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I’d been seeing an older Japanese woman, Junko, for about two months and all we ever really did was fuck each other senseless. She had a tiny, almost hairless pussy and little tits with nipples that grew about an inch long when they were hard. She also had a kinky side and liked me to slap and choke her as we fucked and she was very much into watching us fuck- she had mirrors all over her bedroom that were positioned exactly so she could see my cock in her from any angle, whether she was sucking me or jerking me off or getting my cock up her little cunt.

The other thing Junko really loved was watching me masturbate. It would start when she picked me up from work. I’d get in her car, unzip my pants and start rubbing and stroking my cock and balls for her. I’d milk a drop of precum out and we would share the taste of it. If she were wearing a skirt, she’d put a finger inside her pussy and we’d share the taste of that too. By the time we got to her place or mine, her pussy would be very, very wet and hot and my cock would be extremely hard and we would fuck madly, always ending with her pulling her hair back and urging me to cum on her face and in her mouth.

One early evening we went to my place. I had something new in mind that I’d always wanted to do with a woman and I had a feeling Junko was just kinky enough to try it. We each took a quick shower and I shaved my cock, balls, and around my asshole. I called her in to the bathroom, showed her my hard, smooth cock, and asked her to feel that it was as smooth as she liked it. She approved of my work and got on the bed and started lazily playing with her clit. I had one more thing to do before we got to it. With my fingers all soaped up, I slid my index finger up my ass. I’d skipped lunch to go to the gym instead and so I was nice and clean inside. I rinsed off, dried off, and joined Junko on the bed, watching her do her clit and occasionally slip a finger into her little pink pussy.

I lay beside her and started slowly jerking off while she watched me, her hands now more rapidly working on her pussy and her nipples at full inch-length hardness.

“I love your cock. I love watching you do this for me,” she moaned, spreading her lips to get two fingers inside herself.

“And I love doing it for you,” I replied as I turned to give one of her nipples a little bite. I got up on my knees beside her head so that she could lick and suck my balls and asshole while I continued tugging at my cock.

“I want to try something with you. I hope you’ll be okay with it,” I said.

“I’ll do anything you want.” Exactly the answer I wanted to hear.

“Please put a finger in your pussy. Get it really wet.”

She did as I asked and showed me the slippery wetness.

“Now, take it and slowly put it inside me,” I directed as I opened my legs, my cock and balls still hanging beside her head.

“In your bum? Really?” she asked.

“Yes. Please. Are you okay with that?”

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask! I’ve wanted to do that since I met you.”

She looked up from between my legs and smiled at me. Then she licked all over the base of my balls and around my hole. She spread me a bit more open and then slowly started tracing her finger, wet with her pussy juice, around my asshole.

“Ready?” she moaned.

“Yes. Put it in me, please,” I replied. My cock was extremely hard and leaking precum. I had to stop jerking off because I felt close to coming and I wanted to hang on for a while.

Junko slowly eased her index finger into me. I’d done it to myself many times but having a woman do it, lying underneath me with her labia spread open and her little clit poking out added a different level of pleasure. I reached down to her pussy and it was absolutely soaked. I ran my fingers over her wet lips and clit while she finger-fucked me, both of us moaning loudly now. It was all I could do to keep from giving my cock even a little tug. She twisted her finger around inside me, softly tickling my prostate without knowing it.

“What’s this part?” she asked.

“It’s my prostate gland. You know your G-spot? Right here?” I asked as I curled my finger around to tickle the rough patch of skin in her pussy just behind her clit, causing her to moan and push her hips up against my hand. “It’s not exactly the same, but it’s kind of the same thing for guys. It’s very sensitive. Keep doing that, just like that…”

She lightly fingered my gland, causing more precum to seep out. We shared the taste of it together, her finger still sliding in and out of my bum.

“Fuck, I’m so hard. Look what you’re doing to my cock,” I moaned. I looked down at my cock, the head a deep red colour now and the veins standing out on the sides of it and saw her smiling underneath me, occasionally licking my balls with her finger still inside me.

“Fuck me. Fuck me with that cock. Please.” She spread her legs wider, her lips peeling back to show me her pink slit and the little hole where she wanted my cock. She slid her finger out of my ass, as clean as it went in, and licked it.

“I want to lick you first. And I have something special for you,” I said as I reached over to the drawer in my bedside table and brought out a long silver-coloured vibrator.

“Ever try one of these? I think you’re going to like it,” twisting the base to turn it on before lowering it to her dripping cunt.

“No I haven’t. I wanted to but I’m too shy to buy one. Are you going to put it in me?”

“Of course. I’m going to fuck you with it while I lick your clit.” I got between her legs and slowly started working the vibrator around her lips. I leaned in to run my tongue from her asshole to her clit while she pulled on her nipples, her head propped up on a pillow so she could watch me. The vibrator buzzed softly and I turned the speed up a little as I slowly started to fuck her with it. I slowly put it in her, using her pussy juice to keep it nice and lubed. I wanted to cum so badly, my cock and balls were almost hurting. Seeing the machine slowly sink into her cunt while she pushed her hips off the bed to meet it was so hot and tasting her wetness on my tongue was making me extremely horny.

I slid the thing in and out of her, sometimes also managing to get a finger in her beside it. My tongue worked on her clit and soon she was moaning loudly and her breaths started coming faster and faster.

“Oh, fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck, I’m cumming!” she panted, causing me to work the vibrator in and out faster as she whole body started to shake. Her pussy began to tighten up, almost pushing the vibrator out, but I held it inside her as I watched her cum. She was looking straight at me, her mouth open wide, moaning as she orgasmed. I got up on my knees and began tugging at my cock as she was cumming.

“Fuck me with your cock! Now! Fuck me!”, she demanded. I pulled the vibrator out, slick and wet with her cunt juice on it and filled the hole in her pussy with my cock. I slide into her so easily I could hardly feel her cunt walls. But the heat of her pussy around my cock was unmistakeable. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling my cock all the way into her, scratching my back with her nails. Then she let go of me and spread her arms out.

“Do it! Fuck me! It’s so good,” she yelled. I was gritting my teeth, trying very hard not to cum when she told me to slap her, one of the kinkier things she likes.

Gently at first, but then harder, I slapped her cheeks until they were red, while continuing to drive my cock into her steaming pussy. My balls were beginning to tighten up and I started to get that familiar feeling at the base of my cock.

“Cum for me! I want it in my mouth! Give me your cum!” she yelled. I could feel her pussy squeezing around my cock so I knew she was having either her second or possibly third orgasm and as the cunt walls tightened around me, it set off mine.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum! I can’t hold it,” I shouted, pulling my cock out of her. I worked my hand quickly up and down my shaft, using her juice for lube as she slid down the bed to put her face inches from me.

“Cum for me. I want to see you cum!” she moaned, a finger jammed into her pussy.

I gave my cock a few faster tugs and pushed it right against her face. Her eyes were wide open, looking at me beating off.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming,” I shouted as my load travelled up my shaft and out onto her face in four or five spurts. She licked the cum from around her mouth, and still working a finger in and out of her pussy, used her other hand to keep jerking me off until it got too sensitive to stand. She got up on her knees, my cum dripping from her lips, chin, nose, and eyelashes and gave me a long, deep kiss, making sure I was getting a good taste of my semen.

“I love how your cum tastes. And I always, always want to watch you shoot it,” she whispered as we both started to come down from our orgasms. “And I love that toy, but I love your cock in me more.”

She bent over to lick the remaining cum and her juice off my softening cock, taking it in her mouth and giving it long, wet pulls. I wasn’t going to be ready for another round for a while but we went into the living room and sat across from each other, our legs spread wide apart and we started to slowly masturbate in front of each other. My cock slowly started firming up again but I was really only interested in watching her get off. She spread her pussy for me in every possible position, telling me how much she knew I liked it. She got on her hands and knees, facing away from me and pulled her bum wide open, also very nicely separating her pussy lips, and began finger-fucking herself hard. Seeing her fingers go in and out of that pink hole had me hard again and I was getting confident that I’d be shooting another load soon. She turned to face me again, staring at my hand working up and down my cock while she pulled on a nipple and rubbed her clit with two fingers. I looked straight back at her, occasionally looking down at my cock, knowing that seeing me beat off was making her very hot and horny.

“It’s going to be soon”, I said, tugging on my shaft with my right hand while rubbing my balls with the left. She came over and knelt on the floor in front of me, pushing her hair back behind her ears. Her hand joined mine on my cock and we jerked it faster and harder, watching our hands try to coax another load from it.

“Get ready, okay?” She nodded, moaned a little and opened her mouth. I moved her hand off my cock, telling her to squeeze my balls instead. I jerked it faster, pushing my hips out to get my cock close to her face.

“Oh, fuck…I’m cumming for you,” I shouted as three or four spurts of semen splashed into her face and mouth. It wasn’t as big a load as the first one and the cum seemed to be a little thicker, but she still enjoyed it, spreading it all over her face and rubbing some into her nipples. She kissed me again to let me have a taste and curled up with me on the couch, gently stroking my cock while I traced the outline of her pussy lips.

About an hour later, we were ready for Round Three.

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