James stood staring at the selection of GPS units on display in the electronics store, perplexed at the many different models to choose from. He was lost and his GPS had died. James is a private investigator and the assignment for today was to deliver a summons to a witness in a Federal case.

The prosecutor in this case was a friend of James and owed him a favor, so he hired James to deliver the subpoena. Subpoenas were easy money for him, but this witness lived out of state.

Now, here he is, lost and frustrated in a town he has never been in, at an electronics store where he can’t seem to get any assistance. As he scanned the store for an employee that he could get to help him, he saw the most gorgeous face he had seen in a long time. She looked to be in her mid 20′s but her face had an angelic innocence to it.

Her eyes were bright and pronounced and the way she wore her makeup defined them all the more. Her shoulder length hair was black and shiny that made the caramel brown color of her perfectly smooth face stand out. When she saw that James was staring at her she sucked her teeth and mumbled under her breath as she turned away.

James watched her walk away just so that he could get a look at her body. She was a full figured girl weighing in at around 210 lbs. Although she stood at 5’7″, her weight was distributed to the right places. She had succulent round breasts that didn’t sag below her ribs. They seemed to have not droop at all. And from what he could see from her exposed cleavage, no visible veins.

Her legs and thighs were toned and shapely. And the part that James liked best was her butt. It looked like she was carrying a pair of basketballs in her pants. When she walked it had the right amount of bounce to it that made him want to get two handfuls and jiggle them vigorously. Together, her thighs and butt complemented each other in a way that seemed perfect.

Finally, a sales associate noticed James standing at the display looking bewildered and came over to earn his commission. While James was listening to the over extensive knowledge of this unit verses that unit, his angel came to the end of the aisle to wait for the group of friends that she came with to catch up to her.

“Come on here or Imma leave you!” She yelled to them. Just then she noticed James watching her. “WHAT!!???” She blared at James as she turned to look him directly in his face. “You act like you ain’t never seen a woman before!” “You must want all of this on your little boyfriend right there!”

James was shocked at the sudden barrage of insults being directed at him. What had he done to her? Definitely, he was not the first person to notice the beauty that he saw in her. As the young lady’s friends gathered around her she kept hurling insults and attitude at James as he stood there in disbelief of what was happening. What made it so bad was that the young lady was so loud that other people stopped shopping and watched the demonstration.

“How could something so ghetto come out of something so pretty?” James wondered.

The young lady continued with her non-stop montage of humiliation and insults. Then she hit James’ hot button.

“You look like you’re gay!” “I don’t go that way, faggot!”

If only she knew what being called a faggot did to James. If only she knew how the rumor of being gay ruined his life. James was running for Mayor in the last election and the surveys showed that he was a sure win for the office. A rumor was started by one of the other candidates that James was a homosexual in an attempt to sway voters. As the rumor spread so did the severity of the lie.

It slowly changed from just being gay to being a pedophile of little boys. The wildfire of lies was so great that James lost the election and the respect of key officials in the city. James was also engaged to be married soon, but his fiancé left him as a result of the lies. She felt that with so much talk about him, it must be true.

The truth finally came out about the origin of the rumors but by then James’ reputation was too damaged to gain the trust of the people. He was recognized all over town which made it nearly impossible for him to get back on his feet.

James could not run for any office because of the smear campaign the destroyed him. His image would blemish any representation of public service. He couldn’t’ get a job as the supply clerk at the Public Works facility. So he went into business for himself as a private detective. One of the few real friends that he had left was the Federal Prosecutor he was on this job for. He would use James whenever he could to help him build his life back. This was all due to being called gay. And now whenever someone used the word faggot, it brought up the past and anger in him.

The young lady continued with homosexual references toward James; and every time she spewed the word “faggot” it shot a bolt of electricity up James’ spine. That word disturbed him to the core of his soul. The ghetto fabulous angel ended the show and she and her friends walked out of the store.

James collected his cool and shook his head in resolve that it was finally over. He grabbed the first GPS that was in front of him, took it to the check out and was back on the mission that he had came to town for.

As James drove along, he couldn’t help but re-live the incident at the electronics store. He tried to convince himself that he should let it go. “Some people just don’t have any home training.” He spoke loudly to himself in an attempt to feel better. But he just couldn’t get it off of his mind. Sub-consciously, he felt that his past had followed him to another state.

James found the address with ease now that he had a working GPS. It seemed like a nice quiet neighborhood with beautiful homes, green manicured lawns and friendly neighbors. The person that he delivered the subpoena to was very friendly and courteously. He even invited James in for a cup of tea or coffee.

“No thank you” James declined, “I have to get going and find a hotel for the night.”

As James walked down the pathway back to his car, he thought to himself of how lovely it would be to live in that neighborhood. Just as he was walking around his car another car pulled into the driveway next door. James stopped and watched to speak to the neighbor of the nice man he had just met. To his surprise, it was the young lady from the store.

“How could someone like that live in such a nice neighborhood?” James wondered. Her house was well kept and seemed in order. It didn’t look like a person with a bad disposition like hers would live there.

As she unlocked the door to the house she noticed who was standing in the street watching her. All of a sudden the upbeat feelings that James was feeling deflated within him and were replaced with anxiety.

“How is she going to react?” “She is so pretty.”

“I would marry her if she wasn’t such a bad apple.”

“She better not start with the ‘crazies’ again!”

!I’d lick the skin off of her body.”

James was in conflict with his own self. Feelings of anger and lust were battling it out in his mind. This girl made James lose all sense of sanity. He wanted to hate her and screw her all at the same time.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She screamed out to him. “You can take your gay-osity out of here cuz ain’t nobody like that round here.” It was the electronic store all over again. “This hole is an exit only so don’t think you gonna substitute me for your boyfriend.” She said as she bent over and poked her massive double bubble out at him.

James got into his car as she continued to scream more gay references at him. He tried to ignore it as he left but when he looked into his rearview mirror she was in the street yelling at him.

“THAT’S IT!!!” He was fed up! “There is no way I’m going to let this go!” He said to himself. “She picked the wrong person to mess with!”

James checked into a hotel close by. “Time to put my investigating skills to work.” He thought. As a P.I. James had an arsenal of information and resources at his finger tips. He pulled up the address of the young lady. He looked up the current resident name and phone number of that address.

“So her name is Destiny Travis. Pretty name, pretty girl, ugly personality; but we’ll fix that.” James thought to himself. He researched and cross-referenced the residency registers and utility records. Everything was working in James’ favor.

He searched public records and property tax registries. Finally, he went back to the neighborhood where she lived. He got her mail and checked every piece for the names of people that may live there. “Great!” He thought as he slid the envelopes back into the box. “She lives alone.”

James went to the local department store and bought a black pair of pants and black long sleeve shirt, a pair of black gloves, some sheer black fabric from the crafts department, some rope and batteries for his stun gun. When he got back to his hotel he brought the sheer fabric up to his room and made it into a mask. He put it on to try it out for size and visibility. It worked perfectly, he could see through it but his face could not be seen.

As James waited for night to fall he wondered what was he going to do? He wanted to do something to her for the way she treated him, but what? In his anger he came up with a plan for his revenge. While he lay there he figured to himself that he’d just “wing it”; he’d just do whatever cames to mind.

2:00 a.m. and the alarm clock started beeping loudly as if it was excited about what was about to happen. James woke up and sprung from the bed. He got into his car and drove back to Destiny’s neighborhood. He parked in the parking lot of a restaurant a few blocks nearby.

Before James got out of the car, he put the new clothes on over the clothes he was wearing. He bought them 3 sizes too big for that purpose. He tied the rope into ready made restraints and walked to Destiny’s house. He went into the back yard and pried the door open with a pocket knife. Slowly he entered the kitchen and crept into the hallway.

He stopped and listened for the sound of sleeping breaths in the still, dark house. From the sound, he could only make out one breath. The carpeted floors made it easy to traverse through the house without making any noise. The only thing James could her was the breathing coming from the bedroom and his own breath.

James stood at the doorway where the heavy breathing was coming from.

He stood there and watched as his prey slumbered in total ignorance of what was about to happen. James surveyed her in the glow of the light from the digital clock on her nightstand next to her bed. “She even looks beautiful in that harsh red light from the clock.” James thought to himself. “Still, she’s an evil sleeping beauty.” He joked inwardly.

Snap! He flipped the light switch on. Since he had the mask on he was confident in turning the lights on. He knew that she would only see drapes of black in front of her. Destiny opened her eyes in shock and fear and sat up.

“How did you get in here? Get out!” She screamed.

Those words were James’ cue to jump into action. He literally leaped across the room from the doorway on top of Destiny in her bed. With the press of a button 100,000 volts were sent through Destiny’s body. Her entire body tensed and became rigid. Every muscle in her body tightened to the electricity that was being fed into it. James held the button down as every accusation that Destiny had flung at him came back to mind.

He kept his finger on the button for what felt like forever out of sheer anger for what she represented to him. James didn’t let go of the button until he was sure that Destiny was immobilized. When he stopped squeezing the voltage into Destiny, she fell backwards onto the bed in a limp heap.

James used this as an opportunity to gag her and quickly put her hands into the readied restraints that he had previously made from the rope. He tied each end of the rope to the headboard of the bed. All the while he took in the view of her body. She had on a white tank top and a pair of pink panties trimmed in a darker shade of pink, simple but still sexy.

Destiny began to regain her strength and started cursing through her gag. She started to struggle against her binds and, quickly James hit her with another short burst of packaged lightning. He then took more rope and bound her ankles with it and tied each end to the foot of the bed on either side.

James stood at the end of the bed and studied his catch. He had never done anything like this and was now struggling on what to do with the now cursing and bucking prize that lay before him. And like a ton of bricks, an idea came to mind. “I’ll humiliate her in a way that she’ll think twice before she talks to anyone the way she did to me.” He thought to himself.

James dared not speak out loud out of fear that she might recognize his voice. He looked around the room. It was very tidy and had an aromatic scent to it. Nothing to give him any ideas as far as he could see. The nightstand!

James pulled open the drawer and found it… a vibrator and dildo. He smirked under his mask and in his mind he thought, “These must be the happiest joy toys in the world.” Inside the same drawer was a small bottle of cherry lube. “WOW” He thought to himself, “This is going to be fun.”

He pulled out his pocketknife and she mumbled threats and curses at him through her gag. James took his knife and cut the shoulder straps of Destiny’s tank top. He then cut the front of the shirt open and exposed her voluptuous mounds of dark caramel colored milk meat. James had to control himself. For a brief second he contemplated sucking and licking a nipple.

He brought himself back to consciousness and moved to her panties. Destiny tried kicking but the ropes were so taut that her movement was very little. James slid the knife inside one leg hole. The knife sliced through the material like a shark’s fin gliding across the surface of the water. He repeated the same thing on the other side and peeled the top of his angel’s panties down and away.

James had to get a look at what was being cradled by the crotch of those panties, so he untied the ends of the rope that were holding her feet. The ends of the rope were retied at the headboard and now Destiny’s knees were bent with her feet planted on the bed. James pushed Destiny’s leg open to get a good look at the jewel in between.

Her pubes were neatly trimmed and clipped. The outer lips of her pussy were fat and juicy. He parted them and revealed the peanut sized clit that seemed to welcome the company of a man’s touch. James was overcome with desire and lust at this point. He hadn’t come here for this, but he just had to taste her love bud.

James held her pussy lips open with his fingers and slowly circled her clit with his tongue. He deliberately avoided direct contact with it. Destiny began to unconsciously gyrate a little bit. James rubbed the tip of his tongue just above her swelling button of desire. Destiny grunted as he licked down and around , still avoiding direct contact with her clit.

Although she didn’t want this, Destiny’s juices began to flow. Her body was now reacting to the touches but yet she consciously was fighting. James knew that she was getting aroused and saw the glisten of Destiny’s wetness. James flattened his tongue against the bottom of Destiny’s pussy and very lightly licked upward to taste the juice of her fruit. Still, James did not make contact with her clitoris.

Sexual urge was now building up in Destiny’s body. She had never had a man take his time and perform love licks like this. It was always a rush to get a nut and be gone with guys in the past. But this man knew how she wanted it. She didn’t want to be taken but her body was screaming to be ravaged.

With every upward motion the anticipation to finally be pleasured mounted in Destiny’s bowels. James pulled his head back aimed his tongue and hit Destiny’s joy button head on. A wave of relief swept over her entire body. She went weak with satisfaction that her clit was now being manipulated by this stranger’s tongue.

As she moaned in protest of her lust being pleasured against her will, James wrapped his lips around her bud. He wanted to get a mouthful of pussy lube so he started to suck on her clit while he licked it.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed into to the fabric that held back the volume of her protests and screams. She was cumming. James buried his face into her crotch and stuck his tongue as deep into her abyss as he could stretch it. Her muscles contracted and squeezed as the waves of orgasm washed over her wave after wave.

When her convulsions ended James jumped up and grabbed the vibrator and lube. He smeared the vibrator with the cherry flavored goo and rubbed it against her clit.

Destiny jumped at the touch of the vibrator against her now sensitive button. James rubbed the vibrator up and down the valley between the quivering flesh of her pussy lips. He turned it on and took his hostage for another ride on the ‘O’ train.

She squirmed and bucked to get free from her captive who seemed to know which buttons to push to make her climax. She started cursing and threatening him with muffles of anger and indignity. He untied the ropes from the headboard that held her legs. When the ropes were free from the headboard she rolled onto her stomach and tried to move up to make slack in the ropes holding her hands so that she could get free. James grabbed her ankles and pulled her down onto the bed.

“Let go of me you punk faggot!” She garbled into the gag.

James understood exactly what she said. As he retied the ropes to the foot of the bed frame, Destiny continued her struggle. Although he was getting frustrated with the fight he was having with retying the ropes, James was hypnotized at the bouncing and jiggling of the huge globes of seat meat before him. Her butt cheeks seemed to be dancing with each other as she wiggled and wrestled to get free.

“I have to get my hands on those!” he thought.

He relished the idea of grabbing a handful of ass cheek in each hand and kneading them like a child playing with play-doh. When he got the ropes tied down he stood up and took in the sight of his newly prepared playground.

James kneeled onto the bed and took a cheek in each hand. He was amazed at how much packing she was lugging around in the seat of her pants. He felt like he was holding the world in each palm as he gripped and pawed her cinnamon tinted buns. The sight was driving him insane. James bent over and put his face between her cheeks and inhaled deeply. He lifted the bottom of his mask and kissed each buttock then licked her up the center of her butt crack. Destiny was still yelling at her attacker. She made threat after threat and insult after insult. None of it bothered James. He just ignored it. Once again, Destiny mumbled through the fabric mouth piece,

“Let go of me you punk! Get you face outta my ass you faggot!”

That did it! The memories of that day flooded back into James’ mind and his anger flared.

“How dare she make demands when I’m the one in control!” “She’s too stupid to realize that she is MY hostage!” “I’ll show her!”

James’ rage was going wild. The word “faggot” was echoing throughout his head. He sunk his teeth into one of her glutes and picked up the lube. Destiny squealed and jumped in response to the sharp pain. James moved his head up behind her ear and whispered,

“O.K., since you say that I’m a faggot, I’m gonna be a faggot… with you.”

James slowly crawled to the lower end of his hostage. He dropped his pants and applied a glob of lube to his dick. In her mind Destiny wanted to believe that her captor was only trying to scare her with the declaration that he had made. But she realized that her fears would soon become reality when she felt a hand with amply lubricated fingers rubbing her asshole, then a finger went inside.

Ch 3 Schools in

Fate and her new room mates were awoken by a very loud siren. Two large men dressed in blue tunics entered the room and directed the awoken slaves to follow them to the grooming room. They entered a white tiled, room which had shower heads on either side, and a mirrored wall with a counter that had assorted items including oils, waxes and an electric razor.

The men directed the new slaves to wash and groom themselves within 15 minutes. The neophytes looked at each other before two of the woman started to shower. Fate and the Nubian sat at the grooming station. Fate jerked her head around as a squeal pierced the air.

“God this water is cold” The red head said rather loudly.

“That figures” Said the large black man, under his breath, making

Fate smile.

Fate scanned the room and started to access her new roommates. First, her eyes were drawn to the full figured blonde showering. She seemed to be in her mid twenties. Her breasts were large globes of soft flesh with perky protruding nipples. She had a hour glass shape, with long, thick legs that reminded her of a recently deceased model, Anna Nicole Smith.

The red haired girl was slightly taller than Fate, and had a couple extra pounds on her and she seemed to be about Fate’s age. Her few extra pounds reminded her of the girls that played on the softball team. Her breasts were much flatter then the blonde’s, but her areola were larger, and a light shade of pink. She was chubby, but in a soft way, as if it were still baby fat, but what made Fate look at herself were the butterfly like lips that extended for her vagina.

Fate’s eye then turned to the man next to her, as he started to groom. He took some oil and rubbed it throughout his body. She stared as the man pulled his by the tip, and stroked the oil onto his penis. It seemed to become slick and glossy.

“Honey…. Get to it.” The man whispered.

As though mimicking him, she followed what he did. First the oil, next the razor, and finally she placed a cream in her hair. When she was done, and in the shower, all eyes were on her and she started to feel funny. The Nubian was just several feet away, and he seemed semi aroused. As she washed, she could feel her cunt slit moisten but not by the water but by her inner juices.

With the water showering on to her, she looked down. Her bronze skin glistened under the shower. She had never noticed how smooth her pussy was and that her pussy lips did not come out like the red head’s.

“All Right, Enough you shit birds” Shouted a guard.

They dried and were led naked to a quiet dining hall. They were told to quickly eat and then were led out.

In the villa, the owners were awoken with slaves bearing fruit and coffee. They showered in granite showers, while being sponged by their slave attendants.

Zeus and Hera were given leashes as they entered the large meeting room. Eight nude neophytes were led by four men into the room. As Fate, and the blonde male slave entered the room, they were leashed by the master and led into the room.

After everyone was seated, the instructors enter followed by Hans.

“Why are you doing…” Fate yelled as the meeting started to begin.

“IF YOU SPEAK AGAIN TODAY, I WILL cut out your tongue… Herod show her.” Vulcan bellowed.

One of the large men that guided the group, opened his mouth, to the shock of all, his tongue was severed half way back.

Vulcan spoke as he paced in front of them.

“Welcome young and old, black and white, male and female, as you have read, there are two groups of four. Two of you are honored to have a Master. The rest of you will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Some have come, on their own, others have not. We make no distinction here,… only that you are here. Each day, you will have four – two hour classes, and a demonstration after dinner. At the end of each week you will be asked to perform what you have learned or quizzed on the numerous classes that you have taken. Learn well my children, because only through pain is their change, AND you will change. Accept the pain and the pleasure is at your fingertips. As you saw with your dinner, you are being given two pills with your dinner. One is a vitamin, and the other is birth control. Do not swap pills or accidentally forget to take the pills, because any offspring becomes property of the Academy. I am Vulcan, this is Diana, Cupid, and Bacchus. We will be your instructors.”

Cupid walked through the crowd and pulled out a paint brush and started to paint on each of the trainees. When he was done each trainee had a number painted on their chest and back. Fate and Lars, the blonde slave, each had the first letter of their new name painted on their chest and back. Vulcan called one through three and Fate up to a table, set to the side.

“You will be known as Alpha”

Then he called 4 through 6 and Lars.

“You will be called Zeta”

Each was given a white linen loin cloth that attached at the hip with a thick Velcro. Fate was in awe as she watched #1 (the Negro of her group, and Lars, receive their clothes. There cocks were huge and were barely covered by their new loin clothes. The blonde from her group got #2, and the red head #3. #4 was a tall and thin, bald African American female, who seemed be be in her late twenties. #5 was a young, Hispanic female with short black hair. # 6 was a tiny blonde, with straight blonde hair and no breast to speak of.

“Alpha follow Diana. Zeta follow Cupid. God’s speed my children” Vulcan decreed.

Steve led Fate to a small classroom that had four chairs in a row and one behind the first seat, where he sat her down and took a seat behind. Cupid handed out a syllabus labeled Human Anatomy. When everyone had a packet, he had turned off the light and spoke on the physical aspects of the mouth and its orifice. When he was done, he asked Zeus to come up with Fate.

Cupid commanded Fate to her knees. When Fate had gotten down on her knees, Cupid walked behind her and inserted a wire orringer with a ratchet, and a micro camera that tucked into the corner of Fate’s mouth. Cupid turn on a projector and the class had a instant view of Fate’s oral cavity. As he cranked Fate’s mouth open, he asked Zeus to approach his slave head on. When Steve stood in front of her, Cupid told her manually stimulate him.

Steve could see that Fate was in discomfort when he pulled his tunic to the side. Fate wobbled as she grabbed the flaccid penis with both hands. A minute later Fate was staring at Steve’s erect penis. Cupid told Steve to insert it into Fate’s mouth and he did. The class watched as Fate’s eye grew wide as the cock began to enter her mouth. Cupid began describing what they were seeing on the screen. When he was done as ask Zeus to fuck her mouth and Steve went at it.

Holding her head, he forced he cock into the back of Fate’s mouth. She gagged and she instantly started to drool and couch. Steve stepped back slightly, as Cupid explained the bodies’ nature reaction.

“Again but this time Fate relax your throat and move your tongue forward” Cupid called out.

Steve started again, and again Fate choked and gagged but this time Steve did not relent. Spit and drool poured from Fate’s mouth as Steve drove his hard cock into her mouth. She wrenched and gagged each time Steve’s cock got to the back of her throat. Finally after several minutes, the class watched as Steve’s cock spurted several shots of cum down Fate throat.

When Steve stepped back, Fate was a gasping for air, and was covered in saliva. Cupid inspected the young neophyte, and spoke.

“If you want to kill yourself, that is how you could do it. As you can tell, without relaxing and controlling your oropharynx, you will choke. Trust me, there are cocks that are big enough to reach the tip of your epiglottic tract, thus blocking your trachea. Relax, and prepare, breath through your nose as the man draws out.”

Just then the clock struck 10 o’clock and Cupid undid Fate from the orringer and led Zeus and the others to Diana’s classroom where he took the Zeta group back to his class room.

During the walk, Fate’s mind raced. She was just orally raped. That man had just violated her mouth and shot spunk down her throat. What the fuck was going on.

Diana’s class was an etiquette class. She started off by teaching them several positions including, “Present” command which entailed the slave to spread their legs to shoulder width, interlock their hands and place them behind their heads. Back straight, knees slightly bent with their faces forward. The 1st position which made them sit with their feet flat on the floor, knees spread, and their hands on their knees, palms up, head forward, eyes down. Each tried it and it seemed #2 and Fate would need some leg strength. Steve realized that timing was everything because twice he accidently pulled on the leash too early, toppling Fate to the ground.

When the clock struck noon, the group was led by Diana to the dining room. Fate and Lars were unleashed. The slaves were directed to sit at a table that dissected the master’s table, forming a “T”. After they were seated, an older man served them soup and a sandwich.

Zeus and Hera sat with the instructors. Diana consoled Steve on his technique say it would come with time and told him to watch and learn.

She called the older man over and attached Steve’s leash.

“Position 1, you worthless slut” She called out. Immediately the man assumed the position. With the slight tug, the man propelled himself into a standing position.

“Good boy” She spoke as she stroked his head.

With a light touch, she pulled on the leash.

“Position 1″

He immediately dropped back down.

“See it just takes practice” She said just before she raised her tunic, and walked into the man’s face.

“HMMMM” She said as the man lapped at her pussy.

After a minute or so she stepped back and started to urinate in the man’s face. She laughed as she stopped and started the stream. Each time she projected the stream at different spot on the man’s face.

“Practice makes perfect” She bellowed then stepped toward the man allowing him to clean her with his tongue.

Fate finished her meal and watched the show that Diana was putting on and cringed.

Surely this had to be a bad dream. Any minute her father would appear and start laughing.

He father never came.

As the clock struck one, Bacchus called for Alpha groups to follow him. Steve attached his leash and led Fate down a wide stone staircase which led into the dungeon. The group was in awe as they looked around at all the devices.

“Position #2″ The group collectively spread their legs, eye forward, and their hands behind them. For the next two hours he went through the dungeon and showed then each and every piece of equipment from the stocks, wheels, crosses, spreaders, padded and unpadded saw horses, benches, cages, kennels, racks, and even a large tank of water.

As they reached the final apparatus, Steve looked at Fate and her eyes were as wide as saucers. He was looking forward to learning how to use these devices. Bacchus then led the group back upstairs and into a small gymnasium where he greeted Vulcan. Bacchus then asked the Zeta group to follow him.

Vulcan showed them to their lockers and excused Zeus. Each locker correlated to a specific slave. Each locker had a towel, and either a sports bra or a jock strap. The slaves put on their garments and Vulcan told them about the importance of being physically fit.

He began with stretching and worked them up 50 sit ups and 25 push ups followed by a 30 minute jog. Fate was exhausted as she ran, but she did admire the beauty of the estate. It was similar to her uncle’s estate in Italy.

When they finished everyone was out of breath. #3 bent down on one knee as she attempted to catch her breath. Fate followed the black man by putting her hands on her head. While the group rested, Vulcan stroked his cock while walking up behind #3. When he got to her, he pushed her to the ground and she landed on her hands and knees.

“Did I tell you to kneel” Vulcan bellowed

He moved like a cat pouncing on a rat. In one quick and powerful motion he lifted her cloth, spit on his pink python, and ran his meaty cock between her sweaty ass cheeks. He took her in one mighty thrust.

The group watched as she gasped. It appeared as if Vulcan had literally knocked the wind right out off her. Fate was in shock as she watched the red head’s anus expand to accommodate the thick, 9 inch cock.

Vulcan took up position just above her ass, and steadied himself with his left hand while grabbing her hair with is right. When he found his stroke, each was the same. He would carefully extract his cock, so the head expanded her anus then plow forward moving the woman several inches.

As the brutal ass fuck continued, Fatima felt something stir in her loins.

She watched as the girl regained she breathe, and started to wail.


She watched the thick, meaty cock saw into the woman. Her eyes were drawn to the top of the cock. There was a large vein that seemed to throb as the master extracted his cock.

Under the ruse of rubbing her thigh, she brushed her hand against her pussy. It was wet. She looked around at the rest of the group. The Nubian’s cock had pushed his cloth to the side, and he was rock hard at what look like a full 12 inches.

Fate looked back when the gasps turned to moans and watched as Vulcan pulled his meaty cock out of the girl’s ass, only to thrust it to the base. Finally, he made a grunting sound, and pulled his thick cock and shot several large wads of cum up, her back.

The first one landed in the girl’s hair, the second landed between her shoulders, and the third landed above the small of her back and pooled in the swale. The show was finished when Vulcan got his breath and gave the red head’s chubby ass a good swat.

Fate looked in disbelief, as the young girl anus was bright red, and was opening and closing, as it was in spasm. Just as Vulcan backed away, the anus opened wide and expelled a pocket of air that made a “whooshing” sound. Vulcan chuckled as he explained that can only be done by fully exiting the anus and having enough force to compress air into the descending colon. As Vulcan lead them to the showers, Fate watched as #3 walked just a little different.

After the group showered, they were brought back to their room. They rest their aching muscles until 6 o’clock when a large man escorted them to the dining room. Contrary to the slaves table which was quiet , the master’s table was vocal and gregarious.

After dessert, Hans stood up and asked Zeus to leach his slave and follow him. The masters and slaves followed immediately behind. Hans led Steve to the auditorium where a magnificent four poster bed was on display. The sheets were 1200 count, Chinese white silk, with white matching pillows.

Steve and Fate were at the side when everyone circled around. The masters took Fate’s leash and pulled her across the bed where she started to struggle but was no match for the masters. She was attached to each post, spread eagle. Her cloth was ripped from her side, and Zeus was asked to “full fill her fate”.

Steve removed his tunic and crawled on the bed.

“You FUCKIN..” Fate screamed

Immediately, Cupid extracted a ball gag and inserted into her mouth.

As Fate ranted into the gag, Steve slid between her legs and began to lick at her pussy. He parted her labia, and eyed her swelling clit, which was starting to protrude from its sheath.

The group listened as Fate’s muffled tone changed a notch as Steve started to lap at the olive skinned princess’s womanhood. Her jerking body seemed to change direction as her lament went on. Before her tongue bath she jerked side to side, now she seemed to be shivering top to bottom.

Steve’s tongue began to be well lubricated as his tongue circled her engorged clit.


Was heard coming from the gag, as Steve seem to finish his tongue lashing and rise above her assuming a kneeling position between her legs. A silence came over the room as Steve directed his penis into the awaiting cavern.

“Didn’t you say she was a virgin” Was whispered from one of the masters.

Steve felt Fate labia expand as he started his entry. She was soft, and wet, and Steve was trying to concentrate as he felt the head of his penis come in contact with a soft, flimsy wall. Steve took a deep breath, and stared into his captive’s eyes as he thrust his cock against her maiden hood.

“MMMMFFF” Fate mumbled as she shook her head.

Steve’s thrust sent his cock to the bottom of the young princess. He slowly pull back, and looked down at his cock. A pink fluid covered his cock and seeped out around it. Steve admired his work, and thrust back in. With each thrust, Steve admired the olive skinned beauty. She was soft like a rose petal, and he could feel her cotton like bottom against his hips.

Each time he looked down at his thrusting penis, less and less pink was noticeable, but a frothy white liquid had started to cover his manhood. He could feel he start to contract and expand against his penis as his balls tighten.

Steve’s last thrust sent electric shockwaves up his back. His toes curled as he felt the semen jump from his cock, wave after wave, splattered into the princess’s womb.

The crowd applauded as Steve kissed her forehead, and crawled off the bed. Fate heard the applause as the slick semen oozed between her ass cheeks. That night, Fate cried herself to sleep.

That night Fate cried herself to sleep. Steve was presented a framed swathe of the cum encrusted, bloody sheet.

The Daddy-Dom is about security, not age. Though the names are changed, this is a hopeful, heartfelt outpouring of what I hope will happen when Daddy finally gets here. It’s a rarity that I write about something that is less than out-there-fantasy and I love this story. I hope you do too.


The pain from bite on her throat zipped down her spinal cord like an electric jolt and vibrated over her clit. Arousal clenched all the wee muscles in her core as fluid gushed. She lowered herself even further on his huge cock, stretching her ass wider. The sting of the bite drowned the fiery burn of little used muscles being pushed past their limits. Her head dropped back as she fought to maintain control of her body and let herself adjust to his girth.

It was the third time in eight hours he’d been inside her.

The first time…

Jessica opened the door to see him standing there, filling the entire doorway. Seven years had passed since their last encounter. Matching grins creased their faces a split second before she’d launched herself at him. She kissed him until she could feel his entire ten and a half inch cock pressed against her belly, hard as a rock. They’d barely gotten the door closed and locked before she was tearing at his clothes.

Steve decided to remind her who was in charge. He tossed her up against the wall and slid one hand down her body, his other holding her lightly by her throat. Her fingers stilled then dropped to her hips to help him push the capris and panties down. His hand dipped between her legs and slid through the slickness of her to find her heated core. He groaned into her mouth as he found her soaked and ready.

Her clothes slid to her ankles and she stepped out of them as he dragged her to the couch and pushed her face first over the back of it. Steve pulled himself free of his jeans, kicked her ankles apart and eased his way into her. Jessica writhed as her body, tight and closed after years of nothing but slim dildos, spread open with difficulty to accept a cock that was almost as fat as a pop can.

Finally he was buried inside of her. Both of them shuddered as he stopped and stood there a moment. She knew then, with absolute certainty that he was her One, that there’d never truly been anyone else. He knew it too; this was where he belonged, with this girl wrapping him up in her love.

He grinned and slapped her ass, enjoying the ripples as her flesh moved under the impact and a red imprint of his hand formed. “Hello, my lover, I’m Home.”

Jessica could hear the capital H in his voice and she grinned as she folded her arms to support her head on the seat of the fluffy, slightly overstuffed couch. “Hi Daddy.” She tightened her muscles around his cock and was rewarded with a moan.

“Naughty girl.” He slapped her again and pulled back, almost all the way out. Then he slid back in, grinding his teeth to keep from driving into her with this second stroke. He was almost buried in her again when she whimpered and wriggled, teasing every inch of him with that slick heat gripping him so tightly. He was buried once more and inching back out, his fingers digging into her hips so hard his nail beds were white, when she made the I’m-going-to-cum noise and her pussy flooded with hot juices.

“Oh no, not yet. You don’t cum until I say so.” He pulled out then slammed in hard.

Jessica whimpered at his words. “Yes Daddy.” He bottomed out when he slide home and she yelped. The sharp pain dissolved the moment he moved again. He started fucking her with short strokes, using half his cock, in order to rub the crown against her g-spot over and over. She writhed, the fingers of one hand going to her clit.

Steve drove home then stopped moving and bent over her. He wrapped one hand around her throat and pulled her head up. As he savaged her mouth with a searing kiss he braced himself with the other hand and moved his hips again. Small but strong strokes pounded her. He swallowed her cries of pleasure for a moment then decided he wanted to hear them.

He stood, gripped her hip with one hand and the opposite shoulder with the other and fucked her hard. When he could feel his balls start to tighten up he ground his teeth to hold on to his control and spoke through them. “Cum Jessica, cum all over my cock. Now!”

At his words, Jessica released the iron grip she’d had on her orgasm and growled. Her pussy gripped him tight as she pinched her clit and revelled in all that was her Daddy. The first orgasm crashed through her, ripping down walls and blowing up her defences. She sobbed as the second one washed through in a healing wave.

The third took Steve by surprise. Her body bucked back against him and he lost control and roared as his orgasm was torn from him. It pulsed through his cock, splashing her insides with wave after wave of cum. Their fluids slthered down her legs as they both dropped forward over the back of the couch. When Steve realized he was crushing his girl he stood up and slid out of her. Their pleasure gushed from her, splashing her inner thighs and dripping on the floor.

Jessica giggled. “Hi Daddy.”

“Hello Jess-i-ca.” Steve drawled out her name in the way that made her grin. “Don’t suppose you have lunch ready?” He helped her stand, catching her when her legs wobbled.

“Almost, just have to cook the chicken.” She made a little face as the cum began to dry. “May I clean up first, please?”

Steve considered the matter; he liked his pleasure dripping from her. He also wanted her naked but hot oil splatter on breasts didn’t work anymore than trails of cum on the floor. “You may, little honey, but you had better only put a t-shirt on.”

“Yes Daddy.” She hurried off as fast as the wobbly legs could take her and disappeared into the bathroom.

Steve sat on the couch, his cock limp against his jeans. He wriggled out of them and decided to wash up as soon as she was done. He looked around her apartment, nodding at the pale yellow walls, smiling at the pictures of her family all over the place. He got up to look at the oil paintings then studied the huge library of movies. When he heard the bathroom door open he turned just in time to see a flash of pale flesh.

Jessica put on a soft cotton sleep shirt, one that just barely covered her ass, then hurried into the kitchen. She pulled the marinating chicken out and heated the oil in the pan. While she was cooking she lost herself in the feelings of her pussy twitching as it tried to come to terms with the size of her Daddy’s cock. Even this long after, she was still feeling the stretch.

Steve came back out to find her standing over the stove, feet apart, slightly wider than her shoulders, metal tongs in one hand as she turned the chicken breasts. He admired the long length of her legs. His girl was tall, at almost 5’9″ but she was still small to him. He loved the bit of weight life, children and age had put on her. He liked the small lines around her eyes, the laugh lines at her mouth. He adored the strands of silver in her hair. She was his and to him she was perfect in all her complications and curves.

Jessica studied the big man while they ate. He’d started shaving his head a few years before their reunion and she liked it. She’d never known him with a lot of hair anyway. He was sitting there shirtless and she wanted nothing more than to rub her face on his furry chest. Her big bear of a Daddy towered over her at 6’7″ and she loved it. She felt small and safe. He was sixteen years older than her and that’s one reason he was Daddy. The other was that he’d always taken care of her. It was as simple as that. She didn’t need to regress to be his little girl, it was just fact and as natural as breathing. To her, he was perfect.

“Do you want to take a nap when we’re done, Daddy?”

“Yes, I think so. That last drive was a long one.” He took a drink of the ice water and studied his empty plate. “This was very good, honey. Thank you for cooking for me.” He’d watched her set the table, placing each piece just so on the place mats she’d purchased in Niagara Falls. He’d been astounded when she had put his drink and plate on a tray, stripped her shirt and picked up the tray.

His little girl had knelt beside him and set the tray on the floor to her right. She’d spread her thighs and straightened her back then picked up his drink. She’d pressed the glass lightly to her core, shivering at the chill, then slid it up her body to her heart where she’d paused, closed her eyes and said something under her breath. He had watched as she lifted the glass to her mouth and kissed the rim before lifting it to him, one hand under the base as the other held it steady.

“Your drink Daddy,” she’d said, “may it refresh you and slake the thirst acquired on your journey.” She’d held it there until he took it. Then she had picked up his plate and lifted it over her head too. “Your lunch. Your girl hopes it eases your hunger and that it pleases your tongue as much as it pleased me to cook it for you.”

Again she’d held the object until he took it from her. Then she had stayed there on her knees until he told her to get up. Only then did she put her shirt back on and sit down to eat her lunch.

Afterwards, she cleared the table and started the dishes. He watched her for a long moment, thinking, then his eyes strayed down her legs and back up again, lingering at the frayed hem of the tee as it brushed against her with every movement.

Unbelievably, he felt his cock harden again.

The second time…

Jessica squeaked as she was snatched from behind. Arms locked around her waist and a hard cock pressed into her back. His huge hands cupped her heavy breasts as she watched. She was amazed how her double-Ds turned into itty bitty titties in his hands. Then he pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger and she forgot to think anymore. Her head dropped back against his chest and she twisted it slightly, offering her mouth for his kisses as she blindly reached out to turn the water off.

She was gratified when he took her mouth hard. His tongue plundered her mouth and she sucked on it. He groaned and the sound filled her with a smug, heady arousal; she knew that only she made him this hot, that it’d always been her, just as he’d always been the only one for her. The Goddess knew she’d tried to forget him, he was out of her reach, but something would always bring him to mind within days of her managing to put him in a closet in her mind. It would always take weeks to get him back into that closet again, sometimes months.

Jessica turned in his arms and slid her hands over his chest. One hand curled around the back of his neck while the other slipped down his belly until she could wrap her fingers around his cock. He was hard, ready for her, and by the rasp of his breathing, he wanted to be in her just as much as she wanted him in her.

Both hands went behind her and she hopped up onto the counter, breaking the kiss. She stared at him with dark, heavy-lidded eyes, revelling in the look of love and lust on his face, and wrapped her legs around his waist. She locked her ankles and pulled him close. He wrapped one big hand around his erection and guided it into her. Then he drove in deep so hard she slammed into the cupboards with first her shoulders then her head.

Steve reached up and cradled her head in one hand as he bent to nibble her ear. She tightened her legs around his waist and rocked her hips towards him. Jessica gloried in the groan of need she got from him then gasped in the next breath as he pulled out and slammed into her again.

Once again she turned her mouth up, offering it to him. As she kissed him and he kissed her she had a fleeting thought about the strange duet they had going on. They were fucking each other hard with their bodies but they made love with their mouths. All the years they’d loved each other were poured into that kiss. They stole each other’s breath and gave it back over and over. They melted into each other, one heart, one mind, one soul.

As his hips moved like pistons, fucking her as hard as he could, the cupboard doors banged and punctuated each stroke. Jessica was sure that she was going to end up with bruises across her shoulder blades but she simply didn’t give a damn. She fucked him back as hard as she was able. Her nails dragged up his back as her first orgasm hit, marking him as hers. She screamed into his mouth and he laughed in delight, tearing his mouth from her so he could watch her face.

Jessica forced her eyes open so she could watch him as his pleasure peaked. He dropped his hands to her hips and thrust harder as his balls tightened again and the orgasm was torn from some place deep inside him. Her head hit the cupboard again as he slammed into her one last time. She didn’t care. She watched him cum, each pulse of his orgasm triggering another one of hers and wringing cries from her throat.

He rested his forehead on the cupboard door, so close she could feel his breath on her neck. She stroked his sweaty body with her fingertips.

“This moment, right now, right here, this is what all the mistakes I’ve made, everything we’ve been through as led to. This is where I belong.”

Steve lifted his head and searched her face for the truth of her words. When he found it he smiled and stepped back, pulling from her reluctantly and dragging a gasp from both of them.

“Well, little girl, I’m home now. The past is done and gone.” He held his hand out to her and led her to the bedroom. Which in turn led to…

The third time…

The bite on her throat zipped down her spinal cord like an electric jolt and vibrated over her clit. Arousal clenched all the wee muscles in her core as fluid gushed. She lowered herself even further on his huge cock, stretching her ass wider. The sting of the bite drowned the fiery burn of little used muscles being pushed past their limits. Her head dropped back as she fought to maintain control of her body and let herself adjust to his girth.

Steve left a mark on her throat to match the ones on her breasts. He groaned. “Baby, I don’t know how much more I can take. You’re too tight.”

Jessica was barely able to speak. They’d gotten to this point after hours of petting that moved into light bondage that graduated into spanking that became experimenting with her canes. She was deep in subspace and barely coherent. She was open, pliant and willing to do anything to please him. She forced the words from her mind to her lips as she lowered herself further. “Please Daddy…just a little more.”

Steve surprised himself with the growl that formed deep in his chest. He had a primal urge to force her down over his cock. His fingers dug into her, one hand in her hair, tightening until she gasped in pain. The other hand gripped her hip hard enough to leave bruises. “Come on baby.” This was new to him too, no woman had ever been …he didn’t know… brave enough before. She was so tight around him he felt like she was milking him.

Jessica was all about the sensations. The tearing pain as he pulled her hair allowed her to drop another inch and it just fuelled her arousal. His fingers in her hip were a mark of possession to the mind so far gone with her need to serve and be pleasing. It too fuelled her arousal. The growl almost made her cum. The headspace she was in was animal, primitive. She opened her eyes and stared at him as she relaxed her thighs and dropped down on him until she was settled deep in his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist, his cock buried to the hilt in her ass.

Both of them shuddered in reaction. He released her hair and put his hand on her chest, pushing her back until she was braced on her arms. He ran his hand down the middle of her body until he brushed his thumb over her clit. She gasped and jerked then decided she liked that feeling and moved her hips. Steve reached for the little pocket rocket and turned it on.

With one hand splayed over her pelvis, guiding her even as he let her set the rhythm, he held her in place. With the other one he pressed the vibrator to her, just above her clit. Her instant response gratified him. Her back arched and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her rhythm faltered. He groaned as her ass tightened on his cock, nearly losing control. He needed one more thing from her.

“Cum for me little girl.” He pressed the vibe directly to her clit and rolled it back and forth a little. She reacted immediately. A long wordless wail burst from her as he forced an orgasm from her. Fluids gushed over his pelvis as she rode his cock, her ass tightening around him over and over. He ground his teeth together and tried to get one more from her before he let go.

It almost worked. Steve rolled the vibe over her clit one more time and as she bucked, screaming, his orgasm was ripped from him. With each throb, she came again. His lap was soaked by the time he dragged his hand away from her. He caught her just before she tumbled backwards. Cradling her against his chest he rolled them onto his back, gratified when she moved her legs, leaving his cock buried in her until it softened.

Jessica stirred just enough to say, “Welcome home Daddy.”

“Fuckmeat,” I heard as I answered the phone. “I want you to get the tightest pair of jeans you own and meet me at Bright Rite Cleaners over on Parkway Avenue in the mall there. Meet me in twenty minutes.”

It had been two days since Derrick had taken me in the bedroom where I now stood, hoping Joey didn’t overhear this. I had spent two days shielding my marked ass from Joey, having to make up an excuse for sleeping in panties. I had pled a headache to avoid sex, but couldn’t keep this up much longer.

I had mentioned to Joey that I’d heard on the radio that Derrick was having a grand reopening at his car dealership and that we should stop by. He wasn’t too excited about that and remained noncommittal, and I knew that unless I had sex with him and get him excited about making Derrick jealous again, really jealous this time, he would ,first, have no interest in going and, second, never let me dress the way Derrick demanded. This would take serious planning, but I was determined to make it happen. I could not disappoint Derrick.

I met Derrick at the cleaners. He introduced me to Mrs. Lee, an older Chinese woman who the owned the place and who was apparently Teri’s seamstress.

“I Miss Teri’s tailor,” she said. “She so skinny now. I fix all her clothes. You Miss Fuckmeat, right?” she said in her odd but quite distinct pronunciation.

I blushed beet red and Derrick laughed out loud. “Yes,” I said nervously looking about me.

“Go back there and put those jeans on and this tee shirt,” Derrick ordered. “I want Mrs. Lee to alter them for me.”

The tee shirt Derrick handed me was what in girl speak we call a “wife beater,” and it was very well worn. I struggled into the jeans I’d brought, which fit me like they were painted on, and pulled on the tee shirt. It was tight over my boobs and so worn and sheer that it was virtually translucent. I felt nearly naked walking back out to the fitting room.

“Let me show you what I want,” Derrick said to Mrs. Lee. “I want the tee cut off about here,” he pointed, tracing a line just below my boobs,” but don’t hem it. “And then I want the jeans cut off like this,” drawing a line that swept up my butt and clear to the waist band on my hip and down again to the front. “Don’t hem that either, but cut the pockets off and sew them up.”

Turning to me, he said, “Wait for these. I’ll call you later.”

Fifteen minutes later, Mrs. Lee returned with my “ensemble.” “These very small, Miss Fuckmeat. You show lots!”

I started to tell her that my name was Chloe, but thought better of it and left.

At home, I tried on Derrick’s outfit. The jeans were now shorts cut so high that the lower part of my butt was clearly visible as was the very edges of my little cuny. The tee fell to the bottom of my breasts, but barely. In the mirror it was dramatically evident that there was nothing underneath any of this but bare tits and ass. There was no way Joey would let me wear this, I thought, even though I knew that somehow I would have to make him let me.

For some inexplicable reason, I threw both the jeans and the tee into the wash, set the water temperature to hot, and washed both three separate times and dried them in the sun. When I next tried them on, the shorts had shrunk so that they were almost impossible to pull over my hips and button. It took seemingly forever to wriggle into them. The edges were now perfectly frayed, and even more revealing. In the hot wash, the tee shirt had shrunk enough to reveal fully a half inch of flesh at the bottom of my breast and had become transparent to the point of being literally see thru! I had simply made things worse. Or better, depending, I guess, on who was looking! I knew Derrick would love what I’d done, and Joey wouldn’t, but I threw everything in the hot wash again anyway!

I took the risk of Joey getting to see Derrick’s message on my ass, the one that said he owned me, and naked in bed, told Joey how proud it made me when he would show me off, and how it would be so outrageously hot for him to make Derrick jealous again, and how terribly much I wanted to be his perfect sexpot that only he could have. It seemed to be working, and I sealed it all with outrageous sex.

Joey had agreed during our very hot sex and sex talk to let me dress in anyway, but when I slithered into my now impossibly tight jean shorts and pulled the truly obscene tee over my heaving breasts and presented it all to Joey the next afternoon, I was pretty sure from his expression that this was way, way too much. It probably was. It was 1:00 in the afternoon and I was dressed for the streets at midnight. But I needed to wear this for Derrick. And would!

“Maybe that’s just a little too much, Chloe?” he suggested timorously.

“Lot’s of college girls dress like this,” I said defensively.

“You’re not a college girl.”

“But I’m that age. Why can’t I show off a little,” I said, forgetting that the whole idea was for Joey to show me off, not the other way around. “And don’t you think this would really drive Derrick crazy?” I said, changing course. “He would be like so, so jealous of you,” I cooed, climbing up on his lap and sticking my boobs in his face. “You could just show me off so perfectly, right? Your hot little sexpot wife? All that stuff we talk about?

I could see he was still reluctant.

“Then I’ll do anything you want afterwards, k?” I cooed. “You can take me anywhere, and I’ll behave just like you tell me.” I could see he was torn now, and I just held my breath.

“Okay, but we can’t stay long. Like right in and right out, okay,” he said apprehensively.

A great flood of relief engulfed me. “Right, that’s perfect. Right in and right out! Just enough for him to see what a hot babe you’ve got, okay.”

Still, there was considerable tension in the car as we drove to Derrick’s dealership. Walking to the car I couldn’t’ really keep my boobs from bouncing or the tee from riding up half way up my bosom and revealing more and more with each bounce. I should have worn something other than heels, I knew instantly, but I also knew heels would be what Derrick would want. I sat quietly in the car for the ten-minute drive.

At the dealership, my nipples stiffened almost instantly. I wanted so badly for Derrick to see and appreciate his property strutting proudly to him. By the time we reached the front door, I knew the tee had ridden higher up my boobs, but I was momentarily shocked to see my moving reflection in the window. The entire underside of my tits was prominently displayed and each step revealed more than a hint of nipple. I tugged it down as best I could, but two more steps into the showroom once again found my tits put totally on view for all who wished to see. This was apparently to be their natural position now for the slut I’d become.

The showroom was more crowded than I hoped. There were maybe fifty or sixty people of all ages and types. There were mothers and fathers with little kids, a bunch of serious business types, some pretty teenagers serving cups of lemonade and plates of little sandwiches. I got very ugly stares from the women and quick and furtive glances from the men before they all quickly averted their eyes. There were also half a dozen young guys obviously on the prowl, and it was only in that crowd that I wouldn’t stand out disturbingly. I was terribly uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Derrick saw us almost immediately and guided us away from the throng in the showroom. The look on his face as he checked me out erased all my discomfort.

“Hey, you two. Glad you could come by,” Derrick said, looking only at Joey now. “It’s funny,” he went on, “I was just thinking about you last week, Joey,” he said, clapping him on the shoulder.

When, I thought, while you were fucking me in his bed?!

‘Yeah?” Joey said.

“Yeah, I heard at the reunion that you were into auto mechanics, and since I remember you as one of the smartest guys in school, I’m guessing you’re a damn good one. I’m looking for a shop manager, a guy who can run the books and offer a little help on the floor when necessary. Don’t suppose you’d have any interest in an interview.”

He was playing Joey like a maestro.

“I’m pretty happy where I am, but you never know.”

“You into racing? We’ve thinking of putting something together, probably some dirt track to start and then move up a little,” he said, baiting the trap. I had told him the night he fucked me that Joey was into racing.

“Yeah, I sort of follow the cars now and then. What are you building?” Joey said, suddenly warming to Derrick.

He had hit all of Joey’s buttons. Called him smart, said he was needed, offered a car to work on. I could see that Joey was hooked.

Two very attractive young girls, neither of whom could have been more than eighteen years old, walked up to us, and Derrick introduced them as Carla and Amber. Carla was a striking redhead in the shortest miniskirt you could imagine, and Amber was a perky blonde in shorts and a camisole that left her midriff bare and cut low enough to amply display her firm, full breasts. I watched Joey puff up a little when Amber said she was so glad to meet him and that Derrick had told them how much he’d hoped he’d come. How he could fall for that I don’t know, but he did. Carla was also flirtatious, but it was obviously Amber that caught Joey’s attention.

“Why don’t I let Ramal show you around the shop real quick. Chloe can wait up in our “VIP” lounge. It’s best not to have women out on the floor when were working, especially pretty ones like you wife. Dangerous business!” he said, putting his shoulder around Joey’s shoulders and beckoning to Ramal. “Ramal, take Joey out to the shop and show him around a little. Tell him what a great place it is to work. Carla, you take Chloe up to the lounge and get her comfortable.”

It apparently had worked. Joey turned and asked if it would be all right to leave me “just for a few minutes.” I replied, “Sure, I’ll be okay. Take your time,” and watched him being led out into the garage like a lamb to slaughter.

It surprised me that Joey would leave me dressed the way I was. I was for all intents and purposes nude…and would be soon! Derrick would see to that. But the car was apparently more alluring at the moment.

“Let’s go up to my office. You look fucking hot!” Derrick leered, patting my ass. Turning to the girls, he told Amber that he was taking me up to his office and that when Joey is finished in the garage, she should “entertain” him until he’d finished with me. He told Carla to go back to the lounge until he called her. Both girls gave me just the snootiest look.

Derrick’s office was in the middle of the second floor and overlooked the showroom on one side and the garage on the other. The blinds were all raised on the windows, so everything going on was clearly evident.

The door hadn’t closed behind us before Derrick ordered me out of my shorts, to check that his message proclaiming my ass and cunt to be his property were still there. They were, in all their glory.

“You might as well take the top off, too, though there will hardly be a difference,” he laughed. “How the fuck did he let you out in public that way?”

I just shrugged my shoulders and displayed my tits as ordered.

“Turn around and put your hands on that rail there and take a look down in the garage. See Joey down there? If he looks up, he’ll see your tits in the window, but he’ll just have to guess that my cock’s in your cunt,” he grinned.

I dutifully turned to the rail and grasped it with both hands, my vulnerable breasts on exhibit for all who chose to look. I spread my legs at Derrick’s brusque command. He impaled me on his astounding cock a moment latter. I knew he preferred silence, but I couldn’t help the impassioned, fervent moan that escaped my lips as his cock slid effortlessly into my wet and aching cunt. “Oh my God, Derrick, I love your cock inside me!” I whispered breathlessly. “So, so much!”

It was a quick fuck, but the mere thinking of Derrick and craving his gorgeous sex all morning had prepared me thoroughly. There was no need of foreplay. I was ready when I walked in. When he erupted inside me I met his ejaculation with an astonishing climax, all the while watching Joey lusting over some racecar Ramal was showing him on the floor. When Derrick finished with me, I simply collapsed on the floor, engulfed in the intensity of my climax.

Derrick was on the phone. “Carla, tell Ramal to come up to the office, and then bring me one of those bottles of solvent from the storeroom.” Turning to me, he said, “Stay here until I come back, and stay the way you are!”

“You mean naked,” I asked.

“Of course I mean naked, cunt! What else would I mean?” And walked out the door.

He apparently met Carla coming up the stairs, because I heard him say, “just go on in and put the solvent on my desk. It’s for the bitch inside.”

Carla came in, looked at me with amusement, and said, “Hi, I’m Carla.”

Carla was astonishingly beautiful, with long red hair, green eyes, and a perfect body. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen at best, but looked wise beyond her years.

“Hi, I’m Chloe,” I responded.

“Oh, really? I thought your name was Fuckmeat. I’ll have to tell Derrick that he has your name wrong.”

I blushed in absolute humiliation. “No, please don’t tell him that,” I whimpered

She laughed and walked over to the window. “I saw you come in. Where on earth did you get that vulgar outfit you were wearing? Amber and I just burst out laughing when we saw you. We both said, ‘Oh my God, what was she thinking!’ At first I thought the guy with you had to be your pimp, but then Derrick said that he’s your husband! Is that him on the floor leaving with Ramal?” she asked.

I glanced over. “Yes, that’s him.”

“Was Derrick fucking you while he was out there?”

I simply nodded yes.

“God, what a tramp you are!”

“Who’s a tramp,” Derrick asked, coming back in the door.

“Fuckmeat is, who by the way says her name is Chloe!”

“Well, she lied to you,” he said, staring hard at me.

“Shouldn’t liars be punished?” Carla asked provocatively.

“Maybe you’re right, he said. Addressing me, he said, “Fuckmeat, did you deny your name?”

“I guess so,” I whispered softly.

“Hmmm, that’s bad, very bad of you. Come over here and take my belt off. I think you could use a little leather on your ass,” he said. “Turn around and show Carla your ass message!”

Carla burst out laughing. “Oh my God, Mr. Carter, that is so outrageous. Does her husband know that’s on her ass?”

“I don’t know. Ask her.”

“Does he, Fuckmeat?” Carla asked?

I nervously shook my head no.

“The belt, Fuckmeat,” Derrick said sternly.

Upset and agitated, l removed his belt, handed it to him, and bent over the table as he ordered. The two vicious lashes he quickly delivered hurt intensely and immediately brought tears welling to my eyes.

“Now, what’s your name?” Derrick asked.

“Fuckmeat,” I replied, sniffling. “Tell Carla what your name is.”

“It’s Fuckmeat,” I said softly, addressing Carla.

“You should whip her tits, too,” Carla suggested.

“God, you are a sadistic little bitch, aren’t you Carla. Here you can do it,” he said, handing her his belt.

“Oh, thank you!” Carla said excitedly. Okay now, put your hands over your head, Fuckmeat,” Carla added pleasantly. “God, this is going to be so much fun,” she said to Derrick, who smiled back at her.

I looked at Derrick, but he only nodded his head and told me to put my hands over my head. I raised then dutifully and closed my eyes. Both of Carla’s strokes landed across my nipples. I whimpered in anguish, not wanting to express the burning, horrid pain shooting through my breasts in front of Carla.

“She closed her eyes,” Carla said. “Can you make her keep her eyes open and let me do it again?” She asked sweetly, pawing at Derrick’s chest..

“Sure, why not. Have fun. Keep your eyes open this time, Fuckmeat,” Derrick instructed, laughing and squeezing Carla’s boobs.

The door opened and a black man, apparently Ramal, entered just as the belt in Carla’s hands descended again on my breasts, but fortunately missing the nipple this time, while leaving two more deep red welts. I screeched in pain and fell to my knees.

Derrick pulled me to my feet immediately, and turn me to face the large black man who had just entered the room

“Fuckmeat,” Derrick said, “this is Ramal. He was babysitting your husband while I fucked you, and I want you to thank him.”

Through tear streaked eyes I saw the very large, obese, and greasy black man who had just entered. He was staring hard at me and putting chills of disgust down my spine.

“Oh, man, Boss. That is some fine looking pussy you got there. Fuckin’ tits on that bitch! Those muthafuckers be huge! Man, I’d like a piece of that white pussy,” he mumbled, reaching out to fondle my breasts.

“All of you will get to fuck her later on, but right now you’re going to have to settle for a blow job,” Derrick said, and grabbing me by the hair, he led me over to Ramal. “On your knees!” he ordered. “Get his cock out and thank him with your mouth.”

Disgusted and scared, I knelt in front of Ramal and began to fumble with his pants. He was even fatter up close, and smelled of food and sweat and engine grease. It was just awful. I unzipped him and pulled his cock from his pants. Like a black snake uncoiling, it began to stiffen in my hands. I looked at Derrick, who simply gestured for me to take Ramal’s cock to my mouth.

His cock looked foul and crusted with what was likely the juices of his recent lovers. I sensed that he had not bathed in some time. But nauseated as I was by what was in front of me, I deliberately took it to my mouth and began to suck his engorged penis. His gross belly hung directly over my head.

He moaned and uttered something unintelligible to me, but something that made Derrick chuckle, and I continued to draw him deeper into my mouth. Ramal was disgusting in every way imaginable, but I needed to please Derrick. At the moment, that was all that mattered.

I worked hard, hoping that Ramal would soon climax and free me from this horror, but he seemed intent on prolonging my misery, taking long and slow thrusts into my sickened mouth.

Suddenly, Carla was behind me. She grabbed the back of my head and slammed it forward onto Ramal’s cock, driving it completely down my throat. “That’s the way you suck cock, you stupid tramp!” she exclaimed.

I heard Derrick roar with laughter and felt Ramal groan in pleasure.

With his cock now deeply embedded, Ramal began to fuck my mouth in earnest. I was choking, gasping for air, and filled with utter repulsion. “Just please finish,” was all I could think.

And finally, after five or more deep hard thrusts down my throat, he ejaculated! I heard Derrick instructing me to “swallow every drop,” and I tried desperately to do so. He filled my mouth to overflowing and try though I might, some squirted from my mouth and dripped to the floor.

When Ramal withdrew, I felt an intense sense of relief, and ironically, even pride in doing something so horrid for Derrick.

Carla walked over near me, and pointing at the ground, said, “Derrick, she’s made a huge mess on the floor.”

Tell her to clean it up,” he said.

“Cunt,” she said, “Did you hear what he said?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Could you get me something to clean it with?”

“You’ve got something to clean it with,” she smiled sweetly.

I looked up at her puzzled.

“Your tongue, Fuckmeat. Clean it with your tongue!”

Dismayed, I looked over at Derrick.

“Right now, Fuckmeat. Do what Carla tells you to. Clean it before it leaves a stain!” he demanded.

I nearly retched as I lapped up Ramal’s cum from the floor, convinced now that my degradation was complete.

Finished, I just burst into tears. I was barely aware that Derrick had ordered Carla to “clean my ass” with the solvent she’d brought with her. It burned like fire and I know she intentionally rubbed some of it inside me.

Carla and Ramal left, and Derrick walked over and picked me up off of the floor.

“Derrick,” I sobbed, “You really humiliated me. Why did you do that?”

“Come on, Baby, you pleased me. You passed the test. I know your mine now.” And then he squeezed my tits hard and called them his. It was the perfect thing to say and do.

“You let that awful bitch whip me,” I sniffled.

“It’s okay, Chloe Baby. You’ll whip her soon, too.”

He had called me Chloe and Baby twice now. Not Fuckmeat. I wanted to kiss him and tell him I loved being his property but he wouldn’t let me. I guess it was because he thought some of Ramal’s cum was still in my mouth. I did hesitantly beg him to be more careful with his property. He said he would. I doubted he meant it.

“Listen, Baby,” he said. “I’m having an end-of-year barbeque out of my place next weekend. I want you and Joey to come and I want you find a bikini that will blow everyone away. You look way hot when you came into the dealership today, Baby, but I want you even hotter next weekend. Got it?”

I smiled up at him through still wet eyes. “Got it,” I whispered, so happy to know that he still wanted and appreciated me.

We went downstairs where Joey was waiting, my boobs nearly bouncing out of Derrick’s top on the way down. I hoped the welts on my tits would disappear soon. But I was proud again. I actually missed the marks of Derrick’s ownership on my butt.

When we entered the room where Joey was waiting, the first thing I noticed was Amber with a strap of her camisole dangling down one shoulder exposing nearly all of her breast on that side. Carla was there too with her little miniskirt hiked high up her thigh. Both were obviously flirting with Joey.

“Joey,” Derrick said. “I’m having a little get together next weekend. Try to come by, okay?”

“Oh, do,” Amber said eagerly, bending down in front of Joey, her full breast heaving provocatively in his face. “It’s so much fun there. I know we’ll all have such a great time. Really try, k?”

“I’ll try,” he said, smiling at her. I could see his eyes glued to her chest.

In the car, Joey asked me what I was doing up there, and I told him the lie Derrick had instructed me to tell, that he was urging me to help him convince Joey to take a job with him.

“You were up there alone all that time dressed like that?” he asked.

“No, Carla was there most of the time. “What were you doing with that tramp you were sitting with?” I asked, quickly changing the subject.”

“Amber? I think she was flirting with me,” he laughed, “but I don’t know. She kept saying how hot you were. She said she and Carla were blown away by the way you dressed and carried yourself, and how they both loved how you weren’t at all self-conscious about looking sexy. She said they both thought that if they had a body like yours, they’d always dress like that! So, I guess I’m glad you dressed that way,” he smiled at me. “I like having the hottest woman!”

I knew from what Carla had said earlier that that was the lie Derrick instructed them to tell, but it seemed to have worked. Really worked!

“What do you think about the party at Derrick’s place next week? I think he really wants you to work for him, you know.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it. He’s not such a bad guy, I guess. We probably should go just to be polite.”

Oh, Joey, you are such an innocent fool, I thought.

“I’ll need a new bikini if you’re going to keep up the image you have,” I grinned. “You know, the guy with the hottest, sexiest chick,” I laughed.

“Yeah, maybe,” he said somewhat seriously. “You sure did look hot today, and I guess that’s what this crowd likes. I loved that those two girls were jealous of you. Maybe Derrick’s got them, but I got these,” he preened, reaching under the tee to fully expose my boobs to the traffic around us. “I say go for it. You’re better looking than any of those chicks. And you’re mine!”

“Better than Amber?” I teased.

“Way, way better,” he beamed.

The Party

I wasn’t sure how little I could get away with bikini-wise, but I knew I had to have something pretty skimpy to please Derrick, and I wasn’t going to find that at any local shop. Plus, I was going to have to get Joey to go along with something that probably was going to be very, very close to total nudity. I thought the best thing to do would be to shop on line and get Joey to participate.

I found a ton of bikinis on line that perfectly fit my growing sexuality, my burgeoning need to exhibit myself in front of powerful men, but one in particular caught my attention. It was a string bikini that was almost entirely string, except for a tiny sliver that would cover little more than the slit in my vagina and two petite patches that would certainly cover no more than my nipples. I could see myself in it, virtually nude for Derrick, exactly the way he had ordered me to dress.

I got Joey to look at it and a few other far less risqué but certainly not modest suits. Joey thought the one I wanted was a bit too much, but he did like one of the others, a string bikini with slightly better coverage. After some discussion about the fun it would be to wear the teeny one I wanted around the house, I ordered it and the another more modest suit that Joey assumed I’d wear to Derrick’s party…and that I hoped I would not be wearing.

I modeled both for Joey after a particularly hot night out, and though he loved the way I looked in the hot little one I wanted to wear and even agreed that it would be awesome for me to wear it to the party, I could tell immediately that he was not going to consent to this when he was sober. I didn’t bring the subject up again, but on the afternoon of the party, I slipped into the outrageous string bikini Derrick would want me in, but covered it with a sarong tied tightly across my bosom. The sarong was sheer enough so that the outline of the bikini was evident on close inspection but not totally out there. I held my breath as I walked out to tell Joey I was ready.

I could see that he knew what I was wearing underneath, but apparently the sarong made him comfortable enough to somewhat hesitantly not object. After all, he must have reasoned, he could always have me keep it on.

It was one of those wonderfully warm, sultry, late afternoon Indian summer days. The drive and street in front of Derrick’s place was packed with cars, many quite expensive, I noticed. I could feel apprehension growing in my chest as I anticipated Derrick’s greeting. I had somehow to let him know that the sarong covered exactly what he had ordered and that it wouldn’t be there for long.

We walked into a vibrant party. People were already dancing to a very good DJ, some of the women quite suggestively. There was a game of volleyball going on in the pool that was really an excuse for horseplay, most of it involving throwing girls up in the air hoping they’d lose their tops in the process. In the first few minutes we were there, I saw that the tactic was more often than not successful!

We wondered about uncomfortably at first, since we didn’t know anyone there. Shortly, though, Amber appeared in a tiny little thong and wet tee shirt.

“I lost my top in the pool,” she giggled to Joey. “Come help me find it! Oh, hi Chloe,” she said over her shoulder, while tugging on Joey’s arm.

The bitch was just so blatant! Joey looked at me in dismay.

“Go help the poor girl,” I said, assuming that this is what Derrick would want me to say.

Not at all reluctantly, it seemed to me, Joey walked off with Amber toward the pool, and shortly after Derrick appeared at my side.

“Amber should keep Joey busy for a while,” said. “You better be wearing very little under whatever that is you have on.

“Maybe you should check and see,” I said sultrily. “It unwraps rather easily!”

I had hoped he would unwrap me right there, but at that very moment, Teri appeared at his side. She looked fantastic, much like she had in school. The pounds she’d shed had come from all the right places, leaving her boobs round and full and her hips and butt sensual and alluring. Her waist was again that school-girl waist she was so proud of in high school. I felt dowdy in this stupid sarong and wanted desperately to strip it off.

“Nice that you could make it, Chloe. Derrick didn’t tell me he’d invited you,” she smirked, obviously impressed with the way she looked.

“I think he actually invited Joey,” I smiled. “He wants to discuss a job with him. I just sort of tagged along. Hope you don’t mind,” I added somewhat aggressively.

“Oh, not all, Chloe,” she smirked again, looking first at her own beautifully displayed body and then at my fully covered one. “Not at all!”

She pulled Derrick away with the need to “meet someone.” The bitch, I thought. I decided to go see where Joey was. I got two large drinks from the bar and set out to find him.

I found Joey sitting at the edge of the pool with a drink already in his hand. Amber had apparently located her top and was again in the pool displaying her ample charms to everyone, but I thought especially to Joey. I sat down beside him. I knew he would never go in the pool. It wasn’t likely that he’d even brought a suit. He was painfully shy about his thin, frail body.

“Everybody seems to be having fun,” I said easily to Joey.

“Yeah, they do,” he answered.

“Amber seems to have developed a crush on you,” I laughed, just as Amber again briefly lost her top.

Joy just laughed. “She sure likes to show her rack!” he exclaimed.

“Yeah, she does, doesn’t she? There are a lot of hot girls here, don’t you think,” I said, nudging him and nodding at Amber. “Maybe she’s afraid of the competition.”

“Yeah, maybe she is and yeah, there are a lot of hot chicks here,” he said, “but none hotter than you!”

“Have you seen Teri?” I asked. “She really looks good. A lot better than when we saw her at the reunion.”

“She looks like she did in high school,” he said, distracted by Amber’s cavorting in the pool. Some big hulk had just thrown her squealing into the air. Her top came apart when she hit the water. I thought she was very slow to refasten it.

“So I guess Derrick’s got his hot body again,” I said. “I guess he won’t be jealous of you now,” I sighed. “A lot of these guys have really hot wives and girlfriends.”

“Yeah, I think a lot of them must have money. You see the cars out front. That’s probably why they’ve got the girls they have.”

“Do you want another drink?” I asked. I really wanted Joey to get maybe just a little less cautious about showing me off. “I’ll go get us a couple more, k?”

“Sure. I’ll be right here.”

I wondered back to the bar, and decided impulsively to retie the sarong about my waist. If nothing else, I could at least show my boobs. I saw two guys give me decidedly admiring looks, and as I waited for our drinks, one of them walked up and asked me my name.

“That’s a pretty sensational top you’re wearing,” he said, openly staring at my boobs. “Not many girls could wear that!”

“Thank you,” I said, not at all modestly. I enjoyed his stares and tried to show him so.

“You here alone?” he inquired.

“No, my husband’s here.”

“You’re married?” he asked. “You don’t look old enough to be married.”

“I’m nearly twenty one,” I said.

“Well, he’s a lucky guy. You’ve got a beautiful smile…and a body to match.”

“Thank you again,” I said hoping to sound mysteriously seductive. “You’re kinda cute yourself.”

I found Joey again and handed him his drink. It was his third, and that seemed enough to make him less startled by my almost bare tits.

“Wow!” he said hesitantly. “I didn’t know you wore that.”

I know he did know. He just didn’t want to acknowledge it yet.

“Do you like it? Do you think I look as hot as Amber now,” I giggled.

I could see he was uncomfortable, so I decided I’d wait until the effect of the next drink hit before trying to get out of the sarong entirely.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait at all. The big hulk who had been throwing Amber up in the air decided to do some stupid cannonball right in front of me, completely soaking the sarong.

“Oh my God,” I said, drenched, the sarong now totally transparent and clinging to my body. I looked at Joey in feigned dismay, and took it off to wring it out. Sitting back down, I simply left it by my side to dry. I was finally dressed the way Derrick expected.

“Do you want to take a little dip?” I asked. “It’s kinda hot. I think I will.”

“Nah, you go ahead. I’ll wait her for you. Guard your sarong for you,” he laughed. The drinks seemed to be having a little better effect now.

I smiled at him and slipped into the water. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amber get out of the pool and walk over to the lounge chairs on the pool deck. A few minutes later, I saw Joey walk over near her and sit in one of the chairs beside her. I waved to him to tell him it was okay.

The horseplay in the pool was all around me now, and I noticed quickly that this bikini was not a “swimsuit.” In the water it covered nothing. I felt someone grab me around the waist, and I turned just in time to see Amber’s hulky bodybuilder throw me up high into the air. Like Amber, I had no idea where my top was after I landed.

The hulk grabbed me again, and this time I flew through the air entirely topless, landing back in Mr. Bodybuilder’s arms.

“Looking for this?” he asked holding what I thought was my top. But it wasn’t. It was my bottom! I realized in an instant that he had somehow managed to totally strip me and that I was now perfectly nude. “Want another ride?”

“Don’t you dare,” I said sternly but playfully. “Are you crazy? My husband is right there! I’m completely naked, you idiot! Give me my bottom!”

“Well, before I do, I guess you’ll just have to let me fuck you!” he said, pulling me closer to him and pushing his legs hard between my thighs. “I’ve been watching you for a half hour and you’re turning me on.”

His huge legs easily pried mine open. He continued to pull me closer, purposely widening my legs to accept his pleasure.

“Stop it!” I said, but again apparently not convincingly. “I told you my husband is right there,” I repeated, glancing over to see if he noticed. Joey did seem to be intently watching, but with a big smile on his face. I was sure he’d seen the topless flight my bodybuilder had given me, and I assumed that was the reason for the grin. Harmless, sexy fun, he would think. He had no idea I was naked beneath the water. Naked, and open, and almost certainly about to be fucked.

The hulk continued to draw my naked body closer to his. I leaned back, hoping to make it obvious that we were only talking, but that only provided the opportunity and position he wanted. My legs were now nearly wholly splayed open and he had his hands on my thighs drawing me nearer and nearer his waiting cock. I was defenseless now, using my arms in a desperate attempt to keep my head above water. When I felt his fat cock breech my labia, I just shook my head at him and splashed water at him.

“You better not get me in trouble!” I hissed, less firmly than I should have. His cock continued unimpeded. I shuddered slightly as he thrust himself entirely inside me, stopped resisting, and let him open me fully.

Now that he was imbedded fully inside me, I peeked quickly over at Joey. Nothing must have seemed amiss, because he simply continued to grin at me.

The hulk’s tempo was increasing and I was having a harder and harder time keeping my head above water, so I finally had to relent and grab his shoulders. There was no point now in resisting at all. I relaxed and surrendered my body fully to him. It must have then been surely quite obvious to everyone directly at poolside that I was being seriously fucked. “Don’t you dare cum in me!” I whispered fiercely in his ear as his cock drove harder and deeper into my loosening sex.

I looked again at Joey only to discover that Amber was diverting his attention. Hate her though I did, I was grateful at the moment that her tits had so enamored my husband. Carla was peering intently at me. But I was beyond caring. I relaxed completely and let Mr. America plunder my sex.

“Don’t cum in me!” I repeated as his tempo signaled his quickly approaching climax. He simply ignored me. When he ejaculated in me, I simply submitted, letting him pull me deep onto his shuddering cock. “You shit!” I said as each spasm splashed more of his seed inside me. “You little shit,” I repeated, trying to look stern but failing miserably. The coy smile on my face probably didn’t help.

Finished with me, he handed me both my top and bottom, told me he’d be “back for more,” and swam away.

As I furtively retied my bikini, it occurred to me that in less than four months four different men had had sex with me. I had gone from an innocent young bride to a shameless slut in that brief time. What was becoming of me?!

I climbed out of the pool, my tiny bikini covering almost nothing at all now, and walked quite arrogantly by Amber. I was sure she was aware of the appreciative stares I was getting, and I made sure they continued as I toweled off as seductively as possible. I should have been nicer. She probably saved my marriage.

I saw that Joey had finished the drink I brought him and was half way through another. The grin on his face told me he was nearing where I wanted him to be. He didn’t seem nervous or awkward with my near nudity now. He was back to pride of ownership! Alcohol had become the catalyst for our sex life.

I told Joey I was going to get a drink and asked him if he wanted another. He said he did, and I set off for the bar to enthusiastic stares from the guys around me. I was extremely aroused. I hadn’t climaxed in the pool, but I was so on the edge of one. It would take no more than a gentle nudge to put me over the edge.

And then, to my erotic delight, I found Derrick there at the bar waiting for me.

“Come with me,” he said, sternly.

“Sure,” I beamed, “but first I have to run this drink over to Joey.”

“Carla’s taking care of that,” he said to my surprise. He grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me to a room just off the cabana. I was sure he wanted to fuck me as much as I now desperately needed him so deep inside me. I needed that one masterful stroke of his incomparable cock to release the pent up climax inside me.

In the room, he turned me toward him and in one quick and viscous thrust, drove his balled fist hard into my stomach. I fell writhing to the floor, gasping for air. He put his foot on my head.

You stupid cunt,” he said furiously. “You fucked that idiot Carl in the pool.”

“No, I didn’t!” I sobbed, gasping for breath.

He dragged me to my feet and struck me again, even harder this time. I thought I’d die. I could not breathe. All I could do was gasp for air.

“Carla saw you, cunt! Your ass and cunt are mine slut! Did you forget that? You fuck no one that I don’t tell you to, got it!” he yelled, pushing his foot down harder on my head.

He reached down and grabbed me by the hair and violently jerked my head off the floor and pulled me to a table in the center of the room, and struck me a third time in my belly.

“Put your tits down on the table, cunt, and reach back and hold your ass cheeks open,” he barked. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass!”

“Derrick, please don’t,” I gasped, trying to suck air into my depleted lungs. “Nobody’s ever done that to me. I know it will hurt. Please don’t,” I sobbingly pleaded.

“What do you think? I’m going to fuck you in your cum-filled cunt, whore? Spread your fucking cheeks, cunt!”

I pulled myself open and instantly suffered the most intense, searing pain I’d even experienced. His cock tore quickly and violently into my ass, rending it immediately. I could feel the tearing as with each deep grunt he drove his frightful cock deeper into my now bleeding rectum. I can only be deeply thankful that in his rage an excitement, he brutally emptied himself inside very quickly.

Our Tale continues. Martin is not sure of all the why’s. He is beginning to understand the realities though. The Tale continues to twist it’s way through logical answers to unreal questions and expectations.

Things are subtly changing…………Hmmm


Martin didn’t want Missy to leave. The realities of his situation were now too much. He reluctantly signed the papers and Missy promised to get back to him on the annulment as soon as she could. She led him back to the house reassuring him along the way.

“Mother……I don’t want to go back in that house,” he kept telling her as they walked up the sidewalk to the door. His dress swaying as he walked in the heels struggling to keep up.

“There’s got to be an easier way out of this. Take me with you, now!” he insisted. When they got the door, Missy adjusted the large bow on his sash, and then the one in his hair. He was still dressed all in white and dressed in such an innocent manner.

“Be strong Martin,” she said. “I promise you, we can get this all taken care of, and soon.” She then kissed him on the neck softly. Missy walked away leaving him standing there, alone. Martin looked back over his shoulder at her as she walked away. He turned as he heard the door open.

“Have a nice visit with your mother Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne asked as she took his elbow and led him back in the house. Leanne checked him over quickly pulling on the hem of his dress, smoothing the skirt of his dress and patting his hair with her palms.

“Yeah, it was fine,” he said. “I’m back in the house now. Take this stupid thing off my face,” he said in an even unemotional tone.

“I’m sorry ma’am, the mask must stay on for now.” Martin turned his head in frustration.

“Did your mother comment on how pretty you looked today?” Leanne asked with a smile. “After all, she is the one that requested you wear a petticoat and have bows in your hair for your little garden get together today.” She smiled as Martin’s eyes met hers. “Did she like it?” she asked as she fluffed his sash bow.

“My mother asked you to do this?” he sounded surprised……and pissed “She asked you to put a bow in my hair?” he glared at her through the mask.

“And the petticoat. Yes ma’am,” she said as she stood back and admired his appearance now.

“That bitch. Does she have anymore plans for me that I should know about? Tell me Leanne. Why did she say she wanted me wearing a petticoat? Just so she could get a good laugh probably.” He turned away recalling how she had laughed at his appearance as he approached in the garden.

“I don’t know Mrs. Vargos. I didn’t ask her. I suppose she felt you would enjoy being in pretty petticoats and bows for the afternoon,” she said as she motioned for him to go ahead of her into the study. As they walked his mind raced with questions and contradictions. Why did Missy request he be dressed in such sissy things if she was really trying to help him get out of here? She had to know how humiliating it was for him to be dressed like this. Adding those bows and a petticoat just made it worse, even here in this place. He became even more concerned about those papers he had signed now. Was there a twist that he had missed in signing those papers? He didn’t trust her. Not at all. She had convinced him she was helping him, but now he knew she was just having fun at his expense.

As they entered the Drawing Room, Martin hesitated. Two of the security assistance were there waiting for him. One was the man Martin had dealt with earlier, and the other was a woman Martin recognized from his preparations before the wedding ceremony.

“What’s going on here Leanne?” he asked as she urged him forward. “What are these two goons doing here?” Martin now knew whenever he saw them around, that he wasn’t going to be real happy about what came next. The two took Martin by his arms and pulled him to one of the chairs in the room. Leanne patted him on the back and turned to leave without saying a word. Martin looked over his shoulder to her.

“Leanne! What’s going on?” Panic set in as he struggled. “What are they going to do?”

All kinds of things ran through Martin’s mind as he was handled firmly. Martin was bent over the back of the chair. His dressed flipped up in the back.

“What are you doing?” Martin yelled. “Let me up!”

Martin felt his stocking being detached from the garters and his open bottom girdle rolled up over his butt. His panties were pulled down.

“Stop it,” he growled, but the woman ignored his appeals and continued her work as the man held Martin over the chair.

She put on a surgical glove and lubricated a finger and slowly worked into Martin’s ass as he fought back. Were they preparing him for some kind of afternoon delight with the Baron? His mind was moving too fast, but all he could think of now was getting her finger out of his ass.

“What are you doing?” he hissed looking back at her. The woman said “OK, I’m ready.” and she took a rather large object from table. It was two foot in length with a rubber penis on the end of a two inch diameter chrome pole.

“Oh know you don’t,” Martin said as he kicked at the woman with his heels. She parted his cheeks and he soon felt the pressure of the rubber penis at his new love hole and was unable to resist it’s entry for very long. He felt his butthole began to expand to accept the lubricated device, though he desperately tried to squeeze tighter. As it entered Martin felt pain as it worked it’s way inside him widening the path as it intruded into his rectum.

“AGGGHHHHH!!!!” Martin grunted in disgust. Martin tried to stand up as the penetration continued, but the firm hand held him down.

“OOOWWW!!!!” Martin wailed again as the object slowly reached it’s final penetration of 7″ up his sore rectum. The rubber dildo had disappeared leaving the chrome pole now just at his cheeks. They stood Martin up now, the chrome pole dangling just behind his knees. He couldn’t stand quite all the way up straight, as the discomfort in his ass caused him to instinctively to want to squat.

“Take it out!” he whimpered as he was slowly turned. “Why are you doing this?”

They took his arms and led him slowly over to the door that led out to the Drawing Room deck that looked out over the back of the estate. His dress still was pinned up in back as he walked. They walked slowly, the pole swaying painfully hanging from his ass as he walked slightly squatted and bent forward. A metal pedestal was positioned by the rail of the deck, and it had a large metal plate with a another chrome pole projecting straight up.

“Oh no you don’t!” Martin shook his head realizing what they wanted to do to him.

“Don’t put me up there on that thing,” he yelled as he pulled against their grip. “Why?” he asked bewildered, as they prepared to have him step up on the small pedestal.

“Owwww!!!” Martin hissed as he was forced forward. Even though he balked and pushed against them, he found himself stepping up painfully onto the platform, the rubber penis causing great discomfort in his ass as he did. He was positioned on the pedestal and the poles were lined up. The bottom pole was slid up over the pole that now dangled above it. The thumb screws were tightened to create a single erect pole from the base to his ass.

“You are all PERVERTS!!!” Martin hissed as he just stood there, allowing them to finish their deed. His panties were pulled back up and his girdle pulled down over his thighs. Martin looked out over the back of the estate and noticed a few of the gardening staff had stopped what they were doing for a moment to see what all the commotion was, and watched as Martin was being placed on the second floor deck. When they realized it was Mrs. Vargos, they all immediately went back to work. After all Mrs. Vargos was now their boss and could fire them all if they were just standing around and not doing their jobs.

Martin’s dress was unpinned and lowered. The woman slowly pushed Martin to stand up straight, and there he stood. Very erect in posture now, as the pole would dictate. He couldn’t get off of the pole. He couldn’t raise up on his toes high enough to get it out of his ass. There was nothing around to grab hold of. He couldn’t tilt the base forward either as he was standing on the plate the pole was attached to. So Martin was now helpless, as he stood on the small pedestal, in is white dress, petticoats, and 6″ heels, looking out over the estate. The two attendants, there task having been completed, looked him over one last time and prepared to leave.

“I hope you two perverts are happy with yourselves.” he said as they began to walk away. “Oh you leaving now? You have to go jerk off now after your fun.” He looked back as best he could over his shoulder.

“Had enough of your little torture the guy in the dress game?” He jerked his hands and flipped them a finger. Martin’s hands were still cuffed to the chains and he could move them every bit of 18″ when he tried.

Martin became more distressed as he stood there. His feet ached in the peep toe heels. He adjusted each foot trying to get some kind of relief. Shifting his weight slightly caused pain in his ass, so it was a matter of which was easier to endure, the large rubber penis, or the damn heels he was wearing. The mask was the most aggravating part of all. The frustration and just pure degradation of being told his face can’t be seen, and then having this mask forcibly put on him. He couldn’t get it off. He didn’t know how long he’d have to wear it, it was like he didn’t exist as a person anymore. Martin heard the door open, and the sound of high heels walking up behind him.

“How are we doing Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne said cheerfully. “Enjoying the view? It’s a lovely day to look out over this beautiful estate you have.”

“Get me the fuck down off this thing Leanne. Right now.” he hissed without looking at her. Leanne looked up at him as she unlocked his cuffs and took the chain from around his waist.

“There…………..Is that better Mrs. Vargos?” she put the shackles aside. Martin’s hands were now free. He had total movement for the first time.

“Yeah. Now get this thing out of my ass.” He reached for it, but even with full movement of his hands and arms he could do nothing to get off the pole. He started to pull up the skirt of his dress, but was stopped by Leanne.

“Mrs. Vargos! Do we need to put your jewelry back on?” she pointed to the shackles.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he growled at her. “This has no purpose other than to make me look foolish in front everybody. If you want me to stand here, OK, I’ll stand here on your little pedestal, just get me off this pole,” he insisted.

“Please Mrs. Vargos, try and relax. Enjoy the view. It is a wonderful day. The pole is a needed device so you can be left alone and have some nice quiet time. To reflect on all the wonderful things in your life, and I know you will be here when I come back. At least for now, you have to use the pole,” she mused.

“I said I’d stand here. I won’t go anywhere, just get me off it, Leanne.”

“Mrs. Vargos. You have a call from your mother. Would you like to take it?” Leanne asked ignoring his request. Martin looked at her through the mask.

“Oh, you’re asking me? I get a choice in something? How special is that?” he spat out with venom in his voice.

Leanne ignored his little tirade, not even looking his way.

“Yeah. I’ll talk to that sneaky bitch.”

Leanne stepped inside and brought the phone out to Martin. She smiled and handed it to him.

“I’ll step inside so you two can talk privately,” she said as she left him alone.

“Hello.” he said in a dead tone, taking a deep breath, trying to control his anger, and looking out over the estate. His toes were aching.

“Hi Martin. It’s mother calling. How’s it going sweetie?” she was her regular cheery and concerned self.

“Oh mother, it’s so lovely. I’m just standing on the deck here, wearing that pretty dress, and those painful, but cute, high heels with a large pole stuck up my ass, watching the gardeners working.” he mocked in a high falsetto voice. “Oh yes, and I was wondering why you might have asked Leanne to have me wear a petticoat and a bow in my hair today. You know how I like a pretty bows in my hair. It’s so wonderful being your son, YOU FUCKING LYING BITCH!!!!!” What are you trying to do to me? You’re suppose to be helping me,” he yelled in the phone turning a few heads in the garden.

Missy was laughing on the phone. “Oh Martin. You are truly an idiot aren’t you. Dressed as a girl or a man, you are the same idiot,” she kept her cool.

“Yeah an idiot for ever trusting you,” he spat back.

“No sweetie your an idiot for NOT trusting me! It’s time for you to shut up and listen. First of all, yes I did request for you to wear a petticoat and and that pretty bow. I talked with Leanne and told her you secretly liked dressing in women’s clothes and have been doing it for years.”

“What the………..”

“Shush Martin, I’m not done. I told her that was why one of your wives really divorced you, because she couldn’t deal with the fact you dressed as a woman at home.”

“Oh, you cunt! I’ll never believe another word you say again.” He wanted to strangle her, but strangled the phone instead.

“Martin! Shush!…Let mommy finish talking.” she was being condescending in her sweet tone now. “I told her all your reluctance to dress as a woman was the fact you were being dressed to entertain a man you had no feelings for and the whole thing is just overwhelming you emotionally right now,” she said. “I suggested a few sissy things might cheer you up, when you saw me since you’ve dressed up in women’s clothes around me before.” she paused.

“It’s all lies. You are a liar Missy!” He was beside himself now with anger. Who knows what else was being said behind his back. “You’ve been scheming behind my back. I never did those things and you know it.”

“You want out of this marriage with the Baron, Martin?”

“Damn right I do. And I will get out of it, no thanks to you just pushing me deeper and deeper into it. I hate you Missy. The next time I get a chance I’ll take down that bitch Leanne and take my chances on getting out of here on my own.”

“Just SHUT UP Martin! You will NOT try and run. A runaway bride will make things very difficult. You will do this the way I’m telling you. A sex change.” She was losing patience with him now.

“First of all, do you really think that you are going to be able to go in and convince everybody you want a sex change, without some explanation for your lack of cooperation in being dressed like a woman. Huh? Think about it Martin. The sex change? That’s the idea you have to place in their heads to get out of this mess the quickest and easiest. So I started it off for you. You are just so upset with the marriage. It’s not the dressing you hate. Leanne now thinks you secretly don’t mind dressing up like a woman, and even prefer it. At least in private, so calm down. ” Martin listened confused trying to follow her reasoning.

“You don’t have to like the marriage, after all that is what we want to change anyway, but you need to at least pretend you want to dress like a girl. Get everyone here thinking that way. Then when you reveal your desire to have a sex change and that you actually want to be a girl, it will be easier for them to believe. So flow with it Martin. It’s complicated and as I said before, you are an idiot. But I know that, don’t I sweetheart.” She had explained her reasons.

Martin was quiet for a moment. Her statement made sense in a weird kind of way, at least logically. But he just couldn’t find it in himself to accept this kind of thinking. “I can’t convince them of something I hate so much. I don’t want everybody to think I’m some sissy faggot that wants to be turned into a real girl,” he stated. She laughed and said,

“Oh Martin, honey, they already think that.”

“Stop this Missy! The story won’t work.” He was furious.

“Yes it will, but if you don’t get your head out of your ass you will end up spending a lot more time with the Baron’s dick in it. This could take awhile Martin. You signed the papers wrong and they have to be redone.”

“I signed where you told me to sign,” he grumbled.

“You signed them Martin Hastings. Sweetheart, that’s not your legal name anymore. Your name is now Marcia Vargos, and you have to sign the papers that way, or the papers are not legal,” she lectured him now.

“I don’t want my name changed and I never agreed to let it be changed.”

“I know you didn’t sweetie, but the fact is, your name was changed, and changed legally. You are now Marcia Vargos. I may have added to the confusion by still calling you Martin, but you are my son, and you will always be my little Martin,” she said lovingly.

“I don’t care. I’m not…..”

“Just shut it Martin. You are who you are, and you will do this properly.” she raised her voice irritated with his excuses. “So, I have to get you to sign these papers… again. You will sign them as Marcia Vargos, or you will have a long and not so happy marriage to the Baron I’m sure,” she lectured him.

“Once again Martin, this causes a delay in the process. I won’t see you again till the Coming Out Banquet. Just be prepared to do the right thing. OK honey? I have to go now. Remember, just put that male ego of yours aside. It would be even better if you could just try and act like a woman till this is resolved. Just for now. Once we get you out this, it can all be just a bad dream, and you can go back to your old self.”

“I need to get out of here now!” he yelled.

“Love you sweetie,” and she hung up the phone.

Martin threw the phone into the back yard from the terrace he was standing on.

A light breeze blew Martin’s skirt as he stood with his arms folded under his D-cup breast, staring off into the distance fuming. He wasn’t going anywhere. Leanne was right, he’d be right where she had left him.

This story is entirely fictional. The names of those present has been changed for protection.

Every year my aunty Delilah would take my brother, my sister and I to her place individually for our birthdays into the city. Every year it was something new, except for me. My brother always looked for the social scene: bars, clubs, malls etc. My sister always looked for scientific/educational things to do: the zoo, the science center, provincial museum etc. They also went to get their nails done and other girl things.

But for me, it was different. I was into flying so we would always go to the airport and I would get to fly a small airplane around the city with one of the school’s teachers. Every year was the same thing. I enjoyed it, but what I really wanted I knew I couldn’t have. I matured much faster than most of the other boys and found interest in girls sooner too. I found that older women were more attractive than my classmates through much of high school. I would always imagine going to aunties house and finally asking her if we could have sex. But this dream was far fetched because I was under age. It was always a really good fantasy of mine. But one year this would change.

It was a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday when I went to the city on the train to spend the weekend with my aunt. She couldn’t afford the flying this year so she had other things planned.

Since I turned 18 I always had a condom in my wallet just in case. I made sure it was there as I was so confident it would happen this year that I even bought an extra in case I lost the first.

I boarded the train for the city and arrived about two hours later. There she was. She was beautiful this year. She died her hair brown to see what it looked like as it was usually blonde. She weighed about 165 lbs. maybe and had the perfect hourglass shape. Her breasts were smaller than usual but her ass was a little bit bigger than average. I didn’t mind at all. She was wearing a tank top with a denim skirt that cut off just above her knees.

“Hey,” she said when I got off of the escalator and hugged her.

“Hey aunty Delilah,” I said back to her.

“How was the train?” She asked releasing me and leading me to the subway.

“It was good, took longer than I thought,” I said letting her get in front of me so I could watch her ass sway back and forth. I also got a good look at her silky smooth legs.

“What do you want to do today?” She asked as we boarded the subway.

“Well I’m very hungry so we should take care of that first,” I said then started to think, “Can we go to JR records? I have a feeling they have some new Aerosmith stuff there.”

She nodded, “Sure. I heard of this great bar on the waterfront. Do you want to go there later tonight? Or do you just want to get a few movies and order pizza?”

“Aunty, you know me. I hate the social scene. Pizza and a movie sounds good,” I replied. I was sitting but noticed there was nowhere else for her to sit. I stood up and said, “Aunty you can have my seat.” After a bit of the back and forth of, “No,” and ,”I insist,” she eventually sat down.

She stood up when we arrived at our stop and we got off. We walked down the street to her apartment building and went inside. Once we reached her apartment we went in and I dropped my bag on a chair. I said, “hi,” to the cats then we were on our way again.

The music store was on the same street so we walked a few blocks then I opened the door for her. She walked in and I followed immediately going to the Rock/Pop section of the store to check for some Aerosmith, Beatles, John Lennon and Grand Funk Railroad albums. Then I went to the basement to check for any Aerosmith LP’s that the store might have so I could hang it on my wall back at home.

“You ready to go,” she said looking bored.

“Yeah I got what I wanted,” I said going to the front line

“What did you grab?” She asked as we got closer to the till

“Fly Away From Here the single by Aerosmith, Yellow Submarine by the Beatles and the single for We’re An American Band by the Grand Funk Railroad,” I said flipping through the cds showing my aunt.

“Cool, but don’t you have all of Aerosmith’s albums by now?” She asked not believing that I picked up the cd.

“Like I said, it’s a single.” I said mockingly. She gave me a friendly shove at the comment then we reached the counter.

After paying the clerk I held the door open for her then left. She then said, “You know you don’t have to act like a gentleman on my account.”

“You haven’t had a boyfriend in so long even though you are so beautiful. It does matter,” I said trying not to blush at the blunt comment.

She looked at me and smiled, “Thank you. You are so sweet you know that? I can’t believe you haven’t had girlfriend in so long either.”

I smiled back at her, “I’m waiting for the right gal.” I then winked at her. She smiled as if heeding my comment, “Don’t worry. I’m sure she is closer than you think.”

She gave me a hug from the side and kissed my cheek. I could feel my dick stirring in my pants at that. I tried to figure out if she was coming onto me or just being friendly.

We reached the subway to take it to the main mall which was several stories tall in the center of the city. We went in and she asked me, “Can I get your opinion on an outfit I want to buy?”

I couldn’t resist, “Sure.” She led me to the victories secret outlet in the store then picked out some black underwear and a bra. She put them on then told me to come in and tell me what I thought of them.

When I got in I got an almost instant erection. The bra fit perfectly and was very sex. The panties were sexy too, but not enough. “Maybe a different pair of panties. And for goodness sake, get a different colour than black. She frowned then sent me out.

She came out fully dressed and brought me around the store and asked, “What kind of panties should I get?”

I almost collapsed at the question. I walked around until I found the thongs. I picked up a white one that I though looked nice. I gave it to her saying, “You should… you know… show what you got.”

She laughed at the awkward comment then grabbed a white bra and walked into the change room. Once again she called me in, “Jim, do you want to judge this one?”

Again I got an instant erection. The white made her features appear much bigger than they actually were. “Well what do you think,” She turned around and showed me her ass. She then bent over to pick something up.

“That is so sexy,” I managed to finally mumble out.

She giggled then told me to come close and take a better look. I knew she was teasing me now. I got close and she told me to check how the thong was fitting around her thighs and ass. I looked down and lost my mind. She was even more sexy in this practically naked state.

I put my hands on her thighs and moved them along her body along with the panties main elastic. I then followed the panties down her ass and under to her asshole and pussy. She moaned when I was over her pussy and coming up towards the front of the panties.

“Looks good to me aunty,” I said in a soft voice.

“Just say Delilah. I don’t want anyone to hear then get weirded out,” She said adjusting the panties, “How does the bra look?”

“Damn sexy Delilah,” I said mulling over her chest.

She giggled, “I like it when you talk like that,” she said.

“Like what?” I asked confused.

“Like this,” she said imitating my voice, “Now get out of here and I’ll buy this underwear. Just for you Jim.”

I bowed then left. I sat on the bench outside trying not to think about what I just saw and heard. I didn’t want to get an erection in a mall. I’ll whack-off in the bed that she makes me tonight I thought.

She came out and we continued walking. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek, “Thank you for being honest. I’m not good at choosing good clothing.”

“You’ve done fine up until now,” I said to her.

She kissed me again, “You are so sweet.” She took my hand and we walked to the video store to grab some movies to watch.

I picked an older movie, Canadian Bacon, which I was told was funny but never got to watch it. She picked out another movie then we continued walking.

We passed a sex store. She then stopped and we turned around. We went in, the first time I had gone inside on of these stores since turning 18. She went to check out dildohs which again gave me an erection. I checked out the magazines. She came over to me and asked me about a dildo.

“Jesus Delilah, I don’t know anything about that shit. Buy what you want to,” I yelled softly. It was awkward enough in there without her asking me if that was a good dildo.

She shrugged and walked away. I grabbed a magazine and walked up to the front of the store to buy it. Aunty came up behind me and looked at the magazine I selected. It was a magazine with mostly pictures of lesbians making out naked, “Mmm, I think it’s so hot when two girls kiss”. I blushed at that thinking of my aunt kissing another girl.

I bought the magazine when the clerk said, “You’ve got quite a catch there kid. Don’t her get away.” I smirked at him and waited for my aunt at the door.

She came over and again I held the door open letting her go out first, “Sorry about asking you about the dildo. I bought it, see?”

“I can see that aunty,” I said not looking at her. We walked back to her place. It was already five pm so she ordered the pizza. For half an hour I played with the cats while she did work stuff.

The pizza finally came and we put Top Gun in and watched. We ate pizza until we were full. Throughout the movie we got closer and closer to each other until we were finally beside each other.

I stood up and took her plate to the sink. I returned and sat down next to her. After about half an hour she rested her head on my shoulder. I swung my arm over her putting it on her side out of reflex. She moved in closer to me. She was all snuggled in when the movie began getting exciting.

After another half an hour I noticed that she wasn’t moving. I looked down at her and she was sleeping. Interesting, I thought, someone as energetic and fun as my aunty had fallen asleep during a good movie. I didn’t think too much of it and just let her lay there.

When the movie was finished I looked down to wake her up so we could change the movies. She was staring back at me. She then sat up without taking her eyes off of mine. She then leaned closer and our lips locked together. We closed our eyes as saliva and flavor exploded in our mouths. I stuck my tong into her mouth and pulled her closer to myself. I could feel my dick getting harder and bigger.

Holy shit I’m making out with her. I think I should ask her was all I could think during this ecstasy that we were sharing.

She pulled back then looked into my eyes and said in a sexy voice , “I’ve wanted that for a long time now.”

“Aunty… I want to fuck you,” I said due to a lack of better words.

“Me too Jimmy. Do you have protection? Just imagine what your parents would say if they found out,” She asked.

I leaned over the couch and reached for my wallet. I pulled out a condom and showed it to her. “Good. But you’ll need more,” she said leaning in for another kiss.

She put her hand on my thigh and started caressing it. I felt around her back for her bra clip and thumbed it to release the hold.

She moved her hand up to my groin then began stroking it on top of the clothing. She backed away from me pulling off her shirt then removing her bra. I reached out and caressed her breasts as she continued rubbing my cock.

She eventually opened the fly of my pants and pulled my dick out. “It’s so big Jimmy,” she said as she started stroking it.

Holy shit this feels soo good I thought as I stuck my hand under her skirt and began rubbing her panties overtop of her pussy.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled away then removed my clothing. She did the same. I sat back down on the couch. She continued stroking me as I stuck two fingers into her pussy.

“Oohh Jimmy,” she moaned collapsing on the couch next to me.

I knew she enjoyed it so I stuck a third in and she let out a louder moan. She was stroking me slower now as she couldn’t handle herself.

“I want to make your head spin,” She said getting off of the couch. She knelt in front of me then opened her mouth.

Her lips slowly lowered down my pipe until they hit the base. Then she went back up, then back down again. Over and over.

“Shit aunty,” I said putting my hand on her head, “That feels so goddamn good.”

She kept going until I felt something coming up in my cock, “Aunty I’m going to come.

I removed my hand but Delilah didn’t remove her mouth from around my shaft and I let out a huge explosion of cum into her mouth. She gulped then giggled, “You taste really good.”

I liked it when she talked dirty to me, “Aunty that felt really good.” She stood up then laid on the couch next to me.

“Show me how it felt,” She said spreading her legs showing me her pussy.

I needed time to recharge so I knelt on the couch then moved my head to her pussy. She was really wet so she said, “I need a really good cleaning. Can you do that for me?”

I nodded then put my head onto her pussy and shoved my tong in. She let out a moan as I swirled around inside her pussy taking in all the juices. She taste really good, like peaches and something else, couldn’t put my finger on it.

She came quickly after words and sat up. We kissed again then she said, “I’m throbbing for you Jimmy, go in. Fuck me… please.”

Her dirty talk turned me on so much. I put a condom on then she laid back down on the couch. She spread her legs and I lined myself up. I teased first, just putting me dickhead into her vagina. She moaned and said, “Please… please put it in, don’t tease me.

I pulled away then lined up again. I pushed slowly into her pussy. It was so warm and tight inside. I almost came right then and there, but I didn’t. My dick wanted more and didn’t want to ruin it.

I pushed all the way in and we both let out a moan, hers was louder then mine however.

“Yes, Jimmy, fuck me. Fuck your Aunty Delilah,” She said putting her arms behind her head showing off her breasts in plain view.

I pumped in and out. The feeling was amazing. I put a hand on one of her breasts and thrust harder and harder each time.

“Yes, fuck… oohh… god yes… fffff fuck,” She moaned over and over as I continued fucking her.

I took her silky smooth legs and put them on my shoulders and leaned over her body. It made it so damn tight in he pussy. We looked right into each others eyes and came at the same time.

I fell back and pulled out. She sat up panting and took the condom off. “You are amazing Jimmy,” she said before sucking me clean.

After she thought I was all cleaned up she looked at me, “That was very bad.”

“I thought it was great aunty,” I said kissing her.

“No, no. It WAS great,” she said, “And that’s the problem. I’m an aunt, and I just fucked the life out of my nephew. What will God say?”

I rolled my eyes, “He’ll understand.”

We kissed again then she got up. I pulled her back onto my lap. She turned around and smiled back at me, “Ready already?”

I nodded then grabbed the extra condom from my wallet. “You’re a very bad boy,” she said lying on the couch next to me.

I shook my head, “Aunty get on all fours on the floor.”

Aunty giggled and did as I asked. I put the condom on then stood behind her. I knelt down and put my hands on her love handles. I aimed my cock and inserted it into her pussy.

There was the same explosion of feeling and emotion as I began thrusting in and out of her. I leaned over her as she began moaning. I reached around and grabbed her breasts lightly squeezing them.

“Oh yeah… fuck me… harder… harder Jimmy harder… there you go… oooh fuck yes,” she moaned as we fucked.

She laid her face on the ground and held her revealing her asshole. I stopped fucking her for a moment, “Aunty… may I give you-”

She thought for a moment then said, “fuck my ass baby.”

I pulled out of her pussy then pushed on her asshole. She said, “Wait. I have some lotion that’ll make it slip better. Hang on baby.”

I moaned and she kissed me, “Just hang on.” I sat the strocking my dick waiting for her to come back.

When she did she had a thing of sex lotion in her hand. She put some on my shaft then stroked it to spread the lotion out evenly.

She then got back into the same position as before and I lined up probing her ass. I then slowly began inserting my dick inch by inch.

“Owe, that hurts, fuck owe,” She aid holding me to make sure I didn’t go to fast.

When it was finally in all the way I began pulling back. I said, “I must be very lucky aunty. I get to fuck your awesome ass.”

She laughed sensually and began moaning, “Yeah that feels good… oooo… keep going Jimmy.”

I started going faster and faster until I was going a good pace. It felt so good and it was so damn tight. After a few minutes I exploded into her. There was more there than the first time. I rolled off of her and laid next to her. She laid on me and stroked my cock.

“I hope this won’t be the last time we do this Jimmy,” she said.

I just blushed, what a dream come true.

“Wow,” thought Mike as he looked around at the gorgeous women strewn about the room all dressed in the sexist of clothes.

“It’s just like a candy shop.”

He watched two young women dressed identically as school girls (or maybe they were real school girls). Plaid mini-skirt; white blouse; loose short tie; little white lace topped ankle socks and wearing 4 inch, black patent stiletto heels. They finished their champagne and put down their glasses. He continued to watch transfixed, as they lovingly looked into each other’s eyes, or rather stared intensely, each focused on wanting the other.

Still focusing on each other’s eyes, their faces moved closer together, then lingered as if they were savoring each other’s perfume. Their noses touched. Their red lips opened. They kissed slowly, their tongues intermittently on display as they probed in and out of each mouth, sharing their saliva. Their bodies and breasts writhed together. Their long fingers ran roughly through each of the others hair, pulling their faces closer and only just managing to maintain their standing position.

Clearly needing to explore as much of each other as possible, their hands moved downwards, caressing their breasts and body. Mike could now see they were both bra-less, their nipples hinting through the flimsy material and causing the tell tale nipple bulge. One of the girls unbuttoned a blouse and taking a nipple between her long red painted fingers, pinched hard and pulled up and out, causing gratifying and pleasurable pain. The nipple stayed hard and she repeated the act to the second breast, this time licking the tip as well, making it shiny with her saliva. She looked up into her friends eyes once more with that, “I really want to fuck you” look, but not saying a word.

Descending still further, their hands stroked along their thighs until finally reaching their plaid mini-skirts. No panties, no obstacles.

Still standing, one of the girls now probed the others cunt with her long fingers. One finger. Then two fingers. She briefly removed them and brought them up to her mouth to lick the juices and to apply lubricating spit. Using those same fingers, she went hard on her friend’s clit. Her friend began to writhe, head thrown back. She felt her own breasts, cupping them fully and squeezing gently, all the while her friend worked her clit with her fingers.

They stopped suddenly.

Needing more, much more, they withdrew hand in hand to another room, where a generous supply of toys awaited, desperate for the fucking each was going to give and receive. A couple of guys followed them, the bulge in there trousers apparent, maybe to watch, maybe to join in.

Mike had been at his friend’s party for about 15 minutes. He had had a hard-on for about 14 ½ of those minutes. His friend, Steve, whose house this was, was yet to show.

“Where the hell is he, I hate to start without him” Mike thought.

Steve, or Stephen, to those who didn’t know him intimately, was one of the richest guys in this part of the country and Mike had been very fortunate to have once been at school with his very rich friend.

The party was a monthly event, put on by a group of rich friends, and as the group had grown it had developed into a kind of elite club. It was called a party but really it was one big orgy. The biggest orgy in town you might say and was dedicated, for the select few, to extreme sex and perversity.

The group consisted of: single guys, married guys, some with their girlfriends’, some with mistresses’, some with wives, some without. One guy brought his sister another brought his mother (now that’s perverted), models, actresses’, Ex call girls, single women, etc, etc. You get the picture. The fact was they were all there for one thing; extreme fucking and sexual gratification. This wasn’t for the faint hearted.

Safe sex in this setting took on a new meaning. There were no condoms here. Every attendee had undergone medical tests to ensure they were physically safe. Every female had to be on birth control. No one wanted a paternity suit or an STD. Just the greatest sex they would ever have, without consequence and with lots and lots of cum.

There was one more stipulation. Whist in the group, participants could only fuck other group members. Casual, random fucking with outsiders was definitely out. This would help to ensure everyone remained safe. The size of group was such that no one’s interest waned and very few left the group. This was Mike’s second time.

He looked around the large reception room. The early guests were deep in conversation, glasses of Champagne in hand. One guy had his tongue down the back of a redhead’s throat, one hand pulling her red hair the other feeling her huge breasts. Another guy joined them from behind and he ran his hands up her smooth stockinged legs and inside her skirt, removing her thong. They withdrew, thong in hand, to one of the many rooms arranged for mutual fucking.

Mike stood facing the door, drink in hand. He watched as two of the sexiest women he had ever seen arrived at the party. His cock hardened even more as he watched the two girls walk across the room dressed in short skirts, black seamed stockings and the highest heeled shoes he had ever seen. As he looked closer, he realized their superb breasts were clearly on display through the semi-transparent lacy material they wore. Their makeup impressed him and made them look incredibly sexy and slutty, it definitely turned him on.

“Fuck!” He thought. “These babes are gorgeous. I’m going to have to fuck these.”

Sophie and Shelly walked across to the drinks attendant. Their 6 inch heels click clacking as they crossed the floor. Their legs looked so deliciously long walking on tip toe in their ultra high heels and nylon seamed stockings. They walked confidently with that sexy wiggle, their skirts just skimming the tops of their stockings. Their cunt juices were building to a point where not only did they need to be fucked as soon as possible, it meant they were so turned on there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do to get off.

As the girls approached the drinks attendant and before he could hand them a drink, Mike jumped in, drinks in hand.

“Hi girls, I’m Mike.”

“Not much of a chat up line” thought Shelly.

“Would you like a drink” he added.

He held out the glasses of Champagne and the girls took one each.

“Why thank you…. Mike” Sophie replied, with a slight pause before saying his name, mentally ensuring that she had heard it correctly.

“Yes, thanks Mike” Shelly added politely.

Taking a sip of Champagne, Shelly moved closer to whisper.

“But what we really need is a good hard fucking.”

At the same time her hand moved to the front of his trousers to check how hard and big his cock was. She was suitably impressed.

Totally unperturbed, Mike rebounded quick as a flash.

“That’s why I’m here. I’m always up for two girls at once.”

The girls laughed.

“Mike, we will need more than your ONE cock……. Do you have some friends?” The last remark added somewhat sarcastically.

“Of course, what were you thinking?”

The girls looked at each other.

“You and say….. Another five” Sophie said hopefully.

Mike responded. “No problem, a gangbang it is. Shall we finish our drinks first?”

“Sure” replied the girls, but really wanting to get down to it as soon as possible, as their clits badly throbbed.

For a short while the conversation continued with general chit chat. Mike found out that this was their first time and he gave them compliments about their appearance. The girls probed, finding out who Mike was and what he did and Mike did likewise.

“Have you seen Steve yet” Mike said.

“No, we only know of him through our girlfriend, Kalli. She should be here tonight, but I haven’t seen her yet” said Shelly.

“Great, Kalli can join us later” Mike replied.

Mike left them momentarily to round up some friends and Steve if he could find him.

Returning, Mike, his arms around both girls, led them all to another room.

Steve was nowhere to be found

The room was large and reasonably spartan. The decoration however was superb. There were mattresses on the floor and tables around the room holding a selection of sex toys and lubricants. The lighting had been dimmed and the sound of thumping dance music ensued, seemingly to set the rhythm for the mass fucking. The sound level was loud but such that everyone could make themselves heard.

The girls put their handbags to one side. Sophie unzipped her short red mini skirt, revealing her thong and fully displaying her black seamed stockings. She stood proudly in her ultra high heels and see-thorough top.

Not to be out done Shelly took off her mini dress and stood in thong, corset, stockings and her black patent 6 inch stilettos.

The two women looked at each other momentarily not knowing exactly where to start.

“Lick our cunts” Sophie demanded.

The guys were still taking in the sight of the two gorgeous sluts before them, in a kind of stunned amazement. Sophie’s order brought them out of their daze and they stripped as quickly as possible. This was made slightly more difficult with their huge erect cocks. Each of the men could be described as ‘fit’ and obviously worked out. Both Sophie and Shelly were not disappointed.

The girls edged back against the wall, their high heels stretched their leg muscles, their suspenders pulled tight and hence tightening their sheer stockings. Steve came to Sophie. She was in a hurry, Steve wasn’t. He kissed her gorgeous red shiny lips. Sophie responded with her tongue. He began to unbutton her lacy blouse, button by button. After the fourth button he pulled her top open to expose her gorgeous breasts supported by her quarter cup bra. He stooped to suck on her red lipsticked nipples, sucking them up hard.

Mike knelt, spread Sophie’s legs and thong and with his tongue and fingers began working on her hairless cunt.

At first Sophie looked down as mike worked on her cunt and clit. She could see his thick hard cock and knew that was coming soon, but then the uncontrollable pleasure began to hit home and her head went back in ecstasy. Mike was about to bring his hand around to finger her arse, but she was so horny she came in about 30 seconds, screaming obscenities. She shook with her first orgasm.

Shelly wasn’t far behind.


They so needed to get that first orgasm out the way. Now it was game on. The girls certainly didn’t need any more foreplay, they needed something much bigger inside of them.

“We need our holes fucked!” One of the girls exclaimed.

The guys looked at each other, not knowing who was going to do what. Shelly organized them.

One guy laid on the mattress his huge cock standing up ready to be speared, Shelly didn’t disappoint. Now thong-less, she climbed on the huge cock and reamed it hard into her cunt.

“I need one in my arse” she exclaimed. “Lub me.”

One of the guys obliged, using some nearby lubricant. He worked the lub into her rosebud and it gaped as he drove his fingers in and out. Finally he drove his thick cock hard into her arse and up as far as it would go.

Sophie briefly looked on. This was what they had practiced for.

As if she wasn’t horny enough, the sight of her sister taking two cocks simultaneously into her cunt and arse, dressed like a slut in black seamed stockings, a corset, 6 inch high heels and proudly showing off her tits, was too much to bear.

If her sister could do it, she could do it better. She shouted at the guy with the biggest cock to get on the mattress. She removed her lacy see through top and with a large amount of lubricant, began lubing her gorgeous arse hole. She mounted the guy on the mattress, who realising what she wanted, banged his cock hard and straight up into her very wet cunt.

“Fuck my arse” she directed one of the guys looking on stroking his cock.

He knelt behind and forced his appendage into her well trained arse. Both guys now fucked Sophie with amazing ease and speed, forcing it hard and alternating their strokes into each orifice. The other two watching now offered their cocks to her mouth. Working both cocks by hand, she closed her cherry red lips over one and in conjunction with her tongue, began to suck hard. Her bangles jangled as her hands worked both cocks. The guy in her mouth wanted more and he forced her head right down, his cock slipping past her tonsils and down her throat. She could only take a small amount of throat fucking before gagging, but it didn’t matter as the guy pulled out and shot huge wads of cum over her waiting face. It seemed to keep pumping cum and Sophie made sure it all landed on her face. She looked up at him and smiled, her black eye make-up now covered with sperm, globs of cum hung from her eye lashes. The guy in her cunt came noisily, closely followed by the guy reaming her arse. She adored the sensation of cocks filling her with copious amounts of semen.

Then it came, the uncontrollable pleasure.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…..” Sophie screamed as she orgasmed.

Her screams were muffled as the last guy forced his cock into her mouth and she sucked eagerly.

“Let me come on your heels” the guy fucking her mouth insisted.

She removed the cock and looked up.

“I don’t give a fucking shit where you come, just shoot.”

She span around and taking the thickly slimed cock with her gloved hand, worked it hard. She rubbed it over her nylon stockings and down on towards her shoes. Unbeknown to Sophie another guy who had been watching and wanking, came with a long stream of cum onto her nyloned leg. Using her fingers she scooped the white sperm up from her seamed stockings and sucked the cum into her mouth, licking them clean as the cum dripped from her long red nails.

Knelling, she took the now spent cock and worked some more cum out with her tongue. This final act caused the shoe guy to blow his load on Sophie’s 6 ½ inch red patent stilettos. The cock spent, she removed her shoe and holding the high heel in her gloved hand, licked all the cum from the shiny shoe. Using the thin heel like a spoon, she drove it side on across her face so as to retrieve any facial cum. She licked along its length and finally inserted the entire heel into her red lips and all the way into her mouth. She slipped her shoe back on and removed the second shoe to give it a cleanup with her tongue.

Sophie loved the taste of cum and could never get enough.

The guys fucking Shelly had shot they loads into her cunt and arse and she was now looking for more, jealous she hadn’t had cock and cum in her mouth like her sister.

The two sisters, stood up, moved towards each other. Horny with excitement they met, looking into each other’s eyes.

“You look such a slut Sophie” Shelly said.

Shelly cupped her sister’s face. Kissing, they drove their tongues into each other’s red lipsticked mouths, Sophie running her lacy gloved hands over Shelly’s stockings and back up to her tits. Shelly licked any remnants of cum from Sophie’s face.

They moved to the floor.

As if choreographed, Sophie lay on the floor and Shelly mounted her in a 69. The girls spread their legs wide, their lacy hands worked on their stocking tops whilst enthusiastically forcing their tongues and then fingers into each other’s cunts and arses. The girls enjoying the cum they managed to gleam from each other’s well fucked holes and sucked on their cum covered fingers.

The guys stood and enjoyed the sight, and what a sight it was.

Two gorgeous blond haired sisters in slut make up; sheer black seamed stockings; the highest heeled stilettos; covered in spunk; tonguing each other cunts; forcing their lace covered hands & fingers into each other’s wide gaping arses.

Shelly went over the top, closely followed by Sophie, both women shuddering to an orgasm and shaking violently.

“Fist my arse you bitch, I need it hard” ordered Shelly, as her shaking subsided and now wanting even more gratification.

Sophie made a fist and brought it to the entrance of Shelly’s gaping rectum. It was well lubed with cum and lubricant and Sophie thought about driving the fist straight into her sisters gaping hole. Instead she started with three fingers, then four, then wrapping her thumb inside her hand, (still in her lace gloves) drove her fist all the way in.

Holding it there for a few seconds, she removed it and started the process again. This speeded up, and she was soon fisting her sister’s arse at full speed. Time and again, in and out, Sophie fisted Shelly’s gaping hole and Shelly loved it. Her bangles jangled to the rhythm of the music.

“Fist my arse harder, you fucking slut!…. FUCKING HARDER!…HARDER”…

Sophie used two fingers from her other hand to stretch it further, and then three, the slight roughness of the lace increasing the pleasure still further.

“FUCKKKK…YOU SLUT..YOU FUCKING SLUT, FIST FUCK ME HARD, YES FUCKING YES, FUCKING YYYESS…FUCKKKK”….The vocal obscenities continued until Shelly shuddered to another massive orgasm.

It was soon apparent that the guys watching were now very hard again, craving to fuck Shelly’s engorged arse hole. One at a time cocks were forced into her wide gaping arse, whilst Sophie tongued her sister’s clit. Shelly was having multiple orgasms as each cock shot large amounts of cum into her accommodating hole. At one point two of the guys forced both their cocks into her sphincter with a corresponding amount of semen shot into her rectum. Eventually, the guys were spent and it was left to the two sisters again.

Shelly had finally finished multiple orgasming and realised she should to do something for her sister.

“Sis, I have some cum for you,” knowing what her sister craved most.

Shelly sat up and squatted over her sister’s mouth. Her heels stretched her leg muscles. The tight corset still maintained her hour glass figure; the suspenders pulled her stocking taught.

placing her lace covered hands behind her; she pulled her arse cheeks apart to reveal her dripping arse hole. Sophie knew what was coming and used her fingers to pull it even further open, revealing even more of Shelly’s large gaping, stretched, fuck hole. Shelly began to force the spunk out of her arse and into Sophie’s waiting mouth. Long strings of cum were squeezed out onto Sophie’s waiting tongue. More and more cum continued to flow. Sophie’s cherry red lips now covered in thick white semen, she licked them clean and continuously swallowed. Sophie forced her tongue deep into her sister’s rectum, so as to retrieve any final cum that remained.

Shelly dropped forward to attend to her sister’s cunt, fisting and tonguing Sophie to another orgasm, her legs wide and open. She pulled them up high as she started to cum. Sophie began to shake as she had her biggest orgasm yet. Such was her love of cum

They stopped for a breather, all temporarily spent.

The guys clapped appreciatively, as if it was a performance and I guess in some ways it was.

Mike knelt down and gently kissed the girls.

“Get cleaned up and I’ll get us some drinks.”

“Thanks Mike. That was some fuck” Shelly said.

“….and we didn’t even know all their names” Sophie added.

“We’re such sluts” Shelly concluded.

The guys were spent, but the girls would soon want more.

This was a night that could only get better….

To be continued….

I love my wife very much. I would do anything for her (short of permanently hurting or killing someone but everything else is fair game). My wife loves to make me do things that put me outside of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to sex and sexually provocative situations.

One day we were driving north on I75 through central KY on our way home from visiting some family. It was a very nice day in early summer and my wife had me drive nude as she loves to do as often as she can. She loves seeing me try to hide myself when we go past vehicles that sit higher than ours and the other drivers can see me naked. This was back when we had an F150 so it was usually the big trucks that I was worried about (now we have a crossover that sits lower so it’s even more embarrassing). She would always tell me to slow down, or speed up, so the big rig would be along side of us for a while in the hope that the driver would look over. When they did she would make sure to point to me and let them know I am naked. It’s certainly a bit exciting but very humiliating when they see me. But I love my wife.

As we were driving just north of Lexington my wife spotted a couple of bikers on the side of the road on the south-bound side. They were pretty good-sized black guys and were riding nice highway cruiser-type bikes. My wife said “they might need help. Turn around and let’s go see if they need anything.” Being the good samaritan that I am (and because my wife told me to), I said, “ok, I’ll turn around at the next interchange”, which was about a mile up the road.

As we pulled off and turned left to go get on the south-bound side I told my wife I was going to pull over and put some clothes on. She said, “no, I want you to stay naked and see what the bikers have to say about a old naked white guy driving down the freeway.” My wife loves to put me in compromising situations, especially out in public, so I knew I was not going to be able to talk her out of it.

So we headed southbound and about a mile and a half later came to where the bikers where parked on the shoulder of the freeway. I pulled up about 50 feet or so behind them and put the truck in park. My wife opened the passenger door and stood just outside of the truck and yelled up, “do you guys need any help?” They both walked up to the truck on the passenger side to talk with us. My level of humiliation skyrocketed as they got closer.

They started talking with my wife as they got closer and told her they had just called a friend to come with a trailer to pick them up. When they got to the passenger door they both looked in and saw that I was sitting there, naked as a jaybird and did a double-take. The bigger of the two said, “are you two having fun driving down the freeway with your man naked?” My wife said, “yes, we are. He’s my husband and does what I tell him. Unfortunately for him I like to embarrass and humiliate him.”

The bigger of the two said to my wife, “well, our friend is about 30 minutes away. How about you have your man suck our cocks while we’re waiting?” I looked at my wife and saw that shit-eating grin she gets when I’m going to be on the receiving end of some kind of sex so I knew I wasn’t going to get out this. She said, “sure, he’d love to, wouldn’t you honey?” I just looked at her, then the two bikers, then back to her and nodded sheepishly.

The F150 was a Super Cab and has these back doors that open like the old suicide doors so my wife told me to crawl out the passenger side of the truck. Then she opened the back passenger door which then blocked the view at the passenger seat from the vehicles coming down the freeway. The bigger guy sat in the passenger seat and pulled his cock out for me to suck. It was freakin’ huge! It was at least 8 inches long and 6 inches around and it was soft! He reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down to his lap and told me to suck him nice and hard.

The other guy pulled his cock out and started stroking it to get it hard while I was sucking his buddy off. The guy whose cock was in my mouth said to his friend, “why don’t you fuck him in the ass and stretch him for me. I think I want some white man pussy while I’m at it.” I started to pull up off his cock to protest but he just held my head down and told me to keep sucking, “like the little cocksucker you know you are.” He started saying things like, “you like sucking big black dick, don’t you?”, and all I could do was mumble “yes” with his cock in my mouth.

While I was struggling with his cock growing in my mouth I felt his buddy step up behind me and heard him spit on his cock. Then he pushed the head of his dick against my asshole and told me to “open up that pussy for me you little fuck.” His cock wasn’t as big around as the one in my mouth but it was big enough and was hurting as he pushed it past my sphincter muscle. Once he got past that I started to relax and felt him fill my ass with his cock.

So, there I was, naked, on the side of south-bound I75 in central KY between the doors of my truck with a big black cock in my mouth and another one in my ass. My wife was taking video of the whole thing and was telling the bikers to “fuck his mouth good. Fill his ass with your hot cum. Fuck him like the little cum bucket he is (her pet name for me).” My wife love to take pictures and video of me when I’m in these situations and then play them when we’re at home. She won’t admit but I think she’s sharing them with our friends to humiliate me. It makes for some embarrassing visits, me wondering which of our friends have seen me sucking cocks and getting fucked in the ass.

After a bit the guy in my mouth was getting pretty hard and I couldn’t keep the whole thing in. So I took as much of his cock in my mouth that I could and started jacking him off while sucking on the head of his dick. The guy in my ass started moving faster and faster in and out of my ass and I knew has was getting ready to empty his load. I guess I was doing a good job sucking the first guy because he pulled my head off his cock and told me he wanted to cum in my ass, not my mouth. Just then the guy in my ass tensed up and I felt him squirt his hot load into my ass. It was a nice warm feeling that immediately lubed my ass up and made it easier for him to slide in and out.

Which was good because the first guy pushed me back to get out of the truck and said “my turn you little cocksucker.” He pushed me face down into the seat and put his big hard cock right against my asshole and pushed it in without any regard to whether it was going to be easy on me or not. Fortunately some of the guy’s cum in my ass was leaking out and lubed up my asshole, making it easier for him to slide in. But he was freakin’ huge! Even though the first guy in my ass had lubed me up and stretched me, this guy’s cock was so big it felt like the first time I’d ever been fucked in the ass! It hurt and I was yelling for him to stop. He just kept my head pushed down into the seat and started pounding his cock in and out of my ass. I knew I was going to have to relax my asshole if I was going to survive so I focused on how good his cock felt sliding in and out and relaxed my sphincter muscle. After a few moments it was getting easier and I just laid there, on the side of I75 in central KY, getting my ass pounded by a black biker with the biggest cock I’ve ever had. And of course my wife was videoing the whole thing.

Shortly I felt the biker start to tense up as his thrusts got faster and deeper. Soon I felt that rush of hot cum filling my bowels as he grabbed me by my hips and drove his cock as deep as he could into my ass. He was thrusting and grunting for what seemed like 2-3 minutes as he emptied his load into me. When he was done he pulled out and stepped back. I was exhausted and just lay there on the seat catching my breath, thinking about what had just happened. We were really lucky the state patrol didn’t pull over while all of this was going on.

The two bikers put their cocks back in their pants, zipped up and walked back toward their bikes just as their buddy was pulling over with the trailer. I started looking for something to wipe the cum off my ass but my wife said, “no, I want you to drive home with their cum all over you. When we get home you can clean the truck and then clean yourself up.”

So, I crawled into the drivers seat, my ass covered in cum and, after my wife got back in the truck, drove home, naked with black biker cum leaking out of my ass and all over the driver’s seat. Good thing they were leather seats so they would be easier to clean. And there was a lot of cum to clean up.

Again, my wife won’t admit it but I just know she’s shown that video to our friends. After all, that was the biggest cock I’ve ever taken so I’m sure she is proud of me. At least I hope she is. It’s so humiliating and embarrassing. But I love my wife.

Chapter 2: Life After Tony

I had all my stuff packed as Tony had come up from behind me and kissed my neck. I turned around and kissed him on the lips and just held his waist. We had an amazing weekend together and now we were dating I was the happiest guy in the whole world and that’s how he made me feel in bed.

“You know we are leaving today and I’m going home tomorrow why don’t we give this bed one more go around,” he said

I smiled and thought about how far we came in this one weekend we had made love so many times on this bed and on the beach which was the most romantic thing ever.

“Tony we are cousins I don’t know how we are gonna explain this to my parents and your dad,” I said.

“I know babe, but nothing makes me happier than you I know this fall we’ll both be in college in different cities and I wanna make the most of today I know I will see you a few times this summer but let’s make this morning worth while,” he said

I turned to him and smiled and I kissed him softly and moved my suitcase off the bed and laid there and signaled him to come over. He crawled on the bed slowly until he was on top of me and we began kissing passionately then I broke from him and asked him:

“Do you have a condom?”

“No, but its okay I’ll be careful,” he said.

We kept kissing and he slowly removed my shirt as he moved his hands up and down my body. He removed his shirt and kissed my chest. He sucked on my belly button as he undid my belt, and pulled off my pants until I was in my underwear. He slowly removed my boxers and my semi erect cock was out. He took me in his arms and said:

“Be my lover.”

I smiled as I lied there naked in front of him and said:

“Of course I will.”

There I took off his pants followed by his boxers and he continued to lie in bed just kissing passionately. There we lay naked just kissing until he started to move lower to suck my cock. His tongue was so wet as he went up and down my shaft and licked the tip of my penis.

“Oh Tony don’t stop you dirty boy,” I moaned loudly.

As he slowly swallowed my cock into his he slowly put his fingered my ass so it could loosen up so he could fuck me. I felt myself about to cum when he stopped and said:

“Let me fuck you now.”

I got on all fours and gave him my ass, he slowly lubed up my ass with his saliva as he slowly pushed his dick into my ass as he said:

“I love you.”

I smiled and said:

“I love you too.”

He slowly fucked my ass and made passionate love to my ass. I felt him deep inside of me as he slowly slid up and down. I had never felt so much pleasure in his fucking. It was like he was fucking me for the first time and I was his handsome prince.

“Tony keep fucking me.”

He started to go faster and a lot harder as he pounded my ass. The orgasm was building up inside of me and I just wanted to release it. Then he began to go faster and harder until the bed began to shake and make noises.

“Oh shit Tony I’m gonna fucking cum. Oh God don’t stop please five me your cum inside of me,” I said loudly.

He moaned so loudly saying:

“I’m cumming.”

Right when those words were uttered from his mouth he cummed in my ass. And right when that last drop of cum hit my ass I cummed as well all over the bed. We fell on to the bed and on to each other as we savored in each others kisses. Just then there was a knock on the door. We were freaking out until I put my underwear back on and answered the door. It was the man from next door asking if everything was okay that he heard a lot of moving around and thought we were being robbed. I said that we were moving the furniture because I had dropped my phone behind the bed. But right when I was about to close the door Tony walked across the hall naked and the man was in shocked and walked off. I closed the door and thought to myself if I was ready to come out of the closet and be an openly gay man, but I was doubting myself, yet I was in love with him, my cousin, and my lover.

We both got dressed and shared kisses as we packed the car with our luggage, and then we drove home holding hands. Tomorrow Tony would be going back to Houston and his dad and I would be left at my house with no boyfriend and even worse come fall we would be going to different colleges and apart from each other. So I asked:

“What’s gonna happen to us babe?”

“I was just thinking about that too. Well I know we are gonna be far away from each other, but I love you and I want you to be happy so I think if we have an open relationship like we are still together but its okay to fuck others at least until we can be together then we become strictly monogamous, but I promise you one day we will have a threesome with me, you, and another guy,” he said.

“Okay I held his hand tight as we drove up the driveway to my house, and from there his dad came and picked him up. I hugged him good bye and watch him drive away. I smiled and thought of all the love and fun we shared this past weekend and how I would never forget the way we made love.

A month has passed since Tony left my arms and went back home. We text whenever we can and tell stories about the guys we have fucked or just wished we had fucked from a distance, but we knew nothing could compare to what we had. I had decided to go to college in San Antonio (I won’t say where for obvious reasons) and Tony said he was going to stay in Houston to stay close to his dad which was the only family he ever really had.

I was leaving to school in a week and no matter who I was with I could not stop thinking about Tony and how passionate of a lover he was to me at the beach. Then one day when I was working out at the gym I caught a lovely stranger staring at me and my short shorts. I smiled at him and walked over and asked him his name.

“My name is Ryan. I’m sorry for staring at you, you’re just so attractive and handsome and I wanted to know if you would like to have dinner with me at my house I’m an amazing cook and I would like your approval,” he said

From the moment he spoke to me I was captivated by this 20 year old man, so I agreed and he gave me his address and told me to be there by seven. I walked off back to my car to catch my breath. This man was so beautiful and I had not felt a connection like that since I was with Tony and for a second I thought he could be the one.

I dressed casual for our dinner just a green t-shirt and my ripped jeans, but I had a little surprise under it all. I was wearing a thong I had just gotten for an occasion such as this. It was red with lace with black dots around my crotch and just a string going through my crack. And just like that I was gone.

I arrived to Ryan’s place just on time and he welcomed me into his house. I walked into his dinning to room to find a fine steak prepared for me with mashed potatoes lit up my candles. I took my seat and sat down and we began to eat. We talked about life, lessons learned, and past lovers. And that’s when the subject came up.

“So who was your first lover,” he asked me.

I was stunned I could not answer him and I said:

“A boy named Tony he was from Houston”

I did not even wanna mention he was my cousin if not I bet Ryan would freak out and I would have to leave.

“How was he in bed,” Ryan asked.

“Amazing he made the most passionate love to me ever,” I said getting a bit aroused.

At that point Ryan leaned in and kissed my lips, softly, but passionately. I looked at him and smiled, then he stood up grabbed my hand and lead me into his bed room. We kissed standing up for awhile as I took off his shirt and he took off mine. We ran our hands through each other’s body. Then I slowly undid his pants and I saw his nice boxers. I smiled as I grabbed his ass while we kissed. He slowly undid my pants and revealed my thong. He smiled and slapped my ass as he revealed my semi erect cock. I stood naked in front of him as he removed his boxers and I saw his cock. He was circumcised and about six and a half inches with a half hard on. I took a deep breath and went down on him. I played around with his cock before I finally put it in my mouth and began to work his shaft. As my mouth slide up and down his cock I could hear him moaning.

“Oh my God please don’t stop,” he said.

I had no intention of stopping not even for a minute cause now that he was full on hard his dick had grown to nine inches which was a whole inch bigger than Tony. I deep throated his cock all the way until I gagged and then he said:

“Lets 69.”

I laid down on the bed on my back and Ryan got on top of me and started to lick my dick and I returned the favor to him. He was so good at sucking my dick even better than Tony was. I felt like I was gonna cum all over his face if he kept going, but right when I was going to reach the climax he stopped and got off and bent over for me.

“Fuck me nice and slow. Make love to my ass,” Ryan said.

I looked at his ass and took a deep breath as I licked around his asshole to get it nice and wet for my dick. And then I gave it a push and put my dick in his ass, slowly of course so his ass could loosen up to my dick then I started to go in and out slowly and passionately kissing his back at different points. I pounded his ass for a solid ten minutes before I picked up the speed and went faster.

“That’s right keep fucking my ass, but I want your cum in my face,” he said.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said

I quickly pulled out and Ryan gave me his face and I started to jerk myself off so I can get the cum all on his face.

“Ahhhhhhh,” I said cumming in his face.

“It tastes salty but so refreshing, now I wanna fuck you but I wanna be on top,” Ryan said licking the cum off of his face.

Now that I was fresh out of juice I laid on my back and spread my legs open so he could fuck me missionary position. He kissed me all the way up to my mouth and slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

“You’re so tight, you haven’t been fucked in awhile,” he said.

“I know its been a few weeks since my last fuck,” I said.

He went in slow and loosened up my tight ass; he put his hands at my hips and kissed me while he fucked me with love and passion.

“Go harder I want this bed to rock,” I said

With that command he went harder and faster, his nine inch cock was making my ass so wide with every push he gave me. The bed began to move faster and rock harder.

“Oh God fuck me harder give me all your cum,” I said kissing him.

“Ahhhhhhh I cummed,” he said kissing me.

He pulled out of my ass slowly with his cock dripping wet from my ass filled with cum.

“Oh my God you were the best I had yet,” I said realizing he was better than Tony.

“I’m glad we got to have this moment I really like you,” he said.

“I really like you too, but I’m in love with my first love,” I said.

He smiled at me kissed my lips and said:

“It’s okay, but if you ever wanna fuck again or wanna get serious just call me here’s my number, or maybe if you wanna get together with your man and have a threesome I would be glad,” he said.

I smiled at him and gave him a big kiss, got my clothes and left his house and went back home. My ass was so sore from the pounding that Ryan had given me, but now I was excited for college. In one week I would leave and start anew with a roommate who I think I might have a lot of fun with whoever he may be.

Well here I am in college now all my stuff is set I claimed my side of the room and now I just have to wait for my roommate to come in. I wonder if he will be hot. It would be so hot if he had such big biceps so he can hold me while I sleep. Suddenly a knock on the door startles me. I walk to the door and open it and to my surprise I see Tony standing in front of me with a suitcase. He walked in closed the door and kissed me on the lips.

“So I guess we are roommates now. First rule as soon as you walk in here you have to get naked. Second we are pushing these beds together. And third I want you to fuck me right now,” he said.

I was so happy so I took off all my clothes and walked over and kissed him.

“So are we dating now,” I asked him.

“Yes we are. I love you,” he said kissing me.

“I love you too, my cousin, my lover.

Chapter 6

Formerly 25

Dutch Gets Engaged

Later that same evening Dutch managed to get Rosa alone. Kathy had been pestering him to let her sit on his lap while perusing the computer and as much as he loved the idea of her ripe body astride his lap and his erection, he had more important business to conduct. And so at the risk of hurting her feelings, he ordered Kathy out of the “office” and after she had slouched on out, mouthing silent protests, he and Rosa were alone at last.

“Didn’t want her rubbing herself all over you did you?” She said, shocking him with her words.


“I can see where this is going, may I remind you she’s just turned eighteen.”

“Hey,” he said somewhat testily, I was only trying to . . .”

“Get in her pants?”

“Come on Rosa, I didn’t mean anything of the kind. I’m trying hard to bring a father image to our relationship. She’s . . .”

“A horny teenager?”

“Well, yeah, she is that, but she’s also at an age where she has to, or feels she has to test her femininity with a male. I happened to be handy.”

Rosa laughed in his face.

He could tell she was worked up about something but not what. Women, he thought, if she knew what he was about to do….



“You look like you’re a million miles away. We’re having a serious conversation, come on back.”

“I’m sorry, truly I am.”

Without thinking, he reached out and pulled her against him, kissing her mouth passionately. His hands slid down her back, and he could feel her trembling as they kissed; felt the passion building. She leaned harder against him, and he fell gently against the wall. With one arm tight around her waist, he slowly moved his other hand up her side, under her arm. She moaned and pushed forward as his thumb touched her nipple, circling it gently, causing it to grow hard. She moaned against his mouth, pressing one leg between him and lightly grinding against him. There was no way in the world that she wouldn’t be able to tell how turned on he was at that exact moment. His finger and thumb met — the tip of her nipple between them.

He broke off the kiss and immediately began to stammer. “I . . . I . . . been leery of relationships, um, I mean, prolonged relationships, ever since, um, Marilyn and I split up. I don’t need the pain or the heartache that goes with the dissolution of a relationship, you know?”

“Whatever are you . . .?”

He squeezed her nipple a little harder, and she brought her thigh up, rubbing it hard against his crotch. Her fingers clawed at the back of his head, and they renewed the kiss, their tongues reaching, stroking, as they sought more from each other. He wanted to taste her, feel her nipple in his mouth. Pulling away from her lips, he started kissing down her neck, lazily running his tongue against her sweet skin. Her hands pushed the top of his head down, coaxing him, guiding him to where she wanted his mouth. He could smell her skin and her excitement, adding to his own.

He lifted her chin with his finger, looking into her watery eyes and tried reading her thoughts. It didn’t work. He went on instinct.

“God, I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my whole life, Rosa. I want to hold you until the end of time. I want to make you happy, share your victories and your disappointments. I wish I could express to you exactly what I feel for you, but I can’t seem to find the words.”

“You’re doing pretty good so far,” she whispered. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

“I love you.” The words fell from his lips easily, and cupping her face in his hands, he leaned down and kissed her softly and then pulled back, brushing the tears back from her cheeks.

“Will you marry me?”

Rosa blinked back more tears, unable to think or talk.

She had a million things to say, or thought she did, but after a pause decided on a simple, “Thank you for asking. I accept, yes, I will marry you.”

Only no words came out.

“Rosa, I said, will you marry me?”

“Marry you?” She croaked and cursed herself for her own ineptitude.




She struggled to say something, anything that wasn’t inane and blurted, “I always wanted my guy to kneel down. You know, I mean a proposal has a kind of ritualistic bearing to it, right?”

“I guess . . .”


He knelt down on one knee and looked up at her. “Rosa, will . . . will you do me the honor of accepting this proposal of marriage?”

“There’s no ring,” she said calmly, although her heart was racing faster than it ever had before.


“A ring . . . haven’t you thought this out?” And she was immediately chagrined at her lack of decency. The poor guy was asking her to marry him and she had been hoping for weeks that he would. Why in God’s name was she tormenting him now?”

“Oh shit . . . I forgot!” he said, reaching into his pocket.

In the next room, Kathy, eavesdropping as usual, lost her balance and fell on her ass, but neither Rosa nor Dutch heard a sound. Both were staring at the ring encased in the jeweler’s box after he had pried it open.

“My God!” was the extent of Rosa’s audible commentary, what she was actually thinking was indescribable.

“I know, I know, it’s not the biggest ring in the world . . .”

She found her voice at last. “It isn’t?” Her eyes were popping out of her head. Rosa had never seen anything close to this size diamond, nor had she ever heard of a stone this large other than the famous “Hope” Diamond and of course the rock Liz got from her Marc Anthony, better known as Richard Burton.

“Do you like it?”

“Like . . . it?” I absolutely adore it!” Kathy! Kathy come here, NOW!”

The door swung open and the young teen rushed in. “What? What? What?”

“Look, Look, Look!” she blurted, brandishing the ring for Kathy to see.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Mama, you’re engaged!”

“Yes! Yes!”

“How wonderful!”

And they hugged and danced around the room until Rosa broke away shouting, “Mom, I got to tell Mom!”

Dutch stood there dumbfounded. One minute Rosa was hedging on whether to accept his offer of marriage, the next she’d gone ballistic.

As Rosa dialed her mother, Sue, Kathy used the opportunity to give Dutch a hug of her own, followed by a French kiss. Absentmindedly, he groped her ass then realized what was happening and after just the briefest of squeezes, let his hand brush over her breast. Then he stepped away and told Kathy, “See if your Mother needs you,” and gave her a friendly swat on the behind.

Kathy skipped merrily out to find Rosa and they hugged again as Rosa was trying to describe the size of the diamond to her equally excited mother.

Maybe a minute passed before Rosa, still on the phone, called out, “Dutch!” And never took her eyes off the diamond, “Just how big is this thing?”

“Something over 3 carets,” he said, worried that it wasn’t sufficient.

“Three carets! Oh, my God!” and she was off again, half hysterical, half overjoyed.

“Well you got us such a great deal on the house . . .” He began.

Rosa seized on the ‘us’ and her heart was overcome with pure love for this man. When she hung up the phone, he took her into his arms and calmed her down, telling her she still needed to have the ring properly sized and mounted.

“It can all be done tomorrow,” he told her. You can also have it appraised at another jeweler’s and get it insured and all the other stuff that goes with it.”

“What other stuff?” She asked wondering if they would really have the ring ready tomorrow.

Kathy interrupted them, calling a quick goodbye and dashed over to Peggy’s to tell her the news.

“I don’t know, isn’t there other stuff involved?”

“Beats me,” she said staring at her diamond, still not accepting that it was hers.

“I know this will kill you,” he said, “but put the ring back into the box so we don’t lose the stone somewhere, it is loose in that setting, I couldn’t buy it and not let you see, but it’s not ready to wear just yet.”

Sighing longingly, she agreed, but only after wearing it for a few more minutes did she finally put in into the box for safekeeping.

“Are you hungry?” He asked.

“A little. Want to go out and grab something?”

“Yeah,” he said, “sounds good.

Rosa’s friskiness was back and she wanted to do something special for Dutch and on an impulse she asked, “Honey, do you have a favorite fantasy?”

“A fantasy? Like what?”

“Oh, like . . . having six women at a time, you know, like your own harem. Something like that.”

“I don’t know . . . I’d have to think about that. How ’bout you?”

“Me? Oh, I’d like to lie naked on a bed and have fruit and whipped cream and maybe chocolate sauce smeared all over my body and then my prince would show up and lick it all off of me.”

“Sounds like you’ve had this . . . fantasy for a while.”

“Mmmm,’ she leered at him, “maybe I have.”

“They looked at each other and the room seemed much warmer than it had been only moments before.

“Get naked,” he told her. I’ll see what I can put together. Without a word, Rosa scampered into the bedroom and began tearing off her clothes. Dutch poked his head in the doorway and said, “It’s all right to start without me. I may be a few minutes getting things together.”

Several minutes passed before he checked on Rosa. Opening the bedroom door he saw she had two fingers moving in and out of her cunt while the fingers of her other hand calmly wiggled the pink glistening folds at the top of her cleft, one in particular was flicking her clit, circling it and then flicking it, teasing it over and over again as the fingers on her other hand surged in and out, of her pussy, making wet sucking noises with each thrust.

All the while, Rosa’s breasts jiggled up and down, her nipples hard with excitement; seeming to be begging for him to touch them, or pinch them, or bite them.

He hurried over to her and set his tray of materials down on the floor beside her. On the tray were: A bowl of ice cubes, several large sized strawberries, a quart of vanilla ice cream, a plastic bottle of Hershey’s chocolate and some whipped cream.

“Don’t stop,” he said. “I’ve brought a few things to entertain us.”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, quite close to coming already. He decided to let her have her orgasm and start over after she had recovered from it. Her fingers blurred and a grimace appeared on her face. One hand had gravitated to her left breast and was tweaking that nipple.

And right before his eyes she grunted and started to come. She went rigid and then slowly relaxed a beatific smile on her face.

Perhaps a minute passed. Her eyes opened and she focused on him.

“You’re late. I came without you.”

“I’m sure you’ll come again,” he grinned at her.

“I’m sure I will too. So what have you got for me?”

With that, Dutch took the chocolate syrup and poured some over the strawberries. He lifted them above her head and let some chocolate drip off and onto her face before lowering the fruit to her open, waiting mouth.

Rosa bit into the strawberry then giggled, “Hope you’re going to clean this mess up.”

“Don’t worry, everything’s going into the washer, and that includes you.”

She was laughing hard as he leaned forward and licked some chocolate sauce from her nose. They kissed, gently, and he shared some ice cream with her, placing a small spoonful on her tongue and then trying playfully to steal it from her.

Then his hand reached down and came up with an ice cube.

“What are you going to do with that?” She asked, eyes glittering with renewed desire.

He didn’t answer, but used the very tip of the ice cube to circle around her areola of her right breast while placing his mouth on the other. The distinction of hot and cold, applied at the same time sent a thunderbolt to Rosa’s cunt. Her back arched, sending her breasts up and out to meet whatever pleasurable substances he choose to apply next.

He used whipped cream and ice cream and teased her elongated tips with a half-bitten strawberry, eventually offering it to her extended tongue. Then he went to work on her breasts, licking the gooey substances from her chest.

“What, no chocolate?” She whined, pretending to be offended.

“I’ve got that covered. Thing is, where do you want me to cover you with it?”


He’d dipped his finger in the chocolate and was traced a warm brown line along her neck and shoulder.

“Jesus, that feels . . . so sexy!”

“Does it now?” He asked with a broad grin on his face.

“And nasty, too.”

“How so?” He asked circling her nipples with the dark brown syrup.

“It’s like you’re coming on me. And that’s both naughty and nasty. But it feels good, and so you want to . . .”

He had poured a good amount into the palm of his hand and was rubbing into her pussy.

Rosa’s leg’s opened of their own volition, and she bit her bottom lip in anticipation.

“Oh, Christ, yeah! Right there! Oh, yes!”

“Good eh?” Two chocolate coated fingers slithered into her gooey cunt and located her “G” spot.

“Shit! I’m coming again!”

“Please not while I’m having desert,” he laughed and dropped a scoop of vanilla ice cream on her slightly opened cunt as his fingers departed and his mouth descended upon her.

She would never be sure just what triggered the explosive orgasm that followed. It may have be the mere thought of what was transpiring; or the sudden chill of the ice cream on her volcano hot cunt. But in her heart Rosa was convinced that the touch of his fiery tongue as it propelled the ice cream into her was the cause of her orgasmic convulsions.

Later reminiscing over their antics, she told him that it had been incredible. The ice cream — and his tongue moving the cold mixture around inside her as his finger played with her swollen clitoris.

Added to that was the fact that he kept it up — her coming didn’t stop him. He added more ice cream to her cunt until the entire area was a mess of vanilla and chocolate smeared all over his face.

When Rosa had recovered some, she noticed the whipped cream and said “How come you didn’t use any of that on me?”

“That’s for you to use on me,” he grinned lewdly at her.

Picking up the canister she used a liberal amount to create a frothy mound over his turgid cock and balls before applying her mouth and a generous amount of suction to cleaning it off. Since he hadn’t come, she smeared a generous portion of chocolate syrup over his member and before she could get her mouth on it, he spun her body around and rammed his prick into her still food-speckled pussy. Within thirty seconds they were both coming and afterward lay exhausted on the soiled sheets.

“So, how was it? He asked.

“Better than I ever imagined it would be,” she purred contentedly as his left hand stroked her chocolate stained thigh.

“Let’s get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat,” he said.

“Not just a bite to eat, Dutch. We’ve got to celebrate . . . you know, dinner and dancing. I’ve got just the dress and you can even wear a tie, that is if you want to,” she cooed, batting her eyelashes at him.

Dutch couldn’t have been happier.

“Maybe we’ll walk along the beach; maybe make love again.” She smiled at him, her love evident in the sparkle in her eyes.


Several hours later and after a wholesome meal, Dutch and Rosa found a new place that featured dancing and were seated at a table close to the bar.

It was almost eleven and the trio of musician’s were belting out a pretty good version of “Fly Me to the Moon,” when Rosa saw the woman sitting down on a bar stool near them and order a drink. From the expression on her face Rosa knew she was alone.

“So, Dutch, you never told me what you fantasy was,” she said, pretending to pout.

“I told you I hadn’t really given any thought,” he smiled back and rose asking her to dance as the trio moved into the classic “Scotch and Soda.”

“Do you know this tune?” He asked as they pressed closer together.

“No, I don’t think I do. It’s rather nice, and the singer has a nice voice too.”

“It’s called Scotch and Soda, kind of a bluesy lament.”

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, content with her life for the first time in years.

“And you’ll never guess who had the hit record. Well, it wasn’t a big hit, but it was on a great album and over the years has become a kind of standard in jazz circles.”

“I haven’t the foggiest,” she said and worked her thigh between his legs, and then giggled.

“The Kingston Trio, but it was a solo and I never knew which one recorded it.”

Rosa gave him a typical female response indicating a deep interest in what he was saying, but not really caring about the music. What was really on her mind was discovering what Dutch’s fantasy was. After giving her that gorgeous ring and following through by letting her live her own fantasy — and making it better than she had ever thought it could be — she wanted only to please him as much as he had her.

And so as Dutch lost himself in the music, Rosa scanned the patrons in the mirror behind the bar. She had already studied several couples seated at nearby tables and found none interesting enough to pay further attention too. She also ignored an older man apparently waiting for someone to arrive.

However, the lone woman was still at the bar and caught her attention and this time held it. There was something about her, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. The woman was nursing the drink and smoking a cigarette.

Rosa found herself staring at the woman wearing a pair of skin tight jeans, cowboy boots and a sexy red top that complemented her black or at least very dark hair. An expensive leather jacket was slung over the back of her barstool completed her ensemble. Then Rosa realized the woman was crying, for she pulled a tissue from her purse and dabbed at both eyes and blew her nose before taking a long drink from her glass.

‘A woman with problems,’ Rosa thought. “Dutch,” she said softly, “Check out the cowboy boots at the bar.”

He took a long look and turned to face Rosa, “Very nice, but why are you telling me to check out the competition?”

“I don’t think I have any competition as far as you’re concerned. We got engaged this afternoon, remember?”

“Of course I do. I just meant . . .”

“Have you thought about your fantasy?”

“Umm, not too much.”

“How do two women sound?”

“Great. But you know that already, I mean after Alice and Robert and you and I partied . . . I just thought . . .”

“I mean with a complete stranger . . . like her.”

“Hell, Rosa, I don’t want to chase after anyone. I’ve got you and I’m happy.”

“So . . . how’s this sound to you. I seduce her and you watch us and join in after a while?”

“Sounds like it just became my fantasy,” he said smiling. “In the meantime, would you care to dance?”

Smiling back at him, Rosa shook her head ‘no.’ “Later,” she smiled. “Let me strike up a conversation with her first. If she’s worth pursuing you dance with her first, okay?”

“Sure,” he said and leaned back in his chair as Rosa stood up and made her way over to the woman wearing the cowboy boots. Dutch watched as all the men in the place mentally raped Rosa and the other woman as Rosa stood next to her.

Slowly, the woman realized Rosa was next to her and her eyes took her in, appraising her automatically as she had with every other woman she’d met for years.

“Can I bum a smoke from you?” Rosa asked feeling slightly embarrassed from all the male attention she was receiving.

The woman turned away from Rosa, reached for the package of Marlboro’s on the bar next to her and pushed them closer to Rosa.

“Help yourself,” she said. And when Rosa had shaken one lose from the pack, the woman held a lighter out and lit it, allowing Rosa to light up.

“Many thanks,” Rosa said, “It’s been a while. I just felt the need. My date just said something that got on my nerves and rather than start an argument with him . . . well I wanted to put some space between us and you were handy. So thanks again.”

“Don’t mention it,” the woman said with a wane smile. “No man is worth smoking over,” she said and they both thought of the double meaning behind the words and began to laugh. “Well… I guess some leave you smoking afterward, and some are just pigs.”

Rosa threw her arm around the woman, saying, “You’re funny. And to think I thought I saw you crying a minute ago.”

“I was, but you seem to have cheered me up. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Okay, my name’s Rosa, that character at the table is Dutch, my fiancée; and that’s as of today.”

“Well, congratulations, Rosa. My name is Clarice, Clarice Verblanc.”

They shook hands. “Glad to meet you Clarice.”

“Likewise, I’m sure,” Clarice responded.

“Yeah, I was tearing up a bit. I came home from work and found my husband in bed with my sister.”

“My God, that must have been some scene.”

“Not really. They don’t know I saw ‘em.” The tears began to roll down her cheeks and Rosa used her napkin to dab them away.

“Thanks,” Clarice said and sniffed. “I still can’t believe it. My sister, that fuckin’ cow . . . sorry, about the language,” she paused and stopped to light her own cigarette. “I should have guessed she’d make a move on him . . .”

“Maybe it was the other way around,” Rosa suggested.

“Does it really matter? I mean, there they were screwing each other’s brains out . . .” Clarice was crying in earnest now, “And on my goddamn bed . . .”

She sniffed again and the tears came to a halt. “Anyway I need to get away before I did something stupid.”

“Probably the best thing you could do under the circumstances,” Rosa said, commiserating with her.

Rosa crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray.

“Say, why not join us? We’d love some company and I’m sure you need some right now too.”

“Why not?” Clarice said and grabbing her purse with one hand, swung her skin tight jeans around, scooped up her leather jacket with the other and followed Rosa back to the table where Dutch was waiting.

Dutch saw to it that the drinks kept coming and eventually Clarice warmed to him as she had to Rosa. Soon it was as if they were old friends having the time of their lives. But Dutch noticed all the attention Rosa was paying to their new friend, rubbing her shoulder, touching her arm and squeezing her hand while emphasizing a point.

“Hey,” Clarice yelled, “You guys only got engaged today. You should be dancing, not bullshitting with me.” And she picked up her purse and made ready to leave.

“No!” Rosa yelled out. “Here, now you’re right we should be dancing, but I want you to dance with him first.”

“I couldn’t,” Clarice protested.

“Why not? You need to be held by a man and Dutch here is a damn good man.” She giggled, and continued, “Not to mention he’s hung like a stallion!”

“Rosa!” Dutch yelled in protest, “Don’t give away all my secrets,” he added with a faint laugh as he rose and held his hand out to Clarice, who also got up.

Dutch gave Rosa a knowing look, first making sure that Clarice couldn’t see his expression and then with his arm around her waist they headed out onto the dance floor.

It took three dances before a slow tune began and Dutch gathered Clarice in his arms in a very gentlemanly manner.

“You are a good dancer, Dutch.”

“Thank you. May I say you’re not so bad yourself.”

“Tell me, how did you come by Dutch as a nickname?”

With a straight face he replied, “It’s my real name.”

Her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh . . . I am so sorry.”

He laughed and said, “Just kidding. I got it in the Navy. My best buddy was Dutch and we were inseparable.” He frowned and continued. “There was a stupid accident and he was killed. Me too. Almost anyway. The guys gave it to me, partly because of our friendship and partly because I was with him at the time and they all wanted to remember him.”

She leaned her body into his, relaxing for the first time. “That’s so sad. I’m sorry I asked, but glad I did at the same time. Is that dumb or something?”

“No, not at all. It makes perfect sense. And his leg slipped between hers just as the music ended. When they’d made their way back to the table he ordered another round of drinks.

The band took a break.

Clarice looked at the couple next to her and smiled. Rosa placed her hand on Clarice’s.

Clarice felt the drinks working on her and as much as she was enjoying their company, decided she had better go. But go to what? She thought.

Still she felt she had to do something. “I’ve really got to go.” She announced. “You two have been just the ticket. I really needed someone to talk with . . . spend some time with, and the two of you . . .”

Her voice broke and she started to get up from the table, but her legs didn’t provide the support she required and she staggered, and would have fallen if Dutch hadn’t caught her.

“Hey, are you all right?” He asked, truly concerned.

“Do you live nearby?” Rosa inquired.

“Yeah, maybe two miles. Oh, Dutch, I’m fine. Too much to drink I guess, but I’m perfectly capable of driving . . .”

“Well we can’t let you drive. Why don’t we take you home and you can pick up the car tomorrow?”

“Oh I couldn’t impose on you guys…” Clarice protested.

Rosa noticed it was a weak protest and pushed the point. Clarice, now leaning against Dutch took a deep breath and said, “I meant to tell you….” she pointed a finger at Dutch. “You have the nicest aftershave….”

“Thank you, Rosa bought it for me. Would you like the name?”

“Yeah, I… I’ll buy some for my hus….” Reminded of why she was out drinking, Clarice burst into tears.

Rosa used the opportunity to usher her out of the lounge and toward her van, thinking they might be putting the air mattress in the back to good use tonight.

After breathing in some fresh air, Clarice lost her maudlin feelings and leaned against Dutch again. Suddenly she felt incredibly sexy and summoning up the nerve she certainly lacked while sober, said, “Is it true you’re hung like a horse?”

“Naw,” he said in reply, “But I am big. Wanna see it?”

She never would have said what she did next sober, but she did and the word was out of her mouth before she could stop it. “Sure,” she blurted, “I’m game.”

Dutch tossed Rosa the keys and opened the rear door, gave Clarice a soft pat on the ass and said, “After you and I get in we’ll have the unveiling.”

Clarice found that funny and giggled hysterically as she climbed in and sat down on the air mattress.

“All the comforts, eh?” She giggled, not because of the mattress, which was not uncommon in vans, but because she had just realized she liked the feel of his hand on her butt.

Would he really show her his cock, she wondered. She glanced around the parking lot had three cars in it and one of them was hers.

He didn’t keep her waiting, but after unbuckling his pants, he quickly lowered them and they fell around his ankles. He wore no underwear, and his erection while not complete, was formidable enough.

“Put the light on, Rosa, give her a decent look,” he said quietly and squatted in front of her.

“How are you feeling Clarice? Do they call you Clara?”

“No, Clarice. I don’t like Clara at all, it was my aunt’s name and I despised her for her meanness to my cat.”

“So how are ya feelin’?”

“A little lightheaded and strange in that I’m in here, inches away from your ….”


“Yeah… your cock.”

He reached out to her and caressed her arm. Clarice found his touch so delicate that the hairs on her arm stood up.

He remained squatting in front of her and noticed Rosa, in the front seat carefully lowering the passenger seat back to enable her both a field of vision to the goings on and easy access if she should decide to join them.

Still holding her arm, he turned her palm up and licked its center, slowly moving his tongue up the inside of her wrist.

Clarice thought this was the most romantic gesture and was suddenly consumed by a desire to taste his cock.

Rosa noted Clarice’s breathing was a just little faster and perhaps a little shallower; her face was flushed; and she was rubbing the back of her neck as if trying to make a decision.

As for Clarice herself, she felt herself growing hotter and found it difficult to breathe. She rubbed her neck, then dabbed at her flushed face while keeping her eyes riveted on the image of his cock as it dangled in front of her.

“You don’t have an erection!” She heard herself say aloud. Then bit her lip in consternation as she realized he was laughing at her comment.

“I will, be patient.”

She had a strong desire to touch it and did so, but only after glancing at Rosa who seemed to nod her assent. Clarice placed a hand under his cock and hefted it, lifting it slightly so that it was nearly poking her in the face.

“Jesus!” she murmured aloud, “it’s so thick! Does he hurt you with it Rosa?”

Rosa’s laugh was a low tinkle. “No, never! It has the most . . . exhilarating feeling. It fills me completely and I come every time he’s in me.”

With an almost hypnotic movement, Clarice guided it to her lips and drew it along her mouth, first over the upper lip and then the lower. Then she licked it and in a few short seconds Dutch’s crown was lathered with her saliva.

Both Dutch and Rosa watched with fevered anticipation as Clarice delivered the first suck to the glistening head.

“Mmmm, it tastes sweet,” she murmured, and then widened her mouth enough to accept him enough to swirl her tongue around the corona.

To herself Clarice thought, There is nothing like the sensation of having a cock swell to full hardness in one’s mouth. Closing her eyes she reveled in the different sensations as they presented themselves to her; the soft, velvety texture of his flesh; the way in which his cock actually jumped in her mouth; the pulsating warmth it produced as it continued to grow, almost too alarming proportions.

Would she choke on him? she wondered.

She pulled back her teeth, careful not to bite him and allowed him to continue expanding between her lips. A tentative suck brought a moan from him and she realized someone was squeezing her right breast − Rosa, it had to Rosa.

No matter, she told herself, it feels great and what the hell, we’re all friends here. I’m blowing her husband . . . no, her fiancée . . . he’s her fiancée, I gotta keep that straight, she told herself, feeling a little dizzy from the drinks and her euphoria.

Taking care so as not to choke on his thick length, she allowed another inch or so into her mouth and then swallowed some of the excess saliva. It’s actually amazing, she told herself, I can lick him even though it seems he’s filled my mouth completely.

Dutch, growing tired from squatting, knelt down, causing Clarice to lower her head and raise her rear-end. Dutch hesitated a moment, then began fucking her mouth with slow easy thrusts. Clarice’s eyes fluttered open and then closed as she adapted to his rhythm.

Rosa could hold back no longer, letting go of the woman’s breast she clambered into the back and knelt alongside Clarice.

As if directing a movie, she had Dutch lie on his back, and before positioning Clarice, began opening her jeans.

Realizing what she was up to; Clarice released Dutch and began assisting Rosa. Soon her jeans were open and moving down to her hips. Clarice recaptured the wandering prick, inserting back in her mouth and she resumed her blowjob.

Rosa’s hand quickly covered her panty-clad ass and slithered down her crack and over her pubis.

This startled Clarice and she jerked away. A moment later Clarice heard a car engine start and ducked her head as the car’s headlights flashed over Rosa’s van. She giggled, removed his cock from her mouth, giggled again, more clearly this time.

“I feel like a teenager,” she said tittering and then shuddered as Rosa’s finger lightly danced over her pubis, announcing to Clarice that the game was taking a decidedly different turn than she had expected.

Clarice moaned and halted her blowjob on Dutch. “Let me help you get them off, sweetie,” she said to Rosa. She was no longer giggling.

Dutch held his erection, giving slow strokes to keep it firm and ready, watching as Clarice was eased out of her boots and then her skin-tight jeans. How the fuck do they get into those things? He asked himself and then groaned with pleasure as her mouth found him once again and the incredible warmth closed in on his prick.

Clarice managed to retain his cock while shucking her jeans off her feet. Rosa was content to lower Clarice’s panties to her calves and reaching around her thighs to spread her labia with her fingers.

Clarice’s sucking increased in its intensity. She moaned loudly at the initial touch of Rosa’s mouth on her bush-covered folds.

“You should know… “Clarice said, half groaning, “I’ve never done it with a woman before.”

“Well you’ve been missing something special, baby,” Rosa said, her voice dripping with lust, and after her recent encounters with Alice and Molly, demonstrated her expertise by licking the length of Clarice’s hairy cunt.

She found Clarice’s clit peeking out at her and teased it with her tongue and then quickly returned to licking and sucking on her inner labia. For her part, Clarice was furiously sucking away on Dutch’s mammoth hardon.

Clarice had of course experience cunnilingus before. At eighteen a boyfriend had tried it out on her and she’d found it pleasant, but unfulfilling. Her husband had also gone down on her several times, with the first time being much better than the others.

But with the first touch of Rosa’s tongue upon her genitals Clarice knew this would be the best of all and partly because of that and partly because she wanted to do every nasty thing these people wanted her to get back at her miserable bastard of a husband and her slut of a sister she never protested, merely grunted her acceptance to Rosa’s assault on her pussy.

Concentrating on sucking his cock, Clarice thought about his size, automatically comparing him to her husband, who was endowed with a slim, five inch member.

Jesus, I bet I could grip him with three hands if I had them, and to prove it to herself, placed both hands around him, jerking him up and down as she energetically bobbed her head sucking him off, until… a muffled whimper tore from her filled throat.

“Oh God!” For Rosa’s tongue was worming its way down the crease between her inner and outer lips.

And with the completion of each lap, she drove her tongue into Clarice’s juicy slit.

Clarice had never had anyone do this to her before and she was both confused and elated. Am I a lesbian? she wondered; and as Rosa’s chin rubbed over her clitoris, bringing an unbelievably pleasant sensation, she no longer gave a damn one way or the other.

Through the fast enveloping fog of desire, Clarice heard a voice calling to her.

“Do you want me to stop?”

It was Rosa whispering to her. Clarice also realized that her breasts were now exposed; although her bra was still on, twisted around so that they had no choice but to spill out of their confining cups. He was tweaking her nipples and she found that even though she hated it when her husband did it, this was divinely pleasant. Each and every tweak sending a thrill right to her pelvic area.

“Should I stop?” Rosa inquired.

“No! It’s just that I . . .” Clarice stammered, feeling lightheaded from the earlier drinks and naïve at her sexual inexperience while the pleasant sensations reverberated throughout her body. She was forced to lean her hand against the door panel for support.

“I like . . . what you’re doing,” she said, and resumed sucking on the wonderful cock hovering in front of her face.

Rosa concentrated on making her feel good, sealing her lips around Clarice’s now protruding clit and gently sucking on the loose skin of the hood. Clarice gasped and began to choke. She was forced to expel his delicious member in order to regain her breath.

But Rosa continued, unrelenting in her assault on Clarice’s cunt. She literally savaged the base of her swollen clit, with continued pressure, alternating only to tease her in a different manner by rolling it under her tongue.

“I can’t . . . suck him, Rosa!” She complained, looking back at Rosa.

“Shall I stop?”

“God no! I’m gonna come any second now!”

And to demonstrate the truth of her claim, Clarice trembled once again and followed up by grinding her hips against Rosa’s questing mouth. Rosa took this as a sign to move on, but first ordered Clarice to “Keep sucking on him!”

Which she did, Dutch’s grateful groan signaled Rosa that Clarice had complied and she dipped her middle finger into Clarice’s slippery cunt to the first knuckle.

“Naugh!” Clarice moaned, not letting loose of the prick rubbing against the roof of her mouth.

Rosa rubbed the pad of her finger along the inner ridges of her fiery pussy, causing Clarice to repeat her moan. Then, changing tactics, she removed her finger, licking once to sample the inner most juices while Clarice bemoaned the loss of the finger she had grown used to.

Smiling lewdly, Rosa sent two fingers into Clarice this time. Because of the angle, she couldn’t get more than the first two knuckles into her, but the effect was tremendous. Clarice gyrated her hips and moaned softly while sucking on Dutch’s shaft.

As Rosa’s fingers plowed into Clarice’s cunt, Rosa renewed her attack on the engorged clitoris, increasing both the intensity of Clarice’s moans and groans along with her jerking and sucking on his cock. The saliva ran freely down Clarice’s chin.

In similar fashion, Rosa’s cheeks and chin were covered with Clarice’s sweet, tangy juices.

Then the orgasm struck a mighty blow, overpowering Clarice who involuntarily bucked her hips into Rosa’s face. She released Dutch from her mouth. It was the last conscious thing she would recall for a while.

Rosa didn’t let up. Her tongue swirled round and round the woman’s clit, flicking against the little pearl every few seconds, causing another tidal wave to wash over poor Clarice.

One — two — three- four seconds elapsed and then Clarice was back with a vengeance, Tearing herself away from Rosa’s loving mouth, she pushed him down so that he was flat on his back and straddled him, facing his feet and Rosa. Then reaching behind her she gripped his turgid prick and pumped him vigorously four or five times.

Dutch groaned.

Rosa watched as Clarice steadied herself, leaning her free hand against the front seat, and placed the tip of his prick to the slightly opened slit of her cunt and lowered herself down on his pole.

Almost immediately Dutch began to stroke her flanks with his hands. Rosa moved in front of Clarice and caressed her right breast and suckled the left, while Clarice leaned forward using Dutch’s knees for support as she made her breasts available to Rosa’s hungry mouth and tongue.

Clarice’s eyes had a wild, foreign glaze to them. Although in the darkened car no one could see well enough to discern it. She rose up several inches, then sank back down and savored the feel of his penetrating cock as it caressed the walls of her cunt. She quickly discovered that from this position she could readily direct his cock anywhere she wanted it to go. A brief smile flickered across her face and her hand reached out to cup Rosa’s head and draw it tighter to her yearning tit.

Then as she rose up he followed, driving his thick prick further along her cuntal channels as she sank back down upon him.

Clarice shouted out as the sensations from his deeper penetration brought her to another, much more forceful orgasm.

So this is what they mean when they say well fucked, she thought through a sexual haze, then shuddered and took a deep, ragged breath. Dutch raised his hands to her hips and clenched his buttocks, Clarice cried out softly as his swollen cock briefly rubbed against her “G” Spot.

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