another man

Take your wife, lie her down, close your eyes, and taste her as if it is the first time. Tease her with your lips. Nibble and suck on her clit.

Picture my head thrown back and my back arched as you bring her close to orgasm. Hear me begging you to finish me as she moans and screams through her climax. Lick clean the juices that flow from her body. “Can you taste me baby?”

Glide your cock through the wet folds of her pussy. Take her softly, gently. Feel her muscles respond by gripping you and pulling you deeper. Despite how she may plead, resist the urge to fuck her. Save that for another night. Tonight be tender. Keep a slow and steady pace. Hold her tightly to you as your cock feels and explores the depths of her body.

Visualize me there, taking you. Hear my moans as they escape from my parted lips. Feel my hands on your back pulling you close to me. Can you feel my nails scraping your tender flesh or my breasts rubbing across your chest; my nipples, tight and hard; an obvious sign of my arousal?

Rock her softly in your arms. Kiss her, taste her lips, her ears and her neck. Run your fingers through her hair and whisper to her how good she feels. Allow her to feel your cock engorge and lengthen with your impending release. Tell her how close you are, how incredible she is, and how good she makes you feel. Tell her that you’re going to fill her.

Hold her hips as you drive into her completely. Hold her still as your cock empties deep inside of her. Allow her to feel your cock twitch and spurt deep in her body. Moan into her ear through your orgasm. Let her hear the release of your desire. Then smile and tell her how incredible she is, while both you and I know that it was a vision of me that allowed you such an incredible orgasm tonight.

* * *

Next time my husband pleasures me; I’ll envision your five o’clock shadow tickling my inner thigh while your gorgeous mouth devours me. In my mind, I will hear your deep, sexy voice begging me to let go and I’ll look down to see your eyes glaring back at me. Oh god, lick me, taste me, eat me. I have to have you. Please give me your cock, anywhere, I’m yours to use. Fuck me baby; take my mouth, my pussy, my ass.

I’ll see your face racked with need as I take him into my mouth. I’ll lick every inch of him, first tickling him with the tip of my tongue, and then eagerly sucking him down the back of my throat. Let me taste the droplets oozing from your manhood. But don’t unload in me, oh no honey, not there, not tonight. Please baby, tonight I need to be fucked. Do you think you can do that for me? I know I’m acting like a whore. I can’t help it. You drive me wild. Spank me, spank my pussy. Hear how wet you’ve made me.

I’ll get onto my hands and knees and push my pussy back to meet him. He calls me his little kitten, his little pussy in heat. But it’s you that has me so hot. He grabs my hips and enters me completely in one thrust. He’s taking me so deep, so hard, and so fast. Is this what you would do to me?

I can’t take it anymore. I need to ride him. I stratle his waist and lower myself down onto his hard cock. I beg him to talk dirty to me. But he can’t, not the way that you can. I listen to you in my mind. “Is this what you need?” you ask, “To be used and fucked like a little sex toy”? You fondle my breasts and hold my hip tightly as I grind my pussy down on your cock. “Turn around.” you say, “Let me see that ass.” I turn around on your lap, now grinding my clit onto your balls. You groan, “Let’s see if we can get you off. But, don’t make me cum. I’m not ready yet.”

You slide you’re finger down from my back and over my ass. Please touch me baby. You’re finger slides into my ass. Oh,it feels incredible. I am immediately in the throws of an orgasm. Your cock and finger probing deep in my pussy and ass.

“You’re going to wish you didn’t let me have your ass.” you say, “Now I have to have you.” You throw me down onto the bed on my stomach. With my legs together, your legs on both sides, and you’re weight pinning me to the bed, there is no way for me to struggle or get away. You tenderly spread the cheeks of my ass and rub your cock against the tight little hole. As you glide into me I feel pressure, even a little pain, but also intense pleasure.

I raise my head from the bed. Do you like the way my hair looks cascading down my back? I arch my back and raise my ass to meet you. You reach around my leg and grip my clit between your fingers. No more words, just grunting and fucking. I know you’re getting close. You’ve worked up into a frenzied pace and your clawing at my clit. Oh god, I’m loosing control. I feel the heat of my own climax radiating from my clit and my whole body is tightened with anticipation. I hear you groan behind me and your cock explodes in my ass.

I lay in bed holding my husband, my body twitching and shaking from the orgasm you’ve given me. He thinks that he is the one who brought forth such unbridled passion from me tonight, but we both know the truth.

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