A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

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I know as I come back into my body that Rachel is about to leave this earth. My body floats back and I am in darkness.

When I awaken, I am in a room. Turning my head, I see Brian in a chair asleep.

“Rachel’s dying. You and Anna should go and say goodbye. I will be there as soon as they let me out of here. “

Brian who is now awake comes to me and sits on the bed. I repeat myself. Anna enters the room and sees that I am awake. She rushes to my side and kisses me. I tell her the same thing. Both she and Brian look at each other as Anna says to me, “How did you know, I just received a phone call.”

I smile and say, “I saw her. She looked beautiful. She told me to return. Please go. I will be fine. I want to see my daughters. Please go to Rachel and tell her I will be there in a day or so and to hold on just a little while longer. I will take care of Skip for her. All this talking has made me exhausted and I close my eyes.

Anna rings for the nurse who comes in and then shoos them out. Brian and Anna hold hands as they walk to the nursery to see the babies, then leave to say goodbye to Rachel.

It is two more days before I am released from the hospital. I greet the new nanny whose name is Sandra and leave her with the babies. I have to see Rachel.

I say my goodbyes and talk to Skip. I know he is ready and he goes in the bedroom. He releases her from this earth and as her family and her friends surround her bed, Rachel opens her eyes, tells Skip she loves him, closes her eyes and is gone.

I comfort Marion and Ilich. Marion especially is feeling pain I hope never to feel, the death of a child. Dr. Heart gives her a shot and she lies down. Abigail looks pale. She is just barely hanging on, but she takes her father’s hand as he weeps. She and I exchange a look and her look says I will be fine.

I don’t have enough breast milk so the babies are given formula. I will be with them later, but I know they are safe. Right now I need to help Skip and in some ways his father Dominic. I am sure this is bringing back all types of memories for him. Dominic is holding his son’s hand tightly. He is trying very hard not to cry. Marlene has her hand on her husband’s shoulder.

Her tears are flowing freely, silently. She wipes her face with her free hand. I hug her tightly and she hugs me. “I loved her. We did so much together. I will miss her.”

Dominic stands and so does Skip. We all hug. We all cry. Marion gets up and joins us. Soon Anna, Brian and even the Doctor join us. We stand in a circle with Skip, Marion, Ilich and Abigail in the middle and we cry…

Rachel is buried the next day. Her memorial service is held a week later, per her request at her favorite restaurant. All of her friends and family are there. We drink to her, we toast to her, we tell stories about her. Abigail stands next to Skip waiting on him, taking care of him. I see the sadness in both their eyes, but also see there is hope and the beginnings of love. It will take time, but they will heal.

Daniel arrives at the service to my surprise and delight. He looks healthy. He greets Skip and together they cry over lost loves. He hugs Anna and shakes hands with Brian. When he sees me, he comes over and kisses my cheek. I invite him to come to the house, but he says he cannot. He doesn’t want to see the house next door where he was abused. He still cannot face it. He will be leaving after the service back to continue his recovery. I curse Minerva.

Skip is my main concern, but I learn soon that I need not worry. Dominic reveals to me that Skip liberates himself by taking all his grief out on Abigail who accepts it willingly as Rachel knew she would. This was what they both needed. Abigail felt guilty because she was going to live and she wanted the pain. Skip needed to let go of his anger and hurt. However, as he had been taught by his father, and me he didn’t let the anger consume him and he didn’t hurt Abigail beyond her endurance.

Dominic helped him for a while. Marlene and Anna helped Abigail. I stayed neutral except when either of them came to me. Skip came just once to ask me about how long he could keep Abigail in a cage before he should let her out. It was a punishment and I shared information with him.

Abigail came twice. She wanted Skip to spank her harder and she wanted him to suspend her. I told her to go to Skip and tell him for the first one and to Dominic who knew more about suspension than I did for the latter.

My two girls are named Rachel Shirley (after my mother) Stone and Renee (after Brian’s mother) Anna Stone. Anna was excited and delighted. Little Stephen at age two was taught to gently kiss his little sisters. He helped by bringing in the diapers. On Sunday, it was interesting to see the three of us going to the park with babies and strollers.

Brian fell in love with his daughters from the moment he laid his eyes on them.

I went to church the Sunday after the babies were born before Rachel’s memorial. Besides making a very nice donation to say thank you for three healthy children, I gave a prayer of thanks. I have been so blessed by God and the Universe.

There have been tragedies there have been joys. My highs are really high and my lows crashed down upon my body like a ton of bricks, but I would not trade it for anything.

A miracle, no two miracles have been given to me. When I feed my daughters, I marvel they are here. I touch my body. Throughout my pregnancy, I was worried that I would lose them. I needed to just trust more. God does not give blessings then take them away. I am ashamed and here in church I ask forgiveness.

Anna, Brian and even Rachel have said that I made good choices, but I have been guided to those choices by the power that is greater than all of us. I might be a Domme, but I am also a mother, a wife, a black woman, a director, but most importantly I am a human being. I bleed, I cry, I laugh and I cherish all that has been given me.

I am a billionaire. I have a lovely home, but I would trade it all for Sir’s life and Rachel’s if I could. I am a very lucky rich black bitch and I wear that with pride.

Our lives have calmed down and I am enjoying the calm. I try very hard not to anticipate the storm, but I am sure there will be one, which we will survive.

Basil arrives back in New York. He has rented an apartment and is the new star of our movie. I could not be happier. Rebecca transferred her studies to NYU Hospital and she is back to living with me. She and Basil have decided if things keep working well she will move in with him in a few months. Right now, they are dating and enjoying each other.

Stephen is running around. Anna is teaching him at home. He has already been enrolled into one of the most prestigious nursery schools in the city and will start in the fall. He’s very active and curious about everything.

A decision was made that Brian and Anna except in the playroom would call me Stephanie. We do not want the children walking around calling me Mistress. Lucia started calling me that and it took three months to get her to call me Auntie S.

Discussions about who would be mama were decided. Anna would be mama or mommy. I would be mother or mom. Brian is dad to all the children. He and Stephen have dad’s day every Saturday and go on adventures during the day.

After three months of babies, we leave the children with Daisy, Andrew and the nanny’s. The three of us take a trip to visit a friend — his name is Master Frederick. He owns an inn and not just any inn, but an inn that caters to BDSM. We need a little excitement and I am ready to play.

Fall was in the air when we arrived in Simsbury, Connecticut. The inn is in the middle of a small forest. There is a pool and a spa. The spa however is different from any other spa in the country. It is completely a spa for BDSM. You have never had a massage until you’ve had one here. It is intense.

The Domme or Dom decides how intense and what treatments the subs are to receive. The subs also have extreme exercise. We will be here for three days. The Dom’s have submissives who work on them. Submissives who give the massages and treatments are rewarded or punished for their performance.

When I arrive at the spa, Master Frederick pulls me aside. “After you are settled Mistress Stephanie, I need to speak to you about a matter of extreme importance.”

I nod and tell him that I will see him as soon as I have a few moments with Anna and Brian.

We arrive at our two-bedroom suite. This is the Wisley Garden Suite. All of the suites are named after gardens in England. The décor is tastefully flowery. Anna is her usual organizational self and unpacks while Brian takes a walk and I suspect he will make a phone call to check up on the Nannies. He is a very protective father.

I take an elevator ride two floors to Master Frederick’s office that is located next to the spa. He is pacing the room of his office and waves me in. He looks deep in though. I sit in the comfortable chair and cross my legs. After a few moments, he stops pacing and looks at me.

He runs his hand through his dark hair and says, “I need your help…” He hesitates. “My niece has an abusive husband. I’d like to know if she can stay with you in New York until we find a way to deal with this son of a bitch.”

Master Frederick and I are friends and I would do anything for him, however I am feeling there is more to this story than he is telling me.

“Who is her husband?” I ask.

Frederick frowns, “Paul McKenzie.”

“The Paul McKenzie. Paul McKenzie the third richest man in the world. He’s…” I stop talking.

Frederick finishes my thought, “He’s charming, handsome, ruthless and deadly. I know.” Frederick sits down. He places his hands on the desk interlocking his fingers. “I know I’m asking a lot, and I thought of hiding her here, but he would find her and…”

“And?” I say really concerned now.

“It’s not only her. She has a three-year-old son. If she could stay in New York with you until I can arrange certain accommodations for her out of the country, then I know she will be safe. I am also working on a way to take care of her husband. I have spoken with Finch Reese and he said to ask you for help. He’s going to aid me in taking down Paul.”

I sigh. “I have to speak to Anna and Brian about this. We have children now. I don’t want to put their lives in danger.”

Frederick stands and comes over to me, he kneels beside my chair, “I know I am asking a lot Mistress, but I really need your help. You are the only one he does not know about. I will pay anything; do anything to ensure her safety. Misty is the only family I have left and little Dylan is my only great nephew, so I’m asking, no begging you to help them.”

I look down at him, “Master Frederick, you don’t ever have to kneel to me. I just need to speak to my family and make a few calls to New York, then I will let you know. If I decide to do this, you owe me nothing. “

He kisses my hand and stands. I stand too and we hug. Leaving the room I turn back to see him pacing again.

Over some snacks sent up by Frederick, I talk to Anna and Brian. Brian has concerns and reservations. He is worried about the girls and I understand this. Anna feels we should help them. She stares at Brian, “What if it were the girls or Stephen? She needs help, Bry, it is a no brainer.” Anna takes my hand, “Mistress, allow me to call Andrew and Daisy and tell them to make the guest room ready. I think that you should call Dominic and Skip and tell them what is happening.”

I look at Brian who reluctantly nods. Taking my cell phone, I walk out onto the little balcony that overlooks the garden and call Dominic. He and Skip are both working with the screenwriters and are in the office. They understand immediately and agree that we should help.

While I am on the phone, Anna is calling home to tell Daisy to make preparations for the arrival of our two guests. Brian is also on the phone. He is calling the Nannies to let them know that we will have another toddler in the house.

After the phone calls are done, we head to the spa to begin our treatments. Anna and Brian go to the submissive side while I go to the Master side.

I am given a luxurious robe and slippers and led to the massage room. The room is dimly lit, there is soft music playing in the background, the scent of vanilla hangs in the air. It is a beautiful atmosphere to relax. A beautiful young woman and man enter the room. The woman wears a bra, panties, and nothing else. The man wears a very sexy pair of underpants.

They kneel as I sit on the doublewide massage table. “Mistress Do you want your massage dressed or naked?” The young man asks. His nametag says Submissive Tom.

“Naked.” I say and they stand and disrobe. They help me off with my robe and I lie down on the table my face in the little hole. The woman whose name is Submissive Beatrice begins kneading my buttocks while Tom begins massaging my neck. His dick is starting to rise and is up near my face. He has a long large one and I lick the tip.

I have been here before and know that the submissives are only allowed to cum if I permit it and if they do a good job. Tom is kneading my back and thrusting his dick up into my mouth. He is moaning and I taste his pre-cum. He continues massaging my back, his hands are strong.

Beatrice is massaging my legs. She slides a finger into my pussy from behind and I move back on her hand. She inserts another finger and I maneuver up to my knees. Tom removes his dick as Beatrice slides underneath me and begins eating my pussy.

“Would Mistress like me to fuck her or the sub?” Tom asks.

“You may fuck the sub.” I say and he slips on a condom. As he slides his cock into Beatrice, her pussy licking gets even more exciting and she is eating me with abandon. Tom begs, “Mistress may this unworthy sub cum.”

“No.” I say as I am nearing my orgasm. Tom moans and keeps fucking Beatrice. Finally I reach my climax and clutch her had pulling her deeper inside and smearing my cream all over her face.

I release her and allow Tom to cum. Beatrice is still unsatisfied. She stands on unsteady legs and I turn over onto my back. I am still horny and pull her head into my sensitive but not fully satisfied pussy.

She raises an eyebrow but goes to work. I instruct Tom who has taken off and disposed of the condom to eat Beatrice’s cunt until she cums, which is not long and she screams into my pussy, which triggers my second orgasm.

I am exhausted and so are the two subs, but they finish my massage. I am left to sleep for half an hour on the table. Job well done.

In the subs spa, nearly everything is the same except the massages are given by Doms and are very intense. Anna receives an intense spanking which leaves her pussy unsatisfied and on edge. Her pussy is played with, she is forbidden to cum no matter how much she begs, and she begs.

Brian is paddled and stroked. He is also forbidden to cum, but he does and is punished by the Master, his penis locked in the dreaded cage and he is fucked by a dildo.

He and Anna both receive massages, which bring them close to orgasm. Brian’s cock is uncaged and he is fighting to stay calm. They are restrained. All of this is being done to prepare them for this evening — when finally Brian will get to fuck Anna.

Brian doesn’t know it, but Anna and I have planned this whole weekend. At dinner Anna is nervous and Brian on edge. He can hardly sit because he is so horny. “Mistress, may I fuck you tonight?” he begs.

I shake my head. I know he wants to ask why, but he does not. I know he thought we were here to relax and he will get the chance, but tonight I want him ready.

After dinner, I take Brian and dress him in black leather pants with snaps at the crotch and a leather vest. His hair is slicked back. He looks more like a Dom than a submissive.

I dress in a bustier and black leather pants with red heels. Taking Brian’s hand, we take the elevator down into the Inn’s dungeon. I call it a dungeon, but actually, it’s quite beautiful and romantic. There is a canopy bed with restraints, a cross and other implements of pleasure and pain. Anna comes into the room in a flowing red dress. Her hair is out and wild. Her makeup dramatic.

The room is lit in candlelight. Master Frederick and two subs, a male and a female are present.

Anna kneels in front of Brian. Her eyes are lowered. Her voice soft as she says. “Tonight, Mistress is giving me to you and tonight you are my Master. I have denied my master access to my pussy with his beautiful cock. Tonight I ask that Master whip me and then fuck me with his cock. I beg for Master to take his wife the way he should have been allowed to do after we married.”

Brian looks at me. Tears begin to form in his eyes. He knows what this means. He mutters “Thank you Mistress.”

To me. I say to him, “Tell Anna thank you for this gift. I will be with you watching.”

Brian lifts up her face and bends down so she is looking at him. “Are you sure?” He asks, his face showing his concern.

I marvel at this because the old Brian would have just taken Anna. My husband has grown and is now a man. The man of my house. I am proud of him.

Anna smiles, “I am very sure Master Bry.” She says a twinkle in her eye, “I should have done this a long time ago.”

He gently kisses her, “Thank you for your gift.”

Brian looks over at the female submissive, “unbutton my pants.”

He orders and she does. Brian’s cock springs out and is steel hard. Grabbing Anna’s head, he thrust his cock into her mouth gagging her. “Yes, my sweet Anna you should have done it sooner.”

I watch as Brian masterfully fucks Anna’s mouth. I watch as Anna lovingly sucks his cock. He moves her face up and down and Anna’s tongue that I know so well licks up. Her cheeks hollow as she sucks him He pulls her in deeper and she relaxes her throat as he goes past her throat muscles deep throating him.

I know that Brian is going to cum in her mouth and at his moment of climax, I kiss him, which surprises him, and he breathes deep in my mouth. He moans, “I love you both so much.”

He cums holding Anna’s head pressed to his groin. He cums so hard it leaks out the side of her mouth. Anna licks her lips then licks his penis clean. Brian pats her head. I bend down and kiss Anna’s lips. She pulls me to her, opens her mouth and we share Brian’s semen.

She gazes up at him shyly, “You taste good Master Bry.”

He laughs and says, “Please don’t call me Master, just husband. We have a Mistress and she is all we need.”

Extending his hand, he helps Anna up. The two subs come up to her and undress her. Her beautiful body is clean, shaved and glistening with body glitter. Master Frederick ties her to a pole. Her arms over her head, her legs spread open, her back facing us.

He hands Brian a flogger and me a whip. I look questioningly at him. I was only here to watch.

Master Fredericks says to me, “Anna has requested that you be a part of this since you are her wife and her mistress. She asks that you whip her.”

I pull back her head tightly. “So you want me to whip you then whip you I shall. I want you ready for Brian’s big prick to take you. “

Brian asks me to begin and I do. SLASH, the whip cuts through the air, THWACK, it makes contact and Anna cries out. The whip whistles as it strikes her skin. I give her five and I see the tears fall from her eyes.

Brian begins with the flogger. She is turned around and he hits her breasts and her stomach and finally lands one on her sex. I can feel the heat coming from her. I can see her juices running down her legs. She is ready and so…is Brian. His dick has risen again.

I point at the subs and the male gets behind Brian and begins licking his ass as the female sucks on his dick.

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