anne hathaway

Thanks to all those who read, voted and commented on the “Superbabes” trilogy. As a reward, this is a bonus final chapter that is perhaps the most graphic, action packed story I’ve ever done on here – and hopefully it’ll stay up for more than two days on the front page.

April 2012

I brought as many drinks as I could up to my hotel room. Maybe if I drank enough, I’d be too hung over to work tomorrow.

Others could call me an idiot for wanting to avoid work, since it’d put me in the same room with Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson AND Anne Hathaway. But others never had sex with all of them last year, so who were they to challenge me?

“The Avengers,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” would all be out soon – a year after I fucked all their leading ladies. So my bosses on the print magazine side of the business figured getting all their superheroines in the same room would be a killer summer preview story. And since I already talked to them all, it gave my superiors the inside track to make the deal with them.

Tomorrow after they did a photo shoot, I had to do the print interview with them – with all the superwomen actresses I’d seen naked. If they figured out I’d done all of them, who knows what awkward, possibly job endangering things would happen? Or what if they already talked today and found out everything, and they were plotting revenge tomorrow? Or some other nightmare scenario likely a year overdue?

So that’s where all the booze would help me prepare – and possibly give me a way out. A good two straight hours of drinking could make me black out just long enough. However, I didn’t start testing that fast enough, due to a knock on the door.

“Coming!” I had no choice but to say. I was at a loss to who it was – maybe it was my editors coming by for last minute advice. Maybe it was company lawyers coming to advise me.

But I opened the door before I could correctly guess it was Emma Stone. Fortunately, I avoided falling on the floor and having a heart attack from my shock.

“Nice to see you, too,” Emma said, completely cool. At least one of us was. I got enough cool back to close the door behind us and pour her a drink. I wasn’t in short supply, and I’d probably down it all once she left anyway.

Once I got her drink over and she took a sip, I opened with, “Did they make you think we needed to do a pre-interview? It’s not really necessary.”

“I know, I just wanted to drop by. We might not be able to talk much off the record tomorrow, so I thought we’d fit it in now,” Emma explained. Funny how she thought we needed to fit it in – but I wasn’t going to say that out loud. Or bring up that term, either.

“How did you find-” I asked before stopping myself. Of course she could find where I was staying at, since she was famous and all. “Okay, next question.”

“Ah, I see you’ve changed your interview style. Glad I know what I’m in for now,” Emma quipped.

“You’ve made a few changes too. You even went red again for a while before blonde came back,” I noted, gazing at Emma’s latest blonde look. “And rumors are you landed Spider-Man on and off set. So congrats on getting into that web,” I praised. I figured by referencing the rumors about Emma and Andrew Garfield, both of us would remember not to do anything….funny.

“Well, they’re just rumors right now,” Emma shot down. “I can’t really say anything official until the movie’s closer to coming out. You know studios,” which I did.

“Right. As if there won’t be enough hype to build up by then,” I joked.

“We’re the bastard reboot middle child between Avengers and Dark Knight. So we’ll need all the hype we can get,” she predicted, which I believed as well. “But we’ll exhaust ourselves in about two months trying to build it up. So between that, my other movie shoots and these interviews, I’m taking advantage of every night off I can get.”

“And you wanted to take off with me?” I made sure, trying to ignore the phrase ‘take off’ in any other context.

“Sure. Catching up with you sounded like fun. And that’s before I saw your whole brewery over there,” she pointed at all my liquor bottles. “Seem like you haven’t hired a bartender yet, so you’ll have to pour the next round.”

“Darn, if only my job interviews were one day shorter!” I pretended to rue before pouring another round. I thought of a few possible ways this could go – and then had to think of ways to avoid them. If she was sticking around all this alcohol and me, there were more than a few risks I had to nip in the bud.

“Um, I actually think this should be our last round. Or one of them,” I offered. “I don’t want to drink all this at once, even with your help.” And if anything ‘happened’ if we tried, I at least wanted to remember what got me fired – or killed by Sony and Marvel. “So no getting completely drunk, ok?”

“All right, that’s cool,” Emma agreed, then took her glass, toasted me and downed her shot while I downed mine. “I only needed a little of this stuff anyway.”

“That’s very moderate of you,” I noted, relieved again at how level headed Emma was, compared to other young peers.

“I mean, come on. I still play 16 and 17 year olds, but I’m not 16 or 17. I know what can happen when you’ve had too much with someone in a hotel room,” she cut to the point.

“Yes. Some of my peers make a living off the results,” I joked.

“Yep, but I don’t think they’re here now,” Emma predicted. “And in any case….I wanted to be mostly sober for this anyway.”

And this involved going over and kissing me, apparently. I gave myself just a second to savor it again, before pulling away and using my senses again.

“Wait a minute, what about….those rumors?” I tried to subtly remind Emma.

“Like I said, I don’t have to confirm or deny or worry about them until the press junkets.” She didn’t say those words exactly before, but the meaning was clear.

“Even so, wasn’t tomorrow going to be weird enough?” I found another excuse.

“Only because we hadn’t seen each other for so long. Once we see each other more tonight, it’ll be less of a big deal tomorrow,” Emma reasoned. There had to be some holes in that argument somewhere.

Instead of stating one, I asked, “Are you absolutely sure?” as my resistance wavered. Especially when Emma stood right in front of me, allowing me time to eye her grey light shirt and figure-hugging jeans. She then played particularly dirty by putting her lips up to my ear.

“After all those nights fucking myself good from how you fucked me good? Yeah, kinda,” she whispered in that irresistible voice of hers. And after she kissed my earlobe, she had to pull back and give me one of her fucking irresistible smirks, with those beyond irresistible eyes looking up to go with it. So that made me sure pretty quick.

We just used our lips to start off, but after my hands started touching her, I let my tongue play along as well. After our tongues explored each other’s mouths, I let us fall to the bed and laid on top of her. Then I realized just how unprecedented this was, informing Emma, “This is much easier with a bed.”

I stopped myself before revealing this was the first time I used a bed with any actress, not just Emma. But by remembering the others, I briefly feared if I did this again with Emma, only to have her find out about Scarlett and Anne tomorrow, it would destroy me a couple times over.

Yet I usually stopped worrying by the time I got to this point with an actress. And with Emma lying in bed below me and looking extra tempting, I decided this wouldn’t be a bad last hurrah.

It really made a world of difference to kiss her on a bed – and to do this without a fucking movie crew right outside. In here and in private, I could comfortably do anything I wanted to her. Like kiss across her cheek and start nibbling her earlobe like she did to me, while placing my hand on her left cheek and my thumb on her lips. As I felt their silky texture, I was encouraged to nibble and suckle harder – especially when Emma suckled my thumb into her mouth.

She did risk looking babyish with that move, so I chose to see it as her treating my thumb like my cock. She licked it as such and gazed at me just like she did when she sucked my cock last year – which made my cock more eager to reunite with her.

When my thumb left her mouth, she stuck her tongue out and batted it anyway. After doing that a few more times, Emma actually laughed and I couldn’t help but join in. Once we finished, we were on our sides and I placed my hand on her jean covered leg, then slid it over the curve of her hip.

Emma gave a low moan, which encouraged me to slide my hand onto her ass and move in for another kiss. I didn’t take long this time, as I quickly went down to her neck and exposed upper chest. In the process, I rolled onto my back and got Emma on top of me, before I put both my hands on her ass and grinded our jean-clad groins together.

It didn’t take long for Emma to dry-hump me pretty deeply. The friction reached unbearable status once my lips got to her clothed nipple. Then a knock on the door stopped me from going further.

I stayed quiet, hoping whoever it was would go away. But another series of knocks followed, and then another one followed. By the time this jackass knocked a fourth time, I groaned as angry and as quietly as I could. I had to keep quiet and tell Emma, “Not one sound, okay?” then gently set her on her back.

I got back on my feet, made sure Emma was perfectly still, and headed to the door to make this son of a bitch go away.

This became harder when I opened up and saw the son of a bitch was Scarlett Johansson.

This time I did almost fall flat on my ass in shock. But I got myself steady as Scarlett commented, “Nice to see you again, too.” The déjà vu threw me off for an extra second before I was somewhat ready to talk.

“We don’t need to do a pre-interview, if that’s why you’re here,” I opened, figuring that worked well enough before.

“I know. I was just in the neighborhood. After I heard you were in this neighborhood,” Scarlett stated. Hmm, where exactly did she hear this and how? But when Scarlett saw into my room and noticed my liquor bottles, I stopped trying to solve any mysteries. “Oh, do you mind?” she asked while pointing inside.

“Yes! I mean…..” but I couldn’t find a way to soften that up. In any case, she got by me and went in while I was busy trying. By the time I caught up to Scarlett, she had already seen the bed – yet her surprise at seeing it was only equal to mine.

Not only had Emma moved while I was distracted, she had removed her shirt and her jeans, leaving her in just a red bra and panties. And so this was how either my career, my life or both would end a day earlier than I expected. The fates couldn’t even let me have one final interview tomorrow, apparently.

Yet instead of Scarlett laying into me, she attacked Emma by saying, “Jesus, I thought we settled this! You weren’t supposed to be that naked until I got here!”

“Technically, I stripped down after he opened the door, so you were here,” Emma responded and went way over my head.

“How do I know that? How excited did you get him, really? I wanted to draw it out when I got here, but if he’s gonna go off in a second because of you….” Scarlett kept shocking me.

“All I did was dry hump him, I didn’t even touch his cock yet! You still have dibs on that, okay? You shouldn’t, because I have seniority over you when it comes to him,” Emma pouted.

“But my movie’s opening first, we have the great reviews already, and I organized this whole thing! So I got the seniority thing covered, thanks,” Scarlett bragged.

“Save the energy, you’ll need it in more ways than one, okay?” Emma challenged, which finally made me speak up.

“Why is that? For that matter, what the holy hell is going on?!” I let out. “I thought I knew when it was just Emma, but now?!”

“Great, you got his cock so worked up, he still can’t figure it out,” Scarlett accused Emma.

“That’s only part of the reason!” I defended, though I did have to adjust my jeans and stop glancing at Emma. Once I handled that, I refocused myself to start thinking, and soon figured out something obvious. “Okay…’d you find out that I fucked you both?” I conceded.

Scarlett answered. “Anne was the first to bring you up, actually. Not that you fucked her, but after a while, we figured that out too.”

“Fuck, her too?” I panicked, then wondered, “Wait? Where’s she?”

“You still don’t know if she’s coming?” Emma addressed Scarlett.

“I don’t know, you heard her! Now that she has a boyfriend and she’s gonna be Oscar-baiting soon, she’s still waffling. But I’m okay with forgetting about my guy for a few hours! And you’re fucking around on Spider-Man and I clearly don’t see you shaking!” Scarlett gestured to Emma’s nearly naked form.

“She doesn’t have to address them until the press junkets!” I explained. “There, I cleared something up for you, now it’s your turn!” I insisted.

“I thought it was pretty clear by now. We found out you fucked all of us, we got into remembering how hot it was, and now we all want another shot. Well, I know me and Emma did,” Scarlett noted. I was a little disappointed that Anne wasn’t as eager to see me again – not like this, anyway – but Scarlett and Emma still made it a hot two out of three.

“Okay, that’s one thing cleared up. Now about you organizing this whole thing?” I asked Scarlett.

“Well after we figured out everything, I figured out you did more to me than anyone,” Scarlett reminded me. “You didn’t sixty-nine them, or eat or fuck anyone else’s ass. Unless Emma and Anne were hiding things from me.”

“No, they’re pretty honest people,” I assure.

“Good. So since I got more done with you and I ‘inspired’ you the most, I got to plan out this little reunion. Of course, since Emma went first with you, I had to let her go first tonight to warm you up. Hopefully she didn’t do too good a job,” Scarlett wondered.

“She was getting pretty good before you interrupted us,” I revealed, now starting to realize what I was in for. As such, I could more openly check out Scarlett again, who was in tight jeans and a light shirt of her own instead of the Black Widow catsuit. But she was also a blonde again, which made it even more mouthwatering to have her alongside the blonde Emma.

“I guess I do owe you two,” Scarlett conceded. “Fine, your cock’s had enough time to cool off, anyway. You can warm it up a little again,” she promised, drawing my attention to Emma in bed again.

“I’d do what she says. She isn’t just hardcore on screen, you know,” Emma playfully warned me. No, she wasn’t – but it seemed I’d get more concrete proof soon enough. For now, I could stand to get back in the act with Emma before taking on Scarlett again.

I sat down and glanced over at Scarlett, yet Emma got my attention again by pulling my shirt up and giving my nipples a quick peck. That made me take the rest of my shirt off and press Emma right against my bare chest. Our skin and our lips collided together again, as we laid back onto the bed on our sides.

I let my fingers trail down Emma’s stomach to the front of her panties, and briefly started rubbing. Emma moaned in my mouth, although I also heard noise in the background as well. Scarlett was clearly doing something behind our backs, yet Emma’s tongue, noises and the wetness through her panties distracted me from listening closer. In fact, it also showed how overdressed I still was.

So I took my hands off Emma to unbuckle and slide off my belt. With that out of the way, I got my pants down to my ankles before going back to work on her. But before I could trail my lips down to her chest, I was pulled to the other side of the bed – with the culprit being a fully naked Scarlett.

She had removed all her clothes while Emma distracted me, and now she was thoroughly distracting me even more. In fact, after my work on Emma’s petite, perky body, Scarlett’s voluptuous, busty form was even more vivid now. So were those full, unforgettable lips of her once I saw them smirk at me.

I leaned over to kiss them again, and Scarlett wasted no time attacking my own lips and tongue. It got more heated once her tits pressed into me and I all but grabbed her newly blonde hair. For several moments, I forgot Emma was even in the room, until I felt my pants being pulled down the rest of the way.

Once I was left in only my underwear, I let Scarlett roll on top of me and finally saw Emma lie on the bed next to me. Not wanting to forget about her anymore, I reached over and fondled her still bra-covered chest while making out with Scarlett. Yet I didn’t let my free left hand grab Scarlett’s much bigger tits, as I figured just playing with Emma’s would make her feel special in this sudden threesome. And it seemed I’d have time for Scarlett’s amazing rack later anyway.

Scarlett responded by rubbing her boobs even harder into my chest. Yet I kept groping Emma as best I could and glided my other hand to Scarlett’s ass. Finally Scarlett broke from me, gazed at what I was doing to Emma, and shrugged, “Okay, then.”

She climbed off me and the bed, then laid back down next to Emma on her right side. I was on her left squeezing her boobs – and then Scarlett joined in by suckling her left nipple through her bra.

“Hey wait, what the hell?!” Emma gasped when Scarlett released her boob. “We didn’t talk about doing…..any of that! I came for him!”

“And you can cum for me, too,” Scarlett punned. “Come on, you really didn’t think there’d be any of that?”

“I….didn’t think you were into that. I’m not too sure I am, either,” Emma said a bit nervously. Admittedly, it was something to see this cool-beyond-her-years woman get shaken up a bit. Since Scarlett was the ringleader of this operation, perhaps she intimidated her.

With that attitude and body, she would intimidate anyone for various reasons – but I hoped it wasn’t in a way that made Emma feel inadequate. I thought rubbing her boobs and not Scarlett’s would have helped with that.

“Well, we’re not letting tonight change anything, remember? We’ll be back with our regular guys tomorrow, and we’ll be totally straight again then too. But since nothing we do tonight will change that stuff….there’s no harm in any other dabbling, is there?” Scarlett made her point.

Emma still looked uncertain, so I reached over to finally unhook that bra. Yet she finished the job for me and got her breasts free at last. Scarlett went back to suckle her left boob again, and Emma clearly felt a difference without a bra in the way. “Those lips are pretty spectacular, aren’t they?” I asked Emma as Scarlett’s lips glided across her nipple.

Emma eventually nodded yes, but she still needed some help surrendering. I did my part by bending down to suckle her right tit. With both her breasts being suckled and nibbled on, Emma looked down and the sights and sensations melted her reluctance away. Before long, she put her hands on the back of both our heads and arched her chest up.

Her boobs clearly hadn’t gotten this kind of attention before, even by just one man. As such, Emma was really getting swept away, as her moans got longer and hotter. But Scarlett broke away from her tit and kissed down to her tummy, while I balanced it out by kissing up to her neck. With her upper and lower body parts being kissed, Emma squeezed her thighs together in pleasure, especially when Scarlett brushed her finger across her panties.

But once Scarlett took her panties down and left Emma completely naked, her attention went back to me. She backed me up to the middle of the bed and made sure we were lying next to each other. With Scarlett on the bed kneeling in front of both of us, she bent down to lick Emma’s pussy twice, then left her tongue hanging out until it licked up my erect cock next.

“Mmm, you and her taste so good together,” Scarlett praised in her huskiest tone. To prove it some more, she suddenly slid two fingers into Emma, which made her cries even huskier. After several seconds, Scarlett pulled her fingers out, wiped them and Emma’s juices onto my cock, and started sucking it down in earnest.

With her sexy lips back on my shaft, and with the knowledge she tasted Emma on my cock too, I took a while to get back under control. But I breathed normally again by the time she got off me, although it got hard again when Scarlett licked down to my balls. Her tongue batted them around for a while, then she briefly sucked them one at a time before sucking my cock head for another second. At that point, she rubbed my head over her juicy lips for some time, then kissed it before going back to Emma.

Scarlett dived her mouth right into Emma’s pussy, then muttered into it, “I can taste him and you right here.” And that’s just what she did, as Emma’s moans and facial expressions showed how thoroughly she was tasting us. Yet Scarlett let her hanging a while later and went back to sucking me off.

Despite Scarlett’s cock sucking brilliance, I still didn’t want to neglect Emma. Although my finger wasn’t Scarlett’s talented mouth, I still tried to replace it by letting my middle finger brush her pussy lips. She looked impatient for me to do more, so I slid it in and went to work.

“Yeah, there you go….fuck me better than Scarlett’s tongue. Don’t make me totally regret liking men,” Emma pleaded, still joking even now – or so it seemed. In any case, I did what she said and finger fucked her the best I could. This seemed to make Scarlett suck me down even harder, so I stopped fucking Emma and rose my hips up to fuck Scarlett’s mouth for a while.

I stopped to remove my middle finger from Emma and let my index finger take over. But after several seconds, my finger froze and my cock went back to fucking Scarlett. I spent the next minute going back and forth between fucking them, until Emma took over and fucked herself on my finger while I fucked Scarlett’s mouth harder.

I had my left hand on Scarlett’s head to force her down my thrusting cock, but she didn’t seem to mind. Likewise, Emma looked pretty pleased as she pleased herself with my right index finger. Yet she stopped and took my hand off her, only to suckle her own juices off my finger. “I guess I gotta get used to this taste tonight, right? Might as well start with mine,” Emma explained before sucking again.

I was too distracted to fuck Scarlett’s lips, and even she stopped a bit to notice Emma’s suckling. I went back and forth between seeing both of them suck on me and look at me. As if she was reading my mind, Scarlett popped off me and offered, “You know, he has something bigger and yummier to suck on. I can make room if you want.”

Emma took the offer and went over to sit next to Scarlett, and in front of my cock. Scarlett held my shaft and pointed it at Emma’s mouth, which then promptly went onto me. She sucked my dick even harder than she sucked on my finger – and then Scarlett stopped stroking the bottom of my cock and started licking it.

When Emma got off, Scarlett took over blowing me again, but soon Emma got it right back. I struggled to keep my cool, as these two gorgeous blondes worked me over with their silky lips, and remembered to look up at me with their stunning eyes. They did so as they kissed each side of my shaft, then went up to my head – which was the only thing separating their lips.

As if this couldn’t be more out of Penthouse, or an overly detailed fanfic, Scarlett pushed my cock away and captured Emma’s lips with hers. Now that her reluctance for girl/girl action had faded, Emma just let Scarlett kiss her and joined in soon enough. Scarlett attacked her mouth even harder and stroked Emma’s hair, then let Emma grab her face and take command for a while. In the meantime, she jacked me off and made this even more vivid for me to watch.

When they finally parted, Scarlett informed Emma, “I guess you’ll want this to wash it out, then,” and fed her my cock again. She suckled and licked me, then went back to kiss Scarlett and taste both her and me on her lips this time.

“If you still wanna taste me, you’re running out of time till I go off. Especially with that going on, “I warned.

“Fine. But one of you has to touch me too,” Scarlett ordered. She got Emma out of the way, crawled over to me, then got herself into a sixty-nine position with me again. Her ass hovered over my face while her head approached my cock again, although it was harder to see it now.

I did hear Scarlett say, “No no, I get to set this off first. I said one of you has to touch me. Or both, I don’t care.” I supposed I had to be the first one, so I grabbed her hips and ate her out once more as she resumed sucking my dick. Eventually, I looked over and saw Emma lying besides me, unsure how to help me.

I eased her into it by fingering Scarlett, collecting juices on my fingers and offering them to Emma. Like before, she orally pleasured my finger while Scarlett kept up her oral work on my erection. This time when Emma stopped, she could lean into Scarlett’s behind and lick her pussy with me.

My tongue soon joined in, licking the left of Scarlett’s opening while Emma licked the right. And like when they were blowing me, our lips weren’t far apart when we blew Scarlett. And like Emma did with Scarlett, she kissed me and tasted us both at the same time.

But Scarlett moaned extra hard on my cock and shoved it down deeper until I licked her again. I vigorously ate her and began to tongue fuck her mouth again, as flashbacks of our last sixty-nine ran through me. Yet back then, I used another hole of hers in the process.

History repeated itself as I licked back up to rim Scarlett’s asshole. However, new history was made when I let Emma put her head under me and try to lick her pussy too. Although it was somewhat difficult, we each managed to lick one of Scarlett’s holes simultaneously. This in turn made Scarlett lick me even more thoroughly.

Time was running out, so I slipped a finger inside Scarlett to make it wet, so it could then easily slip into her ass. Emma got the idea and inserted a finger into her pussy next, as Scarlett was now being finger fucked in both holes.

To send her over the edge further, I fucked her mouth even harder and faster as well, and I even saw Emma fingering herself with her free hand. Somehow, I hadn’t gone off quite yet, but as we all fucked and blew each other, I knew I wouldn’t be that lucky for long.

Indeed, once I felt Scarlett grab my nutsack and lather my balls with her tongue, I knew I was done. “Fuck, fuck, I’m cumming!!” I warned, just as Scarlett took me back in her mouth and started swallowing.

Scarlett’s mouth sucked up all my cum as she thrusted against me and Emma’s fingers. Just as I finished going off, Scarlett got started, as me and Emma took our fingers out and I started licking her release up. Emma watched me for a while, then joined in to get the rest. But she was still fucking herself, so she was the last to go, even though she had been fondled longer than Scarlett.

Eventually, Scarlett took my cock out of her, rolled off me and turned back to kneel in front of Emma. I noticed her mouth was a little puffy, then saw why as she opened her mouth to reveal my cum still sloshing inside. She then took Emma’s head and kissed her, and she froze up as Scarlett obviously slipped some of my cum into her mouth.

But after tasting Scarlett’s cum, tasting mine – albeit in an unconventional way – went down easier as Emma started getting into it. In addition, she was fucking herself even faster now, as tasting everyone else’s cum made her eager to release hers.

When she finally did, Scarlett released Emma and let her lie back down, then bent over to lick her juices up. What she didn’t eat, she collected on her fingers before putting it into my mouth for me. But ultimately, we were all filled up and soon let ourselves relax.

“Fucking mother of God,” Emma let out, and neither me nor Scarlett could top her – or had the energy too. I hadn’t even actually fucked any of them yet, and they’d all but worn me out. Even if I got the strength back, how would the three of us top that?

I was so busy trying to get my head on straight, I didn’t pay mind to another knock on the door. And I didn’t do anything when Scarlett left to answer it – to answer the door naked for someone I didn’t know. By the time it actually did get through, I heard Scarlett call out, “Well, look who finally paid us a visit!”

I put my hands over myself just before Anne Hathaway saw all of me. But of course, she’d already seen me naked, Emma wasn’t covering herself, and Scarlett certainly wasn’t shy. Anne was the only one with clothes on, although perhaps that wouldn’t last for much longer. Then again, they did make it look like she wasn’t coming before.

“So, you caved in after all,” Emma noted. “You’re lucky you got here when you did.”

“I can see that,” Anne said as she looked a bit shyly at us. She wasn’t acting like the take charge, sexpot Catwoman she was dying to be for me last year. Perhaps her frustrations just boiled over for a day, and I was there on the right day.

She had clearly changed in other ways, since most of her luxurious hair was cut off thanks to the upcoming “Les Miserables.” Anne’s hairstyle looked more like a tomboy’s, and I didn’t know if that would affect anything in bed. Assuming she was even joining us.

“Are you just here to wish us luck? Or did you actually decide to save the best for last? At least that’ll be the case once this summer,” Scarlett took a dig at Anne and “Dark Knight Rises” all at once.

“Come on, you can’t hold this against me! If I hadn’t said anything about him, you wouldn’t have figured out I fucked him, and then none of you would be here! From the looks of you guys, you’re pretty happy to be here already,” Anne nailed.

“Then why wait until now to get another shot at him?” Scarlett zeroed in.

“Look, I didn’t start off today with plans for a four way! Or to find out about you two nailing him before I did!” Anne informed. “Sure, thinking about seeing him again put…..thoughts in my head. But they were just supposed to be thoughts. I have someone regular now, and so do the rest of you. And the three of us are supposed to rule this summer! Well, we’d rule it in quite a different way if we got caught.”

“I’m the only one who’s got a famous somebody, so I’d get in more trouble than you two!” Emma illuminated. “But I’m here now! Sure, I wouldn’t get trashed like….I don’t know, Kristen Stewart would for screwing over R-Patz! Hell, maybe Spider-Man would actually beat you two with that extra publicity!” she pointed at Scarlett and Anne. “But either way, I’m here taking the risk and my pussy is plenty grateful already! How about yours, Catwoman?”

“Well, I was telling myself stuff like that before I came down here,” Anne admitted, then reached into the purse she had over her shoulder. “And when I brought this along too.”

We could see why, once we saw she had brought a strap on dildo to the party. After what Scarlett and Emma had been doing, it made a crazy amount of sense.

“Oh, hell yeah! I knew I forgot something, but you bailed me out!” Scarlett cheered, then high fived Anne’s free hand. “If you’re in, that’s going in you for sure!”

“Well, it’s not entirely my call,” Anne reminded, as she went over to me and I finally remembered to stop covering myself. “Hi, by the way,” she greeted me.

“Hi. You look….different,” was all I had, but Anne didn’t look offended by my hair joke.

“Is that going to be a problem?” Anne checked, and I did have to think it over for a millisecond.

“This whole thing technically started when Emma changed her hair. But she overcame that, and Scarlett overcame being a redhead too,” I remembered. “You’re the last one of them I was with. So I have a fresh memory of the things you’d do to….overcome. And you clearly have a few new tricks too,” I nodded to the strap on.

“You sound confident. I wasn’t at first, but now that I’m here….” Anne left hanging, then spoke a little lower. “I’m just in time, because there’s a storm coming.”

I chuckled at how she was about to spoof her “Dark Knight” trailer line, then shuddered when she leaned into my ear and held my hardening cock. “You’d better batten down the hatches, because when it hits….you’re gonna wonder how you ever thought you could fuck me so hard, and have any cum left for the rest of them.”

Although I still wanted Scarlett and Emma to get more cum, Anne could have taken it all then and I wouldn’t have minded. In fact, I was getting hard enough for her to take some right now. But then I felt Anne’s hand come off my cock, only to have something warmer smother it.

While I had been entranced by Anne, Scarlett had come over and placed my dick in between her huge tits – the one thing I forgot to do last time. “Hey, I thought he needed more help warming up. But if he doesn’t….” she teased.

“No, no, you can never get too much help!” I insisted vigorously. Fortunately it worked, as Scarlett went back to fucking me with her perfect chest.

“Good, because I’m mostly doing this for Emma. She went first with you before, so you have to fuck her first now. Or so she told me. But this should motivate you to save enough for me. And Anne, I guess,” Scarlett reminded.

“I….I can try,” I got out. I saw Emma get back on the bed and watch the show, then I turned back to Anne. “If I see too much of that, I’ll lose it,” I pointed at my cock disappearing between those amazing boobs. “I’ll need something else to distract me.”

Kissing Anne Hathaway while getting a tit job from Scarlett Johansson should have made me more likely to pop. But Anne bought the set up as I eased her into the group by making out with her. Sadly, I couldn’t run my hand through any long, soft hair of hers – so she had better win that Oscar for “Les Miserables” next year for that. But I could still run my hand down her body and touch her still intact boobs and hips.

I laid back down as Anne came down with me and I felt Scarlett’s boobs pumping away. Once I broke from Anne and saw Scarlett’s special skill, I just had to fuck those tits myself for a while. After several thrusts, I figured I should get Emma back into it before I did go off. “Okay, I think it’s all set for you now,” I informed Emma.

Scarlett reluctantly took her tits off me, letting me climb back on top of Emma. With my shaft fully hard again, and with a couple of tweaks to Emma’s pussy, I had no trouble sliding in and penetrating someone for the first time tonight. It didn’t take me long to get my entire cock in, causing us both to moan in relief. “Oh, I was waiting for that,” I confessed.

“We got you so pumped up, you might have fucked Andrew and said the same thing. Hey, if I could do that to Scarlett,” Emma jabbed.

“Leaving that aside, I was waiting to fuck you regardless,” I admitted. “It started with you and you set the bar, so I’m glad I’m fitting this in. Pun kind of intended.” In case the joke wasn’t enough, I added a good thrust or two.

“It’s a good, hard fit for me too,” Emma praised. That was good enough for me, so I stopped talking, used my mouth to kiss her and fit her some more.

It started off nice and slow, making it somewhat easy to forget there were two other women with us. This was the kind of slow, intimate fucking that was hard to do on a movie set. But after indulging that for a few moments, I started slamming into her harder. In turn, she tightened her legs around me and threw her head back, groaning in that sultry tone of hers.

But with Emma’s lips free, Scarlett took advantage. I saw her kneeling next to us, putting Anne’s strap on around her waist and aiming it for Emma’s mouth. “Come on, I owe you for my cock hogging,” she reasoned. I exchanged a little shrug with Emma, and she went on to lean over and take the fake cock’s tip in her mouth.

Seeing Emma blow a fake dick was nothing compared to her sucking my real one and watching me squirm. But seeing it while I was fucking her was a nice consolation. I saw her face focus up in that sexy way it did while blowing me – only this time from another angle while I was fucking her, and while she was blowing one of the biggest bombshells in the business. That got me to fuck her a little harder as a thank you.

“Mmm, fuck that’s good. Not as good as other cocks, but I can take it,” Emma assured while grinding back against me. I helped her take it even deeper while her mouth went further down Scarlett’s plastic erection. But then I realized I had a lot more things to do, and not much time to do them in.

“Get on your hands and knees, Emma. Scarlett, stay where you are,” I suggested. I had time to fuck each actress in two or three positions, I hoped, so this would be my second and last with Emma.

It ended up looking pretty hot, as she got on all fours and let me fuck her from behind, while she resumed sucking Scarlett’s temporary cock. Soon enough, me and Scarlett fucked both her holes in quick, hard fashion all at once.

“There we go. I’m fucking your mouth like he fucked mine. But you don’t get any cum for it, you naughty girl,” Scarlett teased. Going along with the naughty line, I jiggled around Emma’s ass cheeks and gave the right a light slap. Before I could worry about her taking it the wrong way, she arched her ass up higher and fucked herself harder on my cock, as Scarlett slammed hers deeper into Emma’s mouth.

While Emma was getting fucked from both sides and I was enjoying the view, I almost forgot about Anne. But when I felt a warm hand cup my balls from behind, I got an idea of where she was. Annie jiggled my balls as they slammed against Emma’s backside, and when she pressed her body onto mine, I felt no clothes in the way.

The now naked Anne kissed my neck and held onto my hips, then helped them slam into Emma even harder. She all but gagged onto Anne’s strap on as a result, which got me to suggest, “All right, I think we can give her a break.”

“I’m not done yet, so you can do whatever you want,” Scarlett shot back.

“Like fuck you with a real cock since it’s your turn? But if you’d rather let a fake cock get in the way?” I turned the tables on her.

“All right, Emma, take five and figure out how to thank him later,” Scarlett allowed, taking the strap on off her and out of Emma. I went on to take my real cock out of her, then sat up against the headboard and waited for Scarlett to arrive. My erection was raging, but Emma didn’t bring it to the brink yet – though Scarlett probably would.

I leaned back as Scarlett climbed onto my lap and easily went down my cock. Soon after she started riding me, I went right for her tits and took her supple left mound in my mouth. I didn’t do nearly enough of this last time, so I buried myself in her chest for all it was worth – a considerable amount.

Scarlett’s own husky voice rang out as I bit down on her nipples and fucked her. My arms went onto the rest of her stunning body and rubbed as much skin as possible. She quickly took her arm, wrapped it around my head and shoved her cleavage against it, riding me harder while doing so.

If I wasn’t careful, I could go way too quickly before I even got to Anne. I looked around for her, then noticed the strap on laying nearby. I took it and signaled for Anne to come over, and when she did, I offered her the fake cock to suck on. It was likely covered in Emma’s saliva, yet Anne took the shaft into her mouth anyway.

When it was wet enough, I took it back and teased the fake tip against Anne’s real pussy while trying to fuck Scarlett’s. “Mmm hmm, that’s your baby. Fuck yourself good with it, like you do when you think about him,” Scarlett egged on – whether she used the truth or not. Yet Anne did take her advice and slowly inserted the shaft inside her.

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