ass play

Amber drove home from school with a mix of excitement and anxiety. Her school’s winter break had just started and she was about to have two weeks of vacation with her dad and stepmom. The three of them were going to go up to her grandparents’ house in Hawaii and have a great time at the resort they owned with the rest of her dad’s side of the family. There would be almost a full week of sunbathing and sneaking drinks with her cousins.

What made her nervous on the other hand was her stepmom, Jean. It wasn’t that she hated her stepmom, she actually loved her just as much as her dad, she was just nervous about what plans for tasks and punishments Jean had for her. For the past six months, a little after she turned 19, Jean had been training her as a sub and she had recently become more creative with Amber’s sessions. Jean had been gloating about how she’d already selected Amber’s bathing suits and had to special order them from a site in Japan and she expected Amber to wear them unless she said otherwise. Jean had also hinted strongly that she had a couple friends in Hawaii who would love to have a show or even play with Amber if she misbehaved. Amber enjoyed being tested by Jean but her stepmom really liked pushing her comfort levels.

Amber pulled into her garage, went upstairs and stripped out of her clothes so she could get into something more comfortable. She slipped off her jeans and took off her panties, revealing a carefully shaved mound. She then pulled off her shirt and took off her bra, releasing her B32 breasts which pushed up proudly from her skinny, 5’2 frame. Amber carefully inspected herself in her full body mirror for any body hair before she slid on some pink booty shorts and a black tank-top that held tightly against her flat stomach. Even when Jean had just been her stepmom, she had tried to slip in more casual clothing into her wardrobe but now that she was her mistress, she expected Amber to dress a lot skimpier than normal when she wasn’t in school and had a strict no-underwear rule for her while she was home, even around her father.

Amber shivered as she walked to the thermostat and turned the heat up a little before going into her mom’s study. She wasn’t done with her tasks for the day. In addition to keeping shaved, Amber had to keep a diary and clean her step-mother’s strap on. She started with the dildo as she waited for Jean’s desktop to boot-up. The thing was a practically a black obelisk at ten-inches long and a circumference that Amber could just get her hands around. Jean had never actually used it on Amber, preferring to use smaller toys and her own “hands-on treatment,” but she had always shown her it during their sessions and told her that one day she would slide the whole thing into Amber’s tight little pussy and slap its rubber balls against her. Amber feared it but a part of her was always curious if it could actually fit: She knew that Jean liked to play with her dad’s ass and had shown her some of the toys she had used on him, which had included some surprisingly wide and long butt plugs.

Amber licked the head of the detachable dildo and carefully worked her mouth over it, taking the facsimile into her mouth. The dildo was designed to have a circumcised look to it so aside from its size and plastic taste, it was like the two guys Jean had made her suck. As Amber slid inch after inch of the mighty tool towards the back of her throat, she thought back to the night she had given her first blowjobs. Jean had made sure that Ted was out for the evening (while he knew that Jean and Amber had been engaged in some kind of bdsm play, he had no idea how far they had gone) and blindfolded Amber while she knelt in a thong and a push-up bra in the living room. Two men she didn’t know then entered and dropped their pants while they made small talk with Jean. They ignored Amber for the longest time, occasionally coming near enough that she could smell the sweat on their crotches. For a while, Amber had thought that Jean was just trying to embarrass her when all of a sudden Jean acted like she had just noticed her and told her that she should have said something. Jean then allowed the two men to spank Amber and slowly mouthfuck her one at a time while she laid across Jean’s lap. The men weren’t particularly big but the taste of their precum and the new experience of accepting cocks into her mouth made her nauseous and gag.

Jean had been patient though. She kept encouraging Amber and even chastised one of the men when they grew angry at Amber’s gagging. After they filled her mouth with cum several times and had been able to build a good speed and even hit the back of her throat with the head of their dicks without Amber gagging, Jean had placed Amber on the couch and escorted the spent men outside. She had then sat next to her step-daughter and let her play with her soaking pussy until Ted came home a few minutes later. Amber had desperately begged Jean to let her finish but Jean just playfully smacked her on the ass and told her she would have to be faster at finishing her tasks if she wanted to pleasure herself. Amber then had to sneak upstairs, her mouth still tasting of spunk and her body aching for release. She felt so slutty but extremely excited. Still, Jean kept to her word and refused to let her cum until two days later. That was how her stepmother worked; being gentle when she was pushing Amber’s limits then keeping her horny so she couldn’t think of how embarrassing the task was she had just done.

Amber pulled the large dildo out of her mouth and finished by licking the parts of the phallus she hadn’t been able to deepthroat. She inspected her work and, believing her stepmother would be satisfied, started to type. There hadn’t been much going on at school today, she had just had three finals and left without talking to anyone. Amber had always been awkward around others, not helped by the fact that her mother had pulled her out of school for two years after she divorced her father and had failed to be much of a homeschool teacher. When Ted got custody of Amber back, she had to be put back two grade levels behind her former friends. While Ted, and later Jean, tried to get her to interact more, it was difficult for her to make friends and even now, in her senior year, she only had a couple classmates that she actually hung out with outside of school. It didn’t help that she was still bullied somewhat by people that thought her poor social skills and age meant she was retarded.

As Amber thought about that, she began to type out the sexual fantasies she had been having lately. Some were just thoughts about her sessions with Jean, while others were a bit more elaborate. Amber didn’t mind typing these out for the most part; they let her relive the fantasies, making her nice and wet, and Jean couldn’t possibly make some of the more embarrassing ones happen (at least, that’s what Amber thought). However, there was one fantasy Amber had been having that she was reluctant to type out.

The fantasy involved Chelsea, a girl from her class that had been one of her bullies. The girl was stunning, 5’8, tan skin, trim body, brown hair, green eyes, a luscious ass, and C-cups that drove the boys wild. While she did pick on Amber, Chelsea mostly ignored her as she was too busy with volleyball or her friends to take time for the awkward girl that ran track. The fantasy had started a couple weeks back when Chelsea and her had gotten done with their practices at roughly the same time. While seniors normally got the privilege of private showers, there were too many girls in the locker room at the same time, so Amber and Chelsea had found themselves under the same group shower head. It was then that Amber got to see Chelsea completely nude for the first time. Amber had barely been able to be discreet as her eyes wandered up and down Chelsea. Amber couldn’t help but get aroused as she watched Chelsea cover her breasts in suds and wash the small triangular patch of pubic hair she had above her pussy. She was so lost that she was almost caught staring and had to quickly try to cover up while Chelsea cast a suspicious glare.

Amber had tried to make small talk but Chelsea had just ignored her until suddenly the lights went out. The luscious volleyball player had let out a shriek and fell forward into Amber. Amber instinctively had wrapped her arms around Chelsea, pressing their bodies together. Neither one of them said anything, letting their stunned eyes look into each other and their panicked breaths blow on each others lips, until the lights came back on a minute later. When they did, Chelsea walked away without saying anything and Amber had stayed behind, washing herself. Amber had then waited till everyone had left and then went home and pleasured herself while thinking of the way Chelsea’s breasts felt. Jean had discovered her and went to town on her with a riding crop but Amber had just become even more aroused. The fantasy she had been having was her and Chelsea making love while Jean stood nude next to them, directing their actions and even joining them after Chelsea and Amber had kissed her feet and licked the stiletto heels that Jean loved to wear.

Amber typed out the fantasy, her breathing becoming deeper from a mix of arousal and nervousness. She knew it would raise a lot of questions from Jean. Her Stepmother would ask if she had been hiding this fantasy for long and likely punish her. Not to mention, while amber had known that she was bisexual since she was 14, she had never told anyone, even her own father. Jean might become uncomfortable and stop being her dominatrix. When they had started six months ago, Jean had been very hesitant and had tried to focus more on the control aspect of their relationship and rarely touched her. Now, Jean was more comfortable using toys and occasionally would rub her and even had Amber eat her out on occasion, though she would always leave before climaxing. Jean had always been reassuring Amber that they were “experimenting” and that they weren’t really ever having sex with each other. Amber sighed as she saved the document and leaned back.

“Well, at least it will be out in the open.” Amber sighed as she leaned back.

“What’ll be out in the open, my little slut?” a sultry voice said from behind Amber.

Amber yelped as she heard her stepmother speak and felt her hands clasp her slender shoulders. She looked back and saw Jean grinning slyly at her. At thirty years-old, Jean looked drop-dead gorgeous. Even though she was wearing a sweater and some jeans at the moment, Amber couldn’t help but admire her stepmother’s fit body and large D-cup breasts that she knew almost every man in their housing division had lusted after. Jean leaned down and lightly kissed her stepdaughter on the forehead, letting her long blonde hair fall over the two of them like a veil. She smiled, her azure eyes beaming as she looked over her stepdaughter.

Without warning, Jean painfully squeezed Amber’s nipples. Amber cried out with a pathetic yelp but didn’t try to resist. She kept her arms down and tried to ignore Jean messing with her already-hard nipples.

“You know, my little slut, you are supposed to help me whenever I have something to carry in.” Jean said coldly as she slipped her hands under Amber’s tanktop and started to pull on her light pink nipples.

“Aaah!” Amber cried out, “I’m sorry mommy! I didn’t hear you drive up.” Amber blurted out. She was already transitioning to her submissive state; whenever one of their sessions started, Amber was only allowed to call Jean “mistress” or “mommy.”

Jean leaned in next to Amber and whispered, “Oh, that’s okay my little candy drop, I didn’t know you would get done early” she twisted Amber’s already stretched nipples, drawing an agonized moan from her stepdaughter, “but that’s not why I have to punish you. Now, can you tell me why I have to hurt your cute little nipples?”

Amber tried to think what transgression she could have made to anger her stepmom but it was hard to concentrate while her nipples were being tortured. After what seemed like hours of having her precious little titties getting pinched and twisted, a revelation hit her:

“Is it…is it cause I forgot to call you when I got home?”

Jean kissed her on the neck but pulled as hard as she could on Amber’s nipples.

“That’s right, my little slut. You’re always supposed to call me when you get home. I want to know that my precious slave is safe and sound. Not to mention,” Jean motioned towards a bag she had left in the doorway, “I don’t want you seeing any of the fun little toys that Santa is bringing you for Christmas.”

“I’m sorry mommy, I was just really excited that finals were over and I forgot!” Amber cried out as tears started to form from the pain.

Jean released Amber, letting the younger woman breathe a sigh of relief before she ordered her to take off her tank-top. Amber quickly complied and ripped the little thing off of her body without a moment’s hesitation; she wasn’t afraid of being nude around her stepmother and her abused tits were being irritated by the cloth. Jean then ordered her to stand up and take her shorts off so she could be inspected. Amber once again did so but grew nervous when Jean withdrew her riding crop, which consisted of a small rectangular patch of leather attached to a flexible, black metal wand. Amber knew what Jean could do with that little instrument and shuddered a bit as her stepmother slapped its tip against the desk to test its durability. As Jean took a seat in the chair that Amber had been using, Amber noticed that Jean hid a couple of objects behind her back. Still, Amber knew she wasn’t supposed to ask questions while she was being inspected so she stood in front of her stepmother and held her arms behind her back while her stepmother looked her over.

Jean carefully examined every inch of her stepdaughter’s naked front, trailing the riding crop’s leather tip across Amber’s pale flesh. She started with her feet, making sure that Amber had kept her toenails clipped and painted a light pink. Satisfied, Jean guided the crop between Amber’s legs and ran the length of each leg up to her shaved mound, searching for any hair; she smiled a wicked grin when Amber shivered from the crop being placed near her privates and delivered a light smack to the young girl’s left inner thigh.

“Don’t move pet. It makes it harder to see if you’ve been my good little toy or not.” Jean ordered as she saw Amber try to suppress a squeal of pain.

Jean spent some time rubbing Amber’s mound, even taking some time to part her swollen labia and patting her engorged clitoris with the riding crop. She observed the wetness of Amber’s pussy and kept a curious gaze on her face as she once again looked up at her stepdaughter’s face.

“So I guess today’s entry is particularly steamy?” Jean pulled Amber’s right arm from behind her back and began sniffing and licking her fingertips, searching for Amber’s scent, “Or have you been playing with yourself without permission again?”

Amber tried to keep a straight face as she answered but Jean kept stimulating her nether regions with the cold riding crop and Amber was already so aroused.

“No mistress Jean, I just wrote what you wanted me to and…oh, please don’t make me answer while you’re doing that.” A hard slap on her right thigh made Amber shriek with surprise. Catching herself, she finished:

“And I just got really aroused.”

Jean took the crop and used it to push up each of her step daughter’s proud little breasts. Satisfied that Amber managed to keep a straight-face, Jean led the crop up the young-woman’s chest and put the leather tip in front of her mouth. Amber sucked on the tip, tasting her own wetness until Jean pulled it out.

Jean smiled, “If you’re soaking from just writing, I can’t wait for you to read it aloud to me and my friends.”

Amber gasped, horrified that she would not only have to reveal her sexual preferences to her stepmom but she would also have to do it while Jean’s online friends watched. Jean’s friends were a kink group that met online to share stories of their conquests and occasionally have meet-ups with each other. Jean had recently started a private channel for them where they could watch her carry out her sessions with Ted or Amber. They only responded through text but they loved watching Amber be embarrassed in front of the camera. Sometimes, when she was too busy, Jean would even let them direct the session and Amber would have to take all their requests.

Seeing her stepdaughter’s frightened face, Jean just rolled her office chair over to the door and retrieved a couple of objects, a candy cane and a set of nipple clamps. from the bag while she put on a sadistic smile.

“Present yourself, slut.” Jean said as she unwrapped the candy cane. The thing wasn’t really a cane so much as it was a thick pole of sugar with a candy-cane stripe.

Amber nodded and obeyed, albeit reluctantly. She turned to face the computer monitor and bent over so her face was only a few inches away from the screen and her butt was proudly pushed out towards Jean. She then spread her legs wide so Jean would have an easy time examining her ass.

“That’s really good, pet. Here’s a treat for you, be sure to make it nice and wet.” Jean said as she pushed the candy cane into Amber’s mouth. Amber sucked on it hungrily, using her right hand to steady the piece of candy once Jean released it; she had a good idea what it would be used for and wanted to make sure she narrowed the thick thing down as best as she could.

Jean then attached the clamps. Amber let out a soft cry; she wasn’t used to nipple clamps, having only had them used on her a couple of times, but they felt better than the previous abuse Jean had given her poor little nipples a few minutes ago. As she tried to get used to the pain, Amber heard a slight jingle of bells. She took a quick look down and saw that, attached to the ends of the little strips of metals that hung from the silver clamps were small bells. Amber tried to focus on whittling the candy cane down with her mouth but started to blush as she felt Jean slip a red Santa hat over her forehead; Jean loved dressing Amber up when she wasn’t in school and it was clear what type of cosplay she was going to make Amber wear. Jean confirmed her fears by buttoning an extremely small skirt around her waist. The little skirt was a felt Santa red miniskirt with a bit of white faux fur running around its bottom. Amber could feel her ass hanging out and figured that the miniskirt barely covered anything. Amber’s embarrassment wasn’t over though, as she hear Jean pull on some latex gloves with a chilling snap.

Jean just chuckled as her slave shivered in fear:

“Just keep enjoying your little treat, my little slut. Mommy is going to make sure you’re nice and presentable for her friends.” Jean said as she squeezed Amber’s butt cheeks and pulled them apart, searching for any little hairs.

Amber kept focusing on the long stick of candy in her mouth, which she had worn down to a narrow point on one end. Her mouth was almost dry from all the sugar and her tongue was almost worn out from all of the sucking and licking. She was about to stop and move down the pole when she heard Jean start to click her tongue. Knowing what was coming, Amber took the candy out of her mouth and bit down on her lip.

“Oh my, little slut, you seemed to have missed a few hairs.” Jean said, pulling open a drawer and retrieving a pair of long metal tweezers. Jean had to look hard for them but she had found a five small hairs right outside of her young submissive’s asshole.

“Don’t you worry though, your mistress is going to fix this right up for you.” Jean plucked one of the hairs, taking her time to uncurl it and stretch it out before ripping it from its dark little follicle. She grinned as the act drew a squeal of pain from Amber.

“Poor baby.” Jean said mockingly as she uncurled another hair and playfully tugged at it, “You know, you could just ask me to stop and we could sit on the couch, stepmom and stepdaughter, talk about our vacation and do girly things.”

Despite being on the verge of tears from the clamps and her very sensitive hairs being pulled, Amber shook her head. She knew Jean was trying to get her to say her safety-word so she would have to spend the next few days begging her step-mother to start up their sessions again. This had happened several times in the past and Jean had always made her go through hoops before she would even let Amber so much as lick her boots.

“Good girl,” Jean said, an earnest smile spreading across her face. She didn’t give any mercy to Amber though; each hair was ripped out in rapid succession and Amber was left with her legs buckling and a couple of tears streaming down her innocent face. Jean took a moment to comfort and praise her faithful pet.

Wrapping her arms around Amber’s waist, Jean cooed, saying, “You’re doing so well pet. You have no idea how proud of you I am. When we’re done today, if your father’s not home yet, I want you to think of a nice little reward for yourself.”

Seeing Amber brighten up, Jean returned the tweezers to the drawer and withdrew a small jar of lube. She pulled off the lid and dipped her right index and middle fingers into the mess, coating them in a thick goop. She stroked the small of Amber’s back with her left hand and shushed her as she slid her index finger into her ass and encountered some resistance as she began to thrust in and out of her ass. Amber started to squirm; the lube was a warming jelly that that was mixed with a bit of ginger root to give an intense heat. The warmth was driving Amber mad but it was also making her even more aroused, as the stimulation from her stepmother’s probing fingers, the warming lube, and the jingling nipple clamps made her start to moan from a mix of pain and pleasure.

“You’re such a beautiful girl, my little pet.” Jean said softly as she pushed her middle finger into Amber’s ass and started to pump it in and out along with her index finger.

“Thank you…mistress.” Amber panted out between her grunts and moans of pleasure. Amber thought of how ridiculous this would of seemed a year ago: if she had been told at eighteen that in less than two years she would be bent over and having her ass probed by her stepmother while she was dressed up as a slutty Santa’s helper, she would have laughed. Now, as a small bit of drool escaped her lips and the heat intensified in her tight little rectum, Amber couldn’t imagine life without these sessions.

“Does that feel good, slut?” Jean inquired as she sped up the thrusts of her fingers which were now flying in and out of Amber’s loosening butthole. She then took her other hand and reached under Amber, being sure to ring the nipple clamps, and took the candy cane from her.

“Yes, mommy, it feels really good.”

“Then why don’t you get the show started so our friends can join in?” Jean suggested as she added her ring finger and readied the candy cane.

Amber nodded and logged in to the private channel; she was nervous about being dressed this way in front of the perverts on the stream but at least logging in would let Amber pull some of her attention away from the number Jean was pulling on her ass. As the stream loaded and synched up with Jean’s webcam, Amber kept hoping that no one would be on; she always felt awkward not seeing the people she was naked in front of. Even though Jean had made Amber service several men in the past, at least she had been able to see what they were doing or feel them. With the webcam, she had no idea who was on the other side other than the fact that they always wanted her to do naughty things and were always insinuating the even more extreme things they were planning to do to her.

To Amber’s chagrin, two of Jean’s friends were on: Dirtydad69 and Jockoff. Amber knew the two of them really well; they never missed a chance to watch her. Jockoff loved making Amber masturbate and always kept complimenting her figure and giving advice how to get in better shape while making her exercise in the nude. Dirtydad69 always made Amber feel really uncomfortable, which was why Jean loved leaving Amber alone in the study with him. He wanted her to always call him ‘daddy’ and loved telling Amber how much he wanted to have her over and be his naughty daughter. He always requested that Jean take the paddle to Amber and beat her butt red, even if she had been good. Jean only occasionally complied but she loved threatening Amber by telling her that she would leave her at Dirtydad69′s house for a weekend if she didn’t keep her grades up or disobeyed her. Jean always hinted that Amber knew these two, in addition to several other members on the channel, which creeped Amber out even more.

Dirtydad69: Hey Jean, glad to see you on.

Jockoff: Sup Jean? I just got off work, glad to see I didn’t miss you. What’s on the menu today?

Jean laughed, “Oh I figured Amber and I would wish you all a Merry Christmas before we went to Hawaii.”

With that, she spread Amber’s cheeks and, removing her fingers, drove the candy cane in, which led to Amber shrieking in surprise. The lube made the part she had narrowed slide in easy but only for the first inch. The sudden entry had tensed her muscles and her rectum clamped on to it. Jean kept pushing, despite the resistance, until the thickest part of the candy cane was spreading Amber’s tight little ring open. Amber groaned, she wasn’t used to anything of this size in her ass and Jean was pumping it in and out just as fast as if she were working Amber’s busy with a small dildo. Still, Amber had learned to appreciate the feeling of being stretched open and the lube was making the whole thing a lot better. The pleasure was almost equal to the pain.

Dirtydad69: That’s a bad girl Amber. You shouldn’t make a sound until your mistress tells you to. Jean, might I suggest a good spanking?

Jockoff: I agree. Amber, you’re normally so well-behaved…I like the outfit by the way.

Jean moved the camera first so they could see the nipple clamps and then so they could see Amber’s butt and the stripped piece of candy that was being thrust in and out of it.

“Thanks Jockoff. You know, you two are right but since this is the biggest thing she’s ever taken, I think we should be lenient. How about twenty whacks?”

Amber grit her teeth as she read the next responses; even with just her hands, Jean could deliver some serious damage.

Dirtydad69: Okay, but if she makes another sound, I want the paddle to come out.

“Of course. In fact, how about if this little slut makes a single shriek, she spends tomorrow with you?” Jean said with a wicked laugh as she delivered the first smack on Amber’s ass, never interrupting the use of the candy cane. Amber bore it with a few tears building up but kept silent.

Dirtydad69: Sounds great! Maybe she could teach my girl to take a little punishment.

Jean just smiled and kept making small talk as she smacked Amber’s ass with all the force she could muster. Each smack filled the room with a deafening crack and soon Amber’s cheeks were as red as her face. Amber let her tears flow freely as the twentieth smack landed on her ass. The candy cane was now going in and out of her really fast and she knew she was going to cum soon. Though it was tempting to just let Jean finish her off, Amber knew she would get in trouble if she came without permission. She motioned to speak.

“Yes Amber?” Jean asked as sweetly as she could, “Now that your ass is red for the holidays, do you have something to say?”

Amber nodded. “Yes mommy. I’m sorry I made a noise before and also…uhm,” Amber stammered, embarrassed that she had to say it in front of an audience, “I’m going to cum.”

Jean sighed and stopped driving the thick candy cane in and out of Amber’s ass.

“I’m sorry, mommy.”

Jean petted Amber’s short hair. “No, that’s a good thing you did, my pet. You need to learn to be less sensitive but we can work on that.”

Jockoff: What a good girl! Jean, why don’t you give her a reward? Oh, and could you take a picture of her ass? I want to make that my new desktop.”

“Yes to the picture, dear but no to the reward; Amber will be having a playmate come by in a little bit so I think she can hold on till then.” Jean answered as she withdrew a digital camera and snapped several photos of her stepdaughter’s ass, the candy cane still lodged inside and its cheeks as red as the little skirt she was wearing. Jean put it away with a wicked smile: she had some plans for those pictures.

“Now Amber, since we have an audience, why don’t you sit on my lap and read what you wrote?” Jean asked as she finally slid the candy cane out of Amber’s ass and looked at her open asshole; her stepdaughter had progressed quite a bit in the last six months, she’d soon be taking more in both holes.

Amber practically collapsed on her stepmom’s lap, her entire ass still sensitive from the spanking and the candy cane. She almost jumped up when she felt the rough denim of her stepmom’s jeans rub against her tingling ass but settled down, not wanting to get punished further. She quickly scrolled up, hoping Jean hadn’t seen the last part yet, and began to read slowly through her entry. Dirtydad69 and Jockoff remained silent for the most part, occasionally making her repeat a sentence or ask Jean to squeeze and shake Amber’s tits so they could hear the nipple clamps ring.

When they got to the section that concerned Amber’s fantasies, they started making tons of comments. This was because Amber’s first two fantasies were a bit more kinky than usual. The first one involved three men breaking into the house, ripping her clothes off and gang-banging her until she passed out from exhaustion, cum leaking from her holes. While Amber wasn’t too much into the pain part of her training, she loved when Jean blindfolded her and took charge, sometimes inviting men over.

Dirtydad69: Last I checked, hasn’t Amber not even taken a dick in her ass? I think you might be biting off a bit more than you can chew little girl.

Jockoff: That’s right. Besides, there’s no way Jean would let anything happen to her precious baby girl, right Jean?

Jean’s eyes beamed. “You’re right Jockoff, I’d never let anything happen to her and we live in a safe little house with security cameras everywhere.” Jean took a moment to kiss Amber’s neck. “Though if my sweet little Amber were to get violated in this house by three men who just happened to have a spare key, I’d be sure to ask your help in watching the footage for hours so we could bring them to justice…or another round with her.” She laughed as she felt Amber stiffen in her lap as the two people online typed out agreements and ‘lols.’

Without offering any reassurance that she would protect Amber from such an event, Jean ordered her to continue and began rubbing her pussy, whispering that Amber had better hope she didn’t cum if she didn’t want to be thoroughly punished until her father got home. Amber continued, the second fantasy involving sex with Santa Claus. Amber had seen some porn online of a beautiful girl being ravaged by a mall Santa Claus. Amber thought the idea was kinky, like her sessions with Jean, it was a taboo act that combined rough treatment with someone caring. It wasn’t a really fleshed out fantasy, she would just catch Santa Claus in the act and he would ask her for a present in return. Dirtydad69 ate it up, suggesting that Santa Claus should punish her for being a naughty girl and tie her up after smacking her ass. He could even pull out some adult toys from his bag as her presents and make sure she liked them by satisfying her with them. Jockoff and Jean just laughed and said that at least Amber was already dressed for the part.

Jean felt Amber get close again so she stopped rubbing her slit, “Go on honey, why don’t you read the last bit so I can get you ready for our guest?”

“Mommy, before I read it, can I say something?” Amber said, desperate.

Jean squeezed her nipples and pulled on the clamps but she nodded.

“Okay, but make it fast.”

“I really love having you as a mistress and a stepmom. I don’t want this to stop, punish me if you want but please don’t hate me for what I wrote.” Amber stammered out as she shivered in Jean’s lap.

Jean looked puzzled but she released her stepdaughter’s nipples. She wondered what could be worrying her so much considering the fantasies that had come before it. Still, she prodded Amber and ordered her to read. Amber sighed and started. The two people online paid attention, loving the details of the two girls’ bodies intertwining and the orders the fantasy’s Jean gave to them. Including things like sharing a double-sided dildo and taking turns with a strap-on. To Amber’s surprise, both Dirtydad69 and Jockoff knew Chelsea and both had fantasies about her, Dirtydad69 was especially interested in Amber’s desire for her classmate. Jean remained silent throughout the reading, not even commenting when Amber got to the part where Jean joined them and began pleasuring Chelsea and Amber before fucking Amber who would be eating out Chelsea.

“And then, when I make Chelsea cum, mommy turns me over and French kisses me until she makes me cum with the strap-on. When I do, she pulls a blanket over all of us and keeps whispering how much she loves me while I tell her the same and the two of us rub our pussies together until we cum together and fall asleep in each other’s arms.” Amber finished, waiting for a reaction from her audience.

Dirtydad69: Damn! Now that was a hot little story. I’ll have to go show it to my pet right away.

Jockoff: So glad to see you have some fantasies outside of men! Remind me to stop by some time and join in. Jean, I had no idea the two of you were that close, I thought you were keeping things “nice and professional.” Knew you couldn’t keep away from tasting the forbidden fruit.

Jean just gave a half-hearted smile, “Well, it looks like that’s all the time we have today. Jockoff, I’ll send you those photos later.” She then logged off and looked at Amber.

“So my pet, how long have you hid that you were bisexual from me?” Jean asked, her voice not betraying how she felt about this revelation.

“I’ve known since I was fourteen. I would have told you but I was worried you wouldn’t want me as your pet anymore.” Amber admitted.

“And how long have you wanted me to sleep with you and not just be your mistress?

Amber gulped.

“After you started living here, when I was fifteen. It was that day we only had one working shower so you and me had to share it. I saw you naked and couldn’t get the thought out of my head. You’re just so sexy.” Amber started to cry. “When you took me on as your slave, I was so happy. You made me feel so good and when you let me touch you, I was in heaven. I knew I should have told you when you started letting me lick your pussy but it was just so good that I didn’t want you to stop. I’m sorry. You’re a great mom and a great master and I’m such a horrible person; I should have told you.” Amber was now in hysterics.

“Amber, there’s nothing to be sorry about.” Jean said, hugging her and taking off the nipple clamps; she only called Amber by her name when their sessions were over or if she wanted to talk to her as her stepmom during their playtime, “You’re my beautiful, smart, kinky, little stepdaughter…you are a great person and I won’t have you think of yourself any other way. True, you should have told me but I wouldn’t have turned you away.”

Jean turned Amber around and held her half-naked body to her, ignoring the snot and tears that still streamed down her stepdaughter’s face and fell on her sweater.

“I love you Amber. I love being your master and getting to control you but I never want you to have to hide a part of yourself because you think I’ll hate you for it.” Jean said, kissing Amber’s cheek, “Besides, it wasn’t like I didn’t suspect you were a little attracted to me. Now, I thought you were just trying to find an outlet for your sexuality, and seeing me and your father go at it just got your motor running, but this does make more sense. If I had known though, I would have been more careful to bring some women over so you could explore that part of your sexuality.”

Amber dried her tears.

“Mommy…Jean, I really do find you attractive and I do love you. You’ve been so kind to me and I know dad is crazy about you. I’d be more than happy if we just kept things like they are but I would like to get to make love to you as a woman, not just your submissive.”

“I’ll have to think about it Amber. You have to understand, your father isn’t crazy about the two of us doing what we already do, and that’s just what we let him see, but he tolerates it since he sees it as drawing you out of your shell; if we had sex, we couldn’t really look him in the face and tell him it was just innocent; and I’m not going to lie to my husband.”

Amber looked glum but put on a quick smile. “So it isn’t a matter of you not being attracted to me, huh?”

Jean chuckled. “When did my little candy drop get such a smart mouth? Look, how about you get washed up, we’ll have dinner with your father, and we can bring it up while we’re in Hawaii; he’s a lot more suggestible when he has a few drinks in him.”

“That still doesn’t tell me what you think about me Jean. Besides, don’t I have a guest I need to see to?” Amber asked, rising out of Jean’s lap.

A mischievous smile came over Jean’s face, “You’re absolutely right my little slut. As a punishment for not telling me about that fantasy earlier, you have to meet him alone. Still, it’s a pretty simple task: just serve Walter a piece of pie without using a plate or a spoon. Be careful though, he doesn’t want that pie frozen and you can’t use the microwave. If you can’t figure it out, I’ve given him free reign to do whatever he wants. When you’re done, or Walter’s done with you, wash up and come to my bedroom for inspection. Oh, and if Walter makes you cum, you go home with him and I’ll be by to pick you up in the morning.” Jean playfully pinched Amber’s still engorged clit.

Amber nodded and ran to the kitchen where she ripped a frozen key lime pie out of the freezer and broke off a slice. Walter was another of Jean’s friends that creeped Amber out; he was the sixty-five year old mailman that delivered mail to their street. While he was a perfectly nice man most of the time, the idea that someone she knew from before she even wore a training bra wanted to fuck her was disturbing. Possibly because of this, Jean loved getting the two of them in the same room or finding ways to involve him. For a while, Jean had even stolen Amber’s panties and let Walter jerk off into them; making Amber wear them and feel his cum on her private parts as she walked around during the day. He also had been bringing bukkake porn for the past three months for Amber to watch and was more than happy to tell her about how much he’d love to see her in a film.

Amber tried to think of a way to warm the pie up and serve it to Walter, when a horrific realization came over her. Knowing what her stepmom meant, Amber sighed and got up on to the dining room table, laid down, and placed the piece of pie between her legs, placing what she could of her miniskirt over it. The pie was freezing on her private parts and it wasn’t making her any less aroused, so Amber tried to think of anything else. She tried squeezing the key lime pie with her legs, hoping it would start to thaw. She kept at it for ten minutes, until the front door opened and she heard the sound of boots stomping snow off in the doorway.

Amber looked up at the ceiling when she felt Walter’s gloved hands on her legs. She heard a nasally grunt as his rough snow gloves rubbed her inner thighs. She figured he would just flip up her skirt and start eating the pie but instead he skipped over it and let his hands travel up to her breasts where he started to squeeze and fondle them. Amber squirmed from the touch and moaned; her already abused b-cups were still very tender.

“Oh, Amber, I didn’t see you down there.” Walter said with his gravelly voice as his head moved into Amber’s view, “Your mom left a slice of pie for me, have you seen it?”

Amber took a moment to look at Walter’s face before she answered. He was wearing his blue trapper hat over his gray hair and his chin was covered by the collar of his thick warm coat but Amber could still see his leering smile and hungry black eyes. Walter had a heavily wrinkled face, even for his age, and it always seemed to be contorted into a wicked little grin. He was also a heavy smoker and Amber could smell it on his breath and clothes. Still, while there were a lot of things she found disgusting about Walter, she couldn’t help but get a little aroused by the absolute desire in his eyes.

“It’s under my skirt, Walter. I wanted to try and warm it up so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to eat.” Amber said, trying to look away.

Walter looked down at the tiny little skirt but just grinned and leaned in till his crooked nose was just a few inches away from Amber’s. His warm breath filled her nostrils and she had to suppress a cough as she tasted the tobacco smell on her tongue.

“Not that I don’t trust you Amber but I was told it was some pretty special pie. I better make sure you didn’t sneak any of it.” Walter said before he plunged his tongue into the young teen’s mouth.

Amber knew it was coming but she still almost gagged. Walter was extremely aggressive with his tongue, practically assaulting her little tongue and scraping the sides of her mouth with his rough tongue. Amber took a couple seconds to adjust to the older man’s kiss and met it; while she wasn’t that into it, she knew that not doing anything would just make Walter keep going. She started trying to tangle her tongue with his and let her right hand slide up behind Walter’s hat and pulled his head in close. She then let a soft moan, half-faked, issue forth from her mouth when Walter stopped to take a breath. Wanting to see if she could speed things up, Amber let her left hand slide out and rub against Walter’s crotch; he’d clearly been thinking about this moment for some time based on the size of his bulge. Despite how nervous she was, Amber kept trying to pleasure Walter so he would hurry up; Walter wasn’t quite like Jean’s other friends, he didn’t need to be in charge and really just wanted to get a little action.

“Well, Walter,” Amber said, gasping as their lips unlocked. “Are you convinced that I didn’t eat any pie?”

“I guess so, baby girl.” Walter said with one of his big belly laughs. He moved back to the other end of the table and lifted her miniskirt up, revealing the now thawed piece of key-lime pie. “Mmm, this pie sure looks good!” Walter said, licking his lips, “The key-lime looks good too, by the way.”

Amber nervously laughed at his bad joke, hoping he would quickly eat the pie and leave. However, Walter took his time, spreading her legs and licking the bits of pastry that were stuck to her thighs. Amber tried to exaggerate her moans but soon found herself loudly moaning for real as the elderly mailman started teasing her slit by running his tongue between her labia and taking small bites of the pie that was precariously balanced on top of her mound.

“Shhh…girl, I’m trying to enjoy this pie.” Walter said as he licked all the way up her slit and flicked her little bean-shaped clitoris, letting the pie almost flip over. “Here, how about you share some of this with me?”

Walter took a large bite out of the key-lime pie and carried it in his mouth back to Amber. This time, Amber gave in much easier to Walter’s advance and let her tongue dart around his as he pushed the piece of pie into her mouth, slowly tearing the confection apart as the sweet tangy taste of the key-lime mixed with the whipped cream on their taste buds. For a moment, Amber forgot who she was kissing and just enjoyed the feeling of Walter’s tongue and hers cleaning each other’s mouth of every delectable particle of pie. Walter pulled away, grinning, and repeated the process with another bit of pie. Amber surrendered to Walter and even made authentic moans of pleasure as they broke each kiss; the experience of having her senses of taste and touch stimulated at the same time as she was aroused was driving her insane. Walter let his gloved hand rub the young woman’s sensitive mound, keeping her nice and wet. Amber started involuntarily thrusting against his hand, her body aching for release. The last bit of key-lime almost fell off before Walter quickly lunged at it with his mouth and caught it like a dog going after a biscuit. He smiled as he quickly gulped it down and flashed a toothy grin.

“Glad you liked the pie Walter,” Amber panted, trying to hide how close she was to cumming from just his touches. “Maybe we can do this again some time.”

Walter just rested his mouth back down on her slit, saying, “Who said I’m done yet? We’ve still got all these crumbs to clean off you.” With that, Walter started greedily sucking and licking all of Amber’s sensitive tissue, making the teen start humping against his face and cry out in an animalistic moan of pleasure. This continued on for a few minutes, with Amber trying to desperately think of anything that would keep her from getting any hotter and climaxing. Luckily, she was able to hold on until he stopped.

Unfortunately, Walter was just changing tactics.

“Well, you look pretty good down there,” the lustful senior citizen said as he unzipped his fly and fished out a very thick six and a half inch dick, “but I think a couple bits of pie went up your snatch. I better go fish them out with my rod here.”

Without even waiting for Amber to protest, Walter lifted up the teens legs and started to thrust wildly into her tight cunt. Amber knew Walter’s cock well, he was one of the first of Jean’s friends to go to the clinic in town and get tested for any type of VD; Jean’s only rule for getting to be brought in on her sessions with Amber. While it was only around average length, Walter’s cock was so thick that Amber could barely touch her thumb and middle finger together when she was stoking it. It also bent upwards, so it was directly touching her g-spot as it was thrust into her. Even though Walter wasn’t very attractive to Amber, she had to admit that his cock felt amazingly good and the energy he had as he thrusted straight through her resistances and planted his dick all the way into the hilt and slapping his nuts against her bottom was so primal that Amber couldn’t help but scream out in ecstacy.

“Walter, please, you’re going to make me cum.” Amber pleaded in between moans.

Walter just smiled and kept penetrating her little hole.

“Well, I can’t help if that’s what happens.” Walter said, chuckling, “I’m just trying to make sure you don’t have any pie crumbs in your snatch.”

Amber realized, as her climax came ever closer to being inevitable, that Walter probably knew what would happen if he made her cum and wanted to take her home with him so he could really cut loose. If she was going to be spared, she’d have to find a way to make him stop stretching her pussy open.

“Oh, Walter, it feels really good, you have no idea how good,” Amber said, trying to act seductive as Walter sped up his thrusts and made her pant like a dog, “But if you made me cum, I’d have to go home with you and I wouldn’t be able to try on the swimsuits my mommy got for me…Japanese swimsuits, by the way”

Walter slowed his thrusts. Amber knew she had his attention, whenever she had watched the porn he had given her, she noticed that he really loved Asian bukkake films where the girls were dressed in sukumizus or other types of swimsuits. He loved when the girls’ swimsuits were completely soaked in cum and often wished to see Amber go through the same experience.

“Besides Walter, I just got done with school and I couldn’t give you the attention you deserve,” Amber said, hooking her index finger around her lower lip, “If you waited till after we got back from Hawaii, I could come over to your house and spend the whole day with you and some of your friends, and we could spend the whole day going at it until I was drenched.” Amber tried to hurry, as she felt an orgasm approach, “If we went there now, it would just be you and me for a few hours before we got tired. Tell you what, if you let me finish you off in my mouth, I’ll come over on the Sunday before I go back to school and let you have me till I have to go the next day, as long as my mommy agrees.”

Walter smiled and pulled out. The aged postman then clambered up on to the table and crawled over the teen’s nude form until he was kneeling in front of Amber’s face. He put his dick in front of Amber’s gasping mouth.

“I’m gonna hold you to that.” Walter said as he pushed his hardened dick into her mouth.

Amber just nodded and accepted his manhood, having to almost painfully stretch her mouth around it. Since she didn’t have enough room to move around her tongue as Walter forced his member into the back of her throat, she just tried to shift it underneath his dick and lightly sucked on his length. Walter took his time but made sure each thrust went back as far as Amber’s mouth would allow. He had clearly been close to shooting his load as only five minutes later he pulled out of her mouth.

“You’ve gotten so good girl!” Walter moaned as he jerked off in front of her face, pulling her face up to it. “Here it comes Amber!”

Walter shot four large loads over Amber’s clean face. The first warm load landed right in her mouth, the second made her gag as a bit of it went up her nose and the final two loads landed on the sides of her mouth. Amber hesitantly licked up the cum; she really didn’t like the taste, which was bitter and salty from all the coffee and cigarettes Walter had during the day, but she knew Walter expected it.

Walter zipped up his fly and withdrew a manila envelope which had a decorative ribbon tied around it. Placing it on Amber’s belly, he crawled off the table and walked towards the door saying:

“Make sure that gets to Jean and I’ll see you after you get back,” Walter said, a croaking laugh issuing forth from his throat as he walked out the front door.

Amber waited till she heard the aged postman walk down the block, away from her house. She was utterly humiliated, her face covered in the cum of a man she normally found disgusting and an extremely sensitive pussy that was begging for release from anything after it had been violated by the same man who she now had to spend a day with after she got back from her trip. Amber sighed and got off the table, walking to her step-mother’s bedroom, which was closed.

“Mommy, I know you wanted me to get cleaned up first but Walter gave me something to give to you.” Amber said, knocking on the door.

“Just slide it under the door, pet.” Jean said from behind the wooden door. “I’ll get to it in a moment. Now go clean up; I’ve left some underwear for you in the bathroom to wear when you come back, now hurry up and stash your Santa outfit under the sink.”

Amber did as Jean said and slid the envelope beneath the wooden door. She was confused as to why Jean wanted her to wear something when she inspected her but Amber just went to the bathroom at the end of the hall, sliding her skirt and hat off. Now nude, the teenager entered the bathroom, flipped on the lights, and quickly tossed the two bits of clothing in a drawer under the sink. She spied the underwear Jean had selected for her and was surprised at how conservative the panties and bra were; they were just cotton underwear, no special cut or style.

Confused, Amber stepped into the shower and began to wash off with the movable shower head. Amber had to be careful to not give her legs and pussy too much attention; she was still only a couple of kisses or gentle touches away from having an earth-shattering orgasm. She just made sure that Walter’s slobber was washed off and dried off her mound with a wash cloth and then focused on washing out whatever bit of the sticky mess she could from her ass. It was still very sensitive work but eventually Amber got out whatever remained of the jelly. The young woman then washed her hair and the rest of her body as quickly as she could before she stepped out and gently dried herself on one of the white towels that were stacked next to the sink. Amber let out a small whimper when she dried her breasts; her nipples were still extremely sensitive and the rough fibers on the towel were irritating them. Sliding on the black cotton underwear, Amber headed back to Jean’s room and knocked on the door.

The door slid open and Amber looked stunned when she saw Jean, who was beckoning to her from the king-sized bed that sat in the middle of the room. Amber just walked over silently and let her eyes wander over her stepmother. Jean had shed her jeans and sweater and had now wrapped her fit, tan body in a light blue robe that had a neckline that plunged all the way down to her perfect breasts. The luscious stepmom was drinking from a wine glass and reclining on her right arm as she lustfully gazed at her stepdaughter, who nervously crawled on top of the satin sheets over to her. The two of them stared at each other in silence for some time, both having an idea what was about to happen but neither one wanting to say it. Jean was the first to break the silence as she took a sip of wine before laying the glass down and started stroking Amber’s wet hair.

“So, did you and Walter have a good time, Amber?”

Amber just nodded, becoming more nervous and curious as Jean rubbed her face.

“I watched the two of you on the security camera; he really let you have it, didn’t he?” Jean asked. She placed a finger on Amber’s lips when the young girl tried to speak, “Do you want me to let you cum?”

Amber nodded. Jean didn’t speak but instead turned her over so her young stepdaughter’s cute little back was facing her. Jean crawled over the top of the bed and spooned with Amber, giggling when one of her breaths on the teen’s shoulders made her shudder. She started kissing Amber’s cheek and went down to her neck and shoulder while her left hand slid under the elastic of Amber’s black panties, tenderly touching her ass, and then let it travel to her crotch where Jean began to rub her shaved mound. It didn’t take long for Amber to be brought to the edge of the orgasm that all of the stimulation she had received over the past couple of hours had been pushing her body towards. Jean didn’t give Amber any mercy and let her thumb flick and rub the now moaning girl’s clitoris. Jean nibbled on Amber’s ear, saying:

“Go ahead pet, let it all out, just you and me now.”

Amber started to squeeze her legs against Jean’s hand pressing it nice and tight against her privates. Jean rubbed even faster before she finally plunged two of her fingers into Amber’s sobbing wet pussy. From experience, Jean knew exactly how to reach Amber’s g-spot, so it only took a second for her middle finger to begin massaging Amber’s most sensitive place. Amber started to writhe under and thrust her hips against the invading digit, she then began to moan so loudly that Jean was worried the neighbors would hear.

Between cries of ‘fuck’ and ‘oh god,’ Amber finally orgasmed, her juices flooding all over Jean’s hand. The young woman shuddered on the bed, her legs still clamped down on her stepmother’s hand as she slowly rocked with the waves of pleasure that poured throughout her entire body. As she let out a sigh of relief, Amber felt Jean’s hand slip out from under her legs and travel up to her mouth. Amber dutifully licked her master’s fingers clean of juices and swallowed the nectar with a smile. She just laid there, consumed with the afterglow of her own orgasm and the feeling of Jean’s breathing on her neck, until she felt a tug on her arm.

“Come on my little slut, your reward isn’t over yet.” Jean said as she sat up and pulled Amber up so they were on their knees. “Now face me.”

Still tired from the orgasm she had received, Amber turned to face her stepmom and looked in stunned silence as Jean dis-robed, leaving her magnificent body only hidden under a blue push-up bra and a little lacy g-string. Amber didn’t get time to even question what was happening before Jean launched at her with a kiss. Even when she realized what was happening, Amber was unable to resist the much more skilled tongue’s effect on her and limply tried to get her own tongue to match it, surrendering a moment later as she let Jean have free access to her mouth.

When the kiss broke, Amber finally spoke, her heart pumping like mad:

“What are you doing, mommy?” Amber asked as she felt her stepmother’s hand move behind her back and unclasp her bra, “I thought you said you wanted dad’s permission first?”

Jean ignored her and pulled Amber’s bra off, with a quick move of her hands before she finally answered her stepdaughter’s question:

“Oh we’ll get that soon enough but this is just a reward,” Jean said with a lustful smile. “Besides, now that I know you’re bi and have the hots for a girl in your class, I have to start training you to pleasure women and I’d rather do that now, rather than later. Not to mention, I think four and half years is too long a time for my precious slave to go without a good scissor fucking.”

Jean kissed her quickly on the lips and then pointed to her own bra. “Now could you be a dear and get this off me?”

Amber just nodded and let her hands go back to the clasp on Jean’s bra. Partly due to her only experience unfastening bras being her own and partly due to her nervousness, the nineteen-year-old took some time clumsily pawing at the clasp. Jean kept quiet at Amber’s inexperience but couldn’t suppress a laugh when Amber finally managed to get the stubborn garment unfastened and went wide-eyed as Jean’s breasts bounced free.

“Well, don’t just stare at them pet, you aren’t going to learn how to please a woman by just drooling over her tits.” Jean said as she grabbed Amber’s hands and placed them on her round breasts.

Amber looked into Jean’s eyes as she slowly began to knead her stepmother’s breasts. She felt how firm they were and was surprised how much the nipple’s on Jean’s dark areola stuck out. She brushed the little nubs and hesitantly started to pinch them between her fingers.

“Come on slut, you aren’t going to get a woman off just touching her breasts,” Jean said, getting a little impatient. “We can stop if you’re not ready, I’m sure some of my friends wouldn’t mind giving you orders if you don’t want to take my generous gift.”

Amber shook her head and tried to be more aggressive but all it amounted to was just lightly squeezing Jean’s tits as she shook, almost petrified.

Jean sighed and kissed Amber on the cheek. “Amber, is this really bothering you? Look, I’m not gonna force you or punish you if you don’t want to go further but I need to know what’s wrong.”

“I’m sorry Jean, I…I’ve just thought of this for so long that I guess I can’t believe it’s happening. I really want this, I’m just not sure what to do.” Amber stammered.

“I think I understand,” Jean said, pushing Amber back down on the bed so she was staring up at the ceiling. “Look, since this is your first time, why don’t we drop the master/sub play for a bit and we’ll just take our time,” Jean then added with a wicked gleam in her eye, “I’m going to expect you to only need this soft treatment once though; it’s all paddling and anal play if you don’t properly please me in the future.” Jean then positioned herself over Amber and kissed her, “Now I’m going to play with you a while and I want you to just lie back, stay quiet, and think of what feels good.

Jean began to kiss and lick every inch of Amber, starting at her forehead, then going down to her nose, her lips, her chin, etc. until she reached her chest. Jean took one of Amber’s breasts and began to lightly suck on her nipple while she squeezed and massaged the teen’s free breast with her right hand, drawing some light moans from Amber as her sensitive nipples were pleasured. Jean switched off between the two wonderful lumps of flesh, occasionally tweaking Amber’s taught nipples. Despite her stepdaughter’s silent protests, Jean rose up on her hands and stopped teasing her nipples. Jean took a moment to admire the teen before she spoke:

There was a quiet nervousness between them, which was a strange contribution to the years of comfortable friendship they had shared, though the nights of raucous shows and drinking and smashing things were over. Both of them had remained true to their roots, tattooed and pierced well into their 30s, even when they’d got responsible, got married, and started having kids. Both of their divorces had been finalized for a while, his about a year, hers almost two. While they had still continued to hang out in the time since their respective splitsvilles, it had generally been in groups, for bar nights and dinner parties.

He was tall, over 6 foot, with a strong masculine jaw, and brilliant eyes. His shoulders were broad, and his body solid, from years of mosh pits and weight lifting. His strong arms were covered with tattoos, and his muscles strained against the thin cotton fabric of the Bouncing Souls t-shirt he wore.

She was about 5’7″, with a cascade of red curls and bright red lipstick. She had an inclination towards vintage dresses that showed off her hourglass figure, and today was no exception. Her nose was graced with a small silver ring, and she had 1″ plugs in her ears which were black with white stars.

Today, they had run into eachother at the park, both taking advantage of a weekend with their kids. The gentle strength of his character stood out to her, as it had all the time she’d known him, but as he watched protectively over the children, she shyly spouted off an offer that had never occurred to her before.

“Dinner?” He asked, turning toward her, raising an eyebrow curiously. “Are you doing another dinner party?”

“No.” She flushed, but firmly retained eye contact. “I want to make you dinner. …You and me.”

Her nervousness was palpable, and he took a deep breath, his eyes taking in the figure he’d been admiring since they met at a drunken house party when they were both in their early 20s. Her DD breasts pushed up out of the bodice of her black polka-dot dress, and he had to fight to return his eyes to her face. “What about the kids?” He asked softly.

She glanced back at the playground, tearing herself away from the tenderness in his eyes. “They seem to be getting along just fine. What if the girls get to stay at your house tonight, I know a great babysitter, we can get them pizza and a movie, and then… you can come hang out with me. It’s… it’s been a while.”

He’d agreed that it’d been a long time since they’d just hung out, but there seemed something hanging in her offer. Something nervous and tentative. And now, they had dropped off the girls (who were ecstatic in the face of sleepovers, pizza, movies, and a teenage babysitter with a stash of nailpolish), and the nervousness was palpable. She moved around the kitchen, frenzied and distracted, without the calmness that she generally took on when cooking. He stood in the doorway, unable to help smiling as she scurried around the kitchen, wearing the same dress she had at the park, but with an apron with skulls tied around her waist, red hair falling into her face. She looked like nothing so much as a frazzled 50′s housewife, getting ready for her husband to get home before she retouched her lipstick.

This thought pleased him, it brought images of her in classic Bettie Page wear, and he was somewhat surprised to realize how desperately he wanted to touch her.

“Fuck!” The expletive broke his reverie as she dropped a knife and immediately popped her thumb in her mouth.

The image of her posing provocatively while putting a pie in the oven was jerked from his mind as he watched her cherry red lips sucking gently on her thumb, her face sullen as it stared at the offending onion.

“Hey.” He came up behind her, enfolding her in his arms. “Calm down. It’s me.” She looked up at him, smiling in embarrassment, and he slipped her thumb out of her mouth, examining it. “It’s not bad. What are you, a girl or something?” She laughed, and he bent down and kissed her softly.

At first she jumped slightly, but then she melted in his arms, his lips were pillow-soft against hers, and she parted her lips to taste the sweetness of him. He could taste the slight bite of onion juice, and the coppery taste of her blood, and drew her closer against him.

After a long, affectionate kiss, they broke away from eachother, and smiling, he took the knife from her hands and took over, flaunting knife skills that dwarfed her own, chopping onions and julienning carrots, with a smug smirk on his face.

She laughed, and they finished making the meal together, broiling potatoes, searing steaks, and creating a delicious sauce to tie it together in a companionable silence, sometimes laughing when they caught glimpse of the other’s shy faces.

After, they ate on the porch, listening to Bad Religion, and chatting as comfortably as they ever had. He had picked up a growler of a dark stout to go with the steaks, and they shared it, drinking out of the bottle as they had in the old days. When it started getting cold, he took his heavy leather jacket off and draped it over her shoulders, and she smiled, breathing deeply of his scent.

She continued wearing it as they went inside, and started playing video games. She got out her Nintendo 64 and they played 007 and MarioKart. At some point, the high ABV’s of the stout started catching up with her, and she giggled, sliding off the couch. He grinned down at her, sitting at his feet, and brushed her hair out of her face. She smiled, lying her head on his leg, and seeing her kneeling in front of him made his heart race. “Can… can I kiss you again?” He asked, that strange awkwardness of seeing someone in a new light rushing up suddenly.

“Can I kiss you?” She echoed.

“Of course.” He laughed, softly, and then caught his breath as she turned her face against his leg, pressing a kiss through the denim covering his thigh. He suddenly felt dizzy looking down at her. He ran his large fingers through the bright red hair that seemed determined to fall into her face, as she pressed her lips slightly higher up on his thigh.

“…you… you don’t need to do this.” He whispered.

She looked up at him from under lined lids and thick lashes. “I stopped doing things I didn’t want to do a long time ago.” She murmured with a smile, her hands rising to his fly.

Closing his eyes, he tried to breathe slowly as she released his quickly swelling organ from its constraints.

“God.” She gasped. “I… I’ve never seen it hard before.” She blushed, and he laughed, remembering the awkward time she’d drunkenly walked in on him showering years ago. Her eyes were wide, clearly impressed with the girth of him. “I didn’t realize it was so big.”

“It’s not all the way hard yet.” He informed her, trying not to sound too cocky.

She looked up at him in surprise, and began slowly pumping her fist up and down his dick, watching it swell to fullness. “Ooh…” she murmured at it and he stifled a groan at just the feel of her hot breath on his taut skin. “You ARE a big boy, aren’t you? Do you taste as good as you look?” And all at once, her wet mouth was engulfing him, and he could feel her tongue and lips working against him, pulling on his slick flesh.

“Oh god… yeah.” He grunted, grabbing a handful of her hair and pushing her down on his cock. “Yeah, baby. That’s fucken good…”

Face flushed, ruby lips stretched, she was a lusty image bobbing up and down. Still playing with and pulling at her red hair, he watched her, groaning low-voiced encouragements to her. “You look so fucken hot with my dick in your mouth. You’re fucken beautiful with your mouth stretched wide to fit my thick cock.” He pulled down the front of her dress, and caressed the full tit that fell into his hand. Pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers made her twitch, and she shoved her face into his lap, forcing his thick cock into her throat, moaning loudly around it. “God, woman, you’re gonna make me come.” He growled at her. She gurgled eagerly at the idea and began bobbing steadily, and he felt the head of his cock slipping back and forth between the snug passage of her throat, and the swirling wetness off her tongue. He pulled her off by her hair, and she squirmed, trying to get his sweet cock back in her mouth. He lowered her just enough that she could reach him with her tongue, and he watched her as she licked his cockhead eagerly and repeatedly.

“Goddamn.” He let her go and his cock was again engulfed in her mouth, surrounded by red lips.

Suddenly, she pulled back, her face flushed very red, nervous once more. “I… I’m sorry. I don’t want to think I invited you over for a booty call or something. I’ve just wanted… I’ve wanted to do that since we were at the park.”

He didn’t even realize that he groaned. The idea of her looking at him all night long, wanting to fill her mouth and throat with his heavy cock was so incredibly sexy he couldn’t help it. “Don’t you dare apologize, baby girl.” He insisted, pulling her onto his lap and looking into her eyes. The quickness with which the lust in her eyes had turned to insecurity and shame broke his heart. “It’s still me, remember? You know me. I’m not judging you. You’re an awesome cocksucker. I haven’t had my dick in a girls mouth for a long minute, and that was amazing.”

She grinned, pleased and embarrassed and excited all at once. Her fingers played with the hem of his band t-shirt, and she pulled it up over his head. She ran her fingers over his freckled, tattooed skin, and he drew in a deep breath. He’d always been somewhat insecure about his body, but time he’d clocked at the gym showed its results, and the muscles in his chest and shoulders were thick and defined.

Her eyes raised back to his. “I wanna taste your come.” She whispered, staring at him through her lashes.

“God,” he groaned again. “you’re so fucken hot…” he pressed his lips against hers, searching out her tongue with his, and he slid his hands under her dress to grab her ass, his large hands kneading her flesh, grinding her against his spit-wet cock. Their tongues worked together, and he could feel the wetness of her, as he moved his fingers from her ass to between her legs. He pulled back in surprise when he found a small ring gracing her left labia minora, and whispered “what’s this?”, grinning at her.

“I… I…” she flushed, stammering nervously.

He shushed her, pressing his lips back to hers.

He teased her soft folds, playing with the small ring, glorying in the whimpering sounds she made against his lips, and he started to work his finger in gentle circles around her clit. He turned her on his lap, and leaned her back against the arm of the couch, at last breaking their kiss, as he moved his lips down to wrap around her peach colored nipple. She mewed, arching in his arms as he swirled his tongue around the soft peak in his mouth in time with the circling he was ministering to the soft wet bud beneath his finger. He pushed one thick finger, and then two into her tight hole, moving his thumb over her clit so he could continue with his slow circling. She was very wet, and he could feel the muscles contracting tightly around his fingers. He wanted to stick his dick in her right there and then, but was afraid he would come instantly into her tight pussy, and so he continued working his fingers in and out, circling his tongue and his thumb in unison. She moaned and whimpered, squirming in his arms, as he held her gently, urging the pleasure to take over her body. “I’m going to make you come.” He whispered throatily to her, his lips still pressed against her breast. “I’m going to make you shake, I’m going to make you scream, and you’re going to come for me.”

As if following orders, she started to shiver, little shudders running through her, and he removed his lips from her nipple, which resulted in a disappointed little cry, which was quickly followed by a sharp intake of breath as he fluidly pulled down her zipper and removed her dress. He placed her gently lying back on the couch, sitting next to her and watching her naked body tremble as he slid his thick fingers back into her, felt her stretching around him. “you’re so fucking beautiful. I always knew you were. I never thought I’d get to touch you like this.” He suckled on her nipple again, as her moans from the constant steady movement of his fingers in and on her pussy became more consistent, starting to blend together. “I’ve always wanted to see your pussy.” He whispered to her and started to kiss his way down her body. Easily he lifted and turned her as he sank to his knees on the floor, setting her feet on the edge of the couch so he could better see her well-trimmed pussy.

“You have a beautiful cunt.” He murmured to her, withdrawing his fingers as he moved closer, his eyes taking in her labia piercing, her shining folds, the moisture oozing from her slit, he caught a whiff of her scent, strong with arousal, and growled, slipping his hands under her ass cheeks again, and lifting her to his mouth. He engulfed her pussy in a kiss, his mouth open wide, tongue lapping up her juices. He pushed it roughly against her clit, and she cried out as he pulled her closer, forcefully against his face.

“Oh, oh, honey…” She whispered, her voice trembling. “You lick my pussy so good… oh god, eat my pussy…” He moved so that he was holding her ass up with one hand, freeing the other to explore all of her most intimate areas. His finger soon became slick with her juices, and he pressed it against her tight asshole. She yelped as it popped in, and her moans and groans became louder, as he focused his oral ministrations on her clit, licking back and forth across her hard bud. He slid his thumb into her pussy, and fucked her ass and cunt simultaneously as he sucked her clit.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” She gasped. “Yeah, honey, oh, yeah, that’s awesome! I love the way your tongue feels on my clit. Fuck… fuck!” Her hips bucked and he shoved his broad shoulders between her knees, forcing her legs apart, roughly rubbing his tongue back and forth across her clit until her hands clenched tight in his hair, and she started trembling, voicing her pleasure with soft sobs.

“I said scream.” He groaned to her. “Come on, baby girl. Come for me.” He nipped at the silver ring in her labia with his teeth. He sank another finger into her ass, and shoved all his fingers simultaneously as deep as he could, filling her ass and pussy. “Come. Come NOW.” He shoved his tongue roughly against her clit and then sucked it hard into his mouth, and her hips bucked, shoving her cunt violently against his face, as she screamed, gushing and spasming, as he did his best to lap up the sudden flood of juices.

“Yeah, baby. That’s right.” He whispered against her clit. He lapped up and down her slit, first around his fingers and then pulling them out so he could suck the wetness out of her pussy. “That’s right. That’s my good girl. You’re so fucken hot. I love how you come so hard for me. Come again. You can do it. Come again.” He started lathing her clit with his tongue again, shoving his fingers back into her, and with another scream, sure enough, she started coming again. And again, and again… now she was wailing, tossing her head, one hand tightly squeezing her own breast, the other tightly pulling his hair.

He pulled back, replacing his tongue with his fingers once more, rubbing her clit as he stood, and shoved his thick, hard cock deep within her.

She screamed, and he picked her up, both hands under her ass as he leaned her against the wall. His cock stroked into her over and over, and he could feel the softness, the silky satin wetness, the warmth of her. He wrapped his arm around her back and started squeezing her tits, leaning down and sucking her nipples alternately into his mouth as she squirmed and thrust against him, and her tight box contracted repeatedly around his cock as another mind-blowing orgasm wracked her body.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, baby…” he groaned into her ear, pulling her close and holding the curves of her beautiful body against him. She nuzzled her face against his thick, muscled chest and shoulders, pressing kisses against his skin. “You feel amazing.” He whispered, breathlessly at first, but his voice grew rougher and louder as he shoved into her, and shoved her down on him. His sweet words turned filthy, as her pussy twitched around him. “Your tight pussy around my cock is going to make me come. I love it when you come on my cock. Oh god, FUCK, I love this pussy!” She leaned back, bracing her arms against the wall behind her as he grabbed her hips and slammed into her.

“FUCK!” she gasped. “Oh, fuck yes, yes, fuck me! I want you deep as fuck inside me! I need your hard cock, I need you inside me… harder, oh god, fuck me harder! Fuck me!”

He fucked her as hard as he could, holding tightly to her hips, slamming his thick hard cock over and over into her pussy as her eyes rolled up and she started coming again, whimpering, her hands fluttering over his body. He closed his eyes, unable to watch her beautiful body and face contort in front of him. “Baby, you’re so beautiful when I fuck you.” He whispered. “I can hardly stand it.” And just as he said it, all at once, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and he was coming, coming deep inside of her, groaning loud and low as he did.

“N-no… honey, I want to taste it. I… want to taste your come.” She was squirming, and he managed to tumble her onto the couch in time for her to wrap her lips around his cock and get the last spurts of come. She moaned, rubbing her clit gently and shuddering through a last orgasm as she swallowed his jizz.

He collapsed on the couch next to her. “God… holy fuck.” He murmured, closing his eyes and pulling her into his strong arms. He kissed her lips, and then her cheek, and her eyelashes.

She was licking her lips, smiling at him, her eyes hooded, her body post orgasmically limp. “It’s strange…” she murmured softly.

“What’s that?” He replied in kind, his large palm gently caressing her breast. His eyes opened, and found her watching him tenderly.

“…I felt so nervous. For so much of the day. And it felt strange… it feels like I’ve known you, and trusted you forever. And now… you’re just the man I always knew you to be. And I’m not nervous anymore.”

He laughed. “I’m pretty sure there’d be something very wrong in order for you to be nervous after the number of orgasms you just had. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a girl come that much.”

“You told me to, and it was like I couldn’t help it… and then once I started, you didn’t let me stop.” Rehashing the evenings events seemed to arouse her again, and a post-orgasmic tremor ran through her body. “Shall we… do this again sometime?”

“I think we’d be fucken crazy not to. I can’t believe I finally actually got to fuck that sweet pussy of yours… do you know how many times I’ve jacked off thinking about you over the years?”

“Really?” her eyes widened in surprise.

“Well, yeah, babe. Do you SEE yourself in some of the dresses you wear? Tig ol’ bitties…” She laughed, punching him playfully. “besides… I’ve always liked you. I just trained myself to only look at you as a friend… years ago. Pretty much as long as I’ve known you you’ve been spoken for.” He pulled her closer in his arms, a seriousness coming over his face. “…I think now, I want you to be spoken for again.”

“…We’ve barely hung out in years.” She pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

“…We don’t have to rush into shit. But… just stick with me for right now, alright? …No one else?”

She kissed him. “You sound a little nervous, for someone who just had an orgasm.” She teased. “But don’t worry, honeyhoney. I wouldn’t want anyone else right now. Now that I found out how good that cock feels in my pussy, I’m gonna keep coming back for more. …much, much more.”

Travis Hayes finished filing his weekly report and then logged off the network. He took a quick trip to the executive men’s restroom and checked himself in the mirror. He made sure he smelled ok, and then washed his hands.

He dried them off and realized they were shaking a little. He took a deep breath and shook them out and then straightened his sports coat before leaving the restroom. He took the elevator down three floors and got off in billing.

He could already hear her perfect voice above all the other gibberish. He made his way around the rows of cubicles to her larger window space. She was smiling like she always seemed to be, and talking to two male associates. Travis felt his pulse quicken at the thought of either one of them with Wendy Parker. She spotted him approaching and dismissed her two colleagues.

“Hello Travis, how was your day?”

“Hectic, like every Friday, but I’m used to it. How about you, was your day ok?”

“You know how it is; someone always comes along and shoves a stick in your spokes just as you really get moving.”

“Yes I do, trust me. So I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me tonight.”

“That sounds wonderful actually, what time did you have in mind?”

“I have a seven thirty reservation at Howls, near the park. So would seven o’clock be alright?”

“That would be perfect.”

Travis offered to walk her out, and she grabbed her coat and bag. They rode the elevator down together and she started talking about her sister, and her niece and nephew, and before he knew it they were at her car. He opened her door for her once it was unlocked and she hugged him before climbing in. He closed the door and made his way down two rows to the reserved executive spaces.

He climbed in the BMW M7 and wiped his sweaty palms on his slacks. A loud honk made him jump and when he turned it was Wendy waving at him. He didn’t understand his jumbled up nerves. He wasn’t new to dating; he was actually pretty good at it. He was usually pretty confident when he was around women. Wendy Parker was a different story completely.

The day he met her he spilled his coffee down his shirt and from that moment on it just got worse. Tonight would be their fifth date and up to this point something had gone wrong on each of them. It was never anything big, but it was embarrassing never the less.

He put the car in reverse and started backing up. Another car horn blared and he slammed on the brakes. He pounded on the steering wheel twice and then looked around before backing out the rest of the way.

He raced across town to his high end condo complex and raced up the stairs. He was in a hurry to nothing. He got this way before every date with Wendy and it was stupid, he knew that. He opened a bottle of beer and relaxed on the couch for a while, going over every date up until now.

Tonight would be better, he was sure of it. Even his luck couldn’t be so bad that he would fuck up again…

He pulled up to her complex at seven and she buzzed him through the gate. He parked in the visitor lot and made his way around the building. She was on her balcony watering her plants wearing a beautiful light blue dress. Her golden yellow hair was down and she looked stunning.

She waved as he walked up, and headed back inside. He took the steps two at a time and was at the door when she opened it.

“I could have walked down and met you, but thanks.”

He walked her to the car while she talked about her plants, and at the car he opened her door for her. He loved the fact that she could carry a conversation like it was no big deal. It was always interesting and time just flew by when she was talking.

He pulled in and parked at the restaurant and rushed around to open her door. She stepped out and he shut the door on her dress. She was already walking away and they both heard the ripping sound.

There it was, another night ruined. Her dress had ripped open at the seam around her waist where the fitted top met the loose flowing bottom. He froze as her white thong came into view. She stopped moving but didn’t back up.

He opened the door as he started cursing and looked over the roof of the car. She reached around and felt the large opening hanging down across her butt. She started laughing and held it up as she returned to the front seat. He went around and climbed inside.

He started the car while he apologized repeatedly. He backed out and drove towards her place. She was smiling, and the madder he got the more she seemed to smile, until she actually giggled.

“Listen, I’m really sorry, I don’t know why this always happens.”

“What, I don’t understand?”

“I screw up every date; this is five dates, and five screw ups.”

“Listen, stop at that pizza place on fifth, we can grab a couple pizzas and relax at your place. I still haven’t seen it yet.”

“Seriously, you don’t want to go home and change?”

“I’m sure you have an old t-shirt and some shorts I could wear. I’d rather not let this ruin my night.”

He turned the corner and pulled up to the pizza place. She said pepperoni would be nice, so he ran inside and grabbed two ready to go pizzas. He wasn’t taking any chances and had her hold them in her hands.

He parked in the garage and took the pizza from her while they walked to his door. She was holding the back of her dress up like it was natural to walk that way. He put the pizza on the table and took her to his bedroom. He gave her a couple choices and she went with drawstring shorts and a big t-shirt.

Once she changed, he gave her a quick tour of the place and then set the table. He asked what she would like to drink and she went with beer. She started in on her first slice, and then asked if he would change as well.

“I look like a couch potato and you look, well, amazing. So…”

He got up and headed for his room and she asked if she could borrow some socks. He changed as quickly as he could and returned in shorts and a t-shirt as well. He handed her a pair of socks and watched as she pulled them over her small feet.

“Wendy, I’m really sorry about your dress, please let me replace it at least.”

“If you want to take me shopping tomorrow, I’ll let you buy me a dress.”

“I would love that, it’s a deal.”

“You mean a date, our sixth in fact.”

“Yes, I remember each one well.”

“Travis, do I make you nervous?”

“Yes, and I have no idea why, I’m normally pretty confident around women.”

She returned to the conversation about her sister, the one they started in the elevator. He got drawn in while they ate and soon he’d had his fill, and she was picking at a piece of crust. She asked for another beer and he grabbed them both one. She swallowed down about a third of the bottle and then asked if he wanted to watch some TV.

She moved to the end of the sofa while he grabbed the remotes and joined her. Once he was comfortable she slid next to him and put his arm around her shoulders. He flipped the channels but when nothing looked good he handed her the remote.

She pushed the VOD button and waited until the Video on Demand screen came up. He’d never even looked at this area before. She went down the list and stopped at the adult section.

“Do any of these look good Travis?”

“Wendy, I…am I moving too slowly?”

“Would watching one of these with me, speed things up?”

“I don’t need a movie to…speed up.”

She leaned in and kissed him softly, and he took the remote from her hand. He pushed the power button and the TV went dark. He reached for the stereo remote and turned on the CD player. The room filled with saxophone music and he returned to her mouth.

Kissing her was amazing and for the first time in weeks he wasn’t nervous around her. He touched her face and it was just as soft as it looked. Her tongue tasted like pizza, the best pizza he’d ever tasted, with a hint of beer. He felt her pushing slightly and he started leaning backward.

She pushed more and he fell to his back with his head on the overstuffed armrest. She crawled back to his face and returned to kissing him as she settled in on his lap. Her crotch found his groin and she pushed down against him. She ended the kiss and looked him in the eyes

“Do you mind kissing? I love a good kiss…it’s so…erotic sometimes, like now.”

She grabbed his lip between hers and sucked it into her mouth and he almost melted into the cushion. She ran her tongue across his upper lip and then covered his mouth with her own. He let his hand slip down to her butt and her kissing became more intense. He rubbed for a while and her kissing became relaxed again.

He ran his hand up under her shirt and he rubbed her spine. She started kissing more deeply again. His hand slid lower until it met the waistband of the shorts. She reached between their bodies and pulled the string, untying them.

His hand slipped inside and he couldn’t find her underwear. His cock jumped and she let out a moan.

“I took them off earlier.”

His hand snaked between her cheeks and she encouraged him.

“God, I’ve been waiting so long for tonight.”

His finger slid across her tiny rosebud and she pushed against his groin and firm cock. It slipped lower and he found her warm wet pussy.

“God, you always make me so wet. Even at the office, I get wet when I see your face.”

“You are just the most amazing woman, I’ve been so worried you wouldn’t be interested, I’ve been scared to lose you by making any moves.”

“Tonight, you can make all the moves you want.”

His finger slid inside her and she dropped her mouth to his. Her kissing got more intense as his fingers explored her sex. His thumb brushed her asshole again and she moaned.

“You like that?”

“My butt is definitely one…of my…erogenous…zones.”

He rubbed his thumb around the edge of her pussy and once it was wet he started rubbing her tiny asshole.

“Oh god…I’m so…wet.”

He pressed against her ass and she moaned again and started rubbing against his crotch. He lifted up and moved her to her back.

“I have to taste it, I just have to.”

Her hands grabbed the waistband and she started pushing them off her hips. He grabbed them and pulled them up her legs before tossing them on the floor. She leaned forward and pulled his shirt up and over his head.

“God I love your broad shoulders Travis, you turn me on in so many ways.”

He lowered his mouth to her stomach and kissed her smooth skin. Her fingers were in his short wavy brown hair, and as his mouth moved lower she shook in anticipation. He stopped at the small landing strip of hair above her wet mound and he kissed it with an open mouth.

“I had it waxed before our first date, just for you.”

He pressed his tongue between her wet lips and then licked up gently across her swollen clit, covering his tongue with her wetness.

“I’m sorry I’m so wet, I’m just so turned on right now.”

“Don’t be…I love it, you taste so great.”

His tongue started cleaning up her mess, and lucky for him it just got worse. He put his hands behind her knees and she got the hint and pulled her legs up. His tongue slipped down across her crinkly little rosebud and she moaned out her approval.

“…finally, a man that will lick my ass…”

He got the hint and started licking with more focus. Her moaning increased and when he looked up she had her shirt pulled up and she was twisting and tugging on her nipples.

He started pushing his tongue against her ass and she put her hand on his head and pressed her hips into him.

He got up from between her legs and pulled her off the sofa. He picked her up in his arms and headed for the bedroom. Her arms were around his neck and she was breathing heavy. He got to the bed and while holding her in one arm he pulled the sheets back with the other and set her on the bed.

She pulled her shirt over her head and he removed his shorts. She crawled to the edge of the bed and before he could react she had his cock in her mouth. He groaned and she hummed as his hands found her head.

She swirled her tongue around the crown and then slid down half way. She sucked hard as she lifted back off of him and then rolled onto her back as he crawled between her thighs. She spread her legs and pulled her feet up close to her butt and her pussy opened wide.

“You’re so beautiful Wendy.”

He dropped his mouth back to her sex and started licking and sucking on her long pink labia. She started moaning as he explored the delicate skin. He worked his way lower again and when he found her asshole she hissed how good it felt.

“God I’ve missed that little pleasure…”

He slipped his finger under his tongue and started rubbing while his mouth found her clit. He sucked it into his mouth and rubbed his tongue across the hard little nub. Her wetness was running around his finger and he gently pushed until the tip slid inside.

“Oh god yes, finger my ass I’m gonna cum!”

He pushed harder and his finger slid in to the second knuckle. He started rubbing around and she gasped and moaned out loudly.


He rolled her clit area between his lips and started sucking harder, until her hips bucked up against his face. He pushed down with his mouth and started finger fucking her ass while she twisted her nipples with both hands.

He slipped his thumb in her pussy and rubbed it against the finger in her ass. She started talking dirty and he went back to sucking on her labia and the loose skin that made her pussy so beautiful.

“God you know what you’re doing…”

He honed in on her stiff clit again and she went back to moaning and urging him on. He started rubbing his tongue again as he worked his thumb and finger on the thin skin between her two passages. She started shaking and he pushed his tongue down against her clit and rubbed side to side.

She went off like a string of firecrackers. He let her thrust and shake until the orgasm passed and then he removed his hand and climbed on top of her. His hard cock came to rest between the swollen lips of her pussy and he rubbed against her.

She squirmed around because it was so sensitive but he kept rubbing, holding her in place with his weight. He had her wrists in his hand above her head and he used his hips to stroke her until she started whimpering out.

“You like that now, being forced to feel me?”

“Oh man, you’re driving me crazy.”

He increased his pace and she started grinding upward to meet him. He started rolling his hips side to side giving her a new sensation she’d never felt before. She felt another orgasm welling up and she told him it was coming.

“God, you are so going to make me cum again…”

“Good, and once you do I’m going to take you with my stiff hungry cock Wendy.”

“Oh fuck!”

She started cumming and he lowered his hips until he felt the head of his cock hook her opening and then he slid deep inside her. Her back arched and he released her wrists. Her arms flew around his shoulders and he started fucking her with steady strokes.

“You feel so good inside, so tight and wet…and warm.”

“You are making…me crazy, my god.”

He started moving faster and pushing harder grinding his pelvic bone against her clit and she exploded in climax.

This time it kept going, and each time he bottomed out she whimpered. He kept at it until she started breathing heavy and her body relaxed. She rubbed his back and butt and started kissing him. He ground his mouth into hers and when he pulled away she started talking.

“I want to feel you cum inside of me, can I turn over?”

He lifted up off of her and she rolled onto her knees. He got behind her and slipped back inside her. He grabbed her hips and started taking long deep strokes stretching her completely. She reached around and slipped her finger in her asshole and he started fucking her with a purpose.

She started slamming her hips back to meet his thrusts and when her free hand found his balls he started grunting.

“Oh ya, give it to me Travis, give it all to me.”


She felt his balls tighten and then she felt the surge as his cum rushed into his cock before exploding into her cunt. The feeling set her off and she started thrashing against him. He held her hips and flexed his cock giving her every last drop and then fell on his butt.

She fell forward on the pillow and tried to catch her breath. He took a deep breath and crawled up beside her. She rolled into him and pulled his arm over her hip.

“God, please tell me that’s how it always is.”

“No, next time will be better, I was too excited tonight.”

“Next time you can take it to the next level.”

“Next level?”

“Ya, my ass, I like it in the ass…”

“I think I’m in love.”

“I know you’ll love my ass.”

Over the next few weeks, our life began to get better and better. Clearly Annie’s activities at the office had a wonderful effect on her and on our sex life as what we used to do two or three times a month we now did five or six times every week! My cock sometimes would get a little sore from all the fucking we were doing… but I never complained. Fairly often, Annie would come in from the office and if the kids were not around she would walk up to me and lift her short skirt and tell me to feel her soaking wet panties… Then she would tell me about her day and how she had managed to let another client have a good look between her legs at her often very wet panties… I would ask if she had let anyone touch her panties yet, but Annie always would smile at me and simply say that she was happy to just let them look at least for now….

Early last week, Annie came home from the office before the kids got back home from their after school activities, walked over to me and lifted her short skirt to show me her soaking wet panties. She had a smile on her face as she told me that she had let a nice client actually touch her panties and when he did he brushed her clit and then put his fingers between her pussy lips on the outside of her panties and she had an orgasm… “And then?” I asked…

“I made him stop and then gave him a little kiss on the cheek before we got back to business”….she said with a smile on her face…

“Oh man I bet the poor guy nearly died”. Annie just smiled at me and then took my hand and led me to our bedroom.

As we approached our bed, she turned to me and said, “I want you to eat my pussy till I cum”…. I pushed her down on the bed pulled her panties off and dove between her legs to taste her wet sweet pussy. It didn’t take me long to lick her into a powerful climax…. Annie screamed as she came and her juices flooded out of her pussy nearly drowning me! After she settled down a bit, I pushed her legs up to her shoulders and rolled her ass up so that I was looking straight down into her wet open cunt and little brown rose bud.

I leaned forward and licked her swollen clit gently as Annie shuttered and moaned, “Oooohhh fuck….”

As I moved back up I saw her wet fuck-hole contract again… I looked at her puckered ass-hole and then leaned down to kiss it. Annie had never let me even touched her ass-hole before but when I kissed it again she let out a soft moan and lifted her ass up towards my mouth. I then began to suck on her little rose bud as Annie continued to moan and push her ass into my mouth. As I licked her little ass-hole Annie moaned louder and said, “OOOhhhh fuck that feels soooo good… mmmmm sooo good”…. I started to push the tip of my tongue into her tight hole as she began to push hard against my mouth…

I felt her tight hole relax a little bit and then the tip of my tongue was inside her ass-hole…. I pressed my tongue deeper into her tight rose bud as her tight muscles relaxed a little more. Annie bucked hard against my tongue as I pushed it further inside her ass-hole. Just as I was able to start moving my tongue around inside her tight little hole, Annie began to scream again, “Ooohh fuck Rob, ooohhhh fuck that feels soooooo good, Don’t stop….I’m going to cum again, ooooohhh God I’mmm cummmiinnngggg!!!” As she was screaming I could feel the tight walls inside her ass-hole pushing against my tongue as I continued to try to swirl it around inside her then I pulled my tongue out and sucked her ass-hole again as it pulsed with her contractions. Annie had a look of complete satisfaction on her face, her eyes were closed, and she was concentrating on the wonderful feeling coming from deep inside her… She opened her eyes and looked into mine and said with a smile on her lips, “Please fuck me, mmmm I love you sooo much”…

My cock was about to burst so I quickly stripped off my pants and moved between her legs to slide my hard cock into her warm wet pussy and begin to fuck her hard… I bottomed out on the first stroke as Annie groaned, “Oooohhhh fuck, fuck, mmmm fuck… it feels soooo fucking good, Ohhh fuck, give it to me”….. Annie’s juices were flowing from her cunt and running down the crack of her ass to her little ass-hole and as I continued to fuck her I reached under her and began to finger her tight ass-hole.

The walls of Annie’s cunt contracted around my cock as I began to push my finger into her tight hole… Annie lifted her hips up off the bed to give me better access and I pushed my finger past the tight ring of her ass-hole up to the first knuckle… When I did that Annie stopped moving and moaned, “OOOhh fuck it feels sooo good, oooohhh fuck my ass, fuck my ass, mmmm God”… I felt her tight muscles relax a little and then pushed my finger all the way into her ass-hole as I continued to fuck her pussy. Annie screamed as she bucked hard against my cock with my finger completely buried inside her tight ass. I could feel my own cock inside her pussy with my finger as it slid in and out of her wet cunt… I fucked her another minute before I felt another wave of contractions in her pussy and ass-hole… Annie was screaming all the while, “Ooohhhh fuck meeeee fuck meeeee, FUCK mmmmmeeeeeee!!!” As her tight pussy pulsed again around my cock, I couldn’t hold it any longer and dumped a huge load of cum deep into her womb…and then fell over her chest as I was exhausted….

A few minutes later, I lifted my head to look into my wonderful wife’s happy eyes and just said, “I love you sooo much”… then I kissed her again.

The next morning, I decided to work from home and was sitting at our breakfast table with a cup of coffee when Annie came down. She was wearing a bright yellow one piece sundress that came down to mid thigh. Her eyes were sparking as she walked into the room and smiled at me saying, “Good morning lover”…

“Wow, you look beautiful this morning, like a bright spring flower on a warm spring day!”

“Thank you”, Annie smiled as she lifted up her little dress to show me her tight yellow panties. “Do you like my little panties?” Annie asked as she smiled and turned in a slow circle, wiggling her little butt at me before turning back to face me.

Her panties looked to be one size to small as the silk fabric was stretched tight over her pussy and her thick cunt lips were clearly outlined. Her trimmed black bush covering her pussy was easily visible under her panties. I pulled her closer to me and moved my fingers between her legs and gave her pussy a few strokes over her panties as Annie leaned into my fingers…

“Mmmm, that feels good”… She moaned.

“Will one of your lucky clients get to have a peek at these sexy little yellow panties today?” I asked with a smile as she dropped her dress back down.

“Mmm, maybe”…. Annie said as she smiled back at me then she pulled me up to stand with her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a tender kiss before saying, “I really loved what you did last night, you know with my ass-hole…. I loved it…It felt soooo good. I would have never have imagined I’d like it….. But I hope that you do it again sometime soon”…. Then Annie kissed me again before saying, “I’ve got to run or else I’ll be late… See you tonight… love you!” Then she left.

I sat back down at the table and just thought, “Wow, what a change in my beautiful little wife in the last couple on months, I love it!”

Annie got home at about 7PM that evening and as she walked up to me in the den she had a huge smile on her face. I looked up at her and smiled as she leaned over to give me a little kiss and then sat down in my lap spreading her legs so I could see her panties. “Well you know it has been a year since I started working and the guys at the office are going to have a party for me this coming Friday”… she stopped and looked at me before she continued, “And we got the news today too that we won the biggest new project that the company has ever won and my boss told me that it was all because of me and my special talents!”, then she smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye. I smiled at her knowing what she meant by ‘special talents’ before she continued on, “And one of the guys from the client company is the guy I let touch my panties last week!…he is going to be at the party too with his colleague, his name is Tom and the other guy’s named Eric, and you are invited too!!” Then Annie hugged my neck and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

Annie came down stairs Friday evening dressed in a new beautiful mid length wrap-around red silk sarong style dress that was open in the back and tied in the front. Annie was gorgeous as her long black hair spilled down her back and her seductive dark eyes had a twinkle that I had not seen before. She walked over to me and I could tell that she was not wearing a bra as her full breasts had a nice bounce to them. Annie’s hard nipples were clearly apparent under the red silk fabric of her dress. She looked up at me and gave me a devilish smile and pulled her dress open at the front to show me that she was wearing a new tiny red silk panty underneath her new dress. “You like?” she asked with a smile on her face. I smiled at her and gave her ass a good squeeze as she turned to go out the door.

We arrived at the restaurant at 8PM and were directed to a private dining room where the two guys from the office and the two clients were waiting. As Annie entered the room, all conversation stopped as the men looked at Annie and took in her stunning appearance. All smiled and I could feel the sexual tension in the room increase as all the guys were staring at Annie in her spectacular dress. Annie stood and then turned completely around giving the guys a wink and a smile as she did so. I could see Annie’s nipples harden under her dress as she turned and smiled at me. Introductions were made, and as I shook hands with Tom, a tinge of jealously suddenly overtook me but was soon followed by a feeling of hopefulness.

A great five-course dinner followed with a different wine being served with each main course. The conversation around the table centered on Annie and on her negotiation skills. Annie flirted with Tom and Eric all thru dinner, once asking them if they liked her special techniques when it came to negotiations. Tom smiled and said that he especially appreciated her special techniques and looked forward to more negotiations with her during the course of the new project. Annie smiled at Tom and said, “Well, we will see how it goes”, then she gave me a wink and a smile and I winked back knowing what she was thinking.

By the time dinner and desert was over, Annie had had three glasses of wine which for her was unbelievable. Annie seldom drinks and on the rare occasion that she does she usually has just one glass of wine and often does not finish that. I could tell that she was feeling the wine as her face was flushed and a slight red glow was in her cheeks. When Annie drinks she gets very relaxed and uninhibited and she was really enjoying herself tonight! I was wondering how far she would go….

Tom and Eric insisted that we go for a nightcap in the bar and listen to the music the jazz band was playing. Annie and I got up from the table and I held her steady as she walked out of the dining room and into the dimly lit bar area. Annie leaned into me and whispered as we walked, “God Rob, I’m getting hot and wet too”.

As she passed thru the doorway to the bar, the backlight from the hall made Annie’s dress transparent and the guys could clearly see the outline of her trim body under her dress. Tom mentioned to Annie that she certainly looked very sexy in the light and smiled as he took in her naked outline under her dress. Annie knew what was happening and spread her legs slightly and smiled and winked at Tom. Annie then moved to a table next to the dance floor and took a seat along the wall on a bench seat. I joined her to her side and Tom sat on her other side. Eric took the chair in front as the two guys from the office excused themselves and left us alone. Eric then ordered another round of drinks for our nightcap and to my surprise Annie asked for another glass of red wine. The drinks soon came and shortly afterwards the band resumed playing their soft music.

Tom then asked Annie if she would like to dance as the band began to play a nice slow tune. I gave Annie a wink and told her to go for it. Annie got up with Tom and joined him on the dance floor. As they gently rocked back and forth to the slow music, Tom began talking into Annie’s ear and she began to smile that devilish smile of hers then she leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips for just a second. Soon, Tom’s hand had slid down Annie’s back and was resting on her ass. Annie made no effort to move Tom’s hand as he began to gently massage her ass. I could tell she really enjoyed it as she had closed her eyes and was gently swaying with the music moving her hips into Tom’s body. As the music continued, Tom moved his hand to the edge of Annie’s sarong dress and worked his hand thru the slit so he could feel her ass directly under her dress. Annie smiled and looked over at me as I nodded my head in approval. Then she leaned up and kissed Tom again, this time lingering a little longer on his open lips as she moved her hand down Tom’s stomach and squeezed his cock thru his pants… The music stopped shortly afterwards and Tom and Annie came back to our table with Annie looking even more flushed than before. As she sat down she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Ohh God, I feel so good so fucking good”… Then she squeezed my cock thru my trousers before sitting down letting her leg slip out from the slit in front of her dress.

The band started playing another slow tune after a few minutes and Eric leaned over the table gazing at Annie’s exposed leg and asked her if she would like to dance with him. Annie smiled and began to get up and slide past Tom. As Annie moved slowly past Tom, I saw his hands move up to cup her firm breasts as she slowly slid by. Annie paused and sat down in Tom’s lap momentarily as his hands squeezed her breasts and pinched her sensitive nipples. Annie moaned softly and wiggled her ass on Tom’s cock before getting up again to join Eric on the dance floor. Annie looked over at me and gave me her devilish smile and winked, I smiled back at her.

Annie and Eric began a slow sway on the dance floor and as I was watching her, Tom leaned over to me and said, “Rob you have a beautiful wife, she is so sexy. You are a very lucky man”…

“Thanks Tom, Annie is really special and tonight she is so relaxed, I don’t remember her ever being this relaxed and hot but I like it”.

“Rob, please don’t get angry but I sure would like to spend some more time with Annie, you know, to get to know her better”….said Tom.

Even though I have been thinking about Annie fucking another man for several weeks now, Tom’s request startled me, I knew that my answer would represent a bridge crossed from which there would be no turning back. I thought for a second then said to Tom, “I think Annie would like that and I wouldn’t mind but it’s up to Annie”. Tom smiled and nodded his head.

Annie and Eric continued their slow sway on the dance floor. Eric had moved his hand into Annie’s dress and was caressing her breasts and playing with her sensitive nipples. Annie’s eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face as he continued to massage her breasts and pinch her sensitive nipples under her red sarong dress. I watched as Annie slowly moved her hand down Eric’s stomach and then gripped his cock thru his pants… Annie’s eyes opened wide when she squeezed his cock and looked over to me with a big smile on her face as she caressed his cock thru his pants then she closed her eyes again…

Eric moved his hand down the front of Annie’s dress, found the slit in front and slipped his hand inside her dress to touch her wet pussy thru her silk panties. Annie’s eyes opened wide as Eric’s fingers began to massage her clit and pussy lips. Annie moaned loud enough for me to hear and shuddered as her knees buckled. Eric had to remove his hand quickly and grab Annie to keep her from falling on the dance floor. They then made their way back to our table with Eric holding Annie steady. Annie slid past Tom and flopped down onto the bench seat sprawling her legs out in front of her. Annie made no effort to cover her exposed legs as her dress was lying open all the way up to her red silk panties. Annie then leaded over to me and whispered, “Ohhh Rob, I felt his cock! It’s big! When he felt my pussy under my dress… I couldn’t help it but I came… I’m sooo fucking wet now…I am nervous but I want to fuck sooo bad”….

“Annie”, I whispered in her ear, “Just go with it, I love you soooo much, just relax”. Then I kissed her ear.

Just then, Tom leaned over to Annie and touched her leg high up on the inside of her thigh then moved his hand over to the tie in front of Annie’s dress. He asked her “What is this?” as he held the tie to her dress in his fingers. Annie turned to him, smiled and told Tom that it was the tie to her dress that keeps it closed and smiled at him again.

Tom then asked, “May I untie it?”

Annie smiled and flashed a devilish look over to me and replied, “Yes” to Tom.

With that, Tom untied Annie’s dress and opened it up all the way exposing her breasts and her panty clad pussy to all. Annie smiled over to me and then spread her legs wider to give Eric, Tom and I a good look at her soaking wet panty clad pussy. In the dim light I could see Annie’s pussy juice running down the inside of her legs.

I got up and moved so that Eric could take my place to one side of Annie with Tom on her other side. They wasted no time in moving their hands to her breasts and began to gently massage and pinch her sensitive nipples as Annie smiled and moaned. Tom leaned over and kissed her breast and then began to suck on Annie’s nipple. Annie moaned and shuddered as she lifted her hips off the bench and began to move her hips in that familiar fucking motion.

Just then she stopped and made Tom stop. She lay further back in the seat and spread her legs wider to open up her wet pussy and then looked at Tom then Eric and asked them, “Do you like what you see?” Both Tom and Eric nodded yes and smiled at Annie. Annie then asked, “Would you like to touch what you are looking at?” I smiled and looked into Annie’s eyes as both men quickly moved their hands to Annie’s pussy. Tom began to massage her clit thru her panties and Eric’s fingers found their way into the slit between her swollen pussy lips and began to move them gently back and forth. Annie’s eyes were filled with lust as she looked at me and smiled while both men continued to massage her cunt lips and aroused clit thru her very wet panties.

“Annie”, Tom asked, “is it wet underneath your sexy panties too?”

“Oooohh yessss”, Annie moaned as she concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving..

“Can I see Annie?” Tom asked..

“Mmmm, yes”, Annie moaned as she pushed Tom’s hand away and then she pulled the crotch of her panties all the way over to one side exposing her dark bush and very wet pussy for us to see…. She smiled at me as I looked down at her cunt, her clit was standing at attention and her outer lips were swollen with desire, her inner lips were glistening with her juices. The smell of Annie’s sex was powerful… Then Annie turned to Tom and said, “Please touch me, Mmmm touch my pussy”….

Tom moved his hand to Annie’s clit and began to rub gently with his fingers. Eric then moved his hand to her cunt and began to slip his fingers between her swollen lips… Annie began to slowly move her hips again and lifted her ass up off the seat to let Tom and Eric have better access to her dripping pussy…. They gently rubbed her pussy for a minute then Eric tried to slip his finger into Annie’s wet hole….

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