Osamu drastically changed up his approach. He left Suzume alone for days; his troops doing nothing to her. Or at least what had seemed like days. Suzumebachi’s sense of time was totally off kilter. To her it felt like she’d been here for a month already. In that time her body had been affected by the countless hours of torture and humiliation. The room Suzume was trapped in was filled with candles burning erotic scents that pasted Suzume to the floor. Her body quivered with desire and anticipation. Her hand automatically blasting into her wet cunt. She’d stained the floor with her fluids. Suzume was losing her ability to fight her desire.

“I don’t understand!” Osamu bellowed. Even though Suzume was physically broken the seal on the dragon remained very much intact. “What am I doing wrong?!”

“Calm down,” the man in the room with Osamu instructed softly. The man was behind a desk; a shadow covered his face. “The solution is quite simple. You’ve broken her body; but that’s not what contains the dragon. The dragon is trapped by her Ki which is fueled by her will. So you have to break her will to get to the dragon.”

“But shouldn’t her will be broken by now?! The seal is barely broken!”

“Yes, as I said you’ve broken the body. But now the mind is starting to establish a defense by giving you what you want; in essence. She becomes a cock craving whore so that the sexual torment has no effect on her will. Subconsciously she’s fighting back. You need to find something more to tear all hope from her. You have to lay in front of her the only chance of any kind of happy ending and crush it right in front of her eyes.”

“Hmph, you’re one devious bastard, Inoue. And how do ya suppose I do that?”

“That’s up to you.”

Sumiko and Leiko were surrounded by a group of ninja and Oni. “Damn, I didn’t expect to run into this many,” Leiko grinned.

“What’ll we do?” Sumiko’s voice was brimming with fear.

“You’re as brittle as a burned up wooden house, Sumiko. We’ll take care of all of them!”

“Oh of course, Queen Leiko,” Sumiko pouted.

“Doesn’t sound half that bad!” Leiko rushed forward towards the enemy surrounding the two kunoichi. Leiko sliced through the horde with her single edged sword. Sumiko was cutting and battering enemies with her naginata. The two were doing very well but the enemies’ number seemed endless. The more they slashed down the more that would suddenly appear. An Oni knocked Leiko’s sword from her grasp.

“Leiko!” Sumiko yelled out as she rushed to help her comrade. Then a ninja grabbed Sumiko from behind. Four ninja grappled Leiko and pinned her to the floor. A ninja sat on Leiko’s stomach as he parted her kimono.

“This chick’s got some pretty small tits!” The ninja said as he exposed her entire chest.

The ninja restraining Sumiko held her firmly as she watched the other ninja assault her partner. Leiko screamed out in protest as two groups of ninja and Oni formed around the two kunoichi. A ninja unwrapped the red bandages constraining Sumiko’s breasts. Her breast exploded out as they were freed.

“This bitch has huge knockers!” The ninja cheered.

“No! Don’t touch me!” Sumiko screamed out.

“These tits are so obscene!” The ninja jeered as her started to suck on one.

“Nnnnnoooooooo!” Sumiko screamed.

The ninja restraining her had his hand reaching down her panties. Two of his finger clamped down on her clit as her ran his hand up and down across her shaven cunt.

Leiko struggled to free her limbs from the ninja’s grip but was unable. The ninja that had opened her kimono was playing with her breasts. “These things barely fill up my whole hand,” the ninja comment on Leiko’s cup size, “But I guess there pretty perky. A lot better than those cow utter tits the other one’s got.”

“Grh, why don’t you just let us go?!” Leiko roared.

“Why should we? You guys lost now you have to accept the consequences.” The ninja laughed. Leiko roared out again. An Oni ripped Leiko’s panties off and shoved his dick into her hard. Leiko grimaced in pain at the girth of the fat Oni’s cock. He plowed into her hard as Leiko’s pussy started to leak.

“Why does it have to feel so good?” Leiko moaned.

“Ya here that boy’s?” the ninja groping Leiko’s tits yelled out, “She’s enjoying herself. Let’s give her more!” The ninja and Oni flipped her over as they started to fuck Leiko’s ass and cunt. Sumiko watched tearfully as her comrade was brutally fucked by these monsters. One of the Oni molesting Sumiko ripped her red panties out. The monster laid its cock across Sumiko’s belly as if to demonstrate how far it could reach inside of her.

“No!” Sumiko screamed in horror as the Oni prepared to plunge inside her. The Oni slowly pressed its head against the lips of Sumiko’s pussy. “No, it’s too big! Don’t put that filthy thing inside me!” The Oni eased his hips forward as his massive cock started to stuff into Sumiko. “Uh, no. Stop.” Sumiko panted as she felt the Oni’s dick slug its way into her. Then the Oni blasted the rest of the way into her. Sumiko squirted instantly as the Oni’s head smashed into her cervix. The Oni continued to drive into her; but Sumiko could see that the Oni’s cock wasn’t entirely in her. This full feeling the Oni was giving her was leagues above her husband Yasushi. The way the Oni’s cock reached all the way into her and still had a few inches left made Sumiko go crazy. The Oni wasn’t brutally battering her pussy like the horde was doing to Leiko. No the Oni was pumping his hips almost lovingly; as if he were making love to Sumiko rather than raping her.

“No!” Sumiko screamed out in protest; she couldn’t let it feel good. She had to fight.

“I’m gonna cum!” the Oni pumping her said.

“No!” Sumiko yelled, “Not inside! Don’t cum inside me! I don’t want an Oni baby!” The Oni continued to thrust into Sumiko paying her no mind. Finally, its white hot seed blasted right into Sumiko’s womb. “Nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo!” Sumiko yelled as woke up.

“Hey, easy tiger,” Leiko said.

Sumiko looked around and saw they were safe in a hotel room; not being raped by countless Oni and ninja. “Thank god, it was just a dream.”

“Must have been a good dream.” Leiko laughed. Sumiko looked between her legs and saw her panties and sheets were completely stained. Sumiko glared up at Leiko; who was still laughing; and frowned at her.

Suzumebachi once again found herself outside the gate of the arena. Osamu was standing with her again cutting pieces out of an apple. No matter how much Suzume tried she couldn’t charge Osamu and kill him with his own knife. Damn this infernal seal he’d put on her. Osamu laughed, “This should be a good fight!”

“Who am I fighting this time?” Suzume asked annoyed by Osamu’s constant smile.

“No, I think once was enough. A ninja doesn’t always have Intel on the enemy.”

Suzume breathed through her nose looking back to the iron gate as it began to rise. She walked out to the arena center calmly as the crowd chanted her name. Suzume could hear them yelling out all sorts of things. All the cheers brought a smile to Suzumebachi’s face. It felt good to be praised by so many. However, every one of those men howling their heads off wanted to see Suzume lose and get brutally fucked in front of them. Suzume wiped away her smile and focused on her enemy as he entered. It was a navy blue skinned Oni with six muscular arms. Suzumebachi had fought a few Oni like this one before; those six arms packed a lot of power. She’d have to play defensive against this one. The hovering cameras spiraled in on the two fighters before the bell sounded. The Oni stared Suzume down with a grin as the match began.

The Oni leapt at Suzume and hammered down its six fists at her. Suzumebachi hopped back and tossed two daggers at the Oni. He blocked the knives with two of his forearms and used two other arms to pull the blades out. The Oni punched at Suzume with multiple fists at a time, but she gracefully dodged them. Suzume dodged a feint from the Oni’s right and stepped right into an attack from the left. Two of the Oni’s fists smashed into Suzumebachi’s gut; making her sound off with a loud grunt. The Oni grabbed Suzume by the throat and held her up in the air. He ripped off her bottoms and pulled out his blue cock. Suzume quickly snapped to action, wrapping her arms and legs around the Oni’s arm clamping down on her neck. The Oni snickered as he smashed Suzume into the ground. She loosened her grip and rolled on the floor in pain.

Suzumebachi looked up as the Oni got on top of her, grabbing hold of her arms. The crowd howled out for the Oni to fuck Suzume. The Oni pressed the head of his cock to Suzume’s exposed pussy lips. She greeted her teeth as she peered down at the Oni preparing to penetrate her. Suzumebachi flicked her wrist sending out a dagger above the Oni. The dagger caught the Oni’s attention as he watched it soar up. Suddenly the dagger exploded into a hail of daggers that descended on the Oni. All the sharp blades punched into the Oni’s back killing it instantly. The Oni fell forward; its cock slipping right into Suzume. She let out a light sigh of pleasure as the dead Oni’s cock reached up in her. Her face was on fire as she started to move her hips.

All of a sudden, Osamu pulled the Oni off of Suzume. “Hmph, you really are a slut,” Osamu laughed looking up at the large monitors. It was playing over and over again Suzume rocking her hips with the Oni on top of her. The crowd laughed and yelled out jokes at poor Suzume. She looked away in shame as they all laughed at her. Suzumebachi had never felt so much shame in her life.

Leiko and Sumiko were set to meet with their informant again. The informant had sent them a message saying she had heard rumors about Suzumebachi and that she was confirming it. The two kunoichi waited at the appointed place but it didn’t seem like the informant was coming. They had been here for an hour. “Do you think she got caught?” Sumiko asked.

“It’s possible,” Leiko answered; but she hoped that wasn’t the case. The only lead the two of them had couldn’t fail them now. But Leiko was starting to get worried.

“Wait! There she is!” Sumiko pointed.

The informant approached Leiko and Sumiko, “Sorry I’m late. I was deep in one of the Inoue arenas.”

“What were you doing down there?” Leiko asked.

“Confirming the information I got on Master Suzumebachi.”

“What’d ya got?”

“Master Suzume has been taken captive by Osamu of the Oniwabanshu. He has been forcing her to fight in the arenas. That’s why I went to the arena. Suzume was in a fight today.”

“Dammit! It’s too bad those arenas are packed with Oni and ninja or we could have busted her out then!”

“While I was at the arena I obtained some more information. After the fight I overheard that one of the VIPs was going to pay for Master Suzume for a night.”

“Do you know who the VIP is?”


“Good. Looks like we’ll get her out tonight.”

Suzumebachi sat on her legs, black stockings pulled over them. That was the only thing she wore as she waited in one of the rooms of the VIP that had bought her out. She was scowling; her face was the only thing she had control over. Her body remained completely still despite her several attempts to run. The magic seal on her was too powerful. Osamu had passed over control of Suzume to the fat man who owned her tonight. She was totally disgusted as the fat man stepped away from a table covered in food. Grease and chunks of food clung to the fat little man’s sausage fingers. He was completely nude and covered in a thick layer of sweat and grim. The fat man stalked towards her with his hungry eyes set on Suzume’s breasts. He sat behind her and groped her tits with his dirty hands. Suzume wanted to puke as the fat man licked the side of her face. The magic of the seal made her comply with the wants of the fat man. Suzumebachi opened her mouth and started to make out with the piggish man.

The man’s breath and mouth were strong with the taste of the food he had just consumed. His greasy hands rubbed Suzume’s breasts; she could feel bits of food clinging to her body. One of the nasty hands crawled down between Suzume’s legs. She hummed in discontent; with the fat man still slathering his tongue on the inside of her mouth; as a finger plugged into her cunt. Suzume felt sick; she could feel the man’s oily belly pressed against her back. The finger in her cunt jerked around furiously spreading the grim from it all inside Suzume.

“Bend over,” the fat man licked his lips. Suzumebachi leaned forward and popped her ass into the air. One of her hands came up to spread open her ass cheeks. The fat man smiled as he stood. He positioned himself over Suzume’s ass and took hold of his cock. He pressed the tip right up to Suzume’s asshole. She let out a long screech as the fat man punched into her asshole with his dick. He pounded his hips into Suzume not even easing into it. The fat man’s cock was also covered in nasty sweat and oil. Suzume could feel the thick liquid being pumped into her. The fat man pulled her head back by Suzume’s hair and stuffed his chubby fingers into her mouth. Suzume sucked on them to get the flavoring; she hadn’t had anything to eat but cock, semen, and some nasty gruel since Osamu captured her. Suzume could taste chicken and vegetables on the fat man’s fingertips. While she vacuumed the favor from his fingers the fat man hump her at a steady pace. He didn’t seem to care much for Suzume; rather he just wanted to release his cum. He just wanted a human cock sleeve to use; Suzume just happened to be for sale.

Suzume didn’t even care at this point; she was just hungry. The fat man’s fingers weren’t enough to satisfy her. She looked ahead of her and set her eyes on the table full of food. She reached out for it in desperation as the fat man continued to use her. He seemed to notice what she did as he snapped at one of the servants in the room, “Bring me a plate of food!” The servant dragged it over and placed it next to Suzumebachi and the fat man. Suzume reached out for the plate but the fat man slapped her hand away. “You don’t get any of that!” the fat man yelled. He picked up a leg of a chicken; all the while still fucking Suzume’s ass. Suzume stared at the plate drooling as her ass was pounded. The fat man shoved his chicken leg right into Suzume’s cunt and stirred it around. When the drumstick came out it was coated in Suzumebachi’s pussy juices.

“This always makes it taste better!” the fat man laughed and took a bite out of the chicken. He hovered the leg in Suzume’s face. “Want some?” the fat man offered. Suzume could smell her pussy on it. She gulped down her pride and took a bite from it. The fat man started to laughed and fuck her harder. He dropped the chicken leg and focused on Suzume. Suzume scrabbled for the leg and greedily devoured it. “And people call me a pig,” the fat man laughed. Suzume wasn’t paying attention to the man at all. This angered him and he pulled her head away. Suzume panicked as she dropped the chicken and yelped in fright. “If you’re so hunger, then here!” the fat man shoved Suzumebachi’s face into the plate of food, “Have all you can eat!” The fat man ripped into her with an intense power derived from his anger. She could feel his anger through the vigorous fucking he was giving her ass. Suzume screamed out in pain but her cries were muffled by the food her face was smashed into. The fat man grunted as he came deep inside of Suzume’s asshole.

The fat man pulled out as cum drained from Suzume’s ass like a waterfall. He snapped his fingers and the several servants in the room surrounded Suzumebachi. “Eat up!” the fat man wickedly grinned at Suzume.

Leiko and Sumiko made it to the edge of the property of the VIP that was reported to have Suzumebachi. The guards patrolling the mansion were light; they should have an easy enough time getting in. But that made Leiko slightly suspicious. “We need to be careful,” Leiko whispered to Sumiko; who replied with a nod. The two watched the patrols and moved in accordingly. The two made it inside without getting spotted. They snuck through the halls in search for the room Suzume was in.

Leiko peeked out from a corner and saw it was clear. The two quickly snapped out and moved down the hall. Then a voice came from behind, “So, Aki sent you two.” Leiko and Sumiko turned abruptly and saw Osamu standing in the middle of the hallway. “But I should have expected the personal aids of the Ryuyuwakusha.”

“It’s over Osamu!” Leiko called out.

“Over?” Osamu laughed, “Thanks to you two things have just started!” Tentacles shot out from Osamu’s body and wrapped up the two kunoichi. “Now which one should I have fun with first. I’ve never gotten the chance to taste Miyamoto and Yoshida cunt.”

“You’re a sick bastard!” Leiko spat.

“I like girls with spunk. I think I’ll play with you first.”

“Have as much fun as you can because when I get free you’re in for it!”

“Let’s see if you can maintain that demeanor,” Osamu laughed as his tentacles ripped away Leiko’s kimono. The tentacles lowered Leiko down on to Osamu’s cock. His dick slid in nice and easy as the tentacles started to move Leiko up and down. She glared at Osamu as he cock scrapped her insides slowly. Tentacles shot into her mouth and asshole and vigorously slithered into her. Every inch of her body was crawling with tentacles covered in a hot ooze. Leiko came as Osamu pounded into her slowly and powerfully. “Seems like you’re starting to enjoy this,” Osamu smiled. Leiko had gone entirely limp and just took the brutal fucking from Osamu. “For the personal bodyguard of the Ryuyuwakusha you sure are weak,” Osamu scoffed. He came inside her and dropped Leiko to the floor. She lay there quivering as cum guzzled out from her cunt.

Osamu turned his attention to Sumiko; who had hot tears running down her face from watching Leiko get raped. Osamu brought Sumiko in close and licked the tears from her face. Sumiko turned her face away and continued to cry as her clothes were ripped off. Osamu sucked on one of her massive tits as he penetrated Sumiko’s cunt.

“No!” Sumiko screamed in protest, “That place is only for my husband!”

“Oh, so you’re married! Then, I’ll have to really show you a good time,” Osamu’s cock started to morph inside her. It sprouted bumps all over it that grinded into Sumiko’s vaginal walls. The cock also started to rotate and vibrate inside of Sumiko. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as the studded cock scrapped every inch of her pussy. Her eyes her half open and dead. She was drooling as Osamu’s vibrating cock buzzed harder inside her. Sumiko squirted all over the place as her hips started to spasm. Osamu laughed cruelly as he drove his cock all the way up into Sumiko. He blasted his seed into her as she passed out from the extreme fucking. Sumiko hit the floor right next to Leiko; both were unconscious.

“Looks like I can begin to move forward with my plan,” Osamu smiled looking down at his two newly acquired kunoichi whores.

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