously working hand. But I was unsure exactly where her anus was so Sandy quickly took the vibe from me and quickly worked it into her own hole.

“There now fuck me hard with it you bastard” she grunted as she went back to work on her clit. I did as I was told and pumped her rectum as hard and as fast as I dared considering the vibe had little lubrication now but Sandy didn’t seem to care. She was clearly in absolute ecstasy as I pumped the vibe in and out of her anus as she rubbed her clit with incredible speed. Eventually she went rigid and arched her back. Her eyes rolled and her mouth opened wide before finally letting out a scream that quickly became a long groan and ended with a long satisfied sigh.

I lay beside her on the bed and put my arm across her gently fondling her left breast. I nuzzled into her and locked my right leg between hers feeling her warm, wetness against the inside of my thigh. We lay motionless like this for a few moments before eventually Sandy sat up and then leant over me. Her breasts squashing against my chest and that beautiful wave of blonde hair hanging down and softly caressing my cheek.

“Well Tim we did it again!” she said smiling.

“Yeah. We did.” I replied and she kissed me full on the lips. Our mouths opened and we explored each others mouths a little before breaking off.

“I fucking love you little brother!” she giggled.

“And I fucking love you big sis!” I replied and kissed the end of her nose.

“Should we do this regularly?” she asked stroking my cheek.

“As regularly as possible!” I replied stroking her hair.

“Want to get more kinky?” she whispered in my ear.

” I’ll do whatever you want Mistress.” I said sliding my hand down her back. “Whatever you want.”

We kissed and started fondling and caressing each other. Eventually I became aroused again and we fucked once more this time Sandy on top. Her huge breasts and her beautiful hair bouncing as she gasped and grunted eventually bringing me to my second orgasm. We collapsed into each others arms once more and lay still again for a few moments before we eventually got up, showered and dressed. I was going to be late home but I didn’t care.

Two months later my world was turned upside down when my wife Liz left me. It turned out she’d been fucking one of her friend’s husbands and they had decided to get together. I was stunned. But had no cause to be angry given that I’d been screwing my own sister at the same time! So Liz and I broke up. She wanted to live with her new guy and I wished them luck. I even let him buy out my half of our house so they could live together there.

“Where will you stay?” Liz had asked me.

“Don’t worry about me. Sandy will put me up!” I replied trying very hard not to smile.

With his libido somewhat sated for the moment, Matt heads to his lifeguard chair. He posts up on the chair for the rest of the day, keeping his eyes on the poolside activities. Throughout the day, he watches a steady stream of professionals come to the Oasis Pool Club. Brittney, Samantha, and the other lifeguards spend about half of their time inside the locker rooms or the sauna with the members. The other half, they lounge around the pool sunbathing. Matt enjoys watching them lay out in the intense summer sun, usually working up a nice sweat while tanning. All the girls are attractive in their own ways and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

On occasion, the members venture out to the pool to swim or cool off. When they do, one or two of the girls usually get into the pool with them. Matt watches as Sam and another brunette lifeguard flirt with an older member with grey hair in the pool. The man playfully pulls down Sam’s top, exposing her bouncing breasts. Sam laughs it off, letting him (and Matt) get an eyeful before putting her top back into place.

Then, the other lifeguard takes a deep breath and sinks below the surface. From Matt’s vantage point, he can see her crouching on the bottom of the pool near the man’s waist. The man looks to be concentrating as Sam continues flirting with him. She strokes his hair and touches his chest while his hands rest on the submerged brunette’s head.

She is sucking him off under water… Matt realizes.

Before the first girl comes up, Sam sucks in a huge gulp of air and slides in. The other girl emerges, taking her turn flirting with the older guy. This pattern repeats a few times until the man begins moaning loudly. Sam is the one under water at the time.

“Ooohhh…” he groans.

Matt can hear the other girl encouraging the man. “Oh yes, fill her mouth, Stan.”

The man jerks in the water, splashing. He grunts, “Uh, Uh, Uh!” Sam is still submerged.

“Mmmm, oh yeah. Wooowww!” The brunette giggles, absently stroking his chest. “Feed that slut. That’s fucking hot…” Her voice is slightly nasal and it reminds Matt of how the girls talk in porn.

The man with grey hair slowly stops splashing as he mumbles something, then Sam comes up, wiping her eyes as the water drips from her face.

She smiles playfully. “Stan, I thought we agreed you would cut back on garlic — your cum tastes terrible!” Sam cocks her head to the side, speaking in her signature southern accent.

Matt can’t help remembering that she swallowed his own ejaculate earlier that day. I wonder how she liked the taste of my cum…

At Sam’s complaint, Stan shrugs. “Wife made garlic bread, what can I say?” He chuckles, then fiddles with his suit, presumably putting his freshly sucked dick back in his trunks. Then he starts moving out of the pool.

The girls follow him while engaging in small talk. They part with a few pleasantries, leaving Matt wondering what kind of pool club he is working for.

As the sun peaks, then slowly makes its way down in the late afternoon, the humidity of the day breaks. The posted closing time, 5pm, rolls around and Matt hops down from his lifeguard chair. Brittney, the tall blonde head lifeguard is lying face down with her top untied. The tiny strings dangle off the chair on either side. Matt knows she has been lying there for a while, so he figures she must have dozed off.

He carefully sneaks over to her chair and ties the strings around the chair beneath her. He double checks the knot, making sure it is secured, then sits cross-legged on the pool deck near her head. Matt puts his lifeguard whistle to his lips and blows hard.


Brittney sits bolt upright even though her eyes are still shut. In one quick move, she parts her legs and pushes herself up, letting each leg dangle on either side of the chair. Her honey-blonde hair is held up in two tight ponytails high on her head.

Matt smiles wide as she wipes the sleep from her eyes. She has perfect young tits: heavy but perky. They curve up toward him, just an arm’s length away. Matt loves how her bikini has left a pale triangle of untanned skin around each puffy nipple. He tries to make a mental image of her bare C-cups, watching as they jiggle when she rubs her eyes.

She blinks her eyes open, dazed. Her hands instinctively close over her naked breast when the realization that she is topless hits her. Britt’s eyes open wide.

“Matt!” She feigns embarrassment, her blue eyes blazing.

“What?” He says innocently. “You have been in the sun for a while; I didn’t want you to burn!”

“Where is my…” Britt looks down to see her inside out bikini top. She reaches down to grab it, but it is stuck, still tied. Leaning over, her hands both drop to pull on the tiny piece of fabric. Matt’s knots hold. Her tits dangle and jiggle more now with her frantic motions.

Matt continues watching with an amused look on his face. For a moment, Britt looks the part of a ditzy, helpless blonde. Matt finds this very arousing. His penis stirs in his trunks. Finally, Britt finds the knots securing her top and she slinks back.

“You tied it down to the chair…” She wags a finger at him. “…very, very naughty, Mr. Matt.”

Behind Matt, Britt sees Samantha walk out of the shower area. She is wiping her hands on a towel and tosses it into a laundry bin.

Sam, seeing Britt topless, makes her way toward them. “Is Matt being ornery?”

Matt hears her sexy southern accent and turns, still seated. Sam is barefoot, wearing the standard issue white bikini with a red plus on one breast. He is amazed at how voluptuous she looks, walking toward them with purpose. Her tits and ass threaten to burst out of the bikini with each step.

“Yes, he tricked me into taking off my top!” She is still working at the knots.

“Hey, in fairness, you took it off yourself…” Matt smirks, turning back to the topless blonde.

“Well, Britt, what do you say we teach our newest lifeguard a lesson?” Sam asks, striking the familiar hands-on-hips pose.

Britt’s baby blues light up. “I think that’s a great idea!” She gives up on the knots, sitting up straight.

Samantha and Brittney smile at each other.

“Ok, you little prankster,” Sam steps next to him, “you’re comin with us.” She crouches briefly to take his hand, then pulls him with her.

Matt just can’t seem to pull his gaze from the Britt’s bare chest. He lets Sam lead him to the door marked “Sauna”. Brittney follows, barefoot and topless.

Inside, the water in the Jacuzzi bubbles and the air is steamy. Sam wastes no time, untying her snug top and tossing it into a corner. She slides into the hot water with her back to Matt. Britt slips past him to join Samantha.

At this point, Matt finds himself noticeably aroused. His drooping penis is now slowly rising against the fabric of his trunks. He steps up to the edge of the tub, looking down at the two hot, topless girls in the water.

“As a punishment for tricking Britt and also for pushing me into the pool, you hafta watch us make out.” She puts her hands on Britt’s shoulders and they square up to eachother. “No touching, you bad boy.”

Matt holds his hands up in the air. “Ok, ok, punish me if you must…” He tries not to crack a smile, watching eagerly.

There is a familiarity in the girls’ eyes and he comes to understand that this is not the first time they have touched eachother. They move close. He is seeing Sam’s topless for the first time. Pound-for-pound, her tits are just slightly bigger than Britt’s large C’s. But, on Sam’s smaller frame, they look enormous. He watches her tan skin shine wetly in the warm water.

Samantha’s ample breasts bob in the water and seem to float. Her broad, brown nipples are bigger than Brit’s. Just below the surface, Matt can see they are both pierced.

Brittney’s tits, on the other hand, sit almost completely out of the water since she is taller. They are perkier and only the bottom curves dip into the bubbling surface. Her nipples stick out, pink against the milky white of the untanned area around them.

Holding eachother, their lips pucker and they begin to kiss. Britt holds Sam’s face gently as the tender smooch builds. Sam sits up and both girls part their lips as their tongues become involved. Her prominent pierced nipples graze against Brit’s pokey pink ones. The water isn’t the only thing generating steam.

Sam notices movement out of the corner of her eye. Matt is intently watching them and squeezing his girthy cock over his shorts.

“Ah ah ah…” she chides, reaching over to smack his wrist. “I said no touchin…”

Britt also turns toward Matt. “Did you know he has a huge cock?” Her eyes drop to his growing bulge.

Sam looks up at him, nodding. “It’s bigger ‘n my arm…” Her glossy pink lips stretch into a smile as her eyes also drop to his crotch.

Matt watches both girls staring at him. He can feel his prick swelling in his shorts, trying to pop out. “Both of you girls are great cock suckers. If you won’t let me touch myself, maybe one of you could get some more practice…”

At this, they both look up at him.

“I’m still mad at you for tricking me,” Brit says.

“You’re in the doghouse, mister,” Sam adds.

The girls turn back to each other, ignoring Matt for the time being. Britt stands and steps over Sam to straddle her. Matt watches the water drip off her slender body.

Britt puts her hands on Samantha’s shoulders. They smile at each other, then Sam reaches up and unties the bows on either side of Brittney’s hips. She removes Brit’s bikini bottom and starts kissing her flat stomach.

Matt is just on the other side of the Jacuzzi, watching. Sam is facing him with her wet tits floating in the bubbling hot water. Britt is straddling her, facing away from Matt. He can see Sam’s large breasts between Brittney’s legs. Moving his eyes up, he sees Brit’s shaved mound. Her pink labia are pronounced, peeking out invitingly. Her pussy looks smooth and soft.

Matt also checks out her bare ass. Britt has a large tattoo across her lower back, directly above her butt. It depicts a heart with wings and Matt thinks it nicely accentuates her curves. Britt’s ass is just as tanned as the rest of her body with very thin lines where her thong bikini bottoms have left a tan-line.

“Being topless at the pool got me all horny,” Brittney faux-whines to Sam. Her hands are still on Sam’s shoulders.

From Matt’s perspective, he can see Samantha gently groping Britt’s tits. Sam’s fingers curl around the outside curves of Britt’s boobs.

“Is that right?” Sam asks. She looks past Britt at Matt as she drops one hand from massaging Britt’s breast to the mound between Britt’s legs. “Oooh, you are horny, sweetheart. You’re wetter’n an otter’s pocket…”

Sam slips her index and middle fingers between Britt’s swollen pussy lips, then sinks them in slowly. This causes Brittney to sigh, arching her back slightly. Matt gets a perfect view of her tight anus when her cheeks part. Staring straight down the hole, he watches it pucker.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” Matt murmurs. He is fully aroused and his swelling cock is almost painfully restrained. He grips the side of the tub, desperate for relief.

Sam pumps her fingers steadily in and out of Britt’s cunt while the sexy young blonde pants lustily. Brittney moans, “Unnn…”

“Oh honey, you need some dick,” Sam observes, now looking seductively up at her naked coworker.

Brittney pouts. “I really need my little pussy stuffed.” She turns back to Matt, reaching a dripping wet hand to his crotch.

Matt excitedly moves the tie of his shorts to within her reach. Brittney continues to grind her hips against Sam’s hand and probing fingers, but quickly tugs his knot loose. While making eye contact, Britt plunges her hand into Matt’s shorts, gripping his stiff member. He helps her, pushing the waist band down as she frees his dick.

Matt can’t help but sigh in relief when his rock-hard prick springs out.

Samantha, sitting in the water below Britt, looks up at Matt between Britt’s legs, which are spread about shoulder width. Her fingers continue working between Britt’s slick cunt lips. Sam’s other hand reaches up through Britt’s spread thighs to find Matt’s wide cock shaft. Her fingers close around it near the head, not quite touching across his broad girth.

Matt swallows hard, feeling both girls holding his dick — Britt’s hand at the base and Sam’s near the tip. He steps out of his shorts, standing against the side of the tub. The head of his tool brushes against Sam’s fingers, still jammed inside Britt.

Britt makes eye contact with Matt. “Are you gonna just stand there, or are you gonna fuck me?”

“Get ready, Britt.” Matt says, taking ahold of Britt’s hips with each hand.

“Wait…” Sam says, almost inaudibly.

She slips her fingers out of Britt’s tight snatch and sits up, pressing the top of her head into Britt’s flat stomach. Without another word, she pulls Matt’s throbbing member down, below Britt’s hungry pussy and takes him into her mouth.

Matt’s eyes flash open wide. “Fuckkk…”

Sam instantly tastes Matt’s leaking precum as she plunges her mouth down his shaft. Her tongue glides along the bottom, taking about half his length in one motion.

“Aw, no fair!” Britt whines, pulling up on the base of Matt’s cock playfully.

Sam feels Britt trying to tug Matt out of her mouth. She sucks on the large flesh tube like a straw, creating suction as she slides back. Sam’s lips leave Matt’s head with a loud POP. Due to the stiffness of Matt’s erection, it slaps wetly against Britt’s clit when it leaves Sam’s mouth. With her vantage point from below, Sam easily lines up Matt’s broad cock head with Brittney’s puffy, slick pussy lips.

Matt, feeling Britt’s warm opening against his tip, shifts his hips forward while pulling her hips back. Her wet hole offers no resistance, allowing his tapered head to easily slip through her labia and into her pussy. He penetrates the young blonde’s craving cunt.

Both Britt and Matt simultaneously groan. Matt barrels further into Britt. She grabs the far side of the tub to brace herself and lets her head drop down as she adjusts to his girth stretching her hole.

“Oh god, it feels even bigger than it looks.” She says to no one in particular.

Matt keeps penetrating Brittney, eliciting a high pitch chirp from her every few seconds until he has installed his full length inside her. He feels the walls of her pussy alternately stretching, then becoming tight.

“Mmm, that’s a good little cunt. You took it all, Britt.” He slaps her ass smartly, then returns his grip to her hip. “Great job.”

Samantha giggles audibly over the frothy, bubbling water. She adjusts to sit flat on the bottom of the Jacuzzi tub. Her hand still holds Matt’s cock near the base while he holds it deep inside Brittney. Sam reaches up to Britt’s hanging breast and squeezes. The brunette is becoming extremely aroused watching Matt’s huge dick enter her friend.

“Damn, Miss Britt, that’s a lot of dick, hon…” Sam looks up at Brittney’s downturned face.

Britt’s ponytails dangle on either side of her face. Her eyes stare distantly beyond the hot tub and are opened wide with shock. She looks glazed over, like she is watching a fireworks display.

Matt pushes his hips forward, pinching Sam’s hand between his abdomen and Britt’s cunt lips. He feels Sam’s hand leave his shaft, then wrap around his balls. He can’t even see Sam, but he enjoys her warm touch.

“Now, are you ready to get fucked, Brit?” He asks, looking down at her bare ass in his lap. Matt squeezes his hands into her hips and ass, spreading her cheeks slightly. He gazes at the tight balloon knot in the middle. It no longer looks puckered.

In response, Britt murmurs a distant “Uh huh”. She seems to be off in her own world.

Sam has to laugh at her friend’s desperate state. Britt is in some sort of cock trance, perhaps having an out-of-body experience. Sam looks into Britt’s face.

“Are you okay, sugar?” Sam asks sweetly.

Britt doesn’t seem to see Sam, but manages to nod absently with her mouth gaping open.

Matt begins to pull back, then strokes forward, sawing his massive cock in and out of Britt slowly.

“Mmmm, yesssss…” he hisses, starting to fuck her. “Sam, I’ve wanted to fuck Brittney since I saw her, so I’m gonna give it to her good. Can you just keep ahold of my balls so they don’t smack the side of the tub?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.” Sam stops groping Britt’s tit. She holds Matt’s balls with one hand and now moves the other to find Britt’s swollen clit. She rubs the nub in time with Matt’s slow fucking. “Go ahead and fuck her brains out.”

Matt smiles and picks up the pace. He jams his cock deep inside her, then pulls his full length back.

“Ugnhh!” Matt grunts, impaling her deeply. He starts in a rhythm, feeling the hard bump of her cervix against his flaring cock head with each stroke.

Every time he pokes her cervix, she shudders and emits the same high-pitched sound, a cross between a squeal and a chirp. As his pace builds, her voice increases in volume. The noise is completely involuntary.

“Nice, give it to her good, Matt.” Sam encourages. “Pound that pussy.” She keeps a loose grip on Matt’s nuts and is rubbing Britt’s clit furiously to match Matt’s pace.

Now Matt is grunting with each thrust and Britt’s intermittent chirps are starting to blend into one continuous moan, broken only for her to inhale. Her pitch is low as he pulls back, then goes very high and gets loud as he plunges forward.

Sam, watching, knows Brittney is building to a monstrous climax. “She is about to come, Matt. Pull her hair.”

Britt’s pussy starts to quiver. She knows she is standing in a hot tub at the Oasis Pool Club, getting fucked doggystyle by her coworker, but the only thing Brittney can perceive is the massive piece of man meat mercilessly assaulting her cunt and the exhilarating stimulation of her clit. Now she feels the orgasm building deep inside her stomach.

Matt, fucking her hard, lets go of Brittney’s hips and wraps his hands in each of her ponytails respectively without breaking his pace. He grips her blonde hair as he pulls back, then pulls her head up and back as he thrusts forward.

“Fuck yes, you sexy bitch.”

Britt is dimly aware that her hair is being pulled. She doesn’t resist, allowing her field of vision to rotate upward. Abruptly, the ceiling comes into view just as the cock inside her plows deeper than ever before, filling her completely. It catches her off guard and she sucks in a huge breath. Her orgasm crashes over her, filling her vision with a bright explosion. She starts coming and screaming at the same time.

Samantha presses firmly against Britt’s clit, watching the dick fill her. Brittney’s pussy erupts at the same time she screams.


A wide spray squirts out, showering Sam in Brittney’s cunt juice.

“Ahh!” Sam laughs, struggling to keep her hands on Matt and Britt’s genitals.

Britt pushes fully into her climax, feeling herself squirt. She knows Sam is between her legs, but Britt’s orgasm is too strong; it feels too good. She continues pushing, drenching Sam with warm gushes.

Matt has to focus not to blow his own load as Britt’s pussy bares down around him. Now he feels warm wetness spray his upper thigh.

“Holy shit…” He pauses, feeling several bursts of wetness.

Finally, Britt seems to come back to earth. She is staring up at the ceiling with her head yanked back by her hair at an almost painful angle. Well, maybe it would be painful if she hadn’t just had the most intense orgasm of her life.

“Oh my god, Jesus Christ, Matt…” Her gaze is still up at the ceiling. She giggles. “Are you okay, Sam?”

Sam giggles too. “Yes, Ms. Britt.” She sinks into the water to rinse briefly, then rises into Britt’s view. “You are like a supersoaker, you bitch!” Sam says playfully.

Jack woke up Sunday morning to a warm wet sensation around his dick. He lay there for a few minutes and enjoyed the good morning blowjob his pet was giving him. She was working him with plenty of saliva and plenty of tongue action, but wasn’t taking it all like he knew she could. Since he knew she could handle it, he opted to take over and put his hand on the back of her head and forced her further. She started to sputter a bit while she got used to the change in pace, but she was deliberately slow to begin to make her master take over and force her down on his cock. It only took about 15 minutes after he woke up, as he felt his climax approaching.

He pushed her head all the way down, until her nose was crushed against his skin, and he was sure she couldn’t breathe. He held her there as she started to try to get off his cock and her throat started to spasm. The feeling that gave him caused Jack’s balls to boil over and shoot their load into his slut’s gullet. He held her down for almost 30 seconds, at the end of which she was tossing her arms around trying to release her head and had turned a deep shade of red. He let go and she shot off his crotch and fell off the bed, gasping and coughing.

Jack thought this was a great way to wake up, and stretched his arms and neck and rose into a seating position. He looked at his Slut, naked and sitting up while taking large gasps and making a ruckus.

He got out of the bed and reached his hand out for her. He pulled her up and ran his left hand through her hair, and took her left nipple between his right thumb and index finger, giving it a slight twist.

“Good morning, my little slut! Glad to see you didn’t forget the rules… There is only one problem… Where is my coffee?”

“I am sorry master,” she started, still taking breathes between words, “I hit the button for the butler, but he hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Alright, let’s take a shower then I’ll figure out the coffee.”

He gave her tit a nice hard squeeze, reveling in the firmness of the orb and the softness of her skin. The act gave her goose bumps, radiating out from her breast over her shoulders and arms.

They walked into the incredibly appointed bathroom and headed for the shower. Just outside there was another panel, and it had the settings for the jets and water temperature. Jack setup for a warm shower with all the jets running, and stepped inside when the panel indicated the water was at his desired heat.

He started off by lathering up his Slut. She was obviously uncomfortable, despite being on display in public multiple times in the last 48 hours. When they were together, they had only once showered together, and it was cut short with her kicking Jack out because of her embarrassment. Having him clean her now was difficult to say the least. Since he was aware of this, he made an effort to really push it, by fondling her tits and her ass freely. He cleaned every part of her then handed her the soap to return the favor. After rinsing off, they dried up and slipped into the robes that were provided, finished their morning rituals and went out into the living room.

There, Semmi was waiting, breakfast on the dining table with a pot of coffee.

“I heard you wake up, so I took the liberty to have your coffee and breakfast ready when you came out.” She said.

Jack and his slut sat down to eat, when he realized something was wrong… He looked over and his pet had tied up her robe.

“Cunt,” he asked quietly, “why is your robe tied up? Perhaps you need a refresher on the rules.”

“Sorry master, I forgot.” She dropped her head as she opened the terry cloth garment, and tucked most of it behind her on the chair. Jack reached over and slapped both her tits, hard, to remind her not to forget.

Semmi was still standing by the table, reacting only slightly to the smacking sounds, and surprised Jack by asking:

“Sir, may I ask what the rules are?”

“Well, as I mentioned to you yesterday, this slut over here is my slave. When I took her in, I warned her that when in the comfort of my home, she is to have her cunt and tits on display for my pleasure.”

“I see sir. Would you like me to follow the same rules?”

Jack nearly spat out the bite of bagel he took. After a moment to compose himself, he looked at Semmi and thought about the possibilities.

“Well, Semmi, there are more rules than just that. If you follow one, I would expect you to follow all of them. Would you like to hear the rest?”

“Yes sir, I would, if you don’t mind, of course.”

“Well, some of them apply to her because she isn’t really a person anymore, so I’ll skip the ones about ownership of body.

“But basically, you must do as you are told, immediately without hesitation. Any disobedience or doubt will be met with punishment. It has a tendency to be quite harsh, as I am sure my cunt here will attest. I will use your’s as I please sexually and your body is mine to do with as I please. In your case, you don’t have to worry about any permanent changes that I might decide. Also, you are to address me as ‘sir’ at all times, and speak only when spoken to.”

“I see sir. I think that would be acceptable.” She then proceeded to remove her suit top and pants, leaving her in a white blouse and adorable pink panties. She then put her high heels back on and took off her blouse and bra, revealing cute little breasts, just filling an A-cup. The nipples were dark brown, and tiny. Then she bent over and removed her panties, revealing neatly trimmed pubes in a tiny landing strip above her pussy. Just as Jack had suspected last night, she was a slender girl, with narrow hips and a tiny little slit for a pussy. He twirled his finger, indicating she should rotate. Her ass was cute. Small, but a perfect heart shape and prominent compared to her thin thighs. He reached over and gave each cheek a nice squeeze.

She didn’t really have the type of body Jack preferred, but he was still extremely turned on from knowing he had control over her. He decided to test it out. He looked over at his pet as she was checking out the Asian girl.

“Well Slut, I think you deserve a small gift for your effective alarm this morning.” He turned to look at Semmi, “Semmi, go over and make her cum.”

Semmi looked at his pet and smiled. Then she walked around him and dropped below the table, sticking her head out between his Slut’s open legs. She wet her lips and brought them to her pussy.

His Slut had never had another girl go down on her. Semmi started by running her hands over her thighs, and kissing her just above her slit. She kissed all over the outside and on the inside of her legs, teasing her.

Finally, she stuck her tongue out and ran it along the outer folds of the pussy in front of her. She deliberately kept the contact superficial, continuing to tease the subject of her oral ministrations.

The Slut was getting impatient. She was moaning with anticipation, and Jack noticed. Since he already had planned much to do today, he told Semmi she had 3 minutes to finish. If his Slut didn’t cum in that time, both would be punished.

Semmi went straight to work. She stuck her tongue all the way in to her subject’s wet hole. The Slut was surprised; it seemed to reach very deep inside her. And length wasn’t all that Semmi’s tongue had going on, she was quite dexterous with it, flicking it around with a great deal of precision. She was hitting all the right spots, and within a minute had the Cunt panting.

Then Semmi pulled her tongue out and inserted 2 fingers, getting them wet with the Slut’s juices. She flicked her tongue on her clit, and Jack got a good look at how long it was. She put her tongue back inside and rubbed the clit near her nose with her moistened digits.

Not more than 2 minutes since Jack gave his ultimatum, his slut started to shake in her seat as her climax took over. Semmi was clearly very experienced in the art of pleasing a woman. She even stayed glued to the slit in front of her as it bucked around. After the shaking had reduced to an occasional tremor, she gave one quick peck to the Slut’s pussy and got out from under the table. She wiped the fluids off her chin with the back of her hand, and made a slurping sound.

Jack thought about his options. He wasn’t overly attracted to the Asian butler, but the sight of her pleasing his Cunt was very arousing.

“Semmi, while we are here, you will obey me and you will obey my pet.” Then, turning to his slave, he added, “and you, my Slut, can use her as you please, but must call her by her name. She is still a person, unlike you.

“Semmi, you are not to call her mistress. You may refer to her has Master’s pet.” Both the women nodded their understanding, and Jack continued:

“I have much to do today, but your little show has got me worked up. Come over here and sit on my cock.”

Semmi came over and opened his robe, and gasped with surprise.

“That won’t fit in me, sir!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t worry,” he replied, “it will. Cunt, come here and get her ready.”

His slut got up from her chair and dropped to her knees in front of the girl. She started lapping at the tiny slit, which opened up as her arousal increased. The Slut used a lot of saliva, doing as much as possible to make this easy on her.

“You might also want to get my dick wet.” he told Semmi. She leaned forward and took the head into her mouth. Jack knew this girl had experience from the way her tongue was working his cock.

“I’m not interested in a blowjob. Get it wet, or I’ll put it in you dry.” The little Korean started drooling all over his member, trying to get as much of her spit on it to help her natural lubrication and the master’s pet’s saliva to allow the one eyed monster into her tiny opening.

When he thought she was ready, he turned her to face away from him and brought her between his spread legs. He dropped her now dripping cunt onto his cock, sliding in almost half. She let out a deep moan, and squirmed a bit on his lap. Jack was extremely horny, and desperately wanted to cum again, despite having finished in his Slut’s throat not more than an hour earlier.

He pushed her hips down further, not waiting for her to grow accustomed to the girth or concerned for her pleasure or pain. He pushed and slid an inch in at a time, lifting her slightly to increase the force he could use to bring her down.

After about 15 minutes of steady effort, he was buried in his first Asian pussy. And it was a tight fit. He could practically touch his fingers around her waist, and she felt light as a feather.

Tired of the slow and steady pace, he started to lift her up a few inches and bring her back down, at the same time bringing his hips up to meet her thighs. He was giving her more than half his cock with every pump, and his speed was getting faster and rougher.

Jack’s Slut was fascinated by the ability of such a small woman to take such a large object in her, and sat transfixed until Jack started to fuck her. She then spread the girl’s legs and started licking at her master’s nut sack and the clit above it.

When Jack felt the warm moisture of a tongue on his most sensitive skin, he knew he was almost at the edge. He then also thought of how hot it would be to cover these two bitches’ faces with his cum, so he pulled Semmi off his cock and stood up as she kneeled down.

He stroked his shaft quickly, pointing down at her face. The first burst hit her right cheek and left a trail running down and onto her neck, he then got her left cheek with the next shot. He aimed further to his right and got his Slut’s right cheek and partially over her nose, and let the rest of his spurts drop over the left side of her face, now being much weaker.

When his seed was spent, he sat back down and grabbed the plate of fruits off the table, handing it to Semmi.

“I think it’s time my Slut finished her breakfast. Clean your face off with some fruit and feed it to her.”

Semmi took a piece of honeydew and scraped some cum off her face before dropping it into her counterpart’s mouth. It took her 4 pieces to get most of it off her, leaving a sticky residue from the cum and fruit juice.

“Alright Slut, your turn.”

His slut did the same, taking various fruit and using the sperm from her face to add some flavour before feeding it to the butler.

“Hummm,” Jack mused, “you are both still sticky… I think you should lick each other’s faces clean.”

He sat mesmerized by the activity of these two girls, first one lapping up some of the nectar, then the other doing the same. Every few licks, they would kiss each other, using plenty of tongue. He brought them over and had them lick him clean.

After a few minutes, Jack got up and headed to the bedroom to get changed. He left them on their knees in front of the dining table, and got dressed in jeans and a polo. He had a few errands he needed to run today, and couldn’t keep getting distracted. They were still where he left them when he came out.

“Semmi, make sure she gets a nice day at the spa, and don’t forget to get a few bathing suits. I’m off, I’ll be back by supper.”

“Yes sir. Would you like anything ready for you upon your return?” Jack thought about this for a few seconds, and whispered his answer into her ear.

“Make sure it is taken care of, or you will regret it.” He added, out loud.

He stepped out of the hotel room and into the elevator. He went into the hotel’s café in the lobby, and sat down and pulled out his smartphone to plan for today and the next few days.

After a few minutes writing emails to all his clients and informing them he would like to meet them during the week, he contacted his two employees. He informed them that he would like to meet them at the office within the hour.

Next, he looked up some real estate agents that specialized in high end properties. He made appointments with two of them for later that day. They were eager to meet when he explained he had inherited a lot of money, this despite it being a Sunday.

Finally, he called his lawyer and discussed some arrangements, scheduling a meeting during the week. Two coffees and an hour after he arrived, he left the café to head to his car. He drove to his office and waited for his employees.

When they arrived, he explained to them that he had recently come into a bit of money and didn’t want to be involved in the daily grind of work anymore. He was offering them each 40% of the company and his services as a consultant, so he could focus on other pursuits. He knew they would work hard, both arriving in the country recently and trying to make a good living to help get their families settled.

He let them know the contracts would be ready later in the week, and he had planned meetings with the clients he handled to explain the change in the business. He would like for one or both of them to be there during the meetings, so that the customers would be at ease.

They both agreed and he left the office. He drove to the first real estate agency’s office. It had an excellent location, in a posh high end district of downtown. The agent was there, dressed in a suit and tie despite the beautiful and warm weather and the fact that it was the weekend.

Jack was not very satisfied with this first appointment. The agent seemed too focused on appearance and didn’t have much substance. He was pushy, trying to impose his ideas on Jack, instead of listening to what the client wanted. And he didn’t take a single note during the whole meeting.

After discussing his needs with the man, Jack asked him if he had any properties listed that fit his requirements. The agent told him he would need time to do the research and would get back to him as soon as Tuesday. He left disappointed.

Jack really hoped the next agent would turn out better. He was supposed to meet her at a restaurant for lunch, in a nice quiet area of the Old City.

When he arrived, he noticed a stunning brunette woman, probably in her early thirties sitting at a table just outside the little bistro. She was dressed in a loose fitting purple top made of silk over a white wife beater, and had on a pair of very short white shorts. Her relaxed summer look was completed with a pair of purple sandals and a pair of large sunglasses. Her facial features were refined, with sun kissed golden skin, a pointed nose and a bright smile. He headed inside, with thoughts of the lady in his head and asked the waitress to be seated at Miss Beaumont’s table. The waitress grabbed a menu and walked him back outside and to the table where the beautiful woman was sitting.

He introduced himself with much difficulty, and sat down. He was taken aback by how attractive she was. He hadn’t noticed in the first glance, but her breasts were enormous. The white top showed a lot of cleavage, and the silk top hung off only one shoulder, letting most of it go exposed. They must have been double-Ds or bigger.

She shook his hand as he sat down, his eyes still riveted on the cleft of her bosom.

She introduced herself as Francine Beaumont, and spoke a little bit about her experience in the industry and how she catered to a very select group of young, well-to-do people. She loved the challenge of meeting their needs, and prided herself on finding what her clients wanted. She said the last part with an obvious flirty tone, and Jack assumed she was just trying to make sure she had his attention.

He explained that he was looking for a place that was ready to live in, but still needed some finishing in parts of the house. He wanted to customize the home to his specific needs on his own time. He knew he wanted separate floors, and would like to stay as close to the city as possible.

She took a few notes as he spoke, then repeated his requests back to him to confirm she understood. Jack was impressed by her professionalism.

If only he could also remain professional and stop thinking about her body and how it might look with his cock between her oiled tits, or how she might look riding his dick. She caught him ogling her at least a dozen times, but didn’t stop him or try to chastise him.

She had come prepared, and pulled out her laptop and showed him a few listings that he might like right there, before even getting their lunch. He was particularly enamoured by 3 listings. Francine picked up the phone and called all three owners, and booked the appointments for the afternoon. They then ate their food in a hurry to make it to the first one.

Jack was relieved. He expected this whole process to take months, and he was wondering what he would do about his apartment and where they would stay for the next little while. But Francine moved quick, so he figured it would take a couple of weeks to get everything sorted out.

After they ate, got into Francine’s Mercedes. They visited the houses then went for a drink to go over what Jack thought of each place.

The first house was the one he liked the most. It was in an area that was just starting to gentrify. It was a building that used to serve as a warehouse in the early 20th Century, so was wide open and had no divisions on the two lower floors. The top most floor was turned into a loft, with a large kitchen and bathroom, as well as plenty of space to set up multiple bedrooms if needed. He could move in right away, and finish most of the place to his liking. It also had a basement, which was segmented with brick arches. It made for an amazing sight, just a few bare bulbs hanging above this kind of medieval looking area.

It turned out the building had been bought to turn into high end condos, but the developer ran out of money and was desperate to sell it. It had been sitting empty for months, so it could be taken over right away.

Jack decided he wanted to put an offer on the place immediately, and Francine took care of the paperwork. Since all the stars had aligned, he was able to get an incredible deal, and only needed 600K out of his 2 million dollar budget.

“Crawl here slut,” I get on my hands and knees and can feel dirt lodging into my knees; the floor hasn’t been cleaned in months. “You’re forgetting something.” I look up confused. “Look in the freezer.” I turn around and crawl with ass shaking gusto (you love a good show). I get to the freezer and find a choke chain and metal butt plug. “You’ve been a little too hot to handle lately. This should cool you down.”

The metal is so cold it’s burning my hands. “Is there a problem? Do I need to spell out what you are going to do with those?” I shake my head no. “Oh I get it, your little slut brain doesn’t know how to crawl and carry things. Have you not learned anything from me? I think someone needs a refresher course in my world renowned slut 101 class. Let me be a gentleman and go to you since you are not capable of doing two things at once.”

You stand and shake your head, “Perhaps I’m being too gentle with you. I’ve heard that sluts from the isle of cuntopia are hard to teach.” I watch your black shoes slide across the floor. My mouth goes numb with the taste of leather. As you stride closer I notice your left shoe has a scuff mark. Once you’re in front of me I put my head down and lick it off. “Good girl. I guess you aren’t a complete lost cause.”

You squat to grab the choke chain. “Invented in the middle ages, choke chains were common for their use on unruly… canines. Now I know what is going on in that useless brain of yours. You think I am treating you like a dog. Yes?” I shake my head yes. You kick my side, “Is that mouth broken?”

“No sir.”

“Good girl. As I was saying, you have been having a real problem lately. Every time I’m finally able to stuff my cock down your throat, your mouth closes a little and I feel teeth on my dick. How do you think teeth on my dick feels slut?”

“Bad sir.”

“Very eloquent. Yes, teeth on my dick feels bad. I’ve been doing some deep pondering lately and am convinced that you are just too focused on the dick in your throat to do it properly. You need some distractions.” While dryly reciting this, you pick up the tinny metal and put it around my throat. My nipples shrivel with the cold and you take the opportunity to twist one. “Good girl. Let’s do an experiment. What do you think happens when muscles touch something cold?”

“They contract sir”

“Obviously slut. Did you expect a gold medal for that answer? That was the rhetorical part of the question and didn’t require an answer.” You pull the chain tight around my throat and tug me off the floor. “What is rule number one? That you listen to me.” You loosen the chain and I gasp for breath. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, we are going to test a very specific muscle with this cold test.”

All of a sudden I feel an iceberg on my sphincter. “You need to stop clenching muscles unnecessarily slut. I will give you until the count of three to relax your ass. Once I get to three, I am going to insert this butt plug into you. I will go at the speed I want. I will not work it in. I am going to push it and you are going to take it. If I feel you are slacking, I will assume it is because you can still breathe so I will pull this chain to remind you what clenching feels like. Is this understood slut?”

“Yes sir.”

“I’m sorry, I must be deaf because I did not hear you say, ‘I understand clenching muscles unnecessarily hurts us both sir.’”

“I understand clenching muscles unnecessarily hurts us both.”

“Good girl. One.” You slide your hand to my nipple and softly drag your fingers down my body.

“Two.” You touch my clit and easily slide two fingers into my cunt. You want to feel the plug inserted.

“Three.” You push in the tip and the cold causes me to clench. As you pull the chain around my neck, my whole body goes taut. “You’re just making this harder on yourself slut.” I feel the largest part of the plug straining and will myself to sink into the cold.

You release the chain (now warm against my skin) and pat my now plugged ass. “Good girl.”

You walk around to my face. “The problem, cunt, is that you didn’t properly learn your lesson. As I see it we have a few options. One, I give up on you and this is the end of it.”

I whimper and look into your face. Your eyes are playful. “You don’t like that do you? Very well. Your other two options are either: One, I shove my dick so far down your throat that I murder your gag reflex with my cock. It will not be a peaceful passing, but one with lots of repeated jabbing and bodily fluids. Two, I fuck your ass.”

You smile after this and reach down to stroke the back of my neck. “Now when I say fuck your ass, I am not talking about the soft way I’ve accustomed you to. Let me give you a demonstration about what I mean.”

You walk over to the tray of homemade doughnuts I made earlier. After inspecting each one, you find the doughnut with the smallest center hole. “This, slut, is your asshole.” You hold the doughnut at the bottom and look through the center hole.

“This, useless cunt, is my hand.” You hold up your hand.

I roll my eyes.

You power walk behind me and I tense up expecting a slap. Instead I feel the plug ripped out of me. I scream.

“Clenching, slut. It’s not a beautiful thing. Now where was I?” You push the plug back in my ass bringing a fresh scream from my lips. “Ah yes, what I mean by fuck your ass.”

You grab the choke chain and drag me in front of your chair. I’m caught off guard at first and don’t have a chance to get my footing. As my knees scrape the floor I can feel rug burns enveloping my knees. You drop me at the foot of the chair and order, “Sit up.”

Ignoring the pain in my knees, ass, and neck, I kneel in from of you. My eyes are even with yours and I sneak a peek to see your pants straining. You catch me looking at your crotch and smile, “I would offer to take my pants off, but I know how terribly you listen when my penis is around. This is what I mean by fuck your ass.”

You take the doughnut and shove a finger into the middle, waving it up and down. All of a sudden crumbs explode over my face as you fist the doughnut to oblivion. I swallow.

“What do you chose?”

“To not clench anymore?” I plead convincingly.

“Wrong. You chose both. Good girl.”

I whimper and you look disappointed. “I seem to remember a certain whore telling me that they can take everything I can dish out. Are you not enjoying this? I would accept a verbal answer from you, but we both know how your mouth doesn’t work when I’m around.” You pull me onto your lap with the chain and reach your other hand over my back. You can’t resist pinching my ass as you reach for my pussy. “My, my. Would you like a towel, Lass? I don’t think I’ve ever felt you quite this wet before.”

Before I have a chance to respond, the choke chain is pulled down and quickly tied around the foot of the chair. My tits are now plastered to the floor and I can feel them being coated with the filth on your floor. My ass is how you like it, high and open.

You know I’m expecting another monologue about clenching or how slutty I am but instead you shove four fingers in my cunt and begin grinding my g spot until I start to squirt. I feel the pressure in my ass release as you pull out the butt plug and place it directly in front of my face.

“Take a deep whiff slut because my dick is coming straight to your lips after I’m done on this end.”

The butt plug has loosed me enough so that when you unceremoniously propel your four fingers into my sphincter it doesn’t rip in half (I’m thankful for the little things). “I was going to use lube but I think I can just lubricate my favorite hole with the wetness from your self-lubricating hole.”

There is no quicker way for me to cum than to have my ass pounded and this time is no exception. Because my ass is already tender from the frigid butt plug I can feel myself about to orgasm. “I’m going to cum sir,” I spit out. Instead of the pressure building I feel my ass become empty.

“Well that won’t do. I’m not even undressed.” You take your time taking off your slacks. My heavy breathing slows and I can feel every inch of my body: the weight around my neck, the stinging in my knees, my messy backside. I hear you unbutton each one of the buttons on your vest. You clear your throat and I feel my toes clenching up in anticipation. You must be naked now because I can’t hear anything. I move around nervously as you inspect me. Your telescope eyes make me uncomfortable (and unspeakably wet). All of a sudden I hear you walk away from me and open the freezer.

My brain spins. Was there something else in there? I rack my brain trying to remember. You walk slowly until you are kneeling behind me. “This will keep you from getting too worked up.”

I jump and choke myself as you put an icecube on my clit and slide it along my labia until it’s lodged in my cunt. I barely feel you jab your dick into my ass as I try and maintain my head down ass up position. You make this harder for me as you begin to rock me back and forth on your dick. The chain around my neck loosens for seconds out of every minute and I spend those seconds gasping for air.

Your hands and bashing me onto your dick and balls deep doesn’t even begin to describe how you’re rearranging my insides. You feel me tense up and correctly assume I’m about to cum. “As soon as you cum I’m shoving this dick down your throat.”

I try and stave my orgasm off—the thought of ass to mouth terrifies me—but I’m too far over the edge. I scream fuck as you pound me with the force of a mutant. My legs give out and I fall on the floor. As I blubber with my eyes closed, you take off my choke chain and drag me by the hair to the kitchen table. “Lay on your back with your head over the edge and mouth wide open. If you pull back or close your mouth this will be our last encounter.”

My mouth has been open less than a second when I feel your dick at the back of my throat. I ignore the acidic taste and open my throat. True to your word you distract me by twisting my nipples until they are raw. “Good girl, I’ll give you one last breath and then I’m going to cum down your throat.” I take the deepest breath I can and feel you fuck my mouth quick and shallow until you push hard down my throat and cum.

“A plus, Lass.” I smile and savor the taste of ass, pussy, and cum.

It was chaos. It was always chaos. The house was crawling with photographers, reporters and the usual pathetic tag alongs that came with the Stella Rose fame whoring tactics. McKenzie watched with a turned up lip from the sofa in the living room through wide open double doors. Stella hated that living room. Why? Because it looked like a normal living room. Well, it looked like a normal living room if the person who owned it was an aging movie star. It had a TV, and board games on the coffee table. That alone made Stella object. Stella Rose, who had a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Stella Rose, who got standing ovations at Cannes. Stella Rose, who had been through five husbands, three nervous breakdowns and more plastic surgeries than anyone could count. Stella Rose, who spoke with a weird pseudo British accent even though she was really Estelle Markowitz from The Bronx. Stella who posed naked for Peta and had a closet full of fur coats.

— I don’t allow the children to watch television. Such frippery rots the brain.— Stella had said in a Vanity Fair interview, which wasn’t at all true.

In fact, just the opposite. Bad American TV had been a full time nanny to every kid Stella had adopted. Stella Rose had no time in real life for the poor lost souls she had rescued. Only in her fantasy public life did Stella Rose make a perfect, compassionate mother.

MacKenzie was past all that. At nineteen, she was past all of Stella’s craziness, but she still lived in the house, because as rich as Stella was, the woman hated parting with a penny and would not help McKenzie get an apartment of her own. The truth was, she relied on McKenzie so much that she couldn’t let her go. It was McKenzie who mixed her drinks, fetched her prescriptions, reluctantly stroked her ego when she had fits of rage at whatever hairdresser had cut her trademark blond bob a little too short. Stella had a wicked temper, and if McKenzie wasn’t around to soothe the brunt of it, then the younger kids would be the targets. There were seven adoptees altogether and last year McKenzie had talked Stella into putting them all into fancy boarding schools, except one, the youngest, Sevigne, a nine year old from Zaire who would be old enough for Tottington School in London next year. McKenzie had plans to send the poor kid there. It was better than here with Stella.

McKenzie was on Stella’s shit list lately. A reporter had overheard McKenzie talking to a friend and saying that Stella adopted a kid in every color so she would always have a child to match her shoes. That comment was a verbal shot heard round the world, and since then, McKenzie had been trying to keep a good distance from Stella. McKenzie spent most of her time anywhere but the house. She had moved into the pool house a month ago (Stella had not noticed.) and had taken to parking her car in the East gate garage so that Stella wouldn’t know if she was home. She came home at six pm every day to help Sevigne with her homework, then left again. The only other time she stayed around was to watch Stella’s fiancé, Jason Kerr do his daily laps in the pool. It was a beautiful thing to watch. She had a serious jones for her ‘mom’s fiancé, even though he was a gold digging social climber. He was hot. He was old enough to he her father but then again Stella was old enough to be her mother so in a weird way, she figured it evened out.


McKenzie watched Jason Kerr cut through the water effortlessly. He had been on the Australian olympic swim team, but that had been thirteen years ago. Still, he was in perfect shape and he didn’t look forty. Not at all. He was lean, and fit, cut from marble and it made her mouth water. She adjusted her little yellow bikini and slathered more tanning oil on her legs in the sunshine. What the hell was this gorgeous man doing with her aging, sad sack of shit mother? Stella! Ugh. Just the thought of it made her skin crawl. Stella was so drunk or bombed on pills all the time, McKenzie doubted the woman even knew he was there. Of course, he was after the prestige, the press… the money. He was a hotshot director and he had gotten to the hotshot level with Stella’s money and influence. Without her, he would still be making grimy one camera street dramas in Australia.

He popped up out of the water and grabbed a towel, eyeing her with a smile. His camera was there, on the table. Jason was one of those directors who always has a camera, always ready to capture a moment. A wicked idea began to stir in McKenzie’s head.

“Is Ste… Mom asleep?” She asked.

“I dunno. She was reading a script in bed last I was upstairs.” He replied, giving her a nice view of the sculpted V of his pelvis as he dried off. The bulge in his speedos was thick and enticing.

“Maybe you should look in on her and make sure she’s ok. You know how she takes too many pills, then the wine…”

“Hmm. Not a bad idea. I’ll run up and have a look. You up for uh… a swim when I get back?”

“Absolutely. I’d love for you to teach me proper stroke technique.” She smiled. The innuendo did not go over his head and he smiled, his white teeth gleaming. He gave her a knowing look over his shoulder as he went back in the house.

Once he was out of sight, she went to the table where the camera sat and found the controls. She angled it toward the poolside chaise that was edged right next to the pool so that the lens viewed a wide space. Yeah, that should do it. A good view of anything that happened there. She switched it on and hoped he wouldn’t notice. She had some plans to keep him distracted.

When Jason came back, she was laying on the chaise, slathering coconut scented oil on her arms.

“She asleep?” McKenzie asked.

“Snoring like a bear.” he said with a smile, that Aussie accent making her panties wet.

“I could use some help over here.” She said, holding up the bottle of tanning oil.

He wasted no time. He was slathering oil over her legs, her back, her shoulders.

“Mmm, you have nice hands.” She moaned. “You can do the front too.” She rolled over and sat up a moment, reaching behind her to untie the bikini string. “I hate tanning lines.”

He grinned from ear to ear when she tossed the bikini top to the ground and arched her back, presenting perfect tits, the kind of tits women paid huge sums of money to have surgically implanted. Hers were courtesy of nature and a Brazilian biological mother. He looked like he might salivate. She grinned.

“You like?” She asked, cupping her tits in her hands.

“Oh yeah, those are… damn. Those are fucking beautiful.”

“My mom, I mean my real mom, was Brazilian.”

“Is that where those came from?” He leaned in to capture a peaked nipple in his mouth, making her moan.

“Wait till you see my ass.” She smiled.

That was all it took. He was hard. He was ready. He was impatient. She didn’t mind. He turned her over on the chaise and lubed up his finger. He had two fingers in her asshole within a minute. So much for foreplay. But it felt good. Just not good enough yet, and McKenzie was not the kind of girl who couldn’t ask for what she wanted, or demand it.

“Why don’t you start licking my asshole, sport?”

He was happy to oblige, spreading her ample cheeks open to reveal the pink, tight little hole. His tongue flickered around it, dipping in in it’s own rhythm. Not good enough for her.

“What the fuck, man? Do you eat Stella’s pussy like that? Get in there!” She reached back to grasp a handful of his hair and push his face into her ass. She could feel him groan, and his tongue was frantic now, working hard to please her. Good, just how she liked it. “Good boy.”

He came up for air and gasped.

“Fuck yeah! Damn, you’ve grown up, haven’t you!”

“Damn right, and I know what I want. You gonna give me what I want?” She purred.

“Name it.” He grinned.

“First, I want you to show me how you stroke. Get that dick even harder, right here, by my face so I can watch real close.”

He groaned in appreciation, and moved to stand with his thick meat right by her cheek. She tugged down his speedos and he kicked them away. He had a nice, long dick that made her lick her lips.

“That’s gonna feel so good in my ass. Get that dick harder. Go on, stroke that dick.”

He stroked himself slowly, rubbing the head of his cock over the soft skin of her cheek. She rewarded him with a few licks of her tongue and one long, deep suck that made him groan so loud she worried Stella would hear it from the window upstairs. He was hard as nails now, and McKenzie didn’t want to run out of videotape. She would have to rush this a little.

“You ready for my asshole?”

“Fuck yeah.”

He flipped her over onto her hands and knees on the chaise and spread her ass cheeks again. She was nice and slick and ready, smelling like coconut oil and sex. He didn’t hesitate. He pushed into the tight, pink hole roughly, making her gasp, until she adjusted to the invasion and pushed back on him. His turn to gasp. She rocked back on him, taking him deep.

“I bet Mom doesn’t let you do this, does she?”

He seemed a little stunned by the question, then turned on.

“No. Nothing like this.”

“Does that turn you on?” She asked in her best 1970′s Stella Rose sex kitten voice. “You’re gonna marry my Mom in two weeks and you’re balls deep in her daughter’s asshole.”

“Oh God, yes. Jesus…” He pumped into her harder.

“It’s ok, baby. You can think about me when you fuck her. She’ll never know.”

That seemed to take him over the edge. He jerked and spasmed, groaning as he came an impressive load in her ass. He was breathless and barely functional when he pulled out of her, flopping down on the nearby chaise as she casually stood up, tied her bikini back on and slung a hibiscus printed sarong around her hips.

“Go tend to my ‘mother’ before she looks out the window and sees you freshly fucked.” McKenzie said, pulling her hair back into a pony tail. She said the word mother with edge.

“So uh… can this be a regular thing? He asked. “Me and you?”

“Maybe.” She said.

“Your mum doesn’t have to know. She can’t know. She’d call off the wedding.” He explained, as if she had no idea.

“We’ll see.”

He hurried back into the house, a dog waiting for a bone or a scrap from the deteriorating legendary actress of the screen, Stella Rose. McKenzie picked up the camera and took out the tape, sliding it into her tote bag with her tanning oil, her dog eared William Gibson novel and her sunglasses, then washed off in the outdoor shower by the pool with a smile.


That tape sat on top of the dresser in McKenzie’s bedroom for a week, untouched. On the eighth day, she played it for herself, and resisted the temptation to touch herself. No, she told herself. This is a weapon. The next time Stella does something crazy, this will be the napalm that takes her down.

It was the night before the wedding that she had to pick up that tape. The wedding was a publicity event and like all Stella Rose level publicity stunts, this one involved dozens of reporters, and a circus of preparation crew. It was above and beyond a wedding. Star Magazine was reporting that the whole thing was costing her over a million dollars, and that did not include the diamond studded Paris couture wedding gown that no one had revealed a figure for, or the gigantic pink diamond engagement ring that Stella had bought for herself. She had made a media event of that too, making sure paparazzi were on hand to witness her with Jason shopping for rings in Rome during the filming of her last movie. The whole thing had been staged. Even the sales agent was an actress, a stately brunette whose job it was to not outshine Stella in a room full of diamonds. The ‘candid’ kissing shots in front of the Trevi Fountain… staged. The romantic candlelight dinner in Tuscany invaded by annoying gadfly cameras… staged. The posed smiling faces of her rainbow colored adopted child accessories at the Hollywood Hills mansion when they came home from Europe… staged. Five minutes after the photographer got the shot, the kids were all snatched away by nannies at Stella’s barking orders. The fact was, Stella hardly ever saw those kids and when she did it was always for dubious reasons, to use them as publicity props. She was harsh to them. She didn’t beat them, but she ruined whatever self esteem those poor kids had.

The night before the wedding, Stella was standing in front of a huge mirror while two seamstresses made final adjustments to her gown. Her two personal assistants hovered around on cell phones, snapping to her every order and whim. McKenzie was there because she was expected to be.

“McKenzie, darling, where is your dress?”

“It’s ready, Stella… Mom. Don’t worry.”

“I need to speak with you immediately. There have been a change in plans. Come with me.” Stella stepped away from the mirror, frustrating the seamstresses, and she stepped into McKenzie’s bedroom, one of the few rooms not swarming with people. “We’re extending our Honeymoon to a full month. Jason wants to spend a while longer in Santorini. I know you had your heart set on going to university in London, but things are changing. All this publicity is great for my career and I need to keep it going. That means I need you close to home. I’ve made arrangements for you to attend UCLA instead.”

“What the fuck? Stella, what are you talking about? I’ve been preparing to go to London for three years!”

“Well, it’s healthy to want things, dear, but I need you here. I’m going to be bring the children home from boarding school too. Having them so far away is bad for my image.” She leaned in front of the mirror in my room and casually adjusted a false eyelash. This all meant nothing to her. “It makes me seem cold.”

“That’s because you ARE cold.” I said, wanting to hit her.

“In any case, they’ll be coming home after the honeymoon is over.”

“Ok, what school are you going to send them to?”

“I don’t think that is necessary, actually. I’ll hire tutors so they can be here. The photographers will love that. I’ve made arrangements with Federico Maseo, a photographer I used to work with. He’s going to do a photo book on our family. Lots of photo ops showing me with the children, you know, playing on swing sets and all that nonsense. Federico will be here for three months so it is imperative that you be on your best behavior. Do you understand?”

“Mom.” McKenzie hoped she could appeal to some sense of compassion in Stella Markowitz. “You know that the kids are doing well in school. They’re stable there. Being here… it would ruin all that progress.”

“McKenzie, you know the game as well as anyone. I need you all to be on board. My career is coming up again and I need…”

“I’ll tell you what I need.” McKenzie stood up and picked up the tape, switching on the TV set and standing at attention as her ‘mother’ watched in horror, her mouth forming a perfect shocked ‘O’. She watched as Stella sank down onto the bed, her shoulders slumping. “So, Mom, what I need is for you to leave things as they are. The kids will stay in school where they are, and Sevigne will join them next year. I am going to school in London, and from there I will keep an eye on the kids, and you will butt out of their lives. And mine. If you don’t, this tape and the copies I made will be sent out to every news rag from here to New York, and within a day you will be the sad, sad mother whose gold digger husband fucked your whore daughter. I don’t mind, Mom. I really don’t. Hell, people have gotten famous for less. But you? You’ll look pathetic, and you’ll have no choice but to call off this wedding and your month in Greece, and I seriously doubt that bullshit movie you’re doing will hold up when you’re family is not so wholesome anymore. After all, what kind of mother raises a daughter like me? And what kind of woman marries a man who sticks his tongue in her daughter’s asshole? Believe me, Mom, I will destroy you, and I will enjoy it. So, go back in there and get your dress finished, and have this stupid wedding. Do your movies. Be a star. But nothing in our lives changes. At least not the way you want it to.”

Stella looked like a melted mannequin. McKenzie thought the woman’s face might slide down into her manicured hands. She stood up, straightened her Amato gown and composed herself.

“What a fine young woman I have raised.” She said, playing the martyr card.

“Congratulations, mother. May you have a long and happy marriage.”

A very bad girl sits in the second row of the Professor’s class…begging with her body, legs, heels and eyes for the Professor to teach her a lesson.

I hope listeners enjoy my take on an old classic.

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The morning sun filters in through the window, waking me up. I look down to see Kayla’s hand enclosing on my already hard cock. Not seeing my sister I ask, “Where did Sophia go?”

“She went to go take a shower,” she answers with a grin. Both her hands begin moving, one slowly stroking my cock and the other moving between her legs. She spreads slightly and I see her hand resting in her crotch, her middle finger disappearing inside her juicy pussy.

“I watched you two last night,” she suddenly blurts out.

“What do you think about it?” I ask not at all taken aback by it.

“I found it hot how rough you were with her and how you fucked her ass like that.” She groans and rock on her finger.

“You like thinking about my cock in Sophia’s ass?”

“Oh, yes,” she cries. Her hand squeezes her wet pussy and pushes her finger in deeper. She tries to continue stroking me, but I can clearly tell she is focused on her own pleasure.

Wordlessly I slip down to her crotch, shoving my cock toward her face. “Take my cock,” I order. She leans forward and grips my cock and extends her tongue and teasing my cockhead while spreading her legs open, so that I can slip in. She gasps as I slowly melt into her folds and begin massaging her hot pussy with my tongue. Kayla smothers my cock with her mouth. Her warm little mouth is fantastic as she eagerly slurps and sucks. I continue to lick at her pussy, driving her to moan in pleasure on my cock.

My hands slide up to take a firm grasp of her ass. She still sucks, meeting the slight thrusting of my hips. She is getting me deeper and deeper, taking my cock in nearly to the back of her throat before sliding it back out. Slowly, my tongue makes the short trip from her pussy, wiggling through her warm and juicy slit to her untouched ass. I hear a moan when the tip of my tongue connects with her asshole. I hold it there for a moment as she relaxes.

I wiggle my tongue and begin circling her tiny hole. She squeals and moans, pulling off my cock. Soon I lick feverishly, soaking the outside of her asshole. Eventually I push my tongue in and begin to caress the inner walls of her ass. Kayla yelps and rocks into my face. She moans as I gently tongue fuck her ass and her asshole twitches with each plunge. My cock starts to strain, ready to explode.

I ease up some, feeling her relax and I use one hand on the back of her head to guide her back onto my cock. She takes me back into her warm and moaning mouth. As she does, her asshole is exposed again, wet and glistening. My hand remains on her head, keeping her sucking, while my other moves toward her asshole.

I swirl the surface with my finger and Kayla squeals loudly on my cock. She is trying to focus on sucking, but the anal pleasure distracts her. So I thrust my hips harder to get the full use of her mouth and I gently push my finger against her hole. The resistance is unreal. Kayla yelps as my finger finally breaks through. As I poke my finger into her, her asshole tightens instantly and the sensation sends Kayla into convulsions and it brings me to orgasm.

Kayla screams on my cock and is unprepared to take my load. My cum erupts and engorges her mouth. I hear her gag and choke as cum stuffs her throat and stifles her moans. She gurgles and pulls off, my cock still spewing cum upward. Kayla coughs and chokes as cum drips from her mouth. Thick ropes of my cum cum land on her cheeks and chin and I finish licking at her asshole one final time. Kayla licks at the cum as best as she can, trying to take it all in.

When we both catch our breath I ask,” Would you like to watch me fuck Sophia’s ass again?”

Kayla nods and says, “That would be so fucking hot.”

I smile at her and say, “Let’s get some breakfast and later we can have some more fun before you have to go back home.”

Kayla runs a finger across her cheek, scooping up a stream of my cum before slipping it into her mouth and says, “You have a deal.”

Please leave comments if you like the story, and would like to see the adventures of Amy and Tim continue. Also, note that these characters are wholly fictional. Thanks in advance for reading!


Hello. My name is Tim. I am six feet tall with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I work out daily to keep myself in shape, and as my girlfriend of the last year, Amy, would happily point out, I have an 8.5″ thick cock with a large mushroom head.

Amy has long, flowing auburn hair and the sexiest green eyes I have ever seen. Amy has a petite body, with absolutely amazing large perky C-cup boobs. Looking at Amy in jeans, you would not be able to tell that she had much of an ass, and she likes to keep it that way. However, once she slips out of her pants, she has the most amazing, petite round, and firm I might add, ass I have ever had the pleasure of being near or in.

Until I met Amy, I was never much of an ass man. I love beautiful full boobs, just like Amy’s. However, after the first time I watched Amy slide off a tiny black G-string from between her ass cheeks, I became enamored at the thought of her perfect ass.

Basically, Amy and I cannot keep our hands off of each other. We fuck just about every day we have the chance to, and come the weekend, we usually fuck twice before we even get out of bed to start the day.

Amy and I are very comfortable with each other, and have gotten very good at knowing each other’s wants and desires without having to tell each other. I have not been able to bring myself to ask Amy if she has ever wanted me to fuck her in the ass. She has given me no indication that she would. However, I have been focusing more on her ass lately, suggesting sex positions that allow total view and access to her ass. I regularly massage her ass, and she has become quite accustomed to me playing with her ass cheeks.

One day, I was feeling particularly horny. While Amy as out shopping, I went into her panty drawer, and immediately found what I was looking for. It was a teal blue g-string, with lime green stripes on the front. I immediately took the g-string into my mouth, imagining it buried in between Amy’s amazing ass crack. My cock became rock hard at the thought.

Standing there at Amy’s dresser, I unzipped my jeans, let them fall to the floor, and wrapped the teal g-string around my cock.

I got out my phone, took a photo, and sent it to Amy with the text “I need you home NOW.”

Amy replied with a question mark, and said she was on her way.

When Amy arrived, I was sitting on the couch, totally naked, except for the g-string wrapped around my still hard cock.

Amy looked at me and said, “Tim, what the hell are doing, and why do you have one of my g-strings on your cock?”

I replied, “Amy, you are the sexiest woman I have ever known. The more we fuck, the more I have feelings of wanting to do stuff to your ass. I can’t help it anymore, I needed to tell you.”

Amy sat down next to me, grasped my cock in her right hand and said, “Thinking about my ass has done this to you? I have noticed you have been paying more attention to my ass than usual. Tell me Tim, what you want to do to my ass.”

With Amy’s sexy green eyes staring at me, and her right hand clasping my cock, I began to tell her what I have wanted to for so many months.

“Well Amy, you know how much I love your body, and how horny you make me. I have never done anal sex before with anyone, and never really thought about it. But you have the perfect ass. I have begun watching anal porn and how they do different things and to be honest, I want to try them with you. Really, I want to fuck you up your ass.”

Amy sat for a moment, taking in what I had just told her.

She finally said, “Tim, you know how much I love your body, and how I literally ache for your cock. Ever since I have noticed you starting to pay more attention to my ass, I have been curious too. I actually have also been watching anal porn as well. I want to totally give myself over to you, to be totally intimate with you, and for you to lust for me. I have never done anal sex with anyone before, and I want my first to be with you. Follow me.”

She pulled on my cock and guided me towards the bedroom.

Amy then said to me, “Tim, for you to be totally intimate with me, I need you to listen to every word I say, and do just as I say. I will also listen to you and what you desire. This is what we need to do to make this work.”

I nodded in total agreement.

Amy turned away from me, slipped off her top, and undid her bra letting it fall into a heap on the floor. Next she undid her jeans, and arched her back, pressing her ass into the air towards me. She slowly slid the jeans down over her ass, revealing her ass to me.

I nearly came right there.

“Tim, I want you to make love to my ass,” Amy uttered. “Get down on your knees, as I bend over the bed. Bring your face up to my ass, and press it between my ass cheeks. I want your tongue making love to my asshole.”

I happily and nervously did as I was told. Amy’s pert, firm ass was arched sexily over the bed as I positioned myself behind her. I drew my face closer and she spread her cheeks. I pressed my lips against her asshole and gently began to blow hot breath against it as Amy began to moan in ecstasy.

“Tim, get your tongue in my ass now!” Amy shouted as she could no longer wait.

My tongue eagerly began to work its way into her ass hole, and soon the entire length of my tongue was buried into Amy’s ass. She pushed her ass harder and harder against my face, begging for my tongue without having to use words.

Amy eventually pulled her ass away from my face and said, “Tim, I want you to press your nose against my asshole, and breathe in deep to take in the scent of my ass before you fuck me.”

I again aligned my face to Amy’s perfect ass, and pressed my nose against her asshole as she spread her cheeks exposing her ass hole for me. I breathed in deep as I was told, and nearly came at the sweet smell of her ass. I have never felt so connected and intimate with Amy as I did with my tongue inside her forbidden fruit.

What Amy did next, brought total surprise to me eyes. She opened the night stand drawer, and pulled out a strange object with a hose that I had not seen before. As she did so, Amy had a devilish smile on her face.

“Tim, this is something that I have wanted to use for a long time now.”

I looked at her quizzically and said, “Amy, what on earth is that toy?”

“Tim, this is an inflatable butt plug. You slip that into my ass, and you can pump it up, making me feel full and ready to take your big cock.”

I have never been more turned on by Amy than I was at that very moment. I was still on my knees, and so Amy knelt before me, facing me and brought the butt plug in between our faces.

As she did so, Amy handed me the pump bulb and said, “Here Tim, show me how big you want to make this inside my ass.”

I took the pump bulb, and squeezed on hard. The plug expanded before our eyes and the air filled it. I think my already rock hard cock, may have expanded by another half inch at the sight.

Amy said, “Is that it Tim, is that how big you want to make the plug inside my ass?”

“Your ass can handle more than that, you think?”

Amy said devilishly to me, “Tim, my ass will handle whatever you are willing to give it.”

I instantly gave the pump bulb five more hard squeezes until it was fully inflated before our eyes.

“Now Tim, that’s more like it.”

As she said that, she began to lick the inflated plug, keeping eye contact with me. Once the plug was soaked with her spit, I deflated it, and Amy got down on her hands and knees before me.

“Tim, fill my ass up now like I know you want to!”

I lubed up the plug, and brought it up against her spread asshole. As I pushed it inwards, Amy pushed backwards eagerly wanting the plug inside her ass. Soon, the entire head of the plug had disappeared inside Amy’s beautiful ass. I noticed that Amy’s already soaked pussy had become even wetter.

I gave the pump bulb a half of a squeeze, to set it in her ass. As I did so, I noticed Amy wiggle her ass as the pump began to fill her. I stopped.

Amy looked back with her sexy blue eyes and said to me sternly, “Tim, no one told you to stop pumping!”

I happily did as I was told and began to pump again, one squeeze after the next.

Amy shouted, “Oh my god Tim, my ass feels totally full! Pump that fucker up as hard as you can! Fill my ass, Tim, fill it now!”

I set the pump bulb on Amy’s back and began to gently kiss each of her perfect, firm ass cheeks. After a few minutes, Amy told me to deflate the plug, and remove it from her ass.

“Fuck me Tim. Fuck my ass. Fill me up with your fat dick now!” Amy shouted at me.

Amy was as hot and horny as I had ever seen her. She spread her ass cheeks apart, waiting for me to put my throbbing cock inside of her. I moved closer to her, positioning the large mushroom head of my cock just outside of her asshole. Grasping my cock, I pressed the head into her ass crack, and rubbed it up and down between her perfect cheeks.

Amy handed me a bottle of our favorite lube, and I quickly coated my cock. I then brought the head of my cock up to and gently pressed against Amy’s asshole.

Amy looked back at me and said, “Tim, I am totally yours. Take my ass NOW!”

With that statement, I pressed my cock forward and Amy pressed backwards, her virgin ass hole tighter than I ever could have imagined. After a bit of effort, the head of my cock popped into Amy’s ass, and I stopped. I could feel and see Amy shudder after my entrance.

I said to her, “Amy, are you okay, do you want me to stop?”

Amy again looked back at me and said, “Tim, I love you. Don’t stop. My ass and my body belong to you!”

I placed both of hands on her hips, as I repositioned myself to enter her deeper. My cock has never felt so squeezed as it did at that moment, and it is a feeling that I don’t ever want to forget. Inch by inch I slowly worked my cock deeper inside Amy’s ass. After nearly five minutes, I felt my balls pressing against Amy’s firm ass cheeks. I could not believe she was able to take all of me the first try!

Panting and out of breath from the effort of taking the whole length of my shaft inside her ass, Amy exploded into an entire body orgasm. I could feel her orgasm through her ass and around my cock. It was the single most amazing feeling I have ever had.

The sight and feel of Amy orgasming around my cock and the total tightness of her ass brought me to the edge.

I said to Amy, “Amy, I love you. I am going to cum. Can I cum in your ass baby?”

Amy looked back at me with her sexy green eyes and said, “Tim, pump my ass full of cum, I want you to fill my ass NOW!”

With that, my balls tightened up and I exploded in Amy’s ass.

Amy screamed out, “Oh God Tim, cum baby cum! My ass is yours, fill it with your cum Tim!”

After the last wave of cum left my balls, Amy and I collapsed onto each other, my hardened cock still firmly in her ass. Neither of us could speak, still trying to catch our breath after the most intense and incredible orgasms either of us has ever experienced.

With my cock still hardened in her ass, Amy looked at me and said “Tim, I love you. There is one more thing I want us to do to show how intimate we have been with each other.”

I said to her, “Yes babe, I will do ANYTHING you desire.”

“I want to turn over on my stomach, have you pull your cock out of my ass, then I want to clean your cock with my mouth.”

I could not believe what I was hearing from Amy. I thought that sort of thing only happened in porn movies.

She then said, “Then Tim, I want you lay down, and I will squat over your face. I want you to clean my ass out with your tongue, taking your cum into your mouth. I then want to kiss you deeply sharing your cum between us. We will truly be one then.”

I wasn’t entirely sure about this, but after what Amy had just done for me, I could not say no. Plus, she could feel my cock begin to return to a fully hardened state in her ass.

I slowly pulled my cock out of Amy’s ass, and positioned myself so that she could clean off my cock with her mouth. I could not believe how quickly and how eagerly she took my shaft down her throat.

I did as I had been told, and laid down on the bed. Amy climbed on top of me and positioned her ass directly over my face. She spread her cheeks as she lowered herself onto my awaiting mouth. Amy pushed out the cum, as my tongue began to probe her ass hole once again. I have never tasted my own cum before, and was intrigued with its flavor. I had cum more than I realized, because before long my mouth was full of my own cum.

Amy climbed off of me, and sat me upright in the bed. She climbed into my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. We leaned in and began to kiss. Our tongues quickly began swirling around my cum in our mouths. After we both had my cum in our mouths, we broke the kiss and Amy looked and me and without having to say a word we both swallowed.

We laid there in bed for the next hour, holding each other close, not needing to say a word.

Finally Amy looked at me, and said “Tim, that was the most incredible experience of my life. I love you more than I ever have before. I am totally yours, and you are totally mine. Let’s get a hot shower and talk about exploring your ass next.”

Tiffany wakes up before I do a few hours later.

“Steve, baby? Wake up, baby, come on Steve, wake up.” She says, rolling me on to my back, and noticing how hard I am.

“Well, I know just the thing that’ll wake you up.” She says, giggling.

And she slowly begins stroking my hard cock, feeling her stroke me makes me open my eyes.

“You don’t waste time do you, girl?”

“Hey you! About time you woke up! You ready to fuck me?”

“Of course, do you want me on top?”

“No, Steve, I want to be on top, just lay back, and let me ride that beautiful, hard cock!”

I watch in amazement as she lowers her bald pussy down on to my hard cock, feeling her tight walls grip my cock almost sends me over the edge.

“Oh Steve, you feel so good…….oh God!”

I take her by her hips and begin bouncing her up and down on my cock.

“Ok fuck, Steve, you’re going to make me cum, fuck Steve…..OH FUCK!” She screams as I feel her cum, squirting onto my cock, I’m still bouncing her as she comes down from the orgasm.

“Did you cum yet, baby?” She asks.

I shake my head no.

“Do you want me to suck you until you cum?”

“No, I want to cum in your pussy, Tiffany.”

And with those words, she begins bouncing up and down, faster and faster, until I’m on the brink of exploding.

“Tiff, I’m gonna cum, holy shit, AHHH!!” I scream, as I grip her hips tightly, until every last drop of cum is deep inside her.

“Did that feel good, Steve?” She asks, blushing.

“You know it did, baby girl.”

“Steve? Let’s 69, I want to taste my cum and I’d love to see you taste yours.” She says, giggling.

She turns her self around and lays on my face, so now I can lick her pussy, and even get a good taste of her ass, and her face is down at my cock, licking the shaft and running her tongue down to my ass.

“Ever had your ass licked, Steve?”

“No, have you?”

“Yes, oh god, yes I have.” She says with a girlish giggle.

She buries her middle finger deep in my ass as she starts sucking my cock, and I do the same to her as I suck her clit.

“Yeah, Steve, fuck my ass, oh my God, baby, fuck that ass.” She moans out.

I continue to pump my finger in her asshole harder, when finally she says, “Steve, stop, in need your cock in my ass, just fuck my ass baby, please.”

She rolls off of me and places a pillow under her stomach.

“Be gentle baby, please.”

I once again grab her hips and slowly push my way into her tight ass.

“Fuck yeah, baby, you feel how tight my ass is, Steve?”

“Yes, I do!” I moan out as I reach between her legs and begin to rub her clit.

“OH! Fuck yeah, Steve, rub that clit!”

Before too long, we’re both ready to explode.

“STEVE! Fuck, baby, cum with with me, fill my ass, OH FUCK!” She screams as we both explode, we both fall to the bed, drained.

“Ready for another nap, Tiff?” I ask.

“Yeah, but first, I know your cock is dirty from being in my tight ass, let me clean it off for you.”

I pull out of her ass, and bring my cock to her mouth, and watch in amazement as she takes my dirty cock in her mouth.

“MMM, I love tasting my own ass, Steve.” She says, slowly bobbing her head up and down on my dirty cock.

“You keep this up, and I’ll explode again, Tiff.”

“Well, that’s the whole point, isn’t, baby?”

Before too long, I’m ready to explode.

“Cum on my tits, Steve, fuck yeah, baby, cover my tits!” She screams as my cum cover her pretty little tits.

I fall back to the bed, and instantly go back to sleep, hoping that the next morning will be as great as tonight was.

To Be Continued…

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