I wake up with a hard on that will not quit and call Chloe who rushes over. Before I can barely unlock the door, Chloe is on her knees sucking my dick. I fuck her face as I think about my time with Claudette. I cannot wait for the next time.

I spend the entire day except for eating and showering using Chloe. I fuck all her holes and end the night with her bound to the bed her face pressed on my dick and she sucks me asleep. In the morning, Chloe sucks me awake and I untie her.

For three days, Claudette’s plots her revenge. Her first victim will be Morgan. He needs to remember his place and his loyalty. Morgan has a gay assistant named Jason and Claudette plans to use him in her revenge.

To the outside world, Morgan is this virile man, but to Claudette he is her slave. She learned many years ago that Morgan wanted to submit. He liked to submit, but only in private. In public, he always appeared to be in charge. In addition, his work place was off limits for any kind of sexual activity.

She waited until two hours before a big meeting. The sky was blue and clear. Claudette strode out of her Rolls Royce with a purpose. Marching into the building with James at her side, Claudette rode up to the top floor of the office building owned by the Winthrop Corporation.

The receptionist greeted her. “Shall I call Mr. Morgan and let him know you’re here Mrs. Casey?”

Claudette smiled, “No, he’s expecting me.”

The girl learned long ago not to question Claudette. Claudette strode into the office. People stopped working to look at her. She ignored them all. She stopped in front of Jason who looked up surprised. “How may I help you Ms. Casey?” He asked looking puzzled. She usually phoned him before she showed up.

Claudette grinned at him. “If you want a raise and a bonus, come with me.”

Jason, who had brown hair and eyes, stood over six feet and was wearing a pair of Armani gray pants with a red sweater stood up. Claudette opened the door to Morgan’s office. Morgan was sitting at his desk, his secretary, an older woman named Sharon who had been with Morgan since the beginning of his career was going over papers with him.

Sharon looked up to see Claudette, James and Jason standing in the doorway. She moved out the way to let Morgan see who had come in the room.

Morgan frowned as Claudette strode in and closed the door. “Claudette my dear, how nice to see you. I have a meeting soon and I need to prepare. I can give you a few minutes.” He said smiling.

Claudette looked at Sharon. “Get undressed Sharon.” Sharon’s mouth fell open.

Claudette laughed. “If you want to keep your job you’ll take off your clothes.”

Sharon looked at Morgan who stood. He was angry and walked towards Claudette, “What the hell are you up to?” He growled.

Claudette chuckled and withdrew a small flogger from her purse. “Get on your fucking knees you shit!”

Jason raised an eyebrow as he watched Morgan and Sharon decide if they would obey.

“Jason.” Claudette said, her voice dripping with honey, “Please lock the door.”

Jason hurried to obey as Claudette turned to Sharon, “I’m going to give you to the count of ten to take off all those damn clothes or you are fired. I know in the past you’ve fucked him, so now you’ll get to do it again.”

Sharon blushed scarlet. She started to unzip her skirt. Morgan stopped her. Claudette looked at Sharon, “Would you like Kurt to know? How about Hope or maybe Sean?”

Kurt was Sharon’s husband and Hope and Sean her kids. Sharon looked over at Morgan and began to undress again. Morgan got up close to Claudette, James moved forward. Morgan stopped; he had just noticed James standing there.

Throwing up his hands, Morgan knew he was defeated. This was her way of making him pay for the night with Mitchell. “Claudette, do you have to do this here? This is my office. These are my employees.” His face reddened.

Claudette ignored his question. “Get your fucking clothes off Morgan.” She ordered.

Sharon went to close the blinds. She was naked except for her panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels.

“Leave those damn blinds open.” Claudette ordered as she sat down on the sofa in the room.

“Jason.” She crooned. “Come here dear.” Jason walked over to Claudette and sat down next to her.

Claudette looked at Morgan who was now naked, his dick limp. His face red with humiliation. She smirked, “That puny little cock will be up very soon.” Turning to Jason Claudette asks, “How would you like your boss to suck your cock?”

Claudette ran her hand across Jason’s tented pants. His dick was very much at attention. Jason turned beet red and said nothing, his dick had answered for him.

Expertly, Claudette undid his fly as Jason just sat there. Turning to Morgan, she ordered him to his knees. He glared at her but obeyed. Fishing out Jason’s cock, her eyes lit up. This was more than she hoped for. Jason’s cock was at least 10 inches and thick. She grinned evilly at Morgan who knew he was in for it. Morgan cursed Mitchell Murphy.

Claudette motioned for Morgan to come forward. He crawled, his humiliation showing all over his face. Claudette cupped his face in her hands. She brought her face very close to his. “We have about an hour and a half until your meeting. If you want to make it then you will do as I say or I will have Jason here open the door and all your employees can see you naked.”

Morgan hung his head. Claudette continued, “Jason here is to be given a check for ten thousand dollars and a ten thousand dollar a year raise for his silence. You can give Sharon whatever you wish. You will not fire either since they are loyal employees. Understand?” She asked pinching his face between her fingers.

Morgan nodded. Claudette slapped him across the face hard. He knew why and said, “Yes Mistress I understand.”

Jason’s cock was nearly ready to explode as he watched Claudette handle the high and mighty Morgan Winthrop.

“Start sucking Morgan and you.” She said to Jason, “I want you to fuck his face and fuck it hard.”

Jason grinned at her, “Yes…Mistress.” Claudette smiled and patted his head, “Good boy.”

Jason took Morgan’s head and plunged his cock into his boss’s mouth. He fucked in and out using Morgan’s mouth. Claudette watched pleased.

She looked at Sharon who was standing naked. “Get on your knees and lick Morgan’s ass.”

Sharon got on her knees and crawled to Morgan. She began licking his ass.

James stood by watching. Claudette would fuck him later. He was there for two purposes, to view the humiliation of Morgan and to protect Claudette.

Claudette stopped Jason from cuming in Morgan’s mouth. She ordered him to take off his pants and sit in Morgan’s chair that James moved closer to the window… There was an office building across the street. If anyone were looking, they would see everything.

Morgan looked with horror at Claudette who grinned. “Go sit on the boy’s lap and take it in your ass.”

Morgan refused. James came up to him. Morgan begged, “Please Claudette, um, Mistress, I’m sorry.”

Claudette said, “So you’re sorry. Well before you get fucked you will stand in front of that window.”

Morgan walked towards the window. “Put your hands on the window and don’t move.”

Morgan did as he was told. Claudette took the flogger and began flogging Morgan as the others looked on. She whipped his back, buttocks and legs leaving marks. Morgan’s dick began to rise as his tears began to fall.

Claudette was beating him and enjoying it. James realized that she needed to stop and he stopped her by taking the flogger from her hands. Gratefully she looked at him, “Thank you James. I was getting carried away.” She whispered so only he could hear.

Gathering herself, she orders Morgan onto Jason’s cock. Jason spit into his hands to lube his dick, Morgan’s butt is dry as he slides down the long thick cock of his assistant.

Claudette notices the cum stains on the window. Morgan had cum from his beating. She stood in front of him. “Who told you, you could come you worm?”

Morgan his humiliation complete muttered, “I’m sorry Mistress.”

“When Jason is finished with you, you will clean this up with your tongue. Then you can get dressed.” She moved closer, “To show you I’m not entirely cruel, Sharon will suck your cock until you come. You better hurry. You only have forty-five minutes until your meeting.”

Sharon knelt down and began licking and sucking Morgan’s cock as Morgan bounced up and down on Jason’s big dick. Jason was in heaven and he looked gratefully up at Claudette. She bent down and whispered, “You are now my gay boy and will do what I ask anytime, anyplace. You will also keep all of this to yourself.”

He nodded and said, “thank you. Yes Mistress I will do what you ask and I won’t’ tell anyone.”

Claudette asked James for her cell phone. He handed it to her and she took a picture of Sharon, Morgan and Jason. Morgan glared at her. She smirked, “Security.” She kissed the top of Jason’s head, “You may come any time you’re ready. Enjoy.”

And with that, she turned and left the office with James closing the door behind her. This victory was hers, now for Samantha.

Morgan had to admit to himself that he was enjoying the feel of Jason’s prick up his ass. He would use the boy again, of that he was quite sure.

He stroked Sharon’s hair as she sucked his cock. It had been a very long time since she had done this for him. Now he would make sure she did it every day. She was quite good at it. He could feel Jason about to cum and gripped his dick with the muscles of his ass.

Jason screamed as he came in Morgan’s ass and Morgan groaned as he came in Sharon’s mouth. Sharon was the only one who had not cum and she was very frustrated. Morgan ordered her over to the couch where he slipped to the floor and crawled between her legs. He licked and sucked her pussy until she came screaming in his mouth.

Jason went into the bathroom, washed up and got dressed. He looked at his watch. It was five minutes until the meeting that luckily was in the conference room.

“Mr. Winthrop, the meeting is in five minutes. I’ll delay for as long as I can.” He said not looking at Morgan. Jason left and went to the conference room closing the door behind him.

Morgan rose to his feet. He was back in boss mode. “Sharon, wash up and get dressed. Go to the conference and delay them until I get there.”

Sharon did as she was told. Morgan stood naked in front of the window. He knew that someone had seen him. He had a thrill running through his body from knowing someone was watching. He saw the cum stains on the window. No one was here so he could really just wipe it off, but it wouldn’t surprise him if Claudette had his room bugged so checking the door to make sure it was locked, Morgan Winthrop III, one of the richest men in the world licked his semen from the window. When he was certain he had gotten it all, he wiped the window and closed the blinds. Going into the bathroom, he put on a clean shirt and underclothes and a new suit.

He would have the cleaning crew come in and clean his office. It smelled like sex. He went to find Jason to tell him to do just that and then on to his meeting.

Later that evening as he was sitting at his desk he thought about everything that had occurred. He had been angry, but it also had been exciting. Claudette always knew how to spruce things up. Picking up the phone, he calls his wife, Honey. “I’m coming home in fifteen, be naked.” He hung up. Just the thought of Claudette made his dick hard and Honey would be sucking it tonight. He chuckled. He walked out the office. Jason was packing his briefcase to go home. He handed him a check and Jason smiled.

Morgan looked at him, “Tomorrow I want you sucking my cock first thing in the morning.” He said and walked out without looking back.

Jason grinned.

Claudette knew that Morgan would get over his anger quickly. He was always up for something new. But a part of him would know that his employees knew that he was her submissive and that gave her leverage and more power over him.

For the first time in a long time, I arrived late for work. Chloe sucked me off in the shower before I spanked her and left for work. She went home to change and I’m sure her ass was still sore.

Although I had fun with her, I was still thinking about Claudette. I got to work and the day went by swiftly. Before going home my mind wandered to her and I called her house. James told me she was busy and he hung up.

I tried for three more days and got the same response. The fourth day I called her and she answered.

“Hell Claudette, how are you? Did you get the flowers I sent?” I asked thinking of her beautiful ass.

“Mitchell, yes I received the lovely flowers. Thank you.” She said coolly. “What can I do for you?” She asked.

“I just wanted to see how you were and to say, no hard feelings.”

“Hard feelings? About what?” She asked.

“Claudette let’s talk about what happened the other night. I don’t want you angry with me and you were angry with me.”

“Mitchell that was all fun and games. We should do it again. Look, I’ve got to run, but we’ll see each other real soon.” She hung up.

A shiver went through my body and I knew she was still angry with me despite her bravado. I wanted to see her again.

Claudette hung up the phone with Mitch. She banged her computer keys, how dare he think sending some damn bouquet of flowers would assuage her anger.

She looked at the flowers that were on her desk. They were beautiful. It was the note that got her really ticked off all over again. It said:

Let’s do it again.

Master Mitchell.

If he thought, she would ever call him master he was sadly mistaken. She was planning something really special for him, something he would not forget. It would take a little time, she was still learning his weaknesses, but Claudette smiled as she thought of him on his knees worshiping her. Her collar around his neck, his eyes lowered and a whip in her hand.

Dismissing Mitch from her mind, she went back to work, but her panties were wet as her last thought were of him licking her pussy and fucking her ass. She shook these thoughts off as she went back to the task at hand, but later that night in bed, she stroked herself. Claudette licked her lips, as she could still taste Mitchell’s dick in her mouth. She hated him and wanted him all at the same time.

James made the phone call. “She got her revenge on Morgan today. I’m sure he’ll be contrite when she seems him on Saturday.”

The female voice at the other end laughed, “I’m sure he’ll be surprised to see me.”

“Yes he will. When are you arriving?” James asked.

She moaned, “To the left Jackson, keep sucking my clit like that. I’m ready.” She spoke into the phone, “Sorry James but Jackson was missing the mark, he will be punished later for that.”

“How’s Desiree?” James asked.

“She’s sucking his dick and then she’ll join him sucking my pussy.” The voice said and then moaned with pleasure.

“Are they coming with you?” James asked.

“Just Desiree. She is looking forward to seeing you. I believe you owe her a nice deep throat fucking.” The voice chuckled.

James thought of Desiree with her beautiful full lips. He was looking forward to see her. It had been a long time. “Yes, I can’t wait. She will be happy to see you.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But she needs my help with that Mitchell person. I watched the DVD and he’s quite the man or so he thinks. To make this work, she needs me too. Thank you for your loyalty. You may tell her tomorrow that I’m coming for a visit.”

“Yes Miss Monica, I will let your sister know that you and Desiree will be staying with us.”

On the other end of the phone, Monica Casey smiled and hung up the phone.

Ashley is allowing Michael to worship her pussy. His tongue is in deep and he is fucking her with it back and forth. Her thoughts however are on Mitch and how she is planning to become his slave.

All she can think about is being on his knees and sucking his dick. Over and over again, she has replayed the DVD until she knows every move by heart. She wants Mitch more than she has ever wanted anyone.

As Michael eats her pussy in his one bedroom apartment, Ashley sees Mitchell beating her with the crop or his hand. She sees him forcing her to take his big dick in her mouth. She pulls on Michael’s hair, pulling him deeper into her crotch. Michael licks her clit. He has wanted to do this for a very long time, but she would never let him. Now here he was enjoying her. He hoped she would let him fuck her, but he knew she wouldn’t.

Ashley was still a virgin. She was waiting for marriage or at the very least an engagement ring before she let some man fuck her. If he ate her right and made her cum, maybe she would blow him or give him a hand job, so Michael kept eating her.

As Ashley came, she thought of Mitch and how she would worship his cock.

Monica Casey- Harris stretched as Jackson finished sucking her pussy and got up to make breakfast. Jackson was her ‘house man’. He took care of her 10,000 square foot house in Beverly Hills, California and he took care of her. Monica was Claudette’s younger sister — younger by 10 years. She was an actress and was waiting to see if she would be cast in Stephanie’s Stone new movie based on the John Grisham book, the Racketeer. She really wanted this movie. She needed it. Her last two films had been bombs and she needed this hit.

Whereas Claudette was beautiful, Monica was sexy as hell. She was known as the black Angelina Jolie — a title she hated. Why couldn’t Ms. Jolie be the white Monica Casey she grumbled? She was 5’7″ with long light brown hair and green eyes.

Desiree entered the room with the dress she would be wearing for her meeting with Dominic LaCosta, Miss Stone’s partner. She knew he was a Dom and was looking forward to meeting him. She heard he had recently married his sub and they had a baby girl, as she went into the bathroom she wondered if he might still want to play.

Desiree was her slave, her best friend and her confidant. They had been together since High School. Desiree was Puerto Rican with long blonde hair, light olive skin and luscious full lips. Men flocked around her, but her heart and her pussy as well as the rest of her only belonged to Monica.

Desiree ran the bath for Monica and helped her into the tub. They talked as Desiree washed her. “How are you feeling about this meeting?”

“I want this role. It has been a long time since I’ve seen something this good. I need this. “Monica said leaning back in the tub.

Desiree washed her left leg that was slung over the side of the tub. She washed it slowly and with care. After rinsing, the soap off, Desiree took Monica’s big toe in her mouth. Monica moaned, “Keep licking my feet.”

Desiree licked up the instep and Monica groaned, ‘yes baby like that.” She giggled as Desiree did it again. Desiree kept licking and sucking Monica’s wet feet until Monica reluctantly said, ‘You need to stop. I have a meeting with Dominic and need to get dressed. Monica sat up and grasped Desiree’s face pulling her in for a kiss. “We’ll continue later.”

“Yes Mistress.” Desiree said looking at Monica’s breasts.

Monica chuckled, “Okay. You get five minutes to nipple licking then I have to get out.”

Desiree beamed grateful for the opportunity and started sucking the wet nipples.

Monica was only fifteen minutes late for her meeting with Dominic. She was very impressed with him and was glad for the tight fitting, low cut very short dress she was wearing. She shook his hand and held it for just a minute too long. Monica then sat down and crossed her legs.

She was quite the beauty, Dominic thought as he sat across from her. She is flirting with me already. She must really want this part.

They had lunch and chatted for an hour and a half. At the end of the meeting, Dominic assured her that the part was hers. Across the table, Monica ran her finger across the back of Dominic’s hand. She smiled slyly at him and raised an eyebrow.

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