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I was immediately disgusted by the prospect of what was facing me. Here I was, lying here, having just performed oral sex on this quite overweight colleague of mine. And now she was expecting me to use my tongue on her ass. I had never been into this kind of sex, and while I had once or twice had a lover who had suggested I do this to her, I had refused every time. The prospect of this was just too much for me to bear, and somehow my superego kicked in to compel me to resist. I raised my hands and used them to start to push against Elizabeth’s ass cheeks, trying to get her off of me.

She must have been surprised by my resistance and to feel my hands on her ass, as she jumped up and spun around. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, slut?” she yelled at me.

I was caught by surprise by the depth of her anger, and I instinctively replied, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”

“Can’t, or won’t?” she asked, glaring at me. “I suspect you can do a lot more than you may be willing to do.”

I began to get confused again, and didn’t know how to reply. I simply lie there, her juices starting to dry on my face, looking at her.

“Let’s try this again, pig. Either you’re going to willingly stick that nice tongue of yours right up my ass, or I’m going to tie you to this bed and smother you with it. And if you don’t think I can do that, you’re going to be in for quite a surprise.”

I looked at her, not knowing whether to believe her or not. I knew that I couldn’t willingly lick her ass because of my deep down aversion to that, it was just too debasing for me to even contemplate. But I simply didn’t know whether the hypnotic state I was in would compel me to lie there submissively while she tied me to the bed and followed through on her threat.

Not hearing any verbal resistance to what she had just told me, she went on. “So what’s it going to be? Are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way?”

“I can’t do it,” I mumbled under my breath.

“What was that?”

I repeated, this time a little louder. “I said I can’t do that.”

Another look of anger crossed Elizabeth’s face, and she leaned down, putting her face right in front of mine. But after a few seconds, the anger left, and a slight smile creased her mouth. “Well then, my little boy, we’re just going to have to force you now, aren’t we?”

With that she got up from the bed, and I saw her reach down and open up a drawer of the nightstand next to it. My mind told me to get up and run out of there, but the connection between my cognitive functioning and physical responses was still not working. All I could do was simply lie there, watching her.

She reached into the drawer and came out with something in her hand that I couldn’t see at first. She pushed the drawer closed with her foot, and stood by the side of the bed.

“Okay, get your clothes off.”

I looked at her, not understanding at first. I started to ask why, but as soon as I opened my mouth, she repeated the command, glaring at me. This second time it clicked, and not being able to resist, I sat up and slowly began unbuttoning my shirt. As I did so, I became painfully aware again of the scent of her arousal in the room. It hit me once more like a heavy blanket over my senses as I finished the last button, and pulled the shirt off of my body.

I undid the button on my pants, and as I unzipped them, I couldn’t help but feel how soaked they were from her pussy juice that leaked onto them when she had been sitting on me earlier and forcing me to suck her huge tits. After unzipping them, I lifted my ass off of the bed so as to be able to slide them off my legs. As I did this, I looked up and saw Elizabeth standing there, naked with a look on her face that I could only interpret as anticipation. I threw the pants over the side of the bed, next to my shirt, and then leaned down and took off my shoes and socks, throwing them on the growing pile of clothes. I lied back down.

“You’re not done yet, my little boy. Get those boxers off too.”

I couldn’t get my hands to comply with her command. The humiliation of having my colleague do this to me, see me like this, was too much for me. The feeling of shame was heightened by the fact that I had a rather obvious erection causing my boxers to tent, a sight that I knew could not be missed by Elizabeth.

As if on cue, she remarked, “Well, looks like you and your little dick are enjoying this all a bit more than you care to let on, aren’t you?”

I didn’t know how to respond. On the one hand, I felt incredibly humiliated and degraded by the way she was treating me. Cognitively, I knew that I had been hypnotized, but that did little to relieve my shame. But on the other hand, I could not deny the way that my body was reacting to what she had been doing to me. I still couldn’t will my hands to move toward my boxers.

“Okay, if you won’t do it, I’ll do it for you,” she said to me. With that she dropped what she had been holding in her hands, and reached over and using both her hands, put one on each of the leg holes, and quickly yanked them apart. The soft cotton fabric tore, leaving the boxers in shreds next to me.

“There now,” she laughed, “wasn’t that much easier?” She grabbed the remaining fabric and pulled it from underneath me, now leaving me totally naked in front of her, my stiff cock very noticeably sticking it out.

“Not a very impressive looking little dick you have there, Bob, especially for someone as tall as you. I would have expected it to be much bigger, but guess you’re the exception to the supposed correlation between height and dick size.” She gave a cackle, and continued, “Not that it matters, since I have little use for that anyway.”

I knew she was trying her best to humiliate me, and it was working. I normally felt very confident with women, especially when it came to sex, but the combination of the continual degradation she was heaping on me, along with the knowledge that I couldn’t fight against what she was doing, had worn me down. I couldn’t respond to what she was saying, and lie there silently in shame.

She bent over and retrieved from the floor what she had gotten out of the drawer. As she came closer to my head, I could see that she was holding some leather cuffs and ropes. She proceeded to grab my right wrist, and I instinctively tried to yank it away. She had a firm grip, however, and I was still not able to formulate a strong defense to her even though deep down I knew I ought to be fighting her. She wrapped the cuff around my wrist, and secured the Velcro catch tightly. She then took the rope, and tied it to one of the posts of the headboard.

When she grabbed my other wrist, I didn’t even bother trying to resist, realizing that I had no choice but to submit to her wishes. She tied that one also, and then proceeded to do the same to my ankles, tying them to the posts of the footboard, in the process pulling my body a ways down the bed so that I was about in the middle of it. She rearranged the pillows under my head as I found myself spread-eagled on the bed, unable to move more than a few inches in either direction.

“There, that’s better,” Elizabeth said, looking at me from the bottom of the bed with a self-satisfied grin on her face. “That’ll make things just a little bit easier.”

With that, she again climbed up onto the bed, threw her meaty leg over my chest, and straddled me again facing my feet. Now I could feel the dampness of her pussy hairs directly on my chest, without the barrier of my shirt between us. Once more I was presented with the view of her ample ass cheeks less than a foot in front of me, and it was quite clear what was coming. I steeled myself for it, knowing that between the hypnosis and the restraints, I would have no choice but to acquiesce to her demands.

“Okay, slut boy, let’s go,” and she scooted back toward my mouth, sitting up a bit in the process. This brought her into contact with my lips, and I began to lightly kiss her cheeks, first one, then the other, hoping that this might satisfy her. It was to no avail however, as she reached behind herself, and slapped me not-so-lightly on the cheek. “Use your tongue, idiot,” she commanded.

I tentatively stuck out my tongue and ran it up and down one cheek. At the top of her ass I could taste her sweat, quite salty as I first touched each spot. Lower down, however, the saltiness was mixed with more of a musky taste, as I reached that part of her body where her pussy juices had dried after the long bout of cunnilingus I had performed on her earlier. The taste sensation was mixed in with the aroma of her arousal, which was still quite strong.

I repeated the process on the other cheek, receiving the same jolt to my senses as I ran my tongue up and down. She must have been enjoying this, because a satisfying sounding sigh emanated from her lips, and she said, “Very good, slut, I knew you had it in you.”

Up until this point, I had carefully avoided her crack, which I could see had a rivulet of sweat running down the downy hairs that helped define it. But she now proceeded to scoot back just a bit, enough to make an unambiguous demand on my oral ministrations. Just in case I had any question about her intent, she made it clear what she wanted. “Use it on my crack, now, and I mean the whole thing.”

Once more I resigned myself to my fate, and lightly began to lick up and down her crack. As with her cheeks, I could taste her sweat at the top of it, and at the bottom the mixture of sweat and her pussy juices that had spread over her body earlier. The downy hairs tickled my tongue a bit. Up and down I went, doing my best not to go too low, knowing what foreboding depths would greet me there if I allowed myself.

She seemed satisfied with this, as I continued for a few minutes, alternating between her cheeks and crack, and she continued to sigh every now and then. Just when I thought this would be the extent of it, I felt her lift up on her knees just an inch or so, and lean forward, grabbing my ankles with her hands.

There it was, right in front of me, what I had carefully been trying to avoid the last ten minutes or so. Her brown, wrinkled pucker was less than an inch from my lips. I saw her look back around her shoulder, straight into my eyes, and she smiled at me. With an almost imperceptible nod, she commanded me to go ahead.

I resignedly stuck out my tongue and lightly made contact with her rosebud. It felt slightly rough and wrinkled, not unlike her large nipples I had sucked on earlier in the evening. I swirled my tongue around in circles on the outer ridge of her asshole, my saliva combining with her sweat and pussy juice that had collected there. It had both a musky and tangy taste, one I had never experienced before.

After a minute of this, I heard her voice again. “Okay, enough playing around, I want to feel it in there, pig,” she commanded

Continuing to be unable to resist, I had no choice but to comply. I pointed my tongue right at the center of the pucker, and gave a tentative push. There was resistance at first, but within a few seconds, I could feel it give way, allowing my tongue to enter. I now felt that my debasement was complete, that the humiliation she was making me endure could get no worse.

I poked my tongue in and out, and as I did so, she began to moan in a similar fashion to when I had been orally servicing her earlier. As I pushed in, she gently pushed her body back ever-so-slightly, forcing my tongue in even deeper.

After another minute or two of this, I realized that she was starting to build toward an orgasm again. The same heavy breathing, moans, and shaking began to wrack her body. “Harder,” she almost screamed at me.

I did my best to pick up the tempo, pushing even further into her asshole, hoping that the orgasm would come and bring me relief from the weight of her body on my face. Finally, after five more pistoning movements, it came, shaking her body even more wildly than her earlier orgasm. I could feel her juices again running down onto my face, this time off of my chin and down onto my neck and chest.

She must have shaken like that for a good 30 seconds, sitting with her ass directly on my face, pinching my nose and mouth together. Once again, I thought I was going to suffocate, but just when I thought I would pass out, she rolled off of me and lay down next to me. I could see her huge tits bobbing up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

After another minute, she was able to speak again. “Wow, that was pretty good, boy,” she congratulated me. “I’ve never cum just from having my asshole licked like that, but then again, I’ve never had anyone do it like that before,” she laughed.

I turned my head away from her in shame, unable and unwilling to make eye contact with her. I knew that the hypnosis had made me unable to fight back, but nevertheless, it was still incredibly humiliating to be used like this by someone I had no interest in.

It was almost as if she were reading my mind, though, because she reached over and grabbed a hold of what I now realized was my very stiff cock. “Just like before, you little pig, you enjoyed being debased like this, didn’t you? Your cock does like it now, doesn’t it?”

I realized she was right, that I had been quite hard through the whole experience. She immediately let go of it, and sat up, then got off of the bed. “Time to get us cleaned up and get a little something to eat. We have to get ready for our guests, don’t we?”

With all of the intensity focused on my oral servicing of Elizabeth, I had somehow completely forgotten about her plan to have some friends over later in the evening. I let out a groan in contemplation of what was still to come.

“Aw, c’mon, sport – it won’t be that bad,” she laughed as she whacked my thigh. “I’ll get you untied and let you get hosed off.”

Having been arrested for drug possession in a small European country while traveling, I was sentenced to five years hard time. I had been carrying a stash of cocaine, and the amount, I found, was over a certain limit making it a much more serious crime.

My life collapsed around me as I was hauled off to serve my term in one of the toughest prisons in the country. I was simply numb after being processed and shoved in a cold cell, and the looks of depravity from my prison mates sent chills up and down my spine.

It was terrifying, and I really didn’t know what I would do in the coming months. I didn’t think I could bear it.

I was abused constantly by the my perverted cellmate, and after being raped anally and orally several times I merely lay shaking as I fell asleep each night. Then a strange turn of events changed my situation and sent me into a perverse world of consuming sexual usage that would change my whole life here.


One day I was taken to the warden’s office for an ‘evaluation interview’. When I entered I was greeted by a stern looking woman in her sixties wearing an austere black suit and black half heeled shoes. Her gray hair was tied back in a bun and she exuded a sense of anger and impatience just by her manner.

There were two young guards with her, probably in their thirties, and the strange half grin they gave me when I entered made my skin crawl.

“My name is Anna Stein and I am the warden here at our fine corrective facility.”

“Please sit down”, she said evenly.

There was a chair in front of her large desk and a video camera in front of it. I sat and looked at them nervously quite unsure of what to say.

“You are not very comfortable here are you?”, she said, “maybe you would prefer something better than this…..what do you think?”

Her words stunned me and I stared at her in complete ignorance of her meaning, but there was something hopeful in her statement that I could not quite grasp.

“I’m coming apart in here mam…..I don’t think I can endure this for very long….”

They all grinned knowingly at each other and the warden stood in front of me.

“Then you shouldn’t have committed the serious crime of drug possession”, she said sarcastically. Then she softened a bit……

“Of course…..I assure you I understand what your predicament.”

“How would you like to have a private cell and all the best of the facilities here?”

I looked at her incredulously and spoke slowly…..

“Mam…..I don’t…..understand what you mean.”

“All you have to do is be a test subject in our special drug research program. You would be released after only six months.”

I could not believe my ears and my mouth was open in shock.

“Well I……wouldn’t that be…..dangerous……I mean drug tests?”

She shrugged and the others laughed.

“These kinds of drugs are very safe, I assure you, but you will earn your way, make no mistake.”

“These are experimental sex drugs of all kinds, and we select a few in the prison population to take part in our unique tests. It is a government funded research project designed to shed more light on the tremendous volume of sexual offenses committed by our twisted criminals each year on the population. “

“We feel that since you are a stranger to our country you might have some unique contributions to make concerning these kinds of exotic stimulants.”

“If you refuse this opportunity you must consider the possible consequences……there are prisoners killed here regularly…..despite, of course, our fullest efforts to prevent it.”

“This is the kind of place that will ravage and destroy your life after a time, if you survive at all.”

I sat there with eyes expanded and my mouth open and I swallowed so hard I’m sure they could hear the click in my throat.

“I will give you one minute to decide…..if you refuse this opportunity you will be placed back in the general population and will not have a chance for this again.”

I quickly ran over the impossible choices before me and developed a headache as I tried desperately to choose between my conflicting fears.

At the end of a minute the warden spoke again….


I managed to speak as they all watched me carefully…..


“Yes?”, she said impatiently, as she tapped her foot.

My will broke loose at once and I gave in to my best judgement, and I blurted out the answer.

“Yes I will mam…..I volunteer for your testing.”

She grinned slyly at me and smoothed over my hair with her leathery hand….

“You cannot go back now test slave, no matter what! Do you understand me?”

I was trembling as I looked up at her and a strange flash of cruelty appeared in her eyes for a moment, and then she softened her expression.

“Yes mam….I understand.”

She looked at the two guards who were with her and with a slight motion of her head she spoke to them.

“Transfer him immediately to the research wing, and begin his drug treatment.”

One of the guards walked over and pulled me up from the chair, and we walked quickly to an elevator in a secure area nearby.

The research center was down below the main prison complex in the basement, and we passed through a guarded security cell before passing into the research area. There were rows of white doors along a corridor and no one could be seen. Nothing could be heard, and I was taken into a cubicle and the steel door locked behind me. The quiet was unnerving.

The room had a bed, a sink and toilet and a few shelves with books and basic toiletry supplies and a shower. It was actually quite comfortable. Before long I lay down and fell into a troubled sleep.

I was awoken a few hours later by two nurses who cuffed me and took me to a large laboratory. The room was filled with countless strange devices and restraint fixtures and drug filled shelves. There were whips and paddles hanging on the walls and many kinds of medical and electronic devices and strange looking metal instruments.

There was a stainless steel cart alongside one of the restraint tables, and it was filled with various kinds of medications, instruments, and hypodermic syringes.

I panicked at once and struggled against the two women holding me. Immediately I was punched in the face by one of the two attractive nurses and this stunned me so that I could barely stand.

They quickly removed my shoes, socks, pants, and shorts, and cut off my shirt. The two sat me back onto the table and removed my cuffs. Then they lay me down and strapped my ankles widely apart, and secured my hands back and above me.

One of them pushed a button and the table between my legs began to spread apart and push upward, forcing my knees back until I was opened up completely. A stainless steel cart was placed between my legs along with a rolling examination chair.

The smell of alcohol permeated the room and I lay there shivering in terror as my senses began to return.

“Oh please no….”, I gasped, as I looked sideways at them.

The same female guard slapped me senseless again….

“Shut your fucking mouth and do not speak again unless requested to do so or I will become very angry with you!”

She looked coldly at me…..”My name is Christina, and my lovely assistant is Debra… will obey us without a microsecond’s hesitation or we will punish you severely! We are not here to make you feel good.”

I lay there shaking and remained very quiet from that point on… was obvious that my protests would get me nothing but more pain and I resigned myself to endure whatever came next.

They left the room and I lay there for at least a half hour, shaking and dreading what they might do to me. Then I heard footsteps coming down the hallway and the door opened. A male doctor, probably in his sixties entered, along with the two nurses who had brought me here originally.

The doctor smiled pleasantly at me and sat between my legs.

“Well my friend, we are going to get to know each other very well in the coming weeks. Please forgive the ill manners of my staff, they are highly dedicated but not, I’m afraid, endowed with the usual social graces.”

“I am doctor Haptman, and I’m afraid I must make a few changes to your personality and chemical makeup, but I think you will find much enjoyment here as time passes. You must forget your usual sexual habits and perceptions for the process to work effectively.”

“I must remove all of your sexual inhibitions so that you may be used as a testing subject for our many sexually oriented drugs. Do not be ashamed of the complete lust and insane, perverted sexual need that will come to you, they are quite expected. Just accept and enjoy them to the fullest and leave your past guilt feelings and desires behind you.”

He pulled on latex gloves and began to examine my penis and testicles. He stroked me until I became erect and kneaded my balls between his fingers. Well sir you have a very nice penis and large healthy balls. It is wonderful for a man to be so blessed! Let’s see just how large your dick is.”

He slid an expandable cock ring down to my pubic hair and tightened it slightly. His stroking and flipping soon brought my nine inch cock to full size. My glans was so hard it felt like it could burst. He pulled out on my large balls and pinched them firmly as he flipped my super hard erection.

“Oh yes my well endowed friend, you are going to get on just fine here. Very nice cock! You need to have it sucked often and a nice penis like this needs to fuck doesn’t it?”

He grinned at me knowing I was mortified and enjoyed my discomfort.

“Forget your male fears from now on my friend, you are entering a new world where there is no revulsion or regret about sexual matters, ok?”

He spoke to one of the female guards as he brought me to full hardness. I could not look at him and the shame and disgust I felt filled me completely.

“Take his pre ejaculate sample.”

One of them quickly squeezed out a drop from my pisshole and used an eyedropper to withdraw a sample. She stored it in a container and put it in a small refrigerator nearby.

The doctor stroked me off as he fondled my balls and soon precum was running down my cock. He flipped my rock hard penis slightly to help produce more fluid.

“Hmmmm, very nice…..a fine erection. Now let’s get a sample of his ejaculate.”

He began to masturbate me rapidly as he massaged my swollen balls and I had my eyes closed and was very tense as he brought me off. I jerked and grunted as my heavy load spit out from my cock onto his hand and all over my lower stomach. He worked it and milked it until I was completely dry.

“Very nice indeed” he said, “healthy testicles and penis. Quite a load my friend. How long has it been since you masturbated?”

I managed to open my eyes and look at him shamefully…..

“A week I think.”

“Ahhhh, no wonder you had such a large discharge. We will improve on that in the coming weeks however, and we will introduce you to a new kind of sexual experience.”

“How long has it been since you sucked a cock”, he grinned stroking out the last few drops of my semen.

“I…..oh no I’ve never done that…..I could never do that!”

He chuckled lightly….”How wrong you are my friend. You’ll find that sucking cock can be just as much fun as licking a woman’s anus or vagina. Have you licked a woman’s ass before?”

“I….well yes but…”

“You’ve probably had fears that other men would think you were a cocksucker, haven’t you?”

“No no….I……not really.”

“Yes you have, but don’t worry about that….I assure you that you ARE a cocksucker and that you also love the smell and taste of a woman’s anus.”

“Oh no no….that’s not true….please let me go back to the prison….I want to go back!”

“No you don’t my friend….I can assure you.”

The female guard then collected a large sample of the cum below my cock using a small vacuum collector, and the contents were injected into a tiny jar and stored in the refrigerator.

“Alright my friend a few little stings now and I will turn you over to the lovely nurses.”

He took a hypodermic syringe and swabbed an area next to my groin. He gave me three injections around that site and one in my scrotum. Then he took a small Q tip and dabbed it into a white paste.

“Hold him firmly please”, he said to the women.

They grabbed my legs and shoulders and gripped tightly. The doctor pinched my hard penis between his fingers and pressed down near the tip. He slowly inserted the swab into my urethra as he held tightly.

I jerked in pain and gritted my teeth as I closed my eyes and he had the whole swab all the way down my cock in a short time. The sting was intense and I steeled myself until he had finished. He pulled the swab out quickly and threw it into a medical refuse container.

“There you are my friend, all finished. Sorry to have caused you pain…..these things are necessary believe me. You will begin to experience strong sexual urges now, and a hotness in your groin area, and your penis will be erect most of the time. You are not allowed to masturbate yourself from now on unless instructed to do so. These nurses will equip you with an anti masturbation device on your cock which you will wear at all times when you are not in the lab.”

He stood and removed his gloves and grinned down at me.

“My you look so helpless down there……and so many of the male guards here would just love to have a visit with you like that.”

He slapped my asscheeks very hard several times and I yelled from the pain as he rubbed them rapidly. He looked at the nurses…..

“Give him his first whipping ladies…… make sure his buttocks are well protected so we don’t have undue swelling.”

He looked down reassuringly at me…..”You’ll come to love the pain in time.”

Then to Christina….”And remember to give him the vocal retardant.”

“Yes doctor”, grinned the women, “right away sir.”

I was horrified and began to panic.

“Oh no please”, I whimpered, “oh please don’t do that!”

“Please let me go back….I beg you!”

Then Christina slapped my face hard several times and I lay there almost senseless. She opened a packet and placed a damp cloth over my face and I was unconscious instantly.

When I awoke I was lying on a table face down and fully restrained. I tried to speak but only garbled words came out. It frightened me and I tried again, but I couldn’t put a sentence together.

“Don’t even try to talk bitch!”

The platinum haired Christina was rubbing oil all over my asscheeks. She used several different items on my ass, rolling and rubbing rough plastic surfaces back and forth until my skin was very hot and then smeared on another kind of salve.

She put her head down to mine and spoke quietly to me.

“When we return I will whip your ass until you are a ball of agony”, she breathed heavily, “it’s going to hurt more than you can imagine. Now you lay here and think about that you fool!”

By this time I could not use my vocal cords at all and whimpered against the cloth on the table surface. The terror that gripped me cannot be described.

Fifteen minutes later I could again hear footsteps coming and I jerked and cried in horror. The door opened and the two nurses came in and stood near the table. Christina slapped my ass hard and it was so sensitive I jerked violently . My butt was so tender I couldn’t believe it.

She once again put her face down to mine….

“You’re going to do everything you are told completely and to the letter while you are here aren’t you test slave?”

I groaned and looked sideways at her, my eyes widened in fear. I nodded my head yes again and again as she walked to the wall and retrieved a thick flat leather belt. It had a handle on the end and was about a yard long. She smeared oil on it and lashed it against the wall with a loud crack.

I grunted and struggled against the straps as she moved back a bit. I was shaking and whining, pleading with her for mercy. Suddenly I felt a fiery lash rip across my asscheeks and I jerked hard and a guttural shriek came from my throat….I could barely get my breath.

She brought the belt down again and again as I lay there growling and jumping, and the strange high pitched sound coming from me was indescribable.

I pulled so hard against the straps that they ate deeply into my skin. She mercilessly whipped me and I jerked and spasmed in agony like an animal, and gagged with pain as I endured the unendurable.

Then I began to feel an erection that became strong and pronounced, and my large cock stood out below me through a hole in the table. Debra stroked me and pulled on my balls as I was whipped and my face was a mass of saliva and sweat as she masturbated me. She squeezed my nuts so hard I was shaking violently from that and the continued lashing.

When I had reached my absolute limit the pretty nurse pumped the cum out of my stretched penis and I gasped loudly as I spit again and again as the last few lashes were laid on me. At this point I passed completely out. When I awoke they were rubbing my tortured ass with medications and pain killers. Soon most of the agony was gone and I lay there sobbing to myself.


They cuffed me and walked me to my room and gave me a strong sedative. I slept on my stomach until late the next morning. When I awoke I was given a good breakfast and allowed to shower. My ass was very very sore, and I had to move slowly to prevent the sharp pain there. I felt gently of my asscheeks but to my amazement there was no scarring or swelling. I could not believe it… could there have been so much pain and no noticeable damage.

My two cruel nurses took me once again to the lab. I was terrified of the large breasted blond guard, Christina, and could not bring myself to look at her.

I was naked at all times now so there was no worry about clothing. They had me stand with arms stretched above me and cuffed my hands to overhead restraints. They raised them upward until I was standing on my toes and used a spreader bar to pull my feet apart widely. It was quite uncomfortable and I was mostly hanging instead of standing. The cuffs were softly padded though, and there were handholds on them to prevent undue strain on my wrists.

I was shaking from fear by now and looked at them desperately, trying to convey my absolute obedience to them but could only grunt incoherently.

Dr. Haptman came in, and smiled widely.

“So good to see you again my guinea pig friend. You’ll excuse the term but I’m afraid that is what you are.”

He went behind me and carefully examined my asscheeks and spread them open widely to view my anus. He lubricated his finger and slid it in my rear hole quickly, and moved it around examining my prostate. He slightly stretched the tight opening and plopped his finger out again.

“Hmmm, we need to open his anus for business”, he said absently.

“Begin to stretch him now and enlarge his anal sphinctor. He will be better prepared when he services the male guards and prisoners.”

“Very good”, he commented, “no discernible buttocks damage. How did he endure the first whipping?”

Christina looked slyly at Debra…..”Not well sir…..but then they never do.”

“Quite right”, said the doctor as he sat in front of me.

My penis was already fully erect and dripping precum and the doctor moved in closely and examined my balls carefully, rolling them around in his fingers. He carefully felt of all the inner nerve and vascular bundles. He took each nut and held it firmly while he ran his fingers up and down the full length of it. My balls began to ache and I groaned and shifted around restlessly.

It was incredibly humiliating to have a male doing this to me and my sense of shame was indescribable.

“He’s got quite a cock doesn’t he ladies?”

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The Lesson

“Oh Hi sweetheart! How are you this afternoon?” Jason beamed into his cell phone. “Oh just stopped for a bite to eat. What are you up to?”

Christy sat across from Jason in the tiny diner that had been, for years, their lunchtime meeting place. A remodeled train car, Dan’s Diner was a quaint little place on the side of I-12. The other patrons were the typical mix of truckers and traveling salesmen as Chris scanned the tiny joint becoming more and more upset. She and Jason had been having an affair for almost 8 years now. She had always known he was married but didn’t care, until recently. They met at a sales seminar, Jason was 32 years old and just establishing himself in the company, while Chris had just graduated high school and was working part time at the hotel. Chris fell for his charm immediately and being that she planned on college, his marriage didn’t matter to her.

It was 8 years later now. Chris finished college, got a great job as the manager of the hotel she started working for when she met Jason, and was ready to take him up on all the promises of leaving his wife and starting their own life together.

“Oh babe” Jason laughed into his cell further irritating Chris.

Since Jason and his wife never had planned on kids, Chris couldn’t understand what was holding him back. The last few months had been rough for them. Jason repeatedly would take calls from his wife while with Chris and their time alone had been slowly disappearing.

“Alright Baby Doll… love you too! See you tonight” Jason hung up the phone sealing his fate.

Oh no he did not! Chris thought to herself. “Baby Doll” was her nickname! That was it. She was going to make him pay for that. Chris had an idea, but was unsure whether or not to go thru with it, but now she was completely sure. The rest of their lunch was typical; a lot of flirting, some light petting and more promises from Jason.

3 Days Later.

Chris dressed in her favorite black leather corset, thigh high black leather boots, fishnet stockings and a black leather choker. She did her make-up flawlessly and did her long black hair up in a very professional and sexy style. Next she put on a very conservative tailored grey pant suit and neck high blouse that hid her corset and choker. In a black duffle bag, Chris packed some supplies to carry out her plan, put it in the trunk of her car and, after placing a quick call, headed out to Jason’s house.

It was 3:00pm when Chris pulled into the drive of Jason’s secluded home. A large three story Victorian styled home nestled deep in the woods of his 20 acre property. She checked herself in the mirror, took a deep breath and approached the door.

Ding-Dong… moments later, the door opened.

Meanwhile, Jason was closing his biggest deal of the month. Once all the details were taken care of, he called in the order and told the office he was taking the rest of the week off. Jason tried calling Christy, but she never answered. He sat in the parking lot of the Motel 6 disappointed. He was hoping to have time with her since his wife wouldn’t expect him home for another four hours. His mind wandered to the many times they were together. Originally it had been a somewhat normal affair. However, after discovering Dom/Sub relationships, Chris took him as her slave. Reluctant at first, it took Jason only a few hours to give her full control over him when they had their little meetings. Thanks to her, he was able to explore all kinds of things that he never would have experienced otherwise. Grabbing his cell, he dialed her number again… no answer. Dejected, he headed home.

The house was quiet as Jason entered thru the side door. “Hey Babe… I’m home!” he shouted to Genevieve. “Gen baby, where are ya?” he grabbed a beer from the fridge and made his way thru the kitchen and into the living room.


Beer and glass went everywhere as the bottle slid from Jason’s hand and crashed down onto the marble floor. His jaw hung open in disbelief, eyes wide and dilated.

“What are you doing Chris?”

She stood in her leather corset, fishnets, choker, and boots in the center of the room. Next to her was a black duffle bag.

“Get a towel and clean up your mess Slave. Now!” Chris shouted, her tone clearly put her in control. Jason hurried back to the kitchen to retrieve a towel. Upon returning he began cleaning and looking around…

“Chris, what if Gen…”

“Shut the fuck up Slave. I did not give you permission to speak.”

Jason dropped his head and finished cleaning the beer before retuning the towel to the kitchen. He walked back into the living room stopping just outside the door, head bowed.

“Mistress, permission to speak?”

“Denied Slave. Get over here and undress.”

He did as he was told. Chris uncrossed her arms and pointed to the bag. “Slave” is all she said. Jason knelt and opened the bag in front of him, pulling out first a black leather crop, he handed it to Chris. Next he pulled out a smaller bag which he then opened. Removing its contents and looking up at his Mistress. Chris took the crop and smacked it hard against his outer thigh. “Put it on Slave” she commanded. He complied, placing the steel “8″ around his cock and then feeding his balls thru the other ring. He then connected a strap that went from the back under his balls, up his ass and over each hip and connected to the ring on either side of his cock. The cold steel and leather felt amazing and Jason loved wearing his Slave attire. Once this was done, he placed the collar around his neck and locked it in place. Jason knew once the collar was on, he officially belonged to Chris no matter what. This was his greatest challenge yet, forced to submit in his own home when his wife could return at any moment.

“You have been disappointing me a lot lately. Apparently my methods of punishment have not been adequate. Do you have any suggestions?”

“No Mistress, I am truly sorry. I only live to please you.” Jason replied with terror in his voice.

“Well we will see if I let you live then. On your knees Slave.” Obeying, Jason knelt down. “Tell me why I should keep you alive.”

“I serve only you Mistress. I do as I am told, when I am told. I am at your disposal.”

“And that is special how Slave? I have many slaves that obey much better than you.”

“With all do respect Mistress; I am more talented than they are. I have struggled of late in my obedience, but my skills, the skills you have taught me are much better, this I am sure of.”

With that, Christy smiled. She knew he was now in the proper mindset to proceed in her plan. She left the room, only to return a moment later with Genevieve in tow. Gen had been in the study just off the living room listening to the entire showdown. Gen was naked, her 5’6″ frame totally exposed. Her shoulder length brown hair had been pulled back into pig-tails. A pure white cotton rope bound her elbows behind her back forcing her perky tits to jut out from her chest. The dark areolas proudly displayed. Chris had her gagged with a thin white strap that stood out wonderfully from her deep olive toned skin. She led Gen into the living room and had Gen kneel, spreading her legs and resting her butt on her heels.

“OK Slave, tell me what skills you seem to think are so valuable to me that I should spare your pathetic life.”

“Mistress you have taught me how toplease you in so many ways, and I will prove it if you let me Ma’am” Gen’s eyes were wide as saucers listening to her husband of 10 years brag about his ability to please a woman. Their sex life could not have been more vanilla. Once a month, missionary style, little if any foreplay is what she had come to expect from Jason. It never varied.

Well let’s just see then shall we? I will not be the judge however. I have a special person in mind. I think you know her quite well. She surely knows your skill level wouldn’t you agree Slave?”

“Uhm… Yes Mistress” Jason stammered out. He wasn’t sure what Chris had in mind, but he knew the love making sessions with Gen were, well, boring.

“Mistress Christy?” a deep voice boomed from the kitchen.

“Stay in the kitchen Slave. Have you done as instructed?”

“Yes Ma’am, we are all present and ready.” The voice replied

“Good, I will summon you in a moment.” Christy shouted before turning to Jason and Gen to explain her plan. “You see Slave, Gen here is going to help me decide which of my slaves is the best at pleasing a woman. Your job is to stand here and watch. During the test, you will not be allowed to move or speak. Is that understood?”

“Y-y-y-yes Ma’am” Jason replied, swallowing the large lump in his throat.

In the kitchen stood six men. They were all in typical slave attire. The first was a young boy; he didn’t look a day over 18! He had blonde hair, blue eyes and a surfer style body, muscular, but very slim with an average sized cock. The second man was about 30ish. He had light brown hair cut very short, an average build but a rather large cock. The third man was older, mid 40′s but in very good shape. He was completely bald… head to toe. His cock was about 8″ limp. Next was a young black man, very well built. He looked like an athlete, tattoos covered his powerful body and the stereotype lived on. His cock was massive, long, thick and still limp. The fifth man was also black, he was a little older and not in very good shape. But he was still a very attractive man, and like the others, well endowed. Lastly there was an Asian man. He looked young also, maybe in his 20′s. He had a slim frame like that of the surfer, no body hair to speak of and an average cock.

Christy began explaining to Gen how the test was to run. “OK Gen, you are my judge today. In the kitchen, are 6 men, one at a time they will enter the living room. You may take whatever position you wish to be fucked in. He will do his best to make you cum. I will only allow them to be with you for eight minutes each. Once the eight minutes are up, they will be told to step aside and allow the next to come in. If you wish, you may call the next man before the time is up. That will be up to you. Once each of them has their turn the test is over. I will then ask you who has won. Is that clear?”

Gen nodded her head in agreement.

“Good, I will remove your gag and unbind your arms if you agree to behave.”

Gen again nodded and Christy proceeded to remove the gag and untie her hands.

“Jason doesn’t get to fuck me at all” Gen asked as the gag was removed.

“He has been auditioning for 10 years Gen; I think you know his skills. Alright then, is there anything you need right now to get started?”

“No” Gen replied and looked around. She walked over to the couch and sat down. “Is this OK?” she asked Chris.

“Wherever and however you wish Gen.” Christy replied with a smile before barking out to the kitchen, “Slaves, get ready. I want the first one out here in two minutes.” Chris got down and began kissing and licking Gen’s thighs. “We need to get you ready too don’t we?” she said with a sweet innocent smile. Her hands caressed Gen’s legs as she worked her way up to her pussy. “My my my, looks like someone is ready on her own!” Christy slowly stroked Gen’s pussy with her wet tongue. Gen was shocked. Instead of being repulsed, she was more aroused than ever before. She instinctively grabbed Christy’s head and pushed in into her. Christy then pushed Gen’s knees up and further apart as she slid her tongue up and down from Gen’s now throbbing clit to her tight virgin asshole.

Just as Gen was getting really starting to enjoy having a woman please her, Christy pulled away, “Slave!” She barked as the first man jumped up and entered the living room. He approached Gen on the couch and knelt in front of her.

“This is Slave Kyle, you may begin Kyle” Christy introduced him and stepped back. He wasted no time picking up right where Christy left off. Using his mouth, Kyle licked, stroked, and sucked at Gen’s womanhood. He too did not ignore Gen’s little rosebud, something completely new and very arousing to her. Kyle then grabbed his cock and slid it up and down Gen’s wet pussy lips, spreading them a little more each time. He then gently pressed the head inside her. Pausing for a moment, he then pushed forcefully into her. His hands massaged her breasts and rolled her hard nipples between his fingers as she caressed his chest and stomach. He rhythmically fucked her tight pussy, rolling his hips until he read her body and entered her at an angle that made her body squirm. He continued his assault on her body, as her heart raced, Gen closed her eyes and drifted.

“Slave!” Chris’ voice boomed thru the room as time had elapsed and it was time for the second. Gen was torn back to the reality of the event. The next slave strode thru the door and into the living room; it was the older white man.

“This is Slave Robert, you may reposition if you wish before Robert begins.” Gen rolled onto her side, and raised her leg. Robert knelt between her outstretched legs. With a flat wide tongue, he stroked her from ass to clit with just one slow motion sending shivers up Gen’s spine. He then climbed onto the couch, straddled her one leg, throwing the other over his shoulder and eased his 9″ cock into her soaking pussy. Gen held her breath as it slide deep inside her, reaching places never reached before by a man’s cock.

When Roberts cock had fully penetrated her, he held still. Then slowly he pressed hard against her diving another inch deeper, then pulling out two, back in, and out three. He continued this slow deep thrusting. The feelings were like none other for Gen. She loved that! She was playing with her clit with one hand and caressing her nipples with the other. Robert leaned down, taking a nipple into his mouth, gently sucking and raking his teeth across the sensitive skin. He continued his mission, thrusting his thick cock into Gen while reaching around and teasing her ass with his thumb. He gently circled it and applied light pressure in the center occasionally. Gen had never allowed Jason to play with her ass. She thought it was gross. However, with her in such a state of arousal, she found it wildly erotic.

“Slave!” Chris called again for another slave. The man strode thru the door stroking his fat cock.

“This is Todd. His is a slave in training. He still has a lot of learning to do. However, as you see he has a very thick cock. Thinker than all the rest, and I felt the contrast would be good for this test. Again, you may reposition before Todd begins.” Gen thought for a moment of how best to allow Todd full penetration. He was not long by any means so she wanted to help him out as much as possible. She sat back up, slid forward so her ass hung over the edge a little, then pulled her legs up and as wide as she could, opening herself up completely to him. Todd knelt on the floor and, similar to the men before him, slowly licked Gen’s engorged pussy lips. Flicking across her clit he used his thumb to stimulate her anus as he was taught. Gen was beyond the terror of this event and needed release.

“Oh god, put it in me Todd, fuck me please!” she cried as Jason’s heart sunk in his chest. ‘Could I be more humiliated he thought?’ as he stood there watching his wife beg to be fucked by a stranger.

Todd complied, placed the head of his cock at her opening. The head almost eclipsed her entire pussy! He pushed slowly into her as she gasped at the girth. Her pussy stretched to accommodate this massive invader causing spasms thru her entire body.

“Oh god deeper!” Gen begged as she reached down and pulled him to her. His length thrust into her as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Todd suddenly tensed up; Gen’s pussy was still spasming around it as she felt him unload his sperm into her. Todd pulled out and bowed his head in shame.

“That’s OK Todd, go stand over there with the other slaves. I should have known you were not ready for such a test. You did well.” Christy encouraged Todd as he stood and moved next to Kyle and Robert. Christy knelt down between Gen’s outstretched legs. She eagerly began lapping up the cum Todd had left. Methodically she sucked every drop off before sliding her fingers deep inside Gen to retrieve the rest. Scooping it out with two fingers she them into her mouth, sucking them clean. She returned for a second helping, this time offering them to Gen as Jason looked on. “Would you like to try my dear?” Christy whispered, holding her cum soaked fingers inches from Gen’s crimson lips. Gen said nothing; she simply opened her mouth and sucked in Christy’s fingers. Her tongue swirled around them, gathering Todd’s cum. Christy pulled them out while Gen savored the gift, licking her lips before allowing it to travel down her throat. A soft moan escaped Gen’s lips making Christy smile.


The next man to enter the living room was the athletic black man. When Gen saw him she immediately got excited. She’d never had a cock that big in her and his physique alone made her hot! “I want to ride him!” she demanded, getting more into the spirit of the event.


“This is Slave Ken and No. You are not allowed to have that kind of control or it would ruin the test. However, if you wish, he can fuck you standing up, allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist. But you must allow him to provide all the movement.”

“I understand; standing would be great!” Gen replied as she approached Ken. Not allowing him the opportunity to please her orally, she jumped into his strong arms. He took a few steps over to the wall and leaned on it for support. Gen quickly wrapped her legs around his muscle clad body as her arms encompassed his neck. Ken guided his cock to her pussy. He reached up and took hold of her shapely hips with is massive hands and pressed her down onto his waiting cock, filling her completely. He then reached underneath her, cupping her ass and began lifting and lowering her wanton body onto his thick cock. As she was lowered she would grind her hips in a vain attempt to press her clit against his belly. Chris would have none of this ‘cheating’ and promptly reminded her of the rules with a sharp smack of her crop against her taunt ass. Gen went limp and allowed Ken to use her like a fuck doll. His pace varied as he pounded her tight pussy, giving Gen pleasure she had never felt before.

With a nod from Christy, Ken stopped thrusting and grabbed Gen by the waist. In a quick fluid motion, he spun the petite woman around so her knees rested on his shoulder, and her face was inches from his throbbing cock. Ken slid his tongue into her, reveling at her flavor. Gen hung there, Kens massive arms wrapped tightly around her waist while he tongued her womanhood. His cock bounced inches from her face. She so wanted to take it in her mouth, but was afraid that Christy would be upset and strike her with her crop. She kept looking up at Christy, hoping she would turn around so Gen could briefly slide Ken’s throbbing cock in her hungry mouth. Suddenly Gen felt a wet pressure against her anus. Ken was pressing his long slender tongue into her. The feeling was indescribable! Gen never had anything in her ass before. This was remarkable, and she immediately sucked Ken’s cock into her mouth, moaning as she did.

While Ken fucked her virgin ass with his long wet tongue, Gen grabbed Ken’s ass and was forcing more and more of his cock down her throat. Christy looked on in pride as her plan was going wonderfully! Jason however was not happy at all. As the two pleased each other, Christy caught Ken’s look, telling her he was close as he began bucking his hips, fucking her flawless face. Christy smiled and offered a slight nod, giving Ken the permission he so eagerly wanted.

Several readers have recently written me. I love to read the majority of notes, but you learn to take the good with the bad. I have to admit the notes that are insulting are, well, insulting, but then the very thoughtful notes make looking at some of the “bad” ones worth it. Thanks to all.

A couple guys asked what I have been up to, and quite frankly the job has been all-encompassing. There have been some layoffs and those of us remaining have more work to do.

That’s not unusual these days, as I have friends underemployed and unemployed. I’m happy to have a job.

Many of the notes referred to my former boss and current boyfriend Lin. We’ve been together 9 years, living parallel lives as public knowledge of our situation would cause pain. Still, we see each other regularly. He has a wife and kids, I have a new boyfriend, and somehow we have the inclination and the time to get together and maintain our relationship.

It has been made more difficult recently. Several months back we were nearly caught by his wife. Not in the act, but via credit card receipts.

Over the years we’d been naughty in the car and at the park and had actually been caught in the act, but his wife never knew a thing. Then, like Al Capone getting caught on a tax rap, we were nearly busted.

He’d bought me some sexy unmentionables at The Secret, and the dumb ass used his credit card. His wife found the receipt and nearly caused World War Three. The only saving grace was that I knew, as his former secretary, that he was basically a dunce at times. So when he gave me the gift I made sure he went back and bought his wife something slinky and naughty as well.

So when he was confronted with the receipt, he had a story. He ultimately stormed out of the room and brought back her gift, making her feel stupid. But some of the truths she threw his way – coming home late from work, disappearing here and there on the weekends, and so forth did strike close to home.

We cooled it, becoming very careful on when and where we met.

It turns out the real focus of Lin’s wife’s suspicions was his new secretary. A young 22-year-old who dressed on borderline inappropriateness and who always seemed to be flirting with any male caught the attention of his wife. I know, because I was a bit taken back as well when I met her. How’s that, a wife and a mistress both upset with the looks of a new secretary?

Lin of course talked about Amber’s strong secretarial skills, but I know I wondered about her oral talents. If Lin sampled some of that – he has no willpower – then I’d be pissed.

So it was that Lin wasn’t a total duffus. He calmly said she was a secretary in love with her boyfriend and that while she was enticing I was the object of his affections. I don’t know where that left his wife, but it calmed my nerves.

It’s funny, I was speaking at a work function with a friend. She was talking about a co-worker, Mrs. Vincent, whose husband had passed away. She was in her 50s, like Lin, and she was seeing a guy in his early 30s, like me, and just couldn’t accept the fact that an age was a number and sometimes it was meant for people to be together.

“She must be putting out more than she ever did, because he (boyfriend) loves to get between the sheets,” snarled Cindy. “He’s always after pussy.”

I wondered how she knew, then it came to be, she must have been dating him at some point.

She must have been reading my mind. “Uh huh….he likes to have a finger up his derriere, and he really likes to do it in the car. We did it everywhere….he’s a slut!” said Cindy with a smile. “Actually, he can be a jerk, and I just don’t see Mrs. Vincent humping late at night down at Crum Creek Park.”

Damn, that hit close to home, as Lin and I had made out at the Park numerous times, and I must have given him a couple dozen blow jobs there over the years. I wondered if Cindy had been in another car giving head while I was in a nearby car doing the same. Maybe it really is a small world. And of course I wondered if she was constantly after her guy like I was always seeking satisfaction from Lin. Just saying.

Shaking my head, we moved on to other conversations, but I thought it ironic she had a “problem” with the age difference not knowing the love of my life was just shy of 20 years my senior too.

In any event, Lin was special to me, and we had evaded getting caught by his wife, and that was a good thing.

What helped even more was a staged meeting at the Mall. He had met his wife there after work for a little shopping outing, while I met my current boyfriend just because. When we each ran into each other, the guys holding our hands, Lin suggested we stop at a kiosk for coffee. There we talked about this and that before going our separate ways.

Ever the planner, Lin had planned a quick meeting for he and I after his wife and my boyfriend left.

“That was good, our meeting,” explained Lin. “She saw you with Alexander and that cooled her jets. I have to say, though, your rubbing his leg was a nice touch. She remarked when I walked her to her car that you two needed a room.”

Laughing, I casually replied. “Yes I needed a room, but it would be you and me. It’s been weeks, Lin, since we’ve done it. I am so hot for you.”

“Me too,” said my former boss. “But she’s expecting me home within the hour. We can’t tonight.”

Shrugging my shoulders, I reminded him that we’d fooled around quickly in the past and I was willing right now.

“You are speaking my language, Robyn, let’s get to the car.”

Mine was closer so we got into the front seat and began making out. We were into a heavy kissing session, his hand underneath my sweater alternating caresses of my breasts and my rubbing his leg like I had Alexander earlier in the evening. I could feel the twitching in his pants as I circled his crotch.

We were brought to reality by several hoots from some guys walking nearby. “Get a room!” was the cat call. Don’t I wish!

They really couldn’t see anything, but it was unnerving. We had to find a better place that the level of the parking garage that was adjacent to the movie theater, obviously. That bit of bad planning was solved when we drove up two levels, and parked near the ramps away from the stairwells before getting back to the business at hand.

The thing is, we both relished our quick interludes. Some probably say quickies, but whatever you call it was quick and to the point satisfaction. This day I knew Lin only had a short bit of time with me before he had to get off to his wife, and I realized someone could walk past at any moment. So to keep the objective in mind I began stroking his cock while looking around the lot. Nothing was moving but my hand.

“Oh, Robyn, that feels so good, your hand feels great,” said my former boss.

It was hot, stroking him off in the parking garage. He was rocking but didn’t seem to be close to orgasm, so I asked if he’d need some hand cream to increase the sensations. He nodded, and I reached into my purse while stroking that hard cock. Soon I had added the cream and the motions brought groans from my guy.

“Oh yes, Robyn, that feels great. Stroke my dick, oh yes, right here in the parking lot.”

Stroking my man I knew he was enjoying from all his moans and groans. Looking around the parking lot I saw the coast was clear. This was so much fun; he was putty in my hand!

Soon I was rewarded with the notification from the man. “Oh, Robyn, keep stroking, I am so close, I’m going to cum!”

I stroked and stroked that hot hard cock, then bent over the man and engulfed that perfect cock with my lips as he started to shoot his sticky load.

His cum shot out his cockhead into my sucking mouth as Lin gave a blow-by-blow descriptions.” Yes, you are sucking my cock, you are sucking my dick. Suck baby suck.” It wasn’t poetic, but true. Swallowing the load and cleaning his cock was a thrill. I was tingling as I finished the blow job and then slowly lifted up from the mission.

Lin was laying back a big smile on his face. “That was amazing….but honey you didn’t have to suck with all that gunk on my dick, the lotion.”

Smiling, I told my man I wanted to taste his sauce, making a production of smiling, licking my lips and rubbing my stomach. “Oh that was so very good,”

Lin kissed me, running his tongue around my mouth and catching any leftover sperm as our tongues battled for superiority in my mouth. There are a lot of guys who won’t kiss you after you take their load in the mouth. I call them ex-boyfriends. If a guy doesn’t kiss you after giving head to him then he’s not worth the effort. Lin learned early on how to please me after a blow job.

We both went home satisfied.

@ @ @ @

We spoke on the cell phone a couple times after that mall meeting, teasing each other. Lin said we had to cool it to ensure his wife wasn’t on to us, and our jobs were busy too so we just kept up with each other as we could.

During a break Tuesday morning my good friend Carrie and I walked down to our local coffeehouse for some of the powerful real stuff. Away from prying eyes she hit me with her “embarrassing story of the weekend (we called it ESOW).”

The ESOW was something Carrie came up with a several years before when her mother had opened the door to her bedroom and yelled in that she had a call on the landline downstairs. Carrie was stunned, especially because she had a vibrator working between her legs at the time. Her mom stopped mid-sentence, eye wide open and then quickly shut the door.

From that night on she locked her door when bringing out Mr. Vibrator.

Over the half dozen years I’d known her Carrie had been involved in numerous “compromising positions” that were laughable after the fact but embarrassing when they happened.

There was the time she was getting head from her boyfriend and lost in the moment she, well, passed gas.

“OMG Robyn, that was so embarrassing. Rick was startled, I was dismayed, and it was awful. But he was a trooper. He kept at it. I mumbled something about him taking me to a new level. But really, that was awful.”

Laughing, I said that’s when you know the honeymoon is over.

I remember a few months ago Carrie told a quick story of this same coffee house we were going to. She stopped in the restroom there and was doing her business when the door opened a young girl came in mother right behind —while Carrie was on the commode. Apparently she only thought she had locked the door. It was a comedy of errors and extremely embarrassing. “You would think they’d go out and give me privacy, but they stood there as I finished and damn I left that place red-faced without coffee. The kid kept yelling that I was peeing.”

On this day she gave me another “you won’t believe story.”

“Curt and I were down the shore, staying at one of those suite motels, you know where the bedroom separate from the main room,” said Carrie, who went through boyfriends annually. “He used his hotel points, and it was great. They had an evening reception, limo to the casino, and breakfast included. Well we had a late night, and got up just in time for breakfast. They had waffles, awesome.

“Anyway, we took a quick dip in the pool before checkout, and headed back to the room. Well, one thing led to another as we were in the shower, which led to the bedroom where we, uh, you know, were getting it on.

“Curt was banging his bacon in me when the maid walked in and streaked, ‘Just checking, sorry”. Sorry, damn my legs were toward the ceiling and Curt was bonking away. Curt jumped up and the mood was lost. Damn, I wanted a refund for our free room. We left and saw several maids, and I swear all were snickering. I just wiggled my ass at them.”

We laughed all the way down the street. The girl just had continual bad luck when it came to getting caught in the act. But it was so funny listening to her, she was such a trip.

But as much as Carrie was adventurous with her boyfriends, my co-worker Kathy had time and again amazed me with some of her nocturnal activities with her husband. John loved to “get it” regularly and she’d mentioned they’d done it on the side of the road on the way home from a party, in every room of their house and even with her over and on top of the washing machine….while it was on.

“JB was up to it again,” said Kathy with a chuckle while we were inside the file room, away from prying eyes and listening ears. “Sometimes he amazes me.”

“Well, it wasn’t his birthday!” was my laughing reply. “You can sit today!”

John “JB” had a habit of collecting special sex on holidays. He screwed his wife up the ass. It was a tradition that started years before, where Kathy gave her ass cherry to him on his birthday. Since that time whenever a holiday came around Kathy would take him up the chocolate speedway. It became the office joke after holidays.

“No, no holiday this weekend thank goodness, but he was a pervert…he woke me up this morning rubbing his dick in my ear!”

I had to laugh, not knowing whether she was BSing me or telling the truth.

“Really, he was rubbing against my ear, then he started rubbing the tip of his dick on my eye, I told him to go in the other room and get the hair conditioner and take care of himself and let me sleep, but he had other ideas. He is going on a couple day business trip and I guess last night’s goodbye sex wasn’t enough, he wanted more. He was horny as a guy in a whore house carrying a full wallet. I kept telling him to get away, leave me alone, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

When Kathy started her stories, they always had some good ending. This one was no exception.

“I finally got up and made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and all of a sudden I was bent over the sink and JB was taking me from behind. I yelled at him to stop but it started getting good and…well….it was really good. Damn, I think I am walking funny this morning. We showered together and I had to clean his dick with my mouth and soap and water. He better bring me a nice present from Chicago.”

That’s Kathy, always up to something naughty, which for someone married so long is really great to hear. Her honeymoon continued long after the wedding vows were exchanged.

Of course, I’d had a few of the same kind of situations. Lin was always doing naughty things that could embarrass the hell out of me.

Still, the situational embarrassment could go a long way toward making a tough day of work a whole lot better to deal with.

One of the bad things about having an improper relationship with your former boss is that you have to keep it quiet from your friends. I mean, how would it look if, say, my boyfriend and I were at a party with Carrie and her boyfriend and she inadvertently asked how my lover was doing. Not cool.

Carrle did know that Lin and I had been in a relationship at one point — she counseled me it was not good to sleep with your boss. She thought that Lin and I stopped seeing us years before, but she knew I had done some serious head bobbing with him in the past.

That was apparent when during one of our ESOW revelations years before I mentioned that Lin and I had been observed by a hiker down at the railroad trail. We had left the trail, were over by the river, and I had my jacket on the ground and was kneeling on it. Why, I had to do something in that position, so I was sucking Lin’s dick.

There had not been many people on the trail, hardly anyone. And we were way off the main trail, and we had only been there for a few minutes. Yet somehow there I was feverously sucking cock in nature when we heard a gasp. A young guy on a bike had come down the trail and stumbled upon us mid-blow job.

He was in his 20s, a young guy with big eyes. The scramble that ensued was priceless. I pulled away and fell over trying to jump to my feet, while Lin maneuvered his cock into his pants. All this happened with the guy stunned. I mean, he didn’t move. I swear his mouth was gaping open at what he stumbled onto.

“I, uh, I am so sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t know you were back here. I just wanted to see the river.”

Lin and I looked at each other, both with the reddest of red faces, and began to laugh. Lin pointed, “It’s over there.” Then the kid started laughing.

Lin held me close as the guy turned around. “I can stay down at the front of the trail and watch out for you if you like.”

The kid was pretty smart. But Lin lamented he wasn’t up to the task, and we instead walked out while the guy sped away. Carrie got a good laugh at that one.

During one of the spans where Lin and I broke off our relationship I told Carrie and she even set me up on a couple dates. I never told her that Lin and I started seeing each other again.

It was great having friends like Carrie. She was always leaving me on a positive note, built up my confidence and helped me when I was down. In many respects she was a perfect complement to Lin, who was always positive, helped me when I was short on the rent money and had an incredible knack of making me feel like the most attractive, smart and fun-loving girl around. Oh, and we made magical sex together as well.

@ @ @ @

A week later, on a Tuesday morning I was in the midst of applying makeup when my cell rung. It was Lin.

“Good morning, Sweetie, can you talk?”

“Of course, handsome. How’s your morning?”

Lin spoke of a harried morning, but a good one. He was seeing some clients today, so was already at work. He complained a little about a stain on his precious pool table after one of the kid’s parties over the weekend “Damn, I was pissed, but it needed resurfacing anyway.”

We caught up with things, nothing special, and then he had to go to his meeting. But he asked that I keep Saturday morning open for him, maybe 10 go noon because he “had an idea.”

Now, I probably don’t have to tell you that Lin’s ideas usually had me falling down onto my knees, but there was nothing wrong with that! I told him I’d move my hair appointment from the morning to afternoon and be available. Then next couple days I wondered what was his plan…we more often than not met on the spur of the moment so he had something up his sleeve.

Saturday morning rolled around and Lin called at 8:30 asking me to meet him at the park about a mile-and-a-half from his house. There was a huge parking lot there where adventurous types parked and took their bike rides around a large man-made lake.

“Honey, can you wear a skirt, I want to see those long sexy legs!”

Okay, I was intrigued. Wonder what he was up to. There would be way too many people around for us to fool around, and it was relatively close to his house. I questioned the wisdom but he told me not to worry. I didn’t, he had more to lose than me so what would be would be.

My mind wandered when work was light during the day. He had been so secretive. Wear a skirt, nothing more. I hope I could have on a tee or something too! I couldn’t help myself, I was laughing out loud.

Saturday morning couldn’t come quick enough. I painted my toes Friday night and in the morning picked out a flowing blue skirt, light blue top, and matching light blue bra and panty (thong) set that made me look cute but not slutty. Tied my hair back, added a little jewelry they headed off to our rendezvous.

Parking away from the main road near some large oak trees, I sat and watched some hikers and bikers and people of all shapes and sizes out for morning exercise. After only a couple minutes Lin pulled in alongside my car.

“Honey, get in the back seat!”

Huh? I didn’t expect that greeting, but I did. “What…?”

“Shush, no problem, just scoot down a little I thought I saw one of the neighbor’s cars down the other end of the lot.”

Lin began Driving Ms. Robyn, a Robyn full of questions. We drove toward his house, and when we got to within a couple blocks he told me to stay down as far as I could. Following directions, I did, and soon I felt the car start, drive, then slowing. A couple minutes later Lin hit the garage door opener and pulled inside.

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