Room service had been plundered, and a bottle of overpriced wine was sitting on the dresser. The boutique hotels of New York City knew how to mark everything up. At least this building had been restored, so Ryan was pretty sure the adjoining rooms could not hear their shouting and sex. Wendy rested her head on his chest and traced her fingers along his ribs. After spending the afternoon listening to Wendy recount her journey through college, Ryan spent the post-meal hour recounting the horrors of Yale Law School and slaving away as an associate with Sullivan & Barnswell. How many students does it take to change a lightbulb at Yale? None, because New Haven looks better in the dark. Law, despite the client business trips, had become just another routine.

He rambled on, mesmerized by the S shape that her lower back, ass and legs made.

It was all filler. As he told anecdotes of dating doe eyed idealists who turned into corporate lawyers, he could not take his eyes off her body. Her skin was a pale white with few beauty marks. The bend of her elbow and the thinness of her upper arm draped across his chest looked too small to have been the same arms that had controlled and dominated him earlier. Her features seemed too delicate. Her right leg was slung over his, and she would slide it up and down in a slow pattern. He had enough and finally made a move for a second go around. He lifted her chin and kissed her softly and slowly.

“Let’s get back to some fun,” Ryan whispered and slid his hand down to caress her breast. He lightly twisted a nipple and slid his finger along the underside of her tit, “You can’t tease me with your body much longer.”

“Well you may have not worked up too much of a sweat, but I definitely did, and we can play another game,” Wendy interrupted him as she tied her hair back in a bun, “How about you clean your Mistress up nice and good?”

“I’m game, anything is fair, same rules, same safe word?” Ryan asked. She nodded her head, grabbed his tie and lead him to the bathroom. She turned the secondary lights on and left the overhead light off. She slung his tie over the sink. She checked the towels and skipped about naked, leaving him standing in the doorway with an erection taking shape. She had a light step, and her lithe legs moved like a dancer’s pair. She turned and handed him her liquid soap.

“Fill the tub with hot water, adding this at the halfway mark. Switch the water to lukewarm to top it off and call me in when ready,” Wendy instructed. Ryan felt a bit let down, but trusted her guidance. She had led him through passionate and new types of pleasure just an hour earlier. His cock throbbed slightly just from the memory. He set the bath up, and after several minutes called her in, “Wendy… everything is ready…”.

“Get off the tub, you shit,” she growled as soon as she came in, “Take my hand and help your Mistress in.” She slipped into the water and told him to grab her body poof. He got it soaped up and went to reach for her body. She grabbed his wrist and twisted hard. She hissed how angry she was that he thought he could start washing her tits first. She told him to start at her feet. She lifted a foot out of the water and let him begin. He rubbed her foot in silence and as he pampered her toes on the left foot, she lifted the right. As he finished, she said, “You may enter the tub. Now, take great care with my legs.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied and tenderly rubbed her calves. He assumed she’d keep her Mistress mask on, but could tell she approved of the massaging and thorough rubdown of her slender legs as she let out small sighs. She had shapely yet thin legs that tapered to her narrow ankles. He had slept with plenty of thin women, but so many had that wiry muscle or stick thin look. Maybe it was the yoga she mentioned earlier that shaped them so well, but he could trace his hands along them the whole night. He cautiously moved up to her torso and went to clean her stomach. She swatted his hand and pointed at her arms. She sat up to get closer and stared him down. He cleaned her arms and allowed their fingers to intertwine just for a moment. She got to her knees and ordered him to do the same. Seeing the water drip down the slope of her pale breasts, Ryan’s erection grew firm.

“You may clean my body,” she said with a triumphant smirk. He slid soap along her breasts and across her stomach, softly washing the suds off with water. He cupped the pale pears of her chest to let water skim over the surface of her skin. Her nipples were small, symmetrical circles and well placed on her tits. He dared not to touch his lips to them for fear she’d slap him, but would that really be a bad thing? He reached for her pussy, which produced a smile from her and said, “You want that clean, don’t you?”

“Of course, as long as you let me,” Ryan answered as Wendy nodded approval. He massaged her pussy with the poof, and paid attention to the way she had groomed herself. Wendy had left a small, upside down egg shaped patch of short hair; she was not like the women of New York he had been sleeping with who had waxed themselves down to nothing. She turned, lifted the bun she had made of her hair and told him to wash her back. He enjoyed the sight of her back. Pinching in at her slim waist, it was a wonderful slope of white down to her ass. He made sure to wash her cute little butt that popped out at him as she bent over to lean against the edge of the tub. He rubbed her firm rear and thought about how he had pounded her doggie style just before their meal. Her ass was a tight bubble of flesh that with her thin waist, looked like a small, upside down heart from his view. He considered his work done and paused. He wanted to bend her over there and ravish her, throwing the game out the window. It took amazing control of his desires to wait for her word.

“Come a little closer and give me your hand,” Wendy ordered. She grabbed his right hand and slid her body back up against his. She moved his hand down to her clit, turned her head and whispered into his ear, “Make your Mistress come with your hand.” Ryan felt a little let down as he wanted to fuck her so bad right then, but she had to have something planned. He trusted her and massaged her clit. Ryan kissed her neck and bit at her ear. He sucked on her lobe for good measure. She reached back and grabbed at his cock. He was firm just from her wet, naked presence. He’d kiss her and she’d let go; he’d smack her ass, and she’d shimmy closer to him. He moved his hand in a circular motion, trying to hit her clit at all angles. When he’d feel her body tense, he’d switch to a light tapping of it. Occasionally, the sensations must have been too much for Wendy, as she’d dip her body well below the water line. He could still feel the extra heat from her pussy on his hand underwater as the water had started to cool. After what felt like an eternity of this back and forth touching, he grabbed her left tit, bit her earlobe and fingered her clit rapidly.

“Slow down, I want this to build you impatient fuck,” Wendy blurted out quickly, suppressing a moan. Ryan slowed his rhythm and occasionally penetrated her pussy with his middle finger. He could see her wet leg muscles tighten and relax. He was happy to bring her this much pleasure. He stuck his other index finger in her mouth and she sucked on it slightly. He turned her face to try to kiss her, but she turned away. She slid her body up against his and dug her nails into his body. They felt like knives in his flesh. She dug into his body deeper as if it would suppress her urge to come.

“Faster, faster, oh God…. faster, I’m going to come,” she let out a slight yelp and then a huge gasp. Ryan saw her entire body shudder. He kept working her clit as she let out a smaller, echo-like 2nd orgasm. She leaned forward on the tub’s edge and breathed deeply. Ryan knelt with his cock poking out of the water’s surface, pulsing and waiting. She pulled the tub’s plug and let the water begin to drain. He wondered what she had in store for him.

Wendy turned & kissed him. She wrapped her hands around his shoulders, swirled her tongue around his, unlocked their lips and told him to go to the sink. She dried herself off a bit before turning her attention to Ryan. She walked up beside him, and he stood charged & tense.

“Knot your tie,” she ordered. He tied a half Windsor knot as she stared into his eyes. He watched her grab her body wash and apply some to his hard on. She grabbed his cock in one hand and his tie in the other. She slowly started to stroke him off. Once she got a feel for his length and the slightly mushroomed tip, she established a pattern to her stroke. She kept her rhythm slow and squeezed a bit harder at the end of her stroke. His dick was long enough that he could anticipate that final little pinch at the end of a crank. He felt the blood pumping through his dick as she kept up her work in silence. She used a caring, sensual pump to her stroke, and his body responded to the intensity. He kept his breathing in check, closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly to relax. It was Wendy who broke the silence.

“Don’t you dare zone out on me. You’re lucky I’m standing here wasting energy on your pathetic ass. Grab the sink and lean forward,” she shouted and slid behind him a bit as it was a tight fit in the small bathroom. He now figured it out. She held the long tail of his tie in her hand behind his back and stroked him off. They locked gazes in the mirror. Without breaking her rhythm, she pulled on the tie and choked him a bit. He felt his throat tighten, dick harden and vision blur. She released and kept jerking him off. She slowed down even more and slid down the entire shaft. The lack of air and the following rush made his nerves tingle and pulse.

“Don’t be a pussy and pass out on me. I can’t carry you to bed. I’ll just leave you on the floor to sleep this off,” she teased, “Plus you wouldn’t come. You can’t do without that, right? You need to come for your Mistress, don’t you?”

“Yes, please… go… faster,” he whispered, he stared at the curve of her torso in the mirror. Her right nipple poked out from behind her arm as it swayed with her stroke.

“No, you need to be a patient little bitch,” was her retort. She kept the super slow pace and squeezed his head even tighter as she pulled the tie tight. With the tie pulled, she sped up and loosened her grip on his cock. He felt giddy, squinted his eyes and cracked a smile.

“You like this? I could make this a lot worse for you,” Wendy threatened. Her slight smile betrayed her words. She intermittently pulled & slackened on the tie while she quickly but gently pumped on his cock. She would throw in a reverse grip, turned only her index finger and thumb into as close to a circle as she could around his penis, and varied her grip to hit every sensor on his cock. Her thin fingers felt light as if dancing around his dick. She was working him up, and he could feel the rising tide through his body as his orgasm approached. He grasped the pedestal sink a bit tighter in his hands, flexing his arms for the eruption.

“God, I’m so close, Mistress, I’m go-” Ryan started to say as Wendy let go of his cock. He stood there with his cock throbbing but his moment was lost, “What the fuck?!? I was going to release and come, your hands were so… arrgghhhh… please, finish me now.”

“Are you questioning my decisions you simple fuckstick? You’re nothing but a tool for me, and I don’t need this shit. I’m just rewarding a little bitch like you for getting me off. Turn and stand by the tub,” she wiped her right hand on a towel and grabbed the tie. Squirting body wash into his hands, “Stroke yourself off you piece of shit, I’m not finishing you off and getting all messy. You just cleaned your Mistress, you idiot, why would I get my hands all dirty and slimey after that? Did you expect me to stroke your mess onto my pretty little titties? This isn’t your choice. Shut up, listen to me, and stop smiling!” She jabbed at his ribs with her thumb. He started to masturbate. He went to his normal grip and cranked.

“No, no no, stop, no, start slow you fucktard. You think I’m going to choke you while you’re pounding away like a jackhammer. You’re lucky I’m even still here you loser,” she grabbed his right hand and showed him the proper pace, “Now that’s the right speed, and grab it hard you pansy.” She grasped the tie and started to pull on the tail. She would apply soft pressure and slacken as if she could read his mind when it was too much. His dick’s nerves were on fire, he felt happy, almost euphoric.

“Is this good?” she inquired and slapped him, “You seem a bit harder here than when we fucked. Were you cheating me out of a diamond dick treatment? Have you been holding out on me, your Mistress? I might have to rip off some leg hair and flick your balls,” Wendy wouldn’t stop with this playful banter and slapped him again, “You can speed up a bit. I can see the shine of pre-cum. Good boy, I’m glad you’re getting close for me. If you don’t come soon, I’m going to get bored and just leave you here to finish all alone,” she ran an index finger down the outline of his tricep, “I like your arms, this one looks so nice jacking away for its Mistress. It’s the same arm that got me off. You think you can get close again for me?” She batted her eyes and stroked at his chin, staring into his grey eyes.

“Yes, Mistress,” Ryan answered calmly and closed his eyes.

“No, don’t close your fucking eyes and go to some fantasyland on me,” she demanded and struck him hard, “Don’t you dare take your eyes off me and fantasize about some Manhattan bitch you met at some martini bar. You’re not going to think about some anorexic flake with implants when I’m doing all of this work. No porn fantasy zone out. Keep your eyes open and stay in control when you come for me,” she ordered as she pulled again on his tie. She stood up and kissed him as he stroked his cock. She pulled away and whispered something that sounded like Spanish or French at him. Wendy used her right hand to play with his balls while he pounded away. Ryan had no clue what she said as he was in a laser guided mindset with his mental focus on his coming orgasm and her eyes. She was rolling his balls in her thin fingers. She’d squeeze the sack hard like popping a balloon then switch to a gentle rub. Wendy’s whispers were a little louder now.

“Come you useless piece of garbage. Come now, fucker, let it out so I don’t have to waste any extra time on you. Jesus, you old man, will you just finish already. Am I not good enough? Are you saying your Mistress is not hot enough for you to get off? You have no idea the punishment in store for you if you do not get off now!,” she barked. That threat and her permission was what he needed. As Ryan slipped out a slight moan & stared into her eyes, he came. It was just dark enough that he could see Wendy’s pupils as the orgasm coursed through his body. He could feel an explosion at the base of his cock and a pulse at the tip. Seeing his juice flying, Wendy rose on the balls of her feet to kiss Ryan. She let his tie go, grabbed the back of his neck & shoulder and kissed him as he pumped away. Ryan let his tongue slide around hers and grabbed her right arm with his free hand. All he could feel was her tongue, her lips, her touch and the spasms of joy from his cock. All he could hear was the splatter of semen in the tub and rushed breathing between their kissing.

The tension in Ryan’s body evaporated, and he relaxed. Wendy broke that embrace and turned the shower on. She let her hair out of its makeshift bun and let the water wash away his released joy. She stepped into the tub and let the water wet her hair. He leaned back on the sink for a moment to breathe deeply and soaked in the post-cum serenity. His heart rate was slowly coming down, and that pulse running through his cock was becoming softer. With a clear mind, he calmy took in her petite features and wonderful profile under the shower’s stream. Her long dark hair when wet was an even more striking contrast against her pale skin than normal.

“You going to come in or you just going to let that body wash dry on your package?” Wendy asked smiling at him. Her question shook him from that daze. Ryan stood up, rubbed his neck a bit and stepped into the shower. He wrapped his arms around Wendy and getting around her wet mass of dark hair, pecked her on the cheek. He wiped some shampoo off her shoulders, traced a soapy finger along the curve of her back, and burned the memory of that moment into his mind.

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