Apart from the first three paragraphs, this is not a true story sadly, just one of my fantasies that I’ve tried to put into words that hopefully others will enjoy reading. Maybe one day it will come true or at least something like it, I hope so.

Graham and I have been married 17 years, together over 20 years; we have a good standard of living and can enjoy the finer things in life. Recently I began to think back on my life. I am 42 he is 52, he was married once before and I had only one real relationship before meeting him. I enjoy my life and I’m generally happy but I see our lives ticking by and I feel that I want to experience more before I am too old.

We have a relatively good sex life, we can still satisfy each other, but like a lot of marriages the sex has probably become routine and predictable although still enjoyable. The last few months I have been mentioning to him during sex some of the things I have fantasized about in my private moments. At first he was quite shocked because, I’ve never been adventurous or taken the lead sexually, but as the days went by he became more comfortable with my new found confidence and we enjoyed discussing my fantasies as a prelude to our lovemaking. As a result our lovemaking has become more intense and more pleasurable, he has even commented on that fact himself.

Now, I have to tell you that most of my fantasies revolve around group sex in some form, threesomes, foursomes, wife swapping, orgies or even gang bangs. We briefly dabbled in swinging a few years ago but never took it very far but the idea of these scenarios is a huge turn on for me. I began to notice that these scenarios really turned him on, particularly the idea of watching me with another man. Of course, this is only fantasy and we have never discussed making it reality, perhaps the idea is appealing to him but I doubt the reality would be acceptable.

The Fiction Begins here.

It never crossed my mind that my thoughts would ever be translated into actions so what happened came as quite a shock.

We were travelling to London for our 17th wedding anniversary; we had booked a suite in a well known 4 star hotel overlooking the River Thames, a nice meal in a top class restaurant followed by seats for the musical, Dirty Dancing, on stage in the West End. I loved the movie and so was really looking forward to the show.

We got to London mid-afternoon and checked into our room, it was a gorgeous room with four poster bed, a lounge area with soft leather sofas and a balcony overlooking the river and Tower Bridge.

After unpacking I decided to have a hot soapy bath and so undressed and got in the bath. Graham was laying on the bed watching the TV and didn’t seem to pay much attention to me as I walked past him, totally naked, into the bathroom. As I slipped into the bath and became engulfed in the warm soapy water I felt a bit upset at his lack of interest and my mind began to wander. I wondered if other men would have showed more interest in me, or perhaps I was past that age where men would give me a second look.

Now I’m not a super model, but at 42 I’m not in bad shape. I’m 5’6 and weigh a little under 10 stone at 135 lbs. I have shoulder length highlighted blonde hair and blue eyes. My breasts are 34C quite firm with very responsive and sensitive nipples. Maybe I could lose a few pounds, and I’m not as flawless as a teenager, but I certainly am comfortable with my body and I’m sure it could still give a lot of pleasure to any man.

As I lay soaking in the steamy water, I began to think of how it would be to make love with a different guy and I felt a stirring between my thighs as the thoughts drifted into my mind, I reached down with my hand and began gently to massage the soft flesh around my pussy, with my other hand I touched my breasts and my nipples. I allowed my fingers to explore my own sex and gradually the intensity of the pleasure I was giving myself increased, I slipped a finger inside myself, then two and imagined a stranger’s hard cock penetrating me.

It felt so good and before long I was close to orgasm. Just at that moment Graham came into the bathroom with a glass of champagne and looked at me with a knowing smile …. “Are you having fun Sarah?” … I blushed and removed my fingers from my pussy to take the glass from him. As I did so he leaned forward to kiss my hand and I knew he would taste or smell the juices on my fingers. If he did he never let on, just smiled again and left me.

I lay in the bath drinking the champagne and when it was finished climbed out to towel myself off. I put on a toweling robe and went back to the bedroom. Graham was also in his robe ready to take a shower and he walked over to me to refill my glass with champagne. I took a sip, and he reached over to take the glass from my hand. Placing it on the bedside table, he took me in his arms and we kissed. His lips felt warm and soft against mine and I responded to his kiss. Soon our tongues were playing and his hands were roaming my naked body beneath the robe. He pulled me close and I felt his arousal too, pressing into me.

“Happy Anniversary Sarah, I really want you to have an evening to remember”

He left me to take his shower and I lay on the bed, my mind racing with my sensual and erotic thoughts enhanced by the effects of the alcohol on me.

When he had finished showering we began to get dressed for the evening. I wore a Paris silk basque which he had bought me for the occasion white silk with white and black embroidery and delicate lacing detail on the front. There was also a matching thong, the basque had black suspenders attached and so I wore black lace top stockings to complete.

Once in my underwear I slipped on my dress, a strapless black cocktail dress which came to just above my knee and was low cut at the front to display my ample cleavage. The whole outfit was finished off with white gold and diamond jewellery and black stiletto heeled court shoes with peep toe and sequin and stud embellishment.

I then returned to the bathroom to finish my hair, perfume and make up. Finally we were both ready for our evening.

We had some free time before our meal so decided to have a drink in the hotel bar. I did feel good as we walked in, I felt that I was being noticed by several men and exchanged smiles with one or two, seducing them with my eyes. We decided to sit at the bar and I had to be careful to pull the hem of my dress down to avoid displaying my stocking tops on the high bar stool.

Graham ordered our drinks from the barman, this was the first time I noticed him, he was tall dark and handsome, much younger, mid-twenties at a guess and around 6′ tall with a nice physique. He also had a foreign accent and so clearly wasn’t from the UK. I asked him where he was from and he told me that he was from Latvia. His name was Andrejs and he was 26 years old, exactly half my husband’s age.

As we were the only people at the bar, we struck up quite a conversation with him , in between him serving other customers. We found out a lot about him and how he had found himself working in a London hotel. He seemed a really nice guy and both Graham and I enjoyed our chat which flowed really easily with him.

When the time came to leave we said we might pop into the bar for a night cap after the show and asked if he would still be on duty, he explained that he was on duty until the last customer left and hoped to see us later.

As we walked to the restaurant just a few hundred yards from the hotel,Graham was teasing me about Andrejs, saying he clearly fancied me. I laughed it off saying he was 16 years my junior and just being polite, but Graham was convinced there was more, even a mutual sexual attraction and that he had shown more than a polite interest in me.

During the romantic candlelit dinner Graham and I were very close, he seemed so much more affectionate than usual, touching my leg under the table, occasionally leaning over to kiss me, holding and stroking my hand. We talked about lots of things and the alcohol was relaxing me more and more as the time went by. I thanked him for this wonderful time we were spending together and he repeated his words from earlier in the day that he wanted it to be a really special evening that I would never forget. I never thought much about that comment until the next day.

We walked hand in hand to the theater and took our seats for the show. If I enjoyed the movie of Dirty Dancing then this stage version blew me away. It was amazing, with the lead roles being taken by two very fit and attractive people. If you know the story you will know that it’s a mixture of romance and passion and it really stoked the erotic feelings that were developing inside me on my anniversary evening. Graham was very close and affectionate and by the time the show ended I was feeling so horny and just wanted to get him to bed.

We walked back to the hotel and once in the lobby I made my way to the lift, he stopped me and reminded me about the night cap. I told him that we should forget that and go to the room, we could order drinks in the room. He looked disappointed and when I asked him why he said he had hoped to watch me flirt some more with Andrejs. I was shocked at first but a little excited too. I again insisted that Andrejs wasn’t interested in me in that way but Graham insisted we go and find out whether that was true or not. He had a mischievous smile on his face.

The bar was very quiet by now with only one other couple apart from us and so we took the same seats at the bar. Andrejs seemed pleased to see us and poured our drinks. We offered him a drink and he took a soft drink. He asked about our evening and the conversation again flowed with ease. I was woozy with the alcohol and made sure that I flirted outrageously, just to excite my husband. I leaned forward across the bar as I talked to Andrejs so that he had a good close view of my cleavage.

I asked him if he had a girlfriend in the UK but he hadn’t, he said that since coming here 9 months ago he had only worked with no time to have fun. We joked with him about 9 months without sex, and how hard that must be. Graham ordered more drinks and I asked him if he wanted to go back to the room now, he told me we should finish these drinks first.

The other couple got up and left and Andrejs went over to clear their table, I move around on my bar stool to watch him and deliberately let my dress ride up my thigh to reveal the top of my stocking and the suspender clip, I was shocked though when I felt Grahams hand pull the hem a little higher to reveal more of the silky white flesh of my thigh. Andrejs walked back to the bar with the glasses and stood next to me, he glanced at my exposure and I saw him smile, a little unsure and nervous, but a nice warm smile, I shuffled on the bar stool and pulled the dress back down to a more modest position.

Graham asked him when he finished work, he told us that he would finish when we left, he didn’t expect any more customers coming in now. Graham then shocked me totally by asking him if he would like to join us in our room for a drink. He thanked Graham and said that he would have loved to but it was strictly against the rules. Graham looked really disappointed again and said it was a shame, he excused himself to go the bathroom.

I was left alone with Andrejs and he asked me if I was ok with what Graham had asked, after all it was our anniversary night. I assured him that I would have loved him to come to our room for a drink and chat, I reached over the bar to touch his arm as I spoke. He looked torn and I told him that rules were there to be broken and that we would never tell a soul. He laughed and said OK and that he would join us after clearing up and bring up some drinks. I gave him our spare key and went to meet Graham as he returned.

Graham asked where I was going and I told him it was time to go back to the room. Once again he looked really disappointed, waved a farewell across at Andrejs and took my hand. We walked to the lift.

In the lift I took him in my arms and kissed him hard holding him close, he responded and we were still locked in our embrace as the doors opened at our floor. We staggered to our room still kissing and closed the door behind us.

Immediately my husband pulled me close and pulled down the zipper on my dress…. I pulled away and told him that maybe he shouldn’t. He looked really puzzled so I explained to him that in his absence I had used all my feminine charm and that Andrejs would be up here in a minute to join us.It might not be a good idea to take off my dress. He smiled but continued to unzip the dress.

He pulled it down and I stepped out of it, now standing only in my basque, thong, stockings and heels. I asked him if he was sure about this and he told me he had never been more sure about anything, remember he wanted it to be a night for us both to remember.

There was a tap on the door, I suddenly became nervous, and froze. The door opened , I had forgotten he had the key and he quickly walked in and closed the door behind him, scared he would be seen.

It was only then when he turned to face us that he realised I was standing with Graham in only my underwear. He began to make for the door apologising, Graham stopped him saying everything was fine, Graham put the chain on the door and pushed the latch across. Suddenly I realised I was in a locked hotel room in my underwear with my husband and a total stranger, a stranger 16 years my junior.

Andrejs looked confused as if needing an explanation…. my husband quickly provided it.

“Andrejs, I am offering you an opportunity to help me fulfill one of my beautiful wife’s fantasies, if you are up for it and find her attractive, I’m offering her to you …. you will be my anniversary gift to her..I want you to make love to her. I … I mean …. we, both want this more than anything, we really like you, she fancies you like mad and we would be honored to share this experience with you.”

He went on to say that he was totally straight so Andrejs need have no fears on that count but that as the evening progressed he hope Andrejs would let him join in.

At first Andrejs was in total shock, he explained that he had never done anything like this before and it was unexpected , he then told me how much he was attracted to me and how stunning I looked standing there in my underwear, he found older women very sexy and although he had never been with a woman of my age the idea was very erotic, no man could refuse such an offer.

Before I could even take in what was happening Graham had taken me by the hand and placed my hand in Andrejs ” Take her Andrejs ….. she’s yours….make her feel good”.

Andrejs took my hand and looked at me for reassurance, I smiled at him and he took me in his arms , we kissed softly at first but with growing intensity and passion, Graham just sat on the leather sofa looking on contented.

I began to unbutton his shirt and ran my hands over his chest, he was gorgeous, so fit and lean, a real hunk of a man, I kissed his chest as he ran his fingers through my hair pulling my head onto him. Before long his shirt was discarded and I was all over him, massaging, kissing, licking his nipples running my fingernails down his back. He was running his hands over my body too, over the silk basque, squeezing my ass, running his hands over my thighs. For ages we just kissed and explored while my husband looked on. This was exactly my fantasy, but this was no fantasy it was real and I was in heaven.

We broke off to take some drinks and while I sipped my drink Graham kneeled before me to unclasp the suspenders from my stockings and unfasten the clips of the basque. He then led me to the bedroom and sat me on the edge of the bed. With Andrejs watching he removed my heels and slowly peeled the stockings from my legs , he then beckoned Andrejs over and told him to remove my basque. Andrejs kissed me again and released the final few fastenings, slowly pulling off the basque to reveal my naked breasts.

Graham leaned across to kiss my right breast and began sucking on the nipple while Andrejs kissed my mouth again and fondled my left breast with his powerful hand, a strangers hand on my naked breast. My heart was pounding, it was so surreal, like a dream and I was overwhelmed with intense feelings of pleasure as they both simultaneously took their pleasure from my body.

Eventually Graham broke away from my nipple and left us alone again. Andrejs pulled me up off the bed and I stood before him in just my thong. We embraced once more and kissed, our hands roaming each others bodies. I kissed his young face, his neck, his shoulders and his chest. I dropped to my knees in front of him and began to unbuckle his belt I kept looking up at him and he just smiled back as I fumbled with the button and zipper of his trousers.

Finally I had the trousers undone and with my heart in my mouth, I hooked my fingers in the waistband pulling them down , making sure I took his boxers down with them, I came face to face with his cock….. it was beautiful, fully erect and so hard and thick , just inches from my face.

He stepped out of his trousers as I took his manhood in my hand and began to stroke it. It felt warm in my hand, I really couldn’t believe I was holding a strangers cock in front of my husband, it was just like a dream. I glanced across at my husband to see he also had undressed and was naked… twice the age of the man in front of me, the contrast quite noticeable.

Andrejs was playing with my hair as I stroked him, it felt so nice and natural. Finally I gently pulled back his foreskin, reached out with my tongue and ran it slowly around the swollen head of Andrejs beautiful cock, it tasted divine, he moaned for the the first time. He now had his hands either side of my head holding me firmly in position, I cupped his heavy balls and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I looked up at him signalling approval and he simply pulled my head onto him so that I was forced to take him in my mouth.

He now began thrusting in and out of my mouth . I sucked hard on his shaft as he did so, flicking my tongue around the tip , it felt amazing. Graham was suddenly kneeling behind me with his hands around me fondling my breasts and nipples as Andrejs continued to fuck my mouth.

Soon his moans were louder and more frequent, he warned me he was about to cum and tried to pull out, but I grabbed his ass tightly and pulled him deep into my mouth so that he knew I didn’t want him to withdraw. I felt him tense, his buttocks tightened beneath my soft hands and with my husband holding my breasts and pinching my nipples, Andrejs exploded in my mouth shooting his cum straight down my throat.

He held my head firmly while I swallowed and until his orgasm subsided, I sucked the remaining drops from him before he slipped out of my mouth. I wiped my mouth of Andrejs cum and Graham let me go and led me to the bed, he tenderly lay me down.

Andrejs looked me laying there and mouthed the words “Thank You” before leaning forwards over me , he hooked his fingers in the waistband of my thong pulling it off in one swift movement.

He began kissing and sucking my toes and I just lay back eyes closed to enjoy the sensations he was providing for me. Graham sat alongside me holding my hand and caressing my face and hair as Andrejs kissed and licked his way up my legs.

I parted my legs to give him better access to my inner thighs and to my pussy. Soon I felt his warm breath on my pussy and I gasped, My husband kissed my mouth and I was conscious he may even taste the remnants of Andrejs climax on my lips and tongue but he didn’t seem concerned.

Suddenly I felt the tip of Andrejs tongue on my labia and he began to massage them with his tongue, from top to bottom, side to side and expertly circling my clitoris. I moved with him moaning with pleasure. He was licking harder and faster from my clit to my anus. The feelings were intense.

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