anonymous sex

ANONYMOUS. SEX. KLUB. (For great extramarital sex without the guilt, just ASK.)


I thought I knew everything about Jenny.

We’d been best friends since school. We’d grown up together and shared all our secret dreams and fantasies. (And even a few boys, when we were still teenagers!) But little did I know that Jenny had been keeping a secret from me – a big one.

We were both 36 and happily married. I’d been her bridesmaid, she’d been mine. Our husband were best friends, our kid played together and went to the same school. Sure, we’d been a little wild in our younger days, but after getting married – almost ten years ago for both of us – we’d settled down to a normal, contented life in suburbia.

Or so I thought.

We were having coffee one morning at a local place we often went to when Jenny went to the bathroom. While she was away, her mobile phone rang. I let it ring for a while, but then decided I might as well take a message for her. I reached into her handbag and searched around for it. Of course, by the time I’d found it, it stopped ringing. (Happens all the time, right?)

But as I was putting it back, I noticed something odd. There was a red piece of silk cloth in her bag that, at first, I’d thought was a scarf. But then I noticed it had holes in it. They looked like eyeholes. I took it out to take a closer look. It was definitely not a scarf. Suddenly I realised what it was – a mask. There were three holes – two for her eyes and one for her mouth. It was a little like a Spiderman mask; it was made to fit right over her head and the lower part was elasticised, so it would be snug around her neck. A total disguise.

I couldn’t help but smile. It seemed obvious to me that Jenny and her husband, Pete, were spicing up their sex lives with some dress up fun. I wondered what Pete wore. Leathers perhaps?

I slipped the mask back into her bag just as she came back to table. We were in a small courtyard and there was no one else around, so I thought I might as well tease her a little.

“So, what have you and Pete been up to?”

She didn’t catch on to my meaning.

“Not much. Just the usual kids, school, work, weekend hum drum life. You?”

I thought I’d get a little more obvious, so she didn’t miss my meaning this time.

“Us? Nothing as daring as you two?”

That confused her. She smiled at me, wondering what I was on about.

“What do you mean, Suzy? Whatever Pete’s been saying, it’s not true, I can tell you that for sure.”

I decided to get straight to the point

“Come on now, we’ve never had secrets. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you and Pete are doing a few new things to sizzle up your sex life, you can tell me about it. Hey, I think it’s great – I wish Steve was into it.”

She looked me straight in the eye.

“Suzy, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Pete and I aren’t doing anything new. In fact, we’re doing very little at all, if you’re talking about sex. He’s so tied up with his work these days that he comes home, eats dinner and falls asleep on the sofa. All I get is a kiss goodbye in the morning and a kiss hello and night.”

That sounded familiar – too familiar. My husband Steve was just the same. He was at that point in his life where he was working extra hours and even most weekends to build his career. It was working too – like Jenny’s husband, Steve was flying through the ranks of his company. That meant there was a lot more money starting to come in, but it left him worn out and with precious little time for me and the kids.

But I was confused. What about the mask in Jenny’s bag? I couldn’t help myself.

“So you’re not playing dress-ups with Pete in bed, doing the fantasy thing?”

She burst out laughing.

“What? Pete in his old school uniform and me as his school teacher? If only!”

I started laughing too. It did seem too silly to be possible. Then I let the cat out of the bag – or out of Jenny’s bag.”

“Then…what’s this?”

I reached into her bag and pulled out the mask.

She stopped laughing instantly. Her jaw dropped. Her face suddenly went pale.

“How did you….”

“Sorry, your phone rang.”

I felt suddenly concerned. What was wrong? What was going on? What had Jenny got herself into?” She looked at me with fear in her eyes.”

“You can’t tell anyone about this. Especially not Pete. Please Suzy, this is important.”

“But what’s it all about?”

“I can’t tell you.”


“I’m sorry Suzy, I can’t. I can’t.”

Her eyes had started to water. She was genuinely shaken up.

“Jenny…you haven’t been doing anything illegal, have you? Robbing banks or something?”

Even in shock, she was able to a manage a laugh.

“Banks? No, no…nothing like that. Nothing illegal. But if Pete found out, it would ruin our marriage.”

“What? Have you been…”

“I can’t tell you.”

“Are you been having an affair?”

She sat back in her chair. Thought for a moment.

“No. No I’m not having an affair. Not exactly.”

That didn’t seem a real answer.

“You have, haven’t you? You’ve been sleeping with someone.”

She went silent. I persisted.

“Jenny, you can trust me. God knows, if I could have an affair that Steve couldn’t find out about, I’d jump at it. But it’s impossible. And I’d hate to hurt him.”

She looked at me sharply.

“And I’d never want to hurt Pete. I love him too much.”

Now I was starting to get frustrated. I was almost angry.

“So what is it? Please just tell me. I can’t bear to see you looking so unhappy. What have you been doing.”

She put her face in her hands. She wouldn’t talk. I went round and sat on the chair beside her and put my arm round her shoulder.

“Please Jenny…tell me.”

She wiped her eyes and looked at me for a moment.

“Okay. Okay, I’ll tell you. But you can never, ever tell anyone what I’m about to tell you.”

“You can trust me. You know you can.”

She took a deep breath, then started talking.

“You know what you said before? How, if you could have an affair without Steve finding out, that you’d jump at it? Well that’s what I’ve been doing. But it’s not an affair. I have sex with total strangers. I only meet them once. We never know each other’s names, and we always wear a mask when we get together – the one you found in my bag. It’s totally anonymous, so no one can eve find out.”

I was flabbergasted.


“It’s a secret club. I found out about it from someone else. I can’t tell you who. They asked me if I wanted to join – she’d been a member for years, so she was high up enough in the club to be allowed to recruit other members. I had to fill out all kinds of forms, make all kinds of promises, even reveal secrets that the club could use against me if I ever told anyone about the club. I even have to go to one of their doctors for health checks every three months. It’s very strict and very exclusive.”

My eyes were popping wide open. I could hardly believe what I was hearing.

“What’s this club called?”

“I shouldn’t be telling you any of this. I could get into trouble.”

“But what could they do?”

“They have everything set up so that if anyone ever reveals anything about the club, there will never be any evidence. There are no records, no names, nothing. But if you try to cause trouble for the club, they know enough about you to ruin you life – starting with your marriage. I understand why they’re strict. That’s what I like about the club. It means I can get the sex I want without any chance of hurting Pete.”

To be honest, I was starting to warm to the idea. Mike and I had barely had any good sex for years. When he wasn’t working, he was exhausted. Most of his spare energy he spent playing with the kids, and that was right. I’d had to make do on my own, so to speak. But Jenny’s club…it sounded perfect.

“But don’t you sometimes get stuck with someone ugly or smelly or….maybe dangerous?”

“No, that’s the beauty of the club. The members are vetted very closely. I’ve been a member for over a year and I’ve been with 18 different guys, and they’ve all been in good shape and gentle.”

I almost fell over. My best friend had slept with 18 different men in the last year! I was speechless. Jenny kept talking.

“Once you’re a member, everything is done over the internet. Secret passwords and all that. Whenever you want to be with a guy, you just go to the site and find any local guys who are available. I never like to travel too far, because I need to be home for the kids after school. You usually get a choice of five or six guys who are available for the day you want to do it. We usually meet at a motel, though sometimes it’s at their house. I’d never use my place.”

“And the mask?”

“It’s simple. We just follow the rules. If it’s at a motel, I have to be there at the arranged time. No later and definitely not earlier. The guy gets there first and will have his mask on already. When I knock on the door, he waits in the bathroom while I step inside, put my mask on, and then undress. Afterwards, he goes back into the bathroom, I get dressed, take off my mask and leave. I leave my share of the motel bill on the dresser, if it’s at a motel.”

It all seemed too easy. There had to be a catch.

“But don’t the guys…you know…want to do things you don’t want to do?”

She was starting to relax again.

“That’s all decided on-line beforehand. But it’s not a problem for me anymore. I used to be a little uncertain about some things, but now…well…”

She smiled her wicked smile, one that I knew only too well from our schooldays.

“What? You mean?”


“You do…”



I pointed at my mouth and made a swallowing motion with my throat.

“Oh, definitely”

“And even…”

This time I pointed towards my behind. She burst out laughing.

“All the time now.”

I couldn’t help but join in with her laughting.


“Oh yeah!”

“You naughty girl! But doesn’t it…you know…hurt?”

She got a little more serious again.

“First time, a little. But the guy was good…didn’t force it. And we used lots of lubricant. Now…now I quite like it”

She blushed; I hadn’t seen her blush since high school. I was shocked. But also hot. Very hot. I had started to sweat without realising it – especially between my thighs. I thought about the mask in her bag and realised something.

“You’ve got an appointment today, haven’t you? That’s why you’ve got the mask with you.”

She giggled. I didn’t need any other answer. But I had a question.

“Jenny…if this club is so totally anonymous…would anyone know if, maybe, I went to one of these appointments instead of you?”

She stopped giggling.

“No, no…we can’t do that.”

“I mean if it’s so well organised…if even you can’t find out who you’re having sex with, how can anyone know if it’s me or you?”

She looked uncertain, trying to find a good excuse, but she knew I was right. We were physically very similar. Put a mask on our heads, and we would be hard to tell apart. But I didn’t want to push her. I took the soft approach – looking for her sympathy.

“Jenny, do you know the last time I had sex? It was six weeks ago. Six weeks. And Steve didn’t even cum. He was trying to sleep, so I went down on him to make him hard, then climbed on top of him. His hard on lasted about two minutes, then he fell asleep.”

She tried to resist.

“But Suzy…”

I kept at her.

“Do you know the last time I had an orgasm? Christmas 2001. That’s right. Six years.”

“Oh you poor thing.”

“I’ve been looking at my greengrocer with lust, and he’s got to be pushing 70. I need some good sex soon or I’ll be raping the plumber next time the hot water system breaks down. In fact, I’ve been thinking of taking to it with a steel pipe just to give him a reason to come.”

Of course, I was exaggerating, but only a little. I grabbed Jenny’s shoulders, turned her so that she was looking straight into my eyes – eyes that probably had a feverish, almost insane look by now.

“Jenny, I want you to let me take your place at one of your appointments. In fact, I want you to let me take your place today.”

Jenny blinked a few times, but she never took her eyes off my eyes. Then her jaw firmed, her eyes got a look of steel.

“Okay. Let’s do it. My best friend needs a good fuck, and by God she’s going to get one.”

My heart started to float. I hugged her.

“Oh Jen!”

But Jenny was all action now.

“We’ve got 45 minutes before the appointment, so I need to fill you in on all the details. Are you sure you want to do this? You can still pull out.”

I was sure.

“Yes, yes…I desperately want to do it. I’m ready and willing right now. Just tell me one thing. What’s the name of the club?”

She smiled.

“It’s in the club’s motto. If you want good sex, just ASK. That’s it. A, S, K. It stands for Anonymous Sex Klub – that’s club with a K.”

Then we got down to business.


And 45 minutes later, I was knocking on the door of room 11 at a small motel just ten minutes from where I lived.

As Jenny had explained, the door would be unlocked. After knocking, I had to wait two minutes to give the man inside time to hide in the bathroom. It was a long two minutes. I started to think about what I was doing. Yes, it was anonymous, but I was still being unfaithful to Steve, my husband, who I loved very, very much. Worse, or at least it seemed worse at that moment, I’d be doing it with someone I’d never met and would never meet again – the ultimate one night stand, or one afternoon stand as it was going to be. I suddenly wanted to back out. But then I realised that if I backed out, it could have repercussions for Jenny. Would they investigate if the appointment wasn’t kept? What would they do? I didn’t know. But it was a risk I didn’t think I could take, not with my best friend.

I turned the door handle and stepped inside.

As Jenny had said, the room was empty. I saw a man’s clothes piled neatly on a chair, so he was obviously ready for me. He would be in the bathroom, waiting for me to tell him I was ready as well. The blankets had been pulled off the bed so there was only a sheet on it. There was almost no other furniture in the room, except a small side table with a TV on it and another chair. I undressed quickly and put my clothes on the spare chair, then put on the mask. I realised as I was doing it that I was supposed to do it the other around, but there was no one there to spot my error.

And there I was, totally naked, wearing a red mask over my face, with a naked stranger waiting for me in the bathroom. I felt a slight chill. Goose pimples raised all over me. My nipples stood up. I was frightened. Excited. Ashamed. Embarrassed. And I was taking too long. A voice called out softly from the bathroom.

“You okay out there?”

It was a nice voice. Nothing to be scared of. I answered it.

“Yes. I’m ready now.”

The bathroom door slid open. There, in front of me, was a man wearing a blue mask just like my red one, and nothing else. He had a nice looking body. Well built, but not overly muscle-bound, with only a little hair on his chest – not one of those mean who look like bears. He was also well endowed. His penis – I should just call it his cock in these circumstances – wasn’t erect, but even flaccid it hung quite a long way down his leg. I didn’t know what to do next. Jenny told me just to act naturally, but what’s natural when you’re standing naked with a total stranger? I let him do the talking.

“You have a great body.”

I felt grateful for the compliment. I gave him one back.

“You too.”

His eyes and mouth smiled. He walked across the room and gently put his arms around me. It came as a shock to feel a naked man holding me who wasn’t my husband. It came as an even bigger shock when his…his cock started to rise against my belly. In only a few seconds, it became rock hard. I couldn’t help moving back a little to look at it. It was huge. Or, at least, the biggest I’d seen. Steve’s is around six inches, which is, I hear, normal. My anonymous friend’s member was closer to eight inches, and maybe even a little bigger. I couldn’t help let out a small gasp.

“Do you like it?”

Did I? Well, yes. But it was also just a little frightening. Jenny had told me that in her pre-arranged online appointment, she had ticked all the boxes, meaning she was up for anything. Anything at all. But still, it was impressive to look at.

“Yes. Very much.”

He smiled with his eyes again.

“Well, it’s all yours.”

What should I do? I suddenly found myself wishing that I’d watched some porn movies – something I’ve never done – just to give me an idea of what was expected of me. Though I suppose the first move was obvious.

I slid down onto my knees, so his cock was right at my eye level. I took it in my hands, squeezed it. It was rock hard. I could feel the blood pumping through its veins. It really was a beautiful thing. He ran his fingers over the top of my head, where my hair would be if it wasn’t all bunched up inside the silk mask. I took the hint.

First I ran my tongue down its full length. It was good and clean; he’d obeyed the club rules on hygiene. I was grateful for that. A few more flicks of my tongue, then I took the head of the beast into my mouth. It was a tight fit. He moaned. I stretched my mouth as wide as I could manage and slid my lips past the head and down the shaft. The moan became a deep groan. His hands tightened their grip on my head. I started to slide my mouth up and down, up and down. It felt so exciting to have this huge, anonymous cock in my mouth that I thought for the first time in my life, yes, I can take his cum, I can even try to swallow. My tongue worked hard, slurping around his cock as I moved my head up and down faster and faster, faster and faster. But just as I thought I was going to get my first ever mouthful, he pulled his cock free,

For a moment I was concerned. Had I hurt him? Had I sucked too hard? But no, he had other plans. As I looked up with worried eyes, he reached down and picked my up by the waist, lifting me into the air.

“Now it’s your turn.”

In one swift movement, he dropped me onto the bed and buried his face between my legs. I exploded with ecstasy. His hungry tongue found my clit almost instantly, while his hands kneaded the cheeks of may ass. He sucked and licked me with wonderful expertise. I lifted my legs higher and higher, bending my knees as far back as they could go, giving him all the space he needed. And while his tongue in turns tenderly tickled my clit and plunged into my pussy, his fingers explored my virgin ass, and I didn’t mind one bit. I was in heaven – but heaven was about to get even heavenlier.

He pulled his face away from my dripping pussy, admired his handiwork for a moment, then pressed his throbbing cock against my pussy lips. I closed my eyes, bracing myself a little for what I expected would be the inevitable pain of such a huge cock forcing its way into me. Pain? It was unbelievable. I came instantly. I had never felt bliss like it. I had never been so filled. I couldn’t help myself. I screamed.

“I my God! That is just fucking amazing!”

I don’t usually use the ‘F’ word, but nothing else would do. Because it really was fucking amazing. And it just got better and better. He kept driving his cock deeper and deeper into me, and I just kept cumming and cumming. I was like jelly. I was a wreck. I was broken into little pieces. But I had to do my share. I drove my hips up to meet his pounding cock, and every collision was like the end of the world and the start of the world and every moment in between.

I don’t use the ‘C’ word either. Never. Not ever. Except today.

“Oh please, oh yes, oh fuck my cunt hard you beautiful thing. Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt…ahhhhhhhhhh.”

And after I’d cum for about the millionth time, he joined the party. He groaned as if he’d been hit on the head with a mallet. I felt the gush like someone had poured hot pumpkin soup inside me with a high powered fireman’s hose, which is pretty well what had happened.

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