ass lick

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story contains fictional accounts of extramarital, multiple partner, and unprotected sex. If this is not your cup of tea, please feel free to move on. If you haven’t read any of the prior stores, I recommend at least chapter one, possibly one through three. Please note that this chapter, without giving anything away, contains activities not covered in the others.

If you have stuck with the series from the beginning, thank you, and I hope this chapter will continue to entertain. Thanks for reading!



When I woke the next morning Sue was still asleep, Marybeth was gone, I wondered if I had dreamed them going at it after I passed out. As I showered and dressed I marveled at how the night had gone, and at all the things I had learned about my wife, and about my friends. I reveled in the memories of seeing my fantasies come to life, and of helping Sue see hers realized as well. What a slut she turned out to be! I could only imagine what our sex life would be like after these nights. She was off tonight, so I let her sleep, and after dressing went down to eat breakfast.

Mike and Marybeth were already there. Marybeth, ever the early riser, looked no worse for the wear and tear of our previous night’s escapades. As we chatted over coffee I could picture her with Sue’s hand stuffed in her cunt, squirting her cum in Sue’s mouth, and remembering how passionate the girls had been, licking each other’s pussies. She caught me staring at her a couple of times, and smiled. I could only hope that she was remembering our night as fondly as I did.

I finished eating, and went down to the beach alone as Mike and Marybeth went to shower. They met me later, and we hung out. Around eleven Sue finally made an appearance, looking fresh as a daisy. The day progressed as the others had, only Sue took her leave early in the afternoon, and went to town to do some shopping. At three o’clock Marybeth excused herself, kissed Mike, then kissed me, and told us not to be late. She told us to be in her room in boxers only, and walked off.

Mike and I sat in awkward silence for a few minutes.

“Been one hell of a week so far,” he finally said.

Not wanting to break the no talking rule at this late date, I just nodded.

“One more night,” he said. “You ready?”

“You bet,” I answered, feeling safe. “Should we go get ready?”

“In a few.” He stayed silent a few more minutes. Then he turned and recognized my discomfort in talking. “Listen, I know we have rules, and we’ve all been good about keeping them,” he said. “I’m not trying to step outside our agreement.” He grinned. “It’s been too much fun. If it gets ruined, it won’t be my fault.” I relaxed a little. “But we can talk. We just can’t talk about what we’ve done.” He motioned with his hand. “We can kinda talk around the edges of it. Like I can say I hope you had a good time last night. Or that I had a lot of fun on Sue’s night. Or that I think Sue is a fabulous woman, even more than I did before. Like that.” He paused. “Or that I think the girls talked a little with each other between the planning weekend and this week.”

I turned to look at him. “It’s just a suspicion, mind you. But knowing Marybeth’s need for control, and what I’ve observed, I’d swear that they talked.” He paused. “Not that I care, mind you. It’s probably made the week better than it would have been by accident. So it’s okay by me.” Another pause. “I’m just saying they talked. Not saying we should.”

“She does like her control, that Marybeth,” I interjected.

“Tell me about it. She’s not crazy about it, and she’s okay with being kidded about it. But she likes being in charge.”

“She’s pretty good at it, you have to admit.”

“No doubt, no doubt. That’s most of the reason that it’s only humorous and not unbearable.” He started to stand. “Listen, I have some extra things to do to get ready, it’s gonna take me a little longer, so I’ll go up first. Give me about fifteen — twenty minutes. Relax a bit. Do what I do when I have a few minutes to myself.”

“Jerk off?”

“You ass. No, think about your wife, and how lucky you are.” He turned and headed to the house. His last comment surprised me a little. Of course I appreciated Sue, but I stopped to think about it then. Besides all the ways we got along in day to day life, and all the ways I loved her and she loved me. Beside what she did that made me love her, and what she did that I loved her in spite of. In addition to all that, we had always been sexually compatible. We had enjoyed the same things, our desires had been evenly matched. We shared a sense of adventure. And this week I’d learned that her sense of adventure, while not identical to mine, was certainly parallel and even! And we had each reveled in the others fantasy night. I know she hadn’t disappointed me, and I hope I did the same for her. I found myself then, alone, smiling, and with a new admiration for the complexities of our marriage and relationship. I got up, feeling pretty good, and headed for the house. The feeling stayed with me as I showered, and shaved and groomed myself for the final of the four fantasy threesome nights.

At four, Mike and I in our boxers made out way from my bedroom to Mike and Marybeth’s. The mood was light and anticipatory. We stopped at the door. Mike reached for the knob, but didn’t open it. He turned to me. “You may have noticed that Marybeth’s need for control creeps into her sexual activities,” he whispered.

“Yeah,” I grinned, “I think I’ve experienced some of that.”

“You may experience more tonight my friend,” he intoned, and opened the door.

Images flashed through my head of Marybeth in a cartoonish black leather dominatrix outfit, cracking a whip, but as we entered I saw nothing of the sort; in fact it was almost disappointingly innocent. Marybeth sat erect on the corner of the bed in lacey panties and a matching bra, legs spread, hands on her knees. She grinned as we entered.

“Ah, my toys are here. Right on time, gentlemen, and I love punctuality.” She looked both radiant and seductive, her makeup and hair done lightly, and her eyes had that fiery hunter look I’d seen last night. Her lips were in a red lipstick I’d never seen her wear before, and the corners of her mouth turned up in a sly grin. “As you can see, my fantasy doesn’t include much undressing. I thought about starting us all out completely naked, but then I thought it was too much work.” She grinned, then stopped. “I want fingers and tongues and cocks, boys, and I like my cocks hard. Come over here and let’s see them.” She directed us to stand in front of her and pulled down the front of our boxers. Neither of us were hard, and she fondled our dicks as she spoke. “Not good, boys. Turn around.” We did, and I felt my boxers pulled down in the back. “Butts look good, though,” I heard her say, then was surprised to feel a hard slap on one cheek. I started at the sudden impact, and cried out. My ass stung, and before I could react I felt the second one struck the same. Both cheeks heated up, and I heard two more slaps, assuming Mike got his done.

“You two are mine tonight,” she said softly behind us, as her hand stroked my heated butt cheeks, soothing the heated sting. “To do with as I please.” Her hand slipped away for a second, and then I felt a wet fingers slip between my cheeks, probing for my asshole, finding it. My cock reacted, twitching and starting to fill, and her fingertip entered me. “M-mm,” she said, almost to herself, “warm and tight, like I like them. Are you getting hard?” She pulled her finger out and turned us around. My cock stood half hard now, above the waistband of my boxers. “Better,” she said. She reached between her tits and undid the front clasp of her bra, exposing her breasts. She cupped them, her thumb brushing her nipples, which were hard already, and my dick got harder. “Suck my tits, boys.”

We got down on our knees and leaned in, me on the left, Mike on the right. From the corner of my eye I saw him take the nipple and suck as I licked around her areole and teased the hard bud. She pulled my hair. “Not tease. Suck.” She pulled my head into her, and I sucked, hard, and she groaned in response. I bit a little and she groaned more. I pulled it with my teeth, sucked hard, and pulled her nipple away from her chest, and listened to her react. Her hand was on the back of my head, stroking my hair. Her nipple was hard in my mouth, a succulent morsel of flesh. I hope she was enjoying it as much as I was. She sounded like she was. I made a sound to show my appreciation, and she liked it.

“O-oo, yeah, you like to suck, don’t you, Jason?” she cooed. I muffled an affirmative, my mouth filled. “You’ll get more of that in a little while,” she finished, and pulled our heads away by the hair, a little roughly. She told us to stand and drop the boxers. She shrugged off the bra and wiggled out of her panties as we did. She sat back on the corner of the bed, spread her legs again, showing us the beautiful shaved pussy I had seen for the first time a month ago, and had enjoyed so much the previous night. She saw me looking.

“You like my cunt, Jason? Remembering last night? The things you made me do?” Her voice was insistent, but playful.

“Very much,” I answered. My cock was rock hard now, sticking straight out. So was Mike’s.

“You liked making me do things, didn’t you?” I said I did, and she said, “I liked doing them. And I bet you’ll like what I make you do.” She grabbed our cocks then, firmly but not rough, and stood up, stepping from the bed, turning us to face her. She dropped to her knees and took Mike’s cockhead into her mouth, holding mine. I saw her tongue swirl around his cockhead, and then she slipped her lips down his shaft, taking about half his shaft into her mouth. She looked up at Mike as she sucked him, making sounds that expressed her enjoyment. The hand she kept on me held my rod firmly. Then, Mike still filling her mouth, she looked up at me. She popped his cock out with a loud sucking sound.

“You’re next,” she said to me. “But first, get on your back.”

I lay on the floor as she directed, and she lifted a knee over my face, lowering her wet, shaved pussy to my mouth. Looking up, I could see her breasts and her chin as she resumed sucking her husband. I could see her head moving forward and back onto his shaft, her mouth pumping his meat as I sucked her wet labia into my mouth, driving my tongue between them. I tasted her juices filling my mouth, and sucked her honey out of her, then jammed my tongue into her as far as I could reach. I heard her muffled squeal around Mike’s meat, and she squirmed a little. I was licking up to her clit in long strokes as I heard another popping sound, and I looked up only to have a string of her drool drop onto my face from her mouth and Mike’s cock. I blinked as it hit me, and stopped licking, trying to wipe it off.

She reached to my face and squeezed my nose. “Hey” she said, looking down at me. “Did someone say stop? Get your fucking tongue back to work, buddy.” She shifted her hips, rubbing her pussy from my nose to chin. “Try not to let my slobbering distract you.” She sucked wildly on Mike as I watched, intentionally drooling on it, allowing the excess to fall to my face. She stopped, looked down at me again, fingers spreading her saliva on my face. “Remember,” she teased, “you’re next. Now lick.” She began sucking Mike’s cock again, pulling it into and out of her mouth, using lots of saliva so it would drip more. I tried to ignore it as I drove my tongue up inside her wet snatch, and licked her hardening clit. Her pussy gushed into me every time my tongue parted her lips. But I couldn’t stop staring at her mouth working Mike’s shaft, seeing her lips stroking and sucking, her tongue twirling and licking. She was really going to town on him, making noises with her efforts.

After a few more minutes she looked down at me again, saw me watching her. “You like that, don’t you Jason?” She was holding Mike’s cock, wet and slick, against her face, smearing the drool at her lips. Her fingers glistened with wetness too. She lifted her leg off me, and made me get up and kneel next to her. “You wanna see?” I was facing her, seeing her sliding her wet hand on his shaft. She kissed me then, hard and hot, her wet lips and face pressing into me, tongue inside my mouth. “M-mm, I taste pussy,” she oozed. “Tell me, can you taste cock?” She pushed her mouth down Mike’s hard shaft, one hand on the base, the other around my neck, holding me there, pressing my cheek to hers as she sucked him.

I watched, felt her tongue slip out to swirl around his cock head. She turned, kissed me again, smearing my face with her saliva, then turned and took Mike’s cock into her mouth again. She pushed it into her cheek, fuck, I could feel it pushing out against my face, then she pushed her mouth all the way down, holding me with her as she took it into the back of her mouth. She held it there a few seconds; I felt her muscles working him, and then pulled off, and kissed me wetly, her mouth filled with saliva, tasting a little of precum. As she kissed me she rubbed the head of his cock at her face, touching her lips as we kissed.

I have never felt a desire to be with another man, let me tell you. And the idea of another hard cock in the room, never mind visible or active, was foreign territory just a month ago, until the night Marybeth let us convince ourselves that we wanted to have our threesome fantasies come true. That night I watched her, and then Sue, suck Mike’s cock. But two nights ago I watched Mike fuck Sue, and then fuck her ass while I was in her pussy. I felt it rubbing inside her. But this, this was the closest I had ever been to another guy’s equipment, soft or hard, in my life. But it was strangely erotic, mostly due to the way Marybeth was acting, so slutty and energetic, kissing me with her sloppy mouth, pressing my face to hers as she sucked her husband. I went along, oddly aroused by the proximity, wondering when she would do the same to me.

She pulled back from our passionate kiss enough to whisper, “You’re next,” but instead or going for my dick she pulled my head, mouth open, onto Mike’s cock. I was stunned, and hesitated, pushing back against her hand, but she held me there, whispered, “no saying no” to me, and pressed behind my neck, forcing my mouth forward as his dick slipped into my mouth.

I was stunned, and shocked, and humiliated, and I felt my erection begin to disappear. I had never done anything like this before, had never had a desire for it, wasn’t curious, and yet here I was, Marybeth’s face pressed against me as I took her husband’s cock in my mouth and began sucking. His cock was smooth; soft yet firm in my mouth, suddenly experiencing what Sue and Marybeth (and most other women) feel. I felt the spongy head against my tongue. Marybeth cooed soft encouragement as I sucked, not knowing what to do, just doing what I had seen her do, what I thought I should do. I sucked, I licked. “Yeah, that’s it, baby, suck that fat cock, that’s it, you’re doing good. Do you like the way that feels?” She gradually eased the pressure on the back of my head, allowing me to pull back, to suck the head, to swirl my lips on the sensitive spot underneath, the way I had seen, the way I liked. “Can you suck his cock as good as I lick pussy? Do you like it as much as I enjoyed Sue’s cunt?” She pulled me off, kissed me hard again, and then took it back into her own mouth.

I tried to pull back but she held me there again, feeling the cock in her mouth, feeling her sucking and working the muscles in her mouth and throat on Mike’s shaft. She pulled off with a loud slurp, pointed it at me, and nudged me forward again. She didn’t push this time as I opened and accepted the wet hardness into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it, sucking, pushing myself down until it filled my mouth, pushing into the back, near my throat, reaching her slicked fingers, a little proud of how much I could take. She licked my lips as I sucked, kissing me, holding her face to mine, whispering, “Suck him, baby, that’s it, that’s good.” Then she moved down to lick his balls, sucking one into her mouth. I heard Mike grunt at the stimulation, and felt his cock twitch in my mouth. Would she make him cum in my mouth? I was a little afraid, and pulled back, licked the head.

She came back up, kissed me again, her mouth open and tongue darting. Remarkably, I felt my dick getting hard again. She noticed, stroked me once, and teased, “M-mm, getting aroused at sucking cock? Wondering if you might be a little gay?” She sucked Mike’s cock again, pushing my face aside. I stayed close without her urging. When she released him and pointed it at me, I took it without the push, now a little eager to feel the firm heat and soft skin filling my mouth. “It’s OK to like it, sweetie. Just like your little sweet wife enjoyed licking my cunt. She’s no lesbian, she just likes to have fun! Just like you!” I bobbed my head on the shaft, enjoying the feeling, wondering if I was doing a good job, a little ashamed of myself for liking it; a little afraid, but astounded at how good it was.

“You want him to cum, don’t you?” she asked sweetly. “Good, make him cum, suck his cock till he’s ready to blast his hot load.” I heard Mike groaning at his wife’s urging. “But not in your mouth, you can’t have it. His cum is for me.” I looked sideways at her, still sucking, as she kissed and licked my mouth and face. “You’ll feel it when he’s ready, you’ll know,” she said, “when he starts, give it to me. Jerk him off in my mouth.” I felt his cock twitch again, felt his hips pulse, and knew he was close. “I’ll share, I promise.” I worked him harder, coaxing his orgasm, sucking and pumping my mouth on him, then I heard him start to grunt, and I pulled off. I reached up, pushed Marybeth’s hand out of the way and began jerking him, stroking the slick shaft as she took just the cockhead into her mouth. I felt his cock swell, and jerk, felt the pulses as his balls pulled up and jetted his cum into her mouth. I kissed her lips as she took his blasts, licking his cock a little as I gently stroked his remaining jerks. My cock was rock hard now, watching Marybeth getting her mouth filled with Mike’s hot semen, Mike groaning loudly.

He finished, and I released him, and he pulled from her mouth. She held it open, showing Mike first, then turning to face me. Just inches from me I saw his slimy load pooled around her tongue, some of it drooling from her mouth as she lowered her head to face me. Then she closed her mouth, pushed some out onto her lips, and swallowed. She stared at me, grinning, and then kissed me again, hard, her lips and tongue coated with jizz. I tasted it, felt it in my mouth, smelled on her breath and her face. Fuck, it was hot!

She pulled her face back, licking her lips, and I realized I was doing the same thing. She grinned at me, and I sheepishly grinned back.

“You liked that,” she smiled, “didn’t you?”

I nodded, unable to answer out loud.

“It’s fun sucking cock!” she exclaimed. “and the feel of cum in your mouth is nasty, but a good nasty, right?” I nodded again, looked at her. I couldn’t look up at Mike, though. My cock was pounding, aching for relief. I searched her face for some sign that she might take care of me, but I was denied.

“That was so hot,” she said, grabbing my face with both hands, “you use your mouth so good,” and licked my mouth, “I want you to use it on me.” She let me go, and lay back on the floor. “Take care of me now, my little mouth toy. Finish what you started. Lick me till I cum.” She raised her knees, put her hands behind them, and pulled them to her chest, spreading herself for me. My mouth was tired, but the sight of her shaved and open, wet pussy spurred me to action. I crawled between her legs, and licked all around the outside of her swollen lips, from the bottom, around the top, tickling her clit, and down the other side. When I got to the bottom I darted my tongue down to her anus, and played with her little hole, teasing it, and then trailed it up, to the beginning if her slit. I burrowed it slowly inside, then pushed it into her slippery hole as far as I could reach, wriggling it.

I used my hands to spread her labia, put my lips inside hers and clamped down and sucked, hard, drawing her juices out of her cunt, tasting them flowing into my mouth, loving her delectable nectar. Then I sucked her lips into my mouth, pulling on them, sucking hard, before I trailed up to her clit. Her big clit was standing up, and I pulled back the hood with my thumbs, exposing it completely, and then circled it with my tongue, making her squeal. I flicked it, lightly, then harder, and her hips pulsed up to me and she gasped, and then shouted when I clamped down and began sucking on her hardened nub. It was practically the size of a hard nipple, I could feel it between my lips, and I sucked and licked it vigorously, trying hard to make her cum. She thrashed under my mouth, screaming filth as I worked her towards hr orgasm.

“Fuck! Fucking lick my cunt, fuck boy! You filthy cock sucker, suck my clit! Suck it like you suck cock! Make me cum!” I slipped two fingers inside her, found her G-spot and began rubbing as I sucked and licked her wonderful love button. Mike was sucking and pinching her nipples while his dick recovered. “Yes! Fuck me and lick me! Make me cum in your mouth! Suck my slut pussy!” Her breathing became short, ragged, and I knew she was getting close to cumming. I pulled my fingers out and slipped my tongue back to her ass, digging the tip of my tongue inside. “Yeah! Lick my ass, you bastard! Get your fucking tongue up my ass and fuck me with it! Oh, your tongue is so hot, so-o-o good up my ass!” I took a last push into her ass as deep as I could go, then went back to her cunt, and licked her juices out, my fingers stoking her clit, and she came, her juices spilling out, flooding my mouth as she panted and cried out. I eased off her clit, keeping my tongue inside, slurping up her honey. Then, as she began to come down, I moved my tongue back to her clit, and rammed my fingers back inside her. Just as her orgasm receded I brought it back, harder this time, and she released her legs, holding my head with her thighs, and she yelled uncontrollably as a stream of hot girl cum shot out of her, splashing my face, and I moved my mouth over her to catch it, feeling the spray shooting into my mouth, splashing and filling me.

I was delirious as I drank her cum and felt it splashing on my lips and face, trying to swallow the tangy treat and not miss any, failing, trying to hold my breath as it shot into my face, up my nose. It stopped then, but she was still cumming, squeezing my head, until finally her legs relaxed and she released me, and her hips fell back to the floor. The rug beneath her was soaked, and the room smelled strongly of musky cunt and girl cum. I was heady with the aroma, and my cock was ready to explode. She stood up on wobbly legs and stumbled to the bed, plopping onto her back.

“Fuck me, now!” she demanded, and I moved forward and plowed straight into her. Her slick lips were wide open and her hole gaped at me, red and eager. Her pussy felt like liquid fire as I slid in until my balls were pressed against her ass, and I ground the base of my cock onto her still hard clit, feeling my cockhead bumping against her cervix, and banging from the back to the front of her insides. Once I was fully inserted and she had accepted my shaft, I drew back, slowly, until just the head was inside, then drove full in again, smashing my pelvis to hers. I did this several more times, forcing breath from her body with each thrust. I stopped after a few, and looked at her face for a reaction.

She grinned. “That all you got, pussy boy?” I grinned back and then started jack-hammering into her, long thrusts, hard and full, grunting, giving her the most forceful pounding I could. I felt her pussy flush with fluid as I did, and knew that she was as turned on by the near-violent fucking as I was. Mike climbed onto the bed kneeling above her head, and laid his hardening cock on her face as he reached for her nipples to pull them away from her body, almost lifting her chest from the bed. She shouted out, urging us both. “Abuse my nipples, you fuck! Pound me! Fuck me as hard as you can, my cunt loves it!” Mike inched up and stifled her filthy talk by dropping his balls to her mouth, muffling her. She mumbled as she sucked them in. I continued to pound her, the impact sending ripples through her body.

After a few minutes I needed a rest, and pulled out, waving Mike to my spot and switching with him, but at the side of her head. As he slipped into her pussy I stuffed my cock, wet with her juices, into her mouth. “You like that?” I asked as she sucked. “You like the taste of your slut cunt on my cock?” She moaned on my shaft, sucking her flavor off, pumping her head. Mike pounded her as hard as I had, and when he needed a rest he tapped me, and we switched again. As I slipped back into her gaping pussy, I heard Mike bouncing his cock on her tongue.

“Your pussy is taking a beating, cunt,” he told her. I saw her tongue reaching out to his cock, her juices splashing onto her face as he slapped his shaft down on her mouth. “You like his cock, don’t you? You like having another man fucking your hot pussy while you suck me, don’t you, you filthy slut?” He shoved his rod into her mouth, pushing it all the way in, making her gag. I felt her pussy flush with juice again, and realized she loved the abuse. I reached for her tits and pulled them the way I had seen Mike do it, pinching her nipples hard, pulling them up, away from her body, stretching her tits. I thought I might hurt her, I swear, but I pulled as I pounded her, and she came on my cock as I fucked her. Her cum scream was muffled by Mike’s cock. I felt my climax beginning, and released her nipples. They were swollen and hard, and her tits jiggled as I built to my orgasm, felling my balls tighten and prepare to launch my hot semen into her.

She pulled off Mike’s cock, and turned to me. “Yeah! Fuck me! Cum in my cunt, fill my fucking hole with your cum! Shoot it in me! Fill me!” That sent me over the edge, and my balls erupted, shooting my cream out of me, splashing inside her. I bellowed as I came, shooting blast after blast of my built up load, filling her to overflowing, finally coming to rest with my cock fully inside her, feeling the slick heat of our combined juices, and catching my breath.

She rose up on her elbows, and pushed me out, sitting up, and pushing Mike down on his back. In an instant she was throwing a leg over him, dropping her fucked and dripping pussy to his face. “Lick it out, bitch,” she told him, and I watched from behind her as Mike’s tongue extended into her open hole, and huge gobs of cum came spilling out into his mouth. She cooed and talked to him as he licked my cum from her cunt. “That’s it, baby. Eat that cum from me, you nasty cum lover. Lick me out, get all of his cum. Yeah, get your tongue inside and clean all his nasty cum from my slutty cunt, yeah.”

She motioned to me to come around to face her, and took my softening cock in her hand, brought it to her mouth, and sucked me clean, swallowing our combined juices as Mike sucked my cum from his wife’s fuck hole. When she finished she looked up at me and smiled, and patted my stomach, and got up off Mike’s face. She turned and bent to him, and kissed him licking around his lips, sharing the delicious treat she’d fed him. Then she came to me and kissed me, tasting of pussy juice and cum. I felt her tongue teasing mine, flicking inside my mouth, so different from the forceful kisses from earlier that evening. After a minute she stopped, looked at both of us, and took a deep breath. She dropped back onto the bed, laying on her back, and giggled.

“Damn, that was good!” she exclaimed. We laughed with her, Mike still on his back. I shifted back to the headboard and sat, relaxing. She was right, it was good. She rolled to her side, one arm under her head, the other between her legs, rubbing lightly. “O-oo, I could come again,” she told us. Her breasts hung slightly down, and she looked perfectly delicious. I understood Mike’s appreciation for Sue then, seeing Marybeth looking sated and comfortable. I felt a surge of affection for them both, but more for her, something more than our friendship, close to love. I grinned.

“What are you grinning at, goofy?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I replied, “just feeling good.”

“I hear that,” Mike said to the ceiling.

She slapped my leg playfully, then stroked Mike’s. “You boys were wonderful. That was a serious fucking you gave me, and you were both really good about fulfilling my fantasy.” She raised her eyebrows. “So far,’ she added.

“No saying no,” Mike said. I lowered my head, a little sheepish. I had sucked his cock.

“Oh, Mike, look, Jason is a little shy. Because I made you suck Mike’s cock? Or because you enjoyed it?” she laughed. Mike chuckled. Despite myself, I laughed a little, too. “Mike’s not embarrassed about eating my creampie, are you, honey?”

We chatted a little longer, teasing each other — well, mostly Marybeth teasing us, until she told us to clean up and get ready for round two. She got up off the bed and I watched her ass as she made her way to the bathroom. Mike excused himself, and asked if he could use my bathroom to get ready, saying he’d need some time. I told him I’d shower up here after Marybeth, and he left, grabbing a small overnight bag.

I lay back and relaxed, remembering what I’d done, and wondering what part two would be like.

Marybeth came out, wrapped in a towel, and didn’t seem surprised to see me alone. She kissed my cheek as I went to the bathroom to clean up. After finishing, I toweled dry and wrapped it around me and came out. Mike wasn’t there yet, and Sue sat at the vanity, brushing her hair, the towel pooled at her lap. I watched her breasts move as she brushed, and felt a stirring under my towel. She noticed me watching her, and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

“Jason, you dirty boy,” she motioned with the brush, “are you ogling my tits?”

“Can’t help it,” I grinned, “you know they’re fantastic.” She grinned back.

“Why, thank you,” she said, lifting them in her hands, still holding the brush. “But my nipples are a little sore!” She fake scowled at me. “Did you do that?”

“I helped,” I admitted, “but you seemed to like it.”

She released her fleshy globes and nodded, resuming the brushing. “Yes, I did. And thank you.” She stopped brushing, and turned to me. “Seriously, thank you. You’ve been great tonight. You gave me a couple of killer orgasms there. And I was afraid I might push you too far; that you might back off on the guy-guy stuff. You really made it great for me.” I shrugged. “It’s been a fantasy of mine so long, I was really worried that it might not come off like I envisioned it.”

“Just holding up my piece of the agreement,” I offered. “You made mine exciting.”

“That explains some of it,” she said, smiling, and stuck her chin out defiantly. “But not all of it. You know I’ve done some girl stuff in the past. But it’s easier for women to do other women. We like each other, for starter. More importantly, there’s no stigma. No one thinks you’re a lesbian until you start wearing flannel,” she joked.

“Plus, you seemed like you enjoyed it,” I cut in. “Sue, too,” I added. Marybeth grinned.

“Yep, I think you’re right. She liked it as much as me. But it feels like it’s different for guys. Like it’s okay for everyone to want to see two women together, but only gays want to see two guys together.”

“I admit, I never considered it before,” I said, moving to the chair and sitting. “I wasn’t the least bit curious, or fascinated, or anything. But apparently you’ve thought about it a lot.”

“Yeah,” she grinned, “I don’t know why.” She paused. “You know, you see porn, where two guys are doing one girl, and it’s like neither one acknowledges the other one is in the room. It’s sex. I think it’s hot seeing a guy get his dick sucked. I think it’s hotter seeing a straight guy lose control and go wild and do it. Maybe it just legitimizes my desires for women,” she thought out loud, then smiled broadly. “Anyway, you were great, and you seemed to like it a little,” she teased. “Maybe a little bit?”

I laughed. “Yeah, maybe a little. Hard to get used to the idea that I liked it.” I smirked. “You led me in pretty good. That was slick,” I added admiringly.

“Well, thanks. It was risky. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She put on the evil grin. “I know I did.” She turned in her seat, to face me, her breasts swaying slightly, her hips wrapped in a towel like mine. “Mike should be ready soon. Wanna sneak preview of part two?” She opened her towel, slowly, still sitting on the back. As it lifted from her lap to expose her legs and pussy, I saw a dick instead. Marybeth was wearing a strapon dildo. My sphincter tightened and I inhaled sharply.

“Fantasy,” she grinned, then saw the look on my face. “It’s not for you,” she said, “it’s for Mike.” She craned her head forward. “Unless you want it?” I shook my head. “I figured. Anyway, Mike’ll be ready soon.” She grinned again, her eyes bright now. “But don’t think that you’re off the hook just because I’m not ass-fucking you. I have plans for you, too.” I swallowed hard. She’d gotten me to suck cock. She was going to butt-fuck her husband. What else could she think of? My imaginings were disrupted by the sound of Mike approaching downs the hallway. Marybeth heard it and stood facing the door, posing with her cock jutting out from her body, hands on hips, shoulders back and chest out.

Mike came in and hesitated when he saw her. From my seat I watched his eyes go wide, travelling from her face to her crotch, and back. He may have suspected something was going to happen, but his face said he hadn’t known this.

“What do you think, baby? You like my cock?” She wiggled her hips a little, making it wave back and forth. It was a normal length, with a realistic head, perhaps slightly thinner than mine. She moaned a little. “O-oo, that’s nice. There’s a fat one on the inside, too, stuffed up inside my cunt, and a little nub that rubs my clit. It feels good in me,” she told us, then looked at Mike. “And I bet you’re going to like this inside you, too,” she added. She grinned almost evilly. “Well? Don’t just stand there, you two. Get over here and get me ready for some fucking. You,” she pointed to me, “get on your knees behind me.” As I stood and dropped my towel, she told Mike, “and you, get down here and suck my cock.” I walked to her, and knelt down, her beautiful round ass in front of my face, framed by the harness she wore. There were straps around her thighs, below the cheeks, and another above, leaving her smooth cheeks exposed, holding them together. I reached up and caressed them, feeling the heat, slipping a finger down the length of her crack.

She turned her head back over her shoulder as Mike knelt in front of her. “Spread my cheeks,” she instructed, “and lick my asshole.” I dutifully grabbed her cheeks in my hands, feeling the firm pliant flesh, and pressed my thumbs into her crack, and spread them open, exposing her rosebud. I could see inside the harness where the other dildo was stuffed up inside her pussy. Kinky, I thought, then I licked down the length of her crack until I reached her sensitive rear hole, and teased it lightly before spearing my tongue inside. She moaned appreciatively, and squirmed a little. Her hole opened for me, letting me in, then clamped down and held me there. I wriggled inside her tight muscle, burrowing inside her ass. I heard her talking to Mike.

“That’s it, sweetie, use that pretty mouth on my dick like a good boy, yeah, suck my beautiful cock. Take it, take it all, yeah. Get it nice and wet for your ass fucking, you slut.” I remembered sucking Mike, and imagined him stroking her appendage with his mouth as she directed, all the while licking out her tight, succulent asshole, grateful that I had the fun side. My dick started rising. “Yeah, work it, slut, work my cock, I can feel it on my clit, dirty boy,” she cooed, “Suck it baby, Suck my cock!” I pulled my face away, taking a few breaths, then flattened my tongue against her crinkled hole. I pointed my tongue then, and began pushing it in and out. “Oh, yeah,” she called out, “fuck my ass with your tongue, that’s it, push my cock into Mike’s mouth.” She leaned a hand on the vanity to steady herself, bending slightly, then stood upright again. She pulled her ass from me and turned slightly. As she did I got a glimpse of Mike, the head of the cock filling his mouth as his tongue swirled the head, Marybeth’s hand holding him in place. Our eyes met briefly. He looked like he was enjoying it.

Marybeth reached behind to me, and handed me a red butt plug and a small bottle of lube. “Here,” she told me, “put this in me.” I coated it with lube, and used one hand to spread her ass cheeks, and brought the tip to her tiny crinkled hole. As I worked the tip inside she moaned again, and I twisted it a little, allowing her ass to open around the fatter part as I pushed it inside. I felt resistance, then pushed the tip past her inner ring, until the width began to stretch her anal opening. She leaned forward, and I felt her relax her muscles a little. I squirted a little more lube onto her ass, and pressed gently, but firmly, and she cried out as the fat section of the plug passed inside her, filling her tight ass.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good, my ass loves being filled, m-mm, oh, God, it’s so tight, so full, my pussy and my ass filled at once, oh, yeah.” I allowed her to relax around the plug for a minute, and busied myself licking around her stretched rim, feeling the muscles twitch and spasm around the invading plug. After she adjusted, I began slowly pulling it out, stretching her again, until the bulge emerged, then pushed it back in. “Oh, that’s so good, I’m so fucking hot, I feel my cunt dripping around my dildo.” Mike continued sucking her cock as I fucked her ass with the plug. After a few more minutes of that, she reached back and grabbed my hand, pushing the plug into her, then brushed me away and stood up straight and took the lube from me. Her cheeks pressed around the base of the plug as she moved to the bed.

“All right, I’m ready. Mike, get up on the bed, on your hands and knees, and let me lube you up.” Mike stood, avoiding my eyes, and climbed up on the bed with his ass facing Marybeth. She turned to me. “Watch this,” she said quietly. She lubed her mounted tool and then turned the bottle to Mike’s ass. She dripped a generous amount down into his crack, and began working it into his ass with her fingers. She slid one, then a second finger inside, pushing the lube into him.

Frankly, the sight of his ass and his balls and cock made my hardon vanish almost instantly. She fondled them, but he didn’t get any harder than me. Then she tossed me the bottle and climbed up on the bed, positioning herself behind him, and aimed her fake dick at his ass with her hand. She slipped two fingers into him again, pumped them slowly and removed them, and pressed the head into place at his pucker. “Hang on, baby,” she told him, “here it comes.”

Mike made a sound as she pressed the head against him, and I watched her muscles flex as she pushed forward, one hand on his lower back, and the other holding her cock. As much as the sight of Mike’s ass did nothing for me, seeing the head push him open and slip inside was a little hot. I had no idea what she had in store for me, and was content to watch as she pulled back slightly, then pushed forward, several times, working inside her husband’s ass. I noticed he was hairless, and wondered if that was new, or I just hadn’t noticed before. Marybeth was humming to him, slowly pushing inside, allowing his ass to accommodate her new dick. Finally she was all the way inside, and she rested herself against him, then leaned down, pressing her breasts into his back. He groaned. I couldn’t imagine how he felt. She was whispering to him, but I couldn’t hear what she said. After a few more seconds she knelt upright again, and turned to me. She told me to get behind her and play with her tits.

I got up behind her, and wrapped my arms around, underneath hers, cupping her breasts. I grasped her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger, and she started moving her hips, back into my soft cock, and then forward. Mike started grunting and moaning as she moved. She started slowly, and I craned my neck to look over her shoulder. I felt the base of her butt plug pressing against me, sandwiched between her cheeks. I watched her drip a little more lube onto Mike’s stretched asshole, and then the handed me the bottle, and started pumping a little harder.

“How’s that feel, baby, huh? Does it feel as good as when you fuck my ass? I bet it does. You know I like your cock in my ass, and I bet you like my cock in you, too? Don’t you?” She took a few long slow strokes, the length of her dildo sliding almost all the way out, then back in. “Doesn’t that feel good? You like having your ass filled with cock? Your ass looks so sexy like that, all stretched and tight on my dick.” I pulled her nipples hard, and despite myself, felt my cock start to harden. “Dirty boy likes getting ass fucked, don’t you?” She slapped his ass. “Don’t you?” She slapped him again. “Answer me!”

“Yes,” he managed between short breaths.

“Yes, what?” She slapped the other cheek. The first one had a pink print of her hand on it. “Say it. Tell me.”

“Yes,” he barked. “Yes, I like getting my ass fucked,” he grunted. “I love the way your cock feels in my ass! Fuck my ass, bitch! Give it to me!”

She turned to me. “Take the plug out of me,” she whispered. “Finger my ass while I fuck Mike.” I scrambled to react, anxious to get my fingers in her. She kept sliding forward and back as I removed the plug, which popped out as soon as the bulb passed her outer ring. I lubed my fingers and slipped one inside.

As soon as I got inside, she started getting physical, picking up her pace, pushing into him harder, with shorter thrusts. “Oh, yeah, that’s good, your ass loves my cock. Oh! He’s fingering my ass while I’m fucking you!” I pulled out, and slipped a second finger inside, feeling her tight anal muscle grip my fingers. I kissed her back and neck as I pumped inside her ass, while she fucked Mike. “Fuck, yeah, fucking you is so good!” I heard Mike groaning and panting as his ass took her cock.

She continued that way a few more minutes, then slowed, and then stopped, pressed fully inside him. I think she had a small orgasm. She pulled out of him, and away from my fingers. She made Mike turn over onto his back with a pillow under his ass, elevating his hips, and pull his legs up, exposing his anus. He looked humiliated, but his expression was all desire. His cock was about half hard. She ignored me as she moved between his legs and reinserted her cock. I was behind her, to the side, and watched her shaft slide into her husband’s open asshole. She nestled all the way in, and took his semi-hard cock and began stroking it. I was kneeling behind her, and pressed my chest to her shoulders as I reached around and grabbed her tits. My turgid member pressed against her back. She turned and kissed me as she stroked Mike and began fucking his ass again, moaning into my mouth.

She started panting as she kissed me. As her breathing increased, so did her hips, but she didn’t slam him, she just took full, forceful strokes in and out of him, one hand fondling his balls and the other slowly stroking his hard shaft in time with her strokes. She kept her open mouth pressed to mine; I licked her lips and tongue as her excitement increased and she whispered filth.

“Oh, I love cock.”

“Look how hard his cock is now, he is loving me fucking his ass.”

“My cunt is so wet, I want to cum.”

“I feel your hard cock. I want you to come in me”

“Mike is almost ready. He’s going to cum with a cock in his ass!”

I heard her breathing increase, and her hips switched from full strokes to short, harder pulses. I kept one hand on her chest, fondling and pulling her nipple, and slipped the other down under her butt cheeks, and slipped a fingertip inside her tight ass. Her eyes opened wider as her orgasm crested, and she stared into my face, her open mouth panting, and then crying out as she came. I felt her body trembling as her entire body was swept by her climax, and her voice caught. She seemed to stop breathing for a few seconds, then suddenly bellowed and her shoulders slumped. Her hands left Mike’s equipment and her arms went over my shoulders. She held me, shuddering against me, and then let go and fell forward onto Mike’s chest, quivering with the diminishing residue of her orgasm.

She lifted her head, kissed him, hard. She looked at him, her face inches away. I was behind her, my cock got harder at the view of her gorgeous pussy and ass in front of me. Her legs were apart, and I could see the inside dildo opening her pussy lips; see her crinkled ass flexing and beckoning. The “cock” had slipped out of Mike and dangled from her pussy. “Fuck, I thought that orgasm might kill me,” I heard her whisper to Mike, a light laugh in her voice. “My clit is still tingling. I feel like another one is just an edge away.” She pushed herself up on her arms, pressing them on his chest. “Are you ready to cum for me, baby? Do you have a nice big load in your balls, all ready to explode for me?”

Mike had released his legs when Marybeth fell on him, and his hands went to her tits. “Oh, yeah baby, I’m ready to shoot a big load of cum for my ass-fucking slut.”

“O-ooh, you say the nicest things,” she giggled, and sat upright between his legs. She grabbed his cock and balls again. “M-mm, they feel so good, so full for me,” she cooed. I just watched and listened. She squeezed his shaft, forcing a fat drop of pre-cum from the tip. “O-oo, yeah, that’s beautiful,” she cooed, and leaned down to lick it off. She smacked her lips. “Tasty,” she added, and began stroking his shaft slowly. “You like that baby? You like my hand stroking your hard cock? You want me to make you cum?” Mike grunted his agreement. “Pull your legs up, baby,” she told him, “I want you to cum while I fuck your ass!”

As Mike adjusted his position, Marybeth turned quickly to me and lowered her head to my dick, taking most of me into her mouth in one motion. The sudden sensations of wet heat and envelopment sent a shockwave through me. I thought I might cum instantly. She popped off, rose to face me. “You’re ready too, aren’t you?”

I nodded. “Y-yes,” I managed.

“I can’t decide how I want you,” she told me. “We’ll see. But first,” she pulled me closer to her and Mike, “We have to finish Mike.” She told me to get the lube for her, and she dribbled it on her shaft and Mike’s ass. She inched her hips closer, and I watched her penetrate his ass again, more quickly this time, wondering how it isn’t painful. The head, then the shaft, disappeared inside him as he gasped and moaned, and she answered. Once she was buried inside him, she made a few long slow strokes, then quickly settled into shorter ones, deep inside him. Mike immediately began groaning his pleasure. One of Marybeth’s hands grasped his cock, which had stayed hard this time. The other went behind my head, grabbed my hair, and pulled me to her tits.

“Suck my nipple, hard,” she hissed through her teeth. “I want to cum when Mike comes.” I was quick to obey, and took a nipple between my teeth, licking it as I bit, making her squeal sharply. Then I sucked it in as hard as I could. She pulled my head into her chest. I could feel her body react, felt her hips move into Mike more sharply. I moved to the other breast, teased the nipple first, then repeated the bite and suck, while squeezing the first one with my thumb and forefinger. She encouraged me, and I intensified my sucking, pulling the nipple away from her body with my mouth, them pressing my face into her breast, crushing it against her ribs.

“Oh, fuck, yeah” she gasped. “Fucking suck my nipples! It makes my clit so hard, makes it rub against my dick while I’m fucking his ass!” I glanced down to see her hand, squeezing his cock firmly as she stroked. My cock was like a rock, it was starting to hurt from being hard and unattended for so long. Mike’s cock head was an angry purple color, and his balls were tight to his body, red and full. Marybeth had become almost frantic in her fucking motion, short hard strokes into his ass, matching strokes on his cock as she built herself and her husband to a giant climax.

Mike started making noises like he was getting close, and I felt Marybeth pull the hair on the back of my head, pull me to her face, and kiss me hard, forcefully, driving her tongue inside my mouth like an attack. I opened my mouth and took her assault, breathing hard and returning the effort. She pulled my face back a few inches and panted, our foreheads almost touching, her eyes burning with lust, drilling into mine.

“Suck his cock. Now.” She spoke in gasps, insistently. “I want you to suck his cock. Make him cum. I want his cum in your mouth. Shooting his hot cum into your mouth. Now.” I didn’t move, frozen with uncertainty. Sure, I had sucked his dick earlier, but I was looking to have my own sucked, not to suck more. And cumming? The hand in my hair broke my hesitation, and I felt my head pulled down, and turned to see her holding his shaft up, pointing it at my mouth.

I opened, and took it. She didn’t release my hair.

It felt bigger this time, but maybe that was my angle, or reluctance. I tasted his pre-cum and I swirled my tongue around the head. Marybeth started moving my head, and I focused on stroking him with my lips and tongue, avoiding teeth contact. It was weird, but then it wasn’t, and as I concentrated on doing it well, I found myself enjoying it again, and feeling conflicted about it. The skin was smooth, the head hot and spongy, and the shaft felt firm, urgent in my mouth. But Marybeth reminded me that this was no time for reflection. She had one hand guiding and stroking at the base on his shaft and the other in my hair, driving me. She pushed my head down until my lips touched her fingers, then pulled me up, fucking my mouth onto Mike’s cock.

“Suck his cock!” she yelled. “Make him cum while I fuck his ass!” Her hips continued thrusting, and I heard Mike’s grunting change, become louder, longer. His cock seemed to swell in my mouth, and I worked harder. I suddenly wanted to make him cum, to feel him cumming into my mouth, and I pumped my mouth up and down on his shaft, teasing the underside of the head with my tongue.

“Yeah, that’s it, you slut cock sucker, make him cum, suck his cum out!” Mike’s groans got louder then, and his hips jerked up, pushing his cock into the back of my mouth, then almost slipping out as I felt the first blast of hot cum shoot into my mouth, coating my tongue with steaming salty cum. Marybeth held him still, and I froze in place as additional spurts filled my mouth. I felt the blasts splash onto my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and despite myself I was excited, turned on by it. Mike was shouting, and Marybeth was telling me, “Yeah, take it, take it all, take his hot cum, take it, slut, yeah, you fucking slut.” My mouth filled quickly, and I breathed through my nose, and swallowed, feeling the hot stickiness go down my throat. I sealed my lips around the shaft, trying not to drool it out. My mouth filled again with the hot goo, still shooting, then subsiding to smaller, less powerful shots. I couldn’t believe how much there was! His shaft pulsed and twitched in my mouth as it finished disgorging it’s salty hot liquid. My mouth was coated, and full; my chest was tight and I was a little light-headed from the excitement. And my dick was so hard I thought it might explode. I swallowed the mouthful as Mike’s cock leaked a little residue. “Suck it all out, slut, suck his cum out of his cock like a good cocksucking whore, get it all, slut boy,” Marybeth hissed. I sucked, and was rewarded with additional drops of cum.

I felt Marybeth’s hand in my hair again, and moved as she pulled my face up to hers. She licked my closed lips, staring into my eyes, then kissed me hard and sloppy, her mouth open and tongue out, licking the cum from my mouth as she moaned into the kiss. Then she rubbed her wet lips over mine, smearing cum over both our faces, muttering “So hot. So nasty. Dirty boy likes cum. Fucking hot slut,” and other filthy things. Then she pulled back, and her eyes opened wide and she grimaced. A low moan emerged from her, rising quickly to a shout, and her body shook as she came, staring into my face, her hips jerking into Mike’s ass. She moved her hands to my shoulders to hold herself up, a look of almost panic on her face, her breasts quivering, and then her eyes rolled up and she seemed to stop breathing. A massive tremor ran through her, and she exhaled, then took several deep breaths. I felt her hand loosen on my shoulders, and she slumped a little, and her head dropped down to her chest. She took a few more breaths. I watched her tits rise and fall as she recovered.

Finally she lifted her head again, looked at Mike, and at me. “Holy fuck, that was good!” She moved her hips, slipping the dildo from Mike’s ass, stroking his cock and balls, and allowed him to lower his legs around her. I moved to the side as she leaned forward and kissed him, her hands on his chest. She sat back up, and started working the straps on her harness, loosening them. “Fuck me, that was a killer orgasm. I thought I was going to pass out!” She opened the one leg strap, glancing at me, then looked to Mike. “How’s your ass feeling?”

“A little sore, I think,” he grinned.

“But it was good, right?” She opened the other leg.

“Fucking incredible, baby. You can really fuck. It was a completely different cum for me, having my ass stimulated.”

“Fucked, baby. You got your ass fucked.” She opened the top strap and sat back onto her ankles as she spoke. “And you took your fucking like a real ass whore, it was so-o good!” She pulled the harness away, and I watched the inner dildo slip out of her open pussy, wet and slick, shining. One hand stroked the wet opening, teasing a finger into her. It was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen. “And you came, big time, right!”

“It was wild, completely overpowering. I thought it might never stop!” She tossed the harness to the side, and turned to me.

“And you,” she said, taking my face between her hands. I smelled her cum, felt the sticky wetness on my cheek. “You were fabulous!” She kissed me. “M-mm, you have sexy cum breath!” She licked my mouth. “You nasty man, you sucked Mike’s cock!” Her voice slipped lower to a sultry hoarse whisper. “And you took his hot cum in your mouth, your sexy, slut mouth,” she licked me again, “and swallowed his load, you slut.” She stared into my eyes intently. All I could think of was my rock hard cock and my yearning to cum. “Was it good? Did you like having him cum in your mouth? I know he liked licking your cum out of my cunt,” she slithered, “and it looks like you enjoyed it. Did you?”

I grinned a little. “Actually, yeah, it was pretty hot.” I felt myself blush at the admission.

“Oh, yeah, nasty boy,” she grinned. “You liked sucking and swallowing?”

“I- I-,” I stammered. “Sucking was a little difficult at first,” I struggled, “but after I got used to it, I, uh, kinda liked it, yeah.” I managed. Then I took a deep breath, and screwed up my courage to meet her gaze. I could talk dirty, too. “But feeling his cock shooting that hot cum into my mouth was incredible. It was so dirty, so slimy and hot,” I paused. “My fucking cock got so hard.”

“We have to do something about that.”

“And after all the shit you made us do,” I grinned, “It better be good.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You know, it’s still my night,” she took hold of my cock, “and I get to say what we do.” Her face broke into a smile. “But I agree. It should be good. After all, you sucked my man’s cock for me.” She reached to the end of the bed for the lube. “Coat that loaded gun with this,” she told me, squirting it into my hands, then tossing it to Mike. “Mike, get my ass lubed up for Jason.” She bent down, pointed her ass at me, and looked back over her shoulder. “I want him to put his hard cock in my ass and fill it with cum.”

Ass. I was going to put my hard dick into this beautiful woman’s tight anal hole and fuck it, and shoot my cum in it. Never before. I practically trembled as I lubed my dick. I had to be careful as stroked the lube on my shaft so I wouldn’t cum; I was torn between trying not to get too excited to quickly, and forcing my mind off sex too far so that my cock would soften. I wanted my hardest, biggest erection for my first ass sex.

I watched Mike rub lube at her crinkled hole, and listened to him and his wife as they previewed what I would soon experience. “Dude, you are gonna love this,” he said proudly as her pushed a finger into her butt. He worked it in and out a few times. “Her ass is great, and she loves getting fucked in it.” He added a second finger.

“Yeah, loosen me up for some cock baby. I’m going to get Jason’s dick into my ass, let him fuck my sweet, tight ass and fill me with cum.” She wriggled her butt, just a foot or two from me, looking back over her shoulder, grinning, eyes open wide and wet. “Yeah, get your hard cock ready for my ass, baby. You’re gonna love filling my stretched hole with your hot cum.”

“I’m not kidding man. She really loves a good ass fuck.” He stopped pumping the two fingers and added a third, pushing it in more easily than I expected. He dripped a little more lube on the rim of her hole as her stretched the muscle, pushed the three fingers inside to the knuckle, then slid them out. I heard Marybeth moan as her tight rear hole emptied, and watched it close, but not clench. “She’s ready, man. Get in there.”

I moved forward and aimed the head of my dick at her slick starfish, resting it against the opening, rubbing it there. I was hard as a rock, and knew I wouldn’t last very long.

“Come on, baby, fill me up. Fill my ass with cock, baby, come on, press it in me,” she whispered back to me. Mike had moved up towards her head, rubbing her shoulders and back, stroking her hair. I moved my hips forward and pressed into her ass. I felt the strong ring resist, then give way and open under the pressure, saw and felt my cock head push into the hole, pulling her ass cheeks in towards the opening. She reached behind herself, shoulders and head pressed into the mattress, and spread her ass cheeks apart, almost obscenely. Her ass ring was stretched around my cock, just below the head.

“Yeah, that’s so good, I can feel that fat head in me, it’s pressing inside, oh, I love it,” her endless stream of filth continued. I pressed harder and slid further in, feeling a slight resistance from the muscle inside. She grunted and pushed back. “Yeah, that’s it, feel it, feel my ass on your cock!”

“It’s fucking tight, right?” Mike asked. I looked up at him, and he was grinning at me, getting off on seeing his wife take my cock in her ass. Probably as hot as I was when he had ass-fucked Sue in our DP a few nights before. I knew just how he felt.

“Oh, yeah, it’s fucking hot and tight on my cock,” I said, pulling back a little. “She’s taking my cock like a hot slut.” I pushed again, felt the resistance, then felt it give way and I slid past the muscle into her anal passage. “O-oh, yeah, take my cock, slut. Open your ass and take it all.”

“Give it to me, give me your hard cock! My ass loves getting fucked by you!” I pushed in, past the muscle, and slid all the way in to the base, getting a squeal from Marybeth and a groan from Mike. “Fuck, that’s good, so full, so stretched and full!” she muttered. “I can feel you in me, in my slut ass, fuck!”

“Pull out slow,” Mike coached, “then go in and out a few times, long easy strokes,” he said. I did as he advised, three or four long strokes, out past the muscle, then back in, feeling it resist and give, open and close each time. Marybeth groaned each time I came out, and inhaled sharply every time I went back in. “Yeah, that’s it, let her ass loosen up,” he said.

I got on my knees and looked at her pussy. Her little bit of hair was matted down. The spurt of cum I had just put on her belly was dripping down to her crotch and mixing with my dried cum from last night. Then she said it,

“Kiss it.”

All I could think of was pleasing this girl. I was in some kind of trance like state. Part of it was that I was so turned on by her, part of it was I was scared she knew my secret and did not want to make her mad. In my head I was thinking this was gross, I could not lick her pussy with my fresh cum dripping all around it, plus my dried cum from the night before. Time seemed to stand still as I stared straight between her legs. I was looking at her little landing strip with semen sliding down towards her pussy lips. I just followed the dripping with my eyes as it rolled down right in the middle of those lips. I could see her little clit was already hard as cum rolled over it.

In my head it took hours to make this decision. In reality it took seconds. I stuck my tongue out and licked her clit. I licked a large glob of cum as I did it. I did not care that I had just soiled this pussy moments ago. I had to taste her sweet pussy again. For a minute or two I was licking and then I felt her hands behind my head. She crammed my face right into her pussy. I could feel the mixture of wetness. Her warm pussy and my semen rubbing all over my lips, my mouth and face as she grinded her crotch into my face. I was alternating between licking and sucking. I would suck when she pulled me close and lick when she gave me the slightest room to breathe.

She purred like a kitten as I ate her delicious coochie. She had tasted sweeter then candy last night. This morning she was both sweet and salty. Between the salty taste of my cum and sweet aroma of her aroused pussy I was hard again. I could not believe it. I felt my balls tingle and dick grow. I was so turned on by this. Amber was starting to moan as I felt her body tense up. She had two hands behind my head pulling me tightly to her pussy. I could not breathe as I heard her cry out,

“Oh, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

I stopped my oral work and struggled for some air. I got free from her hand for a moment and took three deep breaths, before she pulled me close again.

“Kiss it Ricky”

As if I needed to be told. I started licking her clit again. It was so hard and tender. I focused all my effort on that tiny little love button. I think Amber was as turned on as I was at this point. She began gyrating her hips around. It was a little game. As she squirmed I would aim my tongue right back at her clit and kept licking it. Her pussy was getting even wetter then before, then without any warning she lifted her ass off the bed. My nose was pushing on her clit and my tongue slipped into her hole. She was cumming again. A flood of fluid entered my mouth from her pussy. It was her cum and maybe some of mine. She collapsed on the bed and I climbed on the bed with her.

My raging hard on was starting to get the better of me. My dick was so hard it hurt. I moved up and started to kiss her. I had positioned my self between her legs. My soaking wet face meeting her soft lips. Her tongue danced in my mouth. I felt my body trembling slightly. Like a shiver of cold winter wind. Amber clearly felt it, because she stopped kissing me. I pulled my face back a bit. She looked me in the eyes.

“Is little Ricky hard again?”

I did not answer.

“I feel it poking my leg.”

I was still shy after all that happened, so I could not respond. Amber nudged me off of her. I lay on the bed next to her. She rolled towards me. She was on her side facing me and I was on my back. She reached down and rubbed my balls and slid her hand up to my hard on. She repeated this a few times rubbing my balls and dick.

“Baby you are hard for me again? Really? Am I your first?”

Between her rubbing my balls and just the feel of her naked breast pressed against my body I was hypnotized. I stuttered something, but did not really get any real words out.

“Ricky, Did I pop your cherry?”

I nodded yes. It was really embarrassed admitting that. Maybe I should have lied to look cool, but I could not think straight with her rubbing my junk. She started stroking my dick lightly as she kissed me on the cheek. She whispered in my ear,

“That’s hot cutie pie.”

Amber then got up on her knees on the bed. She moved her head down towards my dick, with her ass just to the side of my face. I felt her engulf my whole dick in her mouth. It felt like heaven. She pulled her mouth back and I could feel her tongue on the underside of my dick. Her mouth felt like silk around my throbbing member. She continued sucking up and down on my dick as I closed my eyes and enjoyed. I felt her hand rubbing my balls again. Then she took her mouth off my dick and started stroking it. It was lubed with her spit, and her hand slid with ease.

I felt my dick twitch a bit as if I was close to cumming. She must have known(,) and she stopped stoking. She then took my balls in her mouth and started to suck on them one by one. Then both were in her mouth. It felt so great. She then started sucking on me again. It was wonderful. My balls tightened up. I felt my whole body tense. She let my dick fall out of her mouth and started stroking me until me dick erupted cum yet again on my stomach. It was only a drop or two, but I still felt relief.

I was panting like a dog. I opened my eyes as Amber turned her cute little booty away from my head and brought her face up to mine. She was still rubbing my balls and cock. She kissed me softly and again took a position next to me on her side. My dick felt so great, it was so sensitive from cumming so many times. It shrunk back to its normal state but she just kept rubbing it and my balls lightly. My legs were actually shaking a little. Amber started licking my ear a little. It was so sexy. Then she broke the silence.

“I guess little Ricky is tired.” She curled her lip a little and made a bit of a baby voice, “Some one is all worn out.”

She gave me one more kiss on the cheek and got off the bed. I watch her naked body as she scanned the room for her clothes. She walked around the room completely naked with such confidence. She was completely comfortable. She found what she was looking for and gathered her top and pants. She slid her top and sat on the bed to pull her pants on. I was not sure what to do or say. All I knew was I had to see her again. All I could get out of my mouth was,


She stood up and turned towards me naked lying on the bed. I had grabbed a pillow to cover my naked privates.

“Can, Can I take you out sometime?”

Amber smiled and grabbed my pants. She went through my pockets and pulled out my cell. She played with it for a minute. Then she tossed it to me. She told me she had put her dorm number and cell on my phone. She gave me one last kiss on the forehead before heading for the door. I got one good look at her ass in those tight pants before she left. I was totally spent both physically and mentally from what had happened. I just laid there for hours. I did not move till I heard a key at the door. I scrambled franticly for my drawer and grabbed a pair of boxer shorts to put on. Mike walked in as I slid them on.

Mike was all smiles; he told me he had a great night. I told him, I also had a great time. He seemed happy for me. We decided to grab some breakfast at a diner just off campus. While we were there Mike was talking about the party and how he was going to pledge the frat. He had talked to a few members who thought he would get in with no trouble. Mike was excited since they threw some great parties, and while last night’s was open to everyone must of them were exclusive to frat members and girls. When Mike mentioned girls I asked him about Bryn, to which he replied he really was into her.

Then I asked what pledging involved, I had heard horrible hazing stories. Mike told me it was nothing much. Clean the frat house, wear stupid outfits for a week and stuff like that. No beatings, no crazy drinking stunts, and no degrading shit. It was all about brotherhood, frat brothers taking care of each other and stuff. He told me he would put a good word in for me if I wanted. I nodded yes. I wanted him to see if they would take me. I told him I got Amber’s number and was going to call her to set up a date. Mike thought that was great.

We left and headed back for the dorms. When we got there I grabbed my phone. Mike nearly slapped it out of my hand. I looked at him stunned.

“You are not calling Amber are you?”

I told him I was. Then Mike shook his head, like no, no, no. Mike told me I had to wait two days, so I would not look desperate. He also let me know there was a sorority and frat meeting she would be stuck going to today and tomorrow. It was something about a charity event that she had to plan and work on for next week. So I would be wasting my time calling today anyway.

I knew Mike knew more about girls then me so I made sure to listen. I was really looking forward to talking to Amber and seeing her again, that I started searching the internet for the best places to take her. I spent hours using Google to find the best restaurants in the area and most romantic date ideas. I was obsessed with impressing her. The two day waiting period seemed like forever, but I did make good use of the time. I settled on an idea.

I literally waited the required 48 hours from the time I last saw her before I grabbed my cell and called her. I was so nervous. I only had one girl friend that I had called before. Also Amber was not even my girlfriend. I started to wonder if she only had sex with me since she was drunk. I started to wonder about what she thought about my, situation. I was scared she would say no when I asked her out. I thought of all this shit in just the time for two rings on the phone.

I was breathing heavy and trying not to go into full panic mode. I waited another two rings and no answer. Her voice mail message kicked on. Her voice was so cute. I panicked and hung up as soon as I heard the beep for leaving a message. I punked out. Then I remember she left me the room number as well. I took two deep breaths and made the call. Bryn picked up. I told her who it was and that I was looking for Amber. She told me to hold and called out to Amber. I could swear I heard Bryn giggle. I was stunned thinking Amber told her.

“Hello, Hello, Hello?” Came Amber’s voice.

I finally responded. Amber seemed to be in a really good mood. I felt like I could hear her smile through the phone as we talked about nothing in particular. I was nervous and babbling a bit. Finally I just went for it and asked if she would go out with me the following Saturday. Amber did not reply at first. She said she wanted to, but had to do a charity car wash that day.

My heart sank. I was thinking this was the blow off. What girl would want to be with a puny dick loser like me? Amber then told me if I picked her up from the car wash we could go out. She would just need me to take her to the dorms to change. The birds started chirping, the angels starting singing and for once all was right with the world. She let me know what time to pick her up and what part of campus to meet her at. The date was on.

For the next few days all I could think of was my upcoming date with Amber. I called the restaurant twice to confirm our reservations. It was the nicest Italian restaurant in the area. It was the place to take girls to impress them. I had even set up a hot air balloon ride for after the dinner. Saturday could not come fast enough.

The big day arrived and I woke up at the crack of dawn. I went over all the plans in my head. I had to wait till noon to shower and shave. I needed to make sure all the guys that took morning showers had already done so. It was a ritual that I had to avoid being in the showers with any other guys there.

I learned my lesson after the first week of school. I used to shower in the morning. One time while I was in the shower, I do not know if it was a joke or if someone forgot their own towel and robe. As I finished my shower, I reached for mine and they were missing. I was buck naked standing in the shower. I had nothing put the curtain to hide my naked body. So there I was. Waiting for a chance to swipe some one else’s towel to get back to my room and get dressed.

Well, it took 4 hours for me to get that chance. The hot water was all gone by that time. So to make matters worse my tiny dick was shrinking from the freezing cold water. I took the chance while two other guys showered to swipe a towel. I had been there so long neither of them saw me come in. So they would not know I did it. My fingers were all wrinkled, and my dick and shrunk to nothing. I took my chance and was not seen.

After that I changed up the times I would use the shower. Most guys were either morning or night shower users. I waited till the crowd was gone to use it. Sure we had our own curtain to give some privacy, but guys were always screwing around snapping towels or throwing cold water on each other. With that to worry about, plus the missing towel incident I was careful. I did not want any the guys in the dorm to know about my dick size.

I sat in my boxer shorts most the day. I had ironed my clothes in preparation for tonight and wanted to look as sharp as possible. When it was time I got dressed and headed for my car. The car wash was being held in the campus’s far lot since it was closest to the public road ways. They would get more customers that way.

I drove over there with my heart pounding. My stomach churned a bit. I was really nervous again. I was hoping I would not start sweating. I did not want to embarrass myself by showing up all sweaty and gross. When I got to the car wash my jaw dropped. The sorority girls were all in skimpy bikinis. I saw the magic words sign as I approached, Bikini Car Wash.

Every where I looked I got an eye full of T and A. Flat tummies, tight bottoms and tits of all size were soaking wet and parading around. Now I see why this was going on all day. The line was halfway around the block. Every guy in school and half the local men were there getting their cars washed and an eye full of the hottest sorority girls at school.

I was looking for Amber through all the girls and finally spotted her and Bryn. What a pair they made. Bryn was wearing a pale pink bikini that showed of her fair skin and accented her cute perky tits. In contrast was Amber in a white bikini that really showed off her lovely tan. They looked like something out of a porno flick with their soaking wet tight bikinis clinging to their lovely frames.

They seemed to move in slow motion for a moment as I saw them spraying a car down with water. Bryn bent down with a soapy sponge and started scrubbing a black sedan. Her bikini bottoms had bunched up a bit exposing a little more of her butt cheeks then the girl must of intended. You could see a little bit of sun burn on her hind end compared to the newly exposed milky white skin.

I was not the only one to notice, because Amber took the chance to spray Bryn’s little butt with the hose. Bryn responded by throwing the soapy sponge at Amber’s lovely ample breasts. Amber’s nipples poked through the thin material of the thin bikini top. They both were laughing so hard and fighting over the hose. All the guys must have loved the show as well since they all blew their horns in approval of the girls little water fight. Both girls took a little bow.

I parked and headed over to them. It was like a mine field avoiding all the water the girls were splashing around. Bryn spotted me and slapped Amber’s ass really hard to get her attention. Amber jumped at the pain and loud crack of the butt slap. She whipped around giggling to get some revenge, but spotted me. She trotted over to me still laughing a little. She told me she just had to check with the sorority VP to make sure she could leave now. She walked away and I noticed her perfectly toned body sparkling from the water and bright sunshine. She spoke with some girl then ran back to me, half running half skipping. She told me she was ready. She grabbed a towel and we headed for my car.

I made sure I got the door for her, like all gentlemen should. She smiled and put the towel over the seat before she hopped in. I took her back to her door to change for our date. Her dorm was a short trip around the campus; however I was driving really slow since I was distracted looking at her well toned legs.

I parked and she told me to follow her. I tailed behind her like a puppy. I was admiring her cute butt as we head for her room. When we arrived at her room I was in awe. It was the first time for me entering a pretty girl’s bedroom. I know it was just a dorm room, but this was where she and Bryn slept, changed, had sex. This was their private area and I was seeing it. I looked around of course the décor was very girly. Both girls had pink satin sheets, several fluffy pillows on their bed and a Justin Timberlake poster on the wall.

I was so engrossed with looking around the room; I almost didn’t notice Amber had taken her top off. She was rubbing the towel over her boobs and the front of her body. She then turned toward me and told me to sit on her bed since she would be just a few minutes. I felt my eyes drift up from her breasts to her eyes when she spoke to me. She smiled noticing I was fixed on her erect nipples. I felt my pants begin to get tight. I was getting excited.

As I sat down she turned toward her little vanity set up. It was a chair facing a desk with a large mirror. There was makeup and brushes and other beauty products lined up on top of the desk. She pulled her wet bikini bottoms off, and her bare ass was now right in my line of sight. Of course this only made the stiffy in my pants harder. She rubbed the towel on her ass cheeks then picked up her two pieces of bikini and rolled them up in the towel. She sat at her vanity facing the mirror and away from me and began brushing her hair.

I had to adjust myself. I did not want her to see the small tent in pants. She was talking to me about something. I could not focus, all I could think about was she was naked and only a foot or less in front of me. I could see the crack of her ass between the chair seat and back support. I suppose my lack of response to Amber’s small talk was noticeable enough, because she stopped speaking and turned the chair to face me. I soaked in her naked breasts and lowered my gaze towards her legs. She had them tightly together as she brushed her hair. I could see the top of her pubic hair landing strip, but not her pussy. She spoke with a little laughter in her voice.

“Are you getting all hot and horny, bad boy?”

I did not respond. Amber then crooked her finger at me in a come here motion. I stood up and walked over to her. My erection was really easy to see when I stood up. I was a little ashamed, we had not touched and I was as hard as a rock. I was standing right in front of her when she put her hands on my pants and unbuttoned them. She unzipped them with out saying a word. Then she pulled my pants and boxers down in one move. My little dick was bouncing up and down inches from her face. I suppose if I was well equipped it would be touching her lips, but I was not. My pants and boxers were down to my ankles, but she did not let me step out of them. Instead she put her hands on my waste and turned me away from her. My ass now facing her, she spoke again.

“Put your hands on the bed.”

I went to step towards the bed, but she held my hips with her hands. I then felt her push the small of my back. I figured out she wanted me to bend over and touch the bed. So I did what she wanted. I felt so vulnerable and exposed being bent over with my ass facing Amber. She then told me.

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