anal sex

Jerry’s new bride of 3 months offers to have sex on an agreed number of occasions with John, the man previously accepting cash bribes for passing Jerry’s new property developments. Their first night of contracted sex went quite well, so a week later, it’s on to the second night.

(Warning to cuckolding haters, do not read this story segment … everybody else is welcome to read and enjoy)

Chapter Seven

Brittany and Jerry’s sex life hadn’t suffered much at all from the night that she was obliged to spend with John, the corrupt local government official who committed to approving Jerry’s latest property development. If anything, their sex had become more frequent with Jerry coming home horny every night.

She had been worried that her husband may probe for more information on her time with John, but fortunately, Jerry seemed quite content just to have sex with his wife regularly without any more references to John. Perhaps, she figured, he wanted to show off his own prowess ahead of her upcoming second night with John, just 7 days after the first.

She would never admit it to Jerry, the man she recently married to be with for the rest of their lives, but secretly inside, there was a little corner of her feelings where she was looking forward expectantly to another evening with John. He was different, and there was also his insistent expectation for her to experiment with anal sex. She had made a point this week to meet up for coffee with two of her girlfriends who she figured could be into it. One was full on that she should try it out at the first opportunity … of course, Brittany inferred to her that her experiment would be with her husband. The second woman was less encouraging, although she conceded she did do it a bit and confirmed that it wasn’t hugely painful. ‘More just some discomfort,’ her second friend had said.

Her contracted new lover called her early on the day of their second liaison, “Just checking,” he said to her, “that we are still on for tonight. I guess it will be the same arrangement at the hotel. I will get there as quickly as I can after I finish work. Don’t want to miss a moment with you.”

“Yes,” she answered, “Same here John, I’m looking forward to it. I will see you there then, about 5.30, eh.”

“Yes, soon as you can.”

Brittany decided on a different ensemble, both outer and inner, for this second meeting. Instead of the tiny thong that had struggled to contain her leaking fluids after the intense action last week, she wore a latest style sexy pantie that accentuated the crease of her arse — I think it’s referred to as boy-leg.

She also dispensed with the garter belt and instead wore a pair of stay-up stockings with a strong elasticised band at the top around each thigh. The dress she chose was more conservative, again black but with sleeves and covered shoulders, its length only to mid thigh again. It nevertheless had a sexual look about it with a low scooped front that showed off her ample 36c cleavage and perfectly rounded breasts to best advantage. She was able to wear a bra with this dress, but only a half-cup that pushed her perky orbs up to make them even more pronounced.

Just as she had carried a gimmicky gift wrapping sash with big bow to her first meeting, only donning it when she was in the hall outside the hotel room, she again had a fun item to wear. It was a bulls-eye target generally seen on archery ranges. It had an elasticised strap attached and when she was in the hall outside the hotel room where her assignation with John was about to commence, she stepped into it and adjusted its position so that the target was wrapped around her arse, the strap coming around her hips.

She tapped lightly on the door of the same room – 516 – and, for a long moment, there was only silence … no response. She tapped again, a bit louder and she heard a movement from inside. It opened and John’s head peered carefully around the narrow gap. “Wow, you are early, you caught me in the shower,” he said, his eyes looking up and down the hall before opening the door wider to reveal that he was standing there in the doorway, completely nude, water still dripping off him onto the carpet.

He smiled to greet her and stood back for her to enter, she looked down quickly to note that his cock was flaccid, hanging limply in front of him. “Last week, you wanted me to wash away the sweat of my day before we got started,” he continued.

“Yes, that’s fine,” she responded, amazed that she found herself suddenly nervous again, just as she had been when she entered the hotel room for the first time last week. ‘I got to know him so intimately last week, I can’t understand why I am suddenly trembling like a nervous teenager about to lose my virginity. Maybe it’s because he is already naked,’ was all she could tell herself, hoping she could calm down before he got to touch her. She didn’t want him to feel her trembling … at least not from nerves.

But as she passed through the open doorway, he reached out and pulled her to him, letting the door slam behind them. Just inside the now closed hotel room door, he took her in his wet arms and hugged her tightly against his damp body. He kissed her passionately.

The kiss was intense and frantic and Brittany quickly thought back to his over eagerness the first time he entered her last week, recalling his premature ejaculation. She found his kiss so passionate and arousing that she was already breathless when the kiss eventually ended. It was just what she needed, sweeping away her nervous trembling. When their lips parted, she was at last able to speak, “Hello John, it’s nice to see you again.”

“Oh babe, I’ve been counting down the days. You made a big impression on me last week.” He tried to draw her back to resume the kiss, but she pushed him away, turning and continuing on into the room, dropping her purse that again contained the condoms and the KY, onto the bed. It was only when he saw her from behind that he spotted the target attached to her arse, “What’s that?”

She strode purposefully across to the table where they had sat to eat dinner last week and placed her hands on it. Standing well back from the table with her legs spread, she turned her head to look back at him, her upper body bent well forward from the waist. “Before we start, I need to send you this message, John. You asked me for something special last week.” She used one hand to reach back to touch the target, “I just want to get this message out of the way early, I did a little research and I’m willing to try it, so long as you’re gentle.”

He suddenly realised what she was referring to, “Oh fuck, you mean your arse, don’t you?”

She had expected him to be more excited and Brittany wondered if he had really been as keen for it as he had expressed last week. “You do still want it, don’t you?”

“Oh shit yes, of course I do, oh I can’t believe it. What made you change your mind, you seemed quite determined not to?”

The joke part of it over, she pushed the cardboard target and the elastic down her legs and stepped out of it, then walked back across the room to him, moving into his outstretched arms that folded around her, hugging her to him.

“You did seem to want it so badly and Jerry and I are trying to make these evenings special for you to show how grateful we are that you are sticking your neck out for us. And to tell you the truth, I have always been quite curious what it would feel like to have a man in me back there. I might have appeared to be very conservative last week, but I do really have quite an adventurous streak about me.” She looked at him a bit sheepishly and wondered if she should admit it, but quickly decided that she would, “I tried putting my vibrator inside my arse yesterday.”

“Hey, that’s great! Shit, I just can’t believe it, I am about to live out a long-held fantasy.”

“How about we save up your treat until later in the night, something you can look forward to, build up your excitement for it.”

“Yeah, that sounds great. Now, I was going to go back and finish towelling off, but I think I’ve drip dried by now. How about you, how do you want to start?”

Pulled in against his naked body as she was, Brittany was surprised to find that his cock was still limp. “Should I get you to lie on the bed while I strip off like last week, that seemed to turn you on quickly.” She didn’t want to challenge his manhood, but felt she should point out, “There doesn’t seem to be much action happening yet.”

“I tell you what,” John told her, “there is something else you didn’t do last week, something that could really help right now.” He placed his two hands, one on each shoulder and exerted enough downward pressure for her to see quite clearly what he wanted.

This would be a challenge for her. She had enjoyed nearly everything that the two of them did in this hotel room last week. After his initial quick cum, he had been thoughtful and attentive to her needs too, and she had cum quite frequently. He had gone down on her, showing off his tongue skills as well. But all night, she had feared that he might want her to suck on his cock.

It was not that she was not into that … she and Jerry regularly engaged in oral sex and she considered that she was quite proficient at it. Certainly her husband never complained and the look on his face when he came was something else. But now, right this instant, she was back to considering John a stranger, just as he had been when she came to this hotel room last week. That night, she had fully intended to insist on condoms, but somehow that inspired idea had been blown away when he so eagerly pushed his cock deep inside her, and she surrendered to his horniness.

But a stranger’s cock in her vagina was one thing, putting it in her mouth was another … at least to her. With each of the men she had previously been active with, including Jerry, it had taken her a while before she felt comfortable enough to orally accept this organ that they also pissed with.

With John’s hands pushing down on her shoulders, she accepted the direction he wanted her to go and slipped down to her knees in front of his naked body in the middle of the room. His cock seemed to have grown maybe an inch, probably on her news of the promise that he would have her arse before this night was out. Yet still, he clearly needed some expert attention before he could do anything with this cock.

She knelt there in front of him, so close that he would feel her breathing on his cock, and her eyes examined it closely. She felt his fingers in her hair, massaging her scalp. She expected that if she didn’t start up on her own initiative soon, then those fingers would start guiding her head, pulling her mouth onto him. She reached a hand up and lightly touched it, lifting it, using her fingers to stroke along its surface, both above and below. She cupped his hanging balls.

She convinced herself, ‘You can do this, Brittany, just think of it as being just like Jerry’s. The size is the same, just do all the same things you do to Jerry. Don’t make this any harder than holding your arse cheeks apart for him later tonight. Don’t hold back, make this guy appreciate you so much that he would never consider welshing on the deal to pass Jerry’s DA.’

Holding John’s cock up to point directly at her face, Brittany leaned forward, looking up at him with a mischievous smile on her face, and opened her mouth, stretching her tongue out, using the tip to lick his growing head. “Oh hell!” he called out expressively, “I could take a lot of this! Oh man, you are some sexy woman. Yes, lick it up.”

She did, using the flat upper side of her tongue to swipe under the head of his cock. It surged in length with every swipe her tongue made and she heard his guttural groans from above her. “Suck it, oh my God, suck it in,” he panted, already affected by what she was doing to him orally.

One of her hands cupped his balls, weighing them in her palm gently. She noted how quickly his cock had grown, nearly to full length just from her licking. She realised that she had better get it in her mouth soon before it had grown to full size. She tended to gag on large objects.

She slid her parted lips up over the head, her fingers holding his foreskin back so she could tighten the hold of her lips on the head of his cock. An even louder appreciative moan came from him above her and his legs seemed to shake as the warmth of her mouth enveloped him, taking in inch by inch ever so slowly.

Already, she could hear his breathing quickening, and as if he could read her mind and know that she was struggling with whether she could leave him in there when his cock blasted out his cum, she felt his fingers tighten within her hair. His hands slid to the back of her head and cradled it as he began to gently pump with his hips.

“Oh fuck, your mouth is so hot, your tongue, your lips, oh shit, you do it so well. Ah, that Jerry is one lucky guy.”

Brittany wished that he hadn’t mentioned her husband’s name. To be able to do all of these carnal things with a man who is nearly a stranger, was only possible if she could shut out her thoughts about Jerry alone at home with his thoughts. He had come home early once again tonight, even though he didn’t need to. She thought it must be so that he could see what she was wearing for this man because he lay on their bed and watched her get dressed again, just as he had last week.

She wondered about that, and the fact that he always had a hard-on when they discussed her being with this man. Maybe, she thought, in some perverse way, he needs to know what she is wearing so that he can picture her with John. She even had time to wonder if he was masturbating already, just as he had done last week, early in the night.

Brittany had managed to get about two-thirds of John’s cock into her mouth. Her natural gag instinct prevented her getting any more in. She held her hand around his shaft to prevent him pushing it in deeper. He seemed content with what she had taken in and he sounded like he was purring contentedly as his hips pumped and his body rocked on his legs in the middle of the room.

She used her tongue to swirl it around the head while the soft wetness of her parted lips slid up and down his pistoning shaft. She heard his breathing quickening, he was gasping now. His hold on the back of her head tightened. ‘The moment of truth,’ she thought, ‘can I do this, can I accept his cum in my mouth, can I swallow it down? I know he’d want me to, but can I do it? He’s not Jerry, this is not my husband’s loving cum. This is raw, basic lustful carnal cum from a man who doesn’t care for me, just wants to get his rocks off in my mouth. I have to decide now, he’s gonna blow!’

John’s legs were trembling. Brittany saw the added danger that he could topple over on top of her when he came. She placed her free hand around behind him, holding his bare arse to help keep him upright. She thought about him just having had a shower, she thought of how he touched her intimately in her arse last week. On a strange impulse — she didn’t know where it came from – she pushed two fingers deep into the crease of his arse on his pumping outstroke so that he was unclenched. Her two fingertips touched his anal ring and, that moment, with a loud roar, he thrust his hips forward and she felt the back of her mouth splashed by his first surge of cum.

Too late, she was committed, her lips tightened their grip around his shaft and she felt it spasm again within the hold of her mouth. Another splash right to the back of her mouth, his creamy cum was pooling there in her already overfilled mouth. She held her two fingers tightly between his clenched arse cheeks and she heard his enthusiastic mumbling, “Oh Christ, that’s great! Oh fuck, oh fuck, you are so good. Oh suck on me, suck on me! I can’t believe how good this feels.”

Another thrusting spasm of his cock in her mouth and another splash against her tonsils. She had to swallow, she couldn’t keep all of his cum and his surging cock inside her mouth at once. She gulped and felt his creamy cum slide down her throat. A second time, she gulped down some more … more and more until there wasn’t much left. Expertly, she sucked one long last time on his shaft, milking out the last drops of his creamy discharge.

“Oh shit, you are a hot woman. Did you swallow it all? Good, yes, oh hell, I loved that. Why didn’t we do that last week?”

She eased what remained of his hard-on back out of her mouth, licking the last remains of his cum off his tip with her tongue. She looked up at him with those eyes again and whispered softly, “We were too busy doing other stuff. It looks like this week is experimental time.”

“You’re not going to tell me that was a first for you too. You were too good at that for it to be your first time.”

“No, you’re right, it wasn’t. Jerry and I do it a bit, but I just wasn’t sure if I could do it with a man that…” she hesitated, not wanting to offend him, “err, that I am not in love with. I wasn’t sure that I could do it just for sex. Because John, it’s sort of so personal, having a man’s cock inside your mouth.”

“But I went down on you last week, isn’t that the same?”

“Oh maybe, I don’t know, yes maybe it is, but you’re just on the outside on the surface. With a woman doing it for a man, his thing is right inside her, in her space.”

“Yeah, and what a space,” he told her excitedly.

She gave up on trying to explain the difference that a woman feels. Her mouth had disengaged from his cock, and so had her hand that had held his shaft tightly. But she suddenly realised that the two fingers on her other hand was still resting snugly between his arse cheeks, the tips grazing his anal ring. She began to withdraw them immediately. “You don’t have to,” he said, “feels nice there.”

“I … err, I don’t know what came over me, I’ve never touched a man there before.”

“Really?” John seemed surprised.

“Yes, really! I never have … ever!”

“Well, I guess I’ll be returning the favour later … in spades! Thanks heaps, it helped me to cum … and thanks for letting me cum in your mouth. Nothing else is the same.”

“Oh, you’re just a horny guy, you would say that about any activity that saw you put your damn cock in some part of a woman’s body.”

It was only just after 6pm, John had already cum once — Brittany hadn’t! He would need some recovery time before trying to have sex with her again tonight. John suggested that they order a room service dinner now, since he considered himself out of action for a little while.

This was such a different night from last time. She was still fully clothed while John was stark naked. Their meals were delivered much quicker this time, and they figured that was probably because they had ordered so early in the evening, before the hotel kitchen got busy. John wrapped a towel around himself while Brittany remained fully clothed. The two had passed the time while waiting by lying on the bed together, just sensually touching each other. ‘This is so nice, highly arousing,’ thought Brittany.

The pair got to know each other a lot better, chatting amiably about all manner of things — including their entire sex lives – while they ate their dinner slowly and again enjoyed the wine. Like last week, neither was in any rush to go anywhere or to proceed to the next stage. They each knew that another intense sexual episode would happen between them in this room tonight. They both relished the fact that they could, on the spur of the moment, lose all inhibition and it could start in the next minute … or it could be delayed an hour. Whatever, it was inevitable and either the male or the female could be the instigator.

Toward the end of dinner, Brittany thought that John was looking like he might be ready to get into it again, but she felt that she needed to attend to nature’s call before resuming. So she rose from the little table at which they sat, discovering that she was quite tipsy from all the wine she had consumed.

“Oh dear,” she confessed, “I’m afraid I’m a bit pissed, John … and speaking of pissed, that’s what I have to do this very moment … before I wet myself and leak all over this floor.” She gave him a little curtsy from where she stood and then turned and with unsteady steps, walked across to the bathroom.

She didn’t bother to close the door behind her and, taking time to reach under her dress and hook her fingers into her panties to lower them down to catch and stretch at her knees, gave John sufficient time to appear in the open doorway of the bathroom. He leaned against the doorframe, watching Brittany struggling to pull her dress up around her hips and then lower her arse to the toilet seat.

She didn’t see him there at first. She was halfway through peeing when she spotted him there in the doorway, watching her. “Hey, what are you doing in here? Oh that’s right, you’re a pee perv, aren’t you? I remember now, you told me last week, you get turned on by watching women peeing. So John, is this doing it for you?”

John peeled the towel away from around his body, “What do you think?” he asked her while showing off his rapidly growing erection, already halfway back to full strength after his earlier blow-job. He stepped forward until he was in front of her and dropped to his knees. She watched him curiously, still in mid pee, as he took a hold of her panties and pushed them down her legs, over her ankles and off her feet. He could feel that they were quite damp at the crotch and she saw him react to that.

“They’re quite wet, John, but I didn’t have an accident. They’re wet from when I sucked you, I did get quite turned on by that.”

He turned them inside out and drew the dampened crotch part up to his face, breathing in the aroma of her natural feminine juices. “That’s what I wanted, I love the smell of you in heat.”

Her pee had finished and she sat there on the toilet, watching him as he took several deep breaths from her panties. Then still seated, she turned to the toilet roll alongside her and tore off some paper, but he caught her hand with his as it descended between her thighs to wipe away any drips. “Let me,” he said, “stand up.”

She did very slowly and he brought his face right up to her crotch and licked along inside the parted outer labia, his tongue sweeping away any remaining drops of pee and replacing them with a new lining of moisture — from his saliva – in her vulva. “Nobody’s ever done that before,” she told him. Then she had to place her hands on his head to steady herself as his tongue swept up and down in that so sensitive channel, arousing her.

“John, please … can we get more comfortable. I’m already quite wobbly from all the wine. If you keep licking me there, I’m going to fall over.”

Reluctantly, he drew back and rose to his feet in front of her. He leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips, folding his arms around her back to hold her steady. On his lips and tongue, she tasted the saltiness of the drops of her pee that he had wiped up, mingled with the tangy and musky taste of her sexual juices that were flowing now. It was an interesting combination.

When he steered her back into the bedroom, she saw that it was now after 8pm. She had been in this hotel room with him for nearly 3 hours and she still hadn’t cum yet. Much of their talk over dinner had been of a sexual nature and she was now aroused, her body hot, in need of release. His hand dropped to her arse as they walked, his fingers quickly sliding into the cleavage formed by her arse cheeks.

“Are you ready for me there now?”

Brittany was still quite ignorant in the ways of anal sex. She had read a lot these last few days and asked many questions of her friends, all to help her make up her mind whether to allow John access to this dark place where even Jerry hadn’t been. But with her newly found knowledge, she doubted if anal sex would guarantee her an orgasm … and that’s what her body craved most this very moment.

They reached the bed, “John, I will let you do it, I promise … I told you that you could tonight. But right now, I need to cum so badly. Would you…?”

“Sure,” he said and he reached behind her and lowered the zip on her sleek black dress. She let him peel it down over her body. Her panties had been cast aside in the bathroom, now she wore only the half-cup bra and the stay-up stockings. She unclasped the bra in front between the cups and let that fall from her arms. Now her breasts were bare and John dipped his head down to devour them.

She needed to be more comfortable, particularly with the alcohol spinning in her head. Somehow, they managed to partly fall, partly ease themselves down onto the bed. Brittany was on her back — yet again — and John’s lips, tongue and teeth were working on her breasts and the nipples, arousing her even higher. Her juices were flowing and her need was great. She did wish it were Jerry making love to her, but had become accustomed enough to John by now that she knew that he would take her to the heights she now needed so urgently.

She felt his fingers on her bare belly, then they dipped down over her mons and swiped up and down in between her moistened labia lips. While his mouth and tongue devoured her nipples, John brought two fingers up and ran them around her emerging clitoral bud. “Oh!” she gasped, “oh, that’s good!”

As good as his oral work at her nipples was, and as nice as his fingers felt on her clitoris, she wanted to have his mouth switch to down there on her clit — and soon. She put her hands in his hair and part pushed and part dragged his head down over her bare stomach, down to where she was hot and wet and ready. She gasped when she felt his tongue electrically touch her clitoris. Her arse lifted off the bed, chasing more contact. “Now, do it now!” she screamed out to him, amazing herself at how desperate her need had become.

John wanted to prolong the teasing, the licking, the sucking of her genitals, but from her breathing and her pleas, he recognised how much in need this woman was. He brought her on quickly and within a minute or two of her back hitting the bed, she was bucking and rocking, her body experiencing a powerful, trembling orgasm that brought with it the satisfaction she craved.

She lay there, coming down from her excitement, her hands still clutching his head between her thighs, her legs locking him to her, wondering just why she had needed that so much, and particularly why with this man. Her nights with him had started out as a chore, an assignment that she had to complete, just to maintain the lifestyle and career choice that made Jerry and she so happy. Now she was desiring him carnally as intensely as she would with her own husband.

From there, her thoughts drifted to his most urgent need. She sensed that after making her promise, she could not delay him any longer. She knew that when her thighs relaxed their grip around his head and when her hands let go of his hair, then he would slide up the bed alongside or on top of her. But she also knew that his strong erection would not be destined for her wet vagina now. ‘No,’ she thought, ‘this is it, that moment that I have considered for days, all week in fact, right back to 7 days ago when John told me what he wanted most from me.’

Her arse clenched involuntarily at her thoughts, ‘What will it be like, can I go through with it, will it hurt, will he be caring and gentle, will I be able to walk when he’s done with me?’ She felt him move and she relaxed the muscles in her thighs.

John lifted his body up and he slid alongside her. She turned her head to face him. “Hey babe, that was something else,” he told her, “you looked like you needed that.”

She blushed, “I did, I’m not sure why so much. I feel quite vulnerable now, you saw me with such sexual need, I don’t know that any woman wants a man to see her that way, particularly one that is not her regular guy. Don’t ever tell Jerry how urgently I needed that … promise me?”

“Yeah, sure,” he told her, not really understanding why it mattered to her, but it did — it was a woman thing. His hand moved on to her breasts and his fingers lightly traced across the smooth nude skin. She smiled and laughed.

“What is it?” he asked her.

“You can’t wait any longer for it, can you?” she said to him and John knew that she was referring to his anal wish. “I can see you’re being so polite, not wanting to rush me when I’m so nervous about this, but inside you’re like a little boy that has been told he can have a bag full of every candy in the store. So little boy John, what happens next, how do we start this without it becoming awkward?”

His face had brightened when he saw how aware she was of his thoughts, his desire. “You could start by rolling over on your tummy.”

She didn’t respond for a moment, just kept watching him closely, her eyes looking at his eyes, his nose, his mouth, then his eyes again. “Could you kiss me before I turn over? I want to feel how much you want my arse, through your lips and your mouth.”

“And my tongue,” he finished her sentence for her and leaned in to kiss Brittany with passion. While he kissed her, their lips mashed together, their tongues entwined, his fingers lightly touched her naked skin, roaming between breasts and pubis.

The kiss lasted a couple of minutes and left them both breathless. “That was nice, I think I’m ready,” she told him when their lips parted. “If you reach over to get my purse, there’s some KY in there, better use a lot of it.”

He retrieved her purse, opened it and pushed the strip of condoms aside to lift out the KY tube. She rolled over and he was presented with the sight of her naked back and arse. She was just as beautiful from behind. The way her back dipped into a curved hollow at her waist, only to rise up into two magnificent equal mounds that were her curvaceous arse cheeks. His fingers traced some more while his other hand fiddled with getting the top off the KY tube.

The fingers that were tracing her smooth skin slid down to the backs of her thighs and she felt him applying pressure, pushing her legs apart. She willingly complied, the spreading wide of her thighs caused the crease of her arse cheeks to separate so that John could now see the pucker of her tiny anal ring. It was so small, untouched and undisturbed at this moment, but shortly to be pressured to open up.

He transferred the KY tube to his right hand and squirted a liberal quantity of the liquid into the crack of her arse. “Ooh!” she gasped at the cold wet touch of the lubricant. His fingers quickly followed, sliding the gel around, coating two square inches around her anal entrance. He squirted a small additional amount right on the pucker and she felt his middle finger circle the liquid around and around the edge of her ring.

Brittany felt a natural tendency to clench as she felt his finger lightly pressing against her anal opening. “Relax!” he commanded and she tried to obey. “More!” he said when he felt that she was still very tight. He lifted his hand and slapped one smooth cheek, taking her by surprise.

“Ooh!” she squealed in shock, but strangely, it did make her relax. She felt his wet slippery finger slot into the pucker and push gently but demandingly at her sphincter. “Oh my God!”

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.”

“This part shouldn’t be too hard,” he persuaded, “you had my fingers inside your arse last week.”

“Yes, that’s right, oh I’m so sorry, I’m being foolish, aren’t I?”

“No, it’s okay, just loosen up and relax, it’s only my finger.”

His words of persuasion seemed to convince Brittany and her sphincter gave way quite easily now, his finger pushing the slippery wet gel inside her opening, swirling around to coat her insides. He pulled his digit out and she pushed her arse up, as if she was wanting to retrieve his finger, to hold it inside her. But he was only gone long enough to squirt some more KY and then he eased that finger back inside her, pushing deeper, coating her tight dark passage with more of the soothing gel.

She felt a bit more pressure back there and she gasped as her anal ring seemed to be stretched wider. “It’s okay,” he told her, “I’ve just added another finger.”

“Oh my God, two, you’ve got two in me.”

“Yes, it’s okay, I’m just trying to get you used to the size of my cock when that comes in.”

‘The size of my cock when that comes in,’ his words rolled around in her head, ‘when his cock comes in.’ The words added to the reality of what was happening to her body. She was about to experience anal sex for the first time.

He rolled the two slippery fingers around in her anus, stretching her to take them in past the second knuckle. She was tight and she felt some discomfort, but no pain. He must have seen her flinch because he told her, “When I come to put my cock in, I’ll get you up on your knees. That will lift your arse up so that you’re anus will be stretched open wider and it will go in a lot easier than my fingers. See, you’re flat on the bed at the moment, that makes everything going in there feel tighter.”

She drew comfort from his words, “That will be good,” she told him.

She was just becoming accustomed to his fingers being in there when he withdrew them both with a plop from her arse. She even exclaimed an “Oh!” at their going.

“Don’t worry, I’m coming back with the real thing in just a moment,” he promised and she felt the bed move as he rose up beside her. Then he straddled her legs and placed his hands on her hips and pulled her body upwards until she was up on her hands and knees with John out of sight behind her.

Her body and mind was filled with anticipation as she waited for his cock’s entry into her virgin arse, but nothing was happening and she quickly grew anxious, “What are you doing?” she asked, trying to look back around at him behind her.

“Sorry babe, won’t be long, I’m just lubeing up my cock, making it as slippery as your sweet arse. There we go, just about done. Oh, I know it’s gonna feel so good in there, your arse is so perfect.”

“So good for you or so good for me?” she asked.

“I’m hoping so good for both of us, babe. Now hang on and just relax.”

She felt the firm rounded head of his stiff cock nudge right up against her tightly puckered anal ring. Although she tried to keep telling herself to relax, the moment she felt him pushing against her, she instinctively clenched her arse cheeks and closed down her sphincter. She knew what she had done, but she couldn’t help herself, it was a natural reaction from her body to clamp against an intruder in such a tiny hole. She heard John’s frustrated murmur, “I’m sorry, I’m trying!” she told him.

He traced his fingers lightly over the smooth slope of her back above her arse cheeks, “I know, it’s okay!”

She let her body go limp and John had to move his hands to hold her hips steady as she wobbled on her knees. He gripped her body tightly having already positioned his cock right in the groove of her anal pucker. He hoped that with so much KY gel between them, he wouldn’t slip as he aimed up. He pushed again and his head caught within the groove of her tiny opening. “Good babe, that’s great, feels good, just relax now.”

She tried hard to do as he asked and was relieved when her anal sphincter gave way to his cock’s pressure, allowing the head to slip through that so tiny opening. “Oh God!” she shrieked as she felt the full size of the head of his fully erect cock completely wedge inside her anus.

“Oh shit,” he bellowed from behind her, “your arse feels fucking great!”

She was pleased that John seemed happy with his progress. The jury was still out for her as she felt this incredible feeling of fullness. “How much is in?” she asked plaintively.

“Just the head,” he told her, his voice up several octaves with euphoria from the tight way her arse gripped his cock, making it pulse excitedly.

‘Oh God,’ she thought, ‘I feel so full back there, I was hoping that was all of it. If that’s only the head, there will be inches and inches more of his shaft still to come in. God, I don’t think I can do it. Oh dear, should I tell him?’ She steeled herself, knowing that he would be keen to push on now that she had taken his head inside, ‘Perhaps that was the hardest part,’ she reconciled.

“You’re doing well, babe,” he told her encouragingly and she felt the pressure again as he pushed his cock deeper into her rectum, gaining valuable inches. She felt every little gain that he made inside her, but after the shock of the head passing through her sphincter, the passage of his shaft was manageable and she began to feel some relief that the worst was over. The feeling of fullness was not though, that just became more and more pronounced as her rectum was filled by more and more of his thick cock.

When nearly a minute passed without any further incremental gains, she turned her head as far around as she could, “Is that it, have I got it all?”

“Yeah, you did well, babe, that’s it, I can’t get anymore in there. How does it feel?” He slapped her bare arse cheek with his open hand, causing her whole arse to jiggle, resulting in shock waves rolling around his sensitive cock-head.

“I did it,” she said excitedly, “I thought I might chicken out, but I really did it.”

“So how does it feel?” he asked again.

“Yes, yes okay, I’m good with it, not much pain, more just this incredible feeling of being so stuffed up the arse.”

“That’s great, now listen, don’t get too carried away yet. I’m in, but anal sex is all about fucking you in the arse, so let’s get this show going.” She felt him pull his hard cock all the way back, the pucker of her anal ring tightly dragging along his shaft as it withdrew. Then only the head of his cock was held by her tiny anal opening. A pause, and then he pushed it all the way back up inside her. A powerful drawing of breath, then an expelling of air as John relished the feelings of her sensitive warm arse wrapped around his aroused cock.

John fucked Brittany anally for as long as he could hang on. He would like to think that it went for ages, but counting in mere minutes would have been the correct assessment as John allowed every sensitive inch of his cock to be aroused by the magical sensations that her tight pucker inflicted on him. He was sufficiently thoughtful to bring the fingers of one hand around her body to play with her budding little clitoris while his other sought out one breast and fondled it warmly.

As John fought to reclaim control over his impending climax, his fingers diddled her clit button with remarkable dexterity. By the time that Brittany got to feel his surging cock bulging within her rectum as a sign of his impending finish, she herself was already in the first flushed and loud stages of a digitally manipulated clitoral orgasm.

Their combined breathless panting and gasping filled the room with heat and noise and was testimony of their shared completed satisfactions. As his cock spewed its warm cum into her rectum, he collapsed forward on her and together they crashed flat to the bed, John on top of Brittany’s back.

Her body flat and straightened, her rear hole shut closed on his cock, trapping him inside her warmth. They would have to wait until his cock deflated before he would be able to retrieve his human sex toy from her clamped arse.

It was more than 20 minutes before she felt John lift himself off her tired and spent body, tugging what was left of his erection from her cum-filled arse. She couldn’t move, she just lay supine on the bed, reliving the experience she had just been through. She was happy, she had survived it far better than she had expected to. ‘Did I like it?’ she asked herself quietly and her answer was ‘I think I almost did, it was at least much better than I expected. I am sure I could do it again … if I had to, like if Jerry decided he wanted to try it. I can’t wait to tell him how brave I was. I never discussed with him that I was even thinking about doing it, so he will be surprised.’

Leroy woke up at about a quarter to eight in the morning, to the sweet sensations of Camilla’s tongue, lips, and hand on his hardening cock. “Starting the day off with a little fun?” he asked, looking down at her from the head of the bed.

“Wanna put your thing in my poo-poo hole, sir?” she asked in her ditzy ‘Dolly’ persona, knowing that talking like that excited him all the more.

Without even answering, he got up on his knees, and she turned around, pointing her arse at him. Her legs were spread wide open so he could see her asshole, which was already lubricated. He slowly slid his erection through her tight anal orifice; both lovers moaned in unison. Then his phallus slid further inside her rectum; by the time it was pushed all the way in, Camilla felt this amazingly pleasurable impalement–all her anal walls were being probed and stretched by Leroy’s huge penis. Again, the thickness and length of his member astonished her as much as it excited her. With its largeness pumping inside her, she felt as though he’d gone halfway through her body with a most pleasing spear. She looked back at him, moaning her thanks. With her head on the bed to balance her, she fingered her hard clitoris. When he was about to come, he pulled his cock out and showered his come on her behind.

She giggled. “Ooh, that tickles,” she said. “Can you eat my pussy for me, please, sir?” she asked. “I’m almost there.”

He licked her vulva and put his tongue inside her wide-open anus. He fingered her G-spot and kept his mouth open to receive her come. It all spouted in his mouth; he didn’t miss a drop.

Now I don’t have to change my bedsheets again, he thought. “Want some breakfast?” he asked.

“What do you have?” she asked.

“Well, we could have Fruit Loops, or Count Chocula,” he suggested.

“Um, no thanks,” she said. “No offence, sir, but I’m a health freak. If you don’t mind, I think I’m just gonna take a shower and go home.”

“OK, I understand. Let’s do this again some time, OK?”

“Sure,” she said as she got off the bed and reached for her purse.


Camilla got home at about 9 AM. She was surprised that Candice wasn’t there. She must be with her boyfriend, Camilla thought. Her mother, Collette, called her and asked her to meet her at the house with Troy; the three of them would then go out to lunch again. Happy to continue with her plans to seduce her mother’s fiance, Camilla changed into a light blue lace top, jean shorts, and knee-length rainbow-striped toe socks with light and dark shades of blue, as well as pink, purple, and orange. Bra-less, she wore pink panties underneath. Camilla went to her mom’s home after eating breakfast.

Camilla first went up to her old bedroom and took off her jean shorts, since she wanted her step-father-to-be to see her in her pretty pink panties. Then she waited in the upstairs bathroom of Collette’s house. She looked out the window, hoping to see Troy’s car arrive first. She was drinking from a water bottle; increasingly desperate to urinate, but wanting Troy to see her do that, she was impatient for his arrival. After a few more minutes of dancing in discomfort, she saw his car come in the driveway. She pulled her panties down to her knees. When she heard him open the front door and walk in the house, she called, “I’m up here, in the bathroom.” He rushed up the stairs, and she sat on the toilet, still holding her urine in. She’d intentionally left the door ajar, so he correctly assumed she would allow him to enter the bathroom. No sooner had he opened the door, but her piss started tinkling on the surface of the toilet water. Sitting forward and grinning in feigned embarrassment, she said, “Hi, Daddy.” She giggled like a little girl. “I’m going pee-pee.” She giggled again, louder.

He smiled as he looked at his beautiful step-daughter-to-be, thinking this was the loveliest urination ever. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen you blush from being seen undressed,” he said as he walked into the bathroom to get a closer look.

“That’s ’cause I’m so stinky now,” she said, giggling. She opened her legs and sat back so he could see the gold pouring from her pussy into the water.

He looked down between her legs, admired her pretty brown pubic hair, and said, “You don’t need to be embarrassed, sweetie. You’re so naturally beautiful, even your pee smells pretty.”

“Really? Thank you, Daddy,” she said with a giggle. “Where’s Mommy?”

“She won’t be here for another hour or so,” he said with a sly smile. “We’re all alone.” She let out little staccato squeals as she squirted out her last few drops of pee, then she got her perfumed wet napkins out of her purse and wiped her vulva clean. As she wiped, she put the heels of her feet on the toilet seat and, with her legs wide open, pulled up on her labia with the napkins so Troy could see her genitals. “Very pretty,” he said.

“What, Daddy?” she asked, as if she naively had no idea what he was admiring.

“Oh, uh, your toe socks, sweetheart,” he said, his eyes never budging a millimetre from her cunt. She finished wiping and stood up, They were standing less than half a foot apart from each other. She allowed his roving eyes to ogle her half-naked body, and she looked up at him with the wide-open, naive, trustful eyes that a child would have, one that knew nothing of the taboo of nudity. She allowed her panties to drop to her feet, and she kicked them off. They hugged, him gently squeezing her soft buttocks. “I’m so glad you’re not wearing any make-up, sweetie. You don’t need it. You’re naturally beautiful.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said as she rubbed her belly against his erection. “You’re so sweet to me.”

While looking over her to admire the sight of her piss in the toilet–as well as to see her bare behind–he said, “Your mom must be so proud to have such a beautiful daughter. And a smart one, too. I understand you’re starting university in the fall.” He was now fingering her anus.

“Yeah, I’m graduating from high school next week.” She looked in his eyes, her own eyes showing no disapproval of his lecherous fingers.

Suddenly, the front door opened. “Shit!” he whispered. “She said she wouldn’t be here for another hour. Hurry: put your clothes on.” Collette was coming up the stairs quickly, since she’d already had reason to believe, from their last lunch, that Troy and her daughter were getting a little too affectionate with each other.

Camilla ran out of the bathroom, still half-naked; he spanked her bare bottom and admired it as she ran out and down the hall towards her old bedroom. Trying his best to look guiltless, he ‘casually’ walked out of the bathroom to greet Collette, who was three-quarters of the way to the top of the stairs. “Hi, honey,” he said.

“Where is she?” Collette asked suspiciously.

“In the bath-bedroom,” he said.

Camilla came out of her old bedroom with her jeans on, as if she’d never taken them off. “Hi, Mom,” she said.

Troy breathed a soft sigh of relief and said, “OK, we can go have lunch now.”

As Collette and Troy started walking down the stairs, Camilla went into the bathroom to get her purse and panties, and to flush the toilet. At the sound of the flushing, Collette immediately looked back up towards the bathroom, and saw Camilla come out, stuffing something distinctively pink into her purse. Those look like some of the underwear I bought for her three months ago, Collette thought.


After lunch, Camilla went to Carl’s Erotic Art. When she was allowed to go in the back studio, she was disappointed to see Belle all healthy again and ready to pose for Carl, but she was delighted to see the lovely model in the nude. “So, you don’t need me to pose, Carl?” Camilla asked. “Hi Belle.”

“Hi, sweetie,” grinning Belle said as she walked up to give Camilla a hug. “I understand you posed for Carl yesterday. Lovely pictures. You’re 18, of legal age to pose?”

“Yeah,” Camilla sighed, trembling with pleasure from Belle’s touch. Sensing the nude model’s receptiveness, Camilla gathered up the nerve to say, “You’re really beautiful; can I kiss you?”

“I don’t know: can you?” the lesbian model asked with a sly smirk. “Let’s find out.” Belle plunged her tongue deep inside Camilla’s mouth. Moaning Camilla frantically took off her shorts and top. She briefly sucked on Belle’s breasts and kissed and licked her belly as she reached down to take off her shoes and socks. When she was completely nude, squatting Camilla was about to taste Belle’s vulva when Carl suddenly took his sister and had her lie on the floor on her back with her legs wide open. Then he grabbed Camilla and had her on the floor on all fours, with her wide-open mouth millimetres away from Belle’s pussy.

“Don’t move,” he said. Then he went to his easel to start painting.

After about an hour of waiting for Carl to finish his meticulous brushstrokes and dabs, both Belle and Camilla were going crazy. He was being really cruel, bringing the girls so tantalizingly close to cunnilingus’ ecstasy, yet agonizingly so far away from its gratification. Camilla could only stare at Belle’s delicious labia, wet vagina, and hard clitoris, all so brown and perfect-looking. Belle had recently washed herself there, so it smelled fresh and pretty. Camilla was salivating. She didn’t suffer alone, though: Belle looked down at her pretty young would-be lover, remembering how gifted a kisser and licker she’d been an hour ago. Seeing the craving in Camilla’s eyes, Belle could only imagine the fire with which Camilla’s flickering tongue would lap her pussy, if she’d only been allowed to.

Finally, Carl said, “OK–I’m done.” Not a millisecond went by, but famished Camilla was already devouring Belle’s vulva. She practically stuffed her face inside the hole, licking, sucking, kissing, and buzzing all over the region between Belle’s legs. Belle, running her hands through Camilla’s hair, was screaming with satisfaction. “OK, I’m so not into seeing my sister get off: you two enjoy yourselves. Besides, I have a customer.” Carl left the studio and into the front.

The customer there was looking at the first painting Carl had done of Camilla. “This girl looks familiar,” he said. “If she is who I think she is, you’re an amazing artist. What a likeness.”

“Thank you,” Carl said. “Are you interested in buying the picture? I’m willing to bargain.”

“OK,” the customer said. “How much do you want?”

Carl said, “How about–?” He was interrupted by the clearly audible moaning and screaming from the back. Embarrassed, Carl said, “Oh, that’s just a porno movie. Do you want to make an offer for the painting?”

“OK,” the customer said, “Let’s say–”

“Oh my God!” Belle screamed. “I’m gonna come! Ahh!” Camilla’s buzzing on Belle’s clitoris was almost as loud as Belle’s screams.

The customer laughed. “How much you want for the porno?” He and Carl laughed. “I’ll offer–”

“Ohh!” Belle came. Her sighs and moans grew slower and softer.

“Wow,” Camilla shouted. “You’re a gusher, too?” Camilla could be heard licking Belle’s come off her lips.

The customer, smiling, looked at Carl, who blushed. “There seems to be as much talent back there as there is out here,” the customer said.

The men bargained, agreed on a price, and Carl started wrapping the painting up when Belle came out front in a dress. Recognizing her from the other pictures, the customer greeted her. She said goodbye to her brother and left.

When Carl finished wrapping the picture, Camilla, still nude, poked her head out front. She saw the customer and said, “Oh, hi Mr. Williams!” Her right breast was visible to him.

“Hi Camilla,” Williams said with a lecherous grin. “I thought that was you in the picture. I remember that lovely breast; you naughty girl!” She giggled. “Will you be at Luvlee’s tonight?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said with another giggle. “From six to one AM.”

“I’ll be there,” he said. “Bye.” He left the store.

Carl followed Camilla back into his studio. She was bent over with her legs spread wide open to display her wet vagina and already-lubricated anus. Her head was between her legs, and she licked her lips with her mouth wide open. He looked at her in a daze, even forgetting to close the door behind him.

“Wanna rape–uh, ravish me again, sir–I mean, Carl?” she asked.

“Sounds tempting,” he panted as he admired her pretty asshole.

“Which hole would you like this time? You’ve done my pussy–how about anal or oral this time?”

He rushed her, grabbed her, and put her on the floor on all fours. She screamed and breathed quickly and heavily as he forcefully handled her. He pulled out his already rock-hard phallus and pushed it against her anal orifice. She looked back at him so he could see the pleasure she felt in her eyes as he slid his cock deep in her ass. “Aah!” he moaned as he went all the way in.

“Oh!” she screamed. His cock was almost the same size as Leroy’s, and it felt just as good, if not better.

Carl grabbed her breasts as he pumped his shaft inside her rectum. Balancing herself on the floor with her left arm, the fingers of her right hand were tickling her pussy. She was really coming to love anal sex: with the right man, it was almost as good as vaginal sex. Certainly her vaginal walls were being intensely stimulated, however indirectly, by Carl’s long, thick cock. And she didn’t have to indulge a shit-fetish this time.

In their excitement, they hadn’t noticed the red light go on; of course, the door to the back was still open, and the lovers’ moaning and screaming drowned out any noise their new visitor may have made.

Carl was pumping faster and faster, and Camilla was screaming louder and louder. “Oh, my God! Oh! Carl, your cock feels so good up my ass! Oh! Fuck my ass!” she screamed.

The customer had his digital camera out, set to video. He filmed the remainder of the ass-fuck. Carl’s face wasn’t seen because his back was always to the door, but Camilla’s face was very clearly visible.

“Oh, Jesus, Camilla!” Carl groaned. “I’m gonna come!” He pulled his cock out. She turned around to let him spray all over her face. It happened so fast that she never saw the man who was filming them. Carl splattered his come all over her eyes.

She, too, came: she’d cupped her hand under her cunt so the come wouldn’t get all over the floor. She brought her hand up to Carl. “Wanna taste?” she asked him.

He gluttonously gulped it all down, and licked the rest off her hands. She left his come on her face, thinking he’d like to see it stay there for a while. This was all very convenient for their unknown visitor, so he could finish filming and leave the store safely and anonymously.

“This is getting put online for posterity,” Jim said as he walked outside.

Naked Camilla was frightened out of her wits to hear Finch’s wife screaming at him for his shocking infidelity.

“For Christ’s sake, you think you know your husband of twenty years, but you don’t!” she yelled. “You bastard!”

Camilla threw on her clothes as quickly as she could and ran for the door, outside of which was a crowd of curious teachers listening to the fight inside. By the time Camilla had got out of Mr. Finch’s classroom, she’d heard his wife shout ‘divorce’ at least a dozen times. Camilla fought her way out from the crowd of teachers, who included Mr. Gray, Mr. Keyes, and Mr. Dawson, all of whom smiled lewdly at her, knowing exactly what obviously had happened. She was shaking with fear and embarrassment.

The nastiness of that confrontation, however, made her feel mysteriously ready to face her mother with the truth about Troy’s lusting after her. In fact, her mother’s fiance sent her a text message as she was running out of the front doors of the school: he wanted to see her that night; he’d made an excuse about seeing his family to get away from Collette. Camilla texted him back, agreeing to have him come over to her apartment at 9 PM.

Then she received a call from Bob. “Hi Camilla,” he said. “Do you want to do more photos and video tonight?”

“Absolutely,” she said. “I’m glad you called, because I was hoping we could do some POV porn with my friend Candice, all from her point of view.”

“Really?” he said. “You’re lucky, because I have a special camera for exactly that kind of video. It’s a brand new invention a friend of mine made. Meet me in my apartment at six, and I’ll show it to both of you.”

“OK,” she said. “We’ll be there at six.”

She then phoned Candice and told her she’d drive her to Bob’s apartment. When she got home, Candice was ready to go, and eager to be given head by Camilla. They arrived at Bob’s apartment at about 6:10 PM.

He showed them the POV camera. “This is what my friend made,” he said. “It’s a prototype for a POV camera he plans to sell. The goggles are the lens: it responds to your eye movements, Candice, so whatever you’re looking at, that’s exactly what’s filmed. So as you’re making love with Camilla, always remember to look at something sexy: her pussy, her ass, her tits, her come-shot, your fingers inside her. And though there is stabilization circuitry in this camera, it can do only so much; so try not to shake too much as you’re making love, or else the video will be too jittery to enjoy.”

“Okay,” Candice said, and after getting naked she put the camera goggles on. A wire connected them to the camera itself, which Bob controlled from several feet away from where the girls would make love. Candice lay on her back on the bed (the same one Camilla lay on on Sunday afternoon during her first photo shoot with Bob, and with Leo watching). Camilla got naked and put her face between Candice’s legs for some cunnilingus. Candice looked down at Camilla, and Bob pressed play on the camera.

This was the resulting video. Cast: Camilla–herself; you–Candice (i.e., everything was seen from Candice’s point of view, so you, the watcher, see what she saw).

Camilla, looking lewdly in your eyes and smirking, begins licking your pussy. You moan and gyrate your hips, but always keep your head reasonably still. You delight in looking down at your tits, which you cup in your hands and fondle, intermittently pinching your nipples. You also see your ginger pussy, the pubic hair being wet with Camilla’s saliva. You put your right breast in your mouth and suck on it, moaning louder and louder as Camilla’s lips and tongue thrill you.

Then you gesture to Camilla to come up to you. She slowly comes up, kissing your pubes and your belly. Then she reaches your large breasts and begins sucking on the left one and fondling the right one, always looking at you lasciviously. She tickles your left nipple with her tongue and your right nipple with her fingers. You tilt your head slightly to the right and watch her pinch your right nipple; you squeal and breathe heavily.

She brings her body around and she and you are in the sixty-nine position, her ass in your face. As you lick her pussy, you look directly at her up-close asshole, admiring every wrinkle on those brown, puckered lips. Then you look down at her wide-open vagina, which you’re spreading with your fingers. You moan and pant at her licking, and your voice and breath vibrate against her pussy. You look back up at her asshole and stretch it open with your fingers; then you slide your right index finger inside. You push it in and pull it out as you continue licking her cunt; then you pull your finger out and start licking her asshole. You admire her upper anal cleft as you lick, practically counting the goose-bumps and tiny brown moles. You slide your tongue in and out of her anus a few times, and lick around the orifice. Then you go down and lick her clitoris: her vaginal opening is mere millimetres from your eyes. As you lick and suck on her hard clit, you can hear her squealing and screaming louder and higher. Finally, she comes a waterfall on your face, and drops of jizz splash on the camera lens.

Bob pressed stop. He viewed the whole video on his computer monitor.

“That was great,” he said. “Now, Camilla, we have a new category for your porn website: lesbian.”

“Excellent,” she panted.

“You did a good job keeping your head still, Candice,” he said. “We should do some video showing both of you in action, so the viewers can see your pretty face.”

“No thanks,” Candice said. “I’m a little too shy to have people know I’ve done porn.”

“Very well,” Bob said. “Come on over and see what’s new on the website. You can see the responses you’re getting to your pictures and video, Camilla.” The girls went over to his computer to see the website, The website had only existed for a few days, and there were already thousands of views, and hundreds of paying customers. Camilla was thrilled.

Camilla posed for more pictures, while Candice, now dressed, watched. Bob took photos of Camilla stuffing dildos and butt-plugs inside herself, in lingerie, on the toilet peeing, and in the bathtub washing herself. After an hour of posing, Camilla was ready to leave with Candice. Candice went out the door and waited for Camilla in the hall; Camilla, now dressed, picked up the POV goggles and put them on Bob’s head.

“I think they look good on you, Bob,” she said with a salacious twinkle in her eyes.

“Um, maybe we should keep our relationship professional,” he said with a mixture of jitters and excitement.

“We will, I promise you,” she said. “I wanna do more POV porn.”

“As fun as that would be for me,” he said nervously, “I’ve had bad experiences with models when I got too…close to them. The working relationship tends to fall apart when I fu…”

She put her finger on his lips, not letting him finish his sentence. “Don’t worry about that,” she purred. “It’s all work–work that we enjoy.” She smiled lewdly at him, and walked out of his apartment.


When the girls got back to their apartment, Camilla kicked off her high heels and asked, “What are your plans for tonight, Candice?”

“I’m going over to Francine’s to get more dope,” Candice said.

“Maybe you should take it easy on the drugs, Candice.”

“Maybe you should take it easy with all your lovers, Camilla.”

“Oh, well, never mind. Can you do me a favour?” Camilla asked as she pulled off her tube top.

“Sure, what?”

“Call my mom at 11 PM, no earlier. Tell her to come here. I wanna talk to her about something.” Camilla dropped her shorts to the floor; she was in only her yellow panties now.

“I’ll do one better than that, Camilla. I’ll drive her here. I should be finished at Francine’s around 10:30 or so.”

“Even better; you can let her in the apartment. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the door.” Camilla’s panties fell to the floor, and she pulled her feet out of the leg-holes. She was now naked.

“OK,” Candice said, remembering what had happened on Monday and correctly guessing what Camilla planned to do. “See you at eleven.” Candice got her car keys and left.

Camilla cleaned her pussy in the shower and put on some bright make-up. She put her hair in pig tails and waited for her stepfather-to-be to arrive, though she didn’t imagine her mom going through with the wedding once Troy’s infidelity was without any doubt. Troy arrived at about 9:10. She opened the door and allowed his eyes to pour all over her luscious frontal nudity.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said with a look of feigned wide-eyed innocence. “Come in.”

“Oh, sweetie,” he panted. “You have such a beautiful body.” He walked in, and she closed the door behind him.

He, now behind her, put his hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them. He kissed her softly on the neck, and she moaned and fingered her clitoris. He slowly bent his knees and kissed her in a straight line down her back; then he kissed her soft buttocks, first along her outer anal cleft, then all over each cheek, and after that along her gluteal sulcus. Then he opened her buttocks and kissed her all over her inner anal cleft, his kisses getting closer and closer to her anus. Finally, he reached her anus, and pressed his lips hard on it in a long, passionate kiss, as if it were a pair of brown, puckered lips. She sighed softly as he kissed her there, spreading her legs and putting her hands up against the door. Then he licked her asshole eagerly.

He straightened up. “Can you forgive me for what I’m doing?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said. “Are you gonna fuck me, daddy?” She looked up at him like an innocent child…if only she were.

“I’ll never be satisfied until I do,” he panted. “I love your mother so much, and I know this is so wrong, but I can’t stop myself.” He picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he lay her on her back. Then he put his face between her legs and began licking her already wet pussy. His tongue tickled her clit, and his fingers went inside her cunt. Then he wrapped his lips tightly around her rock-hard clitoris and sucked on it; she, squealing, ran her hands through his hair. He slowly moved up her body, kissing her pubic area, her belly, and her breasts. Then he sucked on the left one while fondling the right one and pinching its nipple. After doing this for several seconds, his hand and lips switched breasts. She felt his groin area, squeezing the hidden hard-on in his pants. When she unzipped his fly, he got on his back and she got on top of him in the 69 position.

He resumed licking and fingering her pussy as she pulled his fully-erect phallus from his pants. Finally, she would know what an intimate part of his body looked like after it being only she who was always undressed for him. Seeing his cock for the first time, she was impressed with its size. She put it in her mouth and deep-throated it. Then she pulled it out of her mouth and licked and kissed the knob. He raised his head and licked her anus while still rubbing his fingers against her vaginal walls. The tip of his long finger tickled and pressed against her A-spot. She played with his balls and wrapped her upper lip tightly around his protruding corpus spongiosum.

Soon, they came almost simultaneously, her soaking his face with her come and him ejaculating all in her mouth: she drank every drop. After resting and catching their breath, she said, “I gotta go pee-pee, Daddy.”

He put his spent member in his pants and zipped them up; then he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. He gently rested her bottom on the toilet seat. She spread her legs, looked up at him, and began peeing. He looked down between her legs and watched the yellow liquid leak from her urethra down into the toilet bowl water. She moaned her relief.

“Where’s Mommy?” she asked.

“Camilla,” he said with a slight sneer. “Aren’t you, 18 years of age, a little old to be calling her ‘Mommy’?”

“Well, she always treats me like a child, so it seems appropriate,” she said caustically. “Besides, men seem to think I sound sexier if I talk like a little girl.”

“Desire certainly is childish,” he said. “I wish I had the maturity to resist you.”

She finished her peeing, and reached for the toilet paper. “You don’t have to resist me, Daddy. I like pleasing you.” She wiped herself dry, then got up and flushed the toilet. “But where is she?” She went into the shower stall and turned on the water.

“She’s at home,” he said, reaching for the soap. “I told her I had urgent family business at my parents’ home, something personal that only I could talk about with them, so she allowed me to leave.” He lathered up the soap and began cleaning her vagina. “She had a look of suspicion in her eyes; I know I’m taking an enormous risk being here with you, but I can’t stop myself. I really love your mother, you must believe me. This is so terribly wrong, what I’m doing. I feel really guilty; but sin is addictive.” He rinsed her off, and she got out of the shower stall. He got a towel and dried her off. His cock was hard again. “Sweetie, can I put it inside you?”

“I can’t wait,” she sighed. He picked her up and carried her back to the bed.

He lay on his back and pulled out his cock. She got on top of him in the cowgirl position and aimed his dick at her ever-moist vaginal opening. She took his cock in slowly, inch by delicious inch, and sighed in ever higher pitches as it went in deeper. In anticipation of her copious coming, he pulled his pants down: this was just in time, for when his cock was all the way in, she screamed in whistle register and sprayed her cooze all over his groin area. She kept going up and down on his cock, squealing staccato notes in the sopranino range, and jizzing intermittently; he enjoyed watching her large breasts bounce wildly. “They are so pretty,” he groaned as he watched. “My lovely step-daughter.”

“My handsome Daddy,” she said with jiggling intonation as she continued fucking him. He grabbed her breasts and fondled them for a while. Then he moved his hands down to her ass and squeezed her buttocks, guiding her ass up and down on his cock.

After her fourth orgasm, he pulled his soaking cock out; she got off the bed and knelt beside it. He sat on the side of the bed, his legs on either side of her, and put his cock between her tits. She wrapped her soft, smooth breasts around his rock-hard shaft and slid them up and down on it. “Do you like that, Daddy?” she asked as she tit-fucked him.

“Oh, yes,” he moaned. He took her breasts in his hands, and she played with his balls, shaking them quickly but gently. She always had her face pointed down in anticipation of his ejaculation, which came after a minute more of tit-fucking. She received splashes of come on her nose, left cheek, right eye, and chin. “Doesn’t that look pretty,” he sighed.

“I’ll leave it on my face if you want me to, Daddy,” she said, his come dripping from her nose and chin. She wiped some of it out of her eye, and they rested again. He took off his pants, went into the shower stall, and cleaned her come off his groin area. When he came out and dried himself, she came into the bathroom, his come still dripping off her face. She sat on the toilet and peed again. When she finished, he reached for the toilet paper and pulled some off the roll. He rolled the piece and reached down to wipe her pussy dry. “Oh, thank you, Daddy,” she said as he was wiping. He was hard again; she got up and flushed the toilet. “Time to clean my pussy in the shower again.”

“Oh, no, sweetie,” he insisted. “Not this time.”

“But, Daddy,” she said. “I’m so stinky down there.”

“No, baby,” he said. “You’re so fragrant. I like the smell of your pee.” He picked her up and carried her back to the bed. He lay her on all fours; she spread her legs wide open so he could see her asshole.

She gave him her anal lube. “Wanna put it in my poo-hole, Daddy?” she asked.

“Yes, I do,” he grunted. He lubed his cock and her rectum. He pushed his erection against her anal orifice, slowly coaxing it open, and slid it a few inches inside. She looked back at him, squinting and with her mouth agape as she welcomed his cock in. He slid it in a few inches further, and she moaned in unison with him. Finally, he pushed it all the way in. He slid it in and out, looking down at her beautiful ass. Then he put his hands on her tits and squeezed them as he continued fucking her ass for several minutes.

He was in such ecstasy that he didn’t hear, above his and Camilla’s moans, the sound of footsteps in the apartment, coming straight for the bedroom. The bedroom door swung open, loudly striking the wall. Both Camilla and Troy quickly turned their heads around to see who was there. Troy had a look of white terror on his face; Camilla wickedly grinned through the come drying on her face.

Candice frowned and looked away. Collette stared at the lovers with a look of absolute fury in her eyes.

My eternal thanks to Annanova for editing this chapter. Your friendship means the world to me. I love how you inspire me to be better at this whole writing thing. Enjoy everyone.

© 2012, All rights reserved – mimaster


Leaning against the doorjamb, I stared into the empty room. Well, it was almost empty. The big, ornate trunk was there, sitting where I thought it would eventually end up, at the foot of a bed that had yet to be purchased. The sight of that trunk and the knowledge of the erotic treasure it hid underneath its locked lid brought a smile to my face. Yet it was a melancholy smile, one wrought with disappointment as I thought about how I wished things could be.

Feeling a hand touch me from behind, snaking around my waist, the hug I knew was coming made me sigh as I turned my head. The bright smile practically blinded me, my eyes blinking as I refocused on the angelic face looking up at me.

“You okay?” Carol asked, her sweet southern voice soothing in its tone and cadence.

“Yeah, why?” I responded not so convincingly.

“No you’re not. What’s wrong?”

“I…I’m just…” my voice lowered with my eyes, the sentence too much of a burden to continue.

Carol’s fingers lifted my chin and her eyes caught mine, their brilliance captivating me. Pulling me into the bedroom by my hand, she sat on the floor, folding her legs underneath her as she patted the carpet to tell me to join her.

“You’re supposed to be happy, Neil. Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Carol…you need to get to work. I’m fine,” I replied, all the while moving to the floor to join her.

“I’ve got time. Andy knows I’m helping you move a couple of things.”


Actually, I needed Carol to help me move just one thing…the trunk. Ann had somehow gotten it into the back of her Honda Civic when she brought it out from Indiana. But the angle on the hatchback of my Nissan was different, not opening wide enough to get the big chest inside. Carol offered to bring it from the hotel to the house in the back of her pickup.

It was strange bringing it down on the luggage cart. It was stranger still that that was the last item left in my hotel room. I’d packed up my car with the rest of my things, so as we wheeled the chest through the lobby, I stopped by the front desk to drop off what had been my house keys for the last two months. Oddly, it was a much more emotional moment than I’d anticipated.

Of course, most of that emotion came from Heather, who had insisted on coming in during her off-hours to be the one to check me out. Tears were streaming down her face as she handed me the bill to sign. I wasn’t actually paying it – my company was – but I had to autograph the paperwork.

“I can’t believe you’re leaving,” she said as she put the forms in a big folder marked ‘Armada’.

“I’m not leaving, Heather. I’m just moving. I’m still going to be around.”

“Not like you have been. I won’t see you again after this,” she sniffed, staring at the countertop, unable to look me in the eyes.

“Sure you will. Why wouldn’t you?” I laughed.

“Because…you’ll be married. And in your new house.”

Carol stepped up to the counter and patted Heather on the arm. “I know you only met Ann briefly, Heather, but you’ve talked to her dozens of times. Has she ever given you the impression that that’s the kind of person she is? Or Neil for that matter?”

A tiny smile appeared on her face as she slowly shook her head. “No.”

“Good. Because if you think they’re going to forget you, you’re crazy. That’s not how Ann thinks. That’s not how either of them think.”

Leaning down a little, I glanced into her face to make eye contact. “She’s right, Heather. You’re our friend and that has nothing to do with where we live. It’s all about how we feel about you. Where we live doesn’t factor into the equation at all.”

“That’s good to know,” she sighed. “Still, I’m going to miss seeing you every day. Well, almost every day.”

“Me too. But that doesn’t mean we won’t ever see each other again. And it doesn’t mean I’ll ever forget you.”

“I won’t forget you either.”

Carol cackled, “How could you? He fucked your ass right where you’re standing. I bet you’ll think about that every day you work for the rest of your life!”


Carol helped me take the trunk into the house. She even stuck around and helped me unload my car, bringing clothes inside so I could put them away in the closet. She’d commented on how much she loved the house, as well as the couch and loveseat that were in the living room. Those were the first official pieces of furniture Ann and I had bought together, with the notable exception of the trunk full of sex toys now strategically placed in the master bedroom.

As I leaned my back against the trunk, Carol looked into my eyes, trying to get a read on my sudden mood change.

“Are you going to tell me?” she asked.

“It’s just…I wish I wasn’t bringing my bride back here and making her sleep on a hide-a-bed, that’s all.”


“We couldn’t afford to buy a bed yet. We needed to get a washer and dryer, and Ann didn’t want to have the living room empty. I just wish I could have bought us a bed. We’ll end up spending our first night in our new house sleeping on a bed inside a couch.”

“Sleeping…you mean fucking, right?” she laughed.

“Ha…well, both I suppose,” I replied, trying to laugh at her comment, but still feeling sorry for myself, and for Ann.

“But she knows that though, right? I mean, you must have bought the couch with that in mind.”

“Yeah, we had to make choices. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Neil, I don’t understand. If you talked about it, I’m sure she’s okay with it. Besides, you’re bringing a bed when you move out, right?”

“Yeah, but it won’t be here until the day after we come back. Maybe two days…the movers weren’t sure. They may have another stop or two on the way because we don’t have enough stuff to fill out the entire trailer.”

“Okay, so what’s the big deal? So you have to spend a night or two on the hide-a-bed. I’m sure you’ll make the best of it,” she winked.

“Of course we will, Carol. You just don’t understand,” I barked, my anger rising.

Her hand returned to my arm, trying to calm me even though she didn’t know why I was upset. “Neil, this isn’t like you. What’s really bothering you?”

Taking a deep breath, I let it all out; the angst and the built up frustration coming to a boil. “Ann deserves a bed, Carol. And I can’t buy her one yet, because we don’t have the money. We had to shell out a lot for the stuff we did buy, we had to put a deposit down on the house, and it just hurts that I had to tell her we couldn’t do it right now.”

“You have one in mind, don’t you?” Carol said, her intuition kicking in.

“Yeah. We picked one out at the store where we bought the couches,” I nodded as I stared at the carpet. “Two, actually. There was an amazing king-sized one that we both fell in love with. But we know it’s too expensive. Actually, so is the queen-sized one we picked out, but at least we’ll be able to afford that a lot sooner.”

“Didn’t you go all the way to Virginia to buy the couches?” she asked, recalling a casual conversation we’d had earlier in the day.

Giving her more detail, I replied, “Yeah, Ann wanted to go visit where I grew up. It’s about sixty miles south of here. We toured the town and ended up walking by the furniture store on Main Street. She thought it was, well, she called it quaint. She liked the idea of buying our furniture there since I used to live in that town, and they were willing to deliver.”

“Wow, that’s so neat.”

“Yeah, but I had to make her choose. First between the couch and loveseat or a bed, and then between the beds…when we actually get around to getting one. I know she loves the bigger bed. Hell, so do I…but we’re years from being able to afford that. So, she gracefully said she likes the queen because she knows we can get it sooner. It just hurts.”

“Okay, but she understands, right?”

Looking up into Carol’s eyes, she saw the tear running down my cheek and it caught her off-guard. “Yes she does. I’m not so sure I would if I were her.”

“Neil…what in the world –”

“It’s my ex-wife, Carol. For the first time, having an ex is biting me in the ass, and Ann is the one who has to suffer because of it!”


“She has an eating disorder.”


“God no. My ex. She had it when we started dating.”

“I don’t understand.”

“When things got serious, I told her she needed to get help. In fact, I insisted on it. I told her I couldn’t be with someone that wouldn’t do what they could to make sure they were around for a future to begin with. So, she checked into the hospital. It cost twenty grand because her insurance wouldn’t cover it. And I got custody of that bill when we divorced.”

“But you weren’t married when she went in.”

“No, but I signed for it. I felt I had to, because I pushed her to get help.”

“Well that was silly. She should have never stuck you with that.”

“As opposed to sticking me with the depression that came from her screwing around on me?”

“I’m not saying that, Neil. It’s just that she owned the eating disorder, not you.”

“Uh, she still owns it, just like she owns spreading her legs for any guy that smiles at her. That doesn’t change the fact that I have to pay for it. And now, so does Ann.”

“Wait, she STILL owns it? You mean she’s still doing it?”

“I never said it cured her. That’s part of her entire problem. She’s a gorgeous woman, but what she sees in the mirror isn’t what everyone else sees. Of course, the problem is really on the inside. That’s where she’s ugly. She gets that from her mother.”

Carol laughed and said, “Yeah, it’s always about the mother.”

“I’m serious, Carol. Her mother is a bitch. She used to ride her as a kid because of how much she ate. Hell, she did it as an adult too, even when she was in the hospital trying to get better. That emotional abuse is what led to the eating disorder.”

“Is that why she slept around on you?”

“That was her reasoning, but that’s a load of crap. I can accept that her mother drove her to become bulimic, because I’ve seen how she’s been treated. I can only imagine what that was like as a teenager growing up. But that’s no excuse for what she did to me. Just because a guy tells you you’re pretty, that doesn’t mean you rip off your clothes and spread your legs for him.”

“You’re right. But it doesn’t surprise me that she used that as an excuse.”

“Yeah, well, that’s all behind me now, except for the payments. It just hurts that I had to tell Ann that she has to wait for the bed. I mean, we could have gone without the washer and dryer, but she said she didn’t want to deal with a Laundromat. I can understand why she wouldn’t want to, so we had to make a choice.”

“She must have been okay with it, Neil. I can’t see her as the type to get angry or upset over it.”

“Oh no, she’d never do that. She knew about the divorce settlement. I told her, but I didn’t think my past would come up so soon. I was hoping we could pull it off, we just need too many things. Hell, our dining room table is going to be an old card table for a while. We’ll manage. It’s just that she’s going to be a bride… she deserves the bedroom of her dreams.”

“I’m sure if you asked her, she’d tell you that whatever baggage you bring into the marriage caused by your ex, she’ll gladly deal with it.”

“I suppose,” I sighed, my spirits actually lifted up a little. “Thanks Carol.”

Leaning over, she kissed me on the cheek. “You’re more than welcome, sweetie. It’s going to be fine. Ann’s going to love coming home to this house, no matter where she sleeps, because she gets to sleep with you. She’s not just getting the bedroom of her dreams, or the house of her dreams, Neil… she’s getting the husband of her dreams.”


It was a little hard for me to believe that I was already there. Yet as I passed the decorative sign announcing the little town I used to call home, I checked the clock on the dashboard of my car. Indeed, I’d made the trip in well under the normal nine plus hours it usually took. In fact, it was closer to eight.

Yes, I’d driven a little faster than I usually did for part of the trip. Still, I couldn’t help feeling I was getting a little payback for having to endure the same trip in the other direction just four days before. Somehow I’d managed to cut almost six hours off that nightmarish journey.

Instead of dealing with thousands of holiday travelers returning home late on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the return trip was during the day and during the week. Traffic was light to say the least. I’d also missed rush hour around every major metropolis along the route, most notably Columbus, where I knew I needed to watch my speed a lot more carefully. The end result was that I found myself sitting at one of the two stoplights in town a little after four in the afternoon.

“I think I’ll go surprise Ann,” I said as my hand rested on the gearshift, my foot revving the engine as I waited for the light to turn green so I could let out the clutch.

It would be a surprise because I’d never told her that Andy, the company VP, had given me Wednesday and Thursday off. It wasn’t like I went out of my way to keep it a secret. It was more that I was rushing around trying to get things done, and with the daunting task of moving out of the hotel, it kind of slipped my mind. And Ann had been busy too. We were down to the final few days before the wedding and I knew she was going over her list of items that still needed to be done, checking them off one by one.

I smiled as I turned the corner and saw her parents’ house, the little blue Honda parked out front along the street. I pulled into the driveway, letting the engine idle as I coasted to a stop. My heart was pounding with excitement as I quietly got out of the car. I couldn’t wait to see her face. I couldn’t wait to have her in my arms once again.

Ringing the doorbell, I felt like a teenager showing up for a date. I was anxious. I was nervous. I was…horny.

I was surprised. The door swung open, the shriek filling the air as I soon found myself enveloped in a death squeeze. “Oh my GOODNESS! NEIL!”

“Hi Jean,” I groaned as I held onto Ann’s mom, feeling the air in my lungs being hugged out of me.

“What are you doing here?” she said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m marrying your daughter. I figured it would be a good idea if I came back for that.”

She started cackling, a small tear running down her cheek as she stared at my goofy grin. “That’s a great idea. I’m just amazed to see you so soon.

“I was hoping to surprise Ann, but I’m sure she heard you.”

“Surprise her?”

“Uh…yeah,” I answered bashfully.

Jean looked in my eyes, hers rolling. “Men!”


“You aren’t looking to surprise her, Neil. You were looking for something else.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” shaking my head, playing dumb.

She arched her eyebrow and cracked, “You’re going to have to settle for me instead.”

“Excuse me?” My eyes bugged out, which had her laughing even harder as we stood on the front stoop.

“See, I knew you were looking for something a little more…intimate. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until you’re married.”

“Wow, you’ve become strict since the last time I saw you.”

“Oh, it’s not like I could stop you if I wanted to. I’m sure if she was here, she’d be all over you. Probably right here on the porch,” she cackled.

“She’s not here?”

“No. Tina picked her up in a limo a half hour ago. They’re on their way to Fort Wayne.”


“Bachelorette Party. Remember?”

“But it’s only four-thirty.”

“I think they were going to Tina’s to get ready first. But they’re gone. I’m afraid you won’t get to see her until tomorrow at the rehearsal.”


“I’m sorry, sweetie. I know you’re disappointed.”

“I guess I hurried home for nothing.”

“I wouldn’t say that. Aren’t you going out with Matt tonight?”

“I guess so, but that hardly makes up for not getting to see Ann.”

“Aw…it’s sweet of you to say that,” she grinned, patting my cheek lovingly. “Don’t be disappointed. Just remember, you’re less than two days from never having to worry about that again.”


That was a heady thought. The wedding actually was less than forty-eight hours away. As I let the hot water run over me in my parents’ shower, I wished I could fast-forward time. It seemed like I’d been waiting for Ann forever in some way, shape or form. I was tired of waiting. I was ready to be married; ready to be with her for the rest of my life.

What I wasn’t ready for was my bachelor party. The only reason I was getting ready at all was because of Matt. Ann had insinuated that he had gone to a lot of trouble to plan something for me. Washing my hair, I was resigned to going through with it. What I was struggling with was working up any enthusiasm. I’d been so excited about seeing Ann that when she wasn’t there, the letdown was intense.

“Knock it off, Thomas!” I scolded myself. “She’s out having a good time with her friends. She wants you to have fun too. So stop moping and enjoy the night!”

I didn’t talk in the third person often, but when I did, it was usually because I was angry with myself. In this case, I needed a good talking to…and I was the only one there to do it. Matt was an incredible friend. He’d saved me in so many ways during those lonely months when the depression from my divorce was threatening to swallow my soul.

Time and again he pulled me out of my parents’ house, often when I was in no mood to face the world. Yet I always ended up happy; thankful that he put up with my initial crap and refusing to take no for an answer. To give him the impression now that I didn’t want to go when things were great in my life wasn’t fair. Besides, Ann had said it before about her own party. The night wasn’t just about me…it was about my friends too.

Once I finished lecturing myself, I actually felt good. Having gotten home early, I was able to take a little nap, although it was a short restless one. Jean had been right. I’d been excited to see Ann, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t an ulterior motive. I was hoping we’d be able to fuck, or at the very least have some kind of oral sex. While I was horny, it wasn’t like I needed to cum so bad that I couldn’t stand it. I just longed to be close to her, to feel her body against mine…to feel her loving touch and sweet, tender kisses.

My new outlook improved my mood. Being with Matt was going to be fun, no matter what he had in store. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly that was. Based on the little hints I’d been given, I knew it was likely to be something sexual in nature, and that whatever happened, Ann had pre-approved it. With that in mind, I decided to go with the flow and just enjoy the night.

I’d called Matt to let him know that I’d gotten home a lot earlier than I’d expected. He was ecstatic, going on and on about how he could now give me the Complete Bachelor Party Experience he’d been planning all along. He said he’d pick me up a little after 6PM, and hung up to make some calls. While it was sooner than I’d expected the night to start, it also allowed me a chance to rest and get ready, something I’d needed more than I thought. When the limo pulled up in front of the house right on time, I was actually excited and ready to go.

The driver opened the door and I climbed into the back to see Matt beaming, as were three of my other friends that he’d obviously invited along for the evening. Two of them, Ben and Adam, were guys I’d met through Matt; guys we played a lot of sports with over the last year and a half or so. The other was Ted, my closest friend from my old job. They were more excited than I was, but just seeing them, I knew we were going to have a blast.

“Hi Neil!” Matt said as he shook my hand.

“Hey Matt. Hey guys,” I nodded as I sat down. “I hope you didn’t go to too much trouble, Matt.”

“Only what you deserve, bud. I’m still a little amazed you asked me to be your best man. The last thing I want to do is give you the impression that you picked the wrong guy.”

“Do you honestly think that I’d think that?”

“No…but I’m still not going to give you a reason to. The night’s on us…so just relax and have fun. I’m so happy you got home sooner. I was worried you’d be too tired.”

“I was too. I got a huge break. My boss’s boss gave me a couple of extra days off and I actually feel pretty good. So, what’s the plan? Where are we going?”

“You don’t need to know that. You just need to smile and have a good time. We’ve got one more stop to make and then we’ll be on our way.”

I had to figure that we were heading to Fort Wayne. There really wasn’t any place else to go. In fact, given that Matt was a college kid, I could almost predict where we were heading. Not that I minded. All of the guys in the limo were single, so it was pretty easy to guess where the evening was headed. That said, I decided I’d just go along with whatever Matt had set up and act surprised.

Ted looked out the dark tinted window as we drove through town and said, “I can’t remember the last time I rode in a limo.”

“Senior Prom,” Matt said with a laugh. “What about you, Neil.”

I sat back into the deep cushions of the plush seat, a beer already in my hand. Smiling wistfully, I shook my head. “I’m with Ted…can’t remember.”

As I told that white lie, I thought of Molly, the limo driver in Iowa that Ann and I’d ridden with on our way to and from the dinner theater we’d attended in Omaha. Actually, I’d ridden Molly in more ways than one, and Ann as well. But it wasn’t something I was going to bring up in front of the other guys. It was a memory I’d rather hold onto for myself and my future wife to share.

Still, it was the thought of fucking Molly’s luscious body with Ann urging me on that had me daydreaming while the limousine made its way through the streets of town. I’d lost track of where we were going, nursing a beer as I thought of that incredible night. So it surprised me when the car stopped and the door to the back opened, but not as much as who stepped inside moments later.

“Hey Neil!” my friend Mark called out as he sat down next to me. Mark was my former customer from Ann Arbor and he was another reason I’d made it through my divorce. In fact, along with Matt, he was a major reason I was getting married in the first place. Mark had invited me up for a long weekend, introducing me to my lover, Dawn. And it was Dawn who had healed my heart, making it possible for me to fall in love with Ann under the most improbable of circumstances.

“My God…MARK! How the hell are you?” I said, giving him a big hug.

“I’m great…and excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a bachelor party,” he laughed.

“Man, I can’t believe it. What are you doing here?”

“I was invited,” he chuckled.

Mark and I spent the next half-hour catching up, talking about work mostly, totally boring the others in the car along the way. They didn’t complain though. They let us have our little chat, knowing we were on our way to something much more exciting than the ins and outs of production manufacturing.

When I heard one of the other guys groan over what we were talking about, I realized not only was I being rude, but I was also talking about work. While they understood, it wasn’t in the spirit of the night.

“Sorry guys, I got a little carried away,” I laughed.

“I’ll say. I thought I was about to apply for a job,” Matt joked.

“Give him a break, guys. You all live in town…he had to be surprised to see me tonight,” Mark replied.

“Yeah. I’d hoped you’d make it to the wedding, but I never dreamed you’d come two days early just for a bachelor party,” I nodded.

“When Matt called me, it was hard to say no. Besides, I got Jill’s blessing.”

“So she’s still in Michigan?” I asked.

“No…she came down with me.”

“Where is she? You didn’t leave her alone, did you?”

“Fuck no. She’s with Ann!”


The huge pane in front of me shook with a violent force, the sound of the collision resonating throughout the cavernous enclosure, quickly followed by a raucous roar. A combination of water and sweat covered the clear surface, surrounding the imprint of the face and chest that was being pressed against it.

Matt stood up and screamed at the top of his lungs, his fists pounding the glass. “YOU SUCK!”

An angry smile appeared in front of the six of us, if you could call it a smile. Most of the front upper teeth were missing, as well as two of the lower ones. Still, it was a shock when that mouth fired back at Matt, yelling, “FUCK YOU!” before turning to rejoin the action.

“OH MY GOD!” Mark yelled. “That was AWESOME!”

Turning to Matt, I shook my head in disbelief. “I can’t believe we’re here. I never would have guessed this is where we’d end up.”

“Oh, there’s a lot more to come tonight. This is just the start. I’m just glad we got to come here at all. I bought the tickets on the off chance you’d actually make it home in time to go.”

“Well what would you have done if I hadn’t?” I laughed as my eyes returned to the battle going on in front of us.

“I would have just wasted a lot of money,” Matt shrugged.

We were both laughing when the crowd suddenly roared with the staccato blaring of the foghorn. My arms flew up in celebration of the slap shot of the Fort Wayne defenseman that had been rifled from the left point past the sprawling Kalamazoo goalie into the back of the net, giving the home team a 4-3 lead.

Matt had gotten us tickets to a minor league hockey game. And not just any tickets. We were front row ice level, right next to the home team’s bench, the dasher boards just two feet from our seats. We had no right to be there. It was a total fluke that I’d gotten home when I did. I’d told Ann all along that I wouldn’t be leaving for Indiana until I got off work, which meant I shouldn’t have arrived until sometime around midnight, if I was lucky.

Yet Matt held out hope, ignoring her timeline and taking a chance that somehow I’d catch a break and I’d arrive at a reasonable hour. With that optimistic outlook, he’d gambled and we’d all won. There we were, watching the two IHL rivals battle it out on the ice. It was an incredibly physical game, with tons of scoring, lots of big hits, several penalties and even a fight. We’d witnessed an improbable comeback, Fort Wayne having been down 3-0 to start the last period, taking their first lead with just three minutes to go.

The waning moments were filled with intense drama as a Fort Wayne forward was called for a high sticking penalty with a minute and a half to go. Desperate to tie, Kalamazoo pulled their goalie, using the extra attacker to put the pressure on the penalty kill unit. Time and again, the Fort Wayne players foiled passing attempts and blocked shots, sacrificing their bodies in an attempt to clear the puck out of their zone. The goalie made several incredible saves, including one in his catcher’s glove off a rebound as he lay flat on his back on the ice.

The crowd, my cohorts and I included, counted down the final ten seconds of the game.

The deafening roar as time expired combined again with the horn, the home team celebrating wildly on the ice as if they’d just won the Stanley Cup. We didn’t act much different, the six of us high fiving and jumping up and down like little kids.

I felt a little odd as we piled into the limo parked by the main entrance on the way out of the Coliseum. I was just getting married…I wasn’t some celebrity or high roller. Still, it was kind of cool that Matt had somehow found a way for us to have privileged parking, and I wondered what else he had in store for the night.

So did the other guys. Ben flopped into the seat, the emotion of the event still etched on his face. “That was unbelievable! How are we ever going to top THAT?”

“Uh… strippers?” Adam answered.

“Nope,” Matt replied, keeping his plans close to the vest. “Next up is dinner!”


“So, what do you think?” Matt asked, the beaming smile on his face showing he knew what the answers were going to be before he asked the question.

“It’s awesome, Matt,” I replied. “I don’t know how you found out about this place, but it’s incredible!”

He had a right to gloat. Climbing out of the limo an hour before, the rest of us had been skeptical. After all, the place was almost nonexistent, hidden among several other storefronts in an antiquated strip mall off any beaten path I’d ever been on in Fort Wayne. And I’d been down all of them, having spent a lot of time there ever since I got my driver’s license and a car of my own. It was the only place close to home to have a good time. Exploring that small city had become an unofficial hobby of mine.

Yet I’d never been to this tiny dive. I suppose it fit the description of a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ kind of place, except it was hard to find the hole. The design of the strip mall was rather odd, the entrance hidden amongst the other businesses, making it hard to spot. If it weren’t for the big sign out front announcing there was a steak house there, you’d never know it.

It was there, however…and it was everything Matt had said it would be. Grilled-to-order, prime-cut steaks of any size and style you could imagine. The smallest burger started at a half pound, and the prime rib looked like they’d been slow roasting it for a week and a half. There was no fish on the menu; no chicken to speak of. It was strictly a meat and potatoes environment, with the meat meaning beef; one of those places that finds their niche and they bust their ass to be the best at it.

I had a sixteen-ounce ribeye on my plate, next to a baked potato the size of a softball. With the complimentary Texas-style toast being all you could eat, I decided to skip the salad when I saw the portions on the plates of the other diners when we’d first sat down. It was a smart decision, one we all made, knowing we still had a lot of night left and not wanting to feel too stuffed.

In fact, I decided to stop drinking at that point. I’d had a beer on the way to the game, and another after we’d gotten there. That was enough for me. I wasn’t that big of a drinker anyway, and I wanted no part of getting so hammered that I couldn’t remember what I was doing. Or that I wouldn’t be able to do anything in the first place.

When I ordered water with my meal, I took the usual good -natured ribbing from the younger guys that I usually got whenever I cut myself off. I fired back a few shots of my own, telling them they’d wish they had the same self-control later in the night, as well later in life, when their beer guts would be showing when they got to my age.

Mark and Ted were closer to me anyway, with Mark actually being a little older. He chimed in and said, “This is my last one,” as he held up his frosty mug of Budweiser fresh from the tap.

“Me too,” Ted added.

Ben waved his hand in mock disgust. “Pussies!”

“Exactly,” Mark nodded as he took a bite of his sirloin.

Adam started laughing hysterically. “You’re admitting you’re a pussy?”

“No. I’m admitting I’m thinking about them,” he replied calmly. “I fully intend to get laid tonight. The more you drink, the harder it is to get hard. It’s basic biology, man.”

“Or chemistry,” I laughed.

He shrugged and said, “Either way, its science. That’s what they should be putting on the public service announcements. ‘Don’t drink and drive’ doesn’t work. If they said ‘If you drink, you can’t fuck’, I guarantee men would listen. They’d just be buying women drinks so they’ll fuck.”

“Well, I’m not going to have to worry about either or those scenarios tonight,” Ted chuckled as he finished the last of his last drink for the night. “I could get used to being driven around in a limo all the time.”

“No…you just have to worry about how you’re going to get laid. Mark brought his girlfriend down with him. What are you going to do?” Matt shot back.

“You’re right. I’ll probably just get to go home hard,” he laughed. “But at least I’ll get hard. There’s a naked woman out there somewhere that’s going to make that happen tonight!”


Ted was sort of right. We’d seen a lot of women; dozens and dozens and dozens of them. All fully capable of giving each of the six of us an erection any time that they wanted to, even if we’d had too much to drink.

Most of them had, either getting us stiff or keeping us that way. But while they were literally shaking their bodies for our enjoyment, doing erotic gymnastics at seemingly every turn of our head, something wasn’t right in Mark’s eyes. Something was missing. Actually, it was more that something was still there.

“I can’t believe the strip clubs here aren’t totally nude,” he complained, all the while enjoying the hot brunette in the micro g-string, gyrating her barely covered cunt less than a foot from his face while we sat along the edge of the stage. Slipping another dollar bill underneath the little thread that was holding the garment snugly in place, he whined, “I figured at least one of the clubs we’d hit would show us some pussy.”

I pointed to the thin baby blue sliver of material, wet with the dancer’s perspiration and likely some moisture from the stimulation she’d been giving herself. It looked like she’d entered a wet g-string contest; every detail of her crotch was clearly visible.

“Yeah, I can see why you’d bitch about that,” I replied sarcastically.

“You know what I mean, Neil. It’s the principle of it. Strippers should strip!”

Looking as the woman who called herself Tiffany writhed on the floor in front of us, she lifted her ass, using just her upper back and spread feet to support her as she moved her crotch up and down in front of us, pulling at the erect nipples on her firm, natural breasts for further effect.

“I’m sure if it were allowed, she’d be happy to oblige you, Mark. Unfortunately it’s against the law here.”

“Well it’s a stupid law!”

I could see his point in a way. It was kind of silly that the women could do pretty much anything they wanted, yet they had to keep whatever bottom they had on covering their pussies. Most of them wore the skimpiest thongs and g-strings they could, trying to get away with as much nudity in that area as was allowed. But it was the local law, so complaining about it wasn’t going to do any good.

Instead, I grabbed Mark by the back of the head and forced him forward, his body already leaning in that direction to get a better look at Tiffany. His face came within mere inches of her wet cunt, and she instinctively snapped her thighs shut, trapping him in place with his nose practically touching her clit.

She let out a giggle and told him to get a good sniff before letting him go and moving on to another admirer waving his dollar bill to get her attention.

“Still feeling cheated,” I laughed.

“Hell no!”

“Good, because I seriously doubt she would have let you get that close if she wasn’t wearing that little excuse for a thong.”

“That is one horny woman, Neil. I could literally feel the heat from her pussy against my face,” he laughed, rubbing his cheeks like he was putting on after shave.

“Yes she is,” I nodded, as I watched her move along the edge of the stage.

When she finally made her way back to me toward the end of the song, the look in her eyes was smoldering. Crawling toward me like a tigress in heat, she leaned down over the edge of the stage, her magnificent bare breasts swaying along with her long brunette tresses.

Her mouth made its way to my ear, her whispers grabbing my attention over the throbbing beat of the music.

“Are you going to let me play with you again, Neil?” she hissed.

I smiled as Matt leaned over from my left. He’d seen the look in my eyes as well. “Is she the one?” he asked.

“Most definitely,” I nodded.

“Am I the one…what?” she asked innocently.

Smiling at her once again, I simply said, “I’ll explain later,” even though I didn’t know what Matt really meant. “I’d love to have you dance for me again.”

“Great! Let me put something new on for you. I’ll be out in a few minutes,” she said, much more excitedly than I’d anticipated.

Matt patted me on the back and grinned, “Have a great time, buddy.” There was a look in his eyes that I couldn’t figure out, but I shook it off. I was too busy thinking about Tiffany.

I was about to have yet another private couch dance, one of dozens the guys had paid for on my behalf, each averaging ten dollars a pop. They dances were stretched out over three hours and four different strip clubs, each with a different girl. Matt told me when we started that they were going to provide all the entertainment. I’d anticipated that we’d be hitting a strip club before the night was over, so I had plenty of singles on me, but he insisted that they pay for anything else beyond the action next to the stage.

When the first girl at the first club asked if I wanted a private dance, Matt told her I did and he handed her the money. The rest of the guys followed that lead, taking turns buying me dances whenever a new girl would come by and ask if I’d like a private dance. It didn’t matter if I wanted to or if I found them attractive or not. I found myself being whisked away time and again, going through several dancers before we’d move to another club.

All along, Matt told me that when I found a stripper that I really found exciting, in whatever way that was, to let him know. I wasn’t really sure what that meant until Tiffany first walked up to where we were sitting, leaning against the rail with a natural, unassuming smile on her angelic face. Mark had been right, Tiffany was horny. I could somehow tell the moment we locked eyes.

“Hello…I’m Tiffany. Would any of you gentleman like a dance?” she asked, never taking her eyes off of me.

“Neil would,” Ben said as he handed her a ten.

Tiffany looked at me with an arched eyebrow. “It’s my bachelor party,” I offered bashfully.

She smiled as she took my hand, leading me toward a darkened doorway to the private dance area where I’d already been thrice before. “You’re in for a treat, Neil. I’m feeling really good tonight,” she whispered as she leaned closer to me.


“Well, let’s just say that there are nights were I really love my job,” she grinned.

She was good at it too…very good as it turned out. She had more energy and natural sexual grace than any of the girls I’d been with to that point. Hell, you could have combined several of them and not come up with the talent she had for her chosen vocation. But it was more than that. She didn’t go through the motions, no matter how well she swayed her hips or rolled her flat, toned abdomen. She was engaging; talking to me, telling me how much loved what she was doing, making the experience personal.

Sure, it was part of her job. Anyone that believes anything a stripper tells you when she’s trying to get you to part with your hard-earned cash needs to have their northern head examined. But it was different with Tiffany. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it, mainly because I had my hands tucked underneath my thighs knowing I’d need help abiding the ‘don’t touch the dancers’ rule.

I could tell she was worked up. That warm wet feeling she was leaving behind on my pant leg as she ran her crotch over my upper thigh wasn’t imaginary. Neither was the look in her eyes as she ran her hand along my inner thigh, feeling my hard shaft cramped in the tightened space of my pant leg. Between the look in her half-closed eyes as she ran her breasts across my face and the way her nostrils flared as she brushed her crotch across mine, it was hard to believe she was pretending. And that was something I couldn’t get out of my mind.

When Matt asked me later if she was the one, I still wasn’t sure what he meant. But I knew whatever he meant, she was it. She was different from all the other dancers I’d been with. While the rest were good, taking off their clothes for men was a means to an end. It was their job. With Tiffany, I got the distinct impression that it was more than a vocation; there was a labor of love feel. She got off on it, making it feel like she’d do it for free.

She eventually came out from the door next to the stage wearing a flowing white cover up that covered up nothing. It was see-thru, showing off the tiny baby blue bikini she wore beneath, the top matching the g-string she had just worn on stage. She had put on a black choker around her neck and a pair of black high heels, strutting toward me with an air of confidence that made the other guys in my party take notice.

“Careful, Neil. She looks like she might eat you when she’s done with you,” Adam cracked.

Turing on the little stool to face her, I nodded. “I’ll take that chance.”

She approached, pushing my legs together so she could straddle my thighs. Putting her hands behind my neck, she leaned back and stared into my eyes. “So, you’re up for another dance,” she hissed.

“I never went down,” I teased. “You saw to that on stage. I love how you used the pole, by the way. You’re very graceful.”

She started beaming. “THANK you! No one ever compliments me on my dancing.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“Oh, they compliment me on parts of it… the parts that show off what they want to see. But I’ve never had anyone say it like you did and mean it like I know you do,” she grinned as she stood up, pulling me with her.

Matt stood up with us, reaching into his pocket. Pulling out five new twenties, he handed them to her. “Take him to the VIP area, Tiffany,” he said calmly. He followed that up by collected twenty more dollars from each of the other four guys, handing that over to her as well.

“What’s this for? It’s only a hundred for an hour,” she said, confused why she suddenly had $180 in her hand.

“This is Neil’s last dance before he gets married, Tiffany. That’s to make it a memorable one.”

“Aw, thanks,” she said as she stuffed the money into her little clutch. “Just so you know, I was already going to do that for free…but this helps.”

She led me away with another giggle, taking me to the back of the place and up a flight of stairs. At the top, there was a velvet rope guarded by a guy that looked like a lineman for a pro football team. He stood up as he heard us reach the landing, waiting for us to make it to the top. Tiffany had me stand next to her as she took her clutch and opened it.

“Is anyone up here, Eddie?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah…Raven has a guy in room two with her,” he answered in a gruff voice.

“So room five is open?” she asked, rather bashfully.

“Of course it is, Tiff. You know very well it’s open.”

Biting the corner of her lip, she kind of swayed back and forth like a teenager. “Can I…use it again?”

“You know better. I…I already let you use it once tonight! That’s it for favors this week. I’m not taking that chance again.”

“Eddie, this is Neil. He’s getting married on Saturday. This is his last time coming here. Say hi, Neil.”

“Uh…Hi?” I said, not knowing what was going on and unsure if I really wanted to know.

Eddie put his hands on his hips, his massive biceps bulging inside the arms of his ridiculously tight t-shirt. “Hello, Neil. Congratulations,” he said gruffly. “Tiffany, if I had a dollar for every time I heard one of you tell me it’s a special occasion, I’d…”

“How about sixty?” she asked, pulling out three of the twenties she’d just been given by Matt downstairs.


“No questions, no hassles, no interruptions. Sixty dollars for sixty minutes…what do you say?” she asked, batting her big, beautiful blue eyes at him.

“I say you’re trying to get me fired,” he groaned.

“C’mon, Eddie. It’s going to be fine. Neil’s not going to do anything stupid.”

“And how do you know that?”

“You have my word,” I offered, unsure of why that would make any difference to him. His job was to protect her in case some jerk got out of line; he only had her best interest at heart. Unlike the dancers, he didn’t look at me as a prospective customer. He saw me as a potential threat to their safety. He had to.

Still, she pleaded, “Please, Eddie.”

Finally caving, he took the bills from her hand and grabbed the hook on the rope, pulling it to the side to let us through. Handing the key to the room to her, he shook his head. “I hope I don’t end up regretting this.”

Standing on her toes, she kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks a million! You won’t regret it. I promise I’ll make it up to you,” she said excitedly as she strutted down the dark hallway with me in tow. Slipping the key inside the lock, she opened the door.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before,” he chuckled.

“I will!” she called back before closing the door behind us as she flipped on the dim light.

The room was rather small, the corner floor lamp giving off a soft orange glow. It was more dark than light, but I knew that would change as my eyes adjusted. Even with that, I could tell there were almost no furnishings in the room. A big, soft brown overstuffed love seat was against the far wall along with a matching chair to the side. Other than a couple of small end tables, that was it.

She put her clutch on the table next to the chair and motioned for me to have a seat on the loveseat. She walked over to a panel next to the door, flipping a switch that turned on the speakers.

“The only bad thing about these rooms is I can’t have my own music,” she said as she made sure the door was locked. “We’ll have to listen to whatever they’re playing in the club, but we’ll make the best of it, right Neil?”

“Uh…sure,” I said as I settled into the couch, suddenly uncomfortable. “What was that all about with Eddie?”

“What do you mean?” she asked as she opened the front of her cover up, taking it off quickly and throwing it onto the chair.

“Why didn’t he want you to use this room? Why would he get fired?”

“The security camera is broken. This room is supposed to be off limits because he can’t check in on us to make sure I’m okay.”

“Well why would you want…”

Sitting next to me on the couch, her finger pressed against my lips to quiet me. “We only have an hour, Neil. I can’t change that part.”

“I don’t want you getting in trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to get in trouble. And I’m not going to have sex with you. Well, actually, I don’t know that yet,” she giggled. “But I’m not going to fuck you, so relax.”

“Ha…what are you talking about?”

“I’m just an exotic dancer, Neil. And in case you’re wondering, no…I’ve never done this before. But I promised your friend I’d make this memorable and that’s what I intend to do…for both of us.”

Laying back into the cushions, I watched as she got up, standing in front of me with her legs spread wide. Reaching behind her back, she unhooked her top, quickly discarding it to the side.

“Dispensing with the stripping?” I smiled.

“I just stripped for you less than an hour ago, not to mention my show on stage. There’s not much of a mystery left. Besides, I figured you wouldn’t mind if we just cut to the chase so we can enjoy our time together.”

“You make a good point.”

“I thought you’d see it my way. Here are my rules. I lead, and you can follow. If I say no, I mean it. If you don’t hear me say no, keep going,” she winked.

“What’s that mean?”

She walked over to me, bending at the waist as she slowly unbuttoned the front of my shirt, pulling the tail out from inside my pants. Running her hands along my bare chest, she got down on her knees between my legs, letting her heavy breasts drag along my thighs.

“It means that since this is going to be a little more personal, I’d rather you call me Sarah.”

Raising my eyebrow, I felt my heart quicken. “Sarah?”

“That’s who I am,” she smiled as she moved up, licking along my skin of my abdomen on her way to my navel. Digging her tongue inside for a moment, she giggled as I slipped my hands back under my thighs to keep from doing anything with them, the ‘don’t touch the stripper’ rule firmly engrained in my head. “You don’t have to do that,” she said softly.

“Do what?”

“Sit on your hands. I just told you, I’m not ‘Tiffany’ right now,” she said, pulling my hands out from under my legs by my wrists and resting them on her shoulders. Continuing toward my left nipple, she first licked around it before sucking on it. I gripped her shoulders tightly, my head falling back from the erotic sensations. “That’s better,” she cooed as she felt my fingers digging into her skin slightly.

Sarah took her time, even though we didn’t have that much. Of course, I really didn’t know what she had in mind, other than her saying this was going to be personal and memorable. She kissed along my chest, going back and forth between my nipples as her hands roamed all over my thighs. She pressed her huge tits into my stomach, dragging them hard against my body.

Licking and kissing my neck and ears, she straddled me, slowly grinding her crotch against mine as if she were fucking me, her nipples moving across my body as if they were searching for mine. My hands moved from her shoulders to her ribs, her moans of approval making me feel bolder. When they drifted down to her ass, squeezing her taut skin, she squealed in delight.

My fingers played with the thin material of her g-string, pulling it tighter. “Oh GOD,” she groaned as she felt the material tug at her pussy. At least, I assumed it did. She’d gotten up higher onto her knees, moving her breasts back and forth across my face, letting her nipples find my mouth so I could suck on them.

Letting my hands move inward, I gripped her ass tighter, pulling at her cheeks while still holding onto the microscopic thread of her little garment. One of my fingers brushed against her tight puckered hole and she arched her back, pulling her nipple from my mouth as she gasped.

My first instinct was to recoil; pulling my hand away thinking I’d accidentally gone too far. She reached back and grabbed my hands, putting them back where they’d been. “I told you, Neil, I’ll tell you ‘no’ if I want you to stop. You just surprised me…that’s all.”

I batted my eyes bashfully. “Okay. But I…I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Hmm…that’s too bad,” she cooed. “I love having my ass played with!”

Feeling my finger slide further inside her crack at her urging, she sighed out loud, her voice shaking as she felt my hands knead her fleshy bottom. Moving her body, she put her tits back in harm’s way, letting my mouth ravage her nipples, pulling and nibbling at them. Clamping down on her left areola, I sucked hard, flicking my tongue back and forth across her hardening bud.

When I’d done the same thing to her other nipple, she mumbled something about not being able to stand it any longer. She got off her knees, placing her stilettos firmly into the back of the cushions next to my hips as she stood. Using the wall for balance she started swaying her crotch in front of me in a hypnotic little figure eight. Each passing move brought her pelvis closer and closer to my nose, until she was finally brushing against it.

Her left hand crept down the wall, grabbing the back of my head to hold it in place. “I hope you don’t mind, but I heard you telling your friend about how wet my g-string was when we were downstairs. I didn’t have the heart to put on a new one.”

Inhaling, I was almost knocked over by the aroma of her pussy, her arousal filling my nostrils. My hands rose up her calves, moving along the back of her legs toward her thighs. As they reached the bottom of her ass, she let go of my head and peered down between her heaving breasts, her brilliant blue eyes flashing wildly.

Reading her body language, my left hand moved around her body, lightly touching her skin as I reached for her pubic mound. She was biting the corner of her lip like she had downstairs, her eyes fixed as she breathed deeply. I slipped my middle finger underneath the fabric of her g-string near her left hip, running it down toward her mound, pulling it out slightly as I went. I glanced up, waiting for her to say no…to say anything.

Instead she sucked in her breath, holding it; begging me with her stare to do what I was threatening to do. Slowly stretching the material downward, I got my first glimpse of the soft, dark curls of her pubic mound, neatly trimmed into a diamond shape. The fabric stuck in her pussy from my yanking it hard from the other side of her body, but it finally let go with a little snap that made her moan.

Tugging the g-string to the side, I exposed her bare pussy, neatly shaved and dripping wet. Her outer labia were already splayed open, her hard clit popping into view. I never bothered to look at her eyes, unable to take mine off the prize in front of me. Instead, I inched closer, moving slow and deliberate as I raised my chin. Extending my tongue, I licked from the bottom of her wet slit to the top, slicing through her pussy in one quick motion.

She growled, her knees buckling a little as they pressed into the back of the couch. Teasing, I stopped to ask, “Is this what you had in mind, Sarah?”

“Oh…yes! PLEASE!” she nodded, her cute face showing signs of desperation.

Dipping my free middle finger into her pussy quickly, she gasped again, thinking I was about to fuck her with it. But when I pulled out and placed it against her ass, her blue eyes flashed again. “And this?” I asked.

“FUCK…YES,” she barked as I slid the digit deep inside her ass in one fluid motion.

“I thought so,” I laughed, before leaning in again to taste her sweet pussy.

It was hard to believe she was that turned on by just me. I suppose it had mostly to do with what she did for a living, and the kind of person she was sexually. She loved being a stripper. She…well, yes, she really got off on it. Having men drool over her body gave her a certain power. But it also made her juices flow in ways that most women wouldn’t understand. The idea of showing her body and getting men hard was an aphrodisiac of sorts for her, unlike most of the women I’d ever watched in that trade. As much as men desired her, she longed to have the attention I was suddenly giving her. At least, that was my impression as I ate her pussy.

It didn’t take that long, really. I didn’t even have to work that hard, although I was trying to give Sarah her money’s worth. Or Matt’s money’s worth, since he had actually paid her. Of course that was supposed to be for an extended lap dance for me. Instead, I found myself lapping her, which was fine by me. She tasted marvelous and it was an experience I was going to find memorable, which was what Matt had intended all along.

She was ready to explode the moment I pulled her sexy garment to the side so I could see her pussy. Reaming her ass as I twisted my finger had her dripping into my waiting mouth as I began to eat her. While I was giving her my best effort, I could have pretty much done anything and she would have started cumming. Still, it was nice that what I was doing to her body had her convulsing in just a couple of minutes.

“Oh God, Neil…I’m CUMMING!” she screamed out, her upper body leaning against the wall as she reached down to hold my head to her pussy.

I swallowed hard, but that didn’t stop her juices from flowing down my chin and neck. The warm liquid felt incredible as it trickled down my skin. The whole experience seemed wrong in a way. The entire building was designed for dancing around the edges of raw sex, yet there I was, actually bringing a woman I’d just met to a thunderous orgasm, with a second one fast approaching. Sure, I’d met her under the premise that we’d both be sexual in a way. But we’d just performed an actual sexual act. A wicked sensation ran though my body, causing my cock to pulse against my thigh inside my pants.

After her second climax she collapsed, falling down onto my lap like a damp bath towel. She was perspiring, her breathing heavy and ragged as she gazed wide-eyed off into the distance. She started to recover a couple of minutes later, acting almost as if she were waking up from a deep sleep.

“God…I needed that,” she said breathlessly as she roused herself, turning to look at me. “It’s been way too long.”

“Too long for what?” I asked, thinking I couldn’t be hearing her right.

“Since a man did that to me,” she smiled.

“Yeah, right,” I laughed.

Sarah tilted her head, looking at the edge of the couch, unable to look me in the face. “I wish I were joking,” she sighed.

“You’re not?”

“My job kind of makes it hard to keep a boyfriend, Neil. I don’t date guys that I dance for on principle. Anyone that I do date, I’m up front with from day one. I tell them exactly what I do for a living and that I love my job. Most back off at that point. The ones that say they can handle it never can. They always end up getting jealous and asking me to quit, which is silly, since they aren’t supporting me. So, I end up going long periods of time without sex.”

“That’s a little hard to believe, Sarah,” I said as I looked at her beautiful naked body.

“Not if you think about it objectively. Guys like the idea that I’m a stripper, because they think it’s sexy. But when they date me, they get possessive and want me all to themselves. So I don’t date much, which creates the problem where I get all turned on dancing and I have no outlet other than to take care of myself, which can get old. You were amazing…I haven’t had a man eat me like that in a long, long time.”

“You’re more than welcome,” I grinned as I ran my hand over my face, feeling the wetness she’d left behind.

“Time for me to thank you,” she whispered, moving down off my lap, forcing my knees apart.

Settling between my legs, she looked up, batting her eyes seductively. She placed her mouth over the hard shaft trapped against my thigh and exhaled, her hot breath flowing through the thin material of my pants. I groaned as she repeated that move on each of my balls before slowly working back up my shaft. Yet she quickly became frustrated with how my cock was wedged in what she felt was the wrong direction.

Reaching for my belt buckle, she looked up to check my reaction. I smiled, thinking of how ridiculous it would have seemed if I’d told her not to. I had no doubt that while Ann had no reason to anticipate what Sarah was considering, she would have approved. After all, she approved whatever Matt had planned and this apparently was part of those plans. Okay, it was a stretch to think Matt planned for Sarah to open my belt and then the front of my pants. But I knew in my heart Ann would have not only blessed it, she probably would have set it up herself if she could have.

“I wonder if she did,” I thought to myself as Sarah motioned for me to lift my hips so she could lower my pants down my legs. I knew that was a ridiculous notion, but at the same time, it was Ann. If I’d learned nothing else over the last several months, it was that anything was possible when it came to her. When Sarah moved my pants down to my ankles, trapping my feet together, I realized it didn’t matter. It only mattered if she would think what Sarah was doing was okay or not.

In that brief moment, as Sarah reached her hands underneath my balls to grab the base of my cock, I thought about what Ann might be doing at that exact moment. I didn’t know if we’d share the tales of our respective evenings, but I knew for sure that with Tina involved, she would no doubt have numerous orgasms during the night. Knowing that she was in the middle of harmless sexual fun and content in the thought that if she were sitting beside me instead, she would still have a smile on her face, likely encouraging Sarah to ‘make it memorable’, I found myself relaxing.

Every time I tried to bring up a Valentines Day date with Chris, somehow we ended up not discussing it. It wasn’t that he changed the subject, not at all, but somehow I would look back ten minutes later and realize that we didn’t talk about it. It was very sneaky of him, perhaps. Or maybe he just happened to be pretty scatterbrained lately.

But as it was, the weekend before Valentines approached and we still hadn’t cemented plans. It was getting too late to reserve seats at a restaurant or concert or something, and I didn’t want to go to a bar or club. Those places got way too crowded and sweaty and desperate on Valentines. It’s sad that I knew that.

But up until six months ago, I had the lonely fortune of a single status. Eddie’s birthday. It all changed.

I sighed as I stepped off the train on the other side of town for Eddie’s and my Friday breakfast. It would be too late to talk to Chris about a date, but maybe I could suggest both calling in sick to work and having a decadent day in his apartment. But…I wanted to go out. We were always in either of our apartments.

When I arrived at the restaurant, Eddie was waiting there at our usual table. She took one look at my face and quirked an eyebrow. “Somebody looks morose. What’s up, Buttercup?”

“Nothing,” I said, slipping into my seat. Chris would be out soon to serve us and I couldn’t very well talk about it in front of him.

“Hmm, it looks like somebody is in need of a mimosa. Garçon, two mimosas!” she said cheerily.

I expected Chris to come out of the woodworks, but instead, a younger guy who had just started a few months before approached our table, scribbling madly.

“Good morning, Ma’am,” he greeted me as soon as he had our drinks scribbled down (the drinks that I did not order…but I guess I’d drink it anyways). “I’m Kent and I’ll be your server today.”

“Where’s Chris?” I asked.

“He called in sick, I think. I’m not sure.”

I frowned in worry. It isn’t as if it was unlike him to get sick, or even not to call when he got sick, but I did know that he lived alone and his family lived a few states away. Would he be fine to take care of himself? But with Chris not here, at least, I could talk to Eddie about what was bugging me.

“I’ll have to give him a call after breakfast,” I mused as Eddie and the new waiter chatted.

“So have you got any plans for Valentines?” Eddie asked me as soon as Kent went his way to get our mimosas.

“Stop it, charlatan,” I teased. “I’m on to your tricks. What gave me away?”

“Why what are you talking about?” she asked innocently. “Yeah girl, spill. What’s up with Valentines?”

“Nothing,” I sighed. “And it’s too late for anything, too. All the restaurants will all be filled up, even the crappy ones.”

“Hmm…that boy needs a good talking to. Alright, as your duly designated voyeur, I will take it upon myself to call him up when we’re done with our breakfasts.”

“No, don’t do that,” I protested. “Not when he’s sick.”

“No better time to drive home how much a guy’s in the wrong than when he’s already feeling bad. Sorry girly, I’m doing it.”

I sighed again, but didn’t argue, because honestly, I wanted to have a decadent Valentines. This was my first one in thirty years. Hadn’t I deserved it?

I was so lost in thought and pity that I didn’t notice until I had started on the raspberry bran muffin, that I hadn’t ordered the food that had been placed in front of me. I started and looked down at the plate before me; a Belgium waffle with halved strawberries and whipped cream, two slices of rosy bacon, and an egg sitting in a cup, waiting for me to crack it open and eat.

“Did…did…” I began, turning to Eddie. It wasn’t unlike her to order things for me, but an entire meal…never.

Eddie blinked. “Did?”

I pointed to my plate and frowned. “Did you order my entire breakfast?”

She sat up straighter, looking a bit surprised by my accusation. “No. I thought you’d ordered…you didn’t?”

I shook my head and lifted the end of one ridged piece of bacon. “Nope, but here it is.”

Eddie craned her neck and looked around the room, gesturing high with her arm. “Hey, Junior. Got a question.”

When “Junior” arrived, he looked only a little put out. “Yes ma’ams. Would you like another mimosa?”

Eddie stabbed in the air with her butterknife at my plate. “Who ordered this?”

He looked perplexed. “It’s your usual. I followed the instructions left with the table and time. You are the two who sit here every Friday at this time?”

“Yes…” I began.

“There were instructions left with the order slip with your usual order.”

I looked down at my plate and shook my head. “I’ve never ordered this before.”

“Or me,” added Eddie.

“I’m very sorry, ma’am,” Junior said, flustered. “Shall I get you something else?”

I considered the spread. I knew I liked all that stuff, and the little strawberries were kind of romantic, like nature’s valentines. Besides, I had already started eating it.

“No, that’s fine,” I finally said. “I’ll finish it. I’m sorry. It’s fine, it tastes good.”

Once he’s left, Eddie said (not bothering to lower her voice), “You don’t have to eat it, you know. You never ordered it. He probably got it mixed up with somebody else.”

“No, it’s fine,” I returned, lowering my voice, at least. “Besides, the bran’s good for me. I should eat it more. Not that I need to.”

Our check came, costing much lower than I was used to. I guessed the guy comped my meal, since I didn’t actually order it, but I still paid half of the total bill. Then I went to work as usual.

At noontime, a courier came with a beautiful fruit salad in a half watermelon rind and a large bottle of sparkling pink lemonade, along with a large envelope. I perched the card on the edge of my cubicle wall so passers by could see (I didn’t often indulge myself thus) and read the note, which was addressed to me by my nickname.

Hi Cherry,

I’m so sorry I missed you at breakfast this morning. I hope my sub took care of you. Let me take you out to a little bistro tonight. I’ll send a taxi to get you.

Love you,


I felt an excited thrill at the idea of a date with him, forgetting that he was apparently sick. Maybe the cabbie would let me drop by my place to slip into a nice dress so we could make a proper date of it, rather than an after-work apology dinner.

The rest of my day at work, I was buzzing with anticipation and could hardly concentrate on what I was doing. I was thankful when the clock finally reached my quitting time. As promised, there was a cab waiting there for me and, once I confirmed who I was, we were off.

One quick change and a long drive later, the cab pulled up to a hotel. At first I started to protest that this wasn’t my destination, but then I saw on the corner of the building a name for a bistro, and Chris waiting out front, and bit my cheek.

He was handsome. I’d never seen him dressed up. He had been alright looking (I was attracted to him, but I wouldn’t say he was hot) in normal clothes, and as we didn’t really go out on fancy dates, that’s always how I saw him. But in his suit, there was no denying how good-looking he was. He was just hiding it, I guess.

His face seemed to say the same of me. “God, you look beautiful.”

I chuckled at this and slipped my arm in his. “I keep telling you I’m not God, but you say it so often, sometimes I forget.”

“Well good, because I’d praise you any day,” he said and kissed me before escorting me into the bistro.

I was drunk on the romance during the meal, soaking in the rose between us, the champagne in the tall thin flutes, the delicate portions of delicious food, and the attentions of a handsome man across from me. By the time the waiter came back around to ask if we wanted dessert, I was feeling a little tipsy.

Chris told the waiter that we’d made arrangements for dessert and to charge the meal and a nice tip to our room. He rose and offered his hand to me, but I hesitated.

“Our room?”

He grinned. “Of course. It’s the least I could do for my vivacious valentine. Do you mind? I could cancel the room and we could just go back to my apartment.”

“No…no, a room is…” amazing, I finished to myself. A hotel room weekend with Chris? Was I alive? Awake? It felt too good for real life. “I’d love it,” I finally answered, taking his hand.

He thanked the staff on the way out, something I found so adorable, and lead me to the elevators. “I didn’t bring any changes of clothes,” I said quietly to him as we waited for one to arrive.

“That’s no problem. Don’t worry, Cherry.” He kissed my cheek and the elevator doors to our left opened. A couple got in, but Chris held me back and waved them on.

“So we won’t be going out much?” I asked him, curious about that. There was plenty of room in the elevator.

“The weekend will tell,” he said mysteriously and waved another person on as they got in another elevator.

He did that twice more before one arrived and we managed to get it all to ourselves. As we walked on, I felt a small rush of thrill and of panic as a thought crossed my mind.

“Is there any reason why we have the elevator to ourselves?” I asked as he pressed the seven and we started to rise. Elevator sex, my mind whispered. I tried not to let my trepidation show.

“Well, I wanted to do something,” he said, confirming my fears…fears? “I didn’t think anybody else would appreciate my doing it.”

“What’s that?” I asked, feeling a little bit of a shuddering enter my voice.

He reached into his lapel and brought out a red silk ribbon, wide and long. I blinked, taken aback as he unraveled it and held it out in front of me. “I wanted to know…well…you’ve talked about it a couple times,” he said, all of a sudden sounding nervous. “I wanted to know if you’d be up for blindfolding and light-bondage.”

“How light?” I asked, my heart now pounding and my eyes glued to the beautiful red silk.

“Just hands,” he answered, “and maybe feet. And absolutely no S and M stuff, I swear.”

“I’d never think you’d want to do that,” I said quickly, looking up at him. “I mean about the S and M.”

He looked relieved about that and lowered his hand. I realized that we had stopped and looked out at the hall. It was empty with one room service cart waiting to be picked up. I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t intrigued, because it was one of my fantasies, so as the doors chimed and started to slide shut, I blurted out, “Yes. I’ll try it. I want to try it.”

He sighed in relief and quickly hit another button. I didn’t catch which one as suddenly my eyes were covered and the silk tied under my knot of hair.

He was quiet for a moment and didn’t touch me, and all that I was sure of around me was the movement of the elevator and the sound of the gears around us. I don’t know why it was erotic, but it was. Then I felt his hands on my arms, bare from the evening gown, and goosebumps prickled my arms.

“I’ll be gentle,” he told me softy.

I let in a shuddering breath only a second before we heard again the ding of the elevator and the roll of the doors sliding open. My footsteps were halted as we stepped off the elevator and I could feel the difference between the floors. I didn’t do very well with walking when I didn’t know where my foot was going.

I swiveled my head from side to side, as if that could help me see the hall around me. It could very well have looked like the other hall we had stopped at, but how could I know? Were there any carts? Were there people around? Housekeeping staff? What was the pattern on the carpet and what were the room numbers we were passing?

He took my hand in his as his arm supported mine, and he murmured gently that I would be fine and to trust him. The hallway seemed to be a mile long before he finally halted and he took his hand from mine. I heard the shlack of a keycard sliding through, the click of the lock, and the tweak of a handle.

As soon as the door clicked shut behind us, he said quietly, “let me take your purse and coat,” and felt them leave my other arm. Then he offered to take my shoes and I felt his hand on the back of one calf. I lifted my foot and felt my shoe being slipped off, and then his hand was on the other calf.

I heard a rustling, as if he was taking off his jacket, and then felt his arms wrap around me. Our mouths clasped in a kiss. It started as a simple, sensual kiss, and then deepened as my hands roamed over his back and shoulders, and his hands clasped me close and one held onto my behind. His groin was thrush up against mine and I could feel him stirring.

As our mouths worked and our tongues twirled, his hands eventually found the top of my zipper and he began to draw it down. I let go of him only long enough to slip my arms out of my sleeves and then swung my hips from side to side to get the dress’s momentum going so that it would drop on the floor.

I had forgone a bra in my hurry, so that when the dress finally dropped, I was standing in only the pair of lacy briefs and the red blindfold. The air in the room was cool and blew gently against my skin. My already tender nipples hardened.

“It’s a little chilly,” I stated, cringing inwardly at my unromantic words. I didn’t want him to clothe me, but the cold had also made me a little nervous, reminding me of what was about to happen.

Warm, moist air blew onto my right ear and he murmured, “Don’t worry. You won’t be cold for long.”

His mouth kissed along my cheek to my lips and his warm hands slid down over my shoulders. And that’s when I felt a pair of hands reach from behind me and cup my breasts. I gasped, my heart leaping into my throat. I was incredibly aroused by this, but I still had too much of my sound, logical mind present.

“Chris, who’s that?” I gasped as the fingers massaged along the sides. “Who is that? What—”

“Shh, it’s alright,” he whispered, kissing me again. “Just relax and enjoy it. I promise it’s fine.”

“B—but what if I want it to stop,” I asked, trying not to moan. There was a quaver in my voice from the nerves.

I heard the disappointed pause in his voice before he asked, “Do you want to stop?”

The hands were smooth and a little small, and definitely knew their way around a breast. I wondered if I knew the person. If I did, would that be a problem? And if I didn’t, how about that? I had had sex with a stranger before, or I thought it was a stranger. I never knew. Maybe this wouldn’t be bad.

“No,” I finally answered breathlessly. “I’m fine. I trust you.”

“Okay, but how about this,” he said, sounding relieved. “Just in case you do want to stop, definitely want to stop, let’s pick a word for you to say.”

“A safe-word?”

“Yeah. Something you wouldn’t normally say.”

“Like egret?” I suggested.

He chuckled and kissed me on the temple. “Okay, that works. Now don’t think about it too much or you may blurt it out when you don’t mean to.”

As soon as he said that, I wondered how I would manage that, but within just a moment, the hands that were still working on my breasts had started playing with the tender, aching nipples. I was lost to it. Over the currents of pleasure, I heard the rustling of clothes.

Chris and I started to kiss again and I moaned into his mouth as the soft fingers worked at me. I raised my hands and went to clasp his shirt collar, but found only skin. He caught my hands and pulled away, and I felt his breath against my ear.

“No, you don’t get to touch,” he murmured.

“Oh…” I sighed, but not because of what he’d said. I hadn’t heard him. The hands that had been toying with my breasts had moved, one lower to the top of my stomach and the other to move my hair aside. The lips of the stranger behind me kissed me right behind my ear. The lips felt soft, impossibly soft. I wondered if they were a woman’s. Small hands, soft lips…

“I should tie you up,” Chris whispered, close to my ear. The soft skin behind my other ear excited by a lazy sweep of the stranger’s tongue.


“Do you like that?”

I don’t know who asked it or what it was they wondered if I liked, but I liked everything right now. An excited shiver ran up my spine at the thought of being bound, my prior reticence gone. And that soft mouth behind me with the talented hands, I wondered what else this stranger would do.

“Oooooh yes,” I shuddered as I heard the slither of fabric, knowing what it was. The lips drew a tiny bit of my skin between them and there was a nip of pleasure as they sucked, not hard but enough. Then there was a cool, slippery feeling over one shoulder, what I imagined was silk. It slipped over that shoulder and then the other.

The hands on my left and the silk began to slip around me again, across my collarbone, over my lips, over my stomach, teasing my nipples. I reached behind me out of instinct to feel who was doing this to me, even though a part of me didn’t want to know and ruin the decadence of a stranger. Once more, my hands were captured.

“Behind her back,” I heard Chris say in front of me and my wrists were drawn together at the small of my back. The slippery silk was teased once more over my breasts and then fingers of one hand tickled down the inside of my left arm, the silk trailing along behind, slithering down my spine and making me shiver.

“I’m aching,” I moaned, knowing they could smell my wetness and didn’t need me to tell them.

“Good,” Chris said, satisfied but gentle. The stranger said nothing.

The silk finally reached my wrists and was wrapped and tied around first one, then the other wrist.

“Good,” Chris said again. I felt him step up against me, the front of his body flush against mine, and he slipped his arms through my elbows and clamped my hands to my lower back as his hands cupped my ass cheeks and squeezed.

“I’m aching, too,” he murmured in my ear. His hands pulled and I was smashed against his erection. “Can you feel it?”

I nodded my head, wishing I could reach down and touch it, or look down and see it, but knowing I was helpless. He kissed me then, a long, deep kiss. I could taste the champagne on his tongue. I swirled the tip of my own around it and hummed in pleasure.

“Are you hungry?” he murmured when he pulled back for a short moment. “I think I promised you dessert.”

“Huuu…how?” I moaned as he nudged my mound with his shaft.

He didn’t say anything, but a moment later, I got my answer when something pressed against my lips, something cold and hard. I opened my mouth a little and it pushed in. The hardness scraped against my teeth at the same time the rich taste of dark chocolate fell on my tongue. The chocolate continued pressing in until my lips met with what at once I knew was Chris’ mouth. I bit down slowly, expecting it to be pure chocolate or perhaps a truffle filled with ganache, but the tart juice of a strawberry burst out and flooded my mouth.

I gasped, but Chris closed my mouth again with his own, his hands pulling me closer to him. The bittersweetness of the chocolate and the tartness of the strawberries swirled around as his tongue slipped into my mouth and stirred them. I could feel the juice trip from the side of my mouth and down my jaw as he tilted my head up.

I was dizzy from the tastes and the intense kiss by the time the berry was gone, but I was barely able to catch my breath when something soft and wet wedged between my lips. This time I opened my mouth, understanding that it would be some sort of food. I inhaled and caught the scent of a peach just before my lips met his again and I bit down.

The peach was sweet and delicate, so much more different than the powerful chocolate strawberry. I sighed, allowing the juice to swim over my tongue. This time, I slipped it into Chris’ mouth to share with him the flavor and to caress his mouth the way the flavor caressed mine.

Next was a lime coated with sugar, pure sweet with pure sour, which sent me gasping, like a painful tweak of a nipple. I clenched my hands and strained against the silk as we kissed feverishly.

It’s strange, but I was happy to get back to work on Monday. After a life disruption like I’d been through, the return of routine was welcome.

I parked very close to where I’d been stabbed. Heading towards the elevator, I paused and looked over at the stairwell where it happened. I shuddered and walked on, wondering if I’d ever be able to go into work again without thinking about it. Probably not.

Of course, I reminded myself, some good had come of it all already.

I’d keep absolutely quiet about Helena and me. I didn’t want to get her in hot water, for one, plus word getting out about us could hurt my own career. I could imagine getting a promotion someday only to have people question how I earned it. The fact that I’d nailed the hot boss lady was to remain absolutely secret.

It was a quarter to nine when I walked through the doors into our department. Doug had scheduled a meeting for promptly at nine.

Gina was at the front desk, staring at her computer screen.

“Hey,” she said, not bothering to look up.

“Hey Gina,” I responded, perplexed.

As I made my way towards the lab, a few coworkers saw me and said terse good mornings. I settled into my desk a bit peeved. I didn’t expect a banner and confetti upon walking in the door, but everyone was acting as if nothing happened. Worse, in fact. They seemed almost hostile.

A pit formed in my stomach. Had they somehow found out about Helena and me? Did they think I took advantage of her? I was a worried mess by the time I entered the conference room and sat down. I scanned the faces there. Everyone seemed to be ignoring me.

Doug strode in, his usual grandiose self. He’s a big guy in every way, tall with a protruding gut and a huge head.

“Good morning everyone,” he said, launching right into his agenda. It turns out Helena had approved the plan we were working on the night I got stabbed. Doug explained it all in his loud, boisterous way of speech.

“Now comes the tough part,” he was saying. “And that’s implementation. At stake is nothing less than more efficient solar panels for a greener tomorrow, not to mention maintaining our industry leadership and increasing the value of your stock options. We have to work -”

Doug stopped mid-sentence, turning away. He started laughing.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I can’t go on. I lasted as long as I could. Let’s hear it for our man Jonah, everyone!”

The room burst into applause. Everyone got to their feet clapping. I was at the center of a whirlwind of congratulations, guys slapping me on the shoulder and every girl in the department smooching me on the cheek.

Except for Gina, that is, who managed to plant a kiss on my lips in front of everyone without anyone so much as raising an eyebrow. She didn’t normally attend staff meetings, but hung around the door to see my reaction to the big practical joke.

“It was Greg’s idea,” Doug explained. “He suggested we all act as if nothing had happened, just to screw with your head.”

“Well, it worked!” I responded.

“Seriously, everyone,” Doug continued. “This company was built on teamwork. Teamwork relies on good character, however, and Jonah showed his character when one of the women of this company was being attacked. Now, Jonah says he’s not a hero. I’m not so sure about that.”

We settled in for the meeting. Doug detailed all we’d be working on for the next year. I sighed, pondering the long hours ahead.

Gina approached me after the meeting broke up.

“Our Jonah, the big hero!” she said. “What’re you doing for lunch? Let me take you out, my treat.”

“I’ve got a meeting with Human Resources over the stabbing,” I said. It sounded like I was blowing her off but I corrected myself quickly. “How’s Thursday?”

“Thursday’s great!”

Gina walked off. I admired her curvy ass and thighs and recalled the feel of her soft lips pressed against my own, contemplating my situation. I’d just fucked the boss lady and now I’d made a date with the receptionist.

The complications arising from this could be myriad, but I didn’t care.


I saw Helena that afternoon. I was returning from work following my lunch meeting with a Mrs. Turner from HR. She was nice, but I got the feeling she was mostly concerned with preventing me from suing the company. Hence the lunch HR was paying for. I told her as long as they agreed to pay the deductibles on my insurance and the days I missed were waived in terms of sick days, I’d sign whatever release she wanted.

“I think that can be arranged,” she said, barely suppressing a relieved grin. They even threw in the standard workman’s compensation for an injured arm. Not bad.

Helena was standing in the main lobby by the elevators when I returned from lunch. She was studying a file in her hands and talking to another corporate big wig. She wore a bright red suit and matching heels. Red was Helena’s color, pairing well with her skin tone and pale blonde hair.

Helena glanced at me, a sly smirk forming in one corner of her mouth and an eyebrow cocking in my direction. She wore red-frame glasses, bringing out the iridescent green of her eyes even more than usual.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Sullivan,” she said.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Davis-Wickham,” I responded.

I grinned as I stepped into the elevator, replaying Friday night in my mind. I tried to recall every last sensation. I wanted to remember it all forever, from the taste of Helena’s lips to the way her hair had the subtle aroma of vanilla. Most of all, I thought of the way her bountiful tits bounced steadily as she rode my cock.

We’d stayed in bed a long time after the sex was over the previous Friday, lounging together naked. I got up and got our beers. We drank them, snuggling and talking.

I lay in bed and watched her dress afterwards. It was like a reverse strip-tease, and surprisingly erotic. She slid her panties back on, then her bra. Reaching back, she hooked it without effort.

“How do women do that?” I asked. “You make it look so easy.”

“It is easy, Sweet Jonah,” she teased.

I watched as she put her shirt back on and buttoned it up. She glanced at me, smiling. She enjoyed me watching her, and deliberately took her time.

On went the skirt, then the jacket, and finally her shoes. She studied herself in the mirror, nodding her head. A minute before, she was naked. Now she looked every bit the elegant and smart professional again.

I put on my shorts and shirt and followed her to the front door. We shared a long kiss as I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

“I’ll be in touch this week,” she said. “We can talk more about getting you properly thanked.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” I said. “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

Helena kissed me again after I walked her to her car. I went back inside and lay down in my bed. I could still smell her on the sheets and feel the warmth of where her body lay mere minutes before.

It wasn’t long before I was hard again.


Gina greeted me Tuesday morning with a big smile. She was wearing a pink shirt which showed off her cleavage nicely. Her hair was back but a few raven tresses refused to cooperate and framed her face nicely.

“Hey, you!” she said.

“Hey, yourself!” I responded. I added, “You’re looking nice, this morning.”

“Thanks,” she said.

A voicemail summoning me upstairs to Helena’s office on my lunch break was waiting for me at my desk. Come lunchtime, I headed upstairs. I knew enough to be discrete, so I walked a few flights up the stairwell and then slipped into an upward-bound elevator unnoticed by anyone who knew me.

I’d never been to Helena’s office before. It was way up on the tenth floor. Her secretary, a tall redhead, smiled as I walked in.

“Jonah,” she said. “Go right in.”

Helena’s office was like I might’ve imagined. It occupied a corner of our building with a magnificent view of downtown and contemporary art on the walls. She sat behind her glass-topped desk talking on the phone. She smiled, gesturing towards the chairs in front of her desk. I sat down.

“That’s bullshit, Sam,” she said sternly into the phone. “When? Why don’t you call me when you know something more definite?”

Helena glanced at me. Her glasses were down around the tip of her nose and she looked like every naughty librarian fantasy I’d ever had, and I’d had plenty. She raised an eyebrow and smirked playfully.

“That’s not acceptable,” she said into the phone, her humorless tone in sharp contrast to the flirtatious look on her face. “Look, I’ll give you to five and I think that’s reasonable. See what you can do. Okay? Talk to you then. Bye.”

“Hello, Sweet Jonah,” she said, putting down the phone.

Helena got up and came around the desk. She wore a navy blue suit and matching high heels, the skirt portion hugging her hips as she walked.

“How are you?” she asked, leaning over and giving me a quick peck on the lips.

“Good,” I told her. “I keep thinking about Friday night.”

“I’m sure.” Helena sat down in the chair next to me. “That was the best fuck I’ve had in months. Time’s short, so let me tell you why I asked you up here. My daughter’s going to Washington this weekend on a JSA trip. They’ll be leaving Friday afternoon and won’t be back until Sunday evening. What I propose is simple.”

Helena paused, a mischievous look in her eyes. She gave me her trademark smirk.

“I want to make myself available to you,” she continued. “For the entire weekend. During that time, I will be at your complete sexual disposal. Do with me as you wish. Fuck me anyway you want. Let me thank you properly like I promised. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds great,” I managed to say.

“There’s just one thing.” Helena paused again. “Jonah, an offer like this doesn’t come along every day. Think about what you’d like, and don’t be shy. I’ve been around the block. To give you an idea: If you want to fuck my ass, that’s fine. If you want me to fuck your ass, for that matter, that’s also okay. Don’t squander this opportunity by being timid, Jonah. Okay?”


“Go online tonight. Pick out some outfits for me and some sex toys, whatever you want. Print out whatever you want, bring it to me then, and I’ll have it overnighted. Don’t worry about price, either.”

“I can do that,” I told her.

“Great,” she said, glancing at the clock on the wall. “Shit. I’ve got another appointment in five minutes. How’s Thursday?”

“Um,” I said. I didn’t want to break my date with Gina. “Not good.”

“How about tomorrow? Same time?”

“Sounds great.”

“Tomorrow is better, after all, come to think of it,” she said. “I’ll be able to give you some time to talk some more. Bring your lunch.”

We stepped towards the door. Helena kissed me hard again before I left then slapped my ass playfully.

I felt like I’d won the lottery.


I saw Helena the next day as we planned. I handed her the file I’d worked on. I’d spent hours online the night before, looking at outfits and lingerie I’d like to see her in. I finally settled on a few and printed them out.

Helena looked the pages over, nodding and smiling. Her glasses fell down to the tip of her nose again and it was my turn to smile. She wore a gray suit with a bright purple dress shirt and sat across from me at her desk with her legs crossed.

“Very nice,” Helena said, looking over the first page.

“That’s my favorite,” I told her.

“I can see why.” Her eyes flashed at me. “Red is my color.”

“I know.”

We wound up talking for a half hour. Helena quizzed me on my likes and dislikes, sexual and non-sexual. She nodded thoughtfully when I told her about my passion for Asian food. Then we switched to discussing my favorite sexual fantasies.

“I’ll order everything tonight,” she said when we were finished. “Jonah, I’m so glad we had this talk. It’s going to make everything so much more fun this weekend.”

Helena handed me a paper with her address.

“I’m yours come six Friday,” she said.

“Then I’ll be there at six,” I said.

I pulled her towards me and we shared a long, lustful kiss.

“Jonah taking what he wants,” Helena cooed. “Helena like.”

“One more thing,” I said.


“That first outfit I picked, you know, the red one?”


“Be wearing it when I get there. And I’ll be there right at six. I’m never late.”

“Yes, sir,” Helena growled. “And I’ll have a special dinner waiting. You’re gonna need your strength, kiddo.”


Gina and I left for our lunch date right at noon the next day, hoping to get a table outside at a little Thai place a few doors down from our building. It was a gorgeous day, warm for late September.

Gina wore a green sweater buttoned-down in front over a yellow shirt and khaki pants, all chosen to show off her figure. It worked.

We got our coveted seat outside and ordered quickly from the lunch specials. A couple of guys from work caught sight of us and nodded enviously. Everyone loved Gina.

Gina glanced at the bandages on my arm.

“Does it still hurt?” she asked.

“No,” I told her. “Not anymore. It hurt like hell for days, though.”

“I can’t imagine what was going through her mind when that guy grabbed her,” she said.

“I’m sure she was scared,” I said. “I was sure scared.”

“She must be grateful to you.”

I chuckled, then changed the subject as carefully as I could and asked Gina about herself. She was a fascinating girl, as it turned out. She played guitar, wrote songs, enjoyed cycling, and was a voracious reader. Still, my mind wandered back to Helena.

Gina walked close to me as we headed back to the office, our hands brushing casually a few times. I admired the way her hair behaved in the breeze and the way her big dark eyes were so expressive.


Friday was an agony of anticipation. I had a tough time concentrating, my mind wandering constantly to picturing the various positions I’d like to see Helena in and all the things I’d like to do to her. Would do to her, I corrected myself.

I had lunch again with Gina, this time in the cafeteria. She asked me what I had planned for the weekend. I told her a white lie.

“I’m visiting a friend,” I said.

“Oh,” she said. “That sounds nice.”

Gina wasn’t good at hiding her emotions. Disappointment flashed across her eyes, as clear as if the text of what she was thinking were displayed on them. She was hoping to see me that weekend and doing a bad job of disguising the face. She’d make a terrible poker player.

“We should do something after work one night,” I said, shifting gears. “Maybe dinner next week?”

“Sure.” Her eyes brightened. “Sounds great.”


Helena lived in an upscale neighborhood from the 1920s in an old-money zip code, each home a unique architectural gem on spacious lots. Helena’s home was a Tudor-style house surrounded by towering oak trees. It exuded good taste, and money.

I pulled into the long driveway one minute before six, true to my word. Grabbing my bag, I approached the door. I was about to knock when Helena opened it. She wore a long white robe closed in the front, but I could see the red gloves and boots which hinted at the outfit I’d picked out for her. She was wearing her glasses, too. By my specific request, she wasn’t going to wear her contacts all weekend.

“Come on in, Jonah,” Helena said, a trace of a smirk crossing her face.

Inside her house was ultra-modern, in sharp contrast to the outside. Everything was sleek and spare, but with plenty of bright colors everywhere. Helena had lots of modernist furniture and vivid abstract paintings covered the walls. It looked like the kind of interior you see in an architectural magazine.

I closed the door behind me as I stepped inside. Helena cocked an eyebrow at me, undoing her robe and letting it fall to her feet the moment the door shut. She placed a hand on her hip in a provocative pose.

I stared dumbfounded, taking in the sight of Helena in the outfit I’d selected.

It started with her boots, high-heeled and reaching halfway up her thighs. They were bright red, complimenting her complexion perfectly. Next was the matching red corset with black laces up the sides. It fit tight, her ample boobs squeezed inside and threatening to pop out at any moment.

The matching gloves and corresponding collar around her neck provided the finishing touches, the little details which made the ensemble so great. Most of all, however, was the woman filling it out. Every inch of Helena radiated sex, from the spiked heels of her boots to the top of her blonde hair. I wanted nothing more than to take hold of her.

“Helena, Helena,” I gasped. “You’re a work of art.”

“Glad you like it.”

“Yeah, that’s an understatement.”

I stepped towards her and took her in my arms, grasping her tight. I kissed her hard and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders. We stood there making-out in her foyer, hands and tongues all over each other.

Somehow Helena detached herself. She was breathing heavily, her eyes afire.

“Plenty of time for that,” she said. “Damn, this is going to be a fun weekend. Remember, I promised you dinner when you got here. Come on. Like I said, you’ll need your strength.”

Helena led me into the kitchen. It was large and modern with marble tops and a huge island in the middle. The large glass table was already set with a colorful feast.

“I thought I’d keep it light,” she said, guiding me into a chair at the head of the table and sitting down on my right. “I remembered how you said you enjoyed Asian food.”

“I’m obsessed with it,” I said, taking in the magnificent spread laid out on the table.

Helena reached over and poured a bottle of beer into a tall glass and then poured herself the same.

“This is a Czech pilsner I think will go well with the meal,” she explained.

I took a sip. It was smooth but with a strong element of hops.

“Excellent,” I said. “I see you decided to cook Indian.”

“You said it was a favorite.”

“Indeed I did.”

“Let me tell you what everything is,” she said. “First we have curried shrimp with garlic and onions.”

Helena pointed out a platter of bright yellow shrimp in an orange sauce arranged atop a glass platter. Bright green cilantro was sprinkled over the shrimp, creating a dazzling array of colors.

“Here we have the Paneer,” Helena said, pointing out the dark green spinach dish.

“That’s one of my particular favorites,” I said.

“Finally, we have lemon-cumin rice,” Helena added, gesturing towards a bowl of bright white rice with cumin seeds and cilantro sprinkled on top and sliced almonds and lemon zest mixed in.

“You cooked all this?” I asked.

Helena shrugged, a “who me?” look on her face.

“Helena Davis-Wickham,” I said. “Renaissance woman.”

“Don’t praise me till you’ve tried everything,” she cautioned.

Everything was cooked and flavored to perfection, no easy task with Indian food. There was a multi-layered spiciness to the shrimp, in particular, which made every morsel a flavorful delight.

We devoured everything on the table, draining our beers and chatting easily. Helena was nice to be around, not just beautiful but, I was learning, clever and funny.

Again and again my eyes wandered over her body as we dined. She noticed and turned it into a game, moving with deliberate, slow sensuality for me.

Taking a sip of beer, she cast me a smoldering look and held my attention. Taking up the glass with a gloved hand, she parted her lips as she brought it to her mouth. Still looking right into my eyes, she took a long sip and then lowered the glass. Her lips were wet from the beer and she licked them slowly with the tip of her tongue. Then she gave me a coy smile and looked like a school girl for a fleeting moment, feigning shyness.

The rest of dinner passed in that fashion, me staring at Helena and taking in her every move as she put on a slow, sensuous show. Every sip of beer and bite of food became sexual. When the meal was finished, we regarded each other silently. Neither of us had spoken for at least five minutes.

*An army is one man’s courage and a thousand men’s discipline*

(A thankful bow to Frontma for another round of editing)

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic, I’d like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


The post-midnight meeting with Cordelia and a rag-tag group of students was probably the most insane stunt I’d pulled for some time. I thought Cordelia was nuts but my opinion was not solicited. I was wanted for my upper body strength and long reach. See, one of the Administration’s greatest tools was the school’s surveillance network.

As Cordelia saw it, there was one point of weakness for the system and that was in the heart of the Security Center — the system servers that coordinated all the incoming data and video feeds. We weren’t going to sabotage it; that would be simple. No, we were going to steal it, and that’s exactly what we did.

I had to admit that was the last thing Gorman would have suspected us of trying to pull off and the best part of it was that all the surveillance devices were rendered impotent because we stole the objects that held the information of our misdeeds. We stole out the back gate of the campus and buried the equipment out in the woods.


I knew there would be hell to pay and I couldn’t contact my normal shower-mates so I went to the shower early and was back in bed by the time Dana Gorman stomped into my room.

“You weren’t in the shower,” she growled, “but several other students were.”

“Why are you angry for me not being in the shower with the girls?” I yawned.

“Because it would give me leverage to make you give me back my security system, you Jackass,” she snapped.

“And you blame me…why?” I slipped out of the covers, naked, and started to get dressed. Dana didn’t seem to mind looking me over.

“This is no longer a game,” Dana pointed out. “You’ve stolen thousands of dollars of University property. If I can’t find things and quickly, I am going to have to bring in the Sheriff’s Department and that equals criminal charges.”

“Should I take it you’ve made no progress in the assault on the students yesterday, or is their support for Christina good enough reason for you to let them suffer?” I continued.

“You are being an idiot again,” Gorman accused me. “We can deal with that once you and the others stop treating this like some social experiment and get back to your studies.”

“I think this is the point where we cease having anything to discuss, Coach,” I muttered. Gorman looked down at the ground and clenched her fists in frustration.

“A third of the Soccer team walked off yesterday. I lost half the Karate club as well,” she ground out. “Archery disbanded, and it looks like Orienteering and Marksmanship will do the same today. I’m telling you, this is nuts. I’ve worked my ass off making this school athletically competitive and everyone is throwing that away.”

“I don’t know what to tell you except that I doubt any of this would have happened if someone hadn’t been gunning for Rio on our first day,” I said. “I certainly made mistakes but you made the first one. I do have one thing I want you to think about.”

“What is it?” she asked warily.

“How do you like your war now?” I stated with intensity. She didn’t laugh it off this time.

“You think this is going to keep going?” she questioned.

“You have our backs against the wall; you are beating and expelling us,” I explained. “We don’t have many options.”

“I won’t let you win,” she said evenly.

“I’m afraid it is out of our hands, Dana,” I warned her. I didn’t know for sure things were going to spiral out of control but I couldn’t see any way out of it. Dana shook her head and left.

Around 6:45 Alice came to escort me to breakfast. She talked; I remained quiet until I picked up Rio, Valerie, and Iona. We were crossing campus to the Dining Hall when Valerie nudged me. I looked in the same direction she was and saw Hope walking across the lawn on a definite mission. It didn’t take me a second to see where she was heading; Rhaine and two of her associates were in huddled conversation.

Rhaine never saw what hit her. Hope did a spin kick to her head and sent her flying. She punched the other two, followed up with a heel kick to one and two blows to the head to the last one. Hope then swooped down, snatched up their phones, and rapidly walked away. The first attack hadn’t lasted ten seconds.

“This is your last chance to get out of this,” I whispered to Valerie.

“I’m sorry, Mother,” Valerie sighed. I didn’t have time to know what that meant because I figured the open nature of Hope’s attack was Christina’s way of telling the rest of us it was time to strike back for what Rhaine’s people had done to our side yesterday. I turned and clocked Alice hard enough to knock her down.

“Rio, get her phone,” I hissed to my friend. Rio was surprised for a second, then jumped on Alice’s body. People around us began murmuring but most were in shock. I didn’t wait around because I had spotted a group of five of Rhaine’s people a few feet ahead. The ripples of Hope’s attack started to reach them when I kicked the first one in the back.

Valerie was right at my side, flipping a second girl over before she had a chance. I saw Iona grabbing up their phones even as we fought on. The remaining three were able to turn and face us but it didn’t do them any good. We steamrolled over them, punching and kicking them into the ground. The first girl near us began to scream as I closed on the next group.

This turned out to be Joy and Mercy. Valerie was about to pummel them but I held her back.

“Joy, Mercy, sit on the ground and give us your phones,” I growled. They hesitated and tried to back up.

“Mercy, do it,” Rio hissed. “I don’t want to see you get hurt.” That did it for Mercy, and she took to her seat and handed her phone to Rio.

Rio showing compassion toward Mercy was unlooked for and something we’d have to talk about when this bout of madness ended. Joy went down beside Mercy, allowing Valerie and I to move on. By the time we closed on the fourth group, the general student body had figured out something bad was happening and parted like the Red Sea as we approached our quarry.

The three girls we approached knew we were coming. I could read their disbelief in their eyes; they couldn’t imagine that the attacks they’d perpetrated on our people were coming back to haunt them. One got a blow into my stomach before we finished them off, giving their downed forms a few extra kicks before heading for our last targets.

There were four of them, with the added complications of a history teacher named Mrs. Cunningham who was a matronly, sixty-something-year-old instructor. They were standing at the four doors that entered into the Dining Hall and if I had been them, I would have run, but I guessed that the teacher standing so close made them assume we’d hold back; we didn’t.

The first girl stepped up to say something to me when I split her lip and sent her stumbling back. I kicked the one farthest away while Valerie punched another one in the throat. I chased the second girl down and while she was bent over, I pounded her in the cheek and planted her in the ground.

I spun back and kicked the first girl in the face, flipping her over, and witnessed Valerie run the fourth girl into a door and knock her out. Mrs. Cunningham finally recovered enough to grab my arm.

“What are you doing?” she muttered weakly.

“Yesterday, these girls thought it would be fun to kick some of their fellow students down some stairs, landing them to the infirmary,” I responded. “Today they reaped what they sowed.” I had no idea if any of the girls I’d attacked had actually beaten up any of Christina’s people, but that wasn’t the point.

The Administration had let Rhaine’s girls know that they wanted Christina’s people intimidated and suppressed. Not being schooled in the application of force, things had escalated when Christina’s people had not backed down. The Chancellor had let them think they were entitled and we’d just shown them they were not; they were going to be held accountable for what they did.

Mrs. Cunningham released me and bent over the first moaning girl. Iona came up with a handful of phones.

“What do we do with these?” she asked.

“Give them to me,” chuckled Rio. She took the phones, took out the memory cards, and chucked the phones up on the roof.

In the end, Christina only used twenty of us to send eighty of Rhaine’s people to the infirmary, and we accomplished it all in under five minutes. We brazenly arrived at breakfast, most of us making for the food line but Rio sprinting for the bathrooms to flush the evidence. Up with the teachers, things were in utter chaos.

Gorman’s walky-talky didn’t seem to be working (thank you, Cordelia) so she grabbed the closest student and wrote them a message. She handed it to the girl (a freshman) who promptly read it, then ate it right in front of the coach. Coach sat that girl down, grabbed a second girl. This one took the message and ran straight to the bathroom and flushed it.

Around Chancellor Bass a storm was boiling over. Several teachers had witnessed the violence and wanted something done about it before one of them was drug into the matter by means of a physical confrontation. They were demanding the attacking students to be rounded up immediately.

Several teachers, led by Dr. Larson, were begging, pleading, and demanding that the Chancellor call it quits with this whole suppression scheme. Bass refused to budge, ordering Gorman to round everyone up and hold them in the parking lot. Gorman was trapped.

“That’s insane,” Dana snapped. “What am I going to round them up with — students? We’ve seen how well that’s worked. I don’t have enough security guards to peacefully bring them in and my only alternative is to bring in the Sheriff’s Department and use force, and I’m not going to do that.”

“You will if I tell you to,” the Chancellor threatened. Dana threw her hands up in the air and backed away. She paced for about a minute, long enough for us to get our food and take our seats…which were all in one section of the Dining Hall due to some ‘screw up’ (read: Cordelia) in their seating assignment. There appeared to be around three hundred of us now and morale was high.

I caught sight of Gorman angling toward Christina and starting to talk. Christina signaled for her to stop but only long enough to summon three people to her, one being me. Temperance, the senior, was one of them, and the third was a girl I’d only known by her photograph. She was Hannah Cartwright, the Sophomore Class President.

“I’m asking for a cease-fire,” Dana reiterated. “The fighting ends on both sides, strict discipline will be enforced for any and all infractions, and there will be no administrative actions for what has happened over the past forty-eight hours.”

“We want our phones, tablets, and laptops back, plus the ability to use them,” Temperance stated.

“All expulsions are to be cancelled and the procedure to bring Heaven back is to begin immediately,” I continued. Dana nodded to both addendums.

“I want my security system back,” Dana countered.

“We will start looking for it as soon as this deal goes through,” Christina agreed.

“That is the best I can hope for,” Dana sighed. She stuck out her hand to Christina, who stood and shook it. “Deal?” Christina looked around to get our consensus.

“Deal,” Christina echoed. I wanted to sit back and savor our partial victory but Christina was tense and nervous and that infected us all.

When Dana got back to the Chancellor, she made her case. Dr. Bass glared at her for a moment but the words that followed, while spoken in a low voice, reverberated throughout the hall.

“That’s idiotic; we will not negotiate with these children. Your incompetence has led us to this point, Ms. Gorman; you are fired.” Several teachers immediately protested but Dana simply put down her walky-talky, turned, and strolled out of the room.

Dr. Bass cancelled classes for the day and confined everyone to their dorm rooms and dorm floors until the situation was resolved. Christina told us to ignore the travel restrictions but to keep in groups and avoid confronting security. When we were ordered from the hall, I noticed everyone was traveling in groups now, even the teachers. Things had become totally crazy.

As Valerie, Rio, Iona and I returned to our dorm, we ran across Alice coming back from the nurse’s office. When she saw us, she looked hurt and a bit afraid, but she showed enough courage to confront me.

“Why did you hit me?” she demanded. “I did nothing to deserve that.”

“Alice, you were sent to spy on me, or did you search every dorm room as thoroughly as you searched mine?” I shot back.

“I was told to do that when I accepted the position of Dorm Mother,” she replied.

“Did it occur to you that I might resent being singled out for persecution and, if given a chance, I’d strike back?” I explained. “If not, it should have, especially after yesterday.”

“I had nothing to do with what happened to those other girls,” she shook her head.

“Listen, you stupid cunt,” Rio snapped. “You got orders from the same person who sent those girls to hurt our friends.”

“When you chose to take Barbie Lynn’s place, you placed yourself side by side with those mean girls, Alice,” Iona added. “You chose to be a soldier in their army. Soldiers get shot, even if they don’t get involved in shooting at the enemy themselves.”

“It is time for you to go,” Valerie told Alice. Alice stayed in the hallway as the rest of us walked away. By the time we made it to my door, Pandora, Paige, Brandi, and Opal had joined us.

“Cordelia wants your hook-up activated once more,” Pandora informed me. She had a bruised right eye and a bandage above the eyebrow. “She figures any minute now, the Chancellor will shut down our regular internet lines.”

“Sure thing,” I agreed.

“I’ll get the hot oil and work Valerie over after that tough fight she was in,” Rio volunteered.

“Boundaries,” Valerie cautioned my buddy. “Besides, if anyone works over this body, it will be Zane.” Rio chortled and I gave the tall biker-chick a skeptical look.

“Just kidding,” she laughed, “though we both could probably use some stress relief.” That train of thought was interrupted by a fresh group of freshmen entering the area. I went over to one of the glass panels that gave me a view over the campus. Small groups of students were violating the curfew, and here and there a lone campus security guard gave chase but it was an uneven struggle. Students could run inside a dorm and vanish, and Campus Security didn’t have the resources to search every dorm room.

The pair that came up the stairs thirty minutes later was a real stunner. It was Barbie Lynn with her knee wrapped up, being supported by…Dana Gorman. Dana also had a backpack that clinked very time she moved.

“Look what I found sneaking across campus,” Gorman snorted. No one said anything; she was the Evil Henchman, after all.

“Thanks, Dana,” I said, as I took Barbie off her hands, “take a seat and relax for a while. What brings you to my room, anyway?” Barbie looked terribly concerned by this turn of events.

“My cable is dead — no internet or TV — and I don’t have access to the few remaining security systems, so I figured if anyone had access to the outside world, it would be you,” Dana related.

“What do you need?” I continued.

“I’d like to watch some international soccer,” she told me. I looked toward Paige, who shrugged, then nodded. Dana took a spot on the closest sofa to a TV and sat down. She unzipped her backpack and pulled out a beer. Rio homed in on that and jumped over the sofa beside Dana.

“What do you think you are doing?” Dana asked Rio as my friend put her hand into the satchel.

“Getting a beer; I figure we are all rebels here,” Rio smirked.

“No, you are a rebel; I’m unemployed, and I don’t want to add a criminal conviction for giving alcohol to a minor to my list of accomplishments,” Dana explained.

“Come with me,” Valerie commanded, as she scooped up Rio’s arm and headed away. “Let’s play some pool.”

“Oh!” Rio bubbled, “Are you going to use your big hard stick on me?”

“Yes; it is called caning,” Valerie retorted.


Iona was looking lost with everyone seemingly going in different directions, so I took her by the hand and, with Barbie Lynn, retired to my bedroom.

“I love you two,” I sighed as the stress slowly started to recede. Barbie Lynn pulled close to my side and when I looked at her, we kissed. Iona pressed into my front and rested her head on my chest.

Our lips parted and I looked to Iona, who was giving me a wide-eyed smile. We kissed for some time until Barbie Lynn began massaging my rod through my pants. I returned to Barbie until Iona hugged me tight, resulting in me going back and forth for a while.

“Let’s go to bed,” Iona suddenly spoke up. Barbie Lynn chuckled at the smaller girl’s assertiveness while I marveled at how far she’d come from the scared girl who had grabbed my arm only a few weeks earlier.

I sat Barbie Lynn down on the edge of the bed and worked off her skirt first. I stopped Iona from doing the same, preferring to undress her next. I alternated taking off items of clothing until they were finally naked on the bed, side by side before me.

“Well, Zane,” Barbie Lynn began, sliding one leg up until the heel was touching her thigh.

“What are you waiting for,” Iona finished, mimicking Barbie’s movements.

“I would like to express right now how much I’ve missed the both of you,” I swore to them.

“Less talk; more action,” Barbie Lynn instructed. I began stripping as fast as I could and the girls crawled underneath the covers.

Iona was on her back, propped up on her elbows as I finished shedding my clothes. Barbie Lynn surprised her by rolling onto her side and taking a nipple into her mouth, causing Iona to give a startled squeak. Iona had not expected to be the center of our attention…that was normally Barbie Lynn’s role…so she couldn’t mount an effective defense against our combined affections.

We each feasted on a nipple, taking the occasional stop to kiss Iona deeply, or one another, with Iona’s breasts rubbing against our cheeks. Both our hands made our way to Iona’s honey box, pulled her reluctant legs apart, and began rubbing all over her pubic area. We pushed fingers almost a knuckle deep into her super-tight virgin cunt.

Barbie and I spread her juices around, making the whole pubic mound slick and fluid. We even put our fingers on opposite sides of her clit and rolled them back and forth, sending her over the edge.

“Jesus,” she panted. “Oh, thank you, thank you…oh, thank you,” she gasped. “This feels so good…YESSSSSSS!!” she cried out.

At this point, I was thinking about letting Iona go but Barbie Lynn kept flicking her clit and probing her pussy while sucking in and twirling her breast. I added a finger to the mix and kissed Iona, who desperately tried to suck my tongue out of my mouth — ouch! At the same time, Iona’s back arched off the bed again and again, her thighs trembled, and she clutched at the headboard so hard it shook.

At the point I feared Iona’s heart would explode, I pushed Barbie Lynn’s hand away and she looked up with her lips slick with the saliva generated by sucking on Iona’s tits.

“She is the best friend I’ve made all year,” Barbie Lynn confided in me.

“Better than me?” I questioned.

“Honey,” she drawled, “I think we can agree you’re a tad more than a friend.”

“What am I, then,” I teased; “pen pal, cyber-fan, bosom buddy?”

“I think bosom buddy…” she grinned as she squeezed her magnificent orbs together, “…is closer to what I’m aiming for.”

“My pussy is still quivering,” Iona mumbled in a tiny voice. “Did I lose my virginity?”

“No, Baby,” Barbie Lynn cooed to her, “You had a really good one is all. That is what an orgasm is supposed to feel like. That is what Zane does to me every time.” Huh? I do?

“Oh,” Iona sighed dreamily, “I like that. Isn’t it your turn now?”

“It certainly is, and Zane knows what I want, don’t you,” she winked.

“I’ll get it,” I feigned annoyance, “but I’m still going to take my time with you. I’m not rushing into anything.”

“I like the way you think,” Barbie Lynn purred. She laid out on the bed, her beautiful breasts spreading out and her hair cascading over the pillows she rested on. It hurt to move away from the sight of her.

I got a small tube of lube, crawled over to her, and wedged the tube to the small of her back. Letting her body warm it up would make the sensation more pleasurable.

“Whoa, that’s cold,” she gasped and wiggled.

“Let me warm you up, then,” I grinned. I moved underneath the sheets and then between her legs.

“Hello,” she said demurely, my body poised over hers, our faces nose to nose. She rested her elbows on my shoulders with her arms up. “This feels good, Zane, feels right.” Her thighs pressed against mine and my cock rested on her pubic mound. I moved my face down and stole a quick kiss. Barbie followed suit and soon we were lip-locked.

In time we were trading kisses on the neck and earlobes, our heads playfully moving back and forth. When I reached the top of her breastbone, Barbie Lynn flinched; she’d tried to loop her bum knee over my leg and the pain had been a sharp reminder of her limitations. I lowered myself and took a nipple into my lips and tickled it with my tongue.

“Does that make it feel better?” I teased her.

“Uh-huh,” she purred, “now get back to it.” I hardly felt inclined to deny her request and began alternating each nipple and breast. I let my lips and tongue go over every inch of her breast, especially along the base where a slight taste of sweat mixed with the scent of her body soap.

“Zane, I want you in me,” she pleaded with sultry passion.

“But I want this,” I responded, running my hand along her puffy cunt lips.

“I promise we can do that later, you know how much I love your tongue, but I’m missing something else even more,” she expressed her desire.

I thought about the body dynamics of the situation and decided the best solution was to roll Barbie Lynn’s hips on their side, lifting her left, uninjured leg to my shoulder. Retrieving the warm lube, I rubbed some liberally over her butt hole and two of my fingers, pushing the middle finger gently in first.

Barbie Lynn flexed her body and moaned as the finger pressed into her. Soon she was rocking her hips and pushing down on my hand.

“That still looks painful,” Iona whispered as she moved in for a closer look.

“The pleasure far exceeds the pain, Shugah.” Barbie Lynn expressed what was about to come.

I leaned/crawled over her hips, one hand still working Barbie’s tits over while I kissed a nipple and tugged on it with my teeth. Barbie was letting her arm roam around when Iona intercepted it and put the blonde’s fingertips to her mouth. Unbidden, Iona began sucking on those fingers and I could see that Barbie was torn between the eroticism of the act and the fact it was innocent little Iona who was doing it.

Barbie Lynn used her free hand to push her succulent boob deeper into my mouth…not that there was any way I could get it all into my mouth. Iona went from finger to finger, spending extra time on the thumb. Barbie’s chest began heaving from the excitement and took a jolt when I sunk my second finger into her rectum.

“Are you okay?” Iona worried.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Barbie Lynn exulted happily, “and it’s going to get better real soon.”

I decided to move two fingers along her sopping wet slit and let my thumb depress her clit and rub it around.

“Aha…ah…oh, yeah,” she panted as my hands began working in tandem. I could tell Barbie Lynn was fighting a losing battle against her orgasm and I wasn’t in a mood to make things easy. I rammed my two fingers deep into her ass while biting her nipple and strumming her clit as fast as I could.

“Lord Jesus loves Meeeeeee!!!!” she went off. “Gah! Yeah, yeah…oh…ugh…baby…Yes!” Barbie Lynn went on and on with increasing volume. Her pussy dripped all over my fingers, slick and sensual to my touch. I brought those fingers to my lips, going back for a second taste while her body still shook from her climax.

“Don’t mind us,” Rio announced as she strolled into my room, pulling a reluctant Mercy behind her. “My bitch is here and I’m going to bite a chunk off.”

“Hi, Mercy,” Iona waved. Mercy shot her an embarrassed smile. Rio led her to the far side of the bed. I was a bit concerned that too many people were coming into my room but I couldn’t look everywhere and pay attention to Barbie Lynn and Iona too.

I took up the lube and coated my cock. Before I could spread it out evenly, Iona reached down and did the job for me, even sharing a shy smile with me as she did so. She even helped me lodge it against Barbie Lynn’s anus. Iona felt the tension along my penis until Barbie’s sphincter gave way and let me in, then she moved her hand away.

“Wow,” she whispered, even as Barbie Lynn sighed in satisfaction. As a counterpoint, we heard

“On your knees, Slut-Bunny,” Rio barked to Mercy. She pushed Mercy forward face-first on the bed, flipped up her skirt, and took a bite out of her butt. Mercy yelped and buried her face in the sheets. Sometimes Rio could be sane, but totally nuts was her default setting.

I measured the tremors in her body as I gently pressed my body onto Barbie Lynn’s hips, deepening the penetration of my cock into her back passage.

“Oh, God, Zane,” she moaned. “This never gets old…filling me up like you do.” I slapped her meaty butt cheek hard enough to leave an angry red handprint. Barbie gave a deep intake of breath that became a squeal of joy.

Mercy grunted as Rio yanked her panties off her butt and down her legs.

“Crawl over there and give Barbie Lynn a kiss,” Rio demanded. Mercy gulped and hesitated to respond so Rio hauled off and smacked her butt hard enough for people outside the room to hear. Mercy’s eyes grew wide, her mouth gaped open, and her cheeks flushed, then she smiled.

She made her way slowly across the bed, clearly enticing Rio to spank her several more times. Mercy first brought Barbie Lynn’s gaze over toward her by tipping her chin with one careful hand. The first kiss was tentative and tender. SMACK!

“Kiss her like you want to be kissed, you whore!” Rio taunted Mercy. As she spanked her with one hand, she drove two fingers into Mercy’s cunt with the other.

I had to assume that Mercy was already pretty wet because instead of pulling away from the penetration, Mercy leaned forward on her elbows while thrusting her hips back against Rio’s intrusion. While I was being sensitive to the slow burn Barbie Lynn was going through, Rio drove her hand rapidly like a maniac.

It was a good thing that Mercy liked it rough, but then she chose to be with Rio as much as Rio chose to pick on her. At the opposite side of the expression spectrum, Iona curled up against Barbie’s other side and let her lips gracefully flit along the shoulder and arm. Mercy returned for another kiss at the same time I reached my full expansion inside of Barbie Lynn.

“Oh…my,” Barbie gasped. I waited as she adjusted internally while Mercy kissed her with a lot more passion and intensity. That didn’t stop Rio from administering a few more sharp smacks to Mercy’s bottom, compelling Mercy to rumble with a hunger for more. Iona let her lips migrate from arm to hip, and leading up Barbie Lynn’s hip to my stomach.

“Reach a hand back here and take over, you slut,” Rio told Mercy. When Mercy made the maneuver, Rio began stripping down. Unlike this weekend, she had only her two labia piercings in, though she still had her tattoo along the hip. She gave me both raised eyebrows to go along with her insane grin as the clothes finished coming off.

I partially withdrew my member from Barbie Lynn, eliciting a moan. Iona settled up against me, resting her hands on my chest and hip. I kept a grip on Barbie’s hip and slipped a hand around Iona’s hip and buttocks, rubbed it along her anus, ending at her pussy.

“Ugh,” Iona grunted, as I stroked her kitty and sunk a finger inside.

The group of us got into a rhythm once Rio knelt behind Mercy and began lapping up her pussy and squeezing her ass. By the way Barbie Lynn was pushing and rotating her hips, grabbing the sheets in tight fists and moaning between her kisses with Mercy, she was approaching her second orgasm.

“Zane…Jesus Christ, Zane…oh, God, Baby…ah, aha…YES!!!” she screamed. Her ass muscles gripped, twisted, and squeezed my cock so hard, it took all my concentration to not shoot off into her rectum. Barbie Lynn kept pulsing and rocking over the sheets as waves of intense pleasure crested and slowly worked its way through her system.

Iona and I started seriously kissing as she stood on her knees beside me.

“I want to try something,” I told her.

“He wants to try something?” I heard Valerie’s voice talking to an unseen party. “Somehow the current five-way isn’t enough for him.” There was a snort in agreement of that.

I pumped Barbie Lynn four times in quick succession, then leaned back until my cock was at the very edge of leaving her butt. My torso pivoted, I slipped my arms between Iona’s legs and pulled her up by her buttocks and to me.

“What?” she gasped.

As Iona rose up and I twisted back to a face-forward position, I licked and tongue-tickled my way from her chest, to her stomach, and finally to her pubic hair.

“Ah…oh, okay,” Iona exhaled with pleasure. She put her hands on my shoulders, moved higher, and moved her legs over my arms and rested them on my shoulders.

I still had to hold tight to her ass and raise her to the point I could get my mouth fully on her clit and moist lips.

“Oh, damn,” Rio giggled, “Zane’s making me pull out my toys.” SMACK! “Mercy, you behave.” Rio moved off the bed, stopped, and said, “You had better not remember where I’m getting these from,” to another person.

“I wouldn’t think of it,” Dana Gorman allowed. Clearly my surprise showed in my body because she spoke again. “I wanted to see what all my girls were giggling and whispering about in the showers. I put it down to standard virgin girl hysteria. Now…”

“I half expect some porn director to say ‘Cut — print’ at any second,” Valerie added.

I really didn’t need my sex life critiqued at this moment. I was balancing one girl on my face, licking her silly, while pounding Barbie Lynn’s ass. Seriously, can’t a man have a simple three-way with two college girls in his room in peace? I was soon too overwhelmed by the price of my sexual ambition to worry about that question.

I drank deep of Iona’s nectar, licking along the folds from top to bottom while letting my upper lip press against her throbbing clit. She took one hand from my shoulder, wrapped it up in my hair, and cautiously pushed my face deeper into her cunt.

“Oh, God, Zane…ah, yes, yes, yes,” she panted. “That’s it…right there…AH!”

Iona began riding my face with greater and greater vigor. Barbie Lynn gyrated against my crotch. I heard a vibrator cut on and Mercy groaned as Rio did something to her. I suspected that was moving her off Barbie because Barbie began using greater force against me. I began to feel a tightness building up in my guts as my blood pounded from the exertions I was putting myself through.

“Come here, Mercy,” Rio coaxed, “On your back, my little slut, and spread those legs.” I wished I could see what she was up to because soon Mercy was moaning and gurgling all over the place.

“Please, Rio,” Mercy pleaded, “please…”

“Do you like that?” Rio teased. “Wiggle that ass for me, then, Baby.”

“Ah…oh, Rio, I love you,” Mercy moaned. SMACK!

“None of that, you skank,” Rio snapped. “You are my toy, nothing more.”

“Yes,” sobbed Mercy.

“Good girl,” Rio responded. Mercy gave off a hiccup, then a gasp of pleasure. “You know you are my tight-ass whore; right?” Her victim lurched and moaned several more times.

“Yes, yes…I understand,” Mercy gasped. “I’m yours…whenever…you want.” SMACK!

“Good girl. Now shake that ass, Bitch,” Rio continued. Mercy began making choking — sobbing sounds. “Don’t you dare cum until you get me off. Work that tongue like you mean it.” I could now visualize Rio and Mercy in a sixty-nine, Rio on top, with a dildo up Mercy’s butt.

While figuring that out, I almost missed Iona starting to spasm on my face. I could feel her vagina contracting on my tongue. One hand was yanking and releasing my hair while the fingernails on the other dug into my shoulder. I moved my tongue and latched onto her clit with my lips and sucked on it for all I was worth.

“Ah…oh, oh…oh, ZANE!!!!!” Iona screamed. Her fluids dripped over my nose, into my mouth, and down my chin, but that wasn’t my problem. My problem was that Iona’s body was convulsing, bending her backward toward the head of the bed and me forward into Barbie Lynn. Of course, if I couldn’t stop Iona’s progress, she’d topple onto Barbie Lynn too.

“Oh, Godfuckdamn!” Barbie exploded as I rammed my full length into her inadvertently. “Jesus, love…” which was cut off by her orgasm taking over. Her anal muscles constricted and that was it for me. Hot semen shot down Barbie’s gut, causing her to scream even louder. My whole body was trembling from my ejaculation, plus the strain the two women were putting on me.

Somehow I hung on long enough for Iona to reach behind her, catching the headboard, while Barbie Lynn extended her arms up to brace Iona from tumbling over.

“Fuck, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” Rio laughed. “Mercy, you can come now.”

“Uh…uh…thank…oh, God,” Mercy gasped out. “Rio…uhmmm…ugh,” she choked out before she buried her face into Rio’s pussy and muffled further expressions of ecstasy.

“GRrrr,” Rio growled, before burying her face into the top of Mercy’s thigh. I figured by Mercy’s thrashing that Rio took a bit of a nip out of her playmate’s flesh. In a shuddering heap of sweaty flesh, Iona, Barbie Lynn, and I flopped onto the bed without anyone being crushed. They lay there while I remained on my knees.

“Damn,” Valerie chuckled, “I feel like a virgin all over again.”

“Hell, I need to take a shower and I just sat here,” Gorman agreed. I moved between Barbie Lynn and Iona. “Fuck…he’s still hard.”

“Zane’s like that,” Barbie Lynn laughed between gasps of breath. “He’s always hard after the first round, God bless his soul.”

Iona snuggled into me, kissing my chest between gulps of air.

“It’s only been thirty minutes,” Iona sighed. “We’ll let him recharge a little bit before going at him again.”

“Yes, my butt hurts,” Barbie Lynn added. “I won’t be ready for…say an hour.”

Rio dismounted Mercy and rolled next to Barbie Lynn.

“Mercy, get up here and kiss me, damn it,” Rio breathed huskily. Mercy staggered around on all fours and crawled up Rio’s body until she straddled her. A dreamy smile on her face, Mercy went to kiss Rio on the lips but Rio stopped her.

“No, you don’t, you cunt,” Rio chastised her. “Here,” she indicated her chin. Mercy kissed it. Rio then led Mercy on a slow quest over her nose, cheeks, earlobe, and finally the lips. Rio grabbed Mercy’s hips and pulled the older girl down on top of her.

“Okay, I have to ask; how did Rio end up in bed with Mercy? Mercy is one of my better martial artists and Rio is…well, Rio — kind of an annoying little twerp,” Gorman wondered.

“I won her playing bingo,” was Rio’s smarmy comeback.

“They developed a relationship when you put her in our path,” I was a bit more honest. “Mercy discovered something about herself and someone in Rio who could satisfy her needs.” To emphasize the point, Rio spanked Mercy’s ass hard and the girl humped Rio in response.

“So, besides Cappadocia, are there any of my other girls you…have a relationship with?” Dana inquired. She even leaned forward on the chair she was sitting on.

“What makes you think Cappy and I have a thing?” I asked.

“On Monday,” Dana rolled her eyes at my naiveté, “she hated you and on Wednesday, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of you and couldn’t drive the other teammates out of the gym for your…private lesson. Just because I’m over thirty doesn’t mean I’m soft in the head.”

“That’s not fair, Coach,” Rio smiled past Mercy. “We never thought you were bright.”

Before I could say or do anything, Barbie Lynn elbowed her.

“Ow!” Rio snickered. “Why are you hitting me?”

“I owe you. You said a bad thing, and Zane says never fight yesterday’s battles. Now that the Coach is no longer the bad girl, we don’t pick on her,” Barbie Lynn explained.

“But I’m always annoying,” Rio countered. “Why is this time special?”

“Rio, don’t you think Zane deserves a break? He’s always throwing himself onto the train tracks for you and you give him shit for it,” Barbie Lynn sounded a bit cross. “After all, you wouldn’t have Mercy if you’d had your way. Zane was right about you being good for the rest of us to know, and he was right about saving Mercy. I trust him about Coach because I trust you too.”

“Trust — smust, I’ll keep my spank-o-matic,” Rio grimaced. She clearly got Barbie Lynn’s point but admitting it at the moment wasn’t in her. “So, does anyone want to give Mercy a hard spanking? If not, I’m going to get my big strap-on and ream her ass until she is so hoarse, she can’t scream anymore.”

“Don’t you think you two need to grow together before using the ‘OMG’ model?” I warned her. That thing would tear Mercy’s unprepared butt to shreds. I reached over Barbie Lynn and spanked Mercy four times, two to each ass cheek. She yelped and jolted with each contact, and while tears welled in her eyes, she couldn’t have been happier.

“I’m getting my favorite strap-on, then,” Rio wiggled from under Mercy.

“Hold her back,” Valerie joked. “She’s lost her mind.” Mercy buried her face in the bed, shook her head, and raised her butt up in the air. “Fine, if it’s the Spas-monkey you want, so be it.”

“Have some of this,” Barbie Lynn fished out the lubricant and handed it to Mercy. “I don’t know how patient Rio is going to be when she gets back.”

Rio, who was only a few feet away getting out and attaching her strap-on, stuck out her tongue at Valerie and Barbie. “Spas-monkey? I prefer Vibrator-Bunny, or didn’t you two get my tweet?”

“How about Vibrating Spas?” Iona suggested. Rio howled and charged the bed.

“That’s it,” she giggled, “that tight little virgin butt-hole is mine!” Iona squawked and buried herself under my side.

“That’s my virgin butt to nurture and enjoy, bro, not yours,” I taunted Rio as I reached around and put a comforting arm around Iona. I wasn’t sure how Iona would take that. Her kisses to my ribs ended those worries.

“I’ll nipple twist you for her,” Rio grinned. Belying her threat, she was lining up behind Mercy while Mercy was rubbing lube all along her ass cleft and anus.

“I never considered the benefits of anal sex in a school full of virgin school girls,” Valerie mused. “Oral sex, I expected, but not anal.”

“Somehow, when the Founders created the Purity Pledge, I suspect they were forbidding all kinds of intercourse, but they never counted on Zane,” Dana stated.

“Rio, I’m not going to take you on in a contest you love and I hate,” I smiled. “How about a shoot-off? I’ll spot you two orgasms.”

“Four,” Rio hissed. She’d spread the oil over her dildo and was slowly pushing it into the ass of Mercy. Mercy had her face still buried in the sheets, her fists balled up and her hips pushing back.

“Uh…uh…uh,” Mercy groaned, as Rio penetrated with short jabs. She rested her hands on Mercy’s shoulder and neck.

“Okay, now I’m grateful I sleep on my back,” Valerie commented. “I promised Zane I wouldn’t break her, but if I felt that poking my hiney, I’d stick it somewhere she’d not soon forget.”

“Do the world a favor and stick it in her mouth,” Dana smirked.

“Hardy, har-har,” Rio chuckled. She reached down beside Mercy, retrieved her vibrator, and began rubbing it along that girl’s pussy slit and clit. Barbie Lynn reached for my cock and began stroking it, rubbing it along her ass and between her cheeks.

“I need another beer,” Dana sighed. “All this is doing is reminding me that plastic doesn’t really get the job done.”

“Get me a Coke and I’ll get the popcorn,” Valerie said. “After all, I have an open invitation to join whenever I want.” I had to wonder when that had happened…then I remembered Rio and her big mouth.

Iona had settled in on her side, head propped up on her elbow, as she watched me push into Barbie Lynn once more. I had my hands on her hip and thigh, pushing in with more force this time around.

“Feels…so…good,” Barbie Lynn sighed, as my cock filled up her rectum. “Make me feel good, Daddy.”

I lifted up her left leg, then gingerly took her wounded leg and raised it to my shoulder as well. As I felt the deep reaches of her bowels envelop me, Barbie Lynn arched her back and let out a sob of joy.

“Oh, that’s what I need,” she moaned, “That’s what I’ve missed.”

Unlike our first round, this time we were raw with our hunger for one another. I kneaded her breasts, teasing and pulling the nipples from time to time. Her body was folded up so that our faces were close enough for me to lock onto those gorgeous bedroom blue eyes. Barbie licked her lips and blew kisses at me.

I was so into Barbie sensually that I almost missed Mercy going off next to us.

“Oh God, oh fuck, oh God!” she verbally exploded. “Please!!!” Rio kept up the slap, slap, slap of her thighs against Mercy’s butt.

“Don’t you give up on me, Bitch,” Rio taunted her. She grabbed a handful of Mercy’s hair and pulled her shoulder up off the bed until she was balancing on her hands and knees.

Rio shot a look my way and mouthed ‘I love you’ as she kept working Mercy over into one cascading orgasm after another. I was pounding deep into Barbie Lynn’s tight orifice, Rio was happy, and Iona was giving me a dreamy, contented look. Life could hardly be better.

“Zane, we need to…Oh, My God!” Virginia Goodswell cried out in a shocked voice.

“Here, have my seat, Virginia,” Gorman grinned. “You look like you are about to fall over.” I hadn’t even heard Dana or Valerie return.

“Zane, what are you doing?” Virginia questioned.

“I’m a little busy,” I ground out. Fucking was hard, attention intensive, and pleasurable work.

“Virginia, he’s having anal intercourse with Barbie Lynn Masters,” Dana chuckled. “I thought that would have been obvious. Rio Talon is using a strap-on and a dildo on Mercy Chaplain, and Iona, having been touched and licked to two orgasms, is sitting this round out.”

“I can see that and…Dana, what are you doing here?” Virginia, my Spiritual Advisor, asked.

“I’m unemployed so they aren’t my students anymore,” Dana snorted. “Also, Zane’s got one of the few illegal internet hook-up plus satellite TV. My apartment is a tomb, comparatively.”

“This was the farthest thing from my mind when I learned my Dad was sending me to an All-Girl Christian University,” Valerie added.

“It is the skirts,” Rio giggled. “Zane can’t keep his hands off the skirts.”

“In my experience, Zane has the pathological desire to worship the female form,” Iona joined in.

“Listen, I knew Zane was having…relationships, but coming in and finding him in bed with four women…girls…students is a bit much to wrap my mind around,” Virginia related. “My sex life has been a bit vanilla.”

“I prefer to think of mine as disappointing,” Dana confessed.

“All my boyfriends have lived under threat of dismemberment, so I’ve had it pretty safe too,” Valerie stated.

“Threat of dismemberment?” Virginia stammered.

“She’s a member of a major criminal biker organization in the Rockies,” Dana informed her.

“We are a motorcycle club,” Valerie defended her family.

“I’m having sex here,” I growled. “If you don’t mind…”

“We are good, Zane,” Valerie replied. “Don’t worry about us, and Barbie needs you.”

“Gee, thanks,” I grumbled, but she was right; Barbie Lynn needed my attention.

“Ms. Palmer, every one of your known associates, except your baby sister, has a criminal record,” Dana said.

“I’ve never been convicted of anything,” Val countered, “and Mom got off on a bad search.”

Mercy cried out as Rio shifted to sharp powerful jabs with her artificial cock.

“I’ve got a record,” Rio crowed proudly.

“That only means you were sloppy enough to get caught,” Valerie pointed out.

“It wasn’t my fault; I ran out of road while driving a stolen Porsche,” Rio told us.

“You stole a Porsche?” Valerie asked.

“How do you run out of road in an expensive, high-performance sports car?” Virginia wondered.

“Yes…take that, Mercy, you bitch,” slap, slap, “I stole a Porsche and I ran out of road when I cruised into another car showroom on the far side of town. Who knew that those dumb sons-of-bitches didn’t put a back way out that place?”

“Rio, why did you steal something that didn’t belong to you in the first place?” Iona begged to know.

“Blame drugs, teenage hormones, or the fact that it was a school night, I hadn’t studied for a test the next day, and this sounded like the best way of not having to take it,” Rio suggested.

I would have told them that was Rio-speak for ‘I have no idea’ except I’d finally stretched Barbie Lynn’s hamstrings to the point we had our tongues entwined, mouths pressed, and teeth nibbling on each other’s lips like famished lovers. I could feel her anal spasm vibrating up through her body and her lungs fighting for air. She was getting close and I thought it was going to be a big one.

“That would be an exhibition of low impulse control,” Dana chided Rio.

“I think it shows poor life choices,” Virginia stated.

“I think it shows she’s fucking nuts,” Valerie declared.

“Fine…whatever, but I’m one of the two people fucking a sweet piece of ass while you dykes are sitting on the sidelines,” Rio taunted them.

“You are my students,” Virginia began, “I don’t…” She was interrupted by Barbie Lynn.

“Ugh…Oh, Lord Jesus…Zane,” she gasped then, “Aaaaiiiiii!!!” she screamed so loud I was afraid my brain would explode. She kept trying to buck me off and thrash about so violently that I was afraid she’d hurt herself, or me.

I rode that wave for almost a minute before Barbie Lynn made one final strenuous effort, then went limp in my arms. I gently shifted her legs down my sides to rest on the bed. I remained propped over her until her eyes focused on me and an ephemeral smile graced her lips.

“Ummm…sleepy,” she purred.

“Okay, Babe,” I said, then kissed her nose. Her eyes closed and her breathing became low and regular. “Okay,” I whispered once again. I slowly withdrew from her and slid down the bed.

“What was that?” Virginia asked softly.

“I’m pretty sure that was an orgasm,” Dana responded.

“No, I think that was fucking a girl into unconsciousness,” Valerie countered.

“Ugh, ugh, uh…Rio…oh, yeah…it hurts,” Mercy moaned.

“And here goes the other one,” Dana chuckled.

“I know it hurts, Mercy-slut, now cum for your Momma,” Rio groaned to Mercy as he pressed her body onto Mercy’s back.

“Ugh…I…I’m…trying,” Mercy gasped out, then she screamed as Rio rammed the vibrator onto Mercy’s clit and flicked it onto the high setting. “Oh, Fuck Me!!” she screamed. Mercy’s body fell forward prostrate on the bed, her lungs fighting for air and her thighs and ass shaking uncontrollably.

“Zane, does this kind of thing hap-…oh, my God, Zane, you are still hard,” Virginia exclaimed.

“Honestly,” I sighed, “if I had fewer beautiful women in my life, I’d have more blood to the brain to think straight with.” I finished up by opening my wardrobe and taking out a robe.

“Now I’m going to take a shower, get re-hydrated, then come back here and see if I can convince Iona to give me a little more of her time,” I continued.

“I’ll join you,” Rio grinned, as she slipped off the strap-on.

“I’ll come along as well,” Iona said as she popped off the bed, only to end up on wobbly legs.

“No,” Virginia commanded, “Zane showers alone. You two aren’t even dressed so there is no way you are going out there among all those other girls sticky with sex.”

Rio traipsed over to my dresser and pulled out two of my dress shirts. She tossed one to Iona and put on the other.

“See, I’m dressed,” Rio declared.

“No, you are not; that shirt isn’t even buttoned,” Virginia responded. At this point, I walked out of the room and toward the shower near the hot tub (as opposed to the one by the sauna).


With the looks I was getting, I almost wished I could back up. Some of the fifty or so girls at my place wondered what the hell all that screaming was about, a few knew what it was but couldn’t believe the volume of the noise, and a few came up and kissed me.

“Hey, Slugger,” Opal teased me after a deep tongue tackle. “Who in the hell where you giving it to?”

Brandi came up and wrapped an arm around Opal’s arm.

“It was Barbie Lynn,” Paige snuck up on me and volunteered. “I recognize her inflections.” Her ghosting up on me yet again wasn’t the most disturbing part of the young albino maiden; it was the burning hunger in her eyes.

“You took Barbie Lynn’s virginity?” Millicent Pierce questioned me somewhat fearfully.

“That’s not the hole Zane goes up,” Opal grinned wickedly. Millicent instinctively covered her backside.

“Can you imagine how good that had to feel to make Barbie Lynn scream that loud?” Paige purred. Uh, oh, that was some serious trouble being aimed my way.

“Does that hurt?” Millicent murmured.

“Yeah, it hurts so much that Barbie Lynn hunts Zane down every other night and has sex with him until she can no longer move,” Opal exaggerated. “Speaking of which, where is our real Dorm Mother?”

“She’s asleep in bed,” I admitted, somewhat shame-facedly. Millicent looked blown away.

“Can I go see her?” Millicent asked.

“She’s my lover, not an exhibit,” I informed her. “Let her sleep in peace.” I moved through the little crowd and entered the shower.

The hot water cascaded over my body, erasing the fatigue from my tired muscles and cleaning my sweaty body and the sex off my cock. Getting out proved that not only did sexually repressed young ladies like to ogle my naked form, but they also paid no attention to my desires. I caught Paige and Millicent sneaking back out of my room with Rio and Iona in tow.

“She looks so…peaceful,” Millicent muttered.

“What part of leave her alone did you not understand?” I growled angrily.

“Spank the naughty bitches,” Rio egged me on.

“They didn’t do anything to wake Barbie Lynn up,” Iona defended them.

“I’m sorry,” Millicent apologized. Paige looked anything but contrite, challenging my gaze instead.

“Fine, spank Snowflake here,” Rio persisted.

“What? No Edgar Winters reference?” Paige shot back while keeping her eyes on me.

“Paige,” I said in a deadly even tone, “apologize or leave.”

“Or what?” she taunted. I nodded and took a deep breath.

“Oh, you are going to get it now, you skank,” Rio chuckled. Instead, I walked past them all and went to my room.

“That was a bit disappointing,” Paige sneered. No one else said anything for a second, then Iona clued in.

“Whoops…Paige, Zane will be right back,” Iona commented.

“I can hardly wait,” she said sarcastically.

In the room, Virginia and Dana had moved to the small sofa on the far side of the room, deep in quiet conversation. Mercy had curled up next to a sleeping Barbie Lynn, and Barbie Lynn looked like some angel — confident, sleeping, and almost otherworldly in her beauty. Before I could hope to enjoy it, I had to get dressed and resolve an issue.

I raced through dressing back into my school uniform and walked outside.

“Now you are going to get it,” Rio whispered to Paige. Paige snorted.

“Paige, you brought me word about Heaven and I owe you for that, so if we can agree that you are going to respect me and my personal space, I’m going to forget about you going to my bedroom uninvited,” I laid it out for her.

“And if I don’t?” she confronted me.

“I pick you up, throw you over my shoulder, and toss you out of the dorm, and you won’t be invited back until you grow a personality that isn’t all conceited douche,” I answered.

“You can’t and you won’t,” Paige shook her head.

“Reality check, Paige,” I grinned. “I’ll ask Cordelia to keep you away, and while she likes you, she needs me more, and you don’t have the stones to go against Cordelia, do you?”

“Is that the best you have, Zane?” Paige sniffed derisively.

“Paige, you are a really smart girl, but Cordelia has several really smart girls,” I pointed out. “What matters is how many friends you have compared to how many friends I have. How does that math work out for you?”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Paige responded defensively.

“Good enough. I don’t really feel like arguing,” I shrugged. I swept up on Paige, who had some good reaction time but no skill. I had her up and over my shoulder in three seconds flat.

“Put me down!” she squawked. I headed down the stairs, her fists beating my back and her legs kicking.

“Bye-bye, ya whore,” Rio chuckled. It didn’t take much imagination to know that Iona was glaring at Rio for that comment.

“Stop…put me down,” Paige struggled. After we made the elevator, “You can put me down now.” I didn’t respond because I wasn’t hearing what I needed to hear and I didn’t feel like engaging her in conversation.

“Please, don’t,” she tried, once we landed on the first floor, but to no effect. I took her to the dorm door, kicked it open, and stepped out.

“Here you go,” I said as I deposited her. I had no idea how far past tears she’d gotten.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she snarled. “Okay? Happy? You win and I lose. You are the popular kid and I’m not.”

“No, I’m not happy,” I answered calmly. “This never had anything to do with me beating you up; it had to deal with you constantly slapping me around and I got sick of it. Paige, you got so sick of being bullied, you became a bully.” She clearly didn’t believe me. “You are pretty and smart, and you use these qualities as a scalpel to cut people up.”

“What would you know about it?” she snapped. “You’ve always been Mr. Popular.”

“Take into account I was in a normal private school for my first ten years. Yes, I was one of the popular kids; good looking, the right parents, and pretty smart. I also knew the social hierarchy and I was certainly unkind to my fair share other students.”

“Before you go beating me over the head with you being albino, please understand: I don’t care. My parents are gone — dead. I’m never getting them back. You are a slender, smart girl with gorgeous hair who has two parents who probably love you very much,” I smiled. “I only wish you would lead off with those traits instead of constantly reminding everyone how fucking condescending you can be.”

Paige looked at me for half a minute, studying me, perhaps looking for some understanding of me. Good luck with that; I barely understand me and I’m inside my head.

“Does this mean I can go back inside?” she finally inquired.

“Yes. All I wanted was a simple apology, and technically, you are still on the dorm sidewalk so I haven’t finished throwing you out yet,” I replied.

“Just like that?” she snorted. “You are such an idiot.”

“What did I warn you about leading with the grey matter?” I scowled. She seemed to weigh her next words.

“You said I was ‘very pretty’,” she mused, changing the direction of the conversation suddenly.

“Well, yes, you have a flawless complexion girls would kill for and, as I said earlier, I really like you hair,” I stated. “It is gorgeous.” I put my arm around her shoulder, spun us around, and went back inside. As we boarded the elevator for the return trip, Paige tapped my hand.

“What’s with all this?” she indicated my casual embrace.

“When you aren’t trying to piss me off, I honestly like you, Paige,” I confided in her.

“You seem to live your life by making some rather irrational decisions,” she noted.

“Paige, you see life as chess while I see it as Scrabble,” I grinned. “For you, it is move and countermove. I tend to see life being something that gives you a constantly changing group of options that you make the most of.”

“Oh,” she seemed to digest that, then she said, “I apologize for calling you an idiot. You are a moron; I should have seen the difference.” I laughed from deep within.

“I’m a moron,” I teased her. “I bet you’ve never been held by a boy like this before because if you had, you would know this gives the guy a perfect vantage point to look down your shirt.”

Paige clutched her shirt tightly in a fist, blocking my view. She looked bitter and offended.

“30-B, a translucent white with lace trim bra,” I told her. “Good choice, but I get the impression you don’t wear it as a normal part of your school attire. Wearing it for me?”

“What makes you think…” she started, then “Yes.”

“What was the plan?” I inquired.

“I was going to spill water all over my chest by accident, ask for one of your shirts to replace it, and for you to show me where it was,” she smiled slyly. “With my bra and your libido, plus a little playful contact, I’d get you into bed.” She was highly confident.

“Nice,” I admitted, “but it wouldn’t have worked.”

“Why not?” she seemed slightly offended. My money was, her insecurities about her body not measuring up to Barbie Lynn’s curves were behind that.

“I would have given you a robe and sent Iona down to her room to get you a spare,” I informed her. “Your only flaw in the plan is that I find you inherently untrustworthy.”

“Why do you say that?” she was now really offended.

“Paige, you use people. It is your default relationship approach,” I explained. “It is not so much a bad thing as it is predictable. Someone as smart as you can do better.”

“You don’t seem to mind it when Cordelia treats you that way,” she countered. We were at the door to my place.

“If you will recall, Cordelia told me to kiss her as part of my Handmaiden’s Duty,” I reminded Paige. “Now, if you want to be a Cordelia substitute, go ahead, I’ll still spend time with you if you like. I only think you need a friend who should point out that people are people from time to time.”

“Now you want to be my friend, Zane?” she mocked me.

“I’ll be your friend, but you have to wear this sexy blood red stocking, garter, bossier, bra and choker combination. It will make your flesh glow like it is on fire,” I grinned lasciviously.

“I thought you wanted to see my flawless skin devoid of obstructions,” Paige said.

“I’ll dress you up in it, and if you don’t like it, I’ll remove it too,” I smile mischievously. She looked at me, her mighty mental calculator going over where the conversation was going.

“Why do you see me differently than everyone else?” she asked.

“Give me some leeway,” I requested, then bent down slightly, slipped a hand under her skirt, making her jump minutely, and ran my middle finger under her underwear band into her pussy.

She bit her lip but kept staring intently at me as I moved that finger up and down, back and forth, until it was covered in her fluids. I sunk my forefinger in and did the same. I removed my hand and brought the forefinger to my lips. As I sucked the liquid off and savored the taste, I caught Paige licking her lips in sympathetic hunger.

I pointed my middle finger at her mouth and pushed it forward, daring her to take it in her mouth. She barely resisted and was soon running her tongue along my finger inside her mouth, cleaning it off. I pulled it out and she grinned at me seductively.

“You stick your middle finger into my mouth with my vaginal secretions on it…that is a not so subtle ‘I’m going to fuck you’; right?” she teased.

“I could say ‘I’ll tell you when I figure out if I’m a moron or an idiot,’ but I’d rather tell the truth. You piss me off,” I confessed, “and I want to hammer you through my bed and into the floor. I want to make you scream, cry, and look down on you with your face glowing from the exertion and your hair damp with your sweat.”

Paige’s eyes grew wide and her breaths deepened as I told her what I wanted and expected.

“Don’t worry, though,” I said as I leaned in. She expected a kiss on the lips but I went for the forehead instead, “because it will never happen. Bye now.”

“What!” she squalled, grabbing my arm as I tried to move past her. “Why not?”

I looked back at her and grinned evilly.

“Gotcha!” I smirked. “That’s what it feels like when someone yanks your chain. If you still want to go up with me, know I won’t screw with you again unless you screw with me.” She didn’t react for the longest time so I finally turned back up the stairs.

“The point of all this was making you want to screw me,” Paige laughed as she ran to my side.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, women are fucking nuts, and I’ll grow crazy or end up dead trying to understand them. I could try to run away from the jumble of contradictions and obfuscations that was Paige Zeller but where is the fun in that?

“I’m not kicking anyone out of the bedroom,” I cautioned her.

“That’s fine,” she announced happily, “you do your best work when you have an audience.”

“We really need to work on your romantic technique,” I lectured her.

“Zane, I want you for your physical prowess,” Paige countered. “If I want mental stimulation, I have this e-pal in Taipei who I regularly communicate with.”

“I repeat, you need to work on how you romance your partner,” I grumbled. We opened the door when we reached the top of the stairs and got a few stares as they tried to figure out what was going on. I debated what to do (I was sort of hungry) when Paige dragged me toward the bedroom.

“Oh! Pay up, pay up,” Opal called out.

“Damn,” bitched Rio. “I keep hoping my boy Zane will develop some standards…but oh, well.”

“They were betting on you bringing me back for sex?” Paige whispered, but her desire was glowing bright. I shook my head and chuckled.

“Don’t worry about it; I still see you as a whirling vortex of passionate lust,” I assured her.

We passed around the Chinese screens that separated my area from the rest of the floor and I was relieved to see everyone but Barbie Lynn had left, and Barbie had curled up on the near side of the bed and was still asleep. As we moved around the bed, Paige’s resolve began to falter.

“Sit down, let’s talk,” I said softly. Paige was clearly confused.

“The most powerful tool in sex is the brain,” I continued. “I want to know you a little better first.”

“I should be great at this,” she replied.

“How many boys have you kissed?” I asked as we sat down. She looked surprised by the question.

“Two,” was her curt response. “Zane, I want you to take my virginity.” Now it was my turn to be surprised, but I was only put off for a moment.

“Tell me about those two times,” I persisted. Paige had started tugging her shirt out from her skirt and was clearly not pleased with my request.

“Zane, didn’t you hear me? I want you to pop my cherry, break me in, fuck my vagina…whatever you want to call it,” she told me.

“Yes,” I nodded, “and I’m looking forward to that, but answer the question please.”

“I…I’ve been kissed by two boys, one kiss per boy,” she replied, but I could tell there was more to it.

“Do I have to play twenty questions with you?” I gave an exasperated sigh. Paige flushed with anger.

“Fine, damn it,” she growled. “The first boy, I paid to kiss me on the lips. He did so, and he looked at me like he wanted to throw up.” That looked like it hurt her to admit.

“The second time…it was a joke, a dare. I closed my eyes, he kissed me on the lips, and then I heard the applause. They congratulated him for kissing the freak,” she recited with anguish. “They laughed at me while I ran away.” She looked furious and miserable at the same time.

I tilted her head up toward me. I let my first kiss barely brush her lips. I let her study my reaction, and then I kissed her again.

The third kiss pressed our lips together, and on the fourth, our tongues touched. The fifth saw her wrap her arms around me and hold me tight for nearly a minute. She was panting for breath when we came up for air. I used that moment to pick her up and place us both farther into the bed.

“Eeep!” she exclaimed, then she started to giggle. I straddled her and dove in to nibble her neck. Paige beat at my chest with her fists but couldn’t stop laughing. “That tickles!” We fell back into kissing for a while; Paige didn’t need to rush into sex despite her declared desires. “Shouldn’t we take our clothes off?”

I responded to that by sitting up, grabbing her shirt in both hands over the breasts, and ripping it open. Buttons went flying everywhere and Paige’s eyes expressed her shock. I reached for her bra but Paige’s hands flew to mine.

“Wait,” she gasped. “It unsnaps from the front.” I even let her open the bra for me, exposing her ghostly breasts and pale pink areolas and nipples.

I shifted down Paige’s body and latched my lips to her left breast, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

“Oh, damn,” she purred, “this is so much better in real life.” I wasn’t sure I knew what that meant, or that I even wanted to know.

I feasted on each nipple and breast in turn until they were fully engorged and bright, rosy pink from my attention. She’d spread her legs wide open and was humping her hips up against me. I pulled away long enough to get my shirt off before descending on her for kisses once more. In the midst of that, we rolled over where she grabbed me by the side of the head and covered my face with butterfly kisses.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” she beamed pure joy at me. I moved my hands down her ribs, waist, and hips until I was able to pull up her skirt and grab her ass. Paige aggressively humped me in response, smiling at me and breathing heavy. Without any urging, Paige pushed up my body until she dangled her breast against my lips.

I greedily sucked one in, teasing her nipple with my teeth. Paige yelped but followed me down without comment, cradling my head into her chest and rocking me back and forth.

“Careful, Honey, he’s addictive,” Barbie Lynn sleepily intervened.

“He’s going to take my virginity,” Paige exulted.

“Is he now?” she grinned at me.

“She’s asked; I’m considering it, but I want to know she’s really ready for it first,” I mumbled back between mouthfuls of tit.

“Wait,” she panted, “you promised me.”

“Paige, Rule #7 for guys: when sex is involved, we lie,” I informed her.

“Oh, what lie did you tell Barbie Lynn?” Paige inquired.

“He forces me to orgasm so he can bask in my post-orgasmic bliss,” Barbie Lynn sighed dreamily.

“Besides,” I said, as I ran my hands through her fine white hair and tucked a few locks behind her ears, “I am not saying we won’t do it, but you are an incredibly tough read and we aren’t going to do something I don’t think you need.”

“How come you get to decide?” Paige sounded annoyed.

“I’m the only guy you’ve approached who you didn’t find on an escort service website; we are in my bed; and…oh, yeah, I’ve had sex hundreds of times and you are in all ways a virgin,” I listed off the reasons. “Paige, you only get to do this ‘first time’ once, and I would like it to be something you love and want to do again and again.”

“Well…I know what I want. I am in your bed and you’re half-naked already,” she emphasized by grinding her pelvis into me. “I’m also on top and I don’t think you can get rid of me that easily.”

“This one is a little firecracker,” Barbie Lynn chuckled.

“She’s that,” I commented, “but you should always be leery of someone who thinks they are always right.” My words didn’t stop me from pressing my cock up against Paige’s twat. “We could always have a little butt-sex instead,” I teased.

“No!” Paige squeaked. “You are huge and my butthole is tiny.”

“Oh, God,” I laughed. “You actually looked at your butt in a mirror.” Paige blushed furiously. “Listen, Paige, trust me on this. You can go into town and find some college guy who will jump at the chance to screw you. What you have to wonder is how much he’ll care about you and your needs as well as how good he is at sex. Let’s get naked.”

“Finally,” Paige mocked. She rolled off and shed her clothes so fast they left angry red tracks down her legs. I took my time but Paige didn’t seem to mind. She reached out and ran a hand over my bicep and shoulder.

“He’s real enough,” Barbie Lynn assured her quietly.

“How did you know what I was thinking?” Paige mused. At least she only implied Barbie Lynn was stupid.

“Paige, sweetie, how many of us FFU girls expect to be able to choose our man, much less one worth having? And don’t you be disparaging of Zane, now, either. I can smell your arousal from here,” Barbie Lynn said with a sexy curve to her lips.

Paige was thinking of her retort when she gasped as I caught her distracted and slipped two fingers along the folds of her cunt. When her razor sharp focus latched onto me once more, I pushed her onto her back and mounted her. Her legs splayed out to either side and the location of her hips against my stomach reminded me of how narrow her hips were, narrower than even Iona’s.

She still did her best to wrap her legs around me as she placed her hands on my shoulders.

“Are you going to make me scream?” she asked nervously.

“Every girl is different so don’t worry about it,” I grinned. “Besides, I can tell you’ll be really good at this.”

“How can you know I’ll be any good at sex?” Paige snapped. Yes, that was the sore point I was looking for.

“Your eyes sparkle when you touch me, you react instinctively to my touch, you are in good physical shape, and you’re very sensitive all over your body,” I explained. “What you saw as fooling around was me mapping out how your body works and where your erogenous zones were. No two women are the same and I love exploring. Now I’m getting back to it.”

I began placing kisses along her sternum, down toward her navel. Her stomach pulsed when I kissed the belly button.

“Oh…aha,” Paige moaned. I licked and stroked the area around her navel, causing her torso to gyrate from the sexual stimulation. “Mmmm…that feels nice.”

Unlike previous encounters with other women where I avoided the pussy while I worked around it, I instead placed one hand immediately to the area, squeezing two fingers into her cunt and wiggling them around. I left the clit alone for now because I was encouraging a slow boil, not a flash burn. I wanted Paige in an erotically charged high before I challenged her vaginal virginity.

Paige’s skin had this false translucent quality to it that was exciting to watch. You could track the arousal of a touch by the blood rushing to the skin around the excited area. Physically, she could conceal nothing, and she was far from sexually experienced enough to stifle her vocalizations of pleasure.

“I just want to be fucked,” she moaned,” I just want to be fucked…aaahhha…oh.” Her words said one thing but her body expressed its desire for more excitement. “Nooooo…” she groaned as she ground her hips against my lips. When I stabbed my tongue to her clit, she acted like a jolt of electricity arched through her body.

Now, when I’ve performed cunnilingus on a girl, I expect a bit of movement; I’m doing something wrong if she lays there. Paige was all over the place, pulling away then thrusting back as well as rolling her hips rapidly side to side. At the moment her thrashing turned into trembles, I withdrew my lips and fingers, causing Paige to whimper and look down at me.

“Huh?” she pleaded. I gave her a mischievous grin, then blew on her clit. Paige hiccupped, then threw her head down on the bed violently. I began sucking on the inside of her thighs for about one minute, letting her settle down, then leapt on her clit with my tongue once more.

“Oh, God!” Paige squealed.

I moved my tongue off, trading off with two fingers parting her labia and flicking her clit with my thumb. I alternated back and forth over five minutes until I noticed Paige was sobbing and tearing up the sheets with her fists.

“Have mercy, Zane,” Barbie Lynn whispered.

I gave a quick nod before placing my lips around Paige’s clit and sucking on it with growing intensity plus twirling the tip of my tongue along its tip. I also made tiny fucking motions with two fingers into her cunt. She didn’t last thirty seconds.

“Oh…my…God…Zzzzaaannnnneee!!!!” she growled.

She wasn’t loud but she rumbled her orgasm from deep in her chest. It was kind of surprising, coming from such a lithe, ephemeral being. Paige was sucking down further sounds internally so that they were merely sobs. I crawled up to her side, rested sidewise, propped up by an elbow, and placed a hand on her stomach as I watched over her. When she started gasping for air, her eyes locked with mine once more.

Paige feebly pushed on my chest so I let her push me on my back. She struggled to rise over me, then collapsed on my chest.

“I…that was…you still didn’t fuck me,” she wheezed. I sighed in frustration, pulled Paige on top of me, chest to chest, and then began playing slap-happy with her ass.

“Ow,ow, ow, ow, ow,” she squalled. “Stop that; I bruise easily,” she added, with tears in her eyes.

“Damn it, woman, is it going to kill you to accept that I know what I’m doing?” I responded angrily. “Since you are clearly clueless, what we just did was foreplay. I wanted to relax your body before we moved to the next step.”

Paige had enough common sense to look embarrassed but not enough to keep quiet.

“Well my ass still hurts,” she pouted.

“What?” I questioned. “Did you say you wanted me to hurt your ass?” I grabbed each ass cheek and pulled them apart.

“No!” she squeaked, “You are too big.” She grabbed my hands in her smaller grip and tried to pry them off. We rocked back and forth until we rolled over. She struggled but I soon ended on top of her, Paige on her stomach, and my legs prying hers open. “No, no,” she pleaded as she felt my cock resting on her ass cleft.

“Relax,” I whispered into Paige’s ear, “have you ever heard of doggy style?”

“You aren’t…going to have anal sex with me?” she gulped. I pushed my body up and after a moment, Paige followed, pressing her back against my torso once more.

“I’d never do anything to you that you didn’t want me to,” I assured her, “though I am going to have you begging me to bugger you before this semester is over.”

“Uh-uh,” Paige assured me, “not going to happen,” but she did wiggle her butt against me playfully, testing my resolve. I balanced on one hand so I could use the other to pull her hair away from one side to the other. Her neck, ear, and the side of her face were now revealed. I sucked on her shoulder while I repositioned my cock so that it slid down her ass, past her anus and pussy, so that it pressed along her pubic mound from below.

Paige began humming pleasurably and gyrating her hips against me. I put my free hand on her breast and massaged it as well.

“Promise me you won’t keep me waiting this time,” she murmured. “Promise you’ll take me.”

“Of course I will, Paige. You have to relax and enjoy yourself and not get worked up about us having sex,” I comforted her. She rocked against me and I pushed back. “Nice and slow,” I cautioned her. “I’m not going anywhere.” With a little effort, she did as I requested.

I kept running my hand down from her breast to her stomach, each time going a little farther down. She’d tilted her shoulders and neck so that we could kiss but she also found my lips on her neck to be tantalizing. I was tricky enough that I had my cockhead parting her puffy lips before she realized it. In fact, I had three separate penetrations that elicited moans, then she looked up at me.

“Don’t be afraid,” I told her sympathetically. “Remember the faces of all the girls you’ve seen me with while we are having sex and know that it is going to be just as good for you.” Paige looked down at the mattress and nodded her head. She pushed back but it wasn’t easy. Her entrance felt like a vice restricting my entrance.

Even totally wet, her vaginal muscles were blocking my progress initially. I patiently kept at it, incrementally advancing with each coaxing touch. When I brushed against her hymen, Paige didn’t even recognize the moment had come. I subtly brought my arm down to her stomach and wrapped her up in my arm while teasing her ear with my teeth.

“Yip!” Paige exclaimed as I pierced her virginity. “Oh, God, it burns,” she sobbed. I gave her a few seconds to adjust before penetrating even deeper.

“No,” she moaned, and tried to pull away, but I didn’t let her. “Zane,” she pleaded for me to let her go. “It hurts.” I kept at it. “I never thought it would hurt this bad…please.”

She gave one final gasp as I pressed the final inch into her, then we remained there, locked in sexual congress while she wept and trembled underneath me. I considered it a minor miracle Paige had remained on her hands and knees as we reached this point. Now I had to get her past the stage where pain dominated pleasure.

“We’ll move when you feel you are ready,” I instructed her. Paige nodded, then nothing else for some time. She caught me off guard when she flexed her grasp on my cock.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “Did you feel that?” My groan was my reply. Paige pulled away a tiny bit until the pain kicked in and she stopped.

Seconds later she repeated the process, withdrawing several inches, then reversing the procedure and allowing me deeper in once more.

“It hurts less,” she admitted. A moment later as she shifted to a faster rhythm, “it is really quite nice.”

“You might want to ask Zane how he is doing,” Barbie Lynn chided Paige.

“But I honestly don’t care,” Paige noted.

“If you want to do this again, you might want to start caring,” Barbie informed her. I winked at the blonde sex angel.

“Zane, do you like having sex with me?” Paige asked in a much kinder tone than normal. She must have been truly appreciating the lovemaking she was receiving.

“It feels like you are trying to rip my dick off,” I ground out. “You are damn tight, then you are adding those contractions on top of that. I may not be able to have sex for a week.”

“Paige, I like you, but if Zane is telling the truth, I going to seriously rearrange your anatomy,” Barbie Lynn promised with dangerous intent.

“I apologize,” Paige pouted. To prove how sorry she wasn’t, Paige rotated her hips down then back up several times rapidly. So that’s how she wanted to play it.

I placed both hands on her shoulders and let her make a few more tentative moves before slamming my member all the way in.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasped. I slowly drew back my full length, then rocketed back in time and time again. Paige was sweating and panting from earlier exertions but now she was barely hanging on.

Slap, slap, slap, my hips mashed against her ass. Paige gave a breathless grunt each time I drilled her, and that was followed by a relieved sigh as I pulled back. By the desperation in her voice, I knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

*Fire inspires Brilliant and consumes the Wicked*

(Thanks once more to Frontma’s patience and persistence)

(This is not a rape story – trust me)

My name is Waylon Fielding and I am married to a wonderful woman, my wife Celine Fielding. I would like to say that my life is perfect, or even good, but after two years of marriage I’m pretty freaking miserable and it’s all Celine’s fault. Actually, it really isn’t her fault; it’s her Mother’s, the lovely Melissa Harmon.

Basically, Celine’s family is the richest in our moderate sized Southern home city; she is the second of two children, both daughters. My wife and her sister have always competed for their mother’s affections but it seems like recently things have all been going Celine’s sister’s way. Celine has always been the “smart one”; Kerry, her older sister, is the “social maven.”

Kerry Tatum, my sister-in-law, is a selfish, condescending, snobby witch who couldn’t hold an intellectual candle to Celine. She graduated from Vanderbilt (barely) and promptly married the ‘proper’ guy (Sonny Tatum, who has the fine upstanding job white collar job of a CPA). As far as I can tell, the only courageous thing Sonny ever did was climb into bed with his wife (and I believe he puts on artic wear and earmuffs when he does).

Mind you, I would hate my bitchy MIL if all she did was make my wife miserable, but Melissa has gone out of her way to pack on the pain. When Celine brought me home for the first time, Melissa snidely remarked that ‘white trash’ like me would soon be snooping around another ‘filly’ because I would never get a handout from her. The fact that I had no idea that Celine was even part of a rich family before that meeting mattered not one bit.

A week after I proposed marriage, Melissa offered me $50,000 to quietly go away because I wasn’t right for the family. When I didn’t take the deal, she told Celine that I had hit Melissa up for the money. After Celine and I cleared that hurdle, Celine begged her Mother to come to the wedding. Two weeks before the event Melissa finally agreed but…sadly…a pipe burst in the pool house the day before and she had to cancel on us. She even managed to call Celine two hours AFTER the ceremony to tell her.

I changed our honeymoon destination and dumped our cell phones so that the witch couldn’t contact us and ruin even more of what was supposed to be the happiest time of my wife’s life. After all that crap I wanted to move to Seattle because I knew I’d never talk Celine into Hawaii or Alaska. I knew that going to her hometown was a mistake but I was swayed by the depth of the pain in her eyes and the reality that Celine was a graduate from Columbia Law School while I learned IT, courtesy of the US Navy.

Co-sign a home loan? Yes to Kerry but no to Celine. Sonny needs some start-up capital for his accounting firm? Melissa tossed a gob of money his way. If the money ever was paid back I would be stunned. Melissa also managed to squash Celine’s attempt to get a bank loan for the small, second-rate law firm which seemed to be the only one hiring when we first arrived.

Celine went to Melissa for the money. Celine begged and pleaded because it wasn’t like there were a ton of options for law firms skating on the edge. Melissa finally relented and pledged the money…and then withdrew the offer at the last minute. Celine was crushed; she took a sleeping pill and went to bed early that night. I opened the gun safe and looked over my small collection of firearms once she was safely tucked in.

Things do change. Normally Celine would get into these low-mood funks for a few days after her mother put her through the ringer but for the past three months, she’d been constantly depressed. I hated to see her give up – that just wasn’t her. In the midst of that, Melissa called me out of the blue and asked me to come to her house and help with her security system.

No, she had not suddenly become enamored with my technical prowess. It seemed that her security company’s new system was so powerful squirrels were setting it off. She had already called her provider three times. She wouldn’t have called me at all but the bloody thing kept going off at three in the morning and she was desperate for a good night’s sleep.

It could have been severe fatigue, or maybe it was because Melissa treated me like one of the servant class (she had four; two maids, a cook and a groundskeeper) but Melissa started chatting on the phone while I was crouched down, working on her security panel. I was tuning her out. When the name ‘Sonny’ came up I wanted to tune it out double-quick and then she said, “Sonny, I want to feel you deep inside me.”

I dared not make a sound.

“Get it over with,” Melissa grumbled. “What does Kerry want now?” I couldn’t hear what Sonny said but Melissa responded with, “Tell her you will have to be much more convincing this time;” then, “I’m going to have to do something about Celine. That thug who put a ring on her finger isn’t taking care of her.”

“Viagra?” Melissa questioned Sonny with an artic intonation. “I would think I was enough inspiration for you.” Yes, my dumbass brother-in-law had made a Viagra joke to Melissa. “That Neanderthal might have found that funny but then he probably doesn’t need Viagra either,” Melissa sneered. “All of ‘those’ people are like that – breeding like rats; humping all night and all day.”

By ‘those people,’ she meant all us lazy, slovenly, unmotivated idiots who failed to make over half million bucks a year…because being poor and middle class was all our God-damn faults and no one and nothing else’s.

“The servants have Wednesday off so I expect you at 9:30 am,” Melissa finished up the conversation. By the undercurrents of her mutterings, I didn’t believe she was a happy camper.

I had to think about what I had heard. Kerry was using Sonny to get Melissa to do her favors and theoretically could be getting Melissa to spurn Celine. Oh, I never had a doubt Melissa hated me, but I could live with that; I hated her right back. What I had here was an opportunity…but for what I wasn’t yet sure.

As I continued to work on the system, I mulled over in my mind what I could do about the relationship between my wife, mother-in-law, and myself. Celine would never let me expose her mother, sister, or brother-in-law to any public ridicule so blackmail was out of the question. If I couldn’t use negative reinforcement, maybe I could use positive. I figured I could make my opening moves without getting the wife’s consent but I was definitely going to get her blessing before following through.

“Melissa,” I started off a few minutes later.

“You know I don’t like you using my first name, Winston,” Melissa shot back. I was sure she knew my real name because when she was pissed, she cursed at me with it.

“Whatever,” I shrugged, which only made her angrier. Being treated as if she was irrelevant burned her up. “I can’t finish your problem today.”

“Of course not,” Melissa rolled her eyes. “I started today knowing you were worthless and I am proven right.”

“Actually your security company uses a cheap sensor so to deal with your problem, I need to order a better brand on-line,” I blew off her criticism. “I need to use your computer.”

Melissa looked at me, then to the laptop I was carrying.

“Why can’t you use yours?” she smiled mockingly.

“Are you going to give me a credit card to use? Because I’ll be damned if I’m paying for the parts,” I explained. I wanted to get angry but that would be self-defeating at this point.

“That’s right; you can’t get a decent paying job and Celine chooses to work down on Cole Street…in that part of town,” Melissa reinforced her snobbery.

“Meh…” I shrugged, and gave a contented smile, “all that urban warfare makes for some great after-dinner sex. Her coming at me two hours a night – every night – is a bit fatiguing but I always want another go with her in the morning.”

“I do not need to be made aware of you rutting with my daughter,” Melissa snapped bitterly. “The computer is in here.” Melissa led me into the main entertainment room, sat down at her system, and typed in the password…how nice of her. As we switched places at the console, I could swear Melissa was scoping me out for the first time.

Once I started to work, Melissa got bored and left. Sure enough, I found a credit card number and used it to order the parts I needed. I had them sent to my place; it would ruin things if they showed up at her place and she had someone else install them – it would ruin my excuse for showing up on Wednesday. I took a further look around before deciding that I wanted to be a low-down snoop and started to look for some more dirt.

I gave myself privileges on her wireless network before going for my final phase of this part of the plan. First I pulled up a series of lingerie websites. I had to fill my search history after all.

“Melissa, could I have something to drink?” I called out.

“There are glasses on the shelf and water from the tap,” she shouted back. No, she wouldn’t get anything for me and all she was offering was water.

I got up, made a pit-stop in the bathroom to both piss and then stroke myself up to some real proportions. I went to the kitchen, made myself a tall glass of mildly cold water and returned to the computer where Melissa was at the console, her hands on the keyboard – scrolling over the screen.

“Work?” she regarded me over her shoulder.

“Role-playing stuff,” I respond. “Naughty housewife, French Maid, Beautiful Angel…I read off some favorites. “Certainly a woman as sexy as you has done a little role-playing.”

“Ladies don’t do those kinds of things,” Melissa shot back.

“Pity,” I said softly.

“What was that?” Melissa snarled. I knew she’d heard me, as I intended, but she felt the need to force an explanation from me because I hadn’t been too obvious.

“Nothing,” I muttered.

“I knew you were full of shit,” she snorted.

“Fine, I’ll keep that in mind tonight when Celine’s ankles have been on my shoulders for twenty minutes and she’s begging me for two more minutes of hard fucking,” I joked.

“Horse shit,” she grunted.

“Would you rather hear that I was horny and I needed something to keep my mind on my wife?” I asked. That brought her up short.

“Is horniness a malfunction of your kind, along with gross exaggeration?” Melissa inquired.

“What am I exaggerating about?” I wondered. I also ‘absent-mindedly’ rubbed my left hand from the top of my jeans down to my crotch. I was nice enough not to call Melissa on looking my package over.

“Why do you have to distract your mind back to your wife? Are you cheating on her?” she got snappish, “If you were, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“I was window shopping and daydreaming, Melissa, not doing anything wrong,” I stated.

“Oh, so you haven’t cheated yet,” she chuckled dryly.

“Is it cheating if they remind you of your wife?” I requested.

“Yes,” she mocked, but then said, “who is it?” The past ten minutes was the most in-depth conversation Melissa had had with me in all the years she’d known me.

“She’s not beautiful in the same way as Celine but she’s hot enough to be her sister,” I related.

“You keep your hands off Kerry,” Melissa ordered, but she could have been angrier when she said it.

“Oh, God, I agree to that,” I held up my hands. “She’s not the one I’m interested in.” Melissa wasn’t an idiot; she could do the math. There were three women in the family; since I was married to Celine and wasn’t interested in Kerry, that left her.

“You had better not cheat on your wife,” Melissa counseled. Thirty minutes ago she was thinking of ways to break us up.

“It is not that simple,” I explained. “You wouldn’t understand but poor people, not having much, hunger for the finer things in life.”

“You don’t deserve the finer thing things in life,” she gloated as she stood up to confront me.

“That’s why sometimes we have to reach out and take what we want from time to time,” I leaned into her. Melissa didn’t back down one bit.

“That’s very low-brow of you,” she sneered, but there was something else there. “You go where you are neither wanted or belong.”

“It goes past the moment where we care what you want,” I explain, “and is more about taking what we want – you don’t matter.”

“We fight back and we win because what you want doesn’t matter,” Melissa was now playing along.

“Fighting back makes it better, but we overpower you in the end. It is that raw, desperate hunger that drives us on,” I taunt. “No amount of civility can counter that.”

“So, have you done this before?” Melissa questions.

“No, but I am about to find out…real soon,” I glared at her.

“Ha, you don’t have what it takes,” she huffed as she turned her back on me. The words still echoed about the room when I moved behind her and put a hand on each skirt covered ass cheek. Melissa jolted at the contact but didn’t pull away.

“If you do anything, I’ll scream,” Melissa threatened in a quiet voice. “The servants will hear.”

I shifted my hands around until they rested against the front of her hips, fingers splayed down toward her crotch. I pulled her tightly against my now agonizingly aroused cock. I’m endowed enough that I’ve had a girl deny me sex because she thought it was too big. That is a compliment, unless you are actually in the room and terribly horny – then it is hell.

“Stop it,” Melissa challenged me. “Don’t cheat on Celine.” Was she saying that to me or herself?

“It is not really cheating if she reminds me of her,” I whisper into Melissa’s ear.

“I’m not her sister…I’m her Mother,” Melissa told me, but that didn’t stop her from pressing back lightly into me and rocking herself on her feet to get a better feel for my dimensions.

I squeezed her hips tighter, kneading the flesh through her clothing.

“You don’t look like her mother to me; you are far too hot,” I growled.

“What are you after?” Melissa grumbled. She wasn’t willing to give in yet. I moved one hand down to her pubic mound and the other up to her right breast. Her tits were actually larger than her fashion sense would lead me to believe.

“I’m holding all I want right now,” I purred, my voice hot on her neck. “I don’t want your money, your businesses, your house, or your approval. I hate you and you hate me. I don’t give a shit about that. What I want is to bend you over that French sofa and fuck you until you cry, and the more you try to fight me off, the more I know I’m going to love it.”

“That’s rape, you monster,” she ground her teeth.

“I don’t care; I want you so much I don’t care about what comes after,” I lie. I don’t hate Melissa so much I would rape her, and I certainly wouldn’t cause Celine the pain of raping her Mother, but Melissa thinks much less of me.

“Get your hands off me,” Melissa groaned. She put one hand over each of mine but was pulling them away with the strength of a three-year old. “The servants will see.”

“Grrr,” I responded. “Celine is expecting me home in an hour but know I am going to be pounding her pussy tonight while I’m thinking of you.”

Total lie; Celine may be the very best sex I’ve ever had. I wasn’t kidding about the two-hour sessions, though they’ve been rare as of late. I backed off Melissa who spun around.

“You are a vile beast,” she hissed. “You will never touch me again and you had better thank your Creator that I don’t call Celine right now.” There could only be one reason she wasn’t going for the phone and it didn’t involve Celine’s happiness.

“If you want to stop me, Melissa, simply don’t let me in the house again,” I smirked.

“Wish granted,” she shot back. “Get out right now.”

“Sure thing, but I still need to replace those sensors,” I reminded her.

“I will have someone else do it,” Melissa stated. I packed up my stuff and headed for the door.

As I stood on the threshold, I looked at her.

“I’m coming back for you,” I promised.

“I’ll fight you,” Melissa glowered.

“I was hoping you would say that,” I winked before turning and heading for my car.

(After dinner)

I was sitting on the sofa, drinking iced tea after a light workout with my wife’s calves resting on my thighs.

“Honey,” I began tentatively.

“Yes,” she replied. She is looking over some case files in her lap.

“I think I found a way to make your mother forgive you for marrying me,” I said.

“Way (that’s what she calls me – the last sailor to call me that had to explain to our CPO why he fell down two flights of stairs aboard our destroyer) Mom doesn’t hate…okay, she hates you,” she admits, “but do you think you have a way of making her understand you?”

“Yes, I do, but I think a little explanation is in order,” I sighed. “Does your Mom date?”

“Not that I’m aware of,” Celine shook her head. “She hasn’t been with a man since Dad died eight years ago and even then– well, he wasn’t in good health for five years before that.”

“Okay. Kerry is using Sonny to curry favor with your Mom, not only to help herself but to put roadblocks in our way…that last bit is conjecture,” I told her.

Celine put her papers down and looked at me.

“How do you know this?” she asked fearfully. She had never doubted me since that fiasco with her mother saying I’d shaken her down for that $50,000.

“Like always; even in her house, she treats me like I don’t exist, but this time she had a conversation with Sonny while I was only feet away,” I related.

“Way, what are we going to do?” Celine sighed.

“I’m thinking of something,” I moaned. “But I need to know you will back my play when the time comes. If not, what do you suggest we do?” That was a set-up question.

“We reconsider making a new start elsewhere,” Celine lowered her head. “I don’t want to leave, Way, but Kerry’s gone too far and I don’t know how to stop her.”

“Are you sure that…Sonny is sleeping with Mom?” Celine seemed confused.

“Pretty sure,” I offered.

“It is only that I was at the beach house when Sonny and Kerry started dating and…I’ve seen him in a swimsuit, plus my room was next to theirs,” Celine was embarrassed to confess. “He’s hardly physically impressive and that night was bang-bang-bang-pop! – gone in sixty seconds.”

Oh, that’s why Melissa had given me a tentative lap dance earlier. She had no sex for eleven years, and then expecting Sonny to fill that void for the last two must have been extremely disappointing. Perhaps it was disappointing enough for her to turn to her ‘thug’ son-in-law…I had to laugh, which only made Celine look at me funny.


Monday my Mother-in-law asked Celine out to lunch, for only the second time in the two years since she had returned to her hometown as my wife. Celine had been truly upbeat as she retold the day’s events. Things had started out badly; Melissa had complained that I wasn’t taking care of her. Half-way through her litany of my failings, Celine had interrupted and informed her mother that we were thinking about leaving town.

It was a major weather shift for Melissa; suddenly she was incredibly sympathetic to Celine’s plight. It was too much to hope she would change her opinion of me but she was now willing to ‘invest’ in Celine’s firm and take another look at our mortgage. Celine was bubbly and all I could think was that I had better perform or Melissa’s good will would evaporate as quickly as it had manifested.

When I knocked on the door Wednesday I had a canvas bag with the sensors I had ordered and a goodie bag for fixing other problems. I had also given Sonny’s BMW two slow-leak flat tires on the off chance he was supposed to be here anyway. The look she gave me and the view I was getting told me I was on the money.

“What are you doing here?” Melissa snapped. “I told you I didn’t want to see you again.” This was made all the more charming by the emerald green very short robe she was wearing. It was short enough to show where her black fishnet stockings ended and her garters began. The robe was also open to the point it revealed a black peekaboo bra.

Just to make things clear, Melissa does look to be all of her fifty-two years; she would never be confused with a twenty-year-old fitness model. Her face was the beneficiary of floppy hats worn to protect her from the sun since her teenage years and was centered with crystal clear green eyes and broad cheekbones.

Likewise, her skin was in good shape, far more white than tanned. Her body was five-five, with tumbling, thick black hair that she kept well past her shoulders. Melissa’s shoulders weren’t too broad but looked narrower due to her heavy, dangling breasts. No, her largish breasts weren’t as perky as said fitness model either. They sagged the way any woman’s tits would have given forty-plus years of existence and the growth that came with birthing two children.

Melissa’s torso remained slender until it sank below the ribs, at which point it tapered out to fleshy bell-shaped hips. I couldn’t wrap my two hands around her thighs and they had a jiggle when she walked (I was just discovering). Her ass was packed, meaty, and with enough extra fatty tissue to give it a rolling motion when she walked away.

Her knees were old but I doubt she knelt for a single act of house cleaning her entire life and I knew for a fact she did her pet gardening projects outside with a knee pillow to rest on. Melissa’s calves weren’t those of a cheerleader; they were thicker and not as toned. Her feet were somewhat broad, with long, slender toes and a slightly veiny look. All in all, if Celine looked like this at fifty, I would be a happy man.

Back to the conversation;

“I have those replacements for those bad sensors,” I emphasized by lifting up a bag of said sensors.

“I am not inviting you back into my house after the way you behaved last time, you pig,” she growled.

“That’s fine, because I wasn’t asking for permission,” I grinned as I shouldered my way in.

“Get out before I call the police,” she commanded.

“You asked me into your damn home to fix this security problem,” I rumbled.

“Well you aren’t getting a dime for it; I asked you to do it last week and you failed. Now get out,” she repeated. I put my bags down and kicked the door shut.

“I wasn’t planning to take my payment in dimes, Melissa,” I sneered. My beloved Mother-in-law stepped up and tried to slap me. I caught her wrist and yanked her close.

“Let go of me, you bastard,” she seethed.

“Shut the fuck up,” I leered down at her. Her choice to not wear shoes was intriguing as it gave me a serious height advantage.

Her other hand came up so I had to catch that one too. I jerked her around and twisted her arms behind her back while she squawked and screamed obscenities at me. I shoved her several times until we came to that expensive French sofa I had mentioned earlier. I sat down quickly and used that speed to propel Melissa belly-first onto my lap.

“You are going to jail, jackass,” she yelled, as she struggled to get free. I held both her wrists in one hand while I used the other to pull her robe up to mid-back, then raised it for what was to come. She howled as my open hand fell on her silk-covered right butt cheek.

“I told you to shut up,” I smugly commanded her as her cheek jiggled with the impact.

“Fuck you,” she screamed. Smack, smack, smack, rained down the blows. She cursed me after every blow so they kept coming. At the ninth, the sobbing began, and at twenty-one she finally stopped cursing.

“Are you going to behave?” I asked.

“No,” she growled; “Never.” She cried out in pain as the next two blows fell.

“Shall I keep going? Are you going to shut up and obey me now?” I tested her.

“Yes,” she wheezed. I spanked her again and this time she openly sobbed.

“Are you going to shut up?” I asked. This time she kept her thoughts to herself. My next step was to take off her robe; I freed up the sash and bound Melissa’s hands behind her back.

She didn’t protest the binding but the looks she shot me over her shoulder were filled with loathing. She definitely wasn’t pleased by my flipping the lower half of her body off the sofa so that she had her knees on the Persian rug on the floor. I slid off the sofa and positioned myself behind her. I was getting ready to force her legs apart with my hands but the moment I put them on her thighs her legs flew open invitingly.

I didn’t mock Melissa at this point because she could still change her mind. Something slow and romantic would have been nice at that moment but that wasn’t what felt right. I immediately cupped her gusset and rubbed. It wasn’t sopping wet or even all that close, but my touch brought forth a repressed moan from my Mother-in-law.

Moving her panties aside, I slipped two fingers inside the elastic and moved them along the base of her pussy. I corkscrewed those two fingers in and the waterworks began.

“Fuck, that’s tight,” I commented. Melissa moaned louder so I added, “It is going to be like breaking in a virgin all over again.” She growled hatefully at me but the shivering of her thighs gave her true feelings away.

When I started pulling Melissa’s panties down she actually pushed up with her toes so that her knees came off the ground until I whisked her underwear all the way off. I quickly returned to stroking her cunt over with my two fingers, working her open with due diligence. I moved to Melissa’s side, hand still pumping, and tilted her head so we could kiss.

“I’ll bite your tongue off,” she snapped. She just had to be a bitch so I hauled off and smacked that ass again.

“Ow,” she sobbed. “I hope they have fun with you in prison,” she gasped. I spanked her yet again.

“I’ll have memories of this,” I thrummed her pussy rapid-fire, “and this,” I fondled her tit through her bra. “I’m going to love fucking this body all day long, Melissa,” I taunted her. “Celine has a dinner appointment so I don’t have to be home until nine, so that means a whole lot of pounding your way – slut.”

She growled but didn’t earn a spanking so I went in for that kiss. It was like kissing a dead fish so a spanking was in order.

“Make the next kiss count,” I cautioned her. The next kiss started out lukewarm but once I had my tongue touching hers, Melissa went from compliant to hungry. I used my hand to hold her jaw in place but it had become set. Melissa had twisted her shoulders to make access to her face and lips easier.

I broke the kiss after a minute. She slumped against the cushions fighting for breath but I had no intention of letting her cool down yet. I transformed my fingers in her pussy to a palm on her stomach while my free hand settled under her arms and along her chest. I heaved her up so that her head, shoulders, and breasts leaned over the back of the sofa. Her knees rested on the cushions, and her legs were still widely spread.

Melissa was curious to know what I was planning but her vantage point wasn’t very useful. Things weren’t made easier for her when I knelt on the floor behind her ass, parted her nicely padded cheeks, rocked her big hips back, and began licking her dripping cunt. Melissa gave a strangled cry of arousal so I redoubled my efforts. I never got to play with her plush ass because seconds later a sensation Melissa couldn’t stifle racked her body; she had an orgasm.

“Okay,” she muttered, “okay.” I think she figured that with one orgasm we were done.

“Now that I’ve got you warmed, it is time for some serious fucking,” I taunted Melissa. I hoisted her up on my shoulder and headed for my goodie bag.

“What…what are you doing?” she panted. I spanked her ass as my first response.

“I have barely begun to use your body,” I sneered. “You think you hate me now? I am going to tear you up every which way I can think of.”

“No, I won’t let you,” Melissa managed to get out. I spanked her lightly. This time her noise was more a moan than a cry of pain.

“I want you to fight back, Melissa,” I gloated. “It will make your flesh that much sweeter.” She growled at that statement but she wasn’t fighting too hard as I climbed the stairs and went to her bedroom. Strangely, the comforter had been pulled off the four-poster bed and the sheets pulled back.

I dropped her gently on the bed on her stomach with her ass and legs dangling off the side. I alternated taking off my clothes and stroking her cunt to keep it nice and moist. Melissa looked back at me and was about to say something but saw my own gaze going from her eyes to her vulnerable, red butt and she constrained herself.

“Here it comes, ‘Mom’,” I warned Melissa as I put a hand on the small of her back and lined up with her pussy. I pushed forward but I wasn’t lying about me being large and her being tight. I worked my penis around her a bit but I wasn’t making much progress so I pulled her abruptly off the bed.

I put Melissa on her knees facing me. My cock slapped against her cheeks then trailed along her lips.

“Suck me, Bitch,” I demanded.

“I’ll bite it off,” she threatened.

“If I can’t use my dick, I’ll use a wooden spoon,” I countered. “Are you that curious to find out what that feels like?” Melissa shut up and after putting some pressure on her lips with my cock, she allowed it in. I put my hands on her ears and began slowly pistoning my penis into her mouth in slowly expanding strokes.

I wanted to see where I was going concerning Melissa’s arousal. I slowed down and she immediately picked up the slack. Soon she was bobbing up and down my shaft with ill-concealed enthusiasm. I could only imagine her cock-sucking skills came from that period of time her late husband was ill and had difficulty performing. At least she got some enjoyment out of that sad time in her life and I wasn’t sorry to be recipient of those skills now.

“Mmp mu mimb,” Melissa mumbled around my cock. I pushed her head back so that my cock popped out of her mouth. I even wiped off some of the drool off her chin with the back of my hand.

“It’s too big,” she gasped.

“I finally find something about you to love and you want to stop now?” I chuckled. “Fuck that; get back to cock-sucking, Melissa.” She glared hate but obediently took my sausage down her throat again. Indeed, it went down her throat too. Melissa shocked me with her capacity to provide oral pleasure, considering the pain she had verbally showered me with over the years.

My balls were getting ready to boil over and I wanted to do something special beyond the normal shooting down the throat. Melissa’s bra was front-latched so I opened her up and waited.

“As much as I would like you to choke on my cum, I’ve decided to spray it all over these fantastic, fat titties of yours,” I teased her. She gave me a baleful glower but backed off my cock until she was holding my cockhead in her lips and tickling the tip with her tongue.

“You had better hope I don’t make bail because if I do, I’m going to come back and rape this mouth of yours all night long,” I groaned. I swore that Melissa allowed a wicked smile to wrap around my cock. Right as I began to erupt, I forced Melissa to lean backwards while I jacked off all over her fully formed, sagging breasts. I spewed and spewed far more than my normal quantity.

Melissa’s face was a mixture of revulsion and slutty desire. I didn’t give her time to figure out which impulse was stronger; I picked her up and dumped her on her back on the bed. I flopped beside her, looking over her body lustfully then ran a finger along her hip and waist.

“Get your grubby paws off me, you degenerate,” Melissa tried to incite me.

“This grubby paw?” I reached down and stroked her kitty several time before shoving two fingers in deep, “or this grubby paw?” I shifted to a kneeling position, scooped up some of my semen off a nipple and put it to her lips. She put up a token resistance before letting my finger in and sucking it clean vigorously.

I kept up the process of pumping her pussy and feeding her my semen one finger-full at a time. Melissa was making deep, guttural moaning sounds as her legs flopped back and forth as she twitched under my stimulation. She was hot enough and I was rebounding sexually.

“What?” Melissa yelped as I grabbed her far leg and pulled it to me and then over her body. She flipped onto her belly, then slid around so that she was facing the pillows at the top of the bed. I responded with a double spank. Melissa grunted and gave two little, choked sobs. She also remained silent as I pulled her onto her knees with her shoulders pressed down on the mattress.

“I am going to enjoy slamming you from behind,” I relished telling the bitch. “I’ve always wanted this ass…a bit bigger than Celine’s but nice and firm.” I smacked her right cheek on the side to impress upon her my desire. My penis parted her labia once more and slid an inch in before her walls clamped down.

“You are a horrid animal,” Melissa hissed. “I hate you.”

“Yeah, I guess I am,” I chuckled. “I’m going to pump you full of my seed so what does that make you; my breeding bitch?” I began slipping deeper into Melissa’s vagina.

“You are sick…reprehend-…Oh, God…oh, God…deep,” she repeated, gasping and spasming.

I plumbed her depths, settled in for a second, and then started pounding her as hard as I could go. I wanted to wear her down but it didn’t work out that way.

“Harder, harder, harder,” she screamed, then thrust hard back against me. He pussy pulsated around my cock. I grabbed the back of her neck for extra control because I had no intention of letting up now.

Melissa’s knees wobbled so I clamped down on her neck to keep her in place for my pelvic slams. Her head went face-down and her hair flowed over her face as she ground her teeth and kept going.

“Damn, Melissa, I didn’t think all this soft living had left you so weak,” I taunted. That had the desired effect; Melissa gamely kept returning my thrusts.

I lowered my body over Melissa’s as I kept up the penetrations. I reached underneath her and grabbed a bountiful handful of breast. Her nipple felt like a rough marble in my palm. My left hand snaked over to her small but very excited clit, which I proceeded to pinch and pull on.

“Come on, Bitch,” I whispered to her. “Give up. You know I’m going to fucking break you open. I’m better than you; you are nothing but a stuck-up, frigid cunt.”

“Fuck you, you bastard,” Melissa exhaled between gulps of air. “You are nothing but a lowlife piece of shit.”

“Piece of shit,” I joked, “I’m not the one oozing copious amounts of vaginal fluids all over your son-in-law’s cock, Melissa.”

“You…you forced me,” she wheezed. She was close now.

“Hell, yes, I ripped off your clothes and ravaged your body,” I growled playfully. “I knew you would never just give it to me; I wanted to fuck you so bad, I had to have you so I took you.”

My mother-in-law rammed her hips hard into mine. Her whole body trembled and she screamed with bestial ecstasy with a tenor that rebounded throughout both our bodies.

I returned my grip to her hips. I was getting close and I wanted to pound her as I did so. With every ounce of strength she had left, Melissa kept her ass up as I drilled her pussy, even crying out when I finally started ejaculating more semen into her vagina. I collapsed slightly on top of her, also face down and fighting for breath.

Five minutes later, Melissa finally spoke.

“I despise you more than ever, you arrogant prick,” she murmured. I slapped her ass.

“Roll over,” I groaned. I sidled up and half-knelt before Melissa, proffering my semi-aroused cock for her to suck.

“I didn’t think I could hate you more but I do,” Melissa muttered but that didn’t stop her from diving on my prick and sucking up my semen and her fluids off of it.

“I am going to make you my whore for the next few hours,” I said as I put a hand at the back of her head and forced her to swallow more of my member into her mouth.

A minute into the process I slipped my hand down to her crotch. Seeing the difficulty of my reach, Melissa wiggled her body around, unbidden, to ease my access. It was almost like she wanted me to fuck her again – imagine that. Five minutes later she got her wish. This time I had Melissa in the missionary position, with her legs spread wide. She groaned as I slid my dick in again.

I formulated a plan when I realized Melissa’s shoulders and arms were being yanked painfully by being bound behind her back. To alleviate that, I rolled Melissa on her side, fixed her right leg up on my shoulder while I sat on her left one. I kept pumping her for several minutes until Melissa began to drool slightly from the sensation of cock pushing deep into her.

Grabbing her wrists was easy; untying her was made more complicated by the rhythm of our fucking but I managed to pull it off. Her arms flopped down, temporarily useless. I held her leg with one arm but my other one was all over the place. I would press into Melissa’s body and use my hand to squeeze a nipple to my mouth, massage her clit, or make her suck my fingers.

I have to give it to Melissa, she is an orgasm machine. I sexed her through another climax in which she bit my thumb, leaving a scar. That was going to be fun explaining to the wife. When she coasted down from that bliss, I scooped her up, still on my rod, and began fucking her as she sat in my lap.

“It revolts me to think of you with my sweet Celine,” Melissa rasped right before she wrapped her arms around my neck and engaged in a vigorous game of tonsil hockey with me. She had this issue of self-control – she thought she had some – so I reached down to her anus and gave a little push.

“Ugh, that’s filthy,” Melissa gasped. “Stop that!” I pushed harder, her sphincter starting to give way. “No, no, no,” she whimpered. My forefinger entered her and she squealed. Seconds later she erupted all over me.

“Get…that finger…out…of my asshole, Pervert,” she panted heavily.

“This finger?” I teased her, as I shoved it in a little harder. She shook her head. Tears were streaming out of her eyes. I wiggled my finger around a little and Melissa quickly had another orgasm. She came out of that one shaking, crying, and mewling in some sort of unintelligible babble.

I pushed up with one hip, got my leg out from under me, then shifted so that I ended up on my back with Melissa riding me.

“Don’t give up on me now,” I egged her on. I trust up with my hips. Melissa blinked away the post-orgasmic bliss cobwebs and stared down at me with renewed anger.

Melissa didn’t hesitate; she put her hands on my chest, pushed up at the knees and drove her body down hard. She kept repeating the gesture time and time again. I imagined her thighs had to be burning by now. I was half her age and I was getting tired. That look gave me a resolve to hold out for one last orgasm on her part. My fingers plucked and teased her nipple while my tongue and lips began making a sloppy mess of her neck and shoulder. Her ass was still getting a workout too.

I barely finished giving her a hickey on her neck, mainly because it would piss her off, when I felt my balls clenching up.

“I’m cumming,” I warned Melissa. She redoubled her efforts even as sweat began to run in rivulets down her body.

“You won’t break me, Pig,” she ground out. “You won’t…oh, damn you,” she finished with a howl. This was more a desperate, weary vocalization this time. She wasn’t broken but she was close to collapse. Those last vaginal and anal contractions were the final straw for me.

“Here it comes, Witch,” I growled. I fired more semen into her womb, though hardly a tidal wave of reproductive fluids. Neither my balls nor I were 18 anymore.

We untangled and fumbled to the head of the bed, on our backs, staring at the ceiling and barely mobile. I was trying to decide if I would tie up Melissa then go get us some food or if I would make Melissa serve me while I watched over her, when Melissa sent a lazy hand over to hit me in the chest.

With Jim out of town and Dave and Stacy busy with other friends Christy didn’t have anything planned for the weekend she decided to spend the day tending to the yard. Since she would be in the yard all day she wasn’t too concerned about getting all made up. After showering and grabbing a jog bra, an old tee shirt, and a pair of jogging shorts she got dressed and got herself situated, tucking her cock back out of the way and making herself loo the part of a woman. Looking in the mirror she decided that it wasn’t her best look but it was good enough for working in the yard.

After a couple of hours in the yard she heard someone in her neighbor’s back yard. Glancing over the hedge and fence she saw a man who looked like he was in his early 20′s. It wasn’t John or Nancy, they had moved in a couple of years ago and had a son in college she had never met. They knew about her lifestyle and were not too keen on it, but they were still friendly. Whoever it was, he was glancing at her every now and then. After a while she decided to see who this guy was that kept checking her out. Working her way through her flower bed she made it across the yard to the bushes that separated the yards.

Looking up over the hedges she caught the man glancing her way. He quickly turned away like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar when he saw her looking.

“Hi there.” Christy said. The man turned and looked her way, his face still red from being caught.

“Um, hi.” He replied sheepishly from the other side of the hedge, smiling a bit.

“I’m Christy,” She offered, “I noticed you over there in John and Nancy’s yard but don’t recognize you. I didn’t realize they had someone come in to do yard work.”

“Oh, I, I’m not hired work.” came the stuttered reply. “I’m their son Jason.” He was looking her up and down now. Her long lean legs and arms glistening with sweat from working in the noon day sun, her tee-shirt wet with sweat and clinging to her curves. Up close she looked even better he thought.

“So you’re the son John and Nancy are always talking about. I didn’t know you were home. They said you were away at college.” Christy checked him out from her side of the hedge. He was almost as tall as her with long lean legs, a trim waist, a boyish face, short sandy brown hair and blue eyes. He looked like he might be a runner. She felt a stirring deep within as she took his young figure in and wondered if his parents had informed his about her and her lifestyle. If they did, it appeared he didn’t mind since he was checking her out, or he could be completely in the dark and thought he was checking out the hot older woman next door.

“I was. I’m back for a little while. The program I’m in took me to England and now I’m back for a short visit. I thought I’d help out around the house while I was home.” Wiping the sweat from his brow he blushed slightly when he noticed Christy’s eyes moving up and down his body.

“Well that explains why I have not seen you around here since your parents moved in. So how long are you here for?” Christy asked, trying to hide her growing excitement, hoping the answer was a while. He looked like someone she might like to get to know better.

“I’ll be here for two months and then it’s back to college.” came the reply.

“Hmm, okay.” She cooed “Then I guess I’ll be seeing you around then.” I’ve got to finish up this yard work before it starts to get dark. I hope to see you around some more. It was nice meeting you.” She extended her hand to Jason. He took it and she could feel electricity between the two of them at his touch. Shaking hands she parted with him before her excitement got the best of her. Turning away from him she walked back into the middle of her yard to continue working, swaying her hips as she walked. Looking over her shoulder she caught Jason looking directly at her ass. He turned beet red and hurriedly went back to cutting the hedge.

Seems that he’s interested in the sexy, older neighbor next door. I wonder if he likes girls with a little something extra. Christy thought to herself. Hopefully I’ll get to find out sooner rather than later she thought as she returned to raking mulch around her trees.

After finishing up her work she headed into the house and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Coming back out to the deck she glanced over at John and Nancy’s yard hoping Jason was still out there but he must have finished up and gone inside. She sat down in the chaise lounge a bit disappointed. She was hoping to watch the young man work a little while longer while she thought of all the things she’d like to do to him.

Taking a sip from the bottle she relaxed and began to think of what to do tonight. Tony and Stacy had plans with friends this weekend and her boyfriend Jim was out of town, again, so her closest friends were not an option. Her website was up to date, all her orders were mailed out, and the house was clean so the to do list was complete but she didn’t just want to sit in front of the TV all night. Then, taking her last sip of beer she knew what she could do, something she hadn’t done in quite a while. She would get dressed up in her lingerie and makeup, get out her toys, set up her camera with the laptop and have some fun on line. It had been a while since she had some down time to herself so she thought she’d get online and visit some of the chat rooms she used to frequent and put on a show. And maybe not just a show for the people watching on line, she thought to herself.

The sun was starting to go down so she got up out of the lounge chair and headed inside to get dinner ready. As she walked inside she glanced next door and saw some movement in one of the upstairs windows. Looking up she saw Jason in the window of the guest bedroom next door. He was just turning away from the window as she looked up.

“Hmm”, she thought, “So he was trying to catch another glimpse of me. Maybe I can use that to my advantage tonight. I think that room faces mine”

Heading inside she washed up and fixed a quick dinner. Now that her hunger was satiated she turned her mind to other things. Heading upstairs she went straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower. While the water heated up she walked back out into her bedroom and took a peek out the window. Sure enough, one of her bedroom windows faced the guest bedroom next door. The light was out now but she hoped later that it would be on. The thought of what she might get to do made her hard. Closing the curtains she headed back into the bathroom and stripped off her dirty clothes.

Stepping under the shower the hot water cascaded over her head, running in rivulets down her round breasts and over her taught stomach and semi hard cock. Soaping up she washed off the dirt and sweat from a hard day’s work in the yard. She ran her soapy hands over the breasts, stomach, and now hard cock, stroking and teasing herself a bit as she washed up but then stopping before she got too much into it in the shower and ruining her plans for the night.

Stepping out of the shower she grabbed a towel and dried off. Walking into the bedroom she tossed to towel in the corner and headed to the dresser. Opening the dresser she rummaged through it and pulled out a garter belt, sheer black hose, a baby doll, and a pair of lace boy shorts. Laying them out on the bed she went to the closet to get her box of toys out. Opening the box she pulled out some things she hadn’t played with is a while: a thick double ended dildo with bulging veins and head, a pair of large nipple clamps, a 6″ long butt plug that had a 2″ wide base, and a leather paddle. That should do it she thought heading back to the bed, tossing the toys with her lingerie.

Sitting down at her laptop on the desk she set up the camera and aimed it at the bed. Once she was satisfied the logged into a chat room she hadn’t been to in a while. There were about a dozen people in there having conversations. A few said hi and she said hi back. Hopefully more people would come later. She really liked a large audience when she was playing on line. She didn’t turn on the camera yet, she wanted to get dressed up first.

Parting the curtains just enough to look across the yard next door she noticed that the light was on in the guest bedroom and Jason was in there. The shades were up, the window was cracked on this cool autumn night and he was sitting on the bed in nothing but his boxer shorts watching TV. Christy licked her lips, he looked even better with just his boxers on and from the bulge in his boxers it looked like he had a nice piece of equipment. Hopefully, if her little plan that was hatching in her mind right now worked, she would get to see just how big he was tonight.

Before setting her plan into motion she needed to get dressed. Picking up the garter belt she clipped it together around her hips. Then sitting on the bed she rolled up each hose and pulled them on her long, smooth legs, clipping them to the belt and smoothing them out. The sheer fabric always felt like heaven on her skin, she was getting hard just feeling them on her legs. Next she pulled on the lace boy shorts, tucking her semi hard cock into them. She didn’t work too hard to disguise it since she was playing in a gay/TG room tonight and she didn’t think that Jason would be able to make it out from across the yard.

Next she pulled on the baby doll that barely contained her breasts and sat at the makeup table. Within a matter of minutes she looked every part the lady with her make up on and her hair combed out and pulled back in a ponytail. Now she was set for a fun night, or at least, what she hoped was going to be a fun night.

Heading over to the window she pulled the curtains back so she had a clear view of Jason’s room. Then she opened the window a few inches to let in some cool air. Looking across the way she saw the Jason was still in his room. Good, then everything should fall into place.

Sitting at the computer she turned on her camera. As soon as she did that people began requesting to view and she happily obliged. She always loved showing off in front of people and tonight was no exception. She sat back in her chair and rubbed her breasts until her nipples were poking through the satin fabric of the baby doll. People in the chat room began asking for more so she stood up and wiggled her ass at the camera then turned around, pulled up her baby doll and rubbed her hard cock through the lace fabric of the boy shorts.

She began gyrating her hips and doing slow strip tease for the camera. Pulling the baby doll off, her large breasts bounced and jiggled, the nipples rock hard. Now she thought it was time to get the attention of Jason. Sauntering over to her stereo she turned it on and turned up the volume enough that the sound would waft out of the open window and hopefully towards Jason’s room. With any luck he would go to see what was going on.

As she moved back in view of the camera she picked up the nipple clamps and the double ended dildo. Smiling into the camera she typed if anyone wanted to see her use these. Numerous people responded with an enthusiastic yes. Opening up the nipple clamps she applied them on at a time to her nipples. She clamped the first one on, the initial pain was always there but when it subsided the feeling was exquisite. Opening up the next one she clamped it on the other nipple. A low moan escaped her throat. Lying back on the bed she looked over and out the window Jason was up and out of bed now, but still in his room. Hopefully he would hear the music and take look in a few moments.

Jason was sitting in the guest room watching TV after a long day working in the yard. He was also thinking about his mom and dad’s next door neighbor. In conversations they had while he was away they always talked about Tony and Stacy and their other neighbors but never mentioned Christy. He wondered why. She seemed nice, based on the conversation he had with her this afternoon, and she was sexy to boot.

As he sat there watching TV and thinking about Christy he thought he heard some noise coming from outside the window. Getting up from the bed he walked around the bed and looked out the window. Looking towards the front of the house he didn’t see anything. Then as he looked towards the back of the housie his eyes moved over the open window of Christy’s bedroom. What he saw made his cock jump.

The window wasn’t perfectly in line with his, it was set off towards the back of her house but with the position of her bed he could see her plain as day. She was sitting on her bed naked from the waist up, her heavy breasts heaving up and down as she breathed. Her hands were roaming all over her body. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts out and ran her hands over her stomach, she tugged on something and her breasts began to move. Looking closer he noticed that she was pulling on a chain that was attached to her nipples. As he watched this spectacle unfold before his eyes his hand moved to the growing rejection in his boxer shorts.

Stroking his cock he watched as she rubbed her groin, her hands between her legs, playing with her pussy. She was really going at it, over the music he could barely hear her moans of pleasure. Her head tossed back and forth as she played with herself. At one point he could swear she was looking right at him, but if she was she didn’t let on.

Jason couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Here was this gorgeous woman, half naked, sitting in her room masturbating and he had a ring side seat. He pulled himself away froth window long enough to grab a chair so he could sit and watch. When he returned with his seat Christy was up on her knees sucking a dildo and waving a paddle in front of her. He wondered what she was waving at with the paddle when all of a sudden she began to swat her ass with it. He could just make out the smacks of the paddle and her moaning over the music as he watched and pulled out his cock and started stroking. What a hot scene. As he stroked his thick shaft Christy bobbed her head up and down on the fake cock while raining down on her ass with the leather paddle.

Christy lay back on the bed and tugged on the nipple clamps, eliciting a moan of pain and pleasure at the same time. As she did that she shook her head back and forth and glanced over at Jason’s window. Apparently he heard the music and was now watching the show. Good. Her hand snaked down between her milky thighs and rubbed her hard cock through the lace panties. The head of her cock was trying to poke through the top of the panties but caught on the hem of the waist. As she ground her hips into her hand the lace rubbed her sensitive head and caused her to moan and groan even more. Knowing that both her audience on line and Jason were watching made her even hotter, and based on the quick look she caught of him in the window he was getting hot too.

People online were asking for more so she turned over on all fours and wiggled her ass at the camera, sat up on her knees and faced the camera. She picked up the large dildo and licked it up and down, much to the enjoyment of the people watching online, she could hear them moaning and catcalling over her speakers. Then, tilting her head back she opened wide and began to deep throat the thick shaft of rubber. Her tongue ran over the veins of the thick purple shaft, imagining it was Jason’s cock, moaning and groaning. While she deep throated the fake phallus she turned around a bit to reach the paddle sitting behind her. As she did she glanced at Jason’s window. He was getting up and walking around his room. He returned with a chair as he rubbed his cock through his boxer shorts and sat down. Grabbing the paddle she waved it in front of her, flashing grin at the camera on her laptop.

Raising the paddle up behind her she brought it down on her panty clad ass. She yelped as the first blow stung her ass. Then the pain subsided into a warm feeling that made her tingle all over. Again she swatted her ass, moaning and groaning loudly with each smack, grinding her hips, thrusting forward as if she was fucking someone. If she wasn’t careful she was going to cum in her panties before the real fun even started so she decided to get things going.

Jason was sitting there stroking his long shaft as he watched Christy swat her ass. Hearing her moan and yelp excited him to no end. He squeezed his shaft tighter as she continued to smack her ass and deep throat the dildo, wishing that it was his cock she was sucking on. He watched her smack her ass a few more times and stop. Putting the paddle down Christy took the dildo in both hands and enthusiastically swallowed it, pulling it out of her mouth with a pop. As he sat there stroking his cock, now out of his boxers, she turned and looked straight at him and smiled.

For a moment he froze like a deer in headlights. Then he let out something between a squeak and a yelp at being caught and fell off his chair, making a racket, as he tried to hide behind the curtain.

“Jason?” His mother called out. “Are you okay?”

“I, I’m okay mom.” He stammered as he attempted to regain his composure, hoping she wasn’t on her way up to check on him. “I just stumbled over the chair getting off the bed.”

“Okay.” came the reply.

Now that he was sure she wasn’t coming up he caught his breath. Slowly he peeked around the corner of the window. Christy was sitting on her bed with a short robe on now and she was still looking in his direction. She waved at him this time. Ducking back behind the curtain he though to himself “Oh crap, I’ve been caught red handed. I hope she doesn’t say anything to mom and dad, or anyone else for that matter.”

As he sat there thinking, he heard the music next door turn off. “Jason.” Came a lilting voice from outside in the still night.

He swore he heard his name from outside. Nervously peeking from around the window sill he saw Christy leaning out her window. She called his name again. “Jason.”

He poked his head into full view. Christy smiled at him and waved. He blushed but didn’t pull back out of sight.

“Um, uh, hehe.” Jason didn’t know what to say. His eyes were downcast and he was still beet red, like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Uhh, hi.” he said with a guilty tone in his voice.

The distance between the two windows wasn’t that great so they didn’t need to speak to loud to be heard, especially since their street was quiet at night so the chance of them being heard by anyone was slim.

Christy thought she could get him over here in short order at this point. “So just what were you doing over there? Were you spying on me in my private moment?” She asked half mockingly.

“Oh, uh, no. At least, not spying. I was just, I heard noises.” He stumbled over his words as he tried to form a coherent sentence that wouldn’t make him sound like a total creep or jack ass but he couldn’t do it.

“Tell you what.” Christy shot back. “Why don’t you come over and we can talk face to face instead of across the window.” She flashed him a wide smile with her full red lips. “The door is unlocked so come on over and come in.”

“What? You want me to come over?” Jason replied with a look of incredulity.

“Sure.” She said nonchalantly. “I think we have some things we need to discuss face to face.” She hoped that they would do more than discuss things once he was here she thought to herself, rubbing her groin.

“I’ll be over in a couple of minutes.” Jason replied hesitantly. He couldn’t believe what was happening, hoping that it wasn’t a dream. “Just let me get dressed and I’ll tell my parents I’m headed out for a walk.”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting.” Christy left the window and went to her computer. Everyone that was watching her was typing questions as to what was going on since they could see her looking and chatting out the window. She filled them in on what had happened, or rather what she had planned and if they wanted a real treat they should stick around. With that she muted her speakers and headed downstairs to wait for Jason to come over.

Two minutes after she came downstairs she heard the door open.

“Hello?” came a voice from the hall.

“Come on in Jason.” I’m in the living room.” Came the reply.

Jason walked into the living room slowly and saw Christy sitting on the couch, her legs tucked up under herself, a satin robe covering her breasts and part of her legs. She looked even better close up and he had a hard time hiding the growing hard on in his pants.

“Um, hi.” He said sheepishly.

“Come in and sit down Jason.” She patted the couch next to her, her eyes locked on the growing bulge in his pants. “So I’ll get right to the point. I gather you like what you see.” She gingerly pulled open her robe to reveal a bit of cleavage to emphasize her words. “I saw the way you were looking at me this afternoon, checking me out. Don’t deny it either”, glancing down at the large bulge in his pants, speaking with confidence.

Blushing, Jason walked to the couch and sat down, adjusting himself as he did so he would be more comfortable. “Wellll..” He trailed on, not sure what to say. “Yeah, I, I did like the way you looked this afternoon. There was something about you that I just couldn’t take my eyes off you.” He confessed.

Christy shifted in her seat and her robe fell open a little more, revealing her right breast almost to the nipple. “I gathered that from the looks you were giving me.” She smiled, blushing a bit. It had been a while since someone this young had paid any attention to her. “To tell you the truth, I liked the way you looked too. You’re what, 20? Guys your age don’t usually take notice of someone like me in their late 30′s.”

“Yes, but I must confess, I have a thing for older women.” He said, breathing heavily, like something was weighing on his mind.

Christy looked at him and smiled gently, reached out and touched his arm. “There’s nothing wrong with that.” She shifted a bit, her cock starting to twitch at touching him. Her breathing became heavy. It definitely looked like she could get him into bed tonight. “We all have our little secrets and fetishes.” She said somewhat evasively.

Jason gave Christy a questioning look. The hairs on his arm stood up at the warm touch of Christy’s soft hand. The way her last sentence came out he wondered what she wasn’t telling him. “Oh really? Does that mean that you knew I was watching you the whole time? That you wanted me to catch you?” He asked her directly.

“Oh,” She laughed a bit. “Well, yes. That’s one of my little fetishes, being watched. After our little chat in the yard this afternoon and finishing my work I discovered that the room you were in and my room sit across from each other. So I set up a little show in the hopes you would catch it.” She looked at him and grinned. “I was also showing off for my online camera in a chat room.”

His eyes widened. “Wow! That’s pretty kinky. As long as we’re confessing things here,” he moved a little closer to Christy, “There is something else I’d like to tell you. I don’t know who else to tell, my parents would never understand. They aren’t real open minded and you seem to be.” He looked down at her legs unsure of how to continue.

“Well?” Christy said, wondering where he was going with this.

“I,” Jason paused,” I’m bisexual.” He felt like a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders now that he had finally told someone other than the occasional hook up at college.

Christy looked at him and tried to contain a huge grin. This was a revelation she wasn’t quite expecting. This would make getting him into bed all that much easier now. She looked at him, eyes wide, not so much in shock, but in happiness.

Breathing out she took his hand and pulled him closer. He came willingly to her. “Well telling someone is the first step.” Running her hand through his hair she looked him in the eyes, leaned in, and kissed him.

Jason responded by reaching out, pulling her to him and slipping his tongue into her mouth. This wasn’t the reaction he was expecting but he wasn’t going to complain. His hands ran over the smooth satin of her robe, caressing her breasts, eliciting a low moan from Christy’s lips.

“Ohhh Jason.” Christy moaned. Pulling away from Jason she held him at arm’s length. He had a look in his eyes as if he had done something wrong. She smiled back at him to reassure him.

“Don’t worry honey. You did nothing wrong. I don’t know what you are expecting tonight,” Jason looked a little crestfallen, as if he wasn’t going to get any tonight.

“Since we’re telling secrets here, I have something to tell you before we go any farther.” She stood up and faced him sitting there on the couch.

Jason was wondering what she was up to now. Why did she need to get up to tell him something? “What is it? Why are you getting up just to tell me something.” He asked.

“It’s easier to show you rather than tell you.” With that she started to undo her robe.

Jason watched as she untied her robe. Was she going to show him scars from a mastectomy? Fake breasts? Some other disfigurement? His mind was racing. Everything he’d seen of her so far, and it was a lot, granted somewhat shadowy, through the windows and night, he liked very much. She untied her robe and let it fall open for his inspection. Her breasts were perfect, round and firm with lager areolas and hard nipples. He licked his lips. Working lower he gazed at her taught stomach. Then he came to her groin, the panties were still on and there was a bulge in them.

At first he was startled. He wasn’t sure what he was looking at. Then he gasped, not out of disgust but out of surprise. “You, you mean… You’re a man? Oh wow. Um, well. I’m not sure what to say, except you look great.”

Christy beamed at him. “I thought it would be easier to show you than tell you. After your little revelation of being bi I figured I could show you instead of you finding out in the heat of the moment.”

Jason stood up and approached Christy. “Well this explains why my parents don’t talk about you much.” He pulled her to him and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him and responded in kind, kissing him deep. “But that’s their loss if they can’t see you for the beautiful person that you are.”

Christy smiled at him, tugged at him to have a seat on the couch with her, and told him all about her: her boyfriend Jim, deciding to dress like this full time, the boob job, her new business, everything. Jason sat there with rapt attention listening to the whole story, taking it all in.

“Well, it seems like you’ve had an exciting and eye-opening few years here Christy. I have to tell you though, I’ve never met a Transsexual in the flesh. This is a first for me. I’ve seen them online, in pictures, but not right tin front of me.”

“Well I’m glad you like me. Some people are put off by it, such as your parents.”

“They’ll get used to it.” Jason laughed. ‘They might not be keen on it but they’ll cope.”

Christy giggled. “They’ve been nice to me so far, but they tend to keep to themselves around me. But enough about all that. Now that we know each other’s dirty little secrets what shall we do next?” She shot him a large grin. “Would you like to have your first experience with a Transsexual? After all, that’s the reason I put on my little show for you; to entice you over here and get you into bed.”

Jason jumped up from the couch and held out his hand. “Well it worked. So shall we get down to the reason I’m here?” Christy took his hand and stood up. She led him to her bedroom and shut the door behind them.

“I shut the window and the shades this time. Just in case we get a little loud.” She laughed. Then she looked at him and asked, “How do you feel about being on camera? People are watching right now.” She pointed to the camera still running on her laptop. “If you don’t want to I’ll turn it off.”

Jason thought about it for a moment. It sounded a little kinky and frightening, who knew if someone he knows was watching on the other end. But then again, if they were watching, then they were into it. “I’m game.”

Christy spun on her heels and turned on the camera and microphone and checked to see who was still in the room. It looked like most of them were still here and there were some new ones. Once things were set she turned around and gasped. There was Jason, naked and ready for action.

“Ohhh my.” She cooed as she looked him up and down. He looked even better with his clothes off. His legs were taught and defined, he didn’t have a six pack but he wasn’t flabby and his arms were well proportioned. Then she eyed his cock. It was eight inches long and thick. Thicker than any one she had seen before, at least in person. “You must be a hit with the ladies.”

Jason smiled as Christy walked over to him. “Haven’t had complaints yet, from the guys or the girls.”

She reached down and took his cock in her hand. It was thick and veiny with a bulbous head. When she gripped it with her long fingers they couldn’t touch. “Mmmm, you are a thick one aren’t you? It will be interesting taking you tonight.” As she said that Jason opened her robe and bushed it off her shoulders exposing her breasts. She pressed up against him, mashing her breasts into his chest rubbing her body against his, eliciting a moan from his lips.

Jason put his hands on her shoulders and gently guided her down to her knees in front of his hard member. Christy complied and dropped down. Then she licked up and down his shaft. He moaned as her soft wet tongue laved his thick member. He looked down and saw that she was rubbing herself through her panties as she continued her ministrations with her tongue. This made him moan with pleasure. Her free hand cupped his balls and massaged them while her lips engulfed the head of his cock.

Christy couldn’t believe how thick he was. She hoped she could fit it all in, both her mouth and ass. She cupped his balls, they were heavy and warm. She moaned with pleasure as she opened wide and worked her lips around the bulbous head of his cock. She was able to get the head in her mouth and slowly worked her way onto his shaft. After taking a couple of inches into her mouth she pulled off him and looked up.

“My, my you are a thick one.” She said as she licked him, teasing the underside of his head. “I’m going to have to work at it to take you.”

Jason chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve heard that more than once. But I’ll bet you can do it.” He thrust his cock at her lips and she opened wide and swallowed him again.

Christy opened wider and worked a couple of more inches into her mouth. Gagging and gurgling noises emitted from her mouth as his cock disappeared in her throat. As she worked him into her mouth Jason groaned and grunted above her. Removing her hand from her own cock she reached up and rubbed his ass. This made him thrust forward, his cock jabbing the back of her throat. She gagged and came up for air but then relaxed her throat, and swallowed him all. In all it took her a few minutes to get there but it was worth it.

Jason couldn’t believe Christy was taking his entire cock in her mouth. No one, guy or girl had managed to do that yet. Loud groans escaped his lips as her hand rubbed his ass and toyed with his tight hole. He jerked forward and thrust into Christy making her gag. After pulling off she sucked him in down to the base. “Ohhh Goddd.” He gasped. “No one has ever done that before. Uuugghhhh” his groans must have urged her on because now she was bobbing up and down on him, up to the tip and then back to the base. He got in a rhythm with her sucking and began fucking her face. The sensation was exquisite, feeling her mouth wrapped around every inch of his turgid member.

After a few minutes of her ministrations he said “Oh god Christy. You better stop or I’m going to cum.”

“Well isn’t that the point?” She retorted after pulling off him.

Jason groaned. “Not if you want to cut our little fun short.” He gasped as he looked down at her and smiled. Besides, I want to see what you’ve got.”

“Mmmmm. That’s right, you haven’t seen my little surprise in my panties yet have you.”

Jason sat back on the bed and Christy stood up in front of him, in profile. “May as well give everyone watching a show too.” She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and tugged them down, wiggling her hips as the flimsy fabric rolled down and her six inch slender cock popped out. She ground her hips into the air as she stood there in her garter, hose, and heels, running her hands over her breasts, pinching the nipples, making her moan with pleasure. “So how do you like? I hope you like giving in addition to receiving.” Christy asked Jason with a look of lust in her eyes.

With a grin on his face he replied,”Oh yes. I like to give too. Come here.”

He watched as Christy walked over to him and held out her cock, inches from his lips. He opened his mouth and licked the head. Christy moaned as he trailed his tongue down her shaft and to her balls. He loved her balls with his tongue sucking each one into his mouth and licking the sensitive skin, eliciting a low moan from her lips. Her cock was nestled between Jason’s cheek and her stomach as he sucked her balls.

The rubbing motion generated by Jason’s undulating head was driving Christy crazy with pleasure. Then to top it off his hands snaked their way up her abs to her chest. His hands found her breasts, trailed along their curves to her nipples. “Oooohhhh yesssss” She hissed as he tweaked her nipples in his fingers. Her groans and moans became louder as he sucked her cock and balls and pinched her nipples. Christy ground her hips back and forth when Jason swallowed her cock. She looked down through half closed eyes to see Jason opening wide and sucking her deep into his throat. Next thing she knew his lips were at the base of her hard cock and back to the tip only to repeat the motion. “uuuhhhhh. Oh yesss, yesssss.” she hissed through clenched teeth.

After a couple more minutes of giving Christy a blowjob Jason pulled off her cock and teasingly swiped his tongue over the head. “How was that?” He asked while stroking her cock gently.

“Ohh my. That was the best.” Came the whispered reply. “Are you going to continue?” she smiled lazily at him as her hands ran through his short hair.

He reached around and patted her tight ass.

“Mmmm, I don’t think so. I want some of this hot ass of yours.”

Stepping back she looked down at his thick member, wondering if she could fit that monster in her ass. She’d had some long ones before but not long and thick. “Mmm baby, we can try. You’re awfully big around.” She said crawling onto the bed.

He crawled up onto the bed from his sitting position with her taking a moment to kiss and lick her breasts. Between switching breasts he said, “I’ve heard that before from most of the guys and girls I’ve slept with.” Chuckling he continued, “Only a few could take it all.”

“Well I’m up for trying it out. I’ve had some long ones but nothing that big around before.” She gasped while he continued to tease her nipples. “let’s get into the classic porno position so everyone watching can see me take that monster.” She lay out on the bed with her back to Jason and scooted up next to him and wiggled her ass against his cock. Jason groaned. She raised her top leg and Jason slipped his cock between her legs.

He started teasing her by grinding his hips into her ass, making his cock rub back and forth between her cheeks and making the head poke her balls. Grabbing her hips he drew her closer. the next thing he felt was Christy’s hand, cool with lube on his thick member. “Mmmm. good idea. We might need that.” He moaned. Jason grabbed Christy’s raised leg to expose more of her ass and she guided his thick member to the entrance to her tight ass.

Christy reached behind herself to Jason with the free hand she had and steeled herself for the coming invasion of his large cock. He pressed forward and she relaxed. she felt the head stretch her ass even though she was relaxed. Grunting, she pushed back against Jason as the head popped in. “Ohhhh wow.” Christy exclaimed. “Just stay there for a moment. Let me get used to you.”

As they laid there Jason reached around and began massaging her breasts to take her mind off the large invader in her ass. She began to moan as he took her breasts in his hands and squeezed and rubbed them. Her low moans told him that she was becoming more relaxed and he could feel her ass loosen up. He pushed forward a bit and her ass swallowed another inch of him. She grunted some more as he did. “You are tight baby. Don’t worry though. I’ll loosen you up.” With that he pushed forward again and gave her two more inches of his thick cock.

Christy let out a squeal that was half pain, half pleasure. “Aughhhh. Good God you are big!” Christy exclaimed as a few more inches of Jason’s cock invaded her ass, a look of pain and pleasure shooting across her face. She relaxed some more, breathing deep. “Let me take it from here baby. You just hold my leg up so we give everyone watching a good show.” Christy took a deep breath, relaxed her ass some more and pushed back on Jason’s member. Slowly she eased it into her. inch by inch she took him, wiggling her ass, sucking more in, pushing, sliding, until she felt herself bottom out on his cock. Resting there her ass pulsed with the feel of being so full. His cock was firmly ensconced in her ass now and she was fuller than she had ever been.

“You can add me to the list of people that can take your cock now.” She moaned as they lay there.

“You feel so good Christy. So tight around my cock.” Jason groaned, grinding his hips in a slow circular motion. When Christy felt open enough he started to pump in and out. Slowly he pulled away until just the head of his cock was in and then he slid back in to the base. They were both groaning and grunting as he picked up the pace. Christy even started to buck back against him, moving in unison with his thrusts. Soon they were moving faster and faster, bucking and shaking, her hands roaming over what parts of his body she could reach behind her and his hands running over her breasts and stomach.

“Ugghhh, oh yess. That feels incredible Jason. I’ve never been so full in my life, mmmmm.” She thrust back against him to slam down on his cock. turning her head she kissed him, sliding her tongue deep in his mouth. They continued like this for minutes and then Christy reached behind, pushed him on his back. his cock popping out leaving her feeling empty. Jason gave her a quizzical look. “I want to ride you until you cum.” she said with a grin.

“I like that idea.” Jason groaned as he turned sideways on the bed at Christy’s urging. Reaching over he pulled her on top of him. She wiggled her ass and his cock nestled itself in-between her checks.

Reaching back she grabbed his cock a lined it up with her now stretched hole. Once she had the head nestled in there she sat back on it. “Oooohhhhh.” She groaned, taking it all at once. She sat on his hips and began pumping her hips back and forth slowly and squeezed as he moved in and out of her ass ever so slightly. this also caused here cock to bounce up and down, creating a rhythmic tapping on his stomach that felt good. Her hands reached out and rested on Jason’s chest so she had some leverage. Now she flexed her legs and began bouncing up and down on his thick cock. The more she had it in there the easier it became to slide up and down on it. After a few minutes she was bucking wildly on his thick shaft, grunting and groaning.

As Christy posted on his cock Jason reached out and began stroking her. Taking her hard shaft in his hand he rubbed the head, teasing the underside of it, making her clamp down on his cock and eliciting a low moan from her lips. she thrust forward, fucking his hand as he pumped her. Every time she squeezed around his cock he did the same. The combination of Jason’s stroking and her bouncing up and down on his cock was pushing her closer to the cumming. Grunting and groaning she hissed. “Oh God Jason, I’m going to cum!”

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Jason was running fast, heading toward a window. He didn’t have to hurry, but did not want to miss a thing. He knew that what he was going to see was something not to be forgotten, and the dogs that occasionally barked at his passing instinctively increased his pace.

The window was high, and he had to stand on the balls of his feet in order to look through it. He wished he had a box to stand on, and he quickly looked around. It was already starting, “damn it!” Next to the wall, a few feet away, laid a large concrete block, the type usually used for construction. He thanked his lucky starts; grabbing it he placed it under the window. Now he had a perfect, comfortable view into the bedroom.

He saw them stumble in, kissing frantically. One of them tripped on a shoe, ending on the floor, and the other, not missing a beat, dropped atop, continuing the very fervent kiss, hands hungrily roaming.

The moans of the two girls reached his ears, coming to him loud and clear through the closed window. His dick had slightly hardened at the sight of the girls kissing, but when Abby, being on the bottom, ripped off Marilyn’s blouse, and Marilyn’s large rack bounced freely, not being constrained by a bra, it rose to full attention. His breath came faster at seeing the eagerness in the manner Abby attacked Marilyn’s full breasts. He could see Abby’s cheeks collapsing at the strength of suction she applied, and noticed how roughly she kneaded the other breast with her hand.

“Oh yeah, suck my tit baby!” Marilyn lustfully exclaimed. “Oh, oh, I’m so turned on, I might cum if you keep doing that!”

Abby was encouraged, and kneading and sucking harder, she forced one leg between Marilyn’s legs, driving her thigh up between them, rubbing Marilyn as strongly as she could through her clothing.

Marilyn got the hint, and unabashedly dry-fucked against Abby’s thin, strong thigh. It didn’t take long before Marilyn’s orgasm overtook her, and wrapping her arms around Abby’s head, pulling her further into her breast, she released into spasms, as she experienced an avalanche of sexual pleasure.

Abby released her tit, and pushed her off, making Marilyn collapse on her side, her right tit hanging towards the ground. Strongly, Abby got her to her unsteady feet, and pushed her on the bed, and as quickly as possible got her butt naked before she undressed herself. As soon as that was taken care of, Abby straddled Marilyn’s face, ordering, “Suck me bitch, it’s my turn to cum!”

Marilyn did so. She gave good head, and had been proud of her skills. Besides, it was only fair since Abby had just giving her a mindboggling orgasm.

“Oh fuck, Jason, put that cock in my mouth!” Said Abby.

Jason jumped off the concrete block, thinking that he had been caught, but heard the words again. Realizing that Abby was fantasizing about him, he got back on the brick, and continued watching the wanton display.

The strong smack of Marilyn’s hand on Abby’s ass reverberated in the room, making Abby exclaim, “Oh, yes, spank my ass Jason. Spank my ass, and pull my hair!”

A soft, low voice entered his head asking: Jason, do you want to fuck her asshole?

He shook his head strongly, trying to get the sound away that he believed he did not hear, and instead concentrated on Abby’s orgasmic thrashing, and her delicious looking sphincter.

Do you want to fuck that tight asshole, Jason? Now in a deep, depraved growl.

Time seemed to slow, or Abby’s orgasm seemed to extend, as Jason made up his mind to the answer of the question. His cock knew the answer, and was already out his pants.

Then a menacing voice, making it clear that it would not be ignored asked once again Do you WANT TO FUCK THAT ASSHOLE!?!

“Yes,” Jason answered breathless.

A darkness enveloped him, and suddenly he was behind Abby’s delightful body, as she was on all fours, Marilyn was nowhere in sight.

“Oh yes, Jason. Stick that big cock inside my ass! I want to try you on for size!”

Jason disliked disappointing. Pushing in, his mushroom head slowly entered Abby’s back door. The feeling was unbelievable. Abby’s ass was that tightest place he had ever been in. He had read about the smallness of Asian’s, but had not believed it to be so true. Maybe she was a virgin as well!

“Come on Jason. Impale me on that dick of yours!”

He did just that. In a grunt, he pushed his large member deep in the bowels of Abby’s ass.

Abby screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. Jason quickly began to pound her ass, and with his left hand gave her ass a strong slap, leaving it bright read.

“Oh yes, Jason, spank me, spank me, pull my hair!”

Jason pulled her hair, pulling her head back with it, arching her smooth back. He noticed her hair growing thorns, and felt how they dug into his skin, but he did not care, he was close to cumming.

“Oh fuck Abby, I’m going to cum in you ass.”

“Hell yes, shoot that seed inside me. FUCK MY ASS, JASON!”

Jason did. He came, and as he came he used his hand to strongly slap her ass, while the thorns penetrated the other, protruding through the back.

Jason awoke in a start. He was naked; all sheets were on the floor. His abdomen was covered in semen from what was very clearly a wet dream, and his right hand was bleeding.

“Oh shit, oh shit,” exclaimed a startled Jason. He grabbed what was nearest, disregarded the fact that it was a sock, and wrapped it around his hand. He could still feel the squeezing of Abby’s ass around his cock, but ignored it as he used the same sock to wipe off some of the cum, and headed to the bathroom to have a closer look at the wound.

“Fuck, I’ve must have bit my hand. But, what a dream!”

Once in the bathroom, he unwrapped the blood-soaked sock, and examined his wound closer. He noticed on the front and the back a number of small punctures that were already diminishing, and in front of his eyes completely disappeared, as if they were never there, blood no longer flowing.

Jason sat on the edge of the bathtub and rubbed his temples. “What the hell just happened?” He loudly asked himself. He had to figure out what was going on. And, he had to figure out if the green drink had anything to do with it, or if this was all due to the Book of Carnal he had found on his latest trip to the pyramids of Cairo. A book, which promised some great things, especially once he ejaculated on one of the pages.

Maybe I should not have skipped some of the pages, thought Jason as he headed back to bed. I have to figure out what’s the deal. And with Misty at the bar, and…and he ran to the window, and looked out. Yup. It was there. The red, brand new BMW was nicely parked, looking better than when he had discovered it a few hours before dawn, breaking it in by fucking one of the girls senseless. He looked around the room, noticing things looked better as well. The drawers looked new, the bed was larger, exuding comfort, and the carped under his feet felt delightful. Something he had no previous experience with.

He walked to the mirror, and placing his hands on the chair in front of it, and looking at his reflection asked, “What the fuck is going on?”

“Read, idiot,” answered his reflection.

Jason jumped back at the reply. Reflections were not supposed to answer, right? But, new that it was correct. He went to his expensive looking night desk, and, taking the book out, began reading.

It was difficult, for as soon as he touched the book pleasure coursed through his body, making it nearly impossible to concentrate on the words. But, he had experienced this the last time, and knew that he had to overcome it, and actually read what was written. The fact that he had had a wet dream was not the main reason, but more that he had been bleeding, and the improvements to his abode, car, and physique, which he had noticed earlier as well.

Warning: The longer your read, or hold this book the more you will change. At times a god, at others insane… “Ahh!” Exclaimed Jason, as pleasure more strongly ran through him. “Ok, this happened before Jason. Fucking focus…as your mind tries to adjust to your improved self. You are more desirable now… “Is that what it said the last time? Damn, this would be so much easier if it didn’t feel so good!”…than you were previously. Your have more money, look better, and can please women to no end, making yourself their sexual god when you wish it.

Jason’s dick felt like it was going to burst. He tried to let go of the book, but could not. His fingers refused to let go, and he clearly read to obtain this power, ejaculate on this page of the book. He got on his knees, getting ready to do just that, as the pleasure was overwhelming, but somewhere on the back of his head there was a small “no” that got his attention, and instead Jason made himself fall out of bed, releasing the book in the process. Just as quickly the intense pleasure left him, and he was left attempting to catch his breath. He could feel he was still close to cumming, and grabbing his spare sock he came in it.

He did not know what time it was, but figured it was still early, as the sun still hid, and did not really care if he had to work either. He had to figure things out before he took another step out of the room, or before he attempted to sleep. Somehow, he knew he had really fucked Abby, and even though she had enjoyed it, who knew what her thoughts would be once she awoke? What if she thought he had raped her? And Misty?

Jason returned from the kitchen with two forks, and leaving the book on the floor he attempted to open it with them in order to continue reading. “Damn it! It won’t budge! Great, so I can only open it with my hands. Damn it all!” Exclaimed a frustrated Jason. “It’s time for battle!”

Jason got on his bed, readied himself for pleasure, and picked-up the book. Only a quiet whimper escaped his lips, and he read: The first power allows you to change your surroundings, your physique, to influence others desires, as well as to intensify their pleasure. It also makes you desirable to women, and…Jason fell of the bed, and came all over his recently used sock…at your choosing, you can impregnate them, improve their health, or the opposite, make them your slave or your partner. There will be women that will attempt to resist you, or will fight your control, you, however, will always be the victor, and some will be broken, some will…Jason fell out of bed once again, and came on the same sock…join you, and become an asset. Think now of Misty…floor, cum in sock, read…You also have the power to enter dream…wait, where did Misty go? Nothing. Ok?…s, and to make them a reality for you, and for the one(s) involved. The next power will be revealed to you after you’ve proven control of this one.

A test…pleasure increased exponentially within Jason…you will not be allowed to fall out of bed for the next 15 minutes. You will have a choice. You can cum on this page and end the pleasure, or you can master it. The choice is yours.

Jason’s pleasure rose at a quick, steady pace. He knew that if he gave in he would experience one of the strongest, if not the strongest orgasm of his life. The only change was the increasing speed of his intake of breath, and the ability to move his arms, clearly to place the book in front of his ranging member when he gave in to the pleasure. Time and again Jason moved his the book close to his cock, but then used all his will to move it away. He felt as if he was dying, as his insides, his soul, trembled inside a rigid, and constrained body. His head screamed “MMMIIISSSTTTYYY,” but he did not know why. He though of road kills, and video games, and thought of explosions, and rats, and wounds throwing up puss. All, and anything that would decrease the pleasure, but the sensation increased unabated.

Jason was close to breaking. He knew his will could not stand the intensity much longer. And, all he wanted to do was cum. All he had to do was cum, and then it would stop. Just to cum on a page of this book, why not? But, no, he did not want to. It was a direct challenge, and he would do his best to control it. The fifteen minutes ran slow, becoming the longest span of time he had ever experienced, and the pleasure indescribable.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice in his head say “Well done, young one,” and he clearly felt lips wrap around his member. Jason lost all control, and emptied himself into the mouth belonging to the lips that so deliciously enveloped him. Jason loudly moaned through his spasms. He was unsure if he still held-on to the book, as the release of his pleasure took him to an unknown dimension, and his mind saw colors that did not exist. Darkness enveloped him.


Jason awoke feeling relaxed, sated, and comfortable. Then he sharply sat upright, realizing that he was late for work. “Damn!” he exclaimed as he dressed quickly, brushed his hair, and used a mouthwash, skipping the brushing of teeth. He clambered into his car, started the engine, and rushed off to work, the tires screeching at the hurry. He disliked being late, and was thinking of all sorts of excuses to make when arriving, and finally thinking, I guess I can see how this influence power works. I wonder if it works with men as well, ’cause if not Terrance is going to kill me!

“Tisk tisk tisk, you are late,” the lullying voice of Michelle, pretty, petite, receptionist reached his ears as he walked in.

“And you want to cum,” he replied.

Excuse me?!” Causing Jason to almost lose his nerve, but he had to test it, and concentrating on the word, and on imagining how she would look if she came, he ordered, “cum!”

Michelle’s eyes rolled back, her face reddened, as one hand flew to her mouth to quiet the sounds of delight the orgasm generated.

“Now, I want you to remember that I saw you cum, but I want you to forget that I caused it,” directed Jason, and taking a deep breath walked in the office.

He walked, feeling the looks of some of his coworkers, and meeting eyes with Andrew, whose smirk almost said, “sucks to be you.” He walked quickly, but could not help himself smiling at Misty as he passed her cubicle, and was enchanted by the soft smile he received in return.

He made it to his seat, logged in, clocked in, then noticed the small light blinking “line one” announcing the soon ringing of the phone. He answered.

“Jason, please come to my office immediately!” Commanded Terrance.

“Ah, I can explain,” was his nervous reply.

“Now!” And the line went dead.

Damn! He made the long walk to the office, first noticing the look of concern coming from Misty, and then hearing Chopin’s Funeral March that Andrew was humming. Jason mouthed, “fuck you,” as he passed him, making Andrew chuckle, and whispered “Nice threads.” Good friend, but what an asshole thought Jason, and then when did I get such clothes?

“Jason, have a sit. Close the door properly.”

Jason did.

“You are late again, Jason!”

“Yes, I know. It was not intentional.”

“I should hope it is not intentional. Otherwise, I would think you were trying to get yourself fired.”

“No, that’s not the case.”

“Jason. What makes you believe that you, out of all the employees, have the right to be late when you wish? We have discussed this previously at which point you stated that it would not occur again. And yet, here we are.”

“Yes. I know.”

“Listen Jason, I like you. You are a good worker when on time. You keep to yourself most of the time. You are in love with Misty,” Jason was caught of guard. “Don’t be surprised. Everyone knows. You usually stay out of trouble, unless you and Andrew get together, which takes place rather often, but you don’t cause much damage. What is it with you?”

“You are not angry,” commanded Jason.

“What? I sure as hell am angry!”

“I mean,” trying to correct himself, “I understand that you are angry, it’s just that things have been really weird the last couple of days,” fuck, now what do I do? “Just don’t be so upset, I will improve, just give me a bit to figure this thing out.”

Terrance let out a slow breath, “Jason, I can only give you one more chance. If you come-in late again, I will have no choice but to fire you.”

“I understand,” he replied. Was that him, or my influence on him. No idea. Maybe both. But he does not seem as upset as he was.

“It helps that you are finally investing on clothing that makes you look like a professional, instead of a haggard, lazy child.”


“Makes me think that you might be making money elsewhere, or applying elsewhere. Is that what you are doing Jason?”

“What? No.”

“Hm. Well, I’ll let you off the hook this time. Go make me so money!”

“Yes, sir!” Jason exited the office, and walked quickly back to his cubicle. He was working hard for about four hours before an announcement over the speaker made him prick his ears: would the owner of a red BMW M3 please move the vehicle. We apologize for the inconvenience, but a tow truck is trying to get through. He continued working, when he heard once more: Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, but would the owner of a red BMW M3 please move their vehicle as it is blocking a tow truck. “Oh shit,” Jason told himself. “That’s my car. They probably think it’s a customers.”

He quickly stood up, and immediately felt all eyes on him. Then, looking toward the office saw Terrance giving him a “What the fuck are you doing?” kind of look. He took out his keys, and showing them to Terrance pointed outside, and turning several shades of red walked toward the receptionist’s office.

“Jason, I said a BMW, not a Honda.”

“Yes, I know Michelle. It’s my car,” and he quickly exited the building. Although he should have be filled with confidence, he was not, and felt completely awkward walking back inside, and making his way to his cubicle. He caught sight of Terrance looking at him with his hands on his waist. He could almost hear him think, “What the fuck?” And saw Andrew mouthing, “What the fuck?” The only one that was not as surprised was Misty, as she had seen the vehicle yesterday. However, she had thought it belonged to the girl he was banging. After a few minutes of being at his seat, he got a phone call saying, “Lunch break!”

“Yup, I could use it,” he replied. Meeting Andrew half way, they headed outside.

“You drive,” said Andrew. “How about a liquid lunch?”

“Sure, I could go for some quick food and some liquid…”

“What the fuck?” Interrupted Jason. “I thought you were playing a joke when you got out to move your car! When the hell did you get this baby?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Don’t ask? How the hell am I suppose to not ask, huh? I mean, look at this fucking thing. As a matter of fact, I’ll drive, give me the keys.”

“Sure, what the hell,” throwing the keys to Andrew.

“Really? Sweet!”

They entered, Jason finally taking the opportunity to look at his new car. It was really, very impressive. Black leather seats, with red threading, and a top-of-the-line stereo were only the beginning. It came with a full navigation system, programmable seats, and, soon found out, a very powerful engine, as Andrew let it rip. He took the scenic route toward their destination, but Jason did not mind. He was enjoying the vehicle, appreciating it’s handling, as well as how it just hugged the curves. He had decided he was going to drive back.

Andrew could not stop raving about the car. He was in love, and that if the car had a pussy he’d fuck it.

“I believe that if the car were to be personified it would be a man,” Jason pointed out.

“Then, fuck it, I’d turn gay!”

They enjoyed the joke as they walked into the bar.

“Welcome to,” and cutting herself short, “hello Jason, back again, I see.”

“Yes. Just here for lunch, and to unwind a bit from work, Brenda.”

“Excellent idea. What will you have?”

“A drink to start,” interjected Andrew.

Jason noticed that she did not like Andrew, a thing that Andrew was completely clueless about, but she was professional, “All right, what will you have?”

“Two strong Margaritas, not too sweet.”

“Sounds good,” confirmed Jason.

“Coming right up,” she concluded, and got to work.

All right, being able to change the surroundings right. Let me see if I can materialize them. Lets try somewhere safe. Jason concentrated on a new set of clothing, shoes and all, to appear in the trunk of his car. He could see the inside of the spacious trunk, and could see the shoes, a white blazer, when Andrew’s hand struck his shoulder in interruption.

“Here are you drinks!”

“Thank you.”

“Yes. Thank you, babe.”

Brenda rolled her eyes at Andrew’s tackiness. “Will that be all Jason?”

“No. How about a dozen wings, and some French fries as well, please.”

“Coming right up,” and she walked way.

“Alright, when the hell did you get to become friends with the hottest bartender in town, calling each other by first name so comfortably, and got new clothes, and a cool ass ride?”

“That’s a lot of questions?”

“No, it’s one. So get to answering.”

“It’s along story.”

“I got a Margarita, and soon another one to hold me through.”

“Fine, but you have to be cool about it, alright.”

“I’m not your best bud for nothin’. Now, stop with the damn excuses and get to it.”

Jason told him an abridged version of what had happened since his trip to Cairo, mentioned the book, the ability to change his surrounding, and the car, but not the ability to influence people, the having to cum on the page to make it work, nor the effect it was having on his body. One can’t give all away now!

Jason had been listening attentively, and eagerly drinking. The story was finished just as the food arrived.

“Here you go boys.”

“Thanks Brenda.”

“Yeah, thanks Hot-” and getting kicked under the table, “uh, a lot.”

Rachel smiled, and left.

“What was that for?”

“Don’t be such an ass for now,” replied Jason, “give me a sec,” and closing his eyes concentrated, once more, on the trunk of his car. He saw all the clothing as clearly as possible, smirking as he opened his eyes. He loudly called to the bar, “Hey Rachel, how about two more Margaritas and bring us a couple of shots of tequila, and one for yourself as well.”

“What tequila?”

“The best!”

“The best? Who’s paying?” Asked Andrew.

“Don’t worry, pal. I got it.”

“Hm, new car, new clothes, and money for good tequila.”

“Yup.” Jason noticed Rachel approaching and downed his Margarita.

“Here you go, honey.”

“Thanks Rachel. Alright,” he lifted his tequila glass, “to freedom.”

“To freedom,” repeated Rachel and Andrew, and down their drinks went.

“Holy shit, this is some great stuff,” exclaimed Andrew, licking his lips.

“I know! That’s why I ordered it.”

“Where is mine,” boomed a voice behind Jason. He saw Andrew’s eyes widen, as he flinched. Jason did not have to turn to know who it was.

The figure walked next to the table, and in deep scowl said, “Drinking during working hours, I see.”

“Terrance, what are you doing here?”

“I’m on my lunch break.”

“We are not on working hours, we’re on our lunch break too!”

“Shut up, Andrew. I am not addressing you yet. Unless, of course, you want me to handle things officially.”

Andrew shut up.

“Come on now, Terrance. We are only unwinding a bit, and what better place than here, close to work.”

“Is that your BMW parked outside?”

Shit! “Yes.”

“I thought so. You have been making money elsewhere.”

“Come on, Terrance is not that. We’re only unwinding-”

“I heard you the first time. So, where is my shot then?”

Seriously? “Hey Brenda. How about three shots, and one for you of course.”


“The same.”

“Coming right up.”

She had been ready for the request as soon as she saw Terrance walk in. And, since she had heard the conversation she was glad of it. Aside from them the bar was practically empty, so it was not so difficult an accomplishment, and she needed the clientele. Not only did she find Jason hot, and would not mind blowing him again, but he was also a good tipper. She wondered why she had not noticed him so much before.

“Hello Brenda.”

“Hello Terrance, haven’t seen you since last week, what happened?”

“You know, things up at the home front.”


“All right, to prosperous employment!” exclaimed Andrew raising his glass.

“One cannot argue with that,” said Terrance, and down the drinks went. “You are buying, right Jason?”

“Yup. Anything you want.”

“I don’t think you can afford it,” then turning to Brenda, “let me have an order of wings, a Cadillac margarita, and double shot of the same, please.”

“Sure thing,” and off she went.

“Listen, I got you covered for the time of the lunch break,” Jason told Terrance.


“Wait. What shit is this? You’re busting our balls for drinking, and here you are doing the same?” Interjected Andrew.

“Well, since Jason here has offered to pay anything I want, I guess I should answer the question then,” replied Terrance. “There was a power outage at the company, so we all have the rest of they day off.”

“You manipulative piece of-”

“Shut up, Andrew! Fair enough, Terrance. And, I will keep my word. Whatever you want.”

“Good. I plan to get wasted.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Just to unwind.”

“Alright.” Brenda arrived with Terrance’s order.

“Save the double. Brenda, another round of shots to sober us up,” ordered Jason.

“Ha ha. Sobering up, huh? Alright, be right back.”

“One for me as well,” came the melodious tones of Misty. Oh, my Misty.

“It’s gonna be a party,” said Andrew.

Then Terrance, “And you are not dressed for it.”

“Oh yeah, reminds me. Andrew, come with me real quick,” said Jason, and stepping off the stool he first gave a warm, welcoming hug to Misty, asking her to sit next to him, and elbowing Andrew to avoid the comment that already seemed to be on the tip of his tongue.

Jason walked out the bar, and with Andrew headed to the car. He stopped about six feet short of it, and giving Andrew the keys, said, “Ok. Look in the trunk, and describe to me what you see. All that is there, in regards to outfit, is yours.

“Damn! Fuck describing. How ’bout I change!”


He did. Right there in the parking lot he took off his unstylish clothing, and change to a better looking set. He was dressed with dark blue jeans, an off-white belt, off-white shoes with brown soles, a brown, checkered shirt, white blazer, and aviator sunglasses. He looked good, and Jason felt proud of his accomplishment. He did not think it would have been so easy. He was right. When Andrew turned there were holes all over the place in the back of his clothes.

“Ok, don’t move,” order Jason.


“Don’t you feel a draft?”

Andrew moved his hands to the back and exclaimed, “Oh shit,” as he felt part of his ass and back of his legs exposed. “Admit it. You wanted to see my ass, didn’t you?”

“Fuck you! Now, don’t move.”

It was not easy. In fact, it was much more difficult when looking at the clothing, than when only seeing the clothing with his mind. It drained him. After a while he completed the patches, and announced it to Andrew.

“Fuck, about time,” and moved his hands all over his back area. “Seems good.” He turned, and rushed to Jason, just in time to catch him. “Are you alright, bro?”

“Yeah, just got a little dizzy. Give me a second.”

“Take your time.”

“Alright. I think I’m ok now.”

“Good, you were getting heavy.”

“Whatever. Thanks though.”

“Thank you for this nice clothes, and for fixing them with whatever the hell you just did.”

“No problem. I think I need to test it more. And, I think I need a drink, and food.”

“Let’s get in there then. Don’t forget about Misty!”

“Misty,” and he rushed in with Andrew trailing behind.

“For a second there I thought you had left me hanging with the bill!” Said Terrance as soon as they made it back to the table.

“Nope. Here we are,” replied Jason.

“Good. Rachel said you were buying drinks, so I took the liberty of ordering some for us. I had mine already, since you were gone for so long.”

“Misty. Yes, uh, okay. You can get another. Then I’m going to order, ’cause I’m starving.”

“You got that Rachel?” Asked Misty.

“Yup. Coming right up.”

“Jeez, I’m gonna get hammered!” Said Andrew.

“You were interested in a liquid lunch,” replied Jason.

Andrew looked quickly at Terrance, to remind Jason that he was there.

“I didn’t hear anything,” said Terrance. Andrew’s face filled with relief.

Rachel returned with Misty’s drink, and one for her as well. “Ok, now to what?” She blithely asked.

“To good company, and a generous man,” said Misty as she touched Jason.

Jason tried hard not to blush as they toasted. Finally Jason had the chance to order. “Ok. So give me a double cheeseburger with fries, a dozen wings, and whatever Andrew and Misty want.”

“You seem hungry.”

“Yes, Misty. I am. Oh, and Brenda, as soon as possible please.”

“Ok. Then let me run this order to the kitchen, and then I’ll come to take the order of you two, is that okay?”

“Sure, why not?” Replied Andrew, as Misty nodded assent.

“And Jason. Sorry I did not bring your wings right away. I’ll bring them out together okay?”


Off she went. Shortly after she came back to take the others’ orders, and a little after that she was back with Jason’s food, which came quite quick.

“Enjoy,” said Terrance.

“I will. So do you,” and Jason dug in with gusto.

Jason happily ate the food while thinking of how to improve this newfound talent. He wondered if he would be able to alter only items that he created, or others as well. He was tempted to try and make the front of Misty’s blouse and bra disappear, but did not want to embarrass her, and, in all honesty, he wanted her all for himself. All was based on assumption, and he needed to test his theories to see what was possible. Maybe he could only create, and not the opposite.

The dream was also in his mind, and he had to figure out what had happen. He was still sure he had sex with Abby, and although it was very hot, it was still in a dream, and his hand had been bleeding from the thorns that came out of her hair. Is this what the book meant about “at times insane”? There has to be a way. He was interrupted.

“You must be hungry. You haven’t said a word, and are eating as if you haven’t in days,” Misty said as she picked on what appeared to be a chicken salad.

“Sorry, Misty. I was lost in thought.”

“No need to apologize.”

Jason was surprised to see that his food was almost gone and said, “and I was famished. I didn’t even know I was so hungry.”

“So, what’s with the new threads,” Terrance asked Andrew.

“Jason gave them to me,” was his nonchalant reply.

“Jason huh.”

“It was a birthday gift!” Interjected Jason.

“It’s your birthday?” Followed Misty.

“Nope. Wait. Does that mean you’re not giving me anything on my actual birthday?”

“Maybe,” replied Jason.

“I’ll be the first to say that it makes you look better. Not so immature,” said Terrance.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“He’s right,” chimed Rachel as she stepped between them. “You do look better.”

“Ah. You like me, huh toots?”

“If we could only change this dumb lines you come up with,” she replied and laughed. It did not go unnoticed that both Andrew and Terrance had wrapped an arm around her waist, and the manner with which they looked at her showed clear arousal. Jason wondered if it was the alcohol, or if it was his influence. He had the idea that it would be hot to see Rachel being double-teamed.

“I’ll bet you ten-times being late that if I buy Rachel another drink I can get her to blow you,” he whispered to Terrance.

“Deal! And if you lose, you’ll have to provide ten more lunches like this at my desire.”

“Hey Rachel, how about another drink.”

“Off the same?”

“Yes. And for you too, of course.”

Andrew grunted as she left, and threw him a mean look. Jason did not want to speak of his plan so he projected the word Patience to Andrew. Andrew’s reaction was priceless as he clearly “heard” what Jason had said, and looked at Jason surprised. Jason winked, and, in turn, Andrew grinned.

His next task was assuring that no one would come in. He concentrated on the signs, adding the words “will be closed for the next half hour.” He realized that Rachel was taken longer than usual, and noticed she was talking on the phone. He concentrated on her, and could feel her hand playing with her pussy, as her lower half was hidden from view. He implanted a vision of her happily blowing Terrance while Andrew played with her ass.

Jason was surprised by Misty’s soft voice, and warm breath meeting his ear as she quietly asked, “What are you doing?”

Turning to her he came to being millimeters from her lips, and was strongly inspired to kiss her, but he needed to win this bet, and he knew that if he kissed Misty he would lose all concentration. Instead, he went around her gorgeous face, and slowly moved to her ear as he felt her soft cheek sliding against his, while his arm went around her waist. It was an odd angle, since they were sitting, but what the heck. “Just seeing what will develop. Do you enjoy shows?”

“Yes. But, what do you mean?”

“You will see. I think we will be getting one.”

Rachel came back with the drinks and in a slight slur said, “to what?”

“To sexual pleasure,” said Jason.

“Oh, I second that,” was Andrew’s agreement, also in a slight slur.

“Me too,” said Terrance.

“Alright,” said Misty. Their glasses clinked, and down the liquid went.

Jason was suddenly concerned that perhaps they were to drunk to be able to perform, and he did not want that. So, another test was going to be trying to see if the could get them to sober up just a bit. It was tricky, because too much would be the end of the fun. His solution was to make each of them feel awake and more in control, but equally sexually aroused.

Rachel was on the same spot she was before, standing proudly between the two men, with their arms around her waist, caressing her sides insinuatingly.

“You do look good with the new clothes. You may want to consider changing your wardrobe,” she addressed Andrew.

“Thanks. How do I look?”


“And how do I look?” Asked Terrance.

“Hot as well!”

“Why don’t you show him how hot you find them?” suggested Jason.

“Alright,” she said, and bending forward kissed Terrance square on the lips. The kiss quickly gained depth, and pretty soon one could see the battle their tongues were waging.

Brenda’s hands went to the front of Terrace pants, grabbing what seemed to be a very ready Terrance. Andrew ravaged her with his eyes, his hands on his knees. Brenda finally broke the kiss, and turning her attention to Andrew said, “Are you going to use your hands, or are you going to stare at me the whole day?”

Andrew did not need further prompting. His hands quickly were on her body, grabbing and spanking her ass through her clothing, and playing with her large breasts.

“Put me in your mouth,” order Terrance.

“No. I only want to play,” replied Brenda. “Besides, you’re married.” A moan escaped her lips as she felt Andrew twirl her nipples in his finger. Terrance took her open mouth to continue to passionately kiss her, while Andrew lifted her skirt, pushing a hand in her panties to play with her swelling clit.

Jason had notice the quick disappointment Terrance had shown before continuing to kiss her, and noticed as well that he was not doing anything about it, but instead was undoing the blouse. He thought prodding would be required. He concentrated on Terrance, and attempted to project and action of lowering his zipper and releasing his cock.

Terrance did that as soon as Brenda’s tits were free from the front-clasping bra. He lowered his mouth to one tit while his hands when to his zipper to release his engorged member. Once it was free, he went back to caressing the large breasts he so pleasantly sucked.

Andrew had her slightly bent over, her panties were around her ankles now, and he finger-fucked her from behind, ensuing delightful moans from Brenda.

Terrance went back to kissing her, and moved her hands to his dick. She moaned at the feel of the warm flesh in her hands. It was think, and she traced the large vein with her index finger. She really wanted a taste. Besides, blowing was not cheating, right?

Jason saw the decision in Brenda as she lowered her head, and smirked. He was going to win.

Terrance released a pleased moan as soon as Brenda’s mouth wrapped around his mushroom head. He enjoyed the light sucking, but wanted more, and placing a hand on the back of her head encouraged it.

Since she was bent over, and ass high in the air, Andrew took advantage, alternating from dry humping her, to finger fucking her with two fingers.

Brenda came up for breath and ordered, “Put that cock in my pussy!”

“Do you have a condom, Jason?”

“It’s alright. I’m clean and on the pill. Just fuck me damn it!”

Andrew obliged, and unbuckled his pants as she continued to blow Terrance. Andrew aimed his readied member to the entrance of her juicy pussy, and in one fluid motion buried himself balls deep, causing her to deep throat Terrance.

A moaned escaped all of them.

Andrew did not waste time, quickly fucking her in long, deep, strong, and fast strokes, occasionally spanking her round ass as it deliciously shook with his thrusts.

Terrance’s loved the way she was now blowing him. Most of the time taking him all the way down her throat, and sucking hard. He was getting close to cumming. He thought he should warn her, but thought, fuck it, “who knows when I will get this chance again?” His hand was on the back of her head, encouraging the sucking, and increasing the tempo, while the other was on one of the swinging breasts.

Andrew was also being dragged to the edge by the hot tunnel he was plunging into. He would not last much longer, and said so while continually spanking her rippling ass. “I’m going to cum! Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Andrew increased the tempo, his cock almost a blur as he fucked her.

Terrance did not saying anything, but Brenda felt the swelling of his head, and was going to back off when she felt his hand pushing her all the way down, giving her just a chance to take a deep breath and holding it, before he started shooting down her throat. It was difficult, as she was also experiencing her own orgasm.

Terrance’s hand finally relented, and she came up slightly sucking on the head, and moaning around it as Andrew came down from his orgasm. He came out with a pop.

Brenda release Terrance, and when she stood up right she slapped him on the arm saying, “I wasn’t going to swallow you asshole!”

“Sorry Brenda. You felt so good I could not control myself.”


“That was hot!” Said both Misty and Jason. They had kissed a couple of times, but somehow had managed to keep their hands to themselves, and enjoyed the show.

“Are you done yet? Customers are awaiting for you to open the door,” said the cook from behind the bar.

“Oh shit. Yes!” Answered a startle Brenda, as she rearranged herself as quickly as possible.

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