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Four days had past and there still was three days to go. Waiting for her boyfriend to return from a lengthy business trip, Rebecca toyed with the idea of getting out her vibrator and finishing the job herself. How could one twenty-one year old girl be so horny? It certainly did not help that during winter break, she literally had nothing to do. With exams finished and the school semester over, she slumped in her seat on the couch, flipping through the channels aimlessly. Of course there wasn’t anything good on television either. Why would there be? All there was were the old reruns of the classic Christmas movies. Hadn’t they played this movies enough yet?

Needless to say, this was very frustrating. No doubt she would attack him the moment he came home, throwing herself at him and begging him to fuck her like a good girl, or at least that was what he said. James, Rebecca’s boyfriend, enjoyed calling her his pet. Often times he claimed her as his. She was his girl; his slut. And she fully enjoyed it. The problem was he wasn’t around and she was horny as hell.

Time went by as she watched boring reality TV. Suddenly her phone chimed with a text message. She picked up the phone and looked at the message from her boyfriend, oddly concerned with the expiration date on the milk in the fridge. He mentioned about some new recipe he’d found and the necessity of milk. When he was returning home from his trip, he was going to make it for her. Grumbling, Rebecca slipped off of the couch and shuffled her feet to the kitchen.

The raven haired woman stood in front of the refrigerator, inspecting the milk first for the date printed on the carton. On a day like this, she wasn’t dressed up for show. Instead her long hair was up in a ponytail and she was wearing one of her boyfriend’s old tee shirts as well as a pair of sweat pants, all hiding her curves for the sake of comfort. It was fine, the milk would be good for days. Relieved, but still bored, Rebecca gasped excitedly, remembering there was some cookie dough ice cream in the freezer. Thankful for her good fortune, she dove right for it, bending down to reach for the tub in the freezer.

In one fell swoop the lights turned off and a strong arm wrapped around her waist first, pulling her hard and causing her to drop her ice cream. Next a hand covering her mouth stopped her from ever being able to scream. She yelped, kicked and fought, but the tall, strong man held on to her tightly.

The mask over the man’s face muffled his voice, “You better not scream, lady!” To ensure that she wouldn’t, the sound of a knife being flicked open sounded and soon after she could feel the cold steel against the bare flesh of her neck. Her breath hitched in her throat. She grew stiff. Rebecca was scared out of her mind. Trembling now, she mumbled something into the man’s hand but he was not interested in hearing her speak. He took his hand away, and before she could utter a single word, when she opened her mouth to speak, suddenly a gag was forced in her mouth.

He held on tightly to the straps on the gag, pulling them around her head and fastening the buckle on the other end. She was trapped in her own home by this intruder and worst of all, she could not even get help. After the gag was forced into her mouth, Rebecca whimpered as she felt something slide over her eyes, effectively blinding her now. That wasn’t all he was going to do. Forcibly ushering her over to the kitchen counter, Rebecca felt being bent over and she cried out when her cheek touched the cold marble counter. Already there were so many questions running around in her head.


Before even pushing her sweatpants down, the man spanked her ass hard. Again he hit her, and then a third time. She cried out in pain each time. He showed no mercy as he yanked down her sweatpants clear to her ankles. Goosebumps rose over her skin as his hand touched her ass. His hand crudely massaged her ass, giving her two lighter spankings before he reached around her waist and scooped her up, hoisting her on her shoulder all while she cried out in terror. She felt her sweatpants slip from her feet as she was taken away. Where was he taking her?

She did not get moved far, only a few feet. Suddenly he was placed down on the arm of the couch, her stomach resting on the cushiony arm of the couch so that she had to stand up on her tippy toes. All this really did was give her attacker a great way to admire her curvaceous ass. Just as soon as she was dropped down on the couch, her arms were both pulled behind her back and she felt an oddly soft rope being tied expertly around her wrists, keeping her from fighting back. Now she truly felt helpless. Crying out into the gag, Rebecca knew she was doomed.

Without warning, Rebecca felt the cool tip of something against her exposed ass hole. Despite her best efforts, the plastic plug slipped inside and went in further. The cone shaped plug moved relatively easy once it was inside. Eventually the cone grew and grew until she felt oddly full. Then the plug tapered back suddenly and the end of it reached her entrance, secured now inside her. By now Rebecca had accepted her fate and she was relatively motionless. The plug inside her made her feel violated, but she was sure this man would not stop there. Soon she was proven right.


Again he spanked her ass, this time aimlessly and repeatedly. Over and over he spanked her until she was a bawling mess on the couch. Her ass was bright red and stung. Finally he stopped, snickering. Already her ass was beaten red compared to her otherwise pale white skin. Jumping when she felt his hand again, but this time instead of spanking her, his fingers gently rubbed over her ass. He did not spend long. His hand left her a moment later and she heard some rustling like he was going through a bag. Had he bought a whole range of things to abuse her with? Her cheeks were as flush as her ass by now after having difficulty breathing through her nose. She was drooling slightly around the large ball gag.

The next thing she could hear was the buzzing of a vibrator. She squirmed the moment it touched her pussy. A hand came down on her ass again, spanking her hard and she froze. The vibrator was again placed at her entrance and then pushed far into her. It was on low for now, but the subtle rumble was very evident inside her. Whining as she felt his fingers enter her too, making sure the small egg shaped vibrator was inside her. Before she could even think what would happen next, Rebecca heard footsteps lead away from her. She was left there helplessly on the couch.

One full minute felt like an hour. The constant buzzing in her pussy was slowly breaking her will. Her body was flush and hot. She felt the sweat bead up on her skin. Subtly she moaned, not wanting to let her attacker know that she was enjoying this, but she had no choice. While her mind screamed out, her body was beginning to love what was going on.

“Wet already?” His voice came out of no where. She had no idea that he’d snuck back to watch her squirm.

“MmMmMMMM!!!” She screamed out, trying to violently lash out at this man, but the gag stopped her from making any noise.

His fingertips trailed over her ass, getting a soft moan out of her. He chuckled menacingly, hovering over her like a predator. The hands stopped and once again Rebecca was forced to wonder what he would do next without any sense of what he had planned. Gingerly the vibrator in her pussy was pulled out, leaving behind a dull ache for more. Her body responded so well, her soft folds were wet now.

Taking advantage, the man’s pants were dropped right there and she gasped when she felt the throbbing head of his member at her entrance. This was it. She was about to be raped by this bastard! Even blindfolded, Rebecca squeezed her eyes shut the moment she felt the intrusive manhood entering her. His throbbing hard cock felt so thick inside her, she worried that it might hurt her. Thankfully she was so wet, he smoothly entered her and it did not take him long to fill her completely with every bit of his cock. He groaned above her, holding on to her hips, preparing to use her like he wanted.

There was no gradual pace increase. The man started fucking her hard from the start. Right away her pussy began to spasm, hugging his cock for dear life. He wasted no time yanking her back as he savagely thrust forward. With each stroke, his hands held her tightly, sure to leave bruises. Rebecca could not stop moving, squirming around as she was ravaged. It had been too long since she’d came like this and it left her breathless. The man fucking her was on his own mission to cum and she wasn’t sure she would survive to see it. The way his length drilled into her, it made her feel so guilty as her body convulsed again.

Relentlessly the man fucked her for what seemed like forever. The repeated pounding she was getting made her give up. She lied there motionless as he took full advantage of her. With her body aching, Rebecca didn’t know what to do other than lie there and take it. Her body responded on it’s own. She came again.

The way her pussy clamped down on him, he came shortly after. All Rebecca felt was his cock expand and then shortly after she felt the hot surge of cum that filled her up. The moment he started to orgasm, he grabbed on to her, forcing her back against him so that he shot his load as deep as he could get. His groan was what made her own orgasm last longer. It sounded more like an animal was on top of her than a man.

Unexpectedly he pulled out, leaving her assuming that she would never be the same. She felt stretched out, more than ever. Worst of all, the plug was still in her ass. Was he planning on abusing her more? She heard him walking away. His heavy footsteps went off to the kitchen. Then she was shocked to hear the refrigerator open. Did he have no shame? Was he just going to raid her fridge now after forcing her to have sex with him? Straining to hear, Rebecca was sure he was pouring a drink. How degrading. He just used her, then he was probably going to rob her, and her worst fear was that he might kill her as well. Worst of all he could take her, and abuse her more.

At the sound of his steps coming closer, she began to squirm. She heard the glass being set down on the nearby coffee table. Gasping when he wrapped his arm around her, in an instant she was lifted to her feet and now she feebly attempted to stand. With shaking knees, Rebecca thought about how helpless she was. Then he worked on the buckle of the gag, undoing it and pulling the plastic ball from her mouth. She wanted to scream but all she could go was close her mouth and her bottom lip trembled.

“Have a drink, baby,” the man said as he tilted the glass to her lips.

“Ja-” Rebecca gasped and took a gulp of the orange juice before he pulled the glass away and put it down. Again she tried to call out her boyfriend’s name, but she was already being pushed down on the couch. She gasped again when he spanked her. Soon he was pulling out the plug from her ass. Instead of trying to speak, she let out a moan as his throbbing cockhead was forced inside her tight hole.

Silently she cursed him for knowing just how to pleasure her. Tantalizingly slow, he pumped his cock in and out of her ass, stretching her open like he often did. For a moment she succumb to the great feeling of being well fucked. Above her, he groaned, going faster now as his hands held on to her hips. This time she bucked her hips back. All she wanted was for him to make her cum over and over.

“Jjaaaaames… fuck me… harder!” Rebecca was forced to pause as she moaned. She was beyond thrilled to know that he was home early, and more importantly it was a man she loved that was savagely taking her body. So wrapped up in the pleasure, Rebecca felt her body quiver underneath his. Soon enough, she began to feel a strong orgasm building. Before long his hand slid over her stomach and down to her pussy. His fingers teased her.

“Cum for me baby,” James groaned as he steadily pumped his cock inside her until he couldn’t take it any longer. “Oh fuck!” That was the only warning he could utter as his dick pulsated, sending a hot jet of sperm deep inside her ass. At that moment Rebecca screamed out in ecstasy. She moaned his name, her voice rather shaky. A split second later, there was a splash on the hardwood floor. Rebecca squirted, the evidence coating his fingers as he continued to rub for a little while longer. Over and over waves of pleasure racked both of them.

Breathless and exhausted, the couple took a break to rest. Slowly his hands rubbed over her tired body. He grinned, chuckling victoriously after giving his girlfriend the best forced sex she could fantasize about. Finally through heavy breaths, James had to admit, “That was awesome… I said I’d get you.”

“You asshole you could have given me a little warning…” She couldn’t help but feel so well fucked. An hour ago she ached to be used, and now she felt thoroughly used. After this, she was ready to sleep.

“You loved it,” James laughed. Once he pulled out, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to bed. At the bed he let her down and crawled up next to her. Then he pulled the blanket over the two of them, sighing as he wrapped his arm around her. She was already dozing off. What a perfect surprise.

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