I woke with a start and suddenly hands were on my mouth stifling my screams. My girlfriend lay beside me and she too was being stifled by unknown hands.

Slowly I gained orientation of my senses and saw that there were two intruders in our room. One was African in appearance, the other dark skinned but distinctly Oriental. They had guns and the Asian pushed it now into my mouth and as its coldness touched my lips he told me to open up and suck on it like a good boy.

I did what he said out of fear. They were crawling over our bed and the Black guy was busily tearing at my girlfriends clothes. She only wore a flimsy nightdress to bed and this he tore to shreds quickly.

They wore just t-shirts and shorts in the hot summer night and they kicked off their shoes as they held us down, casting off their clothes. The Black guy was hard and ready and I heard him tell my girlfriend to do a good job on his dick. With the gun in my mouth I sneaked a sideways look to watch her swallowing his black dick as deep as she could. She struggled, gagged, as it was long.

The Asian guy asked me mockingly if I had ever sucked dick before. I replied that I hadn’t, to which he told me now was a good time to learn and anyway wouldn’t I prefer his cock in my mouth to a pistol? I have to admit it seemed a better option than the risk of it going off accidentally or otherwise. I nodded meekly and I saw him smile.

He pulled the gun away and pointed his cock squarely at my face. I could smell his masculine odor with its dark shaft and thick head. The head brushed suddenly against my lips and then deep into my mouth. Suddenly it hit me that I was being forced to suck strange dick in my own bed at gunpoint while my girlfriend was performing head on some Black guy.It was the stuff of nightmares but now as it was happening it seemed strangely less terrifying than I had imagined it to be. I heard her gag as he rammed himself in and out of her throat, her small mouth and his big cock were not an ideal match, whereas I managed more easily with this smaller cock and took it down to its base, both men moaning loudly and passing appreciative but disgusting comments. “Does it taste nice, bitch?”, the Black guy mocked. “You suck like a whore” came the Asian to me, as I worked his pulsing cock hard with my lips and tongue. One could imagine I had done this before, but I knew what I liked so knew how to please a man myself.

It was no flattery to hear the Black guy tell me that it looked like I was a better cocksucker than my girlfriend and that he wanted to switch. They switched quickly and without being asked my girlfriend resumed sucking cock and this time she managed more easily as the Asian forced himself in and out of her waiting mouth. Now it was my turn and I didn’t really get on with many Black guys in our neighbourhood, but now I did my best to pleasure him as best I could. It wasn’t easy as he really was long but I had a better technique and was able to control my breathing well and avoid a gag reflex.

They passed comments between each other about how this was working better as they fucked our faces as we lay on our backs side by side with both men straddling us.

After a little while the Black guy said it was time for pussy. He moved away from me and the Asian guy moved off my girlfriend and went to the side of the bed,and standing and made me resume sucking his dick. The Black guy lifted up my girlfriend and fucked her standing on the bed in a show of his strength and prowess. She made the sort of noises you only want to hear when you are fucking your own girlfriend as her ravished her cunt hard and fast to the point of being brutal.. Next he fucked her alongside of me on her back as he sucked her breasts and complimented her tight pussy.

Now the Asian told me to lie on my stomach and I felt him shortly licking my butt cheeks. He remarked I was smooth for a white guy. Next I felt his tongue dart into my hole and the feeling was unexpectedly pleasurable. I involuntarily gasped as he stabbed and licked with his tongue, pulling my ass cheeks apart as he did so. The pleasure was mitigated by the realization that it would be unlikely that he would stop there, but would in all probability proceed further. I would confess I enjoyed the rimming by him with his tongue doing those little motions which I had never before experienced as a straight guy, and the cock sucking was not pleasurable but it didn’t hurt any except my pride and sense of manhood. But now as he spoke with excited lustful passion of how he was going to fuck me good I knew it was time for me to really experience this rape for what it was.

I sensed his body hover over mine as he kicked my legs apart. “Ready bitch?” he said to which I didn’t answer. “I guess that’s a yes?” he mocked, as I felt his hard cock brush my buttocks as he aimed his tool with a hand at my hole. It was wet from his saliva and he slowly eased his large head into me at which I gasped much louder than before. I breathed deeply to make it less painful and suddenly he was in. He had sodomized me. He would always be the guy who sodomized me in front of my girlfriend. I felt him move on top of me his soft skin against mine. His hands at times on my ass pulling my cheeks open for him, as he thrust again and again into my virgin ass.

I had heard of Asian guy having small dicks and true his wasn’t as big as the Black guy had, but he fucked so furiously while the Black guy seemed more leisurely in his strokes, though the sheer size was an issue in itself, that could make the assault brutal.

But now I was no longer a virgin, more of a conquest, a whore. He used me like he owned me, kissing my neck and pulling my head round to kiss my lips, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I did not resist but accepted all of this for I was powerless and defeated. I could heard the bed creaking as we both lay there being fucked hard. My girlfriend moaned softly as the Black guy fucked her into oblivion. He raised her to doggy style which I knew she enjoyed with me and I was able to watch as he slammed into her from behind and I heard the sound of his body slapping against her ass and the night air resounding with flesh on flesh. I saw her face, I knew despite herself and with a look of shame she had come as a result of all this.

The Asian made me assume the position of doggy too as he emulated his friend, his hands on my shoulders he rode me and angrily fucked into me hurling abuse. I was a “white bitch and whore” and he asked me if I would ever be able to fuck a girl again. Now he reached a hand around and stroked me hard. Soon I had a full erection as he entered in and out of me and I cried begging him to stop. He ignored me and pounded more furiously as he let out a howl and spurted hot jets of come deep inside my stretched hole as he continued to work my dick until I too could no longer hold back and shot waves of my spunk onto the bedsheets in front of me.

I collapsed onto the bed feeling my spunk wet against my skin, as he dropped down on top of me, both of us panting like dogs in heat. My rapist sated at last. His come swimming around my man-cunt. I too felt relief to have come and to no longer have a dick rampaging inside of me, being replaced by the gentler feeling of relaxation and the exploited hole closing up, sealing in his seed as the Black guy unloaded now deep inside my girlfriend.

“Get her pregnant” the Asian bawled.

An hour passed and we were all still naked on the bed, the time had flown who knows where as it tends to do in the abyss of the night. The assault carried on for most of the night until the early hours. They switched and I found myself being fucked by the Black guy this time. His cock was harder to manage in my ass than it had been in my mouth. He kissed me with my legs wrapped around his back as he humped into my white ass. Strange thing now that I felt like a bitch.I figured this is what must happen to weaker guys in prison. They just submit and lose that spark that makes a man want to dominate a woman, fuck her, knock her up. When you are beside your girl, with cocks probing your ass and mouth it is hard to feel unaffected, unchange or much of a real man anymore. THey knew this and played on it to the full with words, and by making me take it side by side with her. What was she thinking I wondered. I must seem weak now compared to these guys. I really didn’t know how my sexuality would come out of this, to what extent unscathed. As I

opened my mouth to their tongues and my own “cunt” (as they began to call it) to their dicks and semen I was being remoulded in my mind by their actions, in my definition of myself. Somewhere in my mind a pervasive thought had crept in and taken root. You are weak you cannot defend your girl or even your own ass and mouth. Give in to it. That way I felt safe that maybe no harm would come to us both. I knew that my manhood had been shot to pieces by them.

The Asian had fucked my girl too. He had also taken her ass after rimming her with loud animal noises of pleasure. He had been the first to do it as I had never done anal with her since she didn’t enjoy it and had always spurned my attempts.But no way here could she escape from losing her anal cherry as the Asian buried his cock deep in her juicy white ass just as he had done to me.

I watched on my back, being pounded by the Black guy as he took her ass and cunt in turn.

He had raped me first, kissed me first, rimmed me first, but the Black was the first to have me taste his semen. I drank obediently from his long tool and swallowed every drop and tasted its egg-like flavor and felt its sticky texture slipping down my throat. Later the Asian made me swallow his sperm too and it was his that impregnated my girlfriend.

The child was dark haired pale skinned with almond eyes, a reminder of this night to stay with us forever it seemed.The child looked like his father and there were many strange looks at us and we always said to people we had adopted him. The real explanation was one I couldn’t bring myself to adumbrate or reveal in its terrible truth.

Truth was I never fucked a woman again. Secretly I let guys fuck me in woods I would meet on the internet. There were lots of Hispanics, Blacks and sometimes Asians who I sucked off in parks cars or restrooms or even in their houses. I would meekly drop to my knees suck them until they wanted more then rise up and bend over in front of them and let them ram my ass and empty their cocks into me. Some White guys I let fuck me also though I preferred to be used and abused by non Whites.My mind had been twisted a bit but I sort of enjoyed the thrill of the degradation. The two rapists had turned me into a white bitch and whore and I sometimes even persuaded my girl who I stayed with in a mostly non sexual way, to be fucked by guys I brought home. I loved it most when some Asian guy fucked us both in turn and maybe spent the whole night screwing us both in every hole as he taunted me about knocking up my girlfriend. I openly advertised for an Asian guy to inseminate a child for a Caucasian couple as I watched. I got many responses and guys from fast food restaurants, students would come by and fuck her in front of me. Some paid me scant regard and just mechanically proceeded to play with her tits in front of me, get blown and then fuck her hard in whatever position he wanted until he unleashed his spunk into her womb. Occasionally a guy would even fuck me as I lay there cuffed on the bed and it felt good now to be such a dump for other men’s come.

That morning, like all mornings since she had moved to America, Claire Lin wandered around the house, looking for something to do.

Once an educator in her native Taiwan, she found she couldn’t seem to find work in the US and while her husband and daughter continued with their busy and vibrant lives, she was left to fend for herself as a bored housewife.

She spent part of the morning straightening up the house, doing laundry, but nothing really needed to be done and she quit shortly after beginning. She wandered into the office beside the master bedroom and began surfing the web.

And before long, like so many mornings, her websearch led her to porn.

Big cock porn. Black cock porn. Her breathing quickened as she streamed videos of white and Asian girls being ravaged, gangbanged and double penetrated by huge black cocks. She watched them writhe with ecstasy, their orgasms genuine, intense, and longed for such release.

She opened the bottom drawer in the desk and rummaged around under the various junk until she found the plastic bag that held her toys. With trembling hands she unwrapped the crinkly plastic bag and removed the black dildo, ten inches long and so thick… She held it to her lips as she watched yet another white girl get ravished by a roomful of black cocks, licked the dildo, opened her mouth wide and sucked it. She stood up and dropped her panties to the floor and sat down on the desk chair again, placing the rounded head of the dildo to her labia, slowly working it inside… Oh! Gasping as she worked it slowly slowly deeper…. Oh yes, that’s it… come on black boys give it to me… oh yes…

She rode that thick long slab of rubber until she cummed so hard tears sprang up in the corners of her eyes.

On the computer screen, the black boys continued to humiliate the white girl in their big nasty disgusting gangbang… She looked on with envy. “I need it!’ she gasped.

She reached back in the bag and took out the purple anal plug and tube of lubricant. She put a little dab of lubricant on the plug and leaned back in the seat, putting the tip to her quivering anus. Breathing heavily, she bit her lip and began pushing… it hurt! No… no it hurts… Oh god! she screamed, as her sphincter suddenly split open and the anal plug slid up her rectum… Oh yes, do me do me…

She slid the giant dildo back into her pussy and rode them until she orgasmed so hard she nearly fainted in the seat….

And then the doorbell rang.

Oh, shit…. Who could that be? She slowly slid the dildo out of her pussy and gathered her breath and decided to ignore the doorbell. Probably just the postman, she figured. She couldn’t be bothered to answer.

But the doorbell rang again. And then a third time. ‘What the hell?’ She muttered. She didn’t bother removing the anal plug stuffed so tightly in her tight little Asian rectum but instead gingerly walked into the bedroom to look out the window that overlooked the front door. On her stoop were three black men holding a large box. The new TV she ordered!

She looked at them- and thought, oh my god—could I?

Could I really do it?

She wrapped a towel around her sweaty body—the anal plug still up her ass—and walked down the carpeted stairs. Then stopped halfway and turned around; No, I can’t! She ran back up the stairs when the doorbell rang a fourth time. What if they left?

She turned around again and ran down the steps.

She opened the door to see them already back in their deliver truck, getting ready to depart.

“Hi!” she called out. The men looked at her, then exchanged glances before opening the truck doors and stepping out again. “Sorry…. I was in the shower, I didn’t hear the bell. Do you have the TV?”

Two of the blacks got out the passenger door and stared at her but didn’t say anything. The driver walked around the front of the truck and looked at her. “We didn’t think anyone was home, ma’am. We got that TV you ordered.”

The two workers went to the back of the delivery truck and removed a large cardboard box and began approaching the front door. She noticed them looking at her, licking their lips, and she tried to control her breathing.

“Come on in…just bring it upstairs.. into the bedroom.” She heard the quaver in her voice as the three blacks entered her house, their savage ugliness, their black skin alien, their eyes cold and hungry. She stood before them wrapped only in a towel, scared now, but her pussy so wet… “Just go up the steps there…”

As they walked up the steps she realized she had left her dildo out, and porn streaming on the computer. She paced into the kitchen. What am I doing?! Oh my god I’ve got to get them out of the house- this is crazy—it’s the middle of the morning! She had three black men in her house, she was nude except for a towel, and she had an anal plug stuffed in her ass.

She desperately looked around the kitchen for something to cover herself with—the dishrag? No…

The anal plug kept distracting her—she couldn’t think straight- she couldn’t decide what to do.

She heard them walking around upstairs, then their heavy boot-treads stopped right above her head. She knew they had discovered the computer and the streaming video.

What am I doing?

The footsteps started again, and she heard them tromp down the stairs.

Panicking, she backed into the corner of the kitchen as they walked through the doorway.

‘All done?’ She asked brightly, wrapping her arms around herself. ‘Thanks for that guys! I really appreciate it… let me get you a tip.’

They stared at her, their ugly animalistic eyes watching her like lions watching an injured gazelle. No one said anything.

She couldn’t breathe… ‘Where’s my purse? I’ll get you a tip.’

‘We don’t need no money,’ one of them said.

She looked at them, terrified. ‘Are you sure? It’s no trouble. Just let me get my purse.’

She tried to pass through them, but the driver, a big buck with thick lips and big hands, grasped her about the shoulders.

‘What are you doing? Don’t touch me!’ She said.

He smiled at her. ‘We don’t need no money, ma’am, but there is one thing you can do for us.’

‘What are you talking about? This is my house! Oh no,, what are you doing? Don’t pull your cock out in front of me! Oh my god!….’

The driver unbuckled his pants and undid the zipper and reached inside and pulled his cock out. She stared at the swollen monster dangling before him.

‘It’s beautiful..’ she murmured…

He grinned at her. ‘Suck it baby.’

She glanced at each of them in turn—saw their hunger, their lust… and fell to her knees and grabbed onto the thick meat.

‘Oh god..’ she whispered as she took the massive head between her lips and tasted his salty smelly thickness, felt his girth spread her jaws—its head going further back along her tongue—tasting the hole of his cock with her tonsils now—gasping for air and then releasing it, dripping with her saliva. ‘Oh my god..’ Drawing a deep breath, she saw another huge cock dangled before her.. She took that one in her hungry mouth, and then the third…

The towel fell off her body as she kneeled before them nude and exposed sucking on each of their cocks, surrounded by cock…black cock heaven…

They lifted her onto the kitchen counter island, lay her back. She looked at them, biting her lip, tears in her eyes as she spread her legs. “don’t hurt me… please, don’t hurt me…”

The driver shuffled over to her, his pants around his ankles ahd took her head in his hands and kissed her. “we won’t hurt you, mommy….” She spread her legs wider and he crouched before her to lick her smooth shaved Asian pussy. She relished his tongue in her pussy and when he grasped the anal plug in his teeth and pulled she nearly screamed. He let the plug drop to the floor and then lined his massive ten inch cock up and slowly inexorably slid deep into her soaking pussy. She lay back on the cold counter and tried to stifle her moans. She closed her eyes until she felt a suspicious tap on her cheek; looking over, she saw another massive cock in her face. she took it in her mouth and sucked desperately as the driver pumped his long shaft all the way to his ball sack. She felt another big cock in her hands and masturbated as yet another orgasm surged through her.

The driver started pumping faster and faster and she looked up and said, “cum in me baby yes that’s my baby cum in my pussy!”

And he did, with a roar. She felt his creamy load surge through his cock and pump into her gaping sopping wet pussy.

“Oh yes that’s my boy that’s my boy cum in me…”

The driver laughed and pumped some more and then withdrew. One of the workers then lined up between her legs.

“Do my ass.. please do my ass…”

And he grinned and lined his massive cock- even thicker than the driver’s—up with her wet slick anal passage and began pressing upwards. She gasped, louder, “No… its too big.. oh my god its too big.. Ow!!!” and she did scream as his thick girth popped her sphincter and began its slow sticky slide up her rectum… it was the biggest cock she ever had in her anus—it felt like it was ripping her in two—and she loved every second of the pain

she thrashed her head and screamed again and cummed so hard that she squirted all over the black mans belly as his big cock get sliding deeper and deeper into her rectum…

“Its too big too big…” and she cummed again, again squirting all over him, the men laughing and cheering her on.

And then this one cums with a ‘Hell yeah’, strong jets of thick goo squirting up her anus. She thrashed around on the cold marble countertop nearly having spasms as she cummed again and again.

And then it was the other workers turn. The first worker slid his massive cock out of her anal passage with an audible ‘pop’ and let his crewmate take over. The next worker slid his cock into her pussy quickly, causing her to cry out in pain, and then grasped her under each knee and lifted her up. She grasped him around the neck and kissed his thick lips as she rode his huge cock and cried, “Yes, do me like this,” as she felt the hands of the driver on her back and his cock presented to her cum-dripping rectum.

And that was when she reached her own orgasmic nirvana; two massive black cocks one in her pussy, the other up her ass. She screamed so loud she couldn’t believe it and when she saw the third one filming her with his iPhone, she screamed and creamed again, juices just pouring out of her, cumming so hard she nearly passed out.

She felt the driver cum up her rectum—smooth thick sweet cream for her anus, and she thought, yes, this is it, this is exactly it….this is what I live for….

The driver withdrew from her anus and the worker replaced him once again in her ass. and they all fucked her again and again until they had their fill and left her huddled on the cool kitchen floor begging them not to go. She had thick goo dripping out of all her holes and caked in her hair and dripping down her lips.

But they left anyway. She fell asleep on the floor there for a time. When she awoke she stood unsteadily and wrapped herself in the long abandoned towel and thought, what have I done? What is the matter with me? She caught a glimpse of herself reflected in the polished refrigerator door and saw how beautiful she looked, with her hair sticky and her eyes naughty.

‘Yes,’ she told herself, ‘yes, this is me. I’m a black cock anal Asian slut milf.

This is me… ‘

And she walked in a golden glow up the stairs to the shower and redemption.

I’d met Troy a few times. He was a rep for one of our suppliers — office furniture. He worked mostly with the other Dave in our office. Troy was a bit flash, if you know what I mean, loud and foul-mouthed, always flirting with the office girls, wore his trousers too tight and his shirts unbuttoned. We’d had just one conversation, at our office Christmas party — the usual subjects: sport, cars, girls. So when I received an invitation to his firm’s End of Year party I just assumed he’d invited everyone he knew.

I didn’t know the venue, but it must have been his company address. It was an ordinary looking building — no name, just a number — a ground floor lobby with a hand written sign by the elevator — party on level 2. As I waited for the elevator a couple of guys I didn’t know wandered in, casually dressed, and then as the elevator doors opened, a limo pulled up and two of the most beautiful girls I’d seen in a long while stepped out. One blonde and one Asian, both early twenties maybe, average height but well built, and how do I put this? Dressed like whores.

I held the elevator doors open as they walked into the lobby — the blonde was wearing a red bra over bare midriff and short black leather skirt, and the Asian girl was wearing what I can only describe as a cheerleader outfit except that it was tiny and barely covered her tits and ass. And they wore those sexy high heels that look like girls must practice to walk in. You know the ones — they fall forward and throw their tits out so they have to hold their heads back not to over balance.

One of the other guys ushered them into the elevator.

“Thanks, sexy,” the blonde said.

The guy winked at me and pressed the button for level 2. No one pressed anything else.

“So we’re all going to Troy’s party,” the guy said.

I said yes, and he introduced himself. “Pete, and this is Mike.” I shook their hands. They were both about my age — mid to late thirties. “And you girls are?”

“I’m Cindy.” That was the blonde.

“And I’m Tracey.

It was one of those small old-fashioned elevators, and as the doors rumbled shut we were all pushed against each other. Cindy pressed up against me, and over her shoulder, Pete winked at me again. “And you girls would be the entertainment, I’m thinking,” he said. “Been to one of Troy’s parties before?” Pete was looking at me. I said no. “I hardly know him.”

The doors opened and we spilled onto the second floor and through an open door into some sort of windowless function room. There was a table with beer and food and 2 long narrow leather couches. And on all four walls there was a large TV screen.

“Strange place for a party,” I said, but no one was listening. The room throbbed with pop music. There were maybe ten guys there already, and Troy came over to greet us. He was wearing a Santa hat, jeans and a dress shirt unbuttoned to the waist, exposing a gold chain.

“Girls. Guys. Welcome. Pete, Mike, grab a beer.” He looked at me quizzically.

“Dave,” I said. He nodded enthusiastically.

“Dave, glad you could make it.”

“Thanks for the invite,” I said.

He led us over to the tables of beer and nibbles, and I took a can and opened it. The guys gathered round Cindy and Tracey who started dancing in a casual way. We all sort of watched as they shimmied against each of us in turn, and then it got interesting. The girls stripped off their clothes and Troy simply unzipped his jeans, unleashed his cock, placed his hands on the shoulders of one of the girls and lowered her to her knees where she promptly took his fat cock in her mouth. The guys formed themselves into two tight circles around each girl — the other girl was kneeling as well — and they all got their cocks out.

“Dave,” Troy said. Tracey, the cute Asian, knelt before him while other guys pawed at her naked ass. “Only four in your group so I guess you’re fucking Cindy.”

Both girls were sucking vigorously, taking a cock in each hand as they worked their way round the circle. Cindy was a beauty — slender and tanned, full round tits, her perfect back curving down to a toned ass which rocked up and down on her high heels as she performed. The guys stood in two close circles, cocks out, hands either slapping their cocks in the girls’ faces or hair, or kneading the girls’ bare flesh, or if they were the lucky one to be engaged with a girl, hands on the back of her head and working her mouth to and fro on their cock. They were whooping and hollering, of course, calling out to the girls to ‘suck it bitch’ or ‘make it cum’ or ‘open wide for daddy’.

Well, I was rock hard by now and painfully constrained in my trousers, so I dropped them and joined in with the others. A group fuck for an office party was a new experience for me, but I wasn’t shy. I had no idea why Troy had invited me, but I wasn’t going to knock back a bit of Christmas cheer.

I couldn’t see Tracey in her circle and then I realized — the whole fucking thing was showing on the TV screens. There was some CCTV system operating in the room and you could watch these two sluts getting gang fucked from four different angles, depending on which screen you were facing. I looked at the screen and the circle around Tracey and listened to the instructions they were giving her. Troy was saying “Look up at me, babe. Look at me,” and some other guy just kept saying ‘fuck’ over and over again.

I joined my circle — cock out – and Cindy took me first in her hand, and then in her mouth. She was obviously a pro — she took my whole length long and slow. I watched my rod gliding between her plump lips while she kept eye contact throughout, smiling around my swollen cock and receiving me all the way until my balls were against my chin. I put my hands behind her head and increased the tempo a little, and all the while her eyes met mine without flinching. I could feel the head of my cock bouncing off the back of her mouth. “You like that,” I said. I couldn’t think of anything dirty to say, but she half nodded and said yes with her pretty blue eyes. And then just as I swelled and felt the pleasure of her expert sucking sweeping through me, she moved on to the next guy.

I watched her work her way round the circle, taking each cock in turn in her hand, then her mouth, then back to her hand. I massaged the back of her neck and ran my hands down her sides, or jacked off. Some other guy was kneeling behind her and playing with her pussy. And then it was my turn again and I could take my hands off my cock and place them behind her head. The dirty banter was working on me now.

“Say ahhh,” I said, then “suck it Cindy,” and “gag on my shaft, you cumslut.” This was easy.

“Fuck my mouth, Dave,” she said, disengaging for a moment, then sucking again and smiling up at me. I got a kick out her remembering my name. It made me feel special.

As I enjoyed my second sucking I noticed the other guys were now undressing completely, but I was pretty much distracted, so that when Cindy released me and licked the precum off the end of my cock, I was unprepared for what came next. One of the guys lifted her up from behind by the waist like a ragdoll. She sort of just folded in his arms. He was completely naked and his fat cock must have fitted neatly into her ass crack. He placed her onto one of the leather couches and rolled her onto her back with her feet, still in the heels, in the air. I was the last guy in the room still half dressed so I unbuttoned my shirt. Troy placed Tracey on the table next to Cindy, but face down. Then he pulled her up by the waist until she could wave her neat ass at him, and in response, he lowered his face to her shaved pussy. I couldn’t see the action from behind, but on one screen I could watch her sweet face smiling and coo. The guys hollered and Tracey writhed with pleasure. She went to speak, but some guy grabbed her head in both hands and fed her his cock from the other side of the couch.

And then as the guys lined up to tongue fuck Cindy, I moved closer to get a better view. Troy stood up and placing one hand on his tool and one on her ass, he fed his cock neatly into Tracey’s pert pink cunt. Still sucking cock, she reached back and ran her fingers round Troy’s sticky shaft where it neatly penetrated her, then letting go the cock of the guy at her front, she sucked her cunt juices from her fingers one at a time, and laughed with pleasure. The guys all cheered. Another guy then pulled her head back and fed her more cock, and he and Troy double teamed her as a third guy poured a beer over her back and licked it off. Both girls were now lying in a slick on the couch.

Now Cindy who was lying on her back, spread her legs and Mike fucked her pussy, while Pete fucked her mouth. He took her head and leaned it back over the edge of the couch so she could take his whole shaft right up to the balls. I watched as he plunged himself between her red lips, the end of his cock rising and falling in her throat, and wondered how she could take so much meat without gagging. The rest of us gathered around jacking off and cheering and waiting our turn.

I lined up behind Troy and he pulled out of Tracey and invited me to take his place. She was shaved neatly and had an ass as well toned as Cindy. I pushed my cock into her pussy and thrust against her while the guy opposite fucked her mouth. She wiggled and squirmed for me, and made encouraging noises around his member as he thrust deeply. I was entranced by the sight of my hard cock plunging into her and it made me work harder to see what she could take until I was banging off her tight ass and had to hold her smooth warm cheeks to steady myself.

I felt nearly ready to cum when someone tapped me on the shoulder and I reluctantly surrendered my place at Tracey’s ass. This guy was bigger than me, and thrust into her as hard as he could, pushing her so hard against her face fucker that she gagged and pulled her mouth off him. “Suck on this, slut,” he said, giving her just a moment’s respite before taking her head in both hands and firmly re-engaging her mouth with his cock. I jacked off as I watched her new cunt fucker not only pounding her pussy, but working first one finger and then a second into her tight ass. I leaned down for a closer look as he fingered her tight hole, and then I joined him with two of my fingers and we violated her ass together, tugging at her fresh pink flesh, while I kept my other hand tight around my shaft. She was whimpering now — cute little mews like a kitten – and gagging a little, and I wondered again how much she could take while wishing it was me doing the damage in her cunt as well.

The guys were working through Cindy in a line, and I moved across to get some of her pussy as well. Troy was the next in line and I guessed from the tube of lube lying beside her on the table that he’d readied Cindy for what was coming because when her fucker withdrew, Troy placed his cock against her ass and inserted himself — gently at first as she got used to the invasion, but in no time he was buried in her sweet ass up to his balls. I looked at the screens and I drank in the sight of this beautiful slut being double teamed, some guy she’d never met with his fat cock in her mouth and Troy pounding her ass, holding her tight and pulling himself into her in long thrusts. Troy looked up at me. “You want some of this fucking fine ass, Dave?” he asked. I nodded. “Then wait your fucking turn.” He smiled and returned his attention to ramming her rear end.

One of the guys had climbed onto the couch and lay on his back beside Tracey. She climbed onto his cock, leaning forward so we could see his thick member sliding into her cunt. Then I saw Mike position himself behind her. He put his hand on her back and gently leaned her down until she was nearly lying on top of the guy on the couch who was fucking her cunt, and then Mike pulled her legs aside, then splayed her cheeks, and guided his cock into her ass. He hesitated a little until the pressure gave way, and then slid in easily as she bent and flexed beneath him to accommodate this new intrusion. And then another guy fed her his cock, and beautiful Asian Tracey was triple teamed.

I was close to cumming, but wanted some more of these girls first. Troy pulled his thick cock out of Tracey’s ass and invited me to take his place. He lay on the couch and helped Tracey reposition her cunt onto his fat cock. I’d fucked ass before, but it wasn’t something you got all the time. “You really fucking want this, Dave,” she said to me as she lowered herself onto Troy. “Just fuck my ass like you mean it.” And then she leaned down across Troy’s chest and took another cock in her mouth.

I spat onto my hands and then lubed myself up a bit, although I could see that Troy had done most of the work to prepare Tracey for my anal invasion. She was fully focused on the guy opposite who was alternately pulling her hair towards him and slapping her face. I grabbed my cock and simply fed myself into her, just above where Troy was penetrating her cunt. She didn’t resist and I watched my rod slip past her puckered hole and bury itself in her rear. She was tight and I was still pretty close to cumming so I rested a little to make sure I didn’t spend everything. Ass is great — probably the dirtiest fucking sensation there is from a purely tactile point of view, but it doesn’t provide the sheer visual and sensual pleasure of cumming in a mouth.

I grabbed Tracey’s long black hair and pulled myself down until I could whisper in her ear. “Do you like my fat cock plugging your ass?” I asked. I’m sure she nodded a yes, just before the guy in her mouth spasmed and erupted violently, his cum spewing across her lips. I stood back up and concentrated on fucking her like I meant it, Troy and I filling her holes while she cleaned up the dripping cock of the guy across the table.

When she’d cleaned him up he stepped back and a new guy jammed his thick cock into Tracey’s mouth. I looked at the ceiling for a bit to keep myself back and then someone tapped me on the shoulder. “You want a turn? I asked. It was Mike. “No,” he said. “Stay in her ass. I want to try something.”

Now Troy was in her cunt and I was in her ass and the guy opposite was fucking her mouth. I was too far gone to worry, but Mike put his hands on my lower back and sort of moved me forward so I could brace myself against Tracey. I lifted my left leg and keeping my cock firmly fixed in her tightest hole, I straddled her. I was so close to guy opposite now that we had to brace each other, hands on shoulders. I watched Mike in the TV screen step up behind me.

And then as the other guys yelled encouragement, he pushed himself in between Troy and me and put the head of his cock up against my cock. Then I felt his fingers push around where my cock was penetrating her and I felt him feed the head of his cock into her pussy just below where my cock was splicing her ass. I couldn’t believe what was happening, Mike’s cock sliding under mine, the two cocks in her cunt. She must have been stretched to the limit, but she didn’t try to stop us.

Everything seemed to slow down as we eased off on thrusting so hard to make sure we could keep all our cocks engaged with her crowded holes. And then a fifth guy stepped up in front, next to the guy already fucking her mouth, and fed his cock into her stuffed moth as well, so that for a long slow moment — I don’t know how long but I didn’t want it to end — beautiful dark haired Tracey took those five cocks without complaining as if she did it everyday. And thinking back on it, maybe she did.

I can’t say I was upset when Mike withdrew and let me get back to ass fucking Tracey unhindered. Like I said, ass is great, and in my limited experience Tracey was the best ass fuck I’d had. But I wanted to cum in a mouth, so before I’d committed I withdrew my cock and ceded my place to some guy who’d been tapping on my shoulder for a while. A few of the guys had already cum and were standing back to catch their breath so I walked round the table and took a turn at Cindy’s mouth. Her face was already streaked with cum. She was now being triple teamed as well, a guy just below where I stood with my groin in Cindy’s face, my hands in her hair guiding her onto me, and opposite Pete ramming into her ass. He winked at me again.

“What do you think of Santa’s little fuck sluts?” he asked.

“Beats that shit party we had at your office,” Troy said.

I nodded and Pete shouted ‘fuck’ and came in Cindy’s ass. Almost immediately I felt my cock twitch. “Look at me, slut,” I said to Cindy and she met my eyes as I shot my load into her mouth, maybe four or five jolts of cum. I held her head tightly against me at first, my balls against her chin, and then pulled back a little until I could see the tip of my cock bathing her tongue and streaming generously into her mouth. She took the lot without coughing, strings of my cum swinging between my cock head and her sweet lips, some of my cum spilling down her chin.

Cindy pushed herself up on her elbows and I leaned down to kiss her, tasting my cum and maybe a few other guys as well. She pushed her tongue into me and then when we let go, she said “mmm” then licked her lips slowly and deliberately. I kissed her again.

Most of the guys had cum by now. Tracey climbed off the three cocks impaling her and lay back on the couch and a couple of remaining guys gathered round and shot their loads of cum across her face and tits. Cindy did the same and received similar treatment, until Troy, still in his Santa hat, came last, white ropes of cum gushing onto her face, some into her open mouth and the rest onto her tits.

“Fucking shit,” he yelled as he finished, and then leaned down and kissed her deeply, smearing his cum across her face and his. She took his cock in her mouth and cleaned him up and then both girls allowed us one last mouth fuck each as they sucked off the last of our cum. And then as our cocks went limp, we could only gaze on the two beautiful sluts, glistening with semen as they lay amongst the remains of the Christmas party, and Troy arranged to replay the whole thing on the TV screens.

I still don’t know why Troy invited me to his party. Maybe the invitation was meant for the other Dave in our office. But in the new year I received a letter which I opened to find a DVD.

I popped it into my computer. Troy had burned the whole damned thing onto a disc and added a soundtrack — songs from the party — it was the album with that song with the three guys and the girls wrapped in plastic – ‘I know you want it, good girl’ over and over.

And then as I watched myself thrusting my cock into Tracey’s tight little ass, the guys sang ‘lemme be the one you back that ass up to, I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two’. I’d never seen anything like the five way fuck where Tracey had two cocks in her mouth, another two in her cunt and me in her ass. It looked fucking great on film.

And when I filled Cindy’s mouth with cum the guys in the song sang ‘baby can you breathe’. I hadn’t noticed at the time, but after we’d kissed and then she’d licked her lips and we’d kissed again, I’d stepped away and she’d leaned down to the guy underneath her who’d been fucking her pussy the whole time I’d been in her mouth, and kissed him too.

I made a new year’s resolution to make that just the start of my DVD collection.

I was in the island for two days.

Through one of my contacts I had arranged for a resident to show me around and a guy in his early 20s called Mussad (not his real name of course) was the dude who took up the job.

Upon arrival in the island in the morning Mussad offered to let me sleep in his room ‘because it will save me the money’ but just to be nice I offered to give him the money I had brought to rent a day room and he kindly accepted with a smile.

There was nothing ‘gay’ about him so I wasn’t expecting anything to happen that night as there was a lot of room on his king-sized bed and I figured that we could sleep peacefully both of us on opposite sides without ‘touching’ each other.

But perhaps I was secretly expecting something ‘naughty’ to happen because with island dudes, who are not cynical like Male’s somewhat uptight and urban dwellers, the fair amount of ‘surprises’ I get during my travels made me sense that this time too life will turn out exciting.

We hung around the whole time during the day so we got tired almost at the same time, around 3am, and my departure was at 8am.

I changed into my boxers and T-shirt and lay on the side of the bed that was closer to the wall.

Mussad came out of the toilet in his boxers too but topless and I felt a weird sensation at the thought of sleeping so near to a naked chiseled island chest.

So I turned to face the wall and tried to sleep.

I sensed him climb into the bed and lie down on the other side.

I lay quietly, fearful of making any movements that might suggest to him that something was not ‘normal’ with me.

Soon I grew very relaxed and started falling asleep…

Suddenly I opened my eyes when I sensed that something had wrapped itself around me.

I realized that Mussad had wrapped his right leg around my right leg and I began to wonder whether it was deliberate or not.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it suggested that I was asleep not for more than 15 minutes.

I know some Maldivians who do this ‘trick’ to seduce you: it’s just a form of testing.

The idea works like this: he ‘accidentally’ wraps his leg around you and if it turns out you are not gay and that if you confront him, he will say it was an ‘accident’ and there’s nothing you can do about it and so he can easily get away with it be feigning innocence.

But if he finds you ‘accommodating’, that is, if you didn’t make it a big issue he might give another nudge until you openly consent to it; or if you want it’s your chance now to acknowledge his ‘hint’ and start doing ‘it’ because obviously he has taken the initiative and he expects you to ‘confirm’ it by a ‘positive’ act from your part.

I lay quietly and he still kept his leg wrapped around me.

I then sensed him move closer and soon I felt his breath on my neck as I felt his chest press on my back, and I then I felt his dick, very hard, pressing hard between my butt cheeks.

He then started rubbing it between my bums and then got more excited and began thrusting harder — as if he wanted to enter me.

My anus started opening-and-closing in alternate succession as it grew excited itself and I thought, what the hell, I’ll let him enter, and if he later complained to me of ‘dragging him into a gay act’ I can get away like him too by claiming that I did it in sleep too and therefore I didn’t know what I was doing exactly.

So I felt safe as I dragged down my boxers and then I pulled my right arm over and pushed his boxers down as well and as I expected, he himself pushed down and got rid of his own boxers. Hmmm…

Now we were both completely naked and we were still lying in that position — my back to his front.

Now there was nothing blocking him from pushing his dick further and harder down along my anal area and the direct touch of his glans on my bared asshole and balls made me go into a frenzy.

But I caught myself and thought that I won’t have sex with a man who was pretending to sleep.

So I thought of blowing him, slowly, to work him into a frenzy too, so that at some point he would realize that I knew that he cannot be asleep anymore and therefore he can finally decide to act adult and accept what was happening.

In other words sex that is carried out with full acknowledgement is more satisfying than sex carried out in denial because even if the dude doesn’t view himself as gay, if he’s repressed he might act hostilely later but if he’s not repressed but closeted then at least his ‘opening’ up to you means that he is willing to share his ‘dirty’ secret with you and therefore the sex you have after that acknowledgement wouldn’t result in him acting confusedly later towards you.

I pushed my left hand down and caught the glans and began to squeeze it gently.

I felt it grow hard and full in my hands and then I squeezed it hard and that worked him into a frenzy again.

I did that a few times and then I felt him grab his penis in his right hand, guide it to my anus, and give a push.

It hurt a bit because I wasn’t naturally lubricated yet but I knew that the fact that he wanted to enter me without even the possibility of oral sex was a signal that he was wanting to cum. And soon.

So I got up immediately and bent over his cock and took it in my mouth.

I sucked on the glans only in order to keep him excited but not enough to make him cum. Not just yet.

Suddenly his left hand found my bum and his index finger found its way down my but crack and to my utter pleasure that finger playfully caressed my exposed anus which began to open and close in alternate non-stop turns, indicating that I too was getting excited enough to be entered.

He then suddenly thrust in the tip of his index finger, not unkindly, and began making rounding motions, feeling the inner walls of my rectum. I wondered whether it was his first time in getting to feel the warm, soft and ultra tight comfort of a male ass.

I knew that if he had continued that that I would cum before my own ‘plan’ became successful so I ‘politely’ moved away from his ‘fingering’ and moved around to face his crotch and with my two hands I lifted up his legs to expose the sweet dark opening that lay hidden down there.

I saw it alternately opening and closing, a clear and sure sign that it was obliging me.

I dived in.

He moaned.

And that made me lick him harder.

He gave out long gasps that went like a ‘ssssssssssssssss’ and my own erection went several notches higher.

But I wasn’t ready to ‘give in’ yet and as his body naturally tried to ‘withdraw’ from me, unable to take the onslaught on his asshole anymore, I held onto his legs in an iron grip and refused to let him go.

As I dug in into his ass, my tongue reaching inside his rectum, he moaned in pleasure and then I saw the telltale signs that he might cum when I sensed his balls acting ‘up’, a sure sign that the moment was imminent when he had to give up his sweet load, for Jesus’ sake.

So I stopped rimming and looked up.

His mouth was agape and he was breathing hard, as if he had been lifting heavy stones all day to build an Egyptian pyramid.

I could see that he was tired from all that excitement but he still did not open his eyes!

So time for another strategy I thought…

I slowly inserted my right index finger (I hope God will forgive me one day for desecrating that holy finger uncontrollably so many times in my life) into his ass and began making ‘up and down’ motions.

His body began heaving up in pleasure.

He began to move his body up and down, accommodating my holy finger, and I felt the familiar warm, soft and yet tight comfort of his anus.

At this point you might wonder, what trick?

Well the trick was this: I finger-fucked him yet at the same time I left his penis alone.

I continued finger-fucking him and soon I had the expected result…

He moved his right hand down and found his cock and began to stroke it.

He did it real hard and I knew he wanted to come no matter what.

So I firmly caught his right hand with my right hand and politely made him leave his cock alone.

He had no choice but to keep his right hand by his side on the bed because I knew that he knew that a ‘sleeping’ man was not supposed to make too vigorous ‘intentional’ moves and especially if he wanted to pretend that this sexual act was happening without his being aware of it.

I sensed him ‘playing’ with me so, in all my pride, I wasn’t about to give in too. Call it politics among males but I like to be treated equal and fair.

So I didn’t stop. Not yet anyway.

Then quite predictably I saw his left hand finding its way to his penis and beginning to stroke it. Again!

Not real hard this time because I think he may have thought that if he didn’t make any vigorous movements in masturbating I might leave him alone to his devices thinking that he won’t be cumming any sooner.

But my concern then shifted to the possibility that if I let him play with his thing however gently, he was already ready to cum and therefore it was a matter of time before he shot up his load into the air whether he masturbated slowly or harder this time.

So once again I politely but firmly caught his hand, made him withdraw it from his penis, and let it rest by his side.

I continued finger-fucking him and from then on he obediently left his penis alone but I knew that deep down he was dying to cum.

But I had him.

The excitement of my finger pushing deep inside him made him naturally unable to make himself immune to the pleasure I was giving, and therefore with no choice, no hope and no free will, like an automated robot he continued his up-and-down body thrusts, my finger inside his hole keeping his arousal not only alive but building him up into a foreseeable frenzy.

Now that I had my total control over him for the moment (my finger was inside his body after all) his penis which had a mind of its own had no choice but to keep on ‘dancing’ to my every ‘twist’ as well.

Strategically then, I pushed my face into his crotch area and the telltale smell drifted into my nostrils making me extra horny.

I wondered why I thoroughly enjoyed this somewhat stale smell that reminded me of rotten bottoms of dead coconut palm trunks and I guessed it was because we are all made up of the same material: the rotting clay of the decomposing earth.

How clever of Nature to ‘trick’ us into liking this smell, yet this is what all wars seem to have been fought for, for sex makes the world go round, as the cliche goes.

I began to lick his balls, taking one at a time fully into my mouth, and together with the finger-fucking he became really excited and almost thrust up into a sitting position.

But I strategically left his shaft and glans alone because I knew that a man can never feel fully satisfied, even if he came, if you didn’t directly play with the shaft and glans at the moment of orgasm.

And suddenly, but not surprisingly, I heard the familiar words: “Suck me.”

I looked up and saw his eyes open.

But his eyelids were heavy and his breathing coming in gasps as if he couldn’t focus his mind on anything else now that my assault on his genitals had reached the critical point of no return.

He looked serious as he said those words, “(please) blow (me)”, and I knew that he was now almost pleading and that it would be pure torture if I didn’t give in immediately to his request and make him cum ASAP.

I dutifully took his glans into my mouth and with my left hand, I began to stroke his shaft, making sure my fingers also continued touching at least some part of his balls.

I made sure that my simultaneously playing with his ass, balls, shaft and glans would give him the time of his life.

Then suddenly, but not unexpectedly, I felt him firmly grab the back of my head, and I felt him trying to push my head away from his penis.

I looked up and he was looking at me and in a weak voice managed to give out a croak that sounded like: “hey, I’m about to cum.”

Such ‘friendly caution’ comes sometimes when you have casual sex with dudes you just met.

It happens that some dudes don’t like to swallow cum although they are gay and this was a ‘courteous’ way of letting you know that you have a choice of swallowing it or not depending on your taste as all the groundwork (such as what we specifically like to do or not in bed) is not discussed beforehand as the encounter is casual after all. So you have no choice but to lay these little ‘ground rules’ while in the act itself.

But as it happens, when you have an erection, you don’t generally give a damn about anything else. All you want is to reach orgasm, cum, whether in the hands of a man or woman not mattering at all at that moment.

There are only a few guys I came across who were completely against my swallowing their cum and during those times some of them told me that they thought that bodily fluids are “disgusting” and that it’s different from sucking a cock because a cock is just a “rubbery muscle with no fluids on its outer surface”.

Could this dude also have an attitude like that, I wondered…

Basically I couldn’t care less because I find everything about the male body beautiful and delicious.

So as I said most guys I met after giving this ‘cautionary notice’ just let you suck on them if you insist on doing that and they are OK with you swallowing their cum.

I decided to take that risk with Mussad and I smiled at him to say that everything is cool and went down and continued blowing him.

But I managed only to take his glans into my mouth when suddenly, without warning, his whole body shot up in the air and into a sitting position, and his hard-as-a-rock cock found its way deep into my throat.

It was so sudden I almost choked.

He then grabbed the back of my head and forced my head down hard on him.

He couldn’t control it, I guess.

I felt his fresh-smelling pubes pushing into my nose and my chin buried deep into his balls.

As he held onto me like that for a split second or too, I felt the telltale heaving of his balls.

His penis at last gave its final violent push and I felt the familiar but welcome warmth trickle down my throat.

And I was extremely glad at the same time that I didn’t choke.

I guess I had deepthroated so many times that even in unexpected moments like this I was ready for it though in early years I had to go at it slowly because I felt like choking and vomiting whenever I felt a cock ‘filling’ the deep inside of my throat.

I gratefully drank all the juice flowing out of him.

And when at last I felt the last of the hot droplets, I held onto him and didn’t immediately withdraw.

Then slowly I felt his hand release my head and I knew that he was fully satiated.

I squeezed the bottom of his shaft and slowly, tightly, I withdrew my mouth, managing to bring out all the remaining liquid in his urinal pipe.

As I took his glans out of my mouth, I licked clean the last few droplets and seeing the ‘mouth’ of his glans as if it was ‘smiling’ at me with pleasure, I planted a quick light kiss on it and I looked up and saw that he was smiling :)

“Let’s go and wash in the sea,” he then said quietly, and added, “naked” — for emphasis I think.

I guess he was still horny so I didn’t mind.

It was around 5:30am and the sky was just lighting up but we didn’t feel afraid because his home was in a quiet falhu part of the island and it was just about 50 feet from the beach and there were bushes all around us right up to the beach that grew as tall as us and therefore would keep us hidden while we took the walk to the beach, naked.

We did some skinny dipping and after a few minutes of splashing around, came out of the water and still not spying anyone coming from either side of the beach, we decided to risk some more and sat on a patch of grass and relaxed.

He sat looking at the horizon as if in serious thought.

I sensed that something was troubling and that was not a good sign.

So I ask him: “Why? What’s wrong?”

“You know,” he began, “you shouldn’t have swallowed my cum.”

Then he turned towards me but I didn’t know what to make of that look so I pretended to be innocent and raised my right eyebrow to sign to him to explain himself more…

“Nothing’s wrong,” he replied, still holding my eyes, “but I’m uncomfortable because I think sperm is meant only for the pleasure of women since it’s a ‘sexual object’”.

I pretended to be indignant and asked him in a playful tone: “Well, your cock is also a ‘sexual object’, no? And yet you let me suck it.”

“That’s different,” he said, still holding my eyes.

“What’s different?” I pressed again.

“Well, the dick is just a muscular ‘ejaculator’ for the semen, hence, the penis is not a sexual object in itself. I think it’s a common error that people make because it acts as the medium by which the cum is delivered from the balls and out into the vagina or a woman’s mouth,” he elaborated, and then added, “So I don’t think a man should swallow another man’s cum although you may suck his cock.”

“I see,” I replied, my eyes also not letting him go.

Was it defiance?

I think it was more of confusion on my part and therefore I didn’t know what kind of a response would have been appropriate in that situation.

He didn’t say anything then so I thought I will say something to calm him down: “Alright, next time I won’t swallow your cum.”

Predictably he brightened up and smiled too.

Then, just on a hunch, I casually asked him: “Next time when you cum, where would you have it in?”

He immediately replied: “Your ass of course.”

“My ass?” I was dumbfounded.

Liwat or anal intercourse (also called sodomy) is haram (prohibited) as popularly taught in the Maldives though we know that Afghans believe that masturbation, gay sex and even bestiality with goats is halal (legal) in order to prevent oneself from going out of control and committing the “more graver sin” that is fornication with a woman.

Ironic but no two individual humans are alike in thinking and that’s a fact however difficult it makes things for ordinary humans like us — as far as staying within the so-called ‘decent boundaries’ are concerned when conducting our private sexual affairs.

Anyway I thought why the ass and not the mouth since the ass would be ‘more dirty’ than the mouth which will be relatively clean (because I also happened to brush my teeth before bedtime).

I didn’t actually voice this thought but he then started explaining by himself: “The ass is for shitting and therefore you can dump anything dirty down there since it’s already a dirty place down there.”

I didn’t know what to say to that.

But I thought I should take advantage when the opportunity had presented itself because who was I to judge another person’s opinion? After all when you really think about it he has a valid point of view because he has in his own way rationalized ‘gay’ sex purely on the criteria of what makes a ‘sexual object’ depending on its biological ‘function’ and ‘need.’

“But you’ll have to do it with a condom because I never fuck anybody or let myself be fucked without a rubber. It’s dangerous these times you know,” I told him.

He gave out an extended “ooookkkkk” and I knew that he wasn’t totally happy about it but I wasn’t going to take any risks with a guy I had just come to know so he would have to settle only for the ‘tightness’ of my hole, foregoing the ‘warm’ and ‘soft’ part of it. At least on this trip.

We walked back to his place and it was almost 6am and we could see things clearly now.

I took out two condoms and we did each other in turn.

When he entered me, it was in the doggy position and he specifically requested that position and later told me that that position made him really horny.

I applied the lubricant I always carried with me on my trips onto my ass and watched him put on the condom on his modest-sized cock. It always makes me damn horny to watch another guy put a condom on his hardened dick.

He was exhausted and hungry. The Storm had chased him to the airport early, and the flight had been in question all day. His luck stayed with him through take off, landing, and customs, but the doors of the terminal slid open to a driving torrential rain, and he had to hustle from covered area to covered area to reach the shuttle stop trying to avoid a complete soaking. There was a long wait for the shuttle, and it made him miss the next train.

He arrived in Boca Raton much later than he’d anticipated, but he’d called from the train and left a message so she wouldn’t be waiting at the station, and gotten a text in return to inform him that her deposition had run long so the lateness was actually more luck. She came out of the car with an umbrella and he waived her back, jogging with his suitcase. She hugged him, uncaring of the rain, and it felt damn fine to have her pressed completely against him.

On the drive to her place, they caught up, he told her about some of the high and low moments of the trip, and she filled him in on her latest case, but as they talked he couldn’t help but look over at her legs where they exited her pencil skirt. She caught him and shifted in her seat, but smiled and he was encouraged.

She was just a bit over 5 feet tall, with rich dark hair that draped across her shoulders and her beautiful pale face was touched with a hint of the exotic from her Chinese grandmother. Her tailored, white, button down dress shirt had French cuffs and clung to her to show a fit and flat stomach and upraised perfect B breasts. He figured she couldn’t weigh more than 110 pounds.

When they got to her house they raced inside, futilely avoiding the rain, and she showed him the guest bedroom and bath, and after another hug she turned to allow him time to dry off, get settled, and showered. She returned with a cup of coffee when he was back in the bedroom in a fresh pair of cargo shorts and a button down, short sleeved shirt, and he felt a wave of gratitude. She turned to leave again, to give him time to unpack and he stopped her.

“Wait, I have something for you,” he said, reaching for his backpack. He pulled out a small bag, and from that, out first came a ring made from carved bone scrimshawed with the image of a butterfly, next was a ring made from pounded copper wrapped around a piece of polished marble in an intricate pattern – made from recovered interior bits of a dilapidated building, and finally a long, long necklace of polished red stones interspersed with stones made from grey marble.

He explained the origins of the jewelry and the supposed protection that the necklace was meant to give, and hung it around her neck. They both laughed when it reached all the way to her waist. His hands rested on her shoulders for a moment after draping the necklace, and as he began to pull away, she caught his wrists and pulled herself closer to him until her breasts were against his ribs and then gave a little shove so he sat down on the bed behind him.

With him sitting, their difference in height wasn’t such an impediment, and she leaned forward to kiss him. She let go of his wrists to hold his face as it was tipped toward her, and his hands went to her waist, his thumbs against her hip bones and his fingers splayed across her hips. They only stayed a moment as she kissed him before they began to untuck her shirt from her skirt.

“Thank you,” she said pulling away for a moment, and he hesitated at the tugging of her shirt. She stepped back from him, and he was disappointed, but relief and desire filled him when she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She climbed to straddle his lap and held his face once again before lowering her own face to kiss him. He ran his hands up her back, trailing his fingers up her spine and back down, catching and gripping at her ass. He slid around to her thighs, tight from holding herself against him, and he slipped his thumbs inside the front of her thong and rubbed one of them up the front of her to feel that she was already beginning to be wet.

He groaned into her mouth around her tongue and she pushed down to grind herself against his lap and his hardness. He began to work at the buttons of her shirt from the bottom running his palm up along her skin as it was freed from the tightness of the shirt. After a moment of confusion at the back, he realized her bra connected at the front and he undid it before running his thumbs across her already hardened nipples. He pulled from the kiss to pull a nipple into his mouth as she continued to push against him while she worked the shirt and bra off of her shoulders.

Once she was done, she started pulling frantically at the buttons on his shirt and he moved to help her, as anxious to be rid of it as she was. They were clutching at each other with impatience, mouths hungrily moving over one another’s bodies and kissing desperately. His hunger and fatigue were completely forgotten as she undid his shorts, and pulled at his zipper. He lifted her with him and stood, still holding her, her legs around his waist as he let the shorts fall to the floor.

He sat again on the bed without breaking off the kiss they were sharing. He could feel the wetness of her against his groin even through her panties. His hardness was caught between them and finally she was pushing at his shoulders and he was sliding backward on the bad so that he could stretch out fully. She collapsed onto his chest and somehow managed to work off her thong squirming on top of him.

He was so hard he could feel his heartbeat pulsing in his cock. His hands wanted to be everywhere on her body. The necklace was still somehow around her neck and when she sat up above him, he thought that the red stones looked amazing against her pale skin, that the tiny bit of adornment somehow made her nudity even more enticing. His hands went to her ass and he lifted her. She let out a small moan and her lips parted, her tongue shot out to lick them and then she reached down to take hold of him.

The light touch of her soft hand on his cock sent a shiver through him and his cock jerked slightly in her hand. She made a devilish little grin and placed him at her entrance. He could feel the heat of her and he made a low groan of pleasure, and then abruptly, he was inside her, all the way inside her. She had slid completely down his length all at once, and now took a moment, her eyes closed, muscles tight in her thighs against him.

He waited as long as he could stand and then began to shift his hips upward, driving just slightly deeper with the clenching of the muscles in his ass. She began to roll her hips in time to his clenching, grinding her clit against him and gripping at his rib cage with her hands and nails. He reached up and caught her hair at the base of her skull, and she let out a sound that was part moan and part growl and bit her lip as he drove himself into her harder and harder.

When he let go of her hair, she leaned forward, pressing his upper body down with hers and bit at his neck and shoulder. He grabbed her ass, squeezing and then ran his index finger across her anus. Her whole body spasmed and hissed his name into his ear as she froze above him, letting out little gasps as he hammered into her from below and she had a rolling series of small orgasms.

She finished and he gasped her name desperately, “Veronica, Veronica, VERONICA, get up, get UP.”

She pulled herself off of him, understanding, and laughing as he sipped in air and gritted his teeth. She took him in one hand, squeezing the base of him and pulled blindly at the bedside table’s drawer to remove a condom with the other. She rolled it down over him was on top of him again in practically one movement.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Woman,” he rasped.

She leaned in, took his head in her hands, and kissed him biting at his lip and sucking his tongue into her mouth as she rode him and squeezed her thighs against him. She twined her fingers into his hair and whispered into his ear, “Come, Goddamnit,” and that was all he could take. His heels dug into the bed underneath him and he clutched at her thighs and he thought for a minute he could feel his very soul vibrate with the release. When his ass had settled back onto the bed, she reached down, caught the condom at the base, and swung off of him once again.

He was staring at the ceiling, trying to catch his breath when she pulled the condom off and sucked his softening cock into her mouth. 
 “Good CHRIST,” he gasped.

“Just cleaning up,” she chuckled as she let him fall free again. She wrapped the condom in a tissue and dropped it into the trash and draped herself over him, one leg across him and her head on his chest. He let his hand trace idly along her arm and the side of her breast, over her nipple, back to her arm and down to her hip, watching goosebumps and nipples rise in response to his touch. She burrowed in closer against him and pushed her groin against his hipbone, made a little sigh into his shoulder, and he knew she wasn’t finished.

He shifted his weight, rolled so they were side by side, her head still on his shoulder and he kissed her, as he let his hand drift along her ribcage and down across her ass before easing his finger insider her. He watched her react to it, face inches from his, and then kissed her again, kissed her jaw and her neck, strained his head forward to kiss her collarbone and shoulder.

Her knee was pulled up on his hip and ribs, and she began to writhe against him as his finger plunged in and out of her. He pulled his hand back and rolled again so that he was on top of her and began to work his way down her body with light kisses and grazing teeth until he was between her legs. He eased two fingers inside her as he ran his tongue upward from her opening to her clit and her hips rose to meet the sensation.

He licked at her, harder and harder, and curled his fingers upward to press against her g spot as he looked up at her, gauging her reaction to what he was doing. Her hair was tangled across her face and a flush ran across the pale skin of her chest. She was biting down on the edge of one hand and her other hand cupped at a breast, rolling the nipple between her fingers, and then she began to breath in long ragged drafts. Her hand went to her forehead, and the other dropped from her breast to clutch at the sheet as she came, squeezing at his fingers and hooking her heels into his upper back. He eased off the pressure of his tongue and slowly pulled his fingers free, riding out her reaction before beginning to lick in earnest again.

Her second orgasm came more slowly than the first, but it was a more intense one, and after the third, she grabbed at his hair, pulling his head up as she shimmied farther up the bed, fleeing the intensity of the feeling. He rose up above her on his knees and he was hard again. He said her name and she nodded, reached for the drawer again and sat up to roll the condom down over him and then sat back, pulling at him to guide him inside.

Her legs wrapped around his lower back and her arms around his neck as he thrust into her, holding himself in an arched back push-up position. Her eyes were closed, and her head was tipped backward, chin pointing at him as she used her heels to pull herself up to meet his downward push. He should have been spent, should have taken longer, but she was even more relentless from the bottom.

“Veronica, I…”

“No, don’t slow down. Keep going,” she said and raked down his back, so he redoubled his efforts. Making no effort to pace himself, he moved harder and faster until the grip of her legs loosened and her breathing began again to come in rasping gasps and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Sweat was forming on the small of his back and on his forehead, on her chest and stomach underneath him, and he pinned her to the bed with his hips as he came. He opened his eyes and found her smiling up at him, mischief and satisfaction in her eyes.

“So was it a good trip?”

I was beginning to understand why I was the one selected to attend this convention. Having only worked at my architectural design firm for five years since earning my degree, I was by far among the most junior members of the staff. So when they offered me a weekend in Boston, albeit in March, at a four-star hotel for the annual Elevator Contractors Convention, I didn’t know whether to be honored or suspicious. Now, staring at a nearly empty reception hall, the old boys long gone and probably three sheets to the wind already, I found myself the only twenty-something in the room. Every one else was older and, judging by their demeanor, equally or even less enthusiastic about being here. Some were mindlessly scanning their cell phones, some struggling with small talk over by the wine bar, but all signs pointed to the fact that at 6pm on a Saturday night, I should probably get the hell out of here.

Walking out into the hallway, the view out the second floor window greeted me with a leaden and drizzly evening sky. Great, I thought, guess I won’t even be going out in tonight. I didn’t feel like bar hopping by myself in the rain, but resolving not to just give up and head back to my room, I hit the down button thinking I’d at least give the hotel bar a shot. I could certainly use a drink or three after the mind-numbing afternoon I’d just endured.

When the bell chimed and the doors parted, I walked straight in not realizing I’d been gazing at my own shoes. When I raised my head, what I saw and what I heard stopped me cold in my tracks.

“Hello there, Devin Preston.”

In front of me was an absolutely beautiful young Asian-American woman of maybe five feet two in a charcoal spaghetti strap cocktail dress. Her pixie cut jet black hair framed her round cheeks and charming smile, but what made me freeze, beside the fact that she somehow knew my name, were her stunning amber eyes that luminously offset her pale caramel skin.

The look on my face must have been priceless, because she immediately giggled and glanced at my chest before nodding. “How’s the meeting coming along?” she asked, indicating my nametag.

I laughed aloud at myself, piecing it all together. “Ah, right. Fine, just fine.” I let my eyes wander just a bit, assessing her outfit before returning the question. “And what brings you here looking so lovely, Miss…?”

“Oh, you know, nothing. I just like riding elevators in fancy hotels. Makes a girl feel special. And I’m Penny.” She didn’t offer her hand with her introduction, instead stood with them both behind her back, rocking slightly in her high-heeled sandals.

“I see. Guess it’s my lucky day, then huh,” I said, attempting a joke and immediately regretting it. Her deadpan response told me it was nothing she hadn’t heard a thousand times before, and I felt like a first class moron.

“Ha, lucky penny,” she said flatly, “we’ll see about that. Where’re you headed?”

“Figured I take a peak at the hotel bar for a spell. You?”

“Well, by the most extraordinary of coincidences, I myself am heading in the same direction. Perhaps you need an escort?”

My eyes widened at her choice of words. I was having a hard time gauging her age, much less why she was alone in this hotel dressed so nicely. And her conversation wasn’t your ordinary hotel chat. If she knew what she’d just implied she didn’t let on at all, so I rolled along with it as the doors opened to the lobby.

“Right. Well, sure. Let’s have a drink.” I wasn’t even sure she was old enough, but she didn’t hesitate at the suggestion. As we crossed the vast marble foyer towards the lounge, I was compelled to inquire a bit. “I would have thought you were meeting someone here.”

“Actually, I’m trying to leave someone behind. Many someones, in fact. A whole family of them.” We walked in and sat down at the bar, and she ordered a glass of wine and I a whiskey soda. We were both, of course, carded, and both of us passed. That answered one lingering question.

“My cousin’s wedding reception is up on the third floor,” she continued. “My mom’s brother’s son. I’m not really tight with that whole side of the family, if you know what I mean. They don’t really get that my dad’s Japanese. But my parents insisted that I come along. I showed my face for as long as I could stand to, then I feigned illness and begged off to sleep in my room. Which is exactly where I am right now.” She gave me a conspiratorial smile over her glass.

“And you don’t think anyone will see you down here?” I asked, looking around perhaps a bit nervously.

“You mean with you?”

“I just meant that if you didn’t actually…”

“I know what you just meant, Mr. Devin Preston. Nope, trust me, it’s an open bar upstairs. Not one of those rednecks in my mom’s family would come down here and spend money when the booze is free. Anyway, almost nobody else in that crowd even knows who I am. I’m as good as gold down here. And what about you?” She leaned forward to read my nametag. “No buddies from the…NECA?”

“National Elevator Contractors Association.” I pulled off the tag and stuffed it into my pocket. “Nope. My office sent me out here all by myself.”

“Elevator Contractors Association!? Didn’t know such things existed. How’s that working out for you?” she asked looking absently at the bar, with a tone that implied utter disinterest.

“Has its ups and downs.” Another deadpan look. “Right. Enough with the dumb jokes. I’m a low level designer at an architecture company, and I’ve just spent one very long day trying to figure out why they sent me out here.”

I stirred my drink and took a sip. “So you came out with your parents, huh? I should probably ask how old you are.”

She paused for a second before answering, then leaned over just a bit, looking me in the eye. “How old do you want me to be?”

Her brilliant hazel eyes were so engrossing it had me distracted, and I failed to understand the question. “What do you mean?”

She sat back and took a slow drink from her glass. “I mean, you just met me in this hotel, we’re sharing a drink. I look good. You look good. But you can’t figure out if you should keep going or not, right?”

I blushed and stammered a bit. “Well, no, I mean. Yeah, I just…”

She held my gaze and continued. “I could tell you anything at all, and you’d have to trust me or decide to go along with it.” She paused, putting her glass down. “Or leave, I guess, if you didn’t want to go there, but you shouldn’t do that, please.” She put her hand on my knee for a moment. I looked down at her hand, then across to her own bare knees, crossed and compelling.

She shifted her position and re-crossed her legs, allowing me to glimpse a flash of her thighs. “Tell you what,” she said, “we’ll play a game. Two lies and a truth. I’ll give you three stories, and you can pick the one you like.” Her demeanor had become much more playful as her drink settled in, and I was feeling much better now finishing my own. This was obviously going somewhere, but in an entirely unexpected way.

“Alright, I’m in. I don’t quite follow you, but I’m in.”

“You’ll see. Watch. According to what you know so far, I’m here with my family for a wedding, so did I arrive with them, or did I meet them? Maybe I came with them because I’m still living with them, because I’m only eighteen and still in high school. Do you think I look that young?”

“You know, honestly, I don’t think so. You forget we got carded when we sat down.”

“And you forget that a fake ID is not so hard to acquire. So I’m sitting here with you, very young and, well, very attractive,” she sat up proudly and smoothed her dress, “and my parents think I’m safely back in my room sick in bed while they’re off getting hammered with the rest of them. Story number one.”

“And a risky one at that,” I said. “Not sure if I want you that young.”

“Hm, but you do want me,” she smiled, “so that’s good. Story number two. I met my parents here because I’m already in college, so I’m old enough to be a safer bet, but still pretty young in the scheme of things. Does that make me more attractive?”

“You’re already attractive, I thought we covered that.”

“Well, sort of,” she said giving me a little squint. “I did, but you haven’t said as much. With your mouth anyway.”

“Allow me to remedy that. You are,” I paused and gave her whole being a good long look, “very, very attractive.”

She smiled and raised her glass in appreciation. “Thank you. You’re pretty darn good looking yourself. So, story number three. I made all of this up completely: the family, the wedding, all of it. I’m actually a graduate student over at any one of the universities in town, and I’m here working on my doctoral thesis.”

“At a bar, in a hotel, on Saturday night? And just what sort of research is that you’re working on?”

Another pause. “Human Sexuality, of course.”

I laughed, perhaps a little too loudly, earning some glances from the other patrons.

“We, you and me, are researching how young is too young in the mind of a man who has been given permission. And now I’m still younger than you, but maybe not as young as you’d like. Plus, now I’ve given you full disclosure on what I’m doing so you can’t come back when my paper is published and sue me. After you do me.” She winked. “So what do you think?”

“That you just gave me the start of a healthy erection,” is what I wanted to say, but what I actually said was, “Eighteen, twenty-ish, mid twenties. And I get to choose which one? Do I ever get to find out the real answer?”

She finished off her glass and stood up, pressing her body against my legs. “Maybe. Buy me a bottle of champagne and take me to your room and let’s find out.”

I paid the tab and had the bartender send up a bottle to the room, then walked Penny out with my hand on her waist, thinking whatever age I picked, I was at least right about it being my lucky day.

On the ride up in a crowded elevator I had a minute to think about what I was doing. What if she really is in high school?? Eighteen is legal, right? What the hell is the age of consent in this state anyway? Or would it be from her home state? Jesus, Devin, what the hell are you doing?!?

But when we got to my floor and we stepped out into the hallway, my hesitation evaporated. I pointed the direction to my room and let her walk ahead of me slightly, watching her with the fresh perspective of knowing she would be all mine in just moments. Her dress, while not tight, hung closely to her petite frame, shaping her beautiful behind and draping nicely over the soft rise of what were probably only A-cup breasts, for she was clearly not wearing a bra. Her waist was slender and her bare shoulders were strong though still slight. She was womanly and girlish all at once, swaying her hips teasingly as she walked, well aware that I must be checking her out.

“Right here,” I said as we got to my room. She spun on her heels and raised her arms to my neck as I walked up to her, her hands warm and so, so soft, her almond eyes again piercing into me.

“Make up your mind yet?” she asked coyly, keeping me at arms length.

“About letting you come in? Yes, absolutely.” I slipped the card in and pushed open the door while still in her grasp.

“Not so fast, Mister.” I could smell the light scent of the wine on her breath, and found myself staring at her glossy lips. “You have to make a guess.”

“I guess all three,” and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her into the room with me. As the door swung shut I released her as she walked across to the couch and sat down, kicking off her shoes and crossing her smooth, lovely legs. Not quite sure how fast to proceed and remembering room service was still on the way, I kept my distance, leaning against the desk. She smiled at my hesitation.

“That’s right,” she said, giving me a stern look. “You stay over there until you give me a proper guess, cheater. Remember, I’m looking for data here. Unless I’m not a grad student, in which case I’m just horny college lush waiting for some free champagne. Or, even racier still, an innocent high-schooler trying to keep you at bay until you get me drunk and take advantage of me.”

Thankfully the knock at the door got me out of responding immediately. Unnerved a little by that last bit, I took the bucket and glasses from the young man without letting him in, but thanked him just the same with a generous tip. I brought the collection over to the table in front of the couch and sat down across from her in one of the armchairs.

Uncorking the bottle and filling the glasses, I offered hers up with a toast. “To youth,” I said, and we drank. Still stalling, I said, “We never covered the rules of this game. I mean, what happens if I guess wrong? And can I ask more questions to get some data of my own? Do I at least get a hint?”

She downed her glass and held it out, insisting on more before answering. I poured her refill and sat back again, facing her.

“No hints,” she said, getting a little giggly. “But I suppose you can ask me some questions, although I’ll probably just tell you more lies. Except when I don’t. As for what happens if you pick the wrong girl, I guess it means you don’t get any of this.” She uncrossed her legs and opened her knees wide apart. Pulling up her dress a little she exposed her smooth, dark lips beneath a whisper of soft black hair, just covering the area of her pubic bone. “Oopsy, no panties.” She took a drink and looked at me while I stared, spellbound as the blood began to surge in my veins.

“Uh, oh,” She said teasingly, “Somebody’s gonna have a hard time making the right choice!” She pulled her dress up the rest of the way and bunched it up around her waist, opening her legs now as wide as they would go. With her free hand she ran her fingers up and down her thigh. “Wanna ask me a question?”

I was almost fully erect and certainly bulging visibly, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her magnificent pussy. To the left of her delicate patch of hair was a small red tattoo of some kind, small enough that it would be hidden if she actually were wearing panties, and too tiny for me to make out from across the table.

“Is that a little red smiley face?” I asked, unable to come up with a better question?

“Sort of,” she said, “It’s a little devil. I call him my little happy imp!”

I leaned over the table a bit to get a better look, and sure enough it was a tiny smiling cartoon devil. This girl was getting more interesting by the second.

“Hey, stop staring, you old letch.” She leaned forward and grabbed the bottle from the bucket and, after filling her twice emptied glass, placed it between her legs, right up against her pussy, letting out a girlish squeal, then a series of soft moans as she turned it slowly against her lips. “There,” she all but breathed, “I’m gonna keep her hidden from you until you make some decisions.” Her jawed dropped open and her chin rose as silent moans forced her eyes shut. She masturbated herself against the cold, dripping bottle for a minute or so while I watched, then, when it had warmed up sufficiently with the heat of her skin, she leaned forward and dropped it back in the ice.

“Mmm,” she cooed, barely touching the cool skin of her slick, wet pussy with her fingertips. “That felt good! But since I’ve showed you mine, I think it’s about time you showed me yours. Let’s see what that bulge is all about.”

I undid my pants a pulled them down enough to release my straining hard on, which all but leapt out from it confines. Squeezing it in my hand I pulled it straight up for her, bringing it to its full dimension, then let it go for her to see.

“Ooooo!” she giggled, “That’s a REALLY nice cock!” She sat up a little to get a better look. “Oh yeah, I think you need to bring that over here so I can get a closer look.” Inviting me towards her with her finger, I got up, holding up my pants, and crossed over, standing at the couch between her and the table. She immediately began stroking it, lightly at first but then squeezing it more.

“So, here’s what we can do,” she said, looking up at me with those incredible eyes. “I’m going to start kissing this, and you’re going to keep track of the number of kisses. When I get to the number that equals the age you think I am, you just tell me to stop. Ok?” She gave it a good, slow squeeze culminating at the base of my head, making my knees buckle. “Does that sound too hard?” she said so sweetly it made me want to cum right in her face. I just nodded.

She placed the first tiny kiss right on the tip, and the next few down the underside, slowly and carefully. “Maybe you should count out loud so we don’t loose track. Do you know where we are now?”

“Five!” I said, more urgently than expected, and she looked up and smiled appreciatively at the compliment. “Six… Seven… Eight…” I continued as she softly kissed her way back up. Somewhere around ten her kisses became small sucks, as she drew the tip of my head into her mouth, then gradually the whole of it, then began moving her lips down over the shaft. And each time she drew me in she lingered longer, and longer, blurring the line between where one kiss ended and another began.

When I failed to keep count somewhere in the high teens she didn’t stop to correct me, but only took more of me in, and held me for longer, until she was fully sucking my cock without releasing it. Both hands were engaged in stroking me and fondling my balls while my she drew me deeper still into her young pretty mouth. Whatever her age, she sure as hell had given a few blowjobs before, and I was focusing as much on enjoying it as I was keeping her from making me cum.

She released me from her mouth and began rubbing my cock over her face. Looking up she said, “Is that your guess?”

“What guess?? It’s kind of hard to keep count when you stop kissing and start sucking.” I didn’t even remember what number I’d said last, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it to twenty.

She kept my cock pressed to her face, turned on by the feel of it and breathing heavy. “Do you think you were close?”

“To your age?”

“To cumming,” she said, and took me back into her mouth completely, pressing me into the back of her throat and holding me there. I could feel it welling up again as my balls grew taught, and I let out a gasp of exasperation. She was going to make me cum before I even got to taste, much less fuck her amazing little pussy. Even if she let me let me stick I in her now I wouldn’t last a minute.

I pulled her off my cock and dropped to my knees, putting my face close to hers as she wiped her wet smile with her forearm. “Too much for you, old man?”

“Twenty-nine’s not so old, you know. How about you let me suck on you for a while and think about it some more?” Not waiting for permission I lowered my head straight to her pussy, pulling her hips forward while pushing her back onto the couch. It was every bit as incredible as it looked. Her lips were tight and thin, making perfect little lines of flesh that barely protruded. Her little devil tattoo smiled approvingly at me, urging me on. I put my mouth completely over the soft mound of her slit, pressing my tongue into her and releasing her wetness.

She let out a gentle, satisfying moan as I probed deeper into her slick hole, getting as far in as the length of my tongue would allow before withdrawing and licking upwards to her tiny, hidden clit. I could just barely feel it beneath the folds of her slim lips, but her reaction let me know I’d found it. I sucked hard against her, bringing it into my mouth and tickling it with the tip of my tongue as she raised her hips up to me and moaned louder.

Her taste was amazing. Clean and musky at the same time, salty and sweet. I was licking away at her hungrily as her warm juice began to cover my chin. Hers was a pussy I could eat forever, and I really wanted to make her cum for me. I continued to toy with her clit, bringing her higher and higher, occasionally licking the rest of her to get a mouthful of her sweet, young taste. Her moans and expressions let me know just where she was, and I did my best to bring her along steadily. Whenever I would look up her head was either turned to one side, eyes tightly shut, or thrown back staring straight up, her mouth open and panting, her hands rubbing her breasts through her dress.

They rode in silence back to the house. Stone was trying to wrap his brain around the last hour of his life while Nikki stared out the window with a vacant smirk. Her hand rested on her upper thigh, deceptively delicate fingers surreptitiously digging against the shape of her mound as it pushed against her jeans.

He knew she felt him thinking about her. He could practically smell it rising off her skin. He kept searching for the right compartments to fit everything into he felt coming on without sharing a word of it with her. He knew he would eventually. He just needed to have this conversation with himself first. The only problem was not knowing the script.

But then he found himself working so hard to ignore what Nikki was doing with her hand it started to block everything else from his mind.

For reasons he couldn’t explain, he was glad Nikki wanted to stay despite her mother moving to a bigger, fancier house, with far more luxury and advantage than she’d ever have with Stone. He was happy for Ning, and felt good about helping her. She had more relatives back home who needed help, and now they were going to get it.

Stone had known all along Ning would move on sooner or later. He’d always assumed Nikki would automatically go with her, but Nikki was a young woman now. Of all the choices she could’ve made, staying on with him was the last one he expected her to make. Her surprise revelation back in his office had taken him by surprise, but the whole afternoon seemed to be turning into a surreal collision of events.

Nikki had been a curious presence on the periphery of Stone’s life ever since he’d met Ning. She’d been very quiet and reserved in the beginning, but now she was almost a different person, even in her way of speaking. Very little of her native accent remained. Just enough to set her voice just a little off center in an alluring cadence. He wondered if she hadn’t changed so much as just emerged from inside herself.

He went so deeply into his thoughts about her he almost forgot she was sitting close enough to reach out and touch. When he pulled into the driveway of his house, a new look came over her face as her head turned to face him.

“So we’re home, right?” she asked, her tone expectant.

“Of course,” he said. “Home.”

Nikki grinned and got out of the car.

Stone sat until she got inside. When he finally went in she’d made herself scarce. He went upstairs and lay down on his bed, but the little bit of sleep he was hoping for wouldn’t come. His mind was spinning with the strange turn of events the early afternoon had brought.

The best he could do was reach that stage between sleep and waking. His body was in a restful stasis while his mind was flowing with sense memories. The patient tease of Nikki’s lips and tongue as she hunkered beneath his desk. The feel of Rena’s supple flesh, the scent of her arousal in his head.

He finally got off the bed and sat on the floor against the foot. He took off his shoes and sat staring at the poster of a desert sunset thumb tacked to the wall. He focused on the little white sun in the middle, ringed with garish oranges and reds. The spot slowly grew, becoming larger and larger until it enveloped him and he saw himself standing in a pure, white room where there was only the sound of his own breathing.

Then, somewhere in the midst of his half dream-half daydream, Nikki’s voice filtered in softly from his bedroom doorway.

“Sucking your cock made me horny.”

He didn’t open his eyes. Her voice seemed far away. He wasn’t even completely sure she was really there. The room felt empty. He sat until his sense of time warped and kept drifting and he realized he was thirsty.

His eyes were still closed when he heard Nikki calling from somewhere else in the house.

“Stone! Stone! I need your help with something.”

He finally opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He needed something to drink. Either coffee or whiskey. He still had to teach at the center later, so coffee would have to suffice for now.


There was a sing-song tone in her voice this time. He got up and followed the sound to her room. Her bathroom door was open and he could hear water running.

“What do you need?” he called from the safe distance of her bedroom doorway.

“I need you to come here,” she called back in a half-whine.

Stone took cautious steps he knew he shouldn’t, until he was standing in the wide open doorway to her bathroom. She was sitting naked on the corner seat of her tub, holding the shower nozzle in her left hand and a razor in her right.

She was soft brown all over and soaking wet, her thighs widely parted. The beads of moisture covering her skin had the effect of deepening the tone of her complexion. The tips of her breasts looked like she’d leaned too far into a vat of melted chocolate, and there were broad, swirling smears of something half creamy, half soapy covering her upper thighs and pussy.

He recognized the scent of peaches, and realized it was the same bodywash her mother used. The odd thought flit through his mind he would go out and buy her something different. Something that would be her own.

The sound of her name came out with little more volume than the breath it rode on. Even to him, it wasn’t clear if his tone was reproof or surrender.

The moment in which any reproof would mean something was rapidly passing, or else already gone. He felt as if he’d stepped into a script, already carefully written in her mind. Her froth coated pussy was carefully aimed at the doorway — at him — spread and lathered to greet him when he went in, while her thighs opened like a curtain on a secret rainforest. All beauty and dripping nectar. Rare, special yet familiar, and not a natural habitat for his species.

Sticky heat gathered in the crotch of his snug boxer briefs. He leaned against the doorframe and blew a long sigh.

“I need help shaving my cunt,” she pouted.

“Don’t call it that,” he said, finally meeting her flickering eyes. “That’s one of those words people use to hurt each other.”

Her full lips danced into a nasty smile of delight.

“Like whore, you mean?”

“Like that,” he nodded.

“Then what should I call my pussy…Professor Stone?”

“Pussy is just fine…and don’t call me Professor.”

“All these rules…now that my mother the whore is gone.”

Stone closed his eyes and held his breath a few seconds. “My house, my rules.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said with a breath that pushed her breasts forward. “So what’s the rule about pussy shaving?”

“That you should do it yourself. Or go to a salon and get waxed.”

“Ow, waxing hurts.” Her mouth pursed into a shape that reminded him how they’d looked circled around the inflated shaft of his cock barely two hours before.

“You already look…pretty smooth,” he pointed out.

“Yeah,” she grinned, “but I like to keep it that way, and sometimes it’s hard to reach everything by yourself.”

He looked skeptical, while the pulse in his cock only began to hammer harder. She held the razor up toward him, putting a plaintive pout behind it. He stood perfectly still as the image flashed through his mind of grabbing her by both ankles and yanking her legs in the air to smack her wet ass with an open hand.

He could hear the way his flat palm against her wet cheeks would echo off the mosaic tiles, her piercing yelps of protest and surprise. Maybe that day would come, but probably not today.

The glassy sound of the spray running from the nozzle felt like the only thing left hanging between them. Translucent. Something perfectly effortless to see or reach through.

He walked barefoot to the tub and took the razor out of her extended hand. Then, still wearing his dark linen trousers and burgundy turtleneck, he stepped into the tub and knelt between her widely spaced feet. His pants instantly soaked in the running water.

“This is a bad idea, Nikki,” he said, touching her thigh with his empty hand.

It sounded like a giggle started to spill out of her throat but she swallowed it back.

“Yeah, probably,” she replied, a smoky cast filtering into her tone as her thighs peeled open even wider. “You’re probably gonna think I’m such a whore now, right?”

“Don’t ever call yourself a whore,” Stone told her, his hand sliding along her thigh toward her lather coated pussy.

“What if I don’t mean it like a bad thing?” He pushed against her thigh with his palm. “What if I don’t mind you thinking of me like that?”

He brought the razor to her mound and slid it gently over her skin. She already felt smooth, and Stone’s cock was prickling with hot sensations.

“Rinse yourself,” he told her.

“Huh? Aren’t you gonna…?”

He set the razor down in the tub and picked up the bodywash. “You need more lather.”

“Ohh…yeahhh,” she purred, grinning.

She held the nozzle up to her collarbones and let the water cascade down her body, rivulets running down along and between her thighs. Her skin glistened as she slowly lowered the nozzle toward her pussy, letting the spray rinse away the lingering traces of the dissipating lather clinging to her mound and lips.

Stone’s clothes were getting soaked. Inside his wet pants, the shape of his growing cock was well defined. He measured his breathing, aware of how easily he could allow the smooth ripeness of Nikki’s body to paralyze him.

Then her open hand was there between her thighs, grasping at air. “Gimme,” she said.

He placed the bodywash in her hand and she lifted it up above the impertinent jut of her breasts and turned it upside down. The thick, clear liquid oozed out and dribbled over her body, dappling the space between her breasts. She squeezed the bottle until it was nearly half gone, letting the lotion drip and run across her skin.

Stone slid his palm in the creamy soap and rubbed around her mound and the hollows framing her lips with firm, slow strokes. The liquid gradually transformed into lather. He caught her eyes beaded on him with a driven gleam, and the pulse in his cock became a steady throb. He ground the heel of his palm against her warm, pliant pussy lips and her eyes closed briefly as she gnawed her bottom lip.

He continued rubbing the creamy wash into a lathery consistency, smearing her mound and upper thighs. As she watched him, the sound of her breath growing deeper and raspier, she started rubbing her breasts, massaging them as more lather formed.

“There are a couple of rough spots here,” Stone lied. He ran the pad of his thumb in a sweeping oval around the edges of her outer lips.

“Fuck,” Nikki sighed, twisting her soapy nipples with tightly grasping fingers and thumbs. “Uhh…it’s ok to say fuck, isn’t it?”

“Fuck is ok,” he told her, dragging the razor over her mound. The only real effect the gesture had was scraping away the lather. “Fuck is a very versatile word, but you should never say ‘fuck you’.”

He rinsed the razor and began to drag it over the soft areas close to Nikki’s swollen pussy lips.

“How about ‘fuck me’? Can I say that?” Again, she choked back the start of a nasty snicker. The glimmer in her eyes made Stone think of the searchlights of a powerful vessel, lost but plowing forward because reverse wasn’t an option.

He didn’t reply, but wondered if she noticed the sharp leap of his cockshaft against the wet fabric of his pants. He dug his thumb into the shallow sponge of meat just at the apex of her blushing slit and stretched her skin taut. He carefully dragged the razor along the sides of her slit, methodically clearing away the lather along the outer edges and across the little concavities surrounding them.

He dropped the razor and picked up the nozzle, aiming the tepid spray over her thighs and pussy. The last of the bodywash ran off as his fingers slipped over the glossy silk of her mound. Nikki sighed deeply and twisted harder on her nipples. Stone raked his thumb along her slit. She was slick and perfectly smooth. The slippery moisture clinging to her lips now was all her.

At the sound of a deeper sigh, Stone pressed his thumb deeper in the furrow between her flushing sexlips. He ground and rubbed along the inner surface of her maw. The hood cloaking her clit grew puffy.

“Whore’s cunt,” she said, breathy and deep.

Stone looked up at her face. Her epicanthic eyes were half closed and barely readable. The pert scoops of her breasts rose and fell sharply with her deepening breath. She cupped the mounds with her hands and dug her fingers deeply into her flesh. He suddenly pulled his hand back from her pussy and slapped her wet, inner thigh. It sounded harder than it was, but Nikki’s eyes lit up with surprise.

“I told you about speaking that way,” he reprimanded her. “Especially about yourself.”

“If you knew how much I love to fuck you might change your mind about that,” she said, resignation and defiance wrestling in her tone.

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “Loving to fuck isn’t what makes anyone a whore.”

“Oh no?” she questioned skeptically.

“The only real whore is whoever wanted you to believe something like that.”

He pressed the heel of his palm back against her pussy and massaged her lips in slow, grinding circles.

“What if I feel like a slave sometimes to all the feelings in my cunt? What if I want to be a whore? Your whore.”

“I swear, Nikki…just shut up.”

He pressed both palms against the flesh of her upper thighs and pulled in opposite directions, splitting open the gap of her blushing slit. He leaned forward and lightly touched her pussy with his open mouth, letting her feel the hot rush of his breath before his tongue slithered forward to explore the contours of her splayed lips.

“Fuck,” she sighed.

Stone’s tongue slipped briefly into Nikki’s gap. Then he kissed her pussy the way he used to kiss her mother’s mouth, except there was a deeper hunger inside him now. There was more at stake for them both, an insane thirst she was beginning to pour straight into. His mouth was already slathered with her oozing honey while his head filled with the mixture of her body’s scent and the faint strain of peaches.

He slid his hands in closer to the open folds of her pussy and pressed his thumbs against the skin around each side of her clit, framing the tautly pouting nub. Each thumb began a softly insistent grind. Tiny circular motions while he patiently stroked her distended lips with his tongue. Slow lick up one then down the other.

With his thumbs grinding in deeper, wider circles, Stone’s tongue began exploring inside Nikki along with the steady up and down strokes along her thickly peeled lips. She was slathered with fuck honey, and Stone’s brain started spinning with an irrational need to consume every drizzle of her body’s oozing sap.

His thumbs moved inward, trapping her swollen clit in a snug pinch while his tongue slipped inside her, slowly delving as deeply as he was able to lick. Nikki let out a weak howl and he began stabbing his tongue into her in steady fuck-licks, gradually increasing in speed. Her breathing soon matched the darting jolts of his insistent tongue, and a hail of gutter epithets started spewing out of her mouth, barely intelligible.

Her body started trembling and Stone sensed her crashing descent toward oblivion.

He stopped suddenly and reared back to look up at her face, keeping his thumbs in place alongside her clit. There was a disoriented look in her eyes as she looked back down at him. Her breasts heaved to the rhythm of her breathing. He felt a pang of hunger for her thick, jutting nipples, his cock hammering with need in his thoroughly soaked pants, but he didn’t move.

He felt an even deeper pang to devour her pouting mouth, to let her taste the tangy essence of her own desire smearing his lips and tongue. But as he watched her face and saw the veil of everything they weren’t about to say hanging between them, he held himself in place. Taking her mouth would be far too intimate a thing. Her pussy would have to do for now.

The sound of the running nozzle seemed like something tawdry and mundane. It gradually became a barely noticeable white noise as they watched each other and rode each moment together, always awaiting the collision of the next. He peeled backward with his thumbs as he kept his gaze on her face, forcing the pale scarlet nub of her clit to pop out of its hood.

Nikki’s face wrenched into something between a sneer and surrender as Stone leaned back to her pussy and let the flat of his tongue swipe upward over her slit, dragging up across her clit. He closed his lips around the tiny bud and sucked lightly, letting his tongue roll over it in repeated swirls.

He pulled one hand down toward her slit and gradually slipped two of his fingers into her sheath. His tongue began swiping in a sideways motion, steady at first, then going faster as his fingers began to slip and slide in and out of her.

The sound of Nikki’s breathing gradually transformed into a staccato of whimpering grunts. Stone began flicking at her clit with his tongue while he ground his thumb against the base of it. Fingers pumped and slipped steadily. Faster. Harder.

“Fuck,” Nikki mewled. “I…I…nasty little fucking whore!”

Stone’s cock raged with throbbing heat under his wet trousers as he started pumping his fingers through Nikki’s lathered slash with sweeping force. With his thumb still grinding tiny circles around the base of her clit, he hungrily trapped her nub under his lips and began sucking.

Nikki grasped at his hair like she was trying to pull it up in her fists, except it was too short. She clawed at his scalp while her feet circled behind his shoulders, her heels beating into the meat of his back. Her body started to shudder while it felt like a tiny river of honey was flowing against Stone’s mouth and fingers.

It sounded like Nikki was trying to yank air into her body with heaving gasps, and as the shudders and howls seemed to become more than her petite body could hold, her ass slid off its wet, slippery perch and she went plunging down onto Stone’s lap in the tub. He quickly clutched her falling body to keep her from hitting back against the tub or wall.

Stone held her naked body to his wet clothes. Her thighs moved around his waist while her arms went around his torso, holding on while she laid her face against his neck. She rolled her pussy against the hard shaft inside his pants.

“Nikki,” he whispered. He gripped her body hard and arched back against her. She ground back even harder. He longed to feel himself in the hot grip of her ripe young body so hard he was sure the whole, transparent veil of his own humanity was going to disappear.

Her arms circled around his neck and held until he could barely breathe. Her splayed, hairless pussy gnashed against his shaft in a dance of abject hunger for something he was merely standing in front of. She was as far away as her own ancestors and yet the taste of her shoulder filled his mouth with the heat of cheap revelations.

She was his without his wanting her. She had been all along. He needed her without knowing it. She knew the most important things about him without knowing what they were called. His cells began to shiver and collide within his flesh and blood. She was deeper inside him with every jolt of breath. All cloying peaches and girl vapor.

He needed her like a car crash. An endless tunnel of darkness shot out in front of him with no light at the end. It was the rest of his life forward, from the precise second his tongue had slid inside her. There was nothing inside it but the echo of her cries to “fuck me, goddammit, fuck me, fuck me right!”

A surreal calm suddenly came over them both, their bodies unmoving but heaving with breath as they held together like dusk and sunset. Stone felt his blood suddenly turn to slow dripping honey in his veins while his cock jumped inside his pants. He gripped the naked spheres of her ass and ground against her arching pussy as the unbidden gush of his cum saturated his pants with a whole new texture of wet.

I can still see it in high def, up close and personal; the image is engraved on my brain. The bald, glistening vulva of a teenage girl — a squirming, moaning teenage girl, knees up — is not to be forgotten. The best night of my life was the night my sister had a slumber party.

To save money during my last year of college, I moved back in with my parents and commuted from their home in a Boston suburb. In May, my father was invited to speak at a conference in California, and he invited my mother to fly out there with him for a long weekend. My 18-year-old sister Alicia had been looking forward to hosting a slumber party that Friday. Since they were leaving early Friday morning, my parents tried to talk her into putting it off, but Alicia protested strongly, and they gave in. Four of Alicia’s high-school friends showed up that night: Kate, Irene, Ling, and Patti. I won’t keep you in suspense — I fucked every one of those sweeties.

I didn’t even push for it. I never expected it could possibly happen. It seemed like it was just meant to be — the universe unfolding as it should. I had met each of the girls before, and I’d had a few fantasies, but that’s it. What I expected was a night of TV alone downstairs, listening to a ruckus upstairs. And that’s how it started. They were so loud that I went up to tell them to shut the door.

At the top of the stairs, I smelled pot — good pot. I found them not in Alicia’s room but in our parents’ room, all five of them sitting in a circle on the king-size bed. Mom and Dad wouldn’t have liked that too much, nor would they have approved of the blunt they were passing around as they traded jokes between howls of laughter. They were all in nightgowns or pajamas.

None of them saw me in the doorway until I said, “What will you give me to keep this a secret?”

The reply, and it was a quick one, came from Patti, cheerfully smiling from the far side of the bed. Holding up the blunt, she said, “How ’bout a toke, for starters?” There were giggles all around. I knew Patti better than the other guests. She is my sister’s oldest friend, so I had watched her grow up.

“Sounds good to me,” I said, strolling up to the edge of the bed and reaching for the blunt.

“Not so fast,” Patti said with mock solemnity. “You have to be in your pajamas to join this party.”

A few of the girls laughed at that remark. The rest were silent, though I think they all were pretty well stoned by then.

“I usually just sleep in my boxers,” I said.

“Well then go get them!” That was my sister, thereby inviting me to join her slumber party, to my amazement.

I just stood there. Were they serious? I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Wait, wait!” shouted Patti. “Are you wearing boxers now?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Then let’s see ‘em! Don’t go anywhere, just strip down!”

That was enough for me. I did as I was told. A few seconds later, I was standing at the edge of the bed in my underwear and inhaling such a deep drag of ganja that I coughed out most of the smoke, which prompted so much laughter that I felt like the world’s greatest comedian.

So here it comes: I’m going to tell it as it lives in my memory — in the present tense.


“Join us,” Patti says, patting the bed beside her and scooting a bit toward Kate. They all shift to make room for me, though I do sense some tension in the group.

“How could I turn that offer down?” I say, walking around the foot of the bed and taking a place next to Patti. The blunt comes around again. My second and third tokes, wisely aerated, are more successful, and in a flash I am stoned — beyond time, but certainly not beyond lustful hope. I look from one girl to the next, all around the circle, as they continue chatting amongst themselves. I linger on each lovely pair of eyes, some of which meet my gaze.

“Just right,” I say. “One more person and this bed would be crowded.”

Gales of laughter again.

“I’m serious!”

More laughter. Is it nervous laughter? No, don’t be paranoid. They want me here.

“So, you coming to see us all graduate next weekend?” Patti asks.

“You bet. I wouldn’t miss my little sister’s graduation. Being back in the gym will bring back memories.”

“I dread sitting there for hours in a cap and gown,” says Alicia. “I sure hope the day is not a hot one.”

So it goes. We talk about various things, nonstop. Since they will all be starting college in the fall, they want to know what it’s like, but it’s not just a Q &A. It’s not even a single conversation. I’m listening as much as I’m talking, though I find it hard to hold onto a train of thought. And there are many trains of thought, with several of us speaking at once.

Patti Very slowly, I become more aware of Patti, who, by the way, is a blonde with a ponytail, and cute as a button. Ever since elementary school, she’s had a reputation as the “bad girl,” and right now she is inching closer to me. At first I think it is my imagination, but then we are touching. Her thigh, clad in thin cotton pajamas, is against mine. Then I feel her hand skittering along my bare back.

But I’m surprised enough to flinch, and brazen Patti says, loud enough for all to hear, “Not to worry, big boy. We’re all adults here, right?”

“Let’s take a poll,” she chirps, scanning the faces of her four classmates. “How many of us are over 18?” All raise their hands, and Patti turns back to me. “Told you!”

I turn to her. We kiss, lightly at first, but she responds and hugs me tight. Do I dare go further, with four onlookers?

“Don’t worry,” she whispers in my ear. “I know where this is heading, and I want it. I’ve fantasized about sex with you for years.”

I don’t speak, but I’m thinking, “All right!” I’ve masturbated to visions of Patti sometimes, ever since Alicia told me she had lost her virginity at last year’s junior prom. I even found myself thinking of her while I was in bed with a sorority girl just last month.

We make out for a while, and the rest of the group pulls back, in slow motion, to give us more room. Some girls stay on the bed, watching. Others leave the bed, but they’re watching too.

We are exchanging tongues, and I slowly move my right hand in front of her left breast. Ever so gently, through the cloth of her pajamas, I gently squeeze the little nipple. Patti pulls away, panting. She lies back, and her knees come up. This is one horny girl — the crotch of her PJs is so wet that it clings, completely revealing the contours of her fresh pussy beneath. Patty shaves! I rip the seam to get at the real thing. And there it is — her bald, shiny crotch. Cunnilingus is a must. I dive in.

She is squirming, moaning. I pull her pajama pants all the way off. I cup her sweet ass with both hands and squeeze each cheek and return to savoring her chubby clam. As I slurp and lick, I slide my hands to her hips, then up under her pajama top to massage her tender breasts. By now, she is rhythmically bumping her mound up against my mouth to intensify the contact. It’s time. After quickly stepping back to pull down my briefs, I insert a finger into Patti’s sopping vagina, then out again. She emits a happy groan.

“Wow, you’re hot,” I say, “and I happen to have a meat thermometer right here.”

I lean over to support myself on the bed, and I plunge my hard cock into her, up to the hilt. After a few more exquisitely pleasurable strokes, she comes hard, quaking.

“Yep, you’re done,” I say. I pull out slowly and stand up. She just lies there, looking up at the ceiling with a smile on her face.

Ling I would have loved to get my rocks off, and it would have only taken a few more strokes with darling Patti, but hey, the evening is young. More to the point, my attention is drawn to the slim and lovely Asian girl next to us on the bed. She is prone, at a right angle to Patti with her little hands resting on her chin just a foot or two away. She has been closely observing our frolics.

“I’m sorry, but what’s your name again?”


“Hi, Ling.” Pretty lame, right? But frankly I’m not exactly in a conversational mood. I’m studying the rise of Ling’s little ass under her nightgown. But then she swings around to a sitting position, legs hanging over the edge of the bed. She looked nervous. I’m afraid she will run off. What can I say to keep her here? Then Patti sits up, revived, apparently, and I realize my hard-on is still jutting out. They look at each other, smile. Then they reach for my penis, pull me closer, and, one on each side, start licking!

Patti is doing the better job, but, needless to say, it is heavenly. They are both looking up at me. Patti is even cupping my balls. I’m more aroused than ever. But I’m still looking at Ling, with her straight, glossy black hair and striking black eyes. Would she spread her legs for me? Why not just ask? It was apparently my night. Patti, seeing where my current interest lies, withdraws — my first conquest of the evening now joins the spectators.

“Ling, would you lie back and let me look at you?

No answer, just a small smile, but she does it! She knows well enough what I was after, because she even pulls up her nightgown to show me her dainty treasure. Her delta of Venus is crowned with fine black down, every hair straight. Her legs are still together, and her hips form a perfect valentine. I hope she can tell I’m impressed. I want to treat her with courtesy.

“I’m a virgin,” she says.

“For how much longer?”

“We’ll see,” she says, biting her lower lip. “I’m on birth control.”

I slowly reach toward her quim, and she hesitantly opens her legs an inch or two. That’s enough for me to run a finger along her slit. She quivers. As excited as I am, I force myself to take my time with this nymph. Very slowly, I pull her nightgown over her head, exposing her buttery nakedness. I lower myself down beside her, on my side. I nuzzle her neck, kiss her face, then her lips. I slide my hands up and down her supple body. She is compliant, but passive. I lightly cup, and then stroke one of her petite breasts, then the other. I touch one of her pea-sized nipples, and it stands up. I repeat the process with her other nipple as I rise to my hands and knees. I kiss the first nipple. She must like that; I hear faint little moans, as if she is falling asleep, but I know better. I continue kissing, then sucking, her nipples.

Then I notice she is scissoring her legs, ever so slowly at first, then a bit more urgently. She reaches up to me, and we kiss again. Then I lower myself down on top of her. We hug, though my lower torso is still off to the side. I caress her shoulder as we kiss. She shudders a bit, raises her knees a little, but immediately lowers them again. Her moaning is louder now. It’s almost time. Slowly, ever so slowly, I inch my hand down her side and onto the middle of her flat, smooth belly. Soon, my fingertips are in her fine hairs, and when they find the hood of her clitoris, her hips jerk up. We are past the point of no return. When I cover her sex with my hand, she opens her legs. I slide my middle finger down her slit and into her vagina. As my nostrils had sensed, she is slick.

Keeping my finger inside her, I begin to massage her clit with my thumb, and I feel her canal open wider. She starts twitching, but I don’t want her to come yet. In a flash, I am over her, supporting myself on my knees and elbows, stroking the sides of her head and kissing her. She kisses back. I pull back to look at her. The head of my penis is barely inside her inner lips.

“OK?” I ask. (Please, God.)

She nods quickly and wraps her legs around me. I slide home. She yelps and turns her head to the side as I burst through her maidenhead, but hugs me tighter. I keep still. Deep in her now, I feel a rush of compassion for this girl, now a woman. “Don’t stop,” she gasps. We are looking straight at each other as I back off, then slide in again, gently. Again. Again. Bless her heart, she is getting into it, using her slender legs to draw me into her on every stroke as we pick up the tempo. She enfolds me in her arms as well. A biblical term comes to mind — she is cleaving unto me. I grab her ass cheeks with both hands. With a shout, Ling orgasms. Her explosive contractions win my heart, and my semen.

Ecstatic yet relaxed, I pull slowly out of her. I see a spot of blood on the bedspread. I lie down beside her again. She is so affectionate. She takes her my face in her hands and kisses me.

“Thank you,” she says.

After about 10 minutes of afterglow and pillow talk, Ling and I remember we have an audience. But not one of the other girls looks troubled. Quite the contrary, I see wide eyes. Two even have their hands on their crotches. But as I look, the hands drop back to their sides in embarrassment.

I collect myself. It’s time to keep the group together. All of a sudden I find myself acting like a coach: “OK girls, time to reform the circle, but this time, no clothes allowed.”

My eyes go to Kate, who is the most polished of the bunch. Her parents drive BMWs. She is prim and proper, with good posture, shoulder-length dark brown hair, and a fresh face that reminds me of Natalie Wood in “Splendor in the Grass.” Right now, in her silk, full-length nightgown, she is sitting back on her calves, but her back and neck are upright. She looks to me, then quickly to my sister, then crosses her arms and pulls her nightgown over her head.

Remaining nighties and pajamas are shed, though Irene, a petite redhead, lags behind, apparently reluctant but wanting to be accepted by the others. Irene is intriguing. Her wiry red hair is hard to manage, apparently — it is loosely gathered with a “scrunchy” at the back, with kinked, frizzy wisps hanging out here and there. There is something endearing about the way she sometimes brushes a wisp away from her freckled face.

A minute later, we are in session again, cross-legged. Yes, cross-legged! I’m really appreciating the opportunity to compare five nude teenage girls. When my eyes run the circuit this time, they are focused on crotches — a delightful variety of vertical smiles, no two alike. I see that Kate and my sister trim their pubes neatly. Kate’s slit is open slightly, and her labia are more of a red, while Alicia’s lower lips are pink, but fuller. In fact, I see the crinkles of her delicate inner folds peeking out; my sister must be excited. All have flat abdomens and firm, lean thighs. Patti and Alicia are wearing toenail polish; Patti’s toenails are a sort of burgundy and Alicia’s are bright red.

My eyes return to Irene, and I notice her freckles are much lighter around her breasts and hips, where they have obviously been protected from the sun by a two-piece swimsuit, but her labia are tightly closed. I know these girls have varying levels of sexual experience.

The girls are certainly aware of me checking out their cunnies, but their eyes are all on my penis, which is rising again. I run the circuit again, this time focusing on breasts. The breasts of Kate and my sister are about the size of oranges. Patti’s are closer to grapefruits. Irene and Ling have peaches. All of them are young and tender, of course — no sag. The difference in their nipples is fascinating. Some are pink, some brownish. Patti is to my right, Kate to my left.

“My turn again,” yells Patti, and she bends over to take me in her mouth. Instantly, I am hard as a rock. The circle morphs again, as most of the girls scoot closer to observe Patti bathing, tickling, licking and sucking my erection. She has definitely done this before. In a dominant mood, apparently, sucking all the while, she uses an arm to direct me, turning me so my back is to the middle of the bed, then gently pushing on my chest until I’m on my back.

The next thing I know, Patti’s bald snatch is coming in for a landing on my face. When I stick my tongue into her vagina, she mashes her whole pussy against my mouth and nose. I can barely breathe, but I don’t care. She is still sucking me voraciously and jacking me with one hand, giving me exquisite pleasure. She slows down a little when I slide two fingers into her, push against her G-spot, and toggle her clit. She comes again, oozing goo as her spasms try to milk my fingers.

When her contractions stop, Patti pulls her mouth off my dick, sits up to ride my slimly face like a rodeo cowgirl, and shouts, “You wouldn’t give it to me last time, but you can’t hold back now! Then she lowers herself to resume her sucking, this time fondling my balls. When she takes me down her throat and her fondling turns to squeezing, my back muscles involuntarily contract and I arch upward, simultaneously blasting into her mouth and roaring into her crotch. She pulls her mouth off me, laughing with delight as some of my spurts hit her face, then takes my knob in her mouth again to swallow the last of my ejaculate.

“Oh, my God Patti!” I exclaim as she rolls off me to lie on her back, panting. Now we are both on our backs, with her feet near my head. With my right hand, I palm her bald pussy and stick in a thumb.

Kate Recuperating, I sense movement to my left. It is Kate. She bends over to tell me how turned on she was by my sixty-nine with Patti. Her eyes look glazed (with lust, I hope). I reach up with my left hand and bring her head down slowly for a sweet kiss. Kate of course can plainly see that my right thumb is still wiggling in Patti, who is starting to moan and squirm yet again. But I feel Kate’s warm hand on my chest. I move my left hand from the back of her neck to one of her breasts, then to the other.

In slow motion, Kate ends our kiss with a bit of a smack and moves her head down to kiss my chest, then my abdomen. I move my hand from her breast to between her legs. I want that meat-red gash I saw earlier. Sure enough, she is going for a sixty-nine of her own — I feel her nose grazing my pubic hair and her knee comes over my head. I’m not even hard yet, but we are both expecting I will be soon. Her mouth reaches my half-limp dick, and her pussy — one with hair this time but just as pretty and no less tasty, descends hesitantly to my mouth. Kate gently starts to fondle and kiss my penis, exploring my testicles with apparent curiosity. It’s less intense this time, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I feel my trusty tool filling with blood, but I decide I don’t want to come in Kate’s mouth. No, this splendid pussy I’m licking now is one I definitely want to fuck, and soon.

Right about now, Patti pulls off my thumb, sensing the energy is now with Kate and me, and she sits up to watch with the others. It is good timing; now I have both hands with which to pry open Kate’s labia. I savor her juice, licking the full length of that beautiful gash and finally inserting my tongue. Squeezing her ass cheeks, I produce tremors, and I hear an enthusiastic moan of approval. But when she starts to suck me faster, I roll us over.

Now I’m in control. I slide my knob back and forth in her mouth; I sense she is not ready for Patti-style deep-throating, so I don’t push it. But I do slide two fingers into her vagina and a third into her anus, which is by now well-lubed with pussy juice. Then my lips surround her clit. She starts to buck, and she pulls her mouth off my dick to breathe, saying “Oh God, Oh God” over and over. We are both approaching the peak. That’s when I swing around and crawl up to kiss her nipples. I see her chest heaving with deep, fast breathing. Her whole chest and neck are flushed.

All of sudden a blond head comes in from the right to kiss one of Kate’s nipples. It’s Patti. And, low and behold, Ling bends to take Kate’s other nipple in her mouth! Is this turning into some sort of orgy? Kate seems pleased, but reaches her hands up over their heads to mine. I am on my hands and knees. Our eyes lock onto each other. With a slight push forward, the head of my penis is at the entrance to her vagina.

Author’s note: I originally submitted this story in seven separate chapters but later decided that some of the earlier ones did not stand alone satisfactorily. Here is Part 1 which consists of chapters 1 through to 7. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If the response is positive then I will submit the Part 2 which is already well under way.

Chapter 1


My name is Jenny Chen from Taiwan. I am a wife and mother in a loveless marriage and I would like to share my sexual awakening and adventures with you. Although I no longer love or respect my husband we stay together because of the kids and because of Chinese culture.

Most of the adventures are real, some fantasy and others a mixture of both. I will leave it to you to decide which is which.

My awakening, or perhaps I should call it my sexual liberation, began fourteen years ago when I was thirty-three years old. At the time I was sales manager for a manufacturing company and responsible for ensuring an efficient and professional service to our largest customer who was based in England.

The person I had day to day communications with was the manufacturing director whose name was Jack. Jack regularly visited Taiwan and from the first time we met, when I was only twenty six or so, I realised that I was attracted to him. Jack was sixteen years older than me but somehow that just added to the attraction. Each time he visited we would flirt with each other which was great fun but quite innocent on my part. It was only much later, around six years, one marriage and two children later that I finally surrendered to his flirting.

I had been brought up in strict Chinese tradition where sex outside of marriage was definitely not allowed.

During my younger years before I was married I discovered the secret pleasure of masturbating. It made me feel very guilty but I could not resist the pleasure it gave me.

Although naïve I knew how women became pregnant and I was curious about men but, because of my strict upbringing, I was frightened of sex. However I would often try to imagine what it might feel like to have sex with a man as I lay in bed pleasing my self with my fingers. I would experiment as I played with myself, tentatively pushing a finger inside me, trying to imagine what it might feel like to have a man actually put his penis in there.

These days I like my breasts and am proud of them but back when I was living at home with my four sisters I felt embarrassed by them. They were larger than my other sister’s and friend’s. In Asian bra size I am a 32C but in western size I am a B cup. Back then my sisters used to tease me, calling me ‘big tits.’ At the time this made me very self conscious especially when I started to notice men checking them out.

Whilst at university I had a few boyfriends but the idea of having any kind of sexual contact with any of them scared me and went totally against my upbringing. I did kiss and cuddle with these boyfriends but it seemed at the time that they were all fascinated by my breasts. I did eventually progress by allowing one of them to touch them but only by squeezing them through my jumper and bra. I remember how thrilling it felt but I resisted any attempt to go further.

My breasts, especially my nipples, had always been sensitive and I would often caress them as part of my masturbation technique.

When I first met my husband, he, like the other few boys before him, was always trying to get his hands up under my top. He was the only one who I eventually allowed to run his hand up inside my jumper. I can still remember how incredibly naughty I felt when, with his hand up inside my jumper one evening, he lifted the cups of my bra and held my naked breast in his hand. After that he pressured me to go further but I was always too scared. I remember him once pulling my hand to the front of his trousers and pressing it against his obvious bulge and on other occasions he managed to get his hand up under my skirt and briefly touch the damp patch in my knickers but that was as far as it went. Eventually I thought I was in love with him and, after he proposed to me, I agreed to marry him.

During our engagement I slowly gave in to his persistent demands for me to feel his penis and help him rub it until he ejaculated. I still remember that first time when I touched it, trying to hide my nervous excitement as I held a penis in my hand for the first time, rubbed it and watched with guilty fascination as I watched him ejaculate.

On my wedding night I can still remember how nervous I felt but with the expectation of how wonderful it might be to finally let go of my inhibitions and feel my new husband’s penis inside me. Sadly, I was to be disappointed.

I think that we were both nervous as we got into bed together for the first time. He kissed me a few times and then, very briefly and clumsily, pulled down the top of the sheer silk night dress I had bought especially for the occasion and roughly grabbed my breasts. It was the first time anyone had seen my breasts and although he was now my husband I still felt incredibly shy. He then took my hand and placed it on his erect penis. As I mentioned earlier I had in fact touched him before we were married on a few occasions when he begged me to rub him until he ejaculated. This time I wrapped my hand around his erection, knowing that he would soon be pushing it inside me and then ejaculating. I remember feeling very tense as he thrust his hand between my legs under my night dress. His touch felt awkward but urgent as he quickly discovered that I was wet and just pushed a finger straight inside me. He then rolled on top of me. I shyly opened my legs as he fumbled between us. I felt him trying to get his penis in the right position and eventually reached between us and helped by holding it and guiding him to me.

I had read about how the first time could be painful. I could feel the head of his penis pressed into the entrance of my vagina. All I felt next was a slight discomfort as he roughly pushed himself forward with a grunt and entered me. Maybe my many years of fingering my self had helped.

Almost immediately he started thrusting in and out of me like a mad man. I remember laying there as he fucked me thinking how much better it was when I was alone masturbating. Within a few minutes he was breathing heavily and panting until I felt him ejaculate inside me. He lay on top of me for a while breathing heavily and then pulled out, rolled over and went to sleep. He did not seem to care about giving me any enjoyment and after a year or so of marriage often told me how useless I was in bed. I realised later that as far as he was concerned I should just be a grateful wife ready to please him whenever he wanted.

During the coming days, weeks and years nothing improved. I eventually tried to talk about it with him but his only response was to remind me that I was useless in bed. I persevered for while and, over the next few years presented him with two beautiful daughters but the sex remained the same until eventually I lost interest in having sex with him at all and reverted back to masturbating.

However my desires and my masturbation continued. I would often find an excuse to hide away alone in my bedroom and slowly bring my self to a shuddering orgasm as images of couples making love or a handsome man tenderly pleasing me and thrusting between my thighs filled my senses.

During the final year before Jack seduced me I would find myself imagining him making love to me as I masturbated alone in my room especially after he had visited and his image was still clear in my mind. I had started to become convinced that my husband’s cruel comments about me being useless in bed were completely true. However I had no reference because he was the one and only man I had ever had sex with. I had started to wonder if maybe sex with a man would always be disappointing for me.

As you will see from the ensuing chapters sex for me was to become fantastically enjoyable and adventurous beyond my wildest dreams thanks to Jack.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 2

My Surrender

I always looked forward to Jack’s visits. He was arriving today and staying for a week. That meant a week of meetings and factory visits but I enjoyed his company and we would be spending every day together and most evenings we would be eating together in a restaurant.

Each time he visited my feelings for him grew and grew. Our flirting was becoming more physical, a brief touch of his hand my shoulder or me touching his knee as I talked. Sometimes our knees would touch under the table in a restaurant sending waves of teenage type excitement through my body.

That morning I was remembering the sensations I had felt during his previous visits each time we touched. It always felt like a strong energy passing between us. I had just stepped out from the shower and found my self gazing at the reflection of my naked body in a mirror as I stood there dripping wet.

Compared to Jack I was tiny, standing at 5feet 2 inches in my bare feet. Like most women I suppose I was not happy with my body especially after having two children.

I looked at my breasts and although they had dropped a little they were now slightly larger and I felt proud of my 33C size after breast feeding two babies. My nipples were now much larger than when I was a teenager, protruding at least three quarters of an inch. They had always been sensitive and I liked to touch them when I played with myself. Now, whilst checking my self out in the mirror I could not resist giving them a quick touch.

My waist at 24 inches and my hips at 33 inches are also a little larger than when I was younger, before my children but not much.

I stood there for a while daydreaming and a thought suddenly entered my head that made me blush and feel shy. I imagined that instead of the mirror it was Jack gazing back at my completely naked body.

My husband had never commented on my body and gave me the impression that he did not really care.

I looked in the mirror again and could not shake off the thought of Jack looking at me. Just the thought of being naked with Jack made me feel very shy but gave me an excited feeling as I imagined he was sill looking through the mirror at me. I turned sideways, holding back my shoulders and pushing out my breasts.

Suddenly I felt foolish, grabbed a towel and continued to dry my self and get dressed, ready to leave and meet Jack. I pushed the thoughts away knowing that they were just silly fantasies that would never come true.

I met my boss at the office and then we headed off to meet Jack at the airport.

I found my heart fluttering as my boss and I waited for Jack to appear in the arrivals hall. I recognised him immediately amongst the crowd of people walking toward us. He was much taller than most of the other Asian men around him. He was around six foot tall with broad shoulders and a warm smile. I had always liked the way he walked, with a confident stride and his head held high.

I rushed forward to greet him offering him my hand to shake. He took my hand and held it before leaning into me and giving me a big kiss on the cheek. “You are looking as pretty as always Jenny,” he remarked as he released my hand and greeted my boss.

We were soon out of the airport and on our way to his hotel. When we arrived, my boss suggested that Jack should go to his room and take his time to freshen up after his long journey before joining us for dinner. Jack then disappeared up to his room while my boss and I made our selves comfortable in the bar and ordered some coffee while we waited.

After a while my boss suggested that I should go up to Jacks room and just check he was OK and find out how long he would be. I felt a little awkward as I made my way to the elevator and up to his room. I did not want to rush him, especially as he had been travelling for sixteen hours or so.

I stood outside the door to his room, rang the door bell then waited. I was about to ring again when the door opened and he was standing there.

“Sorry about keeping you waiting,” he said with a huge smile, “I was just having a shower. Please come in.”

His smile felt welcoming and warm and I could see a sparkle in his eyes. For a moment I was lost for words as I just stood in the entrance to Jack’s room and looked at him. He was naked except for a small towel wrapped around his waist. He was still dripping wet but every bit as handsome as my fantasy image. His shoulders were broad and his chest strong looking. The towel only reached a short way down his thighs revealing his strong leg muscles.

I blushed as I realised he had caught me checking him out. He then gazed directly into my eyes as he said, “Jenny, I know I should not suggest this because we are work colleagues but I would love it if you would come inside my room and stay a while.”

“Really!” I stammered in reply, realizing for the first time that maybe he felt the same about me as I did about him.

“Yes, really Jenny, but I don’t want to frighten you away or spoil our friendship so if I am being too forward or inappropriate please just tell me and I will understand.”

I hesitated, knowing that I should decline, go back down stairs to my boss and wait until Jack came down to join us.

However deep inside I felt torn. If I accepted and entered his room I felt sure he would expect me to surrender to his sexual desires and I felt very uncertain if I was ready for such a great change to my morals. On the other hand just the thought of Jack taking me into his arms filled me with joy.

I looked into his sparkling blue eyes as I said, “Jack, I feel very flattered but I think it would be wrong.”

He smiled back, looking a little embarrassed as he said, “I’m sorry if I was too forward and fully understand. He then leaned forward and kissed me on my forehead before saying, “Still good friends? He asked.

“Of course Jack, I’ll go back down and wait for you.

“OK, I’ll be about ten minutes,” and, he said with a mischievous grin, “if you change your mind later you know where I am!”

We both laughed as I blushed, turned away and went back down to re-join my boss.

Jack joined us shortly after and we decided to eat in the hotel restaurant. The three of us enjoyed a pleasant meal and shared a bottle of wine. As usual Jack and I flirted and were soon brushing our knees together under the table. The wine was already affecting me making me giggle a lot.

When we finished the meal my boss and I both said goodnight to Jack and arranged a time to meet him the following day. As we watched him enter the elevator and go back to his room my boss said, Jenny, can I offer you a lift home?”

My mind was full of conflicting thoughts as I replied, “no thanks, my house is only a ten minute walk away so I will get some fresh air and walk home.”

“OK, he said, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.

I made my way to the ladies room as my boss walked out of the hotel.

Once inside I checked my self in one of the mirrors. I brushed my hair, pleased with the recent change of style to a short bob. I touched up my make up and then straightened the white cotton blouse I was wearing. The conflict was still buzzing in my head. Deep down I knew that I was going to visit Jack in his room but was still trying to deny that I was ready to be so bold.

Until now I had always buttoned my blouse right up to my neck but, maybe it was the effect of the wine or maybe that my mind was made up, I’m not sure, but I unfastened a few of the top buttons so that if I leaned forward I could see my cleavage in the mirror.

Satisfied with my appearance I made my way to the elevator. I was still full of doubt as I entered and pressed the button for Jack’s floor. As the doors slid shut I knew that if I stopped and hesitated I might never find the courage again.

Arriving on Jack’s floor I made my way to his room. I felt nervous as I pressed the door bell with a trembling finger, knowing that the next hour or so would probably change me for ever.

The door opened and Jack poked his head out around the door hiding the rest of his body. His face lit up as I stuttered, “I changed my mind.”

“Come in Jenny, please, please, come inside. I was just getting ready to go to bed.”

I tentatively walked through the entrance and turned as Jack closed the door.

I gasped and found my self staring at him as he stood there dressed only in his underpants.

“I’m sorry I mumbled, feeling my cheeks blushing furiously as I tried to drag my gaze away from the big bulge in his underwear, I did not want to disturb you.”

He did not reply, he simply held out his open arms. Without any hesitation I moved forward almost falling between them and into his embrace. I reached up and linked my hands behind his neck as he held me in his strong embrace. I rested my cheek against his chest enjoying the wonderful warmth as he held me. I felt his hands tenderly stroking my back, pulling me in tighter against his strong body.

My conscience was still telling me that this was wrong; all those years of my strict upbringing and the fact that I was a married and a mother added to the conflict in my head.

I felt his big hands move slowly down my back, lower and lower until he was caressing my buttocks and pulling me tightly against him. I could feel the bulge that had attracted my gaze earlier growing and pressing against me. All of my long held instincts were still telling me this was wrong but the trembling of my excited body, the tingling in my breasts and the warm moist feeling between my legs were now telling me otherwise.

His hands felt so good as they gently but firmly caressed and squeezed my buttocks. Part of me still wanted to stop him but I just trembled with excitement and did nothing as I felt his hand seeking out the fastening of my skirt. He seemed confident and skilful as with one quick movement of his fingers I felt the waist band of my skirt go slack. A few seconds later he had pulled down the zip fastener and then pushed my skirt down over my hips.

Once over my hips I felt it slip down and crumple around my feet. I moved my arms down from around his neck and hugged his waist as he then pushed my shoulders away from him. I was now leaning back from the waist as we gazed into each others eyes. With our eyes locked I felt one of his hands come between us. Once more he demonstrated his confident skill as one by one I felt him unfastening the buttons on my blouse. There was no fumbling or hesitation just a quick confident flick of each button with his fingers. I felt shy as he unfastened the last button and shifted his gaze down to my exposed bra covered breasts.

I released my embrace as he encouraged me to take a step back. I could feel my cheeks redden still further as he said, “Jenny you look wonderful,” as he pulled my blouse fully open and gazed down at my cleavage.

He slipped the blouse off of my shoulders and, with my help, off of my arms and then tossed it onto a chair.

My cheeks were still red and I felt an incredible feeling of nervous but excited arousal as he knelt in front of me. He looked up into my eyes as he eased his fingers beneath the waistband of my panty hose. The conflict in my head had faded to the distance but was still there faintly telling me to stop him but as he started to pull my panty hose down over my thighs I knew I no longer had the will power to resist him.

I lifted each foot in turn as he rolled the fine nylon off of my feet. I then looked down and watched him pick up my skirt and panty hose and put them on the chair with my blouse.

Other than my husband, no other man had ever seen me undressed and I suddenly felt pleased that I had chosen to wear my favourite underwear this morning.

The bra and knickers were matching blue lace. The bra was cut quite low and the knickers quite brief.

As Jack slowly stood up again he ran his hands all the way up the outside of my legs, my thighs, over my waist and then up over my ribs and under my arms. Just his touch on my bare skin sent tingles through my body and raised goose bumps on my skin.

As we stood a foot or so apart my gaze was once more drawn to the front of his underwear. I could see the outline of his penis quite clearly, trapped inside the tight fabric like a large coiled snake trying to force its way out of a bag.

My cheeks reddened again as, seeing me gazing at him, he said, “Jenny that’s for you, but later, there is no rush.”

He held out his arms and pulled me to him once more. The feel of his bulge pressed against me sent shivers of nervous expectation through my body. I liked the feeling of resting my head against his strong chest and closed my eyes in a feeling of bliss. Again I felt his skilful fingers behind me and then my bra went slack. In a few swift moves the straps were off my shoulders and it had joined my other clothes on the chair.

For the moment my naked breasts were pressed against his body as he held me tightly. I could feel my nipples stiffening and tingling with wonderful sensations as they pressed against his bare flesh.

I opened my eyes as Jack moved his hands to my sides and gently pushed me away until I was at arms length. I watched his gaze move purposefully to my exposed breasts. I felt strange and quite shy as, for the first time in my life another man was gazing at my naked breasts with an appreciative expression. I immediately realised how different this was to being with my husband. Yes, my husband had of course seen my breasts but the look on Jacks face as he gazed at me was very different.

“Oh Jenny,” he said, “I have often dreamed of this moment but you are even more beautiful than I imagined.”

As he spoke he moved his hands up my sides and then inwards to touch each of my breasts. The feeling was electric as his fingers roamed sensuously over the soft flesh, caressing and stroking. I could see his gaze was drawn to my nipples as he gently brushed his fingers over each one sending small waves of pleasure radiating out from them.

We remained at arms length as Jack continued to gaze at my breasts and explore the soft flesh with his hands. My eyes once more felt drawn to the impressive bulge in the front of his underpants. I think it was at that moment that I finally knew for certain that I wanted Jack to make love to me, to release the coiled snake and feel him inside me.

With a sudden surge of confidence I reached down and brushed my hand over him, tracing the outline of his erect penis with the tips of my fingers.

Our eyes briefly met as he said in a soft voice, “get it out Jenny and see what I have got for you.”

I tentatively pulled the top of his underpants away from his body and then slowly pushed them down over his hips. I felt a rush of excitement as his erection sprang into view. I briefly stooped down to pull his underpants down his legs. He then lifted each foot in turn as I removed them completely.

I stood up again, my gaze remaining fixed on his manhood. I nervously reached forward and tentatively wrapped my fingers around the thick solid shaft of his penis. It looked and felt much bigger than my husbands as I gently felt and squeezed it.

Jack then took me by surprise as he leaned down, placed one arm around my back, swept my legs up with his other arm under my knees and carried me to his large bed.

As he laid me on the bed he knelt beside me, tenderly placing his hands on either side of my face and lowered his lips to mine. His mouth felt hot as we kissed passionately, pausing a few times to run our tongues between each other’s lips.

Still kissing passionately Jack moved his hands down from my cheeks and onto my breasts. His hands felt huge as he cupped one in each hand and gently squeezed.

His lips then moved from mine as he tenderly kissed my chin, my neck, my chest and then, causing me to gasp with pleasure, his hot lips moved to one of my nipples. He lowered his open mouth over it and then flicked and teased it with his tongue. He alternated between each breast, teasing and sucking, increasing my arousal to fever pitch.

I then felt one of his hands slowly moving down over my belly. For a brief moment I tried to resist, my body tensing involuntarily as his finger tips found the waistband of my knickers. He paused sucking one of my nipples for a moment as he lifted his head and said, “Just relax Jenny and enjoy the moment.”

As he spoke I felt his fingers slip under the elastic of my knickers. My mind was once more in conflict as wonderful sensations swept through my body. Distant voices of parents, teachers, school friends, all trying to tell me this was wrong. I felt Jack resume his sucking of my nipples as his fingers slowly moved down through my pubic hair.

I gasped aloud as the tip of one of his fingers found the wetness between my legs. The voices in my head started to fade into the distance as this wonderful big man encouraged me to open my legs and allow his hand complete access between them. His touch felt so gentle, so expert and fantastic as he tenderly started to explore my wetness.

With the voices in my head almost gone completely I watched as Jack lifted his head from my breasts and moved down the bed a little.

I felt disappointed as he slipped his hand out from my knickers but then felt shy again as he reached for the waist band. This is it I thought, there is definitely no turning back now, as he slowly pulled my knickers down over my thighs. I watched as he slid them all the way down and then off leaving me totally naked.

Our eyes met as he placed his hand high on the inside of my thigh, the tips of his fingers only an inch or so from my wet labia.

My eyes then wandered down over his big body to his penis as his gaze shifted to where his hand was.

I giggled like a young girl and resisted at first as he tried to coax my legs further apart. Not even my husband had seen between my legs, only the mid-wife had seen this intimate part of me before.

“Let me see you Jenny,” he said, “open your legs and let me see the hot moist haven that I have been feeling.”

Very slowly and with my cheeks flushed bright red I opened my legs for him. I saw his gaze focus between them and could see the desire in his eyes as I did as he asked and exposed my self fully to his gaze.

“You look beautiful Jenny,” he said, “so wet, aroused and inviting.”

He reached between my thighs and gently brushed the tip of one finger between my wet lips. He then introduced a second and I felt him opening me with his fingers as he gazed lustfully at my most intimate anatomy.

I tensed with anticipation as he shifted position and slowly lowered him self on top of me. I looked between us, gazing at his big erect penis, as he supported his weight on his arms keeping his weight from me.

I gasped as, with his weight now supported by one arm, he reached down between us and guided his manhood to my wet lips. Gasp might be the wrong word. I swooned with the anticipation of the delight to come as I felt the head of his big penis nestle between my wet and willing lips.

With his penis resting directly in my entrance he then moved his arms under my body and embraced me.

I felt my breasts, made sensitive by his earlier sucking, start to press against his strong chest. My nipples tingled and radiated feelings of pleasure as they touched his skin.

Our eyes briefly met as he said huskily, “Jenny I have dreamed of this moment for many years.”

“So have I Jack,” I gasped, as I felt him start to slide inside me. I felt my vagina opening and stretching to accommodate him as I welcomed him inside me.

I don’t think I had ever felt as aroused before as this wonderful man lay on top of me, penetrating me fully with his wonderfully large erection.

We remained still for a few moments, the feeling of having Jack inside me was wonderful, and it was as though I could feel every detail of his erection as it filled me.

He then started a slow but powerful thrusting motion. Withdrawing almost completely and then slowly and deliciously pushing him self all the way back inside. He gradually increased the pace and I found my self matching his rhythm. I closed my eyes and Jack rested his head next to mine. I could feel his hot breath against my ear and the sweat starting to form on his body as he slowly but surely drove me toward an orgasm.

I felt his urgency becoming stronger and his hot breath panting in my ear as his big penis pounded into me. I felt his hands moving beneath me as he moved them downwards until he was cupping one of my buttocks in each hand. I could feel him pulling my buttocks toward him with each of his thrusts as if he wanted to get as deep inside me as possible.

I instinctively bent my knees back and then embraced him with my legs, wrapping them around his back.

His sweat was now wet between us and his panting breath hot and urgent in my ear. It felt fantastic as we matched thrust for thrust in perfect rhythm. My breath was now starting to come in short bursts and I started to moan involuntarily with each of his inward thrusts. My moans rapidly changed to screams as my orgasm started to flood my senses. I pushed toward him, wanting him deeper and deeper. I momentarily felt shocked as one of his fingers touched my anus. It was a new and unexpected experience but to my surprise just added to the wonderful sensations that were filling my body. My screams soon merged into one long gasping howl of pleasure as I writhed almost uncontrollably beneath him. Somewhere in my euphoria I felt Jack tense his big powerful body. The finger that had been just touching my anus pushed an inch or so inside. I then felt as though I would pass out with the pleasure as Jack groaned deeply and his hot semen flooded into me.

Both Jack’s and my breathing took a while to return to something like normal as we lay together, his softening penis still feeling big inside me and his finger still pushed inside my bottom.

After a while Jack lifted his head and smiled warmly at me. I felt his finger slip from my bottom as he said, “I hope I did not shock you with my finger.”

I smiled back saying, “No not all. It was unexpected and a new experience but I found it pleasurable.

Jack just smiled as his limp penis finally slipped from me and he said, “Jenny I would love to help you have many new experiences.”

“And I would love you to help me too!”

I un-wrapped my legs from around Jack’s back and he then rolled off of me to lay by my side.

We lay like that on the bed and talked. We both admitted how much we had been attracted to each other and finally, as we embraced and kissed Jack whispered, “I love you Jenny.”

“I love you too Jack,” I responded and then, with a new found confidence I moved my hand to his penis. It felt soft and slippery with the mixture of my juices and his semen but as I held it in my hand I felt it start to grow.

“MMMmmmm” I exclaimed playfully, “impressive for an old man!”

I felt his semen oozing out of me and felt a sudden panic. I turned to Jack but he read my mind saying, “Its OK, Jenny, I had a vasectomy years ago, I can’t make you pregnant.”

The relief swept through me as quickly as the earlier panic.

Jack just laughed and said, “When I was younger I would have been ready for you again but at my age you will have to wait until tomorrow.”

I gazed into his blue eyes saying, “Good, I want you to show and teach me more.”

He smiled as he replied, Jenny, I have many ideas that I can teach a willing pupil.

“Then I am your willing pupil,” I said as I got off the bed and fetched some tissues.

We arranged a time to meet for tomorrow’s work meetings and then I left for home. I felt filled with a warm glow but impatient for Jack to show me more.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 3


My boss and I collected Jack from the hotel and we spent the day visiting suppliers. From the moment we first saw each other that morning I could feel that our relationship was different. We flirted even more outrageously at every opportunity. In the early evening my boss was driving us and a supplier back to the factory. The supplier was in the front of the car with my boss whilst Jack and I shared the back seat. It was already dark outside and Jack was getting more and more daring. His hand was permanently squeezing my thigh and pushing my skirt higher and higher up my thighs. I was sitting directly behind my boss but if the supplier had turned around he would have seen what was going on.

Eventually, scared that we would be seen I placed my coat over my thighs and Jack’s hand. This seemed to act as an invitation to Jack. As we drove along through the brightly lit streets he managed to pull my skirt right up and had his hand pressed between my legs against the damp part of my knickers. The fact that we were being so daring and the risk of getting caught excited me.

I felt impatient to be alone as soon as we could be free of my boss and the supplier.

I knew that the route we were taking would go past Jack’s hotel and suddenly, to my surprise my boss said, “Jack would you mind if I skipped dinner with you tonight because I need to discus some private business with our supplier here?”

“No not at all,” Jack replied.

I opened my legs a little more under the cover of my coat as my boss said, “Jenny, are you OK to take Jack to dinner tonight?”

“Of course,” I said as Jack pressed his hand harder against the moist patch.

My boss then pulled over and let Jack and me out.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Jack to my boss as he shut the car door and my boss drove away.

We looked at each other and smiled and then headed back to the hotel.

We decided to eat in the hotel restaurant. The food was good and it saved any wasted time.

We flirted throughout the meal, our knees touching and rubbing together under the table as we talked, ate and drank a glass of wine.

We had nearly finished our meal when Jack turned the subject to sex.

I felt my cheeks flush as he said, “Jenny, you seemed to really enjoy me licking and sucking your nipples last night.”

“Mmmmmm,” I responded, remembering the wonderful feeling of Jack’s mouth on my breast; that was the first time anyone had done that. By anyone I include my husband.”

“I see,” Jack said as he gazed directly into my eyes and grinned, “So if I was to take you back to my room right now, strip you naked, and then suck on your nipples you would not object.”

He was silent for a while as I just sat there gazing at this big man. Then he said, “Jenny, there is so much that you have not experienced my darling, so much to learn.”

“I want you to teach me Jack. I want to be your student, your willing pupil.”

We hurriedly finished the meal and went back to Jack’s room.

As soon as we were inside he locked the door and then pulled me close. Our lips met in a passionate embrace as we hugged each other tightly.

After a couple of minutes we pulled apart and just gazed at each other.

“Undress me Jenny,” said Jack, “take off all my clothes and see how you have already aroused me.”

I fumbled with his shirt buttons, as he stood in front of me. It felt strange to be undressing Jack, I had never undressed a man before, but as I undid his shirt and took it off I felt excited and ran my tiny hands over his big chest, enjoying the feel of his skin.

I nervously reached for the buckle on his belt and soon had it unfastened. I surprised my self with a new found boldness as I ran my hand over the front of his trousers, feeling the bulge of his penis beneath the fabric.

I found the zip of his fly and slowly pulled it all the way down and then unfastened the button at the waist.

With one small tug of my hands his trousers fell down to his ankles. He quickly stepped out of them and kicked them away.

Like the night before I felt my eyes drawn to the big bulge in his underpants. I ran my hand over it feeling the size and stiffness of his erection still hidden beneath the fabric.

I felt impatient to have it in my hand as I grabbed the waist band and pulled down his underpants. He helped me by taking them off completely and then stood with his feet a foot or so apart and said, “this is for you Jenny, don’t be shy, explore me with your hands and get to know me.”

Even after our intimacy yesterday I felt my cheeks flush as I reached forward and ran my fingers up and down the shaft of his erect penis. I felt an erotic thrill noticing how tiny my hand looked in comparison as I wrapped my fingers around it.

“Feel between my legs Jenny, cup my balls.”

With one hand still holding him I used the other to explore around his balls. I had never really touched my husband like this. It felt exciting to be touching Jack so intimately. I moved my hand from his heavy scrotum and, feeling more and more confident, I ran my hand over his strong thighs and then reached behind him and gave his buttocks a playful squeeze and a slap.

Jack laughed as he said, “slapping bottoms and punishment is a more advanced lesson. Tonight I am going to show you how much pleasure we can give each other with our mouths.

I was not quite sure what he meant but felt excited as he reached for my blouse buttons and started to unfasten them.

Jack’s big fingers were incredibly dextrous as he just seemed to flick each button undone and in no time my blouse was hanging open. He took it off and with another quick flick of his fingers my bra was loose and being pulled from my body.

The shyness of the night before returned as I tried to become accustomed to Jack gazing so appreciatively at me as I stood before him, naked from the waist up.

He cupped both of my breasts tenderly exclaiming, “Jenny, you are even more beautiful than I remembered from last night.

His hands left my breasts and were soon removing my skirt. It was summer and today I was not wearing any pantyhose. As my skirt dropped around my ankles he knelt in front of me and pressed his face against my lower belly.

I felt embarrassed as he moved his face lower and then pressed his nose against the front of my knickers and loudly breathed in. He then looked up into my eyes saying, “Jenny you smell divine my darling, I can’t wait to eat you!”

Eat me? What could he mean?

He reached up and pulled down my knickers, discarding them along with my skirt.

My embarrassment returned as he then rubbed his nose against my pubic hair and then kissed my hairy mound before standing up again.

Like the previous night he swiftly lifted me up and carried me to his large bed.

Almost as soon as he had laid me down on my on my back he was on top of me and kissing me passionately. As we kissed his tongue probed between my lips, moving inside my mouth. The feeling was very sensuous and something new to me.

Gradually his kisses moved from my mouth and I felt him move his body lower until his mouth was level with my breasts. He placed each of his big hands around my breasts gripping and squeezing them so that they both appeared conical with my nipples perched on small volcanoes.

He moved his head from one to the other, taking turns in sucking my stiffening nipples into his mouth. Sometimes he sucked hard, pulling my nipples between his lips. Other times he gently licked. Whether sucking or licking the sensations radiating from my nipples were wonderful. I did not want him to stop so when I felt him move down lower and release my breasts I felt momentarily disappointed. His head was now resting on my belly and he started to lick around my belly button and kiss the soft flesh of my tummy.

As he kissed and licked I could feel him slowly moving lower and lower. It wasn’t until he started to kiss my pubic hair that it started to occur to me what he had in mind. He used his knees to gently push my knees apart, all the time moving a little lower until his whole body was between my open legs.

The shyness returned again as I felt his hot breath close to my labia. Suddenly I realised with certainty what he was about to do. I had never even dreamed that a man would want to do such a thing.

The only person who had ever seen between my legs was the midwife when I gave birth and my mother when I was a little girl. As I felt his hands encouraging me to lift my legs and open them further I knew I must quickly overcome my shyness to experience something new.

I relaxed my legs and let him push my knees up and apart. I looked down and felt very self conscious and shy as I watched Jack gazing between my open thighs. He briefly looked up and gazed into my eyes saying, “Oh Jenny, you are beautiful down here. Now lay back and relax.”

His gaze moved back and I tried to relax. I felt the tips of his fingers gently exploring the moist outer lips of my vagina. Just feeling his gentle touch sent shivers through my entire body.

I felt his hot breath, closer this time and then sighed out loud as he engulfed my moist genitalia with his mouth. I had never felt anything quite like it as I felt his tongue start to probe my wet entrance. It felt almost unbearable as he ran his tongue between my wet lips from bottom to top. I gasped aloud as his tongue briefly flicked over my clitoris.

It was the lightest of touches but felt so exquisite. I realised that after a few minutes any self consciousness I had been feeling was now gone. This wonderful man was driving me crazy with his tongue and I could not resist moving my hips against his mouth in an uninhibited way. As he licked and teased me he moved his hands back up to my breasts. I was already moaning loudly and in ecstasy as I rocked my hips to and fro with Jack’s mouth clamped over my genitalia and his tongue teasing my swollen lips. He seemed to know exactly what to do and when. As my own urgency increased I felt his tongue brushing my clitoris more and more. His hands were busy squeezing my breasts and as my orgasm started to rapidly approach he squeezed them harder and harder, almost painfully but not quite.

By now his tongue was permanently pressed against my pleasure bud as I moved my hips faster and faster against his mouth. My screams were rapidly becoming louder and louder as my whole body started to convulse with pleasure. His fingers gripped my breasts tightly, digging into the soft flesh as, despite my movement he managed to keep his tongue pressed tightly against my clitoris. Finally I was completely out of control. I was faintly aware of my screams echoing around the room as my whole body seemed to be filled with the most exquisite pleasure.

Gradually Jack released his grip of my breasts and softened his mouth against me as he sensed my orgasm subsiding.

Finally I just lay there gently panting. I opened my eyes and glanced down at Jack. He lifted his head and gave me a huge warm smile. I could see that all around his mouth was a glistening mixture of my juices and his saliva.

“I assume that you enjoyed that Jenny,” he said with a big grin.

I cast my eyes down, feeling embarrassed by how bold I had just been as I said, “Oh Jack that was fantastic, thank you.

We had only been lovers for two days but I felt amazed at how relaxed I was already feeling with Jack. He was still between my open legs and gently playing and pulling the lips of my vagina as he gazed at it. My shyness, for the moment, had gone and I was surprised to find that I was enjoying being so bold and open with him.

Finally he crawled back up my body until his lips met mine. We kissed passionately and I could taste my self on his lips, reminding me of how intimate we had just been.

I could feel his erect penis pressed against me and felt selfish having just had all of the pleasure.

“How can I help with that stiffness I can feel pressed against me?” I asked, already starting to wonder if he would want me to give him pleasure with my mouth.

A memory briefly flashed in my mind of my husband trying to persuade me to let him put his penis in my mouth. It was on our honeymoon. I remembered trying but for some reason finding it amusing, starting to laugh and my husband getting annoyed.

The memory disappeared as Jack said, “I would love you to kiss my penis. Have you ever done that for your husband?”

I chuckled as I told him of the experience during my honeymoon.

“Jack looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, it sounds as though this should be your next lesson then!”

Jack lay beside me on his back looking relaxed with his big erect penis lying proudly on his belly.

“Just start by kissing it Jenny. Move down so your head is in my lap and then kiss my penis.

I felt a little awkward as I repositioned my self and lowered my head down to his erection. I placed my fingers around the shaft, lifted it from his belly and tentatively kissed the tip.

I kissed it a few times and then, with my confidence growing, I started to plant kisses all the way down his shaft.

“Kiss my balls Jenny, kiss and lick them.”

As he spoke Jack opened his thighs a little more. I moved my head down and started to lick his scrotum. The skin felt different than that of his shaft but just the realisation of what I was doing made the situation feel very erotic.

I kissed and licked his balls for a while and then moved back to his shaft. This time I licked him, spreading my saliva over him as I gradually made my way back up the length of his shaft to the head.

“Grip my cock in your hand now Jenny.”

I glanced up and gazed into his eyes as I did as he asked.

Now move your hand down, while still gripping it and pull the foreskin back from the head of my cock.

I followed his instruction and felt delighted to reveal the head. I had never really seen a penis in close detail before and felt amazed to see the shiny purple head that was revealed as I pulled his foreskin down.

“When you feel ready put the head between your lips Jenny.”

I felt like a young schoolgirl with a new toy as I eagerly did as he asked and lowered my mouth over the head of his penis. It felt very smooth on my lips as I pressed them against him.

“Now run your tongue over the head but keep it in your mouth Jenny.”

I kept my lips clamped around him as I ran my tongue over the shiny head. It tasted vaguely salty and I wondered if he would want to ejaculate in my mouth and if it too would taste salty.

“Oh Jenny, that feels very good. When you feel ready try and take some more of it inside your mouth.”

I slowly lowered my head taking more of him into my mouth.

“See how much you can take Jenny.”

I could feel the width of it stretching my mouth as I released his shaft from my hand. It felt big and I was very unsure as to how much I could take.

I slowly lowered my mouth down over his shaft but then the head hit the back of my throat and I gagged.

I pulled back, feeling disappointed as Jack said, “Its OK Jenny, don’t worry, just keep it in your mouth.

As I eagerly sucked he said, “It is possible to overcome the gagging reflex you just had. If you want to, try sticking your tongue out first and then, as the head approaches your throat start to swallow and then keep swallowing.

I was not convinced but wanted to give it a try. I felt determined to please him with my mouth just as he had pleased me.

I concentrated on what he had just told me and then tried again. I pushed my tongue out with his big cock lying on top. I then lowered my mouth down slowly taking more and more into mouth. I took it very slowly as the head approached my throat but then started to swallow. As I repeatedly swallowed I lowered my head further. Suddenly I could feel the head of Jacks penis in my throat. The urge to gag was still there but I could suppress it. My lips were now pressed against Jacks pubic hair and I could feel Jack starting to thrust with a fucking motion as I struggled to suppress the gagging. Maybe I was a natural, I don’t know, but the gagging reflex passed and I knew that at that moment my greatest and only desire was to make Jack ejaculate.

By now I was kneeling sideways and Jack had placed a hand on the back of my head pushing it down onto him. I moved some more so that the other hand, that was now delving between my legs had better access.

I could feel and sense his heightened arousal as the tips of his fingers parted my wet lips and then pushed inside my still wet vagina; first one then two as he panted breathlessly, “Jenny, I’m going to cum in your throat. Here it comes Jenny, keep swallowing, aghhhhhhhhhhhh.”

It felt as though his penis grew fatter in my mouth. I could feel it start to throb and pulsate in my throat. His two fingers pushed urgently into me whilst his other hand forced my head as far down as it would go. His whole body tensed as I felt and tasted him ejaculating his warm salty fluid into my throat. Almost immediately he released my head and I pulled back until just the head of his penis was gripped between my lips. I swallowed his initial spurt as I felt his penis throbbing and still ejaculating between my lips.

His breathing was still heavy and he was covered with sweat as he opened his eyes and said, “Oh Jenny that was fantastic!”

Our eyes met and I smiled; his cream dribbling from my lips and my eyes watering.

We just gazed into each other’s eyes for a while as I idly licked my lips and the last few dribbles from his penis each time they trickled out.

Finally he said, “I’m sorry, I got a bit carried away and was a bit rough with you.”

I smiled back before saying, “its OK, I loved the feeling of making you lose control.”

We both giggled as he slid his fingers from my sloppy vagina with a loud squelching sound. I moved up and lay next to him enjoying the feel of his strong arm as he held me close.

As I lay close to him, his big arm holding me securely to him I felt complete. In just a few days this man had transformed me. I had already done things I would never have dreamed of with him and as I listened to his restful breathing next to me I guessed he had so much more to teach me. After resting for a while I reluctantly got dressed, ready to go home after another late night.

We said goodnight to each other and agreed a time to meet the following morning.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 4


The following day we were due to visit another supplier. I had arranged to meet Jack at his hotel without my boss and the supplier was to pick us up there. I arrived at the hotel early and joined Jack for breakfast. As we were drinking our second cup of coffee my mobile rang. It was the supplier. I listened as he explained that an emergency had cropped up and he was very sorry but would like to re-schedule our visit to another time. I told him I would call back to arrange a different day and then hung up.

I turned to Jack and grinned as I said, “That was the supplier cancelling today’s visit.”

Jack smiled back and said, “provided that your boss is unaware maybe we could have the whole day to our selves.”

“Not a problem,” I replied, “my boss called me earlier to remind me that he is off on a business trip to China today and that I should look after you for the rest of your stay here!”

We finished our breakfast and headed back to Jack’s room. Once inside his room I fell into his arms and we kissed passionately. After a while I pulled away a little and said, “so what has my teacher got in mind for his willing pupil today?”

Jack gave me a huge grin and playfully squeezed my bottom as he replied, “Jenny, do you ever masturbate?”

Despite our intimacy during the past few days his question came as a stark reminder of my remaining inhibitions. I wanted to be completely honest with Jack but felt embarrassed as I replied, “Yes.”

“Don’t feel embarrassed Jenny, it is quite normal for both men and women to pleasure them selves.”

“Really?” I asked. “I somehow thought that I was doing something forbidden or wrong.”

“So tell me Jenny, when you masturbate do you have an image or fantasy in your mind?”

My cheeks flushed as I replied, “I usually imagine being with you!”

“What a wonderful coincidence,” said Jack, “when I am alone and feeling horny I usually imagine I am having sex with you. I have always had you as my fantasy woman ever since we first met.”

“Have you ever watched a porno movie Jenny?”

“A few times,” I replied, I found some DVDs belonging to my husband that he thought were hidden away.”

“What did you think of them? Did they arouse you and turn you on?”

“Sometimes,” I replied, “but I think they appeal to men more than women.”

“Maybe,” said Jack, “but maybe if we were to watch one together you might enjoy it more.”

Jack paused for a moment and then said, “Jenny, I hope this will not shock you but when I fantasize about you and masturbate I often imagine it is you playing the starring female role in a porno movie.”

“I see,” I said, wondering where this was leading.

Jack hesitated as if trying to make up his mind about his next suggestion.

He held me tight again as he continued, “I have always had a favourite fantasy where I am a porno movie producer and you have come to see me for an audition in one of my movies. So Jenny, today’s lesson is a role play lesson. What do you think?”

“I think it sounds like it could be fun but I might need your help and encouragement.”

I could sense the excitement in Jack’s voice as he said, “first we must find a shop that sells very sexy underwear. I’m sure I have seen a sign post or advertisement to a likely looking shop between here and Downtown.”

I knew immediately which shop he was talking about. I remembered seeing it my self and wondering how any woman could have the courage and self confidence to walk into such a place.

“I think I know where it is Jack.”

“Good, let’s go shopping Jenny!”

It was a nice sunny day and not unbearably hot so we decided to walk. The shop was in a side alley signposted by a cartoon type picture of a semi naked woman. I felt embarrassed as we turned into the alley, hoping that I would not be seen entering the shop. I could explain to anyone who saw me out and about that I was walking with a customer but I could not think of any believable excuse as to why I would be entering a shop selling sexy underwear with him.

It was only mid morning but the shop looked quite dark. I felt nervous as we opened the door and entered. It was not until we entered the shop that I realised why it appeared so dark from the outside. The outer windows were very darkly tinted making it almost impossible to see through to the softly lit interior. As the door closed behind us I looked around at the erotic display inside.

There were life size female mannequins along one wall dressed in various styles of underwear. The predominant colours were black and red and I noticed they were all wearing garter belts and stockings. I had seen stockings in magazines and my husband’s porno movies and as I looked around at the array of mannequins I realised how sexy the stockings looked; much more feminine and attractive than pantyhose.

Jack obviously agreed as he placed his arm around me and said, “I would love to see you dressed like that, or,” he continued with a mischievous grin, “undressed like that.”

A woman of about the same age as me appeared from the back of the shop saying, “can I help you?”

Jack seemed much more confident than I was and I just stood there feeling slightly out of place as he said to the sales lady, “I want to buy some sexy underwear for my wonderful lady here.”

“OK,” said the sales lady, “I have a selection of styles on the mannequins, if you would like to choose the style then I can show you other colours and variations that I have in stock. Please just feel free to look around. I will be over here when you need me,” she said as she walked over to a chair in the corner.

I slowly moved from one dummy to the next and could sense Jack’s excitement as we looked at the flimsy lace fabrics barely covering the mannequins. I giggled as Jack stopped in front of one of the mannequins saying, “Jenny, I would love to buy you something like this.”

I would never have dreamed of wearing anything so revealing as the set that Jack had chosen.

I looked at the life like dummy, noticing for the first time that it had life like nipples. The bra being displayed was described as a ‘quarter cup’ and the reason I noticed the dummy’s nipples was because the bra did not cover them at all. As far as I could see it was under wired, to give proper support with pretty lace fabric holding and decorating the underside of the breasts leaving the remainder of the breasts from just below the nipple upwards completely uncovered.

Jack made me laugh as he touched the dummy’s nipples and said, “Jenny, your breasts would look so sexy wearing a bra like that.”

This all felt so new and a different world to the one I had been used to not so long ago. However a lot had happened during this last week and I felt a strong desire to learn more with Jack.

I looked up into his eyes and said, “If you would like to buy me this type of underwear then I would feel proud to wear it for you.”

The sales lady must have over heard us and walked across. “It sounds as though you have made a choice for this style,” she said.

“Yes,” I said, “What colours is it available in?”

“I have this set in Black, red and white, all with matching garter belts.”

Jack looked at me saying, “I would love to buy you two sets; one black and one red, what do you think?”

“I was thinking perhaps white but I suppose black and red are sexier, so yes, I would love it if you bought me a black and a red set.”

The sales lady then turned to me and said, “Before I check your size and fetch the underwear from the back, are you sure you are happy with this style?

Maybe you should check out the panties first before making your final decision.”

To be honest I had not really noticed any detail of the knickers. I had just seen that they looked quite brief and were made from matching lace. As I looked closer I felt my cheeks flush as I noticed another feature of the dummy that I had missed the first time round.

The dummy’s had been manufactured to be standing in a provocative pose. Their very accurately detailed breasts were thrust outwards and they were stood with their legs apart and hips pushed forward.

As my eyes moved down to the crotch area of the dummy I noticed that the knickers divided into two as they went between the legs leaving the accurately moulded smooth vaginal lips of the dummy completely uncovered.

I looked up at Jack and all I could say was, “they are very rude!”

He smiled with that wonderful mischievous grin and said, “That is why I chose this set. You are going to look so sexy wearing such daring underwear and I will find you completely irresistible.”

As he spoke he reached down and touched the dummy’s exposed vagina making us both chuckle.

I turned to the sales lady and pointed to the model saying, “Yes, I would like to have a red and black set of underwear exactly like this one.”

I was surprised by how quickly I had felt at ease in the shop. When we first entered I felt very self conscious as though I did not belong. Now I was actually feeling quite excited at the thought of wearing this new sexy underwear for Jack.

The sales lady turned to me and said, “I suspect you know your size but if you don’t mind I would like to measure you so that we can be sure of a good fit. If you would like to follow me to the changing room please I will take your measurements.”

I followed her to a door at the back of the shop and turned to look back and saw Jack looking at other items that were on display.

He caught the sales lady’s eye and said, “We’d like the full VIP treatment please.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant but assumed it referred to the whole measuring and fitting service.

Once in the changing room I looked around, surprised that it was bigger than I expected. There was a large floor to ceiling mirror on the dividing wall between the shop and the changing room and a long examination type bed along another wall. The sales lady then picked up a tape measure and said, “Please strip to your bra and panties and we’ll get you properly fitted.”

I was only wearing a skirt and blouse so I quickly took them off. I felt awkward and a little shy standing in front of the sales lady dressed only in my underwear.

She looked me up and down saying, “you have a very nice figure, I’m sure your man will enjoy seeing you wearing the new underwear. Please lift up your arms and let me measure your bust.”

I raised my arms and she passed her tape measure around my chest directly under my breasts. Looks like you are thirty three inches. As you can imagine the bras do not come in cup sizes other than small, medium or large because there are not any cups as such.

Just take off your bra and we’ll try on a medium to make certain of the size.”

I hesitated for a moment but then reached behind and unfastened my bra. The sales lady took the bra from me and passed me one of the quarter cup bras. I examined this flimsy piece of lace and then put it on. It felt strange. I could feel the bra lifting and supporting my breasts but still felt naked. I suddenly tensed as the sales lady slipped her hand under each breast in turn, lifting them and adjusting the position of my breasts within the cups. She then adjusted the straps until finally standing back and saying, “Yes, I think it is a perfect fit.”

I was embarrassed to have felt my nipples respond when she had touched my breasts just now. I tried to ignore this as I looked into the large wall mirror and saw my self. I found it hard to believe that I was dressed in such a revealing bra but quite enjoyed the way it showed off my breasts.

As I was looking in the mirror the sales lady knelt in front of me and ran the tape measure around my hips.

She then looked up at me and said, “Do you shave down there?”

I remembered seeing my husbands porno movies and noticing how the girls had no pubic hair at all. I hadn’t given it much thought until I realised how much Jack enjoyed looking between my legs.

I felt my cheeks blush a little as I replied, “no, I have never really thought about it.”

The sales lady continued, “I think you will find that your man would love to see you with a hairless pussy. With the matching panties it would look so much better peeping through the gap.”

Before I had time to answer she said, “I offer a pussy hair removal service called ‘waxing’, it is a little painful but will leave you hair free and baby smooth for weeks and it is all included in the VIP service.”

All of this was still very new to me; bras that show your nipples, knickers that do not cover your genitalia, as well as the things I had done with Jack these past few days.

As I stood there undecided as to what I should do there came a knock on the door.

The sales lady walked over and opened it. I turned my head around as I heard Jack say, “is everything OK?”

“Yes, I’m just trying to persuade your lovely lady to have her pussy hair removed which will enhance her appearance when you see her wearing the new revealing panties.”

I was still standing with my back toward the door as Jack said, “I would love to see you like that Jenny but I’ll leave the decision to you.”

I heard the door close and Jack was gone.

It was as if the sales lady knew what my decision would be without asking as she said, “OK Jenny, just slip off your panties and let’s see what you look like down there.”

I did as she asked and slid my panties down. I gasped with surprise as she boldly ran her fingers over my pubic hair saying, “This would be quite a quick job to remove. Just climb up onto the bed and I’ll get prepared.”

I climbed onto the bed and waited nervously as the sales lady pulled on some surgical gloves. She then picked up an electric hair trimmer.

“I’ll trim the hair short all over and then we’ll use the wax,” she said.

I heard the buzzing of the trimmer and then a mild tickling sensation as she started to trim my pubic hair. I looked down over my belly as she quickly reduced the visible hair to around half an inch long.

“Just try to relax, lift your knees up and open your legs please Jenny.”

I raised my knees and then let them fall open allowing her complete access between my legs. The tickling sensation increased a little as she trimmed around my labia. Her touch was firm but somehow intimate as I felt her fingers moving my vaginal lips around as she trimmed all the hair between my legs.

I was not sure how to react to my feelings and felt confused. This woman’s touch had aroused me. My nipples were still erect and tingling and to make matters worse I could feel my self getting wet between my legs; a fact that could not be unnoticed by the woman.

Finally the buzzing stopped.

I watched as she reached over to a side table and took the lid off of a container that was in some kind of heating device.

I continued watching as she dipped a plastic spatula into the container and then pulled it out.

“I’m going to spread this hot wax onto your hairs,” she said, “I will do a narrow strip at a time. When the hard wax has set I will quickly tear it from your body. I will not pretend that this will not be painful but the pain will be very short lived. OK?”

Even before I had mumbled, “Yes, OK,” she started to spread the hot wax onto my pubic hair. She then pressed a strip if gauze into the soft wax and waited a short time. Then, gripping one end of the gauze strip, she suddenly ripped it from my body.

It took my breath away but after a few seconds the pain was gone. I felt my body tensing as she repeated the process a few more times until all the hair above my labia was gone.

I lay there looking down at my hairless baby smooth pubis knowing what was coming next but still not prepared for it.

“Raise your knees and open your legs again for me and we’ll soon be finished.”

I felt like I was in some kind of erotic dream as I just did as she asked.

“A little wider please.”

As I opened my legs wide I lifted my head for a moment and looked through my open legs to my reflection in the large mirror.

I then felt her gloved hand touch the soft flesh at the very top of my thigh as she encouraged me to open my legs fully. I then felt her applying the hot wax either side of my labia; a short pause as she pressed a gauze strip into it and then the sharp pain of the wax and hair being ripped off.

She repeated the same process a few more times before I felt her gently probing and pushing the outer lips of my vagina. It felt very strange to have a woman touching me so intimately and I felt alarmed by it was arousing me and how wet I was getting.

I watched her reach for a pair of tweezers as she said, “just a couple of stray hairs to go and you will be completely hair free.”

I felt her holding my lips with the fingers of one hand as she pulled out the remaining few stray hairs with the tweezers.

“Just relax Jenny, and I will massage some special cooling oil where the hair was.”

As she moved to one side to reach for a bottle of oil I could see my reflection again in the large mirror. The surrounding skin was a little red looking but my genitalia were completely bald and visible. The sales lady then poured some oil onto her hand and started to massage it all over my pubic area. At first she concentrated on my pubis, gently massaging the oil into my inflamed skin.

“Just keep relaxed Jenny”, she said as she poured some oil directly onto my pubis. She paused as it trickled down between my open thighs and then placed her hand firmly over my labia. Her hand was pressed against my sensitive lips and then she started to gently massage me.

I don’t know why; maybe it was the fact I was in a shop selling very naughty underwear, or the fact that she had been intermittently touching me between the legs as she removed all my hair, but suddenly I found my self moving my hips very slightly against her hand. I felt embarrassed feeling that I was aroused and wet. My naked nipples were now standing stiff and erect as she said, “Just relax, let it go, it’s quite normal.”

I tried to fight it. Surely this was wrong but closed my eyes and could feel that I was about to climax right there in the shop. Her hand and fingers were touching me exactly where I wanted. I could feel my self losing control as I now thrust my hips in a steady rhythm against her hand. Her fingers were cleverly brushing my clitoris and, as I finally lost control, she slid a finger between my slopping wet lips.

My whole body shuddered as my screams echoed around the changing room. Gradually my orgasm passed and I opened my eyes. I looked toward the mirror and was puzzled to see Jack peering through what now looked like a window. He was smiling as he blew me a kiss and then before I knew it was entering the changing room.

“Thank you,” he said to the sales lady, before turning to me and saying, “That was a little extra I arranged earlier, it was part of the VIP treatment and part of your education.”

I felt embarrassed and my cheeks were flushed but I was also surprised by how much I had enjoyed being made to come by the sales lady.

“I’ll wait outside while the lady here helps you to get dressed.”

As Jack walked out of the changing room, closing the door behind him the sales lady said, “I hope you will forgive him but it is part of the service we offer. You will have realised by now that the mirror is in fact two a two way one. Many women come here with their lovers and the men like to watch as I do the hair removal thing. They also like to watch as I try to make their woman reach an orgasm.”

I felt very embarrassed as I closed my legs and then sat up on the edge of the bed but then grinned to my self as I wondered what else Jack might have in mind as part of my education.

The sales lady interrupted my thoughts as she said, “he also requested that I should help you dress in the new underwear before you leave the shop.”

She passed me the matching knickers, which were the red lace ones and I pulled them on. It felt quite strange to pull them up and feel my labia still exposed. The only fabric between my legs was two thin strings of lace. I reached down and adjusted the position of them to run either side of my smooth lips. The sales lady then passed me the garter belt. I had never worn one before so needed help to put it on. She then helped me put on some sheer dark stockings and then fasten them to the garter belt.

I looked in the mirror, and felt pleased by the sexy transformation. The sales lady then passed me my blouse, skirt and shoes.

I then applied my make up and confidently walked out of the changing room back into the shop.

As I walked I could feel my nipples rubbing against the fabric of my blouse as if to remind me that they were uncovered. I looked at Jack who was waiting there for me and could see his gaze shifting from my eyes down to my breasts.

I glanced down and could see the outline of my nipples quite clearly. Suddenly the shyness returned as I realised we would be walking back to the hotel with people all around who might notice.

As if to add to my shyness Jack was waiting by the cash register with a box in his hand waiting to pay.

I walked over inquisitively as the sales lady unlocked the cash register. The box Jack was holding had a clear plastic window in one side. He held it up to show me and I giggled. Inside the box was a large life-like looking penis complete with scrotum.

I had almost become accustomed to feeling shocked lately and just stood silently as he settled the bill with the sales lady.

She put the box in a plain brown bag and we left the shop.

We held hands as we walked along the pathway back to the hotel. I felt sure that every man who passed by was looking at the outline of my nipples but when I mentioned my concern to Jack he just laughed and said, “You have probably just made their day.”

We were soon entering the hotel lobby and I felt relieved to get away from the wandering eyes of the male passers by.

My relief was short lived however. As we entered the cool air conditioned atmosphere of the lobby it had an instant effect on my nipples. They were probably not quite as noticeable and prominent as I thought but it felt as though they were protruding very obviously and the fact that the concierge could not take his eyes from the front of my blouse seemed to confirm it.

Jack collected the key to his room and we were soon in the privacy of the elevator and riding up to his floor.

I realised that for the first time in my life I felt sexy. As we arrived on Jack’s floor the elevator doors opened and we walked out hand in hand. We passed a male guest who did not hide the fact that he was quickly checking me over as he walked past. Although I was fully clothed I felt partly naked knowing what sexy underwear I had on and glancing down at my protruding nipples.

I still could not really believe that I had submitted to the woman’s touch in the shop and lost control. I wondered what Jack had in mind next for my role play and felt what was by now becoming a familiar feeling of shy trepidation mixed with excited expectation.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 5


As we approached the room I could tell that Jack was excited as he patted my behind and said, “I’m really looking forward to your audition.”

We were soon inside and I waited while he searched through his suit case and retrieved his camera.

In just one week Jack had given me confidence that I never had before and we had experienced wild and wonderful sex together. He repeatedly told me how sexy I was which I still did not really believe. After years of being neglected by my husband I had believed him when he said I was useless in bed and I had concluded that I was just a plain boring wife with little or no sex appeal.

Jack was rapidly changing my beliefs and during this past week had made me feel attractive and wanted.

Now as I stood in his room watching him preparing his camera I wondered what this role play would entail and what he might expect me to do.

Despite all that had happened between us these past few days I still felt fundamentally shy and found it difficult to shake off the strict upbringing of my traditional Chinese parents. Having said that, Jack seemed to be able to arouse me almost at will and, once aroused, I surprised my self by how bold I could be. I could see the excitement already on Jack’s face as he eagerly checked out his camera.

He then turned toward me and said, “OK, Jenny, here is the scenario for our role play. I have placed an advertisement in a local newspaper for adventurous women who would be interested in doing some ‘adult modelling.’ You have replied and we have arranged for you to attend an audition in this hotel room with me. After asking your size I have sent you some underwear that I asked you to wear for the audition. When you received it you are shocked and tempted to back out but there is an adventurous and inquisitive spark inside you that persuades you to go ahead. This is the first time you have ever done anything like this and you are feeling nervous as you enter my room, uncertain of what I might expect of you. At the very least you assume that I will want to see you in your underwear.”

I soon realised how good Jack was at this role play game and found myself entering into the spirit of it as he said, “Good morning, Mrs Chen isn’t it?”

“Yes, I replied.”

“So what made you reply to my advertisement Mrs Chen?”

“I’m bored at home, my husband and I do not get on and I thought this might be exciting.”

“I see,” said Jack, “Have you ever seen an adult movie Mrs Chen?”

“Yes, I’ve seen a couple that my husband had.”

“Just so we are certain that there is no misunderstanding here, I make adult movies and the reason for your audition is to see if you would be suitable as a star in one of my movies. If you are successful you could earn a lot of money”

“I see,” I replied, “so what do I have to do?”

“I’m will take a series of pictures of you. All you have to do is follow my directions.

Are you ready to start?”

Jack was very convincing in his role as porno movie maker and I already felt like this could be for real.

“Yes, I think so.”

I watched as he picked up his expensive camera and then felt self conscious as he pointed it at me.

The realism continued as Jack said, “You look very attractive Mrs Chen. Just look into the camera and imagine you are gazing into a lover’s eyes.”

I heard the shutter click a few times as I felt my self starting to play the role.

“I see that you have done as I asked and are wearing the underwear I sent you, or at least the bra. I love the way your nipples are protruding through your blouse.”

I felt my self blush as though Jack was a stranger I had only just met.

“Now unfasten the top few buttons of your blouse please.”

I reached up and unfastened the top three buttons which meant that my blouse was unfastened sufficiently to show my cleavage.

“That looks great now lean forward but keep your head up and keep gazing into the camera lens.”

I really felt as if I was inviting a man I had only just met gaze down the front of my blouse as I leaned forward.

“Your breasts look great like that Mrs Chen, now keep the same pose but unfasten all of the buttons.”

I felt genuinely shy and nervous but did as he asked and unfastened the blouse all the way down to the bottom. As I resumed my pose and leaned forward Jack said, “Pull open the blouse a little and let me see your nipples.”

Jack was making me feel so sexy and as I self consciously followed his directions I could hear each click of the shutter as Jack photographed my every move.

Now, with my blouse pulled open and leaning forward with my head raised gazing into the camera lens, I could feel my nipples tingling with arousal and fully exposed to the Jack and his camera.

“You look fantastic,” said Jack, “Now stand up straight again and take off the blouse so I can see your tits.”

I could tell by Jack’s eagerness and the slightly different husky sound to his voice that he was playing out a fantasy of his. Also I had seen him adjusting the growing bulge in the front of his trousers. Just knowing how much I was arousing him made me feel sexy. Until this week I had never experienced feeling sexually attractive to anyone but now, with Jack, I felt like a completely different woman.

Getting more and more into the role I stood straight and, gazing directly into the camera, I slowly and, I hoped seductively, slid the blouse off completely fully revealing my new bra which supported me but covered nothing.

I heard the camera clicking as Jack said, “Fantastic tits Mrs Chen. Now turn to one side so I can get a good profile shot of them showing your nipples.”

I turned first one way and then the other as Jack continued taking pictures.

“That’s great Mrs Chen,” he said as I finally faced him again. “Now slowly lift up your skirt for me.”

I was amazed by how erotic this role play was. I could feel my nipples tingling and felt very aroused as I reached down and slowly lifted up the hem of my skirt until I was revealing the dark tops of the nylon stockings.

“That’s fantastic Mrs Chen and very sexy but now lift it higher, I want to see your panties.”

I could hear the camera taking shot after shot as I lifted the hem of my skirt further until my panties, garter belt and the tops of my nylons were in full view of Jack and the camera.

“Mrs Chen you are a very sexy looking woman, now turn around slowly so I can see you from all angles.”

I slowly turned, listening to the click of the camera and Jack’s encouraging compliments.

As my back was toward him he said, “Mrs Chen, you have a great bottom, now stay like that but take off your skirt.”

With my back still toward him I unfastened the skirt, stooped down and slid it down slowly over my thighs.

As I waited for his next instruction I sensed him moving closer and then he said, “Mrs Chen, if you are to be a star in one of my movies you will have to become accustomed very quickly to men you haven’t met before not only seeing you naked but touching you intimately and, ultimately, have sex with them. How do you feel about that?”

I wasn’t sure what to say but to keep within the role play I replied, “I suppose it will be OK provided that they are reasonable looking and respectful.”

“Good, I need to be sure that if I give you the job you will not back out during the making of any movie so in this next part of the audition I will be testing how you react to being touched intimately by a man you have only just met.”

As Jack finished talking I felt his breath behind my ear and then his hands came around me and cupped my breasts.

It felt incredibly erotic as he squeezed them and pulled my nipples quite roughly saying, “If we make a movie I might have to get one of the men to ejaculate all over your tits Mrs Chen, would you like that?”

“One of the men?” I responded with a sound of genuine concern in my voice.

“Didn’t I tell you? All of my movies have more than one man with each woman. It gives me much more scope for imagination.

I was not sure how to respond so I just stood there silently as he released my breasts.

“Now move your feet apart Mrs Chen.”

As he spoke I could hear that he was still quite close behind me. I shuffled my feet apart a little until he said, “Further apart please Mrs Chen, about two feet.”

I did as he asked and listened as he continued, “Now adjust the two lace strings between your legs so that your pussy is completely uncovered.”

I reached down and pulled the lace strings away from where they had gathered in the centre.

“Mrs Chen, for this next part of the audition I first want you to check, using your fingers, that both your vagina and anus are completely uncovered.”

I felt a strange excitement as I re-checked the gap in the knickers with my fingers brushing over the baby smooth hairless skin between my legs. The role play was so realistic I was starting to imagine that it was real.

“Now bend forward.”

This seemed so rude but in the context of the role play I felt excited but still shy. After all it was only during this past week that I had experienced being naked and having sex with a man other than my husband.

With my feet still about two feet apart I tentatively leaned forward a little.

“Further Mrs Chen, I want to see what you are hiding between your legs.”

My torso was now parallel with the floor as I waited for Jack’s next instruction. I could feel that my labia and anus were completely exposed to Jack and I blushed as I heard his camera recording my exposure.

Suddenly I squealed with surprise as he thrust his hand between my open legs.

I instinctively started to straighten my body and close my legs but he immediately said quite authoritatively, “Stay bent over with your feet apart Mrs Chen.” I held the pose but gasped as his fingers brushed over the smooth hairless flesh of my labia. He then cupped the whole of my fleshy lips in his hand; squeezing and feeling me.

I felt wet and as he released his grip I gasped again as he opened my wet lips by running the tips of his fingers between them.

“Very nice Mrs Chen, very promising, I like my potential stars to be wet when I audition them.”

He briefly eased the tip of one finger inside me before saying, “Very good so far Mrs Chen, now please go and lay on the bed.”

I straightened up, walked over to the bed and climbed onto the sheets. I sat and waited as Jack reached for the box he had bought earlier. I watched him unpack the sex toy and hold it up for me to see.

He then passed it to me together with a tube of lubricating jelly that had come with it.

“This is your co-star for today Mrs Chen. This next part of the audition is probably the part most new women have trouble with. I already have some great shots of you and your breasts but now we will concentrate between your legs. Lay your co-star between your breasts and get to know him because he’ll be fucking you later on.

I placed the big toy penis between my breasts as Jack continued, “Now lay back and open your legs Mrs Chen.”

I did as he asked and heard the camera clicking as I slowly opened my legs.

“Wider please Mrs Chen, I want to see every detail of your cunt.”

As I opened them wider I felt a naughty thrill to be showing my self like this.

“That’s great Mrs Chen,” said Jack as he focussed the camera between my open thighs.

“Now use your hands to help lift and bend your knees. Lift them back so they are close to your breasts.

As I pulled my knees up and apart I don’t think that I had never felt so exposed.

“You’re doing very well Mrs Chen; it is usually at this stage, when showing both their arsehole and cunt that some of my new recruits fail.”

Now relax your legs but keep your knees bent and your feet near to your bum. I did as he asked, still feeling fully exposed as he clicked away with the camera.

“Now reach down between your legs Mrs Chen and pull your cunt lips apart.”

By now this naughty role play was really turning me on. As I touched my self I could feel that I was soaking wet. Just like a porno movie star I touched my self and then opened my self for Jack and his camera.

“Mrs Chen, you are a natural,” Jack exclaimed as he gazed between my open legs through the camera lens at my rudely open vagina.

He moved around the bed and retrieved the sex toy and the tube of lubricating jelly from between my breasts.

I was still holding my vaginal lips open as I watched him squeeze a large blob of jelly onto the toy penis.

“I’m just preparing your co-star,” he said with a grin as he spread the jelly all over the head and shaft of the new toy.

“OK, Mrs Chen, Take the penis from me.”

I reached out with one hand, the other still touching between my legs, and took the toy from him.

“Mrs Chen, now I want you to insert the toy into your vagina. I want to see you firstly rubbing the head between your lips and then want to see you push the whole length inside you while I take more pictures.”

I let my legs relax and my knees fall wide open as I positioned the head of this rubber penis between the lips of my wet hole.

I glanced toward Jack as he took the first picture. It felt incredibly erotic as I rubbed the head to and fro between my lips.

I noticed Jack unzip his trousers as he said, “Push the head inside you Mrs Chen.”

I was still looking at him as he unfastened his trousers and pushed them down to the floor.

His underpants quickly followed as he continued, “Push it further in Mrs Chen, I want to see your cunt stretched around it.”

I watched Jack grip his erect penis and start to rub him self as I pushed more and more of the rubber penis inside me.

“Fuck your self, Mrs Chen make your self cum while I watch.”

I don’t think I had ever felt so uninhibited in my life as I started to boldly thrust the rubber penis into my self. I was using one hand and as I watched Jack holding his erection in one hand and taking pictures with the other, I moved my free hand up to my breasts.

I caressed my breasts, feeling the wonderful sensations radiating out from my nipples as I penetrated my self with the rubber penis. I closed my eyes as I felt the familiar feelings start to take over my senses. I was now thrusting my hips against the big rubber penis, as I pressed it deep inside me. I was almost oblivious to the fact that it was not real. My whole being was concentrated on the desire to reach an orgasm. The penis felt good as images of me being taken mercilessly flashed through my mind. Somewhere in the distance I could hear the click of the camera as my body convulsed and my screams of ecstasy filled the room. With the rubber penis still pushed deep inside me but my moans subsiding I opened my eyes as I felt Jack climb onto the bed. He crawled up and crouched above me with his knees either side of my head.

As he placed his hands behind my head, lifting me until his erect penis was pushing against my mouth, he said, “Now Mrs Chen, I am going to fuck your mouth.”

I opened my mouth willingly, sensing his incredible lust. He leaned over my head, supporting and pulling it towards him with both hands. I closed my lips around the shaft as he pushed the whole length past my lips. I remembered and had learned from the other night how to swallow and take him in my throat. I gagged a few times but felt determined to show him how I had learned and how I was eager to feel him lose control.

I shifted my face a little so that I could still breathe through my nose. I felt incredibly proud that I had made him feel so aroused and eagerly sucked on his penis as he began thrusting urgently into my throat. I could feel the sweat of his belly on my face and hear his almost animal sounding grunts. I was sure that his penis was growing bigger than ever in my mouth as I felt his pace falter for a moment. His shaft started to pulsate against my tongue and then the now familiar slightly salty taste as he ejaculated into my throat and mouth. I swallowed eagerly, enjoying this newly discovered me.

Finally he relaxed his grip on my head and slid his penis out from between my lips.

“Mrs Chen,” he said with a very large grin, you definitely have the job!”

We spent the rest of the day walking together and enjoying each other’s company. I had never expected any of the events of the past week to happen but a deep sadness was filling me because today was our last day together before he flew back home.

Later I drove him to the airport and stayed with him as long as possible before I had to bid him farewell. As we hugged each other tightly we both declared our love for each other and in between my tears I promised him I would always be here for him and he promised he would return.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 6


The first few weeks after Jack’s visit were painful but somehow I carried on and concentrated on trying to feel positive and to look forward to the next time. We exchanged emails almost daily. My education continued via his emails and his graphic descriptions of his fantasies.

At first I was shocked when he first told how he often had fantasies of watching me being taken by another man. I explained to him that it might be OK in fantasies but in real life it was different. The topic was forgotten for a while until I admitted to him in one of my emails how much I missed the wonderful sex we had experienced together. His reply shocked me again when he suggested he would not mind if I ‘used’ another man for satisfaction provided that it was only lust and, most important of all, that I give him a full description of what happened!

I told him that there was no way I could do anything like that but added, jokingly, that if I did I would surely tell him all the details. Little did I know then that I would soon be telling him all about a very naughty and erotic experience.

In another email Jack had attached a folder and said it was pictures of his favourite porn star. My initial reaction was not to open it because the idea of him lusting over a porn star somehow made me feel jealous. Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I opened the file. I felt shocked as I found my self staring at images of me. Jack had greatly improved my self esteem by always telling me how sexy he found me. Now, as I looked at the pictures he had taken during our fantasy role play game I felt a little embarrassed. I could only see a hint of shyness as I had boldly followed his instructions during the make believe porno casting. Any feelings of embarrassment faded as I looked at the images that Jack had taken and saw a sexy confident woman staring back at me.

A few days later I was enjoying a night out at a restaurant with an old school friend called Linda She had divorced a year or so ago and as we enjoyed a bottle of wine and some pleasant food I asked her if she had met anyone else. She smiled and said no but then told me about a dating club she had recently joined.

I wanted to tell her all about Jack but decided to keep him secret, just for a while at least. I did tell her about the state of my marriage though and she shocked me by saying, “I bet you miss the sex!”

I had known Linda for years but had never discussed my sex life before. I felt my cheeks flush as I replied, “Yes, I suppose I do, but not with my husband.”

Linda then said, “Jenny, this weekend we have one of our special meetings at the dating club. Why not come along with me and have some fun?”

“I’m not looking for a date Linda,” I replied.

“I know you’re not but come along with me and I promise you will have an enjoyable time.”

I took another sip from my wine looked across to Linda and said, yes, OK, why not?

I’ll come.”

Linda arranged to pick me up on Saturday evening and drive me to the venue.

All day Saturday I kept being tempted to call Linda to say I’d changed my mind but eventually, still feeling uncertain, I had a shower and got dressed ready to go with Linda.

The venue was not far away and we soon arrived and walked inside together.

As we entered we were given a large glass of wine. We joined some of the other women that Linda knew and started chatting.

After a few glasses of wine I was surprised by the change of topic in the conversation. Linda and some of the others were looking around at the men and saying things like, “I bet his is only small. Or, he looks like he’s got a big one!”

I turned to Linda and said are you talking about what I think you are talking about?”

Linda giggled as she replied, yes, we are trying to guess the size of the men’s cocks!”

I was a little shocked, not because of the topic of conversation but because I had always assumed that Linda was very conservative and the last person I would have imagined to be discussing men’s penises like this.

Before I could reply Linda continued, “At these special meetings we play a naughty game.”

Maybe it was the wine or maybe it was the fact that ever since we had arrived I’d noticed the men looking us all up and down as if they were undressing us in their minds. Now it would seem the women were doing the same to the men.

Suddenly I was very curious to find out more about this game of theirs.

“Tell me more Linda, please.”

Linda took me to one side and said in a quiet but excited voice, “You will notice very soon that most of the men will leave the room. A little while later some of the women will also leave the room.”

“And?” I enquired, not sure where this was going.

“In the adjoining room there are a series of small changing cubicles,” Linda continued. “Each cubicle is divided into two with a partition to make a pair. When the men leave us in a few minutes time they will go next door and each enter one of the pairs of cubicles. Once inside they will strip naked and wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“They wait for a woman to enter the adjoining the half of their cubicle. The whole of the room is dark including the cubicles. Before the men enter they will be given two tickets with the same number on. When the women enter they are also given two tickets.

Once inside the man will pass one of his tickets through one of the cut out holes………………………..”

“Cut out holes!” I exclaimed what are they for?”

Linda was starting to sound excited as she continued, “there are three holes in the partition, two side by side at approximately chest height and one below at approximately crotch height.

It is completely dark inside and the idea of the game is for the woman to check out the man with her hands and then, later on, when we are all back here she will try to recognise him fully clothed.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said, are their any rules as to what we can or can’t touch?”

“Linda started to giggle as she said, “The only rule is that if the woman gets bold and starts to touch the man intimately then she has automatically invited him to play the second half of the game.”

“Second half?” I asked, inquisitively.

“It’s entirely up to the woman but if she invites him to play the second half of the game by touching or feeling his bulge she must pass her ticket through to him. He will then use his hands to check you out and then try to guess your identity later on when we are all back here.”

I thought I understood but felt uncertain and had more questions.

“So how many times have you played this game Linda?” I asked.

“Every time since my first visit,” said Linda with a grin, “and I invited the man to play the second half each time.”

I felt shocked but at the same time intrigued by my friend’s revelations.

“Have you ever guessed which man it was afterwards?” I enquired.

“No, never, but it was a great experience to have in the cubicle.”

By now the men had nearly all left the room I could tell by the excited sound of the women’s conversations that most of them would soon follow.

I felt curious and realised that I had a strong desire to take part.

“One last question Linda,” I said, “Do you take off any of your clothes when you are in there?”

Linda sounded a little embarrassed as she said, “it is entirely your choice but I always strip completely naked! I discovered that it really turned me on to be naked but safely anonymous in the dark cubicle allowing an unknown man to touch me anywhere he wished.”

As Linda finished speaking we noticed that most of the women were walking toward the adjoining room.

I hesitated for a moment before deciding it would be a fun new experience. At the entrance to the room we were all handed our two tickets.

We were soon in the darkened room. The cubicles were around the edges on all four walls. Each of the pairs of doors was very dimly lit with the words Lady or Gentleman just visible.

Linda whispered, “Good luck,” as I approached one of the doors. As I got close I saw that it had another dimly lit sign saying’ unoccupied.

I opened the door and went inside, closing and locking it behind me. I wondered which of the men was in the adjoining cubicle. The wine, and the anticipation of what might happen next, was making me feel like a nervous and excited schoolgirl. The cubicle was completely dark inside and thinking to my self, “If Linda strips naked then so will I,” I started to undress.

Before I had spent the wonderful week with Jack I would never have done anything like this. Now, as I took off my clothes, already knowing that I intended to let the stranger who was only a few feet away in the dark touch me I felt liberated, ready to try this new experience.

My clothes and underwear were soon folded in a neat pile on the floor in the corner of the room. In my head I was already agreeing with Linda that being naked in this situation was turning me on. I ran my hands over my breasts and then down over my naked body. I ran a hand over my smooth hairless mound and then between my legs to my hairless labia, liking how it felt and pleased that I had kept up the new habit of regularly visiting a beauty salon to be waxed.

I took a few steps toward the dividing wall, putting my hands out in front of me to feel where it was. Having found it I then felt around for the holes. I suppressed a gasp of surprise as the man on the other side pushed his hand through and touched mine. I realised he was passing me his ticket. I took it from him and then placed it with my clothes on the floor before returning to the partition.

I took a deep breath, suddenly feeling full of doubt and tempted to get dressed again and leave. However, the wine and the erotic situation persuaded me otherwise. I tentatively pushed an arm through each of the chest height holes. I moved them slowly around and then froze as I felt naked skin. I waited for a moment, until I was certain I had my hands on the man’s shoulders. It was obvious already that this man was taller than average and had broad strong shoulders. I found it quite exhilarating and arousing to be naked and touching this unknown man. I moved my hands up onto the tops of his shoulders and neck before running my fingers carefully over his face like a blind person would. I traced his lips with the tips of my fingers trying to imagine how this man looked. All the time I could feel the urge to be bolder. It felt as though there was an invisible force pulling my hands down over his body. At first I was still feeling shy enough to resist but, as I moved my hands back down from his head to his big shoulders and then started to feel the muscles in his arms, the desire grew stronger. After feeling his strong arms I moved my hands to his chest. I found his nipples with my fingers and pinched each one playfully before slowly but nervously moving my hands down over his chest toward his belly.

I remembered Linda saying that if I touched his bulge it would be taken as an open invitation for him to feel me. I tried my hardest to delay what I knew was inevitable and moved my hands down as low as they would go with my arms still through the chest height holes. I managed to reach down to his waist and could not feel any underwear. I knew what I wanted to do and tried to resist a little longer but my curiosity was getting the better of me. I withdrew my arms, running my hands back over his chest as I did so.

I stood back a little, took a deep breath and then felt around for the other hole in the partition. I found it and felt my excitement increase knowing that I was about to reach through and touch this strangers penis. I also knew that by doing so I was inviting him to start touching me. I looked around in the darkness just checking that no one could see and then tentatively pushed my hand through the hole.

He must have moved quite close because I immediately brushed my hand against the man’s scrotum. At that moment I realised how much I had changed since Jack’s visit or maybe Jack had just successfully uncovered what I had been hiding for years.

Remembering the ticket I had been given I temporarily withdrew my hand and felt around in the dark for my handbag. I retrieved my ticket and then returned to the partition. I hastily pushed my hand through one of the upper holes and passed my ticket to the man.

Then, with a new found boldness I pushed my hand back through the lower hole and cupped the stranger’s scrotum in my hand. It felt heavy and warm as I moved my fingers to carefully feel each testicle. Then, moving my hand upwards I soon found what I was searching for. I instinctively wrapped my fingers around the man’s stiff penis. It felt magnificent, so thick that my fingers would not close around it. I gave it a gentle squeeze and then explored the length. I could actually feel the large blood vessel that snaked up the length of this man’s shaft. My fingers were just encountering the ridge below the head of this magnificent penis when I felt his hands suddenly reach through and hold my shoulders.

I froze for moment, still holding his erect penis in my hand as he started to touch and examine me with his hands.

I noticed an immediate contradiction between his very soft and gentle touch and his large hands. His finger tips roamed over my shoulders and neck before gently touching my ears and then my face. He explored every contour of my face with his feather light touch before moving back down over my ears and neck to my shoulders. The sensation was one of incredible intimacy and I found my self yearning for him to be bolder and touch my breasts. I felt his fingers sliding down my arms and then back up again. He placed his hands back onto my shoulders and then I felt him trying to turn me round. Realising what he wanted I reluctantly released my grip on his penis, pulled my hand back through the hole and turned so that my back was against the partition.

His hands were soon back and running up over my ribs until he was pressing against the sides of my breasts. My nipples were tingling with the expectation of his touch. Very slowly he moved both hands inwards until he was cupping and feeling my breasts with his big hands. He squeezed them and caressed them before seeking out both my nipples. His fingers sent shivers through my body as he teased each of my stiffening nipples with the lightest of touches. The holes in the partition were sufficiently sized and spaced to allow me to lean back against the partition as the man cupped both breasts in his big hands and teased my nipples between his fingers.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment and as I started to wonder how far this touching would go. He then released one of my breasts as he pulled one of his hands back through the hole.

I would have been incredibly naive not to expect what he did next but as I felt his hand come through the lower hole I still felt my body tense with some surprise and expectation.

His one hand was still squeezing and caressing one breast as I felt his other hand push between my thighs. His fingers roamed over the soft flesh at the very top of my thighs as I pushed my bottom back against the partition. As if to encourage him further I unconsciously moved my feet apart giving his hand free access between my thighs. I could instantly feel how wet I had become and as his fingers inched higher I moved a little to encourage him to touch me more intimately.

I suppressed a gasp of pleasure as I felt the tip of one his fingers brush between my moist vaginal lips. I then moved my feet further apart allowing him to cup the smooth wet flesh between my legs in his big hand. His fingers gently probed and explored driving me wild with pleasure. I could feel his hand pressing further forward as one of his fingers entered me and another brushed expertly over my clitoris. My body started to tremble and I used every ounce of will power to suppress a scream as I bit my tongue and started to orgasm. He used the one hand cupping my breast and the other with a finger now deeply inserted inside me to pull me against the partition and hold me. Without his support I felt sure I would fall down. I was still biting my tongue but unable to keep completely quiet as my body convulsed with the pleasure he was giving me with his hands. Gradually it passed. I felt his finger slip out from my wetness and then his hand retreat back out through the hole.

I turned around to face the partition as the other hand gripping my breast released its grip.

I knew what I was about to do as if it was a natural reaction. I knew it was a very bold thing to do but felt an overwhelming desire to return the favour of an orgasm to this unknown man.

I turned to face the partition and then reached through the lower hole. I soon found what I wanted and wrapped my hand around his still erect penis. I then gently pulled it toward the hole in the partition. He did not take much persuading and was soon pressed against the partition with his manhood protruding through the hole and fully accessible on my side of the wall.

I ran my fingers up and down his thick shaft thinking to my self, “What has Jack done to this once naïve mum?” All I knew at this moment was that I wanted to make this lovely erect penis ejaculate. I wanted to feel and experience the lust of its owner as he reached his orgasm.

I knelt down holding the penis until it was level with my face. I touched the head against my cheek and then across my lips. Shifting my grip a little I slowly pulled back his foreskin and planted a wet kiss onto the exposed head. Just holding it in my hand felt very erotic and exciting as I kissed the head a few more times.

With my new found boldness I then briefly ran my tongue around the ridge under the head before opening my mouth then closing my lips over it. I could already taste the slightly salty taste of this man as, with my lips sealed around the ridge I ran my tongue over the head of his penis. Still gripping it with my hand I started to suck and felt him start to respond by moving it back and forth as though he were fucking my hand and mouth. It felt it growing in my hand as I continued my actions.

I wasn’t really doing much, just gripping his shaft with my hand and keeping my lips clamped around the ridge under the swollen head, as he rhythmically thrust back and forth. In my mind I had wild images of myself kneeling on a bed with Jack pounding into me ‘doggy’ style. These images added to my feelings of lust. I could sense the man’s thrusts becoming more and more urgent. He was starting to thrust harder and I responded by gripping his penis harder and sucking harder on the head. The images in my head became a montage of Jack and me making love in various positions as I felt the erect penis throbbing in my grip and then, that now familiar taste, as the man ejaculated and my mouth filled with his fluids. I swallowed some and then released the grip of my lips allowing the rest to trickle from my mouth. I could feel it dribbling over my chin and then dripping down onto my breasts.

I felt pleased with my self and proud to prove my husband wrong with his assertion that sexually I was useless. The man then withdrew his softening penis and left me to rummage around in the dark for my bag and to find some tissues. As I cleaned my self I could hear the sounds of sex coming from all around the room, muffled sighs and gasps of other men and women enjoying the anonymity of this darkened room.

After a while the noises ceased and a voice said, “Gentlemen, to preserve the anonymity of the ladies will you all please leave now and return to the main room, thank you.

I listened to doors opening and the sound of many footsteps leaving the room. Finally the voice announced, “when ever you are ready ladies, the men have now all left.”

The lights in the room came on but quite dim, just enough to be able to see after the near total darkness of before. I quickly dressed and gathered up the used tissues. I noticed a bin in the corner and tossed the tissues into it. For some reason I folded the ticket that the man had passed to me and put it inside my purse.

I was soon joining the other women as we walked back into the main room, feeling very pleased with my self but a little embarrassed by what I had just done.

I was not sure how far the other women had gone with their anonymous men but judging by the large grin on Linda’s face she had experienced a lot of fun in there. The atmosphere in the room felt kind of weird or maybe it was just me. I looked around at the men knowing that I had just sucked the penis of one of them.

As I glanced around I noticed that one of the men was quite a bit taller than the others and well built. I knew almost immediately that this was the man who had just given me an orgasm and had ejaculated in my mouth.

I saw him glance toward me but then look at all the other women giving me the impression that he did not know who had been in the cubicle next to him.

I realised that there was no way I wanted him to know it was me. I wanted my experience to remain anonymous.

When it came to the guessing game I pretended that I had not even taken part but for some reason I kept both tickets, his and mine, in my purse.

Little did I know at the time but our paths would quite cross again within a year.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. At one stage Linda was keen for me to tell her the details of what had happened in the dark cubicle but I just told her that we had touched each other and nothing more.

On the way home I remembered how Jack had encouraged me to have some sexual experiences during his absence on the condition that I tell him all about it.

I arrived home and, after spending some time with the kids, I retired to my room and my computer. I started to write to Jack. I felt guilty about what I had just done but as I wrote down the details I could not deny how exciting the experience had been. Although Jack had regularly encouraged me I was filled with doubt about how he might react to my confession. After finishing the email the only thing I was certain of as I hit the ‘send’ key was a promise we had made to each other to always be completely truthful.

I lay awake for many hours worrying about how Jack would react to my email. Finally I must have fallen into a deep sleep and struggled to wake up as my alarm went.

At work the next day time passed slowly as I knew Jack would not reply until the end of my working day because of the time difference. Even so, I found my self checking my emails every half hour or so.

Finally, during the afternoon I saw Jack had replied. I suppose I felt strangely disappointed that he was not angry or upset by my confession but also relieved. He congratulated me on adding to my sexual education and told me how proud he was of his student.

I found it difficult to understand how Jack, who frequently declared his love for me, sounded genuinely disappointed that he hadn’t had the chance to watch me make a stranger ejaculate.

This idea of another man would become a frequent fantasy of Jack’s during our regular email exchanges. I still did not understand how he could love me but at the same time want to watch me with someone else but slowly but surely over a period of time and many emails from Jack I started to believe that one day this might change from fantasy to reality.

Jenny and Jack

Chapter 7


It was a full six months later that Jack was back in Taiwan and I had felt frustrated all day long because we had been visiting suppliers and attending meetings. Now at last it was early evening, we were free and driving back to Jack’s hotel.

“Is there a pharmacy type shop nearby?” asked Jack.

“Actually there is one just around the corner. What do you need?”

He turned and smiled saying, “just something for my willing pupil’s lesson later on.”

I was intrigued as I parked the car and led the way to the pharmacy. We entered the shop and Jack soon found what he was looking for, a large bottle of baby oil.

We paid the cashier and then headed back to the hotel. I had already suggested that we eat in the hotel restaurant because it would save time.

I remembered chuckling as Jack responded saying, “more time for us back in my room is always a good idea!”

We went straight up to the restaurant and were soon enjoying a nice bottle of wine and some delicious food.

Our knees were touching under the table and we were flirting as usual.

Jack just gazed at me with a loving look in his blue eyes as he said, “Jenny, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a sexy young woman like you as my lover.”

I blushed and protested, “I’m not sexy, I’m too short, my breasts have fallen a little my belly”————-”Stop!” exclaimed Jack. You are beautiful, sexy and petite. Your body turns me on just to gaze at you. Your breasts are wonderful and every other inch of you is a delight to both look at and touch.”

He lifted the bag with the baby oil and continued, “When we get back in my room I am going to thoroughly spoil you.”

“Oh yes?” I exclaimed, “And how do you propose to do that?”

“First I’m going to take off all of your clothes and then I’m going to help you shower. I will feast my eyes on your naked body as I use my large hands to soap you all over.”

“MMmmmmmm,” I mumbled.

Despite the fact that we were now lovers and my recent sexual experience with the unknown man, I still felt shy but also aroused as Jack continued describing what he was going to do.

“When I have dried you off after the shower I am going to carry you to my bed and lay you on a large towel.”

“So what is the oil for?” I asked rather naively.

“I’m going to massage you Jenny. I’m going to massage every part of your body with baby oil and then when you are fully relaxed and aroused I’m going to give you a special fuck.”

I knew the word fuck of course and knew it was naughty in English but I felt shocked as I realised how it excited me to hear Jack say he was going to fuck me using this language.

Just listening to him was turning me on and I felt impatient to finish the meal and head back to his room.

We were soon out of the restaurant and heading for Jack’s room. Once inside Jack locked the door and we fell into each other’s arms. The feeling of his strong arms holding me tightly against him was wonderful and soon his big hands were roaming all over me, stroking my back, squeezing my buttocks. We parted slightly as we started to undress each other.

Our clothes and underwear swiftly fell in an untidy heap on the floor until we were both finally naked. Jack held me by my upper arms keeping me a foot or so away from him. My shyness was still there as I watched him slowly run his appreciative gaze over me from my feet up to my head.

“You look fantastic Jenny,” he said. “Now let’s have that shower. I squealed and giggled as he stooped down, lifted me up into his arms and carried me to the bathroom.

The bathroom was soon full of steam as we both stood under the powerful shower. As he had promised earlier Jack thoroughly washed every inch of me. His big soapy hands roamed sensuously all over me but concentrated mainly on my breasts. I returned the compliment by washing him, noticing how my hands looked tiny as I ran them over his strong looking physique. I giggled again as I ran my soapy hands between his legs and cupped his scrotum. His penis was looking large and proud as I ran my soapy hand up and down the stiff shaft.

Finally he concentrated one of his soapy hands on my buttocks. I felt his fingers search between them and then tensed as he touched the ring of my anus.

“Just relax my darling while I wash your bottom properly,” he said.

I remembered how he had pushed his finger in my bottom when we had made love and now he was touching me there again.

I could feel his finger still touching my anus. I tried to relax my natural instincts as I felt his soapy finger start to push inside. My instinct and initial reaction was to tense my bottom but, with some encouragement from Jack I managed to relax as Jack said, “Good girl,” as he slowly pushed his soapy finger up inside me.

It felt strange and weirdly erotic but I trusted him completely as he pushed his finger right up into my rectum.

He briefly moved it around a little and then withdrew it. I chuckled and laughed as he took the shower head down from the wall bracket and directed the spray between my legs, washing the soap away but also exciting me.

Finally he turned off the water and we both stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. Jack wrapped a large soft towel around me and began to dry me. Right from the first time we had been intimate I was surprised at his gentleness. Now as he dried me with the towel I was reminded of how gentle this big man could be.

Having swiftly dried his self he once again lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bed. He found another fresh towel, spread it over the bed and then positioned me on top of it lying on my front.

I already felt relaxed after the shower and waited contentedly for what ever Jack had in mind. I heard him open the bottle of baby oil and then felt him trickle some onto my upper back and shoulders. He then started to massage me. I could not believe how good he was as he expertly massaged my upper back and shoulders, working the oil into my skin with his big hands. He teased me a few times when his hands moved out and under my arms, pressing against the sides of my breasts, making me yearn for more.

Erika worked for one of Asia’s airlines that pride themselves on the beauty of their flight attendants (ie “stewardesses”). Out of 5,000 applicants every year only 100 were chosen. And they were chosen for language skills (sort of) and for tits and ass quality (very mainly). Erika made the grade in about 2000 and flew the Tokyo, Osaka and Los Angeles runs for five years.

The prep work for a stewardess is extensive and it’s not always a lot of fun. When an airline builds entire marketing campaigns around its girls, there’s no room for the girls to fuck up. So lots of gym work, low carb diets, plenty of skin moisturisers, proper hair length and styling and a demure but slinky attitude with passengers were required. Which is a giant pain in the ass. But when you’re “a great way to fly” and the money’s good, you toe the company line. And when when you’re a guy who’s fucking “a great way to fly”, you learn to put up with some things because the payoff can be pretty fucking good.

Erika used to have to wake up at 4am for 11am flights so she could get showered and made up and get her hair into the proper French twist style. I loved watching her go through all that, sitting naked in front of the mirror, making herself into the girl that we’ve all seen in the magazine and TV ads. Sometimes we would fuck before she made herself up and I would think about all the men on her flight thinking about the pussy I’d just cum in. American, British, Korean, Chinese, Singaporean, and Japanese men would all look at her figure, dreaming about the cunt I’d just fucked. Only she wouldn’t give it up for just any random passenger, especially inflight, because that would get her fired. So she gave it up to me at home instead. In her uniform.

One day a couple of years ago she came back from one of her shorter runs one afternoon before I got home from work. When I walked in to our living room, I found her freshly showered but in her uniform, the bottom up around her knees and her hand lazily playing with one of her breasts through the top of her uniform.

“Welcome home, sir. I’ll be your flight attendant this evening. Would you care for a glass of wine? I’ve already tried some myself. It’s very good.”

“Yes, please,” I replied, sensing what was going to come.

She slowly unbuttoned the top of her uniform to expose her braless tits. Taking the glass of red wine that was beside her, she squeezed a nipple and part of her right breast into the glass, covering her tit in wine. She held it up for me and said “Please, sir. Be my guest.”

I walked over to her and licked the wine off her hard pink nipple while she softly moaned and squeezed her other breast. Her hips were slowly gyrating and lifting off the couch. After I cleaned the wine off her breast she lay back, holding her hard round tits together, looking straight at me.

“We have a choice of meals tonight, sir. Pussy or ass. Which would you prefer?” This was going to turn into something pretty hot but I wanted to draw it out a bit because this was the first time Erika and I had played this game and I wanted it to be a fucking blast.

“Can I try a bit of each before I decide?” I asked her.

“Sure, that’s fine,” she replied, hiking her uniform bottoms up to her waist to show me her smooth, shaved pussy and little brownish pink asshole. She slowly slid a finger into her pussy and offered it to me to suck on.

“Mmm…I like the pussy, miss. But now let’s try the ass.”

So with a little more effort, she slid a finger into her bum and her eyes closed gently while she pushed it in and then drew it out, completely clean, for me to taste.

“Mmm…That’s excellent. Thank you. I think I’ll have both if that’s alright.”

“Of course it is sir. Please just let me take a moment to prepare them for for you.”. And with that, she ran both of her hands down her sides, converging on her two little sexy holes. She spread her pussy open for me, pulling the hood of her clit back so I could see the hard little button sticking out. She pushed her hips up and forward to show me all of her hot little slit and then slid two fingers into herself and began fucking her pussy, her wetness covering her lips and inner thighs. I sat across from her, my pants off now, very slowly stroking my cock. I really wanted to save my cum for her rather than shoot it all over myself.

She continued fingerfucking that beautiful pussy I had shaved a couple of days before while tugging on her nipples and moaning. When I first met her, Erika was shy and reserved but over time, after I convinced her what a beautiful woman she was, she got a lot more adventurous. I would imagine that being a great way to fly also incredibly increased her self-confidence, knowing that every man on every flight and in every airport was growing a hard-on thinking about her.

She held her fingers out to me to taste again and I licked the sweetness off them. No fishy smell, no cheesy taste, just pure feminine wetness. I moved in to get more of a taste and licked the length of her slit, pushing my tongue and nose into her and covering my chin with her juices.

“How’s the pussy, sir? Enjoying it?” she moaned.

“Yes, Erika. Very much, thank you.” There I was, my tongue pressed into a great way to fly while she pulled on her nipples and moaned, still mostly dressed in her form-fitting uniform although most of it was hiked up around her waist so I could eat her out. I pulled her lips apart to get more of my face into her pussy and she slid a finger in beside my tongue. I pulled my face back and put a finger in her as well, the two of us finger fucking her tight little Japanese cunt. Watching her face as she squeezed her right tit was amazing, her head thrown back and her shiny black hair still wrapped in the regulation French Twist style. The only thing better would have been to be in First Class with her legs wrapped around me head while I tongue-fucked her.

I ate her pussy for a while longer, rubbing her juices into my face, licking her pee hole and pulling the hood of her clit back to expose her little pink button. Then I asked for some ass.

“Erika, the pussy was great. Thank you. But I would like to try the ass now if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, sir. Please go ahead.” And she raised her legs up so her hips came farther off the couch, giving me a clear view of her little Japanese asshole. She reached both hands down and spread her cheeks for me so I could get a really good look at it. As some readers may know, I’d fucked her ass a few times and ever since the first time, we had both really developed a taste (literally and figuratively) for it. Whenever she felt like sharing her ass with me, she would plan her meals so she was always clean inside. And between her using the dildo and me using my fingers and cock, she was getting very comfortable having me inside her bum.

I pressed my tongue into her, making it hard and sliding it into her beautiful anus. Although I’d done this many times before, I’d never done it while she was wearing her uniform and I thought of all of the guys on all of the flights who would have killed to be in this position. The warmth of her anus around my tongue was incredible and hearing her moan made the pre-cum drip from my cock.

“Miss, you ass tastes as good as your pussy. I really can’t decide which one I like more.”

“Then why don’t you take them both, sir?” Erika moaned back to me. This was getting fucking incredible. She was playing her stewardess role in her stewardess uniform on the couch in my fucking livingroom. Only her top was open and her tits were spilling out and her skirt was up around her waist and her pussy lips and asshole were spread open. She was truly a great way to fly. Or maybe I should say “A great way to fuck.”

“Okay, miss. In that case, I’ll start with the pussy first.” And I eased my cock into her as we both groaned and sighed. The head of my cock split her lips open and she slowly pushed her hips towards me. My cock’s about eight inches long and about four inches around and her pussy is small so it takes a bit of time for her to get me in her. I always like to have her pull me into her so she can go at her own speed. But once I’m in, we fuck hard and the head of my cock pulls her pussy skin out so I can see the slick wet ring of her cunt around me.

I held her legs up in the air and since she was lying farther down on the couch, she could lick her own nipples (Erika has big, firm tits. That’s kind of how she got the job, I think). Fucking her pussy while she licked her tits made me want to cum right away but I pulled out and told her to play with her pussy for me. She spread her lips open and poured a little red wine over her clit, not that her pussy needed anymore lubricant. She rubbed her clit in a circular motion while looking into my eyes and said “Is this what you like sir? Do you like seeing me cum?”

“Yes, Eri. I love watching you cum. It makes me so hard to hear you moan and scream. I love watching your fingers on you pussy, honey. But now I want your ass.”

“Yes sir, here it is. Help yourself.” She got on all fours on the couch with her ass in the air and her uniform still on. Although her pussy was quite wet and she took some juice from there to her ass, we still needed some more lube so I got some KY from the bedroom and spread it over the head of my cock and in and around her anus.

The head of my cock is much thicker than the shaft so that’s always a problem when I fuck Erika in the ass but with the right amount of lube and with Eri’s ass getting more and more stretched with every anal experience, I was able to pop my head in to her bum.

“Oh sir, please take my ass! Fuck my ass! Please! Fuck my ass!” she moaned over and over again.

Erika had really become something of an anal slut and I wasn’t going to dissuade her. With my cock in her ass, her pussy lips opened and closed as I fucked her. Her nipples were as hard as stones and her clit, as small as it was, stood out from under its hood. She completely changed when I fucked her anally. She became just such a luscious Japanese slut, moaning and groaning and slamming her ass back on my cock while she looked back at me, urging me to fuck her. The fact that she was still wearing her stewardess uniform made the whole thing even hotter. I wanted to shoot my cum all over that uniform so that the next time she flew there would be little cum stains on her mixed in with the floral prints.

“Oh, sir. Please fuck me harder! Please. I’m so horny. Please fuck my ass and cum in me!”

“Er…..ika……I’m going to cum in you honey. But not yet. This is so good darling, I need to hold it.” But let’s be realistic…I was ass fucking a Great Way to Fly in her uniform on my couch after work on a Wednesday or whatever it was. My cock was like steel and her ass was like a glove filled with warm cream and there wasn’t much chance I could last much longer. I was going to blow my load, no matter how much I wanted to hold it

I pushed my cock into her ass a few more times and then pulled it out. She turned around, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. With her stewardess uniform on, but the top open and the bottom pulled up, she was the picture of XXX sex. She looked up at me, asking for my cum, and I pulled on my cock, wanting to give it to her. I looked down and saw her madly fingering her clit and that made me shoot my cum all over her beautiful face, getting as much of it into her mouth as she could take. Her face was smeared with my cum, her nipples were standing out hard and her pussy was dripping.

We went into the bedroom to recover and held each other closely. Before we drifted off to sleep, I made sure to tell her how much I loved her and how much she was “a great way to fly.”

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