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Marissa walked into the Saints and Sinners party in the exclusive club in the basement of the hotel her brother Kyle’s friend owned. Marissa was 19, five foot five, with caramel skin from being both Puerto Rican and black. Her long black hair went to the small of her back, her hazel eyes always shined, and she had C-cup breast.

She walked gracefully in the club wearing a white slip with three inch heels, and a white mask covering the top half of her face. She felt men and woman eye’s on her, as she walked over to Charles the owner of the hotel. She tapped his shoulder and he turned around to see his best friend’s baby sister, the girl he’d fuck in a minute if his friend would be okay with it.

He wouldn’t.

“Marissa, I’m glad you made it.” Charles said over the loud music and hugged her, his hands moved to the small of her back. It took all he had to not caress her plump ass.

Charles was six feet tall, white and in his mid thirties. He had bright green eyes, thick chocolate brown hair, and muscular built. He had inherited the hotel and a few others when his father passed away a few years ago. He could have everything he wanted, he wanted Marissa. He knew having her could possibly cause an end to the friendship he had with Kyle, so he left the teenager alone.

“Hey Charlie. I love this party.” Marissa said looking at everybody who was socializing, dancing, kissing, and where a few people engaging in sexual acts? She wasn’t sure but didn’t want to look in case they were.

Marissa was a virgin, and secretly bisexual. She realized her sexuality when she spent one night surfing the web for porn, and masturbating to videos of woman giving head and being dominated by men. Then she clicked on a website that was for lesbian’s with a PVC fetish. She watched an hour’s worth of videos, of woman dominating other woman, fucking each other with strap-on dildos, and other kinky acts. That night was the first time she brought herself to an orgasm too.

Since then Marissa had dreams and fantasies of woman in PVC outfits making her masturbate in front of them, making her show them her virgin pussy. The thought of another woman make her lick her pussy and fuck her asshole. Sometimes she had dreams of being in a room with woman wearing PVC outfits, lingerie, or just naked, tying her down to a bed and forcing themselves on her. With fantasies of domination, lesbianism, and wanting to be taken by force she felt ashamed, she was a socialite. Even though she lived in New York where people are more accepting she feared what people and her family would think.

Marissa had a boyfriend to hide her secrets. His name was Aaron he was a student at NYU to become a film director, his grandfather being a Hollywood legend greatly helped his chances at success. Aaron was too busy with classes, family, and his internship working under his grandfather to spend quality time with his girlfriend. So Marissa spent her nights with her six inch dildo and her fantasies, wanting so badly for a cock real or fake to pound her pussy.

After being with Charles at the bar for an hour, Marissa was between tipsy and drunk. She could still make conscious decisions, but she stumbled and her words were starting to get slurred a little. Charles cut her off sat her on a couch.

“Sit here for a while. I see a blonde whose calling my name.” Charles said and walked off to a blonde in four inch red heels wearing silk nightclothes consisting of red boy shorts with a frilly hem, and a red see-through tank top, her breast showing in the dimly lit room.

Marissa sat on the couch for half an hour drinking sparkling apple juice a waiter had given her. She was relaxed and happy, with her buzz going down a little.

“What’s your name?” I sultry voice whispered into Marissa’s ear from behind her.

“Marissa Santiago.” She said feeling her pussy get wet. She looked behind her and saw a woman, she was beautiful. The woman was in her mid twenties standing at five foot ten, while wearing five in heels. Her ivory skin contrasted with the black mask covering half of her face. Marissa looked into the woman’s beautiful grey eyes, as the woman looked into hers. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Cassandra Adams. May I sit with you?” The woman asked.

“Please.” Marissa said.

Cassandra sat next to Marissa on the two-seater couch and the two woman got into a conversation about the party, the drunken idiots, what their interests and hobbies were. Marissa wanted to get to know this woman, she had always gravitated towards the pretty girls to become friends during school and this woman took her breath away. When Cassandra took her mask off, and took Marissa’s off to see her face, Marissa just wanted to kiss her full lips.

After a little while Marissa couldn’t help look at Cassandra’s breast which were seen through her sheer black bra slip. Cassandra’s slip was completely see-through, everyone could see her C-cup breast, and round ass, they just couldn’t see her pussy which was covered by a thong.

“Looking at my tits?” Cassandra asked running her index fingers on Marissa’s thigh.

“What-no. I was just admiring your slip.” Marissa lied she knew Cassandra could see right through her. She knew she would be exposed.

“It’s okay, Marissa. I’m a lesbian, I love woman. I’m flattered that you want to look at my breast. You can feel them.” Cassandra said.

“I couldn’t.” Marissa said.

“Feel my breast now.” Cassandra said in a dominate tone. Marissa felt her pussy get wet, she really wanted to rub her pussy. She listened to the dominate woman and started to caress Cassandra’s breast. She didn’t feel shamed since people were against the wall by then masturbating each other and some of the woman dressed up in all white (the saints) were being bent over by men dressed in red and or black (the sinners) and being fucked. “You little slut. You like being told what to do. Here I was thinking you were a good girl, when you probably want to touch your pussy. Come on, you’re my whore now.”

Cassandra stood up and picked her and Marissa’s mask up. Marissa stood up too and followed the woman into a stairwell. The light in it was red, Cassandra and Marissa walked upstairs onto a floor where each door had a sign on it. The signs either said ‘Private’, ‘Show’, ‘People are invited to join’, or ‘Empty’. Almost every room was taken except for one that had the sign saying ‘Reserved for Cassandra Adams-Private’.

Cassandra walked into the room and Marissa followed. The room was cream, with a king sized bed, shackles on the wall, sex toys on shelves, disciplinary instruments like floggers, whips, canes, paddles, and other instruments. There was a table on the right side of the room with shackles attached.

Cassandra went over to the phone and made two calls, then walked over to Marissa. Cassandra slapped the teenager hard and said “Listen you whore I am your mistress. You are going to call me Mistress Cassandra, you will do what I say when I tell you to. Got it?”

“Yes.” Marissa said. She would do whatever she needed to do to get fucked so her pussy would stop throbbing.

There was a knock at the door. “Who is it?” Cassandra asked rudely.

“Us, bitch.” A voice said from the other side of the door.

Cassandra opened the door and two woman walked in. One with raven hair like Cassandra, her eyes were a deep blue, her skin was naturally tanned, and she had plumb rosebud lips. She was wearing high heels, a thong, and a black bra. The other had chestnut colored hair, her eyes were green, she had a more voluptuous figure than the other two. She had ivory skin like Cassandra. They were both beautiful and model like just like Cassandra.

“Ladies this is our new whore, Marissa.” Cassandra said.

The one with blue eyes walked over to Marissa and pulled her hair hard forcing her head back. “Bitch I’m Mistress Lucille.”

Then the one with chestnut colored hair slapped Marissa and said “I’m Mistress Raquel.”

“Hello Mistresses.” Marissa said ecstatic that one of many fantasies was being born.

“Tell us Marissa, are you a virgin?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes Mistress Cassandra. Please take my virginity.” Marissa said.

“I love virgins. Tonight you’re going to experience great pleasure and pain. Lots of pain.” Raquel said.

Lucille let go of Marissa’s hair and rips Marissa’s slip off. Marissa stands in front of the three woman wearing a strapless bra and panties. Lucille and Raquel rip off her underwear having her standing naked except for her heels. During Marissa’s stripping Cassandra got clothespins, she put the pins on Marissa hard nipples.

“Her panties are soaked.” Lucile said.

“Little slut must really want to be fucked.” Raquel said.

“But she’ll have to wait.” Cassandra said. “Go to that desk whore and bend over.”

Marissa went to a desk that was bolted down to the floor. Lucille shackled her wrist down. Raquel got a bullet vibrator and put it on Marissa’s swollen clit. Marissa let out a moan as the vibrations took her. Lucille got a set of anal beads and pushed them all the way into Marissa’s virgin ass. Marissa gasped feeling pain but when Lucille pressed the remote causing the beads to vibrate in her ass she went back to moaning soon.

Cassandra grabbed a flogger and hit Marissa’s ass for a good fifteen minutes. Marissa moaned and cried out in pain, as her ass was turning red. She felt her pussy throbbing even harder, she wanted to touch herself so badly to help the vibrations get her off. During the last few lashes Marissa felt an orgasm crash down on her, she screamed in ecstasy. Her body convulsed as Raquel presses the vibrator on her clit more and Lucille turns the vibrations up in her ass.

“The little whore likes that.” Cassandra said. “Unshackle her.” Raquel and Lucille unshackled Marissa. Lucille took her to a wall with shackles. She shackled Marissa’s ankles apart from each other having her legs spread eagle, then her wrist having her body in the shape of an X.

Raquel removed the anal beads and held them up to Marissa’s lips. “Suck them.” Raquel said and Marissa opened her mouth and sucked on each bead tasting her ass for the first time.

Lucille got two silk scarves and tied each one to the base of Marissa’s breast causing them to stick out unnaturally. After a few minutes her breast started to swell. “I have an obsession with breast. You have such nice breast, I’m going to have so much fun with you, slave.” Lucile said and kissed Marissa. Lucille took the scarves and clothespins off of Marissa’s breast and Marissa yelled once the blood rushed back into them. Lucille sucked each nipple and bit them. Lucille felt her pussy juices leaking down her leg, so she sat on the bed and spread her legs showing her shaved pussy. She started to rub her clit, and fingered her pussy.

“I want to fuck her pussy first.” Raquel said to Cassandra.

“Go ahead I want her ass.” Cassandra said and got a strap-on that was an inch in diameter. She walked over to Marissa and slapped her breast. “Before tonight have you ever had anything in your ass?”

“No, Mistress Cassandra.” Marissa said.

“Well you see my cock is going up your ass. I’m going to fuck it until I want to stop not when you want me to stop. Tonight since you’re a virgin in every way I’m using a small cock but in the future I’ll use my bigger dicks in your ass and pussy.” Cassandra said and got lube.

Cassandra lubricated Marissa’s ass, then her rubber phallus. Cassandra kissed Marissa deeply while she slid her cock into Marissa’s ass to distract her. Marissa slowly moved her cock deeper into Marissa’s ass stretching her. Cassandra slid every single inch of her cock into Marissa’s ass, and Marissa started to let out moans. Cassandra fucked Marissa’s ass, going harder and faster by the stroke.

Cassandra fucked Marissa’s ass roughly wanting to see if Marissa would cum by anal only. After an hour she did, yelling her words in gibberish, her body thrashing around as far as it would go, since she was bound. Cassandra fucked Marissa through her orgasm, then let her recover. Cassandra slowly slid her cock out of Marissa’s ass and took the strap-off. “Clean my dick.” Cassandra said and made Marissa suck on the cock. “You’re such a good little whore.”

Raquel put on a strap-on that was nine inches long, and an inch and a half in diameter. She slipped two fingers into Marissa’s dripping pussy. She finger fucked Marissa’s pussy for a couple of minutes then took them out. Raquel slipped her pussy juice coated fingers and put them in her mouth and sucked on them. Raquel slid her cock into Marissa’s pussy, and didn’t care about it being the teenagers first time she just wanted to fuck.

Raquel roughly fucked Marissa, and Marissa loved it. The feeling of having the cock fill and stretch her walls, sent Marissa over the edge. Marissa was moaning loudly fucking the cock back to the best of her novice abilities. “Fucking whore, cum on my cock!” Raquel yelled fucking Marissa harder.

Marissa looked over at Lucille and Cassandra who were masturbating each other. After an hour and a half Marissa had cum twice and was on her way to her third orgasm but Raquel stopped and unshackled her.

“Mistress may I take my heels off?” Marissa asked.

“No.” Raquel said and pushed Marissa on the bed. Cassandra shackled her wrist to the bedpost and Lucille did her ankles.

“Do I have to be bound again?” Marissa asked.

Raquel slapped Marissa four times giving each cheek two hard slaps. Lucille slapped Marissa’s breast for a few minutes. Cassandra slapped Marissa’s pussy only to have her hand covered in lubricant, that she wiped off on Marissa’s erect nipples.

“Does that answer your question whore?” Raquel asked.

“Yes.” Marissa answered.

Cassandra put clove clamps onto Marissa’s nipples. “Should I put one on her clit?” Cassandra asked.

“Lets wait a little while, she just lost her virginity tonight. We should let her ease into this.” Lucille said.

Cassandra sat on Marissa’s face and said “We’ve been pleasuring you all night. Eat my pussy and eat it well. Or you’ll get whipped again.”

Marissa had always wanted to eat pussy, she had hers eaten a couple of times by her boyfriend Aaron so she knew what felt good. Marissa started to lick Cassandra’s swollen clit then sucked on it. Cassandra started to hump Marissa’s face so Marissa stuck her tongue into Cassandra’s pussy and fount her g-spot and went between tongue fucking Cassandra and playing with her G-spot. Marissa finished Cassandra off by licking her clit for a minute and Cassandra grabbed onto the bedpost and screamed in ecstasy. Cassandra got off of Marissa’s face to let someone else have a turn.

Lucille got on Marissa’s face next and Marissa went straight inside of Lucille’s pussy. She played with Lucille’s G-spot and played with it for five minutes driving Lucille crazy, then she licked Lucille’s clit. Lucille was easy to please so after ten minutes of having her pussy lapped she came. Lucille was a squirter so Marissa spent a minute drinking Lucille’s cum. Lucille got off of Marissa’s face and got a double headed dildo. She slid one head into her pussy and Cassandra slid the other head into hers. Both woman let the fake cock fill their pussies and began to fuck it going in a sensual rhythm wanting to get off again.

Raquel got onto Marissa’s face and Marissa licked Raquel’s puffy pussy lips. Marissa started to lick Raquel’s stubby clit and sucked on it. Raquel played with her nipples while Marissa ate her pussy. “Tongue fuck me you dirty whore. I want you to taste my pussy.” Raquel said and Marissa obeyed. Marissa tongue fucked Raquel for twenty minutes then, played with her G-spot causing Raquel to cum hard. After a two minute orgasm Raquel. Raquel got off of Marissa and said “Do you want to cum now?”

“Please Mistress Raquel.” Marissa begged.

Raquel got a vibrator that was the same length and width as the strap-on she had used on Marissa earlier that evening. Raquel put it into Marissa’s leaking pussy and turn it onto high. Lucille sucked on Marissa’s nipple, and rubbed her own pussy. Cassandra hovered over Marissa’s face, this time her body was facing the foot of the bed.

“Lick my anus. Tongue it, lick it, worship it.” Cassandra said. Marissa had never had fantasies of licking another woman’s anus. She had seen a video of it once online but never thought anything of it.

Marissa licked Cassandra’s puckered asshole, for five minutes then slid her tongue inside. She tongued Cassandra’s anus while Cassandra fingered her own pussy.

“Dig deeper you whore.” Cassandra said getting close to an orgasm. Marissa stuck most of her tongue into Cassandra’s ass tasting the other woman’s anus and loving it. Marissa tongue fucked Cassandra’s ass a few more minutes then Cassandra came.

After that Marissa felt herself cum too onto the vibrator. Raquel removed the vibrator and had Marissa suck on it.

“Goodnight slave.” Lucille said and kissed Marissa then put her clothes back on.

“Nighty night whore.” Raquel said and kissed Marissa and got dressed.

Lucille and Raquel walk out of the room leaving Cassandra and Marissa alone for the rest of the evening that was ending soon, since it was three thirty am.

“You have one more person to fuck, then you can go to bed.” Cassandra said.

After ten minutes there was a knock at the door. Cassandra got the door and Charles walked in. Cassandra was Charles step-sister, their parents married when they were both already adults.

“Where’s the girl?” Charles asked not knowing who was the girl Cassandra had gotten.

“Right here.” Cassandra said walking out of the semi hallways. Charles followed her to find Marissa handcuffed to the bed.

“Marissa?” He asked in disbelief.

“Charles?” She asked embarrassed knowing very well it was him.

“You know this whore?” Cassandra asked.

“She’s Kyle’s little sister.” Charles said.

“This is the Marissa you’ve been wanting to fuck for so long? Go ahead she’s right here tied up and her pussy is wet.” Cassandra said.

“No she’s my best friend’s sister.” Charles said.

“Please don’t tell him.” Marissa begged.

“I wont if you don’t want me to. I know how your father is and he would completely disapprove of this.” Charles said and walked out.

“What a bore.” Cassandra said and started taking the shackles off of Marissa. Cassandra climbed into the bed and got under the bedspread. “You sleep at the foot of the bed.”

Marissa got at the foot of the bed having one of her fantasies fulfilled.

The next morning Charles sat in his living room in the hotel’s top floor penthouse. His housekeeper Lillian walked in with a DVD case in hand. “Mr. Waldorf a tape for you.” She said in her French accent. He looked at her in her uniform consisting of a black pleated miniskirt, black pushup bra containing her D-cup breast, a navy blue blouse too sizes too small showing a lot of cleavage and one inch wedge heel shoes. He fount her on a website where you could get hired help, that would willingly sleep with you in exchange for room in board.

“Thank you Lillian.” Charles said as she gave him the tape. He watched her ass as she walked away. Charles lifted his lap top from atop his coffee table and put the DVD in. Then he saw Marissa being pulled into the room by Cassandra and he sits there for four hours watching the barely edited tape. When it’s over his cock is aching, he slips down his sweatpants to take care of his erection but then the doorbell rings.

Soon he hears footsteps coming, he slips his pants up and puts a pillow over his groin. Then he sees Marissa walking in wearing jeans and a t-shirt looking beautiful. “Marissa lets forget about last night. I wont tell Kyle.” Charles tells her.

“Don’t mention my brother right now. I don’t want to forget about last night. Today I signed a legally binding document saying that I will spend a year being Mistress Raquel’s, Mistress Lucille’s, and Mistress Cassandra’s sex toy. I also signed a gag order. Mistress Cassandra sent me up here and told me that I could do whatever for the next three hours. So for the next three hours fuck me, and fuck me hard. Please I want a real cock. I know you want me.” Marissa said and started taking off her clothes before he could speak.

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