alternate universe

Riley didn’t realise what time it was. His eyes slowly opened, thankful they didn’t have to adjust to bright glaring sunlight like they often always had to most mornings. He whimpered softly, feeling the background headache accumulate into a pounding throb at his temples.

He drowsily sat up in bed, feeling his muscles ache from what little sleep he had and what a lot he drank the previous night. He couldn’t even remember how many he had, but from his guess, a large amount from how rough he felt.

He almost jumped a foot in the air as he felt a hand wrap itself around his wrist, stopping him from getting up to get dressed.

“Come back to bed.” A dim yet sultry voice told him.

“I can’t.” He mumbled out tiredly, although inwardly wanting to stay – just to catch up with his sleep was all he felt like doing, let alone anything other than that.

“Not even for a few minutes?”

He only just realised how nauseous he felt. A tiny sick feeling sank into the pit of his stomach, but he knew it wasn’t intending on staying there for very long.

“Not when I’ve got to work and I’m running late.” Who was that, that happened to be in bed with him anyway? He sharply turned round, finding himself gazing into a pair of bright, clear green eyes. “How did you get here?”

“Don’t you remember anything about last night?” The well-formed brunette gazed up at him seductively, running her hand up his slender yet slightly muscular arm.

“How did you e-end up in my bed?”

“You took me here.” She smiled naughtily, her voice taking on a saucier tone.

He ran his hands through his dark bangs, still failing to remember.

“Now come on. Lie back down so we can carry on where we left off.” She wrapped an arm around him, in an attempt to force him back down in amongst the bed sheets.

“No.” He sat on the edge of the bed, dead set on getting up. He might have already been trying to get out of his job, but it didn’t mean he shouldn’t work. “I’ve got to go to work…sorry.”

It wasn’t long before Riley found it impossible to work. It didn’t help when he had a pounding headache and an unsettled stomach, but the exhaustion and lack of sleep had settled in and he had to take time out.

He fished around in his back pocket for the picture of Tamsyn – the fact that he’d gone and slept with someone else behind her back left him with a slight heaviness in the pit of his stomach.

And it wasn’t because he’d cheated on his own girlfriend, of course not. It was because he was confused.

Confused what to feel, confused what to be doing about it…so many things were sticking out in his mind and he didn’t know how to go about dealing with it all.

Maybe he was what he thought he was.

September 2018
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