ass licking

It was a hot summer Sunday afternoon and I was grateful to be in the mammoth, cool, dark, adult theater. The place was almost empty. I took an end seat by the aisle that ran length of the left outer wall.

A few minutes after I sat down, a young man walked up the aisle toward me. He stopped when he was by my chair. He reached into his gym shorts and rubbed his cock. When he withdrew his hand, I extended my hand, and gently touched the front of his shorts. I felt a sizeable lump and began caressing it.

When he reached out and pushed on my shoulder, I eagerly dropped to my knees in front of him. He then reached back into his shorts, pulled his cock out, and held it in front of my face. It was much bigger and thicker than I had thought.

The pink cock head appeared to be two inches long and almost as wide. I loved to suck cock heads like this. Large amounts of sperm usually came out of clock heads like this.

When the young man thought I had looked long enough, he began rubbing his big, white cock across my face while sporadically slapping it against my nose and cheeks. I parted my lips so that he could put it in my mouth. I wanted to suck his cock, not get beat with it.

The young man took the hint and guided his large cock head into my mouth. I sucked and licked it tenderly. However, after only a couple of minutes, the young man grew impatient. “Suck it harder! Swallow it cocksucker!” He began repeatedly commanding.

Despite the fact, I fully grasped what he wanted me to do; I was only able to take half of the big cock in mouth. Determined to prove me wrong, the young man placed his hands over my ears and began to pull my head back and forth over his cock.

As his cock expanded in my mouth, he pulled on my head even harder, forcing his cock in deeper. His pubic hair pressed into my nose when I finally swallowed his entire cock.

I was able to deep throat him because my saliva and his sweet tasting pre-cum had lubricated my mouth nicely. Also, I pressed my tongue tightly to the underside of his cock so that his thick shaft could go unimpeded through the perfect oval I had formed with my lips.

He continued to hold my head tightly as he rammed his hard cock down my throat. This made for a loud and messy blowjob. My forehead slapped against his stomach as my throat made wet gurgling sounds. Long strings of drool from my mouth clung to his cock.

When his cock stopped growing in my mouth, I guessed that it must have about eight inches long. It went down my throat much further than most.

Nevertheless, as I was thinking that a gonzo face fuck was a little more than I was ready for on this hot Sunday afternoon, I felt my shirt coming off. I hadn’t even felt him undoing the buttons. I stood up, bare-chested, and looked into his eyes.

The young man stared back at me for a moment and then proceeded to remove his t-shirt and shorts. He folded them neatly and put them on a vacant chair seat. Then he turned toward me, slowly fisting his cock.

I sighed at the mere sight of his huge, white, erect cock and blond pubes. I had the unbelievable urge to have my ass fucked by the big cock. Besides, I knew my ass could handle his big cock far better than my mouth.

I grabbed a small jar Vaseline from my pocket, opened the container, got a huge gob of it on my finger, and smeared it all over the head of his big cock. I then handed him the container, stepped out of my shorts, bent over a theater chair back, and stuck my butt out. I wiggled my hairless ass invitingly and even winked my pink anus at him as I awaited his next move.

Moments later, my smooth ass cheeks were soothingly kneaded. The effect was so calming that I did not even blink when a wet finger eased past my sphincter muscle. He wiggled it around for a minute or so before withdrawing it. I would have done the same check.

When I heard him pop the Vaseline container cap, I knew my ass was going to get fucked. Sure enough, lubed fingers massaged and greased my horny anus. The finger manipulation of my anus was so erotic that I could have squealed in delight.

Upon accomplishing his goal, the young man eased one then two fingers into me. I groaned and my anus clenched his fingers as he twisted them around, deep in my rectum to smear lube and loosen me up. My cock responded appropriately to my ass getting finger fucked; it got very hard.

As he withdrew his fingers, he asked me to spread my cheeks. I spread them as wide as I could. Seconds later, I felt something big and hard bump against my moist,puckered anus.

Expecting to feel his big cockhead easing into me, I was surprised when I heard his voice. “Look at me! I wanna see you take it up the ass.”

I smiled and granted his request. I certainly didn’t mind giving him the pleasure of seeing me wince as his thick cockhead pushed through my greased sphincter.

After just a couple of inches of penetration, a combination of pain and ecstasy filled my ass. Lucky for me, he stopped to admire how wide his thick shaft had stretched my sphincter. His pause gave me more time to adjust to the huge invader in my ass.

When I nodded at him, he gripped my hips and pushed harder. I felt the big knob of his cockhead slowly forcing itself up my ass, into my rectum, going deeper and deeper. He felt huge inside me.

When his cock was finally buried all the way up my ass, he began rotating his hips in circles. Hearing me grunt hard as my asshole was stretched even more, the young man taunted me. “You like my fat cock up your ass? You want me to cum in your ass? I’m gonna ass fuck the shit out of you!”

I nodded my head as he started to pump me. It felt fantastic to have the big cock sliding in and out of my stretched sphincter.

After my rectum had loosened more, I felt him widen his stance and then grip my slick, sweaty shoulders to pull me back onto his big cock. He did this so he could plow the full length of his cock into my ass with even harder, more powerful strokes.

I grunted hard after every impact and held onto the armrests for support as he continued to taunt me. “Feel good, huh? Thats it…squeeze it. You like my big cock up your pussy ass?”

At some point, I pushed my hindquarters back against him. My prostate loved the rough stimulation as evidenced by the steady drain of precum from my hard cock. “That’s right! Ride me,” he grunted, bucking his hips to encourage me. “Tighten that ass. Ride me. Fuck yourself on my cock!”

I did until my muscular ass became exhausted and started to make squishing sounds. It had been fucked into submission. I then relaxed completely and allowed the young man to take over.

The highly audible sound emanating from flesh slapping against flesh and wet sucking sounds filled the empty theater for several minutes. When the sound suddenly stopped, I looked back at the young man.

His eyes were closed as he held his cock inside me. It was in as deep as it could go. To my surprise, he then pulled his swollen cock all the way out. Seconds later, he bent over and spit into my gaping asshole. That was a first I thought. I quickly shrugged it off. I was determined to make him cum in me.

I reached around behind me and grabbed his wet cock. I stuck the head of it into my greased and gapping asshole and then slowly worked my ass all the down his cock as he began thrusting. That was all she wrote. The young man could no longer resist his aching balls and my hungry ass. His cock wrenched really hard and then frenzied babble erupted out of his mouth. “I’m cumming! Here it comes! Yes, oh yeah. Ahhhhhhh….”

It was rare that I was allowed to feel a hard blast of sperm bounce off my anal walls. The feeling is priceless. Most guys are butt fucking you hard and fast as they cum, so you normally don’t get to feel that sensation.

As my bowels were being inundated with ejaculations of semen, I felt very satisfied. I was getting another man off with my cock hungry ass… My balls felt like they were going to explode even with the steady drip of pre-cum being released.

Before I could finish my thoughts, I felt someone’s eyes on me. I immediately opened my own eyes and looked around. Across the aisle, several rows up, I saw what appeared to be a female. She was watching us fuck. In addition, she was clearly masturbating. In the dim theater light, I could see her arm moving briskly up and down her crotch area. I continued to watch her and she us, until the hard cock in me began to soften. When the young man pulled his cock out of my ass, a loud suction sound echoed in the theater and I felt cum splash out of my soupy ass. I had squeezed his cock hard with my anus wanting it to remain in me longer.

The female’s eyes widened when I gratefully wiggled my ass after the young man caressed my sweaty cheeks in the afterglow. Then my eyes widened when the young man abruptly said, “Thank me now. Kiss my ass!”

Still bent meekly over the armrest, I muttered “Thank you.” When he bent over and pushed his ass in my face, I realized he was serious. “Shove your tongue in! Lick it…kiss it…you love it, yeah…think ’bout it when you jerk off.” I pulled his cheeks apart and daintily licked the puckered anal knot.

When the young man had had enough of my tongue rimming his asshole, he collapsed onto a theater chair to catch his breath. I stood up, took a deep breath, and walked up the aisle toward the female.

My cock was still painfully erect and oozing, as was my ass, and my testicles ached for release, too. I stopped a couple of feet away from her.

The female – a woman was wearing a cap. Her face was encompassed by strands of black hair. She had pleasant facial features and looked to be in her late 30′s. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I noted the woman was quick to smile and that was always pleasing to see.

“You like to watch men do it?” She responded to my self-conscious sounding question by quickly nodding and smiling shyly. Relieved, I reached out for her small hand. I put it on my throbbing cock. With my hand still on hers, we stroked it.

When I saw her sink her free hand back down her skirt, I knelt down on my knees between her legs and gently lift them up. I carefully placed them on top of the back of the chair in front of her.

With her legs now spread, her neatly trimmed pussy was exposed. It looked very inviting.

I lowered my face and worked my way down to her pussy. I kissed her inner thighs and her labia, and then I licked and nibbled over the same area.

Soon, pussy juice was seeping from her. I gently ran the tip of my tongue up her juicy slit to catch it. It tasted sweet. Then with the flat of my tongue, I licked in one continuous motion from her anus to her clit, driving my tongue in deep between her swollen pussy lips. Again and again, I licked her tasty cunt and flicked her clit.

She moaned and rolled her shoulders each time my tongue touched her clit. Taking my queue, I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and gently massaged it with my lips. The vacuum created by my sucking lips gave her an orgasm in no time.

Right after she came, I stood her up. We both looked into each other’s eyes. In that instant, when our eyes met, I felt something I’d never experienced before. I brushed her black hair away from her face and leaned in to kiss her.

She did not wait. She reached up and grabbed my head, pulling my face to her as her lips went straight to mine. I received a wonderful, warm, passionate kiss before she licked her pussy juice off my face.

My eyes drank in the smile on her lips and the look of pleasure on her face as she licked. When she was through, we took turns savoring each other’s tongues. I enjoyed the taste of her mouth and my hard cock pressed against her soft belly.

Eventually, I broke our embrace and walked behind her. She looked back at the hard cock still jutting out between my legs and bent over without any coaxing. I flipped her skirt up and then paused to take in her shapely hips and her round, dimpled, butt cheeks as she reached back and spread them fully for me.

In the dim light, her exposed, puckered anus appeared to be light brown and surrounded by slightly darker skin. I became so aroused when I saw her anus that I immediately kneeled down and lustfully ran my tongue up and down her ass crack. The anal stimulation unleashed her lust, too. She pushed her anus against my tongue whenever I touched it. “Damn, you sure taste good” I told her when I paused to concentrate on her anus. Her body shuddered as I partially penetrated her button shaped anus with my tongue.

When my saliva and tongue had relaxed her sphincter, I was able to slide my tongue all the way in and wiggle it around in her ass. “Oh my god” she squealed as she tried to squeeze my tongue with her sphincter. It was so exciting to feel her ass responding to my mouth that I spit even more saliva onto her anus and continued to fuck her asshole with my tongue.

When my tongue tired, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and rolled them around, collecting pussy juice, before I pushed both into her sweet ass. Standing over her bent over body and watching her apple sized breasts swing as her ass bucked against my fingers, increased my desire to fuck her silly.

Conveniently, my cock was level with her pussy. All I had to do was push it in and I did. My cock brushed against some slight stubble around her slit, and then easily slid through her fleshy lips into her hot, wet pussy.

With my hips resting firmly against her smooth white buttocks, I began shallowly fucking her pussy. When I felt her able to take more cock, I put my hands on her hips to steady myself, and began to accelerate my thrusts. The deeper my cock went the harder and longer it became and the more her pussy opened.

She let me bang away. She took all the passion and lust I could muster. With every slam of my hips against her buttocks, the woman thrust her ass and hips up to get maximum penetration. “Fuck me, Baby, fuck me,” she moaned.

At some point, I stepped back a little and slowed down. After all that prostate stimulation, I was pretty close to cumming. I also enjoyed watching my cockhead force her labia into her pussy and then watching it stretch like a pink rubber band around my cock when I pulled out.

As I began thrusting, again, I heightened her pleasure by strumming her clit with my thumb and gently finger fucking her anus with my index finger. Within a couple of minutes, I felt warm liquid streaming out of her pussy and down our legs. The faucet had been turned on.

The incredible stimulation we were enjoying became too much for both of us. I gripped her hips hard and began taking bigger and longer strokes. She started blabbing in ecstasy as her pussy milked my cock. “Oh, my god! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

My cock was in ecstasy and had begun to throb and swell unmercifully. Knowing I was going to cum in seconds, I quickly shifted my hands from her hips to her thighs. I pulled her against me and then held her tightly as I strained to push my cock as far up her cocksucking pussy as I could.

When my sperm exploded into her womb, I heard and felt her pussy gurgle and convulse. I was glad I kept her impaled after I had shot my final load. Her pussy’s spasmodic muscle contractions continued grasping my balls-deep cock for a couple of minutes.

When her orgasms had subsided, my spent cock slipped out, and the woman collapsed onto a vacant chair on her knees. She rested her forehead against the back of the chair. Not necessarily for my viewing pleasure, her savory ass remained lifted up. I watched my semen slowly trickle out of her swollen, dilated pussy as she sighed and made soft moaning sounds. It was a remarkable sight.

Impulsively, I lifted her up into my arms and while holding her, I sat down in her chair. As she nestled into my lap, I could feel our cum on her ass and the man’s cum on mine. She lay back on my chest and we cuddled for a while, all sweaty and tired out. I rested my hands reassuringly on her soft stomach. Our respite was short-lived.

Two older looking men suddenly appeared in front of us. Without even asking, one man knelt between her legs, gently spread them wider, and without hesitating, buried his face in her sloppy, freshly fucked pussy.

Since she didn’t say anything, I didn’t either. I couldn’t believe that he would want to eat that pussy, all slopped up with my semen seeping out of it, but he went right to work, slurping it up.

The other man went straight to her clit, licking it with his tongue. With a weak moan, she pushed her wet mound closer to their faces.

While the trolls were eating her, the man who had fucked me earlier, walked up to her left side and offered her his rejuvenated cock. She hesitatingly took hold of the cock that had just royally fucked my ass and slowly pulled it to her mouth.

“Thats it, bitch. Suck my cock with that hot mouth,” he said as he pushed his cock into her mouth. I wondered if she could taste my ass.

Despite her hot, luscious mouth willingly engulfing his cock, he grabbed her head and pulled it forward to get his cock in deeper and immediately began to fuck her little mouth. He didn’t allow her anytime to prepare.

I watched with great fascination as his thick shaft kept her little mouth stretched wide open as it continuously slid all the way in and out. Her throat bulged out every time he pushed in and she gasped for air every time his cock pulled back out.

Her little nostrils flared and she began to drool uncontrollably. It seemed her discomfort only excited him more.

“Take it bitch!” He chided her as he looked into her teary eyes and rubbed his nutsack over her face. “Suck that cock, bitch! Swallow it!”

Join the club I thought sympathetically. Like it or not I told myself, it was happening to her, too. She was being face fucked like a cheap whore.

When he neared orgasm, I saw his testicles begin bobbing up and down and his pace increase. As his balls drew up tight in his scrotum, he jammed his cock all the way down her throat, until her lips pressed firmly against the base of his shaft. A second later, her eyes got really big as his cum exploded down her gullet. She did not even have to swallow.

He came so hard; he jerked his cock out of her mouth. As she gasped and drew in a huge breath, the second jet of cum blasted up the side of her nose, across her forehead and into her hair. The third blast splashed against her lips and chin before she was able to get it back into her mouth.

“She’s one good cocksucker”, he said as he pulled his spent cock from her mouth. I did not respond. He added, “She’s all yours.” I just watched his back as he walked away.

After a few moments, she turned her head toward me and sheepishly smiled. I leaned over and gently kissed her cum tasting moist lips.

In fact, I kissed her a few times, before she wiggled her tongue into my mouth. When I gently sucked on her cum coated tongue, my cock came back to life. Sensing that her mouth had recovered and knowing that I desperately wanted her to suck my sperm out of my cock; I brusquely interrupted the trolls’ Sunday brunch by forcefully extricating myself from underneath her. “Do me!” I exclaimed as I stood up.

Like a monkey in heat, I easily jumped up onto the armrests of the chair she was sitting in. Each foot landed perfectly on the armrests on the chair.

With my feet straddling the armrests, I crouched in front of her. My hard cock bobbed up and down in front of her face. Startled, she looked at my hard-on for a second before she began to fellate me.

It felt so good. I always loved receiving a blowjob and she was doing a great job. With half of my cock in her mouth, she pumped the remaining half with one small hand while the other gently kneaded and squeezed my balls.

While alternating between exerting a light sucking pressure and swirling her tongue all around the top of my cockhead, she let lots of saliva build up. Her mouth felt so wet and warm around my cock.

My roommate and I shared half of a duplex near the ocean at Virginia Beach as we worked our way through college while working at the same bar. One Saturday afternoon we were chilling down at the beach, enjoying the sun, the sights, and a cold beer. We were picking out girls and guessing if they were shaved clean, had hairy buttholes, swallowed, took it up the ass, if they liked pussy, and so forth. We were just two horny boys enjoying the summer day.

Our banter stopped when a young girl walked up and started to arrange her blanket in front of us. She was close by, giving us a perfect view, as she bent over and spread her things out. The view was great, and it got better when she pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing a big, firm rack in a tiny bikini top. Then, she turned her back to us and wiggled her way out of her tight cut-off jeans. She had a round bubble butt to match the rest of her curvaceous body. She was voluptuous, but firm, like only young flesh can be. When she was done stripping, she turned around and gave us a smile. The girl was stunning. She looked like a young Liz Taylor with dark hair, blue eyes, and fat dick-sucking lips. And she was clearly young. My guess was that she was a senior in high school, or college freshman at the oldest. I found out later she was eighteen, and starting her freshman year at UVA in the fall, so she was smart as well as beautiful. When she pulled out some suntan lotion, my roommate Brian said, “Dude, I’m rolling in on this.” I said good luck, and headed down the beach for a jog.

When I returned about half an hour later, Brian was gone and so was the girl. I cooled off with a beer and a quick dip in the surf and headed back to the house. I walked into the kitchen area to find Brian balls deep in that young cunt, her sitting on the counter, leaning back and casually sipping a beer. Brian didn’t miss a beat, and the girl, Liz, just smiled at me. I grabbed myself a beer from the fridge and then walked over to the counter. I leaned in for a kiss while grabbing a handful of that young firm tit meat. We enjoyed a long sloppy kiss, her tongue squirming in my mouth like a slimy critter with a mind of its own. When we broke away for a breath I said, “Damn girl, your mouth tastes like dick.”

She laughed and said, “You just gave him a blowjob by proxy.” Little did she know, but that’s another story.

Brian laughed as well and said, “Dude, this little honey gives great head.” I wanted to find out for myself so stripped out of my suit, climbed onto the counter and fed her some tube steak. She readily gobbled it up, with a hard sucking style designed to make you blow. I guess the close-up knob job show put Brian over the edge and he grunted and emptied his balls. He quickly pulled out, said, “Thanks darling,” and headed off to the shower. I pulled out of her sweet mouth and jumped off the counter for my turn.

As I moved between her legs she said, “Wait, clean me up first.” I said sure and grabbed a dish towel from the counter. She said “No, clean me up with your tongue.”


She said, “You heard me. Lick my dirty pussy clean, and you can do what you want. And you better hurry; I feel cum dripping on my asshole, and if it hits the floor, the deal is off.”

I looked at the sight before me. Her cunt was raggedly shaven with about 5 days of stubble, and longer hair surrounding her slit, and completely unshaven around her bung hole and spreading out to her ass cheeks. Her slit wasn’t really a slit, but more of a gash now, engorged with blood and oozing cum. Now I’m not a fan of eating splooge, but I am a fan of licking assholes, so I didn’t hesitate too long before getting down between her legs and scooping a big glob of ball juice out of her hairy asshole with my tongue. She had been pretty nonchalant while Brian pumped and pumped, but when my tongue hit her butthole, she shuddered and moaned. So I kept at it, alternating long licks from one end to the other with poking my tongue into her butt while my nose worked her clit. Her clit by this time was quite prominent, and it wasn’t long before she grabbed my head and humped herself against my mouth, tongue, lips and nose. She came multiple times before finally pushing me away.

I lifted her off the counter and sat her on my cock. Even with all the fucking and prep and lubrication it was a tight fit. My dick is much thicker than Brian’s, and I met a lot of resistance about two inches in. Her arms were around my neck and her legs wrapped around my back, so I let go of her and started walking over to the living room area while she kept working herself deeper onto my cock. I started talking dirty to her, “Fuck yourself on that big pole, girl. You love that big piece of man meat inside your little girl cunt. That’s it baby, fuck yourself.” And she did. I leaned back with my hands on my hips and let her ride me like a Sybian. Her cunt was hot, wet, and amazingly tight. The girl was fast on the trigger, and shortly started moaning and shaking and quivering as she came again and again. Suddenly she went completely limp and I just managed to catch her and lay her down on the rug. She was out cold! I took her pulse, and it was beating strong and fast. I’d heard of girls passing out from orgasms, but had never experienced it before. Well, wide-awake or passed out cold, that fat little white ass was mine.

I carried her into my bedroom and laid her on her belly, then grabbed some lube from the side table. I put some pillows under her belly and pulled her legs wide apart so that hot ass and cunt were totally exposed. What a gorgeous sight! I couldn’t resist a couple more licks of that sweet hairy crack. I squirted some lube on her asshole and rubbed it inside her with my middle finger. God I love that smooth velvety feel of a woman’s shithole. Then I lubed my rock hard dick and pushed the head into her butt. The head popped through her ring pretty easily, but then I felt her ass start to fight back and try to push my dick out. I slowly seesawed my dick in and out each time going a bit deeper. I was about half way in when she came to and started screaming. “What are you doing?! Get your dick out of my ass, motherfucker!” as she tried to buck me off.

But I had one arm around her waist down low and one over her shoulder and under her arm pit, and had about 100 pounds on her so she wasn’t going anywhere. She fought hard and squirmed and bucked, but all her movements just worked my dick deeper into her ass. I managed to work my one hand between her legs and hooked a finger into her cunt, with my palm working her clit. I continued to ride her like a bucking bronco, until her cunt took over her brain, and her bucking slowed as the protests turned to moans of pleasure. I went back to my dirty talk. “That’s it baby girl, accept that big fat cock in your ass. You’re a nasty little girl, aren’t you? Does your daddy know you love having your ass licked? Does he know you’re a little cock whore? You love me raping your ass, don’t you. I can’t wait to bust a nut in your hot little turd cutter.”

Up until now she’d been fucking herself on my dick, but then I started fucking her in the ass hard, fast, and balls deep. I’d had all I could take. I opened my mouth wide and took a big bite of her upper back. It was not enough to hurt her, but just enough to cement in her mind that I was a man, and that I owned her ass, her cunt, and her body. As she came, her butthole spasmed and milked my balls dry. I collapsed on top of her and we both just lay there panting while we caught our breath. It was amazing sex.

“Damn baby, will you marry me?” I said.

“Shit yeah!” she answered.

I grabbed her by the hand and we headed off to the shower.

Jennie’s mouth tasted terrible.

It was the first thing she noticed when she woke up. Her saliva was thick and gummy in her mouth, and there was a lingering taste of something rank and foul on her tongue. It tasted sour and bitter, all at once, and it made her want to do nothing more than run to the bathroom and try to get rid of it.

But as soon as Jennie opened her eyes even a little, the pounding ache in her skull forced her to pay attention to that, instead. The light wasn’t that bright, but it felt like steel spikes being jammed into her eye sockets all the way up into her brain. She recognized the sensation, but she’d never been this hung over in her whole life. She didn’t feel like she was going to die; she felt like she wished she was going to die.

Jennie clenched her eyes back shut and put her hand over her face, hoping the pain would subside before–

Before the competition! The shock of adrenalin that hit alongside the realization snapped her to full awareness right away, and Jennie sat bolt upright despite her throbbing headache. It was already light, which meant that she needed to get up and get showered and get dressed and get ready and get out there and get cheering and she was never ever ever ever ever going to listen to Molly Fitzpatrick again as long as she lived and–

And this wasn’t her room. Jennie stared around in confusion at her surroundings; she didn’t have the faintest clue where she was, but this definitely wasn’t the hotel room that the school had assigned her. It was a lot bigger, for one thing; the bed alone was probably the size of her old room. Where the fuck was she? Jennie put her head in her hands, and ran her fingers through her hair in despair and confusion.

Her hair! What had happened to her hair? Jennie felt her scalp again, this time in an attempt to figure out why it was only an inch long. Yesterday, she’d had chestnut locks that went down to her shoulder blades, and this morning…what the hell had she done last night? Jennie rummaged through her fragmented memories, trying to piece together the previous night.

The first part came back to her pretty quickly. The excitement of the trip had burned itself into her mind–all the girls were thrilled, and their enthusiasm fed off each other as they boarded the plane. The finals of the World High School Cheerleading Championship! A chance at a college scholarship! Live coverage on ESPN2! A free trip to Las Vegas! Jennie remembered feeling like the whole day had exclamation points attached to it.

And they’d landed, and they’d gotten to the hotel and checked in, and they’d all gotten to their rooms. But everyone was way too keyed up to sleep. That was when Molly Fitzpatrick had suggested they sneak out. It was just the prelims the next morning, they’d cruise through those…and Molly had gotten hold of some truly awesome fake IDs…and the drinks in Vegas were so cheap they were almost free…and the bars never, ever closed…and…and…

And Jennie didn’t remember much after that. But she wasn’t in her hotel room, and they’d probably already woken all the girls up and gotten them moving, and they were going to notice she wasn’t there even if she could figure out where she was and find a way to get back, and she was going to be in so much trouble! With a groan of despair, Jennie flopped back down onto the pillows.

This time, she noticed the arm she’d been lying on.

Jennie rolled over, a new surge of panicky adrenalin flooding through her body. She’d noticed that the bedspread was lumpy, but now that she was paying attention, it did have more of the shape of a human body than of a collection of extra pillows. She lifted up the covers, filled with the sudden absurd fear that she was sharing a bed with a dead hooker.

Thankfully, the woman under the covers was alive. She was entirely nude, but she was alive. Jennie didn’t have any clothes on either, she realized. She hadn’t–they didn’t–ogod. Jennie stared at the woman, studying her in an effort to figure out who she was and how they’d wound up in bed together.

The woman was Asian, perhaps a few years older than Jennie. Her body was slender and supple, with breasts that seemed way too big to be natural. She had a series of tattoos running down her spine that looked to be words of some sort, but Jennie couldn’t even tell whether they were Chinese or Japanese from the look of them.

Jennie must have groaned again, because the woman’s eyes flickered open and she looked up at Jennie with an expression of devotion on her face. “Good morning, Mistress,” she said. “This unworthy slut thanks you for allowing her to sleep on the bed with you.”

Jennie stared at the other woman. “Uh…” She stopped, unable to figure out what to say next.

“How is Mistress feeling this morning?” the other woman asked, pulling herself up into a kneeling position. “This unworthy slut hopes that you are well, Mistress, but she suspects it to be otherwise. You were quite ill last night from drink.”

“Last night…” Jennie said, her face a blank mask of shock. “What did I–what did we–who are you?”

The woman smiled. “Mistress may refer to this unworthy slut as Keiko, Mistress; although she understands that she is not worthy of a name, this unworthy slut also understands that you will need to call her by one from time to time.” She reached out to Jennie, but hesitated a fraction of an inch away from touching. “Mistress, this unworthy slut believes that you are in some distress. May she assist you in easing your pain from last night’s indulgences?”

“I, um…what?” It all felt like too much to take in. Jennie’s head was still pounding, she still didn’t know where she was, and she was lying in bed with a crazy woman. “I need to go,” she whimpered, pulling the covers aside and stumbling out of bed.

“Of course, Mistress,” Keiko responded, sliding gracefully to her feet. “Where are we going?”

“Not we,” Jennie snapped, putting as much intensity into the words as she could while speaking quietly to avoid making her headache worse. “Me. I need to find my clothes, I need to figure out where I am, and I need to get back to the Best Western before I get myself expelled from school.” She looked around desperately, but she didn’t see any clothes at all, just a dresser.

“You are in the penthouse suite of the Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino, Mistress,” Keiko responded as Jennie stumbled over to the dresser and began to pull open the drawers one by one. “The hotel was generous enough to put you up for the night when it became clear that you had overindulged.” Jennie barely even heard her over the frantic beating of her heart. No clothes, not in any of the drawers. She raced over to the closet.

“This unworthy slut apologizes, Mistress,” Keiko said as Jennie pulled open the closet door. “She took the unforgivable liberty of sending your clothes out to be dry-cleaned. You had stained them with vomit, Mistress, and they were no longer worthy of touching your perfect skin.” Sure enough, all Jennie saw was a pair of briefcases on the closet floor.

“Why do you keep talking like that?” Jennie shouted, wincing at the stab of pain her own voice caused. She grabbed the briefcases, hoping against hope that they contained clothing of some sort.

“This unworthy slut speaks as she was conditioned to speak, Mistress,” Keiko responded. Jennie squatted down and tried to open one of the briefcases, but it was locked. “Her former master took great pains to instruct her on the proper forms of speech and behavior, and this unworthy slut can now think of no greater wish than to please her owner.”

“Wait, whoa, you don’t think…” Jennie stared at Keiko, aghast. “I mean, you don’t think that I’m…”

“Yes, Mistress,” Keiko said. Her eyes briefly fluttered as an expression of utter contentment crossed her face and she fell to her knees as a shudder wracked her whole body. “Mistress owns this unworthy slut, now. Thank you for allowing her to serve you, Mistress.”

Jennie gaped at the other woman. “…what the fuck?” she said at last. It seemed like the only appropriate response.

“This unworthy slut understands,” Keiko said. She crawled over to Jennie with an ease that suggested she was used to being on her knees. “Mistress is confused and in pain. Please allow this unworthy slut to ease your pain, and she will explain to you the events that transpired while drink fogged your mind.”

Jennie shook her head. “Look, all I want to do is get this case open and see if it has something to wear so that I can get out of here and pretend none of this ever happened, okay?”

Keiko’s expression fell. “This unworthy slut is sorry, Mistress, but the case does not contain clothing. If it pleases you to know, though, the combination is six-five-three.”

Jennie quickly worked the lock, hoping against hope that the crazy slave girl was lying. But when the case popped open–

Jennie forgot all about clothes. She forgot all about the cheerleading competition. She forgot all about being expelled. She even momentarily forgot about Keiko. Seeing a briefcase entirely filled with neat stacks of hundred-dollar bills can do that to a person.

Jennie sat down hard. She stared at the money, reaching out a hand to touch it just to make sure it wasn’t a hallucination. It was real. “…is the other briefcase full of money too?” she asked, her voice sounding unfamiliar in her ears.

“Yes, Mistress,” Keiko said. “Two million dollars, American. There is a further three million dollars waiting for you in the hotel safe, but you demanded ‘walking around money’ last night, and the hotel complied once this unworthy slut guaranteed your safety.”

Slowly, Jennie closed the briefcase. She stood up and wandered back to the bed in a daze, the throbbing in her head now as much to do with confusion as pain. “Where did I get it all?” she whimpered, sitting back down on the mattress.

“The same place you won this unworthy slut,” Keiko said. “Mistress had an astonishing run of luck at pai-gow last night.”

Jennie looked down at Keiko. “I don’t even know how to play pai-gow!” she said. “I don’t even know what pai-gow is!”

Keiko nodded. “This unworthy slut suspects that to be one of the principal reasons that you were invited to join her former master’s table, Mistress. The prospect of playing against a drunken girl with two million dollars and no experience of the game appealed to him and his confederates greatly, and he no doubt expected to make a handsome profit at your expense.”

Jennie fell backwards onto the bed. “This is all too much,” she groaned. “I don’t even remember how I got two million dollars to start with.”

“Unfortunately,” Keiko replied, crawling over to the foot of the bed, “those events occurred before you made the acquaintance of this unworthy slut, so she cannot give you a definitive answer, Mistress. You did make some mention of luck at gambling prior to joining my former master’s party, but you were somewhat inebriated by then, and your story was difficult to follow. You said something about playing Russian roulette…or playing roulette with Russians, this unworthy slut could not determine which. She hopes it was the latter, though. This unworthy slut wishes nothing but your continued health and good fortune. Speaking of which, Mistress, may this unworthy slut please help to ease your headache?”

Jennie was still freaked out by the whole thing, but by this point, she needed to get her head together. And her hangover was enough of a distraction that she was finally willing to let Keiko help get rid of it. “Sure, fine, whatever,” she muttered. “So I was playing pai-gow…with who?”

Keiko climbed onto the bed and rolled Jennie over, then began to massage her scalp with expert precision. “My former master and his confederates. They were lieutenants in the Yakuza who were in the habit of gambling large sums of money, and had a private table reserved for those willing to wager high stakes. You joined them at midnight, and proceeded to have extraordinary luck. This unworthy slut recalls that you referred to the game as ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’, at one point.”

Jennie let out an involuntary moan as Keiko’s fingers pressed into her neck. It was hard to believe, but her headache was just melting away under those hands. “This unworthy slut’s former master wagered her when his own funds ran dry at approximately three in the morning, and lost her to you. This angered him more than the loss of funds, she believes; but once this unworthy slut’s ownership was transferred to you, Mistress, your protection became one of her primary duties, and she happily disciplined her former master for the crime of attempting violence against your flawless person. The hotel became involved, and decided that discretion would be the best way to handle the situation.”

Jennie sighed, her eyes half-closed from relaxation. She didn’t want to get used to this, she told herself, but wow did Keiko have amazing hands. She was beginning to feel like she could actually think straight again. “And my hair? And my clothes?”

“Mistress had indulged greatly even before joining my former master’s table, and you took liberal advantage of the free drinks the casino plied you with. Upon retiring for the night, you had a brief bout of violent sickness, during which time you stained both hair and clothes with vomit. This unworthy slut sent the clothes away to be dry-cleaned, but she could not dissuade Mistress from cutting the hair off instead of washing it.”

“I cut off all my hair?” Jennie said, astonished. She couldn’t even imagine doing that, let alone remember it.

“No, Mistress,” Keiko said. “You sent for a hairdresser and charged it to the hotel.”

“At 3 AM?”

“This is Las Vegas, Mistress,” Keiko replied smoothly. “Any service may be had at any time for a sufficient price.”

“Oh.” Jennie didn’t really know how else to respond to that. “So what should I do now? I mean, I have to get back and try to explain things to my cheerleading coach, and you have to go find a cop or something and explain how those Yakuza guys were holding you captive…”

Keiko’s fingers froze for a moment, then continued their massage. “Mistress spoke of this last night as well, but this unworthy slut assumed that drink had left you the worse for wear. You mean you really were unaware of the nature of the men you gambled with?”

“Keiko, I wasn’t even aware I was gambling with them until you told me,” Jennie replied in exasperation. “The only thing I know about Yakuza is from watching TV.”

Keiko’s voice remained calm, but Jennie could feel her fingers trembling. “Please understand, Mistress, that the men you gambled with may not have been aware of just how innocent you were. They might have assumed you to be a rich heiress, or perhaps the daughter of an American crime boss. Even so, their losses made them reckless, or they would never have wagered this unworthy slut. She is meant as a private treasure for the most trusted of the Yakuza, and not as a stake to gamble with.”

“I don’t understand,” Jennie said. She couldn’t work up much urgency in her voice, though, not while Keiko’s hands worked their way expertly down her back, leaving utterly relaxed muscles in their wake. “You’re like some sort of kidnap victim, right? They were holding you against your will?”

“It is more complex than that,” Keiko said. Her voice was pained, as though it was hard even to talk about it. “This unworthy slut was abducted by force, yes, but…” She trailed off for a long moment. “Forgive this unworthy slut, Mistress. It is difficult for her to remember the person she was before being instructed, but Mistress needs to know. The woman who was Keiko was instructed on the proper forms of speech and behavior by her former masters. She no longer has a will of her own, only that of her owner. She cannot think of anything but pleasing her owner. She must obey. She has no purpose but obedience. Your will is a light in the darkness of her mind, Mistress.”

Jennie’s eyes widened, and she shook her head. “But I can’t have a slave,” she said. “It’s wrong! And my mom and dad would freak!” The way Keiko’s fingers worked their way over the small of her back almost made her list those two in the wrong order, but Jennie tried to ignore them and focus on the morality of the situation.

“But you see, Mistress,” Keiko said urgently, “the very existence of the techniques of instruction are a secret, let alone the products of such instruction. Under normal circumstances, this unworthy slut’s former owner will keep silent to conceal the foolishness that led him to wager her…but if this unworthy slut were to fall into the hands of the police, the Yakuza would take great pains to ensure the silence of all involved.” The way she spoke left no doubt in Jennie’s mind as to exactly who would feel those pains.

“But I can’t keep you!” Jennie said. “I can’t!”

“Mistress said as much last night,” Keiko responded. “This unworthy slut thought that she had convinced you of the benefits of owning her, but she can see that you have forgotten.” Jennie felt Keiko’s hands cup her buttocks, and she let out an involuntary yelp as Keiko’s warm, wet tongue worked its way into her asshole.

“Wait, whoa, hold on, I don’t…I mean, I’ve never…I don’t, not with women…I…ooh!” Jennie wriggled against the silken sheets; first in an effort to pull away from Keiko’s tongue, then just because she kind of needed to wriggle a little. It was different than anything she’d ever felt before (and yet, somehow, strangely familiar…) But Keiko’s tongue was just as talented has her fingers had been, and Jennie found the guilt and embarrassment melting away under wave after wave of pleasure.

Keiko’s hands pressed against Jennie’s thighs, but they were already parting of their own accord. Jennie had never realized just how sensitive she was down there, or how erotic it would feel to have a tongue slipping around the rim of her ass. Keiko teased the pleasure out of her gently, lovingly, and Jennie let out a little moan as she felt Keiko’s fingers delicately brushing against her mound.

“This unworthy slut apologizes for touching you without permission,” Keiko said, momentarily lifting her mouth away from Jennie’s ass, “but it is for your own good. This unworthy slut must not let you abandon her, for your own safety.” Delicate, tender caresses accompanied each word, and Jennie rubbed her nipples against the smooth silk of the bedsheets as she felt her arousal build.

Keiko lavished kisses on Jennie’s buttocks, her thighs, the sensitive skin of her vulva. Jennie was shaking now, a pleasant ache growing in her pussy as she felt Keiko’s fingers stimulate her already-sensitized flesh. “This unworthy slut needs, mmm,” and Jennie heard the pleasure in Keiko’s voice, just from pleasing her, “needs to pleasure Mistress, needs to make you happy, mmmm…”

Jennie felt Keiko slide two fingers into her soaking pussy, and she clenched around them with a gasp of delight as she arched upwards into the other woman’s touch. “Make you happy, Mistress, so you will keep this unworthy slut, ohhh,” Keiko punctuated each phrase with a tiny kitten-lick at Jennie’s clit, just enough to make her yearn for more, “keep her forever, own her and let her keep you safe, yesss…” Keiko’s voice was unsteady now, and Jennie could tell the other woman was almost as close to an orgasm as she was without even being touched.

“Please, Mistress,” Keiko begged, “please own this unworthy slut, please make her yours, please please please…” Jennie’s pussy surged with each whimpered word, as the young girl found to her surprise that she enjoyed Keiko’s submission. She never imagined doing this, feeling like this, but it was so fucking hot to feel so powerful and commanding and sensual and dominant and–

“Ohhhh!” Jennie arched her back, pressing her pussy into Keiko’s face and grinding as her orgasm overwhelmed her. “Yes, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes, Keiko! Yes!”

All characters committing or eluding to any sexual acts are 18 or older.


I woke Early Monday, wondering if I should wear Miss Hallingsworth’s nylons too class. I decided that I would; eager to show her my devotion, I got dressed and left a full hour before my usual time. I knocked on the classroom door two hours before my first class would start. “Miss Hallingsworth, it’s me Dean, are you here?”

“Yes, just a moment,” I waited hearing movement coming from the room, “Are you alone Dean?”

“Yes Miss Hallingsworth, I’m alone.”

“Good, come in Dean,”

Entering, I saw her sitting in her chair wearing a short sleeveless nylon catsuit that flawlessly matched her skin tone.

“I’m glad you came in so early Dean, I was just grading the essays from last week’s reading,” She ran a hand down her body, inhaling deeply, I liked what that did to her chest, “I’m ready for a brake though. How about a foot-rub?”

“M… Miss Hallingsworth…” I stuttered.

“Dean, now. Come here, don’t you want to rub me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Address me as, Miss Hallingsworth Dean. I use your name; it’s only fair that you use mine.”

I nodded, bent now to the task of rubbing her left foot.

“Mmm, that’s good. Do you have a Girlfriend Dean?”


“I don’t count. This has only just begun.”

“Oh… well… no then.”

“That’s good. I may have a surprise for you later. Switch feet now Dean. Mmm, good boy.”

“Thank you, ma… Miss Hallingsworth.”

“You’re welcome Dean; you’re very good at this. Have you ever fantasized touching my feet before, Dean?”

“Yes, almost every day I do. You’re the first person who’s feet I have had fantasies about though. They just seem so clean and sexy.”

“They smell good too, I’ll bet.”


She began to moan, “And how did they taste yesterday?”

“Sweet, like fruit.”

“Mmm, taste them now.” She commanded.

I did as I was told lifting her nylon covered foot to my mouth (she tasted like cherry today), then I reached down my pants to touch myself, “They taste like cherry, Miss Hallingsworth.”

“I went jogging this morning; just for you. So you could taste me, then I covered them in my eatable cherry to keep them smelling nice and clean.”

I pulled back, she had just told me her feet were dirty.

“I didn’t say stop, and I defiantly didn’t tell you to touch yourself. Stop that now.” She pressed both sets of pretty little toes to my mouth, “Also, From now on if you feel the need to touch yourself, you had better ask for permission. Now open your mouth, don’t you want to lick my fruity, sweaty toes foe me?”

I did as she said, only belatedly realizing that I no longer cared that they were dirty, in fact she had said that she had done it just for me I should feel special. I raised my right hand.

“Yes Dean?”

“Can I…”

“May you,” she corrected.

“May I touch myself Miss Hallingsworth?”

“Yes, but only lightly I don; want you Cumming any time soon, Understand?”

“Yes Miss Hallingsworth, thank you,” I said before resuming my work on her nylon covered feet.

Just then the breakfast bell rang.

“We only have a half hour before class starts, stand up,” She said, raising her foot so I’d have to follow to continue, “You can stop now.”

“Do I have to?”

She pulled her foot away with a womanly giggle, “Yes for now. I want something else right at the moment,” she then reached forward to grab and undo my pants.

Miss Hallingsworth looked up at me, her blue eyes piercing, “My pantyhose? You must want to be my little bitch, Don’t you,”

I nodded, breathing harder in anticipation of what she might do.

She slipped her slender hand (fingernails painted white) against my shaft, gently grasped the material and sharply tore a hole down the front freeing my cock. Sliding her hand back in, to cradle my balls in her hand. She gripped them lightly, but firmly.

I gasped at the sudden pressure, and then gasped again when she squeezed and pulled me closer.

“Oh Dean, I’m so sorry, did that hurt?” she asked, “Yes? Then let me make it up to you.” With that, she placed her hot, wet mouth over the head of my cock, then she squeezed again.

“Oh god!” I closed my eyes and flung my head back in a confusion of pleasure and pain, each sensation sharpening the other.

“Mmm, Dean look at me,” I did as she said and watched as she took me in, sliding down to the base.

“Holy… Dear… Oh, augh, oh my God!” I sputtered, Cumming the largest load I had to date, even as she slid back to catch it in her eager mouth.

With a shudder I finished only to have her tug down on my sac forcing me to kneel. Placing a foot on my chest she shoved me back to the floor, and was on top of me only a moment later kissing me spitting my cum back into my mouth.

“Swallow it.” She ordered holding my mouth shut when she pulled back.

I didn’t want to the very concept repulsed my. I wanted to open my mouth and spit, but when she said it was for her I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t do it for love, I didn’t really love her and I knew it. I did however want to please her; I was completely devoted to her.

“Good boy!” she praised me with delight, and then she spat the small amount of cum she hadn’t deposited in my mouth, onto my face. “Now you’re mine. You only get to cum if I say so.”

“I understand Miss Hallingsworth.”

“Good, sometime later today I will send you a message, go along with it. Now, you should head too first period, the first bell rang while you were Cumming.”


First period went by in a haze of afterglow; it wasn’t until just after second period that I regained clarity.

“Hay Dean.” Kira said. Kira or Kiki, as she likes to be called, is my best friend.

“Yeah, what’s up Kira,” I preferred her real name. It suited her, she was about five seven, she had red hair so dark as to be almost brown, and breasts in the Ds. She was not a twig thin girl, she did not in fact idealize models or there tapeworm induced, state of stardom. She had curves and was confident and proud of it.

“Nothing you just seem kind of… spacey. Is something up?”

“Also,” Sonia (another good friend, and Kira’s girlfriend) added in, “What’s that on your face?” Sonia, beautiful as well is a sexy Latina, with raven black hair, a thin waste, large breasts and an ass to match.

“Hu?” I said wittily. Shit I forgot to wash off the cum. “Oh, that’s just cinnamon roll frosting.”

“Really?” Kira whispered, “Cuz that looks like dried cum.”

“Does this mean you’re gay now? Cuz that would be a shame, I’ve always wanted a piece of you.”


“Oh stop Kiki you do to; you told me so Last week,”

“You’re not supposed to tell him though!”

Sonia rolled her eyes and asked me, “Well are you?”

I was bright red and sputtering, “No, I mean, I… It’s just dried frosting like I Said.”

Then Kira leaned in and licked a spot on my face and promptly declared, “It’s cum for sure.”

“Okay, okay it’s cum…”

“So you are gay?” Sonia interrupted with a pout.

“I’m not gay…”

Kira this time, “It’s alright if you are I mean, this just means it’s okay to change in front of you now.”

“I’m… hold on a sec…”

“Not gay!” they said in unison.

“Is it still okay to change in front of me?”

“Don’t be silly. That still leaves the cum though,” Kira stated, “Oh! Are you Bi!”

“That would be even better, I’ve got this cousin and I’ve always wanted to see…” Sonia began.

“Not that either!” exasperation filled my voice as I cut her off desperately trying to end that line of conversation, and then told them about my time with Miss Hallingsworth.

“That’s so crazy,” Sonia said.

“Holy shit! I mean really that’s all I can say. I have her for third P, how am I supposed to learn now? I always thought she was hot but now, I’m getting that special tingle just thinking about her.” She reached down in to her pants, pulled her hand out, then after examining her glistening finger wiped it across Sonia’s lips, “I’m so fucking wet right now.”

“Speaking of wet,” Sonia licked her lips and swatted Kira on the ass, “I have swim class next, see ya later babe, see ya Dean. Oh and I really think we should all talk about a date between the three of us… and maybe that cousin.

Kira nodded, biting her bottom lip, “I agree, see ya at lunch Dean.”


Kira’s POV

I was glad to be wearing a skirt today, walking in to Miss Hallingsworth’s class; I was so horny that the ass of my little pink panties were starting to soak. Only when I walked in nobody was there except Miss Hallingsworth, “Where is everybody Miss H?”

“Hmm? Oh, there at the library, which you would know if you weren’t late. Take your seat Kira and work on some homework they won’t be back until the end of class.”

I did, mostly as I was told, taking a seat near the back of class so that my legs were out of direct sight. Then I pulled out a book and slipped my phone in front of it to start reading a steamy literotica story by one of my favorite authors, soon though I put the phone down in favor of my imagination. I just couldn’t help thinking about Dean and Miss Hallingsworth. I Pulled my wet panties aside and slid one finger, discreetly in to myself. Arching my back slightly I had to stifle a moan.

I was staring at her now, imagining her taking control, forcing me to do things. I was so wrapped in my fantasies as I grew ever closer to orgasm, that I didn’t notice at first when Miss Hallingsworth took notice of me.

“So, Miss Kira, who might those fingers be?”

“Holy shit!” I said in a totally dignified manner, totally.

“Well?” Miss Hallingsworth traced a slender finger up, “Who are they?”

Ever the horny teen I said, “A few people but most recently you.”

“Really? How flattering,” Her hand reached my kitty and I made sound like a fainting preteen girl who just met Justin Beaver (inoculate!), “Aren’t…

“Touch me you goddess,” I blurted.

Then I moan/squeaked in pain as she slapped my exposed box.

“I was talking Kira, respect that or future punishments will be less pleasurable, Understand?”

I nodded.

“Better,” She stroked me slowly from my hole to my clit, “Aren’t you a close friend of Dean?”

“Yeah,” I barely managed as I melted.

“Good, I have a message for you to give him when you see him at lunch, but we’ll worry about that later, for now,” she straitened and lifted her long knee length skirt, to reveal her pretty nylon clad honey pot.

I dove in.

“Oh! Who knew you were such a teacher’s pet Kira.”

“I’ll be your pet Miss…”

“Don’t talk,” she grabbed my dark crimson hair to shove my face into her pussy, “God that’s good.”

“Mmmhmm, I purred into her hot little bell,”

“Hold on,” she said, lifting a leg up on to my desk and started grinding my face, “Stick your tongue out.”

I did as I was told, I love giving oral for two reasons, one my tongue is super long and two because I can basically make it do the wave. One thing Dean didn’t notice about Miss Hallingsworth’s nylons is that that there were two small openings between her legs, one for each hole.

“Christ almighty! You have a long fucking tongue, press toward my front. Oh yes,” she moaned, “that’s the spot!”

My tongue is two and a half inches long, and I had all of it berried in her twaught. Then she pulled away and told me to lie on the floor with my eyes closed. Again I did as I was told. A moment later she was pressed to my face and I went right back to work, only for some reason she tasted like cherries. It took a minute of searching before I decided to open my eyes only to find that I was working on her ass hole.

“Put that beautiful tongue in there, nice and deep Kira, if you do I’ sure you’ll have an A on the Novel response from our last class read.”

I, being no stranger to starfish, buried my slick tongue deep. Plus I hadn’t written that response and an A would look real nice on her final grades.

With a moan she started petting her kitty right before she bent down to eat me out. I had to crane my neck and cling to her ass just to keep my tongue in her hole.

Not long after that we orgasmed together in a chorus of muffled whimpered and moans

“So, Miss Hallingsworth, about that message.”

Aunt Nicole, continued

Aunt Nicole and I spent the following afternoon in her goose-feathered bed. I am surprised in thinking back to that day that I can still recall much of what she said, or called out to me in her passion.

She was astride me, heaving up and down. It appeared to be her favorite position and, as a consequence, mine too.

“All … most,” she gurgled. “Almost … there!” I steeled myself for her last flurry of jouncing before her orgasm hit home.

“Right … right now!” she groaned into my chest. “Oh, Jesus, fucking Christ, just fuck me with that big dick! Oh, yes, fuck me!”

I renewed my upward thrusting, and she continued to grind her pelvis against mine, mashing her clit against me until, with a sharp shriek, her vaginal muscles locked down around my cock, and that was it for the two of us. I pushed my hips up one last time and, with my dick buried as deep as I could get it in her cream dripping pussy, I began to spurt about a quart of cum into her. Or so it seemed at the time.

We lay entangled within one another, kissing and cooing like lovesick teenagers. A few minutes later she gasped, “You’re still hard,” with pleased surprise.

“I need to come again for it to stay down,” I told her.

“We can’t have that,” she giggled, and, sliding off my ‘fuck-stick, ‘ as she so lovingly called it, said, “Roll over onto your back again.”

“Any special reason?” I asked, teasingly.

“I wanna suck that big cock of yours. Maybe lick your balls too. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, and rolled over with my knees bent. My cock bobbed left, then right, but remained pointed at the overhead light fixture, as Aunt Nicole knelt in front of me, and gripped it with one hand, while spitting on the other before lubricating my dick. With a huge smile on her face, she leaned down and took me into her oh, so lovely mouth.

I found watching her lips tightly sealed around my cock exhilaratingly erotic. When she turned her eyes up to mine, seeking confirmation that I was enjoying her mouth and tongue, I lost myself to the languid pleasure her mouth provided me. It was eerily quiet in the room, except for the soft slurping sounds of her sucking and the occasional grunt on my part as she touched a new nerve on my cock and triggered a series of exquisite sensations throughout my young body.

“Ooop’s,” she blurted, as somehow my cock slipped from her mouth.

“C’mere,” I moaned, and pulled her mouth to mine. I sucked her tongue, something Aunt Nicole delighted in, and found that I was tasting myself. It felt strange, but rather nice, too.

We spent the better part of forty minutes kissing each other, during which time my fingers caressed the outer folds of her pussy, and her hands fondled my balls and tickled my scrotum.

Moaning loudly, she ended the kiss, murmuring, “I’ve got to get back to business.”

I cried out that I wasn’t finished, and heard her giggling inanely as she slithered down between my legs.

“Oh,” I said as Aunt Nicole studied my cock. “Do you know you have a beauty mark here?”

“Yes,” I replied candidly. Once again I was surprised to find that I could tell Aunt Nicole anything, and did so. “I almost named it Beauty, as a matter of fact.”

She was playing with my foreskin, and asked, playfully, “Why didn’t you?”

“Because Beauty is feminine, isn’t it?”

“Let’s call it Handsome then,” she said and laughed.

“You called me that yesterday,” I reminded her.

“You are, you know. You are very handsome, in all respects. Women will fall all over themselves for you. But you must treat them with respect, and remember, you cannot tell anyone else about what you and they do together. It breeches the love pact the two of you enter into when you make love.”

“I think I understand,” I said.

“On the other hand, there’s a quote I remember that also applies. If I get it right, it goes: ‘All really great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.’ That’s um, a woman named, Marya Mannes. I wrote a paper on her while in college.”

“In other words, words are important in helping a woman to make up her mind,” I said.

“Exactly, my sweet,” Aunt Nicole chirped happily. “Now, Handsome, let’s look at this lovely cock of yours. It’s fortunate that you weren’t circumcised.”


“Why? Well, they would have cut your beauty-mark off,” she said, rubbing her thumb tenderly over the spot.

“No,” I said, disputing her. “Look it’s much further down than where one gets cut for a circumcision.”

“Hmmmm, well, maybe,” she cooed, and kissed my beauty-mark, then licked my cock, already gleaming with her saliva, squeezing it tightly all the while. I was in heaven.

“Did you know the head of your handsome prickie resembles an acorn?”

“I never thought about it that way,” I said, surprised at her observation.

She took the head between her lips, and sucked it fiercely for a moment, then alternated between licking and softer sucking. I groaned in satisfaction.

She was examining my cock once more, holding it aside to let the light play on it. Her fingers traced along the underside of the head, or acorn. “Do you know what this part is called?”

“Err, no, I don’t.”

“It’s the corona. I’m going to pay some serious attention to it. It’s very sensitive. Tell me what you think.”

“Okay,” I said, as she began licking her way around the underside of my cockhead. I tensed up from the sheer pleasure, and called out, “There! Right there! Oh, jeez, that’s the spot!”

Karen hadn’t done this, and I thought she had covered all the bases.

“Like this, my handsome nephew?”

“Oh, yeah!” I groaned.

Her marvelous tongue flickered over that one area, and I felt heavenly. One hand was rolling my testes around, generating another great feeling. And suddenly, my cockhead was engulfed in her mouth and sucked with an intensity I knew was going to get me off.

“I’m gonna cum, Aunt Nicole, I’m gonna cum!” I cried out, wanting to warn her in time.

Slowly, she removed me from between her lips. “I like sucking your cock, Aubrey. It tastes so sweet, and there are so many things for me to play with.”

Oh, Christ! Remind me to return the favor.”

“Oh, I will,” she said, “but I don’t like it when you swear. Please try not to.”

Then she started sucking my balls and teasing my asshole. My hips lurched up, and she redoubled her efforts. Moments later, Aunt Nicole devoured my cock, and began moving her head in a slow, circling motion, that kept me intensely pleasured, but somehow forestalled my need to come for a while longer.

“How,” I blurted, “did you learn this?” I asked, not thinking of how impolite the question was.

She was unperturbed with the question, and answered, “Mmmm, I’m just doing what seems interesting to me. Why, don’t you like it?”

“I love it!” I exclaimed. “You’re so good. I hope I can be half as good.”

“Do you want to suck cocks now?” she asked, teasing me no end.

“No!” I gasped in horror at the thought. “I … I’m not queer, or anything.”

“Oh,” she said, feigning a haughtiness that she was incapable of. “You mean you want to improve on going down … on a woman?”

“Yes!” I said, with a rush, happy to have clarified that embarrassing gaff.

“We’ll work on that later. Right now I’d like you to sit up, please. That’s good. I want to try something different with you.”

I wondered what she could possibly do next, but sat up for her.

Kneeling between my legs, she bent forward and tongued the underside of my balls. I saw stars. Then with my balls resting on her wet tongue, she licked upward to the tip of my cock. I saw rockets bursting in air.

“My lollipop,” she giggled, licking away the precum as it gushed from the tip of my cock. “I’m gonna come,” I shouted.

Aunt Nicole responded by sealing her mouth over me, and sucking harder than ever. Her hand was a blur as she jerked my cock. And I came! Spurt after glorious spurt of cum cascaded into her throat, and she gagged trying to swallow it all. Coughing and choking, she removed my cock from her mouth. I patted her back to help her out, and it seemed to help. A minute passed before she was fully recovered.

“Wow! I didn’t expect all that,” she said, smiling at me with twinkling eyes.

“Here, let me get that,” I said, reaching toward her chin and wiping a gob of cum away.

“Hey, give that back,” she said, mischievously. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am. I like the taste of you.”


“Mmmm, yeah, you’re truly sweet, you know?”

I laughed.

“What’s funny?”

“Three days ago I was jerking off repeatedly, with nary a girl in sight. Now here I am with a woman, not a girl, a real live woman, and I’m not jerking off over her, I’m actually screwing her … you, I mean.”

“Get dressed,” Aunt Nicole said. “We need to get out and get something to eat.”

I don’t recall eating, but I have a vivid recollection of my after dinner desert. All through dinner Aunt Nicole flirted with me, touching me here and there, embarrassing me no end, as I just knew others were aware of her actions. But she knew what she was doing, and the truth was that no one was the wiser.

As for myself, I was too timid to actually touch her while in public. But when we got into her car, and started driving back, she ended my shyness for all time, unbuttoning my pants, and stroking my rigidly perpendicular cock in a soft, teasing way.

Laughing, she leaned over close to it as the pre-cum oozed from the slit in its head.

“Please, watch the road!” I said, fearing the worst.

“Okay,” she said, “but you do me. I can concentrate on my driving, but I want your fingers in me.”

That said, Aunt Nicole shifted slightly, and pulled the hem of her dress to her waist. After I was certain her eyes were on the road, I leaned on her right shoulder and slipped my right hand under the tight elastic of her pantyhose and quickly reached the crotch of her panties. She was hot, of that there was no doubt. My fingers were quickly soaked with cream of her overflowing pussy as they inched their way into her.

Aunt Nicole moaned happily and the car swerved slightly, but she quickly had it under control.

“Watch the speed limit,” I said, concerned that the police might pull us over and cause all sorts of problems.

“I can’t wait, Aubrey,” Aunt Nicole bawled. “I’ve got to pull over!”

“No! Don’t!” I screeched in alarm. “We’ve only got a couple miles to go.”

“I can’t … oh, shit. All right, it wouldn’t do to be caught screwing in the car, would it?”

“It would be worth it, but we don’t need to get caught. A few minutes, that’s all, and we’ll be jumping into your lovely goose-down bedding.”

“You have a way with words, as well as with those fingers … Christ Almighty, I think I’m going to cum!”

Then she gripped the steering wheel tightly with both hands, and shuddered violently. My fingers and hand were instantly covered with a translucent fluid that I took to be her love juice. It wasn’t, of course; she had just ejaculated, but that was far more information than I needed at the time.

Moments later we pulled into her driveway. “That was lovely, Aubrey,” she said, beads of perspiration shimmering on her forehead and lips. You’re a real doll.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, “but please, I hate that name, remember?”

“I’m so sorry, sweetie. Handsome it is. Thank you, Handsome. Now c’mon, let’s fuck our brains out.”

As soon as we entered the house, I slipped my arm around her shoulder. She turned toward me and I felt the firmness of her breast through her skimpy summer dress. No bra. Her nipple stood up long and hard, and I pulled on it as I steered her into the bedroom.

Aunt Nicole fell on the bed, legs akimbo, and I flipped her over on her stomach, and pulled her dress up, enjoying the view her lovely derrière presented. Her panties were stuck to the middle of her twin cheeks. They had that special kind of roundness, very firm, and jutting out. An ass anyone would definitely want to fuck.

My aunt tried to turn over, but I knelt on top of that wild ass of hers and struggled first with her pantyhose, and then with her lacy panties. I think the only reason she tolerated my ineffectual undressing of her heated body was that I continually ground my hard-on into her.

Aunt Nicole was moaning, making wild little sounds, as her ass lifted and pressed back, and made my cock lurch, as I slipped her pantyhose and panties off without tearing either. I still consider that an amazing accomplishment under the circumstances.

“They call this doggie-style,” she muttered. “I love it this way, Aub … I mean, Handsome.”

I knew doggy-style was for me the moment I began rubbing my cock over her asscheeks and wet, wet pussy. I jabbed my cock into her over and over, until she started to scream. But she never screamed for me to stop — that’s for sure.

I hated to, but I paused in mid-fuck to strip my own clothes off. I left my shorts and socks on in my haste to get back into her, but in the final analysis, it didn’t matter.

“You’re so heavy,” she moaned, trying to lift up against my weight. Her entire crotch was dripping as I slipped my right hand beneath her legs. I fingered her for a short time, and then reached around her and filled my hands with her delectable tits, feeling the firm nipples pressing against the skin of my palms. Their pebbled texture remains with me even today, and I heard her moan, as I pulled downward on her areolas, with a tender milking motion.

By this time, we were both soaked with perspiration, our bodies sliding up and down as I slammed my tumescent prick into her until it happened to slip out. Aunt Nicole cried out, “Put it back in!”

I gripped her tits, and lifted my ass up, thrusting automatically with my hard cock into the dampness between her cheeks and legs. When I thought I had found her hole, my first thrust was so hard that it surged halfway in!

Aunt Nicole screamed … but not the usual way. Turns out my cock was in her ass, and hurt like hell. “WRONG HOLE! It’s in the wrong hole!”

“Accident… sorry, I’m so sorry! It was an accident!” I licked and kissed her spinal column as she groaned.

“Don’t worry, auntie… I’ll pull it out… slowly. I’m so sorry.”

She lay perfectly still for a long minute, and when I lifted a little and began to pull my cock out of that smoldering, tight asshole, she suddenly blurted, “No! It… it feels good … I think. Yes, it hurts, but it feels good. Go on, Aubrey… don’t hurt me, but move just a little… slower, okay?”

I didn’t dare move. I did give her nipples one firm, last tug, and then slid my hands down her hot, wet body, easing my dick from her rectum until only the head was inside her.

A moment later, she began to move her ass, and my hands followed the curve of her slender hips until both hands were below her pelvis. As my fingertips tread into her moistened pubic hair she moaned, and I allowed two and then three fingers to slip into her pussy as her liquids spilled over my fingers.

She rolled her ass then, and half-crying, half-moaning with lust, she told me to try it again. My dick already felt as if it was trapped in a velvet glove. I didn’t think I could get it all the way out without hurting Aunt Nicole. Why I never figured out. And so I plunged all the way in again, as she gripped the blanket and wailed, “Do it! Just do it!”

I really began to fuck her then, squeezing past that tight glove of her rectum, until something clicked and suddenly I was gliding easily all the way in and all the way out of the buttery heat of her asshole.

I could feel every inch of her hot tunnel walls clinging to my cock, as I pressed it all the way inside and then pulled it back out, all the way out. Her asshole was slightly dilated in the heat of her sexual relaxation, but it began to close in just a few seconds. Then, back in… ever so slowly.

“Can you feel me, Aunt Nicole?”

“Oh, yes, I can feel you all the way up to my throat, or so it seems.”

“Shall I fuck you harder?”

“Oh, yes, fuck me as hard as you can. This is the first time, maybe the last; I want to make sure I enjoy the experience.”

I kind of went crazy fucking her. My hands held her hips, as I impaled her, and then pulling her back to me, my balls slapping against her pussy, spurred on by her voice, urging me on.

“Oh, Handsome, I can feel your balls hitting my clit!”

She was really into it, lifting up and giving a little twist every time my cock jerked outwards, making me groan with the sudden sweet violence of her sexuality. She was creaming, moaning, and thrusting back at me, meeting each thrust of my cock.

“Oh, Handsome, I… Oh, yes, I’m going to cum!”

Her ass began shaking like an engine, and my fingers on her hips felt her start to shudder. I called her name, and gave one big push against the tightness of her ass, and felt her wet, swollen pussy lips against my balls just as the explosion of cum shot hard into her bowels, once, twice, then a third time.

I may have blacked out for a moment. I’d long since lost an awareness of where I left off and Aunt Nicole began, so merged were we. I awoke, perhaps moments later, slumped over her back, completely drained, and gasping for air. She slowly let her upper body slump forward, and my softening cock was slowly pushed out of her ass.

“Hold me, Handsome,” she murmured, as I fell beside her, one arm and one leg thrown over her prone body. Then we fell asleep.

We did it four more times that night, but did not repeat the anal.

Krista Marie

Two days later, after having had sex with her in virtually every room in the house, Aunt Nicole arranged to have me invited to a cocktail party to meet her best friend, Krista Marie Von Kempf. Aunt Nicole gave me implicit instructions not to stare at the women we would encounter; I recall her exact words even today. “Aubrey, when you are talking to a woman, you don’t look down her dress. Wait until she’s talking to someone else.”

Well, I confess, the second part of that admonition is my own. This advice has proven beneficial over the years, opening doors and other things that might not have parted had I not done so. So I’ll take a second to render a belated ‘thank you, Aunt Nicole. Thank you so very much for the good advice.’

Krista Marie rushed up to us as we arrived and accusingly said, “You’re late, I was afraid you’d chicken out.”

She gave Aunt Nicole one of those wispy air kisses women bestow on each other so as not to mess their carefully applied make-up, and taking my arm, said, “You must be Aubrey; it’s so nice to meet you. I have heard marvelous things about you. Thanks so much for coming to my party.”

“Aubrey,” Aunt Nicole said with a smile, “This is Krista Marie, my closest friend in the world.”

“How do you do?” I said. It was the best I could do under the circumstances, not being used to conversing with adults on their terms.

Krista Marie laughed, and said, “I do very well. Very well indeed,” and to reinforce her words, she added, “Don’t I, Nicole?”

“Yes,” my aunt said, and to me, “Krista Marie has married well… three times, so far.”

Both women laughed as if it were the funniest thing in the world. I managed a smile, but did not understand the reason they were so amused.

I waited a few moments until Krista Marie was engaged with Aunt Nicole, before allowing my eyes to fall to the rest of her body. Like my aunt, she was wearing a bikini with a very revealing top. She was a very attractive woman, whom I later learned was thirty-five, with short, blonde hair, a lot of cleavage, and long, attractive legs.

With me between the two of them, we began walking through Krista Marie’s home, or at least from the entrance through the main living area, heading for the swimming pool where the party was taking place. I could hear the buzz of voices and the soft drone of music coming through the open French doors.

I used to not drink this much coffee. That all changed a couple weeks ago when I was in a rush and starving; I stopped in a coffee shop. The woman behind the counter took my breath away. She looked like a goth dominatrix sex goddess. I tried to keep my cool as I ordered a cookie. Since then I’ve been going to the coffee shop regularly, and I’ve tried to start up conversations with Estelle, that’s her name, but she’s always too busy. I have seen her talking to other customers, but I think they’ve been customers longer than me.

Last night things changed a lot. I went into the coffee shop an hour and a half before closing. It was just Estelle and a super hot blonde girl working. Her nametag told me her name is Stacy. Estelle was professional, but by no means extra friendly as she made my drink. Part of me wanted to ask her what she was doing after work, but I chickened out. I got my drink, sat in one of the comfortable chairs, and started reading my book.

Before I knew it, I was the only customer left in the whole place. Stacy started sweeping, and wiping off the tabletops. She really is very attractive. What a great ass. My mind started to wander. I imagined kissing that ass through her panties. Soon I imagined pressing my tongue to her cunt through her panties, as her wetness spreads. I imagined her grabbing my hair and pulling my head out of her crotch. “Take off my panties, and make me cum.” I imagined pulling her panties down her thighs. What a cute little patch of blonde pubic hair.

“HEY!” I was snapped out of my fantasy, “Hey! Stop staring, pervert.”

“Oh . . . um . . . sorry,” I said as I embarrassingly buried my head back in my book.

Stacy was soon talking with Estelle. I glanced up and could see Estelle staring at me. The next thing I know, I looked up and Estelle was towering over me.

“We’re closing.”

“Oh sure,” I said as I fumbled to get my stuff together. “I guess I was really into my book.”

“Into other things too.”

I really had to go to the bathroom, and I didn’t think I could wait until I got home. I quickly went into the men’s room, and took a piss. As I was leaving the rest room, Estelle went in. I went to the front door of the coffee shop, but it was locked. Stacy came over to let me out.

“Wait, don’t let him out.” Estelle said. “He fucking peed on the floor.”

“I’m so sorry. I was in a rush, but that’s no excuse—”

“No, it’s no excuse at all. I just cleaned that before you went in there.”

“I’m sorry. What can I say? What can I do? I’ll clean it.” I said.

“That’s a great idea.”

I went back into the bathroom. Got some paper towels wet and started to clean the floor around the toilet. I could hear Estelle and Stacy talking a laughing outside the room. I did my best, and opened the door to leave.

“Wait, I want to make sure you did a good job. I’m sure you’re incompetent when it comes to cleaning.” Estelle said, and her and Stacy pushed me back into the bathroom. Estelle pointed to a spot on the floor. “You missed a spot.” I really didn’t see it, but I re-wiped it. “And here, you slob,” I wiped that too. “You’re really something. You’re a wimp aren’t you?”

I was shocked by the question, and didn’t know what to say.

“I can tell you’re a born submissive. I bet you’d be a good slave. Do you ever fantasize about being a slave?”

“Yes. Yes I do.” I had to admit. “And with you as my mistress.”

“You might think this is your lucky day, but we’re going to show you what it’s like to be a slave. See the thing is Stacy wants a slave and I’m going to help her find and train one. Do you want us to test you? I don’t think you’ll really be able to handle it, but this might be the last chance you ever have at getting a hot mistress.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. See the thing is, I’ve fantasized about having a mistress for like fifteen years. I’m not the richest man in the world, so I can’t afford to go to Dominatrix that you pay to see. “Oh my God, I mean Goddess, oh my Goddess yes.”

“We are going to punish you for two things. For staring at Stacy’s ass, and for peeing on the floor, I want you to take off your clothes.”

I was so nervous, and it seemed so sudden, but I knew that if I wanted to explore what I had dreamed about for so long, I had to go for it. I started to take off my clothes. “You just know a little wimp like this is going to have a small dick.” Estelle said. The worst thing is that she was right; I’m only five inches on a good day. I took off my underwear anyway.

“Oh my God, you’re right.” Stacy said. “My boyfriend is so much better.”

“That’s right wimp, Stacy has a boyfriend,” Estelle said. “You’ll just be her slave. You were really staring at her ass, it must have been for at least ten minutes.”

“I’m so sorry Mistress Stacy.” I said. “I . . . well my mind wanders . . . and I really didn’t know I was staring.”

“Oh, isn’t that cute. Stay here, we’ll be right back.” Estelle said. They picked up my clothes. “Don’t worry hon, we’re gonna have some fun with you.” Then they left. What if they left me here? Luckily I didn’t have to worry, they weren’t gone long. Estelle was carrying a big spoon when they came back.

“So you can tell us, what were you thinking about when you were staring at Stacy’s ass?”

“I was fantasizing about licking her pussy, about eating her out.”

“Um, I like that.” Stacy said.

“Yeah, but that really wouldn’t be a punishment, to let you lick that sweet pussy.” Estelle said. “Maybe, some day if you’re a real good slave, you’ll get to lick her cunt. She’ll sit on your face. Would you like that?”

“Yes, very much, yes.”

“Well okay, you’ve got something to work for.” Stacy said.

“But today you’re going to be punished. I want you to get down on your knees, behind Stacy.” I did as told. “So you like Stacy’s ass so much, I want you to kiss it.” I kissed it. “Now the other side.” I kissed the other side, and I kissed it again, and again. Then whack, Estelle smacked my ass with the spoon. “I didn’t say to kiss it more than twice, fucking pervert. Now I want you to get that ass out, stick it fucking out so it’s easy for me to smack. “Okay, now pull down Stacy’s pants, and panties.”

“Oh my fucking luck, if this is punishment, I must be in heaven,” I thought. I gladly did as instructed. My hands were shaking with excitement. “Oh my God, what a thing of beauty.”

“Okay, little slave boy I want you to lick from right below her cunt, and don’t touch her cunt, or you’ll pay. I want you to lick from below her cunt, all the way along her ass crack, over her asshole, and all the way up to her lower back.”

I was mesmerized, by the thought of what Estelle had told me to do.

Whack! The spoon slammed into my backside. I almost fell forward into Stacy. Damn that hurt. “GO!! What the fuck are you waiting for.” Estelle yelled.

I touched my tongue to Stacy, and I was careful not to touch her pussy, even though there was nothing more I wanted. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, with a woman as hot as Stacy. I moved my tongue up along the crack of her ass, all the way to her lower back.

“How did he do?” asked Estelle.

“Not to good. Not good at all. I couldn’t really even feel it.” Stacy.

“I don’t think he’s really slave material.” Said Estelle.

“No, please I can do better.” I said, “I promise.”

“Turn around.” I did as instructed. “Hands and knees, look at the floor, put your head between Stacy’s thighs. I’m giving you five hard whacks for the pathetic job of ass licking. We need a good ass licker.”

“That’s not fair. I didn’t know. You didn’t tell me.”

“Not fair?” Estelle said, “You can leave right now.” I didn’t move. “We expect you to do what we tell you, and we expect you to do it with enthusiasm. Now listen, sometimes I know you won’t be perfect the first time, and that’s when you’ll be punished, like you’re going to be now, that’s how you’ll learn. Put your head between Stacy’s thighs.” I did, and I felt her press her legs together and hold me in place. The five whacks were excruciating. I was so glad when it was over. Then whack. “That last one’s for arguing, bitch.”

Stacy turned back around. I wiped tears off my cheeks. “Oh, he’s crying. I love it when they cry. It’s so cute.” Estelle said. “Now lick that ass crack, and do a fucking good job of it.” This time I pressed my tongue into Stacy, and did the best I could.

“How is it now?” Estelle asked. “Should I give him more spanks?”

“No, he’s perfect. That’s how to lick an ass boy. I could really get used to that. I might need that every day.” Stacy said.

“Isn’t it great what a few well placed smacks to the backside can do?” Estelle said. “I can’t wait to try him out myself one day. But not now, we have a lot more to do. Now I want you to give Stacy here five more good licks along the ass crack, and they better all be as good as what you just did.”

I made sure to concentrate and lick her as well as I did the first time.

“Okay, now my little dicked ass bitch, I want you to lick around the rim of Stacy’s asshole, and if you don’t do a fucking good job, you’ll regret it.” I did as best as I could. “Just keep going around and around, until I tell you to stop.” I kept going around and around. It was probably only for a minute, but it felt longer.

“Stop.” Said Stacy. “Keep your face in my ass, I have to fart.” Before I knew it I was blasted with a fart. “Keep your face in there, you fucking worthless bitch.” Oh my God it was terrible.

“Stacy! You’re too much.” Said Estelle, and both women started laughing.

“Don’t move bitch.” Said Stacy to me. “Oh my goodness, being mean to him is so much fun. I’m getting horny. I can’t wait for my boyfriend to fuck me.” She said to Estelle. They both kept laughing.

“He still has more punishment coming.” Estelle said. “Now bitch, I want you to make your tongue into a straight and hard little poker, and I want you to push it up into Stacy’s ass. After her little fart, she might need a little cleaning.” They both laughed. I did as best I could. “Is that good for you, Stacy?”

“It could be better.” Whack. I felt the spoon slam into me. “No, no, I’m just kidding, it’s okay. Keep it up little bitch.”

“Stacy you’re so mean.”

“You’re the one whacking him.”

“Oh yeah, I know I’m mean, in fact I can be even worse.” Stacy said. “Don’t stop ass licker. Get that tongue all up in that ass hole. That’s where she shit’s from. You know that right, bitch?” They were laughing. “Get up in there as far as you can.” I pushed my tongue as far as it would go; my jaw was starting to hurt. “Okay, okay, you can stop. On your knees, put your hands behind your back, and look at the floor.” I did as instructed, praying that I was doing what she wanted. “That’s what you get for looking at Stacy’s ass. Now we have a good little ass licker. Maybe some day, we’ll have a party with 20 to 40 people, and you can lick everyone’s ass, wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Okay, well that’s the punishment for staring at Stacy’s ass, but you still have to be punished for peeing on the floor.

“Yes mistress.”

“Lay on your back.”

“Yes mistress.” I did as instructed.

“I love this part,” Estelle said to Stacy. She took off her pants.

“I think I love this part too,” I thought. Then she took off her panties. Oh my goodness, I was starting to get hard. Her pussy was nicely trimmed. She stood over me one foot on either side. Now that’s what I called a view. I could get used to this. She squatted down. Her beautiful cunt was right over my face.

“Open your mouth.” She said. “Is she going to have me eat her pussy?” I thought as I opened my mouth.

“I hope you’re thirsty.” Then it hit me; what she was going to do. She wanted to pee on me. I quickly closed my mouth.

“He closed his mouth.” Stacy said.

“Fucking open your mouth. I have to go to the bathroom, and I need a toilet.” Estelle said. I didn’t know what to do. I’d fantasized about this before, but I just didn’t feel ready.

“He’s shaking his head no.” Stacy said. I was shaking my head, and I didn’t even know it.

“Okay, get out.” Estelle said. “We’ll find someone else. It won’t be hard.”

“No please, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just didn’t expect . . . I’ll do it.”

“Too late. We don’t have time for this. If you’re going to be this hard to train.”

“I won’t, I’ll do better. I promise.”

“Stacy, what do you think?” Estelle said. “I’ll let you decide.”

“Well he did a pretty good job licking my ass. We could give him a chance.”

“Okay, one more chance, but you’re really pissing me off.”

“Even though you haven’t peed yet.” Stacy said.

“It’s not even funny Stace,” Estelle said, but I think I caught her give a wink to her friend. “You mister are in for a good belt whipping, then I’ll pee into you, then Stacy will pee into you, then maybe we’ll train you to be Stacy’s slave. So stand up. Fucking hurry. Stacy give me his belt. Hands on the wall above your head. Spread your feet apart. Fucking stick out your ass. You should already know that. You say you’ve fantasized about being a slave. Then you should know to present your ass for a whipping. Keep your hands on the wall. Every time you move them we add five strokes. You’re getting fifty.”

“Whoa, fifty that’s a lot.” Stacy said. I was glad she said it.

“Stacy if you really want a slave, you’re going to have to learn that the best way to get them to do what you want is to be firm. He closed his mouth, when I told him to open it. That’s disobedient. I can’t tolerate disobedience. He’ll make mistakes like not licking hard enough, that’s one thing, and we still punish him for that, but directly questioning an order? No, no I won’t tolerate it.”

“You’re right. Of course you’re right.” Stacy said.

Estelle stood behind me and to the side. She lazily swung the belt and it touched my ass, but not hard.

“One.” I said.

“Oh come on,” Estelle said laughing, “Are you really that stupid? That wasn’t a stroke. I was just testing the distance, for my swing. Look, you don’t even have to count. Just concentrate on keeping your position, and think about the mistake of questioning me or being disobedient to me, or anyone else, Stacy will you count, but not out loud?”


“First I’m going to come in from the side. Tell me when I get to twenty.” Then Estelle swung the belt way back, and holding it with both hands quickly swung it back around and connected with my ass. It almost took my breath away. Before I could process what was happening, it hit again. My hand came off the wall, and I caught myself and put it back. The belt hit again.

“His hand moved.” Stacy said. Smack!

“I know.” Smack!

The blows kept coming. I concentrated on keeping in position.

“Get that fucking pathetic ass out properly” Estelle said. I tried my best to do what she wanted. This was far worse than I’d ever imagined. I guess that’s why they call it punishment.

“Twenty” Stacy said.

“Quickly slave, get on your knees, with your face on the floor, and your ass nice and high up in the air.”

I did what she wanted. She swung the belt over her head, and brought it crashing down. “Tell me when I get to forty.”

“I could get into it this way.” Stacy said.

“Yeah, it is a fun position.” Estelle said as she continued to thrash me.

“You’re really giving it to him.”

“Is he crying yet? I want him to cry.” Smack. Smack. Smack.

“I think he’s almost going to cry.” Stacy said. Smack. Smack.

“This would be better if I had my cane.” Oh my Goddess, I don’t know if I would be able to take that.

“That’s forty.”

“Stand up. Bend over, and grab your legs as far down them as you can. Now move so that the back of your head is touching the wall. It will help you from falling forward.”

“Thank you.”

“Thanking me is the best thing he’s done all day. Now I want to hit him right at the top of his legs right below his ass. Tell me when I reach sixty.”

“Fifty five.” I said. Could I be more stupid?

“Don’t question me.”

I didn’t think the strokes could get any harder, but they did. I could feel the blood rushing to my head. I wanted this so much, but was this worth it. No, I made it this far; I’ve got to make it. Estelle yelled as she delivered a stroke. It scared me. She yelled again. She hit me right where she wanted. Smack. Smack.

“That’s sixty.”

“On your knees, look at the ground.” I did what she said. Tears streamed down my face. I don’t know why, but I had a brief thought that Estelle would be nice to me, since I took her beating. I was wrong.

“You fucking slave. You never question me. You got five extra strokes for moving your hand, and you got five extra strokes for changing positions too slowly.”

“I’m sorry.” Estelle slapped me.

“You’re pathetic. I’ve had to deal with your pervert ass coming in to my coffee shop these last few months. I’m sick of it. Then you disrespect Stacy, by staring at her ass. Wait look up. Stacy slap him.”

Stacy slapped me, even harder than Estelle had.

“Then you make a mess. You don’t even know how to lick an ass, until we tell you. Now you’ve made me hold going to the bathroom, because I had to punish you. Lie down, and open your mouth toilet. You better get used to this, hundreds of people are going to use you toilet. She stood over me again, and this time I had no fantasy of eating out her gorgeous cunt, I knew what she was going to do. She wasted no time, she just let go, and her piss came at me hard and fast. It hit my eyes, then my nose, and then it went right in my mouth. I wasn’t ready. It stung the back of my throat, and I coughed and spat. She stopped while I recovered. When I was somewhat better, Estelle reached down and smacked my face a couple times. “Do better. Open.” I opened my mouth, and she blasted me again with piss. I tried to keep it in my mouth, but didn’t do a good job. After what seemed like a long time she stopped. “Lick me clean toilet.” I gladly did. She threw me a rag and had me wipe up some on the floor. When the rag was full she made me ring it out into my mouth. She was so mean. I loved it. I always have wanted someone to be mean to me, I don’t know why. “Lay back down, Stacy has to pee toilet. Do a fucking better job than you did with me.”

“I want to slap him again.” Stacy said. “I don’t know why.”

“Go ahead slap him. He’s your slave.”

Stacy slapped me very hard, and then again. I was starting to get concerned that Estelle was the really mean one, but Stacy might be more than I was giving her credit for.

“I love that.” Stacy said. “Okay, be the toilet slave I’ve got to piss even more than Estelle did.” They laughed. I lay down and opened my mouth. Stacy started to pee, and I was still not doing a good job swallowing. As she peed on me, she stopped five or six times and slapped me. Yeah, my mistress was going to be mean enough all right.

I guess I should have known. Everything with Rachel was far too easy; the way we met, the way we hit it off, the way I ended up back at her apartment on our first date.

I should have known it was all a set up.

This all happened in my third year of college. Me and Rachel hadn’t really spoken much; partly because I was quite shy around women and partly because she was best friends with Kathleen.

Kathleen and I went to high school together and we both pretty much hated each other. All this stemmed from the fact she was a total bitch, a fantasist and a pathological liar who took the greatest of pleasure in other peoples misfortune. My best friend Jason (for some reason) had dated her for the best part of a year.

I guess it was probably down to the way she looked. Objectively speaking Kathleen was beautiful. She was short in a petite kind of way, with shoulder length auburn hair which she died dark brown and freckles around her small dainty nose. If her personality wasn’t so repulsive I might have been jealous of Jason, but the fact was she was vile. She was head of a clique of girls that used to gossip and bitch about everyone in our school. When Jason was around her she turned him into a total sap; she was high maintenance, didn’t like him hanging out with his friends and was insanely jealous when he so much as talked to another girl. I thought after we finished school and Jason dumped her I wouldn’t have to deal with her again but we ended up at the same college.

I met Rachel at a party, she had come up to me and engaged me in some small talk and we kind of hit it off. At first I was sceptical, knowing she was good friends with Kathleen but she was nice and we seemed to be getting on. When she told me to come back to her place I didn’t have to think twice. We ended up passionately kissing in her hallway at which point I thought my nuts were about to explode. When she whispered in my ears that she wanted to tie me up and blindfold me I agreed on the spot. Amongst a hurricane of kissing and fumbling I found my self stripped to my boxers and spread eagled to a bed, at which point Rachel kissed me deeply on the mouth and slipped a blindfold over my face. I heard her giggle and walk across the room. The door was slammed shut and then, silence.

Some minutes later I heard the bedroom door handle creak and heard footsteps make their way over to the bed. I felt the coldness of bare thighs straddle my chest and the warmth of a girl’s crotch settle just bellow my neck. The weight shifted until I felt the a naked ass resting on my chest, she must have been wearing a thong I remember thinking. I felt myself getting hard. A hand began massaging my penis through my boxer shorts. It was only when I heard a snort of laughter and a voice saying. “You enjoying yourself?” That’s when my body froze. It wasn’t Rachel’s voice.

“Rachel,” I cried out. “Somebody’s in your room!”

“Oh Rachel knows I’m here,” came the reply, “she helped me plan this little revenge.” The blindfold was pulled off and I was left staring up into Kathleen’s grinning face. She was wearing only a matching black lacey bra and thong panties. It pained me to admit it but she looked stunning even if she had put on a few pounds since high school.

“What revenge?” I replied back at her.

“Well in order to get her to help me I told her you got me drunk and tried to have sex with me at your 18th birthday party.” She said. “And that’s why you avoid me at college… But I think we both know the real reason you’re here.”

“You’re crazy.” I shouted at her. “I haven’t done anything to you!”

“We both know that isn’t true.” She said as she slapped me hard in the face, a look of seething anger in her eyes. “I know you got Jason to break up with me.” She hissed. “I know that you fancied me. And you were jealous; and so you got him to end it with me before college. Then with Jason out of the picture you were going to try and seduce me here… As if you ever had a chance.”

“You’re a fucking fantasist. Jason dumped you because you were a bitch.” I shouted up at her; for the first time fighting out against the handcuffs securing me to the bed.

“Well that’s not important any more.” My face stung as she slapped me again. “What’s important,” she said menacingly, “is that I have you here now to teach you a lesson. You’ll be pleased to know that Rachel has left me her video camera so we can keep a record of a night together.”

I noticed the camera and tripod set up across the room, pointing at the bed. “What are you going to do to me?” I asked, my voice cracking.

“Well first I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted.” She giggled evilly as she adjusted her knees to either side of my head. She began sliding her pantied crotch back up towards my face. “I hope having my pussy on your face doesn’t stop you from breathing.”

I could already feel the dampness of her vagina on my naked torso before she slowly slid it up over my face. She was obviously enjoying this. I tried to buck my head from side to side but she gripped it between her hands. I can remember the wicked smile on her face before my face became covered by by the black lace of her underwear. As I struggled for breath under her, my nostrils became full of the musky scent of her sex. My face was was slimy as she ground her pubic mound against my nose and mouth. I could hear her laughing as I gasped and struggled for air. It was after a few minutes that my vision began to get blurry and I became light-headed. I slowly drifted out of consciousness.

I was woken by a slap that clipped the side of my head. My face was damp and raw. Kathleen was now perched below my neck her left hand was dipped inside her now soaking panties. She was furiously rubbing her clit while preparing to hit me again with her right hand. I flinched as her hand stung my cheek. “Take it bitch.” She smirked down at me.

She began letting out soft moans and I knew she was about to climax. Her weight shifted again as she raised herself above my face. With her right hand she roughly pulled down the front of her thong and for the first time I set eyes upon her neatly shaved pussy. “Open your mouth bitch.” She ordered.

Maybe it was the lack of oxygen, or the stinging pain in my cheeks but I meekly obeyed eliciting a snigger of delight. I knew what was going to happen but I was too tired to fight it. A few seconds later she let out a shriek of pleasure and clear liquid began spurting out of her cunt and into my face. She continued rubbing herself as my face became drenched in her squirt. My eyes, nose and mouth were coated in her salty liquid.

Above me Kathleen was moaning. “That’s it bitch swallow my cum. Drink it all down you little creep… How does my squirt taste you fucking loser?”

This all happened for about 30 seconds but it felt like an eternity. For about minute afterwards I lay there motionless in shock as Kathleen sat back on my chest smiling and panting. After she had got back her breath she grabbed my cum soaked chin firmly in her right hand. Kathleen had realized that I hadn’t yet swallowed and my mouth was still partially filled with her squirt.

“Swallow my cum.” She told me in a threatening voice. “But first,” she added “swill it round your mouth like a fine wine”

Although my brain was telling me not to do it, I closed my mouth and swashed her squirt round my mouth before finally managing to swallow.

Kathleen erupted into a fit of laughter. “You really are a little bitch.” She shrieked down at me. “Now thank me for cumming in your mouth.”

“Please Kathleen,” I muttered in response, “you’ve done enough to me.”

“Thank me for cumming in your pathetic mouth .” She said again, this time sending a clenched fist straight into my exposed testicles.

The pain was immediate and unbearable, amongst splutters and groans I managed to say. “Thank you Kathleen for cumming in my mouth.”

“Now what can you do to repay me…” She grinned down at me. “I know!” She said mockingly. She rotated herself round so that she was now facing away from me; trapping my head between her feet. I felt her grab my balls with one hand and begin to lightly squeeze. “Beg to kiss my ass, boy” She demanded in an arrogant tone looking back down at me and brushing her sleek auburn hair over her shoulder.

At this point I just wanted the ordeal to end, my spirit broken I started trying to appease her by pleading to kiss her ass. “Please Kathleen… I know I’m not worthy but please let me thank you by kissing your beautiful ass.”

“Well…” said Kathleen massaging my balls in her hand, “since you asked so nicely.” She moved back and lowered her ass to over my chin all the while starring smugly into my eyes. “What are you waiting for? Get kissing!”

I stretched my neck and reluctantly started showering her smooth left ass cheek with kisses. This had to be the most humiliating experiences of my life made worse by the camcorder resting in the corner and the self-satisfied giggles coming from above me. Here was a girl that I hated making me kiss her ass. I felt like I wanted to cry.

“That’s it boy, keep smooching my backside.” She taunted me, “Yes that’s it you ass kisser. Now how about you show some love to the right cheek.” I obeyed, my mouth brushing past the black material of her thong as I turned my attention to the other side. “You know; I think we’ve found your calling in life, being my ass kisser. Oh how I’ve longed to make you do this.” She let out a burst of laughter. “Tell me how much you love it.”

I complied just hoping it would make it all end sooner. “I love kissing your ass Kathleen.” I said before returning to my task.

“Tell me how beautiful my ass is, boy”

“Your ass is the most beautiful thing in the world.” I responded, feeling utterly pathetic as I did.

“Well seeing as you’ve behaved so well.” She continued, “I’m going to let you move up from a peck on the cheek to full first base.” She shot me a seedy wink as both her hands slowly moved over her buttocks and began pulling apart her crack. She plucked the material of her thong under the index finger of her right hand to revel her asshole.

“Kathleen!” I begged, “you’ve humiliated me enough. Please don’t make me do this, it’s disgusting.”

“Now now.” she replied in a sing-song voice, “I think you should tell me how beautiful my asshole is and how much you want to smell and taste it… That is unless you want me to rip your balls off,” she laughed.

I felt physically sick at the sight in front of me. If I told you before how attractive Kathleen was, then it was only from my memory because now every time I think of her all I can picture is that brown crinkly orifice, hovering just inches from my face.

“I want to taste and smell and kiss your asshole.” I finally managed to force out.

Kathleen giggled as she looked down at me. ” OK then, time to pucker up.” She pouted and made a long smacking noise with her lips. “And don’t be afraid to slip in a little tongue.”

This had to be the worst moment of my life, I remember thinking as I moved my lips up to her wrinkled asshole, in a few seconds time I would have the taste of her shit in my mouth. I closed my eyes and pushed my face deeper into her ass. I felt a shudder of excitement run up Kathleen’s body as my lips rested on her sphincter.

“Oh my God,” she said slowly after a few moments had elapsed, “I can’t believe you’re actually kissing my asshole. That is so hot. You know… for the rest of your life you will have to live with the fact that you’ve actually kissed where I shit from.” She began laughing at the thought. “Now how about you start licking it goddamit, I know you’re dying for a taste.”

I gingerly stuck out my tongue and flicked it against the creased skin of her hole. This was it, the bitter taste and earthy smell was her shit and there I was licking it up. Kathleen was beside herself with laughter. There I was; a guy who she must have known despised her, tied to her bed forced to pleasure her ass with his tongue.

“Faster bitch!” She ordered between low moans. “Now make circles with your tongue. Yes that’s it, put it in deeper. I want you to savour the taste of my ass in your mouth, loser.” I could feel the heat and dampness of her pussy dripping over my neck. “Let me think, did I remember to wipe my ass when I went to the toilet?” She quipped. “Not that it matters now I have my own human toilet paper.” I guess she must have climaxed again, albeit less violently as the cruel taunts were replaced with rhythmic groans. After she was done she moved forward again and turned round to stare at me with her arrogant eyes.

“How was it for you?” She asked playfully.

“Please let me go now.” I pleaded, “You’ve got what you wanted.”

“Oh that’s true,” she replied, “but I’m worried I’ve been too selfish… So I’ve decided to give you a present too.” And with that she violently sat back down on my face wiggling back and forth so that my nose was pressed firmly into her asshole, that was now wet with my saliva. The smell was horrible. I felt her bodyweight shift slightly again before a long hissing fart erupted up my nostrils. I wanted to die, the tears that I was holding back started streaming down my cheeks as another foul smelling fart vibrated around my face. This went on for a few more minutes before Kathleen lent forward and said curtly. “Thank me.”

I felt her roughly grab my balls once again and so I did just that. “Thank you for farting in my face.” The words stung as I looked back into her smirking eyes.

“Kiss my ass again.” and with that she once again pulled her cheeks aside to show me her anus. I complied. And as soon as my open lips reached her puckered office a long wet fart escaped into my mouth. I gagged and spluttered as Kathleen screamed with laugher and sat back smothering me under her weight. I passed out fairly quickly, subconsciously wanting to escape from the moment. Hopefully this would all be over when I came around I thought to myself, unfortunately I was wrong.

This older true story is from 2003, but thought I’d post it anyway…

This story is 100% true. I met my first Mistress online at a BDSM board about 2 months ago. She lives in the same city as I work. One of the best things I love about her is that when she cums, she squirts, and I mean a lot. She also has already started whoring me out to other women(one so far).

We only had about an hour before we both had to be back to work so it didn’t give us much time, but that is about the only way we could meet with our work schedules like they are. Luckily she only lives about 5 minutes from where I work.

We entered her apartment and she walked to the back to get my collar. I new I was suppose to start undressing at the door and wait for her return(from past sessions). When she came back I already had my clothes off, nothing on but what she told me to wear under my cloths. I left on my nipple clamps, harness that held a 7″ cock in my ass, and pink g-string panties. I got down on all fours as she put my collar on and then attached a dog leash to it. She had her clothes off and led me over to the couch where she sat. She had me face away from her with my ass towards her. She saw the dildo strapped into my and pushed it in further with her feet.

“That feel good, pussy boy.” she said.

She did this several times almost pushing me forward and loosing my balance.

“Turn around!” she said.

I turned around and she pulled me toward her by pulling on my nipple clamps.

“That feel good?” she said as she smiled at me.

I quickly responded in between grunts, “Yes Mistress.”

She opened her legs and pulled her pussy and ass apart and commanded, “Eat my ass, pussy boy.”

I moved to her ass and she pulled her ass cheeks apart. I stuck my tongue in her ass as far as I could reach and licked all around. She had a habit of pushing her asshole out like she was shitting so I could lick everything down there. I laid my tongue down flat on her asshole and licked like a puppy dog. I heard her moan so I knew I was pleasing her.

“Lick my pussy, slut.” she commanded next.

I moved my tongue up to her pussy and started licking on her clit.

She would take her hand and push my head into her pussy and say, “That’s it… keep licking pussy boy.”

I licked her pussy and asshole for about five minutes before she said, “I’m going to cum, if you miss a drop it’s more paddling for you.”

The she grunted a few times and her pussy juices squirted out all over my mouth and face. I pushed my mouth over her pussy but her squirting was to much, I couldn’t swallow it all. She squirted about five long streams before she stopped. I lifted my cum soaked face up and looked at her.

“Looks like you didn’t get it all, slut. Turn around.” she commanded.

I’m on all fours and she sits on my back facing my ass.

She takes her crop and says, “Count them out and say ‘Thank you Mistress.’ after each one.”

“Whack!” right on my right ass cheek.

“One… thank you Mistress.”

“Whack,” on my left ass cheek.

“Two… thank you Mistress.”

“Whack… whack… whack…”

She lit my ass up. It was really stinging but I continued to count them out up to 15 whacks.

Then she stopped and said, “Go take the cock out from your ass.”

I went to the bathroom and took the panties off then removed the cock with harness. My ass felt so empty after the cock came out. I put the panties back on and crawled back to her sitting on the couch. She had some cloths pins next to her and she told me to put one on each of her nipples. I felt so honored to be able to do this. I carefully place one on each of her nipples. She took a few cloths pins and placed them on my cock and balls and then proceeded to spank my cock and balls with the crop. After a few minutes of spanking she pulled the cloths pins off.

She took the leash and I followed her into the bedroom and she layed a towel on the floor. She had lit up a cigarette and made me hold the ashtray while I was on the floor on all fours. She got her strap-on out and put it on.

“Time for me to take your ass, pussy boy.”

She walked up in front of me with her 8″ cock and put some lube on it.

“Open your mouth.” she said as she smiled at me looking up at her.

I opened my mouth and she pushed about 4 inches in my mouth. She fucked my mouth for a while. I couldn’t get but about half in my mouth before I would gag.

She said, “We’ll have to work on you deep throating this cock in the future.”

She told me to get on all fours and she got behind me. She put the ashtray on my back with her cigarette in it.

“Don’t let this fall.” she commanded.

She pushed the head of her cock into my ass but it had trouble getting in. It was bigger than the cock I had in my ass earlier. After a few attempts, the head slipped in.

“Ohhh…” I moaned.

She pushed the full eight inches in my ass all at one, then pulled it back out. It felt like a bat had enterd my ass and then grabbed my insides and pulled them out. It was not what I was expecting… I thought it would be a little more pleasurable. She did this several times. It wasn’t painful, just not as pleasurable as I had thought.

I was thinking, “I better get used to it though, because I sure will be doing more of this.”

She fucked me in the ass for a while then pulled out. My ass felt so wide open, I’m sure she could see in my ass.

“Get up and sit on my cock!” she said.

I stood while she laid on the floor. I moved over the top of her cock and sat down until the cock head touched my asshole.

She smiled at me and said, “Go ahead, sit on it.”

I forced myself down over the cock head and once the head was in I sat all the way down on the cock. It still hurt, but I tried not to complain(slaves don’t complain).

She told me, “Fuck yourself on my cock.”

I tried to ride up and down the cock like a slut wanting a big cock. My balance was a little off so I wasn’t a pro, but I think I did OK. My ass was definitely on fire.

She told me to get up after a few more minutes. She took the strap-on off and laid on the bed with her legs facing me on the side of the bed.

She pulled her legs apart and pushed her asshole out and smiled saying, “Eat my ass, whore.”

I was standing, so I bent down and started licking her ass again. Pushing my tongue deep in her ass and cleaning her asshole was my only thoughts.

“Lick my clit!”, she commanded.

I moved up and started sucking on her pussy. She was still wet with cum from before and it made it all the more better.

I continued this for several minutes and she announced, “I’m cumming… make sure to drink it all… ahhhhh”.

Then she started squirting, I mean a lot. I placed my mouth over her opening and started to drink… I couldn’t drink it down fast enough and it started running down to her ass. She came over and over again. She was actually pissing her cum in my mouth.

After she stopped cumming, she looked down at me with my whole face soaked and said, “You didn’t drink it all again, what does that mean?”.

“More whacks, Mistress.” I said looking like I had just drowned.

“Clean the cum from my ass.” she said as she spread her asshole out.

I dove down again and clean her ass of the remaining juices.

“Come up here and suck on my tits.”, she said.

I crawled up on the bed and layed head down into her chest. She has beautiful breasts that are pierced. I love sucking on them also. I sucked each one, pulling and bitting at them. She likes me to bit harder, but I’m afraid I will hurt her. She pushes me back down to her pussy and them gives me a rabbit vibrator. This is the one that is a vibrating dildo with a clit stimulator on it.

She said, “Make me cum again with the rabbit.”

I pushed the rabbit inside her and turned on the vibrator. She started to gyrate her hips to fuck the rabbit. It didn’t take her but about five minutes of me licking her pussy and her fucking the rabbit for her to squirt again. As soon as she started squirting, I removed the rabbit and was splashed with her cum on my chin.

She grabbed my head while she was still squirting and said, “Drink it up slut.”

I moved my mouth down on her cumming pussy and started to drink again. After few minutes after her orgasm, I cleaned her pussy and ass again.

She removed the cloths pins from her nipples and let the blood rush back to them.

She smiled at me and said, “You’ve been a good pussy boy today so I will let you cum. Lay down on the bed.”

I laid down on the bed and she reached in her bag and pulled out a rubber glove and some lube. She greased up a few fingers and slid them into my ass. Ohh… it felt so good. I love having fingers in my ass. She told me to stroke my cock and get hard but not cum. It didn’t take me long to get hard with her finger fucking me.

“Don’t cum until I say so, slut.” she said.

Next she pushed my ass up over my head so my cock was almost pointing at my face.

“OK… you can cum when I say so.” she said.

I was stroking my cock faster and faster building up my cum.

“Ohh… can I cum Mistress? Please.. may I cum?” I said.

She smiled and said, “Yes, slut, you may cum.”

That was all I needed and I started jerking, my ass clamping down on her fingers. I started to shoot all over my stomach. I was not far enough to reach my face. She used her free hand and started scooping up the cum in her hand.

She pushed her hand into my mouth saying, “Eat it all.”

I greedily licked my cum from her hand. She did this several more times to make sure she got it all. She pulled out her fingers from my ass and I fell back to the bed.

She smiled at me saying, “Did you like that?”

I smiled back, “Yes Mistress, I loved that.”

I took a shower at her place and got dressed to leave. Before I could say goodbye, she asked me if I was wearing the pink g-string I wore into her apartment. I said no, so she made me put them back on before I left. I was totally relaxed at work that afternoon.

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