anal play

No real note this time. I guess you get the idea at this point. Thank you for reading and making nice comments and I really hope that I’m getting to be bit better with this writing. I hope to start writing about all the fun I had meeting my husband and the fun we still have because I think that stuff is really hot, too. And I still want to write some stories that are just made up and not about things that happened to me except I guess I really had some fun at few special times in my life and it’s been really fun writing about them. So I hope you enjoy this epic that I never planned!


The next day while I was in class and out of class I thought a lot about what Lindsey had said to me the night before about being careful with Zoey. I understood what she meant but I don’t think she really understood that was why we were seeing other girls, too. It was part of the reason why we invited Sam to be with us and definitely part of the reason why we seduced her, because we didn’t want to feel as if we were a couple and if we were having sex with other girls then how could we be a couple, right? I tried to explain that to Lindsey over breakfast the next morning and I’m not sure it made a lot of sense to her.

When I got down with classes I went back to my room without much of a plan for myself than it being just another day at college. I had a paper that I needed to work on. College can be a lot of work. When I went back to my room, the bathroom doors between our two rooms were open. I thought about shutting the door for some privacy and didn’t. I could tell someone was home in the other room, but I didn’t check to see who it was. I was waiting for my computer to finish booting when there was a soft knock. It was Zoey.

“Hey girlfriend,” she said with a big smile. I don’t think I would have thought much about her greeting except for what Lindsey had said last night before we went to sleep.

“What’s up?” I said, hoping I didn’t sound cold or distant.

“Nothing,” she said as she slipped up behind me. She wrapped her arms around, cupped my breasts with the familiarity of a lover and kissed my neck. “I was thinking about you. I nearly snuck over here to borrow my toy and then I remembered that you would be home soon.”

“Lindsey knows that’s your toy. You could probably take it back,” I pointed out trying to ignore how good her hands felt on my breasts or how I could feel her full breasts pressing against my back or how the kiss she had planted on my neck made me feel.

“I like seeing it sitting there,” she said. “I was even thinking about adding my other toy it, too.” Zoey worked her hands inside my blouse. She undid my bra in the back before her hands slipped beneath the front of it. She kissed my neck again and I began melting.

“What are you doing?” I asked. She could ask me the same question. I had moved my hands behind my back, holding her closer to me.

“Me? I’m not doing a thing,” she said as one of her hands slid down my stomach, inside my pants and beneath the waistband of my panties. “Mm, someone feels wet.”

“I wonder why?”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you liked this.”

I spun in her arms, facing and kissing her deeply. I groped her tits with one hand and her sexy, bubble butt with my other as we kissed each other with the hunger of desperate lovers. “I like you,” I mumbled between our kisses. My body felt on fire and I couldn’t imagine anything stopping us. Anything that felt this right could never be wrong. I fished between us, working the front of her jeans until I could slip a hand inside her panties. She felt as wet and needy as me. I kept pushing off her clothes.

“I don’t think I shut the bathroom door,” she said. I didn’t stop pulling open her clothes for my touch. “And Beth is home.” I still didn’t stop. “She might hear us.” I pulled off her top and bra. I didn’t stop undressing her until she was completely naked.

“Do you want to shut the door?” I offered as I got undressed.

“No,” she said, pulling my naked body against hers. We shuffled to my bed without breaking our kiss until we were side-by-side, facing head-to-toe and lost in a sixty-nine position. It can be an awkward position except I think the difference in our heights made it easier. We did it on our sides and more traded orgasms than tried having them together. Zoey would half lie on top of me with her face buried between my legs as I came. Filled with lust from my orgasm, I would shove my face tighter against her bare pussy and she would fall to her back still touching and stroking me as I brought her to a climax. We didn’t count orgasms or strictly take turns because sometimes I was a bit selfish. Within the last week I had discovered I loved eating pussy, I loved bury my face between another woman’s legs and once I started I didn’t want to stop. The orgasms she gave me only spurred my desire for more pussy. It took a long time before we were both sated enough to relax. “You are so fucking dangerous,” Zoey said after she had turned around and cuddled naked next to me.

“And you’re addictive,” I told her. We kissed and our kissing lingered for a long time, too.

“I think we should be in bed when Lindsey comes home,” she said and I giggled because I had the same thought. I glanced at the clock on my wall, surprised to see it was already four thirty in the afternoon.

“We should probably shut the bathroom door,” I said. I needed to use the bathroom, so I volunteered. I climbed over Zoey and walked naked into the bathroom. I shut the door to Zoey’s room. I didn’t bother shutting the door to my room. I did my business and unlatched the door to Zoey’s room. I heard the tip-tapping of fingers on a keyboard from Beth and Zoey’s room. While it was unlikely Beth had peeked on us, I knew it could have happened and I didn’t want to shut the door to my room when I left the bathroom but I didn’t want Lindsey to feel uncomfortable when she came home.

I sat down with Zoey on my bed and we cuddled close to each other without doing anything more. “Maybe we should be playing the toys when she walks in?” she suggested.

“I think this will be surprise enough,” I said and we kissed again. That kiss worried me because I noticed again how different it felt to kiss a girl instead of a man. Part of me thought it felt better. Could that be true? “Do you like kissing boys or girls better?”

“Girls,” she said without hesitation. “Boys are crappy kissers.”

I thought about it for a moment and wasn’t sure I agreed. Boys weren’t crappy kissers, but it did feel different kissing a boys. I didn’t miss the scratchiness of unshaved cheeks but it was one difference that was easy to notice. Girls smell sweeter than boys, too and maybe I missed the pheromones, I don’t know. “Maybe we’re turning into lesbians.”

“Have you seen Beth’s lesbian friends?” Zoey laughed. “Unless you have an urge to start wearing flannel, stop shaving everywhere and start wearing boy jeans, I think we’re safe.” That felt like such a cliché to me. I had seen girls like Zoey described around campus, but I didn’t believe it was a uniform for all lesbians and if it was, I didn’t want to be one. As much as I enjoyed the taboo and fun of making love to another woman, I still wasn’t convinced I wanted to be a lesbian at all.

“Beth doesn’t dress like that,” I pointed out. Mostly, Beth wore jeans and t-shirts with a save the Earth message. She looked more like a hippie than a stereotypical lesbian. “Do you think any of your cheerleader friends ever fooled around with another girl?”

“Our co-captains were sweet on each other, though I never saw them doing anything, but they didn’t have boyfriends and everyone guessed they were into each other.”

“But you don’t know, do you?”

“No, but I spent quite a few nights imagining them together with my hand between my legs,” Zoey giggled. I liked her giggle. I liked the way her boobs jiggled when she giggled. I poked her in the ribs to see if she was ticklish. She squirmed away, giggling. “Stop that!” I didn’t, not for a while at least. It was almost five and Lindsey was due home any minute. “Do you think we should be doing something when she walks in? You know, with each other, even if we don’t use the toys?”

“Let’s just see how it goes,” I suggested and kissed her. Our kissing lingered again as our hands began caressing each other’s good parts and I squirmed thinking how sexy it will be to get caught even if getting caught was contrived. We were still kissing when I heard Lindsey’s keycard working the lock and I felt an excited thrill surging through me.

“Hi honey, I’m home,” Lindsey called from the doorway. It was a common greeting she made as she walked in. My kiss with Zoey was interrupted by our giggling. “And look who I bumped into in the lobby,” Lindsey said. Zoey and I froze. Did Lindsey have someone with her? We turned to the hallway and saw Lindsey. She stepped into the room, saw us huddled together on my bed and started laughing. “Well, isn’t that special?” she asked, still laughing as she stepped the rest of the way into the room and turned towards our guest. Following behind her was Samantha.

It was funny seeing Sam because she didn’t look immediately at Zoey and me. Her eyes were locked on the toys so prominently on display on top of the refrigerator. She surely recognized the big vibrator but Lindsey’s cock-shaped dildo was more shocking and impressive looking. Her eyes were wide as she turned to look at us and she did a double take when she saw us. “Well steal my clothes and fuck me running,” she said with a gasp. Apparently, that was a common phrase for her. A big smile replaced the surprised look on her face and the four of us began laughing.

“Isn’t this where one of you say, ‘It’s not what it looks like?’” Lindsey asked.

“Oh, I think it’s exactly what it looks like,” I said, laughing harder than I can remember laughing in a long time. Some of it was because of the humor of the moment and I think the rest of my laughter was relief that it was just Sam.

“Sam!” Zoey called out as she scrambled off the bed and ran into the redhead’s arms.

“I guess they’ve met?” Lindsey asked me, stating the obvious with her usual comedic flair.

“Yeah, they go way back,” I said. “All the way back to this past weekend.” I watched Lindsey slipping off her backpack, putting it on her desk chair and squeezing her way around the two kissing girls standing at the end of the hallway that led to the front door. “Where you going?”

“I’m hungry,” she said as if we were going to let her leave. Sam picked up on what was happening and grabbed her arm.

“Hold on,” Sam said. “I’ve got something you can eat.”

“Me too,” Zoey said as Lindsey was pulled between them. The surprised and startled look on Lindsey’s face was funny and didn’t last long. Zoey started kissing her while Sam began tugging at Lindsey’s clothes. As soon as Lindsey was topless, Zoey’s lips moved to her chest and Lindsey looked at me over the petite blonde’s head.

“I guess I don’t get a say in this, do I?” she asked me.

“Do you really want a say?” I asked. I climbed off the bed and joined the trio standing in the middle of the room. Sam had done a good job at stripping Lindsey. I peeled her away from my roommate and pulled at her clothes until all four of us were naked.

“I want this,” Sam told me, grabbing my bare ass in her hands and kneading it.

“Just that?” I asked, feeling a bit overwhelmed by how forward she could be. “I bet Zoey wants that, too,” I said and I traded places with Zoey. Neither of them seemed to mind. As soon as they touched they were kissing and groping each other with the familiarity of experienced lovers.

I wrapped my arms around Lindsey and kissed her and I don’t know why, but it felt different kissing my roommate than it had when I was kissing Zoey or Sam. Maybe it was because I knew Lindsey better than Sam or Zoey, though I guess that would be difficult to about Zoey at that point in my life. Still, I had been living with Lindsey for the last three weeks of life, not Zoey or Sam. Lindsey and I had established a living arrangement that hadn’t included sex until just the other day. She felt good in my arms. I liked the way her body meshed against mine and I wanted her to be happy. I squeezed her ass and remembered she liked it up the butt, too.

“Want me to get your toy?” I asked her.

“Which one,” she asked, distracted by watching the short blonde and the taller redhead together.

“Guess,” I said, running my finger between her buttcheeks and caressing her behind in a very intimate manner. Lindsey looked at me as if she was unsure. “She likes that too, remember?” I reminded her. I sucked on my finger, got it very wet and pushed my first knuckle inside her butt.

Lindsey rubbed my pussy. Her fingers worked over my clit in the tight circle that drove me wild. I pushed my finger deeper inside her butt and she moaned as we kissed. Feeling her passion excited me, too. I felt weak as I felt the rising tide of an orgasm building inside of me and that’s my excuse for being unable to resist her suggestion. “I think you should let me use it on you.”

“Which one,” I asked. After all, she was playing with my pussy and I was playing with her ass.

“I think you know,” she said, squirming halfway out of our embrace. She leaned over and picked up her butt plug and the lube. “It’s clean,” she assured me, sucking on the toy. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me because my finger was still inside her backside and she was suggesting I used her butt plug?

“You use it,” I said, continuing to finger her butt.

“I will,” she said, putting some lube on its tip. She put another dab of lube on her fingertip. “On you.” She grabbed my butt and pressed her gooey finger inside my ass and I have to admit it felt divine in ways I never expected. I glanced at Zoey and Sam and was surprised to see them gone. I had to look over my shoulder to find them. They had moved to my bed where they sat next to each other, kissing and playing with each other. Could they see what Lindsey was doing to me? Could they see her finger inside me? Had they noticed the toy she held? Lindsey turned my face back to hers. She pressed her mouth against me and kissed me deeply as her hands worked behind me. With one hand, she pulled open my backside while her other hand positioned the tip of that butt plug against my asshole. She gripped my chest, pinching and rolling one of my nipples in that deliciously painful way that girl can do so much better to another woman than a man can do. As she held me against her, I felt the toy sliding inside me, I felt my butt opening for it. It felt too big, too long and then it felt wonderful as it slipped into place. “Now eat your girlfriends,” she said, turning me around to face the pair sitting on my bed.

I clenched my buttcheeks together, unsure if the toy would stay inside of me on its own as I moved. I could feel it inside my butt. I felt how it wiggled as I moved, fucking me in a spot that never received much attention until this past week. My clit ached with need as I fell to my knees on the carpeted floor in front of Sam. She broke her kiss long enough to smile down at me as she parted her legs and allowed me access to her pussy. I pressed my lips against her womanly lips and began eating her pussy with my ass in the air.

Lindsey didn’t ignore me. She knelt behind and over me, reaching around me and hugging me as I ate Sam’s pussy. Her hand raked across my chest as she played with my hard nipples. I felt her chest against my back. “You look so sexy doing that,” she cooed in my ear. I felt her hand between my legs but she ignored my pussy. She had moved a hand between our bodies and cradled her fingers against my ass. Her fingers worked the toy inside of me. She wiggled it back and forth, up and down. “Feel good?” she asked and I couldn’t answer with anything more than a moan because I was busy eating Sam. Because Zoey and Sam were busy kissing, for once, Sam was relatively quiet with her orgasm.

“Now Zoey,” Lindsey directed when it became obvious that I had pleased Sam. I only needed to move over a bit to be in front of Zoey. I had to close my eyes as I ate Zoey’s hot, wet pussy. I felt on sensory overload with everything happening at once and focusing was an issue for me. My tongue recognized the familiar territory of Zoey’s anatomy as I lashed at the nub of her clit and even snaked a finger beneath my chin to poke at her pussy. Had we really made love that many times that I could recognize her so easily? I didn’t fight the sensation and did what I knew would feel best for her until I heard her moans muffled by Sam’s mouth.

“And now me,” Lindsey said, pulling me towards her as she laid down on the floor. She parted her legs and rubbed her pussy as I turned, bent and started pleasing her. She caressed the side of my face as I ate her, cooing and moaning. “They can see your toy,” she reminded me and knew she was right. I knew my ass was up in the air and facing Sam and Zoey as I ate Lindsey. As I had noticed the flat flange of the toy against Lindsey’s backside, surely they would notice it against my butt, too. I couldn’t stand it. I balanced on one elbow between Lindsey’s legs because I needed to touch myself. I needed an orgasm that felt years in the making. I desperately rubbed my swollen clit and came long before Lindsey did. My orgasm didn’t stop me from making sure Lindsey had one, too. I kept going until I heard her cute chanting, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” That sound was so cute and funny to me that I crawled over her body and had to kiss her.

After we kissed for a while, Lindsey pulled at me and I was confused. I didn’t understand where she wanted me to go. It felt as if she wanted me off of her, but when I tried rolling to the side she stopped me and then it occurred to me what she wanted. She didn’t want me off of her, she wanted me over her, on top of her and I crawled until my knees straddled her face. From where I knelt on the floor between our beds, I could reach her bed. I leaned over, laying my arms and head on her bed as I squirmed, wiggled and pressed my aching pussy against her eager tongue. Lindsey cupped my ass as she ate me and used a finger or thumb to wiggle the toy inside my butt. It was more than I could take and came against her face feeling slightly out of control with the heat of my orgasm. The toy inside my ass intensified my orgasms in unexpected ways and I gasped as my climax took hold and rocked my world.

I felt weak and out of breath as I clung to her bed and Lindsey scooted out from behind me. I rested my head on my hands, still kneeling and sucking in deep, calming breaths as Lindsey pressed against me again. “You okay?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Better than okay,” I promised. I turned my head and we managed to kiss over my shoulder.

“Guess this means you like my toy?”

I laughed and nodded, still too weak to move while on the other side of the room, Zoey was between Sam’s legs and Sam became her vocal self. “Oh fuck! Yes! Eat me, Zoey! Eat me!” she yelled, entirely too loud.

“Is she always like that?” Lindsey asked, still holding me.

“As far as I know,” I said, finally feeling some strength returning to me. With the heat of the moment passing, the toy inside me began feeling awkward. “Can I take this out now?” Lindsey nodded, kissed me and pulled away. I went into the bathroom to remove the toy. I made sure I washed it, too. As I stood in the bathroom, I could hear Sam’s passionate cries and had to laugh. Damn that girl could scream! I ran the shower and washed, too, before I went back to a much quieter bedroom where I found Sam going down on Zoey while Lindsey watched from her bed while enjoying Zoey’s big vibrator. I climbed into bed next to her and sucked on her tits while she watched.

After Zoey’s and Lindsey’s orgasms the four of us sat in pairs and smiled at each other. “How was the toy?” Zoey asked me.

“Good,” I said, unwilling to make more of a commitment to it than that.

“You looked sexy with that up your butt,” Sam offered and I think I blushed because we were talking about my butt and that felt funny.

“Aw, sweetie, don’t be like that,” Lindsey said, caressing my cheek and giving it a quick kiss. “That’s a good toy. You should try wearing it to class sometime.” When I gave her a shocked looked all three girls laughed. I couldn’t imagine doing something like that. Again, Lindsey was the first to call an end to the fun by reaching for her clothes. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still hungry.” That was a consensus shared in the room and we ate together, laughing, joking and talking about all sorts of things.

We walked back to the dorm as two couples. Lindsey and I walked side-by-side while Zoey and Sam did the same thing. Along the way, for whatever reason, it became really important to Sam that one of us went back to her room to meet her roommate. I didn’t have an interest in meeting her roommate and neither did Lindsey. Inside the lobby, Zoey and Sam turned towards Sam’s room while Lindsey and I went home. Once we were alone, I asked Lindsey, “You were kidding about wearing that toy to class, weren’t you?”

“No,” she giggled. “I’ve worn it to work, too, though that’s tough. I usually can’t make it the whole day.”

“Because it gets annoying?”

“Because I get too excited and then I’m playing with myself in the bathroom before lunch. After I get off a couple times, I have to pull it out or I’ll just keep wanting to play.”

“Where did you ever get it?” I asked as we reached our room. She told me about a sex shop near the airport where she lived and how she and her girlfriends would go in there and dare each other to buy stuff.

“That was the first thing I bought I didn’t even understand what it was until I got home with it. It didn’t make sense to me until I tried it and then . . . well, it feels good, doesn’t it?”

I couldn’t imagine buying something like that without understanding its true purpose, except for how she explained it. I thought about it and realized that if I had done that, I would have been curious, too. “Does your boyfriend know about your toys?”

“No way,” she giggled. “He’d freak out. He doesn’t even know I play with myself.” It went without saying that he wouldn’t know about how she had played with girls, too. It was sort of a small conversation but it was one that made a big impact on me and how I would live my life in the years to come after then. So many of those days were learning experiences, like that little story from Lindsey was.

“Have you ever watched your boyfriend play with himself?” I asked.

“I’m not sure he does that,” she said and I laughed at that. I might not have much experience with girls or butt plugs, but I had plenty of experience with guys.

“Trust me, he does,” I assured her. “Guys do it more than girls do it.”

“How often do you do it?”

“I don’t know,” I said, thinking about it. “Sometimes I’ll do it a few times in a day, like back-to-back or a couple of times and then a break and then a couple more times. Sometimes I’ll go a couple days without doing it, but then I almost have to do it three or four times to get caught up, so maybe every other day or so? What about you?” Her answer surprised me.

“Every night when I’m taking a shower,” she said.

“No way!” I cried except I had no way of knowing.

“I’d do it in bed except we always go to bed together and I didn’t want you to know what I was doing.”

“What about your toys?” I asked, not believing that someone with a toy the size of Kong would masturbate without it too many times.

“Only when I know you’re not going to be home for a bit, otherwise, I’ll sneak my other toy into the bathroom with me. And like I said, sometimes I’ll wear it during the day, too. It’s so fucking hot. You should get one!”

“Maybe,” I said, not convinced that I needed to own a butt plug. This afternoon had been fun, but it wasn’t enough to convert me into an anal slut like the three of them. Besides, where was I going to buy one? From a catalog? It didn’t feel like the sort of thing I wanted showing up at my house when I wasn’t there to accept the package or showing up in the college mail with how often mail was passed out to the wrong people. “Do you ever feel like you’re cheating on your boyfriend if you play with yourself?”

“No,” she said, giving me a funny look. “Do you?”

“No,” I admitted, even though I didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment. “But if you do it and he does it, then why isn’t it something you can talk about?”

“Do you talk about it with your boyfriend?” she asked. I reminded her I didn’t have a boyfriend, but admitted that even when I did, it wasn’t something we talked about. “I’d like to think we could talk about it,” I said, meaning whatever boyfriend I ended up having.

“I don’t know, it seems sort of private. Do you think we should talk about it?” I wasn’t sure what she meant and she saw that. “I mean, maybe we should tell each other every time we do it or something?”

It was an interesting proposal and I have to admit that I liked the idea. “What if hearing you did it makes me want to do it?”

“Yeah, what if?” Lindsey asked with that sly smirk on her face that was always so fun looking. I noticed how she squirmed a bit and thought about calling her on it when a better idea came to mind.

“I don’t believe you can really keep that toy up your butt for longer than a few minutes without touching yourself.”

“Can to,” she insisted before catching on to what I was saying. She smiled, picked up her toy and put it next to her while she worked off her jeans and panties. “This is sort of unfair because I’m already horny.”

“Good,” I said, squirming and resisting the urge to clutch at myself for the few moments it took her to put the toy in place. It didn’t take her long before she pulled up her panties and jeans as if nothing had changed. “Feel good?”

“Yes,” she said in a soft, excited voice that told me it felt very good. “Now we should go out and get some coffee or something.” Her eyes went wide at my suggestion because the coffee shop was just off campus and a couple blocks away from our dorm room. “Unless you don’t think you can.”

“Fuck you,” she said, standing and jamming some money into her pocket. I was right behind her and when we moved into the hallway I glanced behind us to make sure no one could see. I grabbed her ass, feeling the toy stuck between her cheeks. “Hey!” she cried out and giggled. I wondered if she could tell how much that was getting to me, too. When we got to the coffee shop, I was surprised with how much control she had. There was no way for anyone to know what was happening inside her jeans, but I did and I wasn’t going to make it easy on her. Even though we got our coffee to-go, I suggested we sit outside at one of the tables to drink it. She glared at me but nodded. “I’m so going to make you pay for this when we get back to room.”

“Tease,” I said and sipped my coffee as if I didn’t have a care in the world.

“Have you even met a guy you like since you’ve been here?” she asked and I told her about Eric. He wasn’t the only guy I had met since I got to college, just the most recent. I hadn’t turned into a full slut yet, but after my afternoon with Eric and his roommate, I knew I wanted to. In some ways, Zoey had come into my life at a good time to stop me from going dick crazy. I only told Lindsey about that night with Eric and how I did it to make sure I still like dick. “That’s just how I felt after the first time I was with one of my girlfriends!” she said and we laughed at the similar reactions.

We sat for a moment and before she could change the topic, I decided I needed to tell her the rest of the story about Eric. I told her about what I had done with Eric and his roommate, Terrance. Lindsey looked shocked and it made me think that was a story I shouldn’t have told, except I was really into this whole honesty kick and felt as if I needed to tell her.

“What’s next? Three guys?” she asked, pointing out how I did one guy after doing Zoey and two guys after doing both Zoey and Sam. That was pretty funny, actually. We finished our coffee and walked back to our dorm. Along the way she asked how serious we were about seducing Beth and I said I wasn’t sure. I asked if she wanted to help us do and she said she didn’t. I asked if she wanted to know about it and she said, “I guess we promised to tell each other everything, right?”

“So, what do you want to do when we get back to the room?” I asked and Lindsey smiled.

“Am I allowed to do anything?”

“Sure,” I said before catching the flicker of disappointment on her face. “As long you ask permission first.”

“When did you get to be such a bitch?” she asked, but the smile she was wearing glowed big enough to light all great outdoors. I thought about that smile as she worked the front door of our building and led the way to our room. Once inside the room, I used the bathroom, shutting the door to Beth and Zoey’s room without checking if they were home or not. Lindsey said she needed to pee, too.

“Go for it,” I said, standing just inside the bathroom door.

“You’re going to watch?”

“I’m going to make sure you don’t do anything else,” I said. She didn’t.

“What now?” she asked when we were back inside the room. I noticed she closed our bathroom door, a clear sign we wanted privacy. I thought that was a good idea because I was really horny. I thought about making her suffer. I thought about sitting down at my computer and trying to work on the paper I had due next week, but I knew I would be able to concentrate. Instead, I started getting undressed. Lindsey watched me with an envious look in her eyes. I knew she wanted to get naked, too, which was exactly why I didn’t let her do it. Even though I felt in control, it still felt funny getting naked in front of her. I picked up Kong from the refrigerator and sat on my bed facing her. “Can I help?” she asked.

“You already are,” I assured her as I play the tip of the fat, heavy toy between my legs. My nipples ached for attention and once I planted the toy inside my pussy, I moved my free hand to my chest. “I like how you seem to know when to pinch me harder,” I said, pinching and rolling one of my hard nipples. I saw her biting her lip. “You can sit, you know.” She nodded and sat on her bed with her hands between her knees as if she needed to clamp her knees around her hands to keep them from roaming her body.

I was playing things by ear and I no idea what I was doing. I’m not good at think up lies on the spot but I am good at picking up on subtle clues within the moment. Even when Zoey was telling Lindsey lies I think I knew why she was doing it and where she was going with it. Remembering how it went with Lindsey still gets to me even now because it was so hot and fresh and exciting. I wasn’t nervous as much as I was excited I didn’t have a reason to be nervous but I was getting curious, too. Something was going on here and I wanted to know what it was. I wanted more than to know what was going on, I wanted to understand it, too. I had gotten naked in front of Lindsey for because I was horny and I wanted to get off and there was something going inside me about being watched while I was doing sexy things. I think part of me wanted to test our arrangement, too. What I didn’t expect was the reaction I was getting from Lindsey, including the way she had practically volunteered to put her butt plug in place after I had suggested it. Something told me that Lindsey enjoyed being teased and told what to do and the stronger that sensation came to me the more I wanted to test it out. Seeing her staring at me with those hungry eyes, passion and need drawn on her face was as hot as performing in front of her. Words like “voyeur” and “exhibitionist” didn’t have a meaning for me back then but I felt their impact on a personal level.

I watched Lindsey squirming as she watched me and I could guess how much in need she was and that excited me. The more excited she got from watching me the more excited I got performing for her except I wasn’t performing, I was really doing it. I was hot, horny and in need. My pussy ached for satisfaction and I was determined to find it. Making love to Lindsey would have felt good except sometimes being a bit selfish and doing it yourself feels good, too. And that toy of hers, Kong, was just the ticket for my wet, needy pussy. Sliding that big toy in and out of my pussy felt so good. It filled me in ways that are difficult to describe because it was so big. I pulled on my hard nipples and felt my orgasm boiling up inside of me like a pot of water on the stove that is about to boil over. I wondered if I would even need to touch my clitoris. I felt as if I could orgasm from the toy and playing with nipples and nothing more until I reached a leveling off point that I think most women know all too well. Sometimes we get so excited and then reach a plateau that we can’t fall off of and we stay super excited and frustrated and need something more to push us over the edge even if we can’t figure out what that something more is. That’s where I was stuck, on that very edge of another orgasm that wouldn’t happen until something changed.

“Do it,” Lindsey coached as if she could read the frustration I felt and maybe she could. Lindsey was a very empathic individual and could read people better than anyone I knew. Sometimes I think she saw through the game Zoey and I had played with her though I never asked her. “Do it, Katie.”

I had to let go of my tits for two reasons. One, because I was making them hurt by twisting, pulling and pinching on them so hard. The other reason is because I needed something more I knew I had to touch my clit. My clitty felt swollen and on fire and it ached in a way that made me think of how a man’s penis can look sometimes right before they shoot off. I touched myself, caressing that sensitive little bud and that was all it took. I came with big sighs of relief that felt so good. My orgasm wasn’t quite as intense as when I was riding Lindsey’s face with that toy stuck up my butt, but it was close and I felt so good after I came. I don’t know about other women but I have a couple of different kinds of orgasms. Sometimes I have an orgasm and it just fires me up to see how many more I can have. Sometimes I have an orgasm that fills me on the first try and quenches the fire of lust inside me from a huge roar back to glowing embers. Those are good orgasms because I feel sated afterwards but I know the fire is still there if I want to go again. This orgasm was one of those, an orgasm that satisfied me without removing the idea that I’m a sexual being and I might want to have another orgasm again at some point. Best of all, it freed my mind from my body’s immediate need so I could consider Lindsey on a different level.

“I think you like watching,” I told her, carrying Kong to the sink and washing him off before putting him back on the refrigerator. Hadn’t that been my idea, too? Hadn’t I come up with the idea of displaying the toys for all to see? It felt that way and again I had the thought that Lindsey enjoyed being told what to do.

“You are so sexy,” she purred in that softer tone she used when she was really excited.

“Maybe you’re just saying that,” I suggested as I smiled at her.

“No, you are!” she insisted. “I think you’re a lot sexier than Zoey.” That was news to me. Like I said before, I always thought of myself as plain. I have good parts and I’m skinny and I have okay curves. I know I have great nipples because of how many times people have told me that. I think I can clean up pretty good when I want to really put the effort into it but when it comes to people like Zoey, I know guys will always notice her first and they should. Zoey was pint sized, bubbly, blonde and looked large chested even if she wasn’t that well endowed up there and only looked that way because of how small her frame was. I thought both Lindsey and Samantha looked prettier than me, too, in different ways that Zoey.

“Not I’m not,” I said instead of insisting I was plain like I usually do. “Why would you even say something like that?”

“Because you’re real,” Lindsey said with honest sincerity that a person can’t really fake. “You don’t have a fake all over tan and you don’t pretend to be a ginger when maybe you’re really a redhead and you don’t want to be. And you’re honest and that’s always better.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of Lindsey’s words because I had never had someone say those things to me before. I know Zoey thought I was exotic looking because I had an olive tone to my skin and dark, curly hair. I had other people tell me that I looked like a gypsy woman or something and I never knew if that was a compliment or not. I thought her impression of Zoey and Samantha were interesting, too.

“You’re really wet right now, aren’t you?” I asked. She nodded. “If anything in the world could happen right now, what would you want to have happen the most?”

“Whatever you want,” she said and I found that answer interesting. She could have said anything at all and it would have been okay. She could have wished for her boyfriend to walk through the front door or Zoey or Samantha. She could have said she wanted me to go down on her or that she wanted to have a turn with Kong or that she just wanted a chance to get off. She could have even said she wanted to eat my pussy or fuck my ass or anything at all. Instead, she had said what she said and I found that very, very interesting.

“What if I don’t want to do anything right now?” I asked and I picked up my panties as if that was the case.

“Okay,” she said.

“What if I told you I wanted you to sleep with that toy inside of you?”

“I’ve never done that before, but I can try,” she offered. That’s when it occurred to me that I had her under my spell. I didn’t feel worthy of having that kind of control over her but I’d be telling a lie if I said it didn’t intrigue me. I pulled on my panties and t-shirt before moving to stand in front of her. I caressed the side of her face and marveled as she looked up at me with such desperation. I ran my hand down her front and cupped her breast. The fire smoldering in her eyes felt wonderful. I pulled off her shirt and she allowed it like a rag doll. I undid her bra and she allowed it without comment or objection. I felt her breasts, teasing her nipples and studying them at the same time. Lindsey had wonderful breasts. Taking her hands in mine, I pulled her to her feet and finished undressing her. Not another word had passed between us and her silent willingness to submit to me was amazing. She had no idea what I planned on doing and yet choose to trust me.

With the gift of “anything” I choose to return to her the gift she had given me earlier. I turned her around so she faced her bed. I laid on the floor between her legs and told her to kneel. She did, instinctively understanding how I wanted her to be positioned. Earlier, I had rode her face and thrilled at the idea of what I was doing. I didn’t know if she would thrill at the sensation, but I didn’t care. I pulled on her hips, lowered her over my mouth and began eating her. As she had done to me, I cupped her pretty little ass and placed a thumb over the flange of the toy inside her ass. I wiggled the toy as I ate her pussy, allowing her to move however she needed to move for it to feel best. She accepted what I was doing and I felt her passion, her need and her excitement. Her pussy was wet and needful and I delighted in the sensation of feeling her riding my tongue. She gasped and soon cried out, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” The best part was how she lost herself and ground against my mouth and tongue with pleasure. I grabbed her hips, refused to allow her to move away and I didn’t stop until her I heard her repeating her orgasm chant.

Thanks to the wonderful editing of AccentsnTattoos. You are simply the bestest! Everyone enjoy Chapter 2 of ‘The arrangement’!

After Peter’s phone call was finished he went to go check on his guest in the bedroom. Walking in he saw the remnants of last night’s coupling and her scant clothing strewn about the room. Realization set in that she must be in the bathroom showering, he headed in that direction. He heard no water running, but as soon as he stepped in he saw her on the floor staring up at him with bloodshot eyes.

‘She must have read my message.’ Peter thought while he looked down at his angel.

They stared at each other for a moment before Peter stepped into the room and turned on the faucet for hot water in the shower. Walking back to her, he stooped down and lifted her up with ease.

“I can get up on my own, thank you very much.” Julianne’s replied in a snarky tone.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t sweetheart. I just thought you might need some assistance…” started Peter.

Julianne did her best to push him away without losing her own balance. “No I don’t need your help.”

Wearing nothing but the red thigh high silk stockings and red open toed high heeled shoes she slowly rose from the cold tiles to her feet. As she began to sit on the toilet to take off her shoes and stockings, Peter slid gracefully to his knees in front of her.

“Oh gosh. Look, can I just take a shower without you putting your hands on me? I mean is this also part of the arrangement?” she asked incredulously.

“Now that you mention it, it most certainly should be part of our ‘arrangement’. I just want to help you out of your clothing dear.” Peter said while his hands smoothly unfastened the ankle straps on her shoes.

He slowly slid the shoes off her pretty feet. Once he had them off his hands moved up her legs caressing her skin until they stopped at her thighs.

“Spread your pretty thighs for me love.” Peter purred.

Julianne looked down into Peter’s piercing blue eyes. She didn’t like the order he gave her, but a part of her loved the look of this obviously powerful man on his knees wanting to see and experience her body. Without breaking eye contact she spread her thighs for him. His hands crept to the top of the thigh highs and she watched him slowly roll each silken garment down her legs.

Peter suddenly stood and held his hands outstretched for Julianne to help her stand as well. Once she was up with his help he walked her to the large shower stall. He closed the shower door behind her. While she was getting comfortable with the soothing heat of the water, Peter busied himself getting undressed before sliding inside with her.

Julianne felt a rush of cold air from behind her while reveling in the hot water. She turned to see Peter stark naked. Her eyes seemed to take a mental picture of his magnificent body. His dark brown hair was barely graying at the temples, making him look distinguished and refined. His slightly tan skin accented his steely bright blue eyes. A strong brow, aquiline nose and thinnish lips made for a devastatingly handsome man who reminded her of a slightly older looking version of Detective Stabler from Law & Order: SVU.

Her eyes roamed down his torso to see defined pecks, strong muscled arms, a flat abdomen that sported a six pack and neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair that highlighted a nine inch long cock that was semi-erect.

‘Holy shit. That was inside me?’ Julianne couldn’t help but wonder as she her eyes seemed glued to the member between his legs.

Julianne was so busy staring at Peter’s cock that she was startled when she felt wet fingertips graze her high cheekbones. Breaking out of her daze she looked up into his smiling face. She felt her cheeks redden and hoped that he couldn’t tell the difference of color in her face.

“There’s no need to blush dear. Look all you want. I don’t mind at all.”

‘Dammit to heck, he could tell I was blushing. Crap.’ thought Julianne.

Peter laughed at the deer in headlights look she gave. She shyly turned away from his laughing countenance. He brought her chin back to look at him and waited for their eyes to connect. When she finally looked at him he took her lips slowly, sucking and nibbling on her lower lip.

‘Dammit! Why do I let him keep turning me on? I’m not supposed to like this!’ she chided herself as she whimpered from the pleasure he gave to her.

He whispered against her lips, “Turn around; I want to clean your body.”

She never would’ve imagined that a simple shower could end up feeling so damn sexy. She turned around and she heard Peter stifle a groan from looking at her succulent round ass.

He reached past her to grab a loofah and poured a little body soap into it. He created a soapy lather and made slow sensuous circles down her back and shoulders. He held her stomach as he knelt down to wash down both of her strong dark brown thighs and shapely calves. A hand came around each calf to lift them up so he could wash her cute feet.

Once he ran out of soap, he stood and worked more into the loofah before proceeding to her torso. He rubbed the suds over her sides and hips. He picked up each arm and gently scrubbed her armpits. Slow sudsy circles traced across her tummy before gentle fingers rubbed and cleaned her belly button.

He noticed her breath becoming shallower with every pass of the loofah on her body. His unoccupied hand once again held her hips still as he continued his slow sudsy perusal of her body. She shuddered and gasped when the rough texture of the loofah made contact with her erect nipples.

After receiving so much attention the night prior, they were very sensitive to his light caresses. The hand on her hip that was used to hold her steady rose up to cup and manipulate the hard slippery tip. He moved her so that the water could beat down on her body and remove the soap on her skin. He continued to rub and massage her sensitive nipples while the hot water caressed her skin. Her eyes closed and her head fell back as she moaned her approval of his handiwork.

He removed his hands from her body and reached for another bottle of soap. After putting a dollop on his fingertips his eyes scanned her body and analyzed an area on her body that was untouched. He rubbed his fingers to create a lather and moved to rectify his error.

“It looks like I may have missed a spot sweetheart. Spread those pretty legs for me so I can get it.” he whisper huskily.

In pure need of his touch, she did as he directed.

One hand returned to a breast while the other rubbed the top of her mound in slow circles. Her hips gently rocked into his hand. The hand on her pussy continued downward, parting and cleaning her folds with the hypoallergenic soap. He insistently rubbed her pussy lips, listening to her moans. His hand pulled her thigh up onto a nearby bench so he could have better access to her. He continued rubbing her pussy making sure to reach far enough from it to wash her asshole.

Julianne continued to moan as his hands never stopped caressing and teasing her nipple and pussy. The hand on her pussy left as he took down the detachable shower head and directed it onto her pulsing clit. Julianne’s treasures were streaming with her cum as her climax hit her hard. He sucked and nibbled on her neck, enjoying her pleasure and the feel of her hard little nipple against his fingertips.

Julianne came breathlessly down from her intense orgasm still shuddering at the feel of his lips on her skin and his hands on her body. He put the shower head back in its cradle and guided her to sit on the bench in the shower. He knelt down in front of her and spread her thighs before diving into her juicy center.

He sucked and nibbled on her again while driving his now cleaned fingers into her pussy. He pumped her nubile body for all it was worth and a look of pleasure and relief came from him when he felt her juices squirt from her body.

Julianne never thought a man could bring her this much pleasure. She peered down to see the look of absolute bliss on Peter’s face. Panting from the onslaught of another orgasm, she cried out to him.

“Peter! Please stop, I can’t take anymore!”

“Mmmm…. take it pretty girl.” Peter moaned into her sex as she came crashing down from her second climax in the shower.

Peter’s cock was rock hard and ready, but he needed her soaked before he could get inside her tight wet body again.

“Oh, God Peter!” Julianne screamed as her body convulsed and sent her cum into his mouth.

He happily licked her juices. Once he had his fill he picked her up and pushed her chest against the shower wall behind the bench and guided his thick cock into her soaked pussy. Once fully inside her body, he spread her legs and started pumping away.

Low moans seeped from her chest as he hit every delicious spot inside her. Her erect nipples rubbed against the cool tile wall and continued the pleasurable torture she felt in his arms. While she enjoyed the sexual gratification that he gave her, a part of her despised the fact that they were only together because he was paying her money for the pleasure of her body. Despite being on the precipice of a third orgasm, she felt like a whore – bought and used for one reason.

That feeling sickened her.

Drawn out of her reverie by his fingers tap dancing on her clit, she came all over his cock. She heard a low moan from him and felt his cum wash inside of her body. After a couple more pumps of his cock she realized that he was still inside her.

He rained kisses on her neck before speaking. “You feel so good darling. I think it is my turn to be washed though. I seem to have gotten quite dirty.”

Julianne turned to Peter and dislodged him from her depths with a small twitch of her lips before locating the loofah and rinsing the rest of the vanilla scented soap out of the loofah.

She briefly noticed that it was the exact same soap that she used; an expensive name brand soap which was last year’s Christmas present from her mom. The same company made a sandalwood shower gel, which Peter had amongst his shower gels. She decided to use that one on him.

Once the loofah was foamy she rubbed the suds into his neck and chest, making sure to focus on her work and not on his hypnotic blue eyes. When the loofah brushed over his nipples she noticed his sharp breath in.

Her eyes flickered up to his and stopped her movements. They simply looked like little blue flames. Disturbed by the fire of his eyes she continued moving southward until she finally noticed his hard cock pointing directly at her core. She gulped as she got on her knees and continued washing his legs.

He picked up his feet for her to wash. When she stood up he had in his hand the same hypoallergenic soap he used on her privates. She focused her eyes on the soap as he opened the bottle and put a dollop on her hand.

“I think you know the usefulness of this soap. Please continue, dear.” Peter spoke softly.

She created a lather with the soap and slowly stroked his cock with one hand while reaching down with the other to gently clean his balls. She was slow and gentle with her touch and had no idea she was driving him insane with desire.

“Mmmm… such magical hands. Don’t forget my ass sweetheart.” he whispered to her.

She finally peeked up to his blue gaze with a quizzical stare. He then took the hand massaging his balls and brought it through his legs.


With soapy fingers she rubbed the cleft of his ass. His eyes slid closed as he rocked his hips to her careful hands. She found his male g-spot between his balls and ass and pressed upward as she continued stroking his cock. A sudden groan was her only warning before she felt his warm cum splatter against her chest. She pulled her hands away from his body in surprise.

“Such a naughty girl.” He faintly panted as his eyes slowly opened.

She turned around so the water could clean her off before she opened the shower door and exited. He finished cleaning his body and turned off the lukewarm water. He saw her with the white towel wrapped around her mahogany colored body and noticed how her figure couldn’t be hid by the bulky material.

She wiped down the mirror with a hand towel just in time to see his piercing blue eyes behind her. Her gaze locked onto his, until she felt water on his skin drip onto her upper back. The mirror was rather large so she could see his entire torso, down to his mid-thighs. His prominent erection never went away from the view she got from the mirror.

Looking into his eyes she realized too late that he was slipping the towel off of her body. ‘He CANNOT be serious. Again?!’ she thought as she felt the material slowly caress her damp skin. Once the towel was pulled away his pale hand reached forward and fondled a chocolate nipple. She watched her eyes slant in the hazy mirror and moaned at watching him fondling her breast and her own aroused reaction.

He watched her watching herself react to his touch and continued exploring her body again. Her little sounds were such a turn on and seeing the contrast in their skin colors made his cock harder than just by looking at her body. He quickly spun her around and kissed her.

“You are so fucking delicious sweetheart.” he groaned in her ear while nibbling on her lobe.

“Oh, fuck.” was all she was able to whimper.

He guided her back to the now cleaned bedroom. The once red sheets were replaced by royal blue flannel sheets, and a dark gray plush velour down comforter and pillows that accentuated the set. Once he got within a foot of the bed he suddenly pushed her down onto it. She flew back onto the velour in shock at the sudden upheaval.

“Ready for round two pretty?” Peter asked, smirking at her wide eyes as he began approaching her.

“Wait! I… I mean, you…you need to wear a condom. Don’t you have any? I mean you don’t want any offspring from this, right? We…we…we need to think things through… so there won’t be ah-ah-any accidents…” Julianne stuttered as she crawled back away from Peter.

She shivered when her back hit the headboard and she saw him licking his lips. ‘Oh, fuck. I’m in trouble now.’ thought Julianne.

” Hmm… so you read my note then?” Peter chuckled lightly.

Before Julianne could answer, Peter raised the foot closest to him and started sucking on her toes. She couldn’t stop the scream that came from her lips at the feel of his skilled tongue on her sensitive toes.

He continued sucking until all her toes were attended to while she writhed at the sudden pleasure of it. She was already slick from the earlier bouts of pleasure he gave her body in the bathroom. He slowly fingered her increasingly slippery pussy and licked the sole of her foot.

“Oh God! Ooohhh, Wait! Peter! You need to think about this more carefully! Shit! You don’t want an accident to come from this arrangement! I mean you, oh fuck, you are obviously a… a man of great means and don’t want to have to deal with a child from this, right?!?” pleaded Julianne.

Peter stopped sucking her toes and pulled her foot from his mouth. His finger kept its slow assault on her body, causing her to shake as she tried to control the wonderful sensations creeping slowly through her body.

“It’s not like I couldn’t take care of you, or anyone else affected by this. So I don’t see any logical problem other than you disobeying my order.” Peter stated calmly as he continued fingering her soaked pussy.

“What? Wait, what… oh, order is that? You haven’t said anything ‘order-like’ to me since asking me if, oh God, I was ready for round two! This c-c-can’t possibly go on any f-f-further without having some form of protection.” Julianne said in an attempt to display a firm tone of voice.

“Julianne, I’m sure that you read my note to you this morning. Did you not understand what was meant by that message?” Peter coldly stared into Julianne’s eyes, never stopping his finger from stroking her pussy.

“Wait!” panted Julianne breathlessly.

She was close to cumming but the movement of his fingers would change once he knew her body was close to orgasming and kept her on the precipice of achieving release.

“This isn’t part of the deal. The terms that you stated are different than what you are proposing now. We came to an agreement… I accepted the, oh God, the original terms, rather than this!” Julianne stammered and she sighed as the effect of his fingers inside her hampered her ability to form coherent thoughts, never mind words.

“Are you saying that you want to end this?” Peter asked her completely stilling his fingers from their tortuous assault on her fevered opening.

Julianne looked up into his eyes, knowing that he read the need for him to continue the pleasure he gave her within her own brown eyes. After watching her blink uncertainly a few times, he leaned down to her ear.

“Answer me, sweet Julianne. Do you want to end this?”

Julianne felt the defeat pooling between her thighs. With a long sigh, she slightly shook her head no. She sucked in a sharp breath as his fingers surged into her body and pumped into her core vigorously. As her legs shook from the pleasure and slight pain, he slowly sucked and nibbled on her ear.

“Are you gonna come for me darling?” he murmured in between nibbling on her sensitive earlobe.

“Ooooohhhh.” Julianne moaned softly.

Her breaths were pants as her bare chest heaved as he kissed and nibbled his way down to a hardened nipple. The moment his teeth grazed her nipple Julianne shrieked and came hard all over his fingers. He continued to stroke her slowly, drawing out her orgasm while his lips, teeth and tongue tantalized her hardened tip.

Coming down from her orgasm, Julianne half opened her eyes to look up at Peter who was busy sucking his cum slicked fingers and studying her closely. He began positioning himself between her outstretched legs and stroked his long erect cock.

“Peter,” she sighed. “You don’t want kids with me. I’m a poor woman – with no pedigree or anything of that nature to be anything meaningful to you and the world you come from. If you get me pregnant, would you even want to keep the child, or would you shove out hundreds of dollars to make it disappear?”

Her last question came out as a whisper. She knew that if she wasn’t already pregnant from what happened last night; or in the shower, then she would be pretty soon.

Suddenly Peter’s eyes became cold and he stared directly at her. His voice came out low, but the menace in it was unmistakable.

“Never question my motives Julianne. If anything should happen, you will be both well compensated and well cared for. You and all of our children.”

Before she could utter the confusion written on her face, her knees were pressed against her chest as his freakishly long thick cock stroked her pussy lips to make delicious contact with her exposed clit. She moaned in spite of herself at the contact before sucking in a sharp breath when his cock slowly entered her tight wetness.

Once he was fully swallowed by her dark brown and pink lips, he brought his cock out slowly before gently rocking it back inside. He kept up this torture, feeling every bump, ridge and spot in her succulent body.

He watched as she valiantly tried to stop from coming after the first five minutes of his delicious fuck. Wanting to watch her completely lose it and cum all over his cock he rubbed his thumb gently over her clit. The effect was immediate as her legs shook again.

“Hold your legs up for me sweetheart.” Peter commanded.

She eagerly held her legs for him as the back of his other hand lightly stroked a pebbled nipple.

“Oh God…What are you doing to me?” Julianne moaned as her body hummed in extreme pleasure.

“I’m fucking you good. That’s what I’m doing to you sweet Julianne. I’m fucking you so good. Isn’t that right sweetheart?” Peter answered as he began pounding into her tight hole.

I knew I was in for a strange experience the moment my Mistress, Barbara, had me climb into the back of her pickup truck.

It was late afternoon on a pleasant day, and she had dressed me earlier in a rather pretty, frilly outfit. Now she commanded, “Lay down on your belly here, girl,” pointing to the rear bed of the truck. As I did so, she took hold of my right wrist and ankle and tied them together. Then she tied my left wrist to my left ankle, and both sets to each other. I was efficiently hogtied. She gave me a smiling look, and climbed into the driver’s seat.

As she started the engine, I thought to myself, “She can’t possibly be planning to drive me around in public like this.”

I underestimated her.

She pulled out onto the highway, and drove as if this were the most natural thing in the world — transporting a bound woman down the road. I tried to remain perfectly still. I hoped the other drivers would just assume I was an artificial figure, maybe some sort of decoration. At least the cool air rushing over my face helped to dispel the heat of the embarrassment that was causing me to flush.

After a while, my Mistress turned into a back alley, and stopped at the rear entrance to a large building. She honked the horn. To my amazement, at this signal the rear door opened and out walked a huge man. He walked up to the truck, and looked down at me.

I saw no evidence of surprise in his expression. He reached over the side of the truck, and easily hoisted me into his arms. I did not even hear him give a grunt of effort. I thought about protesting at this point, but it would have been useless. My Mistress was obviously delivering me. This was her plan.

The man carried me back through the door from which he had emerged. As we entered the building, my head was swiveling all around, trying to understand where I was. Finally I saw a few familiar things. This was the bondage club! I had never seen the rear entrance before.

Still holding me, the man stopped, apparently waiting for something. I took this opportunity to ask, as politely as I could, “What are you doing with me, sir?”

“You will learn. All in good time,” he answered tersely. That was the totality of his speech to me.

Ultimately, my Mistress joined us, having finished parking the truck. “The center room I think, Bill,” she instructed him.

Bill carried me down the hallway to the room she had designated. People that we passed looked at me rather curiously. Some of them were obviously submissives, judging from their clothing (or lack thereof) and their collars and cuffs. Others radiated the aura of assurance that I had come to associate with the Dominants. Some of these were friends, or at least acquaintances. Some were complete strangers. A few were people who, for one reason or another, had come to dislike me. There must have been some big event going on here at the club, for so many people to be assembled at the same time.

When we entered the center room, it was unoccupied at that moment, much to my relief. I thought briefly that I might finally be untied. But that thought quickly died as Bill and my Mistress proceeded to attach me to a complex series of ropes that ultimately were threaded through a pulley up at the center of the ceiling.

But before they applied the ropes, Bill held me firmly in his arms as my Mistress took a pair of scissors and proceeded to snip away my frilly outfit! Piece by piece parted in the jaws of the scissors. I could not help but gasp as my tits swung free, and moments later my pussy lost the cloth that had encased it! I looked down at the floor below me, and saw the scraps that formerly had covered these intimate parts of my body, piled on the rest of my former outfit.

Now naked, still hogtied, I was trussed into suspension. Bill and my Mistress were obviously experts at this, I could tell. When they finished, I was hanging with little discomfort other than that caused by my wrists being tied to my ankles. My weight was evenly distributed on the supporting ropes.

For one final touch, Mistress Barbara fetched a bent rod of metal, which she then attached to the insides of my knees, where it could act as a miniature spreader bar. From its shape and placement, I could tell it was designed to keep my knees far apart from each other, but not interfere with anyone that wished clear access to my pussy, or even my ass. I admit that latter thought made me swallow nervously. Of course, the ropes did not prevent access to my dangling breasts at all.

His job done for the moment, Bill left us. My Mistress came to stand in front of me, cupped my chin in her hand, and looked into my eyes as she explained what was going on.

“The club is having a series of contests this evening. In some of the contests, Masters and Mistresses are competing against their own submissives. In others, submissives are competing against one another. The winner of any given contest gets a prize — you. I have volunteered you as my gift to the club for this event.

“As a contest ends, the winner gets to enter this room, and spend a certain amount of time with you, doing whatever he or she wishes. Other people may lounge in the room, observing. But anyone who has not won a competition may not touch you. They may only watch. Of course, this may inspire some of them to compete harder in their own event, so they too can have access to you.”

“But Mistress, some of these people really don’t like me,” I protested softly.

“Then you had better hope that they do not win,” she said with a chuckle. She went over to a quiet corner and sat down, picking up a magazine. I was very grateful that she did not leave me alone.

From time to time, people entered the room. None of them were winners yet, it seemed. I guessed they wanted to have a good look at the prize, as I hung there in my humiliating position. Some sat and chatted with my Mistress. These may have been waiting for the first winner to arrive.

There were five people in the room when the door opened, and the first winner entered. To my dismay, she was a girl who for some reason had taken an instant dislike to me, and she had made it clear several times how angry she was with me. Perhaps because her Master often remarked how lovely I was whenever he saw me. I tried to tell the girl that I was doing nothing to encourage him, but she would not listen or accept my innocence.

She virtually skipped over to a table of implements, and selected a long slender cane, which she then swished violently through the air. My heart sank as she stalked over to me, brandishing it.

“I have you in my power for 5 minutes”, she crowed. “It is unfortunate that the way you are trussed prevents me from easily getting at your buttocks. This will have to do.”

Stating that, she then whipped the cane in an arc that terminated with it striking harshly across the soles of my feet! The pain shocked me to my core, halting my breathing for a moment. I was trying to draw breath to scream when the second blow fell. And a third. I finally managed to start screaming, aware that all the eyes in the room were watching intently. I never knew 5 minutes could be such an infinitely long time. Just before her time was up, she slashed the cane across each of my defenseless, dangling breasts!

Finished, she sashayed back to the table to return the cane to its place. Walking back to me, she took my chin in her hand looking into my tear stained eyes and asked, “How was that, honey?”

Through gritted teeth I managed to answer, “Some day you will be the prize, and I will be the winner, and my memory is excellent.” Upon hearing this, I believe her face blanched and her eyes widened in fear. It was a little difficult to tell, through my curtain of tears.

She left, and I hung quietly for a while, the pain gradually subsiding. People came and left. After several minutes, the next winner arrived: a naked male submissive, led in on a leash held by his Mistress.

She displayed him to the people currently in the room. She said, “My stud here did well. I congratulate him in your presence,” as she unleashed him.

He flushed pink, apparently in a blend of thrill and embarrassment at this public accolade. I heard him beg, “Mistress will you please remove my cock cage?” This drew my eyes to his groin, where I saw that his sexual equipment was indeed encased in what looked like clear plastic, with a tiny padlock.

Smiling, his Mistress drew a key from her cleavage, and unlocked and removed the cage. He immediately began rubbing and stroking his cock, now freed, moaning with pleasure. It was already semi-erect as he trotted over to me.

“That cage has confined me for three weeks. Three agonizing weeks! But I won the contest, and you are now mine!” he related with glee.

With that, he went to the crank that controlled the rope through the pulley and slowly lowered me until my pelvis was about the same distance from the floor as his. Locking the crank in position, he eagerly came back to where I dangled. His now fully erect penis bobbed in front of him as he moved. He went out of sight behind me.

I felt his hands grasp my hips as he stepped between my spread thighs. I knew what was coming, but I was unprepared for two things. First, the suddenness with which he rammed that grossly swollen cock into my relatively unlubricated cunt. Second, feeling his cock jerk and spasm a load of cum into me the moment it entered!

I heard him cry out: a mixture of ecstasy and frustration. Ecstasy, due to his ejaculation; but frustration, because it was almost too quick to enjoy. I shared his frustration, dripping with his cum, as the observers laughed at our discomfiture. I felt the pressure in my vagina slacken as his cock started to wilt.

I moaned aloud, having derived no pleasure from this sudden invasion. But then I heard him grunt, and felt him starting to pump his cock in and out of me. To my surprise, I felt it beginning to stiffen once again! Obviously, he was determined to make the most of both his cock being freed from its cage, and his remaining winner’s time.

My cunt was now well lubricated with his semen, and the sloshing sounds it made as he pumped in and out of me were clearly audible to the watching crowd, some of whom were regarding him with obvious admiration. His hard pounding was threatening to make me swing away from him, suspended as I was. He solved this problem by squeezing both of my buttocks with his large hands, sinking them deep into my flesh.

One of his thumbs was near the edge of my anal ring, stretching me slightly open. That, plus his fierce pounding, drove me quickly towards an orgasm. I don’t think he cared. I’m not even certain that he noticed when my body started to spasm, and my cunt rippled with my orgasm! He just kept pumping hard, trying for a second orgasm before his time was up.

Since I was riding the glorious aftershocks of my release, I felt generous. I started verbally encouraging him, saying things like: “Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Use that little fuck hole of mine!”

This had the desired effect. Just before his 5 minutes were over, he drove his cock deep into me, and let loose another dose of his warm cum, crying out this time in triumphant pleasure! I felt the muscles in the walls of my pussy reflexively milking him. The onlookers let loose with polite applause. He kissed my calf as his cock slipped out of me. As he walked back to his Mistress, I could feel his semen oozing from my slit.

One winner, a pretty, young submissive who was a complete stranger to me, decided that I should eat her pussy. She lowered me down, almost touching the floor, and laid down, placing her beautiful cunt right in my face. After I caught a whiff of her tantalizing, spicy aroma, I needed no further encouragement. I dove right in, wishing I had my hands free to open her better for my greedy mouth.

But I did the best I could. I sucked her labia one by one into my mouth, washing them with my tongue. She was quickly moaning, playing with her breasts and nipples as she watched me. Her labia were now cleaned and wet with my saliva. I tried to insert my tongue into her vagina, but I could only reach it with the tip of my tongue. I groaned in frustration, flicking my tongue tip at her entrance. She must have enjoyed this, because she tilted her hips this way and that, almost teasing me.

But soon her hands darted downward, tugging her labia wide open, and she scooted forward. Now she was rubbing her sex all over my face, her cries of pleasure intensifying. My tongue was now able to plunge deeply into her tunnel, where I could feel the walls seizing it, pulsating on it, attempting to pull it even deeper. Her scent grew stronger and stronger as her hand came to the back of my head, pressing my face harder into her cunt. Her swollen clit mashed against my nose, and she started bucking her hips. In effect, she was fucking my face. Her petals smeared her wetness over my cheeks. In those moments, my entire world consisted of her cunt!

With an amazing sound, she began to cum, spewing her fluids all over my face. Some went into my open mouth, but with her shaking and trembling more went on to my chin and neck, and as she tilted her hips backward I closed my eyes just in time as the spray splashed across them and up into my hair. With a satisfied sigh, she relaxed back onto the floor. I spent her remaining time trying to lick clean as much of her as I could reach.

As you can guess, it was rather a long evening for me. Some of the details blurred. But I recall another girl who had taken a dislike to me using her 5 minutes of reward time merely swinging me back and forth, and around and around. That may not sound too bad, but imagine being suspended in hogtie position, with the suspension rope twisted around and around and around until it is tightly wound up. Once it’s released, you spin around furiously like a top, while the person slaps various parts of your anatomy as they pass by to make you spin faster. Imagining this, you might get an inkling of my ordeal. Or try being swung back and forth in this position by someone who is using one of your tits as a handle!

Not all of the winners were submissives. A Master entered the room, pleased with himself at winning a contest. I was a little apprehensive, because his demeanor around the club usually frightened me. I quivered as he strutted up to me, seizing my chin with a rough grip, and forcing me to look him directly in his eyes. Perhaps it was my helplessness that made his eyes seemed to gleam with malevolent power.

He said, “So you are finally mine, if only for 5 minutes. That pretty little mouth of yours has always fascinated me. Now I will put it to its proper use!”

With that, he turned the crank, lowering my face to be level with his groin. He walked back to stand in front of me, and opened his tight-fitting black leather pants enough to free his cock and balls. His cock was already partially engorged with his anticipation, and from my perspective, his balls seemed larger than normal. I could not help but wonder how much cum they contained.

“Open your mouth wide, my little prize.” As I obeyed, he added, “I want to feel your lips on my cock, but not your teeth! Keep them well out of the way! I don’t know if you’ve ever been throat fucked before, but I advise you to breathe through your nose and get air whenever possible.”

I barely had time to register the words “throat fucked”, let alone comprehend their meaning, before my mouth was filled with the first thrust of the still enlarging cock. Grabbing the sides of my head, he rammed it all the way in, his pubic hair pressed against my nose and chin, as the tip of the cock entered the back of my throat!

I felt a strong urge to gag, which I fought to suppress. As he pulled back for his next thrust, I had the presence of mind to quickly suck air through my nose as he had suggested. The cock rammed home again, this time even deeper into my throat! I almost panicked, about to close my jaws reflexively, my teeth almost touching the shaft filling my mouth, when he withdrew briefly for the next thrust.

Finally, I got control of myself, settling into synchrony with his rhythm. A subtle change in the angle of my head aligned my mouth with my throat. I learned to relax muscles in my throat that I never knew I possessed before this. As they relaxed, the cock slipped in and out much more smoothly. Once my breathing rhythm got established, I could concentrate more on the sensations this deep fucking was producing.

I realized what a spectacle this must look like to the onlookers. Strangely, being used in this fashion in public — a helpless little fuck toy — was curiously arousing. But I wanted this throat ramming to end soon. So I tightened my lips around his cock, trying to make them feel like a virginal pussy being fucked for the first time.

I heard him groan loudly as I did this, so I knew this extra stimulation was working. After several more deep, vigorous thrusts, his cock began to throb in my mouth. I quickly took a deep breath. It was a good thing that I did. His grip on my head tightened, and he pressed his cock as deeply down my throat as he could, no longer thrusting, just trying to have as much of it inside of me as he could. Then he came! And came! Spurt after spurt filled my throat, which began swallowing as fast as it could, propelling his hot cum into my stomach! With a final convulsive shake of his body, he finished emptying himself into me, yanked his cock from my mouth, and without another word, did up his pants and walked out of the room. He did not even use his full 5 minutes. Talk about feeling used.

It was a long evening, being watched as various people fulfilled their fantasies, using my body as their plaything. It was reassuring to me, that anytime the interactions got very intense, my Mistress was at my side, watching carefully. At one point, as my Mistress checked on my welfare, I whispered to her how badly I needed to pee. To my dismay, she fetched a clear plastic cup and held it under my pee hole, spreading my cunt lips apart, so all present had a marvelous view as I pissed into the cup. I had to close my eyes, rather than look into their faces as they stared.

Occasionally I could be active with my mouth, but I was mostly passive, being fucked, tormented, or toyed with. I did have a couple of orgasms, but those were incidental. I was there for other people’s pleasure, not my own. I actually had no idea what the contests were. That action took place in other parts of the building.

I don’t know how I could have been so unlucky as to have the few people who did not like me win their contests. Perhaps the thought that they could do things to me inspired them to give their best performance. For instance, one man who apparently thought that I had snubbed him paid special attention to hurting my breasts. He fetched two clamps, the kind of clamps used to hold large groups of papers together, and attached them to the tips of my breasts. The clamps engulfed my nipples and most of my areolae, and I screamed loudly as the jaws closed on my flesh!

But he was not finished. He started hooking weights to the clamps, taking his time. He made no attempt to keep the weights evenly balanced, either, since my expression must have given away the fact that having one tit pulled harder than the other was more painful. Just before his 5 minutes were up, he added several clothespins to the soft flesh along the lower curves of my breasts.

As he started to walk away, my Mistress pointed out that he had to remove all the clamps that he had applied to me. I almost wished she hadn’t. He whisked all of them off quickly, and I almost fainted from the excruciating pain that flooded back into my breasts once they were freed! The louder I shrieked, the more he grinned, the bastard!

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Author’s note: This is a continuation of a series. You’ll probably enjoy this more if you start with Part 1.

Chapter 18

The strangest thing happened the next morning, something that was entirely new to me. I woke up wet. I don’t mean Jake’s semen, though that was there too. It had dried on me during the night, but some of it was wet again, because I was. I laid there for a while and just listened to my body and explored what I was feeling, the tightness inside me, the warmth and slickness, the pressure of my thighs squeezing together which I couldn’t seem to stop no matter how hard I tried.

Yes, I woke up horny.

Trust me, it was a first.

Jake was still sound asleep, but of course, he was hard as a rock, his unbelievably huge erection just jutting out over his washboard abs. The sight of his impressive cock only worsened my aroused state. There was even a small wet spot just below his navel, where he was leaking. God, the urge to lean over him and lick up that glistening fluid was insanely strong.

It was a wretched compulsion — maybe too strong a word, so just very unlady-like — so I shook my head clear and gingerly got out of his bed. I started to head for the kitchen, then noticed my shirt was kind of scratchy. I stood in the hall and lifted the hem. There was dried semen all over it, so I went to my room and threw it in the hamper. While looking for something to wear, I noticed the time. It was really late in the morning. Jake needed to be up and off for work in less than thirty minutes, so I grabbed my dark blue satin robe and rushed to the kitchen.

I had just turned the coffee pot on when Jake pressed his body against my back and wrapped his arms around my waist and chest. His looming presence spiked my arousal again.

“Good morning,” he murmured, digging his nose into my hair behind my ear and nuzzling me there. “Coffee ready?”

“Just started it,” I replied, tightening my grip on the edge of the counter when he pushed my hair aside with his nose and kissed the nape of my neck.

“How long do we have?”

I sighed as his soft lips and hot tongue trailed a path over my shoulder. “A few minutes.”

He pushed his hands inside my robe, one gliding down my stomach and the other palming my left breast. “A few minutes, huh?”

My head fell back against his shoulder, and when he lightly pinched my nipples, it was like he’d set off a direct current of electricity between my legs. I gasped and reached up behind me to grab the back of his head. Jake nuzzled my neck, kissing and biting gently. Fondling my other breast, my robe now gaping open, Jake pressed his other hand against my stomach, pulling my lower body towards him, then he pushed his hand between my legs and slid two fingers down my shockingly wet center.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” he growled, pressing the tips of two fingers against my opening, making me moan and pull his hair.

“I haven’t showered,” I told him.

“I don’t care.”

“But there’s not enough time.”

“A few minutes is all I need.”

“For what?” I asked.

But then his enormous crown was spreading me open and pushing inside me. I cried out wordlessly and arched my back. Jake captured both of my breasts in his big hands and just shoved his massive cock into my body, inch after hard inch. He had to work his hips back and forth three times before he was fully seated within me.

“No fucking around,” he told me, pinching my nipples and stroking his gloriously huge cock out and right back in.

“Oh God,” I moaned, feeling him thrust again, from crown to balls.

“Just come for me,” he growled, rolling my nipples between his fingers. “Come on my fucking cock, Rebecca.”

I was beside myself with pleasure, standing in the kitchen and letting him take me from behind, fucking me with every inch of his beautiful dick, just drilling my body with his colossal maleness. He fucked into me six times and I was coming, bathing his thrusting length in my arousal, slapping both hands on the counter and pushing back to take everything he had. He long-stroked me and picked up the pace, and I felt him swell, getting harder, longer, wider.

“Not inside,” I hissed.

Jake growled and brutally ripped his cock out of me. It was so sudden that my body felt empty, like part of me was missing. Grabbing my arm, Jake spun me around to face him and pushed me down to my knees. The glistening crown of his cock was right in my face when the slit at his tip widened and blasted me with hot semen. He stroked his fist up and down his mighty member, pressed the erupting crown to my lips and pushed into my mouth. The taste of my body on him was rather potent, since we had yet to clean up from our nocturnal activities, but I didn’t care. I just bathed his smooth helmet with my tongue and gave it sloppy kisses while it gushed shocking amounts of cum on my face and in my mouth.

The whole affair had taken no more than a minute, which was amazing, considering how incredible it had felt. After a while, I just remained on my knees and kissed and licked his cock. At one point, I even leaned back against the cabinets behind me and let him fuck his big crown in and out of my mouth. When I heard the coffee pot clatter, I looked up at him. Jake was holding a cup of steaming coffee and grinning down at me.

“Thanks, Becca.”

And just like that, he walked away, leaving me kneeling on the kitchen floor with his abundant spend coating most of my face and dripping onto my swollen breasts. I gaped at his back, feeling like I had been absolutely used, no more than a receptacle for his semen. Jake stopped at the threshold of the living room, enormous penis sticking out from his body like a lance, almost comically. He glanced at me over his shoulder, and when he saw my shocked, almost horrified expression, he raised one eyebrow.

“Don’t forget to put your collar back on.”

Oddly, my anger cooled in an instant. As he walked away, it just kind of clicked into place for me. Well, I should say that my place clicked. Respect had nothing to do with how he had just treated me. I was his. I belonged to him. He could do anything he wanted with me, to me, and as long as I allowed it, that wouldn’t change. It had nothing to do with personalities or feelings, so there was no implied insult in what he’d said or done. It was entirely physical, and nothing more. It was rather uncomplicated, really.

As it turned out, I really liked being used.

With a cup of coffee in me and more waiting, I took a shower and thought over my day. I needed to make another trip to the drug store, for one thing. I also needed to put in a little time on the photo album for Ryan’s family. We usually spent the Fourth of July with them. We would rent a big cabin in Oklahoma — or two, if his brother and sisters and their families joined us — and spend a week together. Part of that tradition was bringing along a new photo album for everyone to browse through. His family sent me pictures throughout the year, and I assembled them into a kind of scrapbook. It was a constant project and I didn’t like letting it get away from me.

I pulled on low-rise jeans and a baby tee, pulled my hair back into a low ponytail, applied minimal makeup, and checked out the results in the mirror. Imagine my surprise to see Jake’s collar around my throat. I hadn’t even realized I was putting it on. Of course, the moment I saw it there, the small medallion catching the light in the hollow of my throat, my insides flushed with damp heat.

God, he’d turned me into Pavlov’s dog!

Well, I couldn’t go run errands wearing it, but I didn’t have to leave just yet. I wanted another cup of coffee or two first, so it could stay on for now. I’d just taken my fresh cup of coffee outside when I heard my cell phone ringing. I ran back to get it.


“Hi, honey,” Ryan said tiredly.

“Ryan,” I replied, shocked that he had called.

“Did I call at a bad time?”

“No, not at all.” I went outside and sat down, taking a sip of coffee. “I just wasn’t expecting to hear from you. You didn’t call when you landed.”

He sighed. “I know. We didn’t exactly have a happy parting. I thought you might want some time to yourself.”

I cringed, because for the most part, I had had very little time to myself. Most of it had been spent with Jake. At that thought, I was instantly aware of the collar around my neck. Jake’s collar. It should have been weird to be wearing it while talking to my husband, but it wasn’t. Ryan had pretty much left me to my own devices for the better part of two years. Jake had stepped up, so he kind of deserved to place a mark of ownership on me. Besides, I really liked being owned by someone.

“How are you?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Exhausted,” he sighed again. “The St. Louis branch is a mess right now. They’re in the middle of a Sarbanes Oxley audit, and I’m trying to help them get everything in order.”

It occurred to me then that I’d never even asked what he was going out of town for. “Is that why you were sent down?”

“Partially. The branch manager announced his retirement. Derek–” that was Ryan’s vice president “–wanted me to make sure everything was in order before they hire the new manager.”

“Did he consider you?” I asked.

Ryan chuckled. “He dropped a hint or two, yes.”

I mulled that over for a moment. Two years ago, if Ryan had told me he wanted to move to St. Louis to take a job there, I would have agreed without even thinking about it. I would have followed him anywhere. But now? I was torn.

“I haven’t really given it any thought, since I haven’t talked to you about it yet,” he said. “It would be a big change for us both, and I’d be asking you to leave all of your friends. Not quite ready to even consider asking you to do that.”

My eyebrows went up at his consideration of my feelings. I hadn’t expected that at all. “You’d be leaving a friend behind too.”

“True,” he chuckled. “Speaking of Jake, how is he treating you?”

“Fine,” I said noncommittally, fingering the collar.

There was an awkward pause. “He’s taking good care of you?”

I blushed and felt things tighten low in my body. Lately, Jake had been quite thorough in taking care of my needs. “Very.”

“I knew he would,” he said quietly. “Jake is Jake, after all.”

My breath caught in my chest. Did Ryan suspect? Did he know? I took a moment to gather my courage. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you know Jake. He’s an alpha male. Get him alone with a woman and he takes charge.” Boy, does he ever, I thought. “You’re not helpless or anything. I mean, I know you don’t need to be taken care of like that, not in every little detail, but I figured with me being gone, he would do what he always does. You know, step up.”

Oh, Jake had stepped up alright. He’d taken over the one role in my life that I needed most those days. “He has,” I said before I could stop it.

“Tell me?”

Um, no. Not a good idea. Time to change the subject again. “Actually, I’ve learned some interesting things from him since you left.”

Nervously, he said, “Such as?”

“He told me you used to be somewhat of a ladies man, before we met.”

Ryan laughed. “I wouldn’t say that.”

“He said you didn’t have any trouble hooking up with women.”

A pause. “I guess I didn’t.”

“He said the girls you slept with would talk about you for days.”

Another pause. “I suppose they did.”

God, it was like pulling teeth. “I had no idea.” When he didn’t say anything, I barreled on. “I didn’t believe him at first. It just didn’t sound like you.” He still didn’t say anything. The line was so quiet that if it weren’t for the sound of the hotel room air conditioner running in the background, I’d have thought we’d been disconnected. “You’ve never really taken charge, you know, in the bedroom.”

“Like Jake?” he said.

My breath caught again. I had to fight not to gasp. But that wasn’t actually what I’d been thinking. Tersely, I replied, “No. Like you used to, before you met me.” After a long moment of silence, I asked, “What changed, Ryan? Why did you change?”

“Does it bother you, knowing how I used to be?” Before I could answer, he added, “I assumed you would have found the old me rather repulsive.”

That didn’t make sense to me at all. “Why?”

He sighed. “You were just so…innocent when we met. You wanted to save yourself for marriage, and I was head over heels for you, so I respected that. You had this purity about you and…” he trailed off.

“And what?”

“Well, even after we got married, I was afraid you would think I was, I don’t know, filthy, I guess, that I was trying to corrupt you somehow.”

But that was exactly what I wanted, what I needed, to be taken, to be dirtied even. “Ryan…”

He cut me off, and he sounded frustrated, angry. “That wasn’t who I showed you. That wasn’t the guy you married. I didn’t want to scare you, but more importantly, I didn’t want to be judged.”

That took me aback. “Judged? Why would you assume that? Why didn’t you just talk to me?”

He snorted. “If that doesn’t sound like a case of ‘too little, too late’, I don’t know what does.”

“I didn’t say that,” I snapped at him. “But I’m getting there, I assure you.”

Ryan all but yelled at me through the phone. “What do you want from me, Rebecca? I bought you your dream house. I got you a nice car. I keep your closet full and your credit cards nice and fat. I don’t crowd you and I don’t nag you. I’m far from the perfect husband, but I do everything I can to make up for what I can’t. Just tell me what the hell you want.”

I was too angry to catch the significance of something he’d said. My voice low and quiet, I replied, “Nothing, Ryan. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do, and if that includes me, that’s just fine.”

I hung up on him and stormed back into the house, dropping my coffee cup into the sink with a loud clatter, then grabbed my keys and headed out. I was furious until late in the afternoon. I could barely sort out the conversation I’d had with my husband. He provided for me, sure, but it was his choice. He had wanted me to be the good little housewife, the innocently sweet woman that simply lay on her back and accept her husband without argument, so that’s exactly what I’d done.

I was beginning to wonder if that wasn’t what he wanted though. It was almost like he’d wanted to fight with me. Maybe he was looking for a way out, picking a fight to push me away because he didn’t have the balls to tell me that he was unhappy. Well, I was unhappy, but it seemed I wasn’t lacking in the balls department.

“I love your medallion.”

I blinked and looked at the drug store clerk behind the counter, a blonde teenage girl. An older woman was back there too, Estelle. She’d worked there for as long as I could remember, and she knew me. She looked over at me.

The girl smiled, looking at my neck. “What does the J stand for?”

My hand went to my throat. Oh my God. I was still wearing the choker!

Estelle squinted at my neck. “Isn’t your husband’s name Ryan?”

I laughed nervously. “Oh, it’s for his pet name.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Estelle asked.

I swallowed and felt a blush creeping up my face. I looked at the girl. “I’m sorry, but I’m kind of in a hurry.”

“Oh, sure. Just a moment,” she said, hurriedly stuffing my receipt into the bag and handing it over.

By the time I got out of there, I was mortified. Taking the choker off, I started the car and headed home. My God, what was wrong with me? How could I have forgotten I’d been wearing it? Maybe I was just that mad at Ryan.

Jake’s truck was in the driveway when I got home, which was a surprise. I didn’t announce my arrival when I walked in. I just headed for the kitchen to take my morning-after pill. While I was filling the glass, I heard Jake come in.

“Did you get off work early?” I popped the pill in my mouth and washed it down with water. When I turned around, he was just standing there, watching me. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and his hugely muscular body glistened with beads of water. I couldn’t help but smirk. “Are you always just getting out of the shower?”

The corner of his mouth lifted in a wry grin. He looked at my neck and frowned.

“No collar,” he said simply.

My fingers went to my throat. Something in his tone had me wary. A moment later, I realized why. There were only a few feet between us, but Jake closed the distance like a predator, his hot gaze raking over my body. In an instant, I felt like a piece of meat, his prey, and heat began to gather low in my body.

“You shouldn’t have taken it off,” he said quietly, hands on my hips and pushing under my shirt.

“I-I had to go out for errands,” I stammered.

“Then you should have put it back on.” Jake pushed his hands up my sides, lifting my shirt.

“I’m sorry.”

He forced my arms up and lifted my shirt off. He took in my bra-encased breasts and sighed, and without preamble, he opened my jeans and pushed them down my legs with my panties, lowering himself onto his knees.

“I should make dinner,” I told him, trying to keep my voice from quivering as he lifted my leg and took my sandal off.

Jake didn’t say anything. He lifted my other leg and took that sandal off too, but rather than put my foot back down, he hiked my leg up further, over his shoulder. My dewy vagina was openly exposed to him, and I took a sharp breath as he stared at me down there, licking his lips.

“Take off your bra,” he told me.

I reached behind me to do just that, and as I worked the clasp open, Jake leaned forward, turned his head, and licked right up my center. I sucked in a breath through my teeth, momentarily losing focus and just standing there in my bra as Jake lapped at my vagina. His tongue was huge, hot and eager, just swiping through my cleft over and over again. My chest heaved with deep breaths, my leg began to tremble, and the temptation to reach down and run my fingers through his thick hair was enormous. But just as I was about to grab hold of his head, just as I was about to come, a sharp smack to my ass snapped me out of my reverie.

Blinking my eyes to focus, I took off my bra and let it fall to the floor. Jake clenched my ass tight in one hand and reached up with the other to maul my breasts and pinch my nipples, all the while licking and slurping between my legs. My insides were tightening deliciously, intensely, almost painfully, itching to be filled, to be fucked. So close. So very close.

Jake picked my jeans up from the floor. With one final and very deep lick, he stood up. I moaned in complaint, biting my lower lip. He pinned me in place with a stern look alone, his chin glistening. He fished around in the pockets of my jeans and found the collar. Instead of putting it on me, he took my hand and pulled me into the living room. My legs shook the entire way. With a flick of his fingers, his towel dropped to the floor, his cock huge and hard and just jutting up from between his legs with such incredible power and virility.

“I told you not to take this off when you were home,” he said, putting the collar on me. His hot gaze bored into mine, fingertips playing with the lace around my throat. “Since you can’t follow that simple instruction, this is all you get to wear for the weekend.”

I blinked at him. He couldn’t be serious. Surely he didn’t expect me to remain naked the entire weekend.

“Unless someone comes over or unless you absolutely must leave the house, no clothes.”

Holy shit. He was serious.

Jake put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to sit on the couch. The enormous tip of his cock blocked most of my field of view. It bobbed up and down with the beat of his heart, the veins running along the length of his shaft just bulging obscenely. His fingers dug into my hair, hands cupping my head, and I knew what he wanted.

No, demanded, because that great big cock was coming, pressing against my lips, forcing my mouth open and pushing inside. It slid over my tongue and to the very back of my mouth.

“Oh, that’s good,” he sighed.

His fingers momentarily tightened in my hair as he pulled out of my mouth to the wide ridge of his crown and pushed back in. He did it again and again, slowly fucking my face, but not gently. There was a forcefulness to it, a strength and urgency that belied the perceived patience he had.

“Christ, you have the sweetest goddamn mouth, Rebecca.”

He took his time, pushing that big fat dick in and out of my mouth, but it wasn’t out of courtesy. He was taking his pleasure from my mouth at the pace he wanted. It had nothing to do with me. That was made clear when his grip tightened on my head and he pulled me down while thrusting forward, pushing his fat cock head against the opening of my throat.

“Give it to me, Rebecca,” he told me, quiet but firm.

He pushed in, pulled me towards him. His wide crown strained the opening of my throat. His assault was relentless, the outcome inevitable. I sat up as tall as I could and tilted my head down to get the right angle, then he was inside, his colossal cock tip pushing down my throat.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” he hissed.

He didn’t pull back. He held himself there, but only for a moment before he pushed again. I felt my throat fighting him, tightening, trying to push him out. My body was screaming to eject him. He didn’t belong there. I couldn’t breathe if he was there. I coughed, thick spit blowing out of my lips and onto his shaft and groin. Jake pushed again, his incredibly thick tube just boring down the far too small passage of my throat. I coughed again, hacked, saliva coursing down my chin and neck as my trembling lips slid down his cock and my wide frightened eyes watched his muscular body coming closer and closer.

My chest burned. I needed to breathe. He was going to kill me with his enormous dick. I squeezed my eyes shut and grabbed his hips, dug my fingernails in. Please, let me breathe, Jake. Please, let me breathe.

“Fuck,” he groaned, pulling out of my throat.

The instant his cock cleared my lips, a tremendous cough exploded out of my chest. Thick saliva blew everywhere, his thighs, groin, tremendous and spit-coated erection. A grotesquely thick strand dangled from my chin, struck my chest and connected my mouth to it. I looked up at him, eyes wide and leaking tears, trying to catch my breath as his hands tightened on my head once more and his terrifying cock came at me again.

“Open up, baby,” he demanded.

That fat crown pushed past my lips, over my tongue, and right down my throat, his strong hands tilting my head down for the optimum angle. He pushed deep, so very, shockingly deep, and I was just dimly aware that his cock was bending to the shape of my throat. I think it was the first time he hadn’t been fully erect with me.

“Such a lovely little throat, Becca,” he groaned.

He was pumping his hips now, fucking my face and throat. I was coughing, but not gagging. There was a difference. My gag reflex wasn’t fighting me, oddly enough. He just wasn’t giving me time to catch my breath, so on the occasion that his wide crown would pull back to my tongue, my chest would heave, lungs struggling mightily to fill with air in one great gulp, but then he would just shove that fat prick of his right back down my throat.

Jesus, he was just taking me, owning my mouth in my husband’s living room, throat-fucking the naked wife of his best friend, and on the very couch that Ryan paid for. And I loved it. I couldn’t stop my hand from palming my breast, couldn’t stop the other from slipping between my legs to rub my mound, torment my opening and diddle my clit. It was so freeing, to just give in to him, to just let go, to let him take his pleasure in me. So simplistic, such a base existence. No questions. No confusion. No doubts. Just my body for his pleasure, his release, his seed. I moaned, coughed, moaned again, and I came.

Jake still wasn’t fully erect, but I felt him swell in my throat, and with a deep groan, he ripped his cock out of my mouth and jacked off in front of me, his clenched fist flinging thick spit all over both of us. My mouth gaped open beneath the head of his member, ready and willing.


He didn’t explode like usual. He poured, like a low pressure fire hose, thick semen gushing out in a near endless stream that filled my mouth. I swallowed, felt his cream gliding down my throat while another gush spilled over my closed lips and chin, coursed down my neck and chest. I opened my mouth in time for the third flood, swallowed it too. And so there I was, perched on the edge of the couch, fucking my burning twat with my fingers while Jake fed me his semen, just bucketing my face with grotesquely huge volumes of cum.

When it finally stopped, when I had licked my lips and swallowed the last of his cum, I was shocked to see that he was fully erect.

“Are you going to take off your collar again?” he asked.

Obviously, I knew the right answer. “No,” I exhaled.

He slapped me with his heavy cock, right along my cheek, and I recoiled in surprise with a gasp. Jake fisted his hand in my hair at the back of my head and jerked me back to him. “What was that?”


He smirked. “Good girl.”

I was even more shocked when he grabbed me under my arms and effortlessly picked me up, holding me aloft in the air. Even more so when I felt the broad blunt tip of his dick press against my soaked vagina and just rip into me. The feel of him brutally opening me up, fucking that fat dick so deep inside me, it took my breath away, bowed my spine, tore a scream out of my ravaged throat. Jake lifted me up to his crown and my legs wrapped around his waist as best they could, of their own volition.

He lowered me again, more slowly this time, making sure that I was fully aware of my body being impaled upon every shockingly wide and frighteningly hard inch of him. He was just so huge and hard and long and thick and deep and hot and throbbing and alive. It was too much to handle. I laid my head on his shoulder, exhausted, defeated, helpless and content with my role. I was his to use, his to fuck, however he wanted, whenever he wanted.

With one hand under my ass and the other between my shoulders, Jake walked out of the living room, his cock twitching inside me every step of the way. The next thing I knew, we were beside my bed. Jake lifted me off his enormous erection, the vacuum inside me taking my breath away once more, and he laid me down and tucked me in.

“Take a nap, Rebecca,” he said, pressing a light kiss to my forehead, then my lips, lingering there. I tasted his semen. Guess he didn’t care that it was on his mouth, or his tongue, for that matter.

When he pulled away, I murmured, “I was going to make dinner.”

“I’ll take care of it,” he whispered, kissing my chin, throat, and both breasts. He lingered on my nipples, lightly kissing and suckling while his hands stroked my body until my hips were thrusting up and my insides were burning for him. “Go to sleep.”

I moaned in complaint.

“No more fun for you tonight,” he told me.

I felt his breath on my stomach, then lower, and he kissed my swollen mound. Lightning shot through my vagina and up my spine, and I nearly came right then and there.

Jake chuckled against my open femininity, giving it one last sloppy wet kiss. “Besides, I think she’s tired too.”

He left me like that, burning and aching for him, my insides clenching tight. I should have taken him, but then it occurred to me…I didn’t know how.

Chapter 19

He wasn’t kidding. We didn’t have any more fun that night. He woke me up a couple of hours later and we ate dinner. He wasn’t kidding about me remaining naked either, though he did let me freshen up first. Despite being rather uncomfortable during dinner — God, I felt so exposed! — the meal was quite good. Jake knew his way around a kitchen just fine.

I helped him clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes. Jake took every opportunity to molest me too, brief strokes and pets of my butt and thighs, back and stomach, and the occasional soft and hot kiss to my bare shoulders, and once directly to my left nipple that ended with a soft wet suck. By the time we went our separate ways to brush our teeth and get ready for bed, I was dripping wet, thighs soaked with my nectar.

I had just finished putting my hair up in a bun when Jake wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. He pressed a kiss to the back of my neck and murmured, “Ready for bed?”

I froze, afraid he intended on sleeping in my husband’s bed. It really wasn’t mine. It was Ryan’s. I’d taken Jake in my mouth and vagina, had swallowed untold amounts of his semen and let him come inside me twice, had even let him put a plug in my rectum, but even after all of that, it was entirely unacceptable for him to sleep in our marriage bed.

So, I could only manage a nod, hoping that he wouldn’t press the issue.

He didn’t.

Jake bent over and swept me up into his arms. He carried me out of the bathroom and bedroom, flicking the lights off along the way. We were in his room, beside his bed, and he was gazing deep into my eyes. There was no adoration in his, no love to speak of. Just lust. Pure, raw, undeniable lust.

I’m not sure how he did it, it was so fast, but he tossed me up into the air and caught me, a hand under my ass and the other on my back. I squeaked and wrapped my legs around his waist. Jake leaned in and pressed a kiss to my throat, lifted me higher, kissed my chest, breasts, suckled my nipples. He lifted me so high that he licked my stomach and I was kind of bent over his head. I was still so very wet, and I wanted nothing more than to feel his mouth on me.

Jake moved and lowered me to the bed, lifted my left leg and pushed it down against my chest, then he closed his mouth over my steaming mound. I cried out and grabbed his headboard with a death grip, his tongue licking hot wet lines up my slit and over my clit. His hand tightened on my thigh, the other pushing up my body to maul my breasts. He sucked and slurped loudly, wetly, growling like an animal, licking and kissing my vagina until I screamed with release.

He was crawling over me then, my leg still pressed down to my chest. His cock knifed into me, no warning, just carving a long, wide, and hot path up inside me. He fucked me with his entire length, slow but so very deep, just taking me in every way that a man could, enormous dick plunging in and out of me, stretching, filling, one last thorough and mind-blowing fuck before bed time. I was on the brink of coming again when he pulled out and blasted a huge hot load all over me, coating me from navel to nose with thick semen.

He grabbed a tee shirt from the floor and wiped me down, then laid down beside me, wrapping his arms around me and tucking me into the curve of his big body. My body was screaming in protest, so disappointed as the pleasant and promising tingling of that last possible climax fizzled away. He was fast asleep, and I was wide awake, having been so close to coming again. He wasn’t hard, but he wasn’t soft either, his arrogantly big dick resting against my stomach in a long hot line.

I really should have done something about it.

The next morning, I woke up on my stomach. Jake was kissing my shoulders, down my back, hands caressing along my sides, teasing the slopes of my bare breasts where they peeked out from under me. I felt my hips rise, pushing my ass up to him.

Jesus, was my body even mine anymore?

“Good morning,” he murmured, kissing my ass and petting my hips.

I moaned.

Jake chuckled and clasped my hips in his big hands, pulling me up onto my hands and knees. My insides throbbed. God, my body was aching for him, still hungry from the lack of satisfaction that night before and willing to do anything to please him, thrusting my ass out with my legs spread, presenting my wet core to him like a bitch in heat.

And I guess I was, because while it was embarrassing, even mortifying, in a way, I wanted this to happen. I wanted him to take me like an animal, to treat me like one. Screw personalities. Screw idle chit chat over a restaurant meal. Screw 401Ks and screw diversified investments and decorating and charity and socializing and the give and take of a successful marriage.

Just fuck me.

With his hands on my hips, Jake guided me down to the end of the bed, my feet hanging just over the edge.

“Give me your hand.”

I wasn’t sure which one he wanted, so I gave him the left one. There was a ripping sound of Velcro, then he wrapped a restraint around my wrist. I looked back at him and he grinned at me, putting another one around my ankle. He clipped the two together, then he held out his other hand. I frowned, unsure of what he was up to, but the moment I lowered my upper body to the bed and reached behind me to give him my right hand, I realized what the point was.

On my knees, chest and face flat on the bed, and with my wrists clipped to my ankles, my legs were spread wide open and my naked vagina was lifted at the perfect height for him. Jake put his hands on my ass, spread my cheeks apart with his thumbs, and pushed his achingly hard cock inside me, right up to his balls in one smooth whole-body-cavity-creating thrust.

I groaned out loud. “Oh my God!”

He rocked his hips, plowing that fat cock into my body, slow but so goddamn deep. Holy fuck, it was amazing, but when he sped up, it was so much better. Every time his enormous crown plumbed the depths of my vagina, his heavy nuts would slap against my clit. He held my ass, kept my cheeks spread, and I could feel his hot gaze where we were joined, knew he was watching the destruction his colossal dick was wreaking on my vulnerable femininity, fucking me fast and faster, hard and harder, balls slapping my soaked little puss. He was so long that I swore I could feel him in my stomach, my chest, his big cock pushing up and up and up, between my lungs and right up to my heart.

He wasn’t, of course, but it sure felt that way.

My insides tightened around him and a world shattering climax tore through every fiber of my being. I could feel my vagina rippling up his length as he powered his cock in and out of me, my body seeking yet another release and trying to make him come. As wonderful as Jake fucking me felt, he was pushing me beyond my limits, because I was coming again, and still coming, coming on his big beautiful dick again and again and again in one endlessly blissful and agonizing stream. My nerve endings were firing like mad, nonstop, the intense pleasure inside me escalating beyond delight, beyond ecstasy, becoming something else entirely, something that my poor ravaged body and inexperienced mind simply could not comprehend. It was the most wonderful and unbearable experience of my life.

I think I blacked out, because one moment Jake was fucking me to death, and the next, the restraints were gone and an untold volume of semen was cooling on my back and butt. His hands were pressed into the mattress beside my head. He was holding himself above my back, and his cock was still lodged inside me, just the big broad tip. But not for long.

He was huge and hard and long and knifing into me. I whimpered, pleading for him to stop, but my body wasn’t listening. It was tightening around him, pulling him inside and begging him for more. Jake pushed in to the fullest and finally lowered his chest to my back, keeping most of his weight on his forearms. He just laid along my back with his enormous tool buried inside me, throbbing and twitching now and then, more than enough to keep me soaking wet, almost enough to make me come.

We lay like that for a long time, neither of us moving. I appreciated the pause, the brief respite from his insatiable hunger.

“Jesus, Jake,” I sighed, wanting to shake my head with disbelief but too tired to do it. “Another day of this?”

He chuckled. “Two, if you count today.”

“Oh my God,” I groaned. Two days? Could I make it that long? Could I survive?

He laughed, then he lifted his hips and pulled his brick-hard cock out of me, to his crown, and he pushed back in. I moaned at the feel of his broad tip shoving my wet walls aside, slicing deep into my quivering core until his balls were resting on my thighs.

“Actually, I had an idea,” he said, leaning down to kiss my shoulder.

“Yeah?” I murmured tiredly.

“Mm-hm,” he mumbled, nipping at my neck with his teeth, then kissing the tiny hurt away. “I’m going to take some time off.”

My breath caught and my eyes flew open. I swallowed and asked with no small amount of trepidation, “How much time?”

He chuckled, stroked his cock inside me again, then again, fucking me, taking me, using me and owning me. “I’ll go back to work on Friday.”

Oh, holy shit.

“Fuck, you feel good,” he groaned, hilting himself inside me and rotating his hips, stirring my insides with his turgid maleness.

“Jake,” I gasped, clawing my nails into the sheets.

He pulled out and fucked me with mind-numbingly long strokes, every beautifully hard inch just carving into me. He was going slow though, back and forth, in and out, filling and emptying. His lips were warm on my neck, his breath so hot. His teeth closed on my nape and he growled like a dog, cramming his cock inside me and holding it there.

He got harder, bigger, longer. He didn’t move, but the feel of him inside me was just fucking insane. I was coming, coming on his big cock that was primed to erupt. But as I came, the twitching of his member lessened, his imminent orgasm receding.

“I want to come inside you,” he groaned.

“No,” I hissed, body still shaking with my climax.

He resumed fucking me, slow but so very deep. “You should get on the pill.”


His cock tore into me, his groin slapping against my upturned ass. I cried out at the incredible fullness, the ever-present need inside me, and from just how very hard he was.

“Why not?”

“I told you,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “Ryan and I agreed. If it…uhhngod!”

He was taking me again, long powerful strokes that stimulated every stretched surface of my insides and sent my pleasure spiraling out of control. He picked up the pace, fucked me harder and faster.

“…happens, it happens?” he finished for me.

I nodded.

Jake hissed in my ear. “Exactly.”

He swelled, grew harder, just filling me up like a balloon. I couldn’t let him come inside me. I pushed up onto my arms and shoved back with all my strength. The feel of his throbbing member pushing just that much deeper into my body brought me, screaming and shaking. I pushed back as far as I could, forcing him up onto his knees, then I ripped my body free of his cock and whipped around, grabbing his erection and stroking it.

Jake threw his head back and roared. The slit at the end of his rod opened and he went off like a cannon. Horrendously huge ropes of hot semen blew out of his cock, liberally painting me with his seed. Jesus, the man’s ejaculatory capability was just unreal. Massively thick gobs of goo splattered my face, neck, chest and stomach, even my arms. His jerking, spurting dick was slick with my nectar, and I stroked my tiny hand up and down his length until the last of his climax was dribbling out of him onto my stomach. Finally, I let go, putting my hands behind me to hold myself up.

After a long moment of catching his breath, Jake laughed up at the ceiling. His sparkling eyes found me and he smirked, took hold of his still quite huge dick, and promptly slapped it against my cunny.

“Uhhn!” I grunted, from both shock and pleasure, and I squirmed away from him before he could cock-slap me again.

“Just where are you going?” he asked as I scrambled for the door.

I didn’t answer him. I headed for my bathroom for a shower. When I realized Jake was chasing me, I ran. I’m not sure why I ran. I wasn’t afraid or anything like that. I guess it was a power play. I knew Jake wanted to take me again, but in a way, I was denying him by running. Of course, he caught me in the bathroom, his big body pressing against my back while his arms wrapped around me and his hands mauled my breasts and vagina.

“We’re going to play a game today,” he told me, sucking on my neck while turning to face me towards the wall and pushing me against it.

I reached up behind me and dug my fingers into his hair, pulling. “What game?”

One of his hands left me, and he moved away slightly, then his fat crown was pressing against my wet opening and pushing inside, pushing and pushing and pushing until every last inch of him was buried in my body.

“I’m going to try to come inside you, and you can stop me or not.”

“No, Jake,” I told him vehemently, though it probably came out as a whimper, because he was fucking me yet again, pushing and pulling that fat dick back and forth through my overfilled femininity. I tried to get my hands on his hips to push him away, but he grabbed my wrists and pulled them above my head, pressing my palms against the wall.

“I can’t help it, Becca,” he said huskily, gliding his palms down my arms to fill his hands with my breasts. “You feel too fucking good.”

His hips were pumping back and forth, colossal cock just relentlessly ripping up into me over and over again. My legs grew so weak that I had to grab the towel rack to remain standing.

“Oh God,” I moaned, feeling yet another climax building inside me.

“You were made to fuck, do you know that?”


Pushing and pulling, thrusting and pounding, obscenely wide crown pulling back to the very mouth of my vagina before carving back into me.

“You’re meant to be a mother, Rebecca,” he said, pulling my hair aside to kiss and nibble on the back of my neck. “This body is meant to take a man’s seed, to create a life, to bring it into this world.”

I cried out, body and soul perched on the edge of oblivion, so very close.

“I can help you with that,” he said, groin slapping against my ass, cock drilling up inside me again and again. “I’d do that for you. I’d do that for him too.”

God, I was just so very close, almost too close to stop him. If I came, I wouldn’t be able to stop him. I’d come and come and come while he filled me up with his seed. “Jake, please.”

“Goddamn, so fucking good.”

He throbbed, jerked, swelled. It was coming. He was going to do it.


“He wants this, Becca,” Jake groaned, sinking his teeth into my shoulder and then adding, “He wants kids.”

And just like that, I was nowhere near close to coming. My eyes flew open and my body stiffened. I was dimly aware of Jake saying that he was more than willing to help Ryan and I have kids, that it would make things better, bring us closer, that he wanted to help, that he wanted Ryan and I to be happy. He loved Ryan, and he respected him, despite Ryan’s doubts about his manhood.

It almost clicked into place, what was wrong with our marriage, why Ryan wasn’t fucking me, why he was so distant. But then it was gone, the thought, the suspicion, before it could fully form. Jake’s cock was swelling again, so very long and so very hard and just so very fucking big. He was growling. He was coming.

I managed to yank my hand out from under his. I grabbed the towel rack and jerked myself up the wall while wrapping my other hand around his cock to stop him. My shoulder banged against the towel rack, hard, but I’d deal with the bruising later. Right now, I needed his cock out of me. I managed it, just barely. His tremendous crown popped out of me and there was a huge hot splash between my legs. Jake slapped his hands against the wall and I twisted around, almost falling to the floor, but I got ahold of his dick and finished him with both hands, massive globs of semen flying everywhere, making an absolute mess of us and the bathroom.

Jake was true to his word. He fucked me four more times that Saturday, five, if I count the after-midnight deep dicking he snuck in while I was asleep. He didn’t come every time, of course, but when he did, he tried to do it inside me. Somehow, I’d managed to fight him off each time.

When Sunday morning rolled around, I was very tender down there. God, what woman in my situation wouldn’t be? Jake was still asleep in his room, so I started coffee and took a shower. The hot water took out most of the ache from my limbs — Jesus, he’d really worked me over yesterday — but the Advil I took later fixed me right up. I was sitting on the patio with my coffee and laptop when Jake came out with his own cup.

“Can I ask you a favor?” he said, taking a seat. His eyes twinkled when he saw that I was wearing his collar, and nothing else, as he’d instructed.

My thighs automatically pressed together and I narrowed my eyes skeptically.

He laughed. “Nothing untoward. You deserve a rest today.”

Thank God! “Okay. What then?”

“I have a job interview on Thursday.”

My eyebrows went up. “Doing what?”

“Commercial real estate,” he shrugged, sipping his coffee. “The market isn’t nearly as booming as it was before, but it’s better than residential at the moment. Strange gig though.” He shook his head and took another sip of coffee. “Real estate is like sex for me. Do ‘em and leave ‘em.”

I made a face and he chuckled.

“Anyway, this job isn’t just selling property. After I sell something, I become the property manager.”

“Like a landlord?”

He shrugged. “Sort of. Anyway, I need a new suit. Mind helping me out?”

“Sure, Jake,” I agreed readily. I knew he wasn’t particularly happy with his current job. He was surprised that he enjoyed landscaping, but the money wasn’t anywhere close to what he was making before.

He smiled warmly. “Thanks, Becca.”

We sat in silence for a while, Jake looking off at nothing in particular, me fiddling around on my laptop.

“Anything interesting?” he asked.

I blushed.

“Oh,” he said, leaning over with a broad grin. “It must be interesting if you’re blushing.”

I sighed and composed myself, brushing hair out of my face that the wind had just whipped up. “If you must know, I’m researching sexual positions that I’m not familiar with.”

His eyebrow went up. “Really? Such as?”

I shrugged. “Like the one we did yesterday morning.”

He gave me a leering smile. “Ah, yes. That’s a good one.”

“Well, what is it? I can’t seem to find it online.”

“Beats me. I don’t remember all the names. Closest that comes to mind is Basset Hound.”

“Basset Hound?”

He grinned again. “Look it up.”

I did, and about ten seconds later, I was blushing. It was more or less the position that I’d been in, the woman on all fours, legs spread wide and hands forward, so that her body was low. “Oh my,” I said quietly.

Jake chuckled. “If you like that, check out Pearly Gates.”

I looked it up too. The man was on his back with his knees up, and the woman was on top of him, with her back to him and her legs outside of his. Her arms were stretched out to her sides. All of her weight was resting on him. The picture illustrated the easy access the man had to the woman’s body. His hands were free to roam, while she was more or less helpless. He had freedom of movement, but she didn’t.

“Wow,” I breathed.

“Yeah, I like that one,” Jake chuckled. He patted his washboard stomach through his shirt. “Requires good abs though, but no problem here.”

I grinned crookedly, amused by his confidence. “I imagine not.”

“Wanna try it?” he asked, bouncing his eyebrows.

I laughed. “Not today, thank you very much.”

Out of the blue, he said, “Ryan’s favorite is the Jellyfish.”

A huge wave of guilt crashed over me and I gave him a sharp look. Here we were, having a fun time, just talking and joking and teasing, and he had to drag reality into it. God, why had he said that? I felt horrible, for what we were talking about and what I had done with him. Jake was entirely unaffected though.

“You should look it up,” he said quietly, then he got up and went inside.

I slapped my laptop shut and sat there fuming for a few minutes. Jesus, Jake! Really? Why did he have to go and ruin the fantasy? Sure, I was having an affair, cheating on my husband, but God, to just throw it in my face!

Well, okay, he hadn’t really thrown it in my face, but still, my time with Jake had become its own little world, a separate reality, and he’d just shattered it.

Eventually, I calmed down. I was going to go inside, but curiosity got the better of me. I opened the laptop and looked up the Jellyfish. It was a very interesting position, and the picture was animated. The man was on his knees on the bed, legs slightly spread. The woman was kind of squatting over him. Their arms were wrapped around each other and their bodies were pressed together. Neither of them had to move very much, just a slight rocking of the hips. It was incredibly intimate, a position I could never do with Jake, because it was for making love, not fucking. The next thing I knew, I was crying. I stroked my fingertips down the screen. This was exactly what I wanted with Ryan, closeness, intimacy, love, and I didn’t have it. I cried for what seemed like an unbearably long time, so long that my cheeks were liberally streaked with tears, and my neck and chest weren’t spared either.

I didn’t want Jake to see me like that, so I poked my head inside. I heard him in the shower and couldn’t help but wonder if his timing was intentional, if he knew his parting comment would make me break down. Retreating to my bathroom, I let the rest of the tears flow. I sat on the lid of the commode and just cried and cried, gut wrenching, snot-flowing sobs. By the time I had worked it out of me, I was a mess.

I was cleaning myself up when I realized the strangest thing. I hadn’t been crying because of the affair with Jake. I had yet to instigate anything, but I’d been letting him fuck me for a while now. For me, it was just sex, nothing more, a means to scratch an itch. It no longer felt like a betrayal. Ryan had distanced himself from me, had left me almost entirely alone, which was worse than leaving me unsatisfied from a sexual standpoint. Far worse, really. That was the real betrayal in our marriage, Ryan giving up on it, or more specifically, on us. Sure, he went through the motions, being a technical husband, I guess, but he wasn’t my partner anymore. What I was doing with Jake was just something that needed to be done. I needed to know what I was missing, if I could live without it if I decided to stay with Ryan.

Maybe I was just trying to justify my actions, but honestly, that’s how I felt. Besides, what I wanted most from my marriage wasn’t great sex, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt if I had it. No, what I wanted was my husband back. I wanted those quiet nights when we would cuddle, when we would tell each other our secrets. There used to be times when I was feeling randy but Ryan was just too tired, but he would still help me out with his long and skillful fingers, kissing my face and neck or back and shoulders while he brought me with his hands. Afterwards, he would just hold me close, arms wrapped around me until I dozed off. I missed that more than anything, knowing he cared.

A knock at my bathroom door startled me.

“Becca?” Jake called through the door.


“How does eleven sound? We can take care of the suit thing and then grab lunch.”

I blew my nose and nodded to myself in the mirror. “Sure, Jake.”

The worst part about all of this was what would inevitably come later. What would happen when Jake finally got back on his feet? Eventually, he was going to leave. He’d find his own place and I would be left with Ryan, with a sexless marriage. What would I do then? Would I go so far as to plan illicit rendezvous with Jake? Would I leave the house under the pretense of shopping, meeting my friends, or doing volunteer work just to scratch that itch inside me with Jake? Somehow, that seemed too much, too far. Once Jake left, the affair would be over. I just couldn’t take it that far.

But what then? I had to figure this out with Ryan. I had to get my husband back. I just didn’t know how.

Jake was going to look amazing in his suit, once it was properly tailored. We’d gone with a dark blue pinstripe, three piece and no tie, and brown shoes. Jake didn’t know it, but I’d been inspired by one of my favorite TV shoes, The Mentalist. I’d chosen a suit that made him look like a bigger, buffer version of Patrick Jane. He looked incredible, really.

We had a nice lunch later on, neither of us talking much, but when we did, it was light and casual, about nothing in particular. Jake’s sense of humor drew me out of my funk rather effectively. When we got home, the back door was still swinging shut when Jake began to pull my top off. He undressed me right there in the foyer.

“Sorry,” he murmured, grinning up at me while kneeling and taking off my shoe. “It’s only been a couple of hours since I saw you naked, but I just can’t wait.”

To my surprise, I didn’t blush at the compliment. I didn’t even blush when he knelt in front of me and pulled off my tight jeans, my smoothly waxed mound inches away from his face. He stood back up, running his hands up the curves of my body, and I felt my insides flush with damp heat. Jake put my collar back on. Unfortunately, I was still very tender, so when my insides tightened at the same time the clasp of the collar clicked into place, it brought a twinge of discomfort with it.

Smiling down at me, Jake kissed the corner of my mouth, then he took my hand and led me into the living room. He queued up a movie and we relaxed on the couch, lying on our sides with my back tucked against his chest. With him fully clothed and me naked as the day I was born, I felt like a pet lovingly snuggled up to its owner.

Jake more or less left me alone the rest of the day, though his hands were all over me, tenderly caressing me, petting my hair. It was like he was reminding me that I wasn’t alone, that someone cared, desired me.

At the end of the day, he took me to bed with him, wrapping his arms around me and once again pulling my back against his chest. I woke up feeling renewed, ready to face the day. Jake’s massive erection was pressed between the cheeks of my butt, long and thick and hot and just so very hard. I was still tender down there, but nowhere near as bad as the previous day. In fact, I found myself hoping that Jake would find himself in a mood when he woke up. He was fast asleep though.

Still, I couldn’t help but encourage him to wake up, flexing my butt around his cock and pressing it into him just a little. Jake stirred awake and tightened his arms around me, then thrust his hips, pressing his morning wood into my ass.

“Morning,” he murmured.

I smiled to myself. “Good morning, Jake.”

He pushed his nose into my hair and took a deep breath, then he scooted away and rolled me onto my back. I looked up into his big blue eyes as he propped himself up on his elbow beside me. Jake smiled, then he leaned down and kissed me. It was tender at first, soft and sweet, but soon his tongue was licking at my lips, seeking entrance. I opened my mouth and took his tongue inside, licking at it with my own, not caring about morning breath in the slightest.

He kissed me so slow but so deep, smoothing his hand down the front of my body and over my soft mound, but not really touching me there, just kind of fluttering his fingers against me and letting me know that he could. His mouth left mine, kissing down my neck and chest. He flicked my nipple with the tip of his tongue and then sucked it into his hot mouth. I moaned out loud and lifted my hips, pushing my mound against his hand. Jake chuckled around my breast, released it from his mouth, and patted my stomach.

“Time to get up,” he said.

And he did, get up, I mean. He left me lying on his bed with my body tight with need. What on Earth?

We picked up his suit that afternoon, and for the next three days, Jake didn’t fuck me again. He was very affectionate, of course, constantly touching me, kissing me, and fondling me. More than a few times he would come over to me when I was reading a magazine or watching TV, spread my legs and kneel between them, and promptly drag his hot tongue up my vagina. He would lick and kiss and suck me down there until I was so very close to climax, only to pull away. He would dip his fingers inside me and tease me. He would lube my ass and push the plug in — we were on the second one by that point — and rub his cock head up and down my oily slit.

For four days, he teased me, tormented me, and tortured me, but he wouldn’t fuck me and he wouldn’t make me come. He never said I couldn’t pleasure myself, and I did, frequently and vigorously. But it wasn’t the same. My fingers and toys brought me just fine, but it just wasn’t as satisfying. Masturbating took the edge off, but that was all.

By Thursday morning, I was a tightly coiled spring, a ball of frustrated and aching need that was collapsing into a destructive singularity under its own gravity. One look at him, one thought about him, and my insides would flood with heat, drenching my thighs, tightening my nipples. What made it worse was knowing that this was our last day alone together. Ryan was coming home tomorrow. Jake upped the ante by spending most of the morning wearing nothing but boxer briefs, letting me see the outline of his perfect package. Half of the time, he was fully erect, with at least a third of his cock sticking out of his briefs. He just played it off like it was an accident. But early in the afternoon, everything took a turn for the worse.

I was headed to the kitchen for a tall glass of cold juice. My legs were still a little shaky, having just masturbated in the bathroom. I could feel Jake’s eyes on me as I walked through the living room, and without even looking, I knew he was grinning. My chest and neck were flushed, my nipples were so hard, and I must have smelled like bottled sex. I ignored him entirely, got my glass of juice — Jesus, the cold air from the refrigerator on my nipples! — and was in the process of draining it when I saw him. Jake was sitting on the couch with one arm extended along the back of it, watching TV. Not only was he completely naked, but his huge cock was hard as ever, jutting up from between his legs and lying against his chiseled abdomen, throbbing with potency, power, virility. He had what I wanted, what I craved. My insides tightened, along with my lungs, thighs, nipples, everything. It was too much.

I set my glass down on the table and walked over to him, already picturing what I’d seen on the website days before, instantly knowing the best way to get what I wanted. His legs were spread, huge heavy balls resting on the couch cushions, and he grinned up at me as I stood between his knees. Jake raised an eyebrow questioningly.

I didn’t say a word. I turned my back to him and reached behind me to wrap my hand around his thick shaft. His cock was like a hot iron bar wrapped in soft silk, twitching in my hand as I pulled it away from his washboard stomach. Picturing the position in my mind, I kept my legs together and bent over slightly, rubbing his hugely swollen crown up into my cleft. I sighed at the feel of him parting my overheated flesh, so very wet that I wasted no time. I bent my knees and lowered my body onto him. His wide tip strained at my opening, and I was so tight that for a moment I feared I couldn’t get him in. Finally, he popped inside, making me gasp. With him firmly lodged there, I bent my knees further, letting his cock carve its way inside me, inch by gloriously hard inch, filling me up to the brim. With my hands on his thighs, I began to flex my arms and thighs, pulling my soaked femininity up and down his rod.

“Fuck,” he moaned quietly.

Oh, Jesus, the feel of him inside me, so long and so hard. It had only been a few days that I’d gone without sex, but it felt like our first time, like he was almost too long, almost too wide, almost too fucking big. It felt so good, but not good enough. I needed more. Much, much more.

Lifting one leg and then the other, I planted my feet on the couch outside of his thighs, walking my hands up his chest behind me while his big hands cupped my ass. His cock had pulled back to just his crown, but when I lowered my body, oh my God. He was the perfect shape for this, his broad tip rubbing against that spot on the roof of my vagina over and over again. I wasn’t moving that much, and I knew I was getting far more pleasure out of this than he was, but that was fine with me. I wasn’t doing it for him. I was doing it for me.

I fucked the top third of his dick, using his member to stimulate that spot, taking my pleasure from him until desire suffused every part of me, swelled inside me and overcame me, shattering my mind and soul with explosive release that tore a scream out of my throat as my legs gave out and his cock impaled me to the fullest. Jake’s hands cupped my breasts and I laid back against him, letting the climax rumble through me in pulsing waves of bliss. I rotated my hips, stirring my insides with his enormous cock, milking every second out of my orgasm that I could.

When I came back to my body, Jake was cupping my ass again, lifting and lowering me onto his colossal pole, fucking me. I wasn’t finished with him yet. I got my hands on his chest and pushed back up, fucking my clasping cunt up and down the first few inches of his cock, taking my pleasure once again. Holy fuck, he just felt so good, so very hard. I’m not entirely certain when the tables had turned, but he was no longer a person. He was a thing, a device for my pleasure. I used him as such, used his cock to bring me screaming two more times until my body felt liquid and his cock was drenched. His hands were on my hips then, trying to pull me down, trying to fuck me deeper, trying to find his own pleasure. I figured he’d earned it.

I laid back against him with my head on his shoulder. Jake wrapped his arms around me and pinned me to his chest. I was trapped, helpless, his hips thrusting and pumping his cock slow and deep into my body, never pulling out more than halfway. I was delirious with pleasure, climaxing again. His hands were on my ass now, pushing me up while lowering his hips and dropping me down while thrusting up, fucking me fast and faster from crown to nuts, glorious cock just crashing into me, ripping through me, plunging so deep inside me and making me come endlessly. I felt him throb, swell, knew he was going to come, and like I said, he’d earned it.

Flexing my legs, I pulled my clasping cunt off his cock with a loud wet pop and spun around to straddle him, pressing my soaked vagina to his shaft and pumping my hips while jacking off the top half of his twitching pole. He pawed at my breasts and swelled in my hand, his cock primed for an epic explosion, the slit at his tip opening threateningly. And then it happened, this enormous column of white that just shot out of him with such incredible power that it arched high over him to hit the wall behind the couch. His dick lurched again and again, hurling hot semen all over his chest, neck, and even his face. Jake didn’t care that he was coming all over himself. He just threw his head back and roared, pumping his hips and fucking his cock through my fist while I rubbed my slippery cunny against his shaft and managed to find a small but thoroughly satisfying climax for myself.

When it was finally over, his upper body shimmered with semen, a few large drops having found his shoulders too.

“Shit, Becca,” he groaned.

I leaned over him and licked the cum from his huge ripped core, kissing and sucking his semen soaked chest and shoulders. I cleaned his neck with my mouth, then his jaw and chin, his cheeks, and finally I kissed him, plunging my tongue into his mouth and letting him taste himself. Jake growled and wrapped his arms around me, forcing my tongue back into my mouth with his and kissing me so very deeply. It was almost like he was fucking my mouth with his tongue, and I was so lost that I almost didn’t notice that he was lifting me, that he was going to fuck me again, that the tables were turning once more and that he was going to take me.

But this time, I didn’t want to lose myself to him, because everything had changed. It hit me then, what I had done, the line I had crossed. Up until that moment, I had been the victim, in a way. I had never propositioned him. I had let him fuck me, let him take me. But today, I had taken him. I had knowingly and willingly climbed onto his cock and fucked him to my satisfaction. I could no longer claim any semblance of innocence. I was now fully complicit in the affair. I had finally, fully, and officially cheated on my husband.

I didn’t cry. I thought I would, but the tears never came. Jake must have sensed my inner turmoil. His wide crown was pressed to the mouth of my vagina, poised to take me, but he lowered his hips and let me be. I hung my head and let the gravity of the situation roll over and through me. I accepted responsibility for what I had done. I accepted the guilt, the blame. But perhaps even more importantly, I realized something else.

I had done it. For the first time in my life, I had been the aggressor and succeeded at it. I’d wanted pleasure, and I’d taken it. Yes, my marriage was a wreck and I was fucking my husband’s best friend, but I wasn’t embarrassed. I didn’t feel ashamed. I felt…empowered.

I pushed up onto my arms and looked at Jake. His big blue eyes looked back at me. Everything was different. The rules had changed. I looked down at Jake’s handsome face and knew that I was in control. I wasn’t helpless to him anymore. If I wanted him, I would take him. Simple as that. And something else clicked too. Something he had said days ago. Something that was quite possibly critical to why my marriage was falling apart, and I was pretty sure that I knew how to fix it, or at least how to try, but I needed time to think. Possibly a lot of time.

And with that realization, Jake smiled crookedly, sweetly, almost bashfully. “You’re leaving, aren’t you?”

I nodded, frowning sadly. It was sad, really. But I was thankful, because inadvertently, Jake might have just saved me.

Jake reached up to cup my face in his big hand, to stroke my cheek with his thumb.

“What do I tell him?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’ll take care of it.”

I leaned down and kissed the corner of his mouth, being careful to avoid a small drop of semen that I’d missed. He tried to kiss me fully, but I pulled away. It was wrong now. I couldn’t kiss him anymore. I couldn’t fuck him anymore. It was over.

I stroked my hands down his handsome face, gazed into his eyes, then I left him to take a shower, pack a bag, write a note, and hit the road.

Chapter 20

I need time to myself for a while. This is as much my fault as it is yours. I should have told you how lonely I was. I should have told you how much I needed you. I should have shown you. By the time I tried, it was too late. You pushed me away, so I am away, discovering myself, understanding my needs. I don’t know when, but I will be back. We have a lot to talk about, and you have a critical decision to make, to keep me or not. I am more than your wife, Ryan. I am your woman, your other half, and I am incomplete without you. But I can learn. If I must, I can continue to discover myself without you. I can have what I need with anyone I wish. I choose to have it with you. But not yet. Do not call me. Do not come find me. When I am willing, we will talk. I expect you to be ready.

With Love,


I like to imagine that Ryan cried when he read my note, that Jake had to wrestle the phone out of his hand to keep him from calling me. I had my cell with me, but he didn’t call. Either he respected my wishes, or he couldn’t muster the courage to violate my wishes. I prefer to believe the former.

I spent the next three and a half months at our cabin in Colorado. I wasn’t entirely alone. My girlfriends filtered in now and then, for a few days at a time. I brought them all up to speed, of course. They kept me apprised of their lives as well. It didn’t surprise me to find out that Jake was doing just fine. He was fucking both Carole and Jody on a regular basis, as well as Mrs. Biddleston. Susan, for her part, had kept her distance from him, though she was tempted. I couldn’t blame her. Jake was gorgeous, the perfect specimen, an alpha male, and he knew his way around a woman’s body.

I didn’t miss him. The sex, sure. More to the point, I missed sex in general, but I had a lot of free time over those three and a half months to experiment with my body, to discover pleasures I’d never known before. In fact, my new favorite toy was an amazing vibrator with a rotating tip and an anal stimulator. I felt like a new woman, comfortable with my awakened body, and I was so very eager to explore it further with a partner. I had more than enough opportunities to do that in Colorado. There was no shortage of hunky young men out there, and they were more than willing to keep a woman like me company. I think they sensed the change in me too, or rather, they sensed the potential of a wild night free of guilt. I was tempted, to say the least. But aside from my toys, I went without.

Until November.

“Rebecca?” Ryan said breathlessly when he answered the phone.

“Come to the cabin,” was all I told him, then I hung up.

I hadn’t given him any warning at all. In a way, this was the first test I had planned for my husband, to see if he would drop everything and come to me. He passed. He arrived late the next morning. A foot of snow had fallen the night before, atop the foot already outside. He didn’t use his key. He knocked. I answered the door in a turtleneck sweater, jeans, and fur-lined boots with my hair pulled back in a French braid.

And there he was, black hair, brown eyes that shimmered the instant he saw me, small but full lips parted with a sigh of relief. He had just a little stubble on his jaw, having not shaved that morning. I chose to believe he was too eager to get on the plane to come see me to bother shaving. He was wearing a heavy coat and a knit cap, dusted with fat snowflakes.

“Hi,” I said quietly.

He swallowed. “Hi.”

I moved out of the way to let him in. Ryan stomped the snow off his boots and took them off just inside the door, then closed the door behind him. I took his bag to the bedroom and rejoined him, watching him as he took off his hat and coat, hanging both of them up on the rack beside the door. He wore a turtleneck sweater too, brown to my pink, and faded jeans that he’d had for years, his favorite pair.

God, it had been so long since I’d seen him. Maybe that’s why he seemed so much more attractive that day. He was strikingly handsome, in a way that Jake wasn’t, more sensual than outright sexy, but instantly, I wanted to take his clothes off, to see the rest of him. I’d be taking my clothes off soon enough anyway. I could have just answered the door in my preferred attire, but I didn’t want to shock him. I figured it best to ease him into the new me, in a manner of speaking.

Maybe it was thinking of Jake that did it, but I realized that I didn’t know my husband’s body as well as I should. I was intimately familiar with almost every inch of Jake’s body. We’d been married for years, but by husband’s body was still a mystery. I’d gone without for the entire time I’d been here, and my body was a tightly coiled spring of wanton need. It was a struggle to keep from attacking him right there.

“Wow,” Ryan said softly, making me blink and focus my gaze on his, which was a kind of a wonder. “You haven’t looked at me like that in years.”

I blushed, a little embarrassed, but mostly ashamed. Ryan never lied. If he said I hadn’t looked at him with such obvious desire in years, then I hadn’t. Seemed I was more culpable in our failing marriage than I’d thought.

“You look good,” I told him.

He smiled bashfully and sighed. “You look perfect.”

I blushed again. “Why don’t you go sit by the fire and warm up. I’ll get you some coffee.”

I didn’t wait for his reply, heading off to the kitchen. When I came back with coffee for both of us, Ryan was sitting on the thick fur rug in front of the fireplace. He’d taken off his sweater. A grey thermal shirt clung to his upper body. I had to blink to refocus my gaze, to be sure that what I was seeing was real.

“Have you been working out?” I asked, sitting down nearby and handing him his coffee.

Ryan grinned bashfully again and nodded. “Jake’s been dragging me to his gym. Said it would take my mind off things.”

That certainly explained things, like his arms and chest bulging beneath his thermal shirt. He wasn’t big like Jake, and he’d always kept himself in good shape, but God, Ryan looked cut.

“Did it work?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Just kept me occupied. Helped me sleep though.”

I nodded and my gaze broke from his, traveling down the muscles of his neck and shoulders.

“He said you’d like it.”

I blinked and looked up at him. He was staring at me intently, gauging my reaction.

“Do you?” he asked.

I nodded and looked down into my mug of steaming coffee. I’d rehearsed ‘the big talk’ in my head for weeks, everything I wanted to say, needed to say, but suddenly, my mind was blank and my tongue was tied.

Ryan reached out and touched my knee. His voice was strained. “I’ve really missed you, Becca.”

“We’re not in a good place,” I muttered.

He nodded and swallowed. “I know.”

“You read my note,” I said, looking up at him. “So you know where I’m at. I need to know where you are.”

He looked away. For a moment, I feared he was shutting down, but he surprised me.

“I started noticing…other women,” he said, swallowing in the middle of it. “Noticing me, I mean, about a year ago.” He was staring at the fire, frowning. “I liked it, at first. But it bothered me. I shouldn’t have liked it that much. I shouldn’t have wanted them to notice me.”

He was practically describing my own experiences. In the absence of his attention, I had come to survive on the attention of other men.

“You wanted me to notice,” I said.

Ryan nodded. The reflection of the fire danced in his dark eyes. He looked sad, forehead creased with a frown and his jaw tight, but somehow, he was more attractive than he’d ever been. I knew what he wanted right then. He wanted to be held, for me to tell him that everything would be okay. But I didn’t know if everything would be okay. Maybe it would be though, because I felt horrible. That I had ignored him as he had ignored me was something I simply hadn’t considered before, and it cut to the bone. If both of us were hurt, we might be able to heal each other.

“Do you still want me to?” I asked quietly.

He looked at me with a different kind of frown, unsure of what I meant.

“Notice you,” I added.

“More than anything,” he said so softly that I almost didn’t hear him. But then he smiled crookedly. “Well, almost more than anything.”

The suggestive undertone was unmistakable, and my heart fluttered in my chest. God, how long had it been since he’d flirted with me? I’d forgotten how cute his boyish grin was too, and infectious. We just sat there grinning stupidly at each other for a while, and it felt like we were college kids again. I also forgot how dangerous that grin of his was. It was the grin that seduced me the very first time I saw him, the grin that tempted me with carnal thoughts that had never preoccupied my mind before. He was the first boy that I dreamt about being with, and it was because of that grin.

“Are you hungry?”

He shook his head.


He grinned again and shrugged. I could tell he was tired though. The cabin had warmed back up, so I set down my mug and got up.

“Wait here,” I told him.

He frowned again and watched me leave. I went to the bedroom and took off my boots and thick socks, then got the shower going. If there was one investment I was glad that Ryan made in our cabin, it was the tankless water heater. When I went back to the living room, I found Ryan sitting in the chair beside the fireplace. He stood up at my arrival, a polite habit of his.

“Taking a shower?” he said, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

I held out my hand to him. He looked at it, then at me. His mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out at first.

“I thought…you want me to…?”

I just held my hand out. He swallowed and pulled his hands out of his pocket, then reached out and took mine. I turned and brought him with me to the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and I turned around. God, he looked so nervous, like a deer caught in headlights. I guess he was, in a way, and I was the big scary truck barreling down on him. Taking a step towards him, I unbuckled his belt and opened the fly of his jeans. He was holding his breath when I pulled his thermal off.

My God, he really had been working out. He was gorgeous. His upper body was so tightly muscled, and if I wasn’t mistaken, Jake had talked him into getting a tan. I couldn’t help but glance down at the short hair that formed a narrow trail from his navel and under his jeans, wondering if he was tan everywhere. Jesus, his abdomen was even more sharply defined than Jake, a full eight pack, from the looks of things. I ran my hands over his stomach, exploring his body, just to be sure I wasn’t imagining it. I smoothed my hands up his chest. He wasn’t bulky like Jake, but God, his body was so hard!

“Becca?” he said tentatively.

I shushed him gently, caressing his chest and stomach while kneeling in front of him. I unlaced his boots and took them off, then his socks. I pushed my hands up his thighs and dug my fingers into his jeans and boxers, then pulled them down. I took my time, revealing his nakedness inch by inch. The sharp V of his torso meeting his pelvis made my mouth water, and I couldn’t help but stare at him. His semi-hard shaft was coming into view, but his lower abdomen had my full attention, the full eight-pack abs and the tightly muscled crease where his thighs met his body, wanting to trace it with my tongue. I kept myself in check and held his jeans and underwear against the floor so that he could step out of them.

When he put his foot back down, I couldn’t help myself. I wrapped my arms around his legs and pulled him into me, and I hugged him. My cheek pressed against his warm shaft and he took a sharp breath. It had nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with just missing my husband, and I told him.

“I missed you,” I murmured.

He didn’t say anything, but he put his hand on the back of my head and stroked my hair. I could feel his pulse through his shaft, and I lost myself in the feel of his maleness against my cheek, his smooth helmet resting in the hollow of my throat. He was so different from Jake, but more than that, he was so different from what I thought I knew about him. I was momentarily overcome with the desire to explore him, to reacquaint myself with his penis, a part of him that I should be intimately familiar with, being his wife and all, but wasn’t familiar with enough by far.

Turning my head, I let his shaft brush along my cheek and lips, then I gave it a soft kiss. He took another sharp breath and his hand tightened against my head when I kissed his penis again. He didn’t know it, but I was where I wanted to be, on my knees in front of my naked husband, ready and willing to be used, my mouth an eager receptacle for his cock. I think he would have let me take him into my mouth too, but I wasn’t dressed for the occasion, so it would have to wait. Besides, I didn’t think he was ready for that.


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Chapter Ten

Alex tumbled once again as Jake hurled her onto the mat. She had been working out and training with her brothers every morning since they came to visit. It was early yet, so the gym was free of the pups who usually loitered and worked out on the other side of the mat, where all the weights equipment were located. Rance and Andrew were standing to the side. Andrew had a frown creasing his brows, arms crossed over his big chest, as he watched Alex roll nimbly to her feet.

He and his brothers had been on the estate for several days. The wolf shifters, as he had observed, were reservedly open and friendly to them, although he could sense they were also wary of their presence in their midst—as they should be, since he and his brothers were humans. No doubt, if they were not related to Alex, their knowledge of pack’s existence would have signed the human brothers’ death warrant. He would not delude himself that these beings are as they seemed. He was too cautious not to assume they were half-beast, therefore were likely prone to the instincts of their feral side. Any animal threatened in any way would lash out, so wouldn’t these seemingly normal beings if put to the test?

Watching Alex interact with Rance and the inhabitants of the estate almost eased his vigilance, but just one show of animosity toward his sister, and all hell would break loose. She may think that she’s a mighty alpha with all these mysterious powers, but to him, she was still his sister who needed his protection. That thought brought him to his present concern, prompting him to quietly ask Rance, “Shouldn’t she be taking it easy?”.

“What do you mean?” Rance asked abstractedly, keeping his eyes on Alex as she attacked Jake with a series of punches and kicks.

“Aren’t you concerned about the baby she’s carrying? I wonder if this level of activity is good for her in her condition.”.

The tone of Andrew’s voice pierced Rance’s absorption in observing Alex. He didn’t like the way that Andrew was implying neglect of his mate. Turning completely toward his mate’s brother, and his emerald eyes brimmed with annoyance and a touch of anger.

“I care about Alex more than you can comprehend. One way of showing my care is ensuring her ability to defend herself, if necessary. We are a hardy bunch; there is no danger to her or the baby in her womb. Our females are not fragile or prone to miscarriage as humans are.”

“I still don’t think it wise to risk it. Even if she is now a shifter with a hardy constitution, what if because she was once human she should therefore take more care than a normal female shifter in her condition?”

Rance looked thoughtfully at Andrew, trying to gauge if he was just being aggravating or sincerely concerned of his sister’s welfare. After some moments of quiet consideration, Rance appreciated the wisdom of Andrew’s words. He abruptly nodded and acknowledged the wisdom of his advice. Much as he was certain that Alex was perfectly safe training and working out even carrying the Promised One, he’d not risk his mate’s and pup’s health on it.

Turning once more towards the mat where Jake and Alex were sparring, he sauntered casually towards the two.

“Alex, it’s time to take a break,” Rance called out mildly.

Alex glanced at Rance with a questioning look. Usually Rance would work her out till she was ready to drop. Her sparring with Jake did not even cause her to break into a sweat yet.

“What’s up? We’re just getting warmed up,” she asked Rance once he’d reached her. Jake looked on with curiosity, but not much interest.

“I just thought we should cut it short since your parents are coming today, remember?”

“Yeah, but that’s not until later. If I know Dad, he’ll take his time driving down here. And besides, they’ll be staying till they leave for their trip to their European cruise next week.”

Andrew joined them, “I believe you should take it easy considering your condition, don’t you think?”

“Huh-?” For a moment Alex was at a loss as to what he was talking about, until she realized that he was hinting at her pregnancy. “Oh! But I doubt there’s any danger.”

“Are you completely sure?” Andrew persisted.

Looking up at her mate’s face, she tried to discern his stand on the matter.

“I guess it won’t hurt to be cautious,” she finally conceded, albeit reluctantly.

Taking her hand, Rance steered her away from the mat. “We’d better get Armand to look at you again.” He handed her a towel to wipe off as Alex fell in step with him, leaving her brothers as they got ready to spar.

“I’ll see you guys later for breakfast!” she called out over her shoulder to her brothers.

With an absentminded wave from Andrew and a grunt from Jake, she hurried off with her mate.

“What’s going on?” She demanded, after they were out of hearing from her siblings.

“Nothing,” Rance responded with a casual air.

Alex stopped abruptly and yanked at the hand Rance was holding. Turning, Rance looked back at her. “What gives? Usually, you won’t get satisfied until I’ve rolled more than a dozen times on those mats. And now, I’ve barely broken a sweat. So –?”

Sighing, since he knew he Alex would persist until she got her answer, he finally told her of his conversation with her brother.

“Andrew pointed out that since you were a newly turned human we should take better care of you in your condition.”

“In my condition?!” Alex shook her head in a show of frustration. “For your information Mr. Big Bad Wolf, human women don’t just stop working out or training the minute they find themselves pregnant. And what does my brother know about pregnant women anyway? Unless a woman had health problems or has trouble carrying to term, she continues to do normal and regular things in her life. Besides, I’m now a wolf shifter. Our constitution is way better than that of a human,” she huffed.

“I know. But I thought we should go and visit Dr. Armand to be truly certain. I’m not going to make you stop training. I just want to have an expert’s opinion to put my mind at ease, not to mention your sibling too,” Rance quietly replied.

Lately Alex had exhibited a short temper and a marked increase in her libido. She got frustrated fast and her aggressiveness tended to flare hot. Although the episodes were short lived, it was becoming a concern for him. Maybe it had something to do with her rioting hormones and pregnancy, maybe not. Seeing the pack doctor would be a good opportunity to find out about it.

“Well, okay. As long as we’re clear that I’m not going to stop altogether until my belly gets too big for me to do so.”


Rance put his arms around Alex’s waist and started walking again towards their suite. They met several pups on the way to the basement and their greetings of good morning echoed in the hallway. Alex and Rance responded and nodded in acknowledgement but did not stop to chat with them. Once they reached the landing at the top of the stairs, Rance turned to Alex.

“We might as well stop over and see this mysterious girl Malik found, since we’re going to the clinic. She’s been up and awake for several days now but refused to talk to anyone. Maybe you could coax her to talk to you.”

“She’s the one they found in the woods, right?” Alex asked.

Rance nodded briefly. “Yes. She’s been battered badly. I still need to know her connection with the rogues. And believe me, there is one. She smelled distinctly of them when she was first brought in. But she refused to say anything. Not even her name. I can understand that she had been traumatized, but we can’t help her if she would not tell us anything.”

“I can try.” Alex felt bad for the girl. She’d heard of the extensive abuse the girl had suffered physically. Although the physical wounds would eventually heal and fade away, the mental and emotional wounds would take longer to heal and probably scar more deeply than the physical one.

“I also need to go find out how the interrogation is going with the captured rogues.”

“I think you should take my brothers to observe and maybe help too,” she suggested.

Rance stopped in his tracks and looked at Alex with skepticism, “I don’t think that would assist us in any way. We’ve been at it for a couple of days now and still they refused to give up even the identity of their leader. If your brothers get involved, the rogues would only clam up more.”

“Why?” she asked, arms akimbo. “They are highly trained professionals. I’m sure they could give you a hand. Sometimes a new pair of ears and eyes gives new perspective to a problem,” Alex trained narrowed eyes at Rance, “and I’m dead certain they could be trusted, if that’s what concerns you.”

Rance face was carved in granite. No glimmer of emotion showed in his face or eyes. If she were not intimately connected to him, she would have been deceived into thinking that nothing was bothering him. As it was, even tempered slightly, their connection seethed with his repressed aversion in getting her brothers involved in shifter business.

With a sigh, Alex wrapped her arms around his waist. “They are my brothers, Rance. They are not just random humans who are not privy to our secret. Besides which, their leave is almost up,” peering up at him, she looked pleadingly. “I trust them…I’d willingly put my life in their hands. I think it’s about time to hand them a measure of trust, don’t you think? You’ve seen how my brothers are very protective of me. Once they learned that those rogues pose a danger to me and mine, there would be no stopping them. So why not let them help?”

She nuzzled his chest, “Your invitation to observe and help would serve a long way in assuring them of your trust. Please, for me?”

Rance hugged her to him, “I hope you’re right.” With a resigned sigh, he let his arms fall away.

“What the hell,” he grumbled, “I’ll let Damian know we’re all coming then. Well, go ahead and take a shower. I’ll be up after I informed -,” he paused as Alex frowned disapprovingly at him. “After I NICELY asked your brothers for help,” Rance amended.

Alex beamed up at her towering mate. “I know I’m right. You’ll see.”

Turning, Rance retraced his steps to the basement gym. All the while muttering to himself, “Pussy whipped…never thought to see the day….”

Laughing behind him, Alex yelled, “I heard that!”

Watching his impressive form disappear as he rounded a corner, she finally turned and entered their suite. She’d go ahead and take a shower and get ready for the day.

She couldn’t wait to go downstairs and eat breakfast, her rumbling stomach demanding nourishment. Patting her belly, she smiled and thought of the baby growing inside her. Hey squirt, the way you make me want to eat constantly would upset me if I got huge as a house. Good thing shifter metabolism burns a lot of calories and I can eat and eat and not get any fatter.


“What was that all about?” Jake asked as he circled Andrew.

“Huh? About what?” Andrew replied.

“Fuck that! Stop being deliberately obtuse, I don’t buy it.” Jake jabbed Drew on the stomach. Andrew blocked and delivered a roundhouse kick that connected with a dull thud on Jake’s side.

“Ooomph!” Jake staggered but immediately regained his balance and faced off with the grinning Andrew.

“There’s nothing to tell.”

Shaking his head, Jake advanced on Andrew and delivered a combination punches and kicks.

“Yeah, right. As if I’d believe that. I may not be gifted with your INCREDIBLE perception, but even a blind person can sense something going on.” Jake’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

He smirked at his older brother, “And here I thought you are one jarhead who’s oblivious to subtle signals. I clearly remember your former girlfriend complaining that you’re hopelessly clueless all the time, unless it has anything to do with sex, that is.”

With perfect precision, Jake delivered a kick on Andrew’s left side and punched his solar plexus. Failing to block both attacks, Andrew lurched on his feet. With a glint of determination on his eyes, he advanced on Jake and circled, looking for an opening.

Jake smiled with satisfaction. His little brother was pissed. Drew had always been serious and exacting, especially with himself. His failure to block would make his brain analyze each tiny detail and catalog it for future reference. With a smirk, he crooked his finger, “Come on, squirt, give me some challenge here.” He loved it when his brother took the bait.

Andrew’s muscles tensed in preparation for his attack when Rance’s voice rang out, “Jake, Andrew, can I talk to you both for a second?”

Turning, Drew raised his brows in inquiry. “Sure,” he replied, after a small pause.

Jake and Andrew walked up to Rance, curiosity evident in their faces. “What’s up?”

“My mate, er- Alex, had suggested that maybe you could help us out with some matters. That is if you’re interested.”

“Alex said that, huh?” Jake looked at Rance’s face. He could see that the man was not fully convinced of the proposition. Andrew’s brows were furrowed, which was a bit telling. Jake wondered what secret these two shared.

“Does it have something to do with the attack?” Andrew asked.

“Yes.” Rance replied tersely. “So if you would get yourself ready, I’ll meet you in the dining room and we’ll go after breakfast.” Nodding, Rance walked away from the brothers.

Andrew and Jake shared a look. Both knew that Alex had put Rance up to the task. Neither believed that the proud Alpha would ask a mere human to help with pack business. But if it has anything to do with the attack on Alex, they were more than willing to help.

Devon approached his older siblings. A towel was slung on his shoulders as he wiped the sweat off his body from working out with the gym’s machines.

“Hey guys, are you done beating each other up? I need someone to spar with me. I haven’t had a decent training on the mat since I started college.” Seeing that both brothers were seemingly oblivious of him, he waved his hands in front of their faces. “Hello! Earth calling Jake and Drew…”

With an air of preoccupation, both Jake and Andrew turned to Devon. “Sorry, Dev. But it seems like your mat time will have to be postponed for now.” Jake patted him on the shoulder.

“Why? It’ll take thirty minutes tops to put me through my paces. Come on guys, you’ve never shirked your duties in training me before.” Devon said bemusedly.

“Sorry kid. Rance had invited us to observe, and maybe help them out with some matters.” Andrew responded.

“Can I come? I’d love to see the wolves in action.”

“You have to ask Rance, then. I’m not even sure what’s going on yet.” Andrew said.

“Come on. Let’s get ready and see what the mystery is all about.” Jake nodded at his brothers and started for their rooms to get ready.


Luc was happy to finally get the all clear from Dr. Armand. His forced inaction chafed greatly. It would have been bearable if he was able to study more about the Promised One’s prophecy, but the ancient books were too precious and valuable to be handled outside the temperature-controlled archives room where the pack kept them. So, he spent his time in the clinic hashing out the dilemma in which he found himself mired – - after Alex visited him that fateful day.

He was ordered to take it easy both by Rance and Alex, so he was left with a lot of time on his hands. It was a good thing too that Alex stayed mainly in the estate since her brothers were visiting, so he did not miss much.

The day he regained consciousness would be indelibly imprinted in his memory. That was the day that he knew his mate existed. The delicious aroma, although faint, woke him from his torpor. His senses flared up and awoke a great need in him to locate the source of such an enchanting aroma, so naturally it was startling to find his Regina gazing down at him when he finally opened his eyes.

When Alex came to visit him in the clinic, his usually inactive cock chose to wake up and take notice. He secretly squirmed as his tool slowly elongated and throbbed in tandem to his accelerated heartbeat. Initially, he was bemused and alarmed at his reaction to Alex. But, as his brain started to function, he realized that he was not reacting to Alex; instead, his undiscovered mate must have rubbed her scent on his Regina. Thank Luna, he’d thought, as Alex, unaware of his dilemma, regaled him with the events after the ambush.

Discovering that Alex’s brothers and best friend came to visit, Luc was equally elated and horrified to realize that the delicious smell that made his cock as hard as steel could only belong to Alex best friend, Pam. It was a good thing that he was nowhere near the mansion when Pam arrived, or she would have found herself bedded and mated in no time. He totally doubted that it would be all peachy after the initial mating, although, he was certain that it would be hot and intense. From what he had gathered, his mate was one feisty female that relished her sexuality and was not ready to settle down any time yet.

Now the question was how would he get his mate ready for shifter mating? She was human and he was not sure Pam would be as open to the paranormal as Alex. She was also a career woman who’d carved a position in a cutthroat environment. He did not want to make her resent him in the end, because of what she might perceive as a ‘forced’ mating. Not that he’d heard of a true mating ending in disaster…but there’s always a first time, and he did not want to be the exception that proved the rule.

Maybe he should tell Alex. She was Pam’s best friend after all, so she knew Pam better than anyone. At least he would have some idea how his mate would react. He only hoped like hell that Luna knew what she’s doing mating him to Pam. As far as he could tell, he and Pam were polar opposites.

Trailing after the Alpha and his mate with her human brothers as they walked to the Pack Clinic, Luc wondered when would be the best time to broach the subject with Alex. He believed Alex would love the idea of her best friend becoming one of them, but he would have to contend with Alex’s brothers who had adopted Pam as one of their family.

Just thinking about the complications that would arise with his mating made his head throb in pain. Grimacing, he reprimanded himself for not being grateful for Luna’s gift. Some wolves lived and died without finding their mate, and here he was grousing about his great fortune. Taking a deep breath, he resolved that he would show his mate, when they finally mated, how precious she was to him.

A nudge on his shoulder broke his line of thought. “What’s got your boxers in a twist?” Troy asked curiously with his trademark smirk. He’d noticed that his usually unruffled brother was oddly tense and exhibited a seesawing emotion of borderline giddiness to trepidation that bled into their twin bonds. He wondered what was causing Luc distress.

With a placid look, Luc shrugged and kept walking.

“You’re more broody and reticent than before the ambush, are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” Luc grumbled. “Just have a lot of things on my mind lately.”

Troy grabbed his twin’s arm, making Luc stop and stare impassively at him. He took the time to watch Luc’s eyes carefully. Shaking his head, he dropped his hand, “No, you’re not fine. Something is bothering you.”

“Of course something is bothering me. What with all these attacks happening, who would not be bothered?” Luc responded cagily as he looked away from Troy.

“Besides that,” Troy waved a dismissive hand. “There is something going on with you and you’re hiding it from me.” With a penetrating look, he grinned lopsidedly, “No matter. I’ll get it out of you somehow, you’ll see.”

Irritated at Troy, Luc turned his back and kept walking. “Leave me be,” he grumbled. “Come on, we’d better move before they get way far ahead of us.”

“Hmmm, I see. Are you sure you’re the real Luc? You’re grumpier than a bear that’s awakened from hibernation. What would cause my calm and collected brother to become so erratic, I wonder?” With a considering look on his face, he kept paced with Luc until they reached the Clinic.

Just as they stepped inside the clinic doors and before Luc got the chance to dodge him, he spoke thoughtfully. “I know I get like you when I don’t get laid for a long time…but you’re not like me, and can actually go without action, which to my belief, is quite an aberration.” A dark scowl was Luc’s response to that.

With a thoughtful look on Troy’s face, he continued. “The only thing I can think of for this mood is when a mature wolf has found its mate, but the mate is just too young and has not reached his or her sexual maturity yet to be… mated…” With speculation in his eyes, his words trailed off and the smirk on his face slowly disappeared. Luc’s face reddened and a brief flare of panic showed in his eyes before he managed to shutter it from his brother’s scrutiny.

Amazement and incredulity clear on his face, Troy grabbed Luc tightly on the shoulder before he could make his escape. “When -? How -?” He nearly shouted.

Luc breathed a deep sigh. Leave it to Troy to be so dramatic. There was no way to keep his secret now if he didn’t make his brother vow to keep a lid on it. He saw his Alphas stop and look back inquiringly at them upon hearing Troy’s exclaimed questions.

“What’s the excitement?” Alex sauntered closer. “I for one would welcome some good news.” Alex asked of the brothers, eagerly.

Luc glared at Troy, reminding him through their twin bond not to open his mouth. ‘It’s my secret to tell. And I’ll let them know when I’m ready.’

‘I concede that, brother. But don’t you think that it’s a great gift to finally find your mate? I for one am happy for you — scratch that, I’m overjoyed that Luna had blessed you with a mate.’ Troy responded with all seriousness.

‘I know but let me handle it my way first.’

‘Agreed. But please don’t take so much time, this is not an obscure language or prophecy that you need to study. It just is. Accept it and you’ll be happier.’

Nodding his head, Luc turned to Alex and smiled briefly.

“I’ve been favored by the Goddess with a gift. Although at the moment I don’t really know what to do with it.”

“Huh? You don’t say? Is it some kind of power? Did she visit you while you were unconscious? Is that how you found out about it?” Alex was so excited for Luc that she couldn’t help wearing a silly smile on her face.

Rance considered his beta. Seeing the disquiet and uncertainty reflected in his eyes, Rance wrapped his arm around Alex shoulder and slowly turned her back towards the hallway. “Luc will tell us what it is when he is ready to do so. Let him figure it out first.” Nodding back at his beta, Rance said, “Remember that Luna knows what we need. So whatever it is, rejoice that you are one of her favored.”

“I am … I will.” Luc said solemnly, nodding at his Alpha.

He watched Rance and Alex walk away, and then followed discreetly behind. Troy was looking at him quizzically but remained blessedly quiet for once.

Alex and Rance decided to split up once they got to the banks of the elevator. She went ahead upstairs to visit with the mysterious girl, while he and Alex’s brothers went down to the basement where the holding cells were. Luc and Troy continued on with Alex. Once she was done visiting with the mystery girl, she’d follow downstairs, as would they, her faithful security detail.

The door to the girl’s room was open and Alex saw her sitting up in the hospital bed with pillows propped up behind her. The girl was staring blankly outside the glass windows. Watching her, Alex noted that she was on the petite side. The girl had short spiky blonde hair that seemed to defy taming as it stood on end on her head. Alex couldn’t really tell what she looked like since her head was turned away from the door. Her slight frame was almost dwarfed by the hospital bed. Her arms still showed some faint bruises, but over all she looked good for someone who’d been found battered as hell and half dead.

Clearing her throat, Alex knocked at the open door. She knew the girl was aware of their presence, since they’d determined she was a turned shifter, and thus probably smelled as well as heard them arrive before Alex even knocked. The girl slowly turned and trained guarded bright blue eyes her way.

God! She’s just a baby, thought Alex.

The girl’s face looked so innocent and young but her eyes were full of torment and pain. The girl blinked and immediately shuttered her emotions but her eyes belied the turmoil seething behind the bland façade she strove to present to them.

“Hello. It’s good to see you up and about.” Alex took a couple of steps into the room. “I’m Alex,” she smiled gently and pointed behind her where the brothers remained quiet. “And these two are Luc and Troy.”

The girl looked from her to the two men behind her. The flare of panic was immediately extinguished, but the sour smell of fear lingered even after she mastered her reaction.

“It’s okay. We’re not here to hurt you. We want to know how we can help you.” Alex did not attempt to come any nearer since she sensed that the girl felt cornered somehow.

With a reassuring smile, she asked, “Would you like them to leave? I just want to visit with you for a little bit. Would that be fine?”

The girl nodded her head and trained her eyes on the men.

‘Go. Leave me with her. I’ll be fine.’ Alex urged the brothers.

‘As you wish, Regina. We’ll be right outside the door.’ Luc answered for them both. Nodding their heads at the girl, they walked out and stationed themselves right outside.

Looking uncertainly at Alex, the girl’s lips curved in a slight smile. But other than that, no other sign of welcome was extended.

“Do you mind if I come nearer? I’d love to get to know you more.” Alex slowly walked forward and sat on the chair next to the bed after the girl nodded her head.

“You know my name,” Alex smiled. “Would it be too much to ask for yours?” The girls shook her head and ducked her head, as if hiding from Alex’s gaze.

“Grace…” She said so quietly, “my name is Grace.”

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Alex kept her tone as mild and soothing as she could. She kept a smile on her face to appear less intimidating. She didn’t have any experience dealing with traumatized people. All she knew was that their experiences would leave them broken and fearful for some time. Hoping that by presenting herself as an ally and friend, it would encourage the young woman to open up.

She’d read somewhere that it helped some victims to share their painful experiences. It would be like lancing a wound that had been festering and finally letting out the infection that was causing the infection. It would be painful for sure, but ultimately helpful in the healing process.

This girl sitting before her had suffered untold abuse. She was strong enough to elude her captors and escape in the woods. Fate and Luna had led her here to Alex’s pack.

Alex was a strong believer in destiny. Rance and her mating was a great example.

Alex believed that this girl was destined to find her way here to the Estate. To what purpose, she did not know yet, but she would do her best to assist her in finding out in any way she could.

Looking at the vulnerable girl, Alex felt a strange affinity for this waif of a girl-woman. Although her conversion was not marred by violence, they both were humans prior to becoming shifters.

An inner prodding made her compulsively project comfort and tranquility to the abused girl as she sat quietly by her bed. She hoped it was working, because she didn’t know what the hell what she was doing. Though bumbling in the dark, she felt the power flow out of her. She hoped that the child in her belly know what he/she was doing, because she certainly didn’t.

Alex sat without speaking. She watched as the girl’s stiff posture slowly relaxed and the haunted look around her eyes diminished.

Grace kept her gaze fixed outside her window, having no idea what to make out of the woman in the room with her. She sensed that in her flight for freedom, she had stumbled into a place inhabited by beings like the one she had left.

Leery of them when she first woke up, she had later on concluded that these beings didn’t seem to want to harm or hurt her. Still, doubt cast a long shadow over her mind as to whether she should trust these people or not.

On the other hand, their female Alpha exuded a calming presence that silenced the shrieks of terror in Grace’s brain. Having Alex sit quietly in the same room with her acted like a balm to her broken spirit.

Alex watched and patiently waited for Grace to say something else. She figured she’d wait the girl out and let her volunteer any information without any pressure from Alex. If Grace shared her experience of her own volition, then she’d be on her way to healing.

Several minutes passed. The girl on the bed did not fidget or show any sign of restlessness. On the contrary, she seemed to relax more and her eyes began to droop. A slight smile curved Alex’s mouth. She’d heard from everyone that Grace was incapable of relaxing and shedding her guard in the presence of anyone. They’d even had to resort to sedating her to get her to rest more.

Finally, Grace’s even breathing and closed lids revealed she had succumbed to the arms of Morpheus. Alex stayed a little bit longer. She heard Luc approach and turned just as he poked his head in the room. Putting her finger in front of her lips, she mimed “quiet”, and inclined her head towards the sleeping girl. With a smile, Luc nodded.

Alex stood and walked out of the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She waved her hand for Luc to precede her down the hall. Deciding that they were far enough away not to disturb the girl, she stopped.

“Something wrong?” asked Alex. Luc shook his head. “Are my parents here already then?”

“Not yet. But Rance requests your presence down in the basement. He would like to have your take on the progress of the interrogation downstairs.”

“Why didn’t he contact me himself?” Irritation was rife in her voice. Rance could have told her himself through their bond.

Luc appeared uncomfortable answering her, “Ah… He said that you have your walls up again.”

“Walls –?”

“He could not get through the block you’ve put up.”

“But I did not…” She trailed off and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, she looked inside herself to determine if she’d unconsciously thrown a wall to prevent her mate from connecting with her. Deep in her psyche she found it, but it did not appear to be one she would usually put up. Her mind blocks ordinarily looked like a brick wall. This one appeared to be made out of hard faceted glass. It was more like a diamond really, shiny and slick in appearance. Her bafflement grew into alarm, thinking that someone was manipulating her mind. Following the signature thread of power, she was surprised to discover it was coming from their tiny offspring.

‘You are full of surprises, little one.’ Alex mindspoke to her baby with affection.

A gurgle of sound that she interpreted as giggles echoed back to her. Satisfied that it was not someone sinister, she left and blinked her eyes open to see Luc studying her closely.

Arching one of her brow, she smirked at him. “Everything’s fine. It’s just an idea of a joke from this one here,” she patted her belly.

Luc’s eyes rounded in surprise and awe, he opened and closed his mouth like a fish on land. It was so comical to Alex that she started laughing at him.

“Care to share the joke with me?” Troy said, as he joined them.

Shaking her head, Alex linked her arms with both of them, “It’s nothing Troy, just me having some fun with staid Luc here. Let’s go and see what the big bad wolf wants.”

“Huh?” Troy asked bemusedly.

“Rance. Your Alpha, hence the Big Bad Wolf.” She grinned.


The four men standing facing the one-way mirror watched grim-faced as the rogue slumped unconscious as he hung in chains on the wall. The rogue had been disgustingly uncooperative and downright defiant at times.

“Any suggestions on how we will proceed? Torture doesn’t seem to faze them at all.” Damian said quietly.

“Everyone has a breaking point, you know that,” Rance replied. “We have to keep going short of killing them. We need to find the weakest one,” he said thoughtfully.

Andrew and Jake stood listening quietly as the two men conversed.

“The other alphas had the same result. They were unable to extract the whereabouts of the mastermind’s hideout or lair,” Damian reminded Rance.

“I know. But we have more at stake here at the Estate.”

“What do you mean?” Jake interrupted.

Shaking his head at his Prime, he looked at Alex’s brothers with his penetrating gaze. The two refused to lower their eyes and remained locked in a silent battle of wills with Rance. Damn if he’d let these two humans butt their noses into pack business. Granted they were Alex’s brothers, but if they continued to ruffle his fur he’d bite a chunk off their hides.

He gave both a toothy smile rife with promise of pain. Neither blinked, much to his surprise. Even the hardiest and toughest wolf shifter trembled in fear when Rance trained his eyes on them. These humans had balls of steel to not be intimidated by an apex predator who could kill them in a blink of an eye. Not that he would — of course. He could not help but have a grudging respect for Andrew and Jake’s silent courage.

Vaguely, he heard the ding of the elevator arriving. He scented the delicious smell of his mate. The bond snapped into place again and he felt Alex’s presence nearing. Breaking his gaze with the brothers, he swung toward the closed door to the hallway.

‘What took you so long? And why did you block our link? Good thing I could still sense you or I would have run upstairs thinking something was wrong.’ Rance mindspoke to Alex as she stood framed in the doorway.

‘Hey! It was not my fault. Blame it on your pup. He or she thought it funny to block you from me. Alex replied with mirth. Why? Did you make any progress yet?’

‘The pup did it?’ he asked, incredulity laced with healthy amount of pride. ‘As for our progress here, there’s not much to tell.’

Rance smiled as Alex entered the room flanked by Luc and Troy. He lifted his hand and waited for Alex to take it. Twining their fingers, he drew her to his side and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“How was the visit with our mystery girl?”

“Quite interesting,” she scrunched her nose at him. He thought it endearing and cute. “She told me her name and she actually fell asleep while I was there,” she said with an air of excitement.

“And this is progress, how?” Rance asked.

“All the days that she’d been conscious, she refused to talk. And they had to resort to drugging her to get her to relax enough to sleep.”

“Remarkable….” A speculative gleam entered his eyes. You’re not telling me something you think is important.

She grinned triumphantly at Rance and regarded everyone in the room with them. “When I was talking to Grace -,” she broke off when Rance lifted a brow at the name. “The mystery girl’s name is Grace.” She explained to the room at large. “Anyway, I felt this need to project a sense of security and peace. So I did. And guess what happened? It worked!” Alex claimed excitedly.

“How?” Andrew asked. “Is this another thing that came with becoming a shifter? If so, why not just compel those rogues there to tell you what you want to know?”

Alex brows knitted, not knowing whether she should tell them that it wasn’t really her, but the baby inside her. She looked up to Rance for guidance.

“Not everyone is gifted with this ability.” Rance explained. “I can compel any wolf shifter to change because that comes with the territory of being the Alpha. But I cannot compel them to do anything else against their will.” ‘Except my mate of course.’

‘I heard that!’ Alex responded.

‘Not that I would do it again. Unless, of course if was is for your own safety and protection, then I would do it without remorse’. Alex canted her head in assent. Not that she would give Rance reason to compel her obedience.

“Is this the first time you’ve tried it?” Jake asked with interest.

“Yes. Why?”

“Maybe you can use your mojo with these rogues then. I gather they haven’t made any progress, even with the help of those silver manacles.” Jake told Alex.

“Huh? I’m not so sure,” she looked uncertainly at the rogue shifter in the other room.

“Come on Alex, at least try. Were there any adverse side effects you experienced after you did what you did?” Andrew prompted.

Swinging her gaze back at her brother, “No, not really.”

“So what harm would it do if you practice on him?” Jake dipped his head toward the slumped rogue.

“I guess I can try,” she said rather reluctantly. Alex was not even sure if she could command it. All she knew was that she felt a need to project at that moment. How could she help if she was unsure herself?

Rance turned her to face the mirror. The chained rogue was slowly stirring to consciousness. She watched him blink at the bright light trained on him. Seeing the two enforcers in the room, he slowly straightened and glowered evilly at them. A smirk curved his split lips.

“You’ll not get anything from me or any of us,” he spat scathingly. “Your days are numbered. The Promised One will exact vengeance. Blood will pool aplenty as he ascends and your so-called Alpha Council will be no more.”

“What is he talking about?” Alex asked, confused.

“They are claiming that the shifter they’re following is the Promised One of Luna,” Damian answered.

“B-But that’s impossible!” Alex replied. Rance and Damian nodded while Andrew did not miss the certainty in Alex voice.

“They are a delusional bunch, Alex. We know that. But they believed whatever drivel this Pretender fed them,” Rance said. “I don’t like the timing of this. Neither do I like the coincidence of his claims.” ‘Especially with our baby confirmed by Luna as the Promised One’. Rance whispered in their link.

Alex grasped Rance’s hands tightly. She was now more fearful for her baby. Yes, Luna had given the baby powers. But a baby was no match against an army of deranged shifters, which were not thenormal run-of-the mill variety, but monstrous and hideously grotesque perversions of shifters.

Rance patted her hand and kissed the top of head. “It’s okay, Alex. Remember, Luna’s on our side.” He smiled down at her as he cupped her face and caressed her cheek tenderly with his thumb. “So, are you willing to give it a try?”

There was no way she’d let her baby be harmed if she could help it! The attacks before were not just centered on their pack alone. Once the existence of the real Promised One surfaced, this lunatic would surely do everything to try and kill her baby. It had tried to kill her before, and rampaged through her home when it couldn’t, to destroy Rance and presumably thereby destabilize the Alpha Council; and that was without even knowing she carried the real Promised One!

Laying a hand where her baby rested inside her womb, she sent a promise to protect the tiny life with all of her being. She felt Rance’s warmth behind her before his arms enfolded her. His big, capable hand joined hers as they lay protectively over the tiny life inside her body.

‘We’ll keep our baby safe. Our pack will lay down their lives to keep our baby safe,’ Rance avowed.

‘I know,’ she met Rance’s glittering eyes and held them for a moment. ‘But if I can do something now to make certain of our child’s safety, then I’d willingly do it.’ Looking back at the rogue behind the mirror, she steeled herself for what she needed to do.

Finally, Alex nodded and took a deep breath. Cleansing herself of all tension and uncertainties, she sent a silent prayer to Luna for guidance and help. Alex hoped that this would finally help them get the information needed.

She mentally nudged the life inside her, asking for help and cooperation. Not knowing if the baby could actually understand words yet, she also sent pictures in her mind through her connection, letting the baby know how important it was for them to accomplish this feat.

‘Okay we’re in it together. So help me, okay?’ Alex asked Rance.

Rance flooded their connection with approval and the pride he felt for his mate. He was humbled by her courage and willingness to do what needed to be done. Hopefully with this newfound ability, they would acquire the identity of this Pretender.

He pushed a tendril of her silky curls off her face and tucked it behind her ear. Rance looked intensely at her upturned face and kissed her on the brow. With a slight quirk on his lips, he breathed on her ear, “Always.”

Electricity arched between the two as their heated gazes locked in complete understanding. They were completely oblivious to the people in the room with them. Lost in a world of their own, Alex started to reach for Rance as he, in turn, bent to her. An exaggerated fit of coughing and clearing of throats by her brothers broke them apart.

Alex’s face turned red, mortified that she had forgotten they were not alone. She smiled sheepishly at her brothers. She felt Rance solid’s presence next to her and looked up at his face. As usual, his face did not show any emotion at all. She tapped into their connection and felt his irritation at being interrupted.

Hiding a secret smile, Alex turned to her mate. “I’m ready.”

Rance waved his hand at Damian, “I want you to be in that room. You do the questioning.”

Nodding, Damian left right away and seconds later entered the adjacent room. He placed himself to the side of the rogue to give the people in the next room in full view of the rogue.

“I’ll take it from here,” Damian told the two betas. The two men stepped back and stood to the side.

Rance turned Alex so that she faced the mirror. He stood behind her and cupped her shoulders.

‘Would you want me connected with you while you try this?’ Rance asked Alex as he rubbed her arms.

‘I’d want that. Maybe if you’d channel your powers to me we could make it work the way that you want it to.’ She looked at him over her shoulder.

“Andrew, Jake, can you tell if they’re lying or prevaricating?” Alex asked.

“I had some training in interrogation, but I’m not sure the same markers in detecting lies could be applied to shifters, sis. After all they are a completely different species. They may not respond the same way humans do,” Jake answered.

“I’m a trained sniper in my QRF team, Alex. So I have no knowledge of how this works, but I’m willing to help out in any way I can.” Andrew said.

“I know, Drew. But still, you’re the most observant and intuitive of all my brothers. So I value whatever contribution you can make.” Facing forward once more, Alex nudged Rance. “I’m ready to start.”

Rance opened his link with his Prime. ‘Damian you may proceed.’

Rance felt Alex tense under his hand as she tried to tap into the ability that would compel the rogue into telling them the information they needed.

‘Relax. Don’t force it. Let the power flow through you.’

‘What if I mistakenly influence the betas in the room too? Remember what happened in the dining room the first day I joined the pack?’

‘Don’t think of failure. You can do it. I’ll help you. Rance let his essence flow through their link.’ He meticulously weaved their powers together.

‘Alright, now try to picture a free flowing brook… try to center your power and direct it towards our target.’ He felt the gradual building of the power and magic inherent within their bond. It slowly grew in strength as the luminous color of their essence bonded together. In his mind’s eye, the strands of his power glowed deep vibrant blue while Alex’s were a shimmering scarlet. The strands twirled and whirled together as they weaved themselves into a rope of power.

Strangely, he saw another strand appeared and inserted itself into the weave. It glowed iridescent gold and silver. The new presence joined their mate bond and made the weave stronger, more tensile, as it pulsed more magic and power into the bond.

‘Wha -? Who?’ He exclaimed as more raw undiluted energy and power rushed through them than he had ever experienced before. Alex clasped both his hands and lowered them to her belly.

Rooted to the floor, Rance felt the power pitch and swell as it gathered momentum.

“Don’t worry. It’s the baby,” Alex whispered quietly.

“By Luna!” Rance murmured in awe.

Everyone in the room was astonished as flickers of light appeared to surround both Rance and Alex. Soon, the couple started glowing as they were surrounded by the shimmery sparks. The light grew in intensity until they were fully engulfed by it. The almost blinding light seemed to pulse with a heartbeat of its own. In a flash, it arced into the next room, penetrated the glass and hit the chained rogue straight on the center of his chest.

Like a marionette being jerked back by a string, the rogue shuddered and lurched in place. The beam of light spread outward from his chest, to his head, torso and limbs until he was fully enclosed by it.

Without any prompting from Damian or the betas in the room, the rogue started talking fast. Revealing information they’d been asking him and his cohorts for days. He spewed addresses of the locations of their various hideouts and dens. He divulged experiments done converting many humans recruited by the pretender, all of whom were of criminal element blinded by the promise of wealth and power. He exposed their plans to impregnate women and raise their own armies of shifters to overthrow the Alpha Council.

Finally, he told them of shifters who had joined them secretly but had remained active in their packs, prides, clans, and tribes. These shifters were the ones who felt scorned by their ruling council or slighted by their Alphas. Those shifters were the ones who fed the Pretender valuable information as they acted as spies for them. As to the whereabouts and identity of their leader, he remained ignorant.

After the outpouring of information, the light slowly died down. Rance still had his arms wrapped around Alex as the light finally blinked out.

“You guys okay?” Andrew cautiously approached the couple, who remained stationary.

Blinking, Alex turned to Andrew, “Yeah, we’re fine.”

Rance squeezed Alex and let her go to turn to his betas. “Luc and Troy, have our computer experts search for the owners of the addresses given to us. We’ll also form a team to storm the nearest hideout.”

“Shall we inform the other Alphas?” Damian asked as he walked in.

“Yes. I will inform them of the latest development. I’ll place a conference call and let all the other Alphas know. Meanwhile, find out everything you can about those properties. There will be some paper trail that would link our Pretender to them, I’m sure.”

“How soon do you want to do the raid?” Damian asked.

“Tonight,” Rance answered grimly. “I don’t want them to have more time to regroup. I’m sure this Pretender is aware that some of his followers were captured. Time is of the essence. If we could mobilize our betas right now I would do it. I don’t want to go in blind into any situation, and needless death could be avoided once we have the floor plans of the place… I don’t want him to slip through our fingers, Damian. I refuse to have this Pretender threaten my family and my pack.”

“I understand Rance.”

“We’ll go with you.” Jake volunteered.

“No. I can’t risk you.” Rance replied immediately.

“We are trained warriors, Rance.” Andrew added. “We know how to follow orders and work as a team.”

“You won’t be fighting normal men. You’d be facing shifters that are three times stronger and faster than you are.” Damian said.

“Are you completely invulnerable? Immune to bullets?” Andrew asked.

“No. But unless you hit a fatal shot, shifters could still inflict damage that could kill a normal human.”

“Then we’ll make sure our shots count then.” Jake nodded to his brother Andrew. “Just give us good, reliable weapons and we’ll try to keep away from the frontlines of the battle. We’ll try not to engage in hand-to-hand combat.”

Alex was a little concerned, but she knew her brothers. If they had made up their minds to help, they would find a way to do it even without Rance’s approval. She felt Rance’s questioning gaze on her. He was waiting for her decision. They were her brothers after all. With a sigh, she looked at Rance and nodded her head.

“Alright, but whatever I say goes.” Rance fixed steely gaze on both Jake and Andrew. With a nod, both agreed.


Rance quietly opened the door to their suite. He had just finished his conference call the Alpha Council, informing them of all the possible lairs and hideouts of the Pretender. His team of computer experts and young Raphael are now busy tracking down the identity of their nemesis. Now they could try to trace him through the properties’ ownership.

The Alphas had all agreed to move in tonight in a synchronized raid. After finalizing strategies of the operation, he thought he’d seek out Alex before her parents arrived. Seeking her presence in the mansion through their bond, he found her somewhere in their suite, and from their bond he gathered that she was having a quick nap. Lately, she’d sneak a nap after lunchtime.

Dr. Armand had assured him that everything was fine and she should keep up her routine. He cautioned on shifting when she reached her sixth month. Otherwise, she could engage in training as long as she didn’t get thrown around too much.

Crossing the room on quiet feet, he glimpsed his mate sleeping peacefully in the next room. He stood silently drinking in her beautiful features and ripe, voluptuous shape. Rance thanked Luna for the wondrous and priceless gift of his mate.

His eyes devoured her as she slept, unaware. He would never get tired of looking at her. A slight smile curved her luscious lips as she quietly snuffled. It made him smile in turn. She looked so innocent and serene in her slumber.

Love and carnal hunger rose in him. He had vast experience in the latter. The former emotion was quite new to him. His heart overflowed with the unaccustomed but welcome emotion. He thought himself complete before he met her, but his tiny mate proved him wrong. Sometimes he felt like he was fumbling in the dark dealing with her, but he was learning a lot and learning fast. His mate may look soft and delicate, but underneath laid an iron will and heart of steel. She never backed down from challenges and never let her weakness limit her in any way. He hoped and prayed to Luna that he could keep her from any of the harm that seemed to surround and threaten them.

Savage hunger rose quickly at seeing his mate. Her delicious smell wafted to him and instantly made him hard as stone. Walking quietly, he approached the sleeping form of his mate. He listened to her rhythmic breathing and the steady beating of her heart.

Alex had taken off her shirt and jeans and was now clad in a chemise and thong on top of the duvet. It showed her generous curves, ready for ravishing. Rance’s ardor rose swiftly. Quickly divesting himself of all his clothing, he stood staring at Alex. The globes of her breasts were pushed to overflowing as she slept on her side. The curve of her hips and buttocks was enough to make any male salivate with a desire to squeeze and fondle each creamy mound. He briefly palmed his pulsing hardness before crawling gingerly on the other side of the bed.

Kneeling at Alex’s side, he bent his head and nuzzled the fragrant skin on her hip with his nose. Gently nibbling on the soft flesh, he slowly meandered, laving all the way down to her full ass cheeks. He gazed appreciatively at the twin mounds. Skimming his finger lightly at the crevice, he traced the thong bisecting her bountiful cheeks, following it down between her thighs. Already, her pussy was getting wet for him.

Rance rubbed his cheeks lightly on her supple ass then ran his nose down the crack of her ass. Lingering on the aromatic opening of her pussy, he lightly pushed his tongue out, tasting the wonderful juice of her arousal. Alex moaned in her sleep as his saliva mixed with her cream. Not content with tasting through the fabric of her thong, Rance pushed aside the material with his insistent tongue. He was instantly greeted with the undiluted sweetness of Alex’s excitement. Her sweet musky flavor exploded on his tongue, causing his cock to throb in need. Sitting up, he positioned himself behind Alex.

Putting his nose at the juncture of her neck and shoulder, he inhaled deeply, taking in her unique and captivating scent. His hungry body grew rigid and his erection nuzzled the crack of her ass, seeking succor. Rubbing back and forth, he let his cock tunnel between the luscious mounds of her hind cheeks, bumping now and then at the top of her slit, grazing her clit.

Alex undulated in pleasure, but remained asleep. Though lost in slumber, her body recognized Rance’s as her nipples grew taut and her pussy secreted more honey. Savoring the smell of his mate’s arousal, Rance’s nose flared in appreciation. Much as he wanted to lap at the font of her juices, he wanted to wake his sleeping beauty slowly. So he contented himself with slowly trailing kisses on her jaw and down to her neck, licking and lapping the salt and sweat off her skin.

His big callused hand drifted down her arms and curved over her slightly rounded belly, carefully caressing the slight mound where his pup rests.

Alex moaned in her sleep when Rance pulled and sucked on her skin. Eyes fluttering open, she smiled seductively at the feel of Rance hands cupping her heavy breast. Turning her face towards him, she blinked and met smoldering emerald eyes.

“Hello, Beauty,” Rance rasped in her ear.

“Is that my new pet name?” she asked huskily, grabbing the back of his head and tilting hers on the side to give him more access. Her breath caught when he nipped and licked the mate mark.

“I thought it appropriate, yes,” he replied with a smile in his voice. His hands pulled on the straps of her chemise. Grunting in frustration when the straps caught on her arms, Rance let his claws emerge and ripped them off.

“And I see that you’re playing the role of my Beast then,” she tsked at her ruined chemise.

“I can be whatever you want me to be,” he murmured against her fragrant skin, running his lips up the beginning of the slopes of her abundant breast.

“Hmmm…definitely…my Beast.” She sighed as his warm mouth closed over one distended nipple. Rance alternated between the two breasts, sucking strongly and nipping at her sensitive tips. The pain-pleasure of his rough caress brought her fast to the brink of orgasm. Tunneling her fingers through his lustrous hair, he pulled him to her breast more. “Rance,” she pleaded, “more…” She felt a tug on her hips and the slither of her thong being pulled away from her body. With lowered eyes she saw Rance fling the scrap of silk behind him.

Rance moved on top of Alex. Nudging her legs apart, he made a cradle between her supple legs for his bulk. He did not immediately join their bodies together. By the way Alex was squirming, and by the dewy wetness of her pussy lips, he knew she was ready to be dominated by his iron-hard rod.

Locking his gaze with hers, he demanded, “Tell me what you want.” He breathed on her lips.

Alex stared deeply into his eyes, seeing the same feral need to join their bodies, she pulled his head down and nipped his lobe. After swiping it with her tongue caressingly, she breathed, “Take me…possess me…make me yours…in all ways.”

His eyes flared savagely. Taking her mouth in a hungry kiss, he surged forward and buried himself deep inside Alex. Her walls welcomed his domination as it wept lubrication and clasped at him tightly. Both breathing raggedly, they stayed locked for a brief moment, savoring the initial unity of their flesh, They exchanged a passionate kiss, tongues dueling and twining, then Rance pulled slowly out of Alex. Alex’s arms and legs tightened reflexively on his neck and back. Undeterred, Rance pulled until only his knob was inside her. Gliding back in, he set a leisurely pace. Tunneling in and out of her, he let his tongue engage hers at the same time.

Panting and sweating, Alex clung to his muscular shoulders. Rance alternated between driving fast and pulling out slow. He ground his hips, making sure the root of his shaft brushed Alex’s clitoris constantly. The pace he set was maddening. Every time he ground himself deep in her cavern he hit her cervix causing exquisite pleasure-pain to shoot deeply through her. Alex arched in intense bliss as she exploded in climax. Her walls clung and gripped Rance’s length so tightly that it was almost painful for him to withdraw. Seeing that she had reached her pinnacle, Rance proceeded to hammer into her.

Alex screamed his name as her orgasm rolled endlessly. Sweat dripped down on her as Rance pulled out and flipped her to her stomach. Alex braced her body up on her hands and knees, as Rance positioned himself behind her. He palmed her ass and pussy. With hands wet with her fluid, Rance traced her rosette. Alex’s breath caught in her throat.

Rance dipped his fingers into her soaked sheath, fucking her with them briefly, then placed one at the opening of her anus. He crooned at her as he gently inserted a finger. Keeping herself relaxed, she pillowed her head on her folded arms. Jutting her ass up in the air, Alex spread her legs wider for him.

“You’re so wonderfully tight…. Relax and let me get you ready for my cock.”

“Just be gentle,” Alex said.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” Rance kissed her spine.

“No, just feels different.”

“You look so fucking beautiful,” Rance breathed reverently. He kept kissing her back while he inserted another finger into her tight passage. Trailing one hand under her hip, he located her clit and gently fondled and rubbed it.

“Yesss…” Hissed Alex.

“Feels good? Wait until I get inside you, babe.” Rance promised as he scissored his digits inside her. Alex started moaning as the feeling of fullness intensified. She was a little apprehensive, since Rance was huge compared to a normal man but she trusted him implicitly.

Rance nuzzled her asscheeks and nipped gently at each globe making Alex jump. Feeling his slight smile on her skin, she pushed her rump back at Rance. With an apologetic lick, Rance ran his wet tongue on the abused skin. Loving the piquant sweet taste, he proceeded to drift to her aromatic crack. Pulling both cheeks open, he watched her anus and pussy wink at him welcomingly. Bending, he breathed in her addictive smell and proceeded to rim her puckered hole aggressively.

He inserted his tongue in and out of her, letting his saliva coat Alex’s anus and anal canal generously. Knowing that his huge size would prove to be a challenge to get into his mate, he dripped his saliva into her canal to further lubricate her. The healing properties in his saliva would also help.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” the young woman asks, looking into her lover’s eyes and waiting upon him eagerly. He smiles at her loving way of serving him. He takes the hand of the tall, strong woman who he loves like a goddess and kisses her fingers delicately. He wants to have her, all of her.

“You could start by smiling. Your smile is beautiful, especially when you smile for me my love.” She smiles with all of her face because she could never deny him anything, not her body, mind, or heart.

Suddenly, he slaps her so hard her cheek burns. She gets wet from this, she’ll never understand exactly why; maybe it’s his power over her that excites her. She looks into his eyes; a window into his soul which is full of perverted and strange desires including many ways to use her body for his own pleasure. He grabs her neck and presses her against the wall, lifting her skirt and rubbing his hard cock in between her legs. The many layers of clothing separating them don’t make her feel any less naked and vulnerable under his firm grip. He’s laughing and she realizes he’s playing with her; she is his toy.

His dark eyes are so close to hers and she can feel his warmth as he kisses her gently. She craves more of his body against her and more of his warm tongue gliding against hers. He slaps her again, as if he knew she wanted something from him and it is not her place to do the desiring. He doesn’t whisper “I want you” gently but speaks confidently and aggressively: “you’re mine.”

He holds her hands against the wall and bites deep into the muscle of her neck so she screams with pain. When he stops, her body goes limp and she shakes against him. He is her attacker and her savior. “Thank you master” she whispers, her voice cracking.

He begins to undress her, staring at her exposed body, eating her with his eyes. She feels his stare and shivers with excitement.

“Your body looks so pure, clean, soft, and innocent… but do you know what it’s really for?” He asks her as he takes off her white frilly undergarments.

“It’s for you master, all for you.” She smiles as she speaks the one truth she does not doubt. Nothing matters but that one truth. The pain coursing through her neck and cheek mean nothing compared to the pleasure of the one she loves. When she is with her master, she can be truly sure that whatever he is doing to her is right, even if it is him fucking her ass while she’s gagged by her own dirty underwear.

“Now, show me what you can do for me.” He lies back in his bed smiling. He feels strong because he knows she will give him anything he desires.

She gets on top of him, desperate to please him and she lowers herself onto his hard cock. Her pussy is tight and she winces as he penetrates her. She’s being vocal about the pain his cock is inflicting on her tight little pussy so holds her mouth shut. She starts rubbing herself against him, feeling his warmth on her clit, and he grabs her ass which gives him leverage to make her bounce on his cock. As she bounces up and down, his cock slides in and out of her pussy, which is soaking just like her mouth is salivating on the cloth he gagged her with. She feels like a blanket of fleshy pleasure wrapped around his strong, hot body. Her body tenses every time she falls on his cock. She’s moaning, half from pain, half from pleasure. It’s not enough though.

“I want you.” She tries to say through her gag. He runs his nails along her back, digging deep into her skin, leaving trails of red. He repositions her so she’s on her knees in front of him, her gagged face looking up at his commanding smile. He asks her what she’ll do for him to make him ungag her. She wants to say ‘anything’ but she can’t and he laughs at her pathetic, animalistic moans. He says she must have offered to choke on his cum as he fucks her face. She tries to get up off her knees but he cock slaps her and she bows before him, my head at his feet. He pulls her up by her hair and takes out her gag. Her mouth stays open because she knows it’s just another hole for his use. He fucks her face violently, smiling evilly as she chokes and scratches at him, trying to make him stop. She wants to give him all the pleasure she can but she’s crying and choking and wondering when it will end. He comes in her mouth and she chokes on the warm fluids coming from his throbbing cock.

He grabs her hands and ties her to his bed frame. He slaps her face which is covered in his come. He licks all around her wet and violated pussy. When he, smiling viciously, slips his fingers into her ass she screams. He licks her clit and fingers her ass in the way he knows gives her pleasure. Her body is in ecstasy; powerless to the pleasure he is giving her.

“Come for me and I’ll release you slave.” He whispers.

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