ang bang

The Oakfield Council Estate somewhere in England. Chav babe Becky Taylor has stolen her mother’s weekly £300 loan shark repayment.

Following a harrowing rollicking from her irate mother and threats of further severe consequence, Becky has until midnight to replace the money…

Part 1 – 7 O’clock.

Stacey glanced down to the concrete square of ground that the Oakfield estate flats besieged. Crossing the expanse in the glare of the setting sun was a chav slut that Stacey only really knew by appearance. She was new-ish to the estate and had already insinuated herself with the Oakfield south flat’s gang. Stacey lived at the north end herself.

The short slender brunette looked like some cute slutty girl barely into her teens, but Stacey knew her to be older (certainly over eighteen). Her hair, a glistening wet-look was brown and tussled in waves with streaks of dirty blonde peaking out from underneath. It was kept away from her face by a cream scrunchy, drawn out from the back of her scalp into a pony tail. Her small ears were adorned with two pairs of gold hoops and gold studs as well. She was wearing a cream cropped jacket with gold and black crossed thread grid-detailing.

Visible beneath the unzipped jacket was a plain black and tight fitting high-necked top, that showed off the mass of cheap mock gold bling slung around her slender neck. It swung side to side to the fast pace of her hurried stride, sliding across the acute upper curves of her perky, upward thrusting tits. And her tits were big, bigger even than Stacey’s.

Sky blue denim shorts with ripped away legs, that were at least a size too small and enticingly hugging the perky curves of her round high buttocks, covered the sheer black tights caressing her shapely legs that themselves ended in faux fur lined black suede boots with silver buckles running down the outside leg from calf to ankle.

“Who the fuck’s she supposed to be, anyway?” Stacey thought to herself, contemptuously flicking ash from her cigarette.

Becky Taylor’s head was buzzing. Not with the joint she’d snaffled from her mother’s ready-rolled stash in the kitchen drawer but from the threat her mother had left her with before storming out of their council flat for Christ knew where.

“You better have that fucking money back here by midnight, or it’ll be you who goes ’round to Garton’s and tells him what you did with his money. See what he does to you then! I ain’t taking the blame for it! You stupid, stupid little tart! It was bad enough having to take his cock when I sealed the deal. Tore my arse he did!” She scowled momentarily at the painful memory, unconscious rubbed her backside. Then looked back at her elder daughter.

“Why can’t you be more like your sister?” She whined, then turned on her heel and finished with a loud slamming of the front door.

“Fuck you, mum!” Becky yelled after her, but the threat of having to visit the loan shark was already beginning to sink in.

Becky had scraped fifty quid together from a couple of girls she had lent to last week and a little loose change she had in her sock drawer. Blind luck that they hadn’t already pissed it away and were fair about giving it back.

And she had a few ideas forming about getting the cash but she didn’t see how she could get anywhere near 300 quid.

She had more owed to her and they’d have to pay up, quick-fucking-smart.

She didn’t think there was much worth selling. Most of their valuables had long since been hocked for drugs or to make last week’s loan repayment – and that he been a close run thing.

She was almost across the square when she spotted the lads, all shell suits, attitudes and baseball caps. Her heart started to pound as she realised how late it was getting. Not the best idea to wander around Oakfield after sunset. At least not alone.

But then she breathed a sigh of relief – they were Southern Oaks. She was in with them, they wouldn’t hurt her.

And then as she came in closer, she saw they were just starters, low ranking but eager to prove themselves.

She had even been fucked by a couple of them at a party last week, she vaguely recollected.

They were looking at her and chattering between them, rough, high pitched, thick accents

“That’s that Becky Taylor, She’s well fuckin’ hot!”

“She’s a fuckin’ dirty bitch is what she is!”

“You sayin’ you wouldn’t?”

“‘Course he fuckin’ would!! He’d shag her fuckin’ brains out, man!”

“Like you did last week Mick?” There was laughter at that.

“Fuck you! I was fucking pissed!”

“You fucking shot your load after about ten fucking seconds!”

“Fuck off man!”

“She fucking yawned you prick!”

“You want a fucking shiv in your fucking eye do you?!”

“Relax it boy! I’m riding you, fucking relax, prick!”

Then one of them leaned forward and caught Becky’s eye.

“Hey Becky Taylor!”


“Why not come over ‘ere, get your mouth around this.” He shouted, levering a pale half-mast phallus out of his elasticated waist band. Becky eyed the hardening cock coldly. It was actually quite thick… For an immature weasel.

“Maybe when you’ve… Grown up a bit more.” She retorted tartly.

“More’n enough ere’ for you bitch.” He said roughly. “Fucking more’n enough!”

Becky stuck her tongue out and steered her direction a little wider of them.

“Oh, fuck her. Anyway, you should try clapping eyes on her little sister, now that’s fucking talent!”

“Fuckin’ right too! Fuckin’ twice as hot as that piece.”

“Fucking get’em both together man! Fucking shag one, shag the other, then make ‘em put on a show for you…”

“You’ve bin thinking a bit too much about this, you prick!”

“Fuck you, cunt! I’m getting fucking sick of you.”

Their raucous noise trailed away as Becky headed for home. Their distant banter starting to turn argumentative.

However, they had given her the beginnings of an idea. Her brat of a sister could make her money easily.


“Gimme yer fucking phone Jeni!” Becky snarled. “Or d’you want smakin’ down!”

“Why do you have to be such a bitch, Becks?” The pretty teen (eighteen at least) snapped at her big sister.

“Why d’you have to be such a bratty little mother’s girl! I fucking hate you! But I tell you what, you’re gonna do what you’re fucking told or I’ll tell mum all about you and yer dad writing letters and chatting on Twitty or whatever it’s fucking called.”

Jeni Taylor’s lush brown eyes widened with shock, her full sensual lips quivering slightly.

“You wouldn’t dare! She’d fucking freak if she found out I was talking to Dad.”

“So what? Do you really think I give a shit?”

“I don’t believe you…” Jeni said.

But Becky knew her. She could read her sister like a book. She saw fear in her lush brown eyes. Defeat.

“Try me. Jen. She’d throw you out in a second. And he can’t help you from where he is, can he?”

“Beck’s please, don’t… You’ll break her heart.”

“Give. Me. Your. Fucking. Phone.”

But then she caught sight of it half concealed under a book on the bedside cabinet and snatched it up, shoving the younger brunette cutie back down onto her bed.

Becky flipped open the handset, thumbed through the phonebook and then sent a text message to every male name in the listing plus a few others she had in her own memory:

-Wnt fuk me? Fr sml fee?-

-txt my sis 07858212224-

Of course, the replies started rolling in almost at once.


Twenty minutes later Becky sat in the living room of her mother’s flat with a dozen men and boys of varying age.

Becky had already auctioned away Jeni’s three cherries and the bidding had been fast and fierce, much to Becky’s glee.

There were three winners, a boy from Jeni’s Science class at her old school had paid twenty quid for her very first blowjob (maybe more than it was worth – but who was Becky to complain, that’s how bidding wars upped prices.)

One of the older lads from the Oakfield estate had bid for and won her pussy for forty pounds, cheap compared to her oral cherry.

Best of all, Jeni’s old high school PE teacher had put in a solid seventy pound bid to take the girl’s anal virginity and though frantic to win, other bidders from the estate hadn’t managed to match his initial offer.

The rest paid ten quid for a quick ten minutes with her. With the next in line going in after ten minutes whether the previous had finished or not.

That made Becky two hundred and twenty quid right there. And she was kicking herself for not thinking of this venture earlier, if she hadn’t had to rush through it she could have sent a few pics of Jeni around, hyped it up for a few days to get interest spreading and get more interested parties… Too late now.

Besides, Jeni herself, had thrown a spanner into the works.

“I want half of the money!” Jeni had said.

“Fuck you! This is for our mum’s loan payment you selfish little tart!”

“Yeah, that you fucking stole!” Jeni spat back. “Besides, I’ll be the one doing all the work. And what d’you think this’ll do to me at school if it gets around?!”

“What makes you think I give a shit?”

But Jeni had her own sleeve-concealed card to play.

“‘Cause I know last year, you got John to fuck you. And that was why he left.” Jeni responded smugly.

“So, can’t blame me if he was a fucking paedo creep!” Becky retorted, impatient and annoyed but Jeni saw anxiety behind her sister’s angry, overly made-up face.

“‘Cause Mum loved John. He was a nice bloke and she wanted to make a go of things with him. It’d break her heart to find out you forced him out.”

“He was a perv. All he wanted to do was stick up my arse!”

“I heard you, you stuck up slut! You offered it all to him on a plate! You were all over him. And then after you’d done the business you threatened to tell Mum what he’d done and forced him to leave! How do you think Mum’d react if she found out.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“You’re making me have sex with strangers! You’re pimping your own fucking sister you bitch! Just to save you own skin, why shouldn’t I…?!”

“Okay, okay half!” Becky snarled, backing down but silencing her cute and shapely sibling. “But it means you’ll have to work hard on all them dicks and ball sacks to earn enough!”

“Well you’d fucking know wouldn’t you!”

“Oh fuck off and get in the shower!”

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this…” Jeni muttered heavily as she started toward the bathroom.

“Right, you three who have bought her cherries. You can go in but only one at a time. Stick to the hole you’ve paid for. And cash up front.” Becky said, half wondering what she’d do if the whole gang made a move for Jeni’s room at the same time. They’d probably kill each other to be the first to fuck her, or kill Becky if she tried to stop them. For some reason however, maybe the prospect of not getting to fuck the teenage babe, they were all behaving and looking to Becky for instructions.

“Okay you first.” She nodded at the boy Jeni’s age, Grahame something-or-other. “Let me just warn you she doesn’t know shit about sucking dick, so you’ll have to take the lead. Fuck her mouth and shoot your load but don’t expect a proper blowjob. And don’t take too long!”

Becky stood by the open door to Jeni’s room, watching as the first of her cherries got popped.

Becky hated her sister. Well, maybe not hated… She was jealous of her.

She was a nicer person. Which everyone who met her liked to point out. “She’s so adorable your sister, sweet and good natured and kind.” Becky was sick to the back fucking teeth of hearing how nice Jeni was.

She was more intelligent, a grade ‘A’ student and total fucking suck-up.

She got along better with their mother, when mum was sober and not too high or too low.

And she was far prettier than Becky which rankled the elder sister more than everything else, she thought.

Becky was hot and she knew it, the attention she got from lads told her, boyfriends told her, even looking in a mirror told her. If she had been an only child or had a brother instead of her cute bratty sister she would have been favourite, revered by everyone because she was so fucking gorgeous.

But her undeniable good looks and erection-inducing body were overshadowed by Jeni’s heart-melting looks and her balls emptying figure. Becky imagined, with some jealousy, that Jeni’s body could make lad’s spunk just by looking at her.

In comparison Jeni was all tits and ass and could probably trounce three quarters of the page three girls in the Sun, Star and Mirror.

The classmate who had won the blowjob auction stared at Jeni with awe. She lounged on her bed fully clothed, unsure of how to play her part, slutty and in control, like her kid liked to pretend, or to show the reluctance and anxiety she was obviously feeling, and apparently shocked to see the first of the gang was someone she was already acquainted with from school.

“Grahame Collins!” She gasped.

“You’re gonna suck my cock, aren’t you Jeni?” He announced, almost stammering in his nervous excitement.

“Have you paid up?” Jeni asked..

“Yeah.” He replied. “‘Course!”

“Well, get it out then, I can’t suck it if it’s in your pants now can I!” She said, mocking him slightly.

“Aren’t you getting your clothes off? I want to play with your boobs.”

“You’ve paid for a blowjob. And that’s all you’re getting.” Jeni countered, pushing suddenly questing hands away from her jutting young chest.

Then she pressed Grahame back onto her small pink duvet covered single bed, surrounded by stuffed toys she’d collected in her preteens.

Obediently, Grahame lay back and Jeni at once took the initiative, reaching for his fly and opening up the front of his faded jeans with deft fingers.

She levered his erection out and closed her small fist around it’s root, squeezing and watching the blood filled muscle tense and expand under her pressuring grasp. Grahame groaned and arched his back.

Jeni leaned over his crotch and lowered her mouth onto the shaft.

Grahame groaned and Becky watched with amusement as the boy strained with the efforts of controlling his pleasure. Desperate not to spunk straight away.

And then Becky found herself becoming more and more surprised by her sister. She knew Jeni, she had always flouted the interest of boys to focus on school work and was completely inexperienced in sex stuff but here she was pushing her full rosy lips down from the bloated crown of the phallus all the way to the root. She took the full six inches into her mouth with barely any gag reflex at all. But after that her knowledge and imagination floundered somewhat, one hand caressed his scrotum while the finger and thumb of the other held the stem of his cock steady but she didn’t know what else to do with her mouth, so she came back up, drawing another long moan out of the boy’s barrel chest and then licked at his glistening cock head for a few seconds before sliding her lips back to his stubbly pubic hair again.

“Told you lad, you’ll have to grab hold of her head and slam that meat in and out if you wanna get off.”

The boy’s excited compliance to Becky’s suggestion silenced Jeni’s attempt to dispute her sister, as he grabbed her long dark wavy tresses in both hands and took over control of her mouth, driving her head forward and back, forcing her to bob up and down in his lap.

“Suck when I pull back.” Grahame grunted hoarsely as he lifted his hips off the bed deeply and firmly fucking her mouth.

Becky’s experienced eye estimated he had less than a minute before he’d be emptying his balls.

Becky grinned despite herself as she notice Jeni’s little tongue slide out from between her spread lips to lap at the underside of the boy’s shaft on the outstroke.

Jeni took his cock well, as it thrust certainly into her throat but he went too deep and she gagged, bubbling spittle pouring out of her lips. But Grahame just slammed his hips faster and harder.

Soon enough he yelled out and stop moving, thoughtfully drawing his cock back so only the crown was in Jeni’s mouth while he emptied his balls into her mouth. Becky watched her little sister gulping down the hot spunk over and over. Finally Grahame slumped back on the bed and let go of Jeni’s head.

“Right.” Becky said at once. “Time’s up, get the fuck out, others are waiting.”

The boy, probably scared of the other eleven males in the living room, tiredly shoved his cock, slick with saliva and still dribbling cum after flow, back into his trousers and shuffled for the door.

“See you after, Jeni.” He muttered. Jeni responded with silence. She was gulping down water from a pint glass on her bedside table.

“Worth every penny. Every fucking penny.” Grahame murmured at Becky as he passed her.

“Next cherry popper!” Becky called over her shoulder.

Becky leaned back and looked across the hall into the living room.

A tall youth about her age, with a lean muscular body, shaven head and cold, though not unattractive, arrogant features, stood up and peeled off a skin tight t-shirt. His muscled torso was defaced with a large blue black amateurish tattoo of a naked and impossibly endowed glamour-puss pole dancing around a giant AK-47 assault rifle.

He muscled his way through the room into the hall, caught sight of Becky, smiled an angry looking dangerous grin and grabbed her roughly by the nape of her neck.

Becky gasped as she was pulled against the hard body of the tall teenager. He pulled her face hard against his and stabbed his tongue like a stiletto blade into her slack mouth while his free hand roamed her tense, shocked body at will, cupping and cruelly molesting her firm little arse, shoving hard bony fingers between her buttocks where the too tight denim shorts followed their perky curves. Becky moaned against his flicking tongue as his fingers prodded at her asshole and then her tingling pussy lips. His hand came up and cupped her more-than-handful breast through the black top beneath her jacket and tweaked her nipple once he found it. He twisted her nipple tightly, inducing pain, while he pulled his mouth off hers. Becky felt a stinging sensation through her tits as he manhandled her, tasted the tobacco and booze on his breath as he muttered to her.

“Just a taster, to get me in the mood, see?” He practically snarled.

He tugged nastily on her raw nipple one last time and then released her and pushed his way past and into Jeni’s room.

He threw a glance back over his shoulder as he pushed the teenager’s door to.

“I might have a piece’a you after n’all bitch.” He grunted at Becky as though making a statement of fact. “An you’re a proper slut ain’cha so it won’t cost me nowt.”

Then his attention was on Jeni.

“What’s this shit?! I paid to fuck, get them fucking clothes off an’ spread yer fucking legs wide!”

Jeni caught her sister’s eye who was peering, with anxious butterflies dancing in her stomach, through the two inch gap in the almost shut door. But Becky wasn’t about to interfere. She merely shrugged at her little sister and watched.

“Get them fucking tits out! And show us this gash I’ve gone and spent my booze money on!”

Fear impelled Jeni into responsive action. She quickly started to shed her clothes as the lad kicked off his shoes and dropped baggy jeans, boxers and sporty socks all into one quick peeling motion.

Jeni was halfway through unbuttoning her blouse when the lad clambered up onto the bed, quickly shoved a hand up under her short tartan mini skirt and ripped her thong off then battered her creamy, supple thighs apart with impatient hands. He flipped the skirt’s miniscule length up onto her flat toned stomach and grinned. Jeni felt herself flushing as his eyes bore into her cute pussy, the lips pouting gently, the soft well trimmed pubic hair crowning the goods.

Then, still impatient with the not-so quickness of her undressing, he grabbed her blouse and tore it open. He forced it down her slander arms and threw it to the floor. A hand gripped the lacy bra between the filled cups and yanked at it ripping upward. With a gasp the school girl threw her arms up so the garment came off more easily. But by this time she had seen the lad’s cock. It was long, like a hard baton, bloated and ruddy with his excitement. Though not all that thick, she thought as he shoved her forcefully on her shoulder and climbed onto her luscious nakedness.

Becky watched, finding herself annoyed at the lad’s childish impatience. She had to admit that her sister did have an amazing figure, not only her pretty face and those oh so adult curves but also her pearlescent tanned skin, the healthy glow she seemed to radiate the supple slender form of her neither overly skinny or spoiled by teenage puppy fat. She was as close to perfect as real and un-airbrushed girls could get. And this idiot was just after sticking his dick into her untried virgin pussy without marvelling at the artful framing of the vessel itself.

She scalded herself for the flowery poetry. Where the fuck do I get these ideas from? I sound like some fucking dyke! Horny for my own sister!

“Put a condom on you arsehole!” Jeni snapped suddenly, grasping a desperate moment of bravery.

For a moment the lad looked like he was going to punch her in the face but then he slouched a little.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” He muttered instead and then reached over the side of the bed for his discarded trousers.

A moment later and he was at her again, lying on her, one hand grasping his sheathed up erection, the other pressing into the mattress at the side of her shoulder taking his weight.

To smooth the entry Jeni was assisting by caressing her clit in tight little circles, trying to get herself juiced up.

She might technically be a virgin but Becky was certain she liked the occasional finger-walking session like the rest of the female population.

The lad leaned forward with his hips and insinuated his bulbous knob between her pretty pussy lips then unceremoniously shoved his way in.

Jeni let out a wide eyed gasping moan as he sank his erection into her virgin body, pushing in until he bottomed out, not quite balls deep.

He groaned a raucously loud, satisfied sound, though strangely devoid of eroticism as though showing he was horny belied his own sense of hard man coolness.

Jeni’s full bottom lip trembled as though she was on the verge of tears and her whimpers continued.

Becky couldn’t help smirk at the look of discomfort and humiliation momentarily scarring her bratty little sister’s beauty.

“Fuck me you’re fucking tight!” He spat, almost glaring at her beneath him. “Who’d ‘ave fucking thought it!”

And then, he was in her, the lad started to fuck. And he fucked hard, slamming his erection into Jeni’s tight young pussy like a meat cleaver into an enemy’s guts. He pummelled her with a brutalising onslaught, his narrow bony hips hammering up and down like a set of V8 pistons at full revs.

Soon his horniness caught him up and took over he started to groan, voicing his pleasure.

“You feel that little girl!? You feel it inside you? Your first ever dick! Rippin’ away in your virgin gash! I’ll make you feel it, fuckin’ yeah!”

His hands started to move over Jeni’s lovely body, cupping her shuddering breasts, reaching under her to grab a firm buttock or the nape of her neck.

Jeni seemed to be in a state of wide eyed numb shock and general discomfort.

Sometimes her expression would crease up, revealing a moment of increased pain, usually when his hips slammed forward too deep. Her eyes had welled up with born, though unshed, tears and she was chewing on her bottom lip, moaning in little light girlish gasps over and over again. It was the perfect picture to get the dominant lad off.

Becky continued to watch, now really getting off on her hot brat of a sister getting it good and hard for the first time. Seeing her discomfort and humiliation. Well, so fucking what! Everyone went through it and Jeni had held off for long enough.

Fuck, Becky had got it like that when she’d been just twelve! And how many times since? She couldn’t even count them, she’d certainly endured more rough fucks than normal and as for nice gentle fucks, making love, that was something you only got in fucking movies… Or with other girls, if you were lucky.

Fucking dykes! She made herself think abruptly, not liking where her mind was wandering off to.

The lad was coming, or at least slamming his cock harder and faster than ever, and in Becky’s experience, that always came a few seconds before the spunk started flying.

He suddenly leaned back and grabbed Jeni’s ankles, hoisting her long slender legs up and back until her ankles frames her head and he pounded into her harder than ever.

With Jeni gasping and moaning more loudly while the lad grunted and panted in time to his hard and increasingly speedy erratic thrusts. The noise was increasing throughout the room and sparking the already horny and impatient interests of the others waiting in the living room.

And then the lad groaned a loud, long, hoarse moan and he stopped thrusting, his hard lean arse quivering with mini-convulsions while his tight ball sack tensed of it’s own accord.

Becky couldn’t help but let out a little giggle at the wide eyed look of shocked horror on her sister’s face as she felt the condom covered meat stretching her cunt, filling with his hot spraying spunk. Her mouth fell open and her eyes squeezed shut, the closed lids forcing the tears to roll down her sweetly flushed cheeks.

The lad groaned and swore hoarsely as he emptied his balls into the no longer virgin cunt beneath him. Then he drew out and released her bent back legs.

As her eyes fluttered open Jeni watched in renewed horror as the lad whipped off the used condom, the elongated creamy tube over half filled with his already cooling jism. And with a cruel though satiated smirk he lifted the condom.

“Here, this is for you sweets.” He said, and then up-ended it over her creamy young body, tossing his ejaculated cream over her, flicking out the vestiges across her lovely torso, face and hair before dumping the slimy rubber tube to the yellow carpeted floor.

Jeni writhed and rolled on her bed as if trying to escape the cold touch of the disgusting stuff but it went all over her.

Shivering and in shock she reached for a box of tissues and started to desperately mop up the disgusting slime.

The lad, grinning, sweat soaked and rather flushed himself, grabbed his clothes and sauntered cockily, naked out of Jeni’s bedroom. He paused next to Becky, threw a glance toward the open living room door. Shouted: “You’re up old man!” Towards the unseen PE Teacher and then grabbed Becky again.

“Clean me up whore!”

“Fuck you, you fucking prick!”

“I said fucking clean me up! Don’t give me no fucking back chat!”

Becky didn’t really register the passage of the PE Teacher as she was slapped across the face by the lad and then forced hard down onto her knees.

A slimy semi flaccid penis was slapped against her face and lips a couple of times before Becky was able to open her mouth for it. Then she had the whole thing stuffed down her throat.

Unlike Jeni, Becky had never been a natural deep throater, however she’d had a lot of cock stuffed into her throat over the last five years so she had long since trained herself to work through the gag reflex.

It was still overly long though and slimy and had an underlying tang of the skanky stuff they lubed up condoms with. Still he grabbed Becky’s head and slammed his already stiffening cock back and forth for a while in and out of her throat.

“Oh yeah, you’re fucking good. You know how to do it. I might make you a regular piece.” He was groaning down at her. One hand in her hair the other cupping her chin to make sure she kept her head at the right angle so he could feed her his whole length again and again. Becky followed his pace, breathing through her nose when she had room, knowing how to manage a dick stuffed too deep into her mouth. While she sucked and worked her tongue on the underside, Becky listening to Jeni and the PE teacher in the room beyond the hall.

The older man was murmuring softly to the girl, easing her down soothing her. She caught little mutterings here and there.

“…Not like that animal, I’ll take it slow and gentle… …You’ll like it once you get used to the sensation… …it might hurt a bit, my manhood’s pretty wide…”

That was another thing Becky has long since learned, men were liars. Anal fucking hurt like a bitch, even with a narrow cock like this lad’s. It always hurt, that’s why they liked doing it, show their bitches who’s boss. And God help any girl who turned them down when they were high or pissed and after arse to slam. Better to give them what they wanted and get them to come fast. Another thing Becky had learned.

This teenage lad was fast, much to Becky’s surprise, after shooting the sizable load he dumped on Jeni, she assumed that this oral-cleaning turned blowjob would take five or ten minutes to bring him off. But he grunted nosily and shot his spunk down her throat in barely two.

“Right I’m off.” He said pulling Becky to her feet while she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. “She was worth the cash your kid, taking virgin’s stuff and all that shit, but I think I prefer you. I’ll come round in the week and give you one, you can show me a good time… You take it up the ass right?” He asked her abruptly, then. “…’Course you do.” He answered his own query without giving her a chance.

And then he was gone into the living room to get dressed, oblivious to the ten other men in the room most of which were embarrassed by his display.

Becky didn’t even like the arrogant tosser, though he had a nice body and who knew what she could get out of it. She wondered which Oakfield crew he affiliated with. Could he get her higher up with this gang she’d allied herself with? Being new to these estates was never easy. Certainly trying to fit in.

Wishing for a bottle of White Lightning to wash down the spunk with, Becky turned her attention back to her sister’s room.

The PE Teacher had Jeni standing by the side of her bed leaning over with her hands braced against the dishevelled pink bedding, now stained and darkened with sweat and other fluids.

The teenager old was looking back at the older man, eyes wide with apprehensive fear. He was standing behind her still fully dressed with his erection, a short but fat member throbbing with it’s hardness, jutting out of his unzipped flies. His hands were on her naked buttocks stroking the firm tanned peach with soft circular caresses, almost idolising her perfect flesh. His expression reflecting his reverence for the you beauty bending over before him.

“Are you sure you don’t have your old PE kit? Or even a school uniform?”

“I told you Mr O’Brien, they’re all in the wash.” Jeni said as politely, playing along, even as her trepidation built.

“Oh well, never mind. Just relax, I’ve brought some of my wife’s Vaseline to make things go easier. You really do need to relax though my pretty, my manhood’s rather thick and it’ll hurt to start with but once we get into the stride of things you’ll enjoy it, I promise.” He gushed.

It was obvious he was in a rush to get into her ass but something was making him at least appear to be nice and caring, maybe he was worried that if he did hurt her she would report him. Well it was going to hurt, Becky knew it and if he was worried about his job he should never had made the offer in the first place.

The fact that Jeni had his mobile number in the first place suggested something untoward… Maybe Becky could blackmail him once he’d had his way with her sister… She hadn’t thought of that… Things were looking up after all.

“Can’t you hurry it up granddad? There’re others waiting you know!”

“Hey, I’ve paid for this privilege! I’m not about to spoil things by rushing!” He grunted patronising, but then threw her another sidelong glance. “Saying that, you could help me along a little if you like, kneel down behind me and fondle my balls while you’re licking my arse. That always make’s me come quicker!” It was obvious by his grin that he was just trying to shock the teenage chav and turn himself on a little more by being overly revolting, throwing images into both of their minds and enjoying the look of revulsion on her pretty young face.

“Fuck off that’s disgusting. Just get her buggered and then get the fuck out!” She snarled, flushing. And keeping to herself the fact that she’d had to do that exact depravity once before to Michelle’s ex when they’d been involved in a drunken threesome once a few weeks ago.

The older man just laughed and turned his attention back to Jeni. He spent a minute scooping finger-fuls of Vaseline around her sweet looking puckered anus and onto his bloated straining cock head and then lined up his shaft and started to gentle press forward.

Jeni let out a little resigned whimper even before there was anything to whimper about. And again Becky found herself getting excited by her little brat of a sister about to get it good and hard. Seeing her discomfort and humiliation at the mere initiation of her loosing her third and final cherry. The sweetest and hardest of the three to pluck so someone had said to her once, just before he’d rammed his considerable meat up her own tight arse for the first time. She couldn’t even remember who that had been, just that it had fucking ragged like nothing she’d experienced before, and afterwards she hadn’t been able to sit down for a week. And that the continual bleeding for nearly a whole day afterward, had frightened her a fucking hell of a lot too.

The loud anguished moan from Jeni snapped Becky’s attention back to the anal assault going on before her eyes. The anal assault Becky herself had caused, and was profiting from.

Her gaze focused at the moment that the swollen purple crown of the older man’s fat erection popped suddenly past the tight entrance of Jeni’s tight little anus.

“I told you to relax, kitten.” The man said, apparently in response to the pain filled noise she was making.

Two inches of cock disappeared into her rapidly forced open arse hole, before the muscle fought back, trying to close up and cinching vice tight around the still slippery girth of the wide cock.

“It hurts!” She whimpered, her knees almost buckling, her fingers scratching at the bed clothes for purchase.

Told you so, Becky said to herself with a slightly sadistic smile, she’d been there and felt it. And now her cocky, swot of a sister was getting a little of the treatment Becky had all but grown used to. She was no better when it came down to it. She got the same treatment and it hurt just the same.

The old man, surprising Becky by his continuing attempts at chivalry, anointed the fiery anal ring that encircled and compressed his jutting hardness with a little more Vaseline before he took hold of her narrow waist.

His long fingers almost touched around the front of her flat slender belly.

“Ready for more…?!” He said with jovial excitement. His question was rhetorical, but Jeni answered it anyway.

“Please, Mr O’Brien, please…” Jeni pleaded, gasping through tears and breathless despair. “Wait, I… Please, just wait… I don’t… Aaaahhhhh!!”

Becky half squirmed, half grimaced. She could almost feel the fire spreading through Jeni’s body as the man slammed forward with his hips, shoving another couple of inches into her tight little arse.

Oh but she was getting it good.

The worse cocks for anal were the fat ones and, fucking Christ, was that one wide! Like a coke can!

Becky’s mind whirled with conflict. She enjoyed a sadistic glee at the fairness of goodie-two-shoes taking some cock-humiliation for once. The panty-dampening horniness of the sheer voyeuristic delight of the sights and sounds of some old guy hammering his fat dick up her sister’s hot little arse. But, of course there was also an irritating though undeniable sympathy. Becky had been there and knew well how it felt to be in that position and on some level she loved her sister and she certainly envied her brains and looks. And that made her feel somewhat sorry for her plight.

But not that much. Becky told herself with a little grin. Her fingers slipped down past the waistband of her denim shorts and through the dampness of her soft pubic mound.

She started to masturbate as she watched the PE Teacher digging his fingers into that juicy arse, drawing back to reveal more of the ruddy, cinched cock, before he hammered forward again. This time he deposited the entirety of his fat shaft up her luscious little arse.

Jeni screamed out at the final heartless and invasive thrust. Her young body quaked in the hot torment suffusing her, torso bucking, head thrashing and throwing her pretty brunette tresses around her head like a dark-cloud, while her eyes squeezed themselves shut trying to blot out the pain, tossing hot tears down her flushed anguished face.

The old man, with an impassioned groan of exquisite pleasure then started to shove back and forth with his hips. His hands scrabbling all over Jeni’s prone, tensed body for adequate purchase he dug his fingers into her small, pert buttocks, her narrow hips, tiny waist, slender shoulders, upper thighs, reached under her for those full quivering breasts. He grasped at her hair, and the nape of her neck, even at her throat while his hips pummelled her. Bringing constant and desperate wails and whimpers out of her.

He had lost all compassion now, as Becky knew he would. He was sodomising the gorgeous girl for all he was worth and was making the most out of enjoying his illicit, illegal venture.

Becky felt no obligation to stay any longer. She had all their money and once this old fart was done up her arse, then others would only have ten minutes each to play with her. Then Jeni could clean herself up and get back to her previous revision or whatever she had been doing.

She drew her slick finger out of her hot snatch and adjusted her shorts.

And then, with one last look at Jeni and the PE Teacher – who was now clamping a hand over the girl’s open mouth, in an attempt to stifle the whimpering pleas for mercy she was constantly squealing while his other hand slapped down hard on her perky little arse again and again – Becky shrugged and turned her back on the bedroom.

Even after she’d slammed the front door shut she could still hear her sister’s muffled cries from the bedroom. She was reminded of that weird foreign film the lad had been watching at that house party a couple of weeks ago, that European tit bitch from Matrix was in it getting raped in a corridor or somewhere. She hadn’t seen much of it, they had been making her suck two cocks at the time. But the lads, enjoying that particular scene a bit too much, had turned the volume up to hear her muffled cries as she was cruelly raped on the floor.

Then they had wanted to re-enact it with as many of the partying girls as they had been able to get their hands on. So the scene had stuck in her mind since. Oh, yeah… Irreversible… That was the name of the film…

Part 2 – 8 O’clock.

“Right… Okay… that’s… What… Hundred and ten quid so far… plus the twenty from Jane ‘n Kylie…” She told herself, counting out the wad of fives, tens and twentys in the shadows of the taped off stairwell. “So a hundred ‘n thirty.”

She’d heard some chick had got gangbanged there, some nurse or something. It had been filmed and sold on the black market.

Since then some graffiti artist had popped in and emblazoned an extremely graphic and anatomically impossible representation of it. It was actually very well done – which of course meant it had been defaced already by less talented taggers, who had added silly knob outlines and glasses and beards to the rapists.

Becky shuffled a little. She was nervous in here and as well she should be. The brutality of the protracted rape, which a lot of the older lads had seen, either live as it had been happening, or on film later, had prohibited most people from passing anywhere this stairwell. People, especially the girls, avoided it like the plague.

But while she had this cash, she needed to hide it well and she needed to do it without anyone seeing her.

Right then, another hundred ‘n sixty to find, in what, four hours? What the fuck was she going to do?!

She lit a cigarette and inhaled the sickly smoke while she thought about it.

There was Rochelle the cute black dyke she was mates with. Well, she wasn’t really a dyke, she liked lads well enough, it was just that she liked ‘fucking bitches’ as well.

Anyway, she owed Becky fifty quid. Well, it was time to pay up, she decided, starting to feel the first pangs of desperation.

She crossed the edge of the concrete square with the burned out car following the line of the gallery to Rochelle’s dad’s flat. But her brother said she was out, maybe at Jaime’s.

Becky then had the idea of simply texting Rochelle to find out where she was but almost simultaneously realised that she had left her mobile phone beside her bed at home. She considered nipping back to collect it but she found herself worrying that lad might still be loitering around. And he might still be horny for her. Besides, Jaime’s bungalow was just beyond the boundary of the Oakfield estate, so Becky made her decision to head over there on the off chance that Rochelle would be there.

She stepped across the weed and butt-end strewn boundary of her estate and crossed the road.

A cheaply souped up white Ford Fiesta shot by her, beeping it’s horn. It slowed down and a skinhead twenty something with a two litre cider bottle in one raised hand leaned out of the passenger window and shouted at her as the car stated to take the next corner.

“Hey chav whore! How ’bout we pick you up, take you t’multi-storey and gangbang you all fucking night long, you can take four at a time can’t you!?” He yelled harshly, drunk and trying to amuse his friends.

“Four one inch dicks? Fuck you all! You couldn’t get a fucking gerbil off you wanker!” She shouted back, whishing she had a bottle to throw at them. But the car was already moving out of sight around the bend. They probably hadn’t even heard her.

The quickest way to Holden street where Jaime lived was the paved alley that ran along the fenced off backs of Vesta Lane, a route Becky always took.

It was almost a pleasant little walk, seven foot wooden slatted fences with little matching gates into the back garden’s of the Vesta Lane houses, lined either side of the black tarmac paved walkway, all kept strangely devoid of weeds and litter, maybe by the wind or some fuddy-duddy neighbourhood watch group. It was a world apart from that seedy graffiti scarred wasteland of the Oakfield estate.

Becky saw a girl coming toward her down the alley, heading her way. She was a little thing, only ten or eleven maybe. She was quite pretty though, she was carrying some puppy fat and her hair, pulled up into a tight low ponytail, was practically platinum blonde.

Most interesting of all though was that she clutched a crisp ten pound note in one hand. It was brazen naiveté.

Becky smiled to herself at the easy pickings, flicked her cigarette to the floor and scooped the lock knife out of the back pocket of her denim shorts. She ignored the girl, let her pass by and then turned quickly and grabbed her by the pony tail, yanking her back toward her.

“Hey what’re doin’?” She gasped in shock trying to pull free and hurting her scalp in the process. “Gerrof me y’bitch! Gerrof me ‘air!”

“Gimme that fucking tenner or I’ll cut your eyes out!” Becky snarled, whipping the knife forward into the girl’s line of sight. But even as she made the threat, she managed to snatch the money out of the girl’s grasp before she had to or comply or refuse.

“Thank you!” She said with cruel irony and then shoved the girl to the black paved floor.

“What the fuck d’you think you’re doing, slag?!” A gruff voice cut through the moment of power-high that Becky was enjoying and she whipped her head around to see someone approaching.

He was a tall twenty something gym-freak, wearing a tight, pale red t-shirt, baggy silky looking trousers, with a white tribal pattern running from ankle to knee and white trainers.

He came to a stop only a couple of feet away from her, towering over her and glowering.

Becky went on the defensive.

“What’s it got to do with you?! And who’re you calling a slag?”

“That’s my little cousin, slag!”

“Well she just nicked my tenner off me!” She lied, badly.

“Did she fuck!” He retorted.

His eyes momentarily darted to the knife held low in her right hand, then to his niece, who was slowly getting up off the ground behind the chav slag.

“Her dad asked her to get cigs for him. It’s his bastard tenner.” Then he turned his attention to his cousin, fishing another note out of his own pocket and handing it to the child.

“Linda, get off to’ shop then go straight back ‘ome. Me and this chav piece’re gonna have a little chat.”

“Like fuck we are!” Becky snarled using her rising fear to fuel her considerable anger. She moved the knife into more plain view, threatening it’s use.

Gym Freak smiled and then took a leaf out of Becky’s book. He quickly reached down and grabbed her by the hair, yanking her toward him.

She yelled out, cursing and instinctively lashed out with the knife, the fact that the blade was pointing in the wrong direction didn’t seem to occur to her.

Gym Freak used his forearm as a shield and then grabbed her wrist and squeezed. Becky cursed again and the knife fell from her grip.

Keeping hold of her pony tail, Gym Freak let go of her wrist, pulled her abruptly to keep her off balance, and then stooped down to pick up the knife.

“Fuck, it’s not even sharp.” He laughed, tossing the knife away. “You couldn’t kill a fucking insect with that! C’mon.”

He dragged her, struggling and cursing, by the hair toward the side of the pathway, stuck a thick finger through a drilled hole in one of the wooden gates and swung the door inwards, hustling the seventeen year old in after him.

He shoved her forward, letting go of her and then turned and shut the gate, slapping the draw bolts at the top and bottom for good measure.

Becky inexplicably found herself wondering how he had known this one was unbolted. And why he was pulling her into someone’s backyard. Surely they wouldn’t be very happy to have too strangers breaking into their property. He answered her unvoiced question casually.

“These people are on holiday.” He announced, waving idly at the direction of the house’s patio windows. “And no one’s in next door either so we won’t be disturbed.”

“What’re you going to do?” Becky asked.

Now her fear was starting to show itself in the tremulous note of her voice.

“What do you do to slags? Empty my balls up you, of course!”

“Fuck off!” She yelled and tried to dart around him. He laughed, enjoying the idea of a game of catch, of a lay playing hard to get.

Becky’s eyes rolled left and right taking in her surroundings, searching for an escape, or possibly a weapon.

It was a small, tidy garden, with a paved area separating the back of the house from the lawn, which was beginning to look overgrown. Half the paved area was taken up with a dull brown though new looking shed, which was securely padlocked.

There were two wheelie bins against the wall of the house between the patio doors and the back door. There was an empty plant pot on the windowsill next to the wheelie bins, that was brimming with scummy rain water. And against the fence by the backdoor was a short line of more potted plants, these ones weed infested and even a couple of discarded wine bottles beside them. Like the windowsill plant pot, the bottles were all full of rain water from the recent downpours.

Becky’s eyes locked onto the bottles and the plant pots. She could throw water in his face then run for the gate. But she doubted it would give her enough time to unbolt the door and sprint off down the alley before he was all over her again.

Maybe grab one of the bottles? If she’d been drunk she wouldn’t have thought twice about glassing the bastard in the face but devoid of Dutch-courage, she didn’t dare.

As her mind scratched around the back garden looking for aid, Gym Freak pounced.

His face was suddenly an inch from hers grinning maliciously, lusty fire burning in his blue eyes. An arm encircled her narrow waist, powerful and immovable as an iron bar and she was hoisted up so that her feet cleared the paved ground.

“Get off me you fucking cunt!” She shouted, slapping at his wide bulging shoulders. He just laughed. Get your fucking hands off me!”

“Shouting like that just sounds like we’re having a lover’s tiff, no one’s going to come.” He grinned.

His free hand mauled her body. He shoved between the unzipped flaps of her jacket and squeezed her breasts, exploring their firmness and size and heat, searching out her stiff nipples through her bra and t-shirt.

“Nice fucking fun bags!”

Then his questing hand descended, stroking quickly down her stomach across her narrow bones to her groin which his cupped with his palm against the denim of her shorts, pressing his fingers to her vulva through her clothes enjoying the emanating heat.

His fingers hooked into the gusset of her shorts which was already worn thin and threadbare, he felt the split-mound of her pussy lips against the thin material of her tight thong underwear, all the while grunting and moaning in his excitement.

Becky lost it, she clawed as his face but again he deflected her attack with meaty arms, this time his grin momentarily faded. He slapped her hard across the face, almost jarring her jaw bone.

Becky’s struggles more or less ended then and there. She still struggled under his groping grasp and tried to wedge her arms inside his to prise his grip free but her attempts to hurt or injure him were abandoned by that meaningful slap.

“What if I was to start screaming rape? Or shout for help?!” She enquired in a low voice.

His grin vanished again while he replied.

“You wouldn’t be that stupid… Just take your punishment like a good girl.” He added and then whipped her around in his embrace so she had her back to him, took three quick unbalanced steps to the wheelie bins and dumped her face down over them, so her legs dangled helplessly over the side.

A thick heavy weight of his hand and forearm planted itself firmly on her lithe back and across the top of her buttocks pining her onto the lid of the bin.

The hand planted onto the small of her back might as well have been the whole of him sat there, nothing she could do could budge it. She braced her arms under her on the bin lid and pushed, trying to lift herself off but it was useless, he was too strong.

Of course, all the while Gym Freak’s free hand mauled her arse and pussy lips through her shorts. Becky squirmed and spat curses struggling against the unwanted sexual assault,. She detested the overexcited feel of his fingers, like those of a child just given a new toy to play with, caressing and pinching the groove of her honey centred peach, stroking little fast circles around the hood of her tingling clitoris, only two thin layers of cotton between his flesh and hers.

Then the same fingers hooked around the threadbare denim crotch again and with a hard sudden tug, which rocked the bin, Becky’s shorts found themselves ripped into a miniskirt.

The sudden moment of hard aggression snatched a frightened squeal from Becky as the gusset of her denim shorts came away in the Gym Freak’s iron fist.

“That’s fucking better!” He elated with a happily grunt, lust colouring his smooth voice. He let the threadbare tuft of cloth flutter away in the summer evening air.

Then he reached beneath the skirt to peel the thong and tights quickly down to her knees.

“Mmmm! Nice ass!” He commented, clamping both hands on her firm peachy bottom.

“Get the fuck off me you cunt!” Becky squealed as a broad thumb passed across the puckered mouth of her sphincter.

“Try and get up and I’m gonna punch you right in the cunt!” He said, though his sexual pleasure in his voice somehow belied the violence of his threat. He was simmering with sexual excitement.

She felt him kneeling down, both hands pressing tight on her cool buttocks, squeezing into her flesh and muscle, spreading them apart. Then his face was against her soft warm pussy, his lips touching, tongue dipping forward to taste her and Becky quailed in helpless revulsion.

“Ohhh! You bastard! You fucking bastard!” She moaned as his tongue started to cause sensations that she didn’t want.

“Like I said. Slag.” He laughed in response to her flowing juices and cooed a little, a throaty gurgle.

And then he was busy with his tongue, lapping at her flowing honey, enjoying her mental torture as much as the sweet taste of her.

It was a few moments of slurping oral and fingers digging lovingly into her ass cheeks before Gym Freak came up for air.

Becky, panting, felt one hand leave her arse for a moment and then a wave of sickening panic nearly bowled her over as she heard gym freak’s trouser zip coming down, a smooth metallic purr that meant it was all over for her – he would be going up her any moment and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She squirmed again, this time craning her neck to try and see behind her, to see the form that her punishment was going to take, it’s size and it’s girth, but laughing, he wouldn’t let her as, once more, a hand slammed down hard between her shoulders pinning her in place.

“Wriggle much?” He said grunting, and Becky gasped as she felt the hard, spongy heat of his erect truncheon slap down onto the cool flesh of her pert buttocks, one and then the other, drumming her resilient flesh back and forth with his hard cock.

She twisted as much as he would let her, while he stroked the underside flesh of his erection up and down her ass cleavage, stroking her pussy lips, spreading them and then teasing her with the flow of her own warm honey.

“So you’ve got me wet you twat, so fucking what!? Let’s just get on with it!”

“You’re in too much of a hurry slag.” He replied gleefully. “And you’re jumping to a few too many conclusions. I’m not going up there, this is meant to be punishment for mugging my cousin. I’m going up your backdoor instead.” He said with a malicious laugh.

“No please! Stick it in me if you have to, but do my pussy, don’t rape my arse, please!”

She was desperate. The memory of Jeni’s face as she took a fat cock up her arse still fresh in her mind.

“No chance, I’m giving this nice little ass a good hard seeing to!” He laughed.

Becky strained her neck, twisting herself as much as she dared to see behind her. She needed to see his cock, see what he was going to stick up her butt.

But try as she might his anatomy was out of her view, then she caught sight of it after all, a warped reflection in one of those water filled wine bottles. And it looked gargantuan. Long and horribly thick, the fat bulbous helmet that topped the forearm size shaft looked almost purple it was that swollen by his lust, with a wide flaring base that made her wince at the thought of stretching her ass hole.

The pressure on her back lifted momentarily and a moment later the reflection moved. As Gym Freak picked up the bottle before coming back to her still bent over form.

She moaned and whimpered, her half naked body quivering a little, waiting for the thing to hurt her, and almost at once he was pressing up against her buttocks and thighs and the heat of his hard muscle shaft burned her pussy lips. Then his fat knob levelled out and forced its way into her and Becky let out a long low whinnying sound as the fat length of meat pierced her embarrassingly soaked cunt.

“Ha, ha. Like that do you?” Gym Freak muttered gripping her cool, smooth ass cheeks and pushing all of his shaft into her pussy.

“Hhhhmmm…” Becky responded despite herself.

“I just did that for the lube factor.” He laughed, then pulled out and pressed his now lightly lubricated erection up against Becky’s sphincter.

“No!” She wailed. “I can’t… Don’t make me… Ugghhh!”

Gym Freak ignored her and started pushing, trying to gain entry into that lovely little anus, pinching at the fat stem of his engorged cock in one hand, trapping the hardness inside while squeezing Becky’s ass tightly with his free hand.

She held her breath, trembling beneath him as the insistent pressure against her sphincter increased.

Then she let out another long whimper, responding to a sharp pain as the hot crown of his large cock asserted itself against the puckered mouth of her arse. The blunt heat of that heavy crown startling against the cool flesh of her exposed buttocks.

“You really should relax you know, it’d make it easier on you.” Gym Freak commented lightly and then, as Becky turned to throw some jibe back at him over her shoulder she saw with shocked tearful eyes Gym Freak tipping the bottle of icy rain water over her buttocks.

Her whimpering hiss quickly burgeoned into a guttural gasp of icy shock and continuing exertion as she reacted to the freezing lash of the icy water splattering her arse cheeks, running between them and down her inner thighs.

Gym Freak laughed, threw the bottle aside and now with both hands gripping her pert buttocks, he shoved forward again and this time her sphincter stretched open around his insatiably pushing erection.

The tight elastic ring of her anal mouth gave way and Gym Freak’s fat bloated phallic crown slid suddenly into Becky’s tiny asshole.

“Jesus fucking Christ!! She all but screamed as her tightly clenching defence completely failed and her sphincter was compelled to accommodate the invading mushroom base of his hot crown. The large cock head popped audibly deep into her rectum, leaving the remaining meat battling for entry against the now defeated, though still fighting, ring of anal muscle.

“Fuuuck! That hurts!! You bastard! …Ohhhh! …Ahhh! You fucking sonnovabitch! I fucking hate you! Cunt!” She snarled through her pain clenched teeth.

“Oh fuck yeah!!” He grunted exultant as he forced more difficult inches of his thick hardness into her tight little arse. “You’ve really got a great ass for fucking slag, it’s so fucking tight!”

And then with one last shove he was all the way up her and immediately drawing back to thrust all the way in again.

He drove into her anus with a hard, deep, assault, slow to begin with, but increasing his speed once he found a good rhythm.

The bin shook on it’s wheels, rocking back and forth, aiding Gym Freak’s penetration of Becky’s anal tunnel. Becky herself was squealing in her anguish, her feet slamming against the plastic side of the bin like drum sticks rattling out a military march.

But for Gym Freak the noise was a little excessive, so he reached across to the window ledge and grabbed the plant pot. With a malicious grin, he dumped the freezing cold contents over her head.

Becky screamed even more in shock at the cold shower that had suddenly drenched her, so Gym Freak half heartedly clonked her on the back of the head with the plastic plant pot.

“Pipe down…!” He growled at her while tossing the empty plant pot over onto the lawn. “…You don’t want to attract too much attention, you might end up getting train ganged…”

That suggestion was enough to get Becky to drop a few decibel’s right away.

“A lot of my mates around here, you know and they wouldn’t say no to having a piece of you. We’ve all got a thing for you teenage skanky chav sluts.”

This time as he resumed his hard drilling thrusts, her squeals had descended to milder curses and moans and whimpers.

So Gym Freak railed on her brutally for the next ten minutes, shoving his tightly cinched length in and out of her searing guts, tugging on her hair to help propel his deliberate sadism. All the while voicing his obvious pleasure with rough gleeful grunts.

“Owww! You bastard! You’re hurting me! Ugh! Ahhh! Fucking Hell! You sonnovabitch! Raping bastard!” Becky wailed.

“Ass raping bastard… get it right.” He corrected with a grunting laugh. “It’s supposed to hurt, you bimbo. Maybe now you’ll think twice before ripping off little girls!” He laughed again, this time spanking half a dozen open palm slaps down hard onto her taut buttocks.

“Fuck! Ahh! Ahh! I’m gonna get fucking piles!” She squealed as his hard anal thrusts resumed again, following the short spanking break.

“Don’t worry, I’ll shove ‘em back in for you.” Gym Freak grunted, slamming his cock harder than ever up her ass.

“Now stop distracting me, I’m gonna cum soon!” He added through a pleasurable groan.

He climaxed after another minute or two of his hard, deep and increasingly fast sodomy. His hands were clamped like vices on Becky’s firm cold ass cheeks, pulling her onto his erection as he slammed it up her again and again. And then his thrusts became erratic and his clenching fingers, ever more clawing and painful, on her bruised buttocks.

“Clamp down on me, make it tighter, pull the cum out of my ball sack! C’mon slag work it!” He grunted, more serious now.

“Fuck you! I can’t! It fucking hurts, right!” She squealed in response, trying to maintain some balance as his ass rape went into overdrive.

“Just get it over with!” She added with a whimper. “Fuuuck!”

“I’ll make you tighten up.” He snarled then, in all seriousness.

Becky tensed in fear as he said it. She had once been the victim of an attempted donkey punch and had been hit repeatedly in the back of the skull until she was dazed and in floods of tears.

But Gym Freak had had another idea, which Becky didn’t cotton on to until it was too late.

She squealed louder than ever as she felt the sudden and excruciating sensation of icy water pouring down over and between her buttocks and the abrupt eye-opener made her tense up from toes to teeth instantaneously. And Gym Freak groaned in excruciating pleasure as the water did the trick.

Becky’s whole body arched suddenly and she writhed as if she had been electrocuted, her asshole tightening around his cock like a fist as he started to draw back from his previous inward thrust, bringing him to orgasm immediately.

“Ahhhh!! You mother-fucker-bastard-cunt!” She cursed him, her body shivering as the icy water trickled down her long legs but he was in seventh heaven and deaf to her raging. “Oh Jesus God that’s fucking freezing!”

Gym Freak fiercely thumped his hips against her hot little ass once more while his thick cock spasmed and the cum finally ejected itself from his scrotum, blasting into her in a dozen thick jetting wads of, judging by his orgasmic cacophony, pure crystallised sexual joy.

Becky could feel the thick shaft contract, the crown tense and swell and then the jets of his thick scalding spunk flooding her over and over.

And then he was done. Panting groans of satiated lust, a little sigh as he withdrew his slackening erection from her suffering anus. She heard the little rustle of damp cloth and then that metallic purr once again, as he zipped up his trousers.

“Ha, ha! You’re a sight to see.” He said with a weak laugh.

Becky ignored his comment, though she took it as her cue to finally slide herself off the top of the wheelie bin and straightened up her saturated clothes as best she could.

She wasn’t really paying much attention to Gym Freak as she tried to roll the soaked tights back up her goose bumped thighs. But out of the corner of her attention she saw him catch sight of something at the side of the bin where he’d ass raped her and then stoop to pick it up.

“Cool, spending money!” The exclamation was like another bucket of cold water thrown over her and she instinctively checked the pocket of her ruined denim shorts to find her cash missing.

“That’s mine!” She said desperately.

“Finders keepers!” He countered, grinning. “It used to be. Now it’s mine.”

And Becky felt her heart sink all over again.

“I fucking need it!”

“Tough…” He shrugged counting the thin wad of notes. “Why’re you mugging kids if you have this already? You greedy slag.” He sang, mocking her.

“None of your fucking business. I need it, give it back!”

Gym Freak shook his head and smiled, pocketed the notes.

“After what you’ve just done to me, and now you’re going to pinch my money too! C’mon, please, I need it!”

He just crossed his arms and smiled at her. He was still between her and the gate to the alley, still in her way.

“Look…” She said with a sigh. “I owe it Mick Garton, you heard of him?” Gym Freak didn’t reply. “He’s a bastard arse loan-shark, lives near here. Anyway, I’ve got until midnight to get the money together or he’s going to fuck me up, and probably my mum and little sister too! Please, you have to give it back!”

“Bullshit, it’s mine. Like I said.” He replied, still grinning.

“Okay, fine don’t believe me then! See how you feel tomorrow when you hear about what he did to me on the fucking news!” She yelled, and then calmed down again.

“Okay, the money’s yours, but how about me earning it back?” She offered, changing tactic. “I’ll do whatever you like. You obviously liked fucking me in the arse… well how doing it to me again and then making me suck you off after as well?! I need that money I’ll fucking well do whatever you want, I promise!” She said, desperate tears brimming in her eyes.

And she could have kicked herself for not thinking about turning on the waterworks earlier.

“Tell you what.” He said, smiling even more. “Come around to my house tomorrow afternoon, bring one of your hot chav mates who’ll lez it up with you, in front of me and three of my mates for a couple of hours. You can take us on then, get gangbanged, then you can go home, after a couple of hours.”

“A couple of hours…?! Just me though, yeah? I can’t bring a mate round to get gangbanged by complete strangers, she’d never, not if she’s not getting anything out of it.”

“Fair enough, you two go at it girl on girl and when we’re horny enough we’ll take over on you and she gets to go home on her own.”

“…Okay.” Becky eventually nodded her acceptance with a mixture of relief and disgusted resignation. “Where’d you live?”

He wrote down his address.

“I promise I’ll be there, tomorrow afternoon at two… But I need the money back now.”

“No fucking deal. Do you I’m stupid or something?”

“Look mate, I owe a loan shark! if I don’t get his money together before midnight he’ll break my fucking knee caps, once him and all his fucking family have gangbanged for a couple of days. I’m not fucking with you! You don’t know what he’s like….! I’ve heard stories…!”

“Okay, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you’re not at my place at two tomorrow I’m gonna come looking for you myself and what I just gave you will be nothing to what I’ll do if you don’t turn up.”

“Okay fine. I’ll be there. I promise..” She sighed, holding out her hand for the money.

“Rebecca Taylor, Oakfield estate… What number? And while you’re at it give me your mobile number…”


Becky got back to her flat, having realised she needed to get out of her wrecked clothing.

“What a fucking way to make a measily tenner!” She snarled to herself, exasperated. “At least I got the money back.”

It was only then that she realised the front door was still ajar and that there was still plenty of noise coming from Jeni’s room.

She swung the door open curiously, though the noises should have told her exactly what she’d see.

Four of the group (of over eighteens) who had paid for ten minutes with Jeni were still here. One of them was standing on the bed with his hands on Becky’s little sister’s slender ankles, holding her legs up and apart and making sure her legs stayed widely spread.

One was lying underneath her another above her making the teenage girl, filling in their sandwich, while the third was squatting at the side of the bed where Jeni’s head was hanging over it, his hands at her throat while he propelled his cock, glistening in the dimming summer evening light with what appeared to be spunk diluted saliva.

Jeni was still making those muffled screaming groans but they sounded hoarse now, as if she’d been making the same noises all the time Becky had been out.

And, though Becky didn’t like her sister, she had just been at the receiving end of similar treatment and didn’t want to see her sister suffering anymore. She waited another moment, watching with half distaste, half excitement as the vaginal rapist, on top of Jeni, took advantage of the anal rapist’s breast mauling hands by lowering his head and fastening his lips to a pinch-stiffened nipple, before she slipped quietly into her mother’s bedroom and drew the hardwood cricket bat out from under it.

She ran into the room holding the bat like a club and slammed it down on the bare arse of the lad holding apart Jeni’s legs.

“You fucking pricks!” She screamed, throwing her frustration behind her pent up rage. “You only paid for ten minutes! So get the fuck out or I’m going to start busting some fucking heads! You fucking cunts!” She screamed and swung the bat again. The lad who’d already been struck let go of Jeni’s legs and stumbled back, grabbing for his clothes.

Becky’s next swing landed on the lower back of the lad lying on Jeni. It proved to be enough to remove them from the naked teenager.

It took a few more threatening swings to get them out of the flat, but they all gathered their clothes and left with barely more that a few curses and dirty looks at Becky.

The elder of the two Taylor sister’s came back to the younger’s bedroom but Jeni, wailing in in floods of distraught hysterical tears, pushed past her sister and locked herself securely in the bathroom.

Becky stood outside the door for a while but she couldn’t think of anything to say. Instead, she left her sister to it and went back into her own room, to get changed and decide what to do next.


Part 3 – 9 O’clock.

Retrieving her mobile, Becky sent a quick text to Rochelle’s number.

And then while she waited for a reply she got changed, trying to ignore the noise of Jeni’s bawling over the spray of the shower.

Becky stripped naked and then pulled on a tiny white lace thong, a thin floaty white cotton mini skirt, white knee high socks, pink and white Kangol trainers, an electric pink plastic boob tube (with no supporting bra), some pink and white playboy patterned braces. And then, to bring the clubbing outfit together, a pink and white tartan Burberry flat cap.

She checked herself in the cracked wardrobe mirror. Sexy as shit! Skirt reaching just down past the tops of her thighs, tits perky in the eye catching boob tube, nipples poking forward like beacons. The six inches of bare thigh between skirt bottom and sock top just perfect to catch the eye.

“Shut your fucking whining Jeni! I go through it most fucking weekends, bitch! And I don’t carry on like you are!” She shouted suddenly through the wall, finding herself sick of Jeni’s childish over-acting, feeling sorry for herself, vying for sympathy or whatever it was she was doing.

Jeni just screamed incoherently and banged on the wall.

Becky just ignored her, biting down a pang of sudden guilt. She did go through gangbangs and reluctantly accepted anal fucking from lads she hardly knew and certain didn’t fancy, but she had to admit to herself that it was her choice to be put in that position, most of the time. And also, she rarely had it forced on her in her own bedroom.

“Sorry sis.” She muttered through the door. But Jeni continued sobbing. Uncertain whether her little sister had heard her, Becky simply shrugged and consoled herself with the notion that it was the thought that counted, and then went to her little dresser to sort out her make up.

She had slapped the electric pink lip-gloss across her cherub lips and was applying black eye liner in her often used Egyptian line style when the text replied chimed it’s arrival.

Becky replied at once.

She grabbed her little pink bag, threw some make up, condoms, KY (just in case), her phone and what little cash she had (the loan money she slid into one of her trainers). And was out of the house without another word.

Once again she found herself crossing the road at the edge of the Oakfield estate. And once again she spotted the same white Ford Fiesta with it’s three (over eighteen), drunk or high, skinhead occupants.

Though this time the car was pulled over on a grass verge on the bend and the lads were sat on the bonnet, smoking dope and passing around a bottle of Teachers whiskey, probably on the watch for passing pussy.

So, of course, they immediately caught sight of Becky, this time wolf whistling loudly at her and then exchanging surprised looks as she changed direction, heading towards them.

“Lads, I need a lift into town.” She said matter-of-factly.

“I need to get off, but there’s no one around to help me out, ‘cept you.” One of them said, eyeing her up blatantly as the other two laughed and ogled her as well.

“This your car?” She asked, nodding at the pretentious gleaming white heap beneath them.

“Sure is. You wanna try out the back seat?”

“Maybe, you wanna drive me into town?”

“Maybe…” He said, leading her to the offer.

“I could suck you off, I suppose.”

“Suck and swallow.”

“Whatever.” She shrugged.

“Us too.”

“Fuck off. You all gonna drive me there at the same time?”

“I’ll drive, but you have all three of us right now.” The driver said, apparently they’d started haggling.

“Fuck off. There’s plenty of other lads with cars.”

“I don’t see none.”

“…Alright,” Becky sighed, glancing at her watch. “Them two now. But you later. I’m not getting ripped off.”

“Me while I’m driving.”

Becky laughed at him.

“Fuck off, you’ll fucking crash.”

“Fuck you, I’m a good driver!” He snapped, taking offence.

“I’m good at sucking cock, is what I meant dip-shit!”

“Fine, prove it.”

“Okay.” Becky shrugged. “Backseat. You first.” She said pointing at the good looking one.

He happily slid down from the bonnet, passed the spliff to the third of the group, the passenger she had seen earlier, and then angling his head for Becky to follow, he skirted around the side of the car and into the back through the passenger side door.

Even as Becky leaned down to slide into the back of the car alongside the lad, his hands reached out and grabbed her tits, pawing at her soft flesh, palming their weight as his excited fingers pressed into the smooth giving flesh and his thumbs flicked across her stiff and obvious nipples.

“Hey, hands off!” Becky snapped, trying to slap his hand from her body.

“Oh c’mon! I get to feel you up while you suck me, it’s a fucking given!”

“Unwritten law or some shit?” Becky smirked, mocking him.

“Fucking right it is!” He retaliated, snarling at her. “Fuckin’ universal mate!”

“Okay fine, but hands only, and just you. Don’t want no skanky length shoved up me while I’m busy.” She turned her attention to the other two sitting on the bonnet and watching through the wind screen

“You two stay sitting where you are!” She said in a raised voice, before turning her attention to the lad’s tracksuit pants, which were already tented with his erected cock.

She quickly loosened the cord knot that belted the trousers to his slim waist and then loosened the material before slipping dainty fingers inside and locating the hot and slightly sweaty shaft of hard spongy flesh. The contact brought a soft throaty moan from the lad and then Becky pulled at his pants a little more as she levered the hard phallus out of the slit in the front of his boxers and out into the open.

She slipped her fist up and down the six inches of average girth cock flesh, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the firm crown, leaned forward to line up her mouth with the cock. She drooled a little saliva over the crown and used her hand job method to slick up the crown and half the foreskin. Then she slid her fist down to the root and then dropped her mouth over the head.

“Ohhhh! Yeah… Suck it babe!” He crooned as Becky slid the shaft deeper into her mouth, keeping her lips rolling smoothly downward and her teeth well out of the way.

After enjoying the initial kiss and suck, he reached down for her breasts again, this time scooping them easily free of her boob tube and tugging at her nipples, milking her as if she was a cow.

Becky ignored his hands working at her tender nipples and worked her magic. Simple experience had long since awarded her quite a talent in the cock sucking department. She released the root of his penis, sliding her hands back onto his thighs and pushed herself deeper, taking his entire length easily into her hot sweet mouth. He groaned again, his cupping hands contracting on her tits, his hips squirming.

“Oh fuck, you’re good! I fucking knew you would be!”

Becky gurgled a little around his stem, her larynx extending the vibrations into the already tingling flesh of his hard erection.

“Play with my balls.” He grunted next.

In response Becky reached forward awkwardly, feeling her way into his trousers. She located and the cupped his hot hairy scrotum, while she started to bob her head quickly up and down in his lap, taking his length from lips to throat back and forth while her agile tongue swished and fast circling actions all over the underside and root of his phallus.

She knew, again through prior experience, how to read the boy’s reactions but also the different muscle tenses and palpitations in erections telling her when they were about to climax.

She could feel the tensing of the muscles lining the underside against her tongue. The extra swelling of the steaming hot crown pumping in and out of her throat and the taste of pre-cum, a tangy under taste in her own saliva slick mouth.

His balls tensed and lifted in his scrotum. This was it.

The final clue as always was vocal. He groaned, cursed and grunted and then his balls emptied themselves suddenly and powerfully into her mouth and Becky dipped her head and sucked for all she was worth, draining him while careful fingers massaged his spasming testicles, drawing more spunk out of him and into her, as promised.

She sucked and swallowed his load, which was surprisingly plentiful and then pulled herself off him, slapped his hands from her sore breasts and then shoved him out of the car while she rearranged her top.

“Right, next. Hurry the fuck up!” She called, wiping her sticky mouth on the back on her hand.

The passenger lad was next of course and he sauntered into the back seat and took control before Becky knew what was going on. Without a word he shoved her into a sitting position, hurriedly yanked out his own erection and then straddled her, standing on the back seat and leaning over into the hatchback’s parcel shelf so he stood over her with his big jutting cock swaying dangerously in her face.

“Open up, gonna fuck your fucking face, bitch!” He grunted.

Becky sighed.

“What-fucking-ever. Just get on with it.”

This was more like what she was used to, though he was quite well hung.

She relaxed her throat and held her tongue down then opened her mouth and let him feed his turgid crown between her lips.

A moment later the skinhead shoved forward with his pelvis, slamming his erection all the way in, deep into Becky’s throat, then pulled back at once.

And that was more or less it. He thrust in that manner a few dozen times, getting off on the harsh dominant fucking of the girl’s pretty face and throat and the friction and wet heat of her mouth. Becky silently took it, breathing when she could and sucking hard during his quick out strokes.

He climaxed within a minute, ramming his meat shaft all the way in one last time, grinding his abdomen against her forehead and squashed nose, while his spunk pumped thickly down her throat. She didn’t even have to swallow.

“Right, let’s get going.” She said a little hoarsely once he had got off her.

“Into the front with you then.” The driver said, thoughtfully offering her the bottle of Teachers.

The journey was uneventful for Becky. She spent two thirds of the distance with her head bobbing up and down furiously in the driver’s lap while he jerkily drove the Fiesta, one hand on the wheel the other on the top of her head, making sure her lips went as far down his dick as possible each time, when he wasn’t having to change gear of course.

He took longer to bring off than the other two as he had, at some point, slid a rubber cock ring to the root of his erection which made him like a chunk of hot coal in her mouth and kept his climax securely restrained until sheer throat bruising exertion on Becky’s part finally worked him right over the edge. She drew her lips back to the base of his crown and sucked and swallowed convulsively as his balls emptied themselves in a thick hot flurry of slightly sour cum. He almost crashed as well, arching up while he blasted his orgasm into her waiting mouth, squeezing his eyes shut, he almost slammed right into the back on the car in front, which had stopped at a set of traffic lights.

They dropped Becky off at the far end of the main street and beeped the horn as they sped away.


Walking up the main street, Becky noticed how the evening had at last descended toward night. The sun had long since set and it’s residual glow had now all but lost the battle with darkness, leaving only a faint blue on the horizon. Street lights were on and shadows were deepening, darkened further by the fluorescent and multi hued neon light thrown out from the pubs and takeaways that lined the main street.

Cars passed slowly, their occupants eyeing up the talent. Tottering drunk girls, hardly able to work the stiletto heels while sober, were now barely able to stand up.

On occasion a car would pull up, the occupant’s chatting dirtily to one or a group of drunk girl’s who either enjoyed the attention or were insulted by it, either way the responses were loud and abrasive and colourful. Sometimes girl or girl’s would clamber or be pulled into a car which would disappear in search of a darker place to park up and then to fuck.

Becky expected to be approached herself, any second, and she wasn’t disappointed. There were a couple of wolf whistles, some lewd looks and remarks and even a couple of good natured even friendly waves. But it was a well-groomed thirty something, in a snappy grey business suit who actually approached her.

He was so well groomed that at first Becky thought he must be a fag, but then the slightly smarmy way he approached her and the way his eyes looked her up and down left her no illusions about his sexual orientation.

“Hey babe, you sixteen? You don’t even look that.” He grinned at her, his eyes alight.

He was quite handsome, tanned, a slender muscular build visible under the white shirt, his black hair was wavy and gleamed a little in the orange glow of the street lights.

“I’m fifteen.” She lied, following her instincts. “What the fuck do you want, anyway?”

“I’m looking for a girl, short term only.” He said with excitement, his grin widening making him seem even more smarmy. “I’d like to take her out clubbing, buy her a few gifts…” He surreptitiously drew out a fat leather wallet and opened the note sleeve to show her a half inch thick wad of notes.

“I know exactly what you’re after.” She snapped, her returned smile dropped to a scowl. “Why don’t you just come out and say it!”

“Okay, I want to fuck a piece, you know, some dirty teenage cunt slapper and I think you’re gonna be it babe! Wait ’till you see the size of my meat you’ll fucking salivate!”

“I’m not some fucking whore! And you can’t fucking buy me, so just fuck off right!”

The man just shrugged, raised his eyebrows and then turned on his heel, sauntering off toward another couple of girls down the street who Becky thought were probably younger than Jeni. If that. (though still over eighteen). He’d probably be able to score with one of them, probably both, if he impressed the dumb cunts enough.


Part 4 – 10 O’clock.

Only then, when the man had seemed to have found satisfaction elsewhere, did the missed opportunity dawn on Becky.

All that money that she needed tonight. One quick and frantic ten minute shag in a car park somewhere and she would have had it. She had done worse for less in the past.

She thought back over the cash she’d seen, there had been enough for the Loan-shark in that wallet three times over, and about a dozen credit cards too, she knew people who could buy those credit cards from her for a nice bit of bonus.

A wolf whistle from a group of three Oakfield hoodies up the street outside a Kebab shop caught her attention momentarily and she was about to kick off at them when she recognised them as estate lads a couple of years her senior and, her mind working in overdrive, went over to them.

“Hey guys, There’s a bloke over there with a fucking huge wad of cash, how ’bout we get it off him and split it fifty – fifty. Easy fucking money.”

“What’re you on about Beck’s we’re just after a shag that’s all.”

“Yeah, you up for it? I’ve heard you’re well up for it.” Another of them asked, excitedly.

“Maybe I am, but listen a minute…” She replied hurriedly, growing impatient with them. Is this really all lads are interested in? “…He’s got hundreds, and about a dozen credit cards. Came over to me after a fuck…”

She glanced over her shoulder and saw him showing his wallet again, saw the eyes of the two girl’s lighting up, impressed smiles brightening their greedy little bitch faces.

“Yeah, he’s not the only one, so how ’bout it anyway?”

“Fucking listen!” She snapped. “He’s got fucking hundreds and credit cards. We can split the cash and cards between us. Or I get the cash and you lot get the cards, I’m not fussed.”

“Not fussed… I heard that about you!” One of them laughed.

“Shut up prick!” The tallest of the trio snapped at his friend and then turned his attention back to Becky. “Sound’s okay. What ‘ave you got in mind babe?”

She looked back again and this time he had his hands on one of them while the other huddled close, her hands stroking him, both of the young sluts playing their parts as his wallet dictated.

“He wants to fuck me. So I go over tell him I’ve changed my mind. Lead him to that little gulley behind the bus shelter over there and then you guys wait thirty seconds then come over. Fuck him up a bit. Take his wallet. Simple.”

“Okay. Easy enough.” The tall lad said with a shrug. “You’re on.”

“We want a shag off you too or we’re not doing shit for you!” The comedian insisted, now all bad tempered and serious.

“Okay, whatever…!” She snapped impatiently, looking back at the grey suited man again.

He was dirtily Frenching one of the girls right there in the street, one hand stuffed down the back of her low baggy jeans, his other kneading one perky tit. Her friend was snuggling in close to him, one hand on his arse the other rubbing up and down at his violently tented crotch.

Becky scowled. She’d have to work a bit to get him away from them two and back interested in her again.

“I’ll let you all shag me after.” She conceded. “But there’s no time now. Wait here and watch for me taking him behind the bus shelter. Then count to thirty and come over.”

“Yeah. We know the plan bitch. You’d better be right about his dough though.” The other teenager said, the first time he’d spoken.

Becky made her move.

“Hey mate. Fuck them two kiddies off for something sweeter?” She called putting on her sexy flirtation act, swinging her hips and thrusting her breasts forward.

“Hey fuck you, bitch. We’re getting paid to suck him off now get lost!”

“Suck you off? Them two?” Becky said to the man, ignoring the girls altogether and making an act out of trying not to laugh. “They’ve never even seen a real man’s dick. Just little school kid chipolatas. They won’t even know what deep throating means!” She said.

The man’s attention was caught by her again and Becky could see his smarmy grin was back. She knew she’d hooked him at last.

“You told me to fuck off if I remember correctly. That I couldn’t buy you?” He addressed her with a knowing smile.

“So, I changed my mind, a girl can can’t she? Ditch these two. They’re only about twelve anyway. You could get into trouble. I can pass for sixteen, you’d have what do they call it…?”

“Plausible deniability…” He said with an impressed smile.

“Yeah. That’s it, I think.” Becky said, a little uncertainly.

“Fucking liar, we’re not twelve, we’re both over eighteen!!” One of the young whore’s said, blushing.

Again Becky ignored her, her eyes locking instead with the man’s, before making an obvious trail down his well groomed body, pausing on his crotch long enough to make sure he knew where her eyes were directed. His cock gave a little twitching leap in his pinstripe trousers.

“There’s a lot to be said for experience you know. And there are things I can do that these children don’t even know the word for!” She added.

He licked his lips. Hungry for her. But he wanted to test her resolve all the same. And he did.

“I’ll want to stick it up your arse.” He said, obviously testing her.

“Eewkk!” One of the young whore’s moaned.

“That’s disgusting!” The other said.

But Becky knew their disgust was doing her a favour, in spite of themselves – pushing the man and his wallet away from them and toward her.

Even so, she couldn’t really hide her own distaste at the prospect of more anal and it was etched onto her pretty face before she could force a sultry smile. However, the moment of distaste seemed to entertain the man. He obviously wanted her consenting but only reluctantly.

“Alright then. But it’ll cost you more.” She replied, a little sourly.

“And no condom.” He added. “Bareback or nothing.”

“Fifty quid.” Becky replied, remembering the lads would be there to stop him sticking it up her and she’d be getting all the cash in that wallet.

“Done.” He said, rather surprised.

Becky quavered a little. Had she undercharged? Would he see through the plan?

“I’m afraid you girl’s have been outdone. This little babe’s quite the slut-hustler. But you’ve warmed me up nicely so here’s a little something for your trouble.” He passed each of them a crisp ten pound note which the girl’s took gleefully.

“Maybe if you’re around next weekend we can do a little more business.” He added. But the girl’s were already on their way across the street to the off licence.

“Now then, little slut-hustler, where shall he have our fun. I have a nice plush car…”

“No. I want to do it outside in the open. Nastier that way. You won’t believe the rush you get. Trust me.” Becky said.

She was more relaxed now, she knew she had him. He was too horny for words and would happily have had her right there on the ground where they were stood if she’d told him she wanted it.

“Okay, so where you taking me?” He asked as she took him by the hand and led him across the road.

“Over there. Bus shelter.” She replied risking a glance across at the three lads watching her interestedly.

“Bus shelter?! Kinky! I knew getting chav pussy was a good idea!” He muttered to himself. Becky ignored him.

His arm came around her waist, pulling her closer to him and then started questing across her on display body. He cupped a firm cool buttock from under her skirt, slipping his thumb under the rear strap of her thong and then rubbing her ass cleavage until his found the hot little puckered anus.

“Mmmm. Gonna be shoving my dick up there in a couple a’ minutes.”

Becky winced a little uncomfortably.

“It’s hard to walk with you trying to push your thumb up my arse.” She snapped.

“So what? I’m paying for the privilege.” He reminded her, then switched his fondling to her breasts, pinching her nipples to hard erect studs.

By the time they were at the side of the bus shelter his hand was back under her skirt again, inside her underwear with two fingers stabbing inside her damp pussy.

The grey corrugated plastic bus shelter had been placed in a strange location. It was set back against a space of land between a bakery and a fashion boutique. The fashion boutique had an extended store front that narrowed the space between the bus shelter and the corner of the store, making it barely possible to squeeze through the gap behind the bus shelter. There were also a couple of black and gold council litter bins on the other side of the rear of the shelter making access to the pavement behind the bus shelter almost impossible.

People’s general opinion was a case of bad council management or that the bus shelter had been erected in the wrong place.

However it had long since been realised as a little private area, in a public space, unobservable from the street unless one was deliberately looking in.

Becky pulled him around the side of the bus shelter, and slipped through the narrow gap to the secluded and litter strewn rear space.

At once, he was all over her, vocalising his impatient passion with insistent grunts while he whipped the elastic braces from her shoulders and flicked the PVC boob tube up onto her chest, revealing her big perky breasts.

“Nice fucking fun bags!” He grunted.

Then he immediately lowered his mouth to her nipples, while both hands feasted on the hot sultry gems beneath her pretty white mini skirt.

She winced as she felt his fingers stabbing up into the orifices of her anus and vagina simultaneously, before he momentarily paused in his assault to lift her leg onto his shoulder for easier access. A few more moments of excited finger sawing and stretching action and he slid down to his haunches, pressing her back to the corrugated grey plastic wall of the bus shelter and he went down on her prim shaven pussy, slurping at her pouting lips, flicking his tongue between her lips and pressing his puckered mouth to her clit.

It wasn’t long until he expected reciprocation. Licking his glistening lips, he stood up and then gruffly pressed Becky down by her shoulders. She went to her knees and her hands came up obligingly, smoothing his trousers across the long hot bulge that was distending his crotch and then unzipping his fly with some difficulty, pulling the hard fat meat out of his trousers.

Pinching just beneath the crown with the fingers and thumb of one hand, she swished her tongue slowly around the hot bloated knob, lubricating the half drawn back foreskin and then opening her mouth wide. She popped the head between her lips, moved her pinching fingers to the root of the long thick shaft and then shoved her face all the way down, much to the man’s vocalised pleasure.

Becky started to bob her head forward and back, taking him all the way in and out in fast, cinching her throat muscles around the knob, as it moved beyond the back of her mouth. She kept up a constant side to side swishing motion of her tongue all the while and gurgled gently as he went deep, to add vibrating cresses to the oral ones.

She heard the approaching movements but the man’s thrusting hips obscured her view, until he stepped away from her, abruptly slapping her face away from his gleaming phallus.

Becky slumped back against the bus shelter just in time to see the three lads make their attack on the man.

If it hadn’t been so brutal and so confined Becky would have found it funny. As the man had his large, swollen, ruddy cock jutting out of his open fly throughout.

The three lads shoved their way into the confined space around the back of the bus shelter, though they didn’t find it easy. Though the man was ready for them and seemingly knew their intent. One of them pulled a little knife and said something to the man about handing his wallet over.

The man just scoffed. The lad took his opportunity and reached for the man, trying to get the knife against his throat and increase the seriousness of his threat.

Then man ducked abruptly and then came up again under the lad’s knife arm and drove his elbow into the lad’s sternum then battered the knife out of his stunned arm before kicking him hard in the groin so he dropped to the ground and curled up into a defeated ball.

The man stepped over him and planted another kick in the gut of the second lad who, in the narrow gap, couldn’t find room to avoid it.

The ball of the man’s foot slammed with an audible dull slap into the stomach of the lad who, the wind blasted out of him buckled and fell to the ground wheezing and clutching his middle.

The third lad hesitated, looking from the man to his two friends slowly recovering on the floor.

While the lad hesitated Becky watched the suited man, erect cock still jutting amusingly from his open fly, kneel down and pick up the first lad’s knife. He casually turned the blade in the low florescent light, catching the light, making it glint, and then eyed the wide eyed teenager. Before him.

“If you want a go, come at me. If not, drag these two shits out of here… Me and the babe are after a little privacy, you know.”

Thirty seconds later they lads were gone. The two dragged out by the third.

Becky was once again alone with the grey suited, horny and well hung businessman.

“Where were we…?” He said, blatantly ignoring the blazing certainty that Becky was behind the attack by the three lads in the first place. “Oh yeah, you were going to lean against the bus shelter and stick your arse out…. No, no. Keep your legs together, makes for a tighter target… That’s it. Push your arse out a bit more. There you go. Now relax that butt and grit your teeth. This might not be very easy for you. But we both know you’re going to take it don’t we…?” He added rhetorically.

Becky nodded unnecessarily, following his instructions.

Any other time his cock, as large as it was, would have torn her arse hole wide open, as surely as a cannon ball, but that Gym Freak had stretched her just enough earlier to enable her to take his size without too much discomfort.

She leaned in an upright position with her forearms along the corrugated grooves that formed the wall of the rear of the bus shelter and keeping her thighs together, pushed her ass back and held still as she felt the man’s hands on her flesh, pulling at her clothes and moaning lightly under his breath, once again voicing his passion for her hot young body.

He tugged her underwear to her ankles flipped the back of the skirt up around her waist, took a moment to fondle her hot little backside and then grabbed his hard on and lined it up with her anus.

“I have lube in my bag.” Becky announced, suddenly remembering packing it. But the suited man just grunted and shoved hard up against her tight buttocks.

Becky felt her ass cinching against the invasion and tried to relax but the slackened sphincter allowed him up anyway and with a loud, clenched-jawed groan his forced his fat hard-on into her ass, jerking a few more inches into her every second until his bony hips mashed against her cool perky buttocks. With a moan of pleasure-pain he was all the way up her and enjoying the tight heat of her anus.

“Oh fuck yeah! Now this is what I was after!”

He wasted little time. Digging fingers and thumbs into her buttocks and gripping them tightly in order to hold her steady for his thrusts.

“This is exactly what I was going for. Hot little teen-chav ass hole, hot and tight and clenching my rod! Shag you little bitch! Shagging your arse now!”

The man grunted, laughing as he started to thrust. He pressed his fingers even more tightly into her smooth young buttocks, slamming himself up her faster and deeper each time.

“Ohhh yeah.! Take it you little bitch! Take it, take it, take it, take it, take it!”

“Jesus fucking shit! Fuck!” Becky cursed loudly as he hammered into her sore anus with his fat solid member. “You fucking bastard arsehole-cunt-twat-motherfucker! Jesus that hurts!”

He used her like a battering ram against a besieged gate. Though his huge shaft of solid wood pounded up and down her tight orifice freely, gripped tight by the hot sheath of her anus, but his savage metronomic advance and retreat was not hindered by her body in the slightest, the tightness of her tunnel only invigorated his passion for riding it.

Still pounding her relentlessly, the suited man slid his hands to her hips and started to haul her back onto his engorged flesh pipe while, in response, Becky’s own moans increased in tempo and intensity.

Soon enough, and heralded by increased grunting, his hands moved again, this time grabbing twin handfuls of her lush blonde and mahogany hair, twisting her mane around his fists and then tugging on the handful while he power fucked her ass for the last few seconds.

“AHHH Fuck you! Bastard fucker! That really fucking hurts! Let go you shit!” Becky whimpered while he battered and pummelled her.

“Shut the fuck up and take it you little underage chav whore!” He growled in response, his thrusts hard, erratic and brutal.

“Arse to mouth! Get in position! Now!” He grunted and then hurriedly yanked out his sizeable hardness with an audible pop.

Becky, thinking about the money, followed his instructions obediently. She whipped herself around and dropped to her knees in the litter strewn space behind the bus shelter.

Trying not to think of where the cock had been slamming in and out a moment earlier, the teen chav babe opened her mouth and lifted her jaw line, offering her throat for his gratification. The man lewdly hooked his thumbs into the insides on her mouth, pulling at her cheeks while with his hips he leaned forward and pushed his bloated glistening phallus across her tongue and deep into her mouth.

Once his cock was all the way into her throat and her lips were stretched tight around his girth it took mere seconds, perhaps a dozen thrusts, and then his balls were boiling over.

“Take it slut!” He snarled as his orgasm peaked suddenly.


His watery spunk flew as though from the neck of a champagne bottle. It was a heavy and pressurised climax as ropes of his hot cum spewed from his crown.

He held her face tightly against him, her nose digging into his well toned and tanned abdominals. He held her there, his fingers gripping her skull and her hair and groaned hoarsely with each ball-straining burst of his sour tasting seed that she subsequently forced herself to swallow.

However, Becky found it impossible to keep up with his nut-busting, her cheeks bulged and then spunk and mingled saliva started to dribble out from the corners of her stretched lips and ran down her chin.

The man laughed as he saw it spilling out of her and then released her head, stepping back, the last shot splattering across her angled face, even as she slumped down and went into a flustered coughing frenzy.

Becky spluttered, gagging and puking creamy spunk all over ground between her legs.

The teen cutie hawked up spunk laden phlegm and wiped a few drips from her skirt and boob tube, still coughing and groaning hoarsely. Muttering curses that barely made it past her lips.

The man all but ignored Becky after that. He flicked his softening meat, depositing another web of cum onto the matted litter and then tugged a tissue from his pocket to wipe his dick before stuffing the flaccid member back into his trousers.

“Here’s your fifty.” He muttered to her, flipping open his leather wallet and tossing three twenties at her. “Plus a little extra for the arse to mouth action. Didn’t think you’d go along with that to be honest. Shows what a real chav slut you are I guess… See you ’round.”

And then he left her there to clean herself up, whistling a old school dance tune as he departed.


It was getting on for eleven already and Becky still hadn’t met up with Rochelle yet. And even worse, to make matters that bit more fucked up, she saw the line outside of Corsairs. Why the shitting hell it was like that at this time of night fuck only knew. But she’d waste another half hour cueing up.

“Fuck that!” She said to herself. “I haven’t got fucking time. This night’s turned into a spunk fest as it is, a bit more won’t matter if it’ll get me in there quicker.”

She checked out the bouncers and recognised them both. One was a cousin of Rochelle’s and the other was an ex of her mothers who she knew used to fancy her. She’d heard he’d moved this way and occasionally wondered if her mother had moved to Oakfield to be nearer to him again, though she doubted it if their almost abusive past relationship had anything to go by.

She slipped around the side of the line of young people trying to get inside the club, ignoring the annoyed glances and suspicious noises of those who, correctly, though she was trying to jump the queue, and caught the eye of one of the bouncers, Rochelle’s cousin.

“Aw’right, Your Rochelle inside?”

“Yeah.” The tall bouncer said coolly. His eyes afire as he looked up and down over Becky’s teenage frame.

“Well, I need to get in there and I don’t have time to queue. Any chance of doing me a favour?”

“It’ll cost ya, young Taylor…” Her mum’s ex said, stepping in and including himself in the conversation.

He was almost as tall and well built as Rochelle’s dark skinned cousin, though he was white and had receding oily black hair that always reminded Becky of those ancient Greek men you saw in those shitty fantasy films. She sighed, exasperated but not surprised.

“What…?” She asked.

“My friend here’s been complaining about blue-balls all week. Empty’em for him.”

“Yeah, suck the blue outta my balls.” The white bouncer said with a rather excited laugh.

The excited laugh threw Becky momentarily to her old house when this guy, Brian. That was his name… And her mum had been dating. Well, fucking. He used to deal to her and she’d pay half and half – half cash, half gash.

The same high pitched laugh had brought Becky out of her bedroom one evening when Her mum and Brian had been occupying the living room for yet another one of their drug fuelled fuck fests.

She didn’t know why she’d come out of her room at that particular moment. She’d seen enough over the years to know what they’d be up to. And what mum’s boyfriends generally liked to be doing to her.

She remembered seeing her mum trying to snort lines of cocaine off this guy’s erect cock, him snorting it off her nipples and cleavage, of him fucking her from behind on the living room floor while she snorted lines from a hand mirror. And then she remembered his laugh. It had a been an orgasmic reaction. He’d been getting an almighty tit fuck and had laughed that laugh when he’d cum, all over her mum’s face and neck and cleavage.

Becky had stormed out in silent disgust at the time. Wishing she could unsee what she had just witnessed but every time she heard that laugh, she was reminded of what she’d seen him and her mum doing on her living room floor that night.

Becky, shook herself back into the present, throwing aside the memory that still disgusted her. She shrugged in compliance to Brian’s demand, though inside she was still squirming with distaste.

How many cocks am I gonna end up sucking tonight anyway? She thought to herself.

“What about you?” She asked Rochelle’s cousin.

“A fuck.” He said coolly, eyeing her up and down.

“That’s asking too fucking much.” She protested, then -

“I could suck you too…?” She offered with false coyness.

“You couldn’t get your lips around my meat.” Rochelle’s cousin grunted. “A fuck. Take it or leave it.”

“Don’t have time… How about if I owe you? You know where I live and your Rochelle’s got my mobile number. Call or pop around, whenever. And you can do what you want to me… I promise… Okay? Please?”

“Fucking hell… Okay… But expect it soon though.” He said. Then added, “And I ain’t gonna go easy on you either.”

“Uhuh. You gonna let me in then?”

“Hey!” Brian , her mum’s ex protested. “Blue-balls remember! You do me first, then we let you in!”


Becky let the bouncer lead her to a nearby side-street where apparently his car was parked.

“We both got our break now anyway.” Rochelle’s cousin said, bringing up the rear. “And I wanna see just what you’re offering.”

The three of them headed for the wide backseat of the white bouncer’s Cherokee SUV, Becky sandwiched between the two big men, their hands all over her tits and ass from the start.

As Brian fished for the keys to his Cherokee, Becky glanced around the alley and at once spotted another trio in another parked car a little further away and she recognised all three of them at once.

It was the smarmy well dressed man from behind the bus shelter earlier. He was with the two young (though over eighteen) sluts he’d been trying to pick up before Becky had tried to scam him.

Apparently the girls had both relented over his earlier advances and were now, by the looks of the girl he was humping away at, regretting their change of mind.

The second long glance down the alley illuminated by a fire-exit light on the opposite side of the alley as well as the car’s interior lighting revealed all Becky required to paint in a full picture of what was going on in the car. She recognised the two girls by their clothes and hair styles mostly.

The one kneeling on the back seat stroking the other’s pain twisted and tear swept face had been wearing baggy hipster jeans and had been furiously French kissing the man while he felt her up. Becky could still see the jeans, discarded on the back seat alongside her short denim waistcoat. Small breasts, as pale as the rest of her creamy skin, were exposed in the artificial light and made her look even younger and slightly angelic.

To spoil the divine appearance she had punk-ish hair, strawberry blonde with odd pea-green streaks shot through it. Her purple lipstick was smeared and dried spunk gleamed across her face in spider webs of light. There were telltale bruise-like welts on her breasts and throat and her nipples were puckered hard and ruddy as if from over abuse.

She had apparently been put through the mill to earn whatever cash they had been offered by the suited businessman.

Her friend was still being brutalised for her share and the expression on her pretty, tear stained face showed perfectly the pain he seemed to be inflicting on her. He had the passenger seat of his car thrown back to a forty-five degree angle. The girl face down against it, clutching at the headrest in white knuckled desperation, while he leaned against her, hammering his large erection between her prone little buttocks from behind.

Her clothes were in a heap on the drivers seat – the blue denim shorts, pale green vest top, black thong and lacy bra. The scuffed knee high suede boots she was still wearing one foot hooked around the side of the handbrake, the other lodged in between the passenger seat and the door.

The man, with grinding teeth and audible growls, was pounding the girl so hard he was making the car rock back and forth on it’s axles. One hand was digging into the smooth soft flesh of her narrow waist while the other pulled at the gathered fringe of her short styled hair.

Hers was short at the back and longer around the sides of her face with an eye length, Emo style, fringe. Earlier, Becky had seen her hair brushed delicately over to one side, half covering one eye, but now her mane, straight platinum blonde with streaks of sky blue, was sweat damp, ruffled and unkempt.

She was crying, her mouth agape, so tears and mucus from her cute little nose mixed with the saliva from her slackly open mouth and it all dribbled down from her chin to run down the glistening leather of the seat back.

Becky wondered if he was making her take it up the arse and if that was why she looked so distraught, but she was bustled quickly into the other black and grey vehicle and the rich man’s car went out of her view.

The white bouncer was all over her while Rochelle’s cousin helped him drag her boob tube up onto her chest to bare her big perky tits. One large warm black hand cupped and experimentally squeezed one breast while the other man lowered his mouth to suck at the nipple of the other without hesitation.

While he chewed at the tender bud, Becky found her hands grasped in his and drawn over to his already bulging crotch.

She could feel the heat of his hardness through the thick black denim fabric of his trousers.

Remembering her side of the deal, Becky deftly unzipped the crotch of the bouncer’s trousers and drew out his hard on.

Becky half noticed a shadow passing by the side of the car, followed by two others, but she paid it no attention. She awkwardly pushed the men off her sore breasts and dipped her head quickly down to Brian’s exposed groin, intending to get the suck job over as quickly as she could.

She had just swirled her tongue around the hot spongy crown a couple of times, clamped her soft lips around it and then ploughed her head quickly downward, satisfied by the bouncer’s surprised intake of breath at the intensity of her oral talent, when a sudden interruption from Rochelle’s cousin splintered her concentration.

“I fucking warned them two ’bout tryin’ this scam shit ’round ‘ere! Fuckin’ bitches!”

His noisy aggression made Becky gag involuntarily as her throat met the hard cock head already filling her mouth.

The next moment Rochelle’s cousin was out of the car and running after two young women and their male-prey.

Becky, distracted again, lifted her face from the hard erection before she even realised what she was doing and watched Rochelle’s cousin vanishing into the shadows further down the alleyway.

Brian seemed just as distracted as Becky and didn’t react as his blow job ended abruptly. Like Becky, he watched numbly out of the back window of his SUV. He frowned, trying to see into the gloom and then let out a sigh of understanding and relaxed a little on the back seat of his car. He half turned to Becky to fill her in.

“These two nineteen year old’s running a scam on some lad. We’ve spotted ‘em at it before. They offer you a fuck but pull a knife instead and rob you blind. Your basic bitch-scam for horny eighteen year old lads.”

Peering into the gloom, along with her mum’s ex, Becky watched as Rochelle’s cousin caught up with the two girls who had led their teenage boy-prey down the alley.

He grabbed the younger looking of the two girls from behind whipped her around to face him before unexpectedly slamming his shovel sized fist into her slender stomach. She crumpled to the floor and lay still in the space of a heart beat.

“She’s the one with the knife.” Becky’s short-term lover remarked, as if running a commentary.

Rochelle’s cousin then appeared to mutter something to the teenage lad, who nodded and then sprinted out of the alley, passing the SUV in a blur and leaving the large black bouncer alone with the other girl.

“On your knees you and stay there!” The commentator said with a laugh, putting the words into the other bouncer’s mouth as they were being said.

Rochelle’s cousin went over and picked up the gut-punched girl, slung her easily over his shoulder and carried her over to the SUV. With a grin and a nod from Brian, Rochelle’s cousin dumped the unconscious teenage girl into the sealed boot area of the SUV.

“For later.” He said simply, looking across the Cherokee’s parcel shelf to his companion. “I’m gonna give that one’s throat a good bruising as punishment while Becky ‘ere sorts out your blue balls.”

Without another word, he slammed the boot hatch shut and turned back to the other girl, unzipping his black pants and levering out an absolutely mammoth semi-erect dick.

Becky saw the lengthening erection as Rochelle’s cousin came to stand dominantly over the tiny blonde kneeling on the dirty floor of the litter strewn alley.

Her tear streaming eyes were wide and fear-filled, her mouth dropped in horror. But then, obediently following the huge black bouncer’s commands, her mouth opened, widening as much as physically possible as his large hands closed on the top of her head and around her slender pale throat.

Watching the tears streaming down her flushed cheeks, as she gazed up into his deep brown eyes, he allowed her to scoop his heavy meat up to her quivering lips and then snapped at her to sit on her hands while he force fed her his length.

Sniffling, she obeyed.

After the first inch, of his jaw stretching mamba, she started to gag and heave. But to Rochelle’s cousin the girl’s suffering was irrelevant, even advantageous. He had referred to it as punishment, after all.

Becky was allowed to watch the first six inches of his abnormally sized erection was forced brutally into the youngster’s distended mouth before the other bouncer’s rediscovered impatience ended her viewing pleasure.

His hands grabbed a shoulder and the back of her head and pressed her face down toward his lap, where his own straining well proportioned erection still waited for her.


Part 5 – 11 O’clock.

Inside Corsairs nightclub, a cheesy pirate themed place with cheap booze and dim lighting, the air was with thick with body heat, skanky smells of unwashed boys, overly perfumed girls and booze laden breath. Crappy dance music blasting out from large speakers on the floor and screwed to the walls and suspended from the ceiling.

Becky threw an impatient gaze across the dancer floor surrounded by a mini forest of brick pillars where various groups of friends congregated, beyond the forest were little booths, settees and bar stools all surrounding glass-wear adorned tables, also filled with gangs of the young and wanna-be young again.

Behind the long, against the wall, bar were half a dozen staff members all were forced to wear mock pirate uniforms. The lads with plastic cutlasses and inflatable parrots on their shoulders, the girls with open blouses, extreme push-up bra’s and leather bodices.

Rochelle was nowhere to be found until Becky looked over at the dance floor. And spotted her, dirty dancing with a short haired woman that Becky thought she vaguely recognised.

She started to shove her way through the drunk and obnoxious throng towards her prospective saviour.

It was like fighting her way through a hedge of brambles. People backed into her, spilled drinks on her, not to mention the second-by-second lewd grabs, gropes and outright molestations.

A lad she’d let fuck her a couple of times, who’s name she had never learned, grabbed her by her arse cheeks and tried to pull her with him to dance and she had to fight to get him to let her go and then had to haul arse through a few of the congregating groups before he finally lost sight of her and gave up.

Then, as she found herself having to pause in order to pick out Rochelle again, Becky was grabbed and pulled into some drunk forty something bloke’s embrace. His tongue was in her mouth and his fat form pressing against her, hands all over her naked tits inside her top, before she could slap him away throw a disgusted blue-air diatribe at him and push away from his questing for more embrace attempts before she made it to Rochelle’s side.

“I fucking hate this place!” She snarled at the flush cheeked pretty, black girl she’d been trying to get hold of all night.

“You fucking love this place!” Rochelle yelled excitedly, blowing an excited kiss in greeting.

Rochelle looked magnificent as she nearly always did. She was a natural beauty with natural curves, Her lush deep molten bronze skin glistened with sweat and the sparkle of glitter body spray.

The usual high gloss sheen of her black hair was lost tonight in a mass of medusan braids, each tipped with red beads and loose ribbons.

“I have to talk to you!” Becky snapped, ignoring the greeting and the rather sour look the short haired woman Rochelle had been with was knifing at her. “Come to t’bogs!”

Without waiting for an affirmative, Becky grabbed Rochelle’s hand and dragged her from the dance floor towards the door that led to the filthy toilets where there was more sex and drug abuse partaken of, than actual urinating.

They were fortunate to find a free cubicle and slipped inside, locking themselves within.

“I need that money that you owe me. I have to pay off mum’s fucking loan shark or me’n ‘er, an’our Jeni’ll be getting the harsh treatment.”

Rochelle nodded.

“Donna and Lisa and her mum got the same thing not so long ago. They haven’t missed a payment since. Once poor Lisa was let out’a hospital…”

“Then you know how desperate I am…”

“Sure. I got it here.” Rochelle fished out a little purse from a mock Gucci clutch bag. “No probs…”

Taking the money into her possession elicited a sigh of relief from Becky even though she still had more to scrape together, she was well on the way. However she still had to sort out about Gym Freak’s demands for a lezing show tomorrow.

“‘Chelle, while I’ve got you…” Becky began.

“Oh yes?” Rochelle said, a half grin on her lovely face, brown eyes glittering with erotic innuendo.

“I have another favour to ask.”

“Go on…”

Becky took a moment to pluck up courage to ask. Her eyes passed over Rochelle, the red and black pleated tartan mini skirt and the cropped vest top which was entirely made of swirling lace, positioned to hide her nipples but transparent enough so as not to leave anything of her lush figure to the imagination.

The blushing brunette finally cleared her throat and then spoke to her black friend.

“I have a, er… A date, tomorrow. But he wants to, you know… Ah… See me do it… With like, you know, another girl. And seeing as you’re a dyke and you’re hot and all, I… Well I thought maybe you could… You would… You know… Join us.”

She blurted it all out in a hurry, hesitant, embarrassed and desperate all at once. Rochelle simply looked at her with a smirk across her full lips.

“You wouldn’t have to do anything with anyone but me. I promise! But I could make you enjoy it and all…”

“Oh I know you could make me enjoy it. But how do I know you’re not just saying all this just to get me to turn up.”

“What the fuck’s that suppose to mean?!”

“You’ve never shown any liking for girls before. You’ve never really been with a girl….”

“‘Course I fuckin’ have!” Becky interrupted.

“Never when it’s been your own choice though…” Rochelle pointed out.

They’d both been made to put on ‘dyke displays’ at parties before – snogging other girls, sixty-nining while a lad rams it up one girl’s arse, usually at random, whoever’s on top at the time. That kind of thing.

“Okay, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never wanted to…”

“Okay then, do it right now.”


“Prove it to me. Get down on your knees right now and suck my cunt. And don’t stop until you’ve made me cum.”

“Here? ‘Chelle…”

“Right here, right now. Or I won’t be helping you out tomorrow…”

Rochelle looked Becky in the eye, knowing she had talked her around. “…Just think of it as practice.” She added with a wry smile.

“Okay…” Becky muttered hesitantly, uncertain of what to do.

With lads it was easy, they wanted your hands on their dick and their’s on your tits, up your arse and in your cunt. But girls…?

“Give us a snog, babes…” Rochelle said with a smirk. And then her full and wonderfully pouting lips pursed to receive the demanded kiss. Becky leaned in and searched out that luscious mouth with her own.

Their lips came together gently at first, soft heat touching, caressing, sweet breath tainted by vodka and cherry-aide but then Rochelle, lust intensified by alcohol, pressed home, her lips mashing against Becky’s, with an almost fierce abandon.

Conditioned by years of receiving boys’ aggressive desires, Becky reciprocated automatically, throwing her own desires behind Rochelle’s lust. Their lips parted as one, tongues meeting as the kiss passed onto the continent. Became French.

Rochelle moaned and panted as their tongues fenced and her hands closed on Becky’s perky young breasts.

Becky played along, matching Rochelle’s actions, mirroring her movements and her desires.

In seconds, both were topless and engaged in caressing the others’ breasts, tweaking nipples, cupping expansive tit flesh, even as their lust-hungry French kisses intensified.

Becky could hear other girl’s on the other side of the cubicle. Mutterings, many of them slurred, giggles and curses, comments concerning boys, the lack of talent, the crappy dancers, the wandering hands and hard-on’s that were shoved up against them while they danced.

Becky found herself thinking she had had the very same conversations as these other girl’s on countless weekends.

But at the same time she noticed Rochelle’s moans were getting louder and she felt a jolt of embarrassment, the thought of those girl’s outside the cubicle being able to hear what was happening and putting sums together, giggling at them. At her. But at the same time she registered Rochelle’s hoarse whispers asking, begging for Becky to go down on her. Growing louder and more insistent.

As much to stop her from shouting orders, Becky squatted down as Rochelle lifted one leg, hooking her boot heel on the toilet paper dispenser.

Rochelle moaned louder than ever as she looked down at Becky looking up at her from between her splayed thighs. She quickly hitched her skirt up and took hold of Becky’s head. None too gently drawing her forward and upward until she mashed the brunette’s pretty face against the pinkly pouting lips of her already panty-less pussy.

Becky went to work at once and, as with blow jobs on boys, she concentrated on getting Rochelle off as quickly as possible.

She parted the lips of her juicy pink snatch, nuzzling with her lips and the tip of her nose to get in deep and then thrust her tongue inside, cringing at the loud horny moan Rochelle let out.

She felt the lovely bronze fleshed girl stagger a little, heard her fingers scrabbling against the cubicle walls for purchase, heard her panting and moaning loudly, heard the giggles and wolf-whistles from the other side of the toilet cubicle but carried on anyway.

“Someone’s getting some action in there, methinks!” Some boisterous bitch said from the other side of the cubicle door.

If anyone leans over the cubicle to have a quick look I’m gonna bust her nose! Becky thought to herself as she ravished Rochelle’s bronze framed pink pussy with her lashing tongue and nuzzling lips.

Rochelle’s moans increased in line with Becky’s attentions, panting and gasping, moaning encouragement. Groaning Becky’s name between dirty curses and impressed reactions.

Great, now they all know it’s another girl doing the fucking! I could fucking kill you Rochelle.

It brought back sudden and not so pleasant memories of Becky’s first time with a girl. One of her first house parties, not long ago but before they’d moved to the Oakfield Estate. She’d been invited with a couple of girls from her class and they’d played spin the bottle and the bottle and landed on Becky and then on Sandra Hulme.

It was supposed to be boy-girl but the boys loved the idea and they were shoved together into the pitch black cupboard under the stairs.

It turned out Sandra Hulme was a dyke in the making and before Becky knew it she had a tongue stuffed in her mouth and her hands pressed all over Sandra’s early developed tits. They both blamed the half bottle of vodka they had drunk. Sandra had instigated the sexual attack really but misted by vodka, Becky had ignored her own misgivings and let her push things onward until Becky found herself sucking hard hot nipples on big soft newly developed tits while she had fingers stuffed up her soaking twat and a thumb circling her clitoris over and over.

By the time the door to the cupboard was thrown open, Becky was half naked on the floor, with a topless Sandra face down between her spread thighs feasting on well lubed pussy.

The boys, drunk-horny though slightly troubled by the fact that girls were enjoying each other and not the boys as they were supposed to be, dragged them both apart and shoved cocks in them before they knew what was happening.

Sandra had got it the worse as there had already been ‘dyke’ rumours circling around her and the boys wanted to ‘fuck her straight’. But Becky had taken more than her fair share of cock cream herself that night.

Becky could tell that Rochelle was almost coming. The blue coloured noise she was belching out, like oily smoke from a backfiring car exhaust, as well as the hot quivering palpitations throughout her taut dark body were all unnecessary additions to the sweetening taste of her dribbling pussy juices that told Becky all she needed to know.

It was a strange thing about Rochelle that people, male and female often remarked on, that the taste of her already luscious cunt juice went sweet like watermelon juice when she came. And Becky was relishing that particular watermelon flavour right then.

She hummed and guzzled, flicking out with her tongue like a butterfly drinking at the nectar in centre of a flower.

And then, unnecessarily as far as Rochelle was concerned, she switched target and threw her tongue lashing at her friend’s clitoris.

Rochelle was already at the peak of her climax and was happily enjoying Becky’s tongue-fuck, knowing it was enough to ride her right up and over the edge, but the sudden change in tactic and the initial tongue-touch against her clit was practically the same as Hercules hauling her off her feet and throwing her right over the top of the mountain.

She came like a noisy clattering freight train, uncontrolled and careening right off the rails into the white-light abyss.

Ironically Becky’s didn’t hear much of the verbal cacophony of Rochelle’s climax at the luscious black girl’s thighs clamped reflexively tight onto the sides of her face.

Becky carried on tonguing Rochelle’s clit as her mouth and chin were splashed furiously with watermelon scented orgasmic juices.

Finally Rochelle, unable to maintain the strength to keep her upright, relaxed her grip of her girlfriend and slumped down onto the toilet seat.

Becky, rubbing the sides of her skull and wiping her chin with some of the wall mounted toilet paper, awkwardly pulled herself up from her squatted position and relaxed back against the bolted door of the toilet cubicle.

“So I’ve got you for tomorrow, yeah?” Becky coughed, still trying to gain control over the amount of girl spunk she’d gulped down.

“Sure.” The black girl, said with a satisfied sigh. “When and where?”

“Be ’round mine… ’bout noon, I guess.” Becky replied, uncertain herself. Tomorrow was getting more and more complicated.

“Okay babes.”

“Dress like a slut…”

“Like you..”

“Fuck off bitch!” Becky countered with a laugh. “Anyway. Thanks mate, for tomorrow, but I ‘ave to get on. Still got to figure out what to do next about this cash flow shit….”

Rochelle, pulling a clean lace thong from her clutch bag, frowned in momentary thought.

“I take it Shiftnall street is out of the question?” Rochelle asked after her momentary thought concluded.

“No fucking chance.” Becky spat the reply along with a quick shake of her head.

Shiftnall street was where the sad old crack-whore prostitutes hung out and touted. That’s where sad old twats went to find them.

“You wouldn’t make enough up that way even if you did.” Rochelle murmured, more to herself.

“The only other option I can think of is old Mister Thorpe.”

“Who?” Becky asked.

“Remember, Angie’s cousin? Her initiation was to break into Thorpe’s bungalow a steal his cash?”

“Yeah… They all said she got caught but she turned up the next day with nearly three hundred quid. Said she’d swiped it from under his mattress.”

“Yeah, when she was bent over it, taking his length up her skinny arse…” Rochelle commented.


“Well, she told Ange that she did get caught but she made a deal with the old perv so he wouldn’t call the pigs over it. Ended up getting old geezer cock stuffed up her all night and made the three hundred off him. Maybe you could, you know… Try the same…?”

“Ewww!! But he’s a fucking rancid ancient paedo-pervert! I wouldn’t even shag his fucking gran’son! Even if he looked like fucking Ronaldo!”

“You would if he had Ronaldo’s bank-balance, babes.” Rochelle pointed out delicately.

Becky huffed and sighed.

“I’ll have to think it over…” She thought for a long moment before looking back up at her pretty friend. “‘Chelle? Can’t you…?”

“No fucking chance, babes. I can’t lend you what I haven’t got. Sorry…”

“Right, see you tomorrow then…” Becky sighed.

To Becky’s embarrassment , as she emerged from the cubicle, plenty of other girl’s were still all over the place, and nearly all of them looking at her, and giggling.

There were muttered comments amongst the laughter. Coy looks, lewd mid-air tongue flicking and other suggestive mannerisms.

Becky did her best to ignore them and pushed her way out of the toilets as quickly as she could.

The few audible comments of “Slut.” and “Lez-whore.” were countered with a muttered and flushed cheeked “Fuck off!”

And then she was out of the door, across the dance floor and back onto the street.


Becky headed in the general direction of old man Thorpe’s house, dawdling and turning back, changing her mind a half dozen times on the way.

But, each time the fear of loan shark reprisals turned her back onto the path she knew she had to make.

But when she got there, a good half hour after leaving Rochelle and the nightclub, it was obvious that someone had been there already.

There was a police car parked out the front and the glass in the front window of Thorpe’s bungalow was smashed.

That was it then.

She was sunk.


Part 6 – Midnight.

She sat on the kerb for a while with her sunken feeling, holding back tears of rising despair.

She pried the roll of cash from her shoe and leafed through it. Counting the cash for the umpteenth time.

Two hundred and eighty quid…. Only Twenty quid short…. Might as well be two hundred, as far as the loan sharks were concerned. With them it was the minimum payment or the repercussions and they enjoyed doling out the repercussions far too much, Becky understood.

She was distracted by a noise, she looked around and saw four short silhouette’s coming out of the shadows of a tree lined grassy verge against the concrete fence that separated the cul-de-sac from a little private lockup garage affair that backed onto it.

Warily she slid the bundle of cash notes back into her sock, hoping she hadn’t been seen.

The foursome came out and were meagrely illuminated by a closest street light.

They were school girls younger than Becky, pre-pubescent, though they dressed like slags all the same.

“Well look ‘o it fuckin’ is!” Said the lead girl.

She was familiar. Platinum blonde ponytail, pretty face with a touch of puppy fat. Gym Freak’s little cousin again. And three little friends.

“The slag fucking pincher!” She added.

“Shouldn’t you lot be tucked up in bed?” Becky said defiantly. She knew well enough not to display any weakness, they might be kids but it was still four against one. Or should she just run? Away from four primary school bitches? Fuck off!

“Or sucking your babysitter’s cocks?” She added.

And then laughed seeing one of them flush with sudden embarrassment, evident even under the crappy street light’s orange glow.

“Keep yer fuckin’ slut’s mouth shut and give us tha’ money you tried to hide in yer sock. Unless you want me to cut your eyes out!” Gym Freak’s cousin snapped as she pulled Becky’s own lock handled knife out of the pocket of her padded jacket.

“That’s mine, you little fucking bitch!” Becky snarled before she could stop herself.

The next second there were four school girls shoving her onto her side on the pavement and pinning her in place. She struggled and cursed and fought but they still over whelmed her. She wasn’t actually much bigger than they were.

And then the gleam of the knife blade filled her vision, an inch from her eye.

“Hold the fuck still, bitch! Gonna get money fr’m her sock…. No, t’other one! Fuckin’ idiot! …Right let’s fuckin’ go! Don’wanna catch anythin’ off ‘er do we.”

Another few seconds and the girl’s were gone, a trail of their laughter highlighting their departure.

And Becky was left there slumped on the hard pavement, cold, sore and now penniless, and now with a stinging cheek where Gym Freak’s cousin had left her with a jaw jarring slap across the face.

She wanted to cry but she didn’t. She wanted the earth to open up and swallow her, but it didn’t.

All that fucking effort. For nothing. She was going to get beaten and gang fucked and then gang fucked some more and beaten to a pulp until she was hospitalised. Or dead.

And not just her.

Despite what her mother had said she’d get it too it was her loan. And Jeni.


It was another few minutes before she noticed the still illuminated Booze Buster with the ‘open’ sign on the door.

“Might as well get myself plastered. Nothing else I can do.” She muttered to herself, heading to the shop.

It was small inside and more like a newsagent’s than an off licence.

The counter and alcohol were locked up behind shatter proof glass screens. The rest of the shop housed a sweet display shelf, a small magazine and newspaper rack and a six foot refrigerator with soft drinks inside.

Her eyes passed across the usual cheap booze possibilities, passed across the man behind the counter and then landed on the National Lottery machine.

The lottery’s drawn on Fridays. All I have to do is buy enough tickets. I’m sure to win a measly £300 quid if I buy enough tickets. She thought to herself.

But then she remembered the time and that the numbers would have been drawn hours ago.

There was tomorrow’s draw but that would be too late anyway. It was already too late.

Besides, she had no money to buy tickets.

She caught the eye of the man behind the counter. Gave him her best smile and hoped she didn’t look quite as shitty as she was feeling.

“Can’t sub me a bottle a’vodka can you mate?” She asked hopefully.

She was eyeing a bottle of St. Petersburg 40% on offer – half price only a fiver.

“How old are you miss, do you have any ID?” He replied just as politely.

She eyed him coldly, with half that bottle in her belly or with a few mates she would have happily trashed the place, kicked ten shades of shit out of this arsehole and emptied the till.

But she was alone, and she was tired and dreading the next day.

He was old, and Asian, Pakistani or Indian with a big bushy beard but western clothes, loose collared cream shirt and navy trousers. She half expected him to have been wearing one of those stupid high collared dress things that they wore.

“I thought your lot didn’t work in these kinds of places?” She said, ignoring his request for her age.

“My lot? I suppose you’re referring to Muslims… I’m not Muslim, so therefore I can work in an off licence.” He replied sardonically.

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