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My college was a beautiful campus of limestone buildings., located in a pastoral river town, which likely was a center of waterway oriented commerce 150 years ago when church grants had endowed the initial construction. Now, it was an exclusive school for children of the elite, and a few scholarship students like me. It also was a 6 hour train ride from the nearest airport , and my home was a thousand miles away. Student standby airfare got me most of the way. Unfortunately, it also meant arriving at the train station barely in time for the last overnight train that would get me to the college the morning. I absolutely had to be there on time to get my grant. I rushed through the station, impatiently grabbing the ticket from the vendor, then ran to the platform.

Despite the late hour, the platform swarmed with parents seeing kids off to school. I dashed straight into a coach, hoping for a good seat. Inside, the space was just as full, with travellers, seemingly already weary at the beginning of the trip, lifting valises into overhead bins, sorting reading material, discretely nipping from flasks, or attacking crosswords. I spied an empty window seat, conveniently in mid-car. I started to swing my bag into the overhead. Suddenly, a pair of long thin arms encased in orange cashmere swept across my path, as another passenger swung her packsack into my spot. I was enervated and agitated from a tiring day of travels. I wasn’t about to put up with any hassles. I spoke as I turned, ” excuse me, I think this is…”. Then I stopped. I was speechless. The competing passenger was an angelic Asian goddess, about 5’7″ tall, with straight black hair to her wasp waist. Her features were delicate, her dark eyes framed by lush lashes. The cashmere sweater was barely dimpled by the faintest hint of breasts beneath. As I drank in this vision, it registered that she completed her outfit with a long black wool skirt over boots that came just below her knees. She smiled. My heart stopped briefly, after which my chest filled with a heat I had never felt before. Her smile was like she was the sun, shining for the first time after an Arctic winter. She spoke, ” Sorry, are you using both seats? I’m by myself, so I only need one. But if you need both, I’ll go to another car.”

” I’m alone too,”I replied. ” Pick a seat.”she smiled again, and I’m sure my legs melted. I steadied myself on the back of the seat.

“You don’t mind if I have the window? I find the lights at night comforting. Leaving the city to return to school is so lonely, don’t you think?”

Without waiting for an answer, she swung her splendid backside around, and did slid with gracefully into the window seat. She clearly was used to getting her way. I trudged to the rack at the back of the car, deposited my bag there, and returned to sit beside her in the aisle seat. I assumed that, as seat mates typically did on past trips, she would ignore me by turning to look out the window, leaving me only a shoulder for company. Instead, she smiled again. ” I’m Julie, who are you,” she said.

” Max, Max W-west”, I stammered. She giggled. ‘Oh great’ I thought,‘blew it again! I never know how to talk to girls.’

“What year are you in Max West?” Julie asked.

” Starting third. You?” I replied.

“I start med school next week,” Julie said, which made her several years older than she looked, and older than me as well. Although she had no accent, Julie spoke in a musical cadence, or was it just that her friendly tone was music to my weary ears?

Julie stuck out her hand. I shook it, hoping my palm wasn’t too sweaty. She rotated her hand gently upwards. Was this a hint? I stepped outside my normal shyness and lifted Julie’s hand to my lips, softly brushed her skin, then released her. She grinned, and emitted something between a sigh and a giggle. This was like a dream. Julie twisted in her seat. The resulting sound drew my eyes downward. I noticed for the first time that her skirt had a slit up the thigh. She parted her legs slightly, and unzipped first one boot , then the other. She sighed again. ” My mother insisted I wear these , she says they’re fashionable. I bet she never sat on a six hour train ride in them.”

She settled more deeply into her seat, but did not ignore me by staring out the window, reading a magazine, or even a textbook. Instead, she charmed me totally with small talk, drawing me out of my shell, sharing odd bits of her own story. ” Typical Asian overachiever child of overachiever parents” was her description. Dad a doctor. Mom a gold importer. Brother a stockbroker. An hour passed in an instant.

The conductor came through, checking tickets, followed by a porter with blankets. I was disappointed when Julie asked for a blanket. I guess it showed. ” I hope you don’t mind, Max West, but I need a short nap.” she said, then winked. ‘Why would she wink?’ I wondered.

She started unfolding the blanket then paused. “I’ll never get comfy with these boots on, Max, but it’s awfully tight in here. Would you mind terribly helping me take them off?” Another wink. Julie twisted her body, causing her slit skirt to fall open. Almost her entire leg was displayed, right up to the lacy top of her black stocking. She raised her left foot, and I grasped the heel of the boot, tugging gently, to no effect. I tugged harder. Nothing. ” Damn,” Julie swore. Even profanity sounded divine from her lips. She raised her leg across my lap, her skirt falling away to reveal the lacy pantie above the stockings, with just a band of bare tawny skin catching the muted lights of the train. ” Pull down from the top, Max,” she instructed.

I gave the boot a sharp tug . It slid off effortlessly this way. My hands slid with it, unavoidably caressing her stocking clad calf. Julie murmured softly, so I guessed she didn’t mind. She closed her eyes, sank deeper into her seat, then swung her other leg across my lap. This time, I knew what to do. I let my hands linger a few seconds , massaging her calf. I tried to ignore the tumescence in my pants. She breathed softly. I tucked the boots under her seat, and began tenderly kneading her feet. She drew the blanket around her, covering all of her below her chin, and my lap. ” Ohhhh, Max, she whispered, “those boots were so hot, what you’re doing is so wonderful. I need this so badly.”

As Julie stretched her toes across my lap, they brushed my growing erection.. With Julie’s toes toying with me, it was impossible for me to relax. The constraining zipper was stretched taut. Eyes still closed, Julie gave a knowing smile. ” No one can see under the blanket, Max. Let yourself free, and I’ll return the massage favour.”

I removed my hand from her foot just enough to tug my zipper down, and release my penis from its imprisonment. Julie’s silk clad feet immediately found me. She started by rolling the shaft between her toes, then slid the arches of her feet al the way up. She twisted her feet so she could roll the head of my erection between the balls of her feet. Her heels rubbed along the base of the shaft. I had necked with girls before, but never like this.

Instinctively, I ran my hands up her legs, massaging the muscles. Julie parted her thighs, and rolled slightly, opening her hips, but not releasing me from between her feet. Suddenly, I heard a cough. My head turned. I had forgotten we were on a train full of people. Julie touched my chin, drew my face to hers, and whispered, ” I’m sure no one can see. And, so what if they can?” She giggled, her tongue peeking out from between her teeth. “The idea that some horny old man, or ripe mature woman, gets off watching us turns me on, ” she said, then kissed me . Her tongue parted my teeth, slipping straight into my mouth with a boldness I had never experienced before. Under the blanket, her other hand found mine, guiding me to her hard nipples. Now, finally, I was in an area where I had experience. My last girlfriend would never “go all the way”, or even give head, but she sure taught me that girls like rough play on their nipples. Julie proved no different. In moments, her respiration deepened into a pant. She took one of my hands and placed it on her wet panties. I slid the lace aside, entering her with my finger. To my amazement, she slipped her own finger in with mine. No girl I had necked with had done that, either.

Somehow, Julie’s feet never stooped massaging my erection. My scrotum tightened under her heels, at the same time as her hips began lifting ever more insistently off the seat. If anyone in the area was awake, our passion had to be obvious to them. I knew I was about to cum, and did not know how to deal with it. I guess Julie felt the pre-flow engorgement. She pulled her lips from mine, mumbled ” Don’t stop, we’ll cum together”, then took her finger out of her vagina, produced a tissue out of her skirt pocket, and scrunched down , close enough to catch my cum as it flooded forth. Her move shocked me, but I stayed on task as instructed, and felt a flow of cream around my finger. Julie’s hand emerged from under the blanket with a single pearly white drop of sperm on it. She licked it clean. I copied her move, taking my finger out of her and enjoying her taste. Julie was now looking over my shoulder. She winked again. Puzzled, I turned, and saw several people of various ages and genders, our audience. Julie giggled again, kissed me deeply, shifted under the blanket into a ball. ” Thanks, Max West,” she said, “I’ll nap well now. If you wake me at first light, we’ll have time to visit the restroom together before we reach the end of our journey.”

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