“No, no, no” said Lucy. “We might enjoy our thrills in and out of bed but that’s our secret.”

“Come on Lucy, don’t tell me you don’t think little Steve’s cute,” I replied.

“Of course he’s cute but he’s almost half my age, and probably half my experience too.”

Steve was the apprentice I had been given to train. He was trying to become an electrician and the company was paying for his training plus I helped him with practical two days a week. He had driven to collect me the previous morning and when Lucy, my girlfriend of six years, walked in on us with nothing but a flimsy nightdress, his eyes had popped out of his head and I saw him adjusting his jeans when Lucy, completely oblivious to her effect of the teenager, sat down opposite drinking her orange juice with her little panties showing through the fabric.

Seeing a horny 18 year old panting over my 31 year old girlfriend caught me completely unaware and I was instantly hornier than I had ever been. I sat and let her talk, allowing his hormones to go into overdrive while, a little tongue-tied, he watched her. Not until she broke the spell and headed upstairs to shower did I finally get the courage to suggest we both get to work.

Steve was quiet in the van.

“How long have you known Lucy, Dave?” he asked me.

“Six years,” I replied.

“She’s very se…..em, pretty,” he mumbled.

“She’s a horny little bitch,” I said.

“In what respect?” he asked.

“She’s up for just about anything,” I replied, realising I was leading him on.


“We’ve done a lot in our six years, I can tell you.”

I could see he wanted to ask more personal questions but he mumbled a little and then went quiet again, adjusting that promising lump in his pants.

Steve was very attractive. Even I found him attractive and my hidden bisexual feelings, long covered up since leaving college, were bubbling under the surface. It occurred to me that I might get the opportunity to satisfy two fantasies at once. This 5 feet 9 inch blonde stud didn’t have the exaggerated muscles of some young guys, just a well filled body and a six pack to make any guy jealous. Even I, at 32 was getting a little soft in the belly.

“We’ve even done threesomes,” I lied.

“With other women?” he asked.

“No, other guys,” I replied. “She loves two cocks at once and if I’m being honest, I love seeing her with another guy. I’ve even helped a guy put it into her.”

I’m sure I could feel my nose growing as I lied my way through this.

“Gosh you’re SO lucky. I struggle to get a girl to shag with me, let along someone else.”

“Looks like it’s got you going,” I said nodding to his bulging crotch.

His face reddened.

“I might have a chat with her if you like?”

“Oh I’m not, well maybe….! I’ve really only done it a couple of times,” he stuttered.

“All the better as she loves doing a bit of training.”

The subject faded away as we arrived at our job.

So here I was, home at night, trying to persuade Lucy that she would be doing a public service letting little Stevie get his hole (and failing to mention letting me get my hands on a cute cock too).

She just wasn’t buying it. I reminded her that we went a long way down the road to thinking of trying a swinger’s party just a few months previously and the only reason we hadn’t was the thought of it being out of our own control. I worried that I might not be able to enjoy seeing her getting shagged.

She hadn’t lost her temper so I went to plan “B” which consisted of a bottle of Rosé Cava, a slow build to shagging and fantasising a little as I did it. Never fails and when I started to tell her he was almost a virgin and his cock seemed bigger than mine, she said she would think about it.

It took another bottle of Cava the following night and another round of shagging and fantasising before she said that if Steve was keen, and she meant really keen, she would try it. She was nervous and I realised it could still all go ‘pear-shaped’ but my cock was ruling my head.

Steve was with me again on Friday and I was a little nervous thinking over in my head how to approach the subject. Though his cock obviously fancied it I thought his lack of confidence might get in the way.

“How many girlfriends have you had then Steve? I know at your age I had only had a couple,” I lied.

“Three proper ones,” he said. “The problem is they never seem to want to give out. They all find me attractive but start talking engagement rings after the first date.”

I could see why any girl would want to get her clutches in him. Strangely it’s the less attractive little runts like me who get their hole easily. Good for a shag but not sure if they want to spend their life with me.

“I told Lucy you fancied shagging her,” I suddenly said.

“Fuck why did you do that?” he said his face turning scarlet.

“To be honest, she’s such a horny bitch I need some help from time to time just to keep her satisfied and when you seemed interested I told her.”

He went quiet again and when my cell phone rang the subject was changed. I had to get back to subject.

“So what do you think?”

“About what?”

“You know what, shagging Lucy.”

“I might be a bit embarrassed with you there and her being experienced. What if I’m not any good?”

“Oh trust me Steve, you’ll be good. Surely you’ve been in changing rooms with mates before?”

“Well yes but not…..stiff!”

“I can assure you if you’re going to shag Lucy I’ll be stiff too. You might regret this if you refuse. Just think the chance to do exactly what you want with no worries, no hang-ups and no guilty conscience.”


“Why not come around on Sunday afternoon and we can have a drink or two and see how we all feel. Then there’s no pressure.”

“Eh, ok then and if I’m nervous we can call it off?”

“Of course you can,” I said while thinking, “Over my dead body.”

Once my cock is full steam ahead, nothing stops my balls emptying!

Now Lucy!

“Isn’t that Rosé Cava just lovely Lucy? It’s a vintage one. Only the best for you my sweet.”

“It’s so kind of you Dave, you know I like the Vintage best of all.”

“I’ve invited Steve over for a drink on Sunday afternoon Lucy. I thought we could all get to know each other.”

I was sitting on the couch with my arm around her, the bottle almost empty and another on ice just in case.

“There’s more chance of him bottling it than you Lucy. It’s possible it may not happen so I thought we would just make it for a drink or two and see how things develop. I saw the way his prick jumped when he saw your panties so I think he might be a little rabbit when he gets going.”


That’s all she said. No questions, no doubts, just a quick “ok.”

Thankfully Sunday was warm and very pleasant so I could wear shorts and a t-shirt. Lucy looked stunning in a white linen skirt and top. The fabric slightly showed her white bra and panties through the fabric and gave a really sexy promise of what might be underneath. When I saw Steve walking up the street, my heart was pounding. I was going to realise my dream. I had my camera handy in the hope that I might manage some shots of this wonderful event.

Lucy had been twitchy all morning and only my constant slutty remarks had kept her lubricated with excitement. Well not just remarks, there had been a bit of fingering too!

Steve looked like a clumsy teenage boy as he came in. I tried to sound as normal as possible as I drank in the naturally stunning young man. He looked like a male model but was thankfully a bit rougher around the edges and, standing in a pair of cargo shorts and polo shirt he looked as though he had stepped out of FHM magazine.

Lucy was lying out in the garden and I offered Steve a cold beer which he readily accepted. We made small talk before going out to chat to Lucy, now lying in a tiny white bikini.

“Sexy isn’t she Steve,” I said.

“Sure is,” he said.

“And to think you’re going to fuck her soon,” I added as Lucy shot me a disapproving look and Steve flushed red. “Let’s call a spade a spade,” I added, my hormones doing the talking and my cock painfully erect and eager to get going.

It was at the three bottle stage that I suggested we all go inside to the bedroom. Lucy was not leading so when I got her inside I spun her around and kissed her in front of him as he stood awkwardly by the door. I needed to get her partially exposed quickly so I ignored him as I kissed her deeply, fondling her breasts and then unclipping the strap of her bikini which fell exposing her firm pert breasts. The nipples were hard as rocks and pointing almost upwards.

That got his attention and I steered Lucy towards the door, slid sideways and pushed her to him. His hands instinctively went out and around her and after a few awkward seconds, he kissed her. Once they had kissed he and she started to warm up. I could hear him panting as his kisses became more fervent. His hands started to stroke her breasts and then his mouth moved down to kiss her nipples in turn. Lucy’s hands fell to the front of Steve’s shorts and she unbuckled the belt, pulled the stud and slowly un-popped the buttons on his fly. The shorts fell leaving him in a fashionable pair of multi-coloured Calvin Klein briefs with yellow band and a noticeable erection distorting the front. Lucy’s hands covered the lump and my breathing was becoming quite erratic. I managed to take a few discreet pictures silently with no flash and neither of them noticed.

I slipped my own shorts off and then my briefs, pulling off my t-shirt to stand naked, wanking my uncut 7 inch cock as I watched. Lucy’s hands were now inside his pants and as she fondled him he pulled off his top. His body was defined with a patch of blonde hair across his chest and a thin spiral heading towards his cock and balls. Shoes were kicked off and I moved forward to slide Lucy’s bikini bottoms off from behind her. I ached to see his boyish body naked and against Lucy’s. She now slid his briefs off and, as I stood behind Lucy grinding my hard cock against her bottom, I put my hands around to her front and was rewarded with hard teen flesh. His hard cock pointed upward and he pushed against her, both of us sandwiching her between hot cocks.

Lucy knelt and took his cock in her mouth. It was uncut and easily as big as mine but looked much thicker. I was facing him and was sorely tempted to reach across and kiss him on the lips but thought better of it. Instead, I stood alongside him and let Lucy feast on both cocks alternately.

“Stop please,” he said, “Or I’m likely to blow my load on your face!”

Much as I wanted to see that, it was much too early to bring this to an abrupt end. Lucy moved to my cock and as Steve watched, she licked and sucked me, from cock tip to balls. When she stood up, Steve took her and kissed her deeply, his hands all over her body caressing her tits and then sliding down between her legs, his fingers sliding into her wet cunt. There was a slurping sound as my very horny Lucy opened her legs slightly to allow him easy access.

He pushed Lucy on to the bed and as she lay with her legs draped over the base, he parted and knelt between them, pushing his face eagerly into her warm slit. I could hear him lapping as his tongue did its work and when he did pull back to ask if she was all right, his mouth was wet with her juices. I climbed on to the bed at Lucy’s head and slipped my cock back in her mouth. Lucy was whimpering as he licked away. Sometimes the whimpering rose in tempo as he pushed her towards a climax, then he would stop and she climbed back from the brink, just as he started it all over again. For an amateur he was doing all the right things for her.

After ten or so minutes, he climbed on to the bed in a sixty-nine position with her and again delved between her legs. I saw a possible opportunity for me so I joined Lucy as his cock aimed for her mouth. I started to kiss her just as it arrived between us and as Lucy’s tongue dashed out to receive it, I opened my mouth and it slid inside. For the first time since I was a randy teenager, I had a hard cock in my mouth. His pre-cum was dripping and mixed with my saliva as I slid the skin back with my free hand and concentrated on the head. Lucy licked his balls.

The feeling of rigid male flesh sliding the entire length of my mouth was overwhelming and I understood why so many women enjoy giving blow jobs. Steve, who I’m sure had no idea his cock was in a man’s mouth, was humping me for all it was worth. His groaning suggested he was heading back to climax when he stopped suddenly.

“Nearly cumming again,” he said as he withdrew.

“Fuck her Steve, please!” I said.

Lucy slid on to the bed fully and lay back to wait. Steve took a condom and stretched it over his brick hard weapon. I clicked again and he didn’t seem to mind so I started to photograph his preparation to fuck my lovely girlfriend. There was a look of lust in her eyes as she laid back on the bed, her sex wide open and wet and this young stud walking towards her about to fuck her.

Lucy rolled on her side. “Fuck me from behind,” she said.

It was always her favourite position. He climbed on the bed behind her, his thick cock looking amazing and purposeful. As he positioned himself I went over and clicked the moment really close up. His cock started its penetration as it slid into Lucy.

“Oh my God that’s wonderful, “she said.

Soon he was all the way in, sliding out then back in again. As he was behind her and the ‘show’ was much better from the front, I knelt down and moved really close smelling the odour of sex as he started to pump into her. I used the opportunity to get close, real close. My nose was an inch from his cock. I stuck my tongue out and touched the side and then pushed it to the entrance of Lucy’s cunt, letting it get drawn in as he fucked. I lapped her juices and licked her little nub.

Steve’s hands were on her breasts giving him purchase as he screwed her and Lucy’s pants became grunts and then she started to climax. My own cock was almost about to spontaneously cum, something that hadn’t happened to me since I was a horny teenager. I had to grip the head and hold it allowing my thoughts to drift away from the delightful scene in front of me.

Steve pulled out of her and I quickly slid into his position and entered her. I just had to fuck her while she was wet from his session. Steve moved to the front and I fucked as we sandwiched her and her kissed her on the lips. His cock was between her legs and I kept banging against it as I fucked. To be honest, I could only fuck for about 3 minutes or I was going to cum in her. I had to stop.

“Cum on me Steve,” said Lucy.

This was another of her little favourites, having hot cum plaster her. She and I lay alongside each other and she gripped my cock, gently wanking me as Steve stood over us both stroking his cock.

“I’m ready Dave, you had better get out of the way,” he said.

Lucy gripped me as we kissed and I forced my lips to hers as Steve’s first blast of cum sprayed over both our faces. A second and third followed very quickly and the copious quantity soon poured down and into the cavity between our lips, trickling into our mouths as we kissed. His fourth and final shot hit me fully on the face just as Lucy’s adept fingers brought me to my own climax. I felt the cum rocket like a steam train from my balls to the tip and the jet that came out would have put any youngster to shame. The first fired straight over out heads but the next three hit Lucy and I on the neck and face.

“You look well and truly decorated,” said Steve.

“That was amazing,” said Lucy. “I thought you were a near virgin?”

“I improvise a lot,” said Steve.

We sat around, comfortable in each other’s company for a couple of hours before Steve had to go.

“Want to do it again?” he asked.

“You bet,” we said in unison.

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