Once again I was trolling through adult classifieds search results when I came across this ad:

“Sydney Ladies club seeks male assistants for the weekend…” I had to read the ad a few times to make sure it wasn’t just wishful dyslexia… This ad was in the “Other” section of a same sex social networking site so I was a little unsure as to what kind of assistance they were looking for. I clicked on the ad and read the body: – can’t find it now — must have been taken down – this is what I remember of it:

New Motor cycle club seeks Male helpers to facilitate club activities and generally serve the needs of club members…. …tryouts will be held on Thursday night between 7pm and 8.30pm…. There was some other stuff… like uniform and temporary joining fee of $40.00 cash payable on entry…. Etc

OK, I may have been wishfully reading into it but still I was gob smacked. I mean, I was thinking… A club full of girl bikers looking for weekend boy toys? Sometimes relentless internet searching does pay off I guess.

I didn’t even think this could be a scam, I just fired off the email with a head shot to book my place and got a reply minutes later with an address out near the airport and a 7.03pm appointment.

Thursday rolled around and I packed up everything at work early so I could get home to shower and shave again before heading off. I arrived at the address, an empty bus depot. I felt a little embarrassed and sheepishly looked around for another option in case I had botched up the address. Just then a red arrow appeared on the road. It was shaking a little, clearly one of those laser pointer things. I walked toward it and followed as it moved up the street. Half way up the block it disappeared and the rear door of a commercial space opened up. I stepped into a very small dimly lit room and the door closed behind me. Hanging on the wall was a white stretch cotton boxer bodysuit with a note:

Take off your shoes, socks, watch, wallet, and clothes into locker number 2. Then put on the bodysuit.

I took off my clothes and shoes. When I put them in the locker they slid down and out the back. I turned to see a side door open as I closed the locker and then was blinded by a camera flash. The door closed again to the distant sound of several woman laughing. I quickly put on the white cotton bodysuit and started lacing it up when the door opened again. I closed the buckles on the bodysuit and noticed there was no visible way to open them again. A bright red light in the next room was pointed in my face and the door closed behind me. A women standing under the light handed me a clipboard and a red sharpie and said

Sign here.

Holding out her red fingernailed finger to the clipboard. I took the pen still dazzled by the lights I could see it was a photocopy on dark blue paper but in the bright red light could not see what exactly. I signed in the box at the bottom and as my eyes adjusted I could see the top of the paper had a copy of a Polaroid of me naked in the change room next to a copy of my drivers license. Before I had a chance to protest the board and pen were snatched away and I was directed to walk past the lights and wait to the left. I walked through a doorway into a large factory floor space and stood next to another man looking embarrassed in a white cotton bodysuit.

Three more cheers and bouts of laughter a few minutes apart preceded three more Tryboys as we were being referred to coming in to be lined up. The five of us just stood there in the corner of the large high ceiling hall. As I looked around I could see along one side of the big room, a very large trampoline with a clear plastic sheet underneath, a large mirrored table and blue blow up pool. Spotlights from a stage shone on our faces and I could not clearly see the others or the women but I could hear quiet talking and laughing. A tie down strap looped over me and pulled me up on to my toes as it pinned my arms to my sides. I could see the shadow of a short but shapely woman walk down the line behind us. I felt a soft football helmet pull over my head and I could see in the shadow two long floppy ears attached to the sides.

Over the a load speaker I heard “Legs apart!” Less than a second passed before I heard the man on my left make a muffled cry followed quickly by myself and the others as the short lady took to our balls one at a time with a rubber crop. At the end of the line she said: “You get your instructions once.”

She peeled off a sticker and said to the man on my left. “You are Dachshund, what are you?” Another thwack to Dachshunds balls before asking again “What are you?” and he replied:

“I am Dachshund.”

And another thwack, “I am Dachshund. Ma’am!” – said the Lady with the crop

He quickly confirmed: “Yes Ma’am. I am Dachshund”

Another groan but I didn’t know why just then. Next it was my turn,

“You are Poodle, what are you?” — instructed the crop lady.

I said, “I am Poodle” and got a thwack to the balls to remind me — Ma’am.

The other three were named “Toy”, “Corgi”, and “Schnauzer”. We all got a doggie name sticker slapped onto the side of our butt cheek, to golf claps from the other women on a stage behind lights somewhere to our left.

We were told that we would play some games and the winners would be servants for the weekend. The other Tryboys could apply again next week if they wanted.

I looked down at my aching crotch to see red lip stamps from the shorter ladies crop — it had a red stamp in the end. I wanted to cup them for comfort but the tie down had my arms securely pinned to my sides. The first game of the night was referred too as “Whirlpool”. Above the blow up pool were two ropes and a stepladder at each end outside the pool. The pool had a shallow layer of foamy water.

The rules were explained; Each Tryboy had to swing from one rope to the other, step onto the step ladder and wait for the next game. If they missed the ladder they had to get out the end they came in and wait at the back of the line to try again.

No points or time limits were mentioned.

I was first in line. From the top of the stepladder I could see some women standing behind the spotlight and the little red light of one with a video camera. The crop lady pulled the first rope toward me. As she pulled the rope wound up. I took the rope handle and swung out. I spun around backwards on my first swing so I decided to swing back until the rope unwound a little more so I could see the jump to the next rope. It spun faster. Five or six revolutions later I was dizzy but it slowed down enough for me to try. As I spun around and swung closer I felt like I was swinging crooked. I tried to correct and just got more off course. I was loosing strength in my arms so made an attempt and caught nothing but air and fell ass first into the warm pink foam. Laughter ensued.

As I climbed out I noticed that the white cotton boxer bodysuit was now pink and transparent. One after the other all of us swung and missed to hoots and cheers from the unseen women (and one of the other guys).

The second time through the ropes weren’t wound up and I caught the other rope first time. My wet hands slipped straight off and I fell in the pink foam again, as did all the others. With less laughter, but more applause this time.

Third time through the rope in the middle was knotted by the crop lady and I made it across. Schnauzer, next after me, was the only one who did not make it the third time, was taken away.

The four of us now pink wet and translucent faced “Trample”. A large trampoline had the middle of the mat removed and replaced with thick clear plastic sheet. The sheet was slightly cone shaped. Above the tramp’, there were three dog chew toys. We all slid into the middle and started sitting back to back.

The short lady said on the whistle to reach up for a chew toy.

She blew the whistle and I tried to stand and with still wet feet slipped back down. Someone stood on my chest as I slid to the middle and he pulled one of the toys releasing a bucket of water on us all. The rope pulled him up two meters or so out of the way. The rest of us slipped and slid struggling just to stand. I slipped over; as my face pressed into the plastic sheet I saw a laptop and web cam underneath. I got to my feet and to the second toy and was pulled up to dangle wet and soapy above the other two Tryboys. I could here splashing and struggling and after a few seconds one more joined us dangling and dripping in the spotlight.

The next game “The Thrust cart”, was a backwards tricycle with no seat. It had knee rests either side of the rear wheel. Above the small two front wheels were short handles. A plank was hinged so that pushing forward on it with the groin pushed the peddles and each turn of the peddles pushed it back again. So one thrust turned the tricycle wheel half way round.

The Other two went first and I could hear cheers and groans as they made their way around the track. I just hung in the air until it was my turn. I was lowered onto the cart and my knees were strapped in.

“Lean forward”. Was my first instruction and: “Bite the sausage”. My only other.

As I let go of the rope I fell backwards and the short crop Lady had to help right the cart. I lent forward almost on all fours after that. Moving the cart meant thrusting the plank forward and quickly moving myself back out of the way to avoid getting hit on its return. Kneeling on the cart each of my bunny rabbit sex thrusts crushed my balls and drew: …’oh’s and ‘arh’s from the crowd.

I steered the cart toward the ramp with a dildo hanging above it and got a good run up. About half way up I ran out of speed and slowed. I made a few quick thrusts that quite hurt then the cart stalled and rolled back down the ramp, slapping my balls repeatedly on the way down. I spun around at the bottom and got claps and cheers for the effort. I was too sore but tired to continue… I asked to stop.

The crop Lady came over and said I could go… right after I got a bite of that sausage at the top of the ramp.

I shook my head and she said: Yes Ma’am and took to my ass with the crop.

I shouted “Yes Ma’am!” and she continued cropping me all the way up the ramp. I was thrusting so much I forgot to steer and I missed the dildo and rolled down the other side of the ramp. My balls caught another pounding and I locked the wheel to stop it.

I was left on the cart while the other two played a game of “Table balls”. On opposite ends of a mirrored table the two Try’s played a game of table tennis. Hands bound, water pales on their heads and a bat tied around their neck so it hung in their crotch. Every missed ball added water to their pale.

The crop Lady threw another ball in every few seconds so there were often three or four balls bouncing on the low-mirrored table at once. At the end of the game I was wheeled to laundry chute and slid down a slide into the gutter outside. My clothes and things followed in a plastic bag. I got dressed in the dark industrial street. A note in the bag said If I wanted to try out again I would need to return to the bus depot in my “uniform” and nothing else next Thursday night at 7.03pm.

To be continued…

Sex robot M3 day 2.

The last thing I remember of last night is hearing Genie the med student explaining test two to the webcam recording the session. I woke up at home clothed but without underwear. My feet were bruised the tip of my left big toe skinned – I must have stubbed it last night. There was a new prepaid smart phone in my pocket with a bicep armband. I opened the “New message”:

Good morning M3, Last night was tons of fun, you performed very well. Now that I have some pocket money I can continue my research with you.

I am unsure how much you are able to remember, so I took the liberty of sending the link to some of my experiment recordings. But you should really watch the one you took from your new phone last night first. Don’t worry the Vice Chancellor will never miss it – buys a new car every year anyway. I have the rest of your phone recordings on file.

I will be recording your reaction to your little adventures in my results. I will reveal them to you during our next test session.

Please note, when you get a message from me, you will comply immediately or I will publish one of your tests on Youtube along with a scan I took of your drivers license. Further disobedience and I will forward your little crime spree to the police. But it won’t come to that. You want to be a good boy don’t you?

I opened the video file saved on the phone. It was a view from the phone strapped to my arm. I was walking up a driveway to a very big expensive looking house at night.

I could hear a faint voice. I guess it was through a blutooth headset that did not record on the Phone. I seemed to be following instructions, pausing every few seconds hearing the murmur of the voice before doing the next thing. I took out a car key with a garage door remote tapped to the back and pressed the button. The silver AMG Mercedes in front of me in the driveway unlocked with a yellow flash and quick chirp. As I got in I saw a reflection of myself in the tinted window – it was like a movie, I had no memory of this car or last night past the university store room at all, an almost total blank.

I pushed big glass the start button and drove the car for about 10 minuets to Brunker Rd in Greenacre. I got out and two men got in and the video stopped.

I think I videoed myself stealing a car. Did I walk home barefoot from Greenacre? My mind searched for a memory.

My heart audibly pounded as I clicked on the link from the text message. I felt myself start to shake as it slowly downloaded.

Genie’s Voice:

“Test 7 Friday 12 June 2010 8.42pm, Electro erection and electro ejaculation.”

I saw myself still standing at attention in the storage room in front of the workbench. Genie standing so her face was just out of shot tapped her phone and I quickly got a hard on, it took only a few seconds. In ten seconds it was bright pink and bobbing around.

“Test subject experiences involuntary erection as shown. Erection is electrically stimulated through the subjects prostate. Frequency and Voltage variations are in my written report attached as an rtf file. Erection can be maintained without permanent damage to subject for prolonged periods. Endurance test to follow.”

Genie walked over and tapped my hard on with a ruler, and then measured it. “Erection independent of subjects control or mental state in any way.”

Genie took the ruler and batted the head of my penis like a Tee-ball. I cried out in pain and Genie said, “Quiet, remain at attention M3.”

I stood up straighter again and she backhanded me from the other direction with a giggle.

Genie stepped out of the frame and continued, “Stage two, by increasing the voltage and modulating the frequency between 80 and 100 hertz electro ejaculation is achieved.”

With a few taps of her phone I stated shaking and air thrusting standing at attention. After five or six seconds there was pre cum starting to dribble out.

Genie tapped her phone and said, “Subject is completely incapable of arresting the ejaculation while being stimulated.” With those taps I stopped instantly returning to standing up straight.

Genie started the winch and lifted me just off the ground. “Subjects genitals can be totally controlled electrically.”

Genie took my hair and pulled me upside down. She held my head between her knees and took a tie down and looped my feet, holding me upside down. Genie spun me around to face the web cam. “M3 if you cum it will be on your own face, so try not to cum. Subject has been given conflicting instructions, however the electrical stimulation is totally overwhelming.”

Genie tapped her phone again and I started shaking and thrusting swinging a little as I dangled from the winch line.

Watching this on the little phone screen I could see it was me, but I had no recollection of this test or the ones between three and seven.

Pre cum came out straight away and dripped on to my chest. Genie tapped the phone again and lowered the winch which repositioned me more vertically. She tapped the phone again and pre cum dripped onto my neck and then chin. I started shaking harder and cum spurted out onto my neck and then up my nose.

Genie’s voice “The subject will continue ejaculating until the scrotum is depleted. The ejaculatory action will continue while the electrical signal is present, it will take a few minuets for more the seminal fluid to regenerate.”

I continued to thrust and shake upside down like a freshly caught marlin. A cum bubble formed on my nose and popped. After a few seconds more pre cum dribbled onto my face and Genie tapped her phone saying “Experiment ended 8.48pm.” The video abruptly ended.

I get another text message:

M3, I need to document your progress as a sex robot. The first two subjects experienced problems and the experiments had to be terminated. Close this message and take a picture of your face and send it back to me after you have seen the two videos I left for you.

I had just watched the video of myself taking the Vice Chancellors car and being electro ejaculated with no memory of either thing happening so I took the picture with the phone and send it.

Almost instantaneously I got a reply:

Good M3, you are doing well. Here is the video from last night test 6, watch it now, then take another picture of your face for comparison.

I opened the link and saw myself standing at attention in the full body electro harness from last night. The video cache was fast and I heard Genie the med students voice once again:

“Test 6 Friday 12 June 2010 8.31pm electro castration and electro impotence. M3 can you hear me.”

I relied “yes.”

Genie holds up a magazine and says , “Can you see this Picture?”

Again “yes.”

Genie continues “Do you find it sexually arousing?”

Once more “Yes.” At this point I start to get a semi – my cock starting to rise.

Genie steps out of frame and says, “Subject M3 given visual stimulus is experiencing an erection as a result. With the application of a TENS signal, all biological stimulation is blocked. M3 put your right hand on your penis and masturbate to orgasm. Do you understand?

“Yes.” It’s hard to see but the look on my face is almost like boredom.

Genie taps her i-phone and I begin tugging away as Genie explains out of shot:

“M3 is unable to achieve orgasm even though the erection continues to grow.”

I continue tugging for a minuet or so comically hunched over and swapping hands becoming more involved and speeding up.

Genie waits for another minuet before adding “…stage two electro impotence. With a secondary DC signal the erection can be nullified altogether.”

Another few taps at her phone and my now raging hard on starts to soften and shrink in my hand. In less than 15 seconds it is completely flaccid and flopping around totally limp in my hands. I am still furiously tugging away, now with both hands air thrusting hunched over with a ridiculous look on my face.

Genie waits through a full minuet of me gyrating and tugging before saying,

“M3, stop. Stand at attention.”

I stop immediately and stand up straight. Genie adds, “The Chemical control over the subject M3 is total, however the electric signals from the control harness cannot be willed away because they are simply more powerful than the electrical energy from the subjects own nerves. Test ended 8.40pm”

The video stopped.

I was rocked, I had been naked and masturbating in a full body harness unable to come for ten minuets and totally controlled like a perverted puppet.

Stunned, I forgot about taking my own picture.

Seconds later I got another text message:

M3! Take that picture NOW!

I took another picture of my face and sent it without looking at it.

A minuet or so went past before I got another message:

Excellent, you are progressing well, now I need you to go to your computer for the next phase.

I turned on my computer and it would not log on.

Another text:

Your new user name is “Sex robot M3″ and your password is “Obedience”

I now have administrative control over your computer. I have your email password and can send emails from your account and save files to your computer via TeamViewer remote desktop.

I log in as M3 and find a new email account and instructions:

M3 you are to record all of your experiences in an online journal. You must be totally honest; you must not hold anything back.

My experiments on you are going well, however the ultimate goal is not your concern. Just be clear in your documentation of your experiences. You will help me complete my research and I will allow you time to continue working.

Some of my experiments will involve using you in public settings, but outside of work and experiments you will only have time to eat sleep and complete your writing assignments. If you feel ill or are unable to comply with test instructions you must text me immediately.

Be advised, if you fail any tests I will post your “adventures” on Youtube along with your name and whose car you stole. Now, open yahoo messenger your cam is set to public and your log on won’t allow you to change my settings.

Click on this link but do not play it until I connect with your messenger account. I will record your reaction to the viewing next test in real time.

Yahoo starts and I can see Genie friends listed as “Owner”. I click on the link and the video starts to download. It’s a very small file.

I see Genie “online” and start to view my cam. I click the video and it plays without sound.

The cam is closer to me so my knees to head fill the frame. I get a hard on, and there is an orange light. The cam refocuses to show Genie heating a coil of wire in some pliers with a small butane torch. The coil is wound into two letters I can’t read.

Genie presses the glowing hot wire under the left side of my balls for a second and there is smoke but I don’t react. Genie picks up a second coil and heats it.

She presses it into the right side of my ball sack and there is a small puff of smoke again, this time she tapes her phone and I jump in the air. The agony is all over my face as I jump around holding my balls. The video stops mid-jump, freezing anguish on my face.

Straight away I strip off my pants and lift up my balls to look. There is a small “GR” on one side and “M3″ on the other. The brand has only scorched the skin and there isn’t blood or broken skin.

I hear a cackle of uncontrolled laughter over yahoo messenger and I see my mouse curser move by itself. Four pictures appear on my desktop and then open as tiled background.

The first is a still of me being branded the second is me watching the video the third and fourth are me stripping and looking at the brands on my balls. The background image on my desktop is locked and I cannot change it.

The cackling dies down and I hear the tapping of keys –

OMG! You are a good subject. Relax now and I will be in touch soon with your next assignment.

To be continued.

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